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Rapenap Of Tom Cruise

Thought I’d try my hand, hope you like and post it. I could always write others if your interested? The Scribbler. THE RAPENAP OF TOM CRUISE. The two men watched as the guests left the function attended by Tom Cruise; … Continue reading

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How It All Started

This story contains homosexual acts – do not read if offended. It does not depict their sexuality Hi, my name is Mattie Jay, and I will tell you the real story of how Busted came to be…… On a Friday … Continue reading

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Politics As Usual: The Kerry Secret

the Kerry secert John Kerry sat in his home in Massacuttes, he was in the den with the door locked going over his plans to be the next President . He knew the polls had him very close to Bush … Continue reading

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Justin Timberlake’s Heartbreak

Title: Justin Timberlake’s Heartbreak Summary: Only Joel Madden and Mike Shionoda can mend Justin’s broken heart. Joel Madden, singer of the band Good Charlotte, and Mike Shinoda member of the band Linkin Park sat inside of a luxurious limousine outside … Continue reading

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Princess On Holiday

This is a work of fiction. No implication about the sexuality of any person living or dead mentioned herein is intended, and the author claims no knowledge about the personal lives of any such persons. The author does not advocate … Continue reading

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