Interviewing…Shakira and Britney

Title: Interviewing…Shakira and Britney

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Kate Abdo, Shakira, Britney Spears

Codes: blowjob, MF, Fmast, FF, 69, rimjob, pussylick

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal.

I’d started the second series of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls with two guests who were not the most well-known in the musical world. Yes, Jennifer Lopez was a superstar but her music career wasn’t the biggest and Rachel Platten was relatively new on the scene. However, the next episode of the show saw Kate and I joined by perhaps two of the biggest musical stars of this century in Colombian sensation Shakira and American songstress Britney Spears.

As Kate and I had our usual pre-show meeting in my dressing room, we anticipated how hot and sexy both women would look, and wondered if they’d be up for some fun. We weren’t disappointed in the first part of our assumptions as the two stars emerged for the show. Shakira was wearing an incredibly hot, tight, leather one-suit that clung to her body and showed off her ass, while Britney was wearing a red dress and had dyed her hair blonde, reminding me of the old Britney, the sexy Britney.

“Welcome to the show ladies, and can I just say how great you both look,” I said, starting another episode of the show. “Let’s get started, then. You’re both known for producing some fabulous songs, but which are your favourites to perform?”

“I’d have to say I do enjoy doing both Hips Don’t Lie and Can’t Remember to Forget You,” answered Shakira. “I just love the rhythm in both songs and it gives me a chance to dance and shake my booty which the fans always love.”

“I’d say Toxic is up there with my favourites,” Britney replied, “but to be honest, I love them all. My earlier stuff’s definitely better so probably those songs more so than songs like Scream and Shout, but in general, I like performing all of them.”

“I love the fact you both chose songs with sexy videos, as well,” Kate said. “But which were your favourite videos to make and do you intend to make them so darn sexy?”

“I certainly try and make them sexy,” Britney said, winking. “It’s good to keep the male fan base interested and to do that I think you need sexy music videos. The sexiest ones are always my favourite to make and so I’d probably say I’m a Slave 4 U and Toxic are my favourite videos.”

“I agree with Britney, it’s certainly essential to have a good male and female fan base and sexy videos work wonders,” Shakira answered. “Can’t Remember to Forget You was my favourite one to make, because Rihanna and I just danced sexily for the whole video and it actually makes me really worked up when I watch it back.”

“It certainly gets me worked up, as well,” I said truthfully, recalling the wanks I’d had over the two songstress’s videos. “You seemed to hint towards masturbation there, Shakira, so let’s direct the interview that way. How often do you girls enjoy some alone time?”

“Well, to be honest, quite frequently,” Britney responded. “Being single means I don’t have anyone I can regularly have sex with, which annoys me because I’m a very sexual person. So, I masturbate nearly every day, over all sorts of different things, mainly porn, and actually don’t have sex that much.”

“It’s different for me, obviously,” Shakira said, “because I’m happily married with kids. But when Gerard (Pique, her husband) is away playing football, I do masturbate a bit. I like masturbating to other musician’s steamy music videos, and my own, occasionally.”

“So, you don’t have sex at all, Britney?” Kate asked, clearly starting to get aroused. “And Shakira, how often do you do it?”

“I wouldn’t say I never have sex,” Britney answered, “but I don’t do it very often. I probably have sex about once a month, and I do miss it. But I just find it’s easier to masturbate then go and find someone to have sex with.”

“Wow, I’d miss sex too much, Brit,” Shakira said, astonished. “No, I have sex about once a week while Gerard’s playing, and then in the off season, it increases to about three or four times a week. So, it’s pretty regular, but we used to do it more before the kids.”

“Have either of you ever experimented with another woman?” I asked, hoping that the answer was yes.

“I can’t say I’ve done anything that sexual with a woman,” Shakira answered, looking a tad disappointed that she couldn’t reveal anything juicier. “The only thing I can say I’ve done that is really hot, is masturbate with Rihanna when we were on the set of that video.”

“That’s still really hot, Shak,” Britney said, seemingly turned on. “I have experimented with girls but I feel like you’d guessed that. Yes, I enjoyed it thoroughly and would do it again in a heartbeat, but it hasn’t happened for a while.”

“Was one of those girls ever your sister, Jamie Lynn?” Kate asked, as she took a hold of my rising cock.

“Yes, yes it was,” Britney answered. “I taught Jamie Lynn how to masturbate as all good older sisters should and she caught me with one of my friends having lesbian fun, so I then had to teach her that, too.”

“Wow, that certainly brings a whole new meaning to sisterly love,” I said, feeling my cock harden at the thought of the Spears sisters. “You certainly are both hot and wild musicians, but what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done?”

“To be honest, I haven’t done anything that kinky or risqué,” Shakira answered, “but when I was a young girl in Colombia, before I became famous, I was wilder. Me and my friends played dares and ran down the street naked.”

“Wow, that’s wild,” Britney said, getting turned on by Shakira’s answers it seemed. “Other than that stuff with my sister, I’d have to say, having sex at awards shows or after concerts where there’s a chance I could be caught.”

“Wow, that would certainly be a sight I’d like to walk in on,” Kate said, her hand now moving up and down as she stroked my cock. “Lots of musicians perform duets with other singers, including both you, but if you could do a duet with one male singer and one female singer based purely on your attraction to them, who would it be?”

“That’s a terrific question,” Britney answered. “I guess the go-to answers are Beyoncé or Rihanna, but I’d love to do one with Shak or Katy Perry. As for guys, I was in a relationship with Justin Timberlake so possibly him or Michael Buble.”

“Wow, that’s so flattering,” Shakira answered, blushing to Britney’s answer. “I’d love to do one with Britney or Taylor Swift. For guys, I think a country singer, someone like Blake Shelton, because I always find their style of music more attractive.”

“Well, thanks ladies, for a fantastic show,” I said, wrapping up the show as Kate did her usual trick and began sucking on my hard cock. “Join us next time on Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls when we’ll be joined by the fabulous Kesha and Gwen Stefani. Don’t miss it. I’ll see you then.”

As I ended the show with Kate sucking on my cock, I had a feeling that both Shakira and Britney would be up for some after-show fun, giving how they’d answered the questions. Britney certainly would be down for some fun, having revealed the slut she actually was. Glancing over at the two guests while Kate continued sucking my cock, I knew that I had been right in my estimations.

Britney had done what comes naturally to her and shifted up her dress to give her easier access to her pussy, which she was rubbing through her panties. Shakira, on the other hand, was a little less forward but still seemed to be eager to have some fun, as the Colombian beauty began rubbing her breasts through her leather one-suit in a fashion that would indicate she was getting turned on.

Kate was oblivious to what Britney and Shakira were doing though, as she was taking my cock in and out of her mouth with the expertise she possessed. She’d sucked my cock so many times, but each time it felt like she was doing it for the first time. However, it seemed she was wanting some pleasure for herself today, and my fellow presenter stood up and stripped herself down to expose her beautiful tanned body. She straddled me as I sat there and guided my cock towards her pussy, which was already dripping wet in anticipation. She let out a moan as I entered her pussy and began to slowly fuck her up and down.

This change in sexual acts seemed to make a decision for Shakira that she was certainly going to stay and get involved. The Colombian singer unzipped her leather one-suit and exposed her beautiful breasts and pussy and she began to touch herself watching as I fucked my co-host. Britney, too, had changed tact with the new position, and had stripped naked like the other girls and was furiously working her fingers in and out of her pussy, rubbing her tits with the other hand.

I could see the two girls in my peripheral vision as I fucked Kate, grabbing her hips and guiding her up and down on my cock. It didn’t matter how many times I fucked her, I would never get tired of the beauty, and I began sucking on her nipples as she bounced up and down, moaning loudly. I could hear additional moans and knew that both our guests must be enjoying watching us and pleasuring themselves, and I was greatly anticipating fucking both of them. However, right now I was focused on making Kate cum and I sped up the rhythm of my pounding, bouncing her up and down faster in order to ensure we both reached climax soon. I felt my cock begin to clench in her pussy and knew that I couldn’t hold on much longer. I pulled her in for a passionate kiss and held her close as I thrust once more and released my load deep inside my fellow presenter’s pussy, letting out a groan.

The feeling of my cum deep inside her seemed to bring Kate to orgasm as well and my co-host let out a scream as she reached her own climax rubbing her pussy as she began bouncing up and down to ensure maximum satisfaction. She brought me in for another kiss as she came down from her climax, collapsing on top of me in ultimate pleasure.

We’d almost forgotten that our two guests were still here, but their loud moans soon reminded us as they both reached their own climaxes. Lifting Kate off my cock, we watched as the two musicians fingered their pussies hard, moaning loudly and orgasming hard, their eyes firmly locked on one another. I glanced at Kate and gave her one last kiss before we both got up and made our way over to the stunning singers.

I made my way over to Shakira and knelt down at the beautiful blonde’s pussy, watching as she continued to work her fingers in and out, coming down from her climax. I moved her hands out of the way, sucking on her fingers to get a taste of her sweet juices, before replacing them with my tongue, licking on her pussy and tasting more of her climax. She moaned as I began to lick around her clit, my hands working up to her breasts and pulling on her nipples, my cock rock hard.

Kate was doing exactly the same to Britney next to me, as she slowly worked her tongue in and out of the American slut’s pussy, Britney’s moans loud as her pleasure was heightened. I brought a finger to Shakira’s pussy, eager for her to start making those same moans and taste more of her delicious juice when she stopped me.

“I want your cock,” she said, grabbing my head and looking down at me. “Put that cock inside me, I need to be fucked.”

I didn’t argue with her, stood up, and guided my cock towards her lubricated pussy. I pushed it inside and heard her moan as she felt my cock penetrate her pussy, my eight inches pushing against her pussy walls. Her pussy felt just as good as Kate’s, albeit a little tighter and as I worked my cock in and out of the Colombian’s vagina, she looked up at me with longing in her eyes.

While I was fucking Shakira, Kate and Britney had also moved into a new position. Aware that I was now pounding her fellow guest, Britney decided that she wanted the ultimate pleasure too, and had laid herself on the sofa and requested that my co-host straddle her. Soon, they were working on each other’s clits in the 69 position, moans infrequently heard as they licked and tongue fucked each other.

Shakira was certainly getting into the fuck as she called out encouragement and congratulations in her sexy accent. It was turning me on more and I sped up as she continued to moan in between her words.

“Oh yessss! Fuck me harder! That’s it! Ugh, yeah, just like that!” she said, as she pulled me in for a kiss, her pussy beginning to clench around my cock. “Oh fuck yes! I’m gonna cum! Fuck yes! Oh yes! FUCCCKKKK!! Ugghhhhhh, yes!”

She let out a large moan as she climaxed on my cock, bringing me towards my own orgasm. However, I didn’t want to cum inside her and quickly withdrew my cock from her pussy, and began jerking it in the direction of her face. This was met by great approval from Shakira and her sexy accent and body sent me over the edge as I released my second load of the night on her face.

Kate and Britney were completely oblivious to the climaxes of Shakira and I as they were far too engrossed in making each other reach orgasm. Their moans were louder and even more drawn out and as Shakira sucked the excess cum off my cock, we watched as they both climaxed hard, lapping up each other’s juices.

The four of us sat there for an instant, recovering from what had been a fantastic fuck session, but it seemed that our two guests didn’t want it to end there. Before either Kate or I could react, Britney and Shakira had both decided that they wanted more. Britney was soon on her knees, her hands working up and down on my cock to get it hard again, while Shakira, a lesbian virgin, was sitting next to Kate, fondling her breasts and pulling her in for a kiss.

Britney had soon worked my cock up to a hard level and took it in her mouth, whilst she fondled my balls, her eyes on me at all times. Kate had taken the initiative next to us and had guided Shakira’s mouth towards her breasts, and was instructing her as she began sucking on them, while Kate touched herself.

Britney’s blowjob had turned into a deepthroat as she took my whole eight inches deep inside her mouth, her eyes still looking up at me as she worked on it. Her fingers were working hard on her pussy as she sucked me off, and I decided that it was about time I did something I’d always wanted to do. Britney had loved her 69 with Kate and so I thought it was about time she had one with me. Lying on the sofa, she straddled on top of me and continued to suck my cock, as I began playing with her pussy, rubbing it as my tongue began to lick.

As I lay underneath Britney Spears, her mouth sucking on my cock, and her pussy within access to my fingers and tongue, I once again revelled at my idea of a show, having already fucked my co-host Kate Abdo and Shakira. Suddenly, I felt a strange sensation around my asshole as I continued to receive a blowjob. Confusion overwhelmed me as I felt a tongue beginning to probe in my asshole, whilst Britney continued to suck me off. My queries were answered moments later, as Kate appeared in the place where I was licking and fingering Britney’s pussy and added her tongue to the equation, beginning to give the musician a rimjob.

The sensation was something I had never experienced before as Britney sucked my cock and Shakira licked my ass, and it certainly added something to the proximity of my climax. Although strange at first, I began to enjoy the probing tongue and soon found myself on the verge of orgasm, my cock still in Britney’s mouth. The Womanizer singer wasn’t far away either it seemed, as with every lick her body shook and strange moans came from the direction where she was sucking my cock. Without warning, however, I couldn’t hold on anymore, and released my load into Britney’s mouth, the American songstress swallowing down my cum as she sucked my cock clean. Moments later, and she was letting out a loud and long moan as Kate and I licked her to orgasm as well. It had been yet another fantastic show and the sex afterwards had been amongst the best.

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