Pool Party

Title: Pool Party

Author: Guy Incognito

Celebs: Ariel Winter, Britney Spears, Kate Upton, Rose McGowan

Codes: FF, FF+, orgy, shemale, oral, anal, cons, mast, voy

Disclaimer:  This story is COMPLETELY fictional and not meant for people under the age of 18. This is all fantasy and not any kind of reality.

This one is a bit odder than the usual fare and I warn you going in that this story involves well hung celebrity she males. I kind of wanted to save it as a surprise twist, but that seemed a bit unfair to have the story seem like a typical lesbian celebrity story and then have it be about girls with hot cocks instead of cunts.

If that’s your thing then have fun. If it’s not your thing, well can’t say I didn’t warn you but if you try it you might like it.

If you like it and want more I am happy to do some sequels so please email me any feedback at guyincocnito06902@gmail.com

Pool Party

By Guy Incognito

Ariel Winter couldn’t believe how nervous she was. She had never felt butterflies in her stomach like this before. She had never done anything like this before in her life and even though she knew she wanted it, she was still so hesitant to actually take such a bold step.

With each step forward that she took, Ariel wanted to turn around and run in the other direction and get home and turn off the lights and hide under her covers until she forgot how she had ever wanted to do something like this. It was all so crazy and wild and all of it seemed too much for her. Yet here she was.

And it was becoming clear how insecure she was.

“Just relax,” a sexy voice said as a hand caressed her back in a supportive way. “Don’t be nervous.”

“Is it that obvious?” Ariel asked, blushing a little bit as she realized she was coming off like some inexperienced kid, which was what she very much felt like considering she was going to be the youngest one there and she had never done anything like this.

“Just a little,” Britney Spears told her. “Don’t be scared. This was new to all of us too once and you’re going to get over those butterflies so quickly and really get into it, just like all of us did. I know this is a lot for you to handle but don’t worry. This is going to be so much fun.”

“I hope so…” Ariel said with audible hesitation in her voice. She really appreciated Britney’s support and guidance through all of this. She didn’t know what she would have done without her and it was still so crazy to Ariel that she could ever be friends with someone like Britney Spears much less have everything in common that she did with the pop superstar.

They had already shared so much with each other, things that would shock so many others who weren’t privy to the secret they both had. Ariel never dreamed she would share something so sexy and special with someone like Britney and that made what they had done with each other so much fun. But it had also been so private and Ariel wasn’t comfortable putting herself on display like she was going to here.

“It will be,” Britney assured the teenager before giving Ariel a sensual kiss on the lips that even in her nervous state Ariel couldn’t help but respond to.

The feel of Britney’s kisses always made Ariel feel like she was floating on an erotic cloud and her toes curled in her sandals as she kissed the singer back. The kiss was so sexy and Ariel could feel tingles coming through her whole body from it. But it was also brief as Britney only lingered a few moments at Ariel’s lips before she pulled away from them.

“Awwww,” Ariel pouted, wanting the kiss to last.

“Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty more of that,” Britney promised. “From me and from all the others.”

But the promise of “the others” was really what most had Ariel nervous. Ariel tried to keep so much about herself private, especially with the leering eyes of the gossip sites and paparazzi on her. So while she didn’t mind walking around in tight cleavage baring tops and shorts that showed off the luscious curves of her ass, her sexuality was private and Ariel definitely didn’t feel comfortable showing it off.

One on one with Britney was fine. But something in a group setting was an entirely different story and Ariel had no idea how she was going to react to this when it started, especially if it was anything like Britney had described it would be.

“Do you think they’ll like me?” Ariel couldn’t help but ask, worried that she wouldn’t fit in or that her inexperience would really show and that these other women wouldn’t think she was hot.

And Britney couldn’t help but shake her head in amazement that Ariel would even ask such a question. She tried to put herself in the teenager’s shoes by trying to remember what it was like when she was Ariel’s age but it was hard for her. Britney had been so eager to join this close circle of famous friends. She had been so eager to cast off all inhibitions and fears and just enjoy herself in a group of similar women who were all hot and horny for each other.

Her first time to a party like this had been one of the best times of her life and Britney couldn’t wait for Ariel to see what it was really like when the clothes came off and everyone was free to be who they were and do whatever they wanted to do. Britney wanted Ariel to be comfortable and let herself go so she again assured her that she was going to be most welcome here.

“Of course they’ll like you,” Britney assured her younger lover. “In fact they’ll LOVE you. This is going to be so much fun. I love going to these parties and you’re going to love it too as soon as you see how hot it can be and experience all the fun for yourself. You’re going to wish I had brought you here so much earlier because every girl is going to be so hot and so beautiful and so sexy and you’re going to fit right in with them.”

“Are you sure?” Ariel asked, feeling good by what Britney was telling her, but being around women like this was at the same time terrifying and arousing and it was all coming together to make those butterflies flutter in her tummy.

“I’m positive,” Britney assured her. “After all they like a certain kind of girl here and you’re just what they’re looking for.”

“Because of…” Ariel began to say but Britney interrupted her.

“Well yes of course because of that but there’s other important reasons too,” Britney said. “Mmmm our hostess loves big boobs and you’ve definitely got those…”

As she said that, Britney’s hand softly caressed Ariel’s famously large chest, making the girl stiffen a bit but also moan at the most welcome touch of her sexy lover. And Britney’s other hand went lower and gave a similar caress to Ariel’s juicy, thick ass, running over the curve of her backside and even giving it a sexy squeeze.

“And she’s not just into big tits,” Britney said. “She’s also into big asses and baby mmmmm once she saw how big and fuckable your ass is, she wanted it as much as she wants mine.”

“Ooooooooh!” Ariel moaned, unable to let her nerves keep from revealing just how much deep down she enjoyed the idea of being taken by other women, especially if Britney was there too and getting fucked just like she was. It was such a hot and nasty idea and while it also scared the hell out of her to even contemplate letting go that much, Ariel had to admit she liked it too and was so curious to see what it was really like to be fully uninhibited and fully comfortable with her body and in enjoying the hot bodies of other women like her.

“Mmmmm gawd my boobs and butt are so big though. You sure they’re all going to like that?” Ariel asked and this time she got a snort from Britney, who couldn’t believe the beautiful teenager was still insecure.

“Mmmm baby there’s no question they will,” Britney promised. “I love your body! Mmmm your big tits drive me crazy and I can never get enough of that hot, fat ass of yours Ariel! Just like I know you love my body, don’t you?”

And Ariel definitely did. Britney’s body made her horny 24/7 and she relished every single one of her older lover’s curves.

“Mmmmhmmm I so do,” Ariel swore. “I love your big butt Britney and those big, yummy tits of yours!”

“See! You love my big butt and I love yours and everyone is going to be so into both of us, especially yours because you’re the newbie,” Britney assured her. “Now let’s get out there.”

The two were at a very exclusive home nestled away in the Hollywood hills where no one would ever see anything they weren’t meant to. That made it perfect for the kind of party that Ariel and Britney were attending, one that had a star studded guest list and promised pleasures they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Britney had been attending parties like these for years and since this was Ariel’s first time, she wanted to make it special for her.

It was a pool party so neither of them were wearing much. Britney had on a red bikini that pushed up her already impressive chest and had a thong bottom on that showed off her toned, full ass in all its thick glory. She had been working so hard on getting her body in its sexiest shape and Britney loved to show it off. But Ariel had picked out an even sexier suit.

Despite her wearing a one piece suit and not a bikini, Ariel was looking even hotter than Britney. Ariel’s one piece didn’t shy away from exposing her body. The front of the suit was cut very low to put on an extreme cleavage show of Ariel’s double D teenage tits and the back was cut high to let the meaty cheeks of her young ass stick out. It was such an enticing show of flesh that Britney had been forced to use every bit of her restraint to keep from fucking Ariel before they had even left for the party.

The teenager had looked so sexy and Britney had wanted her so bad but she had held on, wanting to instead save all her sexual energy for the party. The both of them had swimsuit covers over themselves but they were both see-through so their lack of clothing was pretty obvious. But since it was a pool party it wasn’t like they were going to be out of place.

And that became even more obvious when they walked out of the house and toward the luxury swimming pool. With the sun shining brightly and the temperature in the 90’s, it was the kind of day where a swimming pool looked mighty good and this one had all the frills with trees and shrubs lining the back of it amongst the rocks and several waterfalls that streamed water into the large pool and gave it such a relaxing, cool look.

But they were quickly distracted from the pool by something that looked even better.

“Hey there!” a beautiful blonde woman said brightly as she saw Ariel and Britney walk outside. She was sitting in one of the pool chairs and when she saw the arriving duo she got up and walked toward them wearing nothing but sunglasses and a bikini that barely held back her famous body.

“Kate!” Britney said happily as she embraced her friend and eagerly gave her a peck on the lips that was immediately returned. “I’m so glad you’re here too! Do you know Ariel?”

“No, but I’ve heard so much about you,” Kate Upton said, turning toward the teenager with a smile and a look in her eyes that showed she was very eager to get to know the younger woman. “You should know that Britney raves about you every chance she gets. She won’t shut up about how wonderful you are.”

Ariel responded to that with a shy smile and a blush. She could barely believe she was looking at this gorgeous bikini-clad goddess. Kate Upton always looked hot when fully dressed and since she was definitely not like that now, her beauty took Ariel’s breath away.

Kate was in a pink sling bikini that couldn’t do much of anything to hold back her incredible big tits. They were practically begging to escape with the pink material barely restraining that all-natural rack and as Kate and Britney hugged, Ariel couldn’t resist sneaking a peek and seeing that the string bottom of the sling bikini was like dental floss between the cheeks of Kate’s thick ass.

Her ass looked amazing like that, barely covered by anything. Kate might as well have been completely bare-assed and Ariel tried not to drool as she checked out the supermodel in a lusty way she never thought she would ever have the chance to do in person.

“Ummm…ummm…yeah…you’re looking pretty wonderful too,” Ariel managed to stammer out before closing her eyes in embarrassment over saying something so cheesy. She couldn’t believe that had been all she could think to say when seeing such a beautiful woman.

It was a line that was so lame it would have gotten her blown off by any woman in the world if she’d been a guy. But fortunately, Kate didn’t seem to mind it and laughed it off.

“You’re sweet,” Kate told the awestruck teenager. “And you’re beautiful too so I think you’re going to see how wonderful I look without this bikini on pretty soon. And I can’t wait to see you out of yours too. I’ve been wanting Britney to bring you to one of these parties for so long Ariel. She’s been telling all of us how hot you are and how good you look naked and I have to say I’ve been thinking about it a lot.”

“Oh sure, forget all about me and go after my girlfriend instead,” Britney teased. “That’s so typical for a slut like you, Kate.”

“Mmmmm damn right I’m a slut and I’ll show you how much,” Kate laughed before kissing Britney, this time with much more than a peck on the lips. The two blondes fell right into their passion for one another, pressing their bodies together as they lustfully kissed.

Ariel didn’t feel jealous though even though Britney was her lover. She wanted Kate too. She wanted to peel that itty-bitty sling bikini off the busty supermodel and get her completely naked. She wanted to watch Britney and Kate make out and she wanted them both naked and Ariel wanted to join in their fun too. She wanted to be naked with them both so there was no jealousy at all, just a growing desire in the teenager.

“Mmmm get this off,” Kate urged, pulling Britney’s coverup over her head and leaving her in just her bikini. “Ooooooh mmmm that suit looks so yummy on you Britney. It’s going to be a shame to tear it off you.”

“Mmmmm not if I tear yours off first,” Britney responded with a little giggle as she gave Kate’s big ass a sexy smack that made the model moan. “Not like there’s much for me to rip off anyway.”

“Hey I don’t like to be subtle at a party like this,” Kate said. “I want everyone to see what they’re going to get. Mmmmm I don’t care if that means I’m a slut. I just love these fucking parties so much!”

Britney and Kate began kissing, the iconic pop singer and gorgeous supermodel kissing and rubbing their big tits together in their bikinis. It was a show that so many men would have done anything to be able to see and Ariel had a front row view of it. And she certainly appreciated the show too. Ariel could feel her nipples getting stiff against her swimsuit and she knew that soon she would be showing her arousal in another way too.

But the two blondes didn’t just want Ariel to be a bystander, especially Kate.

“Don’t be shy sweetie,” Kate urged the girl. “I definitely want to play with you too. How about you get that coverup off you and come a little bit closer?”

That offer definitely sounded good to Ariel. She might have still been feeling shy, but that feeling was dissipating by the second and she was definitely starting to relax. This wasn’t an atmosphere she had ever been in but she was feeling less scared by it and more eager to experience it all. So Ariel did just as Kate requested and pulled the coverup for her swimsuit over her head, showing off just how much of her curvy teenage body was exposed by her one-piece and earning a wolf whistle from the model in the process.

“Oh fuck, you look delicious,” Kate moaned, this time feeling her breath be taken away by what she was seeing. “You’re gorgeous Ariel!”

“So are you,” Ariel replied, moving closer to where Britney and Kate were standing, their bodies pressed together and waiting for her.

Ariel could feel the electricity and sexual chemistry really starting to crackle and she was eager to get to know Kate. She had only lusted after her from afar, so turned on by her luscious tits and ass and Ariel wanted her bad. She wanted to kiss Kate like Britney was and Ariel was about to do just that before another voice interrupted them, this time from inside the pool.

“Jesus, would you all get a fucking room or something?” Rose McGowan teased with a wicked laugh as she interrupted the fun. “What do you think this is, an orgy?”

Of course that’s exactly what it was and Rose knew full well that it was because it was her party and her home. They were all her guests for the day and she couldn’t wait to get the fun started. But she also couldn’t help teasing either and seeing the flustered look on Ariel’s face when the kiss was interrupted was worth denying herself the surely sexy site of her and Kate kissing.

Rose loved seeing the little pout on the beautiful teenager and she licked her lips at the sight of her in that one-piece swimsuit clinging to her body. It was such a tantalizing layer of wrapping paper over the gifts underneath and Rose couldn’t wait to get it off the girl.

Rose had loved seeing the back and forth between Kate and Britney, both of them so sexy in their small bikinis, and feeling the sexual chemistry between the blondes. She had seem them be so naughty with each other many times before and Rose had thoroughly enjoyed them both. That was why they were such frequent guests at her parties. But Ariel was fresh meat and Rose wanted her so much.

She couldn’t just watch them. Rose had gone undetected before because she had already been in the pool and had been underwater cooling herself off when Britney and Ariel had walked in. She had to announce herself and since she had popped her head out of the water just when Ariel was about to kiss Kate, she hadn’t been able to resist.

“Be nice, Rose,” Britney chided.

“Oh I am nice,” Rose reminded her. “And your little girlfriend is going to find out just how nice. Mmmmm it looks like you three are eager to start the party early today too. You’re not exactly waiting for the other guests, are you?”

“You should talk,” Kate pointed out. “You were in the pool before I even got here.”

“My house, my rules,” Rose noted with a smile. “Besides there’s nothing stopping you from joining me in here. Mmmm but I think for this I’m going to come on out so I can get a closer look at our newbie here.”

Ariel knew she was talking about her and she gulped when she heard it. She didn’t know Rose at all outside of Charmed reruns but her reputation for debauchery had preceded her. Ariel had heard so many wild stories about Rose from Britney and the thought of what a gorgeous and erotic woman like this could do to her was a bit scary and a lot arousing to the teenager. So it wasn’t just Rose getting a closer look, it was Ariel too.

And what a look she got too. When Rose pulled herself out of the pool she showed off that unlike the others, she hadn’t bothered with a swimsuit. Her body was dripping wet and completely naked as Rose reached for a towel and began to dry herself off just enough to stop the water running off her creamy, pale skin. But she left enough moisture on her body to give everything an enticing glisten and as Rose approached them, Ariel found herself fantasizing about licking those little droplets of water off Rose’s skin.

“Ummm wow,” Britney said, very impressed by what she saw even though she had seen Rose naked so many times she couldn’t keep count. “I thought you said we were all supposed to wear swimsuits.”

“Again, my house, my rules,” Rose said. “And I don’t see anyone complaining about the view, especially Ariel.”

And Rose was right about that because Kate, Britney and especially Ariel could not take their eyes off what they were seeing. Rose was pure sex as she strode over to them wet from the pool and completely confident in every motion of her body. Ariel was transfixed at the pale skinned dripping wet woman.

Rose’s tits were so round and full, giving off a hypnotic little shake as she walked toward them and Ariel longed to see Rose’s big, juicy ass after all the times Britney had raved about how hot it was.

But what most transfixed Ariel wasn’t Rose’s tits, or the way Rose owned the buzzcut that had shaved off her signature raven locks and left her head bald and beautiful or even the erotic energy that seemed to radiate around her with every step. It was what was between Rose’s legs and Ariel couldn’t take her eyes off of Rose’s thick, hanging cock.

It looked huge even in its current soft state and Ariel felt her breath be taken away again this time from looking at Rose’s cock and balls as they swayed ever so slightly while she walked over drying herself off.

“See something you like little girl?” Rose asked with a smirk, proudly displaying her sizable soft penis and knowing all eyes, especially Ariel’s, were on hers, which was just the way she liked it. “Just wait’ll it gets hard. Mmmm then you’re really going to see something. And speaking of getting hard…”

Despite never having met the teenager before, Rose boldly reached between Ariel’s legs and pressed her hand to the crotch of her swimsuit. And Rose’s smirk grew into a full on grin as she fondled the growing bulge that was swelling up against it.

“Mmmmm yeahhh somebody loves seeing my cock,” Rose teased. “And it feels like you’ve got a big one here too, don’t you Ariel? I think I need to see it for myself.”

As Ariel’s head spun and she found herself completely under Rose’s erotic spell, the older woman yanked the teenager’s swimsuit to the side just enough for Ariel’s cock and balls to fall out. And once she did that it was Rose’s turn to admire what she saw.

“Oh fuck!” Rose moaned in lust. “You’ve got a beautiful cock! Mmmmm Britney was right! She said you were hottest dick girl she had ever been with! Oooooh that big cock of yours looks so good Ariel!”

“Mmmmm gawd,” Ariel moaned, unable to believe she was letting herself be exposed like this but feeling such pleasure from the way Rose had just yanked out her dick like that. And with her cock getting erect and her balls starting to swell up, it was clear just how much Ariel liked it.

Ariel’s moans grew when Rose not only began stroking her cock but also leaned in and placed an erotic kiss on her lips, creating sparks of pleasure for both of them when their lips connected and their cocks began to touch. Ariel could feel Rose’s cock starting to get stiff too and she couldn’t help but look down and feel her toes curl with excitement when she saw Rose’s pale member rising up and getting bigger by the second.

“Mmmm you’re such a sexy little shemale, Ariel” Rose groaned loving the feel of their bare cocks touching. “Oooooh actually, little is the wrong word. Mmmm not with a cock as big as yours Ariel. This is where you belong little girl. Mmmm this is a place where all your dirty dreams are going to come true.”

“Oooooh I want this sooo much,” Ariel admitted. “I was so nervous thinking you weren’t going to want me as much as I wanted all of you. I’ve never done this before…”

“Never been to an orgy?” Rose inquired even though she already had the answer. “Mmmm because I know you love to fuck like the dickgirl slut that you are!”

Ariel blushed, wondering just how much Britney had told her friends, and confirmed Rose’s assumption.

“No…I’ve never done anything in a group,” Ariel said. “Just one on one…”

“Mmmm well group sex is fucking amazing,” Rose assured the girl. “You’re going to love it. Mmmm it’s going to be so many hot girls here rock hard for you Ariel. We’re going to have so much fun and you’re going to love it as much as we all do!”

Ariel moaned happily, both from the way Rose was stroking her cock and from being able to see what Kate and Britney were up to. Watching Rose and Ariel had made the blondes bulge against their bikinis too and Britney hadn’t been able to take waiting. She had pulled down her own bottoms to free her heavy cock and balls and as soon as Britney had whipped her meat out, Kate had been all over it, sinking down to her knees in front of the pop superstar to start licking away at the hardening cock before her, dragging her tongue over Britney’s shaft while reaching down into her own tiny bikini to pull out her own cock and start stroking it.

Ariel hadn’t known what to expect from this place but she could see now that Britney had been right in what she had told her. This was going to be shemale heaven and Ariel had never felt so secure in her own body than she did at that moment with Rose’s big cock pressing into hers and Kate sucking on Britney’s while masturbating. All three of those big cocks looked so delicious to Ariel and it made her own harder while she began picturing just what they could all do to each other.

“I want you! Mmmm I want you all!” Ariel admitted. “Mmmm I’ve been so fucking hard for this! Mmm Britney would tell me what she would do at your parties and I wanted to join in so bad! Ooooh I want to fuck all of you!”

“That’s just what you’re going to do sweetheart,” Rose said before kissing Ariel again, this time with a stronger passion.

The two gorgeous shemales made out under the hot sun and Ariel surrendered completely to Rose’s kiss, letting the gorgeous actress slide her tongue right into her mouth. Rose was clearly the one in charge and Ariel loved it, letting the beautifully hung woman tongue kiss her and guide her into wicked debauchery. Ariel rubbed her tongue into Rose’s and passionately kissed her, loving how she was being taken by her, Rose’s hot body and buzzcut turning her on immensely.

The kiss was so good that Ariel forgot how awkward it was for her to be standing there in her swimsuit with the bottom pulled off to the side and her penis hanging out. She was too busy experiencing pleasure from tongue kissing Rose and feeling their cocks rubbing together, the heads of their dicks kissing almost like their lips were. Ariel loved feeling another shemale’s cock rubbing up against hers, hard shafts and swollen heads and cum filled balls touching sensually, and Rose had such a big, beautiful cock for her.

Ariel couldn’t resist reaching down and grabbing it and when she began to stroke Rose’s cock the older woman encouraged her.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh that’s it, don’t be shy,” Rose urged. “It’s not going to bite you. Mmmm you have such soft hands sweetheart. Stoke my cock. See how hard you’re getting it!”

Ariel did just that, looking down and gasping when she saw how stiff Rose’s cock was now. Ariel had loved seeing it soft and hanging as Rose had emerged naked from the pool but there was nothing like seeing it hard. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. It had to be 10 or 11 inches and Ariel suddenly felt  the desire to get a tape measure or something and see just how big Rose’s pale slab of cock meat got. It was thick too and Ariel loved seeing Rose’s smooth, round balls hanging below it, just begging to be sucked on.

“You’re so hot!” Ariel moaned, her body aching with desire for that big pale cock. “Mmmm I had no idea you were a dickgirl like me until Britney told me. She told me how big you were and how good you are at fucking her but ohhh my God you’re even hotter than I imagined!”

“Mmmmhmmm dickgirl and proud of it,” Rose grinned. “There are so many of us Ariel. People have no idea how many of the hottest women in Hollywood are really shemales. This is where we can be open and free with it and show our cocks off! We can all be ourselves here and now you’re one of us Ariel. You don’t have to hide that beautiful piece of meat of yours around us Ariel. We’re going to be your very special friends now, just like Britney is.”

And at the mention of her lover’s name, Ariel turned toward her and moaned with desire when she saw Britney with her eyes closed enjoying the blowjob she was getting from Kate Upton. Britney’s bikini bottoms were completely off now and she’d tossed her top away too so she was standing there completely naked playing with her own tits while Kate went down on her, swallowing Britney’s cock with expert ability.

Ariel marveled at the site of Kate Upton on her knees, her juicy shemale cock sticking out of her sling bikini as she worked Britney over with her mouth and hands. Kate had one hand wrapped around Britney’s throbbing shaft and the other caressing her balls while she swallowed down inch after inch of Britney’s nine inch cock. Ariel usually had so much trouble going down on her lover but Kate was taking Britney down her throat with ease.

Ariel was so taken by what a hot cocksucker Kate was as the model happily let Britney fuck her face, inch after inch of Britney’s thick cock going down her throat, that she barely noticed Rose was getting her swimsuit off her. It was only when the buzzcutted beauty had the shoulder straps of her one piece down that Ariel shifted her focus back to her newest lover.

“This has to go,” Rose insisted, yanking down the swimsuit aggressively and baring Ariel’s large tits, which made the older woman wolf whistle in appreciation. “Holy fuck! Mmmm my God those fucking jugs are even better looking than I dreamed! Oh Ariel! You have some of the best tits I’ve ever seen!”

Ariel smiled at the sound of the compliment, knowing it meant a lot coming from someone like Rose. She definitely still felt uncomfortable about being topless like this in front of women she didn’t know but Rose was even more naked than she was and Ariel didn’t fight her. She wanted this. She wanted Rose and all of her friends to fuck the shyness right out of her.

This place was so amazing. Rose was so free with her body, boldly showing off her giant cock and balls and not caring what anyone thought of her. Ariel wanted to be just like that. She was so insecure about looking like she did, with her huge tits and ass and of course her big cock. She tried so hard to keep her shemale secret from everyone even when it hurt her to do it.

Ariel couldn’t help but think of all the times her co-star Sarah Hyland had tried to seduce her so they could become more than friends. Ariel wanted that too. Sarah was so beautiful and Ariel was definitely attracted to her. But she always denied herself the chance to fuck her co-star because she knew there was no way Sarah wouldn’t freak out when she saw she had a big cock and balls instead of a pussy. So Ariel had kept her secret as much as she had ever kept anything.

Meeting Britney had changed so much for Ariel and opened up a whole new erotic world for her. Ariel had been so horny for Britney ever since she had gone through puberty and when Britney had invited her backstage after a concert once and put the moves on her, telling her she wanted her to come back to her hotel room, Ariel had been so turned on that she hadn’t been able to resist. Even though she knew her secret had to be hidden, Ariel had let it happen because she had wanted Britney too much to think straight.

And when things had gotten so intimate once they’d gone back to Britney’s suite, Ariel was sure that the brakes would be thrown on everything as soon as Britney discovered what was between her legs. Still she had been too horny to not take it as far as it could go and she had tried so hard to hide how hard she was getting as she and Britney made out and played with each other’s big tits through their clothes.

Ariel still remembered so vividly how Britney had teasingly left her, saying she was going to slip into something more comfortable. The singer had disappeared into the bathroom and returned wearing a silk robe. Britney had then urged Ariel to get naked and the teenager had stammered out something about how she couldn’t but before the words had even gotten out of her mouth Ariel’s jaw had hit the floor when Britney had opened up her robe and shown off her naked body, revealing that Ariel wasn’t the only one with a secret.

The image of Britney Spears baring her naked body to her that night was burned into Ariel’s brain. She hadn’t been able to believe what she had seen. Not only did Britney have incredible tits, so big and pink and round, but right there between her legs had been the hottest cock and balls that Ariel had ever seen. And finding out Britney was a dickgirl just like she was had sent Ariel into a frenzy of lust for the superstar singer.

It had taken mere seconds for Ariel to get down in front of Britney and open wide to start sucking her lust object’s cock. It had been the sexiest moment of Ariel’s life and while she’d been taking Britney Spears’ shemale cock in her mouth she had wondered if it was all a dream. But it had been all too wonderfully real and she and Britney had been lovers ever since.

But as wonderful as that moment had been, Ariel had never felt more free and comfortable as she did right now. Seeing that Kate and Rose both were dickgirls like her and Britney made Ariel feel wonderful and safe and she showed it by not just letting Rose make her topless. Ariel took over from there, pulling down her swimsuit all the way and pushing it down so she could be completely naked, boldly showing herself off in all her nude glory with her huge teen tits exposed and her erection sticking straight out from between her beautifully thick young thighs.

“Mmmm that’s it, show it all off,” Rose urged, loving how Ariel’s inhibitions were disappearing and stroking her own cock at the sight of the naked teenage dickgirl in front of her. “Don’t be shy. You don’t have to hide anything here Ariel. Mmmmm at my house we always let it all hang out.”

Ariel giggled over the joke and left her swimsuit and sandals on the ground as she nakedly embraced Rose, their bare bodies rubbing together as they kissed and groped each other. Their mouths met in another lusty kiss and their cocks throbbed together, Ariel feeling precum starting to drip out of her swelling cockhead and rub against Rose’s erection. Ariel was drawn so much to Rose’s creamy skinned tits and she caressed the round, pale globes with her hands while they made out.

Rose’s tits weren’t as big as hers but the woman’s big C cups were still absolutely perfect. The large mounds of breast flesh felt wonderful in Ariel’s hands and she couldn’t wait to explore every inch of Rose’s pale body. And it was obvious the feeling was mutual as Rose’s hands moved to Ariel’s backside and the dirty talk flowed from her lips.

“Ohhhhh fuck! This ass is incredible!” Rose groaned with lust as she squeezed Ariel’s thick, naked cheeks, groping tem aggressively. “Mmmm fuck Britney told me you had such an amazing ass but she was selling you short. Oooooh fuck this big, jiggly butt is going to be mine today Ariel! I’m going to bend you over and ram my cock up your fat ass until I paint my load all over these fucking big buns of yours!”

“Mmmmm ooooh Britney was right, you do have a type,” Ariel giggled in response, feeling so comfortable with her thick body on display right then. “She said you love big tits and big, fat asses!”

“Mmmmmhmmm I fucking love them,” Rose confirmed while squeezing and jiggling Ariel’s ass cheeks. “Big, jiggly butts are the most fun to fuck! I can’t wait to see yours bounce like it’s fucking Jell-O while I’m fucking it deep and my balls are slamming against these big fucking cheeks of yours!”

“Oooooooh!” Ariel groaned, imagining how incredible it would feel to have Rose’s massive cock buried all the way up her ass and having the bald woman’s big, round balls slapping into her ass while she fucked her. She’d never had a cock that big inside her before and she didn’t know if she’d be able to take it. But Ariel badly wanted to try.

And she also wanted something else.

“Mmmm I want something too,” Ariel said erotically as she took her eager young hands off Rose’s tits and moved them around to her back so she could grope her lover’s ass too.

“Ooooh yeah? What do you want?” Rose asked, having a pretty good idea what it was but still wanting to hear the girl say it.

“Mmmmm I fucking love big butts too!” Ariel moaned, squeezing Rose’s juicy, pale buns in her hands. “I want to fuck you too Rose! Mmmm I want to get my big dickgirl meat up your ass and fuck you hard! I want to fuck your big tits too and mmmm get my cock in your mouth! Oooooh and then I want to dump my load all over your bald head Rose! Mmm I want to cum all over that shaved head of yours and see my cum dripping off it!”

Ariel could barely believe the words coming out of her mouth but it really was what she wanted. All the pent up lust she felt she had to hide from the world was coming out now and Ariel was revealing her deepest desire. She just hoped she hadn’t taken it too far.

But fortunately Rose reacted with a big smile.

“Ooooooh nasty! I fucking love it!” Rose said with glee. “Oooooh you hear that Britney? Your slutty girlfriend wants to dump her load all over my fucking head! This fucking perv wants to soak my bald head with her nasty load! Oooooh fuck we’re so gonna do that! Mmmm you can take my ass if you want Ariel! You can fuck my big tits! Ooooh and you can squirt that shemale load wherever you want you dirty bitch! Mmmmm fuck Britney, this girl is nasty!”

“Mmmmmhmm I know,” Britney giggled with a wink to her blushing teenage lover. “She’s so nervous all the time about being a dickgirl but she’s learning just how to be a hot slut like me! She’s a total fucking perv deep down and I’ve been trying to get it out of her. Mmmm I told you baby, you’re going to have so much fun here!”

And Britney was having plenty of fun of her own with Kate slobbering all over her dick. Kate gave such wet, sexy blowjobs and Britney always loved the feeling of the supermodel’s drool dripping all over her cock. She closed her eyes again when Kate pulled off her cock with a wet pop and moved down lower, pushing her cock up so she could lick her own saliva off her shaft and then start sucking on her balls, something Britney always loved.

“Oooooooh yessss mmmmm do it Kate! Oooooh suck my fucking balls!” Britney moaned dreamily, pinching her own nipples as she said it. “Mmmmm I love how you suck my nuts you dirty whore! Oooooooh yessssss show Ariel how much you love sucking cock Kate! Mmmmm you’re going to be sucking her teen dick soon too!”

“Yesssssss I want your girlfriend’s big fucking cock!” Kate said, pulling away from Britney’s testicles to give Ariel a look of lust, eying the naked teenager up and down and loving what she saw. “Mmmm I love your big jiggly tits Ariel mmmmm and that cock looks so yummy! I love cock in my mouth mmmmm and in my ass too!”

Kate was not being subtle about what she wanted and she added an extra exclamation point by sliding her string bikini off. It had barely been on her busty body in the first place, but Kate made herself fully naked by the edge of the swimming pool by pulling it all off and fully exposing her big tits and round, thick ass while her boner jutted out, showing off just how aroused by everything that was happening.

Kate then got back on her knees in front of Britney, sliding her tongue over the singer’s heavy nuts again and then sucking Britney’s balls into her mouth, working over one with her lips and then the other before showing off her cocksucking skills once more by inhaling both balls into her horny mouth. While she did that, Kate jutted her ass out and made it clear where she badly wanted Ariel to be.

But Rose wasn’t quite done with Ariel yet.

“Mmmmm not so fast Kate, I get first taste of this delicious newbie,” Rose said with a horny twinkle in her eye. “Mmmm you’re not the only one craving dickgirl meat in her mouth, Kate.”

And to Ariel’s amazement, Rose sank down to her knees right in front of her. Rose had been so aggressive with kissing her that Ariel had bene sure she’d be the one sucking Rose’s cock first. But Rose was, as always, an eager switch and she loved to give blowjobs as much as she loved to receive them. Ariel found this out for herself when Rose kneeled down and didn’t hesitate to take her cock into her mouth.

Not using her hands, Rose just wrapped her lips around Ariel’s cock and began sucking the teenager off, moving her pink lips up and down the meaty shaft. Rose was a master cocksucker and it showed in how quickly she got Ariel moaning in pleasure from her warm, wet mouth sucking her inches in.

“Ohhhh my God! Oooooooh fuckkkkk mmmmmm that feels sooooo good!” Ariel cried out from the feel of those velvety lips wrapping around her pulsing cock and wetly gliding up and down as though it were effortless for Rose to go down on her big cock.

“Mmmmm yeah sweetie, let her suck you off,” Britney told her lover, the both of them moaning from being blown at the same time by cock hungry celebrity shemales. “You haven’t lived until Rose has sucked your cock! Ooooh she does it so good! Mmmm just relax and let her make you feel good! Oooh she’s going to get your cock all nice and wet so you can fuck this supermodel whore while she swallows my dick!”

That sounded incredible to Ariel. With the way Rose was slurping on her cock, she was rock hard and eager to fuck. She looked over her shoulder and drooled over Kate’s bare ass. The supermodel was jutting her backside out while she sucked Britney off and she might as well have painted a target on it. Ariel felt her cock throb in Rose’s mouth when she gawked at Kate’s famous ass and she couldn’t help but drizzle some precum right into Rose’s mouth from how aroused she was getting.

“Mmmmm yum!” Rose moaned, swallowing the little bit of release from the horny teenager. “Your cock tastes so fucking good Ariel. Mmmm it needs to get good and wet too!”

Rose spit all over Ariel’s cock and rubbed her saliva over the shaft, lubing it up while her other hand jacked off her own hard-on. And when Ariel audibly groaned from the sensation of that wet saliva coating her meat, Rose did it again and stroked the fresh helping of her spit over her cock more vigorously.

“I could make you fucking come right now,” Rose told the teenager as she stared up at her lustfully from her knees. “Mmmm I could make you explode all over my tits and you’d love it wouldn’t you? Mmmmm or maybe I’ll just rub my head all over your cock and balls and let you feel my stubble on your nuts. Would you like that baby? Mmmmm would that make you fucking shoot that teen load all over my head just like you want?”

“Fuckkkkkkkkkk!” Ariel cried out, squeezing her own tits and hefting them up so she could lick at them and taste her own nipples, which she loved to do when she was extra turned on. “Ughhh yes! That’s soooo nasty!”

“Mmmm fuck yeah I’m nasty mmm and so are you darling, but let’s see how nasty I can be,” Rose said. “Me and all my friends have so much we can teach you mmmm like this. Try not to come too quickly though. We want you to hold onto that hot load for a little while longer.”

Ariel had no doubt Rose could make her come right then and there. She was so fucking hard. Her balls were churning with hot cum eager to release and Rose was driving her wild as she pulled her hand off Ariel’s cock and began swallowing her again, taking most of her eight inches down in one gulp. Ariel was amazed at how easily Rose could take it all down her throat just like Kate could do with Britney. But Rose wasn’t going to be satisfied with getting just most of Ariel’s cock in.

To Ariel’s utter delight, Rose sucked down more and more, letting it fill her mouth and go down her throat as saliva dripped out onto Ariel’s rod from the actress choking it down. Rose was gagging on it but she wasn’t stopping and as Ariel moaned in amazement, Rose took the rest down her throat, deep throating her big teen shemale dick and pressing her chin against Ariel’s swollen balls.

Very happy with her work, Rose pulled off of Ariel’s cock with a gasp, leaving it dripping wet with her saliva as she grinned and caught her breath.

“Ohhhh wow!” Ariel moaned. “Not even Britney can take it all down that quickly. That’s incredible!”

“Mmmmm sounds like you and Britney both need deep throat lessons,” Rose said, her face flushed from lack of breath after swallowing Ariel’s entire length but her smile stretching wide over how proud she was of herself. “Mmmm now get over there and fuck Kate! Show us how you use that big, beautiful dick of yours! We’re going to have to officially initiate you into our club Ariel and that means you’ve got to show us what you can do!”

And with her cock throbbing after Rose’s blowjob and Kate’s meaty ass such an enticing target, Ariel didn’t need any more urging.

“I’ll show you!” Ariel declared. “Mmmm I’ll show you how hot I can be!”

Ariel had never felt more confident in her life. This party was everything it was supposed to be and more and she couldn’t wait to experience it all. With her cock sticking straight out, Ariel walked right up to Kate and got behind the famous model. She never expected to be able to do something like this but she was totally into it and it all felt so wonderful. And as Kate sucked Britney’s cock deep into her mouth, Ariel lined her saliva coated dick up with the model’s asshole.

This was a position she and Britney loved to be in so it was very familiar to Ariel as she spread open Kate’s round ass cheeks and pushed inside her waiting, puckered hole. And even with her mouth full of Britney’s cock, Kate reacted with intense glee, groaning loudly as she was penetrated.

“Fuckkkkkkkk yes do it Ariel! Fuck my ass cunt!” Kate grunted, spitting out Britney’s cock from her mouth so she could egg the teenager on. “Mmmm do it hard and rough baby! That’s how I fucking like it! Stuff that big piece of teen meat right up my ass and make me fucking take it all! Ooooooh yessssss!”

Ariel moaned in rapture when she felt how tight Kate’s ass was. She had only been with a few lovers in her life so it wasn’t like she had a lot to compare Kate to, but it was just so wonderfully snug. And the fact that she was fucking someone so famous made it even hotter. What she had with Britney was special but this was something else entirely. It was raw and hot and nasty and Ariel felt so wickedly alive as she began thrusting up Kate Upton’s supermodel ass with her cock.

“Your ass is so fucking hot Kate!” Ariel moaned as she watched Britney force Kate back down onto her erection and shoot her a saucy wink as if to say “I told you so” about how awesome this party was going to be. “Mmmm yesss I’m fucking you now Kate! Ooooh my big, young cock is up your hot ass! You’re letting a teen slut fuck your famous ass Kate! You like it? Like feeling my big girl cock up your hot ass?”

Kate cried out “Yes” repeatedly but her word were muffled by Britney’s cock in her mouth. The meaning was still very clear though and Ariel went after the model harder, feeling emboldened by how much she enjoyed fucking her. She began thrusting with increased force into Kate, pushing more of her cock up the model’s ass and doing what so many men and more than a few women would have given anything to be able to do to Kate Upton.

“Oooooh can you see what I can do yet Rose?” Ariel moaned, pleasure rolling through her as she thrust into Kate. “Mmmm I’m fucking Kate like I fuck Britney! Oooooh like I can fuck you too! Ughhh gawd you’re all making my cock so fucking hard! Mmm fuck I want you all so bad! Your ass is so fucking tight around my cock Kate! Mmmm fuckkk I love fucking you! Ooooh I can’t believe I’m doing this but it’s so goddamn good! Mmm take it Kate! Take my cock right up your butt like the whore you are!”

“Mmmm that’s it sweetie, fuck her like a hot, nasty slut!” Britney urged her lover, savoring the view of Ariel’s huge tits bouncing as she fucked into Kate, the thrusting making Kate’s own double-D’s bounce wildly too. “Mmmm we’ve got this cockwhore on both ends baby! Take her ass while I fuck her mouth and we can fill her up with our cum!”

Even though she wasn’t being given any choice in the matter it was just the way Kate wanted it. She loved being on her knees with her ass sticking out to be fucked while she was getting fucked in her mouth too. She loved doing this position with guys too and even hot girls with strap ons but there was nothing quite like getting spit roasted by dickgirls. Having two shemale cocks buried inside her, one in her mouth and the other up her ass cunt made Kate’s cock throb and the pleasure increased for her when Rose joined in on the fun too.

“You look like you’re enjoying that mouth of hers Britney, give me a chance too,” Rose said getting beside Britney and slapping Kate in the face with her cock, her long shaft and swollen head smacking against the supermodel’s covergirl face and making Kate tingle with pleasure. “Mmmmm suck on this too Kate! Show Ariel what a cum hungry cock whore you are!”

Kate was very busy with Britney’s cock being pushed into her mouth but the smacks of Rose’s hard cock against her beautiful face was a total rush for her. She definitely wanted more than just two cocks inside her and she pulled her way off of Britney’s cock to instead focus on Rose’s.

“Mmmmm yessssss gimmie more these big fucking she cocks!” Kate grunted in lust, opening wide to suck down Rose’s pale inches. “Mmmm yesssss ughhh fuck my face Rose! Shove this fucking cock down my slutty throat while Ariel nails my ass!”

Rose did just what Kate wanted, grabbing the blonde by her hair and forcing her down onto her dick. And Kate did the rest. There was no way she could deep throat a cock as big as Rose’s but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to try and get every inch inside that she could and she started choking Rose down, bobbing her lips up and down the pink shaft of Rose’s cock and feeling that swollen head push down her throat as she filled up Kate’s mouth with meat.

And as hot as it was to see Kate’s mouth filled with Rose’s cock, Britney mostly had her eyes on her teenage lover. Ariel was visibly having the time of her life pumping her young cock into the model and Britney loved seeing Ariel have fun. She had brought her to this party because she wanted Ariel to let go and be proud of being a dickgirl and, most of all, have fun with some of the sexiest women in the world. That was what she was seeing now as Ariel grunted and moaned and thrust into Kate, her curvy young body smacking against the sexy supermodel.

Britney loved seeing Ariel’s tits bouncing like they were, the heavy mounds jiggling on her chest as Ariel grabbed onto Kate’s hips and forced more of her cock up the woman’s ass. Kate looked so sexy too, taking it like a champion. Britney knew from experience that it wasn’t easy to get Ariel’s big cock up your ass so she was turned on seeing how much Kate was enjoying it.

“Ooooh you nasty girl, you like my girlfriend fucking you?” Britney moaned, jacking off her cock and spreading Kate’s naughty saliva all the way down her shaft to her balls. “Like how she’s stuffing that big supermodel butt of yours with her hard cock? Mmmm Ariel fucks me so good and now you’re getting it! You’re getting hard teen cock up your ass!”

And Kate did love it. She loved it absolutely and unequivocally. Feeling Ariel’s thick prick up her ass, filling her hole up and stretching her open was heaven to Kate. It felt so good to have that big boner inside her and she wanted more. Ariel was fucking her good, but she was still holding back a little.

Kate needed more from the girl and she managed to pull herself off of Rose’s cock long enough to ask for it.

“Harder! Do my big, slutty ass harder Ariel!” Kate begged, saliva running down her chin from all of her cocksucking. “Slam that big fucking dick up my ass cunt and give it to me you horny fucking slut! Fuck that little fuckhole up with your big dickgirl meat baby! I love taking it up the ass and I need it harder Ariel! Do me like a horny fucking bitch!”

Hearing Kate Upton talk that way to her while she was already buried up her incredible ass almost made Ariel lose it right there. Her cock was twitching with the need to come while she pushed inside Kate’s butt. Ariel loved seeing Kate’s famously sexy ass bent over for her, those juicy cheeks bouncing as she smacked into her hot body and shoved her girl cock inside her. It was a wet dream come true to give it this way to Kate and it was taking all of Ariel’s strength not to come too quickly.

But if Kate wanted more, Ariel was going to give it to her. She didn’t want to hold back anymore. She didn’t want these women to think she was anything but the hottest, horniest teen slut in Hollywood. And Ariel definitely didn’t want to show her inexperience by blowing her load too early. So she grabbed on tighter to Kate’s hips and started thrusting more vigorously into her, pushing her cock up Kate’s ass and using every sexy trick Britney had taught her.

“You are a horny fucking bitch Kate! You’re MY horny fucking bitch!” Ariel groaned, feeling delicious new power and confidence rush through her as she buttfucked Kate Upton. “Ooooh your big fucking ass is so sexy Kate! Mmmm all hot and slutty and juicy! I love seeing it jiggle as you get fucked by my fat she cock! Take it deep you bitch! Oooooh take all of my teen dickgirl meat! Yessss fuckkk you’re soooo tight!”

Ariel thrusting in deeper and harder was just what Kate wanted and she reacted with raw cries of delight. She felt more of the girl’s big dick pushing inside her, stretching her hole and making her feel so filled. Kate grunted like a whore from the feel of the thick, hard inches inside her asscunt and kept on begging.

“Oooooh yesssssssss fuck me! Fuck me! Oooooh fuck me!” Kate screamed. “Fucking shove that big fat dick in my ass Ariel! Ooooooh fuck me harder! Yessss I want to feel your fucking balls slapping into mine! Mmmmm fuckkkkk shove that fuckstick in harder Ariel! Ughhh fuck I love feeling your big dickgirl nuts smacking me as we fuck! Ughhhh yeahh give it to me bitch! Fuck meeee!”

Kate would have screamed for more but she was silenced by Rose pushing her head back down onto her cock. Kate’s mouth was silenced as Rose’s dick was shoved back into it but the sounds of passion and her cries of pleasure were still audible, muffled but audible, as Rose’s meat went down her throat.

And as Rose fucked Kate’s mouth, Britney pulled a page out of Rose’s book and began playfully smacking the model in the face with her prick. Britney giggled with delight as her hard cock smacked Kate and the model reacted to each slap of it with a moan and happily submissive gaze of her eyes. Kate was a total cock whore and this was where she could be most open with it. There was never any judgement or inhibition here. She could be who she was and it made Kate’s cock throb without her even touching it.

Kate gagged and slurped on Rose’s cock, making wet sucking noises as the pale inches disappeared down her throat. Kate’s eyes were welling up with tears from how much cock she could take on both ends and they started to drip down. But they were all tears of pleasure and Kate welcomed them. Britney knew it too and she decided it was really time to give Kate something to feast on.

“Mmmm open wide you cock slut,” Britney ordered. “Let’s see you take both of us on!”

With Britney and Rose both having big, thick cocks it should have been impossible for Kate to fit them both into her mouth. But damn if she didn’t try. Kate opened her mouth as wide as she could and Britney took that as all the invitation she needed to push her cock into the model’s mouth right by Rose’s. Rose pulled back a little bit too, giving Britney more room and the two horny dickgirls had themselves a sexy swordfight in Kate’s mouth with both of them feeding her their cocks.

And Britney and Rose definitely didn’t mind if their cocks touched. In fact they made sure that they did. They rubbed their cocks together in Kate’s mouth as drool dripped out from the supermodel onto both of them and Rose and Britney started making out, mashing their big tits together as they kissed and pressed their nude bodies into each other while violating Kate’s mouth as Ariel took her ass.

It was all so much for Ariel. She’d never experienced anything like this ever and she knew more was coming. Britney hadn’t told her the names of all the girls who were invited to this party but Ariel was already aware that the four of them weren’t the only ones who were going to be attending. That meant a lot more fun and Ariel felt her nuts throb with hot cum begging to be released as her mind whirled with the thought that this was only the beginning.

It was so hard not to just come and let her load fill Kate’s ass up with jets of sticky dickgirl jizz. But Ariel held on. She was determined to prove herself and not look like a newbie. She wanted it for herself and also for Britney who had gotten her to this party. Ariel didn’t want to let her lover down and she held on while thrusting hard into Kate.

“Take it! Take it all the way up your fucking ass!” Ariel groaned, indulging in wicked impulses as she began smacking Kate’s bare ass, slapping the thick buns and making them jiggle even more. “You fucking whore! You like it when a little girl like me fucks your famous ass, don’t you Kate? Mmmm shoving my big teen cock inside you! Oooooh yessss ughhh I can feel you clenching right around my cock from how much you love it! Mmmm this cock of yours must be throbbing!”

And Ariel confirmed that for herself by reaching down and wrapping her hand around Kate’s thick member. She moaned when she felt Kate’s she cock throb in her grasp and she began to eagerly stroke it, jerking the model off while she got it deep from both ends. Kate was fully sandwiched between Ariel on one and Rose and Britney on the other. That meant Ariel got the chance to look right at her lover as Britney helped stuff Kate’s mouth and the gaze she was getting from the singer made Ariel feel even better.

She could see that Britney wasn’t just hot for her, but that she was also proud of her. Britney was proud of her for getting over her shyness and her fears. She was proud of her for taking control and letting her desires run free. She was proud of her for coming out of her shell. And Ariel wanted to make her even prouder by making Kate come.

While she continued to jack Kate off, Ariel pushed harder into the model, burying her cock all the way in her ass just like Kate had wanted. Ariel could feel her balls slapping into Kate’s as they fucked and it was incredible. The sound and feel of their naked bodies smacking together, their skin getting all flushed and sweaty from the hot sun and the exertion of their fucking making such a sexy noise, turned her on even more. Ariel had never been balls deep in a woman before and it made her so hot to be able to do it to Kate in front of Britney.

“You’re such a slut Kate! Mmmm gawd I always wanted to be a fucking shemale slut but I could never do it like you!” Ariel moaned in confidence and desire, the feel of hers and Kate’s nuts bouncing into each other while her body smacked into Kate’s ass cheeks making her feel like the sexiest woman alive. “You’re such a fucking whore and it’s making me so hard for you! Suck those big fucking cocks while I fuck you! Oooooh I can feel your cock is soooo ready to come, isn’t it? Mmmm are you going to come from me jerking you off? Are you going to be a fucking whore and shoot your load from by big cock up your ass?”

Kate wanted to scream out yes to all of those questions. She was in the power of this beautiful teenager and she loved it. Ariel wasn’t the shy girl she had just met a few minutes ago. Now she was a voracious lover and Kate was getting off so hard from it. She was throbbing with hardness and her dick wanted to explode from Ariel aggressively stroking it and when the girl’s other hand began playing with her balls, Kate groaned in animalistic lust, tears running down her face from swallowing two meaty girl pricks at once.

Rose could see just how badly Kate needed to come and she decided now was the perfect time for Ariel to see just how many fun positions they could get into. She wanted to teach this girl a lot about fucking and Rose could tell Ariel was going to be a very eager student. So Rose kissed Britney again and then whispered into the singer’s ear just what she had planned. Britney loved the idea and they both pulled out of Kate’s mouth, leaving her gasping for breath and drooling all over herself, the saliva dripping down to Kate’s heaving tits as she continued to be nailed from behind.

“Turn over!” Rose commanded. “On your back Kate! Time to show Ariel just how nasty we get here!”

Kate didn’t have to be told twice. She knew this position very well and she eagerly accommodated Rose’s wishes. And she did it while also making sure that she didn’t lose Ariel’s cock in her ass. The girl was buried all the way inside her and Kate didn’t want an inch being pulled out. So when she repositioned herself she did it by twisting herself around onto a towel that Rose helpfully laid out by the poolside.  Moving her body with Ariel’s cock still inside her stimulated them both and made Kate and Ariel’s cocks pulsate even more.

Kate lay down on the towel flat on her back, keeping Ariel’s throbbing shemale cock inside her as her own dick stuck straight up in the air, her balls swollen and heavy and ready to unleash a huge load. Kate immediately began masturbating as she moaned openly from Ariel’s cock up her ass. Ariel had been doing such a good job jerking her off, but Kate knew no one could do it better then herself and she began stroking her hardness as Britney instructed Ariel on what to do next.

And Britney did that through the kind of hands on instruction that she knew Ariel enjoyed. She came up behind her teenage lover and embraced her, pressing her bare tits into Ariel’s sweaty back so she could feel how hard her nipples were. And Ariel felt something even harder too as Britney’s cock slid right into her ass crack. Ariel cooed at the familiar sensation and backed herself up erotically so she could really feel Britney’s meat slide between her buns.

“Mmmmm Britney oooooh you were SO right about this place,” Ariel moaned from her lover’s touch, rubbing her bare ass into Britney’s cock so she could feel her beautiful girlfriend saw her cock up and down between her soft cheeks.

“I knew you’d love it,” Britney replied, giving a tender kiss to Ariel’s neck and then to her lips while she lewdly rubbed her boner in Ariel’s gorgeously big crack. “Now you can make Kate come like you always make me come. Grab her by her legs mmm yess that’s it baby spread those model legs open and shove that cock in her deep and hard! Give it to her and let this slut jack off so she can come all over herself!”

Ariel wanted that and Kate definitely wanted that. So it was a plan that worked for everyone. And while it was so much fun to nail Kate doggie style, Ariel had to admit you couldn’t beat the view she had now of Kate lying on her back with her big tits jiggling as she held the world famous model open by her legs and thrust into her hard.

“Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss fuck meeee! Yes! Make me come Ariel! Shove that big cock inside my slutty ass! Ohhhh Ariel! Yesssssss!” Kate screamed as she jacked her cock furiously, desperate to make herself come from being fucked. “Ughhh yessssssss fuck ooooh that’s it baby! Fuck me deep and hard you fucking teen whore! Ooooh keep fucking me Ariel! Fucking shoot that cum up into my ass cunt and make me feel it squishing around in my fuckhole all day! Ughh yesss shove your big dick all the way in me! Fuck me Ariel!”

And then suddenly Kate found herself silenced by Rose. But this time it wasn’t from her cock. It was from Rose evilly pressing her balls right to Kate’s face, compelling her to open wide and start sucking on her swollen nuts. And Kate didn’t fight it a bit. Rose teabagged her and Kate loved it, sucking and slobbering all over Rose’s balls while Ariel fucked her.

Rose grunted and jacked her own cock off too, just like Kate was, as the model’s tongue lapped at her smooth nutsac. Kate licked all over Rose’s aching balls, coating them with her spit just like she’d already done to her cock and then Rose adjusted herself a little bit lower, forcing Kate’s tongue to slide right from her balls to the bald headed woman’s asshole.

“Lick it!” Rose commanded. “Mmmm fucking bathe my asscunt with that slutty tongue Kate! Show Ariel what she’s going to be doing to all of us today! Mmm she’s going to be licking our balls and licking our assholes like a dirty little whore! Just like you Kate! Mmmm fuck yeahhh shove that tongue right into my ass you nasty bitch! Rim me good and put on a show for Ariel! A hot preview of cumming attractions!”

Ariel loved the sound of that. She was so hard and horny from fucking Kate up the ass but that didn’t mean she had forgotten about all the other things she wanted to do here at the party and that included being as dirty a whore as she could be.

She had restrained herself for too long and right here and right now she was a happy, horny dickgirl and she wanted to show it by sucking cock and licking balls and tongue fucking ass. Ariel already did all of those things to Britney when they were alone but now Ariel wanted to do it for women she didn’t know and do it in front of others. She wanted to put on a slutty show and it made her so hard to think of being nasty like Kate was to Britney and to Rose and to any other hot guest at the party.

“Oh yes! Ariel fucking eats my butt so good! You’re going to love her pretty tongue buried up your pale, pink ass Rose!” Britney assured her friend, also loving the sound of what they had in store for Ariel. “Mmmm fuck that looks so hot! Ooooh toss her salad Kate! Tongue fuck that pucker! Oooooh I want you doing that to me too! I want you to fucking tongue my ass cunt like a dirty whore!”

Satisfied that Ariel didn’t need her guidance any more at the moment and so eager to experience more pleasure, Britney pulled away from her lover and instead moved back to Kate as the model lay back on the towel with Rose hovering above her face presenting her asshole to her to be licked. Kate was lapping away like a dog at Rose’s asshole and Britney wanted in on it too. And fortunately for her Rose was feeling generous that afternoon and graciously pulled herself away so Britney could assume the position instead.

“Mmmm yessss give it to me Britney!” Kate urged, enjoying every bit of her position as she was being fucked hard by Ariel, Kate’s famously big tits shaking hard with every forceful thrust up her ass. “Park that big fucking pop star ass in my face! Mmmm smother me with those hot cheeks and let me tongue that fucking ass cunt of yours!”

And with Britney’s balls hanging over her face, Kate couldn’t resist enjoying them first. She flicked her tongue out and began licking Britney’s nuts, tasting the cum filled sacs and stroking her own cock even harder as she lapped the sweat right off them.

“Ohhh yeahhh such a nasty girl! Mmmm licking my fucking nuts and cleaning them off ughhh fuck you make me so hard Kate!” Britney cried out while stroking her throbbing member and rubbing her balls in the famous model’s face. “Mmmm I wanna shoot my load all over your big tits! Oooooh I’ll make you so messy and you’ll be feeling my cum on you all day!”

But soon Britney didn’t even need to masturbate because Rose leant a helping hand instead. Kissing her well hung friend sensually, Rose took over stroking Britney’s dick and Britney immediately did the same to Rose, capturing her fleshy pole in her hand and jacking it off. The two women tongue kissed as they stroked each other and Kate moved her tongue away from Britney’s balls, lifting her head slightly up more so she could get her tongue on Britney’s anus instead.

“Oooooooh!” Britney sighed in dreamy pleasure when Kate’s tongue made contact with her asshole. “Mmmm do it Kate! Fucking lick my butt like the nasty girl you are! Oooooh yesssss mmmm make that hole feel good and I might let you fuck it later! Mmmm fuckkk if you get it good and wet I’ll take that big hard cock of yours right up my big ass and let you come inside me mmmm just like Ariel is going to do to you!”

Ariel had been watching every filthy thing Britney and Rose had been doing to Kate and enjoying all of them. She had loved seeing Kate lick and suck those balls and tongue those tight assholes. Part of her had wanted to be there too, rubbing her balls and asshole right into Kate’s face and the other wanted to be where Kate was, lying back and jerking off while her face was fucked. Ariel wanted to suck those balls and tongue fuck those asscunts and suck all those delicious dicks. She wanted it all and most of all she wanted to come.

She couldn’t hold on much longer as she held onto Kate’s legs, lifting her up off the towel so she could have better leverage as she fucked her ass. Ariel was desperate to come and she knew Kate was too. So she knew if she got Kate off first, then she’d be all clear to have her orgasm too.

“Jack that cock off for me Kate! I want to see you come!” Ariel moaned. “Britney’s the only dickgirl I’ve ever seen come and I want to see all of you shooting off big loads for me! Do it Kate! Come from me shoving my big teen cock inside you! You’re letting a barely legal bitch fuck your ass and I want to see you come from it!”

“Fuckkkk fuckkkkkkkkkkk ohhhh fuckkk! Yessss fuck me with that young cock Ariel! Ooooh keep it shoved deep up that famous fucking asscunt of mine!!!” Kate howled in ecstasy from being fucked, her tongue pulling away from lapping at Britney Spears’ asshole so she could do it. “Oooooh you wanna see a dickgirl come little girl? Fuckkkk watch this you horny bitch! Watch me fucking bust my nut!”

Ariel stared in pure lust as Kate jacked her cock off hard and got off, making herself come with a happy grunt and moan. Kate’s cock exploded streams of cum all over herself, splashing onto the famous stomach that had been on the cover of Sports Illustrated in nothing but a bikini and even reaching her even more famous tits. Kate’s shots of cum shot out of her cock with several sticky blasts and when she finally let go of her dick she began rubbing it into herself like lotion.

Seeing that pushed Ariel over the edge too and she couldn’t hold back one more second with her cock buried up Kate’s ass.

“Ooooooh fuckkkkk I’m gonna come too!” Ariel groaned.

And Kate as she relished the feeling of her own orgasm was quick to egg her on.

“Do it! C’mon little girl! Come inside my ass! Shoot that load up my fucking asscunt!” Kate demanded, her softening cock rubbed red from her masturbation. “Show me what you’ve got Ariel! Come inside me like the whore you are! C’mon you little shemale slut! Blow that load up my butt!”

“Ohhhhh ohhhh OHHHHH!” Ariel cried as she lost it and shuddered in orgasm, her cock squirting out her load right into Kate’s bowels.

Jets after jet of dickgirl sperm filled Kate’s ass and Ariel kept thrusting into the girl as she came. Ariel couldn’t remember the last time she had come that hard and with a moan she finally pulled out of Kate and squirted out one last little jet of pearly white cum onto Kate’s tummy, giving her more to rub into her skin.

“Mmmm fuck yessss so nasty!” Ariel moaned as her cock softened from her release. “Ooooo that was so good!”

“And it’s going to get even better,” Rose said, moaning too as she and Britney furiously jerked each other’s cocks. “Mmmm watch these fucking loads you naughty girl!”

Ariel did watch, enraptured by the sight of her lover Britney and Rose stroking each other. Their cocks were so big and stiff and their balls so loaded with cum. If they had commanded her to crawl over to them and suck on their cocks until they came, Ariel would have been on her hands and knees in a second. But they didn’t tell her that so she just watched, completely transfixed as the two gorgeous celebrity dickgirls jerked each other off and pointed their cocks right at the big target of Kate Upton’s chest.

Kate’s double-Ds were way too alluring to pass up on and with a series of happy grunts and groans, Britney and Rose got each other off together, their cocks squirting their hot loads right onto Kate’s giant tits. Ariel had seen Britney come many times before but she had never seen Rose do it and the huge load squirting out of her dick befitted the oversized flesh pole she possessed. Both of them soaked Kate’s tits in cum as the model cooed in delight.

“Yessssss paint my big tits white! Oooooh fucking soak me in dickgirl cum from head to toe!” Kate moaned. “Yesssss yessssssss mmmmm gawwd make my tits all fucking sticky yessss!”

Ariel watched the two cocks spurt all over Kate’s tits, loving all the sticky white goo that showered the model’s famous chest. And she couldn’t help but caress her own cock. It was tender from just coming but Ariel knew it wouldn’t be long before she could get it hard again. And what Rose commanded her to do next made her even more ready to go for fun.

“Now it’s time to start your initiation newbie,” Rose said, moaning from the pleasure of her orgasm as the last droplets of her cum squirted out onto Kate. “Get in there and suck Kate’s big tits clean! Lick up all our cum! Time to see what a fucking slut Ariel Winter really is!”

Ariel eagerly obeyed. She had just come so hard and she was eager for more. She didn’t just want one orgasm, she wanted the pleasure to never end and Ariel knew she would get that as long as she proved she belonged.

So Ariel didn’t hesitate for anything but to kiss Kate right on the lips. The pair shared a sensual smooch and then Ariel went right to work. She pressed her face right into Kate’s epic tits and motorboated them, licking up the cum that Britney and Rose had sprayed all over it.

But the teenager didn’t get very far in her cleanup duties before she was interrupted by an angry voice.

“Oh my God! Did you sluts not fucking wait for us?” a voice called out and Ariel gasped and moaned over what she saw.

Standing by the doors leading out to the pool and shocked by the site of the naked dickgirls and their spent cocks were Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence. All three of them were wearing bikinis that showed off their big tits and curvy bodies and they were looking wide eyed and upset over the scene by the pool. And the angry voice definitely belonged to Jennifer.

“You guys suck!” Jennifer whined. “You couldn’t wait like 10 fucking minutes for us to get here? I texted you that we were all on our way!”

“Hey we started a little early,” Rose said with a smile and a shrug. “But what are you three going to do about it?”

And Jennifer, Katy and Scarlett all began to smile, looking at each other and confirming they all shared the same thought. It was the same thought that Rose had of course and the bald beauty’s smile grew too as she watched the recently arrived bevvy of hotties lower their bikini bottoms and expose their hanging shecocks.

Ariel gasped when she saw the three famous celebrities eagerly expose their large penises and balls and she felt a surge of excitement through her naked body over how clear it was that this party was just getting started.


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