Pool Party Chapter 2

Title: Pool Party Chapter 2

Author: Guy Incognito

Celebs: Ariel Winter, Britney Spears, Kate Upton, Rose McGowan, Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, Kat Dennings

Codes: FF+, orgy, shemale, cons, anal, oral, mast, 69, rim, facial

Disclaimer: This story is COMPLETELY fictional and not meant for people under the age of 18. This is all fantasy and not any kind of reality.

We’re back for more and before you start reading I do have to warn you that this is not your typical celebrity story because it involves hot dickgirls. There are big tits and luscious asses here of course but also big, hanging cocks. So be warned before you start to read and find yourself surprised.

If that’s your thing then have fun. If it’s not your thing, well can’t say I didn’t warn you but if you try it you might like it.

If you like it and want more I am happy to do some sequels so please email me any feedback at guyincocnito06902@gmail.com

Pool Party

By Guy Incognito

We pick up our story just as Ariel, at her first special celebrity pool party, finds herself shocked by some arriving guests and the secrets they’ve all been hiding from the world…

“Ohhhhh my God!” Ariel Winter gasped in both shock and excitement over what she was seeing. “You all…you’re dickgirls too? All of you?”

Ariel hadn’t meant to blurt it out quite like that. It was so direct but she couldn’t help it. After all she had just been caught in the most compromising of positions by three of the most gorgeous women she had ever laid eyes on and the shock of finding out the sexy secret they all had in common was stunning to her. She felt like she needed to have it confirmed, like her eyes might be lying to her because nothing this awesome could ever be real.

She had just been in the middle of the most erotic moment of her life. Ariel had just fucked Kate Upton’s ass and blasted a load up the supermodel’s slutty hole. But that had only been part of what had made it erotic for the teenager. Because it hadn’t just been her and Kate. Ariel’s lover Britney Spears had been part of it too and so had their hostess for the afternoon Rose McGowan.

While Ariel had been fucking Kate and coming inside her, Kate had been jacking off her own thick, hard shecock and Britney and Rose had been sharing Kate’s mouth, getting the model to suck their throbbing dicks until they had blasted their hot loads too, making Kate’s big tits sticky and messy with jets of white cum. It had been sexy shemale heaven for Ariel and she had felt all her shyness and inhibition melt away.

Ariel had always protected her secret so carefully. But at this place she could be so free and open and expose her body without any shame. Being here with Britney, Rose and Kate, all their hot bodies totally naked, their big tits and curvy, thick asses made even hotter by the big cocks they had, made Ariel feel so happy and free and totally comfortable about who she was.

But now Ariel could see that they weren’t the only ones with big, sexy secrets. Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence had surprised them in the middle of their fun and Ariel was left stunned when the three gorgeous celebrity beauties lowered their bikini bottoms and eagerly exposed that they had cocks too.

Ariel’s mind was blown by this. Never in a million years would she have imagined that women like Jennifer, Katy and Scarlett, women that so many men desired, could be like her. Ariel couldn’t believe what she was seeing as these celebrity beauties boldly showed off their cocks and balls, making sure she got a chance to see just how hung they all were.

“I told you sweetie,” Rose smirked as she looked at the gobsmacked teenager who couldn’t take her eyes off the flesh show she was getting. “People have no idea how many of the hottest women in Hollywood are really shemales. You’re definitely not the only one with a secret.”

“I still can’t believe you started without us,” Jennifer whined, jealous that the four women were already naked, their cum covering Kate and their cocks all soft and hanging from their recent orgasms. “You guys suck!”

“Well stop whining and do something about it Jen,” Rose chided, very impressed by the sizable pieces of dick girl meat on display too. She’d seen all three of them naked many times before but she was always eager to play with women like Scarlett, Jennifer and Katy. “You’re not just going to stand there with your dicks hanging out, are you?”

Ariel found her heart start to beat faster in her chest in excitement over what was happening. She couldn’t even focus on how annoyed the Oscar winner was because Ariel fixated her gaze lower to check out the beautiful hanging cock and balls Jennifer Lawrence had. Ariel felt the lewd impulse to drool over the sight of Jennifer’s soft cock looking so thick and sexy as it dangled between her incredible legs.

And Jennifer wasn’t the only one demanding attention, not with Katy and Scarlett so hung and sexy too. All three of the women were still in their bikini tops, hiding the great tits they all had, but their bikini bottoms had been stripped away and even though she had just come, Ariel found herself hungering for the big cocks hanging between the legs of three of the most beautiful women in the world.

All three of them were so big and their balls looked like they would shoot out so much cum and Ariel was fixated on these three superstars as they stood there nude from the waist down and proudly displaying their penises like it was the most natural thing in the world for them to be shemales. To find out they all shared this sexy secret was such a thrill and Ariel’s cock stirred at the sight of these new arrivals.

“You guys should have tried to get here early,” Kate said, still feeling sticky shemale cum all over her tits and her own load on her stomach while loving every nasty bit of it. “We had to break in the newbie.”

“Besides we can make it up to you,” Britney sweetly offered, hungering for the big cocks that had been exposed just as much as her teenage lover was. “Mmmm we just got started and we’re definitely in the mood for more fun.”

“Wellllll I think you do owe us something for starting without us,” Scarlett said, her sensually husky voice all the more erotic as she stood there bottomless with her cock and balls practically begging for attention. “So how about you show us how sorry you are by welcoming us to the party?”

Taking the lead, Scarlett walked toward the edge of the pool where everyone was, leaving her bikini bottom on the ground behind her. And Jennifer and Katy eagerly followed, their cocks already starting to plump up thanks to the promise of naughty fun. The three sexy dickgirls got right up to the action and when they did, Britney and Kate both eagerly got on their knees in front of them and Britney encouraged Ariel to do the same.

“Show them how hot you are sweetie,” Britney told her teenage lover. “Mmmm I want all my friends to see just how good you are at sucking cock.”

Ariel was filled with excitement to do just that. This was the sexiest thing she had ever experienced and she wanted to prove she belonged. So she didn’t hesitate to kneel down poolside alongside Britney and Kate as the three new arrivals walked toward them, their cocks stiffening with every step and starting to sensually swing between their legs.

Ariel moaned just at the site of Scarlett, Katy and Jennifer’s softly swinging cocks and balls. God, she could watch them all day and totally let their bodies hypnotize her into cock hungry submission. And the teenager couldn’t resist, touching herself as they approached, stroking her own cock back to life.

“Oooooh someone’s eager to play,” Jennifer smirked as she eagerly took in the view of Ariel masturbating. “I’ve been pretty fucking eager to get at you too. Britney told us how hot you were and I wanted to make damn sure I was here for your initiation.”

Ariel still wasn’t sure what her initiation fully entailed but she was eager to find out, especially if it meant pleasuring the penis that was now in her face. Jennifer aggressively put her hand on the back of Ariel’s head to guide her into her crotch and the teenager didn’t resist in the slightest. She had barely ever interacted with Jennifer before today but the Modern Family star didn’t think twice about opening her mouth to suck on the superstar’s big cock.

“Mmmmm yesssssssss! Oh yesss that’s it baby! Don’t be shy!” Jennifer groaned, so much more relaxed now that she was feeling Ariel’s soft, young lips wrapping around her shaft as her dick started to disappear into the mouth of the barely legal shemale. “Mmmm show me how much Britney taught you! Suck my cock! Yeah! Suck the cock that no one knows I have but everyone would fucking go nuts for if they saw it!”

Jennifer giggled over her own ego bubbling over in the words she said. It was always so hard to be coherent when she was getting a good blowjob and she could already tell that Ariel was going to be an incredible cocksucker, just like Britney had promised she would be. And besides, Jennifer knew her cockiness was deserved. She loved knowing men all over the world were jacking off to her tits and ass while dreaming of fucking her sweet, tight pussy.

Jennifer knew that it would totally freak those horny boys out if they knew the truth about her being a dickgirl. But she also knew that deep down those kinky, supposedly straight boys wouldn’t be so straight anymore if they ever saw her hot cock. She knew she could make them go gay for shemale cock and that sense of power, one she knew so well from fucking the straight out of boys back home in Kentucky all her life and then fucking supposedly totally hetero men in Hollywood, was always intoxicating.

But as much fun as it was to fuck straight boys and also to give new thrills to the hot Hollywood dykes who always loved to paw at her, there was nothing as much fun as fucking another dickgirl and Jennifer moaned out again and again from Ariel sucking her off. The sexy teen looked so good as she jacked off and swallowed her cock and Jennifer could already tell that they were going to be very good friends.

And while Jennifer was making a new friend, the others were reuniting with old acquaintances. Jennifer had eagerly and greedily gone right for the newbie but it was no consolation prize for Scarlett to feel her cock be wetly engulfed by Kate Upton’s amazing mouth.

“Oh yeah Kate! Mmmm you nasty girl! Suck my cock! Oooooh take it down your slutty throat!” Scarlett commanded, tugging down her bikini top to expose her nipples as she began to play with the swollen buds. “Mmmm you’re so good at this! I’ve been dreaming of this all day!”

Scarlett hadn’t been mad about them starting early because she had known how easy it was going to be to join right in. These parties never ended early. They always went on deep into the night and Scarlett constantly craved the wild, uninhibited fun with all those naked bodies sucking and fucking and licking and stroking and kissing and nothing but beautiful, nude shemales exploring their naughtiest desires until the sun rose.

It had been so hard for Scarlett to keep her cock soft that day and not show off more than she had wanted people to see of her, especially when she had changed into her bikini for the party. Just thinking about all the hot mouths and tight asses and beautiful tits and hard cocks had made Scarlett strain against her panties all day and when she had put on her hot blue bikini it had been even more difficult to keep her boner under control.

But now she could let go and indulge in all the lusts that had been burning inside her. Kate’s mouth was amazing as always as she bobbed up and down on her cock and Scarlett moaned in lust while playing with her own nipples. She loved the feel of that wet, warm mouth swallowing her dick and being able to look down and see someone as gorgeous as Kate Upton going down on her made it even better for Scarlett. Her cock was getting so hard in Kate’s mouth and Scarlett channeled the desire she was feeling by turning toward Katy and kissing the singer right on the lips.

Katy hadn’t been expecting the sensual kiss but she certainly welcomed it. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure flow through her. Scarlett’s famous lips were so hot and Katy rubbed her lips right back into the actresses before she furthered things by sliding her tongue into Scarlett’s mouth. Scarlett responded by rubbing her tongue into Katy’s and the two gorgeous superstars began making out.

And Scarlett’s hot kiss wasn’t the only pleasure Katy was receiving. Her head was spinning with sexiness because while she and Scarlett kissed, Katy was having her cock sucked by Britney Spears. And the pop superstar knew just what she was doing, licking and sucking the swelling head of Katy’s shemale penis while Britney’s hand softly caressed the shaft of her growing erection and even moved down to gently massage her balls.

The sensation of having herself pleasured so expertly made Katy moan with need into Scarlett’s mouth. Katy had played with Britney a few times at these parties and it was always incredible to have the iconic singer suck her dick. Katy had been soft and hanging when she had wickedly exposed herself and walked over to the crowd by the pool but now she was getting so stiff in Britney’s mouth.

But even though she was being kissed and sucked at the same time and it all felt incredible, Katy couldn’t help but worry. After all, she had been raised with good values and strong morals, the least of which was always being polite.

“What about the other guests?” Katy asked, knowing full well they weren’t the only ones who had been invited to this sexy soiree. “Should we wait for them?”

That question was quickly answered by their hostess.

“No way,” Rose declared with a laugh. “If they can’t get here on time then they get sloppy seconds mmmmm or thirds. And they are definitely not going to mind. Mmmm in fact I think they’ll like it even more.”

“What about you though?” Scarlett asked, her lips still tingling from kissing Katy as she admired Rose’s naked  body, drinking in Rose’s big, pale white tits with those perfect pink nipples and then letting her gaze glide down to Rose’s big, creamy skinned cock as it sexily hung down softly between her legs like it was about to wake up from a nap. “You just going to sit here and watch or are you going to join in?”

The answer was obvious and everyone knew it so Rose just laughed again.

“Ooooh baby I’ll show you what I’m going to do,” Rose said before making good on that promise by moving around to the back of the party’s new arrivals.

Scarlett was in the middle, standing between Jennifer and Katy and since she had been the one to demand some action, she was the first one to get it. Rose knelt down behind Scarlett and immediately kissed the bare cheeks of her meaty ass. Rose’s lips pressed to one of Scarlett’s buns and then to the next, smacking her mouth against them with a wet smooch before Rose furthered the naughtiness by sliding open Scarlett’s butt cheeks and getting her tongue to work.

Scarlett stiffened and moaned in rapture as Rose’s hungry tongue attacked her crack, sliding up and down her sensitive skin before zeroing in on her hole. Rose lapped at the actress’ anus with eager licks, teasing the tip of it with her tongue and letting saliva drool off her tongue so she could spread it around Scarlett’s hole with her licks.

“Oh fuck! You nasty fucking whore!” Scarlett grunted in pleasure over Rose rimming her. “Mmmm get in there Rose! Fucking shove your tongue in!”

And Rose did just as she was told, pushing her tongue into Scarlett’s asshole and giving her bare bottom a sexy smack as she did it. Happy, hungry moans emanated from Rose’s mouth as she pushed her face into Scarlett’s crack and tongued her puckered ring and Scarlett moaned even more from the double pleasure of being rimmed and getting a blowjob at the same time.

“Ooooooh fuckkkk yesssss mmmm I love these goddamn parties so much!” Scarlett moaned, feeling her stress disappearing right off her as she was pleasured by two beautiful shemales. “Oh fuck yeah! Mmm you two know what a fucking girl needs all right!”

Her cock started to throb under Kate’s sexy touch as the supermodel smiled her dazzling smile and looked up at Scarlett from her knees. Kate was lavishing love on Scarlett’s hard cock, licking it wetly and letting her saliva drip down the woman’s sizeable prick so she could use her fingers to rub her drool all over Scarlett’s balls. Kate rubbed Scarlett’s meat into her face, her hunger for cock not even remotely satisfied from just having sucked Britney and Rose off.

“Ooooh I want your big fucking cock so bad!” Kate moaned lustfully. “I was hoping you were going to come here today Scarlett! Mmmm I love your dick! I want it in my mouth and deep in my fucking ass! Mmmm you taste so good Scarlett!”

After licking all over Scarlett’s shaft and flickin her tongue naughtily against the head of her prick, Kate opened wide for a full taste. She moaned and slurped wetly as she sucked Scarlett’s inches, taking them down her throat with ease while fondling Scarlett’s balls, loving how warm and full those balls were getting while imagining the huge load Scarlett would undoubtedly soon be squirting for her. Kate couldn’t decide where she wanted that load more. She could feel Ariel’s load still squishing in her asshole and the cum Britney and Rose had shot all over her was drying on her tits. It all just made Kate want more cum from her sexy friends.

“Yessss fucking suck it! Swallow my cock you hungry girl!” Scarlett moaned, untying her bikini top and tossing it away so she could be completely naked. “I’ve missed this mouth! Suck it down Kate! Show me how much you can take!”

Kate could take a lot down her throat and Scarlett knew that personally. She loved the way Kate sucked cock. Her blowjobs were so hot and sloppy and Scarlett loved the way her cock and balls were always soaked from how thorough the sexy supermodel always was. Plus it was always hot to see that gorgeous face bobbing up and down on her meat and Scarlett felt herself get rock hard in the warmth of Kate’s mouth as she eagerly choked her down, barely gagging as she swallowed inch after hard inch.

And the pleasure was magnified by Rose’s naughty tongue probing her asscunt. Scarlett’s hole was so snug and sexy and Rose delighted in cramming her tongue into it while pressing her pale face against Scarlett’s ass. Scarlett felt her knees get week as she stood up with two kneeling beauties attacking her front and backside and she could feel her balls swell up like she would soon be unleashing her load right down Kate’s throat before too much longer.

But before she reached the point of no return, Rose pulled her tongue out of Scarlett and instead gave her bare ass a sexy little bite, reminding Scarlett who made the rules around here.

“Mmmmmm your ass is always so fucking yummy,” Rose moaned, catching her breath and enjoying the little yelp she got from Scarlett after nipping at her flesh. “Mmmm it’s nice and wet now for me to bury my fuckstick into it! I know you fucking want it too, don’t you Scarlett?”

“Oh hell yeah! You know I do!” Scarlett groaned, her own cock pulsing at the thought of taking Rose’s pale monster up her ass. She loved being taken by Rose just as much as she loved shoving her own cock up each and every one of the hot asses at this party.

Rose’s parties always attracted the hottest dickgirls in town and there were never any rules except for two. The first was everything had to be consensual, which was easy for everyone to follow. But the second was more challenging. Everyone had to be a switch. There were no tops. There were no bottoms. Everyone had to give and receive pleasure equally. You couldn’t just fuck a hot girl up the ass here without feeling a dick up your own ass too. For Scarlett that had been an adjustment, but it was one she was glad she had made.

Before joining this circle of hotness, Scarlett had always been quite the eager top. She loved fucking people up the ass, whether men, women or other dickgirls like her. She loved the rush of power from shoving her cock up a willing asshole and she loved controlling anyone she could. She had especially enjoyed getting her big shecock up the hot cunts and asses of horny, willing women she had co-starred with like Cobie Smulders and Elizabeth Olsen. Being able to corrupt the innocence of Natalie Portman and take all her girl holes. Getting that repressed little priss hooked on shemale cock and cum was still her greatest conquest.

Until she had started coming to these parties, Scarlett had never given up her own asscunt to another hard shemale prick. But the wild experiences here had changed her. Now she never minded taking it up her ass and in fact was eager to do it. Now she knew the sweet pleasure of submission and Scarlett relished being fucked up the ass by a hung dickgirl. So she not only wanted to bend Kate over and shove her cock deep up that sweet supermodel ass, Scarlett wanted her own ass filled by Rose or any one of these other big dicked beauties.

She wasn’t going to get it right away though, as Rose made clear when she pulled away from Scarlett’s ass and instead moved over to Katy. Scarlett groaned in frustration over being denied and looked over her shoulder to protest. But when she did, Scarlett couldn’t help but get turned on over the view of Rose on her knees burying her buzzcut adorned head into Katy’s thick buns. Rose looked so hot with her bald head in that big ass especially as Rose stroked her own cock, getting it good and stiff again while rimming Katy.

Scarlett’s disappointment disappeared after seeing that view and her moans got louder when Kate popped off her cock and moved her mouth lower so she could start sucking her balls. Feeling Kate’s warm mouth envelop her nuts made Scarlett forget about everything else except pleasure, which was a feeling Katy now had too as her salad got expertly tossed by Rose while Britney eagerly slurped her balls, Katy’s full sacs getting swollen with cum thanks to the hot work of her friends.

Katy didn’t care about waiting for the others anymore. Being polite didn’t matter when it felt so much better to be hot and nasty and get herself pleasured by Rose and Britney. The pleasure was so intoxicating that she didn’t want to think about anything else except how good it felt and how much she needed to come.

Ever since the invitation to the party had arrived, Katy had been horny. This was the only place she truly felt free enough to boldly display who she was and not have to worry about anyone discovering her big secret. She could be open and uninhibited here and there was no sweeter pleasure than just letting go and feeling the lust overtake her.

“Mmmmmm oooooh Britney! Yes! Suck my balls baby! Mmmm your mouth feels so good on them!” Katy moaned, her hand softly caressing Britney’s blonde hair as her fellow superstar singer enthusiastically sucked on her nuts. The feel of that warm mouth engulfing her balls was making Katy’s cock throb and she could feel the precum already forming at the tip ready to drip right out onto Britney.

“Hey! What about me?” Rose teased, giving Katy’s bare bottom a smack that made the brunette moan wantonly. “Don’t you like what I’m doing to you too?”

“Ooooooh you know I love it!” Katy replied, not wanting Rose to stop. “I love when you eat my ass Rose! Your tongue is so good!”

“Mmmmhmmm and you know licking isn’t the only thing I want to do to this ass too,” Rose said while devilishly sliding a finger into the puckered ring she had just been licking, a gesture that made Katy quiver in lust and anticipation.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Katy groaned, feeling that delicate finger slide into her asshole, penetrating her tightness and making goosebumps form on her flesh since she knew full well that Rose could do a lot more to her than just put a finger inside her.

“Mmmm your ass is so fucking tight,” Rose moaned, loving how it clenched around her slim finger. “When was the last time you got fucked?”

“Not since the last time I was here,” Katy confessed, her eagerness to play making her be honest and not even pretend that she had gotten laid recently. “Ooooh Rose! Yessss mmmm stick that finger up my fucking ass! Ughhh yeahhh push it in while Britney’s sucking me! It feels so good!”

“What? That was more than a month ago!” Rose gasped, not believing what she was hearing. “You’re telling me you have not gotten this big, beautiful ass plowed in all that time? At least tell me you’re getting your cock serviced on the regular.”

But all Katy did to reply was shake her head no and Rose couldn’t fathom what she was hearing.

“What? You haven’t gotten fucked or sucked in all that time?” Rose marveled. “You’re one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen Katy! How can you not have a line of people waiting to get your cock down their throats and take this beautiful booty of yours?”

“I just haven’t…I…I…I’ve been jerking off a lot,” Katy admitted, not wanting to tell Rose that she had been too shy to expose her secret to any new lovers lately and all of her regular fucks had been out of her reach.

“You’re a disgrace to dickgirls everywhere if you’re keeping this hot body hidden,” Rose said, not meanly but more out of disappointment that Katy wasn’t bolder.

Sure she was known for flaunting her body on stage when she performed and in her videos, but Rose knew Katy was capable of so much more and keeping herself hidden from pleasure because she was still insecure about having both big tits and a cock and balls just wasn’t right.

“Well we’re going to get you good and laid while you’re here,” Rose assured the singer. “And then after we’re going to have a talk about you not being so fucking shy. I don’t want you giving any bad habits to Ariel now that she’s here!”

Rose then busied herself by spreading open Katy’s ass cheeks again and getting her tongue back to work rimming the singer’s tight hole. While Britney took Katy’s thick cock down her throat, Rose tongued Katy’s puckered ring with sexy, wet licks and even lowered herself more so she could also lick at Katy’s swollen balls from behind, making the singer feel nothing but immense pleasure over being double teamed.

“Yessss ooooh yessss I need this so bad!” Katy said. “Mmmm I need to get fucking laid and come so good for all of you! Ooooh suck my cock Britney! Mmm tongue my ass Rose! Ooooh both of you are making me feel so good!”

Rose’s own cock was back to full strength now as she stroked the long shaft of her pale pole and fondled her own nutsac. She was moaning as she licked at Katy’s asshole, loving the tightness and taste of the famous singer’s asscunt. Rose could see Britney was rock hard again too as the blonde also beat her meat while sucking Katy off and Rose knew that the brunette was in good hands.

So she pulled away so she could complete the cycle. She had tasted Scarlett’s hole and Katy’s hole but Jennifer’s still needed a good tongue bath and Rose was eager to do it. Rose’s cock was sticking straight out now as she pictured fucking all three of her guests and then giving it hard to Britney, Kate and, especially, Ariel. All of these girls had such big, beautiful butts and her cock throbbed at the thought of taking them all and making their thick cheeks bounce as she filled them all up one after the other while the others took turns stuffing her ass with hot dick girl cocks. Rose loved dishing it out and taking it at the same time and thinking about it made her extra horny.

As soon as she got behind Jennifer, Rose didn’t hesitate to fall back down to her knees to spread open Jennifer’s round, muscular buns and attack the hole that was exposed for her. Jennifer’s tasty asscunt was always something Rose loved to lick and the movie star groaned in delight while she was tongued at the same time Ariel was showing off her cocksucking skills.

“Yeahhhhh! Get that bald head buried in my big fucking butt!” Jennifer grunted, never shy and always horny for fun like this. “Mmmm tongue punch that fucking ass Rose! Ooooh yeahhh I was wondering when you were going to get to me! Mmmmm fucking rim my fuckhole while newbie here sucks my dick! Oooooh yeahhh you all gotta make it up to me for starting without us!”

Jennifer was still annoyed over the fun starting before she was there but she was quickly getting over it from the pleasure she felt from Ariel’s teen mouth sucking her cock and Rose’s practiced tongue lapping at her butthole. She had been looking forward to this all morning. Jennifer had woken up with her morning wood begging for attention but she hadn’t indulged herself by jerking off in the shower like she usually loved to do to start her day. Jennifer had wanted to save every drop of cum in her balls for this party and she was so happy to be here.

She wished they’d all gotten there early enough for the start of the fun, but at least everyone was making up for lost time now. Jennifer loved being able to look over to her right and see Scarlett and Katy getting blowjobs from Kate and Britney but most of all she loved to look down and see Ariel’s gorgeous teen face bobbing up and down on her meat as she throbbed in her young mouth while felt the pleasure of Rose’s tongue probing her asshole.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhh dig that tongue up my tight fucking shithole, baldy!” Jennifer laughed, enjoying everything that was happening to her, especially as her little teasing crack resulted in Rose rubbing the sexy stubble on top of her head against the soft, toned flesh of her ass while she kept eating her butt. “Oooooh Rose mmmm fuckkkk! Ooooooh yessssss no one tosses my fucking salad like you do! Mmmm tongue fuck my butt baby! C’mon you bald slut! Eat that big fucking booty of mine and make it wet for you and everyone to fuck! Ughhh yeahhhhh mmmm you didn’t tell me this newbie could suck cock so good! Mmmm do it Ariel! Show me how much you love sucking dick! Mmm I’ll bet you sucked a lot of cock to get on Modern Family but there’s nothing better than shemale cock! Mmmm suck it down your throat little girl!”

Ariel loved how Jennifer was talking to her. It was so mean and nasty and rude and hot and exciting. Britney never treated her mean like that in bed and Rose, for all her teasing, hadn’t been this rude. And it all kept turning her on to have Jennifer make fun of her and degrade her.

Ariel had never sucked cock to get a part and certainly no one at Modern Family knew she was a dickgirl.  Ariel couldn’t help but think again about all the times Sarah Hyland had tried to seduce her and how shocked and freaked out she’d be if she ever found out the truth. It was why Ariel kept her true shemale nature hidden.

But she didn’t have to keep anything hidden here. Now she was with girls just like her and Ariel had never been more turned on in her life. Sucking Jennifer Lawrence’s cock had made Ariel hard again and she badly wanted to touch herself. She didn’t though, because Ariel wanted both of her hands on Jennifer. She stroked the hung superstar instead, jacking off the inches she couldn’t get into her mouth while fondling Jennifer’s heavy balls in her other hand, almost jiggling them a little as she relished how warm and full of cum they were for her.

Ariel didn’t need to touch herself to be hard though and she felt her cock get more and more erect as she sucked and played with Jennifer and heard the actress lewdly encouraging her.

“Do it newbie! Suck my cock!” Jennifer moaned, her cock like steel now thanks to Ariel’s velvety teen lips. “Mmmm fuck yessss suck that dick like all you want in the fucking world is my hot load down your slutty throat! Mmm Britney told us how hot you were with your big tits and fat cock but she didn’t say you were this good at dick sucking! Ooooh you little slut!  Suck it down baby! Is the newbie hungry for all my fucking meat?”

And Ariel knew she had to answer. She was burning inside to tell Jennifer how aroused she was getting and she wanted to make sure the movie star knew how bad she wanted her. So she popped her wet mouth off Jennifer’s cock and wrapped her whole hand around it instead, aggressively jerking off the Oscar winner and making Jennifer’s knees buckle from how good the teenager’s soft hand felt around her shaft.

“I’m fucking starving for your meat!” Ariel growled with lust, so horny for Jennifer and so eager to show she belonged in this sexual paradise. “I want this big, hard cock in my mouth mmmm and I want it deep up my ass! I’ll bet you want that too, don’t you? Mmmm me on all fours with my teen ass up in the air so you can give it to me doggie style? I want that so fucking bad! I want you to fuck my fat ass and make my big cheeks bounce as you do it Jennifer! Or maybe you’d rather have me on my back so you can see my big titties bouncing as you do me right up my slutty teen asscunt!”

Ariel surprised herself again with the ferocity of her words. But it was what she felt and she didn’t want to hide it. She hid too much of herself. She usually only showed her sexy side to Britney but here she didn’t have to hide any of her naughty desires and she loved it. Her cock twitched as she said her dirty words and she made herself hornier in the process. Ariel couldn’t resist stroking it now. She had one hand on her own cock and the other on Jennifer’s and the two shemales were throbbing for each other.

“Oooooh fuck that’s nasty! Ohhh Britney you didn’t say she was this nasty!” Jennifer groaned, relishing the simultaneous handjob and rimjob she was getting. “Mmmm I wanted to fuck you before I even knew you were packing some serious meat between your legs Ariel! Now you’re mine! I’m going to fucking initiate the newbie! Get on all fours slut! Get that big ass in the air so I can give it to you good!”

She’d been so keyed up before but hearing Ariel talk like that brought Jennifer right to the edge. So she pulled her cock free of the teenager’s sexy grasp and let herself cool off for a second as Ariel did just as she was instructed. Jennifer didn’t want to embarrass herself by coming too early but it was so hard not to want to blow her load when Ariel repositioned her teen body and stuck her bare ass up in the air in all its thick, voluptuous glory and started wiggling it back and forth in anticipation.

“Mmmm give it to me!” Ariel begged. “Fuck my fat ass Jennifer! Britney loves fucking my big butt and I want you all to take me just like she does! Fuck me so good I’ll shoot my load from it! Give it to me Jen! I was loosening up my butt this morning with a plug to get it ready for all of you to fuck but I never thought you’d be doing it to me first Jennifer! Give it to me! Get your fat dick up my fucking ass! Fuck me like the slutty shemale whore you really are Jen!”

Britney was so impressed by her lover’s eagerness and complete lack of inhibition that she pulled her mouth off Katy’s cock with a wet, slurping pop. Britney grinned at her girlfriend and cheered her on, just like she knew Ariel wanted to hear.

“Oh yes baby! You look so hot like that!” Britney assured her teenager lover. “Mmmm get on all fours with that hot booty up in the air! I love fucking you like that Ariel and Jen’s cock is going to feel so good up your ass! I love when she fucks me with it! I love how you’re acting baby! I don’t want you to be shy or nervous! I want you to get what you want! I want you to get fucked so good you’ll never forget this day! Do it to her Jen! Fuck her butt like you fuck mine! Pound her with that big, hard cock and make my girlfriend come all over from it!”

Ariel had wanted to hear exactly that from her girlfriend. She had known that Britney had other dickgirl lovers thanks to parties like this and Ariel hadn’t minded. Ariel believed monogamy wasn’t natural for any animals so she didn’t expect Britney to be only hers especially when she had nasty fantasies of her own she wanted to live out. But they had never swung as a couple before and Ariel didn’t know what her or Britney’s limits were. So to hear Britney encouraging her to be naughty with Jennifer made Ariel feel a surge of confidence that she was on the right path towards true sexual liberation.

This already was a day she was always going to remember thanks to how good and liberating it felt to be naked around such other gorgeous shemales who were boldly displaying their dicks instead of hiding them and from how much she had loved stuffing Kate’s snug asshole. But the day was clearly about to get a whole lot better when Ariel felt Jennifer spread open her butt cheeks and let loose a big gob of spit right into her crack.

“Ohhhh fuckkkk! So nasty!” Ariel moaned in pleasure over the feel of that warm drool dripping down over her asshole and down onto her balls as she remained bent over on all fours in front of the horny Oscar winner.

“Mmmmhmm I’m fucking nasty and I love it!” Jennifer assured her, hocking another wad of spit right into Ariel’s ass to moisten up her tight teen hole even more. “And I love this fucking big ass of yours baby too! Ooooh fuck you’ve been giving me such a boner for years before you even turned 18 and now that you’re nice and legal baby this butt is mine!”

And Jennifer backed up her boasts by lining her cock up to Ariel’s waiting ass and sliding it between her cheeks. She tantalizingly rubbed it into Ariel’s butt crack as the girl moaned for more. Britney did this to her all the time and Ariel loved it. It made her feel so naughty and it always built up the anticipation of being penetrated, a pleasure she got a moment later when Jennifer grabbed onto her hips and pushed her dick up her waiting, wet hole.

“Ughhhhhhhh fuckkkk! Yeahhhhh this is a tight fucking asscunt!” Jennifer grunted in pleasure and need as she pushed inside Ariel Winter for the first time. “Oooooh yessss mmmm this great ass is so tight! Yeahhh take it little girl! Take momma’s big dick!”

Jennifer was barely old enough to be considered Ariel’s big sister so her wanting to be “momma” was definitely pushing it. But Ariel didn’t mind, not when Jennifer’s cock felt so good penetrating her tight anus and pushing inside. She had been expecting Jennifer to just force it inside her, but instead the woman had gone in with surprising tenderness, pushing her cock up her ass slowly and letting her adjust to its size before she started to thrust inside her. And that extra effort made all the difference as Ariel felt pleasure ripple through her from Jennifer’s cock sliding inside and making itself very at home inside her ass.

“Ooooooh yesssssssss I’ll take it! Mmmm I’ll take that whole big, thick cock inside me!” Ariel promised, her body tingling as she was taken so expertly by Jennifer Lawrence. “Fuck me! Ooooh you talk so mean but you fuck so good and I love it! Mmmm do me Jen! Bang my big, fat butt and make me fucking take it all! Ohhhh yessss mmmm I love your cock!”

Ariel’s cries got more and more passionate as Jennifer started giving it to her harder. She made sure Ariel could handle the girth of her girl rod before she started pushing inside her in earnest and once she was sure the girl had adjusted to the anal invasion she was giving her, Jennifer started to thrust with more force. She fucked the girl harder with every passing push and pull into and out of her ass and Ariel loved it all.

“Yessss you’d better fucking love my cock because it’s going to be up your tight ass all the time now baby!” Jennifer groaned, loving the feel of the fresh teen dick girl meat before her. “Take it newbie! Take that big fat cock up your big ass! Ooooh those cheeks look so good jiggling for me now but they’re going to bounce like it’s a fucking earthquake when I start jackhammering this fuckhole! Mmmm your ass is going to be my playground Ariel and I love to fucking play every day!”

Everyone at the party knew full well that Jennifer was not exaggerating. They were always so horny when they got together but Jennifer was particularly insatiable. She could never get enough fucking and her cock was always hard and ready for action on a second’s notice. Every other girl at the party had felt what Ariel was feeling now as Jennifer started to really give it to the girl, taking her ass with deeper and faster thrusts and making her squeal in ecstasy as she was eagerly buttfucked.

“Yesssss yessssss yesssssssss oooooh make my ass into whatever you fucking want it to be! Just don’t stop!” Ariel panted, her heavy tits swaying back and forth as she was fucked doggie style and her cock starting to leak out precum at an accelerated rate. Ariel could feel her balls tighten too as they swelled up with her load and the way Jennifer was taking her was making her feel like soon she’d be unleashing her sperm all over the ground without even touching herself. “Mmmmm fuck me! Fuck my big juicy ass and own it Jennifer! Oooooh your cock feels so fucking big and good inside me! Ughhh you can do it harder! Mmmm I want to feel your balls smacking into me as you fuck me with that big dickgirl pole! Ooooh yesss!”

Britney felt a bit of a rush of jealousy over how Jennifer was making Ariel pant and moan. She didn’t want any of these girls to fuck her lover better than she could. She and Ariel had something really unconventional and Ariel didn’t even know all the secrets Britney had yet but the pop star cared a lot for the teenager and she wanted to be the one she dreamt of at night.

But Britney also reminded herself that she had made very similar noises thanks to Jennifer fucking her ass so it wasn’t like she had anything to be jealous about. Besides Ariel looked so good, her eyes wide open with ecstasy and her mouth gaping wide as happy sex sounds flowed out, as she remained on all fours. Britney didn’t know what she loved more, seeing Ariel’s huge tits bouncing as she was fucked doggie style or looking down lower and seeing her cock and balls swaying in time with the thrusts into her from Jennifer.

Dickgirl flesh was really starting to slap together as Jennifer nailed Ariel from behind and it was such a sexy distraction that the other girls pulled away from each other and instead crept closer, all except Rose. Because while everyone else came for a closer look at Jennifer sodomizing the very willing Ariel, Rose was right where she wanted to be with her face shoved into Jenifer’s bare ass, the meaty cheeks of her jiggling behind grinding into Rose’s face as Jennifer went in and out of Ariel’s asscunt.

While Jennifer fucked Ariel with growing passion, Rose kept her face pressed to Jennifer’s ass, loving how it felt to have those cheeks smacking into her face while she tongue fucked the superstar’s precious hole. Rose had both of her hands on Jennifer’s buns and felt her own cock throbbing with precum dripping from the tip of her pink cockhead as her nose was buried in Jennifer’s crack and her tongue was thrusting into her hole. Just like Jennifer’s cock was probing Ariel, Rose’s tongue was probing Jennifer, pushing in deep and savoring the taste.

That extra pleasure while she felt Ariel’s asshole wrapping tightly around her cock made Jennifer wild with lust. She grunted and panted like an animal while thrusting into Ariel and making sure she was pushing back too to mash her ass into Rose’s face. Feeling that tongue go deep up her asshole was making Jennifer want to roll her eyes back into her head from the pleasure.

“Oooooh you fucking butt licking whore! Ughhh oh my God Rose you give the best fucking rimjobs!” Jennifer moaned out, her tits bouncing hard in her bikini top as she bucked back and forth to get herself properly pleasured by both of her lovers. “Oooooh keep eating that asscunt! Make me bust my nut right up this big teen butt! Oohhhh fuckkk yeahhhh nasty girl! Bury your tongue up my pretty butthole like you love to shove that pale monster cock of yours inside me too! Ohhhh my Godddd yessssssss ughhhh fuckkk you’re going to make me fill up teen princess here with my hot, creamy load in no time!”

And that sounded very good not only to Ariel, who ached to feel Jennifer’s release inside her ass just like she had given it to Kate before, but to the others as they gathered near.

“Yeah! Fucking come inside her!” Scarlett urged, undoing Jennifer’s bikini top and yanking it off her to free her big, jiggling tits and make her just as naked as she was. “Mmmm bust that nut so I can get her next! That fat butt looks so good shaking from you fucking her and I want to take Ariel too!”

“Oh yeah? You wanna take my sloppy seconds? Mmm you’re such a kinky whore Scarlett!” Jennifer laughed in excitement as her balls tightened from the feel of Ariel’s snug young ass and Rose’s amazing tongue making her feel like she could float away with pleasure. “Wait your turn though! I’m not done with this slut yet and there’s no cuts in line! Wait your turn and watch as I blast my load inside her and leave her leaking my cum before you get that big shemale prick of yours into her next!”

“Oh I don’t mind waiting,” Scarlett said with a naughty smile as she eyed her own pulsating penis and how wet it was from Kate slobbering all over it. “Mmmm she’s got more than one hole to offer me!”

Ariel couldn’t believe that they were talking about her like this, like she was some piece of meat for all of them to use. But she loved it. This was what she wanted. If this was part of her initiation into this special group she was more than happy to endure every moment of it. This was an incredible feeling and Ariel had never felt hotter or sluttier in her life.

And the pleasure increased even more when Scarlett made good on her threat. She didn’t say anything or in any way ask for permission. She just came around to the front of Ariel with her cock pointing right out and her balls hanging succulently like two swollen pieces of fruit that were filled with delicious juice.

Scarlett didn’t say anything because she was sure Ariel knew what was expected of her and the teenager didn’t disappoint. She opened wide and, while enjoying an extra inch of Jennifer’s cock going up her ass, Ariel took Scarlett’s meat into her mouth and started sucking off the busty, beautiful shemale.

“Mmmm good girl!” Scarlett moaned, happy that the newbie definitely didn’t need any special instructions. “Suck my cock! Swallow it down Ariel! Ooooh you’re getting it on both ends now baby and you’re taking it like a champ! That’s so fucking hot!”

Scarlett had really enjoyed being sucked off by Kate before but there was just something about the way the teenager was taking her down her throat that made Scarlett’s heart beast faster pumping hot, lust filled blood to her brain. Maybe it was because Ariel was the newbie. Maybe it was because she was just over 18. Maybe it was because she had such big tits and that breathtakingly big ass. Whatever the reason was, Scarlett got such a taboo thrill from being sucked by the teenage dickgirl and she started fucking Ariel’s face, forcing more and more of her cock down her throat.

With wet gagging noises providing a slutty soundtrack, Ariel choked down Scarlett with lewd dedication, staring up at the famed actress while swallowing her cock meat. Ariel’s eyes were so sexy and filled with a desire to please that Scarlet was overcome with desire for her. It was clear what Britney saw in this girl and Scarlett hoped that Ariel would be a regular playmate for them all.

“Yessss fucking swallow my cock! You’re such a hot fucking slut Ariel! I love it!” Scarlett huskily breathed, her words coming out in hot gasps as Ariel kept on sucking, taking more and more of her dick down her throat until Scarlett’s balls were slapping against her chin. “Take it baby! Take it in all your slutty holes!”

The view of Ariel Winter naked and on all fours as she was being spit roasted had Britney, Katy and Kate all rock hard. They stroked themselves as they watched the teenager being fucked on both ends, beating off to the show before Britney got a better idea. She was in between Kate and Katy and she eagerly reached down for both of their cocks, brushing their hands away and taking over. She jerked them both off and the singer and model quickly got into the spirit of it as they both reached over to play with Britney’s shebeef.

As Britney jerked them both off, Katy and Kate eagerly fondled and stroked Britney’s cock and balls, playing with the superstar’s throbbing erection as all three of them moaned from the pleasure they were giving each other. And they were all eager for more too as Britney kissed Kate and then Katy and then both of them together, the three horny dickgirls making out and rubbing their tongues together as they swapped spit and eagerly played with each other’s penises.

And they were soon joined in this by Rose who finally pulled herself away from Jennifer’s ass and came over to her friends, grabbing Britney by her beautiful face first and bringing her in for a kiss, letting her taste Jennifer’s asshole all over her lips and tongue.

“Mmmmm yummy!” Britney sighed in arousal after Rose’s kiss, knowing full well that Rose hadn’t just been rimming Jennifer but also Katy and Scarlett too.

And then it was Katy’s turn to be kissed. Rose kissed the pop singer forcefully while reaching down to play with Katy’s balls as Britney continued to beat her off. Rose’s delicate fingers caressed Katy’s nuts and Rose enjoyed softly rolling around the round, hairless testicles in her hand, playing with the balls so few knew that Katy had.

Rose then turned her attention to Kate, kissing the supermodel and giving her the last of the taste. Kate savored the naughty taste of Rose’s horny kiss and they began making out more earnestly, Kate’s hand going to Rose’s cock and stroking the large pale member. Rose’s 11 inches outdid Kate’s eight and while Kate had Rose beat in the tits department she couldn’t help but be envious of how hung her bald headed hostess was. Rose’s buzz cut made her seem so much more dangerously sexy and Kate hungered for Rose’s big cock more than ever because of it.

That showed in the way Kate was stroking Rose’s dick and Rose started returning the favor, pulling the blonde model away from Britney’s grasp so she could stroke her off all by herself. Rose and Kate kissed more passionately now that it was one on one, the two of them stroking each other while their tits big tits mashed together and their hard cocks touched.

It turned the both of them on so much to feel their cocks pressing into one another, their hardness feeling so good rubbing together just like their soft, fleshy tits were. The two of them kissed almost ferociously as their tongues rubbed together and that left Britney focused on Katy, something that very much pleased both singers.

“I want you so bad,” Katy moaned as she embraced Britney, their naked cocks sliding against each other as they pressed their big breasts together just like Kate and Rose were. “It’s been so long since I got laid. I want you Britney.”

“Oh yeah? Mmmm what do you want me to do to you?” Britney asked with a teasing smile. She knew just what Katy wanted but it was so hot to hear her say it.

“I want you to fuck me!” Katy moaned, her cock getting harder as she ground into Britney and felt their stiff erections rubbing together. “I want that big cock inside me! It’s been so long since I got fucked! I need to feel you in my ass Brit!”

Britney rewarded the sexy dirty talk with a hot kiss to Katy’s lips. It was more sensual than the kisses Rose and Kate were sharing but it was just as sexy. The two pop superstars kissed with an erotic tenderness, their lips wetly smacking together as their bodies rubbed into each other.

Britney ran her hands over Katy’s body, lifting off her bikini top so she could be fully naked at last and admiring just how amazing Katy’s all-natural D cups looked. Katy had such incredible tits and Britney loved feeling them naked against her rack as they kissed. And as they kissed Britney reached down and eagerly grabbed Katy’s rear, squeezing her voluptuous cheeks.

“I want that too,” Britney said with a sexy smile. “Your ass drives me crazy Kate! I want to fuck you so bad! Ooooh it’s so big and juicy and I want to fuck you hard!”

“Yesss do it!” Katy urged, loving Britney’s hands squeezing her butt cheeks. “Bend me over and fuck me like a dirty whore Britney! Mmmm fuck me like Jennifer’s fucking your pretty girlfriend!”

And with Ariel moaning like a happy slut as she was vigorously buttfucked by Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett’s cock in her mouth the only thing keeping her from screaming, Britney loved the sound of Katy’s offer. So she immediately took her up on it after one last sexy kiss. She pushed Katy softly to the ground by pressing down on her shoulders and the brunette singer did the rest, enthusiastically assuming the position on her hands and knees and moaning in ecstasy when she felt Britney spread open her cheeks.

“Such a great ass,” Britney sighed as her hands gripped Katy’s buns and squeezed. The firm fleshiness of Katy’s bottom felt so good against Britney’s soft palms as she opened them and exposed the puckered prize that lay between. “Mmm your ass makes me so hard Katy!”

Britney couldn’t resist swiping her tongue against Katy’s balls from behind, a naughty gesture that made Katy groan in pleasure. So Britney did it again and then again, licking Katy’s swollen nuts while the brunette’s cock hung tantalizingly so close to her mouth. Katy’s cock was rock hard and Britney made her friend moan even more by stroking it while she tongued her balls. But she didn’t keep that up for too long before she moved her mouth upward.

Britney wanted to mostly focus elsewhere and she zeroed in on the famous singer’s tight asscunt. It was so pretty as it lay there between those meaty cheeks and Britney spread them open as much as she could and impetuously gave Katy’s asshole a sexy kiss. Britney loved Katy’s cute little pucker so much that she pressed her lips to it and gave it a soft, tender kiss to be naughty and affectionate all at once, something she loved to do to Ariel when they were in bed.

“Oooooooh!” Katy shivered in pleasure, loving the naughty kiss to such an intimate place of her body. “Mmmm yes Britney! Yesssssss! Ooooooh fuck yesssss!”

Britney followed up her kiss against Katy’s asshole by starting to lick. She tongued the singer’s little asspussy with eager licks that got it wet and ready to fuck and Katy moaned over and over again from the pleasure. It made her mew with need from Britney’s wet tongue probing her hole and sliding inside and she felt her whole body relax even as her cock stiffened even more thanks to Britney’s sensual rim job.

Katy could feel Britney’s tongue pushing inside and the way the soft skin of her face pressed against her ass. And she could even hear the muffled moans coming from Britney’s face shoved into her crack and the naughty wet licking noises that came from the erotic act. Britney’s rim job was divine and Katy felt nothing but pleasure, totally distracting her from anything else until she felt  her tongue pull away and instead got the swollen cockhead of Britney’s big boner pressing against her hole.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh!” Katy moaned, loving how that thick head felt rubbing against her now wet asshole. “Do it baby! Shove it inside me! Fuck me in front of everyone! Ohhhhhhhh!”

Katy cried out when Britney pushed her cock inside her. Katy’s moans showed her full dickgirl rapture over being penetrated and Britney’s pole felt so good as it slowly entered her. She’d felt Britney’s cock many times before and it always was an incredible experience for her. Katy’s groans and grunts increased as Britney began to fuck her, her ass taking a dick for the first time in weeks and reminding Katy just how good it felt to be fucked.

“Yeahhh I fucking need this!” Katy moaned. “Fuck me Britney! Get that cock inside me! Fuck that big, sweet butt of mine and make me take every fucking inch of that big dick! Mmmm fuckkk yessss show me how much you want me baby! Make me feel good! Fuck me hard!”

Katy and Britney were really getting into their fucking and with the hot sounds of their coupling adding to the wild grunts and cries and lewd thrusts coming from Jennifer, Scarlett and Ariel, Kate and Rose were getting more turned on than ever.

The actress and the model were kissing and embracing, their hands caressing each other’s bare backs and even moving downward so both of them could get a healthy squeeze of the other’s naked ass. Kate’s ass was still tender from Ariel fucking it and she loved how Rose’s hands gripped her cheeks and spread them open. It reminded her the teenager’s cum was still inside her and made Kate feel so lewd and slutty as she kissed Rose and fondled her host’s ass too.

Rose had such a juicy ass and Kate loved feeling up those plump pale cheeks, especially because as they kissed their erect cocks were rubbing together even more. Feeling Rose’s ass while at the same time their hard penises touched made Kate think about how good it would feel to bend Rose over and take her hot ass just like Jennifer was taking Ariel and Britney was giving it to Katy. But she also thought about how good it would feel to have Rose fuck her and push that big cock inside her already fucked ass.

Kate loved thinking about Rose and Ariel’s loads mixing together in her ass and how raunchy it would make her feel. She wanted to experience so much pleasure and she wanted to give and take it at the same time. Kate wanted it all and fortunately where was a way they could do just that. And Rose had the same thought too as she broke the kiss and looked at Kate right in the eyes before suggesting their favorite number.

“69?” Rose inquired, getting a big smile back from the supermodel.

“Mmmmm you read my mind,” Kate grinned. “I want your cock so bad Rose!  I loved you and Britney fucking my mouth and making me gag all over your huge fucking meat! I want it again! Mmmm give me your cock while I give you mine!”

The two women dropped down to the poolside ground together and assumed a position that was very familiar and comfortable for them both. Rose lay on her side, looking so arousing with the seductive look in her eyes and her big tits and hard cock on full display. Kate eagerly drank in the view of her nude friend as she lay across from her, getting herself on her side but going in the opposite direction.

Kate lined her face up with Rose’s erection and moved her body so her cock was right where Rose could get at it too. The two gorgeous shemales were on their sides with their mouths up against each other’s crotches and it all came so naturally to them both as Rose greedily inhaled Kate’s cock into her mouth and Kate eagerly did the same to Rose. They wetly slurped on each other’s dicks and caressed each other’s thighs and asses while moaning loudly over how good the other tasted.

But while Rose and Kate were focused on mutual pleasure, Jennifer was only focused on her own because it felt so good to have her boner buried up Ariel’s snug teenage ass. She was thrusting even harder into the girl now, slapping their bare bodies together as both of their cocks throbbed and their balls swelled with the need to release. Jennifer was so close to coming and she wanted Ariel to know it.

“Fucking take it you dirty dickgirl slut! Take this big cock up your fucking ass!” Jennifer grunted, her tits bouncing with each hard thrust up Ariel. “Oooooh fuckkkk your ass looks so good Ariel! Mmmmmm I love seeing these fat fucking cheeks jiggle while I’m pounding you! I’m going to want to fuck you all the time now baby! Mmmm good thing Britney is busy fucking Katy because you’re going home with me tonight!”

Ariel moaned wantonly at the thought of arriving with one lover and leaving with another. That was so hot and dirty even though there was no chance of it happening. Ariel wasn’t leaving with anyone but Britney.

But that didn’t mean she wanted Jennifer to stop. Ariel loved the mean, naughty things Jennifer was saying, especially because she was backing all of them up by shoving her cock into her ass so well.

Jennifer was rough and mean in her thrusts now but Ariel liked it because while Jennifer was very focused on emptying her own balls into her, she was being very sexy about it. Ariel was getting so much pleasure too from feeling Jennifer’s hard cock up her asscunt and it made her suck on Scarlett with even more intent to get two loads from these gorgeously famous dickgirls as her prize. Ariel wanted Jennifer’s cum up her ass and Scarlett’s down her throat and she let nothing distract her from that, not even how naughty it would be to go home from this party and be Jennifer Lawrence’s horny teen plaything.

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself,” Scarlett grinned while moaning from how good a job Ariel was doing in sucking her off. “I’m going take this girl home! She’s such a good fucking cocksucker! Mmmmm don’t stop Ariel! Suck that big, hard shedick down your pretty throat! Show me how much you want my fucking cock! Show me you want to drink down my load!”

Ariel wanted both of those things, almost as much as she wanted Scarlett and Jennifer to fight over her. She wanted to swallow all of Scarlett’s cock meat. She wanted to taste her sperm as it flowed into her mouth and down her throat. She wanted it all and Ariel felt her own cock pulsing with need as it remained engorged but untouched while she was spit roasted.

Having Ariel on all fours with shemale cock in her mouth and ass at the same time made for a hell of a view, just like Britney giving it to Katy did. Their big tits were both bouncing up and down as Britney thrust hard into Katy, taking full advantage of their doggie style position to spank Katy’s ass and make her juicy cheeks jiggle as she did it.

Katy loved it too, crying out in rapture as her ass was slapped and fucked. Katy’s erection was dripping precum onto the ground from how needy she was for this and how much she loved being nailed hard by Britney.

And the poolside scene was all capped off by the lewd view of Kate and Rose on their sides, their dicks in each other’s mouths as they bobbed their pretty heads up and down on the other’s crotch.

It was all an amazing view and it was something that the recently arrived guest was drinking in with her excited eyes. Just watching it filled her body with a wild thrill that gave her goosebumps. But it also filled her with wild, raw lust and as she felt her pulse quicken and adrenaline fuel her arousal. There was no way she could just allow herself to be a voyeur here. She had to join in the fun too.

“Mmmm damn you bitches don’t waste any time,” Kat Dennings declared with a happy laugh, announcing her presence. “I’m just a few minutes late and you’re already all balls deep in each other?”

“Yeah well that’s what happens when you take your sweet time getting here,” Rose teased after the pulled up from Kate and gave a saucy wink to Kat as the busty brunette stood above all of them in a t-shirt and cut off jean shorts and rubbed herself through her shorts, a noticeable bulge growing against them. “So either watch or ditch the clothes and join in because we are not stopping.”

And that was just what Kat wanted to hear. Rose was the only one to say anything to her and that was just fine with Kat because she wanted them to keep doing what they were doing. She wanted to see them suck and fuck and go wild on each other’s naked dickgirl bodies. And she wanted in on it too. So she kicked off her sandals and flung off her t-shirt to show off the top of the yellow one-piece swimsuit she had on underneath.

Kat started fumbling with her own shorts too, desperate to join in and finally she just gave up. Her clothes could stay on for now because she was way too hungry to wait even a second more and what she was hungry for was so tantalizingly close. Kat went straight for where Jennifer and Scarlett were sandwiching Ariel and she didn’t waste a single second before kneeling down and burying her face right into the thick cheeks of Jennifer Lawrence’s bare ass.

“Mmmmm yeah!” Kat groaned before diving into the meal she craved. “Make that butt jiggle baby! Shake it right in my face as you fuck the newbie!”

Jennifer had been so focused on taking it to Ariel, while also helping herself to several kisses and gropes with Scarlett, that she hadn’t even noticed Kat’s arrival. But the surprise revealed itself when Kat spread open Jennifer’s buns and started licking, her tongue going right for the superstar’s starfish.

“Whoaaaa! What the fuck?” Jennifer gasped, pausing mid-thrust, to turn around and see who the hell was suddenly licking her asshole. And when she did she saw a very familiar brunette head of hair and smiled. “Oh my God! You fucking nympho! You don’t even say hello or anything first? You just shove your tongue up my ass?”

“Can’t talk! Eating!” Kat replied with a smirk and a lick, her words mumbled out as she kept herself pressed into Jennifer’s crack, lapping away at the tight little hole before her. “Keep fucking her! I want to feel your ass in my face!”

“Mmmm such a goddamn whore!” Jennifer moaned, not doing anything to make Kat stop as her amazing tongue went for the treasure of her asscunt. “Is this what you want? Want my butt bouncing up against you? Wanna motorboat my fucking booty? Mmmm here you go slut!”

Jennifer shook her backside right against Kat’s face while resuming her thrusting into Ariel, this time doing it with even more force. And judging from the muffled moan of delight coming from Kat, this was exactly what she wanted.

Kat closed her eyes and let the pleasure flow through her as she tossed Jennifer’s salad and naughtily played with the superstar’s swinging nuts. With Jennifer’s balls moving in time with her thrusts up Ariel’s ass it was too tempting for Kat not to play with them and she eagerly fondled them while she tongued the Oscar winning actress.

“Ughhh fuckkkk fuckkkk oooooooooh you nasty butt licking whore! Mmmm eat that fucking ass and play with my nuts!” Jennifer groaned, her balls tingling with the need to release. “Oooooh fuck I’m going to dump my load into the newbie! Mmmm I’ll bet you want to lick my fucking cum right out of this big teen ass, don’t you Kat?”

Kat didn’t respond with words but the way her tongue licked and probed Jennifer’s asshole with even more enthusiasm was as clear as any “yes” would have been. Kat was beyond horny as she feasted on Jennifer’s ass. She’d tried to get here on time but traffic had been such a bitch. She’d been so tempted to play with herself in the car because of how turned on she was knowing that not only was it party time but that Ariel Winter was going to be there as a treat for all of them to enjoy. But she’d managed to contain herself.

All she wanted was to get as nasty with as many of her hot, hung friends as many times as possible today. These parties were always such a release of stress and pent up desire for her and Kat was not about to wait to get involved. She went wild with her tongue on Jennifer’s asshole while feeling her own arousal grow more and more pronounced.

Kat loved tonguing ass while the person she was licking was fucking someone else. It made the nastiness of eating ass all the more fun when the ass she was eating was jiggling in her face all sweaty and hot from fucking. Kat loved to get lewd when she was at parties like this and it was so much fun to be in her clothes licking Jennifer Lawrence’s pucker, especially when she knew her clothes wouldn’t be on her body for much longer.

Jennifer’s breathing, in the meantime, was getting heavier and quicker. A hot sweat had broken out on her naked body from the sun and the exertion and she was being pushed right over the edge from the snugness of Ariel’s young ass clamping around her dick and from what Kat was doing to her ass and balls. She couldn’t hold back and didn’t even want to try.

“Ohhhh fuck yeah! Here it comes newbie! Here comes my fucking load!” Jennifer warned as she felt her balls clench up. “Take it little horny bitch! Take this hot fucking jizz right up your big, beautiful ass! Ughhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh!”

With a final grunt, Jennifer thrust hard and unleashed inside Ariel’s asshole. She groaned in bliss as her load coursed out of her cock and into Ariel and Jennifer began thrusting anew as the jets of shemale sperm shot out one after the other. Through it all Jennifer kept grunting and cursing and feeling amazing as she let go of her first load of the day.

And Ariel was feeling pretty good herself, especially when Scarlett pulled her cock out of her mouth and she was able to breathe fully again.

“Yesssssssss ughhh fuckkkkk yesssssss fill me up with that load!” Ariel groaned at the feel of the hot, thick cum inside her. “Ooooh fuck it feels so good! Mmmm yes ooooh I love how you’re coming inside me Jennifer! Mmmm fuckkk you have so much cum! Ohhh my God mmmmm fuck! So warm and gooey!”

Ariel hadn’t ever felt anything as naughty as Jennifer Lawrence’s huge load exploding inside her ass. It made her own teen cock throb and she felt such a naughty rush when she felt Jennifer pull her softening cock out of her ass with a lewd squish. Ariel could feel Jennifer’s sperm already leaking out of her asshole and it made her want more cock even more, which was what everyone else wanted to give her too.

“My turn!” Scarlett declared, stroking her cock and enjoying how it was coated by Ariel’s saliva. “Mmmm she sucks cock so good but I want that fucking cunt of hers too! Mmmm I’m going to go balls deep up your ass baby!”

And Ariel was just fine with the sound of that. She had tasted almost all of Scarlett’s meaty inches of shemale cock and now she wanted to feel it up her ass too. She was hornier than she’d ever been in her life and she wanted to get fucked more than ever. Scarlett was still talking about her and not to her and she loved it. It made her feel like a total slut and Ariel wanted that so much.

“Ooooh yes! Pound on my ass Scarlett!” Ariel urged, rubbing her own cock at the sight of Scarlett saucily waving her large dick meat in her face. “Get it in me and take the sloppy seconds your friend just fucked! Mmmm shove it in me deep and hard! I can take it! You can see how much ass I’ve got! My butt is made to be fucked! Do me so I can show you I’m just as hot as the rest of you and I belong here!”

“Oh wow! This girl is nasty! I love it! You were so right about her Britney!” Kat laughed before planting a hot kiss right on Ariel’s lips to show her how much she loved how she was behaving.

“I told you so,” Britney giggled while keeping up her hard thrusts up Katy’s ass, the two of them moaning in harmony from how good it felt to fuck and be fucked. “Ariel’s the best! Mmm she’s going to fit right in with us!”

Ariel couldn’t believe she was kissing Kat Dennings. She hadn’t even realized that she was here and suddenly she was making out with her. But Ariel went right along with it and soon the two sitcom stars were rubbing their tongues together. Ariel tasted Jennifer’s ass all over Kat’s tongue and it made her feel extra naughty and left her boner throbbing and poking out straight from between her legs.

“Mmmmm you’ve got it all baby,” Kat said in admiration as she finally got a good look at Ariel’s teenage body all beautifully naked and sweaty from the fun she’d been having by the pool. “Big tits! Big ass! Oooooh and a big, beautiful cock! And it looks like you can take cock like a champ too! You were so hot sucking and being fucked. I wish I’d caught more than a second of it but I hope you’ll put on a repeat performance for me!”

“I so fucking will!” Ariel moaned, whatever shyness she had walked into the party with long gone as she eyed Kat in her bathing suit and shorts, the one-piece yellow suit with the famous smiling “have a nice day” icon on the front of it, the eyes of the logo on Kat’s big tits as the suit had trouble holding her Double Ds inside. “I’ll do all of you and any other friends you want to bring by!”

“That’s the spirit,” Kat grinned. “I can’t wait to see you initiated Ariel. Mmm I remember mine like it was yesterday. It’s so fucking hot and I am so ready for it too!”

Kat showed just how ready by lowering her cut off jean shorts down her legs showing off her swimsuit-clad body. And the only thing that could distract from how Kat’s large breasts looked in the suit was the outline of her bulge poking out against the crotch of her suit. Kat’s cock looked huge in her suit and there was a visible stain of precum against the bright yellow material. She was clearly horny and Ariel loved what she saw.

“Mmmmm that looks so yummy,” Ariel sighed in lust, her eyes zeroing right on the bulge Kat’s cock and balls made. “Gonna get it out to play? I wanna see it! I want your big cock Kat! I want all of your big, fat cocks in my mouth and in my ass and between my tits! I want it all! I want to be initiated!”

But Scarlett was too horny to care about anything else but what she wanted right then.

“Hey newbie, the only cock that matters right now is mine,” Scarlett declared, sitting down on a towel by the pool, her erection sticking straight up as she spread open her legs. “Get over here and give it a ride! If you’re going to be initiated I want it to be while you’re bouncing on my dick!”

There was no way Ariel could ever refuse an invitation like that and with Scarlett looking so good sitting back naked and fondling her famously big tits while her cock jutted straight out, she was as an enticing a site as Ariel had ever seen. The teenager simply smiled and crawled over the short distance to where Scarlett was while she was cheered on by a recovering Jennifer.

“Oh yes! Ride her fucking cock! I know what a great ride that is,” Jennifer said, her soft cock already beginning to stir again as she eyed Ariel’s ass up in the air the visible signs of her fucking it and coming inside it so obvious. “Bounce on her big meat stick Ariel! Take it like the good newbie you are! Show us all how much you love getting fucked!”

But Jennifer wasn’t just there to encourage Ariel. She also had other work she was eager to do as she helped Kat up to her feet and kissed her friend passionately. Kat responded right away, letting hers and Jennifer’s tongues wrestle in each other’s mouths, while Jennifer pulled the shoulder straps of Kat’s swimsuit down.

The big smiling face on it and the way Kat’s tits were straining against the material were both very appealing, but Jennifer just wanted to get her friend naked and she yanked those straps down to expose Kat’s large chest. And as soon as she did that, Jennifer shoved her face into Kat’s rack the way Kat had buried hers in her ass, motorboating the woman’s heavy bosom while rubbing Kat’s cock through her swimsuit.

“Mmmm suck on them! Suck on those big fucking boobies!” Kat groaned, more precum leaking out of her cock to stain her swimsuit. “Ohhh yes mmm I’ve been so fucking hard dreaming about getting back here! If you keep that up Jen I’m going to shoot my load right into my suit!”

Kat’s cock was definitely bulging against her swimsuit, the thickness of her hard nine inches looking like it wanted to rip right through the clinging material. And Jennifer kept provocatively playing with her rod through it, fondling Kat’s shaft and balls and even the head of her cock, making more precum leak out.

“Oh no, that would be too bad,” Jennifer teased. “Mmmm I wouldn’t want to waste all this hot, yummy cum when you could be blasting it all over the newbie instead. We have to give her the initiation cum bath after all!”

“Fuck yeah!” Kat enthusiastically agreed, so eager to soak the teenager. “Mmm ever since Britney told us about you Ariel, I’ve been aching to soak you good! That’s how you get initiated here! You take all our loads in a cum bath!”

Britney had been vague about what her initiation would actually entail but in her overaroused state, taking multiple loads at once sounded awesome to Ariel, especially as she pulled herself up onto Scarlett as the superstar sat waiting for her. Ariel crawled right into the movie star’s lap and it was quite clear that Scarlett was going to make her work for it. But that was just fine with Ariel because she didn’t mind working hard to get a cock like Scarlett’s thick nine-incher inside her ass.

Hovering herself over it as she settled down on Scarlett’s lap, the teenager reached around back to grab Scarlett’s shaft and lowered her ass down onto it, guiding the hard cock into her waiting, cum filled hole.

“Fuckkkkkkkk!” Ariel cried in pleasure at the feel of Scarlett’s cock pushing inside a hole that had already been stuffed with Jennifer’s cock and cum. “Ohhhh my God you’re so fucking big!”

“Too big for you little girl?” Scarlett teased, giving Ariel’s meaty buns a smack as the girl settled down onto her and lowered herself onto her raging prick.

“Noooo! I can take it!” Ariel insisted. “Fuck me Scarlett! Get that big cock and stuff it up my fat ass! Your friend filled me up with her cum and now I want your load too! I know how to fuck! I can take it like a big girl! Give it to me Scarlett! Fuck my teen butt! Stuff that big meat inside me and make me take it all!”

Even though Scarlett had been thinking she would just sit back and let Ariel do everything, she couldn’t resist getting more proactive. Ariel was so hot with her big tits shaking as she began to bounce up and down. Scarlett loved seeing the teen’s rack jiggle and then looking down to check out Ariel’s teen cock shaking up and down too. Plus the feel of Jennifer’s sticky load coating her cock as she penetrated Ariel was an immense turn on to Scarlett.

As Ariel rode her, Scarlett started thrusting upward to push more of her cock inside her ass. And Scarlett helped out more by reaching around back to grip Ariel’s ass, spreading her hole open by parting her big cheeks. That allowed Scarlett to push in harder and deeper and Jennifer’s cum made for quite effective lube as her thrusts began to increase in speed and force.

Seeing Ariel really start to take it from Scarlett turned on Jennifer and Kat even more. Kat couldn’t stand to not be naked and she took over her own stripping, pushing Jennifer’s hands away so she could slide off the rest of her swimsuit and fully expose the jutting hardness of her cock. Kat started stroking herself at the show and so did Jennifer. Her cock was soft and tender from just having come but she quickly brought it back to life by playing with her own balls and spitting on her hand before stroking her shaft.

And they weren’t the only ones very interested in the show. Rose and Kate separated from their 69 and walked over hand in hand with their cocks sticking out like they were arrows pointing the way to the fun.

Even Britney and Katy wanted to get a look too. They were having a lot of fun on their own as Britney drove her cock deep up Katy’s pop star ass while reaching down to jack Katy’s cock off. But they knew they could always get back to that. They didn’t want to miss this and Britney eased her way out of Katy so they could both get up on their feet and come closer while Ariel shrieked in delight over what she was experiencing by riding Scarlett’s cock.

“Ohhhhhhh my God! Oooooh I fucking love it!” Ariel cried, her huge teen tits bouncing vigorously as she rode Scarlett’s pole. “Give it to me! Gimmie that big fucking dick! Ohhh God you’re going to make me come all over you Scarlett! Mmm fuck my hot teen asscunt! Make my nasty fucking butthole gape from all of your big cocks! Ooooh yessss mmmm harder! Do it harder! I can fucking take it!”

Scarlett was very impressed by all the horny teenager could handle. Ariel definitely looked like she belonged there and she eased up on her a bit. She’d been testing her with her hard thrusts, seeing how much she could take. And it sure looked like the girl could take a lot. So Scarlett slowed and steadied herself more, starting to focus more on mutual pleasure for them both.

“Your cunt is so fucking tight!” Scarlett moaned. “I love fresh teen ass! Mmmm you’re so tight and hot Ariel! I love feeling Jen’s cum leaking out all over my dick! It’s so naughty and squishy in there! Mmm I’m going to come inside you too baby! I’m going to fill this big, sexy newbie butt of yours up with my hot spunk and everyone’s going to keep fucking you until you have all our loads up your ass!”

“Ohhhh God! So fucking nasty!” Ariel replied, not in disgust but arousal. She wanted everyone’s sperm mixing together in her ass and on her face and all over her tits. She wanted to feel every dirty thing they had planned for her initiation. “Do it Scarlett! Come inside my big butt! Shoot that hot, nasty dickgirl load you’ve got stored up in your balls right inside me! Fuck the fat ass everyone wants to fuck! Ughhh oh God it feels so good!”

The pleasure was growing inside her with every thrust and Ariel felt like it wouldn’t be much longer until she blew her own load, hopefully all over Scarlett’s big, creamy skinned tits. They looked so big and round and Ariel wanted to coat that famous chest in her cum. But beyond just the pleasure of being taken and made into a slut Ariel slowly realized she was also putting on a show. Everyone had gathered around them and Ariel went with it.

Deciding the more the merrier, Ariel grabbed a hold of the two cocks that were closest to her as she bounced up and down Scarlett’s dick right by the pool. She didn’t look to see who it was. She just grabbed the nearest dicks and it turned out that got her both Kat’s and Britney’s poles in her grasp, which was a perfect combination. She had her first dickgirl lover and her newest and Ariel loved the symmetry of it as she eagerly jacked them both off and brought Britney’s cock into her mouth so she could suck her girlfriend off.

Britney hadn’t been expecting to get a blowjob from Ariel. She’d just wanted to see her beautiful young lover experience ecstasy.  But if the horny teenager was willing to give one, then Britney sure didn’t want to fight it off. She welcomed the pleasure of Ariel’s young, hot mouth around her cock and she moaned out how good it felt along with a warning.

“Oh baby! Mmmm that’s it! Show everyone how well you suck my cock!” Britney cooed, fondling her famous tits as she was blown. “You’re such a naughty girl! Mmm I love how into my cock you always are! You know where this cock has been baby? You know what I’ve been doing with it?”

Ariel certainly did know. She had seen what Britney had been up to and she had started sucking it knowing full well what she was tasting. She could never get enough of Britney’s dick. She had been crazy in lust for it from the moment she had first seen it when Britney had opened her robe for her in that hotel suite and bared her shemale secret. And she wanted to taste it right out of another girl for the first time.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Ariel confirmed, pulling off Britney’s dick for a moment. “You were fucking Katy Perry’s sweet, round ass! And I loved seeing it while Jennifer fucked my butt and Scarlett fucked my face! Mmmm I want all of you so bad! I want you Katy! I want to taste your ass all over my girlfriend’s cock and I want to suck your cock too! I want it all!”

Ariel then silenced herself by sucking on Britney’s cock again while still jacking off Kat. The busty brunette actress was moaning in rapture over the soft teen hand stroking her meat and she wasn’t shy about encouraging the girl, who she had only met briefly before today and certainly had never shared an erotic moment like this with before.

“You’re a nasty freak and I love it!” Kat moaned, playing with her huge tits as she enjoyed the teenager’s sensual handjob. “That’s it Ariel! Make my dick throb for you! I’ve been dying to come all day ever since I heard we were going to be initiating you! Mmm it’s been so fucking tempting to jerk off today but I wanted to save all my cum for you! Mmmm you nasty girl! C’mon Ariel! Suck Katy’s ass right off your girlfriend’s big cock! Show us how good you treat her when we’re not around! Suck it down like the ass to mouth freak you are!”

Ariel moaned over the encouragement as she enjoyed everything that was happening to her. Scarlett’s cock felt so good in her ass and Britney’s cock belonged in her mouth. Ariel could never go long without wanting to suck her famous lover’s big shemale dick and it was extra hot knowing Britney had just been fucking Katy’s ass. Britney had gotten her into naughty ass to mouth play already before today and Ariel showed off how much she liked it as she greedily slurped her lover’s cock into her mouth while using her hands to jack both Britney and Kat off.

“Yes! She’s a cock crazed little slut!” Rose cheered, loving seeing how naughty Ariel could get and admiring the girl’s luscious teen body jiggling as she rode Scarlett’s dick and jerked and sucked all at the same time. “Mmmm you’re going to be one of us soon! We’re going to give you your initiation cum bath and then you’re in the club!”

That was all Ariel wanted in the world right then. She wanted to prove she belonged. She needed to be a part of this. She needed to have this release where she could go and be herself and never have to hide her cock or be worried what people thought of her. She could be an out and proud dickgirl here just like Rose and all her friends were and Ariel loved being surrounded by all these cocks knowing she was going to be a part of this.

Ariel kept on lovingly sucking on Britney’s cock while taking on Scarlett and Kat too. She could see Kate and Katy and Rose were jerking off to her as they watched her get fucked and even Jennifer’s cock was getting hard again too as she watched and played with her boobs with one hand and caressed her balls with the other. It was all getting so hot and then Kat made it hotter.

“Spit on my cock you newbie whore!” Kat gleefully commanded, pulling her meat out of Ariel’s grasp and instead smacking her boner against the teenager’s chin while she sucked on Britney. “Make it wet so I can show you how much I love your hot fucking body!”

Ariel didn’t know what Kat had planned for her but she didn’t hesitate to pull her mouth off her lover and instead pay attention to the 2 Broke Girls star. Sucking on Britney and choking down those big inches had Ariel’s mouth filled with saliva and she messily drooled down all over Kat’s cock just like the girl had wanted her to. She spit onto the hard, pulsating cock in front of her face and Kat did the rest, spreading the saliva all over her shaft and then sliding her prick right in between Ariel’s massive tits.

“Oooooh I’ve been dying to play with these fat jugs,” Kat teased, knowing full well what it was like to sport a huge set of tits and how much of a turn on they could be as she started sliding her hardness between Ariel’s breasts and fucking her soft, teenage chest. “You’ve got such amazing tits little girl! I’ve been dying to fuck them! You like Ariel? Like feeling me fuck your rack?”

“Yesssssss!” Ariel groaned in lust, Scarlett’s cock filling her up so nice as she felt Kat’s big, throbbing inches sliding between her tits while Britney helpfully reached down to squeeze them and make sure they smooshed down sexily on Kat’s erection. “Fuck my big, fat tits Kat! Ooooh you’ve got great tits too! I love your boobs! You can fuck mine! Mmmm boys all want to fuck my jugs and come all over them but they can’t! But you can Kat! Fuck my fat tits! Mmmm push your big cock into my jugs and come all over them!”

Ariel was sometimes just as insecure about the size of her breasts as she was about having a cock and balls instead of a pussy like girls were supposed to. She had hated being leered at and catcalled and knowing men only saw her as tits and ass and nothing more. But she had been growing more and more comfortable with her body and she had been flaunting her tits more lately. It felt good to embrace her own curves and Ariel loved that she was turning on all these gorgeous, busty famous dickgirls on with her big tits.

Ariel loved feeling Kat’s hard cock sliding between her boobs. She drooled down into her own cleavage to make it even wetter and she would have encouraged Kat more but her mouth was suddenly filled. Another cock pushed past her lips and Ariel didn’t even care whose it was. She just started sucking away. All that mattered was that the cock was big and hard and she needed to suck on it.

It wasn’t until she looked up that she saw it was Katy who was now fucking her mouth.

“You’re so sexy!” the pop superstar told her. “You’ve got great tits and it’s so hot to see Kat fucking them! Mmmm I want to fuck your big tits too! Then you can fuck mine Ariel! Ooooh you can get that big, young cock of yours and fuck my big tits like all those dirty men want to! I want to feel that hard shecock of yours between my boobs and you can take me anywhere you want! Mmm my mouth! My tits! My ass! Anywhere!”

Ariel’s head spun once again from the wonderful idea of Katy Perry offering up her incredible body to her. Fuck Disney, this was the happiest place on Earth for the teenage dickgirl and she happily sucked hard on Katy’s cock, wanting to feel it in all her holes too before she went and took the gorgeous singer and fucked her right back. It was like anyone could do anything to anyone here and Ariel’s body filled with desire from the wonderfully sexy atmosphere by Rose’s pool.

And while Katy fucked her mouth and Kat fucked her tits, Rose and Kate got closer too and Ariel knew right away what to do. She didn’t think. She just acted and she grabbed their jutting cocks and began jacking them off. Both women moaned from the feel of Ariel’s soft hands stroking their boners skillfully and Ariel made it even hotter by pulling off Katy’s cock for a moment to turn and spit on both of their cocks to give extra lube for her handjobs. Ariel began stroking them both even harder while taking Katy back into her mouth and bouncing herself up and down on Scarlett.

“Yessss yessssss yesssssss jack my cock off! Ooooh I loved feeling you in my ass and coming all over myself for you!” Kate moaned, the gorgeous supermodel’s cock throbbing in Ariel’s hand. “We’re going to play all the time now Ariel! You’re so hot! Mmm you’re going to make me come again baby! Make my big fucking shecock come all over you! You’re acting like such a cock slut and I love it! You’re acting just like I did when I got initiated!”

Kate still remembered vividly how amazing it had felt to be kneeling down in front of Rose and all her friends as they had jacked off onto her in a circle. She had been surrounded by beautiful dickgirls beating their meat onto her and squirting their white, sticky loads all over her face and tits and even in her hair while she had jerked off her own cock. Kate always got so hard remembering her initiation cum bath and she couldn’t wait to blast her own load onto Ariel to give her one too.

“Yes! This is how you get to be in our group! You take all our loads all over you!” Rose moaned from the pleasure of being jerked off by Ariel while seeing all her hot friends horny and happy at the party. “You’ll be able to come here whenever you want and I’ll introduce you to all my other hot dickgirl friends! Mmmm there are so many more out there and they’ll all want to fuck you Ariel and have you fuck them!”

Rose couldn’t have been happier with how things were going. Sure she could be controlling and manipulative and she loved being in charge and busting people’s balls when they didn’t do things her way, but she mostly loved to see people having a good time. She was a people pleaser, especially when the people she was pleasing were beautiful shemales like her. Seeing everyone having a great time made her cock even harder and she could feel her balls filling up with a new, fresh load of cum that was aching to shoot out of her.

Everyone was so hard and happy and having fun and Rose was pleased as punch with how things were going, especially because she knew this wasn’t even close to the end of the fun today.

Jennifer was getting nice and hard again from this too and while Ariel sucked Katy, jacked off Kate and Rose and rode Scarlett, Jennifer began smacking her cock against the teenager’s face. She playfully spanked her cheek with her growing hard-on and Ariel moaned, her mouth full of cock, over the naughty treatment.

“You’re such a pretty whore! Taking on all our big fucking dicks!” Jennifer moaned. “You love it, don’t you whore? Mmmm fuck I know I love it! I love being around sexy fucking dickgirls all the time and sucking and fucking those big, yummy boners! I’m a fucking whore like you Ariel! We all are! We all love big cocks and hot cum and big tits and fat asses! You’re going to be one of us now! You’re going to get our loads dumped on you and you’ll be a sticky, slutty mess just like we all were when we got initiated!”

Ariel was so turned on by what Jennifer was saying that she pulled off Katy and, without a word, began sucking off Jennifer instead. She immediately tasted her own freshly fucked ass all over Jennifer’s cock and she happily slurped it clean, wetly sucking off her new friend’s cock while jacking off Kate and Rose and feeling Kat throb between her tits and Scarlett stuffing her ass. She was surrounded by hard dickgirls and Ariel loved it.

“Ohhhh yessssss fucking cocksucking slut! Mmmm swallow my dick! Taste your big fucking teen butt all over it!” Jennifer groaned as Kat began playing with her tits and making Jennifer’s nipples freshly stiff over the renewed attention to them.

But Ariel didn’t stay on one cock for long. She pulled off of Jennifer after a few more wet slurps and then started sucking off Kate. She jacked the model off and played with her balls while inhaling her dick into her mouth and then, just as quickly as she had started, Ariel pulled off and turned her head toward Rose so she could suck off her gorgeous baldheaded hostess.

The buzzcut beauty moaned in pleasure from the teenager’s blowjob, her soft, wet lips bobbing up and down her long pale, pink inches. But Ariel didn’t stay long with Rose either. She pulled off her and then went after Britney, sucking her girlfriend off again. Then it was Kat’s turn as Ariel let the brunette pull out of her cleavage and fuck her mouth instead. Ariel relished tasting her own tit sweat off Kat’s cock and she felt her whole body really dripping with perspiration as she sucked everyone off and let them take turns violating her mouth.

Ariel had never done anything like this in her life but it came so naturally to her. She just went with the lust she felt for all of these hard cocks and began sucking everyone she could. She went from Kat to Britney again back to Katy and then Jennifer and Rose and Kate again and then onto another hard prick until she lost track of who she was sucking off. Ariel was in a cocksucking frenzy and she loved it. She had never felt happier or freer in her life.

Not everyone waited their turn but Ariel didn’t mind. As she sucked Katy, Rose stuck her cock in her mouth too, making her gag and choke from two meaty, pink pricks violating her teenage mouth. Then she would pull off to suck on Kat again and Jennifer eagerly pushed her penis in too, making her suck off two cocks again while Britney and Kate slapped their erections against her big, bouncing teen tits and the others impatiently looked for more by rubbing their cocks and balls into her face, reminding her that she served them all now. Ariel had cocks on her tits and in her mouth and smacking against her face and she never wanted it to end.

As she began blowing everyone, Ariel still had Scarlett inside her and the gorgeous woman loved what was happening. They were all completely lost in the moment and Scarlett could feel herself losing control as she pushed into Ariel and the teenager responded to every thrust by bouncing up and down more on her prick.

“Yeah! Take on all those fucking cocks! Stuff them all in your mouth and suck them all!” Scarlett moaned, remembering how good it had felt to be on her knees at her initiation and have two and sometimes even three cocks stuffed into her mouth at once like she was a total whore for cock and cum. “I’m going to nut in your ass Ariel! Ohhh fuck I’m going to blow my load right into this hot teen butt! Fuckkk ohhh fuck you’re so tight and hot baby! I love fucking you Ariel! Mmmm your big ass is made for fucking baby and my cock feels so good in it!”

Ariel would have happily urged Scarlett to come inside her but she couldn’t, not with Britney and Katy’s cocks in her mouth making her gag while Rose fucked her tits and Katy, Jennifer and Kat all rubbed their nuts against her chin and cheeks and nose and even her forehead to make sure they knew she belonged to them and they were next to get sucked. So it fell to Kat to encourage her friend.

“Yeah! Come inside her! Fill her ass up with that creamy spunk of yours!” Kat cheered. “C’mon Scarlett! Bust that nut up her ass! Fucking fill her up like you did that time we DPd Natalie Portman and I fucked her pussy and you took her ass and we filled her up with so much sperm it was dripping out of her slutty holes! Oooooh and that whore just wanted us to do it harder and nastier! Mmmm fuck her like we fucked Natalie!”

Both Scarlett and Kat fondly remembered how they had both gotten their shecocks into their beautiful co-star at the same time, fucking her ass together in a double anal that had Natalie squirting all over her sheets and the both of them filling her guts up with dickgirl semen. They hoped Ariel would be ready for that soon because they had both loved feeling their cocks rubbing together while they had fucked Natalie’s ass at the same time and they wanted to give it that way to the teenager too.

Just thinking about that had Scarlett going right over the edge. She ceased her thrusting and instead grabbed onto Ariel’s ass cheeks, gripping the girl’s meaty buns as her balls tensed up. Ariel immediately sensed what was happening and clenched her asshole tighter around Scarlett’s prick, applying the pressure that gave the perfect final touch.

“Fuckkkkk! Yeahhhh ohhhhhhhh fuckkk so good!” Scarlett grunted as her balls emptied inside Ariel, the streams of her hot semen filling the girl up just like Jennifer’s had before. “Take it newbie! Ooooooh fuck take this whole fucking load up your ass!”

Feeling that hot load inside her ass mixing with Jennifer’s had Ariel throbbing too. She wanted to touch her own cock so bad. It was jutting out and twitching without her even touching it at all and she knew a caress would send her over the edge too. Ariel needed to come as she felt Scarlett unloading inside her but she couldn’t, not when she still had to be initiated.

“Don’t you dare come yet!” Rose commanded, laying down the law for the new girl. “Take our cum first newbie! Time for your fucking initiation Ariel!”

The sound of that was so good that Ariel pulled her mouth off of Britney and Katy, leaving their cocks waving in the air with her saliva glistening on their engorged pink poles. Ariel gave a big smile as she felt Scarlett’s load dripping out of her ass while the woman’s cock softened inside her.

“Yessssssssss fucking initiate me!” Ariel urged. “Give me that cum bath! Soak me like a slut! Mmmm I want it so bad! I need that cum! I need to be one of you!”

“You have to say what you are first,” Britney told her lover as she thought back to her saying the words too at her own initiation years ago. “Say you’re a cum slut!”

“Yes! Oh fuck yes! I’m a cum slut!” Ariel enthusiastically agreed while looking at Kate, Britney, Kat, Rose Katy and Jennifer all jerking off right in front of her face. Those cocks were less than an inch away from her face as they surrounded her and she needed them all.

“Say you’re a cum whore!” Britney commanded, her speed of masturbation picking up as she felt herself get close to coming.

“Yesssssss I’m a dirty cum whore!” Ariel cried, her cock and balls aching for release as Scarlett pulled out of her and joined her friends in surrounding her, Scarlett’s soft, dangling cock reminding Ariel that her cum was leaking out of her ass at that very moment.

“Say you’re a beautiful fucking dick girl!” Rose added, increasing the pace of her own jerking off too along with everyone else. “Say chicks with dicks fucking rule!”

And Ariel had no doubt that it was all true. Confidence was soaring inside her like never before.

“Yessssssss we fucking rule! Chicks with dicks rule!” Ariel agreed, saying it for own benefit as well as for all her new friends. “I’m a beautiful dick girl! I love having a big fucking cock and balls! I’m a nasty, slutty chick with a dick and I fucking love it! Fucking come all over me! I want it all! I love my cock! I love all of your cocks! I want your cum! Bathe me in it!”

Britney and Rose shared a look and a smile. Ariel was more than ready and they let her have it, jerking themselves off until they exploded, jets of cum shooting out of their cocks onto Ariel’s face as they unleashed together.

“Ooooooh yesssssss yessssssssss more! Gimmie more cum!” Ariel squealed in pleasure as sperm soaked her face.

Ariel eagerly stuck her tongue out to catch the gooey white jets coming from Britney and Rose as they squirted all over her face. She could feel their loads on her lips and chin and nose and onto her tongue too as soon they were joined by the others. Kate was the next to unload and her cock blasted cum all over Ariel’s tongue, shooting three jets of it down her open mouth before she spurted the last remaining blasts of her semen onto Ariel’s big, hanging tits.

And as Kate soaked Ariel’s rack, so did Kat. With a happy grunt she unleashed her first load of the day and splattered her huge helping of jizz all over Ariel’s fat chest. Ariel moaned in sticky bliss over the cum on her boobs and Kat kept coming, shooting all over her tits as the load that had been forming in her balls all day finally escaped.

It was Katy’s turn next and she happily added to the cum bath by painting Ariel’s face. Moaning and gasping, Katy squirted her load onto the teenager, coating her with white, sticky jets on her lips and tongue and even shooting up to her forehead and hair as she totally lost control of her own load, masturbating furiously as she came. And as Katy was unleashing onto Ariel’s face, Jenifer coaxed her second load out of her own throbbing cock and blasted Ariel’s face even more, glazing her like a donut as sperm shot out all over the girl.

“Ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh yesssssss yesssssssss sooooo good!” Ariel moaned before, relishing every sticky drop on her face and tits. And then it got even better when Britney got down on her belly and shoved her tongue right into her asshole.

Ariel hadn’t been expecting it but Britney surprised her, getting down between her legs and spreading them open even more. Ariel fell onto her back and let Britney spread her legs into a V so she could start licking her well-fucked hole. Ariel’s eyes widened in giddy surprise over the sudden rim job from her lover and Britney’s tongue hungrily licked her tender hole, tasting Scarlett and Jennifer’s sperm and swallowing it down.

And, just like Britney had wanted, the pleasure of having her raw hole cleaned out, set Ariel off. The girl could feel cum all over herself making a sticky mess everywhere and having Britney’s tongue in her asshole made Ariel come too without the girl even needing to touch herself.

“Oh fuck!” Ariel cried out in ecstasy as her cock exploded from Britney’s licking.

Ariel felt sperm start to erupt from her cock like a volcano and she reached down to grab herself. She grasped onto her own cock as she came and started to furiously play with herself to make the orgasm even more intense. Being taken like this and feeling so in touch with her own body and her sexuality made Ariel come like she never had before and her load was massive, far bigger than the one she had just filled Kate’s ass up with.

The cum shot out of Ariel’s cock, not just landing on her stomach but onto her tits as well. And with Britney licking her cum filled asshole and Ariel’s hands working over her own cock and balls more jets than usual exploded out of her cock. Ariel came so hard she even felt it splash on her face and as she kept her mouth open to grunt and moan and cry out in pleasure her cum even fell into her mouth from how hard she shot.

“Hollllly shit,” Ariel groaned from how much she came and how good it felt as she lay back in exhaustion on the ground by the pool.

“Mmmm now you’re one of us, for real,” Britney said with a sexy smile as she pulled up from her girlfriend and proceeded to kiss Ariel on the lips.

Ariel returned the kiss right away and even though it was a soft, tender kiss from her lover, it was still a very naughty one because Britney had Jennifer and Scalett’s cum on her tongue and she fed it to Ariel as their tongues rubbed together. Britney pulled herself right on top of Ariel so they could kiss even more intently and as their bare tits touched, their soft penises rubbed together too, something the sexy pair always loved to do after they had made love.

But what Ariel had just experienced had been nothing like making love It had been hot and nasty and it had been the best experience of her life. Not only was she immensely sexually satisfied but she felt a part of something now, something wonderful and special.

“Okay, I think we need to cool down a bit now that newbie’s been initiated,” Rose announced. “Everyone in the pool!”

That sounded good to everyone and they all dove in happily, splashing around and nakedly frolicking in the water. With eight happy dickgirls in the water even the large pool started to get crowded but no one minded as they washed off their sweaty sexual exertion in the pool.

There was laughter and giddiness as everyone played around in the water naked, tits, asses and cocks all boldly exposed without a care in the world. Everyone was jiggling in all the right places and they all knew that while this was a refreshing break, they were all going to want more and this pool party was just getting started.

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