Workout Gone Wrong

Title: Workout Gone Wrong

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Carrie Underwood

Codes: MF, rape, anal, oral, viol

Disclaimer:  The following story is fantasy, and not real in any way. For feedback, I can be reached at

You just never know when you’re going to get a chance in life, or what you’ll do with it when you get it.

In my case, the chance I got was not only to meet Carrie Underwood, the easy #1 girl on my fantasy fuck list, but also to have a “private workout” with her.

It was all a part of the latest promotion she was doing with her Calia by Carrie workout wear line, but you can rest assured that the kind of workout I wanted to give her and the kind of workout she was going to do as part of the contest were two very different things.

Because Carrie didn’t know it at the time, but what she thought was just going to be a normal workout to get her closer to her fans was going to end with her getting fucked by me, and I wasn’t in any mood by the time the day of the workout came to give her a choice in the matter.

I chose the workout setting for many reasons, of course, not the least of which was that she would be at her most vulnerable after such a vigorous workout, but she would also be wearing as little as possible for it, with the intent of showing off her clothing line.

But all that was going to do was leave me little work to get to her tight body before I wrecked it.

So when I arrived at the private studio where the workout was going to be happening, I did my best to put on a harmless façade when Carrie came up to me in a tight little purple shirt and short little flower pattern shorts, looking just as amazing and rapeable as I was hoping she would.

“Hi Carrie. Pleasure to meet you finally. Always been a big fan,” I told her, letting the word big linger in the air as I felt my cock twitching in my shorts at the site of her tits staring at me as she bent down to tie her shoes.

“I’m gonna be inside you soon,” I thought to myself as I looked down her shirt, then let my eyes wander to her long, sexy legs that any straight man would kill to have wrapped around them while they were fucking her.

“Well thanks for coming out today. If everything goes well, I hope I can do this promotion every year,” she told me as she led me over to the yoga mats laid out on the wood floor of the studio and started to stretch out, my dick almost blowing its load at the mere sight of her ass in my face.

“I really don’t think it’s gonna work out so well for you,” I thought to myself as I imagined my dick slicing through her tight little married pussy and cumming inside of her over and over again, forcing myself to think about other things until the time was right to take her.

“How should I begin Carrie?” I asked her as I loosened up, Carrie giving me a nice look at her tits again as she bent over and told me to start with the yoga poses she was doing.

The workout went well for me, mostly due to the fact that I slacked off on actually doing most of what she was doing because I was too busy staring at her ass and legs, only able to catch myself and start going through the motions of it just before she caught me.

“How you doing over there? Let me know if it’s too difficult for you,” she called over to me as she did some one-handed pushups while I halfheartedly did some of my own while visions of my cock pushing in and out of Carrie’s pussy danced in my head.

“Oh…yeah. Just fine Carrie. Really starting to feel the burn,” I told her, drawing a sexy little giggle from her as she went about finishing her push-ups.

“Damn. I think it’s about time I did something about this or I’ll blow before I even get inside of her,” I told myself as she started doing squats in front of me, her tight ass so close I could’ve touched it as she instructed me to get two yoga balls out of the equipment closet.

“I’ve got 2 balls for you. And a cock, too,” I thought to myself as I came back with the balls, watching as Carrie immediately started doing back bends, stretching out her sexy body around the ball and growing rock-hard at the site of her legs spreading.

“W-what a-are y-you d-doing?” Carrie stammered when I suddenly came into her view, fear in her eyes as she saw me standing naked in front of her.

“Is this really a work-out session or is it just an excuse for you to cock-tease one of your biggest fans, you little teasing cunt?” I sneered as I climbed on top of her stretched-out body and pulled her shorts down, causing her to cry out in fear at what was to come.

“I don’t know what you’re-MMMMPPPPHHHHHH,” she moaned, one of my hands covering her mouth as the other roamed freely over her tight body in her vulnerable state.

“I don’t want to hear another thing out of you unless it’s the sound of you moaning in orgasm as I’m fucking you Carrie,” I hissed as I forced a kiss on her, the ball providing a stable base for me to hold her against as I slid her panties off and pulled her shirt and bra over her head, laughing as they hit the floor on their own due to her stretched-out state.

“You want a workout? I’ll give your body a workout it will never forget Carrie,” I promised her as I looked into her eyes and ran my dick along her pussy lips, sliding it into her and beginning to thrust in and out of her in one motion.

“UH, UH. It…hurts…” she moaned as she tried to fight me off, her weakened state from the workout she had already gotten in making her powerless to stop me as I thrust myself deeper and deeper into her.

“Feel the burn bitch,” I taunted her as she arched her back around the ball in response to me throwing her legs up on my shoulders, her tight, fit body being stretched to its limits in the position I was fucking her in just as my dick was stretching out her tight pussy to its breaking point.

“Cum for me Carrie. Use that beautiful voice of yours to scream for me,” I taunted her as I started sucking on her tits, her walls wrapping my dick up tightly as she started to arch her back even higher in the air, her body stretched out from one end of the ball to the other as I forcibly wrapped her legs around my waist, Carrie stifling a moan the whole time.

“YEAH, that’s it. Cum for me Carrie. From this position I’ll be able to shoot my cum so deep into you that you’ll feel it sloshing around inside of you for days,” I sneered as my mouth attached itself to her tits, licking and sucking on her nipples as I came in her.

“FUCK…he’s gonna cum inside me…” Carrie whispered in a panicked state as I let loose inside of her, crying out in agony every time a shot of my cum entered her pristine pussy and made its way into her baby-making cavity.

“What’s the matter Carrie? Never had the cum of any man besides your husband inside of you, have you? Well too damn bad,” I taunted her as I filled her up, her body still contorted around the yoga ball as I shot the last of my load into her and pulled out of her.

“That’s what you get for being a cock-tease Carrie,” I hissed as I grabbed her by her pony tail and forced her to her knees, a look of lust in my eyes as I addressed her.

“This workout is just getting started Carrie. But since it looks like you need a cool-down, why don’t you suck on it for a while?” I commanded her, watching as she shakily wrapped her hands around my dick and started jerking it off.

“Okay. W-whatever you say. Just don’t hurt me,” she whispered as she took one look around the studio, looking for a way out.

“I’m not going to hurt you unless I have to Carrie. At least not physically,” I told her as she released my dick and tried to crawl away, sensing that was her last chance to make a break for it.

“Maybe if this was a fair fight you would have escaped. Unfortunately for you, it’s not. Now SUCK!” I taunted her as I slapped her face, making her recoil in pain as she led my dick to her mouth.

‘Keep sucking Carrie. There are so many things I still need to put your body through,” I taunted her as I wrapped my hands around the back of her head and forced her further down onto my dick, nearly choking her with it as she struggled to get air around it.

“UUUUNNNNNGGGGGGHHHH,” she moaned as I drove my hips into her face, my only concern being to feel the sensation of me cumming down her throat as soon as I could so I could put it in her pussy again.

“Cumming,” I hissed as I slapped the back of her head and yanked on her pony tail, forcing my dick to the very back of her throat as I came in her mouth.

“MMMPPPPPHHHH! Enough! You got what you wanted!” Carrie shouted as she tried to make it to her phone, only to stumble and fall as she took a few steps.

“Not yet, I haven’t Carrie. Because what I want is to wreck your pussy,” I told her as I grabbed her hips and pulled her over to me.

“Since you like “downward-facing dog” so much, why don’t I fuck you while you do some yoga stretches?” I sneered as I gave her a palm strike to the spine, forcing her into the down-dog position with her ass in the air and her pussy staring me right in the face as I lined my dick up with it and slid it into her again.

“Stretch for me Carrie,” I commanded her, feeling her snug cunt walls swallowing up my dick and taking it deeper and deeper inside of her with every thrust I made into her as Carrie struggled to escape my grasp.

“Struggling only makes your pussy tighter for me Carrie. That’s why I chose to stick it in you from this position,” I taunted her as she shot daggers at me in the mirror, hanging her head down and assuming the position I wanted her in as I attacked her pussy again.

“Just hurry up and cum in me you nasty bastard,” she sneered, hanging her head down again rather than look at me in the mirror.

“LOOK AT ME CUNT!” I yelled at her as I yanked on her pony tail, her ass and pussy both clenching in response, my dick starting to throb at the feeling of her pussy putting more and more pressure on it.

“Cum for me like the worthless slut you are,” I taunted her when I felt her vaginal muscles starting to pull on my dick again, trickles of her cunt juice running down the base of it as I grabbed her by the hips and shot my load into her again as I buried myself inside of her.

“YEAH. Let me fill this pussy up with another load of my cum. Maybe I’ll get real lucky and put a baby inside you Carrie. Just like I’ve always wanted to do,” I whispered in her ear as I reached around and squeezed her tits as the last of my seed entered her.

“If that’s what you were after the joke’s on you, because I’m on the pill, you loser!” she shouted as I yanked on her pony tail, causing her to yelp in pain as I forced her aching, tired body back into the downward-dog position.

“Still not gonna stop me from having some more fun with you Carrie,” I sneered as I ran my dick over her ass cheeks, making her shiver from head to toe as I pulled away from her only to slide my dick into her tight ass and start thrusting into her.

“FUCK. This ass is even tighter than your pussy,” I moaned as I drilled her back door, her anal ring putting the squeeze on my dick as I thrust in and out of her.

“UUNNNGGGGHHH. UUNNNNGGGGGHHH,” she moaned out in pain as I pulled on her pony tail once more, her sphincter muscles clamping down on my dick I buried it balls-deep inside of her and held myself there.

“Someone’s cumming,” I taunted her as I placed a hand on her pussy, feeling her juices starting to leak out all over them as I thrust into her ass one last time and came deep into her bowels, flooding them with a fresh load of my cum.

“Since you seem to be enjoying this so much, why don’t we finish up by doing some push-ups?” I taunted her as I threw her back down onto the yoga mat, her body too sore and violated to even try to run this time as I straddled her, pinned her arms over her head and lined my dick up with her cunt again.

“I’m gonna make you take an active part in this fuck Carrie. So wrap those sexy long legs of yours around my waist and every time I push down, I want you to use your legs to push me inside of you,” I directed her, Carrie trying with all of her might to push me off of her.

“And if you don’t, this will happen,” I told her as I wrapped both my hands around her throat, lightly squeezing just enough to let her know I wasn’t playing.

“So let’s do some push-ups together,” I sneered as I pushed my dick into her tightening pussy, her legs as tight as they could get around my waist as I started pushing up and down, jackhammering into her pussy every time I pushed down.

“I bet you do this kind of kinky shit with your husband. But I bet I do it better,” I taunted her as I quickened the pace of my push-ups, which in turn quickened the pace of my thrusts in and out of her pussy, causing her walls to wrap tightly around my dick.

“MMMPPPHHHH,” she moaned as I blasted away at her cunt, her walls finally starting to give in from the beating they had taken as I pushed myself down, burying myself into her pussy for the final time after exactly 50 push-ups, and 50 thrusts into her cunt.

“Cum for me if you want me to let you go, you cock-teasing country slut,” I sneered as I thrust in and out of her a few more times, her limp body giving out on her one last time as she tensed up and shot a fresh load of her cream onto my dick as I sucked on her tits.

“And now for the big finish,” I told her as I came roughly and powerfully into her, her eyes rolling back into her head at the feeling of my cum rushing out from my cock and deep into her pussy again.

“OH YEAH. Just a little more and I’ll be done,” I whispered to her as I filled her cunt a few more times, her body still limp as I pulled out of her.

“Thanks for the workout Carrie. Your pussy was every bit as good as I always dreamed it would be,” I told her as she defiantly told me she was going to put me away for life for raping her.

“We’ll see about that slut,” I told her as I snapped a pic of her cum-drenched pussy, then took a full-body shot of her as she tried to crawl away from me.

“I just had my workout with Carrie Underwood. The workout was really hot sex in a closed yoga studio and I have the pictures to prove it,” I typed into my phone, showing it to Carrie as I made my next move.

“YOU BASTARD! DON’T SHOW THOSE TO ANYONE ELSE!” she shouted at me, panicking at the idea of her career being ended because of me.

“I don’t intend to Carrie. As long as you play nice and don’t tell anyone what happened here. But the minute you squeal, I’m showing these pics to your husband and telling him all about how we had hot, consensual sex in here,” I told her, showing her visible proof of her husband’s number in my phone.

“I HATE YOU!” she seethed at me before bursting into tears as I calmly got dressed, gathered my things and left, sneering at her and snapping one last post-sex pic of her ravaged body as I left.

“I got what I wanted Carrie, so I really don’t care. If you don’t want your career ruined, you know what to do,” I once again reminded her as I walked out, blowing her a kiss and leaving her in a crying heap of sweat and cum as I departed, having gotten from her what most men would kill to get, and satisfied that I would also get away with it.

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