Somethin’ Slutty Bout to Happen

Title: Somethin’ Slutty Bout to Happen

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Carrie Underwood

Codes: M+F, cons, anal, oral

Disclaimer: The following story is fantasy, and not real in any way. For feedback, I can be reached at

As it had been every year since she had been doing it, it was clear after a few weeks of being into it that Carrie Underwood’s new version of the “Sunday Night Football” theme song, sung to the tune of her hit duet with Miranda Lambert “Somethin’ Bad” was a hit.

So much so this time around, as it turned out, that her old high school in her hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma, had recently called her up with an idea to do the same for them.

“Absolutely I’ll do it. Nothing I like more than getting the chance to come back home. Especially to do something like this for them,” Carrie told the principal of her school as she hung up the phone with the principal of her high school, bounding away to make the final arrangements of the trip.

“I should give those guys a special treat and wear the exact same dress I wore when I did the original one,” Carrie told herself as she packed away the black dress she had worn for the new recording of the NBC intro and relaxed for a few days until the day she was to leave for home again.

It was refreshing for Carrie to return home and see that her little small town where she had grown up had refused to change just like she had, and except for the road sign just outside of town proclaiming themselves the “home of Carrie Underwood”, you’d be hard pressed to find any sign of them even mentioning her.

That never stopped them from rolling out the red carpet for her every time she returned home, though, and this was no exception, as the school and the entire town were welcoming her with open arms and relishing the chance to have her be a part of their Friday nights from now on.

“Hey, nice to meet you. I’m Carrie,” Carrie went down the line as she introduced herself to all the football players on Checotah’s team, trying not to blush too much at the way they were obviously gushing all over her and staring at her legs and ass in the dress she was now wearing.

“Keep it together Carrie. You’re here to do a job for them. Not let them run a train on you afterwards,” Carrie told herself as she went around talking to them, finding it harder and harder not to feel a stirring between her legs at the way they were worshipping her so much.

“Thanks for giving me such a warm welcome. It’s always nice to come back home and be made to feel like I’m a part of something here, even after all of these years,” Carrie said into the microphone she was handed, once again blushing a little at the way the crowd was eating out of her hand and hanging on every word she said.

“I just know you boys are going to love this,” Carrie said to a few of the guys on the team when she finished her speech, a few of them noticeably staring at her ass and legs once more, which prompted their coach to come over.

“Okay. If ya’ll could please give Carrie some space, I think we’re ready to record this now,” he told them, sending them into the locker room as Carrie took a few moments to get into performance mode and left to go into the school auditorium.

“And action!” the drama instructor at the school, who was also doubling as the director said before getting out of the way and letting Carrie do her thing.

“Ooohhh Friday night…” Carrie began, before bursting into the song as she made the walk from the auditorium to the football field and locker room, recreating various scenes from her SNF open, and giving several of the players on the team the chance to be in the video, every single one of them staring at her ass and her legs as she walked past them.

“CHECOTAH! Looks like “somethin’ bad” is about to happen to your opponents tonight,” Carrie said into her microphone at the end of the recording,

“Alright. That’s a wrap! Carrie, thanks for doing this. It really means a lot to them. I think some of them wanted to get autographs from you, so if you could go find them in the locker room, that would be great,” the coach told her, sending Carrie off to fulfill that request.

“Any time you guys, or anyone here in Checotah, want anything from me, just ask. I’ll never be too big for this place,” Carrie said to principal and the mayor before heading off to the locker room, finding one of the players alone inside of it.

“Hey there. You’re the quarterback, right? I always did see myself as the kind of girl to marry a high school quarterback. Before the whole “marriage to a hockey player” thing happened,” Carrie told him, growing a little hotter than she should have at the thought of hooking up with him.

“You know I stared at your ass during the shoot right? And a few of my friends and teammates stared at your legs. And who can blame us? You really are amazing…” he told her, leaning into her and wishing he could get something from her other than an autograph.

“It’s kinda hot that I still have it enough to make high school boys want to fuck me,” Carrie told him as she hit her knees in front of him, unable to deny the way she felt anymore.

“Sucking cock isn’t REALLY cheating. So you’re about to be the luckiest boy in Checotah,” Carrie told him as she looked up at him with want in her eyes and wrapped her hands around his dick.

“Looks like “somethin’ slutty” is about to happen now Carrie…” he teased her as she ran her hands over his dick a few times and responded.

“This never leaves the locker room,” she told him as she led his dick to her mouth and started sucking on it, his hands quickly going to the back of her head as she worked him over.
“FUCK…suck it Carrie…whatever you want…” he moaned as his hands ran through her golden locks, her mouth suctioning him off as she sucked away on his dick, not noticing two of his teammates walking into the locker room or their eyes lighting up at the site of Carrie on her knees sucking off their on-field leader.

“MMM…” Carrie moaned from around his dick, beginning to really lose herself in her work as one of the other boys came up behind her, hiked up her dress and pushed her panties away as he dropped his pants and freed his cock.

“I’m going to fuck your pussy Carrie,” he whispered in her ear, Carrie wanting to come off of the cock she was sucking and protest how far she was letting things go, only to be gently pushed back onto it as the one behind her ran his dick over pussy lips and slid into her.

“And I’m gonna fuck your ass,” the third boy told her, ramming his dick up her ass and starting to thrust in and out of her tight back door as the one in her pussy audibly grunted at the feeling of her tight cunt walls swallowing up his cock as he started fucking her.

“UH,” she moaned from around the cock she was sucking on, gently pushing her hips back towards the one that was starting to thrust in and out of her most intimate area.

“Keep sucking,” the one she was sucking off told her, her tight cunt walls grabbing and clinging to the cock inside of her as the one fucking her grabbed her hips in a death grip and pounded on her pussy.

“FUCK…you feel so good…” he whispered as he drove himself in and out of her, her walls putting more and more pressure on him as the one she was sucking on buried itself at the back of her throat.

“Gonna cum…” the one in her mouth said as she wrapped her hands around his cock and started deep-throating it, starting to panic a little when the guy in her pussy said the same thing to her.

“SHIT…YEAH. Made you cum Carrie. Gonna fill you up soon,” he told her as she stiffened up and fired off a few rounds of her cum onto his dick, the one in her mouth holding her against his cock.

“Cum in her,” he mouthed to the one fucking her pussy, Carrie concerning herself more with swallowing the cum filling her mouth then the cum that was about to be filling her womb as the cock in her pussy went off, shooting copious amounts of thick, sticky teenage seed deep inside of her.

“My turn,” the one fucking her ass whispered to her, finally coming to his own orgasm a few seconds behind his friends and shooting several loads of his seed deep into her bowels.

“I’ve already let things get too far. Might as well make sure all three of you go home happy now,” Carrie whispered to the one who had just cum down her throat as he pulled away from her and got behind her, switching places with the one who had just been in her ass as Carrie began to suck him off while the one that had been in pussy moved to her ass.

“Feels kind of nice to embrace my slutty side…OHGOD…” she hissed as she went to work on the one she was sucking off, the ones in her pussy and ass already plowing away inside of her as she began to blow him.

“I always figured you had it in you somewhere,” the one in her pussy teased as he thrust in and out of her in perfect rhythm with the one in her ass, rocking her body as she sucked on the one in her mouth, the dress still balled up at her waist as she got triple-teamed for the second time.

“OHGOD…OHGOD…UH…UH…” she moaned, her eyes starting to roll back in her head as she wrapped her hands around the one she was sucking and deep-throated it.

“FUCK…gonna cum in you soon…” the one fucking her pussy whispered, grabbing a hold of her hips and starting to drill her deeper and harder as the one in her ass buried himself in her bowels.

“Give it to me…” Carrie whimpered, more turned on than she could ever remember being as she licked the head of the one in her mouth and took him to the back of her throat, the ones in her pussy and ass following suit by going balls-deep inside of her.

“FUCK…” all three of them moaned, the one in her mouth nearly choking her as he came down her throat, while the ones in her pussy and ass followed closely behind, the pressure Carrie’s cumming cunt was putting on the one in her snatch too much for him to handle as he came deep into her pussy, giving her a second load of thick, sticky seed into her cunt as the one in her ass did likewise, spewing its contents deep into her ass.

“Switch,” the three boys said to each other, the one in her mouth now moving to her pussy as the one in her ass moved to her mouth, leaving the one that had been in her pussy to move to her ass as they triple-teamed her one last time.

“It’ll all be over soon Carrie. But we’ll never forget this,” the one in her pussy said to her as he started moving in and of her, Carrie’s tight walls still wrapping as tightly around his dick as they had the others as she sucked away on the third of their cocks while the one in her ass drove in and out of her.

“FUCK…this is so hot…I wonder if anyone in this town knows how slutty you actually are…” the one drilling her pussy teased her as she sucked the life out of the one in her mouth, pretty sure she had never felt as slutty as she did right now.

“Fuck me…don’t stop…” Carrie purred as they had their way with all of her holes, Carrie standing in a pool of sweat and sex juices as they pounded away on her for the third time, smiling on the inside that she had given them each a chance to have all of her holes.

“You ready to cum boys?” the one in her mouth said to his friends and teammates as he buried his dick at the back of her throat, the one in her pussy sliding balls-deep into her and the one in her ass filling up her bowels as much as he could as they closed in on another orgasm together.

“Come on boys. Fuck me. Pound me and cum in all my slutty holes…” Carrie whispered as she pulled off the cock she was sucking on, catching even herself by surprise with how slutty that sounded, going back to work on the cock she was sucking on as the ones in her pussy and ass picked up the pace of their strokes into her, her slutty pep talk to them taking them over the edge once more.

“Cumming…” they all three said, almost right on top of each other as the one in her mouth pushed himself to the back of her throat and came, flooding her mouth with another load to swallow as the in her cunt came deep inside of her, filling her up with a third load of cum as the one in her ass shot another load deep into her bowels, all three boys pulling out of her and about to go on their way when Carrie called out to them.

“Don’t leave yet boys,” she called out to them, a hand sliding over her pussy, her fire still having not been put out yet down there.

“Obviously you’ve all had your own personal sexual fantasies about me. The foursome was fun, but how about I give all three of you one more run at my slutty pussy. In any position you want me in,” she told them, smiling to herself as the boys started falling over themselves to be the first to live out their fantasy with her.

“How about it QB? Wanna go long?” Carrie whispered to the one she knew only as the quarterback, making out with him and letting him place her flat on her back on the bench as he climbed on top of her and finally fully removed her of her dress.

“You don’t even know my name Carrie. But you’re making my dreams come true anyway,” he told her as he made out with her some more, lining his stiff dick up with her still heated-up pussy and slid it back into her.

“It’s hotter this way. Trust me,” she told him as he started thrusting in and out of her, her long legs wrapping around his waist and the feeling of her boots digging into his skin turning him on even more as he fucked her for what he knew would be his final time.

“Yeah, wrap them sexy legs around me. But it’s only fair to warn you I’ll really be testing out their flexibility soon,” he teased her as he drove himself in and out of her, loving the feeling of her legs wrapped around him as he buried himself in her pussy, sucking on her tits as he did so.
“I’m yours to do whatever with this time around,” she reminded him as he took her legs and placed them on his shoulders, allowing himself to slide even deeper inside of her as he placed his elbows under her knees and started pushing them towards her head.

“UH…FUCK YES. I love it when guys test my flexibility while they’re fucking me,” Carrie moaned approvingly as he pinned her legs over her head, audibly grunting when he felt her pussy start squeezing on his cock.

“OHGOD…cum for me Carrie…gonna shoot deep this time…” he moaned as he worked his way in and out of her cunt, her walls still putting the squeeze on him as she came for him, her eyes rolling back into her head as she went limp for him.

“Cumming…” he softly moaned as he lurched his hips into her one last time, shouting out in victory as he came into her pussy, spilling wave after wave of his seed deep into her womb as he held himself inside of her, making sure to plant all of his seed deep inside of her before pulling out of her.

“That was way better than just an autograph,” he told her as he kissed her one last time, humping her when he felt her wrapping her legs around his waist once more, before finally disengaging from her.

“My turn,” the next of the boys told her, identifying himself only as the tight end who had enjoyed her “tight end” before anyone else as he wrapped her in his arms and made out with her.

“Up against the lockers Carrie,” he told her lovingly as he picked her up and carried her the few feet from the bench to the lockers, trapping her against one of them as he lined his dick up with her pussy and slid into her.

“UH…MMM…I think you have the biggest cock of all of them…” Carrie lovingly told him as she hooked her boot-clad legs around his waist and threw her head back against the locker, her cunt already starting to spasm around his thrusting dick.

“That’s what my girlfriend says too…” he told her in response, taking one of her nipples into his mouth and starting to suck on it as he pounded her pussy into submission.

“UH…FUCK…OHGOD…fuck me with that dick…” Carrie mewled, her voice barely able to carry above a whisper due to all the screaming she had been doing.

“Every time we come in here, we’re gonna remember getting to fuck you,” he told her as he took her other nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it, her pussy clamping down on his dick as she came for him.

“C-cumming…” she moaned as she closed her eyes, her head resting against the locker as he made his final assault on her pussy, thin trickles of her cunt cream painting his dick as he buried himself balls-deep inside of her and started cumming inside of her again.

“Fuck…fill my pussy…” Carrie whispered, her hands running through his hair as he shot his load into her, finally feeling him stop moving hips back and forth after firing all he had left to give inside of her, kissing her one last time as he pulled out of her and turned to go, telling her how she had just let him fulfill every fantasy he had ever had about her.

“So…you’re the last one, huh stud? What’s it gonna be?” Carrie asked the last one of the three left in the locker room, letting him kiss her and lift her away from the lockers as he walked over to the bench.

“I’m a defensive lineman Carrie. It’s against my nature to not be in control of the action. But for you I can make an exception. Especially if you ride me like the Checotah country girl I know you are,” he softly told her as he laid on the bench and pulled her on top of him, feeling her already flexing her cunt muscles for him as she lowered herself onto his dick.
“FUCK…I always knew you’d be a great fuck in this position,” he teased her as he pushed his hips up into hers, her walls grabbing at his dick as she started rocking back and forth on it.

“OHGOD…such a hot cock…” Carrie moaned as she rode his dick, her eyes beginning to roll back in her head once more as she started cumming for him, the hours of constant pounding her tight holes had been talking starting to take its toll on her.

“Cum for me baby. Make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world,” he told her as he lifted his hips a little further off the bench and felt her rolling her hips in return, throwing her head back as she came for him one last time.

“OHGOD…I can be such a slut sometimes…” Carrie hissed as she lowered herself onto his dick one last time, shots of her cum drenching his cock as he held it inside of her and started thrusting up into her.

“But tonight you were our little football slut,” he teased her as he made one last push into her pussy and came inside of her, filling up her pussy with one last blast of sperm, sending waves of it rocketing deep into her cunt as she rode out her orgasm on top of him.

“Seeing your video every week and remembering what we did with you in here is really going to inspire us this season,” he joked with her as they made out against the wall, finally pulling away from her as the other two came up to her.

“When you boys win state, I’ll come back and we can do this again,” Carrie told them, having every intention to live up to her promise to them as they thanked her again, getting one last look at her ass and legs as Carrie quickly put the dress back on and scampered out of the locker room a few minutes before the boys left, hoping no one was the wiser to what she had just done with them as she headed off to her husband and son to continue her busy life as the biggest star in country music.

“Till next time Checotah. Here’s hoping I see those boys again in a few months,” Carrie told herself as she left town, her pussy already tingling at the thought of hooking up with them again.

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