Uber Attack Files Chapter 4

Title: Uber Attack Files Chapter 4

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Cassadee Pope

Codes: MF, rape, anal, oral, preg, viol

Disclaimer:  The following story is fantasy, and not real in any way. For feedback, I can be reached at john.garces01@gmail.com

The pregnancy that resulted from my attack on Paige had temporarily caused me to lay low, but within a few weeks, I was ready to seek out my next victim.

The authorities were still on my case, of course, but with Paige as unwilling to reveal my identity as Shay and Ashley had been, I was still free to roam the streets of LA looking for the next piece of celebrity pussy to conquer and call my own.

Of course, I was also starting to think my options were limited as far as knowing that both Hollywood and the wrestling world would currently be looking for me, but it turns out that wasn’t going to be a problem since it was Grammy awards night when I chose my next target.

That, of course, meant that every big music star was in town, and the after-party scene was going to be ripe with pussy.

And it didn’t take me very long to receive my first call that night.

Which unfortunately meant for Cassadee Pope that this would be a night she wouldn’t forget for a completely different reason.

It was no secret of course that Cassadee was in a very serious and very long-term relationship, but that sort of thing has obviously never stopped a professional pussy hound like me from seeking what I was after.

Fortunately for me, because I heard through the grapevine that they like to do their own thing, and thus travel separately a lot, I came to find out that Cassadee was indeed going to be alone on this night.

And as soon as she got inside my ride, I was already formulating my plan to get inside of her later, and the bright blue ensemble she was wearing, which appeared to be a one-piece and also gave me a face full of her tits as she bent down to crawl in the back seat was already giving me a raging hard-on.

“Hey Cass. Mind if I call you that? Anyway, big fan of you, so this is truly an honor to serve as your Uber driver tonight,” I told her, hoping she couldn’t see that I was checking her out as much as I was as I engaged her in what she thought was just innocent conversation as I drove her from her hotel to the show.

“Sure you can call me that sweetie. This is one of the nicer Uber vehicles I’ve ever been in,” she told me as she looked around, the ride to the venue not taking that long and politely ending the conversation when we arrived.

“See you later Cass. I’m looking forward to enjoying your company later,” I told her as she smiled and waved at me and told me the same thing.

“Not for the same reasons you think you will Cassadee…” I hissed under my breath as she bent down to write down the time she wanted me picking her up, giving me a nice look at her tits before turning around and giving me a nice look at her ass.

So a few hours later when it was time to pick her up I took special care to notice the alleyway behind the building where she wanted me to take her for the after party was as I arrived and parked in front of the awards venue and waited on her.

“Hello again Cass. Ready to go to the party? I asked her, knowing full well she was never going to make it there,

“Yes thanks. You know you’re one of the nicest Uber drivers I’ve ever met,” she told me as we talked, starting to become flustered when I took the conversation in a way she had no interest in it going.

“Maybe you’d like to reward this nice guy with some of what you have between your legs later Cassadee?” I asked her as I pulled into the alley, causing her to start looking around nervously as I quickly stopped the car and made my way to the back seat.

“I’m sorry if I was giving you the wrong impression. It’s not like that-MMMMMPPPPHHHH,” she started to say as I climbed on top of her, putting a hand over her mouth to silence her as my hand went inside her shirt.

“Quiet Cassadee. I know you want what’s about to happen to you, because you’ve been flirting with me all night. So you can either fight me and act like you don’t want it, or we can do this the easy way and you’ll give yourself to me willingly. I’m getting some pussy from you either way,” I told her as I fondled her tits and felt her start trying to push me away as I went in for a kiss.

“Have it your way…BITCH,” I hissed as I slapped her across the face, distracting her enough to rip the blue one-piece from her sexy body as I sat on her legs and quickly undressed myself.

“MMMPPPPPHHHHH! MMMMPPPPPHHHHH!” she screamed into my hand as I ran my dick along her cunt lips and slid into her pussy, beginning to thrust in and out of her, her hands clawing at me in an attempt to get me off of her.

“Clawing at me is only gonna make this seem like you want it slut,” I told her as she started slapping at my back, doing anything she could think of to stop me from raping her.

“You sure do have a tight little pussy Cassadee. I’m going to enjoy filling it up with my seed later,” I taunted her as I started sucking and biting down on her nipples, forcing her legs onto my shoulders as I started really pounding away on her.

“FUCK! GET OFF ME! I’LL NEVER LET YOU HAVE THAT PRIVILEGE YOU CREEP!” she shouted at me, trying to ball up her fist to hit me in the back when I grabbed her arms, pinned them over her head, and buried myself deep inside of her.

“I don’t remember asking you your opinion Cassadee!” I told her as I forced a kiss on her to cover up her moans, her pussy starting to clutch at my dick as I thrust away inside of her.

“Cum for me slut. Because I bet you’ll feel really good cumming for me as I drop a few loads in you,” I taunted her as I sucked on her tits, continuing to pin her arms over her head as she came for me, a few streams of her cunt cream coating my dick as I came deep inside of her.

“OHGOD…OHGOD…he did it…” she moaned out when she felt my cum shooting into her violated cunt, bursting into tears as I filled her up and kept right on thrusting into her.

“SHUT UP CUNT! I TOLD YOU I WAS GONNA GET SOME PUSSY FROM YOU ONE WAY OR THE OTHER!” I told her as I peppered her with back-handed slaps, causing her to cry out in pain and distract her temporarily from the fact that I was picking up the speed of my thrusts into her again.

“F-fucking l-leave me alone…” she cried out, defeat filling her voice as she started giving in to me, turning to face the seat back as I raped her for the second time.

“If you don’t want me putting it back inside of you, you better suck the cum off of it after I’m done filling you up again Cass,” I told her, having every intention to go back on my word as she shook her head yes and closed her eyes, just waiting for it to be over with.

“Cum for me bitch,” I taunted her as her walls started wrapping tightly around me again, her back arching as her body started betraying her, allowing me to forcibly wrap her legs around my waist as she spewed a few more rounds of her cum onto my dick.

“P-please not i-in m-me. I-I’ll get pregnant…” she begged me as I looked her in the eyes, spat on her to show her what I thought of her, and came deep into her pussy, grunting as I blew my load into her tight little baby factory for the second time.

“Then I guess you better suck it Cassadee…” I hissed as I threw her out the door, only to see her try to get to her feet and run away from me.

“You’re not going anywhere slut. Not until I’m through with you, anyway,” I hissed as I got out and kicked her in the ribs hard enough to cause her to spit up blood as I stood in front of her and placed my cock in front of her.

“UH,” she moaned, trying to crawl away as I pulled on her hips to bring her back to me.

“It’s not gonna suck itself Cassadee,” I sneered in her ear as I grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her head back, jamming my dick to the back of her throat and starting to thrust my hips into her face.

“MMMPPPPPHHHHH,” she moaned as I grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed her onto my dick, giving her no chance to pull away before she started to suck on it.

“Yeah. Suck it like the slut you are,” I told her as she started to suck away on it, her eyes filled with hate for me as she worked me over.

“I told you I was gonna have a lot of fun with you Cassadee. We’re only just getting started,” I hissed in her ear as she sucked on my cock, my hips slamming into her face and helping to drive me to the back of her throat.

“I can’t wait to cum down your throat so I can take your ass,” I taunted her as she started trying to pull away, only to be forcibly pushed back onto my dick as I started quickening my thrusts.

“Fighting me will get you nowhere Cassadee,” I taunted her as I forced my dick to the back of her throat and gave her a few more thrusts, forcing her as far onto my dick as I could get her as I came down her mouth.

“Swallow it or I’ll bash your skull into the side of the building bitch,” I sneered as she tried to pull away so she could spit it out, holding my dick at the back of her throat and cutting off her air until she drank it down.

“Up against the car bitch! I’m not through with you yet!” I shouted at her as I grabbed her and slammed her into the hood of my car, taking her breath away from her long enough that I had no trouble sliding into her ass and starting to rape her anal cavity.

“Why me? What did I ever do to you, you bastard?” she shouted at me, slamming her hands into the hood of my car and screaming out in pain as I drove my cock up her ass.

“You got into the vehicle of a known Uber rapist Cassadee. Everything I’m doing to you tonight is your fault,” I told her as she held her aching hands to her chest, her head resting on the hood of the car as she waited for me to finish with her.

“Just cum in my ass and get it over with,” she moaned through her cries for help every time she saw lights from a car passing on the main road ahead.

“If you insist,” I taunted her as I grabbed her hips and pulled them back into mine, burying myself deep in her ass as I grunted in her ear and sprayed my seed deep into her bowels, taunting her with every shot of my seed that made its way into her.

“Crawl to the cars all you want Cassadee. From over there it just looks like two people having a normal alley hook-up,” I taunted her as she got up and started running to the far side of the building, crying out in fright when I caught up to her.

“Gotcha slut. I’ve got to give you credit. You’re really making me work for this. Not that it’s doing you any good since you’re about to get raped again,” I mocked her as I pushed her up against the wall of the building she was supposed to be inside of having the time of her life.

“FUCK…not again pervert!” she shouted as I parted her legs and slid into her tight little pussy for the last time that night, aggressively parting her lips as I thrust in and out of her.

“I bet this ain’t the first time you’ve been fucked against a building Cassadee. And it’s probably not the only time you’ve enjoyed it, either,” I taunted her as I moved my dick back and forth inside of her, feeling her walls wrapping up my dick as I buried myself inside of her again.

“FUCK YOU! I’M NOT ENJOYING THIS YOU SICKO!” she shouted as I threw her legs around my waist and sucked on her tits, Cassadee resting her head back against the building, finally defeated as I raped her for the final time.

“Your body is saying otherwise…” I sneered when I felt strands of her cum starting to streak across my dick again as I thrust it in and out of her, sucking on her tits as I started quickening my strokes into her.

“I should be paying you for this slut. That’s how good your pussy is,” I whispered to her as her eyes rolled into her head, her body unable to resist the constant sexual pounding it was receiving.

“GO TO HELL,” she hissed as I grabbed her hips and came deep into her clutching pussy, forcing a kiss on her as I shot my wad deep into her womb for the last time.

“I’ll be taking this,” I told her as I pulled out of her and walked over to her phone, laughing at her as I searched through her contacts list.

“Give me that…you’ve already ruined my life enough,” she pleaded with me as I came across the number I was looking for.

“Just gonna give you a little something to remember me by so you don’t call the cops on me,” I told her as I typed out a message to her boyfriend from her phone, which was all a part of my plan for her from the start.

“Hey babe. Just wanted to let you know that I just had really awesome, consensual sex, with someone who isn’t you. Also, if you tell the cops it was rape in any way, I’m leaving you,” I typed out before showing it to her, hitting “send” on it to her tears of sorrow.

“WASN’T RAPING ME ENOUGH? YOU JUST RUINED MY LIFE!” she shouted at me as she ran off, gathering her clothes from my back seat and cursing my name.

“I told you I’d give you a reason to remember me Cassadee. If I didn’t give you a baby, you will, now for sure,” I told her as she wandered off, leaving me to calmly get behind the wheel and drive off.

And as was my usual protocol, I took a few months off to take some of the heat off of me, and it was during that time that Cassadee tearfully announced her pregnancy to the world, and finally spilled the truth about what happened to her, since she was due an explanation to her fans for her boyfriend leaving her.

“4 rapes. 2 pregnancies. Someone better stop me before I rape again,” I typed out to the authorities, taunting them about my whereabouts as I started seeking out my next target.

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