Uber Attack Files Chapter 5

Title: Uber Attack Files Chapter 5

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Ashley Tisdale

Codes: MF, rape, anal, oral

Disclaimer:  The following story is fantasy, and not real in any way. For feedback, I can be reached at john.garces01@gmail.com

After my rape and impregnation of Cassadee, the search for me was stronger than it had ever been.

Through it all though, I had yet to attack a married celebrity, even though it was no secret Cassadee was in a long-term relationship, so not only did all the profile specialists they had called into analyze my behavior assume that I was after only single celebs (or in Cassadee’s case, ones without a ring on their finger), but it was also assumed by this point that I was only going after celebrities with no obvious sign of attachment.

What they failed to realize, however, and what others soon would, is that I am not, nor would I ever be, that choosy about the celebs I go after, and that it really was as simple as who called me up and who got in my car.

It was a lesson I quickly decided everyone needed to learn again after the dust finally settled from what I had done to Cassadee, so pretty soon I was back on the prowl for another celebrity pussy to have some fun with.

And it wasn’t too long before I got a call from who would end up being my next victim, either, and the end result would send everyone trying to narrow down my motivations for doing what I do back to the drawing board.

“Hi, it’s Ashley. I am requesting Uber service to a fashion event I am going to in a couple days because my husband is out of town and can’t provide me with transportation like usual,” I heard the voice of Ashley Tisdale over the phone one day, a smile crossing my face at what she had just described.

“Well, well, well. Looks like someone else just made the mistake of their life…”  I hissed under my breath as I looked up pictures of Ashley online and rubbed one out to them, telling myself that the next time I blow a load because of her, it’ll be all of her holes that I’m filling with my seed.

“Hey, thanks for calling me up Ashley. I’m a big fan of yours, so I’ll make sure to take “good” care of you,” I told her as I called her back to finalize the arrangements, thoughts of what I would soon be doing to her filling my head.

“If you don’t mind Miss Tisdale, I would like to pick you up and drop you off at your place since your husband is away, if that’s okay with you,” I asked her, chuckling to myself when I heard her agree to it, not thinking anything out-of-the-ordinary about my request.

“That would be great. That way I don’t have to worry about anything. See you soon,” she told me as she hung          up the phone with me, not knowing what kind of trap she had just laid for herself.

“Good evening Miss Tisdale. Pleasure to be of service to you,” I told her as nicely as I could when I arrived at her house to pick her up, seeing her in a tight-fitting black shirt and an orange leather skirt that rode even further up her sexy legs when she got in the car, almost giving me a look at all of her goodies right then and there.

“Miss Tisdale is my maiden name. I can understand you’d probably be uncomfortable with calling me by my married name, so Ashley would be fine,” she told me as I drove her to the event, watching her get out and promising to come pick her up when she was done.

A few hours later, at the agreed-upon time we both set, I arrived back at the event and saw Ashley waiting on me, already looking a little tipsy as she got into the back of my car.

“Looks like you had a good time Ashley,” I teased her as she smiled at me and playfully slid up the skirt she was wearing, continuing to lay it on thick.

“If I wasn’t married, you’d probably be getting some pussy later,” she told me, trying to maintain some sense of dignity despite being knock-down drunk in the back of my Uber car.

“Come on girl. He’s not here. He wouldn’t know about if we did fuck,” I told her as I checked out her reflection in the rear view mirror, seeing her starting to feel a little uncomfortable with her surroundings by the time we arrived back art her place.

Which is exactly when I decided I WOULD be getting into her pussy that night, whether she was serious about it or not.

“Thanks for the company, but I think I can take it from here. And sorry if I gave you the wrong impression about me earlier,” she told me as she headed for her front door, not noticing me killing the engine as she started turning the key in her door and running up behind her.

“Open it Ash. Then do exactly as I say if you want to live…” I hissed as I pressed a gun to the back of her head and forced her inside of her own house, landing on top of her as she fell to the floor.

“W-what d-do you want from me?” she asked me as I kept the gun pressed to the back of her head, using my other hand to pull my pants down and slide her skirt off.

“I want you pussy Ashley. And I always get what I want. Which is why you’re no longer anything to me but another of my many victims,” I hissed as I pressed my dick to her opening and slid it into her, a hand in the middle of her back as I began raping her.

“OHGOD…I can’t believe I trusted you…” she cried out, her voice muffled by me pushing her face into her carpeting as I thrust in and out of her pussy, her walls wrapping tighter and tighter around me as I had my way with her.

“SHUT UP BITCH! No more out of you unless you want to tell me how much better I am than your husband,” I sneered as I drove myself into her, her cries of pain getting louder and louder as I buried myself inside of her and held myself there as she lost control of her own bodily functions and started cumming for me.

“The little drunken cock tease is gonna cum, isn’t she?” I taunted her as she came for me, streaks of her cum painting my dick as I pushed her onto the floor and started thrusting into her with powerful strokes.

“NO…don’t do it asshole! Only my man gets to do that now!” she shouted, muffled by her face being buried in her carpet, as I smacked the back of her head to shut her up and came inside of her, the pressure her cunt was putting on my dick too much for me.

“YEAH…it feels so good cumming in you Ashley…maybe I’ll knock you up like I did those last two sluts I raped…” I taunted her as I emptied my balls into her, flooding her womb with my seed before finally pulling out of her.

“FUCK…I can’t believe you did that, you perv!” she shouted at me as I slapped the back of her head and ran my dick over her slick pussy lips, only to remove it and aim it at her back door as I got behind her and pulled her hips back into mine, pulling off her shirt and unhooking her bra as I pulled my shirt off.

“Not there! Please not there…” she begged me as I slid into her ass and started thrusting away raping her ass from behind and grabbing her hips to balance myself as I hammered into her airtight rear entrance.

“You got a tight little ass Ashley. Something tells me I was wrong about you and you’re not an “up-the-butt” slut after all,” I taunted her as I raped her ass to her ear-piercing shrieks for me to stop hurting her.

“Lucky for me, that probably means you take a lot of cocks up your cunt,” I sneered as I ravaged her ass, paying no attention to her screams as I spotted a trickle of her cunt juices spraying the carpet below us.

“Oh. Looks like someone like up the ass after all…” I sneered in her ear when I spotted the puddle of her juices, holding my cock inside of her and cumming deep into her ass as she let out another scream.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, cause what I want you to do next is suck it for me as soon as it leaves your luscious ass,” I told her as I finished coating her bowels in my seed, pulling my dick out of her and slapping her face with it.

“If you think I’m enjoying this, you’re crazy, you loser!” she shouted at me, refusing to give me what I wanted and see her perform ass-to-mouth on me.

“Then I guess I’ll just stick it back in your pussy and fertilize your eggs again,” I coldly remarked to her as I forced her back to her hands and knees and slid my dick into her tight cunt hole again.

“I’m on the pill you know. In case that’s the perverted little game you’re playing,” Ashley spat at me as I grabbed her hips and started plunging my dick in and out of her again, slapping her in the back of the head as I thrust in and out of her.

“Did I tell you to talk bitch?” I shouted at her as I roughly speared her pussy, her walls once again having a mind of their own and wrapping tightly around my dick as I pushed myself balls-deep inside of her.

“FUCK…OHGOD…I hope you burn in hell for this!” she shouted at me as I drove my hips in and out of her, her walls clamping down on my dick as she fought a losing battle with herself not to cum for me.

“Good luck with that,” I told her as I pressed my hips into hers and held myself inside of her, her walls clinging to my dick as she came for me.

“OHGOD…” she softly cried out, another streak of her cum painting my dick as it ran down her legs to the carpet below, my dick going off inside of her for the second time a few seconds later.

“Cumming,” I hissed as I came in her, firing off more fresh, thick, sticky rounds of my seed into her as I white-knuckled her hips, finally pulling out of her after draining myself dry inside of her.

“Suck it or it’s going right back inside you,” I taunted her as I pulled out of her, slapping her face with my cock again as she shook her head no.

“I’m not taking no for an answer this time,” I told her, grabbing a handful of her hair and yanking her head back with great force, causing her to yelp in pain and giving me the chance to slide my dick down her throat.

“MMMPPPPPPHHHH,” she moaned, wanting to grab her aching neck but unable to since I was thrusting my dick to the back of her throat, causing her to wrap both of her hands around it to try and have some control of the situation.

“SUCK!” I shouted at her when she stopped sucking, trying to catch her breath as I blocked her airway with my dick.

“Gonna cum soon and you better swallow it,” I warned her as I drove my hips into her face one last time, grunting as I came down her throat and holding my dick at the back of it until I felt her start swallowing.

“Please just go,” she whispered, shakily trying to push me away as I backed away from her.

“Take me to your bedroom slut. I want to finish this by raping you in the bed you share with HIM,” I spat as I grabbed her around the waist, pausing when I found a room at the very end of the large hallway.

“Is this it? Is it?” I shouted at her, smiling from ear to ear as I threw her down on it and climbed on top of her.

“Y-yes. Please don’t…” she begged me when she felt my dick nudging against the opening to her pussy again, crying out in despair when she felt me sliding it back into her.
“Still tight. Might have to do this a few more times,” I taunted her as I plowed her pussy, forcing her legs onto my shoulders so I could attack her cunt from a different angle.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you,” I hissed, slapping her across the face as I moved my hips back and forth, her walls grabbing onto my dick and putting the squeeze on it as I raped her for the final time.

“Stop hurting me…” she moaned as I started sucking on her tits, biting down on them just to hear her scream out in pain again.

“Cum for me like the slut you are,” I taunted her as I threw her legs around my waist and started sucking on her tits again, her cunt letting loose with another load of her cunt cream as I held myself inside of her.

“One last time for the road,” I sneered as I started thrusting a little harder, Ashley turning her head away from me and just waiting for it to all be over with.

“Cumming,” I sneered, lurching my hips into her and shooting a final load into her as I held her down on the bed she shared with her husband, ropes of my cum filling up her womb until I finally withdrew from her.

“I’ll be taking this with me,” I taunted her as I forcefully slid her wedding ring off of her finger, giving myself a souvenir of the first married cunt I had raped.

“YOU BASTARD! THAT’S MY PROPERTY!” Ashley shouted, lunging at me as I taunted her with her own wedding ring.

“And your pussy is mine now. Check this out slut,” I told her as I grabbed my phone and played back the parts of our conversation where she flirted with me, teased me about giving me some pussy and where I told her husband didn’t have to know, but deleting the part where she admitted to being drunk.

“That’s not how that conversation went and you know it asshole!” she shouted as she curled into a ball and started crying, no fight left in her at all.

“As far as anyone knows, it is,” I told her, laughing at her as I left her there in a defeated ball, slipping out of her house and preparing to drive back to my own home.

“Another one bites the dust. And this one took a marriage down with it. Someone stop me before I attack again,” I texted out to the police on my untraceable cell phone, driving home with Ashley’s wedding ring in the seat next to me, my prize from my latest conquest.

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