The Hollywood Gigolo Chapter 5

Title: The Hollywood Gigolo Chapter 5

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Emma Watson

Codes: MF, cons, anal, oral

Disclaimer:  It was in the weeks after I hooked up with Victoria that I noticed how popular I was becoming, and as a result, I started getting a backlog of messages on my phone that needed to be returned.

I had taken a few weeks off after I hooked up with Victoria in anticipation of what was to come, and it turns out I couldn’t have been more right about it.

I hadn’t really thought about my services requiring me to go elsewhere, but that was the situation I was soon faced with upon returning the first of my many calls that I had on my phone.

But as soon as I heard the voice, and the name behind it, on the other end of the line, I was quite sure it was all going to be worthwhile in the end.

Because the voice belonged to Emma Watson, and she was calling me to accompany her to London for the premiere of her next movie.

“I’m flattered you want me to fly over there with you Emma, but don’t you think you need to get to know me first?” I asked her, wanting to slap myself in the face as soon as I heard the words coming out of my mouth.

“All those rumors I’ve heard about your “services” are more than enough for me to feel like I know you already,” she told me as she let me know her flight information, leading to me assuring her that I would be able to make it there on time.

“Looking forward to it baby. Don’t keep me waiting like most of you cheeky American boys do,” she teased me as we ended the conversation, hanging up to get ready to catch her flight, which I did, as well, since we had only a few hours to spare.

I arrived right as Emma was boarding and she managed to hold the plane up long enough for me to make it onboard, and after several minutes of her teasing me about my lateness, we got down to business as the flight took off.

“I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now, Emma, so I was thrilled to hear that you had called me,” I told her as we conversed, finally focusing in on how Emma looked in a simple grey sweatshirt and loose-fitting pair of blue jeans.

“I’ve only just met you John, but I’m a fan of yours too, my filthy little American boy,” she teased me, giggling as she winked at me and placed my hand on her thigh.

“Everything you’ve heard about me is true Emma,” I whispered to her as I licked her ear, hearing her stifle a moan and push me away as we got to talking some more, but a few minutes later, when I started doing it again, she let it linger until I was kissing her all over her neck.

“FUCK. Your lips feel good on my neck John,” she whispered, looking around to see how much of a scene we were making as I slid a hand between her legs.

“Bloody hell. I don’t know what’s come over me but let’s not do this here,” she whispered as I undid the button on her jeans, my hand working its way into her panties and running over her pussy lips.

“What’s the matter Emma? Afraid you’re gonna cause a scene?” I teased her as I fondled her pussy, sliding a few fingers up into her and starting to thrust them in and out of her as she squeezed her legs around my hand.

“FUCK. Those fingers sure do feel good inside me. Makes me feel so bloody naughty letting you treat me this way in front of everybody,” she hissed as I drove my fingers up inside of her again, beginning to finger her at a faster rate as I pulled her sweatshirt down off of her shoulder and began sucking on her tits.

“Bathroom. Now. OHGOD,” she hissed as she squeezed her legs around my hand and came for me, throwing her head back as she fired her juices out onto my hand as I thrust my fingers in and out of her a few more times, then got up and followed her to the bathroom at the rear of the plane.

“Are you trying to get us kicked off the bloody plane boy?” she teased me, feigning being upset until we were both safely in the bathroom, then locking it behind her as she hit her knees and released my dick from its hiding place inside my pants.

“You know you’re not that upset Emma,” I teased her as she pushed me up against the wall of the bathroom and wrapped her hands around my dick.

“I was going to wait until we landed to do this with you, but since you just couldn’t wait,” she teased me, stroking my dick a few times and then leading it to her mouth and beginning to suck on it.

“FUCK, suck it Emma,” I hissed, my hands going to the back of her head as she bobbed her head back and forth on it, closing her eyes as she went to work on it.

“OHGOD. You know how to use those things, don’t you?” I teased her as I threw my head back against the wall and pushed my hips into her face as she sucked on my dick, slurping away on it as I slid my dick to the back of her throat.

“I’ll give you my pussy right here on the plane if you want it John. But you have to cum for me first baby,” Emma teased me as she went back to work on my dick, wrapping her lips around and sucking down on even more of it as I grabbed the back of her head and slid my dick to the back of her throat, grunting as I came down it.

“Time to hold up your end of the deal Emma,” I whispered to her as I slid her jeans off and pulled her sweatshirt up over her head, Emma pulling at my clothes until both of us were naked and writhing around on the bathroom floor.

“Never done this sort of thing before,” she whispered to me as she got up and bent over the bathroom sink, allowing me to come up behind her and grab her hips as I ran my dick along her pussy lips.

“Then let’s join the club together baby,” I whispered to her as I slid into her pussy, her walls wrapping tightly around my dick as I started to thrust in and out of her, Emma watching in the mirror over the sink as I plunged in and out of her.

“YEAH. You watch me fuck your tight little British cunt Emma,” I whispered to her as I drove in and out of her, Emma throwing her head back as I pounded away on her.

“Fuck me harder you wanker. I haven’t gotten a nice, good hard fucking in a while,” she begged me as I grabbed a hold of her hips a little tighter and drove my dick into her, the tip of it kissing her cervix as I held it inside of her and felt her walls starting to put the squeeze on it.

“Cum for me Emma. I’d love nothing better than to cum inside of you baby,” I whispered to her as someone came and knocked on the door, causing me to almost pull out of her.

“GIVE US FIVE MINUTES YOU WANKER!” Emma shouted as I started to pull out of her, Emma reaching behind her with her hand to slide me back into her.

“Keep going. Gonna fucking cum,” she hissed as she drove her hips back into mine, her walls clamping down on my dick as she shot her load all over it, going limp as I grabbed a hold of her hips and thrust into her one last time, cumming deep inside of her hot, tight pussy.

“FUCK YES. I do enjoy the feeling of a man’s cum inside me,” she moaned as I held myself within her and filled her with my cum, finally pulling out of her after I gave her all I had.

“Let’s go back to our seats now Emma. We can continue this when we land baby,” I whispered to her as we made out for a while, finally pulling away from each other and gathering our things as we got dressed and left the bathroom together.

“God I hope there’s no bloody Pap on this plane,” she whispered as she clung to my arm, still on wobbly legs from the fuck I had just given her.

“Let’s not worry about that now Emma,” I told her as she kissed me one last time and put her head on my shoulder, both of us sleeping through most of the rest of the flight as we slept off the sex we had just had.

“John, John, wake up babe. We’re about to land,” I heard Emma saying to me as she elbowed me awake, the plane landing right as I woke up and Emma started rushing me off of it to head for the limo she had waiting on us.

“We have a little bit of time to kill before the premiere starts John,” Emma teased me as she kissed me in the back of the limo and shoved her hand down my pants, groping my dick, “maybe you’ll let me play with your little friend again?”

“We’ll see,” I whispered as Emma played with my dick, giggling as she returned the favor from what I had done to her on the plane.

“Lucky you. We’re at the hotel now,” she teased me as she cupped my balls and gave them a healthy squeeze, kissing me and jamming her tongue down my throat before we finally broke things up and headed up to her room.

“Where were we?” I asked her as we started making out on the bed of her hotel room, Emma barely able to throw her bags down before I jumped her bones and straddled her on it.

“Fuck me big boy. Your dick is the best one I’ve ever bloody had,” she whispered as we undressed each other, her legs going up on my shoulders as I ran my dick along her cunt lips and slid into her, thrusting my way in and out of her again.

“OHGOD. Shag me,” she hissed as she twisted her hips around my dick, taking me deeper and deeper into her every time that I thrust into her, her back arching as she threw her head back and closed her eyes, her walls starting to cling to my dick as I drove it in and out of her.

“I love it when you Brits talk dirty in your native tongue,” I teased her as I drove my dick in and out of her, her walls beginning to put the squeeze on it as her eyes rolled back in her head and her body started to go limp under me.

“OHGOD. Shag me. FUCK. Gonna cum,” she moaned as she shot a load of her cum all over my dick, her legs squeezing around my waist as I buried myself inside of her and hammered away, her body going limp again as I shot my load into her.

“Cum in me John. It feels so fucking good,” she moaned, her walls massaging my dick as I fired a few more loads into her and pulled out of her, motioning to the bedside table as she got up and bent over it.

“OHGOD. Fuck my arse,” she moaned, throwing her head back as I l slid my dick into her ass and started thrusting in and out of it, her anal ring putting the squeeze on it as I drove it in and out of her bowels.

“Such a tight little ass Emma. No wonder so many guys want to fuck you,” I teased her as I buried my dick in her ass, hammering away on it just like I had her pussy as she threw her head back and started to cum, a thin trickle of her cunt juice running down her legs and to the floor below.

“OHGOD. Shag me,” she moaned, closing her eyes as I drove myself into her ass one last time and held it there, lurching my hips into hers as I felt my balls filling with cum again.

“Bout to cum in this sweet ass Emma,” I told her as I grabbed her hips and came deep in her tight backdoor, her body going limp as I shot my wad into her bowels, filling them with my cum as I held myself inside of her, finally withdrawing when I had nothing left in my balls.

“Now we still have to pull ourselves together and go to the bloody premiere,” she whispered, rubbing her cunt as my cum leaked out of it, finally finding the strength to push me away after we had been making out for a while.

“We can always come back here after the premiere Emma,” I told her as we rushed off for the limo to head to her premiere, “but I have to caution you that I’m a very busy man these days.”

“Keep your bloody exploits yourself, you cheeky bastard,” she playfully teased me as we conversed in the limo, managing to keep our hands off of each other until we got there, “but one of these days, someone’s gonna come along and settle you down, John. You just don’t know it yet.”

“I’ll keep that in mind Emma,” I told her as we arrived at the red carpet and got out of the limo together, flash bulbs going off all around us as I wondered if she was the one who could do just that.

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