The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Eleven

Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Eleven

Author: KMB

Celebs: Jennifer Aniston, Jewel Kilcher, Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, JoJo Levesque,  Kate Upton, Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, Elisha Cuthbert, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Anna Kendrick, Emma Watson, Lindsay Lohan, Maria Menounos, Emma Stone, Emmy Rossum, Dianna Agron, Mandy Moore, Minka Kelly, Ali Lohan, Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Kim Kardashian, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Britney Spears, Olivia Holt

Codes: FF, FF+, MF, cons, orgy, oral, anal, inc, toys, rim, spank, rough, fist, mast

Summary: New guests arrive and are shocked by what they see as Natalie gets dirty and the party rages on.

Can you believe that it’s Christmas again? The women of the Harem sure can’t because their party has been raging for a long time now. And there’s nothing like a lot of nude, horny women to celebrate the season of giving and sharing.

So come all ye faithful as we celebrate the holiday season by getting the most beautiful women in the world naked and letting them fuck each other silly. It’s what Santa would have wanted. Now the only thing to do before we get back to the story is remember where we’ve been…

If you haven’t been following along (and shame on you if you haven’t been) the girls decided to throw themselves a nice, wholesome Christmas party with all their friends. At least that was the plan because what happened was anything but according to the plan. It’s Love’s dream to have herself a sweet Christmas party to celebrate the season but first Sarah accidently sent out the invitation to a huge list instead of the small, intimate one Love had been planning. And then Jennifer got the bright idea to spice things up by getting everyone in a good mood through a special ingredient in the punch Love made.

But while Jennifer paid very close attention to the instruction not to mix the herbal supplement with alcohol someone else didn’t. Not knowing that the punch had already been enhanced, Christina spiked the punch with a lot of booze and the resulting chemical effect has turned everyone into even wilder hedonists then they were before. Drunken and stoned, everyone has been ripping each other’s clothes off as taboos were not just broken but shattered.

Last time we checked in on the action, Reese Witherspoon had succumbed to the punch’s intoxicating effects and gave into the pent up lust within her nine month pregnant body. Soon Sarah and Jessica were greedily drinking from her milky tits as they fucked her like the mommy slut she was aching to be. And at the same time Jessica lived out her WWE fantasies by getting with gorgeous Maryse Ouellet and her husband Mike “Thr Miz” Mizanin just as Stacy’s new friends AJ Lee and Kaitlyn joined in the fun too.

But those weren’t the only fantasies that exploded. Fluffy got to live out his fantasy too as Gwen got him with Mariah Carey and took that diva’s famous ass. Taylor Swift’s ass got good and fucked too thanks to her naughty friend Emma Stone and the help of Dianna Agron, Olivia Munn and Emmy Rossum. Natalie Portman is even so close to living out her darkest, most secret fantasy by fucking Kim Kardashian.

None of that could compare, though, to the debauchery of beautiful, busty teen Ariel Winter succumbing to the punch too and giving into depraved incestuous temptation as she fucked both her on-screen sister Sarah Hyland and her very real sister Shanelle. Ariel’s ass was double fucked and her mind was blown as she exploded from the pleasure in a squirting orgasm that shocked them all.

And now there’s a knock on the door as more guests are arriving, not having any clue what they are walking into.

Can we top any of that? Oh the girls are sure going to try because there is plenty of party left to go. If you haven’t gotten into the fun yet, you have 10 chapters to review and we heartily recommend you do so. And if you have, then get ready because there is so much story to get to!

Before we do, a few notes first.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. There are a lot of chapters to come in a smaller and more easily digestible form. I don’t even know how many chapters there are going to be but rest assured they will all lead to a party the likes of which you will never forget.

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Eleven


“C’mon…c’mon…c’mon…open up!” Kat Dennings urged as if she could magically will the door open. “What the fuck? Where is everyone?”

“Maybe no one’s here?” her companion asked, knowing it sounded silly but still grasping at straws.

After all no immediate explanation was available as to why no one was answering the door and she couldn’t think of anything to say.

But Kat immediately dismissed that idea and she did have logic on her side.

“Are you kidding me? No one here? Have you seen how many cars are parked outside? I think EVERYONE is here!” Kat groaned in frustration. “Everyone is inside at the party of the century and we’re stuck outside like there’s a big fat velvet rope keeping us out of the VIP room!”

“You said it was going to be a little Christmas party,” the girl pointed out. “That’s not really exactly the party of the century. And besides, we’re late.”

“Yeah? And whose fault is that?” Kat challenged.

“Ummmm YOURS,” Beth Behrs shot back, knowing that the facts backed her up completely in this little dispute with her co-star turned secret lover. “You were the one who couldn’t be ready on time. You were the one who didn’t want to shower alone. You were the one who couldn’t stand not getting licked before we left!”

“Oh yeahhhhhh, that was me,” Kat said, her annoyance turning into a smile. “Mmmm but I didn’t hear you complaining when we got into that 69 and I gave it to you just as good as you gave it to me. In fact the only words I heard were, ‘Oh God, Kat! Eat my pussy! Ooooh you’re so much better at this than my boyfriend!’”

Beth blushed, her pale face and blonde hair making the strawberry shade her skin turned all the more apparent, even in the dark outside of the mansion’s front door. She didn’t deny a thing though because it was all true.

God, she could never resist Kat. No one had ever made her feel like she did and Beth couldn’t get enough of her.

“Well maybe if no one’s here we could go somewhere else, just you and me,” Beth suggested, feeling so naughty for suggesting this even though her boyfriend was waiting at home for her. “Maybe back to your place. We could do more of what we were doing in the shower mmmm and more of what we were doing in the bed.”

Beth felt so bold even saying something like this out loud, but Kat brought out a side of her that no man or woman ever had before. Sometimes she didn’t even feel like she was cheating on her boyfriend when she played with Kat. It was more like she was cheating on Kat when she was with her boyfriend. No one had ever made her feel like that before and it was scary and exciting and so arousing to her.

“Mmmmm I like the sound of that,” Kat admitted while still refusing to give up on what she had been promised. “But I am not driving all the way out to fucking Malibu and then turning back because no one answers the damn door. Scarlett and Natalie said this party was going to be amazing and those bitches better not have lied to me! C’monnnnnnnn!!!”

Kat knocked again on the door with a loud pounding. Her hand was getting sore but the more she was denied entry the more she wanted inside. It was the best example she could ever think of about wanting what you couldn’t have.

Sure she could have easily given up and spent the night instead snuggling with her 2 Broke Girls co-star. It could be just the two of them with some wine, a roaring fire, a blanket to snuggle under, no clothing whatsoever and a bottle of lube for their anal dildos. But as romantic as that sounded to Kat, finding this closed door at the Malibu mansion that Natalie and Scarlett had been raving about made her want in more than she had ever wanted anything before.

After her wild threesome the day before with Natalie and Scarlett, Kat had definitely wanted a whole lot more of the beautiful women she had played with so naughtily. And they had felt the same way, telling Kat that not only was she always welcome in their bedrooms but that there was a place where there were a lot more girls just like them that would be eager to have fun with her.

Being able to hook up with women like Natalie and Scarlett had been amazing in of itself, but one of Kat’s favorite words had always been “more.” So when they told her about a mansion in Malibu filled with pussy hungry celebrities her first questions had been where was it and when the fuck could they go there?

They’d all agreed that the Christmas party was the perfect chance for them to introduce her to everyone so Natalie had urged her to stop by. And of course Kat hadn’t wanted to come alone. She’d already told Natalie and Scarlett about how she was hooking up with Beth and if there was going to be a whole mansion full of horny women then she hadn’t wanted to keep that to herself.

So she’d brought along her friend. But now that she and Beth were here all they found was a closed door and no one answering it. That would simply not do. Kat had been promised too much and she was not to be denied.

“Let me in! Let me in! Let me in!” Kat emphatically demanded as she kept on knocking, this time with both hands, hoping someone would hear her. “C’monnn! Someone open the goddamn door!”

Beth didn’t really know what to say. She was very uncertain about this whole thing. What she and Kat had was supposed to be private and she wasn’t sure how she felt about other girls knowing about it. And she truthfully had been a little jealous over hearing what Kat had done with Scarlett and Natalie.

She would have rather it all be with her. Beth knew that was unreasonable since she had a boyfriend and it wasn’t like she and Kat could ever be exclusive but she still couldn’t help it.

But, even with all of that in mind, the idea of being at a glamourous Hollywood party filled with beautiful women was pretty appealing. And when you added into that the erotic promise of something more maybe happening after the party, Beth had been pretty easily talked into going.

She felt bad when she saw Kat so aggravated. Kat had been so excited about this. She had gone on and on the whole ride there about what she and Natalie and Scarlett had done to each other and how much more awesome it was going to be when they all joined in with whatever was happening here. Beth definitely liked the idea of leaving so it could be just her and Kat, but she didn’t want to see her friend be disappointed.

“Did you try calling Natalie or Scarlett?” Beth asked. “Maybe they know why no one’s answering the door.”

“I tried both of them! No one’s picking up their phones! I called and texted and I’m not getting anything back!” Kat said, her voice whining with frustration. “Ughhh this isn’t fair! How can no one be answering the door? What the hell’s going on in there?”

The gate code Natalie had given them for the place had worked perfectly so it was clear they were in the right place. But the fact that no one was answering the door made this all seem very strange. Neither Kat nor Beth had any answers or any idea how to get any of them. So they stood outside the mansion in awkward silence for a few moments before suddenly something happened.

Another car pulled up onto the very crowded driveway. There definitely should have been a valet or something there because the place looked like an insanely crowded parking lot now with no rhyme or reason to where anyone had left their cars.

But Beth and Kat didn’t care about how it was going to take forever to untangle the chaos of who was parked where outside the mansion. They only cared that there were more living breathing people for them to talk to and hopefully find out what was happening.

“Ughhhh we’re late! I knew we were going to be late!” Avril Lavigne muttered as she got out of the passenger side of the car. “You should have let me drive!”

“No way! I want to survive into New Year’s thank you very much,” Michelle Branch declared as she hopped out of the driver’s side. “I love you but you drive like a maniac!”

“That just means I get there faster,” Avril grumbled. “You drive like my grandma! Look! We’re late! Everyone’s here! Ughhh they’ve probably all had fun without us and are done with the party.”

Michelle was sorry she had made them late even though she had a great reason for it. But she also wasn’t about to let Avril get away with making silly claims.

“Please, you think the party is over this early?” Michelle scoffed. “When you have ever been to a party here that didn’t go all night? They’re probably not even warmed up yet.”

Avril had to admit that her girlfriend had a point. Parties at the mansion never ended early. They just went on and on and that was exactly the kind of party Avril needed.

She wanted one that would go until dawn and definitely one where there were a ton of hot girls and no clothes and lots of mistletoe for them to kiss under. So she had been very antsy to get here ever since they had gotten the invitation in their email.

And she wasn’t the only antsy one either. Avril and Michelle hadn’t come alone and their companion was mighty eager to get inside.

“I can’t wait to see how these guys do Christmas,” JoJo Levesque said feeling like she wanted to lick her lips in anticipation as she got out of the car. “Mmmm I haven’t been here in so long.”

JoJo had been to a few parties at the mansion but not nearly enough. Each taste of the fun at the mansion had made her want so much more so the idea of a Christmas bash there had been irresistible.

It was the best way possible to get on the naughty list and JoJo couldn’t wait. The parties she had been to here had been the wildest she had ever gone to and the thought of mixing all that dirty fun in with the wholesomeness of the Christmas season was too enticing a thought to even think about missing out on.

“Remember, both of you, this is a normal Christmas party,” Michelle stressed to her friends, wanting to make sure they behaved themselves even though deep down she wanted to be bad just as much as they did, maybe even more. “Don’t do anything wild. I don’t want to get us in trouble.”

“Awww why, afraid Santa won’t bring you any presents?” Avril teased. “Naughty girls get the best presents anyway. But we promise we’ll be good. Right JoJo?”

“Oh yeah, we promise,” JoJo sincerely replied. “As long as everyone else behaves here, we will too.”

“Mmmm yeah that’s what I want to hear,” Avril cheered as the three of them walked up to the door. “But once people start getting naughty like they always do here all bets are off. Right Michelle?”

“Oh hell yeah,” Michelle enthusiastically agreed. “That’s the kind of party I want to be at anyway.”

Michelle definitely wanted to get wild tonight. Christmastime meant family and lots of obligations and that meant stress too. She was seriously pent up with need even after being able to spend the afternoon before with Avril, JoJo and Gwen. That had only been a taste. She needed so much more and Michelle was very eager to get it.

She was definitely going to be a good girl at the party just like her friends wanted. But Michelle also planned on getting way naughtoer as soon as she could. She knew the parties here inevitably turned out that way every single time, no matter what the invitation said.

They had gotten off to a late start because Michelle had been spending time with her daughter and it hadn’t been easy to leave. As much as Michelle wanted to party and as much as she craved release, she always prioritized time with Owen over anything else.

Her daughter was growing up so fast and Michelle knew there were only so many Christmases left where it would be extra special for them and it could be just mommy/daughter time without any interference.

So she wasn’t about to give up any precious time like that, not for anything. It meant they were late for the party, but Michelle knew she had made the right decision. After all, when Owen grew up she didn’t want to have any regrets about missing out on things with her. If that meant putting carnal needs aside to spend time with her daughter, Michelle was totally okay with that.

It did however, make her very eager to make up for it though and Michelle was already eager for things to get dirty at this party. Walking up to the door, all three of them had excited springs in their steps and that was when they found Kat and Beth waiting.

“Ummmm hey,” Avril said, definitely liking what she saw here. “Didn’t know you two were into this kind of stuff.”

“I can say the same about you three,” Kat replied, seeing this evening start to really pick up.

These three women were absolutely stunning and Kat already had visions of gorging herself at the pop star pussy buffet with them. However there was one fact that still had to be acknowledged.

“But I don’t think any of us are going to get inside. No one’s answering the door,” Kat reported.

“What? That’s not like them,” Michelle said with a frown, wondering if everything was all right inside.

“I’ve been knocking for like an hour and no one’s doing anything about it,” Kat claimed, slightly exaggerating the less than 10 minutes they’d been waiting outside. “Maybe Krampus got them or something.”

“Okay let’s assume that didn’t happen,” Michelle said, trying to be the voice of common sense. “I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation why they didn’t answer.”

Michelle stared at the closed door for a second and then decided to try something. She tried to open door and found it to be unlocked. The door swung in with ease, allowing for them all to enter into the mansion.

“Okay, that was the one thing I DIDN’T try,” Kat groaned. “You know, I was just about to suggest we do that.”

“Sure you were,” Beth teased as they all walked inside.

They all walked in a little shyly, though. Things definitely didn’t seem normal and when they entered the home they found the foyer unoccupied.

“Hello? Anyone here?” Michelle asked, hoping that everything was well and trying to tell herself that the idea of Krampus or any other kind of Christmas monster being out there was too silly to take seriously. Wasn’t it?

But the explanation for what had happened quickly became obvious and it had nothing to do with demonic creatures. Instead the noises they could hear from the foyer made it perfectly clear what was happening and all five of them followed the sounds right into the living room where they got a hell of an eyeful.

“Holy shit!” Avril gasped.

She had seen a lot of things at this place but she had never seen anything like this. There were bodies everywhere. She couldn’t believe how many women were there. Everyone was naked. Everyone was fucking.

Avril couldn’t remember ever seeing this many naked girls before. Maybe the Jamaica orgy had been bigger but she wasn’t sure. Besides Avril didn’t have good memories about that one and it was way more fun to stare at what she was seeing right then.

“Whoa…just a regular Christmas party?” Beth said in shock to Kat. “What the hell did you bring me to?”

“Ummm I’m not even sure,” Kat marveled. “I was expecting something fun but I was definitely not expecting THIS!”

When Natalie and Scarlett had described what went on at the mansion, Kat had expected a sexy and intimate group of friends. She hadn’t expected to see something right out of Caligula. For the first time in a long time she found herself staring at something and wondering what the hell she had gotten into.

But Kat liked that feeling. She had actually been a little worried recently that she had seen and done it all. Getting into that threesome with Scarlett and Natalie had been the first sign that there were new pleasures to be felt still out there.

But what she had done with those two beautiful superstars was nothing compared to what she was seeing now. Kat couldn’t even believe it. At first she thought she had been dreaming. But this was definitely happening and the more she soaked it in, the more Kat’s surprise turned to elation.

Not only were all these women fucking each other, but she had been invited to join in with them. Maybe this really was a dream! But if it was, it was an awesome, sexy dream Kat never wanted to wake up from.

Turning toward Beth, Kat relished the look of complete and utter shock on her beautiful co-star’s face. She couldn’t believe it either and Kat loved seeing the pretty little priss be so gobsmacked by the raw sexuality on display in front of them.

“Don’t pretend you don’t like this,” Kat teased her friend, coming up behind the blonde and nibbling on her earlobe while groping Beth’s perfect little tight booty through her pants. “Don’t act like you’re not thinking of tearing your clothes off and joining in. I know I sure am!”

Beth couldn’t pretend. She was shocked, maybe more shocked than anything else she had ever seen in her life. This just wasn’t possible. It was too crazy. It was too much. There were so many naked women there and they were fucking each other not tenderly and softly, but like wild animals making a porno.

No one was making love, everyone was fucking and Beth couldn’t deny that it was getting her so hot to see this. It was like all of the beautiful people were here and they were going at each other as if it was the last night on Earth. Beth couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She had never been in the anywhere near vicinity of an orgy in her life much less been mere feet away from the action.

But Beth liked it. Everyone was so sexy and they all looked like they knew what they were doing. What would it be like to be a part of that? What would it feel like to be fucked like these women were all fucking?

Beth didn’t deny anything Kat was saying and she didn’t stop her from touching her ass through the fancy pants she was wearing. She had dressed up so nicely and conservatively for what she had thought was going to be a pleasant Christmas party and maybe little something more. Now Beth could see that she might as well have not dressed at all.

“Mmmmmm I want to fuck you like they’re fucking each other,” Kat purred into her ear, making Beth melt for her like she always did. “I want to get nasty with you. I want to show everyone that the stuck up blonde princess is a fucking slut like me. I want to taste every bit of you and let you fucking own all my holes. Mmmm I want you to fuck me like a whore in front of all of them and let them all see how much I love it when a prissy blonde like you takes me! Oooooh I want you to give it to me hard and nasty and then I’m going to take you even harder to pay you back for it!”

“Ohhhh fuckkkk! Ohhhh my God!” Beth shuddered in desire at the thought of her most secret desires being broadcast to the Hollywood in crowd. She tried to keep everything so personally private but seeing this made her want to become a sexual spectacle. “Oooooh yesssss! Ohhh I’ve never done anything like this before!”

“Surprise, surprise, blondie hasn’t done something naughty,” Kat teased, making sure Beth could feel her large breasts pressing against her back through the dress she was wearing. “Mmmm but that’s going to make it so much fun! You and I showing off what we do in the bedroom and showing how everyone who watches our show and wishes Caroline and Max were fucking can only dream of what we’re doing to each other in real life.”

“Ohhhhhhh!” Beth moaned, loving the sound of that, especially with Kat’s big tits poking into her and making her feel how hard her lover’s nipples were getting through all of their clothes. “Ohhh that’s so nasty Kat! Oooooh I love when you make me nasty like you!”

“I’m not doing anything to you,” Kat told her lover. “Deep down you’re already the nastiest girl I know. You just don’t want to admit it. You only pretend I’m making you into anything. Mmmmm you’re as big a whore as any of these women here but you’re just afraid of what will happen if your boyfriend finds out. But I know the real Beth. I know how much you love it when I tie you up and fuck you like a little bitch. And I know how much you love strapping one on and fucking my fat ass so you can see it bounce on your rubber dick baby! I know how much you love getting fucking filthy like when we get all nasty with each other and I give you a very special kind of shower! Maybe I’ll just tell…”

“NO!” Beth cried, suddenly panicked that too many of her very intimate secrets would be aired. “Don’t you say a fucking word!”

There were a lot of things Beth wanted to keep private, especially just what few limits she had when it came to naughty intimacy. She definitely did not want people to know how kinky she could be when Kat gave her the right push.

So she turned around and silenced her lover exactly like she knew Kat wanted her to, by mashing their lips together in a heated kiss. And Kat immediately had nothing left to say as she and Beth kissed passionately, her teasing stopped for now because she had her friend’s lips on hers.

And as Kat and Beth got into the spirit of things by starting to make out, that left Michelle, JoJo and Avril all still agog over what they were witnessing. They were all more experienced then Kat and Beth were since they’d been to the mansion a lot, especially Michelle and Avril, but none of them could believe what was happening in front of them either.

“This is insane,” JoJo marveled. “Have you ever seen them act like this?”

“Never!” Michelle admitted.

Even Jamaica couldn’t compare to this. She had seen all of these women get crazy before. She had even joined in with them too many times to even remember. But Michelle had never seen things get to this level before.

JoJo was right and Michelle didn’t need to be convinced. This was insanity. It was debauched sexual insanity and her brain didn’t know what to process first. There was just so much to see.

There were the girls she knew so well acting more insatiable than she had ever dreamed they could be. And there were women she had never seen enter these walls before acting like all they wanted was to fuck every single woman in sight. Everyone had been transformed into pussy starved sex beasts and Michelle felt her own sex get creamier by the second from staring at it all.

Michelle had never seen the mansion’s living room look like this. There was fucking everywhere. She looked across at a chair and saw Jewel naked and sitting in it with Kate Upton in her lap.

The two blondes were frantically scissoring each other, their legs spread open so their pussies could rub together and Michelle couldn’t take her eyes off how hypnotic it was to see Jewel and Kate’s big tits bouncing. It was two shaking sets of D cups as they pleasured each other and Michelle found herself wanting to bury her face in both of their chests.

Then there was the floor where a body Michelle immediately identified as Christina’s was lying back and being pleasured by two tongues. Michelle knew Christina’s naked body so well thanks to all the times she had fucked it. But she couldn’t see her face now because it was covered by Victoria Justice riding it.

Michelle groaned at the perverse thrill of seeing Victoria naked and fucking Christina’s face. Michelle knew how good Christina’s tongue was and she couldn’t help but think about how she and Owen often watched Victorious together on Nickelodeon. That wholesome show seemed a lot more perverse now as Michelle stared at Victoria’s firm, naked tits jiggling while she ground her pussy into Christina’s mouth and screamed out how much she loved it.

And the vision got hotter when Michelle realized it wasn’t just any two girls eating Christina out. It was Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies doing it, the two of them working over Christina thoroughly and making the pop princess scream her joy into Victoria’s pussy.

Fuck! Christina had managed to snag the entire cast of Victorious in one foursome! Michelle didn’t know whether to be shocked or aroused. But before she could think about it even more she found herself distracted by even more because she could see Elisha Cuthbert bending Carrie Underwood over and fucking her with a strap-on.

Carrie’s hot body and her perfect little ass looked amazing like that. Michelle had always harbored a secret crush on the country superstar but she had never dreamed she would see her like that, bent over the couch and jutting her ass out for Elisha to stuff her pussy from behind with a fake cock.

And it got even hotter when Elisha pulled out and shoved the toy she was wearing into Kelly Clarkson’s mouth so she could suck the juice right off it and coat it with saliva before Elisha pushed it right back into Carrie’s waiting hole.

It was all so hot and there was so much more to see. She could see Jennifer Aniston looking not even close to the glamorous, composed woman that Michelle knew her so well as. Instead Jennifer was like a wild woman as she used the strap-on she was wearing to fuck Anna Kendrick while Anna had her famous face buried in Emma Watson’s pussy.

That vision got even hotter when Michelle heard Anna’s intense cries of pleasure and found out that Jennifer wasn’t fucking her pussy but was actually fucking Anna’s ass. Michelle gasped and moaned over how hot that was. She had never felt Jennifer fuck her ass before but she imagined it felt wonderful, especially with a pussy as hot as Emma Watson’s in her face.

All of these women she knew and desired were fucking without any control over themselves and Michelle was certain that Rose and Sarah and Love and Britney and Alyssa and all the other women she knew here were deep in the piles of horny bodies fucking away. She couldn’t see them but she knew they were in there somewhere. This was absolute madness and it made her heart beat faster just to see it.

Of course Michelle wasn’t surprised in the slightest to see how Avril was reacting to this. The girl had gotten over her surprise over this a while ago and was now busily pulling off her clothes.

Avril had come in a cute little black dress but it was obvious that clothes were completely unnecessary here and Avril acted accordingly, yanking her dress up over her head and standing in front of everyone in her bra and panties. Avril had no intention of staying like that though and, as she stepped out of her shoes, she began removing her underwear and demanded everyone else join her.

“C’mon!” Avril urged. “What are you all waiting for? Are you just going to let them fuck without us? Why aren’t you all getting in on this?”

Michelle and JoJo had to admit that Avril made an excellent point and, as the singer shucked off her bra and slid her panties down her legs, they decided there was no point in fighting the inevitable. They began taking off their clothes too, stripping off the dresses they had picked out and tossing their shoes and underwear into the pile of discarded garments that littered the room.

This was not the quiet party they had been led to believe it would be and there was no reason to not join in. After all, there was no way anything here was going to stop, so getting naked and getting in on the fun was the much better option than just staring like slackjawed yokels. And Avril was very happy to see them quickly comply with her demands.

“Mmmm yeahhh get these big titties out,” Avril giggled while rubbing herself into JoJo’s back and reaching around to grope the younger girl’s breasts after she pulled off her bra. “Let’s fucking get naked! I knew we should have gotten here earlier. Look at all the fun we’ve been missing! Mmmm we’re going to have to fuck extra hard to make up for us not being here!”

JoJo certainly agreed with that sentiment especially thanks to how good Avril’s hands felt on her breasts. The Canadian’s soft hands palmed her large breasts, making JoJo moan while causing her nipples to stiffen up even more. JoJo had never been in a scene like this before and she badly wanted to join in. So JoJo slid her panties down and left them around her feet as she turned her head and met Avril in a kiss.

The two horny singers quickly deepened the kiss and their tongues started to rub against one another’s sensually and wetly. And Michelle watched them do it, enjoying the view of her girlfriend making out with another beautiful girl as she wiggled out of her clothes too.

Out of all of them, Michelle had worn the most. She had come to the party in a conservative red dress she had considered appropriate for the season and that meant it was the most difficult for her to get undressed.

“Hurry up you slowpoke,” Avril teased. “Mmmm if you don’t get naked soon then JoJo and I are going to start having fun without you.”

“Hold your horses…hold your horses,” Michelle grumbled while she tried to get her zipper down at the back of her dress. “It’s easier for you. You would have come here just wearing a thong if I’d let you. I actually put on a nice dress. Ughhh, God, a little help here?”

Michelle became frustrated trying to yank down her zipper. And as eager as she was to get naked she didn’t want to risk ruining her dress. But Avril and JoJo were too busy kissing and playing with each other’s nude bodies to be able to assist her. So it was fortunate that Michelle had made a new friend.

“Allow me,” Kat said, reaching over and yanking down Michelle’s zipper on the back of her dress and then helpfully sliding it down the singer’s body.

“Mmmm thanks,” Michelle said gratefully as she stripped off the rest of her dress and followed suit with her friends by yanking off her bra and panties as quickly as she could.

And once she was naked, Michelle thanked Kat even more properly by kissing the busty actress. They had never met until five minutes ago but that scarcely seemed to matter now as they smooched and enjoyed the feel of their lips against each other’s.

“So it seems like you girls know the score around here,” Kat asked once the sexy kiss had ended. “What’s the deal? Is it always like this?”

“It’s always hot but I’ve never seen it like this,” Michelle admitted. “I don’t know what’s happening here. And…wait…Lindsay, hey Lindsay!”

Seeing someone she knew who didn’t seem to be in the middle of fucking their brains out gave Michelle all the impetus she needed to call her over. Maybe she could provide some answers…or at least something…and even if she couldn’t, Michelle did have to admit she enjoyed the way Lindsay Lohan’s big bare tits bounced as she ran over to them.

“Michelle! Oh my God, can you believe this?” Lindsay squealed excitedly. “Best party ever! And I’m totally sober for it! Can you believe it?”

Truthfully Michelle couldn’t, but she didn’t say that. And Lindsay did look completely sober, completely naked like everyone else, but sober too. So maybe she could get some information from her after all.

“What’s going on Lindsay?” Michelle asked.

“I have no idea,” Lindsay admitted. “Everyone just started going fucking nuts. I mean like literally. They all just started fucking. I didn’t think the party was supposed to be like this but it is! Everyone went out of their minds all of a sudden. I think there was something in the punch that’s making them all act like this but I don’t know what could be making things this crazy! I mean they’re all acting like me and I’m the only one here who isn’t buzzed or whatever. This party is insane! I mean I just swallowed Santa Claus’ cum!”

“You what?” Kat asked, not believing she had just heard that.

“Oh! Hey Kat! Oh my God! Beth? You’re here too! Fucking awesome!” Lindsay squealed, very excited to see the 2 Broke Girls’ stars. “I had no idea you guys were into this! I so would have fucked you both when I did your show if I’d known! You girls like pussy too?”

Deciding this was not a time to give any fucks at all, Kat decided to just go for it.

“Well what does this tell you?” Kat grinned before she kissed the freckled redhead right on the lips.

It was not the first time that Kat had considered kissing Lindsay Lohan. After all there had certainly been quite a curiosity factor about her back when Lindsay had done a guest spot on the show.

Kat and Beth had both found Lindsay to be much nicer and stable than her reputation and they’d definitely been attracted to her. They hadn’t made a move though and hadn’t really thought about it again until now. But if Lindsay was going to be naked and look so good while doing it, Kat wasn’t going to refuse what was being offered to her by the forces of fate.

“Mmmmm I was hoping you were going to do that,” Lindsay smiled in reply before she kissed Kat back, their large breasts rubbing into each other through Kat’s dress. “Ooooh you definitely kiss like you like fucking girls.”

“Do I have to eat your pussy to prove how much I like fucking girls?” Kat teased back.

“Mmmmmm YES! Absolutely!” Lindsay enthusiastically agreed, giving a throaty laugh. “Oooooh I’d love to have you eat my pussy. Mmmm and I’d love to eat yours oooooh and Beth mmmm I’ve wanted those legs wrapped around me since the first second I met you! C’mere!”

Very surprised by everything that was happening, but not wanting to resist any of it, Bet let Lindsay grab her arm and pull her in for a kiss.

This was nothing Beth had expected. Outside of Playboy, she had never thought she would actually see Lindsay Lohan naked and she definitely had never thought she would kiss her. But now that was exactly what she was doing and it felt amazing.

Lindsay’s lips were very experienced in girl on girl kissing and it showed. Beth couldn’t help but respond to it and she started kissing the friendly redhead back. They both really enjoyed the kiss and when they pulled apart Beth and Lindsay both had big smiles on their faces.

“C’mon girls! Get naked and join in!” Lindsay urged. “Everyone’s having an awesome time! Don’t be shy! I mean you can see all of me already. Mmmm actually you can see all of everyone!”

Lindsay definitely had a point. They were the new arrivals at the party and while they definitely seemed more than willing to get in the spirit of the festivities that didn’t change the fact that Beth and Kat were the only ones there who were wearing any clothes. The two sitcom stars realized this and knew there was nothing to do but join them so they both began removing their clothing as quickly as possible.

And as they did someone else who was wandering around the party noticed them.

“Heyyyyyyyyyyy when did you girls get here?” Maria Menounos said, a slight slur in her voice as she walked with a just a small but visible unsteady step in her movements. “Where have you been all night? You’ve been missing an amazing party!”

Maria had directed her comments to Avril, Michelle and JoJo since she had played with them all before at previous mansion visits. And she didn’t even notice that they weren’t alone until Beth spoke up while she was finishing up peeling off her shirt.

“Maria? Oh my God!” Beth gasped, her fair skin suddenly once again turning that bright pink it always did when she was embarrassed.

“Beth! Oh fuck! I didn’t know you were into this too!” Maria replied, just as surprised to see the blonde girl there.

But instead of embarrassment, all Maria felt was elation.

“I…I….I’m not,” Beth began to stammer out, pretty sure that Maria or any member of the media was the last person she wanted to find out about this.

But before she could say anything more, Maria embraced her. The reporter hugged her and Beth’s eyes widened in surprise as it dawned on her just how naked Maria was. Maria’s hug was way more than a friendly one too and it gave Beth an up close feel of Maria’s round, full tits pressing into her body.

“You’re so hot,” Maria moaned lustfully when they hugged. “I always thought you were so fuckable.”

Maria then followed her words up by kissing Beth on the lips. This stunned the blonde even more than Lindsay’s kiss because at least Beth had known going in that Lindsay liked girls. However, this was a shocking development about Maria because to Beth she wasn’t just an entertainment reporter. She was also the one who had given her the first break of her career.

Beth had just been a struggling actress doing American Pie direct to DVD sequels when Maria had given her one of the leads in a dark comedy she was producing and starring in. It had opened the door to so many things especially those key 2 Broke Girls auditions. Being on that show had set Beth up for life with syndication residuals and she owed so much to Maria.

To find out now that Maria was totally into girls was beyond shocking to Beth. She never would have believed it but there she was hugging her while naked and if there was any doubt left, it disappeared when Maria began kissing her on the lips again and again and again, each time sexier than the last.

Beth might have had trouble accepting the reality of what was happening, but she couldn’t deny what a wonderful kisser Maria was.

“Oh wow…” Beth sighed. “I don’t know what to say…this is all so overwhelming.”

“Don’t say anything,” Kat advised her lover while tossing away the last of her clothing and standing as stark naked as everyone else. “Just get naked and fuck. Anything else is just details.”

Beth knew Kat was right. And it wasn’t like she didn’t want this. She did. It all looked so hot and Maria was absolutely gorgeous. Seeing Maria’s big tits all beautifully naked and checking out smooth the reporter was, her pussy baby bare and soaking wet, made Beth feel a sexual longing she had never expected to experience.

So why would she fight it? Beth knew it made more sense to just go with it so she kissed Maria back, meeting her lips with a soft peck that quickly turned into more as Beth showed Maria that she wasn’t the only one who was experienced at kissing girls.

But Michelle wasn’t just interested in everyone getting naked, as sexy and enjoyable as that was. She still wanted to know what the hell was happening and since Lindsay had been so vague, Michelle tried to get some answers from Maria.

“What’s going on here?” Michelle inquired when Maria pulled away from kissing Beth long enough for the actress to strip off her pants and underwear and get naked like the rest of them. “What happened to the Christmas party?”

“Oh yeah, that? Ummmm I think it just kind of turned into something better,” Maria replied with an intoxicated giggle. “I’m sorry, I’m not thinking too clear right now. I went looking for more of that yummy punch but it’s all gone and I just started drinking the wine instead and since there weren’t glasses big enough I just started drinking right from the bottle and before you know it, I was getting it all over my tits and I knew I had to stop.”

Maria’s words weren’t very helpful but at least they explained her unsteady motion and the unmistakable flavor in her kisses. But before they could get any further in pressing Maria for information they were interrupted by someone running right up to Maria with excitement in her voice and nothing on her body but a dangling strap-on.

“Maria! I’ve been looking all over for you,” Emma Stone said with giddiness and lust both obvious in her voice. “I have to tell you something!”

“What?” Maria asked, quite enjoying the view of the redhead’s slim naked body and how perfect her tits looked naked.

Out of all the celebrity women she had ever interviewed as an entertainment journalist, Maria had always considered Emma to be one of the most composed, professional and interesting. But she had never seen this side of her before. Maria had no idea when Emma had been brought into the mansion life but she was sure happy she had been because she looked damn sexy wearing nothing but that sex toy.

And what Emma had confessed to her made Maria’s desire for the excited redhead grow even more.

“I have a hot scoop for you!” Emma assured her before leaning in to whisper in Maria’s ear. “I love fucking girls up the ass!”

“What?” Maria asked in surprise but with a big smile on her face. She had heard Emma perfectly but she couldn’t believe what this supposedly straight woman was telling her.

“It’s true!” Emma declared, this time without a whisper as she made sure everyone there could hear her. “I’ve turned into this total lesbian butt fucker and it’s like the best feeling ever! I fucking love it!”

“Mmmmmm tell me more,” Maria replied, forgetting about everything else but picturing how good it was going to feel to have Emma’s strap-on stuffed into her tightest hole. “I definitely want to do a story all about the hot asses you’ve been fucking. I need to investigate this fully.”

Maria turned her lustful attention toward the redhead. She kissed Emma sensually while reaching down to grab the toy’s plastic shaft. She gave it a few rubs like it was a real dick and while Emma couldn’t get any physical sensation from that she certainly got a mental one.

Maria’s hand stroking her fake cock was so hot to see, especially while Maria kissed her and used her free hand to tease Emma’s already hard nipples, making them throb even more and send pleasure through her body.

“Oooooh yesssss mmmm touch me,” Emma moaned, her brain soaked in lust and never wanting to leave this amazing place or even put clothes on ever again. “I’ll give you a great story for your show! I’ll give you the hot scoop about how much I love fucking hot girls asses and what a fucking lesbo slut I am now! I’ll show you how I do it by fucking your ass too! Oooooh I’ll make your big, sexy butt mine!”

Maria Menounos’ ass was epic. Emma didn’t even need to be into girls to know that. Maria’s booty was the kind that even straight girls noticed and Emma was definitely not straight anymore.

Frankly Emma didn’t know what she was anymore and she didn’t care. All she knew was she hadn’t thought about her boyfriend in hours and that she desperately wanted to bend Maria over and fuck her ass until they both cried out in orgasm.

While they kissed and Maria played with her tits, Emma reached down and gave Maria’s meaty ass a hard smack. Maria moaned out lustfully from the slap on her bare bottom and rubbed herself into the redhead harder, doing what she wished they’d done every time she’d interviewed Emma.

They began grinding their nude bodies together as their kiss intensified and Maria loved the way Emma’s plastic dick was rubbing into her cunt. But even more, Maria wanted it up her ass. She loved the thrill of having a hot girl fuck her ass and Emma had never looked hotter to Maria than she did right then, especially as Emma kept telling her all the dirty things she’d done at the party.

“Mmmm I banged Taylor Swift up the ass with this thing,” Emma confessed eagerly, telling all to the beautiful reporter. “I took her tight little cherry with my big dick and I made her love getting buttfucked like a dirty little whore! Ooooh I took that tight little princess’ hole and she came so hard for me! It was the best feeling ever to have so much power and be able to make Taylor feel so good! Then I fucked Dianna Agron! Oooh fuck her ass was so fucking tight and hot and she let me bang her doggie style like a whore! She took so much of this big, hard cock right up her fuckhole and it made me so fucking wet to do it! Ooooh and she wants more! Mmm Dianna can’t get enough of it up her ass!  There are so many hot, fuckable asses here, aren’t there? Oooooh like yours Maria! Mmmm fuckk I want to bang your ass like I fucking own it, and you’ll let me, won’t you?”

“Yesssssssss!” Maria groaned without hesitation. “Fucking own my ass Emma! Bend me over and fuck my big ass and make it bounce while you shove that fake fuckstick inside me! Fuck my butt better than a man can! Ooooh all these girls love to play with my fucking ass! They can’t get enough of my juicy Greek booty and I can’t get enough of it either! Ooooh I’m such an ass fucked whore! I love giving my ass up to these beautiful sluts and I want you to take it! Fuck me harder than you fucked Taylor! She’s a newbie here but I’ve been getting fucked like a whore here for years!”

Maria loved being able to show off all her experience to the beautiful redhead, especially as everyone around them watched them intently. All Maria could think about was sex and when her next orgasm would come. She had lost track of how many times she’d alreasy come but each orgasm had only energized her more.

Maria was hornier than she’d ever been in her whole life. She’d fucked so many girls here already, even Taylor. She’d come all over that pretty blonde superstar’s face while Taylor had been eaten out by Demi Lovato and Jewel had fucked Demi’s beautiful butt.

But Maria wanted more. She was so glad Beth and Kat and Michelle and Avril and JoJo were here now too. She looked at all of them as fresh meat for the party and she wanted to fuck them all. And she definitely wanted Emma to make good on her promise to take her ass and make her feel every inch of that toy inside her.

“Oooooh you’re such a slut!” Emma laughed, smacking Maria’s bottom again and making the reporter moan happily. “Mmmmm I can’t wait to fuck your ass Maria! And everyone else’s too!”

That sounded like a very good idea, especially to someone who was watching this intently.

“Yes! Fuck me!” Lindsay urged, coming up behind Emma and rubbing her big, naked tits into her while reaching around front to grasp the girl’s strap-on with both hands. “I haven’t had anyone fuck my ass here tonight and I’m fucking dying for it! Fuck me Emma! Fuck my slutty ass just like you fucked Taylor’s and Dianna’s!”

“Mmmmm fuckkk yessssss I’ll fuck that yummy pale ass of yours, Lindsay! Ooooh I’ll fuck the freckles right off of you!” Emma moaned before turning her head and kissing the notorious actress. “Mmmm I’ll fuck all of you! All of you line up and bend over and I’ll fuck you one by one!”

The two redheads began making out and Emma pulled away enough from Maria so she could turn around and really press herself into Lindsay. Emma couldn’t believe she was kissing Lindsay Lohan of all people but it was so fucking hot and her big boobs looked so sexy.

Emma could already picture how good they’d look bouncing up and down as she pounded Lindsay’s ass and made the dirty slut take it deep up her freckled butt. God, she was going crazy and she loved it. She had never felt so alive and Emma wanted everyone there to know she was being totally serious.

“I really mean it!” Emma told the crowd of gawking girls after breaking the wet kiss with Lindsay. “I’ll fuck all of you! I’ll take all of your asses and fuck each and every one of you! Mmmm there are so many hot asses here! Ooooh like yours!”

Emma pulled away from Lindsay when she found herself distracted by a fully nude JoJo Levesque. Emma’s brain was too scrambled for her to focus on anything for long. She kept getting distracted by bright shiny objects or, in this case, hot, naked female bodies.

She had sexual ADD or something and Emma didn’t care. She just walked right up to JoJo and started to kiss her while reaching around back to squeeze the singer’s bare ass.

JoJo was surprised at Emma’s boldness. After all, they barely knew each other at all. But she sure as hell didn’t fight it. Those soft hands felt very good groping her buns and kneading the flesh of her ass cheeks and JoJo was sure that the fake cock Emma was wearing would feel even better.

JoJo had never been shy about sex. She’d never been repressed or inhibited and when she’d wanted to give up her ass to a hot guy she’d damn well done it. It had been her choice and she had fucking loved how it had felt to feel a hard cock up her ass. But she’d never known true pleasure until she had started getting into girls.

She hadn’t ever thought she’d like that. JoJo hadn’t thought she wasn’t into girls at all. But Gwen Stefani had changed that. JoJo had wanted to hook up with Gwen’s lover Fluffy so bad that she had relented to Gwen’s bisexual advances and it had changed her life.

Now she knew just how unbelievable it was to fuck girls and she could never get enough. Ass play was just one of many lesbian pleasures she now eagerly indulged in and the way Emma was grabbing her ass was making JoJo very eager to give it up to the aggressively horny actress.

JoJo had once thought there was no taboo pleasure better than having a man fuck her ass with a big cock. But that had been before she had tried women. Men could only go for a certain amount of time before they lost it and while JoJo had to admit there was a hot thrill that came from feeling a man shoot his cum all over her butt cheeks after he’d fucked her booty, there was nothing like a woman with a hard strap-on fucking her ass. They could go for hours fucking her butt and JoJo loved that more than anything.

So JoJo didn’t fight Emma’s advances in the slightest. She kissed the gorgeous actress and let their tongues rub together but only for a few hot seconds before JoJo turned her body around and presented her bare ass for Emma to fully check out.

“Oh yeah? Gonna fuck this? Gonna make me take it up the ass from your big cock?” JoJo teased, very much getting into the spirit of the fun by slapping her own bare ass and leaving a mark on her round, full cheek. “Gonna take this big, juicy ass of mine and fuck it? Mmmm I want that Emma! I came here looking to get fucked! Don’t even start with my pussy! Go straight for the ass! That’s what I fucking want from you sluts tonight! Fuck my ass and make my big tits bounce for you as you see how much I love it!”

JoJo would have said more but Michelle was so turned on by her actions that she kissed her, silencing her moaning lips. JoJo and Michelle passionately made out and soon Avril joined in the fun too, the three of them sharing a hot three-way kiss. And while they kissed, Emma pressed her naked body to JoJo’s and slid her fake cock up and down the singer’s ass crack while using her hands to grope Michelle and Avril’s asses too.

“I mean it! I want to fuck all of you!” Emma declared as if it weren’t already clear. “Mmmmm c’mere. I want to show you all something. Especially you Maria!”

Everyone was very interested in what Emma had in store for them so the majority of them followed her as she walked away, staring at Emma’s bare ass as her tight buns hung out of the harness of her strap-on, giving her such a sexy look.

But not everyone followed Emma.

Kat hadn’t said anything because she could tell Emma was drunk or stoned or something. But she’d had a total girl crush on the redhead while they’d done The House Bunny. And she hadn’t been the only one either.

Anna Faris had wanted to get Emma into bed so badly and Kat knew that all too tell from how often she and the blonde had hooked up on the set. They had even talked about doing a thresome with her but they’d never made a move and had instead contented themselvews with fucking each other silly.

But now Kat could see a whole new side of Emma Stone and she liked it. Kat loved the idea of letting the redhead fuck her up the ass and she loved thinking about every dirty thing she could do to that tight little body of Emma’s too. On any other night she would have followed her anwhere for the chance to do Emma, but tonight Kat had seen something so unbelievable that she shelved that fantasy for a later date.

Kat yanked on Beth’s arm to pull her naked friend with her. The promise of sex with Emma Stone was great. But to Kat what she saw was fucking awesome so she pulled Beth toward it while she moved as quickly as she could to get in on it.

So it was Maria, Lindsay, Avril, JoJo and Michelle that eagerly followed the strap-on wearing redhead as Emma led them a short distance away to a couch where Emmy Rossum and Dianna Agron were feverishly making out. But seeing the two beautiful actresses kiss wasn’t even the hottest part.

Both Dianna and Emmy were bent over the couch, their knees on the carpet and their shoulders on the cushions. This forced their bare asses out and it was obvious as everyone got closer that Emma had very lewd intentions for those asses.

She had properly prepared them for those intentions too because the approaching group got to see how both Emmy and Dianna had butt plugs obscenely shoved into their tightest holes. The bright green one was in Dianna’s ass and Emmy’s hole was being stuffed with a bright red plastic plug. And everyone had to admit that the red and green colors made the sex toys very seasonally appropriate.

The small plugs were both shoved all the way up Dianna and Emmy’s asses and seeing the plastic sticking out of their two perfect backsides while they were bent over the couch and put on display for all to see was arousing for everyone. The two actresses kept kissing each other, lost in lesbian lust as they felt their holes get stretched while their tongues rubbed together and their wet mouths fused as one.

“Mmmm see how horny they are for me,” Emma moaned, showing Dianna and Emmy off like prizes. “Mmmm see how much they want my cock up their asses! Dianna’s already felt it but she wants more and Emmy is so fucking horny for it too, aren’t you?”

“Yessssssssss!” Emmy replied eagerly, breaking the kiss to make sure everyone knew how much she wanted to be a dirty girl. “Fuck my ass Emma! Fuck my tight little butt and make everyone see how much I like it! I’ve never let a girl do this to me before but I want it! Fuck me like you fucked Taylor! Fuck me like you fucked Dianna! Make me take it up the ass like a fucking slut! Fuck me deep and hard and then I want to fucking taste it!”

Emmy never could have imagined saying anything like this before she had gotten here. She had been fucked up the ass a few times by guys and she knew her booty got a lot of attention. But she had never really sought it out.

She had never liked getting it up the ass as much as she had enjoyed being fucked in her pussy. But everything had changed now for Emmy though. Everything these women had done to her had felt good and Emmy wanted so much more. She wanted to experience everything.

Emmy had seen just how much Taylor and Dianna had loved being fucked up the ass. She had heard the cries of the other women at this party begging for anal sex and coming hard from it. So while she had been shy about giving up her ass in the past, Emmy had no shyness now.

She had practically demanded Emma do it to her and when Emma had gotten the festively colored butt plug for her, Emmy hadn’t fought it at all. In fact she had reached back and spread open her cheeks to make sure Emma got it deep up her rear end.

Emmy meant every word she said. She wanted this pleasure. She needed to fucking feel it. She loved being bent over like a piece of meat for everyone to drool over and it had been so hard to wait for Emma to come back. God, if any other girl at the party had tried to fuck her while Emma had been gone Emmy knew she totally would have let them.

“Please fuck me! Fuck my pretty pink ass!” Emmy pleaded, shaking her booty for all to see and making her firm buns jiggle just enough to provide some serious enticement. “Give it to me hard Emma!”

Dianna wanted to get more fucking for herself too. She was desperate for more anal pleasure after Emma had fucked her so wonderfully. She needed to feel it up her ass again.

Her hole had been left so tender from Emma’s strap-on and having the plastic plug up her ass made Dianna crave more. The plug was keeping her loose after being fucked and she was dying to feel Emma bury that fake cock inside her again.

But she also knew Emmy hadn’t felt the pleasure yet and as greedy as she felt, Dianna also wanted to share. Dianna wondered if she could get some Christmas karma out of this too.

Maybe after Emma fucked Emmy, the redhead would ram her ass again too, extra hard this time. Then maybe she’d get some of her friends to give her something more like two cocks up her ass at the same time! Dianna never would have dreamed of something as perverse as double anal before tonight. But now she wanted everything, the nastier the better.

“Fuck her Emma! Take Emmy’s cute butt and fuck her hard! Make those sweet cheeks shake as you fuck her and ravish her tight shithole!” Dianna groaned, her pussy dripping with need as well as pleasure from feeling the plug up her ass. “Fuck her hard and make her ass raw like you made mine! Make her come and then shove that cock in my mouth so I can taste it and suck that ass off it to get it wet for you to fuck me again! Ooooh fuckkk I’m so fucking nasty now ohhh fuckkkk I need it sooo bad!”

And Dianna got it too, just not what she was expecting.

While in the middle of begging to get another turn with Emma’s strap-on after Emmy got fucked, Dinna suddenly got a pussy pressed to her face. It was a surprise but she didn’t flinch fro  it. She didn’t even care who it was. Dianna just started licking.

Dianna didn’t question what was happening. All she knew was that she had a juicy, wet and tight pussy against her mouth and her instinct compelled her to start licking. So she didn’t think at all. She just reacted by darting out her tongue and lapping at the juicy pink vaginal folds now in her face. She immediately brought pleasure to whoever it was and the sound of her cries revealed Dianna’s new lover’s identity.

“Mmmmm yesssssssssss fuckkkk ohhhhh eat my pussy! Lick that fucking juice right out of me Dianna!” Lindsay cried in her unmistakable throaty voice. “Mmmmm fuckkk yesssss tongue my wet twat baby! Oooooh I’ve wanted to fuck you for years! Mmmm when I did Glee I was pissed off that none of my scenes were with you or Lea or any of the hot pieces of ass in the cast! I wanted to check you all out and fuck you like the nasty little dyke I am! Oooooh yeah but now you’re licking me! Now you’re eating my pussy like a thirsty little lesbo wanting my cum! Mmmmm fuckk I got so turned on hearing you want to get buttfucked and I had to get my pussy in your face!”

Whatever ideas she had left in her head about being a good girl were gone now as Dianna hungrily lapped at Lindsay’s pussy, her tongue going after her even harder now that she knew who she was lickng. God, she was going down on Lindsay fucking Lohan and she loved it.

Dianna loved being this dirty. She had never felt like this before and it was so hot not to think at all, just to fuck. She wanted to tongue fuck Lindsay. She enjoyed how wet and sweet she tasted and Dianna wanted to drain the horny redhead slut dry.

And while Lindsay moaned and squeezed her tits while sitting on the couch with her legs spread and her pussy in Dinna’s face, Emma prepared her toy for action again by spreading a fresh coat of lube on it.

But that wasn’t all she did. Emma had raided the toy back for lots of fun items and besides pulling out the green and red Xmas buttplugs, she had gotten something else too and she grabbed the flexible jelly double-ended dong to spread lube all over it too.

“See how fucking horny they are for me,” Emma moaned, showing off to her rapt audience. “See how much they can’t wait to get fucked! I’m going to make you all like that! But I want to see something fun too. Mmmm I want to see you sluts warm yourselves up for me! Two of you use this right now! Get yourselves ready for me by going ass to ass with this double-ender.”

Emma was in charge and she loved it. She felt like sex queen of the world as she tossed the now lubed up pink jelly double dong onto the carpet. And, just as she hoped, everyone scrambled for it.

A pile of naked bodies dove after it, each of them wanting to be the nasty ones to get a hold of it and they all struggled for it, wrestling their naked bodies together and fighting for the prize.

Ultimately it was Maria and JoJo who successfully secured it and wrestled it away from Avril and Michelle. They greedily kissed in victory and rubbed their luscious tits together while they tongued each other’s mouths. And they immediately set to work as that kiss quickly broke and JoJo parked herself on all fours in front of Maria.

“Give it to me Maria!” JoJo begged the reporter, her raging desire to get in on this making her just as out of control with horniness as anyone who had enjoyed the spiked punch. “Mmmm you’ve never fucked me like this before but you’re gonna get the exclusive about how much I love it up the ass! Shove that toy up my ass and make me feel it stuffing me good! Ooooh I want to fucking go ass to ass with you and feel our hot butts slapping together!”

JoJo didn’t need to drink any kind of drink to be horny. She was so keyed up like 24/7 and when she wasn’t thinking about her music and getting her career back on track with her new album, JoJo was thinking about getting fucked. The nastier the better too and right then all JoJo wanted was as much girl sex as she could get. She didn’t care if she got it in her pussy or her ass. She just wanted to get fucked as much as possible.

So JoJo lustfully demanded the anal action Emma had wanted. And not only did that sound really good to Maria, but Avril and Michelle loved it too.

They had been disappointed that they hadn’t been able to grab the toy because both of them were wet from the idea of going ass to ass with each other. But disappointment couldn’t fight off the horniness that came from picturing Maria and JoJo’s hot, thick asses slapping together as they shared the toy. Because of that, Michelle and Avril didn’t sulk. Instead they helped.

With JoJo on all fours, Michelle eagerly got behind her friend and spread open her plump cheeks. JoJo moaned from feeling Michelle’s always welcomed hands on her ass and those cries got even louder when Michelle let a long strand of saliva drip down into JoJo’s ass crack and coat her hole. And by the time Michelle’s tongue started spreading her own spit around, JoJo was in heaven.

“Ohhhh yessss you nasty girl! Lick my butt Michelle! Oooooh fuckkkk get that pretty little hole all fucking wet! Oooooh I love when you do this!” JoJo cried, remembering a past time when Michelle had rimmed her to get her ready for Avril to fuck her with a toy. “Mmmm fuckkk you pretty little nasty mommy eating my ass! Ohhhh fuckkkk yesssssssss mmmm tongue it good Michelle! Get it ready for that jelly dick up my ass! Ooooh eat the ass all the boys want to fuck!”

JoJo knew she had a great body. She loved showing it off. She knew how much men lusted for her big, young tits and how they loved to drool over her round ass. She loved turning them on for her. It gave her such a thrill to dress up and show off her assets knowing that most of the men she saw could only dream about fucking her because she was too busy fucking women these days.

She moaned happily and tossed her head back while she remained on all fours with Michelle licking her asshole and getting it nice and wet. But that feeling was only temporary before it was replaced by something even better. Because as much as JoJo loved feeling Michelle Branch’s tongue tossing her salad, it was even better when Maria took one end of the lubed up double ender and slipped the head into her, penetrating her tight little anus and pushing inside.

“Fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss mmmmm feed my ass that toy!” JoJo groaned in need as Maria started easing the inches of the jelly toy into her.

Maria only started the process though. It was Michelle who took over for her as Maria assumed the position too. Michelle pushed more of the flexible toy into JoJo while Maria got on all fours too, their backsides tantalizingly close to touching. And that was where Avril came in.

Just like Michelle had done to JoJo, Avril spread open Maria’s toned but thick buns and started licking. She tongued the reporter’s asshole just like she had done many times, sticking her face into Maria’s drool worthy ass crack and lapping at the tightest of her fuckholes.

Avril loved giving rim jobs to Maria and it showed from the saliva dripping out of her mouth inti Maria’s puckered ring and from the way her tongue eagerly licked all over the naughty hole.

“Mmmmm ohhhh Avril! OOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSS!” Maria enthusiastically praised the horny Canadian. “Mmmmm eat my ass baby! Ohhhh fuckkk get it ready to get fucked! Ohhhh my God yesssssssssss! Oooooh yesss I love when you shove your tongue into my fucking ass! Ohhhh fuck that feels soooo good!”

Avril could have kept her tongue in Maria’s ass all day and Maria definitely would have let her. But there was more than licking that needed to be done and Avril soon pulled away so she could ease the other end of the double dong right into Maria’s licked asshole.

Maria helped by gripping her own ass cheeks so she could spread them open and Avril did the rest, pushing the toy into her and making sure Maria could feel the inches that were sliding inside.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH! Yesssssssss oooooh yesssssssssss shove it into my ass!” Maria begged as she and JoJo both happily cried out from the toy inside them. “Fuck me! Ohhh fuckk I wanna fuck you so good JoJo! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss!”

Thanks to Avril and Michelle’s help, Maria and JoJo were now going ass to ass as they shared the toy. Both ends of the flexible double ender were inside their amazing asses and the round, thick flesh of their butt cheeks immediately began to giggle erotically as they thrust into each other. Both of them wanted more of the toy to slide up their asses and they knew that each push they took to impale themselves further on it gave the other pleasure too.

The rubber of the 18-inch toy was shoved into both of them and the more they felt the more they wanted. Both Maria and JoJo moaned loudly in ecstasy again and again as they fucked each other, making their asses shake as they thrust back and fucked both themselves and each other with the flexible toy.

They had both taken hard toys up their asses before, including Mr. Snappy, so this was nothing new for either of them and it didn’t take long for them to get into a good rhythm.

Both of them grunted and moaned as they thrust back onto the toy, their big tits shaking as they worked it over with their asses. More and more of the plastic slid into the both of them as they backed up further and further, feeling their horny asses get filled with inch after inch.

It felt so good to them both and each of them worked her thrust to pleasure the other. When Maria eased more into her own ass she made sure to also push back into JoJo and the singer did the same insuring they both felt really good as the intensity of their toy play grew.



They were both making a lot of noise but fortunately an easy solution for quieting them was in hand. As they continued fucking each other with the double ender, Michelle grabbed JoJo by the back of her head and forced her lips down to her cunt. Avril did the same to Maria and soon both horny women were silenced with wet pussies in their faces.

Neither of them minded of course. Both of them loved the taste of pussy, especially these pussies. Both JoJo and Maria had eaten Avril and Michelle out before too many times to keep count. So this was easy for them to get into and they channeled the pleasure they were feeling from the toy up their asses into licking away at their friends.

Maria lapped at Avril’s sticky snatch while JoJo slurped at Michelle’s yummy pinkness, making the girlfriends moan out their own pleasure.

Through it all, Emma watched them. There was debauched sex going on all around her and she loved it. She couldn’t believe how amazing all of this felt. It was as hot to watch it as it was to experience it and she couldn’t get enough of either.

Emma couldn’t believe she had waited until the day before to try lesbian sex. She had missed out on so much fun by being too chicken to indulge in her own fantasies.  But she wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

Boyfriend or no boyfriend, Emma felt like she was never going to leave this place. She had never felt so erotic or so in control ever in her life. She was trying wild and wicked new things and she ever wanted it to stop. So she focused herself on taking a new prize for herself, Emmy Rossum’s ass.

Pulling the Christmas butt plug out of Emmy, Emma brought it to her own mouth to naughtily taste the ass of her latest conquest. She eagerly sucked on the plug and then pulled it out of her mouth with a saliva coated pop so she could instead feed it to Emmy. And the Shameless actress acted quite shamelessly indeed as she didn’t even have to be told that to do.

As soon as Emmy realized what Emma wanted, she opened her mouth and let the redhead slide the toy that had just been shoved into her asshole into her mouth. Emmy closed her lips around it too and sucked on it, slurping away at the anal fucking plastic and pausing only so she could start licking it, running her tongue all over the end that had just been inside her.

Emmy greedily tasted herself, breaking a wicked taboo she had never considered ever doing with a man. It just seemed so natural now. She had tasted cocks that had been inside her pussy and she had certainly tasted the wet juices of several girls here. So why not taste her own ass too?

Emmy took the toy into her hand and sucked hard on the butt plug, distracting her from Emma’s end game as the redhead took the lubed up cock and forcefully shoved it into Emmy’s prepared hole.


Seeing America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift turn into an insatiable whore from Emma fucking her ass had been such a thrill for Emmy. It had made everything she had done with Olivia Munn and all the other girls even hotter because she had been watching such a kinky show at the same time.

Now Emmy wanted to be hot and dirty just like Taylor and she knew Emma could make her feel it. She hadn’t expected Emma to take her so aggressively but the redhead had just gone for it. She’d pushed the strap-on right up her ass without taking time for any niceties and Emmy was left gasping as her ass was roughly sodomized.

But she liked it. Oh fuck did she like it a lot.

Most of the time her lovers treated her gently, almost too gently. That was one of the reasons she had gotten off so much on what Olivia had done to her and how she had done it. The sensation of being taken and owned and made to like it was so overpoweringly erotic. It was intense and sexy and the feel of that fake dick being forced into her tight ass made Emmy cry, but totally in happiness.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh fuckkk ohhhhhh FUCKKK OHHHH MY FUCKING GOD!” Emmy wailed in pleasure while her eyes teared up from Emma getting stronger and harder with every thrust into her ass. “FUCK ME! OOOOOH FUCK MY TIGHT FUCKING ASS! OOOOOH YESSSS OOOOH FUCKK GODDD YOU’RE DOING IT SO MEAN EMMA! FUCKKK OOOOH DON’T STOP! DO IT HARD! UGHHH FUCK ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT! OHHHHHH!”

Emmy cried and screamed and finally grabbed one of the couch pillows to holler into as she was taken so forcefully from behind.

It was like nothing she had ever experienced before and Emmy knew she might regret it in the morning. But for now it was all ecstasy. She had never been fucked like this before and it was like an out of body experience to be fucked so roughly. Emmy was being pounded from behind and she loved it.

“Mmmmm yessss take it like a good girl! Take this big cock right up your tight little ass!” Emma urged with a voracious lust in her voice. “Mmmmm yesssss ooooh your fucking ass looks so good right now Emmy! It’s taking this big dick like a fucking champion! Your ass is made to be fucked and now you’re getting it good and stuffed like a good lesbian fuck slut! Mmmmm just like me! Take it you whore! Take it like a good fucking dyke!”

Emma felt power surge through her veins. She had come so far in just a day. She remembered how shy she’d been and how she’d practically had to be called a chicken to go down on Sasha Grey and then rim her asshole.

But that was in the past. Once she’d felt Scarlett take that toy and fuck her ass and once she’d felt how amazing it was to come from a woman fucking her, Emma had known she had changed. It had just been right. It had been natural. This was who she was.

She was a powerful, confident woman who loved fucking other women. Emma loved taking them and showing them who was in control. She loved being able to bend them to her desires and make them do things they never had before. She had done it when Taylor and now she was doing it with Emmy. Emma had never felt this good in her life and she loved everything that she was doing.

Emma let out a growl of pure desire while she kept her hands firmly on Emmy’s hips and drove into the brunette. Emmy’s ass was so snug and firm but fucking it so hard was making her cheeks jiggle and Emma couldn’t get enough of watching those beautiful buns bounce.

It made the pleasure of having the strap-on’s nub rub into her clit even hotter and Emma began fucking Emmy even more, taking her deep with the toy and making her enjoy every plastic inch that was sodomizing her.


“Oooooh you filthy girl mmmm you love it up your sweet, pretty ass, don’t you?” Emma moaned before taking one of her hands off Emmy’s hip and using it instead to swat her giggling ass cheeks, making a red mark appear on her pale flesh and causing Emmy to gasp and moan in delight. “Fuck! You’ve got such a great butt Emmy! I love fucking it! Mmmm taking your firm little fucking ass with my big cock! Take it like a big girl! Fucking come from me buttfucking you like a little slutty bitch!”

Emma loved staring at her newest lover’s shaking ass. She loved how she could make that firm little booty bounce and how their bodies were really slapping together.

Emma got off on seeing Emmy’s tan lines from wherever she’d recently caught some sun at the beach. Emmy’s skin was pale but her buns where her bikini bottom would have been were noticeably paler. That was so hot to Emma and she slapped the girl hard on her backside, spanking her and making Emmy’s white skin pink.

Emmy’s head was swimming in sexual ecstasy. It was getting better and better by the second. Each push from Emma felt deeper and harder. It was like the redhead wanted to wreck her and Emmy wanted to be wrecked.

Her ass had been loosened by the butt plug, but being fucked like this was nothing she had been ready for. Emmy loved it though. It was so wild and untamed and dirty and it was so unbelievable to be taken by another woman like this.

The spanking Emma started giving her made it even better. She was being treated like a rag doll by the horny redhead. Emma hadn’t fucked Taylor or Dianna this rough but Emmy was totally into it. She loved being fucked up the ass like she was a piece of meat. She loved how Emma was spanking her. This was such a perverse new thrill and it was the best feeling ever.

It was making her so wet that Emmy reached down and began fingering herself while enjoying the hard thrusts up her ass. Emmy was shocked by how drenched her cunt was and she fingered herself enthusiastically, making her pussy squish from her fingers shoving inside it. Being able to play with herself as Emma stretched her hole and filled it up made everything feel even better.


Between Emmy’s cries and the happy, albeit pussy muffled, sounds from Maria and JoJo, all of this anal sex commotion naturally attracted attention. And that attention came from a woman there for whom the dirty debauchery of being fucked up the ass was absolutely like a siren’s call that she didn’t have a hope in hell of being able to resist.

“Mmmm c’mon, we’ve gotta get in on this,” Mandy Moore said excitedly, pulling her friend by the hand as she dreamed of being able to indulge in her own filthy fantasies. “Hurry!”

“Are you sure they won’t mind?” Minka Kelly asked, just as intrigued but also not sure what the proper rules or etiquette was at an orgy,

Minka certainly didn’t want to do anything that could offend her hostesses on her first trip here. After all, this was a place she definitely wanted to visit again and again after tonight. She had never been someplace like this before. She had never been a part of anything this crazy and dirty and most of all this fun.

She and Mandy were supposed to have been at a friend’s house hearing about his recent trip. But they had ended up on the detour of a lifetime and Minka no longer knew what to think about anything.

She had seen a side of her friend that she had never imagined was there and it had blown her mind to see Mandy act so sexy and insatiable. But it had also turned Minka on like nothing ever had before.

Minka had been with women before tonight. She had known just how beautiful and sensual it could be to make love to another sexy woman. She had also known just how much fun and kinky it could be. But nothing in her experience had prepared her for this. She had never dreamed Mandy could be act this way and be so dirty. God, her friend was practically a lesbian nymphomaniac and Minka didn’t know how to handle it.

But Minka did know that she really liked seeing this very sexy side of her best friend. She might never have even suspected that it was there but it was so hot to see it so lewdly on display. Mandy looked so good naked and, as she excitedly pulled her toward more fun, Minka couldn’t help but check out how Mandy’s big tits were bouncing and how beautiful her soft, full ass looked as it gave a little jiggle with every eager step the singer took.

Minka couldn’t believe she was checking out her best friend’s nude body but it wasn’t like they hadn’t already done much more than simply look at each other. She had the taste of Mandy’s cum on her lips and tongue and it had tasted so fucking good.

Minka had loved going down on her friend and she knew Mandy’s face was messy with her juices too. They had tongued each other to multiple orgasms already but now Mandy wanted more.

“Mind? God no!” Mandy said with a giddy laugh. “They get mad around here if you don’t join in! C’mon Minka we’re missing all the good stuff! Fuckkk I can’t miss my chance at this! Mmmm fuck look at all those yummy fucking asses! I can’t take it! Ooooh I need them all!”

Minka had never expected Mandy of all people to be so into women. But it turned out that her friend was just full of surprises and there were more to come.

Mandy pulled her right over to where Emma was assfucking Emmy and Minka’s eyes widened at the lewd scene before her. Even after all she’d already seen and all she’d done she still couldn’t believe that women like these were acting like this. It was so fucking hot though and Minka began playing with her own naked tits as she stared, massaging her globes and teasing her nipples as she got freshly aroused from it.

Minka loved watching Emma driving into Emmy and how the redhead was making the brunette cry out like a dirty slut as her ass got fucked. She loved being able to look over to their right and see Dianna going down on Lindsay and tongue fucking the redhead while Lindsay’s big tits bounced erotically. And Minka loved seeing JoJo and Maria sharing the double dildo and watching both ends of it slide into their asses as more of it disappeared inside them. Their beautiful bare butts seemed tantalizingly close to slapping into each other and it all turned Minka on.

Minka loved it all. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing but she wanted in so badly. It was so hot to see this and then see Avril and Michelle writhing in pleasure, playing with their nipples as Maria and JoJo tongued their pussies. There were so many beautiful women at this party and Minka felt like she wanted to fuck them all.

What was most surprising to her was just how used to it Mandy seemed. Minka couldn’t understand how she had never seen this side of her best friend before. She had never even gotten a hint that Mandy even liked girls much less that she was a total nympho for it.

But the more she watched Mandy, the more Minka saw just what a dirty slut her friend was and the more she liked it getting to know this side of Mandy.

“Mmmmm yesssssss mmmm gawd gotta taste em,” Mandy moaned, letting go of Minka’s hand and instead indulging in the depraved need she felt inside her.

She had tried so hard to hide this side of herself from Minka but Mandy knew the door was open now and there was no sense trying to pretend she was anything but the filthy fucking slut she knew she was. She and Minka had already crossed a line by eating each other’s pussies but Mandy knew that was only the tip of how depraved she could be.

Part of her still felt that she shouldn’t be showing this much of herself to Minka but she couldn’t stop herself.            The need was too strong and her horniness was too much in control of her actions for her to be able to hold anything back.

Mandy sank to her hands and knees, lust and deep need filling her eyes as she began breathing hard. She had heard the cries of anal pleasure from this part of the party and it had ended up being so much hotter than she had even imagined it would be.

There were so many hot asses being fucked and Mandy couldn’t control herself. She needed to feed her cravings and she didn’t care if Minka saw her or judged her or thought she was some kind of a dirty pervert.

Mandy knew she was a fucking sleaze for liking this. She knew she was sick and dirty for craving it so much. But it was all she could think about. She was caught up in the grips of her need and she crawled right over to Dianna as the blonde hungrily ate Lindsay out. That was hot to see, but what Mandy had her eye on was even hotter.

She didn’t care about Lindsay fucking Dianna’s face with her pussy nearly as much as she cared about Dianna’s ass jutting out. Her firm, tight ass was feminine perfection and Mandy had nearly collapsed into a state of drooling messiness when she had seen the butt plug lewdly sticking out of the former Glee star. Seeing that soft, pink naked ass and then seeing the hunk of plastic wedged inside it turned Mandy into a horny monster and she didn’t even think. She just acted.

Without so much as a word, Mandy crawled behind Dianna and reached for the plug. She pulled it out as gently as she could, but in her state of mind, where all she could think about was ass and how much she wanted to fucking taste it, Mandy didn’t bother too much with niceties. She pulled the Christmas green butt plug out of the blonde and popped it right into her mouth, sucking intently on it and slurping the taste of Dianna Agron’s ass right off it.

“Oh my God! Mandy?” Minka gasped in shock at the sight of her friend doing something so dirty. “What are you doing?”

But Mandy ignored her friend’s question. All she cared about was sucking the butt plug clean and getting every bit of the taste of this girl she barely knew into her mouth. She sucked on it with wet slurps and saliva began dripping out of her mouth as she swallowed the plastic down and rubbed her own pussy while she did it. Mandy sucked every bit of ass off it and touched herself, fingering herself harder the more she tasted.

“Heyyyyyy what the fuck?” Dianna groaned, not wanting the plug pulled from her ass, especially in such a manner that left her hole sore. “Mandy? What the hell?”

When Dianna had pulled up from Lindsay’s pussy to see who was responsible for taking such liberties with her body, Mandy Moore had been the last on her list of suspects. But there she was naked and drooling while sucking away on the plug that had just been shoved up her ass.

Dianna was shocked by what she saw but, even in her annoyance, she had to admit it was so hot to see a beautiful girl like Mandy be so filthy.

“I’m sorry!” Mandy said, popping the toy out of her mouth, even though the look on her face showed she wasn’t sorry in the slightest. “I can’t help it! Mmmm I gotta taste your ass Dianna! I’ve got to taste all of you! I want to see you all get fucked and then taste it! I want to eat up the taste of all of your naughty asses! I’m a nasty ass to mouth slut and I can’t fucking help it! I can’t ever get enough!”

Mandy proved that by ignoring the butt plug she held in her hand and instead getting the taste she craved right from the source. She shoved her face right into Dianna’s soft, pink ass, spreading open the blonde’s tight cheeks and darting her tongue inside to taste the hole that Emma had loosened with her strap-on and then kept at the ready with the butt plug.

“Ohhhhh gawwwd ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSSS!” Dianna cried out, no longer annoyed as Mandy began to vigorously toss her salad. “Oooooh Mandy fuckkk ohhhhhhhhhhh that’s nasty ooooooooooooh yesssss yesssss fucking lick my ass! Ooooh you kinky fuck! You like that taste? Mmmm fuck! Shove your tongue up my ass and fucking lick it oooooh fuckkkkk soooo nasty! Ohhhhhh!”

Dianna had already experienced so many wild pleasures tonight, why not one more? Sure she barely knew Mandy and now the supposedly wholesome girl had her tongue buried in her ass but that didn’t matter now.

Dianna only cared how good it felt and it felt so fucking good. Mandy was like a wild demoness tonguing her asshole. Dianna had never felt as much pleasure from having her butt licked as she was getting from Mandy.

And Minka was too shocked to do anything but watch in total stunned silence. Before tonight she never could have imagined Mandy even kissing a girl but now she could see what an advanced level of sluttiness her friend was really operating at.

This was insane. How could her friend be eating out another girl’s ass right in front of her? Minka had thought they had gotten naughty by licking each other’s pussies and playing with their bodies but that had obviously only been the tip of the iceberg when it came to what Mandy was into.

“Oh my God! Mandy? You’re like a total fucking anal slut!” Minka marveled, her voice giggling as she said it. “That’s so nasty! Mmmm and so fucking hot!”

Minka knew enough to know she was definitely not thinking clearly right then but she also knew just enough more to recognize she didn’t care. She and Mandy had already moved so far beyond just being friends that there was no way they could turn back. So Minka wanted to go further, a lot further.

Seeing Mandy get to into the wicked act of rimming Dianna Agron’s perfect ass showed Minka exactly what she needed to do to make things even hotter between her and her best friend.

“I had no idea you’d ever be into something so kinky,” Minka admitted before letting loose with a little secret of her own. “You know, I’ve always thought you had such a sexy ass Mandy…”

Minka revealed that very sensually and then proved it by kneeling behind her friend and spreading open Mandy’s butt cheeks. She had already tasted Mandy’s pussy and swallowed her cum so there was no way she could stop herself now. Minka wanted to do this. She wanted to get wild and be as dirty as all these other girls.

And she hadn’t been lying either. She had always thought Mandy had an amazing ass. It was so soft and full and bouncy. Now she was going to take it and show Mandy that she could be dirty too. Keeping Mandy’s ass open, Minka naughtily dragged her tongue down her best friend’s crack and then began teasing her puckered hole.

Mandy moaned with muffled pleasure into Dianna’s ass while she felt Minka’s tongue start to wetly touch her asshole. She loved being rimmed. She loved feeling a hot female tongue licking her back there and especially knowing that it was Minka’s.

God, Mandy felt like such a whore and it was an incredible sensation. She wanted her best friend to shove that tongue up her ass and she wanted Minka to get her all wet because Mandy didn’t want her to stop with just a tongue fuck. No, Mindy needed her ass to really get fucked and she wanted Minka to do it.

“Oooooh fuckkkk yessss I’m a kinky fucking slut!” Mandy agreed, pulling up from Dianna and letting saliva drip out of her mouth and run down from the blonde’s asshole to her waiting pussy. “Mmmm I fucking love getting assfucked! But that’s not the kinkiest part Minka! Every time I do I need to taste it! I need to get my ass and then my mouth fucked! I need to taste my own ass and not just mine! Other girls’ too! I can’t stand not getting it! Ooooh I’m like obsessed with assfucking now! I’m sooo dirty! That’s why I never told you! I was afraid of what you’d think! Oooooh fuckkk ohhhh that’s sooo good. Ooooooh yesssssss tongue my ass! Tongue this fucking slut’s asshole and give the whore what she needs ooooooh!”

“So kinky…” Minka moaned as she started licking her friend’s asshole more earnestly, exploring a part of Mandy’s body she had never dreamed in a million years she’d be able to play with. “I never knew you were such a slut but I love it! I love how dirty you are Mandy! Mmm you should have told me all about this because I can be fucking dirty too!”

Minka felt a voracious lust overtake her. It wasn’t like anything she had ever felt before. It was like the more she knew this was wrong, the more she wanted it. This wasn’t some random girl she was doing this to. It was her best friend. This would change everything for her and Mandy. But that didn’t matter, only the intense desire she felt to fuck her friend did.

It had been so long since she had been this dirty and she had never pictured it would be with Mandy. Sure she had noticed how beautiful her friend was and what a great body she had been blessed with. Mandy had great tits and an amazing ass. Minka had admired how good her friend looked. But to take Mandy’s hot, juicy ass and fuck her? That was insane.

Minka was still feeling pleasure from how well Mandy had eaten her pussy. She was still tingling from how hard she had come from her best friend’s tongue inside her. She had loved the way Mandy’s pussy had tasted too. It made her want to be so naughty with her and there was nothing naughtier that Minka could think of than tonguing her friend’s asshole.

So Minka kept Mandy’s ass cheeks spread with a tight grip of her hands and tongue fucked her hard, saliva drooling off her tongue and into her friend’s hole as she wildly tongued her.

It was so naughty to be doing this but Minka felt herself getting so wet from it. Her pussy was getting soaked the more she rimmed Mandy and her friend’s ass tasted so good. Plus it was obvious how much Mandy liked it which only made Minka want it more.

While Minka tongued Mandy’s asshole, Mandy did the same to Dianna, which in turn got the blonde to lick Lindsay’s pussy even more. Everyone was moaning from this, even Minka who didn’t even need to be touching herself to feel good.

Both of her hands were on Mindy’s soft buns, keeping them lewdly spread for her tongue and Minka kept feeling the juice trickling from her own pussy as she brought her friend pleasure.

Minka had thought she had been the slutty one in their friendship before today, but now she could see just what an advanced level Mandy had been operating at. That made her want to be even naughtier though.

Now Minka felt like she had something to prove to her friend. She didn’t want Mandy to think she was some kind of prude after all. So Minka lapped away at Mandy’s asshole and made her best friend moan and squeal happily from it.

“Ooooooh fuckkk ohhhh Minka! Mmmm I love it baby! Ooooh you’re such a good friend!” Mandy groaned. “Eat my ass baby! Oooooh fuckk I’m such a slut! I was afraid you’d be totally freaked out when you found out how nasty I can be! Mmmm I’ve wanted you to do this to me for so long! I love feeling your tongue in my asshole mmmm licking and fucking me and making my naughty fuckhole all wet! But I want more! No, I NEED more! Ughhh I want you to really fuck me!”

“Oooooh bad girl, Mandy? Want me to fuck this sweet ass of yours?” Minka moaned back, in total lust and very eager to agree to anything her friend wanted. “Is that that you want you little slut? For me to fuck your yummy butt with a toy like Emma’s fucking Emmy?”

“YESSSSSSS!” Mandy exclaimed without hesitation. “That’s exactly what I want! Get a strap-on and fuck the shit out of me! Fuck me hard and deep and make me take every fucking inch up my butt! Ooooh I want that all the fucking time! I’m always dreaming about ass fucking! I want you to fuck me hard Minka! Fuck me with a big, fat cock so I can suck it off after and make that dirty cock all clean by swallowing every nasty inch that had just been up my ass!”

Mandy knew she was starting to babble and she caught herself doing it. She silenced herself by shoving her face back into Dianna’s ass and licking her hole with even more horny vigor. The Glee actress cried in pleasure right into Lindsay’s pussy and backed her ass up so she could shove more of it into Mandy’s face.

Dianna loved feeling her asshole get probed by such a horny tongue. She had never gotten a rim job quite like this one. Mandy really did seem like she was starved for the taste of ass and Dianna knew it was so weird to have Mandy being the one to do this to her, but she wasn’t about to stop her, not when it felt so wonderful.

Lindsay’s wet crotch was right in her face and her juices tasted so sweet, so Dianna couldn’t have imagined a better muzzle for her cries. She went after Lindsay harder, trying to give the redhead’s cunt the same kind of naughty licks that Mandy was giving her asshole and it all made Dianna’s head spin.

Before tonight Dianna never could have imagined this for herself. She had felt so awkward at the party and now everything had changed. Now she was completely naked in a room full of horny girls with Lindsay Lohan’s pussy in her face and Mandy Moore’s tongue in her ass. What the fuck was she doing? But everything felt so amazing.

The pleasure Dianna was receiving was the best she had ever felt. It didn’t matter how crazy this was or that she never could have conceived having sex with either one of these women before tonight. Dianna just wanted to come and keep the pleasure going even more after that.

“Ohhh Mandy oooooh fuckkk ohhhhh eat my ass mmmmm fuckkkk your tongue feels so good up my butt!” Dianna cried, pulling up from Lindsay with shiny lips before the horny redhead forced her back down with a hand on the back of her blonde head. “Ohhhhh yessss mmmm fucking lick that hot hole! Emma made it feel so good when she shoved that big cock inside it! Mmmmm she made me feel all loose and raw and better than when a guy does it! Mmmmm fuckkk get it all wet so she can fuck it again!”

And Dianna’s cries for more certainly got the attention of a very critical part of her plan.

“Mmmmm goddamn right I’m going to fuck your ass again Dianna!” Emma cackled sexily, eager to fuck everyone at this party up the ass not just once but multiple times. “I’m going to take that hot little booty and fuck it so hard it’ll gape for me! I loved fucking your ass Dianna! Mmmm I loved bending you over like a hot blonde bitch and fucking it deep! I want more! After I’m done with Emmy and she’s come like a good little slut I’m taking your ass again next!”

That sounded mighty good to Dianna and even better to Emmy who was still rubbing her own pussy and playing with her swollen clit and loving it while Emma pounded into her from behind. Her ass had never been taken like this before and now it was nothing but ecstasy for the brunette as she remained bent over the couch, willingly offering up her ass for Emma Stone to defile.

“Yessssssssssss fucking make me come!” Emmy begged. “Please Emma! Ooooh fuck my ass and make me come! I’m so wet from this! My pussy is sooooo fucking hot and messy from you fucking my ass! Ughhh gawd I’ve never been this horny! Do me right up my ass! Make me take it like a fucking whore!”

“Mmmmm you’re my whore! You’re all my whores!” Emma laughed, once again admiring Emmy’s ass jiggling from her thrusting into it. The movement of pale flesh of Emmy’s tan lined ass cheeks was hypnotic and Emma couldn’t get enough of it. “You’re so fucking tight Emmy! I love your ass! I love seeing this pretty little butt of yours bounce when I fuck it and I’m going to fuck it all the time now! Get ready to bend over for me every single day!”

“Yessssssssssssss every fucking day!” Emmy agreed without a second thought. “Fuck my ass! You own it now! Gawwwd I gave myself over to Olivia before but now you have me! Fuck! You both can own me! Fucking share me and use me and do whatever you want to me but just keep fucking me! Ohhhhh fuckkkk I’m going to come! Keep fucking me Emma! Fuck my ass and make this little slut come!”

Emmy’s urgency was growing as she continued to play with herself, rubbing her tender, sensitive clitoris with her fingers shoved up her pussy. She loved feeling that plastic stuffed inside her.

She felt so taken and filled and it was a glorious sensation to experience. The more she felt those hard thrusts up her ass, the more Emmy played with herself and the pleasure had her right at the edge of another amazing orgasm.

But just when she was about to go over, Emma stopped. And while Emmy wailed in need, Emma found herself too eager Mandy’s lust to not indulge her.

“Ooooooh let me taste!” Mandy had begged, pulling up from Dianna’s ass when she heard just how close Emmy was to coming from being fucked up the ass. “Shove that big dick into my mouth and let me taste Emmy’s yummy ass all over it! Fuck I need to taste her so bad! I want to taste all of you ass fucked bitches! I want to swallow the cocks right out of your asses and taste them while I suck them clean!”

As much fun as it was to pound Emmy Rossum’s cute pink ass into submission, there was no way that Emma could deny a wish like that from someone as sexy as Mandy Moore.

“Oh you kinky slut! Not enough that you’re eating Dianna’s butt after I fucked her, huh?” Emma marveled in arousal.  “You’ve gotta have Emmy’s too? Mmmm you’ve gotta suck this cock right out of her ass? Damn Mandy! I had no idea what a dirty bitch you are!”

“I’m the fucking dirtiest!” Mandy insisted, acting very eager to prove it too. “Shove that cock into my mouth Emma! Fuck my face and make me swallow that fake cock you just had up her ass! Fuck me and make me taste it before you shove it back into her ass and fuck her more! Give it to this dirty whore! Please fuck my mouth! Please give me that fucking ass flavor that…”

Mandy would have kept on begging until the sunrise if she’d had to but it was hardly necessary. Because, while Mandy was in the middle of whining for it, Emma pulled out of Emmy’s ass and shoved her strap-on into the singer’s mouth mid-sentence.

She didn’t get the chance to finish what she was saying and Mandy was so glad words weren’t necessary.

As soon as Emma shoved the fake cock into her mouth, Mandy just moaned and wrapped her lips around it. She swallowed the ass coated strap on and took it down her throat like the supremely talented cocksucker that she now was. She’d never been that way when she’d dated men. But now that she was into women Mandy lusted for the chance to suck a strap-on like she never had when she was sucking real cock.

Mandy craved the feeling of having her mouth fucked by a strap-on that had just been inside another girl. And while she loved tasting pussy all over a fake dick, there was nothing like ass. That was what she wanted more than anything and she got a mouthful of it as Emma fed her the flavor of Emmy’s freshly fucked ass.

“Fuck yeahhhh! Swallow it Mandy!” Emma cheered, tugging at her nipples as Mandy sucked on her cock like a porn star, swallowing the plastic down and bobbing her head up and down the shaft without using her hands. “Mmmmm you dirty cocksucker! Mmm suck that ass right off it! Get it good and wet before I ram it back into Emmy! Suck it goods and I’ll let you taste more after she comes!”

Mandy was already salivating all over the cock stuffing her mouth but the idea of getting more made her drool even more. She was so horny for it. She wanted it even more than she usually did.

Mandy wanted to taste ass after ass and have her own tight hole fucked deep while she had fake cocks shoved down her throat making it sore. God, she wanted her ass and mouth fucked raw over and over again until she passed out and then she wanted even more.

Mandy’s eyes welled up with tears as Emma shoved more of her strap-on down her throat, making her gag on it. But they were all good tears and her mind was soaked with a feral lust as she pictured being passed out cold and still having the girls at the party line up one by one to fuck her ass deep and then force their cocks in her unconscious mouth so she could taste it and not even know it.

She wanted to pull an endless anal train and Mandy wanted each cock she let buttfuck her to feed her the taste of her wrecked asshole. And so when Emma suddenly yanked the toy out of her mouth, leaving saliva dripping from Mandy’s mouth down her chin and onto her soft tits below, Mandy only had one thing she could say.

“Fuck me!” Mandy begged Emma. “Forget about Emmy! Fuck me instead! Bend me over like a bitch and shove every fucking inch up my ass! Fucking tear my dirty hole up and make me take the whole thing inside me! I fucking want it so bad! Please Emma! Fucking ruin my ass! I can take it so much better than Emmy can!”

Unsurprisingly that idea didn’t sit well with the brunette.

“Nooooo! Fuck no!” Emmy insisted. “Fuck me Emma! Finish what you started! Shove that dick right back up my ass and make me come! Don’t listen to that greedy fucking slut! She can get her ass fucked by someone else! Keep fucking me Emma! Please!”

But before Mandy and Emmy could start to really fight over who was going to get fucked up the ass by Emma, a compromise was offered by someone still trying to come to terms with all this craziness.

“I’ll fuck you Mandy,” Minka declared, licking her lips and loving how she could taste her best friend’s ass on then. “I’ll fuck your beautiful butt and make you come!”

“Oooooh yessssss mmm fuck me like the awesome friend you are,” Mandy gratefully replied. “Fuck me Minka! Mmmm my ass is yours! I want you to fuck me! I’ve wanted it for so long but I’ve always been afraid to tell you! Take my ass and fuck it hard baby!”

Minka loved hearing those words come out of Mandy’s sweet mouth. Things just kept getting crazier but she had meant every word of her offer.

In all those years of admiring Mandy’s ass Minka had never dreamed she would fuck it, but right now it just seemed like the right thing to do. Minka wanted to make Mandy feel good and if this was what her friend liked, then she was going to make sure she got it.

But she had nothing to give it to her with. She darted her eyes around looking for a toy to use but none seemed available. Minka could only watch as Emma buried her strap-on back up Emmy’s ass, making the actress howl in delight.

Minka couldn’t use that toy. Nor could she steal the one shoved up Maria and JoJo’s asses. That toy was very much in use so Minka could omly look in longing at the flexible plastic wedged inside them both as they smacked asses and went down on Avril and Michelle.

Minka didn’t know what to do but when a very helpful Christmas kind of elf decided to assist.

“I think these are what you’re looking for,” Ali Lohan said, holding up the sack of sex toys she’d been handing out to the whole party.

“Yes! That’s exactly what I need!” Minka said, not having any clue who this girl was but very grateful for the presents she was bringing her.

Minka began rooting around in the bag for something to fuck her friend with. She could practically feel Mandy’s impatience and when she glanced over at her she saw that her friend had resumed eating Dianna’s ass and was swaying her own bare backside back and forth to remind her what she needed to do.

Finally Minka grabbed not one, but two toys, knowing if she was going to do something like this she had to do it right. And while she did that, Ali gave Minka a very good idea just who she was by turning her attention to the girl writhing on the couch from Dianna’s pussy licking tongue.

“Hey sis,” Ali grinned. “Mmmm you didn’t tell me the party was going to be this good!”

“You having a good time Ali?” Lindsay asked, her voice a moan from how well Dianna was licking her. “Mmmmm are you being a bad girl for Christmas?”

“Oh you fucking know I am,” Ali said, dropping the bag of remaining toys on the floor and going over to her big sister.

Ali kissed Lindsay right on the lips, shocking the women there who had no idea about their very special more than sisterly bond. Lindsay moaned from the kiss and how extra good it felt with Dianna’s mouth tending to her cunt.

Lindsay opened her mouth and Ali eagerly pushed her tongue inside to rub it into her sister’s so they could share the taste of all the flavors in their mouths.

Ali hadn’t just been handing out toys with Haylie Duff all through the night. The two girls had sampled each other’s pussies in a horny 69 right by the Christmas tree. They had swallowed down each other’s girl cream and Ali hadn’t been able to stop with Haylie’s pussy.

Just like Christmas cookies, only eating one wouldn’t do. So Ali had also eaten Jewel and Miley Cyrus and Stacy Keibler and even Jennifer Aniston. The flavors of all of her tasty snacks were all over her lips and tongue and Lindsay enjoyed how they mixed together.

By comparison, Lindsay had fucked much less girls but the taste in her mouth was much naughtier because, just like she had claimed, she had swallowed Santa Claus’ load.

She and Hilary had taken thorough advantage of the costumed porn star. That fuzzy red and white costume he had been wearing hadn’t kept them from his cock and they had both rode it hard. It had been so fucking hot for them to sit in Santa’s lap and let him fill up their pussies with his very special candy cane, especially for Hilary who had never let a man fuck her before.

Hilary had given up her kitty to Santa and it had been so hot for Lindsay to watch it. She could still remember how hot it had been to see Hilary naked riding that cock and bouncing in Santa’s lap, her full tits jiggling with each bounce.

Lindsay had loved seeing her girlfriend’s bouncing boobs and it had been just as yummy to get behind her while Hilary sat in Santa’s lap and watch those thick, juicy butt cheeks jiggle too while she rode his cock.

Hilary’s ass had looked so hot as she’d fucked the sexy Santa and Lindsay had buried her face into that juicy butt to tongue Hilary’s pussy and asshole and make Hilary come all over Santa’s cock. Then it had been Lindsay’s turn and she had taken full advantage of Justin’s porn star stamina as she’d taken that rock hard cock and let it fill her naughty wet cunt.

Lindsay had been so curious about feeling him fuck her when they’d done the movie and it had been just as fun and dirty as she’d imagined it. She’d loved feeling that famous cock inside her. It had filled her up so nicely and had reminded Lindsay why she’d once been a total slut for dick before she’d turned into a total slut for pussy.

She’d come all over him while Hilary had tongued and sucked on his balls and when he’d been about to finally lose it and come, Lindsay had pulled her cummy pussy off of him and sucked that big porno dick into her mouth so she could swallow his load. She’d sucked and swallowed Santa’s cum and now she was letting her little sister taste it on her breath, making their kiss even hotter.

Seeing the incestuous smooch happening right in front of her was a total shock to Dianna. But she didn’t stop licking Lindsay’s pussy. In fact she started licking her harder.

The dirty play the Lohan sisters were so clearly into turned her on even more and Dianna was shocked by how much of an effect it was having on her. She couldn’t believe she was getting aroused by something so dirty as the two sisters playing with each other but she definitely was and she channeled that horniness into tonguing Lindsay’s twat.

Lindsay moaned extra loud into Ali’s kiss before she pulled away from their lip lock and instead began tonguing her sister’s firm little tits. Lindsay bathed Ali’s nipples with wet licks and made the younger girl toss her head back and coo from it.

Through this all, Lindsay had actually lost track of where Hilary had gotten off too. In between licking her sister’s nipples, Lindsay was about to ask Ali if she knew where Haylie was and if either of them knew her girlfriend’s whereabouts.

But that became a moot question when Haylie Duff wandered over naked, her step a bit funny thanks to just how vigorously Jennifer Aniston had just fucked her ass with her strap-on after she’d tongued Ali’s little wet cunt.

“Mmmmm this party is the fucking best!” Haylie declared, giddy and drunk and happier than she’d ever been in her entire life. “Oooooh I just want to fuck everyone here! You’re all so fucking sexy! Mmmm yesss I see how all of you turned my little sister in such a naughty lesbian slut!”

“Oh yesss Michelle and I were there the night Christina and Britney and all of us took Hilary’s lesbo cherry,” Avril giggled, teasing Haylie while Maria hungrily ate her out, making Avril moan along with every word. “She turned into a fucking lez so easy! All we had to do was flash our tits to her and tell her to eat our pussies and she was on her knees like a good little bitch! Oooooh it was sooo fucking hot to take her and fuck her and turn her into a total lesbo slut! Your sister is such a fucking whore!”

Avril was silenced by Haylie kissing her. But Haylie didn’t stop there. While she shut Avril up with her kiss, Haylie also defended her sister’s honor in a way by grabbing Avril’s nipples and pinching the already erect buds. That only made Avril moan more though and soon the two blondes were tongue kissing each other hungrily as Haylie not only tugged on Avril’s nipples but slapped her tits too, making her skin raw while the singer fucked Maria’s face.

Haylie wanted to do more than just kiss though. Sure Avril had distracted her a little bit but she had been headed over to where Maria and JoJo were going ass to ass anyway. Haylie was looking to fuck and both of the women there sharing the double ender looked very fuckable.

JoJo and Maria were both on their hands and knees, their big tits swaying as they both fucked hard into each other and buried their faces in Michelle and Avril’s pussies. Going down on the singers left them unable to moan out their pleasure but it was very clear from the motion of their bodies how much they loved what they were doing to each other.

Their naked, sweaty bodies were thrusting up against each other in sexual sync together as Maria and JoJo remained on their hands and knees and fucked and licked with total enthusiasm. They were both so into what they were doing to Avril and Michelle and to each other. Both of them backed up on the double-ender forcefully to not only force more of the toy into their own hungry asses but fuck the other as well.

The 14-inch dildo was buried inside the impressive, thick backsides of both Maria and JoJo. The toy was wedged in tight and their motions were making their ass cheeks bounce in a way that Haylie found utterly hypnotic.

She loved seeing those amazing firm, but juicy asses jiggle and the jelly plastic had mostly disappeared into them, leaving the two horny women to slap their asses together. They literally were ass to ass now and Haylie loved the view.

Ever since Hilary had seduced her, Haylie was so much more liberated about her lust for women. She’d kept it secret before, never dreaming anyone, much less her own sister, would understand. But being so naughty with Hilary and all of the slutty Lohans had taken Haylie’s inhibitions and trashed them. Now she openly leered at hot women and all of the women at this party were so fucking sexy.

Haylie loved seeing Maria and JoJo’s thick, beautiful asses smack together. It reminded her of how much she loved seeing her sister’s booty jiggle and bounce when they fucked or played with other girls. Haylie was so jealous of what a great butt Hilary had but at least she could deal with that jealousy in a constructive way when they were together by shoving her face into Hilary’s ass and tonguing her sister in a most naughty way.

That was what Haylie wanted to do to Maria and JoJo too. Ever since she’d started visiting the mansion with Hilary and Lindsay, Haylie had been with Maria many times and she’d loved each and every time that they’d fucked.

The only thing Haylie loved more than the reporter’s perfect pussy was her amazing ass. She wanted to shove her face into those jiggling cheeks and let them rub up against her while she tongued Maria’s holes. And she’d never been with JoJo before so Haylie also looked at that round, bouncing ass with fresh lust, wanting to taste every inch of the sexy singer.

But Haylie couldn’t do that, at least not right now. Their asses were very well occupied and Haylie could see just how much they were enjoying sharing the double-ended dildo. However, just because she couldn’t play with their asses, it didn’t mean she couldn’t play at all. Because both Maria and JoJo had untouched pussies and she wanted to lick them both.

While the two continued sharing the double-ender and tasting all the juiciness of Avril and Michelle, Haylie crawled underneath Maria and JoJo and didn’t say a word before getting to licking. The position the two women were in brought their pussies so close together and Haylie was able to take advantage of that by sliding her tongue over both of them.

Both Maria and JoJo were shaved completely bald and she found herself staring at two glistening, smooth pussies all pink and swollen with arousal. It was an irresistible sight and Haylie dove in without delay, licking the two of them with eager tongue lashes while they fucked each other with the toy.

“Oooooooooooh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddd! Who’s doing that? Ooooooh fuckkkk who is licking my pussy?” JoJo cried in surprise, not having seen Haylie get into the fun since her face was still shoved into Michelle Branch’s crotch. “Oooooo who is licking my pussy? Ohhhhh yesssss fuckkk whoever you are, don’t stop! That’s it! Mmmm lick that wet pussy while I’m getting buttfucked ohhhh fuckkk yesssssssss don’t stoppp!”

And Haylie didn’t stop. She didn’t stop to tell JoJo who it was because the singer was too delicious for her to use her mouth on anything but sucking and licking at her pussy. But Haylie did pause so she could tend to Maria too.

In the ass to ass position JoJo and Maria were in, that was easy though. Their asses were bumping together and their pussies were practically touching so Haylie only had to move her mouth a few inches to get Maria’s taste on her tongue too.

“Yesssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkk ooooh gawd I need this!” Maria cried, loving the eager touch of horny tongue to her dripping pussy as the plastic filled her ass up and stretched it open so wonderfully. “Ooooooh mmmmm lick my pussy Haylie! Ohhh fuckk mmm you’re getting so good at this! Mmmm you’re getting to be just as nasty as your sister is! Ooooh you both lick me so good!”

Maria had two advantages that JoJo didn’t. First she had seen Haylie get involved with the fun and she had been fortunate enough in the past to feel both Duff sisters eat her out. In fact she had once gotten them both at once and feeling those naughty tongues licking her at the same time had made Maria come so hard that she still got tingly over the memory of it.

So she knew how good Haylie was getting thanks to more and more experience fucking girls and Maria was eager to feel that pleasure again. She moaned out and tried to focus on Avril’s pussy, especially when the singer shoved down on the back of her head and forced her back into her.

Maria couldn’t stop from feeling like Haylie’s tongue was the perfect topping for the intense pleasure she was getting from the toy in her ass. The elder Duff sister was tonguing her so nicely, just like Hilary always did.

Maria couldn’t help but blush as she thought about similar the sisters’ techniques were and how that was probably because Haylie practiced most often with Hilary. That was so dirty and awesome and even in her embarrassment over her own arousal, the reporter couldn’t help but get extra wet from thinking about the Duff sisters secret incestuous fun.

Maria knew how wrong it was to see and experience what she had with the Duffs and the Lohans and even Jessica and Ashlee Simpson but she loved it for being so taboo. Maria knew she wasn’t supposed to like it but it turned her on so much. She loved watching hot sisters fuck and seeing them do the nasty things they were never supposed to do and it reminded her of all the things she was doing that she wasn’t supposed to, like fucking gorgeous women and loving it.

The sex was too amazing for Maria to worry about right and wrong. She just knew she loved feeling both Haylie and Hilary’s tongues and right then Haylie was giving Maria just what she needed. But unfortunately the girl didn’t stick around long enough for Maria to hit her peak.

Instead, Haylie went back to licking JoJo, a gesture that made Maria impatient and bratty. She didn’t want to wait to come again. She needed it now. She was already sharing this toy with JoJo, why did she have to share Haylie’s tongue too?

“Noooo get back and lick me more!” Maria moaned, pulling up from Avril’s pussy as she heard JoJo happily moan from being licked once again. “Fuck me Haylie! Make me come so good like you and Hilary always do! I need you! Ooooh I need to have my pussy played with while I get my ass fucked! Ughh I want to come so fucking much!”

Haylie grinned at the sound of that. She was still fairly new to all of this but she loved knowing that a woman as hot as Maria could think she was as good as her younger but way more experienced sister.

Haylie wanted to be just as good and just as naughty as Hilary. She loved how her sister fucked all of these sexy women. Even though it had been hard to accept at first that Hilary was a lesbian, now Haylie wanted to be just like her little sister.

But while Haylie loved the sound of what Maria was saying, JoJo was not nearly as happy and she didn’t keep quiet about it.

“Ughhh no way! Haylie is going to lick me now!” JoJo insisted, pleased to know who was licking her and even more pleased by how good it felt to have Haylie’s tongue lapping at her pussy. “I need to come so bad! I haven’t come all day! You’ve been at this party all night Maria! It’s my turn to come! I want to come all over Haylie’s face while we’re assfucking each other! Ohhhh yesssssssss right there Haylie! Oooooh lick my clit! Ohhh fuck don’t listen to Maria! Fuck me and not her!”

Haylie honestly felt torn. She wanted both of these women. She loved hearing them grunt and moan as they fucked, the double ender deep inside both of them as their round, perfect asses smacked together with sweaty flesh against sweaty flesh. She loved how dirty they were getting and she wanted them both to come. Haylie didn’t want to have to choose.

Fortunately she quickly came up with an idea. The bag of toys she and Ali had been handing out around the party was not quite empty and she was sure there would be something perfect in there to make everyone happy.

Haylie left both Maria and JoJo so she could dive into the bag that had been left on the floor and her search quickly produced results. Haylie squealed in delight when she saw what was in there and she eagerly grabbed them.

She and Hilary had already given toys just like these to each other as stocking stuffers for Christmas and they’d used them on each other multiple times so she knew how well they worked. They were just what she needed to be able to pleasure both of the women who wanted her.

When Haylie reemerged from her search her hands both had something on them. On each hand she now had a finger wearing a vibrator. The pink finger vibrators had easily slipped onto both hands and now she had them ready for use. The toys were small but powerful with mini bullets and Haylie definitely knew how good they could make a girl feel.

Both JoJo and Maria looked at her quizzically when Haylie showed off her hands. But when Haylie turned on the power switches and they heard the buzzing both of them started to smile. They could see right away what Haylie had in store for them and they loved it.

“Oooooh yessss fuckkkk give it to me!” Maria panted before Avril impatiently shoved her head back down into her pussy. “Mmmmm get those magic fingers to work Haylie! Fuck us both and make us come!”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh I want that buzzing on my clit!” JoJo moaned as Michelle gave her a gentler, but no less insistent push on her head to get her back against her vagina. “Make us both come! Do us both at the same time Haylie!”

Happy that JoJo and Maria were both much more eager to share now, Haylie did not delay in giving them what they wanted. She loved how the small pink toys felt wrapped around her fingers while they buzzed erotically but Haylie knew it was going to be even better for the women receiving the pleasure. And with the taste of both of these beauties on her lips, Haylie was very eager to give pleasure to them.

Kneeling between the both of them, Haylie reached down underneath their bodies and began rubbing both of their pussies with her hands. This position gave her an awesome view of Maria and JoJo’s asses slapping together, the pink toy connecting them as their cheeks jiggled, but it was an even better position for the other two women because suddenly both of their clits were being stimulated by the little finger vibrators Haylie expertly wielded.

“OHHHHHHH YESSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKKK THAT FEELS GOOD!” Maria screamed from the contact against her clitoris and JoJo quickly followed suit.

“AHHHHH! FUCKKK OHHH FUCKKK YESSSSS RUB MY PUSSY HAYLIE! OOOOOH FUCKK OHHHH RUB MY CLIT WITH IT OHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSSSSSS MMMMM OHHH FUCKKK THAT’S SOOOO GOOOD!” JoJo loudly squealed, the extra pleasure of the vibrating toy making the thrusts she and Maria were sharing up their asses feel even more incredible.

JoJo and Maria were both so happy and so distracted by the feel of those toys on their pussies while their assholes were both filled with plastic that they couldn’t even attempt to lick Michelle and Avril anymore. So the two singers gave up trying to force them and instead moved together into a 69 with Avril draping her blonde body over Michelle’s so they could get their faces in each other’s crotches, a position that was very familiar and natural to the both of them.

Soon Michelle and Avril were both moaning into each other’s pussy, their happy sounds being muffled by their lips being very occupied. The quieted sounds coming from the girlfriends tongue fucking each other was unlike everyone else because they were all going wild like they were a pack of banshees. There was screaming and crying and everyone was loving everything that was happening to them.

JoJo had never played with a toy like this before. She couldn’t believe that something so small could be so powerful. Suddenly she wanted to get a bunch of these vibrators for all her sexy girlfriends for Christmas so they’d be able to rub her clit like this all the time. One wouldn’t do. JoJo wanted to get 10 of them for all her friends so all their fingers would be magic.

JoJo and Maria both screamed and panted from the way Haylie fingered them. The blonde girl pressed the little toys against their slits and pushed inside just enough to get at their already throbbing clits.

Haylie knew just how to use the toys and it brought immense pleasure to both women, compelling them to fuck each other with the double-ender harder, their asses bouncing even more furiously now as they got closer and closer to orgasm.

They weren’t as close as Emmy was, though just a few feet away. And when Emma had finally pulled the now saliva coated cock out of Mandy’s mouth she hadn’t hesitated to shove it back into Emmy’s ass.

Emma hadn’t been gentle about it. She knew Emmy hadn’t wanted her to be that way. Emma had roughly forced the strap-on back into the girl’s loosened hole and had takedn Emmy with deep thrusts that buried the inches of fake cock back inside her.

The rough treatment had been what Emmy had needed too and Emma’s actions got nothing but ecstastic screams.


“Mmmmhmmm you’re a dirty anal slut now Emmy,” Emma moaned, grabbing onto the girl’s dark hair from behind and tugging on it and making the actress squeal in pleasure. “Take my big cock up your ass! You look like such a sweet girl but you’re just an assfucked bitch now Emmy! You’re MY assfucked bitch! Come for me Emmy! Come from my big cock up your tight little shithole! Ooooooh I’m going to make you so nasty! I’m going to make all of you so nasty! Mmmm gawd I’m going to buttfuck each and every one of you!”

It wasn’t just the punch that was intoxicating her anymore. Emma was drunk on sex now and she didn’t ever want to sober up. This was so fucking hot. She loved being in control and making women scream in pleasure for her. She loved fucking ass and making these women her bitches. How could anything feel better?

Okay, maybe if all of these women ganged up on her and ripped the strap-on off her and then took turns paying her back by shoving it up her ass repeatedly until her hole was raw and gaping, that would have been better.

Emma moaned in secret lust at the thought of nasty payback for how hard she’d been on Emmy and Dianna and Taylor. But she didn’t dare vocalize how much she wanted all of them to fuck her until her asshole was wrecked. She just channeled that dream of sexual submission into fucking Emmy harder.

“Come for me!” Emma commanded, fucking Emmy’s pink, shaking ass hard while she pulled her hair, keeping a clump of it in her hand so she could tug it hard. “Reach down and finger fuck your cunt for me you little slut! Show me how you love taking it up the ass!”

“Ooooooh yesssssssss I do!” Emmy submissively whimpered, wishing she could stay like this forever. “Mmmmmm fuckkkk gawwdd make me your buttfucked bitch Emma! OHHHH FUCKKK OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOH SHOVE IT UP MY ASS OHHHH FUCK PLEASE MAKE ME COME EMMA!”

Nothing mattered to Emmy but this. She just wanted to be bent over and fucked over and over again. She wanted her holes to be used and stretched and defiled. She wanted Emma to do things to her no one ever had before and make her love it And she didn’t only want Emma either, not when all of these girls were all so sexy.

Emmy never would have let a man do this to her. She never even would have dreamed about a group of men taking her and abusing her and making her like it…okay maybe she’d thought about that once or twice before but she never would have done anything about it. Now she wanted all of these women to do everything to her. She wanted them to take her and use all her holes and fuck her and make her come.

Emmy didn’t even need Emma to tell her to get her fingers back to her pussy. She did that all on her own. She reached down and played with her clit while moaning over how goddamn wet she was.

Emmy’s fingers were instantly soaked when she brought them back to her pussy. They slid in so easily like a hot knife through butter and Emmy vigorously played with her clit, masturbating herself while Emma assaulted her ass and made her love every big inch of fake cock that went inside her.


Emmy just wished Olivia was there. She wanted the woman who owned her pussy to help the woman who owned her ass. Emmy wanted them to share her and she wanted Olivia to do ungodly things to her vagina while Emma ruined her ass. This was the best fuck she had ever gotten and all Emmy could think about was how she could top it and make it even better.

And as Emmy cried her pleasure out, Emma just laughed at her, pulling on her hair harder and making Emmy lift back her head. Feeling so wicked, Emma leaned in and spit right into the girl’s mouth. Emma let the saliva fly out of her mouth and into Emmy’s face, disappearing into the Shameless star’s open mouth.

“You’re my bitch!” Emma declared like it was an established fact as Emmy was forced to swallow her saliva. “Fucking come for me you beautiful bitch! Come from me fucking your ass! Come from how much you love it! Play with that pretty little cunt of yours and come hard for me! Come from me wrecking your ass! Ooooh fuck your asshole is so nice and tight Emmy but I’m going to keep fucking it until it’s so loose I can shove a fist up it! I’m going to fucking wreck your pretty little shithole! Oooooh fucking come for me Emmy!”

Emma couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth any more than Emmy could. But it was all turning them both on so much.

Emma loved every thrust she took into Emmy. She loved looking down and seeing the girl’s pink, tan line covered ass bounce and Emma loved seeing her own little tits jiggle from the mean, hard thrusts she was making inside Emmy. And of course Emmy loved the feel of the toy buried inside her ass.

This was all pure ecstasy to Emmy. She loved being fucked and filled. She loved how Emma was talking to her and treating her. Having the beautiful redhead spit into her open mouth made her feel so cheap and dirty and it got Emmy so fucking wet that she had expected to come just from being made to swallow Emma Stone’s saliva.

Feeling the plastic being forced into her tight hole and having Emma verbally degrade her felt amazing. Emmy kept playing with herself, stimulating her clit more and more the meaner Emma got, until she couldn’t take any more and her orgasm arrived with thunder.


Emmy soaked her fingers when she came, the warm cream coating them and making her hand into a sticky mess as she felt it drip down to her palm. And it all felt so good.

Emmy screamed in ecstasy as Emma kept pulling her hair and forcing the cock into her. The more she came the more she screamed. Emmy only quieted down when Emma finally pulled the toy out of her, allowing the brunette to slump down and shove her sweaty, happy face into the couch cushions.

And, naturally, with Emma’s strap-on once again covered in the ass of a satisfied girl, Mandy was right there to get the taste she was addicted to. She pulled away from Dianna’s ass and greedily swooped in, not even giving Emma the option of not feeding the toy to her.

Mandy grabbed it in her hand and opened wide, stuffing the cock into her mouth. Emma groaned in arousal over Mandy’s insatiable desire for ass to mouth and she stood there happily tugging on her own nipples as the singer kneeled in front of her and sucked her fake cock.

Each wet slurp turned Emma on and she marveled at how eager Mandy was to get it into her mouth.

“Mmmm yeahhh hungry girl!” Emma moaned. “You look so sexy Mandy! Mmm on your knees like a dirty slut sucking the fake dick around my waist! Tasting all that ass on it! Mmmm suck it down Mandy! Show me how sexy you are when you suck cock! You’re such a kinky girl Mandy! I love seeing you swallow my cock mmmm I think I’ll fuck your ass right after I fuck Dianna again and when it’s your own ass on my cock I’ll bet you’ll swallow every inch, won’t you?”

And the challenge was enough for Mandy to pull her hungry mouth off of Emma’s toy. She wanted to make sure the redhead knew she was up for anything as long as she got to satisfy her deep craving.

“Oh yes!” Mandy insisted. “I’ll swallow every fucking inch of it when you fuck my ass! Mmmm gawd I love tasting my own ass off a hard toy more than anything in the world! Fuck me Emma! Shove this cock up my ass and then make me choke on it and taste every inch! Make me deep throat it and swallow your whole cock! I’ll fucking gag on it and choke and just keep swallowing it until it’s all the way down my throat! Oooooh bury it all the way up my ass and then make me suck it and taste every nasty inch!”

Seeing Mandy like this continued to turn on Emma but she was far from the only one really getting off on seeing this side of Mandy. Minka was so aroused by this that she was momentarily stunned as she watched Mandy swallow Emma’s strap on.

It was like watching a porn star suck cock. Mandy knew all the tricks to get as much cock in her mouth as possible and Minka found herself envying her friend’s ability to swallow that much dick.

It was so hot to see that Minka paused in what she was intending to do, which was to give Mandy’s the deep, hard fucking she craved. And she wasn’t about to do it with one toy, not when she was sure Mandy could handle two.

But she held back so she could first watch her best friend act like a cocksucking hedonist.

Minka rubbed her own wet pussy while she watched Mandy choke down the inches of Emma’s strap-on. Mandy really looked like she was going to try and swallow every ass fucking inch of it and Minka, who had her own experiences with deep throating that had been both fun and unsuccessful, knew Mandy was going to need to seriously repress her gag reflex to make it happen.

Watching Mandy struggle to swallow it while Emma began to get more and more into it by starting to fuck her mouth turned Minka on even more. Emma got her hand on the back of Mandy’s head and forced the singer down deeper onto the cock, moaning in delight as Mandy swallowed it obediently like she really wanted to suck off every bit of Emmy Rossum’s ass from the toy.

Minka got so lost in touching herself and watching Mandy suck and choke on Emma’s strap-on that she forgot she momentarily forgot that she was supposed to be fucking her friend. She couldn’t take her eyes off what an intent and wet cocksucker Mandy was.

Mandy sucked the toy down like she really did do it all the time and Minka could see that this was no fluke with her friend. Mandy really was completely depraved and dedicated to tasting ass off of a freshly used toy.

Minka felt her own mouth water with lust as while she stared at her friend. Minka loved seeing saliva drip down Mandy’s chin and coat the toy while Emma fucked it in and out of her mouth. Minka had never thought she could ever feel this way for Mandy but she was so turned on and the more she watched, the more aroused she became.

Emma went in deeper down Mandy’s throat with each thrust of her hips pushing in the strap-on more. It was so hot to watch Mandy start to choke on it and Minka began fingering her pussy more vigorously.

She loved seeing Mandy like this, her beautiful friend reduced to her most base sexual instinctive and needs. It was so dirty and raw and Minka loved it. She was getting soaking wet watching Mandy choke on the cock that had just been shoved deep in Emmy’s ass and Minka fingered herself in time with Emma’s thrusts into Mandy’s wide open mouth.

And it was only Dianna speaking up that caused all of them to snap out of the sexual daze they were falling into. With Emma and Minka both hypnotized by Mandy’s lewd sucking and everyone else either too busy or too frazzled from being fucked, voicing her lust was the only way Dianna could get the attention she needed.

“Don’t forget about me,” Dianna whined as she stuck out her bare ass and swayed it back and forth in Emma’s direction. “You promised you’d fuck me again Emma! Give it to me! Please! Oooh I love getting fucked in the ass and you’re the best one who’s ever done it, Emma! No guy ever fucked me as good as you! No guy ever made me come as hard! Fuck me again and again and make my ass gape from how good you pounded it!”

That sweet praise was just what Emma loved to hear and it was more than enough to distract her from how much she enjoyed seeing Mandy slobbering all over the strap-on that now felt permanently attached to her waist.

“Dirty girl,” Emma moaned as she pulled the saliva-coated cock out of Mandy’s mouth and moved over to Dianna. “Mmmm you’ll get what you want! You’ll get it like the fucking ass fucked bitch you are Dianna!”

“Yesssssssssss!” Dianna agreed, needing more of the pleasure she had felt before. “Do me hard right up my ass Emma! Make me like it! Make me only want to get fucked by women now!  Make me…OHHHHH OHHHHHHH FUCKKKK!”

Emma hadn’t been delicate in how she had taken Emmy and she certainly wasn’t with Dianna either. She grabbed onto the girl’s hips and proceeded to shove the fake cock right into her.

Emma didn’t ease it in or go gently. She knew Dianna could take it and she gave it to her, pushing into the hole she had previously fucked and left loosened. With the butt plug she had wedged inside the blonde girl now discarded on the floor, Emma had no reason to hold back and she gave it to Dianna with full force.

“Take it!” Emma growled while shoving the toy freshly lubed in Mandy’s saliva roughly into Dianna “Take this big dick up your sweet ass Dianna! Ooooh I knew this whole time you were totally a closeted lez! Now you’re fucking proving it to me by showing off how much you love girls assfucking you! Mmmm you love this, don’t you? A big girl cock up your tight little butt? Tell me you fucking love it! Show me you love it too! Grab your cheeks and spread them open so I can fucking wreck you!”

Dianna was ready and eager to do both of those things. Just like Mandy needed to get fucked and suck, Dianna needed to come again from Emma Stone fucking her ass. Dianna needed that hard plastic up her ass. She needed to be taken all dirty and mean. She loved it so much and she’d never found the right way to accept that until now.

“Yesssssssssssss I love it! I FUCKING LOVE IT!” Dianna cried while reaching back and grabbing onto her own ass cheeks, spreading them open so Emma could fuck her deeper and harder. “OOOOOH YESSSS I’M A CLOSET DYKE! IT’S TRUE! OOOOH I’VE ALWAYS LOVED FUCKING GIRLS EVEN MORE THAN FUCKING GUYS! OHHH MAKE ME TAKE IT! MAKE ME BE A TOTAL LEZ! OHHHH OHHHHHHHH YESSSSS FUCKKK I’M A NAUGHTY LESBO SLUT WHO LOVES GETTING FUCKED UP THE ASS OHHHH!”

“Mmmmm good girl, scream it out like the horny dyke bitch you are,” Emma cackled, loving being able to do this to a girl as hot as Dianna. “Take my fat cock in this pretty little hole! Oooooh your butt is so tight and yummy Dianna! How can this little bubble butt of yours take so much dick up it! Fuck yessss! Ooooh feel me fuck you Dianna! Come for me again!”

Dianna was in rapture as Emma enthusiastically sodomized her. But while Dianna was in heaven, Mandy felt like she was in hell as she was denied more of the taste she had been so thoroughly enjoying.

“No…wait….more…I need more…” Mandy managed to sputter out even as she found herself enraptured by the sight of Dianna Agron bent over with her beautiful butt sticking out for Emma to forcefully fuck.

Mandy loved seeing Dianna like that and she loved seeing how vigorously Emma was taking her. The redhead had gone straight to pounding the blonde and Mandy stared at them while craving the taste of Emma’s cock with Dianna’s ass all over it as well as craving her own turn to be bent over so she could be fucked hard and nasty like Dianna was getting it.

Mandy needed attention and with Michelle and Avril in a 69 eating each other out and Lindsay and Ali joining them in a sinful pressing of their own naked bodies together so they too could dine on the deliciousness of each other’s pussies, she wasn’t getting it. They were all focused on each other and Mandy could hear Maria and JoJo screaming out their own pleasure from what they were doing to each other along with Haylie’s naughty touch with the toys.

Everyone was having fun then but her and Mandy hated that. But fortunately that feeling didn’t last long because Minka was right there. And having snapped out of the sexy trance she’d been in watching Mandy slurp on the cock that had been inside Emmy, Minka was eager to give her friend what she clearly needed.

Minka didn’t say a word though. She let her actions do the talking for her as she gave Mandy the attention she craved. Minka came up behind Mandy while she smeared lube all over the first of the toys she’d grabbed and began kissing right behind her friend’s ear while rubbing her round tits into Mandy’s back.

Mandy moaned at the erotic touch and the feel of those soft, loving lips kissing her in a tender place. She loved how Minka felt naked against her and she surrendered to the pleasure without a second’s delay. She arched her back up against her friend to feel more of Minka’s tits rubbing into her, but she was only in that position very briefly before Minka pushed her down and got her onto all fours on the carpeted floor.

Minka still didn’t say anything. She didn’t even know what to say at this point. This had all been so crazy and what she was preparing to do was even crazier. But she didn’t question herself. She just acted and Mandy made it easy for her by getting on her hands and knees submissively, cooing in expectation the entire time.

Minka met that expectation by taking the black dildo she held in her hand and pushing it into Mandy’s waiting asshole. She didn’t go after it with the same gusto that Emma did and she gave her friend a much more gentle approach. But she didn’t hold back either and, as Mandy hissed in pleasure over the penetration of her ass, Minka knew she was doing the right thing.

She’d never seen a toy like this before but Minka had been fascinated by it as soon as she had seen it in the bag. The dildo was shaped like a cock except with a handle on the end of it like it was a baton. That gave Minka an easy way to hold onto it and she pushed inside Mandy’s ass, finding it tight but accommodating.

And while her asshole gave Minka a bit of resistance, no other part of Mandy did.

“Oh God yesssss! Mmmmm fuck me Minka! Fuck my ass!” Mandy moaned, looking over her shoulder and wishing she could better see the black plastic dong going into her ass. “Mmmm yessss that feels so good! Oooooh Minka I’ve wanted you to fuck my ass for so long and I never thought you’d actually do it! Mmmm give it to me baby! Do me hard with that big black toy up my white butt! Ohhhh yesssss mmmmm gawwwwwd you’re the best fucking friend I’ve ever had for doing this to me!”

Minka could not even begin to get over what she was doing to her friend. It was so nasty and wrong but it felt so amazing too. It was such a dirty thrill to fuck her friend’s ass and Minka loved how much Mandy was enjoying it.

Mandy was moaning like crazy to be fucked and backing herself up on all fours to force more of the toy inside her. That gave Minka a chance to stare at Mandy’s round ass jiggling seductively while it got fucked and it inspired her to find her words again.

“You’ve got the best butt,” Minka moaned lustfully, using her free hand to almost pet Mandy’s soft cheeks while she kept on thrusting the black toy into her, gripping the baton to make the fake cock disappear into Mandy’s ass. “Your ass is so hot and juicy Mandy! Mmm it’s been driving me crazy for years! I never dreamed you were such a dirty slut Mandy but I love seeing you take it up the ass! I love being the one to give it to your yummy ass! Ooooh make it shake for me Mandy! Make that beautiful butt bounce while I’m fucking you!”

Mandy’s cries of pleasure and what Minka already knew about her friend’s insatiable desire for anal sex gave Minka extra courage to give it to her hard. She wanted to make her friend feel good. She wanted to make Mandy happy and most of all Minka wanted to make Mandy come.

So as hard and as deep as Mandy wanted to get fucked, Minka was willing to give it to her. She thrust hard into her friend’s ass, leaning in and kissing her soft cheeks as she did it. Minka kissed all over Mandy’s thick ass, licking the flesh and tasting sweat on Mandy’s skin. She’d never been this naughty with anyone, man or woman, but Minka loved it and she knew Mandy did too.

“Yesssssssss mmmmm feels soooooo fucking good!” Mandy sighed in deep pleasure, her voice urgent but also filled with relief that her ass was getting the fucking it needed now. “Do it hard Minka! Push it in deep! Gawwwwd just fucking bury that thing up my ass! I want it so fucking much! Don’t be shy baby! I can take it! Oooooh I’ve had so many big toys stretching my butthole open and I want this one in deep! Mmmmm yesssssssss gawwwd make it nasty!”

“Oh yes I know how nasty you like it now,” Minka declared, giggling as she dragged her tongue through Mandy’s ass crack while thrusting into her. “You’re going to want this cock in your mouth, aren’t you? You’re going to want me to fuck your ass and then fuck your pretty face so you can swallow it and suck your own slutty ass, aren’t you Mandy?”

“Yesssssssss yessssssssssss ohhhhh fuckkkkk you HAVE to do that!” Mandy groaned, adding extra emphasis to implore her friend not to tease her about her dirtiest pleasures. “Fuck my ass all the way Minka! Ughhh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhh fucking ram that thing all the way up my butt and then make me suck it and choke on it! I don’t just want it Minka! I fucking live for it! Oooooh it’s all I want! Fuck my ass! Fuck my mouth! Treat me like a goddamn whore!”

Mandy’s words were things she never would have said to Minka before tonight but the old rules of their old relationship were out the window now. Everything had changed. Now Mandy felt like she could finally be who she really was with Minka and she could let her friend see her true self…a dirty, slutty whore who craved ass to mouth.

Minka could clearly see that and she really liked it. Seeing Mandy be kinky made her want to be kinky too and she kept on lovingly kissing and licking all over Mandy’s bare ass while she fucked her and promised more pleasures.

“You’re such a hot whore! Mmmm I’m going to fuck you so good Mandy!” Minka pledged, keeping a tight grip on the handle and pushing more of the toy into her friend. “Ohhhh fuckkk mmm look how much you can handle! God I never knew you were such a butt slut Mandy! Oh fuck this is hot! Ooooh I’m fucking your sexy, yummy ass and it’s so hot! Take it baby! I’m going to fuck you just how you want it! Tell me if you want more!”

And even though the toy was filling her needy hole up very nicely, Mandy didn’t hesitate. She had never felt this horny before. She needed it more than ever and she wanted to push herself further and further and so it would keep feeling better.

“Yessss! More! Ooooh give me more Minka! Fuck my ass with more of that cock!” Mandy groaned out, starting to breathe more heavily as she experienced more of the toy being pushed inside her. “Don’t just fuck me Minka! Stuff me good! Fill my ass up with cock! Make me take it all! Ohhh fuckkk yessss yessssssssss more! Shove in more! Ooooh my ass can take it! I want it all!”

“You sure?” Minka asked, wanting to please Mandy but afraid of hurting her.

“Yesssssssssssssssssss!” Mandy answered without delay. “Fuck me hard! Stuff my slutty ass! Fuck me up! Make me loose Minka!”

Hearing that made Minka moan. She knew what she wanted to do but more than anything Minka wanted Mandy to like it and if she wasn’t going to she would have set her plan aside in a second.

As hot as it was to see Mandy’s puckered asshole stretching open to accommodate the black plastic toy she was shoving into her, Minka wanted to be even dirtier with her friend and see just how much of a whore Mandy Moore really was. But not if it was going to be unpleasant for her friend.

So when Mandy kept begging for it, Minka decided to take a chance and go for it. She pushed more of the black toy into Mandy to widen her even more and picked up the other toy in her hand.

It was smaller but still very powerful. It was a purple bullet wand with little bulges all over the shaft. Minka had felt something similar in her own ass before and now she wanted to give it to Mandy while still keeping her friend’s ass filled with the black dildo.

“Tell me if it hurts,” Minka said, the only warning she gave her friend as she began pushing the purple toy into Mandy.

The black toy was already filling Mandy up but the round tip of the purple head made it relatively easy for Minka to push it inside her. And once Mandy realized what was happening she was overcome with intense lust for it.

“Oh God!” Mandy gasped she felt how she was being double penetrated, an initial reaction which was followed up by immense pleasure. “OH GOD! OHHHHHH! MINKA OOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS DO IT! FUCKING FILL ME UP! OHHHH MY GOD YESSSSS OOOOOOOOH GAWWD STUFF MY ASS SO FULL THAT IT’LL FEEL LIKE I WON’T BE ABLE TO TAKE IT OHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSSS!”

Mandy was so enthused about even the start of the sensations that Minka knew she didn’t have to ask if her friend wanted her to stop. She had no doubt that Mandy wanted her to keep going, so that was exactly what she did and she began pushing in the purple toy deeper.


“Mmmmm yessssss I knew you’d love this!” Minka moaned, elated that she was making Mandy feel good. “Once you showed me what a naughty anal sex slut you are Mandy I had to try this on you! I want to make you come baby! I want to fuck your ass like none of these other girls do! We can be even better friends now mmmm the kind that fuck each other’s asses when they get horny!”

That sounded so good to Mandy and she didn’t hide it. She adored the idea of being that kind of friend with Minka. She wanted Minka to be the kind of friend who she could go to brunch with, go shopping with and then fuck.

She and Minka would be there for each other whenever they needed a shoulder to cry on or an ass to fuck. They would be the best friends ever!


Minka got such a thrill out of that. She’d gotten her ass fucked before and she’d really liked it. But she had never seen anyone love it as much as Mandy seemed to. Minka felt like a virgin in comparison to her friend but that was part of the fun. Minka had thought she had been experienced and naughty before, but now she could see how much Mandy had to teach her.

The thought of being as filthy and hot as Mandy turned Minka on. She understood the kinky thrill of having her ass fucked and then tasting it. Minka had once had a boyfriend who had really liked that and she had never had to be talked much into it.

But what she merely enjoyed was an obsession to Mandy and Minka thought it was so much fun to think about Mandy, the girl she had thought was too sweet to ever be slutty, being a bad influence on her and turning her into a total ass to mouth fiend like she was.

“Oooooh yessss best friends buttfucking each other and tasting it! Mmmmm gawwd we can get other girls to fuck us too and feed us our own asses mmm and then we can fuck them right back and feed them!” Minka enthusiastically agreed, loving this idea the more she thought about it. “That’s so nasty! We’re going to fuck each other all the time now Mandy! I loved having you eat my pussy! I hadn’t let a girl go down on me in so long and you made it feel so fucking good! I loved tasting you too! You have such a sweet, tasty pussy! I want to lick it again mmm and I never want to stop fucking your hot ass! Ooooh my God I love your fucking ass so much!”

Mandy just moaned and whimpered from the pleasure she was feeling. This was so fucking much, even for her, and she loved every second of it.

She’d done some dirty things with girls, especially once she had realized how totally hooked on ass to mouth she was, but Mandy had never been double penetrated. She’d taken big toys lots of times but feeling two at a time was so new and dirty and having Minka be the one doing it to her made it so much more special.

Thrusting herself backwards against Minka, Mandy felt more of the second toy slide into her. The first one was filling her up so much and the other one Minka was pushing into her didn’t have much room to operate, but Mandy did her best to get more of them inside her.

She pushed herself back onto them again and again, feeling her tits bounce as she did it, and using all of her willpower to try and force her asshole to relax so Minka could get in her even deeper.

Finally Mandy knew she needed more help than just mind over matter. She repositioned herself by moving her hands back and grabbing onto her own ass. Just like Dianna was doing for Emma, Mandy pulled open her ass cheeks and forced her hole to widen, giving Minka more room to slide the purple wand inside her.

Minka took advantage right away too. She kept the black dong stuffed into Mandy’s ass and used both hands at the same time to wedge the wand in deeper. The purple plastic had to be forced a bit but with Mandy splaying open her own ass cheeks so lewdly, there was enough room for her to make it work and Minka loved hearing Mandy scream in pleasure from it.


Mandy’s shrieks of pleasure got louder and louder but even with Minka fucking her so expertly, the pace of her orgasm was behind what was going on with Maria and JoJo. And Mandy not only was able to hear that clearly, she could see it now too.

When she repositioned herself, putting her face right against the floor so she could bend over on her knees and spread her butt open for Minka, Mandy found herself staring right at the two gorgeous women as they shared the double ender and felt the effects of the magic fingers Haylie was wearing.

It was such a hot view. Mandy loved being able to look at JoJo and Maria so naked and beautiful as they slapped their asses together and made their big tits bounce. Their round, soft boobs bouncing was totally hypnotic to Mandy and she felt all of what her senses were experiencing send her into a total sex trance where she watched her friends get their asses fucked while her own got stretched and stuffed like never before.

Watching and hearing this while Minka brought her to new heights with two toys up her ass made Mandy drool and scream with her face against the carpet. In this position she knew she was going to get rug burn on her tits and her face but she didn’t care a bit. She just wanted to come and her desperate need for orgasmic release only grew as she watched Maria and JoJo find that pleasure first.

Mandy watched with wide-open eyes and a giddy smile in between her own screams. She loved seeing women in the throes of passion, especially when they were as hot as Maria and JoJo.

When she wasn’t looking at their full tits shaking, Mandy was staring at their asses, their cheeks jiggling and smacking together. The sound of flesh on flesh fired up Mandy even more but what made her mouth water the most was the flexible toy wedged in their asses. Gawd, it didn’t have just one end covered with the flavor she craved it had two.

Mandy panted and grunted in between her shrieks of delight from Minka double penetrating her but as much as her own pleasure was beginning to overwhelm her, she kept her stare locked on Maria and JoJo as they both screamed out from their own orgasms. She heard their cries of ecstasy fall all over her ears while they came and kept on fucking each other but they barely registered.

She was too busy staring at their naked, sweaty bodies and their amazing tits and asses and the red toy they shared to hear anything.

Mandy inched closer to them until she was practically up against them. She had seen women come before lots of times. But it was extra fascinating to her this time and she was drawn to them as their hot bodies banged into each other and both JoJo and Maria cried out ecstatically again and again both from the toy in their asses and the way Haylie was stimulating their clits. Mandy loved seeing them like this and she wanted to feel the energy of their shared orgasm while she kept getting her own needs tended to.

Through it all, Minka obediently followed Mandy as she scooted on her knees, fucking her harder. She wasn’t going to let anything stop her from pleasuring her friend, not even her moving a few inches. But Haylie was very surprised to suddenly find Mandy pressed up to her body with a desperate look in her eyes.

“Ummm hey Mandy…what’s up?” Haylie said, not sure what to make of the wild, intense look in Mandy’s eyes that showed she wanted to devour someone…or something.

Haylie had never seen the girl look like that before. Mandy looked so hungry and desperate and Haylie found herself getting a little nervous from it while at the same time feeling a new wave of arousal from seeing Mandy’s beautifully full butt jiggle from gorgeous Minka Kelly fucking it with both hands now, each one wrapped around a toy.

It was so hot for Haylie to see that, especially as she felt the cummy messes from JoJo and Maria’s satisfied pussies all over her hands. Everything here was just so fucking sexy and Mandy made it even sexier by making it clear what she was so hungry for.

“That toy…I want it,” Mandy moaned out, her voice coming out ragged from the intensity of what Minka was doing to her with the two toys. “Feed it to me Haylie.”

“Ummm these toys?” Haylie asked, holding out her fingers, the toys on her fingers slick and creamy now from JoJo and Maria’s orgasms.

“No…that toy,” Mandy said, tilting her head toward the flexible red double-ender still inside both of their asses as Maria and JoJo both slumped down, happy and tired from vigorously fucking each other. “Pull it out for me Haylie! Feed it to me! I need to fucking taste their naughty asses all over it! Mmmm I want to suck it clean!”

Mandy would have grabbed it herself but her hands were very much occupied keeping her own ass spread open for Minka to keep fucking her. And as good as that felt Mandy wanted more. She needed to taste ass while her own was fucked and she didn’t have to be told that Maria and JoJo both had very tasty asses indeed.

The pleasure she was feeling from two toys being thrust into her ass at the same time only magnified Mandy’s need. She was so hungry for this and she didn’t feel like she could wait another second. All she wanted was to be bent over and have toys fucking her ass and toys fucking her mouth at her same time. She wanted to be spit roasted by her friends like a good lesbian anal slut and she never wanted it to end.

“You mean this toy?” Haylie asked, rubbing her messy fingers over the little bit of the plastic that wasn’t buried inside JoJo or Maria’s asses.

“Yesssssssssss! Give it to me!” Mandy groaned impatiently. “Fuck my mouth! Feed me those hot asses! Mmm I fucking need it so much!”

Haylie had to admit she was a little intimidated by the intensity of Mandy’s request. She knew why she wanted it though. Haylie had gone ass to mouth a bunch of times and she blushed when she thought about how the first time she had done it, it had been her own sister’s amazing ass she had tasted. Lindsay had fucked Hilary’s ass hard with her strap-on and then fed it to her and Haylie had gotten off so good on sucking a fake cock that had just fucked her little sister.

So she knew why it turned Mandy on but Haylie had never seen anyone crave it as much as the sexy singer was. So Haylie hesitated a bit, making Mandy want it even more.

“I said fucking give it to me!” Mandy yelled, her voice cracking as she was overcome by moans from the anal pleasure Minka was creating inside her. “Stuff it in my mouth! Feed me Haylie! Feed me those fucking asses right fucking now!”

Mandy seemed on the verge of becoming outright angry with Haylie for not giving her what she wanted so Haylie didn’t hesitate any longer. She nervously grabbed onto the double-ender and began easing it out of Maria and JoJo as the two women moaned in the satisfaction of their dreamy afterglows.

The toy was really stuffed into their asses and Haylie didn’t want to pull it out too roughly, but that only made Mandy more impatient.

“Hurry! Don’t make me wait! Ughhh give it to me now!” Mandy demanded. “Fuck my mouth! Feed me Haylie!”

Maria and JoJo were barely able to react with anything but moaning and a bit of drooling as Haylie pulled the double ender out of their well-fucked asses. She didn’t want to make Mandy angrier though so she got it out of them as quickly as she could and held out one end for Mandy to suck on.

Mandy eagerly opened her mouth and started lewdly slurping in it. As soon as she saw the end of the plastic toy dangling in her face, Mandy sucked it in and swallowed. She groaned in deep satisfaction as she tasted the end that had been in JoJo but it could have been either one. Mandy just wanted the taste of ass in her mouth and she didn’t care whose it was.

“Ohhhh you nasty slut,” Minka marveled, loving how depraved her supposedly good girl friend really was. “Suck on that toy Mandy! Mmmm clean the ass taste right off it you dirty girl! Oh my God that’s so fucking hot Mandy! Suck it down! Get it wet! Suck it like you’re sucking a cock! Ooooh yessss let it fill your pretty mouth while I fuck your beautiful ass! Take it like a bad girl!”

Minka had a sex toy in each hand now. The black dong’s handle was in her left hand and the purple wand as in her right. Both hands were thrusting the toys into Mandy and Minka was so turned on from seeing how much her friend could take. She had both toys buried inside Mandy, stretching her hole and completely filling her up. And she knew Mandy wanted more too. It was so nasty and dirty and Minka was totally wet for it.

Minka drooled right out if her mouth into Mandy’s stuffed asshole. She let the saliva drip down to try and give Mandy some extra lubrication as she got even more of the toys inside her. She wanted Mandy to feel good and Minka kept marveling at how her friend seemed to have no limits.

This wasn’t the Mandy Moore she had thought she had known but Minka was fascinated by and intensely attracted to this one. She loved this side of Mandy and wanted to see it all the time from now on.

“You’re such a dirty slut Mandy! Ooooh you’re so much dirtier than I ever thought I could be!” Minka moaned, pumping in as hard as she dared with both hands as Mandy’s muffled cries got louder and happier with the toy filling her mouth. “Come for me baby! Come from me fucking your great ass! Your ass looks so good jiggling as I fuck it! Mmmm you’ve got such a great ass and I’m going to show you what a good friend I am by fucking you every day and feeding it to you! Ooooh I love what an ass to mouth slut you are! Take it dirty girl! Take both of these toys up your big, sexy butt and fucking come for me!”

That was exactly what Mandy wanted too. Her eyes weren’t just tearing up now. Now they were flat out crying from the way her ass was being stretched and filled. Mandy hadn’t felt this good in…well, ever! She had done so many dirty things but she felt like she was getting even dirtier now and that made her exhilarated.

Mandy loved feeling stuffed like this. She loved feeling her asshole obscenely stretch. She loved that Minka was doing it. And she loved being able to taste JoJo’s hot, young ass all over the end of the toy Haylie was fucking her with.

Even though she was in an uncomfortable position, bent over at the knees with her ass in the air and her face against the carpet while her hands gripped her own ass cheeks and kept them spread open, Mandy felt totally at peace and completely happy.

She kept moaning and crying out her pleasure, two toys in her ass and one in her mouth. Mandy bobbed her mouth up and down, wetly sucking JoJo’s ass off the toy and savored the dirty ecstasy of what Minka was doing to her. And yet Mandy still wanted more, there was someone she hadn’t tasted and she pulled her mouth off the double ender.

“Turn it around,” Mandy demanded, ordering Haylie around like a servant and not thinking twice about it. Her craving was all that mattered. “Let me taste Maria now! I want her ass taste in my mouth now! Do it Haylie!”

Haylie obeyed without hesitation, turned on and intimidated all at once. Mandy’s hands were still occupied as she gripped her own ass and kept it spread open for Minka so Haylie had to do everything for her. She turned the toy around so the part that had been in Maria was now in Mandy’s mouth and the singer immediately began to greedily suck it.

“Mmmmm yesssss feed that slut all the ass she fucking wants,” Minka laughed. “You’re so dirty Mandy! Swallow that dick! Suck all of Maria’s amazing butt off it! Ooooh yesssss mmmm you greedy ass craving slut! I love seeing you like this Mandy and I’m going to make you come so good!”

Minka was certain she could make that happen. She had an ace up her sleeve to insure it. Because the wand she was using to fuck Mandy’s ass wasn’t just a mere toy. It was a vibrator and she just hadn’t turned it on yet. She’d let the plastic fill and fuck Mandy’s ass and had held back from using it as a vibrator until she was sure Mandy was ready to explode.

Minka was sure of that now and she turned the toy on. She didn’t want to give Mandy too much though so she put it on a medium setting, positive that would do the trick and make her friend come.

And, as the toy sent vibrations throughout the probe that was stuck inside Mandy’s ass, it did just like Minka wanted and sent Mandy into a screaming bout of ecstasy.

“AHHHHH!” Mandy screamed in sudden bliss, her mouth pulling off the double dong so she could howl out her orgasm. “FUCKKKKK! OHHHH FUCKKKK YESSSSS MINKAAAAAAAA OHHHH FUCKKKK OHHHH MY GODDDD YESSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Minka got more excited by the second as she watched her friend come. Mandy’s body was so beautiful in its normal state, but in the throes of orgasm her hotness jumped to a whole new level.

Minka watched in utter delight as her friend came, Mandy’s ass jiggling and her face pressing against the soft carpeted floor. Mandy’s body shook erotically and Minka kept on fucking her, drawing out the pleasure of her friend’s release and leaving Mandy a sweaty heap of happy girl flesh.

“Ohhhhh gawwwwwwwwwwwwd,” Mandy finally whimpered when Minka began to slowly remove the toys from her ass. “Oh Minka! Mmmmm…I…I…”

“Shhhhhh,” Minka assured her friend. “You don’t have to say anything. Mmmmm I’m going to take such good care of you from now on baby. My best friend is going to get whatever she wants whenever she wants it.”

And Minka proved that by moving her naked body around so Mandy could face her. Mandy smiled at the sight of her beautiful friend and turned herself over so she was lying on her back, her sore, wrecked ass pressing into the carpet. Minka then pressed the tips of the two toys to Mandy’s mouth and the singer happily opened up for them.

“Mmmmmhmmm taste yourself dirty girl,” Minka urged. “I’m gonna feed you now whenever you want it.”

Mandy loved hearing that. She wanted it all the time and right then she was sure Minka was going to make sure she really did get it.


And while Kat and Beth had missed quite a show by not sticking around with Michelle, Avril and JoJo, they didn’t mind a bit. Because what they were seeing was, to them, an even hotter and nastier show.

“Like what you see?” Kat lustfully moaned into Beth’s ear, rubbing her bare tits into the blonde’s naked back. “Isn’t it fucking awesome? Aren’t you glad I brought you here?”

“Yessssssss!” Beth groaned out in response, answering all three of Kat’s questions at once. “This is incredible.”

“And aren’t I like the best friend in the entire universe because I take you to places like this?” Kat teased, working her hand down Beth’s flat stomach and right down to the blonde’s pussy where she didn’t hesitate to slip a finger inside her friend and co-star. “Don’t I fucking rock?”

“Mmmmm gawd you so do! You fucking rock, Kat!” Beth replied happily, willing to agree to anything Kat told her considering where her finger was, especially when it was true.

Beth couldn’t believe she was standing her completely naked in a room filled with other naked girls as they all fucked each other like sexy animals. But she was so glad to be there and she was immensely happy that Kat had brought her there.

Her friend and secret lover most definitely did rock and Beth’s knees felt weak from the way Kat’s finger was sliding into her moist, warm pussy and making her get hornier and hornier.

“I promised you a fun party,” Kat laughed. “I just didn’t know it was going to be this much fun. Mmmm look at them go Beth! Did you ever think you’d see something like that?”

Beth wasn’t so lost in her own lust that she didn’t recognize that was a bit of a trick question. They were watching Kim Kardashian get fucked and that was something Beth had seen before. She’d watched Kim’s sex tape and she’d always kind of figured she’d release another one the next time she needed some publicity. So seeing Kim Kardashian have sex was not something that susprised her.

Who she was having sex with, however, was entirely surprising. Kim was lying flat on her back, squeezing her own tits and licking her lips free of the pussy cream that was all over them as Natalie Portman buried her face into her cunt and shoved three fingers up Kim’s asshole. And Scarlett Johansson was right behind Natalie, cupping her firm little tits and encouraging her friend every step of the way.

Kat had told Beth what she’d done with Natalie and Scarlett and while she’d totally believed her, actually seeing those beautiful actresses naked and going wild with lesbian desire was so much more than merely hearing about it. Beth couldn’t believe what she was seeing, especially with everyone else fucking around them.

Beth could see Beyonce Knowles and Rosario Dawson and Jennifer Lawrence and so many more beautiful women. Beth had felt hot girl crushes on them all at one point or another but she’d never expected she’d see them fuck much less have the chance to do it to them. But now everything seemed possible. This place was amazing and Beth couldn’t believe something like this could actually be real.

But it was as real as Kat’s finger in her vagina and Beth moaned audibly when Kat slid a second digit into her honeypot. She was getting so wet for this and it was impossible for Beth to hold back and try and pretend that she wasn’t feeling like a total horny lesbian at the moment. Beth was starting to ache with lust and she encouraged her frisky friend.

“Ohhhh Kat mmmm fuckkk yessssssss finger my pussy!” Beth mewed, grinding her ass into Kat’s crotch and loving, just like she always did, the feel of her friend’s wet pussy against the firm flesh of her bottom. “Ughhh yessssss shove those fingers in deep and bang me like a dirty slut! Oooh you always do this so good baby! Mmmm make my pussy all juicy and wet while we watch the show!”

Of course Kat had no intention of just watching the show, not when it was so fucking awesome that she would have done anything to be a part of it. They were watching Kim fucking Kardashian get licked and fingerbanged by Natalie Portman. The universe wasn’t supposed to allow something so fucking weird and incredible. And now it was happening right in front of them.

Kat wanted in on this as badly as she had ever wanted anything and fortunately the invitation soon presented itself as Beth’s moans and panting cries from being finger fucked attracted Scarlett’s attention.

“I was wondering if you two were going to make it,” Scarlett said, standing up and proudly showing off her naked body. “C’mere Beth! Kat, told me all about you!”

And before Beth knew it, Scarlett was kissing her on the lips. She hadn’t expected her or any of these women to be so bold but that didn’t stop Beth from kissing back. Because surprise didn’t keep Beth from realizing she was kissing Scarlett Johansson and that there was no way she could deny herself that fantasy.

Beth easily could have let everything else just melt away and focus entirely on making out with Scarlett but unfortunately she never got the chance because Scarlett pulled away and kissed Kat instead.

The two had a comfortable level of intimacy between them after all they had done the other day so it was easy to fall back into it and Beth stared at them both with desire, loving the sight of Scarlett and Kat tongue kissing and rubbing their big tits together. There weren’t many in Hollywood who had a bigger rack than Scarlett but Kat sure did and it was so hot to see their bare breasts grind into each other.

“I was afraid we’d missed all the fun but it looks like you girls are way beyond what you promised,” Kat pointed out when the kiss ended.

“Yeah we kind of just all lost control,” Scarlett admitted with a shrug of the shoulders. “But it’s all too much fun for us to do anything but keep fucking. Get in there with us! Look at what Nat can do! Look at her fucking that whore!”

And Scarlett was not underselling it a bit. Natalie was most assuredly fucking Kim. There was nothing gentle or tender about her actions. Natalie was grunting and moaning like a beast in heat as she fed off Kim’s infamous pussy and Kim was enjoying every single moment of that.

“Ooooooh yessssssssss get that fuckhole all sloppy and wet with your drool Natalie!” Kim begged as she kept squeezing her heavy tits, shoving them up so she could lick at her own sweaty tit flesh. “Get that cunt all wet so your fucking saliva drips out along with my cum! Oooooh you’re such a nasty girl Natalie! What’s a pretty little thing like you doing being so fucking bad?”

“You’re the bad one!” Natalie growled back. “You’re the fucking worst Kim! I hate you so much and I want to fuck you so bad! Gahhhh what’s fucking wrong with me? You’re such a terrible role model for women and all I want to do is eat your pussy and motorboat your big tits and shove my face into your ass! Fuckkkkkk I am bad! I am dirty!’

Natalie was still riding a rollercoaster of emotions, mixing the intense arousal she felt with how much she hated herself for feeling it. How could she want something that was so against everything she stood for as a woman? How could she be attracted to the superficiality of the Kardashian clan? How could their shows be such a guilty pleasure for her? How could she be so fucking wet to eat Kim Kardashian’s dripping pussy?

But Natalie didn’t let those questions or how much she hated Kim as a role model and how much she hated herself for wanting this stop her from shoving her tongue back into Kim’s sticky pink hole.

Natalie had already swallowed Kim’s cum but she needed more. She’d tongued her pussy to orgasm and she’d done the same with Kim’s asshole. She’d buried her face in that famous ass and eaten her out like her life had depended on it. But it still hadn’t been enough for Natalie.

Natalie had fucked Kim’s face too. She’d ridden her tongue and creamed all over it, making that face that never missed a camera flash all messy with her cum. Natalie had enjoyed feeling Kim eat her pussy and her asshole even as she’d also hated herself for loving it.

But she had still wanted more and now she was kneeling before Kim, her face back in her cunt and her fingers up her ass. Natalie felt so good and so guilty all at once but that was part of the kinky thrill of what she was doing to someone who was her polar opposite as a person.

Natalie was tiny and composed and shied away from the limelight. Everything about Kim was outsized and fame hungry. They were the opposite of each other in and out and Natalie just wanted to fuck the shit out of Kim again and again. It was her hottest, most secret fantasy and she couldn’t get enough of it.

Natalie lapped at Kim’s pussy, loving how her juices tasted and how they soaked her tongue. Kim looked so sexy then too, squeezing and licking her tits and writhing naked on the floor while she got licked. Natalie wasn’t the only one enjoying this. Kim was clearly having the time of her life too.

“Mmmm shove some fingers into my pussy too!” Kim urged. “Finger fuck my hot fucking twat while you eat it Natalie! Ooooh you should see yourself right now! Mmmm big, brainy Oscar winning eating my cunt! That taste good Natalie? It taste good licking the pussy I got fucked in to become famous? You like licking reality star pussy?”

Natalie blushed but she didn’t stop licking. In fact she licked faster and did exactly what Kim wanted by shoving her fingers into her. She had fingers up to her knuckle in Kim’s asshole and pussy now and Kim happily reacted by fucking herself harder and banging herself up against Natalie’s face, making her double D tits bounce as she let them go and instead grabbed onto Natalie’s head with both hands, holding her down against her crotch.

“Mmmmm yeahhh you fucking love eating me out!” Kim purred in rapture, feeling like she could come again at any second from that skilled tongue licking away at her. “You girls are all such fucking hypocrites! You act like you hate me but you’ll fuck me in a second if I’ll let you! You don’t think I got famous the right away but you get horny for my big ass and tits like those dirty fucking pervs who beat off to me and my sisters! Mmmm yeahhhh show me you fucking love it Natalie! Show me you love it when I work my dirty pussy in your pretty fucking face! I want you to swallow my cum again you nasty girl! Eat it up and tell me how yummy it is!”

Natalie wanted that too. It was so humiliating but she wanted it. But she also wanted Kim to learn a lesson too. Natalie wanted to show her that she wasn’t anyone to mess with. Natalie’s adrenaline was pumping through her veins and her arousal for Kim combined with the way the reality star was taunting her was making her completely lose control.

“Mmmmm it’s so fucking yummy!” Natalie groaned, freeing her lips for a moment even as Kim held her down with both hands. “I love the taste of your cum! I’ll fucking swallow your creamy girly load and I’ll lap it up as it drips from your cunt! You’re so fucking nasty Kim! You’re a big tit slut with a fat ass and it fucking turns me on so much! I’m going to show you how dirty you make me! I’m going to make you see what a nasty fuck I can be!”

Natalie wasn’t thinking at all. She was just reacting to her pussy dripping and her blood boiling with shame, anger and lust all at once. She had two fingers in Kim’s ass and she was working them in and out vigorously. But she knew that wasn’t enough and Natalie shoved in a third and then a fourth as Kim bucked on the floor from it.

“Ohhhhh holy shit!” Kim cried as she suddenly felt four fingers up her asshole stretching it out.

But if Natalie wanted to give Kim more than she could handle, it didn’t work.

“Ooooooh more! C’mon Nat!” Kim brattily demanded. “I know you can fucking do better than that! Mmmm fucking shove more fingers into me! Fucking get them up my twat too! Ooooh I’ve had my fuckholes stretched and stuffed and fucked over and over again! I can take whatever you little bitches can dish out to me! Mmmm give it to me Natalie! Finger bang those fuckholes!”

Natalie growled again and shoved a third finger into Kim’s pussy while she leaned in and sucked her clit. The swollen bud throbbed between her lips and Kim’s hands went back to her own tits to resume squeezing them and pinching her nipples. They were both totally into it and it made for quite a show for Scarlett, Beth and Kat to watch.

Kat had been drawn right to Kim as soon as she had seen her getting fucked. She hadn’t even seen that it was Natalie doing it until she and Beth had gotten closer. Kat had just wanted to be close to Kim so she could see this wild moment up close.

How could she not be sucked into the orbit of the Kardashians? Things just stopped when they were around. Kat had entertained a naughty fantasy or two about her when Kim had done a brief cameo once on 2 Broke Girls but she had never expected to see her like this.

Kat had already seen up close the two sides of Natalie. She had seen the repressed girl too shy to make a move. And then she had seen, and felt, just how hot Natalie could be once she let go and got wild.

Now Kat was watching Natalie and Kim go at it and it was like watching the sun crash into the moon. She couldn’t take her eyes off it and her hands busily ran all over her own naked body, rubbing her tits and touching her pussy as she stared at the girls fucking.

Beth felt the same way. She didn’t have Kat’s personal experience with Natalie or Scarlett but she loved seeing that tiny little thing give it to Kim.

Kim demanded attention wherever she went. She couldn’t ever be subtle and Beth had found herself admiring the reality superstar when she had been on the show. Beth had been drawn to Kim’s charisma and she’d even admired how Kim lived life exactly how she wanted to do it and didn’t care what anyone else did. Kim lived her life on her terms and got paid millions on top of millions for it.

How could you not admire and be attracted to that? Beth rubbed her body into Kat’s, watching both her friend masturbate and how Kim was writhing on the floor from Natalie’s attention. And feeling Beth’s slim, gorgeous body press into hers got Kat to react too.

She turned her head away from the show just enough so she and Beth could kiss and quickly they were playing with each other’s tits while their tongues rubbed together.

Scarlett stood there still watching the show and loving it. She loved seeing Natalie get freaky and dirty and this was the naughtiest she had ever seen her friend. Scarlett felt a perverse sense of pride knowing she had pushed Natalie to do this and she wanted to push her even more.

Scarlett knew what Kim really deserved and she also knew Natalie only needed a little nudge to make it happen.

So while Beth and Kat made out and rubbed all over each other’s naked bodies, Scarlett got back down on the floor with Natalie. She kissed her friend’s shoulder and went up her collarbone to her neck while groping Natalie’s perfect little butt in her hands, squeezing the cute bubble cheeks and moaning into her ear what she wanted to see.

“Don’t just finger this whore! Fucking fist her!” Scarlett moaned, acting like the devil on Natalie’s shoulder.

Natalie had her mouth occupied as she continued to suck on Kim’s clitoris but the sound she made showed she was very intrigued by the idea. So Scarlett kept breathing into Natalie’s ear, letting her husky, sexual voice lead her friend down a path she’d never been.

“You know you want to do it,” Scarlett sensually purred while Kim squirmed in pleasure from Natalie’s mouth and fingers. “Show this cocky bitch who’s boss Natalie. Mmmm I wanted to get her for you so bad baby. I wanted to get her over so you could fuck her like she was a fucking Chanukah present for you to play with. I wanted to see you take this slut and fuck her and be a bad girl and live out your fantasy without guilt or shame. You can do it right here and now! Make her come like the bitch she is! Take that tiny hand of yours and shove it all up in her fucking cunt!”

Natalie had three fingers in Kim’s pussy and before she knew it, it had turned into four. She didn’t even think. It just happened as though Scarlett could control her body with her voice.

Natalie felt an erotic chill run through her as she pushed that finger into Kim, leaving all four fingers inside the notorious woman while only her thumb remained outside. But that was nothing compared to how Kim reacted.

“FUCK YES!” Kim cried out in joy. “Ooooooh you little bitch! Mmmm I was fucking hoping you were going to do that! Yeahhhh don’t be shy baby! My pussy can fucking take anything you dish out! Fist that cunt! Fucking shove your whole hand into me and fucking do me like a slut! C’mon Natalie!”

“Yeah baby, she wants it, she wants to be your dirty bitch,” Scarlett told Natalie, her gorgeous voice driving Natalie wild as she breathed into her ear. “Don’t hold back with her! Fuck her dirty and nasty like you always wanted to! Fist that bitch!”

But Natalie held back. She’d never done anything like that before. She’d never been on the receiving end either. Just the thought of it made her heart beat fast with nervousness. That was too much. She’d already stretched her boundaries tonight by even being with Kim. She couldn’t take it any further.

“I can’t…I…” Natalie started to say, but Kim interrupted her, expertly pushing Natalie’s buttons to get her to take that final step.

“I knew you were too much of a wuss to do it,” Kim taunted. “No wonder all those girls today are going to want to be like me. They know you’re too weak Natalie. They’re not going to want to create or perform. They’re not going to want to go to fucking Harvard to be boring nerds! They’re going to want to be just like me instead! They’re going to make sex tapes and only care about being famous! They’re going to dress slutty and do reality shows and they’re going to use their bodies to get ahead, not their brains! Think of all those young girls Natalie who want to be like me!”

And that worked all too well. Flames of fury exploded in Natalie’s eyes and she didn’t hesitate any longer. She forced open Kim’s legs as far as they could go and slid her thumb into her, letting her whole hand disappear into Kim’s cunt.


“You are a bitch!” Natalie snarled while pumping her hand into Kim, fucking her like she’d never fucked anyone before. “You’re a terrible role model! You’re ruining other girls! You and your slut sisters and your fucking mom and your awful shows! You’re making girls stupid and lazy and shallow! I want them to be smart and proud! I want them to be better than you! I want them to be like me!”

Natalie felt like a fierce feminist warrior at that moment, which was a strange sense since she was fisting another woman. But she wasn’t just doing this for her own benefit, even as her pussy felt like it could cream without her even touching it from how good it was to experience this rush.

Natalie was doing it to show the cheap and tawdry Kim Kardashians and the Paris Hiltons and the teen moms and the stupid girls on Maury Povich and Jerry Springer who was boss. She was going to make a point and fuck some respect right into them even if she had to shove her whole fist into Kim to be able to do it.

“Take it! Take my fucking fist up your dirty slut cunt!” Natalie while Kim bounced on the floor, her big tits jiggling as she cried in pleasure. “Oooooh you’re getting even wetter, you fucking slut! I’m taking you to a place you’ve never been before! I’m taking you to school! You’re a fucking whore Kim! I hate that I’m so fucking horny for you but now you’re mine! You’re a terrible role model! I hate what you do to young girls! But I fucking want you so bad and now you’re going to come all over my whole hand like the dirty slut you are! Come for me bitch!”


Scarlett and Natalie both loved it too. Natalie was getting such a taboo thrill from having her whole hand inside another woman, especially this woman. Kim’s pussy was dripping hot juice all over her hand as it trickled down her wrist and onto her arm. And Scarlett was getting off on the show and seeing Natalie be fierce and powerful by putting the spoiled brat reality star in her place.

But Scarlett also wanted more. Seeing this and watching Natalie stretch her own boundaries was intoxicating to Scarlett. Adrenaline was flowing through her veins too and all she was doing was watching. She wanted more and she whispered into Natalie’s ear what she was thinking.

Natalie moaned in dirty pleasure at the sound of it. She didn’t feel the hesitation she had just felt a moment before. She was only thinking about being nasty now and giving Kim the fucking she so clearly deserved.

But before she made it nastier she decided to give Kim one last chance to suddenly have a Christmas catharsis and become a better person.

“Are you going to stop being such a slut?” Natalie demanded, trying to force Kim to change her ways while she fisted her, Kim’s infamous pussy wrapping around her hand and squishing with each hard thrust. “Are you going to tell girls to pick up a book and not a goddamn selfie stick? Are you going to be a better role model and tell girls hard work is how you become famous, not with sex tapes and reality TV?”

But Kim didn’t take the bait. In fact she egged Natalie on by taunting her.

“No! Never!” Kim laughed right in Natalie’s face. “I’ll do another fucking sex tape just to piss you off! Oooooh and I’ll do a show with Kendall and Kylie where we find young girls and get them to drop out of school and become our personal assistants and get them to be just like us! I don’t want girls to be nerds like you Natalie! I want them to be pretty and famous and get hot husbands!”

Even though part of her overheated brain recognized that Kim was only teasing her because she wanted this to happen, that part couldn’t be heard over the angry growl of frustration that flew out of Natalie’s mouth.

Kim had blown her last chance and Natalie did what Scarlett told her to do, pushing her thumb into Kim’s ass too so now she had both hands shoved inside her and she could fist fuck Kim’s pussy and her ass at the same time.

“Fuck you!” Natalie screamed in triumph of brains and hard work over reality show infamy as she spit into Kim’s face and then spat out more saliva onto her huge bouncing tits. “I’m going to fuck you up and wreck you Kim! I’m going to fuck your stupid bitch face and make you eat me out again and again and I’m going to fist this pussy and fist your fat fucking ass and make you come like a fucking bitch! Ooooh you like this, don’t you? You love being fucked like a bitch and knowing how fucking awful you are!”


Natalie and Kim stared at each other with heat and lust in its rawest form. Natalie hated herself for loving this and Kim loved how she could twist this gorgeous, talented and brilliant woman into a ball of self-loathing and desire and get exactly what she wanted.

Kim loved being fucked, the harder the better and there were few things in life she loved more than pushing someone’s buttons until they took her and slammed her against the wall so they could rip her clothes off and fuck her just like she deserved. She adored being fucked like this. She wanted Natalie to take her like a fucking animal.

This wasn’t the first time she had ever been double fisted but it was the first time someone like Natalie had done it and that was such a dirty thrill for her. Kim’s holes hadn’t gotten stretched in a good long time and this was just what she needed. She wanted Natalie to fuck her like she hated her. She wanted her to have no mercy on her. Kim could feel how good she was going to come from this.


“Yesssss come you horny bitch,” Scarlett moaned, spitting into Kim’s pussy and then leaning in to let loose a gob of saliva into her asshole too to try and lube her up more for Natalie’s fists. “You look like such a hot fucking whore right now! Those big, fake tits shaking and your fat ass getting rug burn! Oooh you look so fucking sexy right now! Everyone here is going to want to fuck you like the bitch you are! They’ll line up to give it to you and fuck the spoiled brat right out of you!”

But Natalie had a different plan in mind.

“No! Only if I let them!” Natalie growled possessively while she watched Kim wail and writhe from how she was fucking her. “This whore is mine! She’s my toy now! I’m going to take her home with us and dress her up like a fucking maid or shove some kind of slave collar around her so I can order her around and fuck her until she learns her lesson! You’re such a fucking spoiled rich bitch Kim and you didn’t do anything to deserve it! But you deserve to get fucked like this!”


Natalie had no control over herself. She was going on gut instinct and nothing more. Everything was raw impulse and dirty fantasy now and she fucked Kim harder, fisting the orgasm out of her and leaving her a howling, panting mess on the floor.


Natalie turned her head and began passionately kissing Scarlett while she fisted Kim and felt her holes tightly contract around her hands. Pussy cream soaked her hand and Natalie kept going, forcing her fists into Kim while she and Scarlett tongue kissed and rubbed their sweaty bodies together.

They kissed through every scream and holler from Kim and only drifted back into reality when Kim collapsed, happy and loosened onto the rug after her orgasm had finished flowing inside her.

Easing her hands out of her lover, Natalie turned toward Scarlett. Kim was in no shape to be able to do anything but lie back and drool for the moment so it was up to them to clean Natalie’s hands off. And while Natalie lifted her hand up for both of them to lick the pussy cream off like they were sharing ice cream dripping of a cone, Scarlett was also interested in where Natalie’s other hand had been.

They both licked the cum right off of Natalie’s hand and Scarlett then grabbed Natalie’s other hand and brought it right up to her mouth. She sucked wickedly on Natalie’s thumb, carnally savoring the taste of Kim’s ass on it and then she started sucking her other fingers too, making Natalie moan in how dirty this was. But she didn’t shy away from it. Instead Natalie joined Scarlett in this and began sucking and licking Kim’s ass off her own fingers too.

The two of them could have stayed like that for the rest of the night, staring into each other’s eyes as they shared a dirty treat. But Kat snapped them out of it.

“Hey, who are these for? Anyone using these?” Kat asked as she held up two strap-ons by their harnesses.

“I got them from the toy bag so Natalie and I could double penetrate Kim,” Scarlett answered. “Mmm I guess she might be fucked out now though.”

“Well she might be but I’m sure as hell not,” the busty brunette declared. “How about we put these to better use and get some hot fucking going. Here Beth. Mmmmm you know what to do with one of these, don’t you?”

“Mmmmm definitely,” Beth said, loving how that toy looked with its flesh colored cock-shaped hunk of plastic jutting out of the harness. “But you really want me to be the one to do it, even with all of these other girls here?”

“No one ever does it better,” Kat said sweetly with a smile. “And I don’t just want you to fuck my pussy. Mmm we can save that kind of play for later. I need you to fuck my big ass in front of all these girls! Show them all how much I like it! Show them all how good you are at it!”

“Really? That’s what you want?” Beth questioned even as her smile grew over the idea of publicly giving it to Kat like they enjoyed doing in private.

“Mmmmhmmm bend me over like a slut and make my booty bounce as you fuck me from behind,” Kat declared before assuming the position and sticking her ass up in the air. “What are you waiting for? A printed invitation? Get in here and give my fat ass some love!”

And Kat saying that while waving her bare bottom back and forth like a red flag in front of a bull didn’t just inspire Beth to get the toy around her naked body as quickly as possible. It also inspired Scarlett too.

“Oooooh that’s hot!” Scarlett said, watching both Kat on all fours and Beth adjusting the harness so the cock could dangle between her drool-inducing legs. “Mmmm now that’s just what I need too. How about it Nat? You feel like giving it to me or are you too exhausted from fucking the shit out of this slut?”

Scarlett gave Kim a condescending pat on the face as she said it and all the reality star could do was moan out and smile, her brain still in la la land after Natalie had fucked her into bliss. But while Kim was out of commission, Natalie was anything but.

“Oh I’m raring and ready to go,” Natalie declared with a giddy laugh as she bounded up from the floor and grabbed the other strap-on. “Get on all fours like the good doggie you are Scarlett. Mmmmm I wanna fuck you just like Beth is going to fuck Kat. Mmmm right up your big, juicy butt!”

“Ohhhh yesssssssss!” Scarlett hissed in desire as she immediately obeyed Natalie and got on her hands and knees next to Kat, sticking up her bare ass in the air and making sure Natalie knew she was more than ready for this. “Mmmmm do it to me Nat! Just like the other night! You fucked my ass so good baby! I loved feeling you do it!”

“I’m going to do it even better now,” Natalie promised, pulling the harness around her waist and cinching it tightly as she and Beth looked each other and giggled at the sexy shared sight of the both of them slim and naked with perfect little tits and big, fake cocks between their legs. “I’m going to make your ass mine Scarlett!”

Scarlett moaned in anticipation and felt her pussy moisten even more at the thought of Natalie giving her a good, hard butt banging. She didn’t always look to be submissive. In fact she loved being the one giving out the fuckings. But Scarlett could easily go bitch for the right girl and Natalie was someone who definitely fit that profile.

Scarlett not only enjoyed bending over to let Natalie fuck her ass, she had been encouraging the girl to take her like that. So it was extra hot for Scarlett to see Natalie, who had once been reluctant to do it, so enthused about it now.

“Mmmmm this ass is already yours baby,” Scarlett moaned. “Show everyone here just how much! Fuck this ass with that big cock and show everyone what a dirty slut I am for you! Ooooh I love seeing you like this Natalie!”

Scarlett turned her head to her left and found Kat’s lips waiting for her. She definitely couldn’t resist an invitation like that and she immediately began kissing the brunette, the both of them positioned on their hands and knees next to each other as their big tits dangled and their asses were up in the air for their lovers to take them.

And just like Scarlett and Kat began making out, Natalie and Beth began doing the same. It was the first kiss they shared and Natalie had to strain her body up to better reach the taller blonde but she and Beth both enjoyed the feel of their lips against one another. However they didn’t make out for long. They had work to do and they knew it.

“Do you guys…ummmm…always party like this?” Beth asked, having to ask the question even as she felt a growing exhilaration over being able to join this sexy fray. She was looking at Natalie Portman naked and they both had strap-ons and it was all so crazy.

“Mmmm not like this but I hope we do like every fucking night from now on,” Natalie giggled back, high on adrenaline and sex and the spiked punch that made every decision she made to fuck sound like a good one.

Natalie kissed Beth again and then grabbed a bottle of lube that was lying unused on the floor. She bent over to pick it up, giving Beth a great view of her tight ass cheeks sticking out of the harness of the strap-on before straightening up and pouring it all over both her cock and Beth’s.

Beth and Natalie both shared a laugh and a kiss as they reached over and grabbed each other’s fake cocks, spreading the lube all over the plastic and made it look like they were jacking each other off.

But then they turned their attention toward their waiting lovers. Scarlett and Kat were wetly kissing and moaning from and it was clear they both needed to be fucked. They had bent over without any delay or inhibition and their round, thick bare asses looked so meaty and perfect like this.

The women were in the perfect positions for their asses to be taken and Beth and Natalie made their move.

“Mmmmm we’re gonna fuck you so good,” Natalie promised as she slid her fake cock up and down Scarlett’s ass crack while pouring out more of the lube onto her friend’s ass.

The warm lube dripped down all over Scarlett’s bare bottom like it was oil, coating her soft, pale flesh and giving it a slick layer to glisten under the Christmas lights all over the room. It was such an erotic contrast to have the wholesome decorations with Scarlett’s ass lewdly covered in lube, the liquid dripping into her crack, and Beth loved it so much she grabbed the bottle and did the same thing to Kat, pouring lube all over her friend’s bare ass and making it shine before she fucked it.

Kat and Scarlett moaned as the warm lube ran down the flesh of their asses. They both loved how it felt dripping over their cheeks and getting into their cracks. They could feel it tickle their waiting assholes and it made them smile and sigh in pleasure. But the sensations they got from that was blown off the map by what happened next when Natalie spread open Scarlett’s ass and pushed her cock-shaped strap-on inside her.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Scarlett groaned out as Natalie took her with far more confidence than she had the other night when they had tried this for the first time. “Mmmm yeahhh that’s it Nat! Fuck me! Take me right up the ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk yesssssssssss oooooh slide that big cock in me baby! This ass is yours! Do whatever you fucking want to it!”

Beth hesitated though, too focused on how hot it was to see Natalie penetrating Scarlett’s amazing ass with the toy to follow suit. She loved seeing these two girls go at it. They looked so into it each other and focused on each other’s pleasure.

Natalie was so sexy in how she made sure to ease the cock into Scarlett, taking her nicely and letting her ass adjust so they both could feel the most pleasure from it.

It was clear how much Natalie cared about Scarlett when she did that and Beth found herself thinking how that was the way she felt about Kat too. But when she thought that, it ironically made her forget all about Kat who was impatient and not about to be forgotten.

“Ummm…hello? Earth to Beth! Are you going to fuck me or am I going to have to offer up this booty to someone else?” Kat asked. “Because I’m pretty sure I can get a few interested girls here!”

“Sorry…sorry…” Beth sputtered out, tearing her eyes off of how hot Natalie looked with her perky tits jiggling when she started fucking Scarlett.

“Don’t be sorry, be horny and fuck me!” Kat groaned. “I need it! Give it to me Beth! You know how much I love being fucked up the ass! Stop drooling and start fucking! I need…OHHHH FUCKKK OHHHHHHHH!”

Kat’s tone changed considerably when Beth paid her back for all her teasing by forcing the cock into her ass. Beth wasn’t too rough about it but she was considerably less gentle than Natalie had been and she made sure to give Kat a big thrust to shove the cock-shaped head of the toy and a few inches of the plastic shaft straight into her asshole right away.

But Beth didn’t do it to be mean even though Kat’s constant wisecracks got to her sometimes. She did it because she knew Kat liked it. Her friend and lover was absolutely insatiable and for someone who loved being the center of attention and being the boss in and out of the bedroom, Kat sure enjoyed being thrown down and fucked.

Beth knew what Kat liked and she knew how to give it to her after several seasons of practice.

“Fuckkkk ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhh that’s how you fucking do it!” Kat squealed out in delight. “Fuck me Beth! Mmmm no time for nice! It’s time for fucking! Fuck me hard! Bang that fat ass and make my booty cheeks jiggle baby! Ohhhhh I fucking love it when you do this yesssssssssss ughhhh fuckkkkk bury that dick inside me baby! Do it like you always do!”

Now it was Natalie’s turn to marvel at Beth’s beauty as the blonde girl moaned and let out soft little grunts as she got used to the feeling of the toy and started to give it to Kat with steady thrusts into her ass. Beth had such an elegant body. She looked so beautiful with her blonde hair and classic features. Those legs were to die for and her small tits were absolutely perfect on her chest.

Beth looked so sexy and didn’t lose any of the elegance in her body even when she was doing something as dirty as fucking another woman up the ass. Natalie had never really thought about Beth sexually until Kat had told her and Scarlett all about how she had her blonde co-star wrapped around her finger. But now she had a whole new appreciation for the beautiful woman.

Natalie hadn’t imagined it would be this way between Kat and Beth. She had expected Kat to be the one who used the strap-on to fuck Beth, not the other way around, and the role-reversal was very arousing to Natalie.

Now Natalie could see the similarities now between her and Beth. Scarlett was a lot like Kat. She liked to be the one in charge but Natalie was learning how much fun it was to be in control too and she could see now how Scarlett loved giving it up to her just like Kat did to Beth. Natalie could tell Beth and Kat were going to be very good friends of theirs now and hopefully a lot more too.

While she continued to thrust into Scarlett’s ass, making the flesh-colored plastic disappear up her friend’s ass, Natalie kissed Beth again. Beth returned the kiss eagerly and they were soon making out as they bucked their hips and pushed their strap-ons in deeper. And it didn’t take long for Scarlett and Kat to begin making out too in between moans and sex cries from the pleasure they felt from getting fucked from behind, their asses all lubed up and eager for the toys to be buried inside them.

Meanwhile, coming out of the sexual daze that Natalie had fist fucked her into, Kim found herself looking up and seeing all of this wonderfully dirty action.

Part of Kim wanted to curl up happily into a naked fetal position and keep herself bathed in the afterglow of the amazing orgasm she had just experienced thanks to what Natalie had done to her pussy and her asshole. But Kim didn’t let that happen. She wanted so much more for herself and couldn’t just stop now.

“Mmmm you bitches know how to party,” Kim said aloud but to no one in particular as she forced herself to sit up and drink in the view before her.

Kim took in the erotic scene before her, caressing her own tits and sliding a hand down between her legs. She winced when her fingers brushed up against her sore pussy lips and she felt how tender they were from Natalie’s fist.

But while she was super sensitive in both of her holes now, Kim didn’t want it any other way. There was nothing quite like knowing you really, really got fucked well and that was definitely how Kim was feeling right then.

She found herself licking her lips as she watched Kat and Scarlett bent over side by side. She loved seeing their asses bounce as Beth and Natalie smacked into them while they fucked. And even more Kim loved seeing Scarlett and Kat’s big tits shaking and how they kept kissing each other, their moans and screams disappearing into the other’s mouths.

And Kim loved checking out Beth and Natalie too. She loved seeing their cute little tits jiggle on their hot bodies and how into it they were getting as they thrust hard up their lovers’ asses. They were definitely feeling a lot of pleasure and Kim enjoyed seeing that. She had a whole new respect for Natalie after what she had just experienced with her and Kim wanted to see her feel good too.

Kim was planning on just sitting back and enjoying the show while she recharged her batteries but someone else had different plans for her.

“I should have known you’d be into this you slut,” someone said and Kim didn’t even have to look who it was. She knew that throaty voice anywhere.

“I could say the same about you! Mmmmm BOTH of you I mean!” Kim said, averting her gaze to take in the sight of Lindsay and Ali Lohan standing naked in front of her. “I assumed I was going to see you here. After all, no one in Hollywood’s a bigger dyke than you Lindsay.”

“Mmmmmhmm and proud of it,” Lindsay grinned. “I live for this shit.”

Lindsay and Ali were holding hands with visibly wet pussies and freshly shiny faces and Kim didn’t take long to put two and two together. Her eyebrows arched a little bit in surprise and her smile grew.

“So that’s what you’re into, huh?” Kim smirked as her mind pictured Lindsay and Ali fucking. “I should have known you’d be into the really dirty stuff, Lindsay. A slut like you probably doesn’t have any limits at all.”

“Oh yeah like you’re one to talk,” Lindsay pointed out with a smirk. “Not going to deny any of those rumors I’ve heard about you, are you Kim?”

“And what rumors might those be?” Kim asked even though she knew exactly what Lindsay was talking about. “You think you’re the only one who’s close to her sister?”

“Mmmm I knew it,” Lindsay said, squeezing Ali’s hand tighter as she got the confirmation she had been hoping for that she’d found a kindred spirit who knew that the sexiest kind of love could be very close to home. “You’re such a fucking slut.”

“Never said I wasn’t, sweetie,” Kim shot back with another smirk. “Now are you just going to tease me or are you going to get over here and do something about it.”

Kim was still a little too sore to get up and walk over to Lindsay but she didn’t let the redhead know that. Instead she just played up that she considered herself above having to come to someone else.

Kim knew Lindsay wouldn’t resist being able to come to her and she was right on in her assessment because Lindsay and Ali immediately both dropped to their knees in front of her and sandwiched her naked body.

She had Lindsay on her left and Ali on her right and Kim was eager to play with both Lohan girls. She and Lindsay had never really been friends nor enemies before tonight. They’d just circled around each other. But now all of that had led to the hookup they had both wanted and Lindsay and Kim kissed each other warmly.

Their lips touched and met again and again in soft, sexy kisses before Lindsay reached out with her tongue and licked against Kim’s lips. That was enough for Kim to open up her mouth and start tongue kissing Lindsay. The two notorious women fused their mouths together and let their tongues sensually touch.

Hearing the happy grunts and moans and sexual shrieks all around them made Kim and Lindsay even more eager than they usually were to play with someone and their kisses soon turned into something more as they began groping at each other’s bodies, taking particular pleasure in running their hands all over their tits.

Lindsay liked knowing she usually had the biggest tits when she played with girls, but Kim definitely dwarfed her chest and she was fascinated by her huge rack. She got both hands on Kim’s tits and squeezed them as Kim’s fingers teased her nipples right back and made them even more erect. By the time Kim was done with them Lindsay’s nipples could have cut glass and hers weren’t the only hands that Lindsay was enjoying.

Even though she was on the other side of Kim, Ali was getting very handsy too, not only by caressing Kim’s thick thighs but also reaching over to run her fingers over the curve of her sister’s bare ass. Lindsay moaned at the touch and kissed Kim harder a gesture that made Kim very curious about the younger Lohan girl.

Kim didn’t know nearly as much about Ali as she did about Lindsay. Lindsay was the one with the reputation. Ali had been much quieter and off the radar. Kim liked that. It gave Ali more mystery around her and made Kim so curious about her. So, after a few more hot moments of their tongues touching, Kim broke away from the redhead and turned her head so she could kiss Ali instead.

She might not have known Ali much at all but that didn’t stop Kim from kissing her. And she immediately saw that Ali had the same skills as her older sister. The younger girl’s kisses were warm and sensual and just wet enough. Kim liked wet kisses full of passion and desire but she didn’t want a mouth full of someone else’s drool. Ali, like her sister, knew just how to kiss and Kim started touching the girl while they made out.

Ali had herself a sexy little body. She couldn’t have been more different than her sister. She was a slim brunette and not a readhead. And while Lindsay had her famously big, freckled tits, Ali had a smaller pair that still looked delicious.

One thing they shared were freckles and Kim loved that. She could see they were sisters in their faces too and Kim got a naughty thrill from being sandwiched by the horny Lohan girls. She kissed Ali and moaned into her mouth while Lindsay began fondling the meaty cheeks of her ass, playing with Kim’s most famous feature.

“Mmmm you like that? Bet you’re all wet for that big ass, aren’t you?” Kim moaned while she felt Lindsay’s soft hands grabbing onto her and squeezing her cheeks.

“Fuck yeah I am!” Lindsay replied while giving Kim’s ass a sexy smack. “I love hot girl ass and yours is soooo fucking big and yummy! How could we not have fucked before?”

The truth was there was no better answer for that than they just hadn’t. But both of them were eager to rectify that. Lindsay was indeed drawn in toward Kim’s ass like she was caught in a planet’s gravitational pull. How could she possibly resist something so big and juicy? Kim’s tits were great, but her ass deserved every bit of its reputation.

And Lindsay did love ass. One of her favorite things to do was kiss and lick Hilary’s perfect, juicy booty. She loved bending her girlfriend over and watching that ass bounce when she spanked it or fucked it with a strap-on. That was so much fucking fun and there was nothing like the taboo thrill of sliding her tongue up and down Ali’s crack before she did wicked things to her little sister’s tight booty. The only thing that could rival that was when she would spread open her mom’s hot MILF buns and do things to her that no daughter was supposed to do.

And there were so many other hot, sexy girl asses here at the mansion that she loved to play with. Now Lindsay could definitely add Kim’s to the list of yummy girl butts she was obsessed with and she squeezed the large cheeks while grinding herself into Kim’s body, making sure the woman could feel the wetness of her pussy against her leg. She dug her nails a little bit into Kim’s ass, loving how much fun this huge butt was going to be to play with.

But before they could really get started, Kim wanted to see something first.

“You two need to kiss,” Kim said. “Lemme see how naughty you two are.”

“Mmmm just kiss?” Ali giggled, still very intoxicated and definitely eager to show off. “Me and Lindsay do so much more than kiss!”

For now, though, Kim just wanted a kiss and she got one as the sisters leaned over her body and met their lips together. Lindsay and Ali didn’t hold back. They didn’t tease Kim with a little peck to start off with. They went right into a full blown incestuous tongue kiss that left no doubt they weren’t just all talk.

“Mmmm fuck that’s hot,” Kim moaned while she watched the sisters make out. “You two are fucking freaks! That’s so nasty! Yessssss kiss each other! Mmmm get your tongues in each other’s mouths! Fucking make out for me! Show me that slutty sister kiss! What else do you two sluts do?”

Pulling apart and looking at each other with a shared grin, Lindsay and Ali had a very simple answer for Kim.

“Everything,” the Lohans said in unison, their voices a sexy tease that made Kim extra wet.

“Mmmmm yeahhh that’s what I wanna fucking hear,” Kim moaned, rubbing her sensitive pussy and not caring if it hurt. “I can’t wait to see you two fuck! I want to watch you snack on each other’s cunts and much on each other’s slut boxes! Ooooh fuck that’ll be so hot! Watching Lindsay Lohan fucking her slut sister! Mmmm you girls take it up the ass too I’ll bet. Buttfucking each other’s fucking dirty, nasty holes with your tongues and fingers and toys. Mmm that shit’s so fucking hot!”

“Sounds like you know just how hot it is, Kim,” Ali teased.

“Mmmmmhmmm goddamn right I do,” Kim moaned. “We hook up all the fucking time! I’ve gotta have you over to the house soon so we can really fucking party. Next time Kanye’s out of town I’ll have you two over and invite all my sisters too.”

“Mmmmm all of them?” Lindsay asked, trying to remember how many Kardashian sisters there were and loving the sound of the sheer numbers they were talking about.

“Oh yeah, all of them!” Kim giggled. “Mmmhmmm wait’ll you see what we can do to each other! I’ll bet you’d love that, wouldn’t you you fucking pervs? Seeing me get my fat ass fucked by Khloe and her strap-on. Ooooh that big dyke fucks me so good, especially when my face is in Kourtney’s juicy twat! Mmmm it’s so nasty the way I can make Kourtney squirt all over my face and fuck her so good that she just bounces on the bed and makes those big jugs of hers shake! Oooooh and it’s even better when Kylie and Kendall are there too! Mmmm those little fucking whores can’t get enough! They love sucking on Kourtney’s big fucking tits while I’m licking that juicy pink fuckhole of hers!”

Seeing she had quite a rapt audience of Ali and Lindsay, Kim went on, delighting them with dirty details.

“Mmmm you dirty little sluts love hearing about this, don’t you?” Kim laughed. “Mmmm me and Khloe and Kourtney have been fucking since we were kids. Me and Khloe actually ganged up on Kourtney one day after she caught us fucking. We dragged her into bed kicking and screaming and we fucked the shit out of her so good that we made her into our slut for life. Ooooh she didn’t want it at first but she loved it when we were done to her! That was so fucking yummy and mmmm we used to put on dirty shows for Kylie and Kendall and let them watch us fuck each other like horny little dykes and show them how good girls fuck. Those two teen whores fuck each other all the time now and of course they fuck us too! Mmm we got them so into it that they begged us to take their cherries. And we so did, taking those tight little young bodies and fucking their cunts and their perfect little butts and making them sluts like us. Ooooh there’s nothing like being your sister’s first.”

“Mmmmm we know,” Ali and Lindsay giggled, again in unison.

“But we do more than just play with each other,” Lindsay smiled, revealing all to make sure Kim couldn’t totally one up her and Ali. “Our mom caught us once so we fucked her too and now she lets us do whatever we want to each other and to her!”

But Kim was not impressed. She was aroused for sure, but not impressed.

“Oh yeah? What makes you think my mom doesn’t know everything me and my sisters do to each other?” Kim challenged. “What makes you think she doesn’t encourage it and film it in case we ever need to do another sex tape release? What makes you think she doesn’t rip her clothes off and join so she can get all of her hot, slutty daughters to gangbang her and fuck every single one of her holes!”

“Mmmmm that does sound hot,” Lindsay moaned, picturing an all-girl Kardashian orgy and very much liking what she saw in her mind.

“Fuck yeah it is,” Kim said as she reached between the legs of the Lohan sisters and rubbed their soaking wet slits. “Oooooh you little whores are so wet for it! You love hearing about me and my perverted fucking family! Dirty little incest bitches! I should have known that would make a couple of sluts like you all turned on and dripping wet! I definitely need to have you two over to the house now next time we all get together. Mmmm bring your mom too. My mom thinks she’s pretty fucking hot and I’d love to see our mommy whores go at it while we play with you two!”

“Oooooh it’s a date!” Lindsay declared, wondering if she could talk Hilary and Haylie into going too. She knew Hilary would be up for anything but Haylie might be a tougher sell.

Two families fucking was hot, but three families of hot and horny sisters would be even better. Lindsay couldn’t wait to get all of them together in a tangle of naked girl bodies where nothing was off limits and everyone could fuck everyone. That was the ultimate.

But Lindsay knew what was going on right here was exactly like that already so why think too much about the future when the present was so awesome? Right here at the party, nothing was off limits and everyone was having fun. So she was going to have some more fun too and do something she had wanted to do for a long time.

“Mmmmm lie back,” Lindsay declared, giving Kim a playful shove that the reality star accepted by settling back down flat on the carpeted rug.

And as soon as Kim did that, Lindsay planted her pussy down on her face, feeding the reality star the wetness that was already dripping out of her.

“Taste it!” Lindsay moaned. “Mmmmm taste how fucking wet I got from hearing about what a dirty fucking perv you and all your sisters are! Mmmmm fucking eat my pussy Kim! I’ve been wanting to say that to you for so fucking long! Ooooh yessssssssssssss lick the juice right out of me! Mmmmmm!”

Kim didn’t hesitate to start giving Lindsay exactly what she wanted because she wanted it too. She had gotten good and charged up again confessing her sinful experiences to Lindsay and from seeing the Lohan sisters make out. So she was very hungry for the taste of pussy. She’d already tasted Natalie and Scarlett and even Rosario tonight and Kim wanted more.

Kim was a little disappointed that Lindsay didn’t have her red bush and therefore didn’t have a firecrotch anymore that she could tease her about. But Lindsay’s bald pussy was just as tasty as it would have been with a red bush and Kim licked away at her, getting more into it with every juicy lick, especially because Ali got involved too.

“Mmmm it’s so hot that you’re a sister fucking perv like me,” Ali giggled as she spread open Kim’s legs. “I wanna eat your pussy Kim! Mmmm I’m gonna tongue fuck you while you tongue fuck Lindsay! Eat my hot sister out and I’ll make you come so good!”

Kim liked that that idea a lot and moaned in anticipation into Lindsay while the redhead rode her face reverse cowgirl style, shoving her pussy down on Kim’s face and fucking her tongue, making her big, freckled tits bounce in the process and entice Ali even more.

Ali loved staring at her big sister’s bouncing breasts. She loved seeing them jiggle so sexily. But she managed to tear her attention away from the naughty site and when Ali got Kim’s legs open, her eyes widened when she saw just how brutalized not only Kim’s pussy was but her ass too.

“Whoa…who did this to you?” Ali gasped, never having seen a pussy that raw before.

“Mmmmm just fucking eat me!” Kim moaned out while continuing to lick away at Lindsay. “Suck on that sore cunt and kiss it and make it better! Mmmm c’mon Ali! I need it! Fuck me like you fuck your slut sister and your fucking whore of a mommy!”

That was all the encouragement Ali needed and the younger girl leaned in and placed a warm kiss right on Kim’s slit, a gesture that made Kim moan louder into the muzzle of Lindsay’s pussy. Ali followed that up with a series of gentle licks that was just what Kim needed. Her sore pussy had only begun to start to recover and a soft licking was exactly what the doctor ordered for Kim.

Soon Ali was moaning too as she touched herself and fed off Kim’s deliciously tangy juices while Kim moaned into Lindsay’s cunt and Lindsay squealed and panted in delight while riding the reality star’s face. Lindsay bounced hard on Kim’s tongue, making her big tits jiggle and giving a sexy show to Beth and Natalie as they continued to fuck Kat and Scarlett.

“Have you…ummmm…been with her?” Beth asked, not being able to take her eyes off Lindsay’s big, bouncing titties but also not sure what the rules were around here and who did what with who.

This was all so much for her to get used to so quickly. Beth still couldn’t believe this was happening. Being naked and side by side with Natalie as they both fucked girls up the ass in the middle of an orgy had definitely not been how she had expected this night to go and she wanted to know everything about this place and the girls who were here.

“Lindsay? Mmmmmhmmm,” Natalie said with a naughty smile. “Mmmmm she’s so fucking hot! I’ve fucked her lots of times!”

Beth moaned at the thought of someone like Natalie Portman, someone who was supposed to be so private and classy, fucking bad girls like Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian.

It seemed so raunchy and hot and wrong for someone like Natalie to be with notorious girls like them and it turned Beth on even more. She kissed Natalie again and the two rubbed their tongues together while they continued to both give it hard to Kat and Scarlett.

Natalie was still getting used to the feel of wearing a strap-on and fucking a girl up the ass with it. Until the other night she’d always been the one on the receiving end of that dirty pleasure. But the more she did it to Scarlett, the more she liked dishing it out and not just from the way the part of the toy inside her stimulated her clit while she pushed into Scarlett’s tight asshole.

Natalie got such a thrill out of taking Scarlett like this and seeing her friend’s amazing butt in such a lewd way. Natalie had loved Scarlett’s ass before they had even hooked up but seeing it like this was like seeing a new side of it.

Natalie loved seeing Scarlett’s thick cheeks jiggle when she pounded into her. She’d seen it happen when she’d fucked her pussy in the past but there was nothing like seeing them shaking when Scarlett was being fucked up the ass.

Even in her currently intoxicated and horny state, Natalie couldn’t help but analyze herself. She’d been so obsessed lately with big boobs and big butts and letting them overwhelm her tiny body. And she could see more clearly now that all started with the fun she had with Scarlett.

Her friend’s glorious body turned her on so much and Natalie thought now about how she wanted to be with all these other curvy girls because it reminded her of the special fun she and Scarlett had. And Natalie couldn’t ever get enough of Scarlett’s hot curves.

Scarlett’s fans loved to fixate on her big tits and Natalie loved playing with them but there was something about Scarlett’s round, meaty ass that drove Natalie so wild, especially like this.

Scarlett had such a big, juicy butt. It wasn’t something epic and inescapable like Kim’s was or something even as round and jiggly as Kat’s was. But it was big and beautiful and so sexy. Natalie loved kissing it and licking it and feeling Scarlett’s ass mashed against her face. And she adored seeing it like this, stuck up in the air with Scarlett on all fours so Natalie could assfuck her doggie style.

“Mmmmm you’re so fucking hot!” Natalie groaned, unable to restrain her praise for her friend any more. “Ooooh Scarlett! God, I love your hot butt so much! I love seeing it jiggle for me as I fuck it! You have the best ass, baby! Mmmm you like me fucking you? Does it feel good? You like feeling your tiny little Natalie get a big dick and fuck your big ass?”

“Fuckkkkkkkkkk ohhh baby I love it so fucking much!” Scarlett groaned back, her sexy voice hotter than ever as her words were filled with desire. “I’d wanted you to get a strap-on and stuff my ass with it for so long before the other night! It felt amazing when you did it! I’m so glad you’re into it! I love giving my ass up to you Nat! It’s your present to play with baby! Fuck my fat butt and make me your dirty little dyke slut who takes it up the ass from you! Ohhhh fuckkk yesssss I love when girls fuck my ass baby! You know I do! But it’s the best when you fucking do it Natalie!”

Though they had only done this particular sex act a few times and Scarlett definitely enjoyed giving up her ass to all the hot women she played with, there was something extra special about it this way.

Sure Scarlett loved the absolute submission of being able to let Rose fill and fuck her ass with Mr. Snappy or having other girls like Sarah or Eliza or Emma Stone have their way with her ass. That was incredible. But that was just pure sex. With Natalie it was something more and it felt so special and good to Scarlett.

Scarlett knew she could never be a true submissive. She enjoyed being in control too much and being able to take a toy and fuck Natalie’s adorable little bubble butt was too hot a pleasure to ever deny herself.

But Scarlett also got so turned on from giving it up to Natalie like this. She felt so comfortable and happy on all fours letting Natalie to fuck her like a dog. Scarlett loved feeling her tits sway and shake while she got pounded and Natalie suddenly made it even better when she impetuously slapped her ass, making Scarlett feel erotically controlled.

“Yes! You’re such a fucking slut for it, aren’t you Scarlett!” Natalie growled, giving Scarlett some of that same kinky energy she’d just given Kim as she slapped her friend’s bare ass a second time and then a third and then again and again until she was timing her smacks and her thrusts up Scarlett’s ass at the same time. “This is ass is so fuckable and spankable and mmmm fuck I’m going to want to fuck it all the time now! I’m going to take this juicy ass and fuck it morning, noon and night now and you’ll totally let me, won’t you Scarlett? I see you giving up your ass to Rose and Jessica and Sarah and all of these sluts but now it’s my toy to play with!”

“Yessssssssssss it’s your fucking toy!” Scarlett cried out in ecstasy from the stinging slaps Natalie was starting to give her while shoving the plastic cock deeper inside her. “Oooooh that ass is yours Nat! Fucking take it! Mmmmm yesss slap it raw! Spank my ass and make it fucking pink! Oooooh God make my fat ass of mine sting! Mmmmm fuckkk ohhhh fuck me and spank me for being such a dirty slut and giving it up to hot girls all the time! Please Nat! Fuck me like a slut and make me come!”

Hearing that from Scarlett made Natalie feel so powerful. She loved being spanked too. In fact Natalie was afraid to admit just how much she liked it.

There was something so dirty about having someone bend you over and smack your bottom until it was tender. It felt so naughty and kinky but Natalie didn’t want to admit all the times she’d read Anais Nin or even Anne Rice and dreamed of erotic spanking pleasure.

Being the one to give the spankings out was a new thrill for Natalie and she loved it. She felt so uninhibited and in control. Scarlett’s ass was made for spanking and she slapped her friend’s thick buns, making them pink.

At the start Natalie’s hard slaps against Scarlett’s ass had made her skin flushed, only for it to fade away. But now with the slaps multiplying, it wasn’t fading at all and Natalie’s hand was making Scarlett’s bare bottom a total shade of pink, something they both loved.

And it didn’t just fire Natalie up. It had a similar effect on Kat who knew full well just how much fun spanking was, both when it came to giving and receiving. She loved what she was seeing from her friends.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh make that ass all nice and tender,” Kat cheered, laughing in desire while moaning from the feel of Beth driving that fake prick up her ass. “Spank that Black Widow butt of hers, Nat! Ooooooh I love feeling my ass get spanked raw! C’mon Beth! I know you want to do it! Give my big ass what it deserves!”

“Ooooh you’re sooooo bad!” Beth laughed before complying and giving Kat’s bare ass a hard smack and then another, making her friend’s juicy cheeks jiggle even more while she fucked her.

It hadn’t been the first time that Kat had demanded to be spanked and fucked and Beth hoped it wouldn’t be the last either. It was so sexy to be able to give it to Kat like this. Beth always felt such a delicious rush knowing she was the one with the dick. She was the one with the power. She was the one that had beautiful, confident smart ass Kat Dennings begging for it.

“Bad girl! Bad fucking girl!” Beth said, slapping Kat’s ass again. “Telling me you’re going to take me to a Christmas party but really bringing me to some crazy lesbo orgy! You’re so fucking bad Kat! Take it! Take my hard cock up this big, jiggly butt of yours! Ooooh fuck baby, you know it makes me so wet when you bounce your ass against a toy for me! Mmmm shake your fat booty Kat! Bounce it off this big dick while I fuck you and give you the spanking your slutty ass deserves!”

“Yeahhhh I’m a bad girl! Such a bad girl! Ooooh I’m the best goddamn bad girl there is!” Kat squealed in happiness, her eyes tearing up from the hard slaps against her ass just like she wanted them to. “Fuck me Beth! Ooooh drive that fucking cock in deep! Stuff me with plastic, baby! Oooooh yesssss fuckkkk goddamn you’re so good at this Beth! Ooooh you fuck my butt better than anyone! Ooooh fuck I’m such a slut for you and I love it! Bang that booty Beth! Make my fat ass shake while you slap it and fuck it raw!”

Kat did her part to create some serious booty shaking as she forced herself back onto Beth’s strap-on, eager to impale herself onto her friend’s fake cock. She made her ass shake with the plastic wedged inside her hole, knowing the thrill of her cheeks jiggling like that turned Beth on.

Kat loved to tempt and tease her secret lover with her ass knowing that she could get Beth to do anything if she just shook her ass enough for her. And it always seemed to work too. Beth could be so repressed at times and Kat loved loosening her friend up, especially if it meant she got a good fucking out of it. Shaking her ass for Beth always seemed to get Kat what she wanted and because of that she had gotten pretty good at it.

While Kat definitely did not think she would fit right in on the main stage at Spearmint Rhino or anything, she knew a few pole dancing moves. And she knew Beth loved it when she danced for her, stripping off her clothes and doing everything she could do make her booty clap and make Beth lose all her self-control and turn into the sex craving slut she was right then as she thrust hard into her with the strap-on.

Kat knew there was like some sort of societal rule that barred Jewish girls from being able to twerk, but she tried her damndest to put on a show for Beth whenever she could and she could bounce her ass with the best of them. Now she was doing it in her favorite way, making her thick cheeks shake while Beth fucked her and it was all making Kat feel amazing while she was filled up with the fake dick.

“Ohhhhh fuckkk ohhh baby yessssss!” Beth moaned in desire, the sight of Kat’s juicy ass cheeks jiggling for her while they fucked hypnotizing her and making Beth want to fuck her friend more than ever. “Mmmmm God, Kat! Oooooh I can never control myself with you make that fat booty bounce? Mmmm gawd how can your ass turn me on so fucking much?”

“Because you know quality merchandise when you see it baby,” Kat laughed. “Now fuck me Beth! Ram my big butt and make it bounce ever harder by making me come! C’mon baby! I’m close already! Shove that big fuck stick up my ass and make this fucking slut come! Oooooh yessssss ohhh Beth! Ughh fuck me baby! Mmmm fuck me in front of everyone!”

Beth didn’t know if anyone or no one was looking at her. So she looked up and saw Lindsay was staring while she fucked Kim’s face.

The redhead gave her a saucy wink when their eyes locked and the gesture made Beth blush. But she liked it too. Beth found herself unexpectedly thrilled by the idea that Lindsay Lohan was watching hers and Kat’s naughty anal sex show. Beth had always kept this side of her so well-hidden but now it was on display for everyone and Beth couldn’t believe how hot it made her.

Now Beth wanted to fuck Kat and make her come even more. She wanted to be hot and kinky in front of these beautiful, famous women. She wanted to be a part of whatever this was. Beth had never been anywhere like this before but now she wanted to be invited back all the time.

And so did Kat. She hadn’t known what she was getting into when she’d accepted Scarlett’s invitation to play a fun, seductive trick on Natalie. She’d thought she was going to just get a hot threesome out of it. But there was so much more.

Kat hadn’t had any idea that being with Scarlett and Natalie could lead to a trip here. This place was unbelievable. All of these women were smoking hot. All of them loved to fuck. This had to be heaven and there was no way Kat wasn’t going to get everything she could out of this.

“Mmmm we’ve gotta come back here Beth! I wanna visit this place every single day!” Kat grunted, loving the feel of the cock sliding into her ass deeper with each thrust. “Look at all these hot sluts! Ooooh I want to fuck them all and have them fuck me and have them fuck you too! I want both of us to be in a pussy eating pile! Mmmm fuck me Beth! Let’s show off how hot we are! Fuck my ass and make me come like a fucking anal slut! Ohhhhhhh!”

Kat loved how it still hurt a little to be fucked like this. It was always such a hot feeling for her to be penetrated and filled by a fake cock up her ass. The truth was Kat didn’t discriminate. She loved all kinds of cocks in her ass whether it was a man or a woman fucking her. But Kat mostly loved girl cock because when a woman was fucking her she didn’t have to worry about a girl coming before she was ready for them to. She never had to worry about a girl going soft in her ass before she had come. She could keep fucking girls all night and that was how Kat liked it.

It was such an intense stimulation to get fucked up the ass. Kat could never get tired of it. She adored having her pussy licked and kissed and having her clit sucked on. Clitoral stimulation drove Kat to dizzying highs.

But there was just something about a good buttfucking that nothing else could truly rival and Beth knew just how to give it to her. Kat would have happily let her friend wreck her ass any time she wanted it because she always came so amazingly well from it.

“More! More! More!” Kat cried, her big tits shaking more than ever as she gripped onto the rug with her fingers and thrust her ass back. “Fuck me Beth! Ooooh yessss fuck that fat ass like you wanna breed it! Ohhh baby yesssss OHHH FUCKKK YESSSSS OHHH SLIDE IT ALL THE WAY UP THERE FUCKKKK MAKE ME TAKE IT!”

Beth knew Kat’s body so well by now. Of course it was easy to know her friend’s limits since Kat apparently had none. She was utterly insatiable, especially for anal sex and Beth knew she didn’t have to hold back. She just kept pushing and thrusting and letting Kat back herself onto the strap-on and soon every inch of the flesh-colored dong was up her ass and their bare bodies were slapping together.

“FUCKKK YESSSSS OOOOOH FILL MY ASS UPPPPP FUCKKK OHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSS GAWWD GIVE ME EVERY FUCKING INCH LIKE THAT YESSSSSS!” Kat screamed, tossing her head back and letting her curly dark hair fall over her face as she hollered her pleasure and bucked backwards against her friend’s toy, her tits and ass shaking hard.

Natalie was shocked and totally turned on by how much Kat could take. The strap-ons she and Beth were wearing weren’t exactly Mr. Snappy size but they were still big and Kat’s ass had taken every inch of it. Natalie wondered if Scarlett could take that much too. She was new at dishing this out but seeing Beth take Kat like that filled Natalie with curiosity and desire.

“I want to fuck you like that!” Natalie moaned out to Scarlett. “I want to stuff your big, sexy butt all the way with this cock, Scarlett! I want to make you a total slut for it like Kat is! Gonna let me Scarlett? Gonna let your dirty little Natalie buttfuck you deep and bury all of my cock into your yummy ass?”

It was no exaggeration for Scarlett to say she had been dreaming of hearing Natalie say something like that to her. She had always wanted her friend to be more sexually open and aggressive.

Scarlett had wanted Natalie to take her and fuck her and have no sexual mercy on her. She didn’t just want Natalie to bury all of that strap-on up her ass. She needed to feel it. Her butt was starving for that kind of attention and she was desperate for Natalie to give it to her.

“Let you? Natalie, baby, I’m gonna make you!” Scarlett laughed, getting the green light she had been hoping for as she shoved herself backwards, forcing more of the flesh-colored cock inside her. “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk yessssssssssss shove it in me Nat! Fucking fuck that fat ass of mine! Ooooh yesssssssssss shove it in deep baby! I can fucking take it! I want every damn inch up my ass! Yessssssssssss OHHHHHHHHH NATALIE YESSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Natalie felt a fresh wave of adrenaline rush through her. It was so exhilarating. She had never dreamed it could be this good to fuck someone up the ass with a strap-on. The previous times they had done this hadn’t been this much fun and Natalie recognized it was because they had just been experimenting those times. Now there were no inhibitions and no limits. She could do anything she wanted to Scarlett and it felt so fucking good.

“You’re such a slut Scarlett!” Natalie hissed at her friend, feeling the same rush of sex and power she’d felt when she’d assaulted both of Kim’s holes with her hands. “Take it up your ass baby! Take all of these fucking inches! Feel me fuck your big butt! I’m going to make it gape! Your little tiny Natalie is doing this to you baby! She’s fucking your hot Avengers ass and making the superhero her slut! Take it like a fucking whore Scarlett! Take it like Kat is! Take it like that fucking bitch Kim did! Feel me fuck your hot ass and fucking come for me! C’mon you dirty slut! Come from getting assfucked like a dirty whore!”

In the heat of the moment when passion overwhelmed her, Natalie could dirty talk with the best of them. But she’d never talked like this. She’d never been so mean and so nasty with her words. But she loved it.

Natalie had no control of herself. She’d let go completely and it was so amazing. The sensations were addictive. She could feel her heart thump and hot blood flow in her veins. Natalie knew she was being wicked and it was the best feeling ever.

She kept thrusting away at Scarlett, slapping her already tender ass and making it go from pink to red as her booty cheeks kept bouncing for her. Natalie practically let out a roar as she thrust in deeper and harder, feeling her own tits bounce as she sodomized her friend. Natalie cared about Scarlett so much but right now she was nothing but a fuck hole to her and they both loved it. It was what they both wanted and it felt incredible to them.


Natalie and Scarlett and Beth and Kat were like twins at this point. Beth and Natalie’s slim bodies jiggled, their perky tits bouncing as they thrust deeply into their lovers. Their bare bodies were glowing with perspiration now from the workout they were giving themselves but the shine on their skin was nothing compared to the way Kat and Scarlett’s asses shone from the lube and the sweat on their bodies. Their asses, both so well spanked now, were almost glowing as their bouncy cheeks shook from them being fucked from behind.

Kat and Scarlett were both crying out intensely happy sounds from being fucked. Their lovers were giving it to them so well, stuffing them both just like they wanted and making everything feel incredible. Their pussies were both dripping without even being touched. The anal stimulation they were feeling giving them both more than enough to get off to.

Both of them were in total ecstasy as they remained bent over. Scarlett and Kat were totally submissive to their slim lovers, their curvy bodies on all fours and their big tits and asses quaking with each hard thrust. Both of them were taking it deep from Natalie and Beth and giving it to themselves too as they both met the thrusts of their lovers into them by forcing themselves back, making sure they got it all up their asses.

Kat had easily taken all of Beth’s strap-on inside her but for Scarlett it took a little bit more time. Natalie was aggressive but still inexperienced with this and it took her a few minutes to catch up. But once she did, she didn’t hold back, banging into Scarlett’s curvy, shiny ass and smacking their bodies together so Natalie could feel and hear flesh on flesh while the last of the plastic cock she was wearing disappeared up Scarlett’s asshole.

“Fuck yes!” Natalie cried out in triumph when she pushed the last of the toy into Scarlett. “Now you’re my buttfucked bitch Scarlett! Now you’re my dirty anal whore! Fucking take it bitch! Bounce your big butt onto my girl cock you fucking dyke! Take it! Ohhhh fucking take it Scarlett! Come for me!”


Seeing Natalie give it to Scarlett with such vigor egged on Beth too and she thrust harder into her friend, wanting Kat to feel the intense pleasure they both knew could come from a deep assfucking.

Beth loved being all the way up her friend’s fleshy ass. She loved smacking her slim body into Kat’s curvy backside. Beth got such a dirty thrill from it and she fucked it hard while watching Kat’s ass bounce, the sight of it exciting her even more than it usually did.

“Come for me Kat! Ooooh yesss let’s show these sluts we know how to fuck as good as they do!” Beth urged. “Come for me like the anal whore you are Kat! I know how much you get off from having your beautiful big butt fucked! C’mon Kat! Fucking come for me baby!”

She never would have admitted it in a million years and maybe not even then. But what got Kat off at that moment wasn’t the feel of the hard plastic cock deep inside her ass. It wasn’t the submission to pleasure. It wasn’t even the feeling of being lewdly stretched. It was actually the soft kiss that Beth gave right behind her ear as she bent over and tenderly pressed her lips to hers while urging her to come.

That tender, loving kiss was like magic and it made every dirty thing happening to her explode in an orgasmic rainbow that Kat happily slid down.


Not wanting Scarlett to feel left out, Natalie helped her too. But not with a kiss. Instead she took the hand that had been spanking Scarlett’s ass and slid it under her to get at her friend’s pussy. She quickly got Scarlett’s clit and rubbed it, stimulating it and sending Scarlett screaming into orgasm.


Scarlett’s famously husky voice was quickly growing hoarse from her screaming but she didn’t hold back as she came. Scarlett hollered and shook, her curvy body bouncing and smacking back into Natalie.

Their sweaty bodies slapped into each other as Natalie thrust forward and Scarlett thrust back. Natalie kept the strap-on shoved inside Scarlett and fucked her deep, giving her everything she wanted until Scarlett whimpered for mercy and began to start to pull away, crawling off the cock that had been stuffed inside her all the way.

Natalie knew it was time to stop when that happened so she ceased thrusting her hips and instead eased the toy out of her lover just like Beth was doing to Kat. All of them were sweaty and messy and trying to catch their breath. But all of them were also giddy from the pleasure.

“That was…” Natalie began to say but Kat interrupted her.

“Fucking AWESOME!” Kat laughed. “Ohhh my God we are so doing that again!”

“Mmmm goddamn right we are,” Scarlett moaned, turning over on her back and showing off her sweaty tits and creamy pussy as she rolled onto her back like a cat looking for a tummy rub. “But first…I want a fucking taste.”

Scarlett opened her mouth and brought her flushed, sweaty face to Natalie’s crotch. Without hesitation she started sucking the cock that had been all the way up her ass. She sucked it hard, slurping it down and wrapping her famous lips around it so she could get the toy wet and clean.

“Ooooh ass to mouth? You bitches are crazy!” Kat laughed. “Mmmm good thing I’m fucking crazy too!”

Kat didn’t get on her back. She was happy where she was on her hands and knees as she did the same thing Scarlett was doing. Kat opened her mouth and started sucking on Beth’s fake cock, going down on the toy that had just fucked her ass all the way inside and slurping off her own taste.

Kat and Scarlett both eagerly slurped themselves off, gagging on the cocks and loving it. And through it all Beth and Natalie kissed some more and shared a thought about how much fun it would be to switch places now and let the women they had just assfucked have a turn assfucking them so they could come like that too.


The party was raging almost everywhere in the first floor of the mansion and had even spilled outside a bit, at least to the pool area where Britney Spears was taking Olivia Holt, holding the younger girl’s hand as they strode out into the cold night air completely naked and definitely not looking to cover up at all.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Olivia asked, looking around like she was expecting someone to stop them.

“Of course I’m sure,” Britney assured the teenager. “This is fine. I used to live here and they basically let me do whatever I want when I visit. Besides, we’re not doing anything wrong. We’re just having some fun. They’re having their fun in there and we’re having our fun out there.”

Olivia smiled at Britney’s sexy confidence but even more at the sight of the beautiful icon’s sexy body. She loved being naked outside with Britney. Olivia loved feeling free and liberated and naughty. And she definitely loved seeing Britney’s big boobs and sexy ass and especially that pretty pussy.

Olivia couldn’t believe she was checking out Britney so blatantly but it wasn’t like Britney didn’t want to be checked out. They were both out there naked and showing themselves off to the stars in the sky. Besides, after what they had already done, it was like Olivia couldn’t take her eyes off Britney’s nudity.

Olivia had always loved being naked. She loved the liberated feeling that came with it and she loved seeing other naked bodies. She had always loved slyly checking out naked boys but now she could see that the whole time she should have been checking out naked girls. Girl bodies were amazing and inside the party there had been so much to stare at.

But it had almost been too much and she had longed for a chance to get some place a little bit quieter and not quite so crowded. Olivia’s head was still spinning from what she had done and whom she had done it too and she needed a chance to let it settle in. But she also wanted more so she hadn’t wanted to be alone.

Luckily Britney had been very eager to go along with her and Olivia had learned that the thrill of hanging out in her room naked with a locked door or naughtily streaking through the house when no one else was home was nothing compared to the erotic thrill of walking around someone else’s house naked with another naked woman with you. That was especially true if the other naked woman was Britney Spears.

Olivia idolized Britney and she wanted to have a career just like hers. So she was so happy to find out that the superstar was just as sweet and kind as she could have hoped. Plus Olivia now knew what an amazing lover Britney was, something that thrilled and amazed her.

She never could have dreamed she’d have lesbian sex and to have had it with Britney and Rose McGowan made Olivia confused and excited and eager for more all at once.

When Britney had suggested they go outside to get some fresh air and find some privacy, Olivia had quickly agreed. And when she’d tried to find her clothes, leading Britney to tell her that she wasn’t going to be needing any clothing as long as she was here, Olivia had been putty in the palm of her hand.

The more they were together and the more they talked about what had happened, the more Olivia was certain she felt no regrets about what she had done. Sex with women had been amazing. It had satisfied her way more than anything she had ever done with a guy and, as she had been comforted by Britney’s words about how beautiful she was and how natural and sexy it was to hook up with girls, while staring at Britney’s naked body, Olivia had become sure she wanted a lot more of it.

Britney made her feel relaxed and happy and seeing her amazing body definitely made Olivia feel aroused too. And now that they were outside and naked, she longed to be close to her beautiful idol.

“I’m cold,” Olivia said, acknowledging the winter chill in the night air but doing it in a voice that was filled with naughty intent.

“Then let me warm you up, sweetie,” Britney said with a big smile, picking right up on what Olivia wanted.

The two naked blondes hugged intimately, their bare bodies pressing together, as Olivia sought the warmth of having Britney close to her. They snuggled into each other, wrapping their arms around each other’s bodies, and they began to kiss. It was a tender kiss between them and it deepened quickly.

Olivia was eager to be aggressive now and she was the first one to get her tongue involved. Britney eagerly accepted it and began tongue kissing the teenager back. Soon they both had their tongues rubbing together sensually and wetly while they moaned and warmed each other up. It had been plenty hot inside with all of the body heat going and the cool air felt nice on their bare skin as a change of pace.

Britney had been the one to suggest the hot tub out by the pool as a good place for them to be alone and Olivia had happily gone along with it. She could still remember how much of a thrill she’d gotten from getting naked in the hot tub at her house when no one was home and how she’d had to scramble to keep from being caught when her parents and brother had come home early. That had left her heart beating from the adrenaline of almost being caught and getting away with it.

But this was so much better. Now there was no one to catch them and being totally naked here was completely okay. Olivia had felt so free and happy just walking around the party naked and the happiness was growing inside her now that she was snuggled up to Britney and they hugged and kissed each other to keep warm. Olivia loved feeling Britney’s sexy nude body and it was such a turn on to know that Britney loved hers too.

However, when they broke apart their kiss-filled embrace and walked closer to the hot tub they quickly found out that someone had the same idea they had. Someone else had escaped from the crowded party and they weren’t quite alone out here. Not only was the hot tub already on, but there was also someone in it and she was clearly enjoying herself.

Hearing the woman’s moans in the night sky, Britney and Olivia quickly moved closer and were delighted to see a very naked and very happy woman in the tub feeling the effects of the water jets.

“Fuckkkk ohhhh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss AHHHH FUCKKK!” Hilary Duff screamed in ecstasy as she gripped onto the side of the hot tub with one hand and kept her other arm under the water right on her pussy where the jet was stimulating her into orgasm. “Mmmmm more! Ohhhh fuckkk morrrrre yessssssssss yesssssssss AHHH YESSSSS OHHHH OHHHH FUCKK YESSSSSSS!”

Olivia couldn’t help but excitedly giggle as she watched Hilary have an orgasm from the blast of the water jet. She’d always wanted to try something like that but had never had the nerve. So it was fun to watch someone like Hilary do it, especially because she could see the blonde’s full breasts sticking out of the water all beautiful and glistening as the bubbles surrounded her and made her feel so good.

Olivia had never really noticed how sexy Hilary was before but she sure noticed it now and the sight of her naked was really hot to the teenager.

“See, I told you no one would mind if we came out here,” Britney smiled, definitely enjoying the show too.

Britney could still remember how nervous Hilary had been the first time she had been to the mansion. She and Christina had seduced Hilary and taken her virginity here at the mansion and that night the girl had been so skittish that it had seemed like every touch was going to send her jumping away with a terrified scream. She had come so far since that first night and Hilary unintentionally gave Britney and Olivia quite a view as she masturbated in the hot tub.

They didn’t interrupt her. Olivia and Britney just watched Hilary as she held onto edge of the hot tub and balanced her naked body over the water jet so she could come. They watched her work herself into a state of ecstasy with her eyes closed and her mouth open for the sounds of her pleasure to escape into the night. And Hilary was so focused on coming that she didn’t even notice they were there.

“SO GOOD OOOOOOH FUCKKK OHHHH SO GOOD YESSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSS AHHH!” Hilary cried while coming, leaving herself a happy, panting girl as she relaxed back into the water and slowly opened her eyes.

She let out a little gasp when she realized she’d unintentionally put on a show but that quickly relaxed into a smile as she let her eyes roam over Britney and Olivia’s nude bodies.

“Ummm hey,” Hilary said, not sure what else she could possibly say after she’d been caught masturbating in a hot tub. There was no sense in pretending she hadn’t been doing what she had been doing. “You been out here long?”

“Long enough to see the good part,” Britney smiled. “You mind if we get in there with you?”

“Mmmm not at all,” Hilary replied.

Hilary was already very comfortable around Britney and while she’d only met Olivia a few times casually if the girl was going to be out here naked it was logical to think that she’d been okay with everything she’d seen.

“Ummm the water’s fine,” Hilary giggled while inviting them in.

She knew they had seen just how fine the water was and since both of them were naked and so sexy she did hope they’d help make it even finer. Hilary was a little embarrassed about being caught but she’d been totally unable to resist getting naughty in the hot tub and seeing Olivia and Britney naked definitely helped ease any humiliation.

“You know Olivia, don’t you Hil?” Britney asked as she slipped into the water, instantly loving how warm and comfortable it felt against her bare skin in the cold night.

“Oh yeah, of course,” Hilary replied, feasting her eyes all over the teenager’s sexy nude body and loving the view of Olivia’s perfect firm tits and the tight little young pussy she didn’t seem shy about showing to her. “I didn’t know you were coming to the party.”

“Hey Hilary,” Olivia said as she got into the water too, feeling a happy flush come over her as soon as she got wet with all of those hot bubbles around her. “I didn’t know I was coming either. I kind of got pulled into it. Mmmm but now I’m sure glad I was.”

“Really? How glad?” Hilary couldn’t resist asking. She’d just come moments ago but she was already eager for more now that these two gorgeous women had joined her.

“Mmmm this glad,” Olivia said as she turned and boldly kissed Britney right on the lips, loving that she could still taste a bit of her own pussy on the older woman’s lips.

Britney again didn’t hesitate to kiss back. She loved feeling Olivia’s eager, young lips on hers and she never minded putting on a show for someone like Hilary. And as they began to kiss more earnestly, Britney guided Olivia’s hands to her body and the teenager quickly caught on. Olivia started playing with Britney’s tits as they all got wet in the hot tub and soon they were the ones putting on a show for Hilary.

“Oooooh that’s the best kind of glad,” Hilary laughed. “But are you just into Britney? Cause I’m feeling lonely now.”

Hilary said that with a sexy little pout of her lips and it got the desired reaction as Olivia turned away from Britney and instead focused on her.

Olivia kissed Hilary, a little softly at first, as she experienced the older girl’s lips for the first time. But that kiss quickly deepened it when Olivia got used to the feel of a band new pair of lips on hers and discovered how much she liked it. The two Disney Channel stars, one of past and one of present, started kissing more intently and before long their wet hands were all over each other’s bare boobs while they played.

Now it was Britney’s turn to feel lonely but she didn’t say anything. Seeing Hilary and Olivia make out was way too hot for her to complain and besides, she knew just how to cure her loneliness.

Britney pressed her body into Olivia’s back, their wet skin rubbing together in the hot tub and she began caressing the girl’s firm teenage ass under the water while leaning her face in to turn the kiss between Hilary and Olivia into a three-way one.

Hilary and Olivia immediately parted their lips enough so Britney could get involved too and the pop music icon scooted her body over so she was more in between them. This way she could not only kiss the two of them and flick her tongue against theirs but she could get her hand on Hilary’s ass as well as Olivia’s.

Both women sighed happily from Britney’s touch and she eagerly groped their asses under the water. That inspired Hilary and Olivia to get their hands on Britney’s big tits and their wet touch quckly made her boobs shine under the moonlight and the well-lit pool area. All three of them were charged up now and they kept on kissing and touching each other, not caring if they were missing the party inside because they had their own party out here.

The three of them kept on kissing each other and roaming their hands all over their naked bodies. Hilary hadn’t expected anyone to find her out here but she was more than happy with this interruption. Suddenly finding some private time didn’t seem important at all and she eagerly took the lead by pressing Britney against the edge of the hot tub and starting to suck on her tits.

Hilary’s skillful tongue circled all over Britney’s right breast, licking the water from the hot tub off of her flesh and then zeroing in on her nipple. Hilary kissed Britney’s wide areola and then parted her lips so she could start sucking on her friend’s nipple. The cold of the night air had made Britney’s nipple erect and the warmth of Hilary’s mouth made it even harder.

And Britney’s pleasure increased when Olivia mimicked Hilary and began kissing Britney’s left breast. She suddenly had both of the younger blondes kissing her tits and sucking on her nipples as she leaned back against the edge of the hot tub and Britney loved it.

“Mmmm yesssss oooooh yesss!” Britney cooed. “Mmmm that’s good you naughty little girls! Lick those nipples! Ooooh get your hot mouths all over mommy’s big titties!”

Britney moaned happily as both girls eagerly sucked on her tits, their lips wrapping around her nipples and making her shiver with pleasure. Hilary was so experienced and she knew just how to stimulate her while Olivia was very eager to please and learn. Britney was very happy to see Olivia wasn’t shy about suckling her nipple and it felt so good to have her pretty young lips on her.

A lot of times when they played with other girls, especially younger ones, Christina would use the word “mommy” in a very naughty way and this time she had done it too. Britney hadn’t even thought about saying it. It had just slipped off her lips as another dirty habit she had picked up from her girlfriend. But in a way it felt especially appropriate here.

She felt a kind of protective pull toward both Hilary and Olivia that could have been described as motherly, albeit in a rather perverse way. She had been part of both of their first experiences with women and Britney very much wanted them to be happy and feel pleasure and be uninhibited and sexy. She cared for them both and that made it extra hot to feel the two of them sucking on her nipples together and feeding off her big tits.

“Mmmm so good! You girls are so naughty and hot!” Britney sighed lustfully, bringing her hands out of the water and reaching around back to again softly caress both of their bare asses. “I want you both so much! Ooooh yesssss suck those tits! Make me feel good! You love my big tits, don’t you naughty girls?”

“Mmmmhmmm you know I can’t get enough of big tits,” Hilary giggled, thinking of all the fun she had with Lindsay and all the times she’d played with Britney and Christina and all the other well-endowed women at the mansion. “Your tits are so fucking hot Britney! Mmmm I wanna make them all nice and wet so you can rub them against my pussy and make me come all over them!”

“Ooooh that’s naughty,” Olivia said with a smile before licking Britney’s nipple again and imagining what it would be like to lick Hilary’s cum off one of Britney’s amazing boobs.

Olivia might not have had a lot of experience but she knew what guys liked and one of her boyfriends had really liked coming on her boobs. He hadn’t been much of a boyfriend but Olivia had secretly liked the feeling of him making a mess on her chest with his cum. It had so dirty and sexy and Olivia had really enjoyed being a bad girl like that.

Now Olivia had the feeling she was going to like the feeling of a girl doing it to her even more and she pictured how hot it would be to feel Britney or Hilary or even both rubbing into her boobs with their wet pussies and making them messier and stickier than any boy ever could.

“Oh that’s nothing,” Hilary laughed. “Mmmm I’ll show you what’s really naughty Olivia. Stick around with us and you’ll learn a lot.”

Hilary looked at Olivia and identified a lot of herself in the girl. She was so young and beautiful and Hilary knew Olivia had to be straining against the shackles of Disney Channel. Olivia didn’t have to say anything for Hilary to be sure the girl wanted to break free of their rules and restrictions.

Hilary remembered how freaked out she’d been to find out what the mansion was really like from seeing all those beautiful women so unhinhibited as they pleasured each other. But Hilary also recalled vividly how much she’d loved it as soon as she’d experienced it for herself. Olivia looked like she was going through the same thing she had and Hilary knew it would be fun to teach the girl all the dirty things she’d learned from coming to the mansion.

“Mmmm we can show you so many things,” Hilary said, moving away from Britney’s chest for the moment and instead standing up and pressing her naked body to Olivia’s in the water. “You’re such a pretty girl Olivia but I’ll bet deep down you want to be a dirty little slut, don’t you?”

“Maybe…” Olivia replied, playing coy even as a naughty smile curled her lips upward while she straightened up so she could be face to face with Hilary.

Olivia had never thought being a slut was something to be proud of but that had been before. Tonight had changed a lot of her thinking and after what she’d seen and what she’d said and experienced from being licked and fucked by Rose’s huge strap-on, Olivia didn’t think being a slut was a bad thing at all anymore. To her it had once meant someone who was cheap and tawdry without any self-respect for themselves. But now Olivia felt it meant someone who was confident and uninhibited and sexy.

She had heard the girls here use the word “slut” over and over again and it had never seemed like an insult. It had sounded like a compliment. Olivia liked how these women owned the word. It was like being a slut to them meant owning their sexuality and being free and happy and having fun. And that was what Olivia wanted so much for herself. She loved being naked here and being naughty and she wanted girls like Britney and Hilary to teach her everything they knew.

“Maybe’s not good enough,” Hilary teased, rubbing into Olivia and making sure their tits pressed together all slick and wet from the hot tub. “I was just like you once and when Britney and Christina and all these nasty girls fucked me I knew right away that I’d never be able to get enough. I know you feel the same way. So admit it. Say you want to be a naughty slut Olivia.”

Olivia shivered both from the cold air on her wet, naked skin and also the erotic sensation of having Hilary’s sexy naked body pressed to hers while Britney watched them both with pride and desire. Britney was sitting back in the bubbling water playing with her tits and rubbing the saliva she and Hilary had left on her tits all over her areolas. Olivia liked seeing that and feeling this eager sense of horny need inside her. So she didn’t fight off Hilary’s request.

“Mmmm yeahhh I do!” Olivia replied with a big smile. “I want to be a naughty slut just like you Hilary. Just like Britney! Just like all of the girls in there! I want to fuck and have fun and be naked and come over and over again! Mmm you’re all making me want to be such a slutty lesbian!”

“Gawwwwd,” Britney moaned, thinking back to how Jessica Alba had seduced her and how the sensations that her first time with a woman had created in her had convinced her then that she was a lesbian.

That had been two kids and a couple of marriages ago, but now Britney had a girlfriend she loved and hadn’t looked at a guy sexually in years. So in a way she’d been right the whole time. She was a lesbian and she’d been one ever since Jessica had first licked her and shown her just how good girls could kiss and taste and fuck.

Hearing gorgeous little Olivia Holt declare she wanted to be a lesbian too made Britney so turned on. Boys definitely didn’t deserve a tight teen body like Olivia’s. Someone as pretty and sexy as Olivia was should only be playing with girls. Britney knew there were so many guys out there who’d get hard for a fresh faced, sexy teen like her in an instant but Britney didn’t want Olivia to want their cocks. She only wanted Olivia to want pussy.

Olivia and Hilary were sensually kissing again, both of them standing up in the hot tub, water dripping off their gorgeous naked bodies in the moonlight, and Britney touched herself while watching them. She loved seeing them tongue kiss and caress each other’s bodies. Hilary was taking the lead by massaging Olivia’s perky tits with her wet hands but the teenager was quick to play along by leaning in and starting to lick Hilary’s erect nipples.

Hilary groaned in pleasure at the touch of Olivia’s young tongue to her tits, especially when the girl reached down and began to softly squeeze the beautifully round cheeks of Hilary’s ass too. Britney loved seeing them kiss and touch and she reached down under the water to rub her own slit. She slid her fingers over her smooth pussy lips and moaned from her own touch before making it even better by pushing her fingers inside herself.

Hilary and Olivia couldn’t help but be distracted by the happy sigh coming from Britney’s mouth and they smiled when they saw the beautiful woman touching herself from watching them kiss.

Olivia was especially thrilled by this. She loved knowing she was turning Britney on by being naughty with another girl. Rose and Britney had made her feel so good before and now she wanted to explore every hot thing girls could do to each other, especially something she had never done.

“You made me come so hard,” Olivia eagerly told Britney. “Mmmm harder than any of my boyfriends ever did. I want to make you come now Britney. I’ve never tasted a girl before. I want you to be my first.”

Britney’s eyes lit up like she’d just seen the biggest Christmas present ever waiting for her under the tree. She hadn’t even realized that she and Rose had been so focused on fucking and licking Olivia to orgasm that the girl hadn’t tasted them or any of the other beautiful girls around them at the wild, crowded party.

So when Olivia said that to her there wasn’t even a second of hesitation in Britney’s response.

“Oooooh yessss! I want that so much!” Britney moaned, thinking about how proud Christina would be of her for seducing this beautiful teenager and making her into a pussy craving slut. “I want you to get that pretty face in my pussy and lick me! I’ve wanted that from the second I saw how sexy you were. Mmm me and Chrissy talked a bunch of times about how we wanted to fuck you and make you a bad girl for us but I get you first!”

Britney was elated over what Olivia wanted to do to her. Usually Christina was the greedy one who got first taste of all the treats they shared. But this time she was the one making her mark first.

She’d been the first one to taste Olivia’s girl cream and now she was going to feed the eager teen her own pussy before Christina even had the chance to kiss her. That made this even hotter for Britney.

“Mmmhmm you totally can get me and you can fuck me and you can do any dirty thing you want to me,” Olivia said, a little nervous about what she was getting herself into with such bold words but knowing she had to experience this incredible pleasure again.

She had meant it when she said these girls could do anything they wanted to her. As long as it felt good and made her come like she had back at the party from Britney’s tongue and that big, black strap-on shoved inside her, then Olivia wanted to try it. Her pussy was still tender and tingly from feeling Rose’s huge toy and Olivia never wanted that feeling to go away.

Plus she was so curious to taste another woman. She’d seen all of those girls at the party, famous women she admired and even her friend Bella, going down on other girls and going crazy for their tastes. They’d all looked like they’d love licking pussy and swallowing girl juices and Olivia wanted to try it. She’d always liked licking her own fingers clean after she’d touched herself so she was very curious about how another woman would taste.

Pulling away from Hilary, Olivia sank down back into the water and moved closer to Britney so she could kiss the pop icon again. And when she did, Olivia quickly not only found Britney’s kiss to be so warm and inviting but she had Hilary press against her back again and rub her soft naked boobs into her while fondling her ass.

“I want to see you fuck her,” Hilary said with an excited whisper into Olivia’s ear that turned the teenager on so much. “I want to see you eat Britney’s cunt and be a dirty little pussy licking slut like me! I love watching girls fuck! Mmmm I fucked a guy tonight but I’m still totally a lesbian! I don’t care how big and hard his dick felt inside my pussy. I still love fucking girls the best! I want to see you two fuck and then I’m going to fuck you both and then you’re going to eat me out and lick my pussy and my asshole and make me come even harder than he did!”

Hilary’s excited tone and the way her eyes were wide and wild like she was jacked up, convinced Britney that the girl had enjoyed more than a taste of the spiked punch that had apparently turned everyone at the party into ravenous nymphos.

Britney couldn’t help but laugh to herself that after all of her past problems she was the one of the few not drunk or high. She and Olivia might have been the only sober ones at the whole party and that made it so much more fun to see everyone else get all weird and kinky. That made Hilary’s confession so thrilling to Britney.

“You fucked a guy?” Britney asked in surprise. “Where? Here? Who?”

“Mmmmm I fucked Santa Claus! I rode Santa’s dick and let him fuck my dirty lesbian pussy with his real cock!” Hilary confessed with an eager giggle, her excitement about sharing a naughty secret quite obvious. “I let Santa fuck me so good! I sucked his cock and his balls and I rode him and bounced up and down in Santa’s lap like a good little fuck slut on Christmas! It was so fucking hot and then Lindsay sucked my cum off his cock and swallowed his load and she kissed me and it tasted so good! But not as good as pussy tastes! It’s time for you to learn that Olivia! It’s time for you to taste how much better girls are than boys!”

Britney had a million questions about Hilary finally fucking a guy all these years after she and Christina had taken the former teen star’s cherries with their strap-ons. But she decided they could wait for later because it was more fun to focus on Olivia as the teenager pressed herself into her with even more energy, pushing Britney back against the edge of the hot tub so they could kiss and grind their bodies together.

Britney loved seeing an aggressive side of Olivia. The girl was so sweet and beautiful and Britney was totally turned on at the thought of corrupting her and turning her into an eager little lez like she and Christina were. Plus Olivia seemed very interested in being corrupted, which made it even sweeter.

“Oh yes! Let me taste you Britney! Let me show you what a dirty little slut I can be!” Olivia declared with a big smile as she and Britney rubbed into each other, Britney’s big tits rubbing right into Olivia’s perky, naturally small chest in a way that stimulated them both. “You’re so sexy! I always wanted to be sexy and famous like you Britney! Now I can be a lesbian like you too and I want it so bad! I want it more than I ever wanted a guy!”

Olivia’s nerves were making her babble a bit but what she was saying was true. She was so much more excited about the chance to go down on Britney Spears than she’d ever been to suck one of her boyfriends off.

This whole time she’d felt that sex with boys would get better once she got older and more experienced and when hooked up with guys who knew better what they were doing but maybe the problem had really been that she should have been hooking up with girls instead.

Olivia got even more nervous as she considered that but she also got much more eager to experiment. The thought that she might have been a lesbian this whole time and had never even known it until now was exciting to her. All those times she’d been so eager to naughtily check out naked boys now made her wonder if she should have been checking out naked girls instead. And Olivia had a hell of a pair of sexy naked girls here in the hot tub with her as the water bubbled around their bare bodies and made them all feel so warm and comfortable.

Kissing Britney harder, Olivia began to sensually grind her young body into the older woman. She loved feeing those big boobs pressed into her especially because at the same time Hilary’s body was against her back and Olivia could feel her soft breasts and hard nipples poking her.

Olivia could also feel something wet against her ass and she knew it wasn’t from the water. It was Hilary’s pussy rubbing against her and that made Olivia so hot. She and Britney sensually kissed, their tongues rubbing against one another until Britney furthered things by pulling herself out of the hot tub and sitting on the edge.

“Come taste me,” Britney moaned, not caring about the feel of the cold night air on her bare, wet skin as the water dripped off her onto the marble edge of the hot tub. “Lick my pussy Olivia! Mmm show me what a bad girl you can be! Taste my juices!”

And Britney had plenty of juices for her. Britney’s bald pussy was glazed with her essence and Olivia knew there was no turning back now. She’d talked a lot about how much she’d wanted to do this and now she had to back it up. Britney’s bare, smooth pussy was so pink and puffy. She was totally aroused and Olivia found herself staring at it. God, Britney was beautiful.

Olivia was suddenly worried that she wouldn’t be good at this and that Britney wouldn’t like it and even that Britneuy wouldn’t like her anymore if she was bad at it. But Olivia shoved those fears aside and simply went for it. Before she could think of any reason not to do it, she did it by leaning in and licking Britney’s slit to get her first taste.

That got a happy gasp and moan out of Britney and a relieved smile out of Olivia. She’d always liked her own taste but she’d been unsure what another woman would taste like. Luckily Britney tasted really good and Olivia’s tongue enjoyed that first lick a lot. So she took another one and made Britney moan again.

Hearing Britney moan for her was so exciting and Olivia started building a steady tongue rhythm as she lapped at her idol’s honeypot to try and make her feel really good.

“Mmmmm ooooooh Olivia yesssss that feels good baby!” Britney groaned, getting one wet hand on her own tits and the other on the back of Olivia’s head as she guided the teenager around her vagina. “Lick it right there! Oooh get that pretty little tongue out and lick up my naughty juices! Mmmm doesn’t that taste good baby? So much better than a guy’s cum! It’s nice and sweet, isn’t it?”

“Mmmmhmmmm so sweet,” Olivia mumbled back in between licks. “You taste so good Britney! Ooooh I love tasting your wet pussy!”

Olivia had never tasted anything like this in her life. It was so much better than just tasting her own juice after she had played with herself and a guy’s load couldn’t possibly compare to the flavor of Britney Spears’ warm, wet pussy. Olivia loved this taste and she knew right then she was going to need to have it all the time.

God, no wonder everyone at the party was so wild and into each other. If she had known how good women tasted she would have totally become a lesbian years ago. Olivia felt so hot and slutty doing this too. It was an amazing feeling. It was like the thrill she got from being naked in secret turned up a thousand times. She was being so bad and it was the most invigorating feeling ever.

Olivia wanted to be good at this. She wanted to make Britney feel good and make her come. Britney had been so nice to her and she wanted to be nice right back to her in the naughtiest way she could think of.

Olivia licked faster at Britney’s pussy, getting more and more thirsty for her juices. Britney’s moans and quick gasps of breath told Olivia she was doing a good job for real and that Britney wasn’t just praising her to be kind. That made Olivia want it even more and she became fixated on giving Britney Spears an orgasm with her tongue.

“Ohhhhhh yessss mmmmm right there baby! Ooooooh that’s such a naughty little tongue you have there!” Britney exhaled sharply, her body starting to move in time with Olivia’s licks so she could rub her wet pussy into the teen’s face and coax her to lick her more. “Ohhh that feels so fucking good baby! Ooooh you’re a natural Olivia! Mmm your tongue feels so good in my wet pussy! Yessss lick me right there and make me come! I can’t wait to share you with Chrissy!”

The thought of being taken by both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera made Olivia even more excited. She’d seen what Christina could do when she’d watched her fuck Ariana and all her hot friends. Olivia wanted to feel like Ariana had. She wanted to come all over Christina’s tongue and make out with Britney and feel both of them touch her and lick her and fuck her like she was some kind of a whore for them to play with.

It was easy for Olivia to imagine what would happen if she had Britney and Christina all over her as they defiled her young body because she had Hilary touching her now. But Olivia didn’t want to imagine too much about Christina because she didn’t want to ignore Hilary now. She wanted to enjoy the sexy woman’s touch and think only about her but it was so hard for Olivia not to be distracted. There were so many hot, horny women at this party and Olivia found herself wanting to fuck them all.

“Ooooooh that’s so fucking sexy,” Hilary moaned into Olivia’s ear while she rubbed herself into the teenager and the girl’s blonde head rested between Britney’s thick, dancing toned thighs. “Eat her out Olivia! Lick Britney’s pussy and make her come in your mouth! Girls taste so good, don’t they? Mmmm once you get that first taste it’s like you’re hooked for life. That’s it! Lick her yummy wet cunt! Be a dirty girl for us! Everyone’s going to want to play with you now!”

“Yesssss play with me! Everyone can play with me and fuck me and treat me like some dirty little lesbian slut,” Olivia cried out in between licks, the feel of Hilary’s hot body against hers making everything so much hotter. “Mmmm this is so hot! So much better than fucking boys! Ooooh make me a total lez and fuck me like you and Britney fuck and Christina and Ariana and Selena and Miley! Oooooh make me a slut for it! Ughhh gawwwwd ooooooh yesssss mmmmmmm touch me Hilary!”

Hilary had been so turned on watching Olivia tongue Britney’s pussy that it had been impossible to resist her own intimate touch of the teenager. With Olivia bent over to get her face in Britney’s pussy, it had pushed her perfect teen ass was up out of the water. It had looked so tight and pink and pretty with droplets of water from the hot tub dripping off Olivia’s firm little yummy cheeks. Hilary had been drawn right to it and hadn’t shied away from exploring the girl’s body.

Hilary had salivated at the view of that little heart shaped booty while water had clung to Olivia’s firm teen buns and even dripped into her tight young butt crack. Hilary had pulled away from Olivia to get a better view and when she did, she had kissed each of those firm young cheeks and started rubbing Olivia’s slit from behind.

She ran her fingers over Olivia’s labia and made the girl moan into Britney’s pussy. But Hilary didn’t stop there. She kept on kissing all over the perfect pink ass cheeks in her face, even giving the firm flesh a few sexy little love bites, and pushed her fingers right into Olivia’s pussy so she could start to fuck her.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Fuckkkk oooooh yesssss that feels so good!” Olivia groaned when Hilary’s fingers penetrated and pleasured her. “Oh Hilary! Oooooh yesssss fuck me! Play with my naughty, tight pussy! Mmm make me a lesbo! Make me only want girls not boys! Ohhh fuckkk yessssss mmmm you’re making my pussy so fucking wet!”

When she’d been fucking Britney and Rose, Olivia had said so many dirty words, things she never would have said before. But it had felt so good and liberating to talk dirty like that. Olivia had begged Rose to fuck her hard and pull her hair and treat her like a slut. She had said dirty words like “pussy” and even nastier ones like “cunt” and it had been so hot and fun to talk like that.

Now she was doing it again and this all felt so good. Olivia had never been this much into sex before. She’d always thought way naughtier than she’d acted but now she was totally acting like a slut and she loved it. She was talking and acting dirty and it was the most liberating feeling ever.

“Mmmmm your pussy is so fucking little and tight,” Hilary marveled, making Olivia wince and moan with pleasure as she fingered the folds that Rose’s strap-on had left very tender. “Oooooh I can feel how you got fucked already tonight! But that’s only the start mmmm once you feel how good it is you can never get enough. You’ll just want to keep coming back here over and over again and you’ll want to get all your hot friends into it too. Mmm you’ll be fucking all your cute girlfriends in no time and turning them into sluts like you and bringing them here so everyone can fuck them just like they fuck you!”

Rose and Britney and Christina had all said that to her and Olivia loved the sound of that. She loved thinking about being naughty and seducing her friends. She knew Bella already liked girls after what she’d seen her do and she wondered about all the others she’d come with. Were Ava and Chloe and Ariel into girls too? What about her friends like Zendaya? Oooooh she already knew how hot Zendaya looked naked and Olivia liked the thought of seducing her and rubbing their chocolate and vanilla skin together while they made out and fucked each other.

“Ohhh my God that’s soooo hot!” Olivia moaned. “Oooooh my pussy is so tight and wet for you Hilary! I want it all! Finger fuck me! Lick me! I’m not a good girl anymore! I’m a bad slut who needs to get fucked! Fuck me in my little teen cunt and make me into a dirty fucking lesbo whore who seduces her friends and makes them into lesbians too! Gawwd just keep fucking me! I want to be so dirty and nasty for all of you!”

Even though she hadn’t had any of the punch, Olivia couldn’t think clearly. All she could think about was fucking and licking and pretty girls with hot tits and cute butts and tasty pussies. And Olivia loved every second of it. She buried her face back into Britney’s pussy and licked away at the sexy MILF harder, tonguing Britney’s folds to get more of her juices in her mouth and in her tummy. And while she did that, Olivia lifted herself up from the hot tub more, pushing her wet ass up higher so there could be no doubt what she wanted to have done to her.

Hilary got that message loud and clear and didn’t hesitate. She kept her fingers working Olivia over, pistoning them in and out of her tight little pink fuck hole and then added her tongue into the fun too.

Hilary pressed her face into Olivia’s wet teen ass from behind and started tonguing the girl’s pussy, lapping at Olivia’s slit and then shoving her tongue inside to taste how warm and wet she was.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Yessssss mmmmm gawwd fuck me Hilary!” Olivia deliriously moaned while her mouth was full of Britney’s pussy. “Fucking eat me up! Ohhhh yesssss lick my fucking pussy like a dirty girl! Ohhhh fuckkk gawwd yesssss don’t stop!”

Olivia felt her whole body tingle in pleasure from Hilary licking away at her sensitive pussy. But even though it was wonderfully distracting to be licked and fingered at the same time, Olivia was committed to making Britney feel good and she stayed focused on her.

Olivia wanted to be so good to Britney after what she’d done for her. Olivia wanted to eat Britney out and taste and swallow girl cum for the first time and then she wanted to eat out Hilary and then get back inside and lick Rose’s pussy and then Christina’s and bring hot, naughty pleasure to everyone who had made her feel good.

But she didn’t want to stop there. Olivia wanted to go find Bella and sit on her face. She wanted to 69 with her hot redhead friend. She wanted to find the other girls she had come with and suck on Ariel’s big boobs and tongue fuck Chloe and Ariel. She wanted to fuck all her friends and then go out and hook up with Zendaya and bring her tight body here so they all could fuck her too. Olivia had so much she wanted to do sexually and her mind and body were energized with the desire to do it all.

What she wanted to do most of all, though, was Britney. Olivia didn’t want to be rude and get distracted. She wanted to be good and hot and make Britney feel good. Olivia wanted to feel her mouth get filled with her music idol’s cream and she wanted to swallow it down in a way she’d never done to a guy she’d given a blowjob to.

And Britney badly wanted that too. She kept herself on the edge of the hot tub, her muscular legs wrapping around Olivia and keeping the teenager trapped at her pussy. Britney kept one hand on her breasts so she could play with them and tease and pinch her own nipples and the other hand remained on Olivia’s head so she could gently hold her down and play with the girl’s soft blonde hair.

“Don’t stop! Ooooooh please don’t stop Olivia!” Britney urged. “Mmmm you look so pretty like this! Such a pretty little girl eating my wet pussy! Ooooooh fuckkkk yessssss I’m so wet for you baby! And you’re doing such a good job! Suck on it baby! Suck that wet fucking hole and taste my juices in your hot little mouth!”

Olivia did just what Britney said and sucked on the wet, swollen lips of the pop superstar’s pussy. She loved how juicy Britney’s pussy was and doing this got so much more of that hot flavor in her mouth. And when Britney moaned out in joy, calling out her name and telling her good she was, Olivia gave her even more. Her confidence in her abilities was growing as was Olivia’s desire to please Britney.

As Britney urged her to do it, Olivia slurped on the older woman’s pussy. She sucked the juices right out her aroused folds and swallowed them while staring up at Britney. Olivia loved seeing Britney playing with her boobs and tilting her head back and moaning with her eyes closed. Olivia loved knowing she was making Britney feel this good. It was such an ego boost to know she was doing it right especially while Hilary was making her feel good too at the same time.

Olivia moaned and cried out her own pleasure into Britney’s pussy while she went down on her. It was so hot to lick and suck on someone while her own pussy got pleasured by a hot mouth. She loved tasting Britney’s juices while feeling Hilary lick up hers. It was so naughty and it made Olivia want Britney’s cum more than ever.

She wanted to do everything she could to pleasure Britney. So whatever Britney told her to do, she did. Olivia let the experienced woman guide her and she followed every word as she eagerly sought to become awesome at fucking hot girls.

“Use your fingers on me baby! Spread my pussy open more and lick my clit!” Britney instructed, her voice a happy moan that aroused Olivia even more. “Ooooooh yesssss mmmm fuckkkk ohhh fuck me baby! Lick mommy’s pussy you pretty teen slut! Ohhhh Olivia yessssssss! Mmmmm you’re fucking good! Lick that clit! Yessss flick your tongue against it! Lick it back and forth! Ohhhhhh FUCKKKK OHHHHHHH!!!”

Britney’s cries grew louder when Olivia followed her instructions to the letter and licked away at her clitoris with fast, naughty flicks of her tongue. Olivia slid her fingers up into Britney, just like the woman had told her, and started fucking her and spreading her open even more so she could really get her tongue on her swollen bud.

Britney started fucking Olivia’s face harder and that delighted the teenager to no end. She loved feeling the warmth of Britney’s womanly fuck hole rubbing into her face as it got juices all over her lips and chin and even on the tip of her nose. Olivia giggled and moaned at the thought of getting Britney’s juices on her skin like she was getting a spa treatment and how much better this kind of facial would be than any other one she could ever be pampered with.

And the thrill of Britney fucking her face and feeding her hot, tasty juices was magnified by the view of staring up at her and seeing Britney’s glorious tits jiggling on her chest. Olivia adored seeing those big, famous tits bouncing for her.

Britney’s boobs were still so amazing after all these years. They were so big and round and looked so soft. Olivia wanted to make Britney come and then curl up against her body and use those boobs as a pillow for a nap. She giggled again as she thought that but she also moaned from what Hilary was doing to her.

“Make her fucking come Olivia!” Hilary moaned, knowing what the teenager was staring at because she was staring at them too. “Oooooh look at those big sexy tits bounce! You’re doing that to her Olivia! You’re making Britney feel good! You’re making her fuck her face! You’re doing such a good job! Now do more! Make her come!”

Hilary kept her fingers pumping away into Olivia’s pussy while she encouraged her. And then she got back to licking. But this time she didn’t lick the girl’s pussy. Feeling very devilish as she finger fucked the teenager and rubbed against her clit, Hilary used her free hand to spread open Olivia’s firm little ass and started tonguing her virginal hole instead.

Olivia gasped audibly when Hilary’s naughty tongue made contact with her asshole. She pulled up from Britney’s pussy and looked over her shoulder as if she needed to confirm with her eyes what she felt Hilary doing to her. Hilary hadn’t asked for permission or given any kind of warning. She had just started licking and Olivia had no idea how to react except that she definitely did not want to have Hilary stop what she was doing.

“Oh my God! Wha…what are you doing? Oooooooh! Ohhhhh fuck ohhhhhh yessssssss mmmmmm oh my God that feels so gooooooood oooooooooh!” Olivia gasped in shock. “Oooooh you’re so dirty Hilary!”

Olivia had touched her asshole a few times when she’d played with herself. And she definitely knew boys loved her ass. She just hadn’t seriously ever thought about letting someone else touch her sexually back there. She’d always considered her hot ass more for teasing than for playtime but Hilary was blowing her mind with every lick and making her realize there was a lot more to sex with women than just licking pussy.

“Mmmmhmmm I’m a fucking nasty girl and now you are too,” Hilary laughed before resuming her tongue’s exploration of Olivia Holt’s virginal teen asshole. “I love having my ass licked! Oooooh when a hot girl eats my ass it’s like one of the best feelings in the whole world! I love having it licked and fingered and fucked and I want you to like it too Olivia! I couldn’t resist tasting this yummy teen ass! It looked so pretty and tasty and tight and I had to fucking lick it. Mmmm you don’t want me to stop, do you?”

And while every reflex in her body commanded her to tell Hilary “yes” and that she didn’t want to be fucked there, the most important part of her, her raging desire, made Olivia give a much different answer.

“Nooooo don’t stop!” Olivia cooed, shocked at how much she enjoyed this illicit pleasure. “Mmmmm fuckkkk you’re so nasty Hilary! Lick my fucking ass! Ohhhh my Godddd your tongue is in my butthole and it feels soooo good ooooooooooh fuckkkkkk!”

Hilary took that as all the permission she needed and she shoved her tongue deeper into Olivia’s puckered ring, probing and licking it while she finger fucked the teen’s cunt harder. Olivia’s cries turned into shrieks as her asshole was seriously played with for the first time and Britney had to use the hand on the back of the girl’s head to ease her back to her pussy so she could finish her off and make her come.

“Don’t stop Olivia! Oooh you had me so close you naughty girl!” Britney moaned. “Mmmm you like that? Like feeling Hilary rim that cute little young butt of yours? Hilary is so good at that! She makes me come so good when she licks my ass mmmm and she’s got such a yummy butt too! I’ll bet she’d love to have you eat it! Mmm I definitely want to feel your tongue in my ass baby! But eat my pussy now! Suck my wet cunt and lick my clit! Oooooh you’re so close to making me come Olivia and I need you now! Make me come baby! Make me come all over that pretty, young face!”

“Ohhhh yessssss I want that soooo much! I want to make you come all over me and go back into the party with your cum on my face so my friends can see that I fucked you and made you feel good!” Olivia declared. “Tell me what to do Britney! Tell me how to make you come! I’ll do anything!”

Britney loved how eager to learn Olivia was. She was still so new at this and it showed in her technique but Olivia clearly wanted to get better and Britney knew she could definitely work with that. Eagerness and desire could overcome a lot of inexperience, especially when it was so hot to look down and see Olivia’s angelic face and blonde hair looking so beautiful between her thighs. Seeing such a good girl do something bad like this made Britney ache to come.

“Get your fingers back in me!” Britney instructed. “Fuck me with your fingers while you suck and lick my clit! I fucking love that! Ooooh all girls do! If you get that right then all of these girls are going to want to fuck you! They’ll be lining up to get a chance with a pretty little thing like you! Oooooh fuck me Olivia! Show me what a good little slut you’re going to be! Eat my pussy and make me fucking come! Please!”

Olivia was so good at following instructions. She had always been that way at school, so eager to learn when the subject truly was something she was interested in and passionate about. And Pussy Licking 101 with Professor Britney Spears was now her favorite course of all time. Olivia wanted to learn all the tricks and all the ways to make women feel good so she did exactly what Britney told her to do.

Britney’s pussy was so wet and hot that Olivia’s fingers slid back in easily. She started finger fucking the older woman just like Hilary was finger fucking her and Britney cried out in sweet pleasure from it. And Olivia started picking up the pace in response, working her fingers in faster and harder while she started sucking on Britney’s clit.

Olivia knew how she liked her own clit played with. She knew what made her come and she tried doing that to Britney. She sucked hard on her clit, staring up at Britney as the older woman rocked her wet body on the edge of the hot tub, bucking her hips and rubbing her pussy into her face with even more fervor. Olivia knew she was getting Britney closer so she sucked and fingered her even more, watching her thrash her head and enjoying how Britney’s heavy tits bounced more for her.


“Yessss come for me Britney! Fucking come for me now!” Olivia pleaded, taking her mouth off Britney’s clit so she could moan out some more from how hot Hilary was making her. “Please Britney please! Come for this little slut! Fucking soak my face in your girl juice! Make me into a nasty cum slut who fucks girls and loves it! Ooooooh you all are making me so fucking dirty! Mmmmm I just wanna eat your cum soooo much!”

Olivia got her lips right back onto Britney’s clit, pumping her fingers in and out of the tight velvet of the singer’s cunt. Britney was so wet for her. Olivia could feel her juices dripping down her fingers onto her palm and she wanted all those juices in her mouth.

Olivia sucked on Britney’s clit as much as she could, wrapping her eager lips around it and slurping it into her mouth. She tried to shut out all the distracting pleasure Hilary was giving her and focus on Britney and it soon paid off as Britney came with a rush against her face.

“FUCKKKKKK! OOOOOOOH YESSSSS MMMM FUCKKK OHHH MY GODDDD YOU’RE SO GOOD! OOOOOH YESSS OLIVIA YESSSSSSS!” Britney loudly praised the eager teenage as her orgasm exploded inside her and into Olivia’s mouth, feeding the younger blonde all the cream she had been hoping for. “FUCKKK OHHHH FUCK YESSSS SO GOOOD!”

The arrival of her orgasm hit with inside Britney with a wonderful explosion. The girl’s mouth against her clit felt amazing and Britney didn’t hold back a bit as she came, screaming out and thrashing her legs in the water, kicking up a storm as she remained perched on the edge of the hot tub with Olivia’s gorgeous young face nestled between her thighs. Britney had such a juicy release too, cum oozing out of her and into Olivia’s mouth as the teenager eagerly swallowed, gulping down Britney’s essence and loving every drop of it.

Britney hadn’t been expecting to come as hard as she did. But Olivia really was a natural. She had so much still to learn but she’d been so eager to please and so dedicated to doing a good job that Britney came way better than she’d thought she would. Britney gasped and squealed and fucked the teenager’s face while Olivia sucked and licked her and when she finally cycled down from the peak of her orgasm, Britney felt an immediate desire to play with this girl again.

“Mmmm gawwwd you gotta come home with me and Chrissy after the party,” Britney giggled as she felt how the release of her pleasure had drained her and left her in the best kind of dreamy afterglow. “Ooooooh I want to fuck you all night long Olivia.”

“I was good?” Olivia asked with a juicy smile when she pulled up from Britney’s pussy.

“Oh baby, you don’t even have to ask that!” Britney laughed. “Mmmm you were amazing! You made me come so good! You’re a born pussy licker Olivia!”

“Ooooooh so naughty,” Olivia squealed, loving how she could make Britney feel that good, while all the while still receiving pleasure from Hilary. “You taste so amazing Britney! Oooooh I swallowed your cum! I can’t believe I did that! Mmmm it tasted so good! Ughhh fuckkk ohhh Hilary mmmm don’t stop! Ooooh please don’t stop!”

Britney felt freshly energized over her latest orgasm. She’d already experienced so many at the party already but this one felt extra special. And she wanted to keep on playing. Britney caught her breath and felt herself settle down from the ecstasy she had just experienced while she sat on the stone edge of the hot tub for a moment and watched Olivia bent over with her ass in Hilary’s gorgeous face while the hot water bubbled all around their sexy bodies.

However, as hot as that was Britney didn’t stay in that position for long. Instead she slipped herself back into the hot tub and joined her friends. She brought her naked body up to Olivia’s first and passionately kissed the teenager, relishing the taste of her cum all over Olivia’s lips and tongue. And then Britney waded over to Hilary, pulling the girl up so she could kiss her too and enjoy the naughty taste of Olivia’s ass on her tongue.

But Britney wanted to do so much more than kiss and she began repositioning the girls to her liking.

”Get up against the side Olivia,” Britney instructed. “Bend over the edge and stick that gorgeous little butt of yours out. Hilary and I are going to make you come baby.”

That sounded amazing to Olivia but truthfully she didn’t care how they made her come. She just wanted them to do it.

Olivia immediately did what Britney said and bent over the side of the hot tub, pressing her boobs into the stone edge of it and pulling her ass out of the water, letting Britney and Hilary see her pink teen cheeks once again dripping with water right off of her firm, tight young flesh.

Olivia was going to ask them what they were going to do but she never had the chance because before she could even get one word out she felt not one but two mouths on her and two tongues attacking her tight little holes. Olivia gasped from the rush of pleasure this brought her and immediately knew she would not last long from this kind of amazing treatment.


Olivia didn’t even know who was doing what to her. The rush of pleasure caused her to reflexively shut her eyes to try and take it all in. All she knew was she had one tongue licking her pussy and lapping against her clit and she had another one licking her asshole making her feel new dirty sensations from being rimmed. Olivia could also feel wet hands on her ass spreading her open cheeks open so that tongue could get in deeper and she moaned out how good it felt.

Forcing her eyes open, Olivia looked over her shoulder and nearly felt her brain melt just from the vision before her. She had both of these beautiful women bent over behind her, pleasuring her with their naughty tongues. Hilary was licking her pussy, tonguing her juicy folds and lapping up her essence like a thirsty slut, and now Britney was licking her asshole.

“Oooooh Britneyyyyy!” Olivia moaned, not believing that the pop star icon she had wanted to emulate was doing something so dirty to her. “Mmmmm gawwd fuckkk ohhh yesssss don’t stop! Ohhhh my God lick me! Fuck me! Ohhhh God please make me come!”

Knowing it was Britney who was licking her butt made the lewdly pleasurable act even hotter for her. It was so fucking naughty on its own to feel a tongue back there but having it be Britney Spears of all people licking her tight hole was like the cherry on top.

It all felt so good. Britney was licking her asshole and making her body quiver with pleasure from every touch of her wet tongue to her virginal hole and Hilary was doing an amazing job on her pussy. God, Hilary Duff was eating her pussy! How crazy was all of this? Olivia hadn’t even kissed a girl before tonight and now she had two sexy, famous tongues doing such dirty things to her.

“Oh yes! Ohhhhh my Goddddddd! Fuckkkk ooooooh please fuck me!” Olivia gasped out frantically. “Fuck me like a slut! Mmmmm yesssssss ohhh yessss yessssssss lick my pussy and my ass! Mmmm fuckkkk yessssss your tongues feel soooo good! Ohhhh my Godddd I can’t believe I’m doing this but your tongues feel soooo gooooood!”

Olivia was spitting out her words in desperate bursts of breath. She loved what was happening to her and it was clear that her ecstasy was only moments away. Both Hilary and Britney were experts at pleasuring women by now and Olivia was so willing to be pleasured. She didn’t have any more fears or inhibitions. She just wanted to let them lick her and fuck her and make her feel good no matter who it was or what they were doing to her.

“Mmmm you little slut,” Hilary moaned, giving Olivia’s ass a sexy smack that made the teen squeal. “Mmm where are our tongues? What are we doing to you? Tell us! Tell us how much a pretty little Disney star like you loves it!”

“Oooooooh you’re fucking meeeeee!” Olivia answered without delay. “Mmmmm gawwd you’re tongue fucking me like a slut! I love it so much! Don’t stop! Mmmmm you’re fucking my…my cunt! Yesssss fucking my cunt with your naughty lesbian tongue Hilary! Fuckkkkk gawwd you’re fucking my ass Britney! Oooooh licking my virgin little tiny asshole! Ooooooh yessssssss making me into such a lesbo like you two! Ohhhh fuckkkk I wanna be such a bad girl slut with all of you! Fuckkkk you’re gonna make me come again!”

“Yesss please come for us Olivia! Mmmm come for us outdoors right in the hot tub!” Britney said. “You ever get fucked outside? Mmmm ever get fucked like a slut where someone can see you? Come for us! Come from us licking your yummy teen holes! Mmmm I want to make you all horny and slutty like me! I want to have you come here all the time to get fucked and come by the label for me and Christina to fuck mmmm and even come home with us and be our little plaything in bed with us! Oooh I want it all and you’re so fucking pretty Olivia! Come for us! Come you pretty little whore!”

Britney increased the pleasure that the girl was feeling by sliding a finger into her ass. She knew Olivia was a virgin so she did it gently. Hers and Hilary’s tongue had made Olivia’s asshole very wet but she still took a delicate approach to easing her finger inside her while still licking away at the teenager’s tight anus.

And Hilary got her fingers into it too. But she wasn’t nearly as gentle because she knew that Olivia could take it. She knew this girl’s pussy had been fucked. She knew she didn’t have to hold back. She could give the girl what she needed and she slid two fingers right into Olivia’s pussy, fingering her forcefully while she licked her and made sure she and Britney gave the sexy teenager a complete overstimulation of all her sexual senses.

“OHHHH MY GODDDD!” Olivia yelped loudly as all those fingers filled her to go along with the tongues that were already making her feel incredible. “FUCK ME OHHH FUCK MEEEEEE! YESSSS JAM YOUR FINGERS INTO ME! OOOOH FINGER FUCK MY DIRTY WET TEEN CUNT AND MY TIGHT LITTLE ASS! FUCKKK OHHH MY GOD YESSS SO CLOSE! SOOOO CLOSE!”

Olivia had slapped her hands down onto the hard marble surrounding the hot tub in a circle. It hurt but she barely noticed it. The pleasure pulsing inside her was far too intense for her to feel anything but good things. She was leaning over the edge of the tub and she lifted herself up to get her ass more up in the air and closer to Hilary and Britney’s tongues. That made her mash her tits against the cold, wet stone but again she couldn’t feel it at all because she was too overwhelmed by the pleasure she was getting.

She kept moaning and crying out and begging for more and she got it from both of her lovers. Olivia couldn’t believe anything could feel this good. She had thought it was amazing when she was getting pounded by that strap-on better than she’d ever gotten it from a real cock but having two tongues working her over felt even more amazing, especially with fingers filling her pussy and Britney sliding a second one into her asshole.

Olivia squealed loudly when Britney wickedly pushed her fingers inside her hole. She had never dreamed having her ass played with could give her this much pleasure. Sure she’d liked it when she’d touched herself there but that had only been a little light exploration. It was nothing like what Britney was doing to her and it felt incredible.

Olivia whimpered out her pleasure before letting out another sexy shriek into the night when Hilary focused her tongue on her clit. She licked her hard and tended so skillfully to the bud that before she even knew it, Olivia was creaming Hilary in her orgasm.


Olivia hadn’t expected to come so quickly but she hadn’t been able to hold back. It had felt too amazing. The pleasure had been too much for her and Olivia had completely lost it. Britney playing with her asshole and Hilary licking her clitoris made Olivia gasp and scream with ecstasy as release overtook her and she came before she could even get a handle on how good it all was to be licked and touched like this.

Hilary greedily swallowed Olivia’s cum and was soon joined in this by Britney. She removed her tongue from Olivia’s asshole as the girl came, though she kept her two fingers inside her, and instead Britney moved her mouth down to get a few licks in. Hilary got most of Olivia’s cum but Britney got a little bit of the yummy taste on her tongue too and then got some more when she began kissing Hilary and let the beautiful blonde’s tongue slide into her mouth.

Moaning out the last of her release, Olivia slid back fully into the water, smiling in deep satisfaction as she returned to the hot bubbles and slumped back against the edge of the hot tub.

“Ohhh God,” Olivia moaned, letting the hot water soothe and soak her as she felt the full impact of another glorious lesbian orgasm. “Mmmm is it always going to be this good?”

“Well we do keep trying to top ourselves,” Hilary laughed before moaning when Britney reached down and grabbed her ass, squeezing the sexily plump cheeks of her rear.

“And now it’s your turn to come,” Britney declared before giving Hilary another hot kiss and groping her ass. “Bend over the side Hil. It’s time Olivia got her first lesson in ass licking.”

Olivia’s eyes widened in surprise when she heard that. She hadn’t expected to get a lesson like that and she felt a reflex to back away from it. Could she really put her tongue in someone else’s ass? That was so nasty!

But that feeling quickly passed and it was replaced by another one. Of course it was nasty and nasty was good. The more she thought about licking a girl’s butt, especially one as sexy as Hilary’s, the more Olivia found herself not only not being afraid of something so kinky, but actually really wanting to do it. And Hilary Duff’s ass looked so sexy as Britney squeezed it and put it on display for Olivia. It was so round and juicy and glistening with water from the hot tub. The sight of something so erotic drew her in and Olivia felt all her reflexive doubts disappear.

Olivia felt the tingles of her orgasm still flowing through her and that created an intense desire to please. Britney and Hilary had just made her feel so fucking good and Olivia licked her lips to taste the last little bits of Britney’s pussy cream off them. She had already given Britney a hot reward for pleasuring her, so she owed Hilary one too and Olivia knew it.

She wanted to try everything. Before tonight she had never even kissed a girl and now Olivia had the taste of pussy on her tongue and lips and she loved it. She had loved going down on Britney and now she wanted to explore more and if that meant licking Hilary’s asshole, Olivia found herself eager to explore and find out just how dirty she could be.

And Hilary was mighty eager too to be the one Olivia explored with.

“Mmmmm yesssssssss I need to come again!” Hilary moaned in desire, the orgasm she had experienced from the hot tub’s water jets not nearly enough to satisfy her in her horny and intoxicated state. “Get in here you naughty little slut. Mmmm get that pretty face of yours in my ass and show me what a dirty fucking girl you can be Olivia. Do to me what I just did to you!”

Hilary then offered plenty of extra incentive by leaning over the side of the hot tub just like Britney had instructed. That position allowed Hilary to jut out her ass and it gave Olivia a chance to really gawk at those thick cheeks in all their sexiness. Hilary had an incredible ass. Olivia would have thought that even if she hadn’t wanted to have sex with her but now she really, REALLY thought it and she couldn’t take her eyes off the hotness of Hilary Duff’s bare ass.

And Olivia’s desire grew when Britney naughtily grabbed onto Hilary’s ass cheeks again and spread them open, giving the teenager a lewd view of just how turned on Hilary was.

“Ohhhhmygawd,” Olivia moaned out nervously but excitedly when she saw those exposed fuckholes. “Soooo naughty!”

Hilary’s pussy was so drenched. Her pink folds were splayed open now thanks to Britney splaying open the girl’s buns and Olivia immediately wondered just how good Hilary tasted. Her pussy looked so yummy all wet and swollen with desire. Olivia still had the taste of Britney on her lips and she wanted so much more, but she couldn’t only stare at Hilary’s spread pussy as the girl remained bent over the side of the hot tub.

Olivia was feeling so curious after everything she had experienced and her eyes drifted up from Hilary’s slit to her opened asshole. Gawd, what was she doing? Olivia had never has such dirty thoughts in her life but now she was staring right at Hilary Duff’s little puckered asshole and thinking about licking her just like Hilary had already done. The memory of Hilary’s tongue lapping at her virgin asshole was still fresh in Olivia’s mind and she wanted to be just as naughty to Hilary.

She couldn’t believe she was thinking about doing it but Olivia couldn’t help it and she moved closer and closer in the hot tub over to Hilary until her face was hovering right over the round cheeks of Hilary’s ass while Britney helpfully kept them open.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” Olivia asked seductively, her breath tickling Hilary’s asshole as she tried to be as sexy as possible to make sure her amazing new friends saw she was hot like them and not some shy little girl. “Mmmmm are you sure you want me to be a dirty girl and lick your ass Hilary? Oooooh gawd getting my naughty teen tongue in your sexy butt and licking you? Mmm me being a bad girl like you?”

Even though she was still totally nervous about going so far after never even having kissed a girl before tonight and her pulse was racing inside her body, Olivia was sure she wanted to do this. She felt so hot and good. She had never been this sexual in her life and all she craved was to be naughty and show Hilary and Britney and all those other hot girls at the party, including her friends, what a hot lesbian slut she could be.

“Yesss do it you nasty little slut!” Hilary begged. “Lick my ass! Tongue fuck that naughty fucking hole Olivia! I loved tasting your cute little butt and now you have to do it to me too! Get in there nasty girl! Get your pretty face right in my fucking ass and eat it up like a fucking whore!”

Olivia felt such a jolt of naughtiness from hearing Hilary Duff talk like that. All of these girls were acting so nasty. They were supposed to be such good girls but they were really all total sluts and now Olivia felt like one too. And she wanted that. She wanted to be a slut. She wanted to be a bad girl and she wanted all of these hot, dirty women to like her and fuck her all the time. So Olivia didn’t hesitate. With Britney still holding open Hilary’s ass cheeks, Olivia shoved her face into them and began pleasuring her new friend’s tightest hole.

She didn’t think or let herself have any doubts. Olivia just started licking. She went after Hilary’s snug, puckered hole with her tongue with eager licks. Olivia might not have known anything about the art of analinguis but she didn’t care. She found herself only wanting to lick and taste and to bring pleasure to Hilary. And, judging from the sounds coming out of the older girl’s mouth, that was exactly what she was doing.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhh oooooooh mmmmmm fuck me Olivia! Oooooh yesssssss eat my ass!” Hilary panted, grabbing the edge of the hot tub for support as water dripped off her naked body and she felt a surge of new ecstasy from that inexperienced, but passionate tongue attacking her hole. “Do it bad girl! Shove your tongue right into my fucking butt and make me feel good! Oooooh yessssssss mmmm gawwd such a pretty little thing eating my ass! Fuck me Olivia! Get that tongue inside me and ass fuck me like the little whore you are now! Oooooh this place is changing you and turning you into such a slut just like it did to me!”

Hilary’s brain was freshly flying from what she was feeling and her thought process was not very clear. And while she knew it was the girls at the mansion who had made her into the happily insatiable woman she was now, Hilary also knew it was this place that had done it to her too. It was a magical place full of desire and pleasure and Hilary loved how it was changing sexy Disney teen Olivia Holt into a total lesbian slut just like she had become after that amazing night where Britney and Christina and all of their friends had taken her cherries and turned her into a total whore for everything women could do to each other.

Hilary could still remember how incredible it had felt to give everything up to them and let Christina and Britney take her with strap-ons and double penetrate her and fuck away both of her virginities at once. They had filled her and fucked her and made her into their total slut and Hilary wanted to do that with Olivia too. Gawd, she and Lindsay could get toys and fuck her together and Hilary badly wanted to fuck Olivia’s ass and fuck the cute blonde teen’s cherry hole the way Britney had fucked hers.

Britney had made her into such a slut for ass fucking that night and Hilary hadn’t been able to get enough since. Now she had Olivia lapping at her tight, tender fuckhole and Hilary loved it. Olivia was clearly inexperienced but Hilary knew she’d get lots of practice around here and it was such a thrill to know she was the first woman Olivia had ever done this to. Feeling the horny teen’s tongue working over her asshole made Hilary’s pussy drip and it got even better when Britney took one hand off her ass and instead slid two fingers right into her honeypot.

“Ughhhhh! Yessssssssssss! Fuck me!” Hilary hissed in need when Britney’s digits penetrated her folds. “Mmmmmm give it to me Britney! Finger fuck that wet fucking pussy while she eats my ass! Oooooh yessssssss I need to come again! Ooooh both of you make me fucking come right now!”

“Mmmmm yeah? Is Olivia doing a good job? Does her naughty little tongue feel good in that sexy ass of yours?” Britney teased, kissing and licking the wet flesh of Hilary’s neck while asking what she knew was an obvious answer.

“Yessssssssssss so fucking good! Oooooh I love feeling her lick my butt!” Hilary panted. “Mmmmmm don’t stop Olivia! Ooooh keep going! Do me like I did you! Tongue fuck my hot ass! Shove your face into it and lick it! Ooooooh gawwwwd I wish I could see how good you look with your pretty face in my ass! Ooooooh yessssssssssss lick it up Olivia! Mmmm be a bad girl and make me come!”

Olivia wanted nothing more than that too. She loved being a bad girl. Oooh fuck she was being so naughty. She was naked with two other gorgeous girls and she was doing such filthy things. She never had done anything like this before and the more she did, the more she wanted to do.

Olivia knew what she was doing was crazy. She’d just eaten a woman out and not just any woman but Britney Spears. She’d fucked one of her idols! She could still taste Britney’s cum on her tongue but even though Olivia knew what she had done had been insane she had still loved doing it. Now she was doing something even crazier and it all felt so good that she didn’t even want to think about stopping.

Her tongue was in another girl’s butt! She was licking Hilary Duff in a place Olivia had never pictured her tongue ever going near! But it was so hot. Olivia loved being naughty like this. It was so thrilling and fun and she was getting off on licking this sexy woman’s ass. Hilary’s ass was so hot and it was such a rush to put her tongue inside that tight little hole. The more she thought about what a bad girl she was being and how crazy all of this was, the more Olivia wanted it and she licked Hilary harder, lapping at her tight anus and pushing inside her to make that puckered hole wet.

“Yessssssss ughhh fuckkkk ooooooooooooh you’re really good at this you little slut!” Hilary squealed, happily encouraging Olivia. “Do it just like that! Mmmm lick my hot ass and make me come from it Olivia! Ooooh you’re such a bad girl now Olivia! Just like us! Mmmm you’re learning to be a good little slut and eat pussy and tongue fuck yummy girl asses! Yessssss fuckkkk ohhhhh fuckkkkk lick me more baby! Mmmm you’re a slut like me now Olivia! Ooooh eat my ass! I love doing that to other girls and now you do too! Mmmmm yeahhh such a slut!”

Olivia had never thought she would ever enjoy hearing someone call her a “slut.” But she did. She took it as a huge compliment and Olivia loved what was happening more with every passing second. She loved feeling Hilary’s firm, full butt cheeks against her face and she loved shoving her tongue into such a forbidden place so she could fuck Hilary. Olivia badly wanted to make Hilary come from licking her asshole and then she wanted to do it to Britney too and show the singer how much she loved every bit of her body, especially her hot ass!

God, it was so wild to think about how she’d stormed away from her date because she’d felt he wanted to use and degrade her and that all he wanted was for her to be his whore. But now Olivia was willingly acting that way for all of these hot girls at the mansion. She was doing things and saying things and feeling things with women she never would have with any guy, especially the one she’d run away from tonight.

But the main difference was clear. Olivia hadn’t wanted to be that way with that now forgotten guy. Yet wanted this. She wanted to be bad with her new friends. She wanted to be hot and horny and dirty. Olivia was totally willing to be a whore for them and their beautiful, naked female bodies.

Olivia had never felt sexier or more alive. It was every naughty rush she had ever gotten from secretly being naked or being a dirty, hidden voyeur times a million. Her pulse was racing and every part of her was tingling in a good way. Olivia loved what was happening and suddenly she decided that she needed to do more than lick Hilary’s asshole.

It was a total impulse on her part and Hilary hadn’t told her to do it, but Olivia sensed that her new lover would totally love it if she did. So she didn’t hesitate to indulge in the wicked thought that popped into her head and pushed one of her fingers right into Hilary’s tight ring.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk!” Hilary groaned when she was penetrated, breaking the kiss she had been giving Britney. “Mmmm yesssssssssss ooooooh you dirty girl! Ooooh yessss I love that! Mmmm finger my ass! Ooooh that feels soooo good Olivia! Ohhh yessss keep licking it while you finger it! Gawwd I love feeling you play with my butt!”

Olivia felt giddy as Hilary’s pleasure became obvious. She wanted to make all of these girls feel good. She had loved making Britney come and she wanted to do the same to Hilary. So Olivia did exactly what the older girl told her. While sliding her slim finger in and out of Hilary’s asshole, Olivia kept on licking, getting the tight ring nice and wet so she could finger her harder.

That made Hilary cry out even more and the encouragement was all Olivia needed to really start getting into it. It was so thrilling and dirty to be doing this. It had been wild enough to have Britney’s pussy in her face but now it was a girl’s ass and Olivia loved how naughty all of this was. She fingered Hilary harder, pushing her finger in deeper and moving it faster while she licked away, tasting her own finger as it went in and out and in and out repeatedly, stimulating Hilary immensely and giving Olivia something so naughty to taste.

“Mmmmmm yummy!” Olivia moaned, feeling so wicked from how much she loved the taste of Hilary’s hot ass. “God, you taste so good Hilary! I want you to come for me! Come from this dirty little whore licking and fucking your ass! Oooooh I want to be so bad for all of you!”

Olivia’s head was swimming with visions of tasting Britney’s amazing ass next and then getting back inside and licking girls like Christina and Rose and Ariana. God, they all had such hot butts and Olivia wanted to shove her face into them and lick them all like a whore. She was feeling so naughty and she loved it.

And Olivia didn’t want to just stop with these girls. She thought about what a great butt Bella had and how naughty it would be to lick it and shove her fingers into her friend. Oooooh and she could fuck Chloe and Ariel and Ava too. They had brought her here and she could show them all how grateful she was for it. But Olivia’s thoughts didn’t stop there, not when she could also think about her hot friends like Zendaya Coleman and what a sexy body she had and how much fun it would be to taste her pussy and her ass and show her what a hot slut she could be.

Olivia wanted to do things Rose had planted into her head. She wanted to seduce her friends and make them into hot, horny lesbos like she was now. Oooh she wanted to fuck so many girls now and she wanted to be dirty with them just like she was being with Hilary then, fucking her asshole hard with her finger and licking at that tight little hole while Hilary bent over and shoved her thick, yummy cheeks right into her face. Olivia had Hilary’s great butt rubbing right against her and it was so hot that it made her want to fuck her new friend even harder.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my Goddddddddddddd YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Hilary cried out when Olivia couldn’t resist sliding a second finger into her ass. “Ooooooh you dirty fucking whore! Yessssssssss I fucking love that Olivia! Ooooh you’re learning so fast! Mmmmm get those fingers up my ass! Fuck me! Yessssssssssss give it to me you little slut! You’re going to be a bad girl just like me now! Oooh yesssssssss keep licking my ass and fingering it! Ughhh yeahhh I love feeling all those fingers up my dirty fuckholes! Ughhh yeahhhhh!”

Olivia was so focused on rimming and fingering Hilary that she hadn’t even realized Britney was stimulating the girl too. But now she could see that Britney was playing with Hilary’s pussy while she was concentrating on her ass and Olivia loved that too. It was so hot to think about teaming up with her idol to fuck a hot girl and Olivia hoped she and Britney would play like this with lots of hot women.

“Mmmmm come for us baby!” Britney urged, kissing all over Hilary’s neck still and making the blonde girl quiver and squeal in rapture from being so skillfully touched. “Ooooh your pussy is so wet Hil! I can feel how much you want to come! Mmm I always love feeling how wet and squishy this hot, wet pussy gets! Come for us baby! Mmmm come from me playing with your pussy! Come from that hot teen tongue up your yummy ass! You’re so bad Hil! Mmmm letting that hot little girl lick and finger your great ass! You were such a little priss when me and Chrissy first fucked you but now you’re a dirty whore just like us!”

“Oooooooh yessssssssssssssssss fuckkkk yessss you fucked the priss right out me!” Hilary enthusiastically agreed, adoring the way Britney was stimulating her clit while Olivia’s eager tongue and fingers played with her ass. “Ooooh I was such a repressed little bitch back then! Mmmm gawwwd I loved how you fucked me and made me nasty and slutty! Mmmm you made me into such a whore and I never want to stop fucking now! Ooooh just like you’re going to be Olivia! You’re going to be a fucking whore like the rest of us!”

The sound of that made Olivia breath sharply, her mind whirling and her pulse racing as her pussy got freshly wet. She wanted that so much. This was a new world for her and one she never wanted to leave.

“Yesssssssss ohhh please yesss!” Olivia groaned, pulling away her tongue from Hilary’s ass while keeping her fingers pushing in deep and hard. “Never stop fucking me like this! I already am a whore for you and all your hot friends! Mmmm keep fucking me and never let me be a good girl again! I wanna be such a dirty slut for all of you mmmm gawwwd licking pussy and swallowing your cum and mmmm shoving my naughty tongue right into your fucking ass! Oooooh fuckkk you’ve made me so nasty and I love it!”

Olivia made clear it wasn’t just empty words with her when she pulled out both of her fingers from Hilary’s now loosened asshole and instead shoved her tongue into her. Hilary squeaked loudly in ecstasy when that happened, the pleasure overcoming her. Olivia didn’t hold back. She buried her tongue past Hilary’s anus and did something she never could have imagined doing to anyone by tongue fucking Hilary’s ass. Olivia worked her tongue in fast and recklessly, shoving her teenage face into Hilary’s meaty buns while driving the girl wild.


Hilary’s noisy urgings were quieted by another passionate kiss from Britney and Hilary eagerly let Britney’s tongue rub into hers. The two wetly tongue kissed, closing their eyes and indulging in their lust for one another. Hilary could feel her toes curl amongst the bubbling water of the hot tub and she kissed Britney deeply, their wet tongues wrestling as Britney’s other hand reached up to play with her boobs.

Feeling Britney’s warm, wet hand on her naked tits made Hilary experience even more pleasure especially when Britney began touching her nipples. Hilary’s pink nipples were already so stiff from the cool air against her wet skin and Britney used her hand to skillfully play with them, going from breast to breast to stimulate her while her other hand kept working over Hilary’s clit. The swollen bud was there to be played with and Britney didn’t hold back, using all her experience to rub it in just the right spots while Hilary was overcome by the pleasure of Olivia’s tongue shoving inside her asshole.

“Come for us! You look so beautiful when you come Hil!” Britney lovingly urged, breaking their kiss moaning into Hilary’s ear and letting the girl feel her hot breath. “Mmm you’re such a bad girl! Leaving your girlfriend inside the party and coming out here and letting us fuck you! Ooooh just like me! Mmmm gawwd I don’t even know who Chrissy is fucking right now because all I want to do is play with you and Olivia! Ooooh we’re all such nasty girls! Mmmm fuck three nasty generations of Disney girls fucking like total sluts! Come for me baby! Come for Britney!”

It was all so hot for Hilary and she almost didn’t want to come because she loved it so much to have Britney’s hand squeezing her tits at the same time she was playing with her clit and Olivia was shoving her teenage tongue up her ass. This was fucking amazing and Hilary didn’t want the pleasure to stop. But she also needed to come and she fought off her own efforts to hold back. This was too good to restrain herself.

Olivia’s tongue was raw but so intent on pleasuring her. It felt incredible to have such a young, greedy tongue pushing inside her ass and fucking her sensitive hole. And Britney was so good at stimulating her clit. Hilary had let Britney play with her so many times since that epic first night and everything she did felt amazing. She was being stimulated so well and with Britney nuzzling into her neck and playing with her nipples too, Hilary let go and came with a happy rush all over Britney’s probing fingers.


Hilary’s screams flowed out of her mouth and Britney and Olivia kept playing with her. She convulsed happily inside the hot tub, still bent over the edge as she rubbed her ass into Olivia’s face and made her own tits bounce in Britney’s grasp. Hilary loved feeling like this. God there was nothing better than being fucked by girls. Fucking Santa’s big cock had been a lot of fun but nothing made her get off like this and she came hard and passionately, her voice getting sore from all her cries.

When she was sure Hilary had enough, Britney pulled her hand out of her friend’s pussy and eagerly licked the juices off her fingers. And then Britney guided Olivia’s pretty face away from Hillary’s ass so she could kiss the teenager’s lips and get that flavor too all over her tongue. It was so hot to kiss the gorgeously young girl and Britney gave Olivia her tongue without hesitation, something that made Olivia melt as they faced each other in the hot tub and pressed their naked bodies together, their wet tits rubbing into each other while their kisses grew hotter and Hilary moaned in satisfaction beside them.

“Oooooh that was all so incredible,” Olivia moaned in glee, a big smile on her face as she naughtily took Britney’s breasts in her hands and squeezed the large mounds. “I never want to stop doing this.”

“Mmmmm and you don’t ever have to,” Britney assured her. “There’s a big party raging inside baby and you can do whatever you want to anyone you want to in there.”

That made Olivia smile even more and she kissed Britney again, this time pushing her tongue into the superstar’s mouth while Hilary moved her happy body over to them and began kissing them both while rubbing both Britney and Olivia’s asses. All three were very eager to keep on playing with each other but the party inside was also starting to call their name.


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