Late Night Swim

Title: Late Night Swim

Author: Tori

Celebs: Sabrina Carpenter

Codes: Mf, oral, anal

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Living on the road, going from show to show and staying hotels was so much fun for 17 year old Sabrina Carpenter.  The pretty blonde with the piercing blue eyes lived for the stage and loved doing live performances.  Her parents had always encouraged her and since her older sister Sarah traveled and performed with her, her parents stayed home.

The one thing the young singer/actress didn’t care for was spending her nights alone every night while she listened to 20 year old Sarah having sex in the adjoining room with a different guy.  Sarah was a screamer and although it kept her up at night, Sabrina never said anything to her.  In fact, she usually played with her pussy, imagining she was the one getting fucked.

Sabrina was no virgin and she would have loved to have a hard cock inside of her but she wasn’t one for random hookups so she usually had to settle for her own fingers.  Tonight was one of those nights.  She tried and tried to cum but she couldn’t.  Frustrated, she looked over at the clock and saw it was just past 2am.  She didn’t want to turn on the TV out of fear that her sister would look in on her.  Instead, she decided to go down to the hotel pool for a swim.  She put on her one piece and robe and made the trek down to the pool.  When she arrived, she was happy to have the indoor pool all to herself.

As soon as she dove in, the cold water hit her like a brick and when she surfaced, she let out a scream, which echoed throughout the large pool area.  Just as she started to get used to the water, the door opened and a man wearing a white shirt and tie came rushing in.  He came over to the side of the pool and said, “Jesus, are you alright?”  Sabrina came over to the side of the pool and smiled up at him.  “I’m OK.  I wasn’t expecting the water to be so cold.”  He looked down at the young teen and couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was.  What he didn’t realize was the sight of her had given him a massive hardon which was pointing directly at her.  Sabrina stared at it for a few seconds and then pulled herself out of the pool.  The man could she her hard nipples poking through the spandex and the camel toe her suit was making was a sight to behold.  “I, um, well, um, as long as you’re OK.”  He turned to walk back to his office when Sabrina grabbed his arm.  Sabrina said, “Wait, you don’t have to go, do you?  I’m kinda lonely.  Can you stay for a bit?”  The man turned and said, “I guess I can.  Not much goes on this time of night.  I’m Gary by the way.”  He held his hand out and Sabrina shook it and said, “I’m Sabrina, Sabrina Carpenter.  Nice to meet you Gary.  What do you do here, besides come to the rescue of screaming girls?”  Gary smiled and said, “I’m the night manager and I’m, wait, did you say your name is Sabrina Carpenter?”  She shook her head and then Gary said, “Well, what do you know, a real live celebrity at my hotel.”  Sabrina giggled and then dove back into the pool.  When she came back up for air, she tilted her head back, pushing her long blonde hair from her face.  Gary thought she looked like a little mermaid in the water.

He was still staring down at her when all of a sudden, he lost his balance and fell into the pool.  By the time he surfaced, Sabrina was laughing out loud and clapping.  “Bravo Gary, Bravo but I’ll have to only give you a five.  Your form was terrible” she said.  As she continued to laugh, Gary made his way to the ladder and slowly got out of the pool.  He turned to the pretty blonde and then bowed.  “Thank you, thank you very much” and then he started to laugh too.  She swam over and got out of the pool and said, “You really do know how to impress a girl.”  Gary wiped his hand along his wet shirt and said, “I’m such a klutz.”  Sabrina went over and grabbed and towel and started to dry him off.  Gary stood and let the blonde beauty rub and pat the towel all over him.  When she got to his crotch, he felt her hand squeeze his hardon.  Sabrina dropped the towel and grabbed his cock.  “We should probably get you out of these wet clothes, don’t you think?”  She looked up at him with her big blue eyes and Gary did the only thing he could think of.  He leaned down and kissed her.  He took her by the hand and said, “Not here.  Come with me.”

He led her down the hallway to the large laundry room used by the staff and quickly locked the door behind them.  As he started to take off his wet clothes, Sabrina stood and watched.  She let out a gasp as he pulled his trousers and boxers down revealing his hard, 10 inch cock.  Gary looked at her and said, “Like what you see?”  Sabrina just nodded and then slowly pulled her suit straps down off her shoulders exposing your perfect teen breasts.  She continued to peel the wet spandex suit off her tiny body as Gary tossed his wet clothing into one of the big dryers.  He flipped the switch and then walked over to Sabrina.

Gary took the young girl into his arms and kissed her deeply.  His hard cock poked between her legs, rubbing against her smooth little kitty.  As he held her close, his hands ran down her back and he cupped her tight butt in his hands.  Sabrina started to kiss her way down across his chest to his cock.  When she finally got on her knees, she opened her mouth and started to suck him.  Her soft lips wrapped around the thick shaft as she tried to take as much as she could into her mouth.  Gary looked down and watched the blonde beauty start to bob her head up and down on his cock, enjoying one of the best blowjobs he’s ever gotten.

After several minutes, he picked Sabrina up and put his arms under her legs, spreading them wide open.  Sabrina reached behind her and guided his hard cock to her pussy.  Gary entered her and held her up as he began to fuck her teen snatch.  She was bouncing up and down on him with her arms wrapped tightly around his neck.  “Oh yes, fuck me baby.  Fuck my tight little pussy with that big hard cock.”  She bit his neck and nibbled at his earlobe as her fucked her harder and harder.  The young girl was light as a feather and Gary had no trouble holding her up as he fucked her senseless.  Sabrina’s head fell back and she screamed out as she started to cum around his fat cock.  When her pussy squeezed him, Gary let loose with a stream of hot cum inside of her.  He slowly set her on her feet and she got down on her knees and sucked the rest of his load from his cock while the jizz oozed out of her freshly fucked hole.

Gary took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet.  He led her over to one of the large ironing tables and bent her over.  Sabrina laid across the table as Gary kneeled down and used one of the hotel towels to wipe the cum from her pussy.  He tossed the towel on the floor and began to lick her from behind.  His tongue darted in and out of her pink hole and he soon had her cumming again.  She was just coming down from her orgasm when Gary stood up and pushed his cock back inside of her.  He held her hips tight as he pounded her pussy.  His huge ball sack slapped against her clit and she began to cum over and over again.  She was well into her third orgasm when Gary pulled his cock out and slowly pushed the head into her tiny ass.  He stopped when Sabrina looked at him and then she said, “Go on, fuck my ass baby.  I can take it.”  Gary pushed more and more of his hard cock into her and when he was all the way in, he started to fuck her.  Sabrina reached behind her and spread her cheeks open of him.  Soon, he was fucking her hard in the ass.  “FUCK ME!!!!” she screamed, her voice echoing in the large room.  Gary was slamming his cock into her, pulling all the way out and then ramming it home again.  He did this several times and made Sabrina cum again.  Gary couldn’t take much more and with one last push, he filled her with another hot load.

Gary pulled his softening cock out of the blonde starlet and picked up another towel.  He wiped off his cock and then helped Sabrina clean up.  His clothes were dry and the two didn’t say a word as they both got dressed.  Gary opened the door for Sabrina but before they left, she leaned up and kissed him.  “You were great Gary.  Thanks.  I needed that.”  Gary kissed her back and said, “So were you.”  He walked her to the elevator and then went back to his office.

Sabrina slept until almost noon and when her sister Sarah came in to wake her up, she had a huge smile on her face.  “Hey sleepyhead, wake up!”  Sabrina opened her eyes and looked at Sarah.  Sarah said, “What’s up with you?  You never sleep this late.”  Sabrina thought about Gary and then said, “Oh, I couldn’t sleep last night so I went for a swim.  It must have tuckered me out.”  Sarah stood up and said, “Well hurry up and get dressed, I’m starving.”  Sabrina just smiled and said, “So am I.  That swim really gave me an appetite.”

The End

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