The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Thirteen

Title:  The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Thirteen

Author: KMB

Celebs: Jewel Kilcher, Jessica Alba, Alyssa Milano, Stacy Keibler, Bella Thorne, Ava Sambora, Chloe Moretz, Ariel Winter, Shanelle Gray, Sarah Hyland, Heather Locklear, Anna Kendrick, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna

Codes: FF, FF+, cons, reluc, rough, orgy, oral, anal, toys, rim, ATM, feet, scissor, 69, spank, voy, mast, teen, inc, DP, double anal

Disclaimer:  Well it might be New Year’s here but it sure is still Christmas in Malibu because the greatest party of all time is still going and no one’s getting any less horny.

Where did we leave things off? Well how about with the wild, raw orgy getting even crazier as Hayden Panettiere finding herself completely losing any last vestige of control and going after not only her brother’s girlfriend, AnnaSophia Robb, but also her own brother too. Oh yes, they went there and Hayden loved it as things went completely out of control.

But it wasn’t just Hayden who lost control. Elisha Cuthbert let herself be double penetrated by Kelly Clarkson and their new friend Carrie Underwood and Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Dunst were quick to show off their newfound squirting skills to friends like Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams.

Indeed things have never been this crazy and Amy and Jennifer weren’t the only ones seeing it for the first time and enjoying getting in the swing of things. No, naughty teens like Chloe Moretz have taken to the fun like fish to water and her friends Ariel Winter and Ava Sambora learned many dirty things about close family members and themselves.

But that’s all in the past. What’s going to happen next? That’s what we’re going to show right now.

Before we do, a few notes first.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. Because it might be a new year, but things are as kinky as they ever were in Malibu.

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Thirteen


Right nearby, as the Christmas party orgy raged on, other people were experiencing new things, though maybe not as dramatic as what Hayden and Jansen had done.

But even if they weren’t reaching the wild heights the perverted Panettiere siblings has, there were still boundaries that had been crossed and new territory that was being eagerly explored. Before tonight Bella Thorne had never been with a girl and right then one of her best friends was going down on her and everything felt so right and wonderful about it.

Bella had been afraid to acknowledge her fantasies before tonight but now she was so glad that all her inhibitions were gone as she lay back on the rug propped up on her elbows and kept her legs spread so Ava Sambora could tongue fuck her. Bella had never thought her boy crazy friend could ever have a lesbian side but she was sure finding out about one now as Ava made her shiver with pleasure as a big orgasm built up inside her.

She’d had a front-row seat for everything that was happening with Jansen and Hayden and Bella couldn’t believe how much it had turned her on to watch such wickedness. What shocked Bella most about it wasn’t even what Jansen and Hayden were doing to each other but how much AnnaSophia had been encouraging it and how turned on she’d been by them being so dirty.

Bella had nursed such a crush on AnnaSophia until she had finally made good on it tonight in a display she had never dreamed she was capable of. But she had always thought of AnnaSophia as good and innocent and never the kind of girl who would ever be into something as filthy and sinful as incest. And now Bella felt like her eyes were totally open for the first time.

Seeing this dirty side of her girl crush only made Bella want AnnaSophia more and if her friend was turned on by nasty family fucking then Bella wanted to give her that. Bella’s head was swimming about dirty thoughts about putting on a sexy show for AnnaSophia with her sisters or her brother or gawd even her mom. If that was what made AnnaSophia wet, Bella was eager to do it.

She had never thought about anything so dirty in her life but after what she had just seen and after what Ava had bragged about doing with her mom, Bella felt like nothing was off limits anymore.

Bella had spent all of her life trying to be the good girl and be nice and moral and upright. But now she felt like she had wasted all that time when she could have been out fucking anyone she wanted to. Being with AnnaSophia had not only been a fantasy come true, it had shown Bella that the lesbian lust she had kept trapped inside herself hadn’t been wrong or something shameful. It had been good and sexy and it was something she shouldn’t have been afraid to act on.

Now that she was feeling Ava lick her pussy, Bella could see that what she had felt with her crush hadn’t been a fluke. She was feeling so turned on and so happy as Ava licked her, just like when she had fucked AnnaSophia. God, she wasn’t straight at all. She never had been. She had just been fooling herself this whole time. Bella didn’t know if that meant she was bi or a lesbian or whatever. She just knew these feelings were amazing and she never wanted them to end.

“Mmmmm Ava! Ooooh you’re so good!” Bella cried out to her eager teen friend, loving how passionately the blonde girl was licking her pussy. “Mmmm I wish we’d been doing this before! Ohhhh my God we should have been fucking each other and not wasting time chasing after boys!”

Even in her intoxicated state, Ava considered that fact to be crystal clear. She had wasted years going after guys who didn’t treat her right and whom she had ended up being too repressed around to really enjoy. But with girls she could relax and be free and open and totally happy and slutty. Ava didn’t want to think about boys ever again in fact. All she wanted to do was think about her gorgeous friends.

They were all so sexy and Ava wanted to fuck them all. She wished she had become a lesbian a long time before tonight. All those nights she and her friends had just been hanging out and wasting time they could have been fucking each other. Ava wanted that so badly. She had already tasted a little bit of Chloe and she had loved her friend’s juicy, wet pussy. Ava wanted Ariel too. She had never thought before about what a great body her friend had with that big ass and those huge tits but now Ava wanted to lick Ariel all over and taste every inch of her.

And Olivia too. Ooooh that little cute blonde looked so sweet and innocent and Ava wanted to fuck her and make her into a naughty dyke slut just like she was now. God, all her friends were so fucking hot, Ava thought to herself. She definitely wasn’t going to need boys anymore, not when there were so many hot girls for her to play with and definitely not with her dirty, nasty mommy waiting at home for her.

Ava was still tingling from the rush of what she’d done to her mother. Fucking Heather and tasting her mom’s pussy and having her go down on her and make her come was such an intense rush and Ava didn’t regret a single thing she’d done with her slutty mommy. She’d loved tasting her and she’d especially loved being tasted by her.

But the biggest rush had been fucking her mom up the ass. It had been so nasty and so much fun and Ava still had the strap-on attached to her body, which only further reminded her of how dirty she’d been and how good it had felt to take control of her mom and fuck her so hard.

Ava was flying with desire and emotion. She wanted everyone and everything. She never wanted to stop feeling this incredible. She was so horny and so happy and everything felt amazing. And right then what Ava wanted most of all was Bella. Even with everything in her mind distracting her, Ava was completely committed to eating Bella out and making her hot friend come.

It was so hot to have her mouth pressed right against that delicious, warm pussy. Bella was so juicy for her and Ava wanted to lick up as much as she could as she kept her mouth fused to her spread pinkness and felt Bella’s soft little red curls of her bush tickle her face. Ava felt none of the insecurity or nervousness she had always felt from sucking cock as she went down on Bella like she’d done to Chloe. It felt so natural and sexy to push her tongue inside her friends and lick at their pussies and suck on their folds and to hear them moan her name.

Ava was sure she was a total lez now. She could totally see why Chloe was a dyke for sure. How could anyone not love the taste of pussy? She couldn’t get enough of it as she licked away at Bella’s slit and pushed inside to get at her gooey core. She slurped and licked and moaned as she did it and every drop of girl cream on her tongue made Ava want more as she focused only on Bella.

She not only wanted her friend to feel pleasure, Ava wanted to make sure Bella knew that she was better than AnnaSophia. Ava had never thought before that her feelings about Bella and AnnaSophia had been from jealousy but now she totally understood everything. She must have wanted to fuck Bella this whole time and she didn’t want her friend to think that AnnaSophia was hotter or better than her. Ava wanted to blow Bella’s mind like she bad blown her own mom’s.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh you taste so good Bella,” Ava moaned, her pussy dripping underneath the strap-on she still wore, the plastic prick pressed down against the carpet as Ava lay on her stomach between Bella’s spread open legs. “Oooooh you’re so right! Mmmmm every time we hung out we should have been fucking each other! I love tasting your pussy! It was so hot and nasty when I got my tongue up your ass and now I’m eating your yummy pussy and I love it! I’m like a total lez now just like Chloe is and I’m so glad you are too! I want to fuck you Bella! I’ve always wanted to fuck you! I’m going to make you come! I’m going to fuck you better than AnnaSophia fucked you! I’m so much hotter than her and I’m going to make you come harder than she did!”

AnnaSophia was too fixated on being nasty with Hayden and Jansen to hear anything that Ava was saying to her. But Bella heard every word and it excited her. God, how naughty would it be to have Ava and AnnaSophia fight over her?

Bella had been in a position when boys had fought over her and she had tried not to encourage them but deep down it had thrilled her to imagine herself as some prize to be claimed by a victor. Now she was thinking about how sexy it would be to have her female friends fighting over the chance to be with her and that turned her on so much.

Bella always wanted everyone to get along and to be friends. She had been brought up not to be a fighter or some kind of mean girl bitch but to be loving and kind. Her mother had wanted their house to be one of love especially after her father had died so Bella always hated it when Ava would snipe at AnnaSophia or claim that she hated her. She had wanted them to be friends instead.

But now Bella wanted them to fight. She wanted them both to want her. She wanted to see how far they would go to get her and what Ava and AnnaSophia would do to convince her which one was hotter. And she definitely wanted them to all resolve their differences in the end by getting totally naked and fucking each other

That would be the best part of the fight, Bella told herself as she moaned from Ava’s tongue pleasuring her pussy. The making up part where they were all kissing and touching would be sooooooo sweet. Bella wanted AnnaSophia and Ava wanted her and they could bring it all together like a perfect triangle in bed where they would all be able to play with each other’s boobs and kiss and touch and lick.

Bella thought about how good it would feel to have AnnaSophia sitting on her face, pressing her pussy right to her mouth and letting her lick the cum out of her while Ava did the same to her pussy. To have Ava lick her like she was now while her tongue was in AnnaSophia sounded so hot and sexy and Bella couldn’t help but think about how hard she would come from that and how good it would be to have her and AnnaSophia both lick Ava together so she could come too. Oooooh and then Ava and AnnaSophia could team up on her and lick her pussy together and they could all be friends and naughty little sluts together.

Bella had fantasized a lot over the years about sex. But she had never had such dirty thoughts in her life. She was thinking about all of her sexy friends and even about Kaili and Dani and how hot her sisters were. They had always been more open and sexual than she had been until tonight and Bella couldn’t help but wonder if they had been with women and if they had ever thought about naughty and kinky and being with her.

She never would have thought like that before tonight but after watching Jansen and Hayden and hearing what Ava had done, it didn’t seem so wrong anymore. It just seemed hot.

“Ohhhhh yessssssssss yessssssssss right there Ava! Mmmm fuckkkk ohhhhh ohhhhhhhh yessssssssss mmmmm I can’t believe we’re doing this! Ooooooh it feels so good Ava mmmm right there right there right there!” Bella cooed with a squeal of need as Ava’s tongue attacked a very hot spot in her vagina. “Mmmmm gawwd we’re both being soooo dirty! Mmmm eat my pussy Ava! Ooooh I wish I’d told you that before tonight! Don’t stop! You’re making me so wet! I love feeling you lick me!”

Bella had stifled this desire for women inside her for so long. She had told herself she had to be a good girl and find a man to marry but this was what she had wanted for so long. Bella had wanted to let those desires run free and to be totally uninhibited. She had taken her first big step toward doing that when she had acted on her girlcrush for AnnaSophia and now she was becoming further convinced she had done the right thing because this felt so incredible.

She loved lying back totally naked while she was thoroughly pleasured by Ava. The girl was so dedicated to pleasing her that it didn’t matter that she was new at this. Bella was new at it too. So was AnnaSophia. None of them were experienced like the other girls here but they were all making each other feel so good and Bella felt wonderful as she swam around in the big pool of lesbian lust inside her while she lay back propped up by her elbows and let her friend go down on her.

And as she swam in those thoughts, Bella remembered what had been racing through her mind when AnnaSophia had licked her. It had gotten a little lost in the haze of her coming all over her girlcrush’s face and everything that had happened since, but once it flickered back into her head she was filled once more with longing for it. She had been such a bad girl already, but Bella knew she could push herself further.

“Mmmm lick me ooooh Ava! Ohhh my God I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!” Bella said. “Your tongue feels so good on my little pussy! Mmmm you wanna get even naughtier with me though?”

“Yessssss mmmmm gawd I want to be so fucking naughty with you,” Ava lustfully declared.

That made Bella smile because she knew she could easily use Ava’s jealousy to make her friend do some very dirty things to her. Bella couldn’t believe she was acting this way, but she was sure she was doing the right thing. She couldn’t think clearly but she could tell her own desires with crystal clarity and she had never felt this horny before. She had come so good before but she needed more.

“Mmmmm I want you to lick my ass some more Ava!” Bella moaned.
“It felt so good to have you licking me there! Mmmm just like AnnaSophia did! I want you to lick it again! I want you to do it like you were doing it before! Like AnnaSophia was! Mmmm let me see if you’re better than her at it!

And that was a challenge Ava was more than ready for.

“I’ll be SO much better than she ever could be!” Ava immediately promised. “Oooooh Bella! Did you really like it when I had my tongue in your butt? I had no idea you could ever be so naughty! Mmmm you have such a sweet ass and I’ll bet it tastes so fucking good. Mmmmm I’m gonna lick it again and make you feel better than AnnaSophia ever could! You won’t want her when I’m done with you! You’ll only want me!”

Bella didn’t believe that but that was okay because she knew she didn’t need to. She didn’t just want AnnaSophia. She didn’t just want Ava. She wanted both of them. She wanted everyone. All the naked girl bodies at this party were so beautiful and sexy and Bella wanted to fuck them all. She was only getting started and she never wanted to leave this place where everyone was naked and everyone was so hot.

But right then Bella stopped thinking about anyone else and focused only on her blonde friend because Ava didn’t hesitate. She went right for her asshole without a second thought and started licking again without any inhibition. Just like before, Ava showed no hangup or inhibition about putting her tongue there.

Ava only wanted to please. She wanted to make Bella feel good. She wanted to make her sexy redhead friend come way more than AnnaSophia ever could and if Bella wanted her to lick her ass, then it was exactly what she was going to get.

And Bella loved what she got. Ava’s tongue was so eager to be naughty and it sent sexy shivers running through her body to have it lapping at such a naughty place.

“Ooooooooh! Yessssss yesssss Avaaaaaaaaa!” Bella cried, writhing on the carpeted floor as her friend rimmed her. “Mmmmm yessss oooooh fuck that’s so naughty but I love it so much! It feels so good! I loved when you were doing it before and I want it even more now! Mmmmm lick my asshole Ava! Ooooooh fuck ohhhh my God your tongue is in my butt and it feels soooo good! Oooooooh AnnaSophia licked me there before too mmmm fuckkk you can still taste her saliva in me from when she did it!”

Hearing that made Ava even more committed to doing a great job, just like Bella had known it would. Her jealousy toward AnnaSophia was like a raging fire inside her, compelling her to lick and taste Bella’s asshole. Ava hadn’t done this to any other girl. She hadn’t even really thought about it, even after everything she had done to Heather. But she wanted to do it now to show Bella she was the best and that she should only want her.

Ava loved hearing Bella moan for her. It’s how she knew she was doing this right. This was all so new to her but she wanted to be good at it. She wanted to fuck Bella and she wanted to fuck Chloe. She wanted to fuck all their friends and she wanted to fuck her mom again. Ava even wanted to fuck AnnaSophia. It turned her on to know she was putting her tongue in such a forbidden place after that blonde slut had. It was like she was getting sloppy seconds of Bella’s ass and that made Ava so wet.

“Mmmmm fuckkk your butt tastes so good Bella!” Ava moaned, licking her lips and savoring the taste on her tongue. “I want to be so nasty with you baby! I want to fuck you so good! I’ll taste your ass and your pussy and do anything you want! Mmm I’m not like I used to be! I don’t want guys anymore! I’m such a dirty fucking dyke now just like my mom is! Mmmmm I’m fucking pervy and slutty and all I want is pussy! Ooooh Chloe thought she was the only lesbo in our group but now I’m one too! And so are you! I love that you’re a lez like me Bella! We’re gonna fuck all the time now!”

Ava dove back down into Bella’s asshole after saying that, this time not just licking the ring of her pucker but pushing inside to tongue fuck her. She punched her tongue into her friend’s already saliva coated anus and began eating her ass like she’d been eating Bella’s pussy. And that made the redhead squeal in pleasure, her young body jiggling on the carpet as pleasure ran through her like adrenaline in her veins.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh ooooooh Avaaaaaa! Fuck me! I’m so turning into a lez! Make me all nasty and perverted like you are, you sexy little mommy fucker!” Bella cried, her mind whirling from the pleasure of what she was experiencing and the confession she had heard before from her friend turned lover as she used dirty words she never would have before. “Make me into a nasty slutty dyke like you Ava! I don’t want to be a good girl anymore! Fuck I want to be nasty and show off my body and have girls want to fuck me! Mmmmm I love how you’re licking my ass Ava! You’re such a nasty slut just like your mommy! Oooooh I can’t believe you fucked her! Your own mom! That’s so dirty and sick! Gawwd that’s turning me on!”

“Mmmmhmmmm I fucked my slut mommy so good and I’m going to do it again!” Ava bragged after pulling her tongue out of Bella. “It was so fucking good! I ate her pussy and I even fucked her ass! I made my mom into my bitch and she’s going to let me do it again any time I want to! You have to join in with me next time Bella! Mmmm Chloe’s going to help next time and I want you too! You can hold my mom down while I fuck her like a bitch whore right up her naughty ass and you can help me tie her up before we make her eat us out! You can ride my mom’s face and make her eat your firecrotch pussy after I come all over her! Ooooh it’ll be soooo nasty! I’m so hot and dirty Bella! WAY dirtier than even AnnaSophia!”

Ava got back to tonguing Bella’s asshole and as she did it she pushed her hand down to her own crotch, underneath the strap-on she was wearing so she could play with herself. It was a snug fit considering how tightly the toy was attached to her body, but Ava managed to loosen it enough to get her hand down to her pussy and she moaned when she was able to slide her fingers inside.

And she not only reached with one hand to play with her own pussy, she did the same to Bella’s vagina too. She rubbed both pussies at the same time, one and on herself and one on Bella while she kneeled down between the redhead’s legs and licked and fucked her asshole. Ava was elated over how naughty she was being and how good she was making Bella feel. Ava had never felt more alive and she never wanted it to stop.

“Ughhh ughhhh ughhh ohhhhhhhhh yessss Ava yesssssssss! Mmmm I never knew you could be so dirty! Ooooh you’re a motherfucker for real Ava! Mmmm so dirty! So sinful! Ooooooh fuckkk it’s making me sooooo wet!” Bella cried, unable to hold anything back as fantasies she never would have permitted herself to have before ran wild in her head while she felt the dual stimulation of her friend’s tongue wetly probing her asshole and Ava’s fingers sliding into her cunt to rub against her clit. “Oooooh you’re making me want to be so dirty and perverted too! You and Jansen are both being so nasty! You’re making me want to fuck my sisters! Mmmm you’re making me want to get Kali and Dani naked so I can lick their pussies mmmm and be a nasty little teen whore for them! Oooooh I’d even want to suck Remy’s cock! I see the way he looks at me sometimes and I know he’d let me do it! Mmmmm gawwd I’d even fuck my mom now! She’s so pretty, isn’t she? Mmmmm show me how to seduce and fuck my mommy like you did Ava!”

Ava nearly came all over her fingers when she heard Bella say that. Oh yes! That would be so hot! She had never really appreciated what a hot MILF Bella’s mom was before tonight but now as she thought of her Ava realized how sexy she was.

She totally wanted to help Bella seduce her mom. Ava wanted to help Bella get her sisters too and they could have like a big nasty family orgy and make Heather watch and not let her join so she had to suffer. Oh yessss! Ava loved that as she fingered herself harder.

“Mmmmmmm yesss you’re going to be so fucking perverted just like me! We’re going to be such dirty dykes fucking our sexy mommies!” Ava promised. “Mmmm your sisters are hot too Bella! I want to fuck all three of you at the same time as we all get so nasty! Oooooh I want to lick their pussies and even their asses just like I’m doing to you! It’s so yummy and nasty!”

Bella panted and moan as those deeply perverted thoughts filled her head. It was like this place had transformed her. She had been such a good girl before she had walked through these doors. She had never even kissed a girl. But this place had twisted her and she loved it. Bella loved what this wild, untamed all naked atmosphere here had done to her and she wanted more.

God, she wanted to find her phone so she could text her sisters and tell them to get over here right away so she could see them get under the spell of this mansion and become perverted lesbos like her. Bella didn’t know where her phone or her clothes or anything was though. She was naked and helpless to the lust she felt and it made her feel incredible. She wasn’t the girl she had been. She was bad and dirty and so happy about it. And while she couldn’t get Kali or Dani there immediately, Bella knew there was something else she could to do prove what a naughty girl she was now.

“Oooooh Avaaaaa yesssssss mmmmm your tongue feels so good licking my ass mmmm gawwd getting it so wet and ready for what I want next!” Bella said with a happy moan. “I want you to fuck me Ava! Fuck my bad girl ass with your big cock! Fuck me just like you fucked your own mom! Make me take it up my ass!”

Ava was so shocked by the sound of that from Bella’s mouth that she audibly gasped. She had never thought Bella could ever want something like that. Sure she had wanted the rim job but Ava knew this was totally different. Ava had never felt something as naughty as having her own ass fucked before and the truth was she was kind of nervous about how it would feel. But Bella, who Ava had thought was too good and prudish to ever be naughty, wanted it without hesitation.

“Whoa! Really?” Ava asked, not believing her own ears.

“Yesssss really! Please Ava!” Bella begged, not wanting to lose her nerve. “Fuck me! I’ve never let anyone fuck me back there! Mmmm but I want you to do it! Please Ava! Fuck my ass!”

“Oooooooh fuck you want me to take your cherry?” Ava asked, her head whirling with the ramifications of this. “You mean it? You want me? Not AnnaSophia? Not some guy? Me?”

Ava was thrilled beyond belief with what she was hearing but she also wanted to make sure Bella was really being serious. Ava had done this to her mom because she had been so mad at her and wanted to teach Heather a lesson. But she’d also been sure that her mother could take it and that she’d be able to handle anything a newbie like her dished out. Bella was a totally different situation though.

“Yes! Please! I mean it! I want you! Not anyone else!” Bella urged, knowing it would make Ava feel special and make her want to do it even more. “I always thought I’d let some cute guy do it or my husband or something but I don’t want to wait anymore! I want you to fuck me all dirty like that and make me take it up my ass! Don’t you think I have a hot ass Ava?”

Bella emphasized her point by turning over so she was off her back and on her hands and knees instead. She jutted her bare ass out and wiggled it in Ava’s face, almost like she was going to start twerking the round cheeks of her firm teen backside. Seeing that took Ava’s breath away but she managed to get control of herself again quickly because she wanted this too much to turn into a drooling mess over how sexy Bella’s ass was.

“Oh yes! You have an amazing ass Bella! I was always so jealous of you having such a hot butt but deep down I think I always wanted to do this to you!” Ava moaned. “Mmmmm I want to fuck you Bella! I want to pop your cherry and make you come for me! Oooooh yesssss that ass is so hot mmmmm shake it for me Bella! Tease me with that yummy ass!”

Bella giggled over how turned on Ava was by her backside. Bella might have been a good girl before tonight and she might have been inexperienced. But she knew how hot she was and she knew what a great ass she had.

Bella got such a kinky thrill out of flaunting her butt. She loved wearing tight clothes and showing off her booty in them. She loved dancing and shaking it and making people see how firm and round it was. She always got such a secretly perverse thrill knowing people stared at her at the gym or when she did yoga and her tight pants stretched so provocatively over her ass. It was always so much fun to tease people and make them drool over her butt while knowing she would never let them have it.

It was always such a thrill to have people stare at her. Bella had always liked showing off and when her body had developed the way it had, it had been natural for her to want to flaunt it. She tried to be a good girl, but she couldn’t help but think about creepy old guys and married dads and cute boys staring at her tight butt and getting hard for it. It was such a kinky secret sense of titillation she got from knowing she was giving them boners for her young body and Bella had deep down loved to tease.

But she wasn’t teasing now. She wasn’t that good girl prude she had been when she had walked into this place anymore. Now she was a bad girl who didn’t hold back on her kinky desires. Now she was the kind of girl who got what she wanted and didn’t keep it pent up, even if it was totally kinky. Bella wanted to be fucked up the ass and she wasn’t shy about it as she moaned and eagerly wiggled her butt in her friend’s face.

She was totally serious about what she was telling Ava. She wanted her friend to be the first to fuck her ass. It was so kinky to think about doing this but Bella had no doubt that she wanted it. She had loved turning people on by letting them stare at her ass but this was going to be different. Bella wanted Ava to do more than stare.

Bella had fantasized about anal sex before. She had fingered herself there when she’d masturbated. It had been one of her most secret desires and she had always wanted to do it. She had just never thought it would happen like this. But that didn’t make Bella want it any less. In fact it made her want it more. She wanted it to feel good and be naughty and hot and she wanted it now.

She couldn’t wait for the right guy anymore. She didn’t even want guys at the moment. Bella’s spinning head only wanted girls right then and Ava was such a hot girl. Plus she knew her friend cared about her and would treat her right. And Bella was so turned on thinking about how Ava had used that sexy toy around her waist on her own mom. Bella was overcome by kinky desire and she couldn’t wait another moment before living out another one of her fantasies.

“Do it Ava!” Bella moaned, looking over her shoulder and smiling over how she had practically hypnotized her friend with her shaking booty. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard and pop my cherry! I don’t want any guy to do it! I want you! Fuck me! Oooooh unless you want me to get AnnaSophia to do it!”

And that was just the incentive Ava needed to be pushed into action.

“What? Fuck no! I want you to want me, not her!” Ava snapped. “Mmmm I wanna be the one to fuck your hot ass Bella! Ooooh my God your butt is sooooo sexy!”

Ava couldn’t help herself and she showed it by leaning in and literally kissing Bella’s ass. She still had the taste of Bella’s asshole on her tongue but now she concentrated on her firm cheeks. Her skin was so beautiful and soft and Ava felt happy tingles throughout her body as she kissed her friend’s butt cheeks, enjoying the tight roundness of them.

“Oooooh yesssss mmmmmm I want you Ava,” Bella moaned, totally lost in the moment as all her fantasies ran free. “Mmmmm kiss my ass! Oooooh that’s sooooo nice! Mmmm kiss all over it! I know people love my ass! Ughhh I love being a little tease with it and getting guys hard with my bubble butt but I’m not teasing you! You can fuck me! Mmmmm you can take my little cherry and make me a naughty slut for you who takes it up her hot ass! Mmmm ohhhh my God I want to be a dirty bad girl now! No more good girl! I want to be bad and kinky like you!”

“Yesssssssssss I’m such a fucking kinky dyke now,” Ava moaned in response, relishing her own depravity as she tasted Bella and her own mom’s juices still on her tongue and hungered for all the hot women at the party. “You’re going to be just like me! No more boys for us! Just hot girls! Oooooh Bella! Mmmmm your ass is the sexiest! I wanna fuck it so bad!”

“Do it!” Bella cooed, enjoying each and every one of the soft kisses Ava was giving both of her butt cheeks as she smooched all over her firm teen backside. “Take that big cock of yours and stick it up my butt! I wanna feel it deep inside me! Fuck me in my dirty hole where you’re not supposed to get fucked! Ughhh fuckkkk I want to be soooo kinky and bad! I was a little freaked out when I saw you wearing that thing but now I want it in me! Fuck me Ava!”

As she pressed her lips all over Bella’s bare ass, Ava’s hands reached up and caressed her friend’s cheeks. She was going giddy over the hotness of Bella’s ass. Even before she’d turned lesbo, Ava had noticed what a great ass her friend had. But now it was all she could think about and she softly ran her hands all over it while leaving little wet kisses all over Bella’s buns. Bella’s butt was so round and sexy and Ava wanted to do so many kinky things to it.

She was about to straighten up and force the toy she still had strapped around her waist inside her friend to give Bella an even better fucking than the one she’d given Heather, but before she did that Ava remembered something. Shit, she’d almost made the same mistake she’d made upstairs. She needed lube for her cock!

“I gotta get lube,” Ava muttered, kicking herself for almost messing up again and for almost doing something that might have hurt Bella. “Does anyone have any?”

Everyone around them was too busy fucking and moaning and licking and kissing to hear her request. So Ava repeated it, this time with a lot more force behind her words.

“HEY! LISTEN UP YOU FUCKING SLUTS!” Ava cried out with a loud voice that got everyone’s attention. “WHO’S GOT SOME FUCKING LUBE? I NEED TO FUCK THIS GIRL UP THE ASS AND I’VE GOTTA HAVE LUBE!”

Ava’s bluntness got a lot of giggles and some very surprised faces from the sea of naked women that was growing and growing as more and more of them wandered over from their own coupling to get into a huge pile that was taking over the mansion’s living room. But it also got the response the blonde teen was looking for as someone from the pile tossed a bottle of lube at her.

Ava let out a little yelp as it came flying at her head but she managed to duck out of the way and it harmlessly hit the ground.

“Thanks!” Ava said as she grabbed it with a smile and immediately squirted it onto her fake cock.

She was so glad she was learning all the ins and outs of girlfucking. She wanted to be so good at this. She wanted to be the hottest dyke in this place, way hotter than her mom or Alyssa or any of these other sluts here. She wanted to be the hottest lesbo in town so Bella and Chloe and every other little lezzie out there would only want to be fucked by her. So Ava was very eager to give it good to Bella and she made her plastic prick messy with lube, letting it drip down onto the rug as she rubbed it in and made the plastic all slick.

Ava didn’t care that she was overdoing it. She just wanted to make a big, sexy mess of it so she could give Bella what they both needed. And when she was done, Ava also remembered to tighten the harness again around her body. She’d loosened it before when she’d reached down to finger her own pussy but now she made it snug once more and got ready to give it to her friend.

“Mmmmm tell me again that you want it,” Ava said with a sexy moan in her happy voice as she got behind Bella and slid the lubed up plastic between her friend’s bubble butt, sawing it up and down her sexy ass crack. “Tell me that you want me to fuck you! Not AnnaSophia! Not some dumb boy! Only me!”

Bella groaned in need as she felt that big plastic cock sliding into her crack. It was so naughty of her to do this and she wanted it without any hesitation. The good girl she had been before she had come here would have been scared and shy and wanted to wait. The bad girl she was now, though, was all about getting fucked and having and making all her dirty fantasies come true.

Deep down Bella didn’t care who it was that was doing it to her. She just wanted to get fucked. She liked knowing it was Ava though. It made it extra special that it was her friend and while she would have been more than happy if it was AnnaSophia doing it, Bella had no problem stroking her friend’s ego to be able to get what she needed from her.

“Yes! I want you Ava!” Bella said, her need growing with every moment that Ava was rubbing her lubed up strap-on between her butt cheeks. “You’re the one I want! Not anyone else! Only you! Fuck me Ava! Fuck me hard and make me come from giving up my ass cherry to you! Make me a naughty dyke slut like you! Oooooh I wanna be so bad and dirty and get fucked up the ass by my hot friend!”

It was just what Ava wanted to hear and Bella said it to perfection. She loved being in this position, all naked with a big, fake cock strapped to her body so she could fuck another girl in the ass. It had made her feel so sexy and powerful to do it to her mom but she wanted to do it differently to Bella. Ava had wanted to punish her incestuous whore of a mommy and now all she wanted was to make Bella feel good.

“Mmmm yessssss you’re gonna get it!” Ava promised as she spread open the firm bubble butt she had in front of her with both hands on the girl’s buns and lined up the slicked up plastic of her fake cock with Bella’s virgin hole. “I’m gonna fuck you so good and make you come better than any other girl ever could!”

Bella was going to say something more but before she could she was overcome by an intense need to moan as she felt the head of the penis-shaped plastic start to push inside her. She had expected to feel nervous when it finally happened but she didn’t feel that way at all. All she felt was excited when the head of Ava’s strap-on poked right against her virginal hole and began to slowly enter her, breaking the seal of her ass and easing its way inside.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Bella cried with a mew of pleasure. “Oooooh Ava! Mmmm oh my God yes! Get inside me! Ooooh take my ass! Fuck me like all the guys want to fuck me! Mmmmm fuck my hot ass and take that fucking cherry so I can be a slut with you! Yessss!”

Bella had no hesitation. The more she felt that plastic penetrating her, the more she wanted Ava to go deeper and do it harder. It felt amazing to be taken like this. Ava was doing it slowly and tenderly and it was an incredible sensation to have her tightest hole, the one she had been saving, to be taken and filled up by a hot girl. Bella couldn’t believe she had ever thought a guy would be worthy of having her virgin ass because the hard plastic Ava was wearing felt better than a guy’s real cock ever could.

And she wasn’t the only one who was getting off on it.

“Mmmmm you’re so tight Bella! Ooooooh so tight and sexy!” Ava moaned in admiration as she began pushing in deeper. “Your hole is so tight and pretty but I’m going to make it loose and slutty like I made my mommy’s ass! Mmmmm fuckkkk I love fucking you Bella! Oooooh I love taking your tight little fucking hole and popping your cherry! I never knew you were so naughty but I love it so much! Mmmmm take my big cock right up your yummy ass! Tell me how much you love it you nasty girl!”

Ava loved seeing her fake dick disappear up Bella’s beautiful pink ass. It was so hot to see herself penetrating her friend and it made her wish she could really feel it too. The nub on the other end of the strap-on rubbed into her clit which made her feel really good but not as good as Ava knew she could feel if she had a real dick and could really feel Bella’s ass wrapping around it all snug and sexy as she took her virginity.

It wasn’t biologically possible though and while that was disappointing, Ava knew she could at least content herself with the rush of seeing the cock she was wearing go into Bella’s no longer virgin ass while she pushed in deeper up the redhead with a sensual slowness and also the pleasure she got from hearing Bella’s sexy sounds of joyful lust.

“Yeahhhhh! Ohhhhhh Ava yesssssss mmmmm that feels so good!” Bella groaned as she closed her eyes and let the pleasure flow over her from being taken in such a naughty way. “Fuck me! Get that cock inside me and fuck my dirty hole like a slut! Mmmm you can go harder Ava! You don’t have to be gentle! Mmmm you can fuck me like you fucked your mom!”

Hearing that made Ava extra wet. She loved knowing it turned her friends on that she had been so dirty and kinky and committed incest with her own mother. She had loved tasting Chloe before and finding out how juicy it had gotten her sexy lesbo friend to see her be a nasty mommy fucker. And now she had Bella moaning out for her and Ava began to give it to her with more force.

She had been easing the cock inside her, not wanting to hurt Bella. She had been so aggressive and raw in fucking Heather and her mom had howled for it like a whore, begging for more cock up her ass and demanding Ava punish her for being such a slutty mom and wanting to fuck her daughter. Ava hadn’t wanted to fuck her beautiful friend Bella like that, but if Bella wanted it harder, Ava was happy to give it to her.

Feeling that horny rush of power from having a fake dick strapped between her legs as she fucked Bella doggy style on the carpeted floor of the living room, Ava grabbed onto Bella’s body and started fucking her harder. Her lubed up cock had only been a few inches deep into Bella’s tight, but no longer virginal hole, and Ava began pushing in more and with greater force behind her pushes.

“Yesssssssss mmmm yessssssssssssss ohhhhh God! Ohhhhh my Goddddddd fuck yessssss!” Bella responded in immediate breathless pleasure over being assfucked. “Mmmmmmm that’s it Ava! Harder! Don’t fuck me nice! Fuck me hard! Oooooh yessssss mmmmmm fuckkkk your cock feels so good up my ass! Do it Ava! Mmmm fuck me like a guy would! Fuck me like all those dirty pervs out there want to fuck me, bent over with my hot teen butt in the air! Ooooooh yessss Ava! Mmmm you’re such a good friend!”

Bella wanted this so much. She wanted to be kinky and submit and let herself be taken and fucked hard from behind. She had masturbated thinking about this. She had closed her eyes and dreamed dirty sex dreams as she had worked one of her little toys over her clit and used her fingers to penetrate her own asshole as she had fantasized about being fucked up the ass like a doggy style slut.

In those dreams it had always been some cute guy who had done it to her. Sometimes it had been a hot boy her own age but sometimes she had let her mind go totally dirty and she had dreamed it had been someone older who was taking her and fucking her ass while she had moaned like a whore and called him “daddy.” Bella had always had such dirty dreams that she had kept locked up inside her but now her desires were raging freely and she ached to be buttfucked and made to come from kinky, dirty anal sex.

Bella had never dreamed it would be another girl fucking her ass. She had never thought she would make good on her crush on AnnaSophia so she had never bothered to fantasize about another woman taking her ass. But now she was giving everything up to another hot girl and it felt incredible. Bella wished she had done this before tonight. She felt like she had been so repressed her whole life and now she could be free and open and sexy just like her sisters and her friends were.

“Fuck me Ava! Fuck me! Ohhhh yessssss yesssss mmmmm give it to my naughty ass!” Bella cried, starting to rock her young body back so she could push herself deeper onto the strap-on and feel more of it go inside her and fill up her tightest hole. “That feels so good! Mmmmm fuck me like a slut! Make me take it like a dirty girl right up her ass! Oooooooh yessss deeper Ava! Go harder! Mmmm make me take it! Ughhh that cock feels so good inside me! Where did you get it?”

“I totally stole it from Alyssa,” Ava laughed evilly. “Mmmm that nasty cunt seduced my mom and turned her into a dirty dyke so now I’m going to keep this as a souvenir! She’s going to be too busy fucking Chloe to even notice that I have it! Ooooooh fuck Bella! Your hot ass looks soooooooo sexy jiggling when I fuck it! Mmmm you’re so hot Bella! Take it baby! Take my big dick right up your ass! It’s the same cock I fucked my mommy with and now it’s shoved in your ass too! This is sooooooo nasty!”

Bella definitely agreed and she moaned in happy submission as more of the plastic was pushed inside her. She hadn’t known how it was really going to feel to be fucked up the ass. She had been so curious about it and she’d hoped it was going to feel good but Bella had never known it would feel this good. She loved feeling the big plastic cock filling her up and stretching her hole. It felt so good, especially since Ava was giving it to her harder with every thrust, building such a good pace and making her feel incredible.

Ava was fucking her so well and Bella’s pussy was dripping from it. She could feel the hot juice trickling out of her vagina and getting onto her thigh. It made it feel so much nastier and Bella wanted to reach down and touch herself. But she couldn’t. Not in this position and Bella didn’t want to move an inch. She wanted to keep taking it like this, on all fours with her hands and knees pressed to the rug, getting friction burns on her skin as she was fucked by a big dick up her ass thanks to a hot girl.

“Yeahhhh fuck me nasty Ava! Fuck me right up the butt!” Bella moaned in bliss, her eyes closed still so she could let all her senses be focused on the feel of having that plastic pushing inside her, taking a hole that only dirty girls got fucked. “Oooooh yessss make me into a bad girl bitch getting fucked up her ass! Mmmmm gawwd I used to finger my ass at night and think about getting fucked there but I never thought you would do it Ava and I never thought it would feel this good! Ooooooh yessss baby! Mmmmm give it to me harder! OHHHH YESSSSSSS MMMM FUCKKK YEAHHH LIKE THAT AVA! LIKE THAT!”

Bella’s cries turned into a scream as another inch was stuffed up inside her teenage ass. She couldn’t keep her eyes closed anymore and feeling another thick inch slide up into her snug hole to sodomize her had Bella’s eyes popping open as intensity rocked her hard. She couldn’t help but scream from it because it felt so fucking good.

“OOOOOH AVA!” Bella’s soft voice howled as the sensations of being fucked like this made her heart beat fast with excitement, pumping hot, energized blood through her body. “OOOOH YESSSSSSS MMMMM FUCK ME! YESSSSS FUCK ME LIKE YOU FUCKED YOUR MOM YOU KINKY BITCH! OOOOOH YOU’RE SUCH A NASTY GIRL AVA! OOOOOH I NEVER KNEW YOU COULD BE SO NASTY! MMMM FUCKKK I WANT TO WATCH THE NEXT TIME YOU DO YOUR MOM! OOOOH I WANT TO SEE HOW NASTY YOU CAN BE!”

“Oooooh yessss I want that sooooo bad!” Ava gleefully replied. “Mmmm I want all my friends to watch me fuck my whore mommy! You all can help me hold her down while I buttfuck her nasty dyke ass and punish her again and again for being a pervert! Mmmmm you can make her eat out your yummy pussy and swallow your hot girl cum and then you can fuck me in front of her and make me come while she has to suffer and watch and not get to come! Ooooh I want all my hot friends to help fuck my slutty mom! Mmmmm fuckkk I’m sooooo glad I’m a dyke now!”

Ava’s body was bursting with energy. She had never felt sexier or more alive in her whole life. She didn’t feel a single bit of regret over anything or anyone she’d done and she only wanted more. She didn’t even know where Heather had gotten to. The last time she’d seen her she’d practically been passed out in Alyssa’s bed when she and Chloe had gone to find Ariel.

But while she had lost track of her mom, Ava knew she wasn’t going to let that be the last time she treated Heather like a whore. It had been the hottest thing she had ever done in her life, though this was getting pretty close to it. Ava wanted all her friends to help her fuck her mom and have them all gang up on her and treat Heather like the dirty dyke she was. It was so exhilarating and Ava channeled that energy into pumping her fake cock up her friend’s ass and making Bella feel good.

Ava was getting more and more used to wearing a strap-on with every thrust of her hips into Bella. She had never seen one before tonight much less used a toy like this but so much had changed since they had arrived here. Ava loved what had happened to her. Part of her recognized that she was totally under the influence of whatever it was she had drank but she also felt like she had totally become a different person and for the better too.

She had used to be so shy around sex, afraid that guys wouldn’t think she was hot and that she wouldn’t be good in bed. All her boasting and flirting and provocative ways had been just a cover for her own nervousness about her sexuality. But no more. Now Ava finally felt like a woman and it was because she was fucking other women. She was free and nothing held her back and she could be hot and kinky and sexy and do whatever dirty thing she wanted.

“Mmmmm you like it? Like being fucked by a lesbo slut like me?” Ava moaned, demanding answers from Bella as she fucked her, pumping into her friend’s bubble ass from behind and making those firm, toned cheeks Bella worked so hard on jiggle sexily. “Oooooh yessss we’re both dirty dykes now Bella! Mmmm we’re kinky lezzies and I love it! I never want to stop fucking hot girls like you!”

“Yesssssss yesssssssssss never stop! Don’t ever stop fucking meeeee!” Bella cried, looking over her shoulder so she could make eye contact with Ava as she said it. “Mmmmm fuckkk make me into a total lesbo like you Ava! I wanna be a dirty naughty dyke like Chloe is! I only want to fuck girls now and I want you to fuck me up the ass whenever you want to Ava! Gawwwwwd this feels sooooo fucking good and I want you to do it to me all the time! Just say the word and I’ll pull down my pants and let you fuck my ass! Mmmmm ohhhh my God Ava! Don’t stop! Don’t stop fucking me! Make me come!”

Bella could feel the orgasmic explosion forming inside her and she couldn’t wait to be set off. Feeling that big cock pounding into her from behind was so good. She had never gotten off this much from being fucked before and Bella loved how slutty she was being. She wanted to come so much and then she wanted to get fucked again.

She was already dreaming of Ava fucking her more and going deeper and harder and then AnnaSophia fucking her with a strap-on and then Chloe and Ariel and Olivia and all her friends and then all of these hot women here. Oh God, Bella wanted all of them to line up and fuck her again and again and make her take it so she’d never stop feeling big, hard lesbian strap-on cocks slamming up her ass.

Bella was so into this. She never wanted the pleasure to stop and she loved seeing how into it that Ava had gotten. Her friend had never looked sexier than she did right then as she thrust up her ass and fucked her hard. Bella loved looking over her shoulder and seeing Ava fuck her doggy style.

Ava’s firm teen tits were jiggling on her chest and her blonde hair was sticking to her beautiful, sweaty face. Ava looked so totally focused on fucking her that it made the pleasure grow for Bella.

God, between this and AnnaSophia eating her out before, Bella felt like she had the best friends in the whole world. She wanted to fuck them all and never stop being naughty with hot girls. She didn’t know if she was bi or if she was a lesbian now or whatever. Bella just knew it all felt incredible. Her body was rolling with pleasure and she needed to come from this.

The intensity of having her ass filled and feeling her tight hole get stretched lewdly by the hard toy being pushed inside her was making her tear up and Bella loved it too. She loved being taken and fucked and she loved being a bad girl. God, this was so much fun! Why hadn’t she been going out and getting herself fucked by hot girls this whole time? This was the best feeling ever!

“Harder! Oooooh make it go in deeper baby! Deeper up my slutty ass! Please Ava!” Bella begged, her tits shaking on her chest as she began backing herself harder into Ava to force more cock inside her ass. “Mmmmm ooooooh Ava yesssssssssssssss! Fuck meeeee! OHHHH YESSS FUCK ME LIKE A LEZZIE BITCH FUCKKKKK OHHHHHHHH YESSSSS FUCK MY ASSSSS OOOOOOOH FUCK MY NAUGHTY FUCKING ASS!”

Bella’s voice hit another high note as Ava complied with her wishes and picked up the pace again, pushing more of the toy up her butt and fucking her harder. They were bouncing against each other now, their bare skin smacking together as they fucked in a good rhythm, Bella thrusting back and Ava pushing forward to feed more of the strap-on to her teen ass. It stretched her open more and Bella felt amazing as she got filled up.

Her pussy was dripping even more now. Bella could feel the hot juice and she imagined she was dripping it down onto the carpet, staining it with her sluttiness and she loved thinking about that. She would have been freaked out by something like that before but not anymore. Now all she wanted to do was leave a big wet spot on the carpet and lick it up like some kind of a kinky bitch by pressing her face down to it while she got fucked again.

She was so close to coming from feeling that hard cock pounding her asshole and making her previously virgin hole into a gaping, raw orifice to be fucked hard by anyone she wanted. Bella felt so nasty and whorish and she ached to be set loose in orgasm. She knew what she needed and since she was digging her nails into the carpet to hold onto it while she got fucked she needed Ava to do it for her.

“Mmmmm play with my pussy Ava! Rub my clit while you fuck me baby!” Bella cried, looking over her shoulder still so Ava could see the heat and the longing in her eyes and know how much she needed it. “Finger fuck my pussy and play with my clit so I can come for you! Oooooh I want to come so much from you fucking my ass! Make me come Ava!”

Ava would have done anything to make Bella come. She wanted her friend to know she was the hottest and that she was the best and that she didn’t need anyone else but her, especially AnnaSophia. But mostly Ava just wanted Bella to feel good. She wanted her friend to come and feel nothing but hot, sweet pleasure. So Ava did exactly what Bella wanted.

“Ooooooh yessss come for me! Come for Ava! Mmmmm gawwd we’re such naughty lesbos now!” Ava squealed in eagerness to please as she took one hand off of Bella’s hip and moved it instead to right between her friend’s legs to paw at her pussy. “Ooooooh you’re sooooo fucking wet! Mmmmm oh my God Bella! Oooooh you’re dripping all over my fingers! Mmmm gawwd your pretty firecrotch is on fire baby! Mmmm fuck! Come for me! Come all over my fingers while I fuck your great ass! Mmmmm come for me and no one else!”

It was such a delight for Ava to rub her fingers against Bella’s pussy. The girl was absolutely soaked. She was like a river of arousal as Ava rubbed her fingers over her swollen, leaking slit and she loved feeling Bella’s hot teen juices coat her fingers and even the palm of her hand as she rubbed her hot labia and even felt just how wet and matted Bella’s little red bush had gotten.

To Ava it was so fucking hot to feel how wet her friend was. It made it so much easier for her to slide her fingers in next. Just rubbing against the lips of her vagina had made her fingers get all lubed up and Ava pushed them inside, sliding in and finger fucking Bella as she rubbed and stimulated her clit and made her friend wail with ecstasy.


Bella couldn’t keep her head from thrashing as Ava enthusiastically played with her clit and made her buzzer throb. It was so fucking hot to feel those delicate, girly fingers shoving into her drenched pussy and making her clit throb while she was being fucked hard from behind. Bella had never felt anything like this and Ava gave her everything she asked for.

As Bella screamed, Ava fucked her harder, really getting into a good rhythm with her strap-on as she thrust up her friend’s ass, and rubbed her clitoris to make it throb and get more of Bella’s hot juices to drip down her fingers. Bella was so wet and Ava loved hearing her friend’s pussy squish as she fingered it hard. She rubbed Bella’s clit with two fingers and fucked her hard and soon all Ava could hear was the sound of Bella’s orgasm as it exploded out of her.


Ava got such a thrill out of being able to make Bella come that she didn’t even need to have the nub of the toy rubbing against her own clit. Being the one to make Bella feel good was satisfaction enough. Ava was tingling all over as she kept on fucking and rubbing Bella as her friend screamed in release and made her red hair fly around as her body thrashed in orgasm.

Their naked bodies kept smacking together as Ava kept giving it to Bella and Bella kept wanting to take it. Their skin was so sweaty and hot and they were both moaning and gasping for breath as Bella hit the peak of her orgasmic screams and began cycling down, her cries turning to moans and then into soft mews of satisfaction as Ava finally eased the hard cock out of Bella and then brought her face to her friend’s and kissed her.

The tender kiss between the two teenagers was just what Bella needed after her body had been rocked and her brains had been left scrambled. She adored what had happened to her and she eagerly kissed Ava back, the two of them pressing their sweaty faces together and rubbing their lips before they opened their mouths and began to happily tongue kiss. Bella felt so good having Ava’s hot tongue rubbing into hers and they moaned into each other’s mouths.

They sensually kissed for a while, each of them loving the softness of the other’s lips and tongue. And while they did, Bella’s hands gravitated toward Ava’s beautiful teen chest and began caressing her bare tits, fondling them in her soft palms and feeling the stiffness of Ava’s erect pink nipples.

“Mmmmm thank you,” Bella dreamily moaned when she finally gained the mental ability to form words again after coming so intensely. “Oh Ava! That felt amazing!”

“You were so fucking hot Bella!” Ava moaned back. “Mmmm I loved getting nasty with you! Your ass is soooo sexy and now it’s mine to fuck whenever I want!”

“Mmmmmhmmmm whenever you want,” Bella immediately agreed, very eager to feel pleasure like that again and again. “I can’t believe we’re doing all of this but it feels so good!”

Ava felt the same was and she never wanted to stop getting kinky. She couldn’t believe she had fucked her mom and her friend up the ass but it was so wild and hot and she loved being dirty. And thinking about how she had fucked both of them up the ass, she couldn’t help but think there was something she had done to her mom that she hadn’t done to Bella. It had been so fun and nasty and she wanted to see if her friend was into it too.

“Wanna taste how naughty you are Bella? Mmmm wanna taste my hard toy just like my mommy did after I fucked her ass?” Ava purred as she kissed Bella again and fondled the redhead’s tits just like Bella was already doing to her.

“Ooooooh that’s soooo dirty,” Bella moaned in marvel that she would ever be asked to do something like that. “Mmmm is that what you want kinky girl? For me to taste my own ass?”

The sound of Bella’s voice sure made it seem like she was open to the idea and Ava jumped on it. It was going to be so hot to see the beautiful redhead teen, who everyone wanted to fuck, bobbing her pretty lips up and down on the cock that had just been inside her ass. The toy might technically have still belonged to Alyssa, but as far as Ava was concerned it was hers now.

“Mmmmhmmm my mommy did it like the kinky fucking dyke she is and I want to see pretty little Bella Thorne go ass to mouth now too,” Ava said with growing arousal. “I know you’ve sucked cock before, haven’t you, you little perv? Mmmm this is gonna be better than sucking off some guy because you’re going to taste just how hard I fucked you? Mmmmm c’mon Bella! Be a bad girl! Suck my dick!”

Hearing Ava talk like that made Bella freshly horny for her friend. She had just experienced an intense orgasm and she would probably have agreed to anything considering the state her brain was in. She had never done anything like this before but Bella had already done a lot of things she never had before. What was one more when it was going to be her own ass she was tasting?

So Bella smiled and nodded her head in agreement, moving her face away from Ava’s kisses and instead going for her crotch as the blonde let out a little excited squeal and lay back on the carpet so her fake boner was sticking out all plastic and covered in Bella’s ass. Ava couldn’t believe Bella was actually doing this and she moaned in delight when the redhead opened her mouth and brought her flushed sweaty face down so she could suck on the strap-on that had just taken her ass cherry.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh so hot! Oooooh Bella you’re so hot and dirty!” Ava moaned as she played with her own tits at the view she had of her friend sucking off her ass fucking cock. “Mmmm taste it baby! Taste your own yummy ass all over my dick!”

Bella hadn’t sucked much cock in her life but she certainly knew how to do it. And it was actually way easier to do this. Maybe it was because this was a toy and not a real cock. Maybe it was because this was a girl and not a guy. Maybe it was because she and Ava were already so comfortable around each other. Or maybe it was just because she was a kinky bitch now who got fucked up the ass and loved it. Whatever the reason, Bella found herself getting very into what she was doing.

As Ava moaned and pinched her nipples, Bella wrapped her hand around the plastic shaft jutting out from between the blonde’s legs and sucked it into her mouth, moving her lips up and down the cock-shaped head and the first few inches to make sure she got her own naughty taste on her lips. Bella moaned as she did it too, swallowing it down with a wicked ease as she let saliva drip down out of her mouth to give the cock a fresh coating of lube after it had just been shoved deep into her ass.

Bella felt such a dirty thrill knowing she was tasting her own ass on the cock. It took a little bit for her to get used to the taste but once she did she really liked it. She loved being such a bad girl. She loved knowing she was tasting her own ass while she could feel her hole all loose and sore from being fucked so well. She loved knowing she was making Ava hot.

The more she tasted her own ass on the toy, the more Bella wanted it and she started slurping in earnest on the shaft, moving her mouth down deeper on it and wanting to suck off every bit of her own ass taste from it. Bella moaned more and more and started playing with her soaking wet pussy as she did it, running her fingers through her fur and getting to her tender, glistening teen cunt lips.

This was such a new and taboo thrill for Bella and she began fingering herself while going ass to mouth and making Ava moan and coo for her. And Bella knew that this was one of many things she had done for the first time tonight that she was going to want to do again.


That was a sensation also going through the minds of two of Bella and Ava’s friends as they experienced a new pleasure that felt wicked and weird to both of them but definitely was something they knew they were going to want to experience again after tonight.

“Mmmmmm you’re a really great kisser,” Chloe said with a big smile as she pulled her lips off of her friend’s.

“Oooooh so are you,” Ariel sighed, her head still spinning and her body still tingling from everything she had experienced today. “Mmmmm you’ve got a lot more experience than me though.”

“Well there is something we can do about that,” Chloe said with a seductive little laugh before leaning in and kissing Ariel again.

Ariel returned the kiss with a warm press of her lips right to her blonde friend’s and soon the two naked teenagers were making out tenderly. Their kisses were soft and loving and also full of erotic eagerness as they both did something they never thought they’d be doing to each other. That gave their kisses an element of the forbidden and it excited them both as they sat next to each other on the couch and let their soft, teenage lips touch again and again.

All around them women were moaning and screaming in sexual ecstasy. They were just feet away from Ava bringing Bella to the heights of orgasm with the strap-on, but the two girls only paid attention to each other, especially as Chloe’s hands caressed Ariel’s bare body and naturally went to her most notorious feature.

“Mmmmmm they’re so big,” Chloe moaned as she explored her friend’s breasts for the first time, letting her small hands roam all over the large mounds of soft, gorgeous girl flesh. “Ohhhh Ariel! Mmmm you’re so sexy!”

Ariel let out a happy sigh from Chloe’s warm hands on her tits. It felt so good to be touched like this by another girl, especially Chloe. Everything that had happened here had been so crazy and Ariel still couldn’t think straight or get herself under control. She felt so strange, like she was giddy and horny all at once and she was craving sex like she never had before. This was all so wild and Chloe was like a calm center she could cling to until things started to make sense again.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Ariel declared, saying what they were both thinking.

This was all so surreal. They had been friends for years and Chloe had never made any secret about her sexuality. But nothing like this had ever happened between them. There had never been any hint of them becoming more than friends before tonight but now they were turning a corner in their friendship that was making everything far more intimate and it was exciting for both of them, but also a little scary at the same time.

“We can stop if you want,” Chloe offered. As one of the few girls there who was still sober, Chloe felt a responsibility to not do anything any of them would regret, especially with Ariel and Ava in the states they were in.

“No! Don’t stop mmmmm it feels really good Chloe,” Ariel smiled. “I just never thought you’d be playing with my boobs! I like how you’re touching them. Mmmm I never thought this would ever really happen but I really did think about this sometimes. I want you Chloe. I want to fuck you!”

Chloe felt such a naughty tingle from hearing her friend say that. Ariel never talked like that usually. She was always the one holding her and Ava back from doing crazy things and trying to talk sense to them. But Ariel had lost all her inhibitions now and Chloe loved this side of her friend.

She had never seen Ariel like this before and it turned Chloe on so she continued to explore Ariel’s awe inspiring chest, roaming her hands sensually over her huge breasts and making her friend’s nipples throb with arousal.

“What did you used to think about us doing?” Chloe asked sexily, so curious about what fantasies had lay dormant in Ariel this whole time. “Mmmm what did you want me to do to your sexy body?”

“Oooooh I never really went that far in my thoughts,” Ariel admitted, not believing this was happening or that she was confessing her hidden thoughts like this. “It felt weird to think about you but I’d think about you kissing me and showing me what it was like to be with another girl. I’d think about you seducing me and making me loosen up and see how good it felt as we kissed and took each other’s clothes off. I’d think about you showing me everything you like to do with other girls.”

Ariel’s fantasies about her friends had never been anything she had ever thought she would really pursue. They had just been idle notions about what it would be like to kiss a woman and touch one. Since Chloe was a lesbian it had been natural for her to put her friend into those curious thoughts and sometimes those thoughts had turned into something more as Ariel had wondered what it would be like to really explore with Chloe and kiss and touch her and then have Ava walk in on them and be so shocked at what they were doing until they pulled her in with them and took off her clothes so she could play too.

It hadn’t been like Ariel had ever thought about doing anything to make that happen before tonight. Sure she had imagined what it would be like to be with a girl, but Ariel hadn’t thought she was a lesbian or even bi-curious. It had just been a thought about what it would feel like. She hadn’t wanted to label it or make it more dramatic than it was. She had just wondered what it be like to have sex with another girl and, now that she knew, Ariel only wanted more.

What had happened to her had been absolutely insane and Ariel couldn’t even fully come to terms with it. But she knew she wanted more of it. She had never felt this good in her life. Her body was craving it, the hotter and the naughtier the better and Ariel wanted it from Chloe. Chloe might have been her friend and this would definitely change things between them, but it was nothing compared to what Ariel had already done tonight.

“That’s so hot,” Chloe said, thinking about what it might have been like to teach Ariel about being with a woman. It wasn’t like she had a lot of experience herself since she had only been with a few girls before tonight but the thought of being a guide to lesbian lovemaking for her beautiful friend aroused Chloe in a way she had never expected to feel for Ariel.

Before tonight Chloe had never had any real fantasies about her friends. Sure she’d noticed how beautiful girls like Ariel and Ava and Bella were. How could she not? But appreciating their beauty was one thing and wanting to have sex with them was another.

Being a lesbian didn’t mean she wanted to sleep with every hot girl she knew. At least that had been how she had thought before arriving here. Seeing how all these girls at the mansion connected with each other through beautiful, sensual sex was making her question whether she should have been trying to connect with her female friends the same way this whole time.

Sure there had been a time or two where Chloe had allowed herself a dirty thought about showing her friends why she was a lesbian and why it felt so good to be with women. But that hadn’t been anything she had ever wanted to do anything about. Chloe had felt way more comfortable fantasizing about Alyssa than any of her friends.

But now everything had changed. When they had seen what they had seen upstairs, first Ariel had kissed her and then Ava had. Chloe had never expected to ever kiss either of her friends and they had been the ones to initiate it both times.

Chloe had been surprised by the feel of their lips and, feeling so responsible for making them come here and find out the dirty secrets of this place, Chloe had tried to make them stop. She hadn’t wanted to do anything they would regret or hurt their friendship and she hadn’t wanted to take advantage of them in any way.

Yet it had felt so good to kiss them both and she and Ava had already done more than kiss. Chloe still felt a naughty tingle in her body from what had happened and it hadn’t just been from having her fantasy about Alyssa come true. It had also been from how naughty and sexy it had felt to kiss and touch Ava and have her horny blonde friend pull down her panties and go down on her.

Ava had been so raw and totally hadn’t had a clue what she was doing when she had started licking her, but it had still felt amazing. Chloe had really liked feeling her friend’s tongue licking her. She wanted to do more with Ava too and really show that girl a thing or two. And it wasn’t just Ava that Chloe found herself wanting more from.

Chloe had also been kissed by Ariel. It had been so unexpected and while it had been shocking it had also been very enjoyable to feel her friend’s inexperienced but beautiful lips on hers. To find out that Ariel had been having fantasies this whole time about her made Chloe feel more turned on than she had ever expected it would. It made her want to explore with her friend and find out more about just how sexy Ariel Winter could be.

“You’re so beautiful,” Chloe said as she continued to softly explore her friend’s bare breasts. She’d seen Ariel naked before, but never like this. “You have one of the sexiest bodies I’ve ever seen Ariel. But are you sure you want this?”

Chloe knew whatever was making Ariel and Ava act so wild was still having an effect on them. She didn’t want to do anything to hurt her friends or put anything between them at risk. Chloe didn’t know what she would do without her friends and as much as she wanted to be erotic and explore with both of them, she would have given it all up if it had meant their friendship would be ruined.

“I’m so sure,” Ariel immediately assured Chloe. “Ummmm…but are you sure?”

“What? What do you mean?” Chloe asked, not expecting the question. “Of course I’m sure.”

“Well…you saw what…what I did upstairs,” Ariel said, feeling worry not necessarily because of what she had done but because of how much she had liked it. “I know that’s not normal. I know it’s wrong. But I loved it so much Chloe. I don’t want you to think I’m weird or gross. I don’t want you to stop liking me because I was so dirty. I don’t want you to think I’m sick.”

Ariel didn’t have to elaborate on what she was talking about. Chloe had seen so much upstairs when she and Ava had caught the end of the show. It had been absolutely shocking to see Ariel, who had always been so reserved and tightly wound, let go like that. But it hadn’t changed how Chloe had felt. In fact it had made her even more curious to see this wild side of her friend.

“I’d never think that,” Chloe insisted, making sure Ariel saw in her eyes how sincere she was being. “I’d never think you were sick or gross or weird. I mean…I don’t even know what to say about what I saw you doing but it doesn’t change how I feel about you.”

Ariel was so grateful to hear that, that she immediately kissed Chloe right on the lips. It was a very energetic and happy kiss, one that pushed Chloe onto her back on the couch. The two girls giggled as they kissed and touched and let their inhibitions go. Ariel had been so scared that she would be judged and that her friends wouldn’t want anything to do with her anymore that it had been holding her back.

But now she saw she didn’t have to worry and that was such a relief. Because while Ariel recognized that she wasn’t thinking clearly yet, she did know that she didn’t regret anything she had done with Sarah and especially not anything she had done with Shanelle.

Ariel didn’t have to be reminded what a wicked thing she had done. She had lost all of her self-control and done something with her sister that would have gotten both of them in huge trouble if the wrong person ever found out about it. What they had done had been so out of character for them both. Ariel had never let herself go like that and she had never ever considered doing something so kinky and taboo, not with anybody and certainly not with her sister.

But Ariel also knew she not only couldn’t turn back time but that she didn’t want to. What she and Shanelle and Sarah had done might have been wrong. It might have been dirty. It might have been absolutely crazy. But it had felt amazing. And Ariel not only didn’t regret it she wanted to do it again.

Far from being ashamed of what had happened, Ariel felt elated and she wanted to explore these new desires inside her, not just with Shanelle and Sarah but also with one of her best friends, someone she knew she could trust and confide in and someone she wanted to get very naughty with.

“You’re so sexy!” Ariel softly said to Chloe as she put herself on top of Chloe on the couch, their naked bodies touching intimately in a way they never had dared go before. “I…I…I always felt that way about you Chloe! I just was too afraid to admit that I wanted to explore with you and find out what it was like to be with a girl! I thought you wouldn’t want to do it with me because you weren’t into me! But I can’t be quiet about it anymore! I want you Chloe!”

“I want you too Ariel,” Chloe replied with a smile, saying words she had never expected to pass her lips. “You’re so beautiful! I never thought you would be into something like this! I never thought you would be into it.”

Chloe’s mind was still whirling from what had happened to her friends here. Sure they were drunk or high or something but deep down Chloe knew that kind of lust did not just come out of nowhere. You didn’t just have a switch flipped inside you and become a lesbian. Whatever desires Ariel or Ava were showing now had been inside them the whole times and this place was making those lusts break through.

It was so wild to see girls like Ariel and Ava, whom Chloe had assumed were totally straight, be wilder and kinkier than she had ever dreamed of being. It was so thrilling and totally a turn-on to see them like that. And it allowed Chloe to see her friends sexually for the first time too.

She hadn’t ever wanted to do anything to make it awkward or weird between them. But in both cases, it had been Ariel and Ava who had kissed her and had made moves on her. She might have been a lesbian, but her friends were the horny ones toward her and Chloe had no problem giving them what they wanted.

And now she was making out with Ariel and had those huge, beautiful boobs in her face and there was no way that Chloe was going to deny herself this. It wasn’t anything she had sought out but if the opportunity was there for her then she was going to grab it.

“Mmmmm you’re so beautiful!” Chloe said before pushing her face up into her friend’s chest, letting the softness of those big tits rub into her in a very naughty way. “You have the best boobs I’ve ever seen Ariel! I never thought you’d let me kiss them and touch them mmmm or do this to them!”

Ariel could only giggle and moan in giddy energy and pleasure as Chloe began to motorboat her bare tits. Ariel felt such a naughty rush through her body at the feeling of her sexy lesbian friend doing that and she adjusted her position so she was able to better get her chest in Chloe’s face. She lifted herself up more so she could sway her heavy bosom into Chloe and the blonde responded by squeezing and licking and sucking on them, kissing all over Ariel’s already shot and sweaty flesh as she buried her face into them.

“Ooooooh yesssssssss I want this! Mmmmm fuckkkkk oooooooh Chloe! I want you all over my big, fat tits!” Ariel moaned, feeling more comfortable with her own body than she ever had in her life. “Mmmm I’m such a nasty girl now Chloe! Oooooh I was soooooo bad! I was nasty and perverted and I loved it so much! Mmmm I want you too though! I want my hot lesbian friend to fuck me and show me everything she knows about being with a girl!”

Ariel could still feel the after effects of how nasty she’d been. Her asshole had been fucked raw and felt so loose after what she had demanded be done to it. Having two big strap-on cocks stretching her and stuffing her had left her so sore but also wanting more. Her pussy was still soaking wet and Ariel craved more fucking. She wanted to get her sore ass fucked again and she wanted her pussy to be taken so good that she’d come just like she had before and squirt all over from how good it had felt.

Crossing a line with a platonic friend was nothing compared to what she had already done, but it was still a taboo risk for her and Chloe to do this and Ariel knew it. Yet she couldn’t restrain herself. She’d had her first taste of unbridled, crazy sex and she wanted it again and again and again. Ariel wanted Chloe. She wanted Ava. She wanted to fuck all her sexy female friends and then make new hot friends so she could fuck them too.

One attribute Ariel shared with the character she played on Modern Family was that she wanted to learn everything she could about something she was interested in. And right then nothing interested Ariel more than fucking other girls. She had felt her own wild side for the first time and she had loved it. Now she never wanted to stop being dirty and having the kind of kinky fun she had denied herself before.

She knew Chloe could teach her a lot and Ariel wanted to learn everything her friend knew about making love to women. Ariel had never thought she would actually be so intimate with her friend but it seemed so right and natural for them to do this and Ariel felt nothing but desire and confidence in herself. She felt lusted after and wanted and that made Ariel feel so sexy and happy.

“Mmmmm Chloe! Oooooh suck on my big boobs mmmmm fuckkkk your wet lips feel so good on them! Mmmmm kiss them and lick them and suck on them!” Ariel moaned, rubbing her breasts into her friend’s face and adoring how Chloe reacted to them. “Make me feel good Chloe! Oooooh you’re such a good friend!

“Mmmmhmmm and now that you’re a lesbian like me, I’m going to show you how good a friend I can be,” Chloe promised, pulling her face up from the heaven that was Ariel Winter’s chest to get some air make sure her friend knew how much she wanted her. “I’m going to fuck you Ariel! I’m going to show you and Ava and all our friends why I love girls so much! Mmmm you won’t ever be able to get enough of it, just like I can’t!”

The truth was Chloe didn’t know what the future held. Her friends were drunk and she wasn’t. She didn’t know what would happen once their heads cleared. Would they still want her? Would they still have desire for women? Would Ariel and Ava regret the taboo things they had done? Chloe had no idea and she didn’t want to rush things and find out. She was going to just enjoy the moment instead.

Chloe might never have fantasized about her friends much in the past but she was not about to reject an opportunity like this. Part of her brain was telling her to wait until Ariel had sobered up so she couldn’t take advantage of her. But Chloe ignored it. She might have been sober, but she was so horny and Ariel was so beautiful.

Being with Alyssa had only ignited Chloe’s desires. Being with a woman as beautiful and skilled and experienced as Alyssa had given Chloe the best orgasm of her young life. She had never come that hard before and she wanted to feel it again and again. She was still soaking wet and she wanted to fuck Ariel, even if her friend wasn’t in a clear and sober mind and even if this wasn’t quite right. Chloe couldn’t resist her friend’s amazing body, especially those huge tits.

“Mmmmmm your boobs are so amazing Ariel!” Chloe moaned as she smothered herself with the soft flesh pillows while Ariel rubbed them in her face. “I would sneak peeks at them sometimes when we would be changing at the gym but I never thought I would touch them! Mmm they’re so soft and they’re so big! I love them!”

Ariel loved hearing that. Having such large breasts made her so insecure sometimes. She felt uncomfortable being stared at by guys and having people think she was only tits and ass. That made her feel so shy and had made her hate her own body at times. But getting compliments on her body, not just from Chloe but also from Sarah and, especially, Shanelle, made her feel confident and sexy.

Ariel liked that a lot. She liked feeling she had a body to be proud of. It made her want to flaunt herself more and make guys drool over her big tits and ass because they’d never be able to get it. She was only into women now and Ariel had never felt happier as she let Chloe motorboat her tits and thought back to how naughty she’d been with Shanelle and Sarah.

“Oooooh Chloe mmmmm yesssss suck on my big boobs! Make them wet mmm I love rubbing them into your pretty face!” Ariel sighed in pleasure and desire. “I should have been playing with you this whole time! Mmmm I’ve been holding my slutty side in and I’ve gotta let it loose! Oooooh fuck I love being nasty!”

“Mmmm you were soooo nasty with Shanelle,” Chloe moaned, remembering what she had seen in the bedroom and how much her friend had loved it. “That was so hot! I never knew you could be that dirty Ariel and I loved it! I loved seeing you get your hot ass fucked!”

Chloe and Ava had only gotten into the bedroom to see the grand climax of what Ariel had done. They had expected to find their straight-laced friend screaming at her sister and had even worried that Ariel had stormed out of the mansion and that they would have to go find her. But what they had seen had stunned them both because they had never expected Ariel would be capable of something so dirty.

To see their friend naked and being fucked up the ass by not one, but two girls had been so crazy. Ariel had never acted like that before or even given any hint that she could. But there she had been, getting fucked hard and nasty and deep and loving it. And it had been so much kinkier than even just the debauched act of having two cocks up her ass because one of the girls doing the fucking had been Ariel’s sister.

If she hadn’t just seen Ava do nasty things with her mom, Chloe never would have been able to believe her own eyes when she had seen Ariel taking it up the ass from Shanelle. She had seen two friends who she never would have ever dreamed would be into girls commit incest and Chloe’s brain still couldn’t fully accept it. But she sure liked what she had seen.

Chloe had never thought anyone could do something like that for real. Sure she’d had a few fantasies about Alyssa where she’d been joined in her dreams by Rose and Holly. Chloe had liked to imagine that she was a young witch being shown naughty magic by the Charmed sisters as all of them enjoyed all of each other’s bodies. But those had just been fantasies and none of them were real sisters.

What she had seen her friends to had been the craziest things she had never witnessed and Chloe was shocked by how much she had enjoyed it. Yes, it was wrong and sinful but she knew Ariel and Ava weren’t deviants or sickos or weirdo inbred people. They were her beautiful friends and now she knew just how hot and naughty they could be. Seeing these secret sides of her friends turned Chloe on immensely and she wanted them both so much now.

Right then Ava was very busy with Bella though and that was just fine for Chloe because it meant she had Ariel all to herself as she fondled and kissed and sucked on her friend’s huge tits. Seeing them in the flesh had always taken Chloe’s breath away even before she had really started to lust for Ariel but nothing compared to being able to press her face to them and squeeze them with her hands.

Chloe had never been with a girl who had such big tits. Alyssa’s tits had been so amazing but Ariel’s blew everyone else away. Chloe moaned and giggled as her friend’s giant boobs jiggled in her face and she indulged in them the best way she knew how. She continued to caress them with her free hand, roaming all over the big, fleshy mounds as she moved her lips back and forth between Ariel’s nipples.

She’d suck and kiss all over them, wetly slurping on Ariel’s erect nipples and her dark pink areolas. And every moan she got from Ariel made Chloe do it more. This was so hot and sexy and Chloe loved having her friend’s tits in her face. Chloe knew full well why they hadn’t done this before but she still wished they had.

They were the best boobs she had ever seen and Chloe couldn’t get enough of them. She loved being on her back on the couch with Ariel pressed to her, smooshing those big tits in her face and letting her shove her face into them and worship them like they deserved to be. Chloe moaned and slurped and licked and kissed and loved every second of it as one hand fondled the heavy flesh in her face and the other one moved down, almost of its own volition, and fondled Ariel’s ass.

“Mmmmm yesssssss I’ll bet you were checking me out this whole time, weren’t you, Chloe?” Ariel sighed happily as she felt Chloe’s soft, gentle hand caressing her tender, well-fucked ass. “Mmmm you were being a total perv, weren’t you? Checking out my big ass and my huge boobs! Oooooh I’d had no idea Sarah had been doing that to me the whole time so I’m sure you were too! Yessss mmmmm squeeze my butt Chloe! You saw how nasty I was! Mmmm I was such a bad girl by letting Shanelle and Sarah both fuck it! Did you ever do that with a girl Chloe? Did you ever let one of them fuck your ass? Mmmm I did it with two girls!”

In her intoxicated state, Ariel was happily bragging about all the nasty things she had done and was so eager to share with anyone listing how it had made her hot to be an incestuous whore and push her limits beyond anything she had ever considered herself capable of. She loved what had happened and that she had done it. She felt no regrets and it thrilled her that Chloe was into it.

“Ooooh yes I saw it! I never thought you would be so naughty Ariel!” Chloe admitted. “It was so hot and kinky! I’ve never let anyone play with my ass before. Did it feel good?”

Chloe had been curious about anal sex of course. And if Alyssa had wanted her virgin ass, Chloe knew she would have given it up to her without a second thought and she still totally would though. She had never actually done anything, though, except play with her own tight hole a few times when masturbating. So Chloe had been shocked and turned on to see Ariel taking it up the ass in such a freaky way and handling it like a champion.

“Yesssssssss it felt so fucking good!” Ariel moaned, savoring the memory of how big those two plastic cocks had felt stuffing her asshole and how hard it had made her come. She had never come close to ever feeling anything that good and it had made her squirt everywhere, something Ariel hadn’t ever thought she was capable of. “Mmmm I loved getting my fat ass fucked! You can do it to me if you want Chloe! Mmmm you can bend me over and fuck my big butt and make me come from it like a naughty friend! I want you and Ava to fuck me like Shanelle and Sarah did! I’m so glad you saw it and that you liked it!”

“I loved it,” Chloe said, loving even more how her friend’s boobs tasted as they hung over her face and she suckled on them eagerly while still caressing Ariel’s ass. “It was so nasty to see you and Shanelle be like that! Mmmm I loved seeing it and I loved seeing Ava do it with her mom!”

“I want to see that too,” Ariel confessed, happy that she wasn’t being judged for her own wicked desires and so turned on that Ava had been an incestuous slut too. “I want to watch them fuck and I want to join in! Ooooh I want to fuck Shanelle and have Ava fuck Heather and we can swap and fuck each other and you can join in too! Oh Chloe! I just want it all so much!”

Ariel’s heart was thumping with excitement and adrenaline. She had never been this wired in her life and she knew it was going to take a lot of orgasms to get her steady again. So she pulled her breasts away from Chloe and instead kissed her friend passionately on the lips, making sure she and Chloe enjoyed each other’s tongues as their friendship turned into something erotic.

“I want you most of all though,” Chloe smiled sexily, eager to cross this line with Ariel.

Ariel felt the same way. Her pulse was racing and she looked down at her beautiful friend and admired what she saw. Chloe looked so sexy nude. Ariel might have been curious about Chloe before but she had never thought they’d ever do anything and now she had Chloe completely naked and looking so beautiful with her firm little tits on display. Ariel couldn’t help but look lower too and she moaned when she saw how wet her friend’s pussy was.

Chloe’s little blonde landing strip was soaked and messy with her arousal and Ariel hungered to taste it. Every desire she had ever kept pent up inside her because she was too afraid to let go and be sexual was raging wildly now and Ariel never wanted to resist her own horniness again.

“Oh yeah? Mmmm what do you want to do to me?” Ariel asked, wanting to hear Chloe say it.

“Mmmmm I want to fuck you Ariel,” Chloe replied with eagerness, happy to play the game. “I want to fuck my hot friend.”

And Chloe showed how much by sliding her pussy right against Ariel’s. This was the perfect position for them to do a little scissoring and Chloe knew it. So she maneuvered herself so hers and Ariel’s crotches were touching and both of them moaned when their wet, swollen slits touched. Both of them were so aroused and sensitive after the fun they had enjoyed, but they both wanted more as the lips of their pussies kissed wickedly.

“Oooooh really? I thought you only wanted Alyssa?” Ariel teased while moaning from how good it felt to feel the slick, swollen slit of her friend’s vagina against hers.

“I did! I still do! Mmmm but I also want you!” Chloe said, showing her experience by taking the lead and rubbing herself into Ariel, the soft, dark fur of her friend’s pussy tickling her skin and making her feel all good and squishy. “Mmmm I don’t just one girl. I want all of them now! Especially you Ariel! Mmmm but are you sure you want me? I thought you only liked to do dirty things with your sister.”

Ariel blushed from Chloe teasing her like that but she didn’t mind it. She knew it was only playful and it made her so wet to know it had turned Chloe on to see her be so nasty with Shanelle and Sarah. One was her biological sister and the other one was so close to her that she might as well have been and they had both fucked Ariel. She had gone so wild and nasty and it was so hot that Chloe liked it.

“I want to do everything to everyone,” Ariel answered, moaning the whole time from the growing force of their scissoring. “Mmmmm there are so many hot girls here and I want to fuck them all just like Shanelle does! I want you most though!”

And when Ariel said that, Chloe remembered something her friend had said to her the other night when she had felt so helpless. Chloe hadn’t been getting any response to her sexts to Alyssa and she had felt like such a loser. She had felt like her fantasies were never going to come true. But Ariel had been there to comfort her and tell her how beautiful she was and how much she deserved to be loved, which were words that had meant a lot to Chloe.

“Do you mean it?” Chloe asked, moaning too from feeling those warm, wet lips rubbing into hers, while she had Ariel’s lush bush against her little landing strip, and could feel their juices mixing together so naughtily. “Mmmmm when you said the other night that I was hotter than Ava did you mean that too? Like for real?”

Chloe didn’t know why this was important to her but it was. She had always felt plain next to someone like Ava who was born from perfect Heather Locklear DNA and seemed destined to be a model. She’d never minded that. It was just a fact of life. But as much as she loved her friend, Chloe was happy that Ariel was with her and not Ava right then.

“Mmmmhmmmm,” Ariel confirmed, the wetness of her pussy growing as the pleasure became more intense from their slick, horny pussies grinding together and their hard clits starting to touch. “Ooooooh Chloe! You’ve always been the one I’ve thought of! Mmmmm Ava is hot but you’re special! If Alyssa doesn’t see that I sure do! Mmmm fuck me Chloe! I don’t want to just be friends with you anymore! You’re so hot! I need more!”

And Chloe was definitely interested in a lot more. Ariel had never been more beautiful to her than she was right then, all naked and lost in lust. Ariel had always held so much back, eager to slip into the background in their group but now she was front and center and Chloe was filled with desire for her gorgeous friend. Her big boobs were softly swaying as they scissored and Chloe loved seeing the way Ariel’s beautiful face contorted in pleasure from what they were doing.

“You’re so sexy,” Chloe moaned, bringing both of her hands now to Ariel’s wonderfully round ass, squeezing her friend’s plump cheeks while guiding her body so their pussies could rub together more. “Mmmmm your pussy is so warm and wet baby! I love feeling how turned on you are for me! Oooooh yesssss mmmmmm this is so fucking good! Fuck me Ariel! Ooooh do it to me right here like this mmmm I want to make you come and do this with you all the time now!”

Ariel wanted that so much. Her head was awash with erotic thoughts. She hadn’t been a virgin when she had arrived here but after what she had done upstairs it was like she’d had sex for the first time. She felt more alive and more in touch with her own body than she ever had before and Ariel wanted to explore every one of her new desires, not just by illicitly sneaking around with Shanelle but by playing with her beautiful lesbian friend too.

“Mmmmm yessssss show me how you do it!” Ariel moaned, feeling her own body sexily jiggle as she pressed herself on top of Chloe and made sure their pussies could rub together with even more force. “Teach me how to be a hot lesbian like you Chloe! Show me how girls are supposed to fuck! Oooooh Chloe! I’m SO glad you brought us here!”

Chloe just hoped that Ariel would feel the same way once she sobered up. She’d been afraid that she had ruined Ariel and Ava’s lives by bringing them here but at least for now they were thanking her for what she had done. Chloe didn’t want that to change but she tried not to think about it. She could worry about that later. Right now she had to live in the moment.

And that moment was a wonderful one with Ariel on top of her and her friend’s soaking wet pussy pressed to hers. The wetness and heat coming from Ariel’s hot cunt made Chloe feel so good. She knew her own pussy was soaked and Chloe wanted to rub it hard right back into Ariel. Fucking Alyssa had been so amazing and Chloe wanted to do it again and again and again but she also wanted to get at everyone else too, especially her friends.

All the girls here seemed to sleep around with whatever girl they wanted to. No one was tied down. Everyone was having fun and feeling good. Chloe loved that and she wanted to feel the same thing, especially with Ariel.

“Mmmm I’ll teach you everything I know Ariel,” Chloe promised. “Ooooooh yessss mmmmmm yesssssss rub your pussy into mine baby! Mmmmm fuck your naughty gay friend! Mmmm I want to feel our juices mixing together so we can lick each other clean!”

“Oh yes! That sounds amazing!” Ariel declared, eager to try every pleasure they could think of. “Fuck me Chloe! Make me gay like you! Oooooh let’s both by dirty lesbian sluts and fuck and lick mmmmmm and come sooooo many times we won’t be able to think straight!”

Ariel knew she wasn’t thinking straight right then and she didn’t care. In fact she never wanted to be clear-headed or rational ever again. She just wanted to fuck and be horny and dirty. It felt incredible to have Chloe’s hot, squishy pussy rubbing into hers. Feeling their tender slits pressing together and grinding into one another was such a sexy rush and Ariel especially loved feeling her friend’s juices getting into her own messy pussy and making her even wetter.

Ariel had never scissored before but it wasn’t hard for her to get the concept of it with ease. It never took her long to figure out how to do things and Chloe was an excellent teacher. Ariel loved being on top and feeling Chloe’s hands squeezing her butt and guiding her. It was easy for them to get into a rhythm with each other. Chloe showed her how to do it and the pleasure guided her the rest of the way as Ariel further embraced the new slutty side of herself that had been unleashed by fucking her hot friend.

“Ooooooh fuckkkk mmmm so hot! Sooooo wet! Oooooooh mmmmm sooooooo fucking squishy!” Ariel gasped and groaned from the friction of their aroused pussies rubbing together as they kept on scissoring on the couch. “It feels so good Chloe! Mmmmm ooooh my God I see why you’re a lesbian now! Mmmm doing it with girls is SO much better than guys! Mmmm yesssss keep rubbing me Chloe! Oooooh rub our wet, squishy pussies together and make me gay like you! Make me only want to fuck girls! Mmmm ooooh my God show me all your tricks so I can learn!”

Truthfully, Chloe didn’t have many “tricks” since she might have been a lesbian but she was definitely still inexperienced. But she liked feeling like the teacher here. She liked showing Ariel what she knew felt good and she loved turning her straight friends into lesbians too. Guys didn’t deserve women as hot as her friends. Chloe didn’t know how they’d feel once the sun rose but for the moment Ariel was gay like her and Chloe only wanted to encourage her.

“Mmmmm yesss this feels soooo good!” Chloe grunted, loving feeling Ariel’s sexy weight pressing down on her and seeing those big tits jiggle as they were all shiny and wet from her sucking and licking them before. “You can’t do this with a guy Ariel! Mmmm only with hot girls! Another girl is so much hotter than a guy could ever be! We never get tired or get soft! We can just keep fucking over and over again and coming so many times we lose our minds from it! Mmmm this is why I’m a lesbian Ariel! Girls have such better bodies and they can go all night without stopping! I’m going to fuck you so good and make you want me all the time!”

Ariel wanted to tell her friend that they were already at that point and she wanted Chloe so badly. She had never really understood how her friend could be so obsessed with Alyssa Milano before but now Ariel totally got it.

How could women not want the pleasure of other women? How could they not want beautiful breasts and hot, round asses and tight, sweet pussies? Ariel was so happy that she was never going to need a guy again when she had such beautiful women in her life to fuck and now.

But she didn’t say any of that. Instead she did something better. Ariel leaned down and passionately kissed Chloe. She pressed their naked bodies together, letting her big tits smoosh into Chloe’s perky little rack as they made out with sensual, desire-filled tongue kisses and continued to scissor their pussies together.

And Chloe totally got the message from that erotic act. There was nothing else they needed to say and their kisses did all the talking for them. The two teenagers greedily made out, neither of them wanting to let the other’s tongue get away. Their lips and wet tongues pressed together over and over again as they made out, pausing only for brief breaths and happy moans as their wet pussies mashed together, grinding into each other and making their clits swell up more and more.

“Yesssssssssss fuck me! Ooooooh fuck me Ariel! Mmmmm your pussy feels so fucking good on mine!” Chloe breathlessly gasped before kissing her friend again. “Mmmm rub it into me harder! Yessss that’s how you do it! Ohhhhhhh fuck yes! Mmmm feel how my clit is aching for you Ariel! Oooooh I love feeling our clits kissing mmmmm yesssss rub it into me Ariel and we can both come so good from this!”

“Ohhhhh yeahhh I want it! Mmmm I need it sooooo much!” Ariel groaned, her words coming out short of breath too before she resumed kissing Chloe. “I’ve been holding back forever! I never want to do that again! Mmm I only want to fuck! This feels amazing Chloe! Oooooh I love fucking you! Mmmmm fuckkk yesssss rub your clit into mine Chloe! Show me how lesbos do it! Oooooh fuck your kinky, slutty friend and make me feel good!”

As their lips connected again in another feverish tongue kiss, Ariel let her hands really explore Chloe’s body in earnest. She loved feeling Chloe’s hands on her ass, squeezing and massaging her cheeks while unintentionally reminding her what a dirty girl she’d been by getting her ass double fucked. Chloe’s soft hands made Ariel eager to touch too and she had this great body there for her to play with so she took advantage.

Even though they were pressed together as they kissed and scissored, Ariel was still able to get her hands on Chloe. She massaged her hands all over Chloe’s beautifully small breasts, feeling them fill her palm with their teenage firmness and loving how hard her friend’s erect nipples were. Ariel loved feeling them poke into her hands and she got such a kick out of knowing she was turning Chloe on.

Ariel didn’t just keep her hands on Chloe’s tits either. Not when she could also run them over Chloe’s firm tummy. Ariel had always been a little jealous of Chloe’s fit body. She’d felt so big next to her but now she could feel those abs and that tight stomach Chloe worked so hard on at the gym at the same time Chloe was squeezing her big butt and telling her how hot her body was. Ariel loved hearing that. It made her feel even more confidence because while their body types couldn’t have been more different, they both wanted each other so much.

It didn’t matter if you were big and curvy or lithe and lean. It only mattered that things felt good and things felt amazing right then. Ariel knew Chloe wanted her and she sure as hell wanted Chloe. Their desire was all that mattered and it fueled their fun as they kissed and touched and moaned for each other, their wet teenage cunts scissoring together on the couch as their friendship turned into lust.

“Mmmmm you’re so sexy Ariel! I love your hot body so much! Oooooh I wish I looked like you,” Chloe sighed in desire, loving those ass cheeks in her hands and the way Ariel’s big boobs bounced as they scissored. “Mmmmm I’m so happy we’re doing this! Mmmmm I never thought we would but it feels so good! Fuck me Ariel! Fuck my wet little lesbian pussy so we can get soooo juicy and come so good!”

The more they scissored into each other, the more turned on they became. Chloe had already done this with a girl before and Ariel was getting more into it with every passing moment she felt Chloe’s wetness pressed up against hers. It was so hot to feel the slippery softness of her friend’s pussy lips and every time their clits made contact it made Ariel gasp and moan.

They moaned and kissed and rubbed together with both of them getting off on the motion of their bodies. Each of them was focused on the other’s pleasure and it made both of them feel so good. They were letting out little whimpers and moans of pleasure and the sounds got louder as Ariel got bolder and picked up the pace, using her position on top to rub her pussy harder against Chloe’s. That made Chloe writhe on the couch in happiness, causing it to start to rock a little.

But as good as this felt, Chloe wanted more. She wanted to taste Ariel. She had denied herself the chance to be bold and naughty with her friends for too long and if this was going to be the only time they did this, then Chloe was going to make sure she got her taste before Ariel sobered up and regretted what was happening.

“Mmmmm Ariel I need to lick you,” Chloe sighed in need, letting her friend know how much she wanted it. “I want to taste you! You want to taste me too? Mmmm we can 69 if you want!”

Ariel hadn’t even considered that idea but she immediately liked the sound of it.

“Ohhhh yesssss mmmm you kinky girl!” Ariel breathlessly moaned, still moving her strong hips against Chloe so they could passionately scissor each other. “That sounds so hot! Mmmm you tasting me while I taste you! Ooooh both of us coming in each other’s mouths!”

“Mmmmmhmmmm fuck yeahhh that’s what I want so much!” Chloe replied, the friction of Ariel’s wet, furry pussy rubbing into hers driving her so crazy with need and lust. “I want to put my face into that hot little pussy of yours and lick you! I want to taste all your cum and swallow that yummy cream! And I want you to do it to me! I can’t believe I’m saying this to you but I want it! Mmm I want you to lick me and taste me and find out how sweet I am! I want you to lick me like you like licking your sister!”

Just hearing Chloe say that made Ariel blush over the reminder of what she had done and how much she had liked it. Having Shanelle’s taboo pussy in her face had been so nasty and wrong and it had been the hottest thing she had ever felt. But she knew Chloe would be so hot too. Ariel began to hunger for her friend’s flavor. She had no idea what Chloe tasted like but she knew it would be good.

She wanted to experience everything. Ariel loved the idea of her and Chloe naked with their faces pressed in each other’s crotches and she wanted to do it so nasty and fun and come with her friend so they both could swallow each other. So she didn’t hesitate to do it even though it meant moving her pussy away from Ariel’s.

“Mmmmmmmm let’s fucking do it!” Ariel moaned. “I want it too! Oooooh you’re right! This is so crazy! I can’t believe we’re doing this either! But it feels so good Chloe! Fuck me! Ooooh put your tongue in my pussy and lick me and make me come like you made those other girls come! Put your tongue in my pussy and lick me until I’m all fucking lesbo and creamy!”

Ariel liked being on top and she didn’t change that as she shifted positions. She just picked herself up and turned herself around, keeping Chloe flat on her back on the couch as she lay on top of her in the classic 69 position, lining up her pussy with Chloe’s mouth while she brought her own face to Chloe’s waiting wetness.

And before Chloe could even make the first move, Ariel beat her to it. Chloe’s pussy looked so beautiful. Her little wispy blonde curls in her landing strip were so messy from them grinding together and Ariel went right after it with a real hunger for her friend. Before Chloe could lick her, Ariel started getting her tongue going as she lashed at her friend’s pussy and got the first taste all for herself.

The surprise of that made Chloe shiver in ecstasy and she paused her own planned tongue action to enjoy the rush that shot through her from Ariel’s thirsty tongue attacking her wetness. And that gave Ariel a chance to follow up that first lick with a series of them until she was bathing Chloe’s pussy with her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh my Goddddd ohhhhhh Arielllllll!” Chloe cried. “I can’t believe you’re actually doing it! Ohhhh fuck you’re actually going down on me! Mmmmmm yesssss I love it! It feels sooooo good! Ohhhh my God yesssss!”

And Ariel was just as thrilled with her own actions. She hadn’t planned on going first but the sight of that delicious wet pussy had been too much for her and she had just started licking away without a second thought.

She loved her friend’s taste and Ariel loved her own boldness too. She knew she could never be shy and just wait for things to happen anymore. She had to be an instigator and make it happen for her. Ariel wanted Chloe’s pussy and that was just what she was going to get.

But Ariel also wanted something too and she wasn’t above teasing her friend about it.

“So are you going to lick me too or what?” Ariel laughed, rubbing herself into Chloe’s face to make sure her friend got the message. “Are you all talk about being this sexy lesbo Chloe? Mmmm are you the kind of girl who just takes Christmas presents without giving any back?”

Chloe was certainly not that kind of girl. In fact she was very generous with her giving nature and Ariel’s teasing snapped her out of her haze and brought her back to full participation. She was definitely a very giving girl and she wanted to make sure Ariel knew it. So Chloe started licking right back and loving the taste that immediately soaked her tongue as she pushed into her friend’s pink pussy.

“Ooooooh Chloe!” Ariel cooed when the girl started giving it to her. “Mmmmm yesssss yessssss ooooh lick me!”

Hearing that soft sound of pleasure from her friend was such a rush for Chloe. She loved knowing that she was making Ariel feel good. The feel of Ariel’s budding lesbian tongue made for such a hot sensation throughout Chloe’s horny body and she channeled that into tongue fucking Ariel right back. She had never dreamed they would cross this line but the forbidden nature of it made it so much more exciting.

“Mmmmm you taste so good Ariel,” Chloe moaned as she licked, delighting in how naughty it was to have the flavor of one of her best friends on her tongue. “Oh Ariel! Mmmm your pussy is so yummy! Fuck my face mmmm I want to taste all of you!”

And Ariel badly wanted that too. Being licked by a woman had been one of the best things she had ever felt and she knew she was going to want it all the time. It had woken her up to all the pleasure that was out there for the taking. She wanted to be licked. She wanted to be fucked. And she wanted it done to her by hot girls who knew just what they were doing.

She had only been with one guy and he hadn’t gone down on her during their awkward, fumbling encounter. So what Sarah had done to her upstairs had been absolutely incredible. Ariel had never known just how good it could be to have her pussy eaten and Sarah had used all her experience to make her feel good, just like Chloe was now. Chloe might not have had had Sarah’s experience yet, but it felt so incredible to have her friend’s tongue lapping at her slit and licking up all her juices.

“Yessssssssssss taste me! Oooooh lick me Chloe!” Ariel urged. “Fuck! That feels so good! Mmmmm ohhhh my Goddddd ooooooh your tongue on my slit mmmmmm FUCKKKK OHHHHHH YESSSS RIGHT ON MY CLIT OOOOOOOOH!”

Chloe had found her spot and had gone after her clit with hungry licks that made Ariel shake on top of her blonde friend in their 69 on the couch. Ariel cried out from the intensity of the pleasure that suddenly rushed through her as Chloe’s tongue worked her clit over, bathing it and making it swell up even more. But it also reminded her that she had a job to do.

Ariel had chided Chloe for ignoring her pussy, but now she was doing the same to her friend and Ariel didn’t want to be like that. This was such a perfect position for mutual pleasure because you could give and receive at the same time and Ariel got back to it, pressing her inexperienced but horny lips to Chloe’s slit so she could kiss the wetness. That made Chloe sigh happily and Ariel immediately followed it up with hot licks against her friend’s slit, tonguing her folds and making sure she got to Chloe’s clitoris too.

“Ooooooh mmmm yessss right there oooooh you’re learning so fast!” Chloe groaned erotically in between licks. “Mmmmm fuck me Ariel! Eat my pussy you big lesbo perv! Ooooh I had no idea you could be so naughty Ariel but I love it! Mmmm eat me out while I eat you!”

The two girls moaned and cooed and lapped away at each other, their faces pressed right to each other’s pussies as they rocked in their 69 on top of the couch. It was a new position for both of them but one they both enjoyed immensely as they pleasured each other with thirsty licks and sucks of each other’s crotches. They were both so wet for each other and their bodies were sexily fused together as they fucked and worked to make each other come.

Chloe was pinned under her voluptuous friend and she loved it. She loved feeling like she was going to get smothered by Ariel’s thick thighs just like she had wanted it when she’d been motorboating Ariel’s huge boobs. Her pussy tasted so good and Chloe was getting off on being held down by Ariel’s hot teen body.

Chloe licked and kissed and sucked at Ariel’s needy pussy as the heat of her core was pressed right to her mouth and she felt Ariel’s furry bush tickling erotically against her face reminding how naughty she was being with a friend she had once thought was too shy and repressed for her to ever fuck.

But she wasn’t just giving pleasure. Chloe was receiving it too and everything Ariel was doing to her felt amazing. Chloe moaned and writhed underneath her friend in their 69, grinding her bare ass into the couch cushions and feeling that hot body pressing down on her so sexily while Ariel ate her pussy. Chloe could feel with every moment Ariel’s mouth was on her how much her friend wanted her and that made it so hot as Chloe furthered things by taking her fingers and running them over Ariel’s slit while she licked her.

“Oooooooh yesssss mmmmm fuckkkkk show me how to do it right!” Ariel begged as she moaned out in happiness from the additional stimulation and mimicked Chloe by rubbing her fingers against her friend’s slit at the same time. “Oooooh! Oooooh mmmm yes! Get your fingers inside me Chloe! Mmmm I’ll do it to you too! Am I doing it right? Am I making you feel good?”

Ariel didn’t want to disappoint Chloe. When she did something she wanted to be good at it but Ariel knew that sex was something she was going to need a lot of practice in, especially hot lesbian sex. She wanted to be great at it. Ariel wanted to be able to please hot girls and make them come. She wanted to fuck Chloe and make her want her all the time. Ariel wanted Chloe to want her as much as she wanted Alyssa. So she was so eager to please her.

“Yessssssssss oooooh you’re making me feel so good!” Chloe moaned back. “You’re doing such a good job! Mmmm lick me! Finger me! Ooooh soon you’ll be a total lesbian like me Ariel! Mmmm yesss your body is soooo hot! I love doing this with you!”

“Mmmm yeah? You like my big butt in your face Chloe? Does that make your juicy gay pussy all wet for me?” Ariel moaned, losing herself in the moment as she felt her confidence surge thanks to being able to pleasure her friend. Her whole body was tingling and Ariel wanted Chloe to feel the same way.

“Fuck yes!” Chloe cried, tossing her head back from the pleasure of Ariel’s fingers sliding into her vagina to fuck her and rub against her clit while she licked her at the same time. “Mmmm I love your big butt Ariel! I love all of you! Ooooh your big tits and your butt turn me on! I love your wet, hairy pussy in my fucking face and I love the way you taste! You have such an incredible body and I want to fuck you all the time now!”

Ariel loved hearing that. It turned her on so much to have her body complimented by such a gorgeous girl. It was one thing to hear it from Shanelle or Sarah. They had to love her and say nice things to her. But to hear it from Chloe was like a stamp of approval. Chloe only wanted hot girls and knowing she was hot enough for her friend made Ariel feel so good.

“Yesssss yessss ooooooh we can do it all the time now!” Ariel agreed, working her fingers into Chloe’s snug folds just like the girl was doing to her. “Mmmm we can fuck whenever we want! Ooooh this is so fucking good! Mmmm yeahh you’re so hot and naughty Chloe! Oooooh eat my hairy fucking cunt while my big, fat ass smothers your pretty face! Mmmmmm gawd my boobs are squishing up against you and it’s making me so fucking hot! OOOOOH YESSSS MMMMM OH CHLOE FUCKING EAT ME AND MAKE ME COME!”

Ariel had never dreamed she’d say such things to anyone she was having sex with, much less a close friend like Chloe. Ariel had never really talked dirty in her whole life until tonight and it thrilled her to say such bad words. It felt so natural. It felt like she was releasing all her pent up aggression and desire and Ariel got such a rush out of being all naughty by saying such degrading things.

It made Ariel feel like she was being totally bad and getting away with it all. And it wasn’t like she was the only one here doing it. Everyone was saying such wild, dirty words to each other as they fucked at the party and it was rubbing off on Ariel. Shanelle and Sarah had done it to her and it had totally turned Ariel on. And she got even hotter from hearing that Chloe had quite a mouth on her too.

“Mmmmm yesssssss fuckkk mmmm plant your juicy, hairy cunt right in my fucking face Ariel!” Chloe moaned, taking advantage of being on the bottom of their 69 by reaching up and smacking Ariel’s bare ass. “Fuck my face while I fuck yours! Ooooh you were so nasty fucking your own sister and getting your big, fat butt fucked like that! I’m going to make you feel really good too! I’m going to fuck you and make you gay and feed you the lesbo juices from my tiny little fucking twat and make you swallow them and turn you into a gay girl dyke like me! Ooooooh yesssssssssss mmmm fuckkkk eat me Ariel! Mmmmm show me how nasty you are!”

Chloe loved talking dirty with Ariel too. She felt so totally perverted to say things like this and Chloe loved it. She had never been a shy person and had always spoken her mind. But this was a whole other level. She had turned into a XXX version of Hit Girl with the things she was saying and it felt so good. Chloe loved how it felt so dirty and wicked to say such nasty things to a girl she had loved as a friend for years.

Ariel was so sexy. Chloe loved everything about her friend’s curvy, thick body. Feeling those big boobs pressing down on her and rubbing into her flay tummy and being able to smack Ariel’s round ass while she felt those lush dark curls from her steaming hot, wet pussy rubbing into her face made Chloe so hot and horny for her friend. This was so much fun and even if they regretted it later, Chloe wanted to fully indulge in Ariel’s new lust for her.

“Oooooooooh ooooooooh fuckkkk!” Ariel cried, pulling up from Chloe’s crotch with juice all over her shiny lips as she felt the blonde’s hot hand crashing down on her ass. “Oh fuck! Yesss spank me Chloe! Spank me for being a dirty, horny fucking pervert this whole time! Oooooh I was such a horny girl deep down and I never showed it but I totally was! Mmmm oh my God now I’m fucking you and I fucked Sarah and I fucked Shanelle and I never want to stop! Oooooh my own sister fucked my face and fucked my butt and I loved it! Smack my ass Chloe! Ooooh I fucking deserve it!”

Ariel had never been spanked before…at least not sexually. She had seen Sarah and Shanelle do it to each other but she’d never felt the pleasure and it was so hot to have Chloe doing it. Chloe took the encouragement and did it more too, smacking Ariel’s bare bottom and making her buns jiggle as she did it while the two of them kept on fucking each other’s faces.

And it was a new pleasure for Chloe too. She’d never spanked anyone. She hadn’t even planned to do it now. But Ariel’s ass was simply too irresistible. She had seen what Shanelle and Sarah had done to it and Chloe had been shocked that someone could want something so intense and dirty to happen to her. Seeing Ariel come so hard from them double fucking her had made Chloe totally turned on and curious and with Ariel’s ass in her face as she went down on her, it had felt so natural to spank her and make it sting.

Chloe made sure not to do it too hard. As the sober one in this 69 she felt a responsibility to not lose it too much. She wanted to make Ariel feel good and she definitely didn’t want to hurt her, especially given how tender her friend’s ass had to be after taking two cocks inside it.

But even with that in mind, Chloe didn’t hold back. She gave Ariel’s thick, jiggling ass a series of firm smacks, taking care to make sure she didn’t go too hard, but instead give it to her friend just hard enough for Ariel to really be able to feel it.

“Ooooooh yessss do it! Spank me for being so fucking bad!” Ariel cried. “Mmmm Chloe! Yessssss smack my big, fat ass and punish me! Ooooh I was always holding you and Ava back and trying to get you to be boring and repressed like me but I’m never going to do that again! Mmmmm I want all of us to be fucking nasty sluts and fuck each other and any hot girls we want! Oooooh we can always be naked and nasty around each other now! Mmmm slap my ass Chloe! Ooooh spank me for fucking you and fucking my sister and wanting to fuck everyone here! Spank my big ass hard for being such a total slut this whole time ooooooh!”

Ariel felt woozy with pleasure as her ass stung from the hard smacks she was getting. Each one felt better than the last one and every time Chloe spanked her, Ariel moaned right into the soft pinkness of her friend’s hot pussy. She was becoming overcome with desire and Ariel even started drooling into Chloe’s tight folds, her saliva spilling out of her mouth thanks to all the bliss that was soaking her brain.

Ariel began licking even harder, tasting her own saliva along with Chloe’s juices. She added a second finger into her more experienced friend too, bringing the blonde an extra jolt of ecstasy. Ariel had never thought pussy could taste this good but between Chloe and the forbidden flavor of Shanelle it was clear she couldn’t get enough of it.

Working her tongue over Chloe’s swollen pussy lips and lapping at the dripping wet folds as she pressed her face to them, Ariel pleasured her horny friend and got it just as good too. Because Chloe wasn’t just giving her wickedly good smacks to her bottom. She was also sucking on her labia and kissing her pussy in a way that drove Ariel wild.

“Ooooooh Chloe mmmm yesssss mmm fuckkkk lick me while you spank me! Ooooooh yesssss mmmm don’t stop making me feel good!” Ariel begged before pressing her mouth right back to the blonde.

“Mmmm I won’t! I love licking you Ariel!” Chloe replied, tasting the juice off her lips before diving back in for more and making her face messier with the wetness dripping out of Ariel. “You taste so good! Mmmm fuck me! Eat me out and show me all you’re learning about being a lesbian! Mmmmm fuckkkk yesssss oooooh I love your tongue! Mmmm I love your taste! Ooooh I fucking love you Ariel!”

The two girls giggled as Chloe said it. She had blurted out the words without thinking and she hadn’t meant that she was “in love” with her friend. But Chloe cared so much for Ariel and thought she was beautiful. It wasn’t the first time she had professed love for her but it was the first time she’d done it while they were naked. Ariel appreciated the kind words and paid her back by licking Chloe back harder, working out the thirsty longing she had for her friend by tasting as much of Chloe’s pussy as she could.

Even in the state she was in, Ariel knew what Chloe meant. And the feeling was definitely mutual. She loved all her friends. She loved Ava. She loved Bella. She certainly loved Chloe. Their friendships all meant the world to her. But now she could be special friends with them all and that was so hot. Having sex with Chloe was so awesome and it made Ariel experience intense feelings of love too. And Ariel showed it by lapping at Chloe’s folds, swallowing her essence and craving so much more of her.

The two of them nakedly fed off each other’s pussies in their 69. Their bare bodies were locked together like it was so natural for them to turn the love of their friendship into white-hot lust. They rocked back and forth on the couch, with Chloe’s bare back and ass feeling the friction of the velvety fabric of the mansion’s expensive furniture against her skin. Ariel pressed herself down onto her friend with passion, not wanting to move an inch away from Chloe’s pussy or let her friend get an inch away from hers.

They were totally into getting each other off. They didn’t speak for the next hot moments because neither of them wanted to move their faces away from the other’s pussy. Ariel and Chloe just licked and sucked. Chloe used all of the hot tricks she knew to make Ariel feel good and Ariel followed along eagerly, desperate to learn more about how to pleasure a woman and so eager to not only have her own orgasm but taste Chloe’s as well.

Before the night had begun, neither of them would have predicted something like this would happen. They had both thought it was going to be just another typical night of hanging out but a new normal between them was being created, one where their hottest fantasies could come true and where the only thing that mattered was feeling good. Both teenage girls were wild with lust for each other.

Chloe had two fingers going in and out of Ariel while she licked her and she made sure that Ariel’s clit was never far away from her mouth. And Ariel did just as her friend did to her. They were both fingering and licking and sucking on each other and their moans flowed out of their mouths as they rocked together, their naked bodies locked in their 69 and the expensive couch in the living room acting as a den for their desire.

They were so focused on each other that neither of them had any idea that they were being watched. They didn’t hear the little laughs and the sexy teasing over their 69 and they definitely didn’t hear the moans as the two girls watching them intently touched each other, their hands caressing each other’s bare tits and sliding down between the other’s legs so they could touch intimately while playing horny voyeurs to the show Ariel and Chloe were unknowingly putting on.

They had come back downstairs looking for Ariel and not sure what they would find. But with the horny young girl on top of Chloe in their 69 it had been easy to find her amongst the sea of naked, undulating bodies all over the living room and they couldn’t resist. It was impossible to just watch what was happening and not make their presence known.

“Mmmm there you are Ariel mmmm and I see you’re being a VERY naughty girl,” Shanelle said, her mind still intoxicated with punch and lust as she eyed Ariel in a very unsisterly way while her hot body lay atop Chloe’s. “Ooooh I didn’t know where you’d gone but I see you just went right after your best friend’s pussy, didn’t you?”

The sound of her sister’s voice was the only thing that could pull Ariel up from Chloe and she smiled when she saw that not only was Shanelle watching her but Sarah was as well and they were both naked. Ariel never could have imagined she would ever be turned on by them but she was totally in lust with them both, especially the taboo body of her big sister and Ariel raked her eyes over Shanelle, enjoying the view of the married mother’s big tits and the soft fur of her neatly trimmed bush before staring at her sister’s pussy and remembering how she’d just had her face in that crotch.

“Mmmmm yesss I need to keep on fucking!” Ariel moaned, not out of embarrassment or shame but as a declaration of the raw, base need she felt deep inside her. “You two made me into such a slut that I had to do it! I had to fuck Chloe and taste her pussy while I fed her mine! Mmmmm you two did this to me!”

The look on Ariel’s face showed she was mighty glad they had and Shanelle couldn’t resist. She bent down and caressed her sister’s gorgeous teenage face with her hand while pressing her lips to Ariel’s and sensually kissing her. It was soft and tender and definitely very, very wrong. It was so loving but a dirty kind of loving that they knew no one outside of this place would understand even as it turned them both on immensely.

“Mmmmm you’re definitely a slut now Ariel,” Shanelle said with a wicked smile as she tasted Chloe’s juice all over Ariel’s lips. “Just like me! I’m so glad you didn’t wander away too far Ariel! I still have a lot I want to do with my sexy sister!”

She never could have thought herself capable of doing what she had done to Ariel up in Jessica Alba’s bedroom. But Shanelle couldn’t pretend that she hadn’t loved every single second of it. The taboo pleasure had blown her away and she couldn’t stop herself.

Shanelle knew one night was never ever going to enough for her. She needed Ariel. She had loved crossing every single line with her. For years, Shanelle had been a wild child and she’d broken every rule she could, including cheating on her husband, but there had never been anything quite as sweet as fucking her own sister.

So Shanelle was very glad that Ariel was still totally into it too. Chloe and Ava had discovered them in the bedroom and announced themselves after she and Sarah had double fucked her. Ariel had been close to out cold from the ecstasy that had left her squirting all over from two cocks up her ass at the same time and she had been so out of it that Shanelle hadn’t had any idea what Ariel’s reaction would be when her senses came back to her.

Chloe and Ava, at Alyssa’s urging, had spirited Ariel out of the room before anything could be said and Shanelle had been left uncertain about how she and her sister would react to what had happened between them. So she had taken some alone time with Sarah to try and steady her intoxicated mind and think about what the hell she had just done. But the more she had thought about it, the more Shanelle had liked being so wicked. She had loved kissing Ariel. She had loved being licked by her. She had loved fucking her.

Ariel was her sister and Shanelle was supposed to be the one protecting her and taking care of her. There had been so much drama and pain in their lives, which hadn’t been healthy for any of them, and now Shanelle knew she had gone and made things even more intense and crazy between them. But she didn’t regret it.

How could she when what she and Ariel had done had felt so amazing? It had been the sexiest thing she had ever done and Shanelle was still feeling the wonderful effects of their incestuous fun.

Shanelle hadn’t wanted Ariel to regret it. She had wanted her little sister to be turned on and horny for her. She had wanted Ariel to want to do it again and for them to continue their illicit naughtiness behind her husband’s back. So Shanelle had been afraid that Ariel had come to her senses and regretted everything.

Even though Sarah had assured her that there was no way Ariel wouldn’t want more of what she had experienced, Shanelle hadn’t been as convinced. She had been afraid that Ariel would have run off after realizing what she had done and that everything would be ruined between them forever. So it had been a huge relief to find Ariel on the couch licking away at Chloe.

Finding her sister once again eagerly indulging in lesbian lust had convinced Shanelle that everything was going to be okay. So she didn’t hesitate in erotically kissing Ariel and Shanelle was thrilled when Ariel kissed her back without any reservation. Their lips and tongues had met in a lewd and eager kiss and Shanelle had pulled away now convinced that everything had changed for the better.

But Shanelle wasn’t the only one eager for another taste of Ariel and, as soon as she pulled her lips away, Sarah swooped in for a kiss with the beautifully nude teenager. Sarah connected her lips with her co-star’s and Ariel reciprocated without delay, kissing her pretend sister just like she had kissed the real one. Ariel was high on sex and punch and those warm, erotic kisses made everything feel more intense as Chloe kept licking away at her sex.

“Oooooh Sarah mmmmm fuck you naughty girl! You made me so dirty! You and Shanelle both! You made me into such a slut!” Ariel mumbled, her words coming out of her mouth as moans from how good Chloe’s tongue and fingers felt.

“I’d wanted to kiss you for so long,” Sarah replied as she gently ran her fingers through her friend’s hair, caressing her co-star lovingly. “Mmmm I wanted to taste you and fuck you! You were better than I ever dreamed it could be Ariel! You’re so hot and seeing you fuck your friend is making me horny for you all over again! Mmmm we’re going to have so much fun on the set from now on!”

Sarah might have recognized she was drunk as fuck right then but she didn’t care. She was giddy over the possibilities of what was happening here tonight and what it would mean for tomorrow and every day after that. She had wanted Ariel for years. Sarah had watched Ariel develop into a beautiful young woman while lusting after her voluptuous teenage body. She had never thought she would get her like this though.

She had ached to seduce her younger co-star and all her dirtiest fantasies had come true tonight. Sarah had wanted to not just have Ariel but also have her and Shanelle at the same time. She had secretly fantasized about seeing the two sisters cross every line there was but she had never expected to actually get an incestuous show. She had gotten it all though and now Sarah wanted more.

Sarah didn’t care about her boyfriend or even that Shanelle was her secret girlfriend on the side. She just wanted to fuck every last bit of prudishness out of Ariel and make the teen into a naughty nympho just like she was. Sarah wanted to do it all to her friend and even have her help her make her other secret fantasy of seducing Julie Bowen come true too. Sarah hadn’t known what her married co-star would do if one of her on-screen daughters had tried to fuck her but she was sure there was no way Julie could resist her two horny daughters at the same time.

Thinking of turning hers and Ariel’s trailers on the set into little sex dens of iniquity had Sarah’s pussy dripping and she loved being able to kiss Ariel now because she knew it meant the girl was totally into it and that they’d be fucking again. Sarah had so many dirty things she wanted to do with Ariel, with and without Shanelle, and she kissed her co-star wantonly, letting their wet tongues rub together as she eagerly groped Ariel’s big teenage tits.

Ariel moaned into Sarah’s mouth as she was fondled by those eager hands. She was totally out of control and she loved it. Sarah had been someone she had always confided in and trusted like a real sister and now they were making out and Sarah’s hands were squeezing her boobs. Ariel loved it, but Chloe did not.

As Sarah and Shanelle monopolized Ariel’s attention, Chloe was left neglected and she didn’t like that one bit. She pulled her own mouth off of Ariel and while she kept pumping her fingers in and out of her new lover to keep the stimulation of her clit going, she also made sure to demand some attention too.

“Don’t stop fucking me!” Chloe whined, not wanting Ariel’s lips anywhere but on her pussy. “Kiss them later! Fuck me now! Make me come Ariel!”

“Sorry Chloe,” Ariel blushed from being distracted. There were just so many sexy things competing for her focus and it was hard not to gawk at Shanelle and Sarah’s naked bodies and enjoy what great kissers they both were.

“Mmmm yeahh don’t forget about your little friend,” Sarah teased, her eyes drinking in just how hot both girls looked naked and nasty on the couch in their 69. “Lick her tight pussy Ariel! Fuck that little lesbo slut! Mmmm I always wanted to see you two hook up. I liked to dream about your hot young bodies getting naked with each and walking in on you two fucking and making you both do anything I wanted so I wouldn’t tell on you to Shanelle. Mmmmm fuck her Ariel! Eat Chloe’s pretty pussy and put on a show for us.”

“Oh my God you are such a slut,” Shanelle sighed, wondering how she could have not noticed this whole time that her girlfriend had such a nasty crush on her sister.

“Mmmmhmmm and that’s why you love me,” Sarah giggled before giving Shanelle a big kiss, wrapping her arms around her secret girlfriend and smooching her sexily.

They didn’t stay in that position for long, not when they both wanted to check out the show. No longer distracted by naughty kisses, Ariel had gotten back to licking Chloe. She pressed her face back into her friend’s blonde crotch and had resumed tonguing her with eager, hungry licks that made Chloe writhe underneath her. And Chloe had doubled up her attention to Ariel too, fingering and sucking her clit and making Ariel shiver with pleasure as they rocked together on the couch and fucked each other’s faces in their 69.

Sarah and Shanelle loved what they were seeing and Shanelle moaned from all the inappropriate longing she was now feeling. What she and Ariel had done upstairs had been so fucked up but she didn’t want to stop it or even hide it. She wanted all her mansion friends to know that she had just had sex with her own sister. Shanelle even wanted all these famous strangers she had never met to know how wet she was getting for Ariel and her amazing body.

She might have called Sarah a slut, but Shanelle knew she was the slutty one there. She was supposed to be the mature and responsible older sister looking out for what was best for her wealthy, talented younger sister, and making sure no one took advantage of her. But instead she had given into base urges and wanton carnality and done things to Ariel no sister should have. And Shanelle wanted to do them all again and get nasty with Chloe too.

Shanelle had known about Chloe’s sexuality and while she had never had a dirty thought about Ariel before tonight, she’d certainly had them about her sister’s blonde friend. Chloe was such a tight little piece of delicious teen ass and Shanelle had secretly longed for her. She had wanted to take that little lesbo and teach her every dirty thing she knew. She had lusted after Chloe’s tiny little tits and her perfect, firm ass and had wanted to absolutely defile her in the best possible way.

But Shanelle had been insecure at the same time too. She’d been worried about Chloe being into Ariel and that the two of them would hook up. Shanelle hadn’t wanted Ariel to get into girls and make the same mistakes she had made as a teen. She hadn’t wanted her to end up in a place like this and she had been worried that being around an open lesbian like Chloe would do that, even as she had nursed her own inappropriate longings for Chloe’s tight teen body.

Yet, even after all that worrying, they had ended up right here anyway. Ariel had gone full-blown lesbian too and Shanelle had been a reason for it. Now Ariel was fucking Chloe and Shanelle loved what she saw. She shouldn’t have been worrying, Shanelle now realized. She should have been encouraging her teenage sister to fuck girls and Shanelle’s intoxicated mind whirled with the possibilities that this now offered for some very dirty fun.

Chloe was over at the house all the time and Shanelle hoped she had done a good job hiding her true feelings for the girl because she hadn’t wanted any of them to know just how horny she got thinking about her sister’s lesbian friend. When Chloe would come by and hang out in their pool in cute little bikinis, Shanelle would always get so turned on at the thought of cheating on her husband with a sexy teen dyke. But now she didn’t have to hide anything anymore.

“Oh Chloe! Mmmm you dirty little girl! Eat my sister’s pussy!” Shanelle cheered the blonde on. “Make her feel good! Get your pretty face in there and tongue fuck her until Ariel comes! I hope you liked what you saw when you and your friend Ava watched me and Sarah fucking Ariel’s ass! Did you like seeing us be nasty fucking whores? I’ll bet it turned you on, didn’t it? Oooooh I always worried that you were going to try and seduce my sweet, innocent sister and make her a dyke like you! But now I see how hot it is and I want in too! You’ll have to come over for sleepovers a lot now mmmm and you can leave your pajamas at home because you and I are going to be spending all our time naked with Ariel!”

Shanelle’s mind was whirling over the thoughts of what she could do to Chloe and her sister’s young bodies. Chloe could come over to the house whenever she wanted to now as far as Shanelle was concerned, especially when her husband and kids were gone. Then they could really get dirty and be naked all night and fuck each other silly. Ariel could bring over as many of her hot teenage girlfriends as she wanted to because Shanelle’s body was on fire with lust for all of them, especially her hot sister.

And Chloe was getting extra turned on too. She had never thought about Shanelle sexually. She had always just been “Ariel’s big sister” to her and nothing more. In fact Chloe had always thought Shanelle was too overprotective and repressed. But now she could see how wrong she’d been.

No one had to remind Chloe how wrong incest was. But seeing Ava and then Ariel doing it had made it look so hot. The idea of not only getting an up close show of it but being able to join in too and be dirty with two hot sisters made Chloe even hotter than she’d been. This was all so kinky and wrong and she loved it.

Everyone she knew here had turned into a total slut for pussy and Chloe hoped it never ended. Coming over for sexy, clothing-free sleepovers at Shanelle and Ariel’s was the very least of what she wanted to do after tonight.

But they were all very much still in the moment and Chloe didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to move her mouth off of Ariel’s pussy. She licked her friend harder in fact. Chloe could taste how close Ariel was getting and she eagerly went after her, wanting to give Ariel the hottest, yummiest orgasm she could.

While licking and fingering Ariel, Chloe wished, and not for the first time either, she had more experience by being with more girls. She wanted to make Ariel feel so good and she wished she’d had more practice and was as good at it as Alyssa was. But when she thought about that, Chloe reminded herself that she had just made Alyssa come too and that filled her with confidence.

Chloe thought back to what she had done to her girl crush and how good she had made Alyssa feel. She had loved licking and fingering and making Alyssa scream out her name. It filled her with confidence to remember how she had made Alyssa come all over her face and how she’d been able to swallow her delicious girl cream. If she could make a goddess like Alyssa come, Chloe knew she could do it to her friend too and make Ariel feel amazing.

So she went boldly after Ariel, suckling on her clit and pausing only so she could lash at her pinkness with her tongue while sliding her fingers in and out of her. That made Ariel cry in pleasure and increase her own efforts in response, which got Chloe crying out too. They were moaning and panting into each other’s pussies as they fucked each other, licking and fingering and slurping each other’s tasty juices.

The more Chloe fucked Ariel, the more Ariel licked and fingered her friend right back. Both of them desperately wanted to get the other off and Ariel found herself riding wave after wave of pleasure from what Chloe was doing to her and how good it felt to lick her friend’s pussy and slide her fingers into her tight, drenched folds. And then it got even better when Ariel felt a soft pair of lips kissing the flesh that Chloe had just spanked.

“Ooooooooh! Ohhhh Shanelle mmmmm!” Ariel moaned as her sister literally kissed her ass. She recognized her sister’s lips immediately and felt new pleasure roll through her from the soft, loving kisses all over her slapped backside. “Mmmm yeahhhhh kiss all over my ass! Oooooh yessss mmm Chloe spanked me so hard for being bad and I loved it! Mmmm this feels so good! Ooooh!”

“Mmmm you’ve got such an amazing ass Ariel,” Shanelle said seductively in between kisses. “I’ve been so mean to you but not anymore! I’m not going to order you around anymore and keep you from having fun! Instead I’m going to spend all my time kissing my hot sister’s ass from now on! Mmmmm Chloe gave you quite a spanking I see but I know how to make you feel all better!”

Shanelle hadn’t been able to just watch the two teenagers fuck, not with her naked sister on top and so easy to get at. Ariel’s ass demanded attention, especially with her flesh all tender and pink from being spanked. So Shanelle had gone after her, kissing all over the fleshy cheeks of Ariel’s ass, giving her soothing smooches where Chloe’s hand had slapped and then making things even kinkier by spreading open Ariel’s buns and dragging her tongue through her ass crack before sticking it into the hole that she and Sarah had just wrecked upstairs.

“OH MY GOD!” Ariel cried as her super sensitive anus suddenly had Shanelle’s tongue inside it. “OOOOH FUCKKKK! OOOOH SHANELLE OOOOOH MY GODDDDDDD!”

This time Ariel didn’t let it distract her though. Feeling her stretched hole being licked after it had just been fucked raw felt amazing. Every nerve in there was being stimulated and it was close to being completely overwhelming. But Ariel didn’t let it get her focus off of Chloe. Instead Ariel steadied herself and did everything she could to just enjoy the pleasure of her slutty sister rimming her while making sure Chloe got what she needed too.

Ariel tried to push the surge of energy and ecstasy she felt from having her ass tongued toward making Chloe feel good. It was a challenge when she was feeling so much sexy bliss from having her pussy and asshole licked at the same time, but she loved this kind of challenge and she licked Chloe harder while rubbing her friend’s clit.

And Chloe suddenly found herself in a similar situation too. Because while she had been lapping away at Ariel, she’d been sexily attacked to by Sarah. And Chloe found herself experiencing something she never had before when she suddenly felt Sarah Hyland’s hot little tongue teasing the puckered ring of her asshole.

“OHHHH!” Chloe gasped as her salad was tossed without any warning. “Ohhhhh shit! Ohhhhh ooooooh OHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSSS! OOOOH SO NAUGHTY!”

Chloe wouldn’t have thought anything could make her pull her mouth off of Ariel’s pussy but having Sarah’s evil little tongue exploring her virgin asshole did it. Chloe yanked her face out of her friend’s crotch, showing off how her teenage lips were glistening with Ariel’s juices and cooed in shock and delight from the unexpected pleasure of having that wet, sexy tongue seductively licking her tight ring.

“Mmmmm naughty little slut,” Sarah moaned in pleasure from the taste of the horny teen. “Does little lesbo Chloe like getting her booty licked? Are you a bad girl who loves a hot tongue in her butt? Mmmmm Ariel sure loves it. But you saw that when you were spying on us, didn’t you?”

Chloe did love it. It felt amazing to have a practiced tongue that knew just what it was doing teasingly licking her tightest hole while Sarah reached down to spread open her cheeks with both of her hands so she could slide it inside. Sarah began exploring her asshole with wet licks and Chloe was gasping instantly as intense pleasure rushed through her body.

“Oooooh Sarah! Mmmmm fuckkkkk no one ever did this to me before! OHHHHHH FUCK YESSSS!” Chloe groaned, loving the sensations she was experiencing for the first time as she felt herself getting even closer to orgasm.

Anal sex was something Chloe had never done, except with a stray finger now and then when she had masturbated. She had never done anything like that with another girl. It wasn’t like she was afraid of it or against it. She just hadn’t been touched there. She had fingered Alyssa’s asshole while she had gone down on her so Chloe certainly knew how good it could feel to others but she had never had it done to herself until now and Sarah’s tongue felt incredible.

Chloe had always figured she would do butt stuff eventually and if Alyssa had asked her to give up her ass cherry to her, she would have done it in a heartbeat. But this was so unexpected and it made it feel so naughty and fun. She was having her asshole licked by her friend’s co-star, someone she had just seen do wicked things to Ariel’s teen ass and Chloe experienced the shivers of pleasure that came from doing something that seemed wrong yet felt so good.

“Mmmmm more oooooh my Goddddd more!” Chloe cried, new tingles of sexual rapture running up her spine right to her brain from the way Sarah’s wet tongue was probing her little asshole, poking inside her and lewdly fucking her. “Oooooh that feels soooo good! Fuck me mmmm fuck my hot little ass oooooooooooooh!”

Sarah moaned in surprise satisfaction over knowing she was in virgin territory. Chloe was less experienced than she had thought she’d be and she liked it a lot. Sarah loved being able to take a hot girl, or guy, and pervert them. She had such dirty thoughts running through her head all the time and to be able to actually do some of the kinky things she had fantasized about and have it turn out to be even better than she had dreamed was such a rush.

Sarah knew she was a nympho. That wasn’t exactly a clinical diagnosis but she was sure of it. She thought about sex almost all the time. She was always wet and ready to fuck and she had such perverted, taboo fantasies in her brain. Normally she kept them there and burned off her excess energy by draining her boyfriend’s balls until he had nothing left or sneaking off to fuck Shanelle silly or getting over to the mansion whenever she could. She had never done the kind of things she had been doing tonight and it elated her.

She had dreamed of fucking Ariel and turning her good girl co-star into a total whore. Sarah had been so obsessed with Ariel’s big teen tits and her luscious ass and she had made herself come so many times while thinking about fucking her. And Sarah had thought about Ariel’s sexy friends too. Spending so much time with Ariel off set had meant spending time with Chloe and Ava too and Sarah had dreamed about showing those naughty little blondes a thing or two and tasting them and fucking them and making them into little pervs like her.

But Sarah hadn’t thought any of her dirty fantasies about those tight young bodies would actually come true. Her mind was blown by everything that had happened tonight and even though she was trying to play it cool, inside she was totally freaking out with giddy excitement over having been able to not only fuck Ariel but do it in the most perverted way possible with Shanelle an enthusiastic part of it.

To have had something so dirty and fun happen had made Sarah so happy and wet. God she had never been this turned on in her whole life and having now fucked both of the sexy sisters, Sarah was wondering what else of her filthy fantasies she could make happen and with Ariel’s little blonde friend there for the taking, there was a perfect opportunity in front of her.

Now she was going to fuck Chloe too and it gave her such a thrill to know she was licking the sexy teenager’s virgin ass. Sarah had assumed Chloe had given her ass up before so to know she still had her cherry made Sarah extra hot for her.

As Chloe moaned for her, Sarah licked away at her asshole and made it wet with the saliva dripping out of her mouth. Sarah loved getting Chloe’s pretty little pucker wet like that, especially since the girl was in her 69 with Ariel. Since Chloe was on the bottom, Sarah was right by Ariel’s gorgeous face as she rimmed the blonde and that gave her plenty of chances to softly run her hands over Ariel’s skin and play with her hair, showing her how into her she was.

“Don’t stop licking her pussy,” Sarah moaned out, intending the message to go to both Chloe and Ariel. “Fuck her! Make her come! I want to see both of you come!”

And Sarah certainly helped with that by kneeling down in front of the couch and licking Chloe’s asshole as the blonde writhed underneath Ariel. Shanelle was doing the same thing to Ariel too and both teenagers were able to enjoy being rimmed while they fucked. The pleasure was so intense for Ariel and Chloe both as their assholes were licked and probed that they had both pulled away from each other’s pussies. But Sarah’s little chiding got them both focused on each other.

Chloe was the first to dive back in, pressing her lips once more to Ariel’s pussy and kissing all over her friend’s tender folds. That made Ariel coo in delight and she returned the favor by lapping at Chloe’s slit to drink up the juices coating her labia. The taste of each other made them both moan and they got back to tongue fucking, letting their assholes be licked while they fed and tongued each other to orgasm.

“Yesss yesssssssss yessssssssss oooooh Chloeeeee!” Ariel moaned with her mouth full. “Mmmmmm fuckkkk you’re going to make me come!”

“Mmmm yeahhh come for her! Come for your hot little friend!” Shanelle said, encouraging her sister as she made sure to keep on stimulating Ariel while also taking care to not give her too much.

She was licking gently at Ariel’s asshole, spreading the teenager’s meaty ass cheeks open and drooling into her hole before licking it out with soft, sexy flicks of her tongue. Shanelle could see how red and raw Ariel’s asshole still was from the hard pounding she’d taken and she didn’t want to give her sister more than she could handle. Shanelle knew she was being so bad by doing this but she loved Ariel and she wanted her to feel good. Sex with her own sister was the hottest feeling Shanelle had ever experienced and she knew Ariel felt the same way.

“YESSSS OOOOH YESSSSS SHE’S GOING TO MAKE ME COME!” Ariel cried out as Chloe sucked on her clit and pushed her fingers back into her cunt, thrusting into her with sexy quickness, at the same time Shanelle tongued her asshole. “OHHHH YESSSS FUCKK I’M SO CLOSE!”

Ariel made sure she didn’t get too far away from Chloe though. She wanted her friend to feel as good as she was feeling. So Ariel pressed her mouth back to Chloe’s pussy and did just like the blonde was doing to her. Ariel sucked Chloe’s swollen clit between her lips and tenderly pleasured it while pushing her own fingers back inside her friend as well. Now the both of them were sucking and fucking each other in their 69 and it made them both feel wonderful.

“OOOOOH FUCK YESSS ARIEL! MMMM OH MY GOD THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT! OOOOH FUCKKKK OHHH MY GODDDDD EAT MY PUSSY!” Chloe screamed right into Ariel’s wetness, shooting out her words as she sucked away on the brunette’s clit. “OOOOH FUCKK YESSS! YOU’RE GONNA BE SUCH A GOOD LITTLE LESBIAN SLUT JUST LIKE ME!”

“Oooooh yesssss do it to her sis! Let her make you into a beautiful hot lesbo,” Shanelle hornily urged, rubbing her hands over Ariel’s tender ass while she tongued her wrecked hole. “Mmmmm you should only be fucking hot girls like us! I want you to be a hot, sexy lesbian just like your friend Chloe! Boys don’t deserve to fuck a body this good!”

Shanelle moaned all of this out before shoving her tongue back deep up her own sister’s asshole. God, she couldn’t get enough of Ariel’s body. Shanelle didn’t care if this meant she was going to hell or if she was going to get caught and get in trouble. She just wanted her beautiful teen sister all the time and she was going to make damn sure she got her. If that meant Ariel was going to be gay as a result, then Shanelle was all for it.

Sarah was doing some encouraging of her own too as she tongued Chloe’s little pucker. She felt so hot and dirty and that excited her thoroughly. God, this was all so much fun and Sarah was only getting started with these little sluts.

“Mmmmm we’re going to get to know each other a lot better from now on Chloe,” Sarah teased while devilishly licking the asshole of a teenage girl. “We’re going to spend so much time together now and we’re never going to be wearing any fucking clothes! Ooooh me and Shanelle have so much to teach you and Ariel! Mmmm fuck her Chloe! Show Ariel what a good little lesbian you are and how you know how to make her come better than any guy can! Mmm that’s it Chloe! Make Ariel a lesbian like you are! Eat her out! Swallow her cum! Mmmm she tastes so good when she fucking comes all over your face! Ooooh and you taste good too Chloe! Mmmm you’ve got such a tasty little ass! I can’t wait to bend you over and fuck the shit out of you like I just did to Ariel!”

“OHHHHHH MY GOD!” Chloe cried, overwhelmed just by the idea of something like that happening to her. One cock up her ass was scary enough but two strap-ons? That was fucking nuts.

But at the same time she was so excited by the idea. How dirty would that be? But Chloe liked the idea of being dirty. All her friends were pushing their limits. Why not her too? And Chloe imagined that it would feel amazing too. After all she had never squirted in her life and Ariel had exploded in orgasm when she was double fucked like that. Picturing Sarah and Shanelle taking her like that made Chloe go right over the edge and she cried out her release while still sucking Ariel’s clit.

“OOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKK!” Chloe cried and even though it was rocking her to her core to be pleasured this thoroughly by Ariel and Sarah with two tongues and fingers attacking her, she made sure she didn’t stop focusing on her friend turned lover.

Chloe wanted Ariel to come so badly. She wanted to taste her friend’s orgasm. She wanted to drink Ariel down just like she had done to Alyssa. She wanted that sweet teen cum all over her face. So as she came, Chloe sucked even harder on Ariel’s clit. Chloe worked her over with her lips and fingers and let nature take its course as Ariel lost it seconds after she did, fucking her face hard in their 69 and screaming out how much she loved it.

“OH CHLOEEEE YESSSSSSS YESSSS OOOOOOOOH FUCKKK OHHHH MY GOD YOU’RE SO GOOD OOOOOOOOOOH YESSSS OHHHHH CHLOE!” Ariel cried orgasmically while trying to get as much of Chloe’s cum in her mouth as she could.

It was all so much for Ariel and she loved it. She had her friend’s mouth on her pussy at the same time that Chloe’s juices were creaming her face and soaking her tongue while Shanelle’s tongue was up her ass doing wonderfully dirty things to her. Ariel knew she could never be a good girl again. This was way too good for her not want to be like this all the time now. She had been completely transformed in one night and Ariel never wanted to turn back.

Ariel and Chloe moaned and squealed and licked and sucked as they mutually came and swallowed each other’s juices. They rocked on the couch, fucking each other’s faces and making a mess all over each other’s lips and chins. And when they finally pulled away from their 69, both teenagers were smiling with giddiness and immediately fell into a hot kiss.

Sarah and Shanelle pulled away to give the two younger girls a chance to play, watching and kissing each other to share the tastes of Chloe and Ariel’s asses while the teens made out and licked the cum off their faces. Both sets of girls savored the naughty taste on each other’s lips but for Chloe and Ariel, two friends who had become so much more, their sensual, happy kiss meant more than they ever could have imagined it could have.

“Mmmmm you were so good,” Chloe moaned in satisfaction while pressing her naked body to Ariel’s, the two of them sweatily cuddling on the couch.

“You were amazing Chloe,” Ariel replied back with a happy sigh of her own. “I can’t believe we did this but I’m so glad we did.”

“Me too,” Chloe said, stroking Ariel’s hair as a thought occurred to the brunette in the haze of her post-orgasm.

“Oh my God, I never asked,” Ariel realized. “Did you and Alyssa…”

“Yes!” Chloe replied brightly, her smile growing as she interrupted her new lover.

“Was it everything you hoped it would be?” Ariel asked, wanting Chloe to be happy above all.

“Ooooooh yesssss it was so much more!” Chloe answered. “My fantasy came true.”

“I think mine did too,” Ariel replied, thinking back to all the crazy things she’d done. “Even if I didn’t know I’d had one this whole time.”

“Well it sounds like we’re going to have to come up with new fantasies now,” Chloe said, picturing Alyssa giving her and her friends an open invitation to come back to the mansion whenever they wanted. Because if there was one thing Chloe wanted it was more of Alyssa and more of everything else too, including Ariel.

“I guess we will,” Ariel said with a laugh as she looked over at Bella and Ava frantically making out with each other and thought about how time with her friends was going to be a lot more fun from now on.


For her part, Alyssa Milano still couldn’t quite accept what had happened upstairs in her bedroom. What she had seen and what she had done didn’t seem real. It had to have been some kind of a dream. Or maybe she’d just hallucinated all of it. After all, she had enough presence of mind to know she was drugged or stoned or something. Maybe she’d imagined it all.

But, as she gawked at what was happening in her home, Alyssa told herself that what had happened upstairs had been real whether she wanted to accept it or not. All around her, her friends were fucking like wild animals and Alyssa couldn’t live in denial deep enough to not realize that she was not immune from whatever had happened to them.

What had happened in her bedroom was not a dream. She really had pushed Heather beyond her limits. She had really made her friend admit her incestuous longings, not realizing that Heather’s daughter Ava had been there the whole time. Alyssa never would have done it if she had known the girl was there but she had come seemingly out of nowhere. Alyssa knew nothing that had been said could be taken back and nothing that had been done could be either.

It hadn’t been a dream or even a nightmare. It had really happened. Heather and Ava had fucked right in her bed. Her sheets really were soaked from the incestuous mother/daughter coupling. Alyssa had seen it with her very eyes and it hadn’t been some fantasy.

But it hadn’t just been her friend who had indulged in forbidden fantasy. Alyssa knew everything she had done had been real too.

That meant she had really had sex with Chloe Moretz. She had really succumbed to the teenager’s lust. She had really let the young girl lick her and finger fuck her ass and make her come. God, her sheets were soaked with what she had done too. And she had eaten Chloe out right back. Alyssa had taken the girl and fucked her teenage pussy and given the seductive vixen exactly what she had wanted.

Alyssa had tried so hard to resist Chloe. She had tried to encourage her to give up her crush and find a girl her own age. She had tried to make Chloe realize there was too much of an age difference between them and it wasn’t right for them to do anything. But when it had come down it, Alyssa hadn’t even believed her own arguments. She had done what she had sworn not to do and she’d fucked that teenage slut good.

And it had been incredible.

Acknowledging what she had done had been real also meant acknowledging that it had been an amazing experience and that Alyssa loved the way Chloe had made her feel and that she’d loved the way the girl had tasted. Alyssa still had those teenage juices all over her lips and as she licked them she moaned because she knew she wanted more. After all those years on Charmed, Alyssa felt like the bewitched one now and whatever spell Chloe had put on her felt like pure ecstasy.

She craved the chance to kiss Chloe again. Alyssa wanted to hold the girl close to her and touch every sexy inch of her incredible teen body. She wanted their tongues to touch passionately as she played with Chloe’s perfect little tits and squeezed her new friend’s firm, young ass. Alyssa wanted to feel the girl’s tight, juicy pussy against her lips and she badly ached more of Chloe’s hot cum.

Alyssa felt completely infatuated now. Being able to lick and suck the cum out of Chloe had made Alyssa so hot. She had willingly defiled that little girl right in her bed and Alyssa was obsessed with doing it again and again. She wanted Chloe back in her bed. She wanted to kiss her and lick her and caress her. And most of all she wanted to fuck her.

There was so much Alyssa knew she could teach that girl and she wanted to do everything to her. Alyssa knew it was wrong to desire someone so much younger than her but she couldn’t help it. Chloe had seduced her completely and now Alyssa lusted madly for her.

She had come so hard when Chloe had licked and fingered her and Alyssa was still soaking wet. The girl had shown some serious girl fucking talent and Alyssa wanted to train her in the fine art of pussy licking. Alyssa could feel the juiciness coating her own slit and she knew it wouldn’t be long before it was dripping down her thigh. She just wished Chloe was there to lick it up and she scanned the crowd of naked bodies hoping to find the beautiful young blonde.

But while she couldn’t see Chloe right away, Alyssa saw everything else and she couldn’t believe it. What had happened to their nice, wholesome Christmas party? It had turned into a huge orgy.

Orgies were nothing new here, but this one was wilder than any of the others Alyssa had ever seen before. Not only was everyone fucking, it was also how they were fucking. It was lewd and almost primal. Everyone wasn’t just merely into each other. It was like they were ravenous for sex.

Alyssa had never seen anything like it. What had been supposed to be a fun, innocent party had become a sexual free for all. Clothes were strewn all over the floor. The living room was a mess with chairs knocked over and cushions pushed off the couches. Drinks had been spilled and food was tossed everywhere and no one cared. Everyone was naked and they were almost attacking each other as they gave into primitive needs to fuck and lick.

All anyone cared about was putting tongues and fingers and toys into whatever hot orifice they could get to and Alyssa knew this hadn’t been what this evening was supposed to have been about at all. This had been supposed to be nice and sweet and a celebration of Christmas. Instead everyone was fucking like wild, naked beasts and it stretched from one living room to another. It was like a wild trail of nude, horny bodies on the floor and the couches and even the tables.

People were fucking everywhere and Alyssa knew in the back of her mind that something was wrong. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. But she didn’t want to stop it. Instead all she wanted was to join in.

Whatever wild, rabid lust had overtaken her friends, Alyssa had it too. She didn’t just want to fuck. She craved it. Alyssa was breathing heavily as she drank in the sight of all her friends and all their guests rutting around her. It was a wild fucking frenzy and Alyssa was so horny.

Alyssa didn’t even care who she fucked. She just wanted to fuck. She was standing there completely naked and practically panting over what she was seeing. There were so many hot bodies and Alyssa wanted them all. She wanted her friends. She wanted their guests. She wanted to fuck everyone in sight. The more she stared at what was happening, the more her body was on fire and the more she needed to fuck.

And she wasn’t the only one either.

“Mmmmmm look at all of them go,” Heather Locklear moaned, her voice a bit slurred with lust and wooziness over what she had just experienced, as she pressed her naked body to Alyssa’s bare back.

“Mmmmhmmmm oooooh fuckkkkk what’s happening?” Alyssa moaned back, loving the feel of her friend’s hot, naked tits rubbing into her with Heather’s rock hard nipples scraping against her flesh. “This is all so crazy!”

Alyssa pushed herself back against Heather’s chest, loving the way those perky tits felt. Heather’s body was as fit and firm as the day Alyssa had met her and those tits felt incredible rubbing up against her, especially as Heather reached around Alyssa’s front and cupped her breasts, squeezing the round, enhanced mounds on her hands while licking Alyssa’s neck and tasting the perspiration of exertion that was on both of their bodies.

“Yessssss so fucking crazy!” Heather agreed, licking up the side of Alyssa’s face and then passionately kissing her friend. “But I need it! Oooooh my God Alyssa, I fucked her! I did it! I fucked her and I loved every bit of it!”

No one had to tell Alyssa who the “her” was and it just made the brunette even hornier to think about what she had just witnessed between Heather and Ava. Heather had come to her for help to try and stop the fantasies she’d been having about Ava and all Alyssa had done had make it easier for Heather to give into temptation and cross every line there was. But Heather didn’t regret it. She reveled in it.

Heather hadn’t just fucked her daughter. She had been fucked by her. It had been Ava who had grabbed her and forced her face into her teenage cunt so she could lick the cum right out of her. It had been Ava who had grabbed the strap-on and Heather’s ass still hurt from how her daughter had fucked her raw. But it was a good kind of hurt. Heather had loved being taken and punished and ass fucked like a whore. She had loved being her daughter’s slut and she wanted Ava even more than she had before.

Heather knew what she and Ava had done had been wrong. But she didn’t want to stop. It had been the best fuck of her whole life and being taken by her daughter like that had been the hottest thing Heather had ever experienced. She felt no regrets. She only felt lust for the gorgeous teenager she had given birth to and she knew Ava felt the same way about her, which only magnified her longings.

“Where is she?” Heather moaned, her desire for her little girl growing by the second. “Mmmmm mommy needs her baby. Mommy needs to get fucked!”

Heather was saying that for anyone to hear, not just Alyssa. But no one was there with an answer. Both Heather and Alyssa couldn’t find the young women they now both openly desired in the sea of naked, undulating bodies, which wasn’t surprising since there was so much hot flesh to distract them. Heather might have ached for more of Ava and Alyssa might have been obsessed with tasting Chloe again but there was so many other bodies fucking away that also demanded their attention.

And it wasn’t long before some of those bodies noticed that Heather and Alyssa were watching and did something about it.

“Mmmmmm join us Alyssa,” Jewel said, looking up at her housemate as she kneeled on the floor wearing big smile and nothing else.

“Yeah join us,” Stacy Keibler said with a similar smile, horny and famished, on her face. “Mmmmm it’s sooooo much fun in here. You don’t want to just stand around watching, do you? You know you want to join in!”

They had looks of pure unfiltered desire in their eyes combining with an animalistic hunger. Their bodies were visibly sweaty and their faces flushed and sticky with the mixed and drying cum of all the girls they had eaten out all over their skin. To Alyssa, her friends looked like a couple of fucked up sluts and the way they were talking to her made it seem like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers had gotten them and turned them into lesbian zombies or something. But she liked that.

Because Alyssa knew she was just as much of a fucked-up slut as Jewel and Stacy and everyone else was. Her face was messy with cum too and her naked body was as visibly aroused as anyone else’s. Alyssa could feel how wet her pussy was and she imagined her smooth, shaved girl flesh was glistening in front of everyone, just like Stacy and Jewel’s smooth fuckboxes were. Their nipples all looked so hard too, just like Alyssa knew her own were.

Alyssa could feel Heather’s erect nipples rubbing against her bare back and she moaned from it while still keeping her eyes locked on her housemates’ tits. Jewel’s were so big and soft and Stacy’s so firm and pink and tight on her toned chest. Their tits were so different but each were perfect on their bodies and Alyssa could feel herself start to drool. She had seen them both naked so many times she had lost count but tonight she desired them more than ever.

So she didn’t resist even a tiny bit when they both grabbed her hands and pulled her down to the floor and into the fun.

“Yesssssss I want in! Fuck me!” Alyssa declared as she was not only taken down to the carpet but made sure to grab Heather’s hand as she did it so the blonde would come down with her. “Oooooh you all have been so fucking nasty when I’ve been gone.”

“Mmmmhmmm it got so fucking wild so quick,” Jewel said, unable to understand what was happening but feeling mighty glad that it was. “All of a sudden everyone was ripping their clothes off and we just all went crazy on each other. Mmmm it’s been soooo much fun! I’ve fucked so many girls oooooh fuckkk and I need more! Mmmm spread those fucking legs of yours Lyssa! It’s been way too fucking long since I licked your pussy!”

Alyssa didn’t bother to remind Jewel that the last time she had licked her pussy had been that morning when they had been making cupcakes in the kitchen with Love, Hayden and Taylor. She didn’t care when the last time was. She just cared that Jewel had an incredible tongue and that she needed to feel it fuck her. So Alyssa just went with it, lying back on the carpet and slinging open her legs while spreading the lips of her cunt with her fingers, inviting her housemate in to feast.

And Jewel was definitely in the mood to feast. She was famished for more pussy. She had eaten out so many girls already tonight. She had tasted Britney and Christina and Demi and Maria and Beyoncé and Rosario and she’d gone after girls she’d never fucked before like Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry and even Kim Kardashian. Jewel had fucked them all and she was sure she’d forgotten a few because the truth was everything was kind of a blur. She had lost track of all the girls she had fucked because she hadn’t cared who she was fucking. She had just wanted a pussy in her face at all times.

Now she had Alyssa’s and she went right for it, immediately starting to lick away at her friend’s bald slit, tasting how juicy and hot Alyssa was and savoring the flavor all over her tongue. Jewel had always loved going down on Alyssa but it seemed like she was extra tasty tonight and she showed it by lapping hard at her cunt and making Alyssa writhe on the floor in seconds.

“Ooooooh yesss you horny fucking bitch!” Alyssa groaned. “Do it Jewel! Fucking eat that pussy! Oooooh you think you’ve been bad? Mmmm I’ve been fucking bad and I’ve got teen cum all over my face to prove it!”

Jewel had her mouth full so she couldn’t inquire further, but Stacy sure could and she was full of curiosity.

“Who did you fuck? Tell me!” Stacy asked with a horny urgency, wanting to fuck them too as she realized she had never fucked a teenager in her life and suddenly felt an intense desire to do it, the younger and more corruptible the better.

“Mmmm that little slut Chloe crashed our party,” Alyssa answered, moaning out from Jewel’s tongue licking her clit as she said it. “She brought all her little friends over too and mmmm fuck they’re all such pretty fucking sluts! They couldn’t wait to get their clothes off too and start fucking us like they’re all grown up! It was so fucking hot! Chloe tongue fucked me and let me fuck her face as she shoved her fingers right up my fucking ass! Ooooh and then I licked that tight little slit of hers and made her cream my face like the fucking whore she is! Mmm I shouldn’t have been resisting her! I should have been fucking her the whole time!”

The whole mansion knew how much Alyssa had been trying to resist the horny teen’s seductive pursuit so the fact that Chloe was here and that Alyssa had relented and given the girl what she had craved surprised Stacy. But it surprised her in a good way. She had never done anything that bad in her whole life and it turned her on to see Alyssa had.

Stacy reacted to the news by kissing Alyssa right on the lips. She pressed her mouth to her friend’s and Alyssa kissed Stacy right back, the two horny housemates not hesitating to open their lips and let their tongues rub together. Under normal circumstances, they were never shy with each other, but now there was an extra intensity to their hunger and Stacy and Alyssa lewdly kissed with a frantic energy that showed when they tongue kissed each other and shared the tastes in their mouths.

Stacy made sure that Alyssa got her chance to sample the flavor on her lips and tongue, letting her get her first taste of AJ and Kaitlyn and the familiar taste of Beyoncé’s cunt and ass too. Stacy had also eagerly buried her white face into Rihanna’s pussy and she’d happily tongued Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson and even Reese Witherspoon’s pregnant pussy too. Alyssa could taste it all mixed together in Stacy’s mouth and she loved it.

But Stacy was even hungrier than Alyssa was and she wanted a taste of Chloe. Being able to get the hint of it off of Alyssa’s lips and tongue in their kisses wasn’t enough and Stacy pulled her mouth off of Alyssa’s so she could get more.

With a horny glint in her eyes, Stacy started licking Alyssa’s face, tasting the cum all over her skin from how much Chloe had creamed for her. Stacy moaned from the yummy essence and Alyssa groaned from how horny her housemate was.

“Ooooooh bad girl! Mmm lick my pretty face! Yessss taste how much that slut painted my face with her naughty teen cream!” Alyssa cooed to Stacy as Jewel’s tongue thrust into her pussy and made her writhe on the carpeted floor.

And soon it wasn’t just Stacy licking her. Heather got in the fun too and began dragging her tongue over Alyssa’s face too. She and Stacy gave Alyssa a dual tongue bath and licked off every bit of Chloe’s leftover orgasm and Heather loved the taste.

“Mmmm yesssss I want a taste of that little whore too,” Heather groaned, finger fucking herself as she dragged her tongue over her friend’s cover girl face. “Mmmmm that fucking dyke has probably wanted to fuck my little Ava for so long and now she’s probably off doing her like the horny little bitch she is! Ooooh I’ll bet she’s got Ava with her legs spread and her fucking pussy right in her dirty teen lesbian face and she’s sucking the cum right out of her! And if my daughter is fucking that pretty little lipstick lesbian then I want a piece of Chloe too! Mmmm but my face is messy too Stacy! Oooooh I was even nastier than Lyssa was!”

“Oh yeah? What’d you do you hot slut?” Stacy asked with a moan, not having any idea what debauchery had just gone on upstairs in Alyssa’s bedroom.

“Mmmmm I fucked my own daughter!” Heather declared with perverse pride in her incestuous actions. “Oooooh fuck I’ve wanted to do it for so fucking long and I tried so hard to fight it but I shouldn’t have been! She wanted it so much too! She couldn’t wait to punish her fucking whore of a mommy for being so dirty and she fed me her little young cunt and made me eat her out and she fucking came all over my face before she took Lyssa’s strap-on and nailed me up the ass for being so fucking filthy and sick and wanting to fuck my daughter! It was the best fucking feeling ever Stacy! She treated me like the dirty fucking cunt I am and I loved every degrading moment of it! Her cum is all over my face right now!”

Stacy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She never could have imagined that Heather was capable of that. Stacy had never met Heather’s daughter before or even knew what she looked like but she was sure if she came from DNA like Heather’s she had to be a beautiful creature.

The thought of Heather committing the ultimate sin and fucking her daughter turned Stacy on like she had never imagined it could. She could feel her pussy tingling just at the thought of it and Stacy didn’t hesitate to act on the urges she felt.

She pulled off of Alyssa and leaned over her housemate, pressing her tits right into Alyssa’s face as she did it, so she could get her tongue on Heather. She licked all over Heather’s face and eagerly tasted the forbidden flavor all over her skin. Stacy began fingering herself as she did it too, wanting to get a sense of the teenager’s pussy so she’d want it even more when she found Heather’s daughter in this sea of naked bodies and fucked her just like she had fucked Ava’s hot mother so many times.

“Oooooh you hot bitch mmmm yessss lick my face!” Heather moaned, loving the aggressive way Stacy was tasting her flesh. “Lick my little girl’s cum right off me! You want her taste Stacy? Want that hot teen cum like I got?”

“Mmmmmm yessss I want it!” Stacy practically growled back, loving the taste on her tongue but wanting a lot more directly from the source. “You and Lyssa are hogging all those tight teen pussies for yourselves! That’s not fair! I want them too! I’m going to find that hot daughter of yours Heather and I’m going to fuck her little pink hole with my tongue until she creams all over my face like she did to you! Mmmmm then I’m going to have her lick me too! I’ll make her kiss all over my long legs and even kiss my feet and then she’s going to kiss my ass just like her naughty mommy does! Your little girl is going to kiss all over my ass with her hot young lips and then she’s going to lick me there! I want her licking my asshole just like you do Heather! I want to see which one of you is better!”

“Ohhhh my God that’s so sexy!” Heather moaned, her head lost in a haze of dirty fantasies as she pictured her daughter sexually servicing all her friends. “Mmmmm yessss fuck her Stacy! I’m going to let her fuck all of you! Ooooh I’ll be pimping out my daughter to all my horny girlfriends and she’s going to love it!”

Upstairs, Heather had gotten so wet thinking of being totally at the mercy of Ava and all of her hot teen friends. She had gotten soaking wet picturing the dirty things Ava had told her about how she was going to fuck her friend in front of her and make her watch and how she would tie her up so she and all her friends could fuck her too. She had never heard her daughter speak like that and Heather had never imagined that Ava was capable of such dirtiness. But the wild side of the teen had been unleashed and it made Heather crazy with lust.

Heather had loved the idea of being restrained and be forced into being a sex toy for all those horny teens to use. She still believe she deserved to be punished for her incestuous longings and being tied up and made to sexually service her own daughter and all of Ava’s teenage friends had seemed like more than a fair bargain. But now Heather wasn’t just thinking about Ava’s friends, but also about her own.

All of her girlfriends were so fucking sexy. What would it be like to watch them fuck Ava and take turns with her tight, firm teenage body? What would they do to Ava’s perfect little round tits? What would they do to her daughter’s juicy peach of an ass? Those divine bubble cheeks of Ava’s backside deserved to be kissed and massaged and even spanked and Heather felt dizzy thinking about what her experienced, gorgeous friends could do to her.

Her daughter had one of the best asses she had ever seen. Heather thought that both with a mother’s pride in the body of the girl she had created and a lover’s lust. She had thought such deviant fantasies about her daughter never dreaming that Ava would actually be into it. And now that Ava had become a horny little lesbian just like her, Heather wanted to see all her friends have a go with her and make Ava into as big a slut as she was.

Heather wanted to see Ava’s beautiful young face shoved into Stacy’s awesome ass. She wanted to hear Stacy moaning like a whore from Ava’s tongue fucking her tightest hole. God, she wanted to see Ava lick Alyssa’s pussy and she wanted Ava to keep on the strap-on she had fucked her with and watch Ava give it to Alyssa’s ass good for letting all of this happen. And Heather definitely wanted to see Ava be taken and made to howl like a happy, sexually ravished bitch by Rose and Mr. Snappy, just like she had been so many times over.

There were so many hot girls at the mansion. Heather wanted women like Sarah and Love and Jewel and Jennifer and Britney and Beyoncé and Elisha and so many more to fuck her daughter. She wanted them to take turns satisfying her until Ava was a cooing mess of dripping girl flesh. Then Heather wanted all of them to gangbang Ava and teach that little brat some respect. And she wanted to join right in too and have all of them fuck her raw in all her holes too. Heather’s body shivered with desire over the thought of her and Ava both being overpowered by beautiful, wanton women and for them to be mother and daughter fuck toys for everyone at the mansion to use.

It was all so hot and nasty and Heather ached with the need to fuck her daughter again and make sure it wasn’t just Alyssa and Chloe that got a show. She wanted everyone there to see what an incestuous pervert she was.

But since Heather couldn’t find Ava, she instead turned her attention toward Stacy. The blonde’s tongue licking her face clean felt wonderfully naughty and was making Heather wet as she pictured exactly how she could use her tongue too on the beautiful former wrestler. Heather had always loved Stacy’s athletic body. It had inspired so many hot cheerleader fantasies for her and there was one part of her that Heather naturally wanted the most.

“Sit on my face, Stacy,” Heather moaned, her desire bubbling over as she watched Alyssa moan from Jewel out of the corner of one eye and saw everyone else fucking like mad out of the other. “Park that beautiful butt right on my slutty face! I’ll show you who the better ass licker is around here! Feel my tongue inside you and then go find my slut daughter and see what it’s like when you can compare us!”

Stacy had already had her asshole licked thoroughly by so many women at the party. But that didn’t mean she was any less excited by the sound of Heather’s offer. In fact she wanted it more than ever. Every time she had come from having her ass eaten, Stacy had craved another orgasm and she already knew how good Heather’s tongue felt in her asshole. So she didn’t think twice before repositioning herself and pushing her tight ass right up against Heather’s face.

“Do it you dirty bitch!” Stacy groaned, as she felt Heather eagerly squeeze and spread open her ass cheeks. “Tongue fuck my ass! Do me and then let your daughter do me so I can get off from you both! Oooooh yesssss Heather mmmm fuckkkk yessssss get in there! Ooooh you don’t waste any time!”

Heather was too horny for foreplay or any niceties. She wanted Stacy Keibler’s ass and she didn’t want to wait. She had taken the leggy blonde with the breathtaking booty so many times before when she had visited the mansion but she was more eager than she’d ever been as she buried her tongue into Stacy’s ready and willing pucker.

As Stacy moaned for her, Heather channeled all her perverted energy into stimulating her. She kept Stacy’s beautiful buns spread open with her hands and thrust her tongue into the girl’s already licked well-licked hole. Heather got such a dirty thrill as she tasted how Stacy had already been licked there tonight, sloppily so too, and she wondered if she was getting sloppy seconds or thirds or fourths or even more as she licked up the saliva that was already in Stacy’s tight hole.

It was so hot to know how horny all of them were. All around her Heather could hear moans and grunts and the wet sounds of raw sex. These girls had been going non-stop and Stacy was no exception. Just from licking her tight little asshole, Heather could sense how Stacy had been licked and fingered and even fucked by toys already tonight and she still couldn’t get enough. All of them were on fire and Heather tongued Stacy’s asshole with lewd, hungry licks as they both moaned for more.

Heather gave Stacy’s hot ass a quick slap for being so slutty and Stacy cooed from the firm smack, grinding her ass into Heather’s face as the blonde actress lay on her back on the carpet. Stacy had her butt cheeks pressed right against her and she loved being able to take Heather like this. Stacy had never thought Heather could be so kinky to do what she claimed she had done to Ava and Stacy was totally turned on by the forbidden confession.

Fingering herself as she let Heather toss her salad and slap her ass, Stacy dreamed of wicked mother daughter threesomes. Stacy found herself wanting to do things she never would have before and she began fantasizing about having Ava go down on her and eat her pussy while Heather tongue fucked her asshole at the same time. Ooooh she could have them both at the same time and then all of them could kiss and share her juices. It would be so nasty and Stacy fingered herself harder as Heather’s tongue probed her sensitive hole and licked her just how Stacy liked it.

“Mmmm yesssss get that tongue up my ass! Oooooh you nasty girl!” Stacy groaned, rubbing her bare tits with her free hand and making sure to play with her nipples a lot, twisting and pinching her own tender points as she fucked Heather’s face. “Yessssss shove your tongue into that fucking hole! Do it Heather! If you teach your pretty teen daughter how to eat our asses like that, we’ll invite you both over all the fucking time now! Oooooh you’re so dirty for fucking your own little girl but it’s turning me on! Show me what a nasty pervert you are Heather! Mmm fuck me like your daughter is going to fuck me too!”

The more Stacy talked nasty to her, the more Heather wanted to fuck her. This was all so surreal and Heather kept wondering if she was in some kind of wild, wet dream. She just rode the wave, though, going right along with Stacy’s magnificent ass grinding into her face which made it so easy for her tongue fuck her asshole and get a taste of her pussy too whenever she wanted it.

Heather loved Stacy’s ass but how could she deny herself a taste of the blonde beauty’s honey when it was so close by? Whenever the mood struck Heather, she pulled her tongue out of Stacy’s booty and gave a few quick licks to her dripping slit before shoving it right back into her asshole. That gave Stacy a lot of stimulation and she cried out again and again while riding Heather’s face, her sounds of pleasure growing even more when Heather took things further by pushing her thumb into Stacy’s asshole without any warning.

Heather was sure Stacy would like it though and she was quickly proved correct about that assumption.

“Yeahhhhhhhh ohhh fuck yeahhhh mmmmm stick it in baby! Ooooh yeahhhh fuck my ass!” Stacy groaned, loving how Heather’s thumb slipped into her already loosened hole, Heather’s saliva easing its passage even more. “Ooooh fuck all you horny sluts have been lining up to fuck my ass all night and I love it! Ooooh I love how you always want to give it right to my fucking butt! Mmmmm fuck yessss you know what a fucking whore I am for it up the ass! I love being fucked there! Jam your thumb inside me Heather! Mmmm fuck that horny little fuckhole!”

Heather kept licking Stacy’s asshole as she thrust her thumb into it. She drooled right off her tongue into that puckered ring while Stacy ground into her face. Using her other hand to keep Stacy’s ass cheeks spread open, Heather added a second finger to Stacy, working both of them in and out of her asshole as she wetly licked, sneaking away every time the impulse hit her to lap at Stacy’s pussy and get her tangy juices all over her tongue.

Stacy’s hot cries disappeared into the wild symphony of girly sex sounds that spilled over from one room to the other. There were bodies everywhere as everyone licked and fucked and came over and over again and Stacy’s sounds were disappearing into the storm of noise right along with Alyssa’s as the brunette had her pussy pleasured by her housemate.

“Oooooh Jewel! Mmmm yesssss ohhhh yessss mmm you know just how I like it! Mmmm fuckk yesssss lick it up baby!” Alyssa moaned, squeezing her own tits as she lay back on the floor while Jewel slurped on her pussy lips and then tongued her, working over her clit and making her writhe. “Mmmm yessss oooooh fuckkkk I love when you eat my pussy Jewel! Mmmm give it to me!”

Jewel never had to be cajoled into licking any of her housemates. And Alyssa’s pussy was always one she loved to taste. The spirit of the party had completely overtaken her though so she was more famished than ever for her friend’s juices. Jewel’s tongue lashes were so thirsty as she pressed her mouth against Alyssa’s bald girl flesh and she only paused so she could breathe or kiss all over Alyssa’s great thighs.

“You’re so fucking wet for me Lyssa,” Jewel said with a smile as a fresh glaze of essence coated her lips and trickled down her chin. “Mmmm did that little naughty slut Chloe get you this juicy? Did she fuck your pussy as good as we do?”

“Oooooh yes! She was so fucking good!” Alyssa admitted, wondering again why she had ever resisted Chloe even a bit. “Mmmm we still have a lot to show her but she’s got such a frisky little tongue and she loves to eat pussy! She wouldn’t let me go down on her first! She wanted to eat me before she got it and she made me come in her mouth and it felt incredible! I want you to fuck her too Jewel! All of us need to get a turn with her!”

“Mmmmm yesssssssssss that sounds so much fun!” Jewel replied, picturing how good the teen’s fresh body would taste. “I’m so glad you fucked her! I wanted her too! I didn’t say anything to you because I thought it would upset you but I would have fucked her in a heartbeat! Mmmm gawd I wanted to bring her to the mansion and fuck her in your bed and leave her there naked and waiting for you to get home to pay you back for when you seduced my cousin and made her fuck me too!”

Jewel gave Alyssa’s clit a little smack with her hand, not hard enough to hurt but firm enough to send a message that she still remembered how evil Alyssa had been once. Alyssa had seduced Q’Orianka against Jewel’s specific orders but while it had turned out for the best, with Q sliding into Jewel’s bed for some cousin on cousin fun, Jewel was showing now that while she had forgiven, she hadn’t quite forgotten.

“Are you STILL worked up about that?” Alyssa laughed, enjoying the naughty slap to her swollen clitoris. “Mmmmm let it go Jewel! And get that pretty cousin of yours to stop saving the rain forest and come visit us again so I can have her sit on my face while you eat my pussy! Mmmm I wanna be the filling in a Kilcher fuck sandwich again! Oooooh Jewel! Yessssssssss mmmmm fuckkkk smack my hard clitty baby! You’re so bad Jewel! Oooh would you really have done that? Mmmmm you’d have seduced Chloe and fucked her and messed up my sheets with her before I could oooooh leaving her hot body naked for me to find after you ate her tight teen cunt?”

“Mmmmmhmmm and I’d have fucking joined in too and gotten a strap-on and nailed your sexy ass while you were eating Chloe out,” Jewel moaned wantonly, missing her cousin right then and wishing she would come back for a visit soon so she could get reacquainted with Q’Orianka’s tight, tasty pussy. “That would have been some sweet payback for you Lyssa! I still owe you for what you did and don’t think I’ve forgotten!”

“Well you can pay me back for it any time you want especially if it involves you fucking my ass while I’ve got a wet cunt in my face!” Alyssa moaned, licking up what little was left of Chloe on her lips after Stacy’s tongue bath. “Chloe is going to be here all the time now and we can definitely do that! Mmmmm I want her to see how much I love taking it up the ass when you and all our friends fuck me! I’ll let you fuck me any time you want! Fuck my ass hard and mean with a big fake cock while I’m sucking on Chloe’s teen twat! Mmmm or we can do it next time Q visits and I’m eating her out and letting her wrap those beautiful legs around me while you’re pounding my slutty ass!”

Both Alyssa and Jewel were awash with hot fantasies, their brains so soaked in the desire of what might come next for them that they almost forgot to live in the moment. But fortunately, Jewel didn’t let her brain get too far ahead of her own body and she got back to licking Alyssa.

Jewel tongued her friend furiously, working over her dripping pink folds while Alyssa egged her on by spreading open her legs even more, sticking them up in the air in a V and pressing down on the back of Jewel’s blonde head.


Alyssa’s screams might have easily gotten lost amongst all the other wild, hedonistic sex cries around the mansion, but they did attract some attention and as she crawled over naked, Jessica Alba wanted to know a lot more.

“Wait, what did you say Lyssa? After all that you went and fucked Chloe after all!” Jessica laughed, remembering what a big show Alyssa had made about wanting to resist the temptation of Chloe Moretz’s sexy young body. “You’re such a slut!”

“Mmmmm are you just figuring that out now Jess?” Alyssa laughed while moaning out from the way Jewel’s tongue felt on her pussy and the way Jessica looked totally naked, her nipples rock hard and her face covered in pussy juice as her housemate showed she was just as wild eyed and horny as the rest of them. “You should have known I was an insatiable slut from the minute you met me! Mmmmm now get over here and sit on my face so I can show you what a fucking slut I am!”

“Oooooh gladly!” Jessica moaned before first bending over and giving Alyssa big kiss on the lips.

Alyssa went right into the kiss and happily tasted the girl juice that was all over Jessica’s face. She could taste the hot, tangy flavor on Jessica’s lips and all over her tongue and Alyssa didn’t even care whose taste it was. She just wanted it as she kissed and licked all over her friend and got the flavor of cum off of Jessica.

In fact it was Kate Upton’s cum all over Jessica’s face but she didn’t bother to tell Alyssa that. Jessica had hungered for the gorgeous supermodel ever since she had walked into the mansion and she had pounced as soon as she’d had the chance. And with the last bit of straight girl having been totally fucked out of Kate, it had been plenty easy for Jessica to make her into her writhing little slut.

She’d bent Kate over one of the couches in the other room, letting her famously thick model body dangle over the edge with her juicy ass in the air and those epic tits swaying over the side. Jessica had fucked Kate from behind with her horny tongue, burying her face in the model’s ass and licking her as Kate had screamed her name and shook for her. Jessica’s actions had made those big tits of Kate’s bounce so nicely and Jessica had loved watching the naked blonde model convulse in lesbian pleasure right by their big Christmas tree all brightly sparkling with lights and ornaments.

It had been so nasty to fuck right by the tree with all of the other horny girls around them scattered on the floor like they were unwrapped presents to be played with. Jessica knew Love would have normally freaked over everyone fucking right by the tree but Love had been too busy fucking right along with them. In fact the last time Jessica had seen Love, her Christmas happy housemate had been rubbing her big, bare tits right into Holly Marie Combs’ pussy and then pulling them up all juicy and wet for Lucy Hale to suck clean.

Everyone had gone completely crazy and Jessica loved it. It had been so much fun and so kinky to be naked and fucking right by their Christmas tree, their cute little stockings all hung up on the mantle nearby the sparkling, green pine tree. It had made Jessica feel like a very eager member of the naughty list and she had gotten something way better than a lump of coal for being such a bad girl. She had gotten Kate Upton’s creamy girl cum all over her face and now she was kissing Alyssa and letting her taste it too.

Jessica had crawled naked into the room looking for more fun after she had pulled away from Kate and let Emma Watson take over, that flawless face of Emma’s looking so good getting pressed right between Kate’s buns and being able to tongue fuck what was usually hidden beneath Kate’s bikinis. Jessica had watched the show for a little bit and fingered herself but she had needed more and had come over looking for someone to fuck.

And she had found it when Alyssa had spouted off her confession. Jessica hadn’t wanted to say anything before but she had thought Alyssa was being silly over not wanting to fuck such a sexy and willing teenager. Who could resist that young body? Chloe was old enough to know what she was doing so why was Alyssa denying herself?

So Jessica was glad Alyssa had broken her resolve and given into temptation and she just hoped that Chloe wanted to fuck her too because Jessica definitely wanted a taste of her and all those cute little party crashers she had brought with her.

But first Jessica was going to give her pussy up to Alyssa. She’d already had so much fun at this party, living out her weirdest fantasy with Reese and finally getting the chance to fuck Maryse. She’d gotten those cute wrestlers AJ and Kaitlyn to share her pussy and tongue kiss each other after they’d made her come together and she’d even gotten some cock out of this party, something Jessica hadn’t gotten in forever. But she wanted more fun now and Alyssa was someone she always desired.

“Eat me out!” Jessica demanded as she pulled her mouth away and instead planted her pussy down on Alyssa’s face while her housemate lay back and got licked by Jewel. “Fuck me like you fucked Chloe! Mmmmm I know my pussy isn’t as tight as that little girl’s but you love it, don’t you?”

“Mmmm fuck yeah I do!” Alyssa moaned out before her lips were smothered by Jessica’s smooth, soaked folds. “I love your pussy Jess! Mmmm it’s still so fucking tight and juicy and yummy! Fuck me baby! Fuck my face! Gimmie that wet cum of yours I love to swallow!”

As soon as Jessica’s pussy touched her lips, Alyssa shoved her tongue into it and started licking. There never had to be any exploration when their bodies connected like this. Alyssa and Jessica knew every intimate inch of each other and they could just dive in whenever they wanted.

Alyssa certainly took that liberty as her tongue pushed right into Jessica, just like her housemate had wanted. Jessica did not need to be made love to right then. She needed to be fucked and Alyssa’s tongue was an expert at doing just that as she immediately licked away right where Jessica needed it most.

“Yeahhhhhhh! Mmmmm fuckkk yessssss get it right there Lyssa!” Jessica groaned, humping herself against Alyssa’s beautiful face while the actress lay on her back underneath her for Jewel to lap at her pussy. “Ooooh you always know the spot baby! Mmmm give it to me! Fuck me! Yessss I’m so fucking horny tonight! Gimmie that tongue! Yesss!”

Jessica was riding Alyssa reverse cowgirl so she could look right down at Jewel flat on her stomach licking at Alyssa’s pink hole at the same time Alyssa was licking hers. Jewel’s tits were mashed up against the carpet and Jessica wondered if her friend was getting rug burns on them. If she was, Jessica was eager to kiss those big tits and make Jewel feel all better.

Jewel looked so good to her then with her ass moving so seductively as the singer arched her back and moaned from finger fucking herself while her tongue was buried in Alyssa’s pussy. Jessica longed for a taste of her busty blonde housemate and she wanted Jewel to get up and walk over to her to fuck her face while she was riding Alyssa’s. Jessica still had Kate all over her lips but she hungered for the taste of more pussy.

She almost called Jewel over to feed her. She was so famished for more cum. But Jessica stopped herself. She knew that if she did that, Jewel would probably give it to her and while that would have been good for her and good for Jewel, it would have been bad for Alyssa and, as horny as she was, Jessica didn’t want to be selfish and deprive Alyssa of Jewel’s tongue.

So Jessica held back and instead fucked Alyssa’s face harder, grinding herself into Alyssa while the girl’s expert tongue did the rest. Jessica helpfully reached down to spread open her pussy lips to make it easier for Alyssa’s tongue but Alyssa didn’t need the help. She was an expert at pussy licking, especially when she knew the pussy as well as she knew Jessica’s.

They had been together so many times that Alyssa knew what Jessica loved and how she loved it. Alyssa went right after Jessica’s juices, letting them drool right into her open mouth as her tongue lashed at the soft, sensitive folds. Alyssa could taste how they were a bit looser and instantly knew Jessica had gotten fucked. She wondered by whom but she didn’t ask. She didn’t need to know and besides Alyssa liked the mystery of not knowing. It was so hot to just take Jessica as she was, not even knowing whom she’d been with and what she’d done with them.

Jessica’s pussy was so wet and juicy for her. Alyssa always loved Jessica’s taste but it was extra yummy tonight and she feasted on it like it was the sweetest Christmas treat. Alyssa lashed her tongue against her friend’s folds, tasting her pink and concentrating most of all on her clit, attacking it with quick steady licks while Jessica humped up against her and fucked her face.

Alyssa added to the pleasure by sliding her finger into her horny housemate while licking her clit and the extra stimulation made Jessica gasp happily and grind against Alyssa even more.

“Mmmm yesssssssss fucking give it to me Lyssa!” Jessica moaned, looking longingly at Heather and Stacy while they fucked just a few inches away and dreaming about both of them taking turns humping her face while Alyssa ate her out. “Mmmm yesssssss fuck me baby! Fuck my dirty little pussy! Make me fucking come all over you! Ohhhh my God you’re so hot tonight Lyssa! Ooooh you’re always good at fucking me but you’re extra good tonight! Mmm you’re going to make me come so quick! Yessssss mmmm more Lyssa more! Fuck meeeee!”

With Stacy fucking Heather’s face just a few inches away, Jessica eagerly reached over for her. She always took any chance she had to play with Stacy’s hot body and those perfect little tits of hers were right there for the taking. With her one hand occupied spreading open her own pussy lips, Jessica used her free one to reach over and grope at Stacy’s body, a gesture that was returned with a moan and a kiss.

Stacy immediately put her lips on Jessica’s and her hand on Jessica’s beautiful tits. She loved fondling those round, tan mounds and kissing Jessica while she was doing it made it even better for Stacy. Both of them immediately flashed back to the first time they had seen each other naked in that sauna and how hot and sweaty they’d both gotten as they and Trish Stratus did wickedly erotic things to each other in the steam. There had been beads of sweat dripping off their tits that day but it felt even hotter now as the sexual energy running through the whole party made everyone sweat and moan.

The two girls were deeply kissing each other in no time. Jessica and Stacy both closed their eyes as their tongues rubbed together and they played with each other’s tits while they both got licked. Alyssa was tonguing Jessica’s pussy while Heather was licking at Stacy’s asshole and they both felt the pleasure coursing through them.

But soon Jessica felt something else as another pair of hands groped her. And while she knew Stacy and Alyssa’s touches as well as she knew her own, Jessica instantly recognized that these were hands that she was unfamiliar with.

When she opened her eyes and pulled away from Stacy’s kiss to see who was getting handsy with her, that was confirmed. But Jessica didn’t mind though because the smiling, eager face of the girl groping her belonged to someone Jessica definitely wanted to touch her.

“There you are!” Anna Kendrick beamed as she made good on a fantasy she had never known she’d even had before tonight by caressing her hands against Jessica Alba’s bare back and reaching around to cup her tits. “Mmmm I’ve been looking all over for you Jessica! I never got the chance to thank you for inviting me to your party! I wasn’t expecting all of this but this is definitely the best party I’ve ever been to!”

And before Jessica could say a word in response, Anna kissed her. She smooshed her lips right up against Jessica’s and the surprised actress just went with it, letting Anna kiss her and then opening her mouth so she could kiss her back more earnestly. Jessica pushed her tongue into Anna’s mouth and it was eagerly accepted there. Within seconds they were making out and when they pulled away both of them were smiling more than ever.

“That’s quite a thank you,” Jessica said with a moan as Alyssa kept licking her clit.

“I can do a lot more too,” Anna replied, her horniness making her feel positively devilish which was quite a naughty feeling to be having at Christmastime. “How about you let me really thank you by eating your pussy? I’ve been looking for you all night to thank you for your invite. I had no idea you were bringing me to a fucking orgy but I’m so glad you did! I needed this so much! I didn’t even know I needed this but I so did and I need to thank you for it Jessica! I just fucked your friend Sarah and she tasted so good! I haven’t eaten this much pussy in years and I owe it all to you! You and your hot friend Scarlett are the reason I’m here and I think you deserve to see what I can do with a vagina. I’ve got some mad skills, yo.”

Anna was babbling a bit but she didn’t care and neither did Jessica. Jessica just kissed Anna again and let her hands caress the multi-talented starlet’s bare tits. Anna’s firm chest was the perfect size for her small frame. Jessica’s fingers were sticky with her own pussy juice but she didn’t let that stop her from playing with Anna’s tits. She finger-painted the girl’s little rack with them and Anna moaned from it, especially when those wet fingers touched her nipples.

“Mmmmm that feels so good,” Anna moaned, calming down just a bit to let the sensual longing she felt push the needy words out of her mouth. “Oh Jessica! I didn’t know your party was going to be like this! I love it so much! I haven’t been fucked this good in forever and I need more! Kiss me! Touch me! Mmmm fuck me!”

Anna felt like a huge ball of energy was filling her tiny body. She could swear there was electricity crackling inside her and it was going from her brain to her pussy back up to her brain. All she could think about was sex and pleasure and lots and lots of orgasms. Anna had never felt like this in her whole life and it excited and scared and aroused her all at once.

She had no idea what was happening to her and she loved it. Anna had never had this much sex in her life. She was no nun and she loved to fuck but this much concentrated sex in one area was overwhelming for her. Anna had been to orgies before but not one with this many hot people. Hell not one with this many people in general. She was being so bad but that was the best part. Why couldn’t she be a dirty slut once in a while? Everyone else was having a blast and she was no slut shamer.

Being at a lesbian orgy had been the last place she had expected to end up tonight. Anna had come here expecting a boring party and what she had actually found now had pussy juice dripping down her leg from how fucking horny she was. So even in the confusion and arousal she felt mixing together and making her brain feel like it was going through the blender while watching hotel pay per view porn, Anna was sincere in what she’d said. This was the best party ever!

After fucking Jennifer Aniston and Kate Upton the rest of the night had been a bit of a blur. She seemed to remember tongue fucking Selena Gomez and talking shit about Justin Bieber but that might have been a dream. It was all so crazy. Anna felt like she had just been fucked up the ass. Had she? She had little flashes of memory of Jennifer nailing her with a strap-on while she’d been eating out Emma Watson. Had she really done that? Had she gotten buttfucked while eating Hermione’s pussy? Anna felt like she had and it was such a thrill to imagine she could ever be so dirty.

Anna was pretty sure she had just fucked Sarah Michelle Gellar though. At least she’d fucked someone because she definitely had cum on her lips and Anna knew it had been from someone here. Everyone here was so sexy and she wanted them all. There were so many great bodies and Anna was dying to keep on fucking.

Anna remembered wanting to find Sarah to thank her for welcoming her to the mansion and being her little tour guide as they had walked in on Heather and Hilary fucking while they had gone to put her coat away. Little had she known that finding them fucking was not some isolated incident but rather the rule for this place. Had she known that, Anna would have whipped her clothes off and just gone for it at that moment instead of waiting for everyone else to start fucking.

She had been with women before tonight. Anna typically thought of herself as straight but there was a part of her that was more than a little fluid on the whole “what gender do I want to fuck?” thing. And that part of her was raging like a horny monster inside herself tonight. Anna had never wanted pussy as much as she did right then and she knew she owed Jessica and Scarlett for bringing her here when she’d bumped into them over coffee.

Anna had been wandering around looking for them both and she’d found Jessica first. And she’d made her move without a delay. Now she was kissing her and getting felt up by her and Anna loved the way Jessica was making her titties all wet with the juice on her fingers.

“Mmmm you girls always throw parties this fun?” Anna asked.

“Not this much fun,” Jessica giggled while still grinding her pussy into Alyssa’s face. “But everyone who comes to our parties always wants to come back for the next one!”

“Well you’d better get me on the guest list for your next bash because this is my kind of party,” Anna said, lying because even though she had been a part of a few orgies in the past, this was definitely not her scene. She was more than willing to go along for the ride though because she was having way too much fun to stop.

“I want to fuck you Jessica,” Anna declared lustfully. “I want to show you I can be as hot as you and all your friends! You know that saying about being little and being fierce? Mmmm that’s totally me! Because I am very, VERY fucking good in the sack! Stop fucking Alyssa and let me fuck you instead so I can show you!”

If Alyssa noticed that Anna was there and heard what she was saying she didn’t show it. She just kept licking and Jessica more than appreciated it. So while Anna’s offer was tempting and she definitely wanted to take her up on that, Jessica had an even better idea.

“Oh you can show me anything you want,” Jessica said. “But how about first you let me do what I’ve been dying to do since you staggered into the coffee shop? Stand up and let me lick your pussy Anna! I’ve been wanting to eat you out all night long! Fuck my face while I get my pussy licked!”

Anna loved that idea. Because as much as she wanted to give Jessica a good licking as a proper thank you for the kind party invitation, Anna wanted her own pussy pleasured even more. She had never felt this insatiable in her life and her pussy was demanding lots of attention. So if Jessica wanted to give it to her, then Anna was more than happy to let her.

So Anna didn’t waste a second. She had been keeling down next to Jessica so she could kiss and touch her sexy hostess but she stood right up and made sure her pussy was as close to level with Jessica’s mouth as she could get it. And Jessica did the rest. She grabbed Anna by her cute little butt cheeks and brought her face right to Anna’s crotch, loving how dripping wet the girl was and hungering for that first delicious taste.

The aroused scent of Anna’s pussy hit Jessica’s nostrils right away and she breathed it in deeply. Anna’s neat brown bush was a sticky mess, her little curls matted and clumped together from all the times she had wetly come. Anna’s essence was not only drying all over her thighs but also the tops of her legs and even up to her stomach from how many times she’d been fucked. But as good as all those orgasms were, Anna needed more.

“Oooooh you perv? Are you smelling my pussy? Mmmm dirty girl!” Anna moaned in lust. “Breathe it in Jessica! You all made me this wet! I hadn’t fucked a woman in like years and you brought me right to your Hollywood orgy like I was walking into the lion’s den! Mmmmm is that what you wanted?  Did you want to lure an innocent piece of ass like me to your nasty party so you could fuck me?”

“Yesssss mmm fuck it totally was what I wanted,” Jessica admitted, the aroma of Anna’s arousal freshly intoxicating her. “When I saw you walk in and wander over to our table I wanted to fuck you right away! I’ve wanted you bad ever since I saw you in a movie! I wanted to get you naked and eat you out and fuck you so good! Scarlett and I both wanted to fuck you! The party wasn’t supposed to be like this but we both wanted you to stay after so we could get nasty with you!”

Anna felt a rush run through her from the idea that someone as beautiful and successful as Jessica Alba had wanted to fuck her. Anna knew she was good-looking and she took good care of herself, usually, but she had never thought she was “Jessica Alba hot.” That was a fucking elite level and knowing Jessica had wanted to seduce her and fuck her made Anna so horny inside.

But she couldn’t resist one more question first.

“What movie?” Anna asked, keeping her pussy just enough away from Jessica so the woman couldn’t start licking her yet.

“Huh?” Jessica asked, moaning from Alyssa’s tongue while she stared right at Anna’s smooth, sodden pussy lips all pink and puffy and glistening wet as she dreamed of burying her nose into Anna’s cute brown curls.

“What movie turned you on so much for me?” Anna asked, legitimately curious for the kind of feedback that would show which of her credits was most appealing to Hollywood’s horny slutty lesbian community.

Jessica blushed before she answered, which gave Anna all the information she needed. And Jessica confirmed her suspicion a second later when she forced the title out.

“Twilight,” Jessica confessed. “Okay? It was Twilight.”

“I was in that movie for like 20 fucking seconds,” Anna laughed. “That’s the movie that got you into me? I’ve been nominated for a damn Oscar and you got into me because of Twilight?”

Anna always marveled at people who raved about her small part in Twilight. Jessica was hardly the first and Anna was sure she wasn’t the last. But the truth was the movie brought in steady residual checks to fuel her shoe buying habit and had really opened doors for her to get the kind of roles she really wanted. Plus, the idea that the movie had made someone as beautiful as Jessica Alba want to have sex with her was an extra benefit Anna had never considered before.

“Don’t judge me,” Jessica shot back while still moaning from what Alyssa was doing to her. “Everyone has vampire fantasies, don’t they? And besides, all the girls in it were really hot so you should take it as a compliment.”

“Oh I do,” Anna said with a twinkle in her eye because this time she was the one with a naughty secret to reveal. “Mmmm you wanna know something? I hooked up with Kristen when we were doing it!”

“What? Seriously?” Jessica marveled. “Ohhh my God! You really fucked her?”

Kristen Stewart in all her publicity-shy ways had been someone Jessica had always wanted a chance to play with. There was just something about a girl who wanted nothing more than to be left alone that made Jessica obsessed with her and knowing Anna had done something she hadn’t made Jessica extra horny for the both of them.

“Mmmmmhmmm we had a REAL fun time,” Anna said, loving Jessica’s reaction. “She was all over me. I’d been with girls before her but Kristen was so into it! Mmmm we even had a foursome with Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed one night!”

Filming her little part in the movies had been quick work for Anna but the benefits of being able to hook up with her sexy co-stars had been the real lasting memory she had taken from being a part of the vampire series. It had been the only time she’d done the on-set hookup thing and it had been wonderful.

She and Kristen had done it a bunch of times and that one night with all the booze and all the weed and Ashley and Nikki where the clothing had quickly started flying off had been on the top of Anna’s list of hottest nights ever…until tonight of course.

“Oooooh that’s so hot! You’d better introduce me!” Jessica moaned, wanting it all and wanting it now.

“Well you’re going to have to show me how hot you are first before I slip you Kristen’s number and ….ooooooooooh! OOOOOH!” Anna cried, her tone dramatically changing from flirty to squealing in pleasure when Jessica set about showing her just how hot she could be by pulling Anna right to her face and starting a lewd licking of the woman’s wet pussy. “Ohhhh yessssss! Mmmm fuck me Jessica! Ooooh eat my pussy just like that! Mmm all you girls here are so hot! I can’t believe you girls are really like this but this is incredible! I see why you all love fucking each other so much! Mmmm yesssss!”

Jessica was fully content as she humped herself against Alyssa’s face and worked her tongue over Anna’s slit. This was when she was happiest, when she could fuck and be fucked all at the same time. Alyssa’s tongue was doing just as incredible as job as ever and every lick made Jessica hotter and wetter. And she used all that energy to give it good to Anna.

Anna’s hit little body was just as sexy as Jessica had dreamed it would be. It had been quite a fortuitous twist of fate for Anna to have come into the coffee shop at the same time she and Scarlett had been there and Jessica wanted to make sure and take full advantage.

Jessica might have been focused most on Maryse tonight but she hadn’t forgotten about Anna. Now she had her and her pussy tasted so good. With her hands squeezing Anna’s pert ass cheeks, it was so easy for Jessica to shove her face between those tight thighs and lick away at that wetness.

Jessica loved how wet Anna was for her and she got a thrill knowing so many other girls had tasted her too. She was licking all of their saliva out of Anna too and Jessica fucked Alyssa’s tongue harder while her own lapped at the yummy, tangy flavor of Anna Kendrick.

“Yessss yesssss mmmm fuckkkk I’ve never been this slutty before! Ughhh I want to fuck you all!” Anna continued moaning, her hands seeking a destination and finally settling on pushing down on the back of Jessica’s head, keeping the actress pressed to her pussy. “Ohhhhhh Jessica! You’re so good at this! Oooooh fuck you girls must all be eating pussy all the time to be this good! Fuck me! Yesssssssss tongue fuck me good and lick up that juicy mess I’ve got for you! Mmmm squeeze my butt while you do it too Jessica!”

Jessica never minded taking direction like that and she quickly gave Anna what she wanted. She could tell the girl wanted an aggressive touch so she didn’t just massage Anna’s fit, tiny ass cheeks. She dug her nails into them and made the actress hiss in pleasure.

“Mmm yessssss that’s it! Ooooh make it sting! Mmmm fuckkkkk yessss squeeze it tight! Just like that Jessica!” Anna groaned, feeling those nails gripping her ass while she rubbed herself into Jessica’s gorgeous face and felt her tongue lap away. “Oh yesssss you’re so fucking good! Mmmm I’ll definitely hook you up with Kristen as long as you let me fuck her with you!”

“So does that mean you’re open to future invitations?” Jessica teased, already knowing what the answer would be before she even asked it.

“Oh my God yes!” Anna immediately blurted out. “Fuck Disneyland! This is the happiest place on Earth right here! Mmmmm don’t stop! Don’t stop fucking me!”

Anna pressed down on the back of Jessica’s head again, forcing her tongue into her pussy and then tossed her own head back, moaning as she did the last thing she had expected to do tonight. During her pre-party preparations, Anna had never envisioned getting laid but she had gotten more sex in one night than she had in the last six months and it was making her feel incredible.

In fact, sex had been the furthest thing from her mind today and now she was buck naked surrounded by the most gorgeous women on Earth. Anna felt so plain next to all of them but when a woman as stunning as Jessica Alba wanted her this much, Anna’s ego was tingling nearly as much as her pussy was.

Anna kept moaning again and again, urging Jessica on as she felt that incredible tongue work her pussy over. She had been with such incredible women tonight. Anna’s knees still felt weak from what Jennifer Aniston had done to her and now Jessica was making her feel even more pleasure. No man she had ever been with could keep up with these girls. Hell, none of the women she had ever fucked, even someone as happily bi as Kristen, could match up,

Feeling Jessica’s tongue quickly lash at her pussy like she was thirsty for every drop of her juices made Anna curl her toes into the soft carpeting. Jessica was so beautiful and so sexy and to have her not only say how badly she wanted her but also show it by licking her slit and sucking on her to drink more of her down was driving Anna wild. She felt nothing but incredible, lewd pleasure while she stood there, watching everyone else fuck at the same time.

Anna squealed in joy when Jessica began to work on her clit. She got both hot licks and sensual sucks from Jessica’s expert mouth and all the while Anna felt the beautiful woman’s nimble fingers gripping her ass. Anna was beginning to worry about overload of pleasure but she decided that was nothing to fear, because as she cried her happy noises again and again there was nothing but similar reactions so close to her.


Anna couldn’t believe she was watching Heather Locklear tongue fuck Stacy Keibler’s asshole. She had seen so many wild things and done so many of them herself that nothing should have thrown her now but Anna just felt like such a dirty sneak watching them fuck right near where she stood and she loved it. She loved watching them and wondering how Stacy Keibler’s ass tasted and how good it would be to get down there and lick Heather Locklear’s pussy while she rimmed out Stacy and left her asshole with a spit shine after she came.

This was all so nasty and Anna loved how she was acting and thinking. She loved staring at them fucking and seeing how Jessica was fucking her while Alyssa was fucking Jessica and Jewel was fucking Alyssa. It was a mess of hot naked bodies and Anna was totally into it all. Heather looked so hot lying on her back and Anna had certainly noticed Stacy before with those legs and that ass but she had never really given her much thought before tonight. Now she was obsessed with the beautiful blonde.

Heather had inadvertently been Anna’s tip-off that this place was not what she had thought it was going to be when she had walked in on the television legend naked and fucking Hilary and Haylie Duff. Little had she known that was not an isolated incident and now she was as naked and slutty as all of them had been. She was a part of this now and Anna never wanted it to stop.

Seeing Heather slapping Stacy’s ass, making those perfectly round, creamy skinned cheeks turn a flushed shade of pink while made Anna extra hot. She loved watching them fuck and she imagined what dirty things she could do to both of them. God, her father had such a crush on Heather and to think that she was the one that had a chance to actually fuck her made Anna’s head spin. She could live out fantasies she’d never even had and the thought of Heather making her come made what Jessica was doing to her even better.

Talking about tonight would certainly be a conversation she and her dad would never, ever have but Anna thrived on the potential awkwardness. She wanted Heather’s body even more than he ever had, especially as Heather made Stacy come from burying her tongue up her asshole and finger fucking her hard.


Anna had seen other people orgasm before. This was not her first experience with group sex. But she had never experienced anything as vivid as this before. Everyone was so free and uninhibited here. It made her feel sexier just to be around it and she loved watching Stacy come, her beautiful body grinding into Heather’s face as her asshole and clit were stimulated and her head was tossed back, sending her long blonde hair flying.

Anna had never interacted with Stacy before in her life but she didn’t care about any of that as she leaned over, closing the gap between them to kiss her.

And even though she was in the throes of orgasm, Stacy immediately responded. She and Anna were strangers but that didn’t stop them from passionately kissing. Stacy’s kiss was forceful and sloppy thanks to the orgasm she was experiencing but as her screams disappeared into Anna’s mouth, Anna went right along with the messy kiss, rubbing her tongue into Stacy’s and sharing saliva with her.

Anna’s whole body tingled as she kissed Stacy. She didn’t know her. She only knew of Stacy. But she was kissing her like they had been lovers for a long time. And it felt so good. Everyone was connected here by desire and pleasure and Anna could definitely feel the love between everyone. Sure this was all XXX rated for sure, but wasn’t love what Christmas was supposed to be all about?

This was such an amazing place and Anna felt herself becoming more and more drawn into it as she kissed Stacy and reached over to play with the blonde’s bouncing tits as she rode the last of her orgasm. And through it all Jessica kept licking her pussy, making Anna moan into her kiss with Stacy.

It was a bit of an awkward position for her to be straddling Jessica’s face while bending over to kiss Stacy and Anna wished she had taken more yoga over the years so she could be more flexible. But they all made it work and it felt incredible to be kissed by a woman who knew just how to kiss and be licked by a woman who definitely knew just how to lick. Anna had come to this place pretty much mostly straight but she no longer had a clue how she’d be when she left…that is if she ever left.

When her kiss with Stacy finally ended, Anna had a chance to see her saliva all over the beautiful woman’s face. Anna couldn’t believe she was being this slutty but it felt so good she didn’t want to do anything to stop. Everyone there looked so beautiful and Jessica’s tongue was driving her wild with expert licks just like Jennifer’s had and Sarah’s and even Selena’s. All of these women were beautiful nymphos, something hammered home when Stacy repositioned herself without a word and started kissing Heather.

Stacy passionately made out with the woman who had just made her come, tasting her ass all over Heather’s tongue as she eagerly sucked on it. The two naked blondes lay on the floor with each other, pressing their firm breasts against one another and letting their hands roam eagerly to intimate places. It was such a hot show for Anna to see especially as Stacy kissed her way down Heather’s stomach and went right for her pussy, spreading her legs open and diving in.

Heather immediately moaned in rapture from the horny tongue on her wet folds and Anna moaned right along with her. She was watching beautiful women having sex and Anna barely noticed she was making the same noises that the others were making.

She could barely register her own voice but Anna sure knew Jessica was making her feel good. Feeling Jessica squeezing her ass tightly while she licked rapidly and skillfully at her pussy, making her clit throb with every touch of her tongue, made Anna’s knees buckle and she felt like soon she was going to come all over Jessica’s face.

And Anna wanted that more than she had ever wanted anything. She felt so desired and so sexy as she was pleasured by a woman as stunning as Jessica Alba. Any man in the world would have wanted Jessica to fuck them and yet Jessica wanted to fuck her right then and no one else. Anna was elated with how that made her feel and she moaned and tingled and felt herself getting closer and closer to coming.

She wasn’t the only one who felt that way either. Hearing Stacy come had given everyone else an extra sense of urgency with their own pleasure. Alyssa wasn’t far behind Stacy thanks to how Jewel was tongue fucking her. But she didn’t have nearly the chance to exclaim herself thanks to Jessica’s pussy in her face.

That didn’t stop her from feeling a surge of pleasure through her naked body, though. Jewel’s tongue was as magical as always as it pleasured her folds and stimulated her clit and Alyssa channeled all her pulsing energy into licking Jessica harder. Jessica’s juices were soaking her tongue too and Alyssa went after that flavor with eagerly cum thirsty licks while wrapping her legs around Jewel and making sure her housemate didn’t move an inch.

Alyssa loved this position. She loved being flat on her back, feeling the carpet’s friction against her bare skin as she moaned and writhed naked on the floor. With her legs wrapped around Jewel, she felt the sensation that she was in control as she pinned down her housemate and made Jewel pleasure her pussy. But with Jessica in her face, grinding her soft, girly folds against her mouth, Alyssa also felt like she was being taken and used and fucked. It was everything all at once and Alyssa loved it.

She fucked Jewel’s face harder, making her own big tits giggle on her chest. She wanted to play with her nipples too but Alyssa’s hands were busy. One hand was tending to Jessica’s pussy as she slid her fingers in and out of her friend, giving her extra stimulation while her tongue was working her over. And the other hand was fondling and squeezing Jessica’s ass.

There were so many great asses at the mansion. Alyssa loved them all and she never dared pick a favorite but there was always something about Jessica’s ass. It was so firm and tight and those round cheeks made Alyssa salivate whenever she saw it in tight yoga pants or a bikini or nothing at all, which was naturally her favorite way to check out Jessica Alba’s ass. Alyssa groped it eagerly, letting her hand roam all over her friend’s beautiful bare bottom as she licked and fingered her hard.

And the energy continued to pulse through Alyssa from what Jewel was doing. God, there were so many new girls at this party and so much fresh meat that Alyssa badly wanted to feast on. But you could never beat the girls who knew you best. Alyssa and Jewel had pleasured each other from head to toe so many times. They knew every secret spot and little trick to make each other come and Jewel was doing an amazing job on her, just like she always did.

“Ohhhh my God! Ohhhhhh yessssssss mmmm fuck me Jewel! Oooh you always eat my pussy so well!” Alyssa moaned, pulling her mouth away from Jessica’s honeypot for a second. “Mmmmm I can’t wait to have Chloe fuck you too! Ooooh her hot teen tongue feels so good and you’re going to love it just like I do now! Mmmm yessssss fuck me! Mmmmm yessssss yesssssss oooooooh you’re always so fucking good at this! Yesss make me come Jewel! Make me come and soak your hot tongue! Mmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk!”

Alyssa quieted her own lustful groans before they turned into screams by shoving her tongue back into Jessica. She tongue fucked her housemate while Jewel tongue fucked her and Alyssa was in total ecstasy. She knew she wasn’t going to last much longer as Jewel’s soft hand lovingly caressed her pussy lips and her fingers pleasured her clit while her Alaskan tongue lapped away at her. Alyssa loved it all. She wanted to come so bad.

And Jewel wanted to make Alyssa come just as badly. The singer wished that Alyssa could just snap her fingers and have Chloe appear magically so the sexy teen could lick her while she licked Alyssa, but Jewel figured that was one Christmas wish she would have to make happen for herself. She had never known Alyssa to break her word so if she said she was going to make it happen, then Jewel knew it would.

Just thinking about what that hot teenage beauty could do to her had Jewel’s pussy all juicy with fresh need. She had come so many times tonight but she needed so much more and she fingered herself aggressively, rubbing her own clit while she used her other hand much more sensually on Alyssa. They were all so out of control and the more Alyssa fed her the wetness drooling from her cunt the more Jewel wanted to drink every drop.

Jewel could tell just how close Alyssa was without her housemate even having to tell her and she added to her friend’s wetness by spitting into her pussy, a lewd gesture that made Alyssa moan with pleasure right into Jessica. Jewel knew how much Alyssa loved a little spit in her pussy and she loved it too because she could lick it out of her, which is just what she did.

Jewel’s tongue licked away at Alyssa’s pussy, tasting her own saliva mixing in with Alyssa’s juices as she lay flat on her stomach on the floor, her tits mashed up against the carpet making Jewel feel the fibers scraping against her nipples. She was fingering herself even harder now, not caring that her juices were probably making a stain. Jewel just wanted to make Alyssa come and bring herself off in the process and then fuck Heather and Stacy and Jessica and especially Anna so she could get a taste of the newbie for herself and find out how good she was at eating pussy.

There were so many gorgeous girls here and Jewel wanted to fuck them all as she fingered her pussy into a juicy frenzy, her fingers squishing in and out of her tight, sloppy folds after a wild night of fucking. She was dripping wet and she kept fingering herself harder while she worked her fingers into Alyssa at the same time and sucked hard on her friend’s clit, making Alyssa pant and gasp into Jessica’s pussy as she got so close to a blissful release.

Alyssa’s hips were undulating as she went down on her, letting Jewel feel the pleasure of having her friend’s wet, bald cunt grinding into her face. She loved feeling those swollen, delicious pussy lips against her mouth and having Alyssa’s juices smeared all over her skin. Jewel was getting off on how good Alyssa tasted and how hot and sticky her essence was. She wanted her cum all over her skin. Jewel wanted to wear it with pride like she already was with all the other girls she had fucked tonight.

Jewel tongued and fingered Alyssa like she needed her cum more than she needed to breathe. She kept her tongue stiff and let Alyssa fuck her face with her rolling hips. Alyssa had such strong thighs and it was so hot to feel her legs wrapped around her, pinching her in place and making her feel trapped even though she was anything but. Jewel loved being pressed right to her friend’s pussy and she let her tongue get fucked by Alyssa’s delicious pink honeypot while she worked her fingers in hard, rubbing and pinching her clit and making Alyssa drip even more for her.

Alyssa was screaming every bit of her pleasure into Jessica, the muffled sounds of her sex cries getting covered up by the delicious treat she had against her mouth. Jessica was fucking Alyssa’s face even more now, bouncing up and down on her tongue and grinding into her while she licked and sucked Anna’s cunt. Sharp gasps and lusty moans were coming out even as they muzzled themselves by eating other women out because Jessica and Alyssa were both on fire and getting so close to orgasm.

But Alyssa was the closest, thanks to feeling both Jewel’s tongue and fingers inside her. Jewel was making her feel so good as she worked Alyssa’s clit with her mouth and fingers at the same time, giving her a double stimulation that no woman could ever resist, especially one like Alyssa who was so horny and worked up thanks to the punch and everything she had done with Chloe. Jewel was giving her everything she needed and after a few more seconds of being licked and fingered, Alyssa couldn’t hold back anymore.


She pulled her mouth away from Jessica as she came, but Alyssa kept on fingering her. The pleasure exploded inside Alyssa and it made her eyes tear up and her body get a fresh coating of perspiration as her pussy creamed right into her housemate’s mouth and fed Jewel the treat she always loved to enjoy.

Alyssa fucked Jewel’s face wildly as she came, her cum soaking the blonde singer’s tongue and dripping down her chin. And Jewel kept her face latched right to Alyssa’s twat, sucking down every creamy drop of essence and staring up at Alyssa as she came, drinking in the view of Alyssa’s bouncing tits and how good Jessica’s body looked riding Alyssa’s face.

The rush of endorphins pulsing through Alyssa soaked her brain and made her woozy with new pleasure. She was already in a state of dreamy intoxication and this only made her stagger more. But she didn’t let it distract her from Jessica’s needs. Alyssa craved Jessica’s pussy constantly on a normal day and, since tonight was anything but normal, she was famished for it.

So Alyssa pushed through the cloud of erotic haze and dreamy afterglow in her head, clearing out the cobwebs before they could settle in and resumed her focus on Jessica’s pleasure. She had been fingering Jessica the whole time that she was coming and now Alyssa got her mouth back on her friend, tongue fucking her juicy hole while screaming out the last bits of pleasure she was getting from her Jewel-inspired orgasm.

Jessica shivered and moaned when she felt her housemate’s mouth get back on her pussy. It sent a jolt of energy up her spine to feel those lips back on her clit and she knew her own orgasm was so close. Alyssa always knew just how to pleasure her and she was so horny and needy that Jessica knew just about any attention she got to her hot spots right then would have set her off.

“Mmmmm fuck me Lyssa! Yesssss ughhhh mmmm suck my clitty! Fuck that wet fucking pussy of mine! Oooooh!” Jessica cooed while still tending to Anna’s wetness. “You’re going to make me come baby! Mmmm I’ve been such a bad girl tonight and I need more! I need you to make me feel good like you always do! Fuck meeeee ooooooh yesssss yessssss mmmm tongue fuck me until I come!”

Alyssa wondered what Jessica had done that night to be such a “bad girl.” She couldn’t have been as bad as she was considering what she had done with Chloe and what she had let Heather and Ava do in her bed but Alyssa definitely wanted details. She thought about asking for them now but decided to wait until later. What Alyssa wanted most right then was Jessica’s cum.

“Mmmm yeahhh you’re definitely a bad girl,” Alyssa moaned, sliding her fingers in and out of Jessica’s drenched box before she resumed tongue fucking her. “This pussy is sooo wet! Mmmm wet and juicy and so tight just how I like it! I can taste what a bad girl you’ve been! Good girls don’t get this wet Jess! Mmmm fuck my face baby! Fuck me with this wet pussy and make me messy with your cum while you fuck the newbie and show her how we do things around here!”

Jessica would have answered back but she was overcome with moans as Alyssa sucked on her pussy lips, going from one to the other and then placing a sexy kiss right on the center of her pussy. Jessica’s pussy lips quivered over the slutty kiss and she moaned uncontrollably from the way Alyssa expertly sucked on her sensitive flesh. And when Alyssa’s tongue dove in some more, Jessica’s sounds grew louder and more frantic as she gasped out her pleasure with sharp, happy breaths.

So it was up to Anna to respond and she eagerly did so.

“Yesssss show me what it’s like here! Show me how all you girls love to fuck each other!” Anna demanded, wetness dripping down her leg now from how much she needed Jessica to finish her off. “I had no idea what kind of a party I was going to but now I never want to leave! You’re all so hot!”

Anna still had Jessica’s hands holding onto her ass but the girl’s mouth was now off her pussy as she was too busy moaning and crying out from Alyssa to pleasure her. But Anna actually didn’t mind. Everyone here was so beautiful and she loved staring at them all.

As she looked at Jessica fucking Alyssa’s face while her tan tits were bouncing, Anna got so turned on from looking at Jessica’s beautiful face all sticky any shiny and knowing it was her cum that had made her such a mess.

Everyone was moaning and licking and fucking like mad. Alyssa had her tongue and fingers burrowed into Jessica and Anna loved staring at her body too and seeing the Charmed star’s big tits and tan skin and how her totally bare pussy was shiny from how much she’d come. She loved seeing Heather writhing on the floor, tugging at her own erect nipples from how Stacy was tongue fucking her. Heather’s legs up in the air close enough for her to touch and feel how smooth they were and the atmosphere of the party continued to arouse Anna almost as much as Jessica’s tongue was.

The only one Anna realized she had lost track of was Jewel but she found out where she was soon enough when she felt a wet kiss on the back of her neck along with a set of big boobs that could only have belonged to the busty Alaskan. Anna moaned when she felt those soft, sweaty breasts rubbing into her back while Jewel pulled her hair away and pressed kisses all over the back of her neck and down the side of it before moving up to her lips.

Jewel’s soft, wet kisses had felt so good on her skin and Anna kissed her back without hesitation when their lips connected. They had barely ever interacted before tonight but that didn’t stop them from kissing sensually. Anna happily tasted Alyssa all over Jewel’s lips and it was her tongue that first came out to play.

Anna flicked her tongue against Jewel’s lips and Jewel opened her mouth to let it inside. They rubbed their wet tongues together and continued to kiss for a few hot moments before Jewel broke it off and looked at Anna with a wet smile.

“Mmmmm you definitely act like you belong here but there’s something I have to do first to make sure,” Jewel said before kneeling down in back of Anna.

Anna’s cute little butt looked so sexy with Jessica gripping it, but Jewel shooed her friend’s hands away and instead took it for herself by kissing those pert cheeks. Anna moaned when the singer literally kissed her ass and her sounds grew louder and more urgent when Jewel grew quite forward with her and spread her cheeks open and dragged her tongue up her ass crack, boldly getting a taste of Anna’s puckered ring.

“Ohhhhh fuckkkk ohhhh my Godddddd!” Anna groaned wantonly, trying to wrap her brain around the fact that Jewel’s tongue was on her asshole and pushing inside. “Mmmmm fuck! You girls sure aren’t shy about knocking on the back door, are you?”

“Oh don’t pretend you don’t like it,” Jewel smirked. “Mmmm I can feel you’ve been loosened up. Looks like you already let someone inside! Who was it?”

“Mmmmm fuckkkk ohhhh it was Jennifer! At least I think it was…” Anna moaned, everything a wonderful blur but feeling reasonably sure that it had been Jennifer Aniston pushing a strap-on up her ass earlier. “Mmmm don’t stop Jewel! Ooooh fuck you girls are rude but you sure are good too! Ohhhh yesssssss mmmm tongue that little fucking ass! Ooooh yesssss yessss fuckkkk oooooooooooh Goddddd mmmm yessss get your fingers in there too! Ohhh yesssss more! Don’t stop! Mmmm fucking give me more!”

Anna grew demanding quickly as she felt Jewel’s fingers rub against her slit with precision and pleasure. She was being so intimately touched by beautiful women she never would have thought capable of things like this before tonight and Anna’s head was spinning in the best way. Her legs buckled but she kept herself from toppling over on the floor from the ecstasy she felt from Jewel’s rim job and the way her fingers rubbed her pussy, playing with her folds and her swollen clit with an expertise Anna envied and adored.

Anna was having trouble keeping herself standing straight but she managed to keep herself steady by grabbing onto Jessica’s strong shoulders. She held on tightly and Jessica certainly didn’t mind it as Alyssa brought her right to the edge and then pushed her over.

“Fuck yes! Ohhhh fuck yesssss! OHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSS!” Jessica cried from Alyssa’s fingers probing her deep and her tongue lapping at her clit. “FUCKKK OOOOH FUCKKKK OOOOOH LYSSAAAAAA YESSSS FUCKKK HERE IT COMES BABY! OOOOOOH FUCKKKKK YESSSS OPEN UP FOR MY CUM! FUCKKKKK!”

Jessica wanted this so badly. She just wanted to come and come and come until she couldn’t take anymore, which she was sure would be never. Sitting down on Alyssa’s face kept her trapped between her thighs and Jessica happily smothered her friend with her dripping pussy, She ground right into Alyssa as those fingers and that tongue pushed inside her and stimulated her just right.

“Mmmm yeahh give it to me Jess! Give it to meeee! Gimmie that fucking cum!” Alyssa grunted. “I want it! Fill my mouth with it so I can gulp it down like it’s candy!”

“FUCKKKKK OOOOH YESSSS IVE GOT YUMMY CANDY FOR YOU RIGHT NOWWWW OOOOOOOOOOH!” Jessica exclaimed, the stimulation of her clitoris becoming too much for her thanks to Alyssa’s expert touch. “OOOOH YESSS SWALLOW IT ALL MMMM FUCKKKK YESSSSS OOOOOOH FUCKKK!”

Jessica’s orgasm was a wet one, just like Alyssa had wanted. All of the food and treats they had set up for the party had looked so tasty but nothing was better than this. Alyssa happily swallowed Jessica’s release as she wetly fucked her face, bucking against her tongue as she came. Jessica’s cum always tasted amazing but tonight Alyssa’s taste buds were extra sensitive to it and it was like she could come again too just from swallowing it and enjoying how wet and sweet it was.

Jessica cried out from the tongue fucking she was getting even as she came. Alyssa didn’t stop once the damn broke. She fucked Jessica’s pussy harder with her tongue while getting as much of her essence as she could and happily swallowing it down. That made Jessica feel even better and she used that fresh surge of energy to get back to doing what she had been eagerly doing before.

While she was still riding her orgasm from Alyssa, Jessica got back to licking Anna, giving the girl two tongues at the same time, something she had never felt before.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH! Ohhhhh my God ohhhh ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss! Don’t stop! Ooooooooh don’t fucking stop!” Anna begged. “Mmmmm fucking lick me! All of you lick me! Yessssss show me what happens to girls when they come to your parties! Oooooh fuckkk this has to be the best Christmas ever!”

“Mmmmm oh we’ll make sure that it is,” Alyssa said, getting up off her back and eagerly standing up naked to display her body in full before Anna’s horny eyes. “We always have the best parties here and it looks like you’re earning your way onto the permanent guest list!”

As she felt her body grow weak at the same time she felt bolts of pleasure rush through her, Anna was sure this was one guest list she always wanted to be on. She didn’t even have to do anything to be on it. She just had to stand there and get fucked by not one, but two hot female tongues. That was a pretty sweet and a pretty hot deal if she didn’t say so herself.

And it got even better as Alyssa sauntered over to her and caressed her face with her hand. Anna moaned at the seductive touch of the older woman and marveled at how Alyssa was in full command of her sexuality, wearing it like an aura around her. She was so confident and so beautiful.

Anna had never really thought of Alyssa sexually before that day, but with those big tits and that shaved smooth pussy glistening and her face shining with Jessica’s cum, Anna felt overcome by Alyssa’s erotic confidence and found herself wanting to serve her as a loyal slave eager to do her bidding.

When Alyssa’s hand touched her face, Anna practically purred from it and the pleasure got so much better when Alyssa kissed her. Alyssa’s lips touched hers and Anna felt electricity, either static or sexual or maybe both, run through her body. She kissed back and tasted Jessica’s essence all over Alyssa’s lips, something Anna hoped she’d be tasting from the source soon.

Anna was completely captivated by what was happening to her. She had Alyssa on her lips kissing her with a sensual heat that made Anna’s toes curl and she had Jessica expertly eating her out. And with Jewel’s tongue probing her asshole in the most pleasurably perverted way while her fingers played with her pussy lips and spread her open for Jessica’s tongue, Anna was in total ecstasy.

But her little legs were again proving to be troublesome and Anna didn’t think she would be able to withstand all she was feeling without falling over. So she warned all of her new friends as they showed her just how good they could be to guests at their mansion.

“Ohhhh fuckkk it’s so good! Ooooh it’s TOO good!” Anna warned, pulling away from the kiss while she felt those two tongues make her wobble. “Mmmm fuckkk ohh fuckkkk I’m going to just fall ass backwards onto the floor if you keep going though! Oooooh fuckkk it’s so good I can’t fucking stand!”

Jessica and Jewel giggled over how they were turning poised, pretty Anna Kendrick into jelly. She was shaking from what they were doing to her pussy and ass and they took mercy on her poor little body by pulling her onto the floor with them. They each took one of her hands and let Anna gently ease down onto the carpet and once she was there they pushed her onto her back and immediately got back to work.

As soon as Anna was flat on the floor, Jessica slung her legs open and dove back in, lapping at Anna’s drooling pussy. And Jewel joined her. She’d loved tasting the girl’s tight, recently fucked ass, but that beautifully glistening pussy was too much for Jewel to resist. Anna’s soaked bush and swollen lips looked so delicious and she went down for a lick too.

“Whoaaaaaa ooooooh yesssss yessssssssss mmmmm fuckkk don’t stop! Ohhhh yesssss fuckkkk fuckkkkk oooooooh yesssss fuck me and make me come!” Anna cried as she was licked by two tongues at once again, this time with two on her pussy. “Ohhhhh fuckkk how are all of you so good at this? Oooooh my Goddddddd all of you are so damn good at eating pussy! Fuckkkk ohhhh more please more! Ohhhh yesssss!”

Anna lay back rolling her head on the carpet, feeling a wet spot there now but not caring at all as she rested her hair in it. All she cared about was how good it was to have Jessica and Jewel going down on her at the same time and making her pussy quiver as she felt her orgasm rushing forward. Alyssa leaned in to kiss her again and this time Anna was the aggressive one with her, putting her hand on the back of Alyssa’s head and kissing her passionately as soon as she was close enough.

And then things got even better. As her tongue played in Alyssa’s mouth and Jewel and Jessica shared her pussy, Anna’s tits were unattended to. But Stacy and Heather took care of that little oversight, interrupting their own fun in order to flank Anna. Each of them leaned down and started kissing and fondling her breasts to Anna’s surprise and delight.

“Ohhhhhh my Godddd ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Anna groaned before she was silenced once more by another kiss from Alyssa. “Mmmm yessss suck my boobs! Oooooh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhh my Godddddd kiss my tits! Yessssssss yessssssssss fuckkkkk ohhhhh so many mouths on meeeeee!”

She had two mouths on her chest and two mouths on her pussy and another on her lips. Anna was being pleasured to death. She was sure of it now and she welcomed it. Going out in the middle of a lesbian orgy hadn’t been what she had originally wanted but now she was totally down with it. The pleasure was so completely overwhelming and it was like she was melting into the carpet from how good everything felt.

Heather and Stacy had been so turned on by what was happening to Anna that they had wanted to join in too. So they had separated and now their wet, cum covered mouths were on the brunette’s tits. They each took one side of her, Heather on the left and Stacy on the right, and they sucked on her breasts, each of them kissing and licking her areolas and wrapping their lips around her nipples. And that brought extra pleasure to Anna while she was already writhing from Jessica and Jewel.

Anna’s frantic sounds of pleasure were quieted by Alyssa’s kisses but it was obvious how good she felt from all of this. She was making little squeaks and cries and moans and they were all muffled by Alyssa’s mouth. Her ecstasy was obvious though because Alyssa couldn’t stop Anna’s body from writhing on the carpet, her bare ass now pressed right to the fibers as she had her legs spread wide for both Jessica and Jewel’s mouths on her pussy.

The two of them both tongued Anna. Jessica worked over Anna’s clit and Jewel lapped at her juicy folds, the both of them sharing her like they had so many other girls over the years. They knew just how to do this. They licked her in tandem, giving each other plenty of room as they shoved their tongues in and fucked the diminutive actress together, two tongues driving Anna wild as she panted and gasped into Alyssa’s mouth.

Anna’s pale, sexy body had broken out in a sweat all over herself as she got fucked again. The girl’s holes had been so thoroughly fucked already that she was extra sensitive to being pleasured. She couldn’t take it anymore and she felt everything swell up inside her. One mouth on her pussy would have been more than enough to get her off, but two? And two others sucking her tits and licking her erect nipples? Anna was kind of surprised she didn’t just spontaneously combust from all of this.

But she didn’t. Instead she just came with a wild rush of bliss rushing through her veins, leaving her gasping and crying out as Alyssa’s saliva dripped down her chin along with her own. Anna had to pull away from the kiss in order to breathe and she tossed her head back and screamed in ecstatic release like she had never felt before.


Her orgasm gave plenty for Jessica and Jewel to drink down as they shared Anna’s pussy. She came all over them both as they licked her, soaking their tongues with their essence. They both licked away at her, tasting every drop as she came for them, their tongues continuing to work her over as her body shook in pleasure. And when Anna finally cycled down, Jessica and Jewel pulled away and smiled as they looked at each other with faces glistening from her essence.

The view of them like that inspired them to kiss each other and share more of her flavor. The housemates hungrily kissed while tasting Anna all over themselves and soon they were rolling with each other on the floor, passionately pressing their lips and tongues together while Jessica and Jewel rubbed their bare tits into each other. They moaned and kissed and rubbed in just the right way as they fell into deep desire for each other as everyone just kept on fucking.

Anna wanted to say some kind of thank you or something for how she felt after what they had just done to and for her, but she never got that chance before Heather unexpectedly slung her leg over her head and pressed her pussy right to her face. Anna’s eyes went wide with surprise but that quickly faded and immediately started licking. After all this party was all about fucking, wasn’t it, and if someone as beautiful as Heather was going to offer her a wet pussy, then it would have been rude not to lick it.

So Anna started lapping away at the older woman, immediately moaning from Heather’s rich, tasty juices, and loving every second out of all the wild dirtiness that was happening. It was non-stop raw fucking and in Anna’s mind Christmas had never been better than it was right then with so many girls left to fuck and so much pulsing energy and desire inside her to do them all.


Anna was far from the only mansion newbie diving head first into the fun. Everyone was pairing off in groups of twos and threes and fours and mores and no one cared about any rules except making everything feel as good as possible. It was naughty and wild and liberating, especially for women who were at the mansion for the first time.

And with so many naked, insatiable women in one place so close to each other, it was no surprise that three of the new girls had found each other and were eagerly exploring new pleasures.

“Oooooh my God mmmmm yesssssss ooooooooh this is soooo naughty!” Selena Gomez cooed as she lay back naked on the floor, her legs in the air and her pussy dripping from the ecstasy she felt throughout her ultra-aroused body. “Mmmmm yessss don’t stop! Oooooh ooooooooooh yessssssssss mmmm it feels so good! Oooh I never did this before!”

Selena couldn’t believe how incredible this felt. She had never expected something like this to ever make her horny and she’d been reluctant at first to try it. But as soon as she had felt those soft, wet lips and that naughty tongue she had melted right into it. Now she wanted to take this all the way and let parts of her body that she had never felt were sexy before be thoroughly explored.

Selena felt like she had gone crazy here tonight. She was letting desires she had thought she had buried deep inside her run free for the first time in so long and it made her feel so happy. She felt like the shell of the façade she had been living in had cracked and now she was able to be who she really was deep inside, a naughty girl who loved to play with other girls.

For so long she had been pretending not to think about how much she liked to be kissed and touched and made love to by a girl. Selena had hidden it deep within herself, not wanting to be a lesbian and not wanting to be in love with another girl. But she hadn’t been able to keep the illusion going here and Selena had snapped, letting her dirtiest desires run free.

She had tried to force herself to be good and be straight. But her body was in full revolt against her brain tonight and she had to admit the truth. Selena knew she loved having sex with girls. She loved the taste of pussy. She loved the way a girl kissed. She loved the way they felt and the way they touched. Selena knew she had been living a lie and at last the lie had exploded because her body hadn’t been able to stand being denied its true desires any longer.

What had happened here didn’t just rekindle desires and memories she had desperately tried to forget, but had also inspired new levels of kinkiness that Selena hadn’t thought she was capable of. She hadn’t been making love to these women. She had been fucking them. What she was experiencing was raw and raunchy and so much fun. After being pent up for so long, Selena Gomez was letting go and it was a true relief to her as well as a source of endless ecstasy.

And now she was lying back naked and moaning uncontrollably from something she had never thought could turn her on. Because the wet mouth wasn’t on her pussy. It was on her foot. Her legs were up in the air and her toes were being sucked on and Selena hadn’t expected to like it this much as she cooed and moaned from the way the saliva was dripping down her bare foot like a naughty trickle of wetness.

“Ooooooh so dirty! So nasty! Mmmmm soooooo goooood!” Selena groaned as she fucked herself, her fingers plunging in and out of her dripping twat, as she felt the juice run down her body from how turned on she was over the feel of those warm lips wetly sucking on her toes. “Mmmmm I never thought something like this could feel so fucking good!”

“I knew you’d like it,” Ariana Grande giggled as she pulled her mouth off Selena’s toes, taking pleasure in introducing her secret fetish to her fellow pop star. “It’s so naughty to do it. Mmmm I love when people kiss my feet and lick on my little toes. I want you to love it too, Selena. I want you to get all wet and squishy like I do when someone kisses my toesies and rubs all over my feet.”

Ariana then hungrily resumed sucking on Selena’s toes, opening wide to suck all five of them in her mouth at the same time to show off how horny she was and how naughty she could be. Selena had decorated her toes the other night out of boredom and loneliness and an eagerness to distract herself to keep from calling Justin. She had decorated her toes with bright red polish and had put little snowflakes on her toes.

Selena had capped it all off with a snowman on each of her big toes, never dreaming that anyone would actually see her toes much less that Ariana would be doing what she was doing. It all felt so good though to have Ariana’s wet, soft girl lips wrapped around the top of her foot, sensually slurping on them.

Selena could only moan in response, nodding her head when she was incapable of actually saying words. This was so crazy. She had never thought her feet could be a sexy area of her body but boy had she changed her mind quickly about that. This felt amazing and she was getting so wet from it that she knew she could come just from touching herself while her toes were sucked on.

Selena had thought Ariana was nuts when she had suggested it. She had only wanted to feel Ariana’s mouth on her pussy and hadn’t wanted her anywhere near her feet. But Ariana had totally turned her around on it after begging for the chance to do it. Selena had said she could do it for a few seconds, sure that she wouldn’t like it, but that had been minutes ago and all Selena wanted was more now.

She had been shocked by how much she had loved feeling warm, girly lips wrap around her toes and wetly suck on them. Selena hadn’t expected to get as much pleasure as she had from feeling a soft, sensual tongue lick against her smooth, pedicured nails and flick against the tips of her toes. She hadn’t expected to want it as much as she did now after feeling lips pressing all over the soles of her bare feet.

Selena had loved foot massages before, especially after concerts when she’d been moving and dancing all night. But she’d never considered it an erotic experience until now and she moaned out uncontrollably from the sensations tingling through her as she fingered her own pussy and felt hot, naughty female tongues lick all over her toes, bathing them in naughty drool and leaving them wet and glistening under the lights in the crowded, sexually charged room.

Ariana grinned over Selena’s response. Before tonight she had kept this side of herself as a total secret. She knew guys usually got weirded out when she asked them to kiss her feet. Ariana knew she had a bit of a reputation too as a demanding diva and sometimes she that extended to the bedroom but usually she was too shy to ask for this, not wanting hot guys to think she was some kind of a perv for wanting her toes sucked and licked.

But here she could indulge in anything she wanted. Ariana had never been with a woman before tonight and now all she could think about was fucking hot girls all the time. And if she could be that loose and uninhibited it meant she didn’t have to be afraid to say what she had wanted. So she had exposed her secret fetish and it had paid off so well.

Selena’s toes tasted so good. Ariana loved how they were decorated for the Christmas season and it felt so naughty to be doing this in the room right by the big mansion Christmas tree with all its twinkling lights and many ornaments. Ariana felt like such a bad girl and it was so hot to be sucking on toes right by the seasonal reminder that this was the time of year you were supposed to be good for goodness sake.

It made Ariana want to be even naughtier and she moaned as she kept rubbing Selena’s foot while sucking on her wiggling toes, taking them eagerly into her mouth while she touched herself too. Ariana felt how wet she was now from sucking Selena’s toes and it made her crave attention too as she popped her mouth off her new friend’s foot again and gave a simple, but naughty request.

“Mmmm wanna do mine too? Wanna taste my toesies Selena?” Ariana asked, looking so cute and horny with her tiny body naked and her adorable eyes full of lust and need. “It’ll be soooo hot. I promise! Mmmm you can suck on mine while I suck on yours. We can both do each other and it’ll feel so good. Mmmm I can show you what a naughty, slutty baby I really am!”

Before tonight, Selena definitely would have refused. She never would have even thought about doing something so kinky as playing sexually with someone else’s feet. But she had already done so many things she had never dreamed she would ever do and it had all felt so good. Her pussy was sore from coming so many times and her ass still felt raw and stretched from having that wine bottle forced up inside it. Selena wanted more though.

Everything that had happened to her had felt so good and she didn’t want it to end. She felt so insatiable. Every orgasm had felt amazing but none of them had been enough to fully satisfy her. She needed to feel more and she needed to be kinky and dirty and now she found herself wanting to be a naughty girl with a foot fetish for the first time in her life. Selena didn’t know what was happening to her but she loved it.

So she didn’t refuse Ariana. Instead Selena indulged her.

“Yessss feed me your toes Ariana,” Selena moaned, desperate to push her own limits and be kinky and naughty. “Mmmm gawd I’ve never done that before. I never tasted someone’s toes but I want to try with you.”

“Awww but what about me?” another voice asked as she pulled off Selena’s other foot with a wet pop of her mouth. “I want you to taste me too. My feet are really pretty. Kiss and suck on them and not Ariana’s”

Ariana hadn’t been the only girl sucking on Selena’s toes. Both of her feet were being tended to which had doubled Selena’s pleasure as she had finger fucked herself. It had been so naughty to have two mouths on her bare feet but now both girls wanted more.

“Oh my God Tori, stop being so fucking selfish,” Ariana chastised her friend turned enemy turned rival turned lover. “She said she was going to do me first. Wait your turn!”

Selena had never expected to be in a position where she was naked and having her toes sucked by Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice. First, not only was it super kinky and super lesbo but also the Disney suits would have very much frowned on that kind of fraternization with Nickelodeon girls. Selena couldn’t believe that was something she thought of but it wasn’t like her brain was acting normally tonight.

Usually her brain made damn sure Selena kept the hidden lesbian desires she had buried deep inside under walls of shame and regret and self-loathing. But tonight her brain had gone crazy and let those horny needs run free and now Selena wanted to be kinky. She wanted to be a lesbian and she wanted to have Ariana and Victoria suck her toes and make her like it.

What she didn’t want was for them to fight. Seeing them fight reminded Selena of what a terrible person she had been to the best friend she had ever had and she didn’t want to feel the guilt. So she quickly moved to put out the fire their rivalry threatened to start.

“You can have my pussy Tori,” Selena generously offered. “Mmmm you can eat me out and make me come while Ari sucks on my toes and I suck on hers! I loved having you eat my pussy before Tori! It felt so good to have you lick me and I need more! Mmmm I’m so close to coming already from how hot you two are! Make me come! Please! I want both of you to make me come!”

Selena desperately needed to come again. And she knew she was going to need to come again and again and again after that. There was a lustful fire inside her that was raging and she knew it would take an awful lot of fucking to put it out.

That was just what Selena wanted though. She didn’t want to stop fucking. She wanted to be as dirty as kinky as possible and lying back naked with her legs in the air and two wet mouths slurping on her toes had felt pretty kinky.

Now she needed more. Selena had been fingering herself feverishly while Ariana and Victoria had both pleasured her feet. She had been plunging her fingers in and out of her cunt and sucking the juice right off before pleasuring her own pussy again while she had looked up at the two gorgeous girls kneeling naked in front of her sucking her toes and running their tongues all over the soles of her feet. It had been so naughty and fun to feel this new pleasure and Selena had gotten so wet from it that she had felt the juices running down from her pussy into her asshole and it had made it even hotter for her.

She had to get licked now. Before tonight Selena had felt like it had been ages since that one wonderful night where she had felt the pleasure of another woman’s tongue licking her pussy. Since that one night she had denied herself out of fear and shame but no more. Selena wanted all of these hot girls to lick her, especially Victoria. She’d felt the girl’s tongue a few minutes before and she needed it again.

And not surprisingly Selena’s suggestion was eagerly accepted by Victoria. She’d been jealous of the idea of Ariana being able to experience the naughtiness of mutual toe sucking with Selena but having the chance to be able to make Selena come first was something Ariana was not going to be able to do and so Victoria jumped on the chance.

“Yes! Fuck yes! I want your pussy Selena! Mmmm come all over my face!” Victoria eagerly declared as she pulled away from Selena’s foot and got back on her stomach so she could bring her mouth right back to Selena’s pussy. “Come for me baby! Come from my hot tongue fucking you!”

Victoria was very eager to please and she definitely wanted to please Selena. Not only would being in Selena Gomez’s good graces really help her career out but it would give her a leg up on Ariana too which was no small matter to Victoria. The two of them had definitely cooled off their war for the night but Victoria still felt she needed to prove she was hotter than her former co-star.

Victoria didn’t know what she and Ariana were anymore. They had come here hating each other but now everything had changed. Victoria felt like the pint-sized pop star was still her rival but how could she hate her when they had fucked? Ariana had been the first girl she had ever kissed and they had done so much more than that after.

How could she hate Ariana and want her so much at the same time? Victoria was so confused and so horny all at once. She had loved tasting Ariana’s tight little pussy and even sticking her tongue into the girl’s asshole after Rose had wrecked it with her big, hard strap-on that had also taken Victoria’s ass and made it loose and raw.

They had been so naughty with each other. She and Ariana had kissed and licked and fucked. Victoria had sucked on Rose’s big toy right out of Ariana’s ass and she had even pushed her toes right into Ariana’s pussy to fuck her and make her come.

Victoria could still feel Ariana’s cum on her toes even after the girl had licked her toes to taste her own essence and she liked it. God, she had turned into such a whore and Victoria’s pulse was racing because all she wanted was to do more.

It was like a whole new world had opened up to Victoria tonight. She had come here completely straight. She had a boyfriend. She hadn’t liked girls. But seeing everyone around her go wild and tear off their clothes had gotten to her and from the first kiss she and Ariana had shared, Victoria had known deep down that everything had changed.

Victoria had always thought she’d be more likely to strangle Ariana than kiss her but the kisses had been so good. She had felt so comfortable kissing another woman. It had been so erotic and she had felt tingles in all her happy places when she had done it. But it had been what Rose had done to her in the kitchen that had really turned Victoria into a new woman.

It hadn’t been just that she had submitted to Rose and let the gorgeous woman fuck her with that big toy of hers. It hadn’t just been that she had let Rose strip her naked and take her hard, penetrating her pussy and stuffing it good with her fake cock or even that she had let Rose take her virgin ass and fuck away her cherry. Submitting to Rose had been so sexy but she had done more than that. Victoria knew she had submitted to the very idea of raw lust and unfettered sexuality.

Victoria hadn’t just lost her cherry when Rose had buttfucked her like a whore in the kitchen. She had lost all control. She had lost all inhibitions. She had lost her mind. And she had loved it. Victoria had never felt as liberated and as happy as she had when she had been taken like that. It was like being fucked by another woman had transformed her.

She had become a new woman, one who was kinky and wild and one who had lost her prissiness. She didn’t have a stick up her ass anymore about sex. Now she was a slut and Victoria was proud of it. She was doing things tonight she never would have done in a million years.

Victoria never wanted to go back to the woman she had been when she had walked into this place tonight. She never wanted to be repressed again. She wanted to be free and slutty and fun and dirty. And if that meant she had been turned into a lesbian, then so be it. Victoria just wanted more and she knew she was going to get it by licking Selena and making her new friend come all over her face.

“Oooooooh mmmmmm fuck me Tori! Yessssssss mmmmmm gawwd eat my pussy!” Selena groaned as she lay back with her legs open and felt Victoria’s tongue lap at her juicy pink core again. “Mmmm you’re so good at this! Ooooh we should have done like a crossover episode or something and you could have fucked me so good! You and Ari and Liz and Daniella! Mmmm all of you fucking me like a whore on Disney Channel! Mmmm you know all those pervs who make our shows would have fucking loved that!”

Victoria did know it. She knew just how lecherous those executives and producers could be. And she knew that the unspoken aim of their shows, whether on Nickelodeon or Disney, was to give horny dads something to get hard over while they supposedly marketed to their daughters. She had been creeped out by it before, but now, with her face in Selena’s pussy, it turned her on.

Victoria licked eagerly at Selena, loving the taste of pussy more with every drop she got on her tongue. Women tasted so good. Victoria had tasted a bunch of them now including Ariana and Liz and she wanted to taste everyone here. She wanted to eat them out and swallow their juice and she wanted to be a huge lesbian slut for everyone.

Before she would have been grossed out at the thought of a dirty fantasy of Victorious crossing over with Wizards of Waverly Place for some XXX fucking in character but now Victoria was eagerly thinking of Selena using her magic wand on her to fuck her and turn her into a pussy licking whore so everyone could jerk off over what a slut she was.

She wanted to be a bad girl now and Victoria knew the best way to be one was to be really good at licking pussy. She had loved tasting her old co-stars. It had been so yummy to suck and lick Liz’s hot pussy and even to do it to Ariana too and now Victoria wanted Selena’s cum in her tummy too. She and Ariana had taken turns licking Selena’s pussy before they had started playing with her toes and Victoria wanted lots more of her.

“You taste so good Selena!” Victoria moaned, sliding her fingers into herself so she could get off too while she was going down on the beautiful Latina girl in front of her. “Mmmm I love your pussy! Oooooh it’s so tight and wet and I love how you taste! I’m so into girls now Selena! I want you so bad! Mmmm feed me your pussy and come for me!”

Victoria was so shocked over how much this was turning her on. But what surprised her the most was that she wasn’t shy or hesitant about this at all. Whatever hesitation she’d once had about being with a girl had been totally fucked out of her and Victoria felt eagerly insatiable as her tongue lapped at Selena’s splayed pink folds.

“Ohhhh fuckkkk yessssss mmmm I’m into girls now too!” Selena moaned, playing with her own tits as she lay back and felt them bounce sexily while she rubbed herself into Victoria’s face, wanting more of her tongue inside her. “Oooooh I always have been! Mmmm I just didn’t want to admit it! Ooooh fuck me Tori! Yessssss yessssssss eat my pussy and fuck me! Make me come again! Make me come like only girls can!”

Selena was still feeling the after effects of all the orgasms she had experienced at this party, especially the most intense one. Anna Kendrick and Emma Watson had both licked her pussy while Emma had been fucking her ass with a wine bottle and she had come with such force that she had squirted everywhere. She had never come that hard in her life. Selena had never even thought she was capable of something like that. But she had done it and it had felt fucking amazing.

She wanted that feeling again. She wanted to feel it every day. Victoria’s tongue felt so good as it enthusiastically licked her, lashing at her pink parts and making her clit swell up with need. Selena was so aroused as she was pleasured by Victoria’s tongue but that wasn’t the only thing turning her on.

“Mmmmm your toesies taste just as good as your pussy does,” Ariana said naughtily as she kneeled in front of Selena and hungrily licked her toes. “I love making you kinky like me Selena. Mmmm your feet are soooo sexy. Oooooh we need to go on tour together so we can do this all the time! Mmmmm after every concert we can go backstage and kiss and lick each other’s sweaty feet mmm and then we can get naughty in the shower and get all clean as we wash each other’s toesies and be bad girl lesbos with naughty foot fetishes.”

Ariana didn’t care that she was demanding something so kinky and something Selena probably would never agree to. She was too turned on to think rationally. Ariana had never so boldly displayed her own kinky side before. She had done so many things she had never thought she would do like have sex with girls and give up her ass for a hard, naughty fucking and everything had been incredible.

She didn’t want to hide her desires anymore. She wanted her friends to know she liked feet and toes. She wanted Liz to know what turned her on so they could play all the time like kinky BFFs with benefits. She even wanted Tori to know so they could do naughty fucking in secret. And Ariana definitely wanted someone as hot as Selena to know.

Thanks to being quite the little pop superstar, Ariana was very used to getting what she wanted and right then all she wanted was to be naughty. Wearing nothing but her cat ears, Ariana eagerly kneeled naked in front of Selena and sucked on the writhing girl’s toes. She held Selena’s foot with her hand cupping the bottom of her foot as she sucked on Selena’s big toe, wetly suckling it and letting drool drip out of her mouth to get in between Selena’s toes.

“Mmmmm oooooh Ariana oooooooh I can’t believe you’re doing this to meeeeee!” Selena wailed in pleasure, the forbidden nature of what Ariana was doing to her foot making the sensations of Victoria licking her pussy even more pleasurable. “Mmmmm you’re making me so dirty! Ooooh I love what you’re doing to my toes! Suck them! Lick them! Ooooh you can get all naughty with my cute feet mmmmm!”

Selena had never really thought of her feet as “cute” before. They had just been her feet and nothing more. But Ariana sure thought they were hot and that was more than good enough for her. And it wasn’t exactly the first time she knew people had been into her feet. Selena could still remember how shocked she was one night when she’d Googled herself and found sites dedicated to her feet. She’d been expecting sites about her boobs and her butt and there had certainly been those. But her feet? She hadn’t been able to understand that.

But Selena was learning all about this naughty fetish now and she liked it. Having Ariana’s pretty face right at her foot as she hungrily moaned and licked all over her toes and the soles of her foot made her so wet. Victoria was licking up that wetness so well too and it was all making Selena feel like she could come again at any second.

“But don’t forget what you promised,” Ariana giggled. “Mmmm you said you would get naughty with my toes too Selena. Mmmm that’ll be soooo hot. I wanna see your pretty face sucking my toes!”

Selena had actually gotten so distracted by Victoria licking her pussy and how close she was getting to coming that she had forgotten about it. She blushed after being reminded of what she had agreed to but she didn’t shy away from it.

“Yessss do it Ariana!” Selena moaned. “Make me suck your toes while you suck mine! Make me into a naughty girl like you! Make me like all the dirty things you like!”

Selena was starting to really gasp and groan from Victoria’s tongue fucking her. She knew she was close to coming again so she wanted to do this now before she found an excuse to chicken out. Selena wanted to stretch all her boundaries now and be as dirty as she could be.

So Selena propped herself up off her back, using her elbows to lift herself up and opened her mouth, giving Ariana a clear invitation. And it was an invitation that Ariana immediately took Selena up on.

Without pulling her mouth off Selena’s big toe, Ariana repositioned herself so she could push out her leg and rub her foot against Selena’s face. That meant getting off her knees and sitting her bottom down on the soft carpet as she extended her leg toward Selena. But Ariana was flexible enough to do it without letting go of Selena’s toes in her own mouth.

Selena moaned when she felt Ariana’s smooth toes brush against her lips. This was so naughty. Ariana’s feet looked so cute and small, just like her adorably sexy body. Selena could see that Ariana’s nails were painted a bright red with green lines through them, making them look festive for Christmas. It wasn’t as elaborate as her own toe nails were painted but Selena was sure that just meant Ariana hadn’t been as bored and lonely as she had been.

But Selena shut all those thoughts out because nothing else mattered but the moment. She had Ariana’s foot rubbing against her face and Selena was suddenly hit with a surge of nerves because she realized she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do now. But then, just as quickly she relaxed, feeling confident that she would figure it out.

Selena reflexively kissed Ariana’s foot, pressing her warm, wet lips to the wrinkled, pink sole and leaving a wet mark of saliva on it. Ariana moaned when she did it so Selena did it again. And when Ariana let out another happy sound of pleasure, Selena kissed her foot again and again until she was showering soft kisses all over her sole.

“Mmmmm yesssss oooooh yesssss kiss my naughty foot,” Ariana moaned, pulling her mouth off Selena’s toes and leaving them glistening from her saliva. “Mmmmm that’s it! Ooooh just like that Selena! You’re a naughty girl just like me now! Mmmm kiss all over my foot! Oooooh that feels soooooo good! Mmmmm your lips feel so nice Selena!”

Selena was happy to have Ariana’s guidance as she tried this for the first time. She wanted to make sure Ariana felt good from it because Selena felt amazing from what Ariana and Victoria were doing to her. She wanted to give it as good as she was getting it and Selena followed every bit of advice Ariana was giving her as she tried not to get too distracted by how well Victoria was licking her pussy.

While she kissed all over Ariana’s foot, pressing wet, soft kisses all over her skin as she traveled up to her toes, Selena moaned relentlessly from Victoria’s tongue. Victoria might have been new at this but it was clear how much she wanted it and her tongue was so eager as it pushed inside Selena’s pussy and thrust in hungrily, almost like she was scooping out the cum from her with her licks.

Selena moaned and fidgeted happily on the carpeted floor as she was tongued like Victoria was licking up ice cream. Selena loved what was happening to her and she kept playing with her boobs with her free hand while using the other to keep Ariana’s foot steady so she could kiss all over it and even suck on the sole, making Ariana moan even more.

Feeling Victoria’s tongue pushing into her pussy and tongue fucking her with horny licks made Selena’s head spin. She was so intoxicated with pleasure. She’d been feeling so funny ever since she had been force fed that punch but now she was so glad she had because everything felt good and everything made her wet. Selena rubbed her bare ass into the carpet and pinched her own nipples, going from breast to breast, as Victoria tongue fucked her.

“Oooooh Tori don’t stop!” Selena begged. “That feels amazing! Mmmmm eat my pussy you naughty girl! Ooooh lick it good! Mmmmm fuckkkkk yesssss mmmmm I love what you’re doing to me! Fuck me with your tongue! Mmmm shove it in me and make me fucking come from your tongue in my slutty, wet pussy! Oooh you’re so hot Tori! Keep fucking me! Please!”

Even with Ariana’s foot in her face, Selena still had a clear view of everything else and it was so hot to look across her body and see Ariana hungrily slurping her foot while the pop star fingered herself and then look down to see Victoria going down on her. Victoria looked so beautiful with her long straight hair draping down and tickling her thighs a little as she licked and sucked on her pussy and stared up at Selena with her beautiful brown eyes.

Selena loved those sexy eyes and she groaned from how gorgeous the girl looked. Victoria had such a sensual gaze up at her while she lapped quickly and thoroughly at her cunt and Selena felt nothing but pleasure. She moaned even more and her hips bucked against Victoria’s face, mashing more of her hairless pussy into her mouth. Victoria responded by licking her even harder, thrusting her tongue into her and licking it right up against her clit, which made Selena squeal in ecstasy and roll her eyes back in her head from how good it felt.

Being licked like that turned Selena on even more for Ariana’s toes, especially because Ariana was doing such a good job with hers. The redhead had resumed sucking her toes, bringing them into her warm mouth and making Selena feel tingles throughout her whole body from how naughty it was to have a huge star like Ariana do this to her.

It was so good and hot and the pleasure was filling Selena up and making her feel like she wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. Having Ariana’s hot mouth on her toes was the perfect enhancement to what Victoria’s tongue was doing to her pussy and Selena rewarded Ariana by getting kinkier with her.

Selena started sucking on Ariana’s soles, slurping on the ball of her foot before moving upward with wet smacks of her lips all over the pretty pink foot. And when she got all the way to the top of Ariana’s foot, Selena’s tongue emerged and she began licking the tips of her toes. She darted her tongue out a bit nervously at first, not sure if she was going to like it, but Selena quickly got into it and soon started licking Ariana’s toes in earnest, something that made the redhead very happy.

“Mmmmm yessssssssss Selena yessssssssss! Oooooh lick my toes! Lick those pretty little toesies!” Ariana cried in joy. “Mmmmm yessss I love that soooo much! Ooooh yesss be naughty like me! Lick and suck my feet! Mmmm I can never find the right guy to do this with but you girls are all so hot mmmm and you want it all so much! Yessssss!”

Feeling Selena’s tongue licking the tips of her toes made Ariana feel so good and she licked the brunette singer even more, lavishing long licks all over Selena’s toes and sliding in between them to make sure she bathed her everywhere. Both Selena and Ariana hungrily licked while they moaned in their full mouths, each of them making the other’s foot wet with saliva.

The more Selena did this to Ariana the more she liked it. She was getting more and more into it and she got a total thrill out of mimicking the more experienced girl. As Ariana gave her toes a total tongue bath, Selena did it too. She could see why Ariana liked it so much. It was such a naughty feeling to have her feet and toes pleasured so wetly.

But what was really getting Selena off was what Victoria was doing to her pussy. Victoria was getting so naughty and confident in her licking and Selena loved it.

“Oh Tori! Oooooh fuckkkkk keep doing that! Mmmmm oh my God I’m going to come so good for you!” Selena groaned. “Oooooh you’re soooooo nasty and I love it! Eat my pussy Tori!”

“Yesssssss I’m not some fucking stuck-up priss anymore! Now I’m a dirty little fucking slut and I love eating hot cunts like yours Selena!” Victoria lustfully responded, saying dirty words she never would have said before Rose had gotten ahold of her. “Mmmmm this place has turned me into a total gay girl slut and I want your wet pussy so much Selena! Fuck my face Selena! Fuck me with your naughty dyke cunt and feed me your cum like the slut I am!”

Victoria didn’t have much experience, but she had been able to make Liz and Ariana come and what Rose had done to her was burned into her memory. She could vividly recall every lick Rose had given her and how she had done it and she tried to do the same to Selena. Victoria licked at her slit, dragging her tongue over it and then thrust it back inside, making sure to lick away at Selena’s clit.

“Ooooooh fuckkkk yessssss mmmmmm right there! Right on my clitty!” Selena mewed, writhing in pleasure. “Mmmm get nasty with me Victoria! Make me come!”

That was music to Victoria’s ears and she didn’t hold back.

“Mmmm yessss I’m so nasty now! I’m a dirty little lesbian queer bitch now!” Victoria moaned before spitting into Selena’s pussy, the extra wetness of the nasty gesture making Selena arch her back and moan wantonly. “Mmmmm this place turned me from a stuck up bitch ice queen into a hot and horny slut just like you Selena! Ooooh fuck I’m such a nasty lesbo slut now! We don’t need our boyfriends anymore! We just need to fuck each other! Mmmm fuck each other real nasty!”

As she said that, Victoria did something she had been dying to do to Selena ever since she had first pressed her face to her crotch. Selena’s bald pussy had been so juicy and pretty but Victoria had been so fascinated by the sight of Selena’s asshole. It had clearly been fucked hard and Victoria had wondered if that was how her asshole looked after Rose had fucked it and popped her cherry. Selena’s little ring was red and swollen and Victoria had stared longingly at it while she had licked at Selena.

Now she could no longer help herself and without any permission she slid one of her fingers right inside Selena’s ass. She spit into Selena’s pussy again while penetrating her asshole and Selena shrieked in delight as her sensitive hole, still tender from the bottle, was probed.

“FUCKKKK! OOOOOH YOU DIRTY GIRL OOOOOH FUCKKKK!” Selena cried out, Ariana’s foot dropping from her grasp.

“Mmmmm yesssss you got fucked right up the ass like I did, didn’t you?” Victoria moaned. “That’s so hot! Dirty little bitches like us need to take it up the ass, Selena! Mmmm Rose showed me how little bitches like us need to get assfucked! Your pretty little hole is all wrecked like mine Selena! Mmmmm come for me! Come like the slut you are! We’re all dirty dyke sluts now! You and me and Ari and Liz and all of these girls here!”


Ariana was disappointed that Selena was no longer sucking her toes but she got over it pretty quickly. The girl looked so sexy writhing on the floor as she was about to come. Selena’s mouth was frozen open in ecstasy and her tits shook, making her cute little mole look even hotter. Ariana loved seeing Selena’s hot body naked and sweaty and she was sure this wouldn’t be the only time they hooked up so Ariana didn’t mind waiting for now.

She didn’t pout when Selena stopped licking her toes and instead got even hotter with her own fun. Ariana spit right onto Selena’s toes, making them extra wet just like Victoria had just done with Selena’s pussy, and then began licking it off, dragging her tongue all over Selena’s foot while Victoria tongue fucked the beautiful Latina star and brought her right over the edge.

Victoria licked hard against Selena’s clit, batting it around with her tongue wickedly as her sexual confidence surged like never before. Selena’s hips were bucking hard against her face, feeding her so much of her juices in the process, and Victoria did just as the girl wished by sliding a second finger into her asshole and taking Selena’s raw hole with forceful thrusts of her hand.

It was just what Selena needed and the explosion came quickly.


Selena didn’t come as hard as she had before with Anna and Emma but she didn’t know if she was ever capable of coming that hard again. But she creamed all over Victoria’s face as she gasped breathlessly and collapsed back onto the floor, her body getting wrecked once more but her energy level sky high.

“Mmmmm kiss me Tori,” Selena moaned after cycling down. “I want to taste my cum on your lips! Mmmm and kiss me too Ariana! I want to taste my own toes! Mmmm I want it all!”

That sounded like a very good idea to both Ariana and Victoria but it never happened because before they could, their friend swooped in and grabbed both of them by their arms.

“There you two are!” Liz Gillies said excitedly. “I’ve been looking for you both! Mmmm come on! I want to introduce you to someone special!”

Neither Ariana nor Victoria were about to deny their friend anything so they allowed themselves to be pulled away before they could even say goodbye to Selena. That left the naked singer on her back frowning, but only for a second before an even better thought occurred to her.

Selena felt so alive and so happy. She knew who she was and what she was now. She might have been denied more kisses from her new friends but Selena knew she could get kisses from someone else, an old friend who deserved lots and lots of kisses.

Somewhere in this pile of flesh, Selena knew she had to find Demi.


And Demi Lovato wasn’t hard to find, not when she was bent over the table with her ass sticking out and Taylor Swift’s beautiful face buried between her juicy cheeks. This was where the food had been set up before but now dishes and carefully prepared trays were scattered all over the floor in a mess.

Food had been tossed everywhere and what hadn’t been sent to the floor was currently being ruined by the other occupants of the strong table. Demi just had to turn to her right to see Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku completely butt naked and getting tongue fucked on the table as they pressed their bare asses to trays of some food and took what wasn’t squished and ruined and playfully fed it to each other while they were both being tongue fucked.

As one of the few sober people at the party, Demi still couldn’t believe what was happening all around her. But it wasn’t like she didn’t enjoy what she saw.  Kirsten had Amy Adams naked between her legs lapping away at her tight little pussy. Amy was really into licking her too and Demi couldn’t help but get turned on from seeing Amy go wild as she licked Kirsten into a frenzy as the blonde was happily sitting in a tray of cupcakes.

Frosting and cake were all over Kirsten’s bare ass but she didn’t seem to notice and if she did she sure didn’t care as right next to her Eliza was in a similar spot, her bare bottom smashing another pair of the sweet treats that the girls had slaved on in the kitchen earlier. And Eliza didn’t care about any of that because she was too busy focused on Emmy Rossum lapping at her slit. The porcelain skinned, innocent looking Emmy was so hot between Eliza’s toned thighs. It was like the good girl was going down on the badass and Demi found that so sexy.

There was so much happening on the table and the floors and the couches. Everyone was naked and everyone was fucking. There were even men here and Demi had assumed that would be the one thing she would never find at the mansion. But they had gotten into it too and Demi found herself gasping in shock as she watched Carrie Underwood sucking on Damon Brill’s cock, the Hollywood super-agent fucking the face of the country music sweetheart while Kelly Clarkson and Elisha Cuthbert took turns spitting into Carrie’s asshole and then licking her tight little ring.

And while that was happening, Demi was seeing one of her hottest fan fiction fantasies happen right in front of her as Lucy Hale pressed her cute little bubble butt right in Ashley Benson’s face while the blonde tongued Lucy’s pussy from behind. As a Pretty Little Liars fan, Demi had entertained more than a few fantasies about that whole cast of hot women getting it on in an orgy and she at least had two parts of that puzzle right in front of her as Ashley made Lucy moan and pant in pleasure from being licked.

While that was happening Olivia Munn and Jamie Chung were lewdly scissoring each other, grinding their wet pussies together as they both gasped in happiness from it right next to where Scarlett Johansson had Rosario Dawson bucking in ecstasy from a dildo up her wet pussy as her screams got muffled by Natalie Portman planting her pussy right on Rosario’s face to quiet her down. It was all so wild and raw and lewd and Demi couldn’t help but get worked up like crazy over how sexy everything was.

Of course right then Demi found everything sexy thanks to what Taylor was doing. The girl’s tongue had been licking away at her pussy for a while now. She’d already gotten her to come twice from it and Taylor was going for a third helping of Demi’s cream as her hands massaged the brunette’s thick ass cheeks and her tongue went wild. It was so hot to feel Taylor Swift tongue fucking her pussy with cum thirsty abandon that Demi had almost forgotten the reason she had gone after Taylor in the first place.

She hadn’t targeted the seemingly wholesome blonde because she wanted to come…well she had wanted that actually. But there had been another reason too. Demi had done it to try and make Selena jealous. She had known full well that Selena and Taylor were BFFs these days and Demi had wanted to fuck Taylor just to make Selena mad because Demi was plenty mad.

How could Selena treat her like this? She had rebuffed her advances but that had been something Demi had been girding herself against. So it hadn’t been a surprise. It was the way Selena had done though that had felt like she had twisted in the knife. Selena had made Demi feel so cheap. Selena had made it seem like their one night together had meant nothing to her and that she could never feel the same way Demi did.

Demi had been called a lot of names over the years but none had hurt more than Selena calling her a dyke. It had broken her heart and that had been awful enough. But then Demi had seen Selena go wild and fuck Emma and Anna and Kate and everyone and anyone who crossed her path. What did all of those women have that she didn’t? Did Selena hate her so much that she would have sex with every other woman on Earth but her?

Selena’s words and actions had hurt Demi deeply and seeing her fuck other women had compounded her heartbreak and her anger. So Demi had wanted to pay Selena back. She had wanted to show that bitch that she wasn’t anyone to mess with and if Selena was going to hurt her then she could hurt her right back.

Fucking Taylor Swift had seemed an easy way to do that but Selena hadn’t even noticed what she had done. She had too busy fucking other women to see Demi trying to make her jealous.

So somewhere along the line Demi had just given up trying to make fucking Taylor into something that was all about Selena. Instead she had actually found herself enjoying having sex with Taylor despite herself.

Demi and Taylor had never been close. She had never actively disliked Taylor as some in the media seemed hell-bent on insisting, but they had never been real friends either. Demi had always suspected Taylor’s wholesome ways were just a carefully created façade done through market research to pump up Taylor’s record sales. Demi had thought there was no way a girl like that could really be that nice and not have it be artificial.

But now Demi was reconsidering all of that because Taylor was sure being nice to her and it felt incredible. Maybe Taylor really was that nice and that sweet. Demi had assumed it was all for show and that Taylor deep down was as much of a schemer and snake as everyone else could be when they were pushed. But now she wondered if the girl next door really was kind and generous and loving.

“Yeahhh Taylorrrrrrr ooooooh fuckkkk mmmmm baby you’re gonna make me come again if you keep doing that!” Demi moaned, smiling happily even as she tried to hold onto her anger and resentment about Selena. “Mmmmmm fuckkk your tongue is so good!”

“I want to make you come again!” Taylor insisted, pulling her face up and flashing a cum-covered smile that Demi loved to see when she looked over her shoulder. “Mmmmm you made me come soooo good and I want to do it to you Demi! I owe you for making me feel so good and you’re beautiful! You’re so hot! Mmmm how have we never hooked up before tonight?”

Demi wanted to point out that it was because she had never known Taylor was into girls before tonight. But she held her tongue. Whatever had made all these women drunk and crazy had certainly done its work on Taylor and Demi was sure that whatever she told the blonde as she giggled like she was cum drunk wasn’t anything she would remember in the morning.

Instead Demi concentrated on just how good Taylor was making her feel. The blonde was right about something. She did owe her. She had made Taylor come again and again when she had tongue fucked the lithe singer. At first Demi had been doing it to make Selena so jealous and mad that she was the one making her BFF come and not her, but then she had gotten so into the taste and creaminess of Taylor’s hot little pussy that desire had won out.

Demi had counted getting four orgasms out of Taylor, something that had been especially hot as girl after girl had taken advantage of Taylor’s position by sitting on her face and fucking her while Demi had licked away. First it had been Maria Menounos and then it had been Lindsay Lohan and then it had been Minka Kelly and then Mandy Moore. All of them had fucked Taylor while Demi had been fucking her and it had been so much fun for all of them.

Taylor had girl cum all over her face and in her hair, making her blonde locks all matted and messy and to Demi she had never looked more beautiful than she did right then, completely naked and acting like a total slut. And it certainly helped that a lot of that cum was Demi’s.

“Well we’re hooking up now,” Demi smiled back at Taylor. “Mmmm don’t stop! That felt really good! Keep eating my pussy! I never knew you would be so good at this!”

“I never knew either,” Taylor replied with a little laugh. “Mmmm I’d done it once before today but I was trying to keep it secret. I don’t want to keep it secret anymore though! I love fucking girls! Girls taste so good! I love eating pussy and mmmm your pussy is sooooo tight and yummy Demi! I love how you taste! I want so much more!”

Taylor didn’t have to be reminded that there was a very easy way for her to get more. She dove right back into Demi, taking advantage of the girl’s naked body being bent over the hard wooden table with her ass out in the air. Taylor’s soft hands went back to Demi’s thick cheeks and spread them open so she could get her tongue back to work lapping at the brunette’s creamy honeypot.

“Yesssssss oooooh Taylor yessssssssssssss!” Demi cried. “Mmmmm keep fucking me! Make me come again! I never thought you’d ever be this hot but mmmmm I see why everyone loves you so much now! Fuck me! Eat me! Mmmm make my pussy cream for you again!”

That was exactly what Taylor wanted. She had lost count of all the girls she had fucked here tonight and she loved it. Taylor wanted to add to that list and make sure people there knew that she wasn’t the good girl prude everyone assumed she was. She was really a hot slut who loved fucking women. Taylor felt like such a bad girl and it was so much fun, especially with how delicious Demi was.

Taylor really did try to be friendly to everyone until they showed they didn’t deserve it and she had wanted Demi to like her. It hadn’t escaped Taylor’s attention that Demi had always been a bit cool toward her and she had never really known why. She had always tried to be nice to her while Demi hadn’t seemed to want anything to do with her. But things had definitely heated up between them and Taylor was so happy that Demi wanted to be her friend now.

This whole night had been incredible. Taylor never wanted the fucking to stop. She just wanted to stay naked and eat pussy and have her own licked while other girls did naughty things to her ass. Taylor felt like a total slut and it was the best feeling ever. She didn’t even care that Kirsten and Eliza were sitting on the cupcakes she had made. That might have gotten her mad before but now all Taylor wanted to do to them was lick the frosting right off their butts and then show them how dirty and naughty she really could be.

Taylor hadn’t known what this place would really be like after all the buildup about it. But it had exceeded all her wildest dreams and hottest fantasies. If today had just been about being so naughty in the kitchen with Jewel and Hayden and Alyssa and Love, then that would have been enough. But it had been so much more. It had been about her and Emma hooking up and them turning from friends into lovers. It had been about playing with hot girls like Emmy and Dianna and Olivia and it had definitely been about letting Emma take her virgin ass with that big, hard toy.

Taylor could still feel the aftereffects of Emma taking her ass and fucking her tightest of holes. Emma had been so naughty when she had fucked her and it had felt incredible. Taylor definitely wanted to feel it again and not just from Emma but from all of these hot girls. Taylor had never done anything as dirty as letting herself be fucked up the ass and then sucking the toy clean. She had felt so filthy and naughty for doing it but it had immensely aroused her and Taylor wanted more.

But even more than more assfucking, Taylor wanted to do a lot more licking. Demi tasted so good. The flavor of her pussy was so sweet and tart all together that it reminded Taylor of the candy that she loved. Every single girl she had been with had tasted amazing but Demi was particularly good. And Taylor loved everything about Demi’s body too.

“Mmmm I love your butt Demi,” Taylor moaned, breaking for a little bit of breath before she got back down. “It’s so round and…and…and…”

Taylor was searching for the right word to say to avoid insulting Demi but it was so hard in her current state. For such a gifted songwriter who took immense amounts of pride in her ability to compose a memorable lyric, Taylor had lost a lot of her words with her brain intoxicated with punch and sex. But Demi fortunately took mercy on her and let her know the word that was so clearly on the tip of her tongue wasn’t going to hurt her feelings.

“It’s big Taylor,” Demi interrupted. “You can say it. My butt is big.”

“I didn’t want to be mean,” Taylor admitted, her face blushing a bit as she wanted to seem cool in front of Demi and not look like an idiot but at the same time not wanting to say the wrong thing, especially to someone like Demi who had been through so much from bullying online and in real life. “I really like it. I’m not just saying that. Your ass is so sexy Demi!”

Demi was impressed by how sincere Taylor seemed to be about not wanting to hurt her feelings. She was treading way more lightly than she needed to, though, and Demi made sure Taylor knew it.

“Mmmm I know it’s sexy!” Demi laughed as she gave her booty a shake, making her cheeks bounce enticingly. “I love my fat ass! I love having a booty like this! Mmmm I know guys are always staring at it but I only care that girls love it! I love it when a girl gets turned on over how I look! I love my big butt and I love having little tits! I love my whole body Taylor!”

Taylor smiled over Demi’s confidence. She wished she felt that good about her body and it was so hot to see Demi so sure of herself and her sexiness. It made Taylor want her even more and she wanted to make sure Demi knew it. Maybe Demi had thought this whole time she was some stuck up prude or something? Taylor knew she could make sure the brunette didn’t think that anymore.

“Well your titties are still bigger than mine,” Taylor said, giggling as she gave her little breasts a shake. “And you’ve got so much more booty than me Demi. I wish I had a butt like that! I love how big and juicy it is! I’ve got like a nothing butt!”

“Oh stop that,” Demi assured her, turning around so she could fully face Taylor as she marveled at how everyone, even someone who was a superstar like Taylor, could have the same kind of confidence issues she had worked so hard to overcome in her own life. “Having small tits is fun because you never need to wear a bra unless you want to and your back doesn’t hurt all fucking day. And you’ve got an adorable little butt Taylor. It’s so firm and tight and I want to kiss it all over. Didn’t you realize how much I liked your ass when I put my tongue inside it mmm and then my fingers?”

“Mmmm yeahhh I got the hint about that,” Taylor smiled back. “I’m glad you like my ass. I love getting fucked there now and I’d love it if you got one of those big toys and gave it to me! Mmm would you like that Demi? Would you like to fuck my ass?”

“Oh hell yeah!” Demi immediately replied, not even thinking before responding. “I’d love to do that. Assfucking is so hot! Mmmm usually I’m the one getting fucked but I like dishing it out too! And you’re someone who definitely looks like you would be fun to fuck! But don’t you have something to finish first?”

Their little discussion about body confidence over, Demi turned back around and bent herself over the table again. That allowed her to jut her bare ass out and make it clear what she wanted Taylor to do. And Taylor got that message loud and clear.

“Mmmmm I thought you’d never ask,” Taylor said. “Because I’m not just into licking pussy, Demi. Mmmm there are other places I love to lick!”

Taylor didn’t say anything more. She showed it instead as she shoved her face back between Demi’s buns and spread her open so her tongue could play. But this time she didn’t lick at Demi’s slit like she had been doing before. This time Taylor went after Demi’s asshole and she started rimming her with wet exploratory licks as Demi made an immediate response.

“Ooooooooh yessssssssssssssss! Mmmm I was hoping you were going to do that!” Demi lustfully groaned. “Go for it Taylor! Eat my ass! Mmmmm fuckkk yessss get that cute little America’s sweetheart tongue of yours up my ass! Ooooooh fuckkkk ooooooooooooh you dirty fucking slut! That feels so good! Ooooh you’ve definitely done this before!”

Taylor was elated by the praise. This was definitely something new to her. She hadn’t even considered doing something so kinky until Hayden had done it to her in the kitchen. But she had loved doing it to Emma and now Demi’s ass was so hot.

Taylor loved feeling those round, meaty cheeks smothering her and she loved the pure naughtiness of doing something like licking another girl’s asshole. Demi’s ass was so hot and she tasted so good that Taylor started licking harder.

Spreading Demi’s cheeks wider, Taylor started thrusting into her, fucking her little rosebud with her tongue and making Demi moan and gasp out sharp cries of ecstasy. She stabbed at Demi’s asshole with her tongue, getting more and more into this new pleasure as she tasted Demi’s delicious ass. Taylor was definitely getting more and more into playing with asses and it was so much fun to hear Demi’s sounds of pleasure.

“Mmmmmm fuckkkk yeahhhh ohhhhhhh bad girl! That’s it!” Demi urged. “Fuck it Taylor! Buttfuck me with your naughty little tongue! Ooooh bad girl! Bad, bad, bad girl! Mmmm who taught you to eat ass like this? Mmmmm that feels so fucking good! Mmmm give me more Taylor! Mmmmmm!”

Demi reached down between her own legs and started rubbing herself while Taylor rimmed her. Demi had felt a lot of girls lick her ass over the years and Christina and Britney still shared the crown for being the best at it but Taylor was definitely good. Demi could tell that she was new at it but that wasn’t a bad thing because it just made her eager and Demi liked eager.

“Mmmmmm fuckkk yessss oooooooh Taylorrrrrrrrr oooooooh fuckkkk yesssss eat that big, fat ass of mine!” Demi groaned, rubbing herself lewdly and magnifying the pleasure. “Oooooh I love getting a hot skinny little bitch like you on your knees licking my ass! Oh Taylor! Mmmm fuckkk I wish everyone could see you looking so hot right now!”

But while not everyone was looking at the two singers getting it on, someone definitely was and she loved what she saw.

“Oh my God! You two are doing it? That’s incredible!” a voice familiar to both women declared and Demi and Taylor both looked up to see a stark naked Selena Gomez staring at them and very excited over what was happening. “Mmmm I was looking for you Demi but I didn’t expect to find you like this! Oooooh this is sooooo hot! Mmmmm don’t stop Taylor! Keep fucking Demi’s beautiful butt! She loves when you do that to her!”

But Taylor was too elated over Selena’s sudden presence to get back to it right away though. She had been hoping for something like this. In fact her first thoughts when she and Demi had started hooking up was how much fun it would be to end up in a threesome with her and Selena.

Before tonight Taylor never would have expected to find Selena at a party like this. But so many of her friends were here. What she had done with Emma had made it clear that being friends with someone didn’t mean there weren’t still secrets and that things could definitely get better when you become more than friends. So she wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed of Selena finding her naked and naughty like this. Taylor just hoped it would mean she and Selena could be special friends like she and Emma now were.

Taylor had never seen Selena naked before and she loved what she was looking at as the girl stood boldly before them without anything on her body. Selena looked so sexy with those round, firm pink tits and her totally smooth pussy. It was really hot to see her like that and Taylor just hoped Selena liked what she looked like naked too.

“Oh my God! Selena!” Taylor squealed happily. “Mmmm get in here and join in! This is exactly what I wanted to happen! I never thought you’d be at a party like this but mmmmm I guess you’re into girls like me.”

“Mmmmhmmm I so am,” Selena declared proudly, making sure to look at Demi directly in the eye when she said it so she would know that there was no hesitation in any of her actions. “I love girls! Mmm I’ve always loved girls. I’ve just been too scared to admit it. You both look so hot and I definitely…”

But before Selena could say anything more she was interrupted.

“Stop it Selena! Just stop it!” Demi said angrily, pulling away from Taylor. “You think this is some kind of a game? What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you a sadist or something? Why are you doing this to me?”

“Demi, what’s wrong?” Taylor asked, very confused.

But Demi completely ignored Taylor and focused only on Selena.

“Are you trying to torture me? Do you hate me that much that you just want to punish me?” Demi demanded, all her anger bubbling over and making tears well up in her eyes as she could barely stand to look at Selena like this. It was like her naked body was taunting her and Demi hated the beauty of what she saw standing in front of her.

“No! Dems, it’s nothing like that!” Selena insisted, shocked to be getting the exact opposite reaction than the one she had expected. “I’m not trying to torture you! I want to be with you! I want you Demi!”

But Demi didn’t want to hear any of that. She didn’t believe any of it.

“Fuck you Selena!” Demi said, her tears starting to fall from her eyes as she shoved herself past Selena and ran out of the room. “You’re just making fun of me now! I never thought you could ever be so mean! Get away from me!”

“Demi! Wait!” Selena cried as she ran after the girl. “Come back!”

Taylor couldn’t believe what had just happened and not in a good way like everything else had been so unbelievable tonight. She was so confused by everything. It had all been going so great with Demi and when Selena had shown up Taylor was sure it would get even better. But then it had all blown up instead and she didn’t understand why.

And more importantly there was a far more personal reason why she was unhappy that things had just ended so dramatically.

“I didn’t get to come again…” Taylor said glumly.

But almost as soon as the words were out of her mouth Taylor found herself staring up from her knees at two very daunting figures. They stared at her angrily like they had a score to settle and Taylor immediately felt a chill run up her spine as she saw them both completely naked except for the hard strap-ons sticking out from between their legs.

And at the sight of something like that all Taylor could do was gulp nervously and worry about what was going to happen next.


Away from the debauched action of the party, Demi Lovato was trying to get out of there as quickly as she could. She had to get away from this. She had to get away from her.

She had run out of the living room and was now tearing through the unoccupied halls of the mansion trying to find a way out. Because all Demi wanted right then was to be home in her pajamas under her covers while she tried to forget she had ever met Selena Gomez.

But this was easier said than done because, as was painfully obvious whenever she looked down and saw her jiggling boobs, she was completely naked. The tears had stopped, for now, but the anger and the hurt were still very much there and Demi was desperate to find some clothes, any clothes.

She had no idea where her own clothes were. She had torn them off somewhere around this place and she couldn’t remember where. Demi had no patience to look either. Anything that delayed her departure was unacceptable and she was running around, not just seeking escape but to find any kind of clothes that would at least give her enough cover so she could be decent and actually go outside without being arrested.

Her plan was simple. First, she would find clothes and then get to her coat where she had left her phone. She knew where her coat was at least and then she could call Uber and get the hell out of this place. The mansion was supposed to be the kind of place that was magical for someone like her, but, thanks to Selena, it had been hell for Demi and all she wanted to do was forget.

But what Demi quickly discovered was that it was very hard to forget someone when they were chasing after you.

“Demi! Stop! Please wait!” Selena called out, running behind her just as naked and just as desperate.

“Leave me alone Selena!” Demi snapped back. “I don’t want to see you. Go away! Why are you torturing me like this?”

“No please! This isn’t what you think!” Selena insisted. “Please stop running.”

“No! Go away!” Demi repeated. “I’ll scream if you don’t leave me alone!”

Demi knew that was an empty bluff though. She was sure that even if her scream managed to be heard over the sounds of all the raunchy fucking going on at the party no one would have been in any shape to do anything about it. No one there could help her so Demi kept running.

Selena kept running after her though, not taking no for an answer. But in the unfamiliar territory they were in with vast hallways and smooth floors and bare feet it was a hazardous chase and Selena learned that the hard way.

“Please don’t leave!” Selena begged. “Talk to me Demi! I…AHHHH!”

With a yelp, Selena slipped while turning a corner and banged against the wall before hitting the floor. And, as much as she was desperate to get away, Demi couldn’t help but stop too and turn around.

“Are you okay?” Demi asked, trying to be as angry as possible but still finding it impossible to not care.

“I’m fine,” Selena said, shaking it off as she picked herself off. The fall had been embarrassing but at least it had made Demi stop.

The two former friends stared at each other in silent uncertainty, not knowing what to say. It was the same situation they had found themselves in earlier in the night but the ice had only grown between them since then. And this time the positions had reversed, with Selena looking for a connection and Demi holding onto her resentment as a shield.

They were both standing face-to-face now. Their bodies were both totally unclothed but they didn’t care about each other’s nudity. There were more important things to focus on and the awkward seconds ticked away in silence before Selena finally found the courage to say what she had needed to say for years.

“I’m sorry,” Selena managed to mumble out.

Her words weren’t exactly crystal clear but they were audible enough and Demi didn’t make Selena repeat them. But to Demi they rang hollow and her anger flared up again.

“It’s too late for that,” Demi snapped. “I never want to see you again, Selena. I spent all these years loving you and pining for you and wishing you would show me even some kind of little sign that you actually gave a shit about me. But all you ever did was push me away and act like you didn’t even want to be my friend. So guess what, I finally got the message. You don’t have to worry about me in your life anymore Selena. I’m done with you.”

But that was the last thing Selena wanted. She had never wanted it but she had never had the courage to say it before tonight. The punch had not only loosened up her body but her tongue as well and Selena found it so much easier to say the things that should have been said a long time ago.

“No! Please! Don’t say that!” Selena begged. “I didn’t mean what I said before! I hate that I said it! I’d never feel that way about you!”

“So when you called me a ‘dyke’ you didn’t really mean it?” Demi sneered. “Because news flash Selena, I am a dyke! I’m a fucking lesbian and I don’t need your approval to be who I am! I don’t need you in my life at all! I’m better off without you! I wasted so much time caring about you and worrying about you and you didn’t deserve any of it!”

Demi’s words hit Selena heavily and they were very wounding. But she couldn’t act like she didn’t deserve them because Selena knew she did. She had been worse than rotten. She had been cold. She had been a bitch to the only person who had ever really cared about her and Selena hated herself for it.

“Please Dems,” Selena said, hoping that by calling her by her nickname she could calm Demi down and get her to listen to her. “You have to believe me! I do care about you! You mean so much to me!”

The impulse for Demi was to give Selena the chance she was seeking. She had spent so long waiting for Selena to say this to her. She felt the desire to go right up to Selena and hug her and spend the rest of the night talking like they should have talked years ago.

But as soon as that impulse hit her, Demi shoved it back down. No! She wasn’t going to make this mistake again. She wasn’t going to let Selena Gomez or anyone walk all over her heart anymore. She wasn’t going to let Selena manipulate her with empty words and promises that she had no intention of keeping. She wasn’t going to be the weak one here. Demi was going to be strong and she was going to get this girl out of her life and out of her head once and for all.

“I don’t believe you!” Demi insisted. “You’re saying all of this just to make yourself feel less guilty. If you really cared about me you wouldn’t have acted like you did out there! How could you do that? How could you say those things to me and then go out and fuck all those other girls? Do you have any idea how that made me feel? You broke my heart Selena and then you couldn’t wait to get your fuck on with everyone else!”

Selena knew Demi was right. She had said such mean things to her. And her defense for it was weak. Selena just hoped Demi could see past it and find a way to forgive her.

“I’m so sorry Dems!” Selena said sadly. “I…I…just couldn’t help myself out there. I don’t know what happened. I was just overcome and…I couldn’t stop it. Once it started I didn’t want to stop any of it. But every time I did it I thought of you and…”

“Oh that’s the worst fucking thing you could say right now!” Demi angrily interrupted. “Really Selena? You were thinking of me the whole time when you were having sex with other women? Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

Selena knew that had come out wrong. She was just digging herself in deeper. She couldn’t find the right words to say and it was making her all flustered. Selena just didn’t want Demi to leave. She had to say this to her now before it was too late so Selena told herself to be honest. She might not have been thinking clearly at all and all her thoughts and all her needs were colliding into each other in a pileup in her brain but she was still sure that she had to say this now or never.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you Demi!” Selena insisted. “I only said those things because I was scared. I was scared because I knew you were right! I’ve been pushing you away this whole time because you were right about me! I don’t want Justin! I don’t want any man! I’m a lesbian too! I want you!”

“What?” Demi gasped in surprise, not expecting to hear that and not wanting to believe her own ears that Selena would actually say the thing she had been dying to hear her say for years.

“I hate that I called you that terrible name.” Selena said, feeling like the whole weight of the world was coming off her shoulders with everything she said. “I hate that I said I wasn’t like you. I’m exactly like you, Demi! That’s why I was pushing you away! That night was the best night ever! You made me feel so good! Better than anyone else ever has! And it wasn’t just the sex! You made me feel safe! You made me feel loved! Ever since all I’ve wanted was you! But I was too scared! I didn’t want to admit I was gay! I didn’t want to be a lesbian! But I am! I know that now! That’s what happened tonight! When I was with all those other girls that’s why I was thinking of you! Because you were right the whole time and I was scared of your feelings because I felt the same way!”

Selena started tearing up as she said it all. These feelings had been inside her for so long and she had tried ignoring them and locking them up and trying to make them go away. But they had just gotten stronger and seeing Demi tonight and experiencing all she had with those other women had made everything so clear.

“Please Demi! Please don’t hate me!” Selena begged as her eyes watered. “I need you so much! I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch to you! I’m sorry for everything I said and everything I did! Just please don’t go!”

Demi’s head was spinning and she knew it wasn’t because of any punch. Selena was laying it all out in raw emotion and Demi didn’t know how to react to any of it.

“I don’t hate you,” Demi replied, her voice soft but tentative. “I never could. I’m sorry too Selena. I’m sorry for how I acted and for running away. But…”

She didn’t think she could stand having her heart broken again so Demi approached it all warily. These words were just what she had wanted to hear from Selena but Demi’s guard was still up. She didn’t think she could believe them, not after all this time. Not after what had happened earlier in the night.

“But what?” Selena asked.

“But it’s too late for any of this,” Demi sighed, too protective now to let her friend back in. “It’s been too much time since that one night. You were right before. We’re different people now. We’ve grown apart.”

“No we haven’t!” Selena interrupted, taking the exact opposite argument than she had a few hours before. “I know how you feel! I feel the same way! It’s not too late! It can’t be! It’s Christmas!”

Selena was clutching at words now, desperate to find anything to win her friend over again. Demi couldn’t really mean what she was saying. Selena didn’t think she could live with herself if it really was too late and she had really blown it with the one person who had ever really cared about her happiness.

Demi reacted with a puzzled expression to what Selena said. What did the holiday have to do with anything?

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Demi asked.

“I don’t know,” Selena admitted. “But it’s a time when we’re supposed to forgive and love each other and be nice and kind. I’ve been so awful to you Demi and I need you to forgive me. I…I…I…need to be with you. I need you to be my Christmas miracle! I need you in my life!”

Before tonight Demi would have given anything to hear Selena say that. She knew the girl meant it too, at least she did at the moment. And that was the problem.

Sure Selena meant it tonight, but what about tomorrow? What about next month? What about next year? Demi couldn’t let her emotions be played with anymore, not by Selena. Not by anyone.

“We can’t do this anymore,” Demi insisted. “It’s too late for…”

That was all Demi got out of her mouth before it was shut by Selena’s lips against hers. Selena pressed her mouth to Demi’s and kissed her with an urgency that Demi had longed to feel from her. And it was so easy to be overcome by it too.

Selena’s lips were just as soft as she remembered them. Demi immediately felt all her worries and her reluctance vanish from those sensual, warm lips kissing her. Oh my God, Selena’s kiss was so good, Demi moaned in her head. She had ached for this for so long and now she was getting it.

And despite all her stated reluctance, Demi kissed Selena back. She pressed her lips against her friend’s and tenderly kissed her too. The feel of their lips rubbing together was magic for them both. They could feel the electricity and the heat between them. They had spent so much time being apart from each other when they should have been doing this instead. Selena knew it for sure as soon as she touched Demi’s lips and Demi had known it all along.

They connected their lips together again and again, each kiss getting more erotic as Selena reached up and ran her hand over Demi’s face, caressing her gently. It was what they had both wanted for so long and they were already naked so nature began taking its course. As they continued to kiss, their lips softly pressing together, Selena and Demi both opened their mouths and their tongues began to play.

It had been so long since they had done this but it felt so natural for them both. Selena closed her eyes and moaned in happiness when Demi’s tongue rubbed against hers. It felt so right to be doing this again. But before it could get really good, Selena made the mistake of speaking.

“I want you Dems!” Selena moaned. “I want you to fuck me! Mmmm fuck me better than all those other girls did! Fuck me like you did that night! Mmmmm I’ve missed you so much. I don’t know why I’m doing this but I know I need you! This whole night has been so crazy!”

And even though it was the last thing she had wanted when she had said all of that. Selena’s words made Demi stop.

Demi sadly pulled away from Selena because what the girl had said reminded her of what should have been painfully obvious the whole time.

“This isn’t real,” Demi said, backing away from Selena. “This isn’t you. You’re drunk, Selena. You don’t mean any of this.”

“No! I do! I swear I do!” Selena insisted, but the way she slurred her words just slightly gave Demi all the reason she needed to pull the plug on this before it was too late and they did something they’d both regret.

“I can’t do this, not if it’s not real,” Demi said.

“I thought this was what you wanted?” Selena asked sadly. This time she was the one feeling the pain of rejection and she hated it.

“I do! This is what I want more than anything! But not like this,” Demi admitted. “You’re drunk Selena. You’re not going to remember this in the morning. You don’t know what you’re saying and what you’re doing and I can’t take advantage of that! I can’t put myself through this again. I can’t just have you for one night!”

“I meant what I said!” Selena insisted. “I’m not drunk! I mean I am drunk but that doesn’t change things! I won’t forget this! It’s how I feel!”

But Demi couldn’t make herself believe that. She couldn’t do this. Not like this. She couldn’t be sure that Selena really meant it and that was no small thing.

Demi didn’t know what would be worse, for Selena to wake up the next morning full of regret over what she’d done or for Demi to know she had taken advantage of Selena when she wasn’t in her right mind. And Demi couldn’t live with either one.

“You don’t mean that,” Demi sighed, backing away even further. “You don’t mean any of it. None of this is real.”

“It is!” Selena cried, her voice cracking with emotion. “Please Demi! Don’t leave!”

“I have to,” Demi said. “This isn’t right. Not like this.”

Knowing she would regret it if things went any further between them, Demi then did the one thing she had thought she would never do to Selena.

She walked away.


Back at the party everything was rolling on without skipping a beat. While bodies were getting tired, spirits were stronger than ever and everyone just kept on going.

Kissing, licking, fingering and fucking was happening everywhere with most bodies just simply going at it on the floor as the living room was filled with naked women snaking all the way towards the room where the Christmas tree was at, providing for a lewd scene in front of the season’s wholesomely iconic symbol.

But while everyone else was happily fucking, happy was not quite the word Taylor Swift was ready to use. Intimidated was more accurate. And scared was even more so. She had been denied a chance to come again from playing with Demi and now she found herself face-to-face with the last person she had thought she would want to see tonight. And that person had backup with her.

So Taylor didn’t have to be told that she was in trouble. She knew it from the stern, angry looks on their faces, the way they had their arms folded over their chest like disciplinarians and especially from the way the long, thick strap-ons they had on were dangling between their legs.

“Ummmm hey guys…uhhhhh some party huh?” Taylor managed to squeak out, feeling very vulnerable right then as she was on her knees on the floor and they were standing right in front of her.

She had never been very good at confrontation. She had always been better at saying something bitchy and then running away until it all blew over. But now Taylor found herself face-to-face with big time trouble and she just wanted to crawl away and hide.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” Katy Perry asked smugly as she looked down at Taylor butt naked and very intimidated.

“Looks like a little girl got lost here with the real women,” Rihanna answered, sharing a smug smirk with her BFF. “Maybe we should call her mommy and have her come get her.”

Taylor nervously laughed but it was clear that Katy and Rihanna were in no mood to joke around and Taylor knew why. Hers and Katy’s clashes had gone very public and Taylor didn’t have to be told that they weren’t over here now to offer her a Christmas cookie. They had something else on their minds and Taylor gulped again as she eyed those strap-ons.

Their toys were big and thick and Taylor got very nervous when she thought about what Rihanna and Katy could do to her with them. They were both wearing toys that were “flesh” colored, something that looked a lot more natural on Katy’s body than Rihanna’s but Taylor was less concerned with color and far more concerned with length and girth. She didn’t know how big they were for certain but she had never been a guy with a cock as big or as thick.

“I never thought I’d ever find you at a party like this one Tay Tay,” Katy taunted. “Mmmmm I thought you’d be too much of a priss to get down and dirty like Rihanna and I do. But surprise, surprise, here you are. Did you get lost or something?”

The size of the toys and the mean looks in their eyes made Taylor shiver with fear and she looked up at them helplessly, hoping she could somehow talk her way out of it. Not only were they bigger than any guy she had been with but they were both bigger than the one Emma had used on her before and Taylor definitely knew two toys like that could do a lot more damage than just one. So she tried desperately to shift things away from potential danger areas.

“Well we’re all just having some fun, right?” Taylor said, trying to be friendly but her voice betraying her apprehension. “Ummm I didn’t know you guys were here either.”

“We got here late, long story but we nearly died,” Katy said, selling the day’s adventure very short. “And do you know what something like that does to a person Taylor?”

“Ummmm…no?” Taylor asked, not quite sure what kind of answer she was supposed to give.

“It makes you want to live in the moment more,” Katy explained as she and Rihanna moved closer until they were practically standing on top of the kneeling blonde superstar. “It makes you not want to leave any regrets behind. It makes you want to do everything you ever wanted to do when you have the chance to do it. That means doing what you want to do when you want to do and it also means making sure you don’t leave any unfinished business, like, I don’t know, leaving scores to be settled.”

“Oh God,” Taylor stammered, not liking where this was going one bit. “Look, don’t do anything crazy Katy. We had our problems but we can get past them, can’t we? It’s Christmas! We can make up and be nice to each other, right?”

“Mmmmm I think we want different things for Christmas,” Rihanna said with an evil smile as she relished how visibly intimidated Taylor was. “Look at her Katy. She’s shaking. Awwwww is the little girl scared?”

“No!” Taylor insisted even though the answer was very clearly “yes.”

“You should be scared little girl,” Katy said, relishing the power she had over the top-selling female artist cowering on the floor before her. “I saw you at this party and I couldn’t believe it. I had to have Ri check to make sure you were really there because I never thought little prissy Miss Goody Two Shoes Taylor Swift would ever be at a fucking orgy. Mmmmm and when we saw that it was really you I knew it was time for us to set things right. You’ve been a real bitch Taylor and now you have to pay the price.”

Taylor definitely did NOT like the sound of that. She did not like paying prices like that and she wanted no part of whatever Katy and Rihanna were planning for her.

“Ummmm how about we just forget our differences in the spirit of Christmas, okay?” Taylor kept suggesting. “Look, I’ve said some things and then you said a lot more things Katy, over and over and over again, but we can put all of that behind us and be friends again. Sound good?”

Taylor had started their little feud with a few ill-advised comments but Katy had escalated it and had seemed eager to fan the flames whenever she could. Now it looked like Katy wanted to finish it and not in the way Taylor could ever have expected before tonight.

“What do you think Ri? Does that sound good?” Katy asked. “Should we all sing Christmas carols and give into the reason for the season? Should we be friends with Taylor and bake cookies together?”

And Rihanna had an immediate answer to that.

“What? Fuck no! That sounds so lame,” Rihanna said. “I liked that idea you had earlier about what you wanted to do with Taylor instead. What was it you said you wanted to do to her, Katy? Hmmm I can’t remember. What was it you said to me when you saw Taylor was here?”

“Hmmmm oh dear, I can’t remember either,” Katy said, playing dumb for a quick second before getting to the point. “Oh yeahhhhh now I remember. I said, ‘I want to fuck the shit out of that bitch!’”

That got a little squeak of fear from Taylor. She’d been afraid of something like that as soon as she’d seen those toys and this was quickly turning into her worst nightmare. Katy and Rihanna had payback on their minds and Taylor suddenly regretted ever picking a fight with Katy in the first place.

“Ummmmm maybe you don’t really wanna do that?” Taylor suggested. “We can do things much nicer than that. Mmmmm you two are really, REALLY hot and I can be fun! I can be hot too! I can be slutty for you both! I can make you feel sooooo good and we can forget we were ever fighting. I mean who cares who stole whose dancers and who ruined whose tour? That’s all in the past, right? Let’s be friends now! I can be such a good friend! I can be one of those special friends with benefits and make you two feel really, really, REALLY good whenever you want me to! Doesn’t that sound better than you beating me up?”

But all that got out of Katy and Rihanna was laughter.

“Oh my God, are you such a little spoiled, prissy princess that you think we’re actually going to beat you up?” Rihanna laughed. “You think we’re like bullies in the school yard or something? Ohhhh Taylor you are so precious.”

“Mmmm yeah Taylor no one’s going to get beaten up here, but someone is going to be very fucking sore in the morning,” Katy said condescendingly as she and Rihanna looked down on Taylor like prey. “And you know who that someone is, don’t you?”

“Ummmmm me?” Taylor managed to squeak out meekly.

“Goddamn right it’s going to be you,” Katy laughed. “Get her Ri!”

“NO!” Taylor yelped in fear as she immediately did the first thing that came to be mind and began to frantically crawl away. She wasn’t thinking clearly or acting smartly thanks to the punch and the way all the fucking she had enjoyed had already scrambled her brain and she was acting entirely in self-preservation as she tried to scurry away on her hands and knees.

But that strategy was not a sound one and Taylor was quickly caught up to by the very committed and horny singers. Both of them loved the reaction they were getting from Taylor. They of course had no intention of actually hurting her. But Katy and Rihanna definitely wanted to have some nasty fun with her and seeing America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift so scared of them was both a source of laughter and a turn on.

Rihanna quickly placed herself in front of Taylor, cutting the blonde off as she tried to crawl to escape. And when she did that, Taylor tried to protest.

“Please! Don’t do this! I…mmmmphhh!” Taylor began before Rihanna took advantage of Taylor’s open mouth and forced her strap-on inside, cutting off her words and getting her mouth to work on something else.

“Yesssss that’s it white girl! Mmmmm suck on that cock!” Rihanna purred, her little accent making everything sound sexier as she grabbed onto a clump of Taylor’s hair and began forcing her head up and down on the strap-on, making the girl choke it down as it pushed into her mouth. “I’ll bet a good girl like you, Taylor, never had to suck cock to get her record deals! Well now you’re going to suck dick a lot, our dicks! You’re going to get our toys all wet and then clean them off after we’re done fucking you raw!”

“Mmmmmhmm get ready for the fucking of your life, Taylor,” Katy added, smacking Taylor’s face with her strap-on while Rihanna violated the blonde’s mouth. “It’s time you learned your place Taylor. You don’t get to pretend to be the good girl and then act like a little bitch whenever anyone challenges you. Mmmm yessssss that’s it Taylor! Swallow it down! Oooooh not such a good girl after all, are we? Looks like you know how to suck some dick!”

Taylor’s cheeks burned as she was taken like this. She felt so embarrassed as she was kept on her hands and knees with Rihanna’s fake cock pushing into her mouth and forcing its way down her throat. She gagged on it naturally but Rihanna kept forcing it in and Taylor found her mouth filling up with saliva as a result. That only added a layer of lube to the plastic cock though, making it easier for Rihanna to fuck her mouth with it.

And, despite the embarrassment she felt over being taken in such a humiliating fashion, Taylor also felt herself responding sexually. Her pussy grew freshly wet and despite her very real fear she began to move her head in time with Rihanna pulling her hair and forcing her to go up and down on her plastic prick. She began bobbing her lips up and down the fake cock and moaning as Katy continued to spank her toy against her face.

Taylor knew how to give a blowjob. She wasn’t like a porn star or anything but she hadn’t been a nun either. And it was like all of her old habits came back to her as a reflex as she began to suck Rihanna’s toy more earnestly. She had sucked Emma’s strap-on before so it wasn’t like the taste of a fake cock was new to her either but Taylor found herself shocked that she was actually getting turned on by what was happening to her.

She was still very scared of what two horny, angry women like Rihanna and Katy could do to her. They didn’t appear to be thinking very clearly either and had heightened aggression toward her but at the same time Taylor felt herself melting from this treatment and in a good way. Her pussy was getting all juicy and tingly as she got her face fucked. Rihanna holding onto her hair and forcing her cock into her mouth was turning her on and even though Taylor knew it was wrong she liked it.

Rihanna was so forceful in her efforts too, pushing the cock deeper down Taylor’s throat as she yanked on her hair and pulled her down onto it. Even as Taylor began to respond and actively suck on the strap-on she couldn’t keep up with how insistent Rihanna was that she swallow it. The beautiful Bajan singer was fucking her face too roughly and rapidly but Taylor, despite herself, was getting into it.

Taylor tried to swallow as much as she could and Rihanna kept forcing more down her throat, making her gag and choke on it. Drool spilled out of Taylor’s mouth as she was violated and it spilled all over the plastic inches of Rihanna’s fake cock when wasn’t dripping down her chin and even onto the rug.

She felt so helpless as Rihanna held her by the hair, forcing her down deeper and deeper and Taylor could hear Katy and Rihanna laughing at her. Taylor’s eyes teared up from being made to swallow more than she ever had before and also from the embarrassment. But she also let out little submissive moans as she was face fucked and she wasn’t exactly putting up a fight either.

“Oooooh yessss this little slut likes it,” Rihanna laughed. “Mmmm she loves sucking big, hard girl cocks! Is that true Taylor? Are you dirty little lesbian bitch now? Do you like being on your knees sucking strap-on cocks so they can fuck you? Mmmm you probably love it way more than real cock, don’t you?”

Taylor couldn’t respond with Rihanna’s plastic phallus stuffed down her throat but she did meekly nod her head. She hoped that by telling Rihanna what she wanted to hear the singer would let her go and that she and Katy would be nice to her. Despite her feud with Katy and the fact that Rihanna had Katy’s back in this fight, Taylor found herself wanting them both and she hoped they would stop treating her so roughly and start fucking her nice instead so they could all make each other feel good.

But beyond telling Rihanna what she wanted to hear, it was also true. Taylor did like this more than sucking a guy off. She liked fake cock more than real one. Rihanna’s flesh colored toy was shaped like a real penis but Taylor enjoyed it so much more. It was so big and thick as it was pushed down her throat and her submissive nod and watery, tear filled eyes were done out of pleasure as well as attempted placation.

“Mmmm yeahhh I knew deep down she was a slut,” Katy moaned. “Christina told me they all had their fucking way with her in a spa once. I wasn’t sure it was true until now but she’s no good girl. Taylor’s a dirty little whore and she knows it, doesn’t she? She’s a fucking lesbo slut who can’t get enough fucking!”

And when Rihanna forcefully pulled her toy out in one yank, leaving Taylor’s throat sore and her mouth gasping for breath, Katy again smacked the blonde’s face with her own strap-on as it jutted out between her legs.

“Say it! Say what a fucking dirty lesbo whore you are!” Katy demanded, loving being in control and being able to take out all her aggression on a girl who managed to annoy the hell out of her but also looked so beautiful stripped down to her flushed, sweaty bare skin.

Taylor gulped in breath from how much she had been cut off with that big toy stuffing her mouth and only her nose able to take in oxygen. She had drool dripping down her lips and her chin onto her neck and the hard smack of the fake cock against her face stung hard but Taylor still let out a soft sigh and admitted what was so clearly obvious.

“Yesssssss I’m a dirty little lesbo,” Taylor moaned, feeling like such a bad girl and wondering if she almost deserved to be treated like this. “I’m a fucking slut. I’m not a good girl. I’m dirty and nasty and I love fucking girls not boys! Mmmm gawd I pretend to be good but mmmmmphhh!”

Taylor again found herself cut off by something being shoved into her mouth and this time it was Katy’s toy. Once again Taylor found herself being choked by a fake cock being pushed down her throat as Katy did just what Rihanna had and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to suck it.

“Show me how nasty you are you horny little bitch!” Katy commanded. “This is where you belong! On your hands and knees serving me! Get used to this position bitch! You’re going to be in a lot from now on Taylor!”

Katy was giddy as she did this. She had never usually been the dominant type. With men she liked a strong one who took control in the bedroom. And with women she had usually been the type to just go with the flow and let things happen as they did. It was easy to be that way when she was with take charge women like Christina and even earlier that night Katy had let herself be taken hard by Rose and fully initiated into the mansion by getting her ass fucked.

Katy could still feel how raw her ass was after it had been loosened by Mr. Snappy. She hadn’t planned for any of this to happen and what she was doing to Taylor was all impulse and improvisation. She couldn’t believe she could be so dominant here after being completely submissive to Rose. But it all felt so good and Katy was just riding the waves of pleasure.

When she had seen Taylor at the party she had honestly been shocked. Katy had been told about Taylor at the spa by Britney and Christina but seeing it had been truly believing and she had never expected to see Taylor naked and being so dirty. Katy had watched Taylor playing with Emmy and Dianna and Olivia and especially Emma Stone. She had seen Emma fuck Taylor’s ass with the strap-on and it had turned Katy on while making her want to do that too.

There was just something about Taylor that made Katy want to be dominant. The blonde acted like she was some perfect girl next door princess but to Katy she was a mean girl in lamb’s clothing. She had considered Taylor to be a secret little snake and having this chance to work out her grudge against her in the naughtiest way possible was a total thrill. So Katy took advantage of it, grabbing Taylor by her pretty hair and forcing her down onto her fake cock.

“Suck it princess! That’s it! Take it deep! Mmmmm you’re a cocksucking whore Taylor!” Katy moaned, getting off on looking down at the singer with her adorable little doe eyes staring back up at her submissively. Katy could see the fear and arousal in those submissive blue eyes and she loved it. “Yessssss mmmm choke it down little girl! Suck momma’s big, hard cock down that pretty throat! You’re mine now Taylor and I love to play rough with my toys!”

Taylor couldn’t believe that she was responding to this. It was rougher than she had ever been taken. No guy had ever taken her like this. She had usually hung out with good boys back home growing up and when she had become famous no guy would ever have dared treat her in this fashion. No girl ever had either. Even the most aggressive girls she had been with, like Emma when she had taken her ass earlier that night, hadn’t been so mean.

But Taylor actually found herself liking it. She found herself getting turned on as she was controlled and forced to swallow Katy’s fake dick. She couldn’t understand why she liked it or why she wasn’t fighting back but she let Katy use her mouth like a fuckhole and while she did it was Rihanna’s turn to slap her face with her cock, smacking against her cheek with the toy and making it sting and turn a brighter shade of pink.

She knew she should have been resisting and standing up for herself but Taylor felt so horny as she was taken in such a humiliating fashion. She responded to giving up all her control to Katy and Rihanna, especially as Katy shoved her fake cock deeper down her throat, making her whimper and cry a little as her head was forced down and she choked back another two inches of it. It made her gag but it also made her wet and Taylor’s hand almost unconsciously moved down to her own pussy.

As her mouth was fucked and Katy pushed more of the plastic inside her, forcing her to swallow it despite its length and girth, Taylor began to touch herself. She started rubbing her pussy and making herself moan while her mouth was stuffed full of fake cock. She had been so wet already and being taken like this was only making her wetter. Her pussy was soaked as she began to rub her swollen lips, the pleasure growing from how many times she’d come already tonight having left her girl parts tender and raw.

Touching herself inspired Taylor to suck harder and she moved her mouth up and down the strap-on without Katy even needing to pull her hair to make her do it. The deeper down she went on Katy’s strap-on the more Taylor touched herself and her moans and the wet sounds of her fingers against her wet pussy gave away what she was doing.

And in response, Taylor’s illicit masturbation earned a hard smack against her hand by Rihanna. The singer slapped Taylor’s hand away off her own pussy and made sure she wasn’t able to pleasure herself.

“Bad girl!” Rihanna chided. “You don’t get to play with your pussy now! In fact you’re not going to be doing anything with that pretty white girl cunt of yours for a while Taylor! Because this is all about your ass!”

“Myphhhh mmassss?” Taylor repeated questioningly even with her mouth full of plastic cock muffling her words and Katy and Rihanna both grinned in response.

“Mmmmmmhmmm, your ass!” Katy said. “That’s why you’ve got to get these big cocks all nice and wet Tay Tay! You’re going to feel them deep up your pretty little princess ass so you’d better get them ready before they fucking wreck you!”

Taylor had assumed that they were going to use those toys to fuck her pussy hard and rough. But now that she knew their plan she was even more scared. Anal pleasure was new to her and the toy that Emma had used on her hadn’t been anywhere near as big. Plus Anna was her friend and these girls were more like enemies. So Taylor felt a surge of reluctance even as she continued to get wet over the thought of submitting to Katy and Rihanna and the big cocks they were wearing.

She tried to pull away from Katy but the brunette superstar wasn’t letting Taylor get anywhere. When the girl got an inch of the cock out of her mouth, Katy used her grip on Taylor’s already messy blonde locks to force her back down and make sure she took even more of the toy down her throat. Taylor loudly gagged on the cock being shoved inside her and more saliva reflexively drooled out of her mouth.

Taylor’s eyes were tearing up even more and she felt her makeup start to run from how intensely her mouth was being fucked. Katy moved her hand from grabbing Taylor’s hair up at the front of her head to the back, getting an even better grip on the helpless girl and forcing her to go down even more on her toy.

“Ohhhh yessss take it deep bitch! Mmmm fuckkk yesssss swallow it Taylor! Take all of that fucking cock in your pretty mouth!” Katy growled, feeling her id run completely wild as she allowed herself to be dominant and bitchy. She absolutely loved not just how alive it made her feel to take control but how Taylor was letting her do it too. The girl wasn’t putting up a fight at all!

“Yessss suck it! Suck it all the way down you fucking whore!” Rihanna said as she helped her friend out by getting on her knees and grabbing Taylor by her face. “Deep throat it like the dirty little bitch you are Taylor!”

Rihanna squeezed Taylor’s cheeks, forcing her to open her mouth up wider and making it easier for Katy to push more of the cock down her throat. Taylor was choking on it as she got her face fucked but that didn’t stop Katy or Rihanna. In fact it made them want it even more as they watched the superstar blonde spit up all over herself with her saliva coming out of her nose and mouth while she was forced fed every inch of Katy’s eight-inch toy.

“Yeahhh that’s it stick your tongue out Taylor,” Rihanna demanded, knowing just what the girl should do since she had a lot more experience deep throating than Taylor and Katy put together. “Mmmmm yessssssss that’s it you little horny bitch! You fucking want this so fucking bad! You’re not trying to stop us at all because you know what a fucking whore you really are! You’re not the good girl you pretend to be! You’re just a dirty, slutty bitch who loves big, fake cocks all the way down her throat! Mmmmm I wish I had my phone with me right now to make sure I could get a photo of you being a nasty cocksucking whore but we’ll just have to do that later! Because we are going to do be doing this all the fucking time now Taylor!”

“Yeah good luck singing once we’re done with making you choke on our dicks!” Katy laughed, keeping her hand firmly on the back of Taylor’s head as the blonde obediently stuck out her tongue as Rihanna had ordered, making it easier for Katy to get the last of the eight inches of her toy down her throat. “Mmmm I wish you could see yourself right now Taylor! Drool and snarf all over your pretty face and my cock shoved all the way down your throat! You deep throating slut! Choke it down! Do it bitch!”

With the two hands forcing her head down, Taylor was so easy to control and use like a fuckdoll. Every inch of the toy was down her throat and Katy moaned over the site of Taylor’s sweaty forehead being pressed against her skin. God, the girl’s nose was practically in her belly button and Katy giggled over how she was sure Taylor would always remember that she was an innie not an outie.

And with Taylor’s mouth all the way down on her cock, her saliva dripping down over the harness to Katy’s toy, the brunette kept her there, holding on tight to the back of her head as she let the seconds tick away of Taylor being forced to deep throat.

Taylor’s head was spinning again. She felt so woozy and light headed, like she was going to pass out. She had never felt anything like this. The whole length and girth of the fake cock had been pushed into her mouth. She had never taken anything that big in her mouth and now it was in all the way, making her choke and gasp as tears dripped from her eyes and her pussy felt like it was throbbing with need.

Even as she felt like she was going to die from this, Taylor reached down and began touching herself again, rubbing her cunt lips as she was forced to deep throat. It was so fucking nasty to do this but she loved it feeling so taken and used and Taylor played with her pussy as she choked down the strap-on until Rihanna slapped her hand away again.

“Get your goddamn hand off that pussy!” Rihanna snapped. “Do I have to tell you again?”

Taylor meekly pulled her hand away and did as she was told. She was too woozy and short of breath to fight back and, besides, she didn’t even want to. Being dominated and controlled was making her so fucking wet. It was turning her on immensely and she had never dreamed that it could.

Having satisfied herself by making Taylor deep throat her strap-on, Katy mercifully loosened her grip on Taylor’s hair. She didn’t let go completely though. She just made Taylor bob her head up and down on her toy, making sure her lips spread all the gooey, stringy saliva that was now coating around the shaft. After all the toy was going to need a lot of lube for what Katy had planned and there was no better lube than the all-natural variety Taylor had just spit up all over it.

“Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!” Katy grunted, commanding Taylor forcefully she held that clump of her hair on the back of her head and pulled the blonde up and down on her toy, making her mouth glide over the already slick shaft of it and turn the strap-on into a saliva coated mess. “Mmmm yessssss you’re such a messy cocksucker Taylor! I’ll bet your boyfriends must have loved getting head from America’s fucking sweetheart. But this mouth belongs to me now! Mmmm all your fuck holes are going to be mine, especially your sweet ass!”

Taylor could breathe more now and she moaned over and over again as Katy fucked her mouth. She was crying too, both with tears and noise, but she didn’t try and stop. She let Katy pull her up by her hair and force her back down as Rihanna slapped her face over and over again with her toy, calling her a whore and a cocksucker and a dirty fucking slut. And Taylor just moaned and dripped between her legs from it.

Taylor’s pussy was like a waterfall as she was forced to suck on the fake cock. Katy mercilessly treated her like a rag doll as she took control of her and forced her head up and down. Taylor felt so used, like she was just some piece of meat for Katy and Rihanna to violate but the feel of that hand yanking hard on her hair and making her bob up and down on the thick, long fake penis in her mouth also felt so forbiddingly sexy. It was like Taylor didn’t even need to think ever again, she just needed to be fucked.

And when Katy finally released her and let Taylor pull her mouth all the way off the strap-on, it wasn’t because she was done with her. It was only so she could claim what she had come looking for like it was a prize.

Taylor’s body wobbled as she gasped for breath, her face a mess from drooling so much all over the cocks that has fucked her throat. She was having trouble remaining steady on her hands and knees on the floor as she struggled to get her breath back. Her face was streaked with tears and her throat was sore and Katy and Rihanna just laughed at her because they were only getting started.

“Mmmm did the little bitch like that? Did she like getting her mouth fucked like it was a cunt?” Katy demanded condescendingly while laughing at her rival and savoring every moment of being in total control. “Don’t fall down Taylor. I want you just like this. I want your ass up in the air so I can fuck you like the whore you are. You act all the time like you’re the nice girl and the wholesome one and that the rest of us are just mean bitches. Well you’re going to get it now because you’re going to get it doggy style like a whore! Only sluts take it from behind Taylor!”

And as woozy and frightened as she was, Taylor couldn’t keep from getting hot over that. This was so mean and nasty but she wanted it. Taylor knew she needed to be fucked like a whore. She needed to be fucked doggy style, just like Emma had done it. It had been so sexy to be taken like that before, her face covered in Emmy Rossum’s cum and her ass sticking up and vulnerable for Dianna Agron to tongue fuck and for Emma Stone to take her and pop her little cherry.

Taylor had loved feeling vulnerable and dirty when she had been in that position like she was a bad girl and not some good girl who made love with the lights off with her boyfriend on top of her only in the missionary position. She had felt so hot and horny when she had gotten fucked from behind like that. It had hardly been the first time she had been in that position, but doing it that way with another girl had made it feel absolutely incredible.

Now she was being taken like never before and Taylor felt she couldn’t do anything to stop it. The humiliating treatment and the lack of oxygen she had just endured had magnified the effects of the punch and she was totally lost in pleasure and need. Taylor responded to what was happening to her like she never thought she would or could.

“Yesssssssss fuck me!” Taylor croaked, her famous voice hurt by being so aggressively throat fucked by the two toys. “Fuck me like a whore! Make me take it like a fucking doggy! Oooooh fuck this is so wrong!”

Taylor would have said more but she was cut off, this time not by a toy being shoved in her mouth, but by Rihanna’s lips. As Katy strode over to Taylor’s backside, Rihanna grabbed her by the face again and forcefully kissed her, sticking her tongue into Taylor’s mouth and making her take it.

Taylor had never been kissed like that before. Both with the guys and girls she’d been with, kissing had been sensual and tender and this was anything but. It was mean and fierce and Rihanna was clearly only interested in showing her dominance as she shoved her tongue into Taylor and then pulled away to spit into Taylor’s open mouth.

“Mmmm that’s it! Swallow it! Swallow my fucking spit!” Rihanna ordered, feeling very natural and eager in this position as she helped her friend put Taylor Swift in her place. “Gulp it down!”

And while Taylor was distracted by the gob of spit that Rihanna had just forcefully fed her, her mouth reflexively gulping it down and causing Taylor to feel just how sore her throat was now, Katy made her presence felt again by smacking Taylor’s bare ass with the hard toy she had strapped to her waist.

Taylor winced both from the hard smack against her firm ass cheeks from the plastic and from the way the wetness coating the toy flew off and hit her skin. Having it be her own saliva made it more embarrassing as it reminded Taylor how brutally her face had just been fucked.

Feeling Katy behind her like that made Taylor reflexively tense up. She didn’t know if she was going to be able to withstand this. But she wanted it. That was the worst part. She found herself wanting to be taken and used and control and pounded. Taylor tried to shove that part of her down but she was having so much trouble fighting her own desires and the protest she was able to vocalize came out very meekly without any real feeling behind it.

“No…please…” Taylor whimpered, knowing exactly what Katy was going to do and being very afraid of it. “Not my ass!  Please Katy! Fuck my pussy instead! Please fuck me nice and not mean! Don’t fuck my ass like this!”

Taylor felt so torn. On the one hand she had been fucked so well by so many women tonight. She had crossed boundaries and broken taboos and loved every second of it. She not only wanted more, she needed it. Taylor couldn’t pretend she wasn’t soaking wet from what was happening to her. But this was so far beyond anything she’d done and Katy and Rihanna weren’t playing. They were really going to hate fuck her and that scared her.

But at the same time, that fear fueled Taylor’s adrenaline and that turned her on even more. Taylor couldn’t think or act normally and her fear made her want this even as her mouth said no. Her body was definitely saying yes and Katy knew it.

“Awwww does little princess only want to be made love to all soft and gentle?” Katy taunted, her nipples rock hard and her pussy dripping wet under the harness for her strap-on as she did something she never would have done before. “Does pretty little prissy Taylor Swift only like nice things with puppies and rainbows? Does she want me to give her a nice Christmas present and be gentle and kind? Does she want peace on Earth and for everyone to only be nice? Well fuck that and fuck you Taylor!”

Katy added extra emphasis on that last point by making it a literal point. She shoved the hard, spit-coated strap-on right up Taylor’s ass, forcing it in as she gripped onto Taylor’s tight, pert ass cheeks and spread them open while pushing inside. She penetrated her rival and laughed in delight as Taylor gasped and cried from it.

“OHHHHHH FUCK! OOOOOH FUCKKKKK THAT’S SO BIG!” Taylor screamed as her ass was forcefully fucked by the thickness of the hard toy’s plastic shaft. “AHHHHHH! FUCKKK I CAN’T TAKE IT! OOOOH IT’S TOO BIG!”

The cock was not only bigger than what Emma had used on her ass before, it was thicker too and Katy did not take her like Emma had. Emma had let her adjust to it and made sure she was nice and relaxed as she penetrated her. Katy didn’t do any of that. She just forced the cock in and pushed, not just the cock-shaped head of toy up her ass but the first several inches too, stuffing them into her hole whether Taylor was ready for it or not.

“Oh stop whining you little baby!” Katy laughed, taking her hand off Taylor’s ass cheek and slapping it instead, giving the blonde a spanking as she began to fuck her. “I saw how much you loved it when Emma fucked your ass! You love a big cock up your butt, don’t you Taylor? You’re only pretending to be a good little girl! You’re really a whore and whores get assfucked! Take it Taylor! Stop whining like a baby and take my big, fat cock up this tiny little bony ass of yours!”

Taylor couldn’t stop crying as she was vigorously fucked from behind, with more and more of Katy’s fake cock disappearing up her ass with every thrust. The lube of her own saliva was the only thing making the cock wet and, even after Emma had loosened her up before, it was still a snug fit up Taylor’s inexperienced ass. So it hurt to have her already sore hole taken like this.

But Taylor couldn’t deny that she liked it. Her cries weren’t just of pain and embarrassment. They were also of pleasure as Taylor felt herself get violated and actually welcomed it. That cock was so big and hard up her ass and Taylor’s eyes welled up with fresh tears as her tight hole got stretched and filled. But she was getting off on it too and it made her so fucking wet as her ass got fucked.

Taylor liked being taken like this. It was so rough but it was so hot too. She didn’t have any control over herself. She felt like she was Katy’s fuck toy. And, as the hard cock that the singer was wearing was smacked against her face, Taylor was reminded that she was Rihanna’s toy too.

“Open wide and stick out your tongue,” Rihanna instructed and Taylor submissively obeyed. “Mmmm yeahhh that’s a good girl. Show us all what a slut you are. You’ve been such a stuck up bitch to my friend Katy and now you’re paying the price!”

Taylor yelped as her tongue was smacked by the fake cock strapped to Rihanna’s toned waist. She felt the sting of it on her sensitive taste buds and felt her own spit being flung onto her face but Taylor didn’t resist it. She didn’t put up any fight as Rihanna spanked her tongue several times with the cock and then pushed it back into her mouth so Taylor could get it freshly wet.

This was such a surreal feeling for Taylor. She felt like she wasn’t supposed to be liking this and yet she was. It was so degrading to let two rivals treat her in this fashion and yet she was not only allowing it, she was getting aroused by it.

Having them control and humiliate her had her pussy so creamy and Taylor was desperate to touch herself as the pleasure grew and grew from one toy being aggressively pushed up her ass and another going into her mouth, sliding right down her already brutalized throat.

And the arousal Taylor was feeling was only growing more intense thanks to Katy leaning in and whispering in her ear.

“That’s it you dirty fucking whore! Swallow down my best friend’s cock!” Katy said wickedly right into Taylor’s ear, her famous voice filling Taylor’s thoughts and making her feel even more depraved. “I want you to choke on RiRi’s fat cock! I knew you were lying about being a good girl! You’re just a filthy cocksucking tramp and you’ve been that way the whole time Taylor! You just needed to have the good girl fucked right out of you and that’s what we’re going to do! We’re going to wreck your fucking ass! You’re going to be walking funny until New Year’s princess and we’re not going to stop! We’re going to fuck you up the ass all the time now!”

Taylor whimpered at the sound of such a nasty threat but it was one that betrayed her horniness. As she thrust into her ass from behind, Katy could see how dripping wet Taylor was and she loved what she saw. She knew she had her rival right in the palm of her hand and she had never felt happier.

This was such a rush to Katy. To not only be able to sodomize Taylor fucking Swift in such a dominant fashion, but have her whimpering and crying like a little bitch while she was getting off on it was the sweetest feeling ever.

The truth was Katy might not have liked Taylor much but she certainly hadn’t wanted to really hurt her. If Taylor had put up a fight or given her a convincing “no” or made it seem like she was really not into it, Katy would have stopped. She wanted to be rough with Taylor but she didn’t want to be cruel and as much as Taylor was acting like a little simpering bitch, just like Katy wanted her to be, it was obvious how turned on she was.

Katy just had to look down and see the way Taylor’s cunt lips were glistening with horny juices that were now coating her thighs and the back of her legs as she dripped in arousal while being fucked doggy style. And all she had to do was hear those tiny little whines and cries from the blonde. Taylor was hers and Katy loved it.

“Mmmm you’re mine now Taylor,” Katy moaned into her ear while thrusting harder up the girl’s ass, making Taylor’s tiny little cheeks jiggle while she smacked the girl’s backside with each thrust, turning Taylor’s creamy skin red. “I own this fucking ass! Me and Rihanna control your sweet ass now and we’re going to make it into our slutty fuckhole whenever we want! You’re going to be our little fuck pet bitch now Taylor! No more concerts or albums for you! You’re going to be on your hands and knees for me and RiRi wearing nothing but a doggy collar and a butt plug up your ass so we can have you ready to be fucked whenever we want! You’re going to sleep on a little pillow like a good pet and drink out of your doggy dish because you’re not anything anymore but our little fuck pet!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh God!” Taylor managed to cry out even with Rihanna’s strap-on in her mouth. “Fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk!”

“Oooooh princess likes that,” Rihanna grinned, pulling her freshly saliva-coated cock out of Taylor’s mouth and rubbing it all over her face to make her extra messy with her snarf. “She wants to be our pet! She knows her place is on her hands and knees for her mistresses like a good fuck pet!”

Taylor whimpered and let out little gasps of pleasure over the thought of something so humiliating happening to her. She had never dreamed about being in that kind of position. But the deeper and harder Katy went up her ass, the better that prospect sounded to her. Taylor couldn’t figure out why she liked it but it was making her so hot. It was like Katy was fucking her brains out and she loved it. Nothing made sense anymore but Taylor just wanted more.

“Mmmmmm is that true Tay Tay?” Katy moaned erotically, her voice such a dominantly sexy whisper as she stopped her spanking so she could instead yank on Taylor’s blonde hair from behind while she stuck her tongue in the helpless girl’s ear. “Do you want to be our fuck pet? You know you fucking want it! You want to be on all fours crawling around in your cute little doggy collar barking like a dog when we tell you to! You want to be our little submissive pet with your ass up in the air always ready to be fucked! You’re going to belong totally to us Taylor! Body and soul and you’re going to be a little bitch pet and nothing more!”

Taylor felt like all her common sense and self-worth were melting away as Katy thrust in deeper up her butt and yanked harder on her hair, pulling her head back as saliva dripped down her chin from having just been face fucked again. She cried out in submission, unable to help herself as she felt completely controlled by the lust she was helplessly experiencing.

“Yessss that’s it,” Katy whispered, making Taylor wetter with every degrading and demeaning word. “That’s what you are now! Just a stupid fucking animal for us to use! You’re going to be our brainless pet now Taylor! Just an ass for us to fuck while you crawl around on all fours! No pussy play for you! Just ass fucking after ass fucking because it’s all you deserve! You’ve been such a bitch and now all you’re going to get is to be fucked like a bitch whenever we want it!”

Taylor had always lived a comfortable life. She had never wanted for anything as a kid and once she had become a superstar she’d had every conceivable need taken care of the second she had thought of it. Taylor didn’t know if Katy was being serious but suddenly all she could think about was being a pet and crawling on all fours while wearing a collar and barking like a dog whenever she was commanded to.

As crazy as it sounded, Taylor wanted to give her whole life of fame and privilege up right then. She wanted to be controlled. She didn’t want to think anymore. She just wanted to be used as an ass to be fucked.

Taylor didn’t want it nice and sexy like it had been here before in the kitchen making cupcakes or when Emma had taken her or when she had licked all of those other girls and made Demi come all over her face. She wanted it to be savage and nasty and she wanted to be fucking used, not just by anyone but by Rihanna and Katy, two rivals who hated her.

She couldn’t understand what was wrong with her or why this would make her so hot and wet but Taylor loved it. She loved thinking about being totally submissive to Katy and Rihanna. She loved the idea of not having the chance to speak anymore but just being made to bark and woof and make dog sounds as she drank out of a dish on all fours and crawled around naked with her ass in the air so she could be fucked brutally and deeply whenever her owners wanted.

All her life, Taylor had always been a cat girl but now she just wanted to be a doggy for Katy and Rihanna and crawl and bark and lick and be an obedient pet for them. She was being fucked hard up her ass doggy style and she wanted it never to stop. Each thrust up her ass went deeper and harder and it hurt but it also felt fucking amazing to be taken and owned and buttfucked like she wasn’t a woman anymore, but just a fuck pet to be used and controlled.

“Ohhhh Goddddd ughhhh what are you doing to meeeee? Fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhhh my Godddddd it feels so fucking good!” Taylor cried, unable to stand it anymore. “Ooooooh fuckkkk stopppp pleaaasse stop Katy! Stop making me like it! Stop making me want to be your pet! Ooooooh my Godddddd pleaaaaaaaaasse! Don’t be mean to me anymore!”

Katy did just the opposite though. She had lots of aggression to work out and she did it with her hard thrusts. She picked up speed and pushed in deeper, shoving more of the cock up Taylor as she stretched her hole out. Katy had always been the submissive before today. She had gotten her ass fucked so many times at this party tonight and now she was using Taylor as a vessel for payback.

“Oh I’m going to be as fucking mean as I want to be!” Katy laughed, yanking on Taylor’s hair harder and making the lithe blonde gasp from it. “Your feelings don’t fucking matter Taylor! You’re a stupid whore and you belong to me and Rihanna now! Take it deep up your ass you fucking cunt! Take it all the way up your skinny fucking ass!”

Taylor couldn’t see how much of the cock was inside her. She couldn’t even turn her head and try and look because Katy was yanking her hair so hard. But it felt like an enormous amount was being stuffed inside her. It was making her ass feel so stretched and Taylor kept whimpering and gasping from the hard thrusts making her body bounce on the floor.

“Oooooh nooooo fuckkkkkk noooo no more! My ass can’t take all of it!” Taylor begged “Pease Katy! Please! No more! My ass is too small for that big cock!”

But Katy knew that Taylor’s reluctance was all for show. The blonde’s pussy didn’t lie and Katy could see just how much Taylor really wanted this. And most of all she wanted to do it. Katy wanted to get mean. She wanted to get nasty. She wanted to break Taylor. That was her Christmas wish and she hadn’t nearly gone down in a plane crash today to back away now.

“Did you say, ‘Go more?’ Okay, if that’s what you want,” Katy said, deliberately mishearing Taylor. “Mmmmmm here you go Tay Tay! More of that big cock for your tiny little slut ass! Ohhhh yesssssssssss take it bitch! Maybe if you had a real woman’s ass like me and RiRi do you could handle this much cock but you’re such a skinny bitch with tiny tits and a little ass! We’re real fucking women and you’re just a little bitchy girl Taylor!”


“Oooooh that’s my favorite Christmas carol,” Rihanna laughed, spanking Taylor’s lips with her strap on as she howled. “Mmmm you’re going to take it Taylor! We’re going to break you in fucking two if we have to but you’re going to take it!”

Taylor grunted and cried helplessly. She couldn’t defend herself against the assaulting thrusts of Katy’s cock or from the immense pleasure she felt. She was so fucking horny for this. It was driving her crazy and making her think things and say things and do things she never would have done.

Slumping down on her elbows as she was drilled from behind, Taylor frantically reached for her pussy. She needed to touch herself. She needed to play with her clit. She was so fucking wet that Taylor felt if she just touched her clit a little she could come. But before she could actually reach her little pearl, Rihanna saw what she was doing and stopped her with another slap, this time to her face.

“What did I tell you about touching your pussy?” Rihanna snapped. “Don’t fucking do it Taylor! You don’t deserve to have your clit pleasured! Bitches like you are made to get fucked up the ass! You never fucking listen! You think the rules don’t apply to you and you can say or do anything you want! Well that’s not how the real world works you spoiled brat! Now give it to her Katy! Give it to her all the way up princess’ ass!”

Through her hard thrusts, Katy had managed to get almost all of the eight inches of her strap-on up Taylor’s ass. But she hadn’t gone all the way up inside her. She had held back a little, not sure if she should. Rihanna was egging her on though and Katy couldn’t resist. This was too much fun and it felt too fucking good for her to stop now.

“Oh fuck yessssssssss! Now you’re getting what you fucking deserve!” Katy roared in triumph as she thrust the last bit of flesh-colored toy up Taylor’s ass, burying it all the way to the hilt as Katy’s hips smacked into Taylor as she thrust harder and went all the way inside her. “Take it you fucking spoiled brat bitch! This ass is going to get fucking wrecked! It’s ours now! Your ass is our fucking bitch fuckhole now! Take it! Take it! TAKE IT!”

And Taylor did take it. She had no choice in the matter and that was the most exhilarating part. She was being pounded whether she wanted it or not and she couldn’t resist in the slightest as every inch of fake cock went inside her, making Taylor howl in ecstasy the intensity of her submission sent her screaming into orgasm.


Rihanna and Katy honestly hadn’t been expecting Taylor to come from them fucking her like this. So seeing her legitimately have a huge orgasm just from being assfucked thrilled them both.

“Ohhhh my God! Would you look at this whore?” Katy laughed. “She’s fucking coming like the bitch she is! Only fucking whores come from getting it up the ass!”

“YESSSS YESSSSSSS I’M A WHORE OOOOOH I’M A FUCKING WHORE WHO TAKES IT UP HER SLUTTY ASS AND COMES!!! OOOOOOOOOH FUCKKK!” Taylor screamed again as Katy kept pumping up her ass, the hard thrusts banging into her and making her reddened ass cheeks shake.

And Katy kept fucking away even as Taylor cycled down. She was so exhilarated from having this much control over Taylor that she didn’t want to stop. It was too much fun to keep thrusting her toy up Taylor’s hole and the only thing that could get her to stop was some words from her partner in crime.

“It’s my turn now,” Rihanna said with a hungry look in her eyes that Katy loved to see.

“Mmmm say no more,” Katy smiled back, pulling her toy out of Taylor at last and leaving the girl’s hole raw and red from how hard she’d fucked it. “Fuck her good RiRi! Fucking wreck this bitch!”

But while Rihanna and Katy thought it was a great idea, not everyone agreed.

“No please…no more…” Taylor whined. “My ass can’t take it.”

“Oh your ass had better take it!” Rihanna insisted. “You’re not about to let Katy have all the fun, are you Taylor? Are you a greedy little bitch who’s going to deny me a chance to fuck your tiny white girl ass? You’d better not be!”

“But…but…it hurts,” Taylor said meekly. “Please Rihanna. Please don’t fuck my ass more! I’ll do anything you want! I’ll kiss you! I’ll suck on your tits! I’ll lick your pussy! I’ll even put my tongue in your ass and eat your butt! Just please don’t fuck my ass more!”

Rihanna actually considered it for a second. She had really wanted to see Katy destroy Taylor’s ass and it had been as hot as she had imagined it would be. Maybe she could let the girl off the hook? Maybe she could get just as much of a thrill out of making Taylor Swift into her white cunt lapping bitch? She was sure Taylor could lick her good and with a little bit of training make her come as hard as other horny white girls like Britney, Christina and, especially, Katy could.

But as she thought it over, Rihanna saw what Taylor was doing. While she was whining and begging not to be fucked again, Taylor’s hand had snuck down and started rubbing her own cummy pussy, stimulating her horny cunt lips and spreading her own juices around. Whether or not she even knew she was doing it was beside the point and Rihanna instantly shoved aside any idea of having mercy on Taylor.

“What did I fucking tell you about touching your goddamn pussy?” Rihanna snarled. “Now you’re in for it bitch! Your ass is getting fucked! But first we’ve got to do something about those hands that won’t stay still!”

“No please! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I just couldn’t help it!” Taylor cried but it was to no avail as Rihanna improvised a solution.

Rihanna wasn’t exactly thinking clearly herself at the moment and she went with the first idea she had. She stormed right over to the mansion’s Christmas tree and yanked off a festive, sparkly red garland of tinsel from it. The angry, horny singer then marched right back to Taylor and, as if anticipating what her friend wanted, Katy helpfully pulled Taylor’s arms around to her back.

With Taylor still in doggy style position, it was so easy to get her arms back and Rihanna gratefully kissed Katy on the lips for thinking of it. It was a soft, tender kiss, far different from the rough ones Taylor had gotten from Rihanna and Taylor was left whimpering as she was forced to watch while Katy pinned her arms down.

Once the kiss was broken, Rihanna set to work. She took the garland she had yanked off the tree and used it to tie Taylor’s wrists together. The garland wasn’t exactly strong like rope but it did the trick and gave a kinky, festive touch to the fun and Rihanna made sure the knot was a tight one and bound Taylor’s hands in place so she could no longer touch herself.

With that done, Rihanna showed off just how she wanted it to happen as she lay back on the floor and propped herself up on her elbows, showing off her lean, fit body with her dark, tattooed skin glistening with sex sweat and the metal bar trough her right nipple sparkling. Rihanna had such a hungry look in her eyes as she reached down and started stroking the strap-on tightly latched to her body. Her dark hand contrasted with the flesh colored toy and she spread more of Taylor’s saliva on it to get it ready.

“Get over here white girl,” Rihanna commanded. “Sit on my dick! I want to see this big cock go right up that princess ass of yours!”

“Please! No! Don’t make me do this!” Taylor whined, but it was all for show and deep down she knew it. She wanted this and she couldn’t hide it. Even after just coming, Taylor could feel her pussy getting wet again.

She wasn’t given any choice though as Katy took control and made Taylor crawl to Rihanna on her knees, grabbing her by her hips and moving her.

“Move it Tay Tay!” Katy mockingly ordered as she guided the helpless girl toward her lover. “Move that skinny little booty! Oooooh fuck your hole looks so good like this! Mmmm fuck I made it gape so good! I can’t wait to see what Ri is going to do to you! Now get over there Taylor! Ride Rihanna’s cock right up your bitch ass! Crawl like the fucking dog you are Taylor!”

“Oooooh gawwd,” Taylor squeaked, thinking about how she really was crawling like a trained pet.

This was so nasty and it felt so fucking good. Taylor couldn’t control herself and soon she didn’t even need Katy controlling her. She did it all on her own as she crawled over to Rihanna. But once she was there, she hesitated.

The cock was the same size and make as the one Katy was wearing but it looked even bigger on Rihanna. Her ass hurt from how hard Katy had fucked it and Taylor didn’t think she was going to be able to handle it. But Katy was there to push her through that hesitation. She grabbed Taylor like she was as light as a feather and moved her so she was right above Rihanna’s jutting strap-on. And then Katy pushed down on her shoulders, forcing Taylor down onto it.

“FUCKKKKKK!” Taylor cried as she was penetrated up her raw ass once again.

And Katy was just as forceful with her push as she had been with her thrusts, not letting Taylor even think about getting away as she pressed down on her shoulders to force her onto the toy and make her take it as Rihanna bucked her body upward, slipping not just the head of the fake cock into Taylor’s anus but several inches of the thick plastic too.

“OHHH MY GODDD OOOOOH FUCKKKK SO BIG!” Taylor loudly gasped, her tender ass even more sensitive now after what she had just endured.

“Ride me bitch!” Rihanna commanded, keeping herself steady on the carpet with her elbows pressed into it and her legs luxuriously stretched out on the soft fibers. “I’m not going to do any of the fucking work, you are! C’mon Taylor! Show me how much a whore like you wants it up her ass! Bounce on my fucking cock! Ride it you dirty, slutty dyke bitch! Show me how much white girls love it up their dirty fucking assholes!”

Rihanna smirked to herself as she said that. She knew full well that skin color didn’t matter when it came to a love of ass fucking. She loved taking it up her tightest hole. Before she’d even gotten into women, Rihanna had loved anal sex. But lesbian anal sex just was so much hotter than doing it with a man and Rihanna had really gotten more into asses when she’d gotten into women. And it felt so good to take control of a precious white princess like Taylor Swift and make her bounce on her cock.

Taylor was getting into it too. At first it took Katy’s hands on her body to make Taylor start to ride Rihanna’s strap-on. Katy pulled her up and pushed her down, treating Taylor like a doll to be positioned and played with. But soon Taylor didn’t need the help as lust overtook her and turned her from reluctant to an active participant in her own debasement.

“Ughhhh! No! Noooooo mmmmm fuckkkkkkkk!” Taylor groaned, her protests dissolving into sounds of pleasure as she felt her loosened, ultra-sensitive ass get filled again. “Ooooooh fuckkkkk! Ooooooh soooo big! Mmmm ohhhh fuckkkkkk yesssss!”

The more she felt, the more Taylor enjoyed it. She began bouncing of her own volition, moving herself up and down and letting more of the cock fill her up. She had ridden guys before but she’d never done anything like this and it turned her on so much to look down and see Rihanna underneath her looking so gorgeously naked and bad ass with all her tattoos and her pierced nipple and her beautiful face.

Rihanna looked like a sex goddess to Taylor’s overstimulated brain and she lost herself in the desire she felt for her. As Katy pulled her hands off her shoulders, Taylor started riding Rihanna more, impaling herself deeper on the jutting cock and pushing herself further down on it. Her ass was so sensitive and every inch of that fake cock made her feel wild pulses of pleasure throughout her body. Taylor began moaning more and more and Rihanna mocked her for it.

“What a fucking whore,” Rihanna sneered, but with a smile as she playfully slapped Taylor’s little white tits, making them bounce on her chest as her creamy skin got flushed, both from the slaps and the exertion of the work Taylor was putting in. “That’s it Taylor! Let that fucking dirty slut inside you out! You know you’re not a good girl prude! You’re a fucking nasty, horny dyke who loves getting her ass fucked! We both saw how hard you came from Emma and how you came even harder from Katy just brutalizing your ass! You love it up your fucking ass you dirty bitch! Bounce on this cock Taylor! Ride it like the dirty ass fucked cunt you are!”

The dirty words only served to charge Taylor up more. She really did feel like a total whore. It stung to have Rihanna smack her naked titties but she liked it. Gawd, she liked everything that was happening to her even though she knew she wasn’t supposed to. It was like she had absolutely no control of herself and all Taylor wanted to do was rub her pussy into a messy frenzy, which was the one thing that she could no longer do with the tinsel garland binding her wrists behind her back.

“Ohhhh gawwwwd you’re so mean!” Taylor sniveled as she felt herself begin to tear up once more from the intensity of being fucked again. “Mmmmm fuckkkk soooo mean and sexy! Oooooh my God! That dick is so fucking big up my tiny ass! Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk ohhhh my God I usually only want it nice but you two are making it so mean and nasty and making me feel so fucking good!”

“That’s because you’re a nasty ass loving skank Tay Tay,” Katy insisted, her voice full of sexy malice as she got up and stood before Taylor with her cock dangling right in the blonde’s face. “You really are a fucking ho! Mmm you bounce from boyfriend to boyfriend because none of them can satisfy you and because deep down all you want is for a hot girl to put you in your fucking place and use you like the fuck doll pet that you really are! No man could keep up with an insatiable ass like yours! This is what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it? To be used and fucked and made into a dirty, skanky ass fucked bitch!”

Taylor’s cheeks burned crimson over the harsh, humiliating things Katy was saying to her. But she didn’t deny any of them. How could she when this all felt so good? She was so wet and turned on and while she couldn’t touch herself, Taylor moaned like a whore and rode the cock harder, doing all the work while Rihanna lay back. She was so overcome with need and lust and the way the thick toy filled her raw hole up was driving Taylor crazy with pleasure.

She couldn’t think or get control of herself. Taylor just wanted to be fucked again and again. Rihanna’s cock felt incredible in her loosened hole, like it belonged up her ass. Taylor found herself agreeing with everything the singer was saying while dreaming of herself as a submissive fuck pet on all fours being taken and defiled daily and nightly.

What if this really was all she had wanted? What if this was her true place? Ever since that day in the spa, Taylor had wondered if maybe she could never hold onto a boyfriend because deep down she wasn’t really into boys. Since she’d been at the mansion she’d started suspecting more and more that she actually was a lesbian. And now Taylor found herself thinking that maybe she was more than a lesbo and that she was actually meant to be nothing more than a dirty little dyke pet to be trained and controlled by superior women like Rihanna and Katy.

Deep down she felt that she had actually craved this forever but hadn’t realized it. Taylor thought back to when Emma was fucking her and how she wanted it to be harder. She had wanted it to hurt and to have her asshole stretched and filled and used. She’d wanted it to be nasty and not nice.

Taylor had wanted Emma to fuck her like a whore and not like a friend. Now she was getting that and it felt so good that she couldn’t hold back.

“Ohhhhhh gawwd I ammmmmm!” Taylor cried in submission, her pleasure growing as Rihanna devilishly reached up to pinch her already swollen nipples while she rode her toy and made her perky breasts bounce from her up and down motion. “I’m a whore! Ooooh I’m a dirty, skanky whore who loves being fucked up the ass! Mmmm fuckkkk I want this! I want to be your bitch! Ooooooh fuck my ass Rihanna! Fuck my little skinny ass with your big cock! Ohhhh my God it’s soooo big up my butt! Fuckkkkkk!”

Taylor would have tossed her head back to moan out wantonly over how good it felt to ride Rihanna’s cock. The woman was smugly looking up at her as she lay back, doing none of the work and just letting Taylor debase herself, and Taylor found that so hot.

But Taylor didn’t have the chance to toss her head back before Katy grabbed her by her hair again and forced her back down onto her toy.

“Mmmmm yesssssss good little whore!” Katy moaned, using the clump of Taylor’s soft blonde hair to force her angelic face down to her crotch and stuff the singer’s mouth with the cock that had just wrecked her ass. “But now you’ve gotta show off what a skank you are! Suck it clean, bitch! You love ass so much? Taste your own! Suck off what I did to your precious little butthole!”

Taylor’s eyes widened as she was force-fed the taste of her own ass all over Katy’s cock. She had deep throated it before and Katy easily slid it back into her mouth and Taylor almost reflexively gulped it down before she realized what she was doing. And when it dawned on her what was happening, she instinctively tried to pull her mouth off it.

Katy didn’t let her though. Instead she kept a tight grip on Taylor’s and kept her from yanking herself away while she fucked her mouth. Laughing as she did it, Katy stuffed Taylor’s mouth like she had stuffed her ass and fed the blonde her own forbidden taste.

“Do it bitch! While you’re bouncing up and down on that big, thick dick up your pretty little hole, suck your own ass clean off my cock!” Katy commanded. “You’re a fucking skank Taylor! Only whores go ass to mouth! That’s what you are! A fucking dirty ass sucking whore! You’re mine now Taylor and every time I fuck your ass, your whore mouth is going to clean it off!”

In saying that, Katy left out that she had also gone ass to mouth several times that night, tasting her own ass and even other girls too. She had tasted Christina’s hot booty and Rihanna’s and she was sure there had been more too because truthfully Katy had lost track of all the girls she had fucked tonight.

She was an ass to mouth whore and she knew it but Katy loved that about herself. She felt no shame in it and it didn’t change even the slightest bit how much fun it was to stuff the cock she was wearing right out of Taylor’s ass into the spoiled brat’s mouth. She might have been an ATM whore but so was Rihanna, so were all the hot girls she fucked and now so was Taylor.

And obviously Taylor realized it too because she didn’t fight it. Instead she started sucking actively on the cock. She was still bouncing up and down on Rihanna’s toy, pushing herself down deeper with each motion of her body and forcing more of it up her asshole, and she began sucking hard on the toy, just like she had done with Emma earlier under much different circumstances.

Whatever was left of Taylor’s resistance melted when presented with such hedonistic heat. She was being taken so thoroughly. She had cock up her ass and cock stuffing her mouth and she wanted it to happen. Taylor loved being an ass to mouth slut. She loved having her face fucked and her ass fucked. She didn’t even care if her pussy got it. Taylor just wanted to be fucked and fed and her eyes shut to handle the surge of pleasure that washed over her as she accepted her own submission into sluttiness.

Katy moved her hips back and forth to fuck Taylor’s face and saw the strap-on in and out of her mouth. She kept a clump of her hair as she thrust into her, expressing her dominance through action. And Taylor did the rest, slurping away at the fake cock and tasting herself all over it. It was so nasty and skanky and she loved it. Taylor’s pussy ached for loving while she cleaned herself off Katy’s cock and swallowed the taste of her own ass.

Taylor’s soft lips wrapped around the fake cock and she moaned whorishly as she wetly slurped on it and tasted her fucked ass. She whimpered in helpless sexual submission and did just as she was commanded to do, bobbing her mouth up and down while Katy fucked her throat and fed her. Taylor was totally into it, the dirtiness of cleaning the cock which had just been buried to the hilt up her ass turning her on as she rode Rihanna harder while the superstar nastily urged her on.

“Yessssss do it you fucking whore!” Rihanna demanded while slapping Taylor’s tits hard, striking them repeatedly as they turned as red as her ass already was. “You’re a fucking filthy disgrace Taylor! Everyone thinks you’re so good! They act like you’re a precious virgin and call me a whore for showing my tits and singing about getting fucked while you sing about holding hands and goddamn Romeo and Juliet! But you’re just a fucking fake Taylor! You’re the one getting fucked up the ass! You’re the one sucking her fucking white shithole off a cock! You’re the fucking ass to mouth whore! Ride it harder you fucking skank!”

Taylor wetly moaned, her muffled voice showing her pleasure as her sore throat was fucked by Katy. All those nasty words were making her cunt drip even more as Taylor felt her restrained wrists and was reminded of how helpless she really was, being stuffed with two cocks while she was unable to touch her needy pussy. But in some ways that was the best part because it made Taylor feel like she had no control.

As someone who worked out as much as she did, Taylor could have easily broken free from her restraint. It was only tinsel after all.  But she didn’t even try. She didn’t want to be freed. She wanted her wrists tied up. She wanted to be restrained and controlled. She wanted to be taken and used. Taylor wanted to be put in her place and she showed it by sucking lewdly on the toy that had been in her ass while bouncing hard on the cock freshly violating her already stretched ass.

“Mmmmm fuck yeahhh get it nice and wet!” Katy urged. “Suck that ass right off it! I’m glad you fucking love your own ass Taylor because you’re going to be tasting that fucking shithole all the time now! Mmmm and you’ll be tasting our asses too! Me and Ri will show you what a real woman’s ass looks like when we bend over and make you kiss our asses and lick our fuckholes! I want to feel you tossing some fucking salad Taylor as you see how hot real women look like when they don’t have the bodies of skinny preteens like you!”

Taylor’s embarrassment over everything Katy was saying to her only made the sex hotter. Taylor couldn’t believe that she was so fucked up now that being insulted was turning her on. But she couldn’t help it. The meaner Katy and Rihanna were to her, the more they degraded and humiliated her and called her nasty names, the more she liked it.

It was such a contrast to the inspiring body confidence she and Demi had been sharing just before. Taylor wondered if she really was the kind of sick pervert that they were making her feel like she was, because she was getting off on embarrassment and domination.

Her head a churning sea of emotion, Taylor gasped as Katy pulled the wet cock out of her mouth and slapped it against her lips, sending spit flying onto her forehead and dripping down to her nose. She rubbed it against Taylor’s wet mouth like it was a real cock and looked down at how the flesh colored plastic glistened now thanks to what a thorough job Taylor had done sucking off her own ass.

But Katy had no intention of simply admiring Taylor’s handiwork. She got down on her knees on the floor and watched Taylor riding up and down on Rihanna’s dick, fondling her own big tits while she watched their sexy bodies fuck.

To Katy, her friend had never looked sexier. Rihanna looked like she was in complete control of everything as she lay back squeezing and slapping Taylor’s tits while degrading her and calling her mean names. Rihanna wasn’t doing a bit of work otherwise. She was making Taylor do everything and the girl was a submissive ragdoll bouncing up and down, her tiny little booty cheeks jiggling as much as they could and her ragged cries even attracting onlookers from nearby.

Katy loved seeing that. Rihanna looked so hot like that, cool and dominant while Taylor was a wild woman bouncing up and down and impaling her own ass on Rihanna’s toy. Rihanna’s body, all lean and tight with those firm, round tits looking so delicious, always turned Katy on. It had driven her wild before she had even started indulging in girls and Katy was always so happy that Rihanna had wanted to take their friendship to the next level.

Katy wanted to kiss all over Rihanna’s dark tits and lick those swollen berry nipples that were so perfect on her gorgeous chest. She wanted to lick the sweat off her friend and peel off the strap-on she was wearing to feed Rihanna her pussy again and get her Bajan friend to lick her to orgasm like she always did so well. But Katy didn’t do any of that because there was something she wanted even more.

And when Rihanna saw Katy was moving into position she smiled at her, enjoying how her plan had come together so well. Because it hadn’t been Katy’s idea to do this to Taylor, it had been Rihanna’s.

Rihanna had been the one to plant the evil idea in Katy’s head. She had been the one to grab the strap-ons. She had been the one who had coaxed Katy into indulging in her dominant, dark side and she had been the one who had decided exactly what they would do to pretty little Taylor Swift to turn her into a broken, submissive fuckdoll.

She didn’t even know why she had decided to go down this path and frankly Rihanna didn’t care to be too introspective about it. She just knew it turned her on. She’d always had Katy’s back and she’d rolled her eyes a lot over how Taylor loved to play the victim in their feud when she’d been the one who’d started it. So when Rihanna had seen Taylor at the party and things had gotten completely wild and out of control, the impulse had hit her and a simple longing to put the blonde brat in her place had blossomed into all of this.

Rihanna loved to indulge her own kinky side. She loved to push boundaries. She loved to experiment with men and women and play wicked BDSM games. Rihanna loved being a bad girl and she could dish it out and take it too. She loved being a switch and that night, as hot blood had flowed through her veins and the punch intoxicated a mind already high on adrenaline after the plane ride, Rihanna had longed to be positively evil and bring Katy to her dark side too.

Taylor’s innocent, wholesome body had been the perfect vessel to use and everything Rihanna had dreamed up was about to happen.

“You’re in for it now princess,” Rihanna moaned out in kinky malice, her accent becoming more apparent the hornier she got as it became harder for her to Americanize her voice. “You’re going to get fucked more than you’ve ever gotten fucked before! You have no idea what you’re in for but your body is going to be broken by the hottest bitches in town!”

Taylor barely registered what Rihanna was telling her. She was too charged up from all the sex. Bouncing on the hard cock was exhausting her and scrambling her brains and she was desperate for more. Taylor just had no idea how much more she was going to get until she felt Katy spreading open her butt cheeks and spitting into her already filled up hole.

“Ohmygod!” Taylor gasped when she immediately realized what their plans for her were and that was all she had the chance to say before Katy viciously shoved her strap-on up her ass while Rihanna was still inside her.


But Katy and Rihanna were too far gone to stop now. Just as Taylor had become happily submissive from all this, they had practically become possessed by the need to dominate. They had a thirst to control and fuck and penetrate and Taylor was their perfect little victim. They couldn’t stop. Not when they had already gone so far.

“You will take it!” Katy commanded, moaning once more right into Taylor’s ear as she penetrated her from behind, stuffing her ass with a second fake dong while Taylor already rode Rihanna’s. “Your ass isn’t yours anymore! It’s ours! We fucking own it and we decide who fucks it! You’re all ours now, bitch! Take it Taylor! Take it like the good, submissive ass whore you are!”

Taylor felt like her whole body was going to explode. This was the most intense thing she had ever endured. One of those big cocks up her ass had been more than enough considering she had been a backdoor virgin before tonight. But two? Two was impossible.

And yet she took both of them on. Her ass was stretched by the invasion of the second cock and her body bucked wildly as she was fucked, but she took them and screamed out from the magnitude of what she was experiencing.

“OHHHH MY GODDD OHHHH FUCKKK IT’S SO BIG! UGHHHHH FUCKKK! SOOOO MUCH COCK! OOOOOOOH FUCKKKKK SO BIG! SO FUCKING BIG OHHHH FUCKKKK!!!” Taylor cried, her mouth frozen open from the shock and the pain, and tears streamed from her eyes but she didn’t stop them. She let it happen and she got herself fucked like never before, just like Rihanna had promised.

“Oh you pretty little fuck slut! You’re getting it now!” Rihanna laughed, smacking Taylor’s shaking breasts even harder as the girl was reduced to panting gasps of breathlessness by the two toys being mercilessly pounded inside her. “Ooooh I’ll bet you didn’t think a good girl would ever get herself fucked like this? Did you Taylor? Because you’re not a good girl! You’re a fucking bitch! You’re a whore! You’re a fucking pet! You’re just a pretty little white ass that needs to get wrecked! You hear me slut? You know what you are?”

Taylor sobbed from the sensations wracking her body. She couldn’t control herself. She was trapped, trapped by lust and trapped by submission and most definitely trapped by the two cocks stuffing her and trapping her between Katy and Rihanna’s bodies. She was completely taken and Taylor felt as though her brain had short circuited from it because everything was blank inside her now. She felt completely mindless and owned. She was nothing now. Katy and Rihanna owned her and she was broken and theirs because of it.

The extra weight of Katy pressing into her forced Taylor to bend over as she continued to frantically ride Rihanna’s toy. That made Taylor and Rihanna rub their bodies together but Taylor barely registered the feel of Rihanna’s pierced nipple rubbing into her chest and the way Katy’s big, bouncing tits smacked into her bare back.

It took a few seconds for Taylor to even realize Rihanna had asked her a question while she and Katy hammered away at her holes, the both of them pushing into her vigorously now. And when she realized it, all Taylor could do was nod her head, her brain incapable of doing much more.

But that wasn’t good enough for Rihanna.

“Tell me! Tell me what you fucking are!” Rihanna commanded, slapping Taylor across the face as she said it. “Tell everyone here what a fucking cunt bitch you are!”

Ever since Katy had thrust her cock up her ass, stretching her hole beyond anything Taylor had thought she would ever be capable of, the blonde had kept her eyes closed. Now she was forced to open them and the first thing she saw was the glittering Christmas tress just a few feet in front of her on the floor. She looked at the symbol of the season all beautifully decorated and felt deep shame, mentally comparing the nasty, lewd things she was doing to the wholesome time of year when everything was supposed to be good and pure.

But that wasn’t all she saw. The tree wasn’t staring at her but other people in the room.

Taylor looked up through her tear filled eyes and saw she was being gawked at. She had attracted an audience of others who were staring at her and had even paused their own fucking to watch what she was enduring. She saw Emma Stone and Emma Watson looking at her with their jaws on the floor. She saw that girl from Disney Channel Olivia Holt looking at her like she was going to swallow her tongue in shock. She even saw Rose staring at her like she was actually impressed with her and how much she could handle.

Taylor turned her head around in both directions and saw more. Damon was staring at her now and Taylor couldn’t even properly appreciate the embarrassment of her agent seeing her getting double penetrated up her ass. She saw Beyoncé staring at her too like she couldn’t believe her own eyes over what was happening right in front of her. And there were more, girls that Taylor didn’t even recognize. They were all staring at her like she was some freak show exhibit on display for the masses.

All of them were naked but Taylor was the one who felt most exposed. She was so embarrassed but also uncontrollably aroused. She couldn’t believe that she was enjoying this, but she was. It felt so good to let go and be taken and, as Rihanna slapped her face again, Taylor gave them what they came for as she screamed out her submission.


Taylor’s brain was cooked. She was mindless and obedient to anything they told her now as she endured forceful thrustings from two hard cocks, one she was riding and one taking her from behind as sweat soaked all three of their naked bodies. She was nothing but a shell of what she once was, an empty husk left to be fucked and nothing more.

Through it all Katy and Rihanna both kept fucking her and Taylor kept reacting with unrestrained wantonness. Her sounds ranged from breathless gasps to wild screams as the two cocks plunged into her asshole together. Taylor couldn’t even imagine how it was possible for both of them to fit given that she had been a virgin back there until tonight but through sheer force of will and the elasticity of the human body, her rivals made it work.

It wasn’t easy for Rihanna or Katy. Taylor’s firm body and tight hole gave them plenty of resistance. But they pushed their way through it. Both singers were completely dedicated to making Taylor theirs and they were not to be denied as they pushed and thrust and forced their way in, stretching her hole beyond its limits and stuffing her guts full of plastic.

To make it all happen, Katy and Rihanna had to come up with a rhythm and at first it took a little work but they eventually got in synch. First Katy would thrust inside, pushing her toy in deeper as Rihanna pulled out just enough to give her room to operate. Then Katy would stop and Rihanna would start up again, fucking up into Taylor as the gasping ragdoll trapped between them cried out from how much she was being filled.

By alternating they allowed Taylor’s hole to adjust and stretch open more so they could both get deeper inside her. It was a slower approach than they had used before but physics demanded it and they took Taylor more gently, knowing they were pushing her beyond her limits.

But this softer brand of fucking only was temporary and once they were both satisfied they were deep enough inside her, Katy and Rihanna shared a look and a pair of evil smiles and began working in tandem again, shoving the toys in together and fucking her at the same time.

“OHHHH GOD! OHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK!” Taylor screamed again from the force of the two cocks stretching and stuffing her.

Taylor was completely powerless against them and with her body completely sandwiched between them there was absolutely no hope of escape. All of their sweaty, naked bodied were pressed together. Taylor’s tits were bouncing into Rihanna’s as she was bent over completely for Katy to defile her from behind. Taylor could feel not only Katy’s big tits smacking against her back but the feel of her hips banging into her again as she thrust.

Taylor’s mouth was frozen open in an “O” as she was taken, her sounds silenced as she was made to endure the raw, violent thrusts up her stretched asshole. She was too overwhelmed even to scream and it was so much for her to take on at once as her mouth remained open with no sounds emerging as her brain melted with every hard push.

Her face was inches away from Rihanna’s. She could feel hers and Katy’s hot breath as they grunted and groaned and exerted themselves while turning her body into a carnival ride for only them to enjoy. Taylor felt the strongest impulse to kiss Rihanna. She found herself getting so turned on at the thought of pressing her lips to her rival’s and submitting completely, kissing her like a devoted lover and letting her know that she welcomed this brutal treatment and that she was completely broken to hers and Katy’s wills now.

But Taylor couldn’t do that because Rihanna’s lips were already occupied. While they thrust away into Taylor with sexual ferocity they had never tapped into for anyone else, Katy and Rihanna had begun kissing. And it was quite a change from their behavior otherwise.

Because while their thrusts up and into the girl were savage, the kiss they shared was nothing but tender. While they used Taylor as nothing more than a piece of meat trapped between them to defile and use for their carnal needs, Rihanna and Katy kissed like sensual lovers enjoying a romantic moment. Their lips softly rubbed together and they closed their eyes to savor the sensuality of their kiss.

The contrast was a remarkable one and it registered on both of them, which only furthered the sexiness of their kisses. Their lips connected again and again and the only time their mouths weren’t together was so Katy and Rihanna could kiss all over each other’s beautiful faces, tasting the sexy sweat of their exertions and making the other moan. And when their lips and tongues connected again it was nothing but sweet, caring loving between them.

Rihanna and Katy were focused completely on each other, ignoring Taylor completely save for the way they fucked her raw. She was just a thing for them to play with and right then they didn’t care if their toy broke. How could they care about anything else when their kisses were so erotic and so tender and showed just how their close friendship had become something more.

The pleasure they both felt from using Taylor in this fashion was immense for them both. But the physical stimulation they both received from burying their toys inside Taylor was nothing compared to how it mentally stimulated them. When they finally broke their kisses and turned their focus away from the dreamy pleasure of their own sensual chemistry with each other they looked at Taylor as she was trapped between them, silently screaming as ecstasy and submission left her completely empty.

Taylor Swift was nothing but a fuckhole now and they didn’t even care about her pussy. All she was to them was an ass and a mouth and that was just what Rihanna and Katy had wanted. Katy could see how the others were staring at them now. It was like what they were doing to Taylor had caused the pause button to be pushed on everyone else’s fun and she loved being the center of attention like never before.

“Tell everyone what you are!” Katy ordered, turning her attention back to Taylor as she pumped into her, Taylor’s ass getting bruised from how hard she was being fucked from behind. “I don’t think everyone heard you before, Tay Tay! I want them all to hear you beg for it! I want them to hear the doggy beg to be fucked up her bitch ass!”

But Taylor had no words, even as Katy yanked on her hair to show her dominance. While Rihanna had easy access to slap Taylor’s face, from behind it was much more effective for Katy to yank on Taylor’s hair to show her surrender and her submission. And she did it again, pulling hard on her hair, but Taylor was too lost to say anything at all.

“She said to fucking beg! Now beg bitch!” Rihanna added, grabbing Taylor by the throat and choking her, making her gasp for breath as she was used violently. “Let everyone hear it! I can feel how your fucking skanky white pussy is gushing from this! You little princess whore! You fucking love what we’re doing! Don’t you?”

And with her loss of any power complete, the wealthy, privileged superstar could only meekly nod her head, agreeing that she loved her own defilement. That wasn’t nearly good enough, though, and Rihanna squeezed harder, choking Taylor more, but doing it in a way she knew full well wouldn’t actually hurt.

“Say it!” Rihanna fiercely ordered. “Where are we fucking you? What do we fucking own?”

“My…my assssssss…” Taylor squeaked out, feeling so weak and tiny trapped between two goddesses as they wrecked her. “You’re fucking my ass! You own my ass! Ughh I’m a skank! I’m a dirty white whore! I’m nothing but an ass for you to fuck and use!”

“Yessssssssssss fucking scream it out!” Katy moaned, her pleasure enormous as Taylor submitted. “Scream out how much you love big cocks up your fucking ass! Fucking embarrass yourself! Do it you stupid little fuck pet! Do it in front of everyone so they’ll all know you belong to us! You won’t be able to hide from this anymore Taylor! All your friends are going to know what a bitch you are! They’re all going to know how much you love being double fucked up your whore ass and how you love to fucking gape!”


Taylor so badly wanted to break her wrists free of the garland that was binding them. She wanted to shove her hand down between her legs and finger fuck herself until she came. She was grunting bestially now as she was double fucked, both cocks stuffing her ass mercilessly.

Taylor wanted to jam her fingers inside her own cunt. She knew if she could she’d shove in two fingers right away…no three! Three fingers right inside her twat! No! Four! Yessss four fingers oooooh that would feel so fucking good! No! FIVE! Yesssss that was what Taylor knew she really wanted. She could fist fuck herself in front of everyone and show all her friends how much she loved being controlled and debased.

Taylor was aching to come again even though she knew she was embarrassing herself in front of the whole mansion now. She didn’t care. She was nothing. She was just an ass to be fucked. Being fucked up the ass was all she was good for. Taylor knew it now and she loved it.

She wanted this to happen to her all the time now. She didn’t just want Katy and Rihanna to do it either. She wanted Emma to do it. She wanted Emma not to make love to her. She wanted her to brutally fuck her ass. She wanted her friend to fuck her like she hated her. Taylor wanted Emma to get Dianna to fuck her with her so she could feel their big cocks together up her fucking shithole.

Taylor wanted her friends to own her and wreck her just like Katy and Rihanna were. She wanted Emma and Dianna to fuck her ass raw and then stuff those cocks in her mouth so she could choke on them and clean them off like a whore. She wanted Olivia and Emmy to take her hole next. Gawd, she wanted them to fuck her ass and make it hurt and she wanted everyone to line up and take her two at a time, especially Selena and Demi. Ooooh they could fuck her so good as they destroyed her ass and made her taste it.

There were so many girls here and Taylor wanted them all to fuck her up the ass. She wanted Beyoncé to do it and Britney and Christina and Jennifer and Jewel and Eliza and Kirsten and all the girls who had seen her turn into a slut at the spa. Gawd, Hayden and Alyssa could fuck her hard and brutalize her, not like they had been nice to her earlier in the kitchen. Taylor even wanted to call up more of her friends too and tell them to come over so they could fuck her.

She knew Cara Delevingne would definitely be into wild shit like this. Taylor wanted Cara to fuck her hard and mean and pull her hair as she stuffed her butt with a huge toy. She wanted Karlie Kloss to come help as well and bring Lorde with her too so that skinny slut could fuck her hard and nasty and use her like a piece of meat. And gawwwwd she could even call up her friends Este, Danielle and Alana over to not just double fuck her ass, but TRIPLE fuck it! Oh yessssss all three Haim sisters fucking breaking her and using her over and over again.

Taylor was completely enslaved by submissive pleasure now. She needed to be fucked over and over again. She needed to be used and controlled. She needed to have her ass defiled and her mouth stuffed. She needed to be choked and slapped and have people spit in her face and call her a pet and a whore and a slut and a cunt and a skank. She couldn’t pretend to be good anymore. Taylor was a nasty ass whore who needed to be fucked and she knew it.

“FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK I’M GOING TO COMMMMME!” Taylor screamed, her submission through complete anal penetration getting her off again even without any pussy play. “FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHH FUCKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSS I’M COMING AGAIN LIKE A FUCKING WHORE!”

“Ohhhhhh such a nasty fucking skank!” Katy laughed, loving how Taylor had become multi-orgasmic through being fucked up the ass. “Scream it out cum whore! Scream out how you love being our butt bitch! Scream out what a fucking ass fucked pet you are! Come in front of everyone and show all your sexy friends how you get off from being dominated! Show them all how much you love getting your ass double stuffed! Show them all how much you love getting your shithole wrecked! Oooooh you’re going to be walking funny for weeks when we’re done with you and you’re going to fucking come from it because you’re nothing but a stupid whore! You’re an ass on legs Taylor! SAY IT!”


Losing her mind completely, Taylor screamed as she came, advertising her utter submission to Katy and Rihanna. She was their pet now and she showed it to everyone as she came shamefully and messily all over herself from being double penetrated up her tiny, sore ass.

“Oooooh yesssss little doggy! Fucking come like a whore!” Rihanna laughed, slapping Taylor’s face again as she came, making her skin red just like her tits and ass all were. “Bounce up and down that dick you little doggy! Oooooh you hot bitch! Mmmm your fucking white ass is getting wrecked! Your white shithole is mine now! Mine and Katy’s! You’re our bitch now and all your friends fucking know it! You dirty little skank! Come in front of everyone!”

Screaming until her sore throat could take no more, Taylor finally fell silent as her orgasm left her trembling. And Rihanna and Katy just kept going, keeping her sandwiched between them and totally helpless to their whims. Taylor’s gorgeous face was tear streaked and she couldn’t scream anymore, her voice gone and her jaw hurting, just as her rivals had wanted her to be.

Taylor was a sweaty, sore mess now and when the last of her orgasm finished rushing through her she collapsed on top of Rihanna, slumping down on her because she couldn’t take any more. But they weren’t done with her yet, not by a longshot as they pulled their toys out of her roughly, not caring how it made her feel as Taylor whimpered in exhaustion and soreness from the plastic being yanked out of her wrecked asshole.

And as they did that, one of the audience members finally spoke up.

“Oh my God! Taylor are you okay?” Emma Stone asked in complete stunned amazement over what she had just witnessed.

Taylor couldn’t answer though. She just looked up at her friend, the first one to take her ass, with tears of ecstasy and submission still watering up in her eyes and let out a little sigh. She was having trouble forming thoughts and even if she’d been able to she didn’t think she could ever answer a question like that after what she’d just endured.

“Oh she’s fine, aren’t you Tay Tay?” Katy answered while condescendingly petting Taylor on the head. “Mmmm I should thank you for helping to loosen her ass up for us. I’d never would have thought Little Miss Sweetheart here would ever get her ass fucked until you took care of it for us.”

Emma blanched over the sound of that. It had never been her intention to put Taylor in this kind of a situation and she worried that Taylor had just been given way more than she could ever handle. But at the same time, Emma’s red bush was sodden with her juices from how turned on it had made her feel to just watch Taylor go through that. It had been shocking and nasty and it had turned her on immensely.

Emma had been playing with herself the whole time and her pussy had purred thanks to her own touch. She’d stripped off the strap-on she’d been wearing for much of the party to fuck hot girls up the ass and the more she’d stared at Taylor being fucked savagely to multiple orgasms, the more Emma had found herself wondering what it would be like if she had taken on something like that. After all, she’d been dishing it out all night long but it had only been a day before where she’d been taking it up the ass too in a porno shop as Scarlett had fucked her hard.

Could she take on two big cocks up her little ass? Could she ever come as hard as Taylor had? Could she take on more? Emma’s head as on fire with thoughts and not all of them were about Taylor’s well-being.

“Don’t go anywhere. The show’s just getting started!” Rihanna declared to the crowd as the picked up Taylor by the hair, moving the helpless girl down to her crotch and forcing her to start sucking on the ass coated strap-on she was wearing.

She wasn’t nice about it either. Taylor was an exhausted heap of useless girl flesh now but that didn’t stop Rihanna as she used her hair to force Taylor to go down on her. Using the clump of blonde hair she had in her hands as a handle, Rihanna pulled Taylor up and down on her toy, making her move her lips and get it wet while Rihanna thrust her hips up and fucked Taylor’s mouth.

And Taylor, whether by reflex or submission or just the desire to survive without choking on plastic cock, started sucking. She moaned and closed her eyes, her mouthwatering as she was fed her own ass again. She could barely respond otherwise, but Taylor started to lewdly slurp on the cock that had just been buried up her ass, hungrily sucking herself off the plastic as Katy inspected the damage they had done.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Katy declared in gleeful triumph as she spread open Taylor’s ass cheeks while the girl was bent over sucking Rihanna’s toy.

Taylor’s asshole was gaping wide now. It was as raw and red as Rudolph’s nose after what they had done to it and Katy devilishly wondered how easily it would be to test the looseness of the girl’s ruined anus by shoving her fist into her and seeing how well Taylor could take it. The hole was so obscenely stretched that Katy almost wanted to shout in it to see if there was an echo. That would be extra humiliation for Taylor and Katy’s pussy tingled at the thought of it.

She was sure Taylor would be feeling the after effects for days, if not weeks, after what they had done to her. But she didn’t fist her or make fun of her widely stretched butthole. Instead Katy chose another path, not out of any mercy for Taylor, but because she wanted something even more.

Katy moved her body so she was right beside Rihanna as the girl forced Taylor to suck her cock. Taylor was basically nothing more than a sex doll by then but Rihanna didn’t mind doing the work now as she grabbed Taylor’s hair and made her go up and down, saliva lewdly dripping out of Taylor’s mouth as she was forced to choke back the cock-shaped inches of plastic that had just been deep inside her.

“Yesssss suck it clean bitch! Taste your own ass! You know you fucking want it!” Rihanna grunted while fucking the blonde’s mouth. “This is all you’re going to be eating now doggy! Fuck pets like you only get to eat ass!”

So turned on as they continued to dominate and humiliate Taylor, Katy kissed Rihanna passionately. Rihanna returned the kiss happily and while they wetly rubbed their tongues together, Katy’s hand seductively caressing her friend’s bare tits. She made sure to pleasurably toy with Rihanna’s pierced nipple, toying with the bar and making Rihanna moan for her and Rihanna’s free hand returned the favor by reaching over to grope Katy’s tits, giving them a playful smack because she always loved to see her friend’s big, sexy jugs bounce for her.

“Open wide for a second helping,” Katy laughed as she, while still playing with Rihanna’s piercing, took her toy by the shaft and forced it into Taylor’s mouth, making her gag on the two ass fucking cocks being pushed into her mouth at the same time. “Mmmmm such a hungry girl! Suck it clean Tay Tay! Get all that ass off it and make it wet before we take these big dicks and fuck your ass again to get them messy! All you’re going to be doing now is getting fucked and sucking your own taste off like a whore!”

Taylor let out another tiny, weak whimper but didn’t do anything to stop it from happening. She submissively obeyed instead, letting them stretch her mouth with two cocks being shoved into her like they had just stretched her ass. She gagged and saliva reflexively flowed out of her mouth but she didn’t stop sucking. Taylor let her mouth be violated and tried to choke the plastic down as Katy and Rihanna lovingly kissed each other, very satisfied with their work.

Most of the crowd had gone back to their own fucking but Emma was still stunned about what had happened to her previously pure friend. She felt more than a little responsible but mostly she was completely turned on. Her pussy was dripping over having just seen Taylor get wrecked and a growing part of Emma found herself not only wanting to experience the same thing but try and outdo what had just happened.

Emma was so fixated in Taylor sucking on both of the cocks that had just been in her ass and slurping her own taste off them that she didn’t even hear the woman come up behind her until she felt her hot breath blowing into her ear and her big, sweaty tits pressing into her bare back.

“Mmmmmm you like that? I’d always kind of suspected you were a fucking perv but I never knew how much until tonight,” a familiar voice whispered into Emma’s ear. “I’m so glad I found out though because I’m a fucking perv too. No wonder we’re friends! Mmmmm and I think we’re going to be a lot more from now on.”

The woman’s words were punctuated when she reached and pinched Emma’s bare ass, making her gasp and moan and smile. She’d recognized the voice right away but she’d never expected to hear it in a place like this. Of course Emma was quickly learning that when it came to the mansion, expecting the unexpected seemed to be the best policy.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Emma turned around and smiled in surprise when she found herself looking at the stark naked body of Jennifer Lawrence.

“Ummmm same thing you are,” Jennifer smirked as she drank in the view of her first chance to gawk at Emma Stone naked and hungrily eyed her friend’s perky tits and soaked red bush. “I’m getting fucking laid!”

“Mmmmmm me too,” Emma replied, giving the same kind of gaze right back to Jennifer as she looked at those round, full succulent tits and the way Jennifer’s shaved box was glistening from use and need.

They’d been friends for years but nothing even remotely sexual had ever happened between them. But all of that went out the window after a few seconds of them staring at each other’s nudity. It felt so natural for them to give into the lust they now felt and without even considering the potential ramifications of what they were doing, Emma and Jennifer began kissing each other.

It was a hungry and wet kiss too. They fell right into each other’s arms and passionately pressed not just their lips, but also their tongues together. They were both too horny to think about anything but getting fucked again and they wantonly kissed each other, enjoying the feel of each other’s tongues for the first time as they wrapped their arms around each other to fondle the other’s bare ass while their naked tits rubbed together.

They’d never kissed each other before but it felt so good and so right for them to do it as their tongues wrestled and their bodies ground into one another. Suddenly Taylor was the furthest thing from Emma’s mind as she and Jennifer took each other’s breath away. And when Jennifer broke the kiss she had a big smile on her face.

“Mmmm I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time,” Jennifer admitted. “I never thought you’d be into it or that I’d have the fucking guts to tell you. Glad I was wrong.”

“I’m glad you were too,” Emma said before adding a confession of her own. “I’ve thought about you too. Mmmm I’ve fucked myself thinking of you going down on me. I never thought we’d do anything about it though.”

“Oooooh kinky bitch,” Jennifer grinned. “Well I’ve got something for you that’s better than any fucking vibrator you used to get that cooch of yours off thinking about me. C’mon. I’ve made some new friends that you’ve had some fun with and we’ve got something planned for you.”

“Sounds mysterious,” Emma laughed before grabbing Jennifer’s hand. “Lead the way.”

The two friends weren’t hesitating to take their friendship way beyond the next level and Jennifer guided Emma out of the room and back toward the living room where the fun was waiting. That meant Emma had abandoned her other friend while Taylor was still being used hard by Katy and Rihanna.

“Mmmmm what should we do with her next,” Emma heard Katy ask as she was being led away.

“Get her on her back and get those hot legs of her up in the air,” Rihanna instructed. “This bitch hasn’t begun to get fucked yet.”

“She doesn’t look like she can handle much more,” Katy pointed out as Taylor slowly slurped on their toys, her exhaustion obvious. “She might pass out.”

“Well if she does then she does,” Rihanna contended. “It doesn’t mean we have to stop,”

Katy loved the sound of that idea and had one of her own.

“Mmmmm and if she does I have the perfect Christmas present to give this whore,” Katy grinned. “All we’ll need to do is get into my purse and get my lipstick…”


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