Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charisma Carpenter And Alyson Hannigan Fuck

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fiction and has no base in reality. This story is totally a work of fiction. No one under 18 should view this. This has no bearing on the sexuality of either Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan or Charisma Carpenter.

Sarah was the star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Men from all the world fancied her to fuck. Her co-stars were Alyson Hannigan who played Nerdy Willow and Charisma Carpenter who played bimbo Cordelia. Sarah was a slut, she fucked her first boy at 10 when she’d found one of her fathers porn videos. She’d masturbated until she came and decided to try what was on the
video and before long she fucked her male friend also 10. From then on she fucked everything in sight. At 11 she’d had her first lesbian experience when she fucked her French teacher. At 12 she’d had anal for the first time it had been extremely tight but she’d done it. At 13 she’d had double anal, double vaginal for the first time. At 14 she’d noticed the huge cock on her dog. At 15 it was a horse in a nearby field. And she’d done it all but she still took delight in the fucking of others. Even now she was 18. There wasn’t a level of sexual humiliation that Sarah hadn’t got to. She still had a scar from when she’d let a guy whip her. She’d even taken the part in ‘Cruel Intentions’ so she could fuck Selma Blair and get away with it. She’d never fucked her co-stars though she had thought about it she knew it would be dangerous for her job but she was beginning to get the feeling they wanted to fuck to.

Alyson Hannigan played Nerdy Willow. Despite this she had a fine body. She’d never been fucked and her hymen was still uncracked although she’d masturbated before. She’d never actually masturbated until she came, she found it exciting to almost get there and stop to tease herself. She had been recently worried about feelings she was having for Sarah. Sarah frequently wore revealing clothing and she’d bend over wearing tight trousers and Alyson would find herself staring at Sarah’s supreme arse.

Charisma had the biggest breasts of the three. She also had luscious dark hair and a tanned body which made her look as if she had southern European ancestry. Charisma had only fucked men she had been in relationships with. Despite this she was starting to think she was a lesbian. She lusted after Sarah.

All three girls were talking together in Sarah’s hotel room. They all sat upon Sarah’s huge bed. Sarah bent over revealing an ample cleavage. Charisma licked her lips. Her crotch became wet as she looked down it.
“I gotta go pee!” She said hurriedly. She ran quickly into the rooms toilet. She pushed the toilet lid down and sat on it. She widened her legs so that a watcher would of been able to see her lacy black panties. slowly she took them out so that they were around her ankles. Tentatively she moved her fingers into her already wet mound. She teased herself by circling her fingers around her pussy lips. She took three fingers and pushed them into herself. She moaned softly. She pushed the fingers in and out slowly but surely, as she did they started to gain speed, she teased her clit for a second and then her G-Spot. Then her fingers moved even faster, and faster and harder they went until, Charisma screamed in ecstasy.

“What was that?” It was Alyson’s voice.

“It sounded like it came from the toilet.” That was Sarah

“We should check on Charisma.” Charisma looked around. She couldn’t possibly hide what she had been doing, her juices were everywhere.

“Looks like she left it unlocked.” The look of fear and humiliation grew on Charisma’s face.The door opened to reveal a humiliated Charisma with legs sprawled open and her juices all over the room.

“My, my haven’t we been a naughty girl?” Said Sarah.

“Yes, I have.”

“You will address me as mistress!” Said Sarah slapping Charisma’s face. “What caused you to do this?”

“You bent over…….Mistress.”

“And how did that cause you to masturbate like a dirty little slut?”

“I saw your cleavage Mistress.”

“Oh would you like to see me naked?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Then come with me and you’ll be sure to cum with me.”

Alyson’s face grew to shock “What are you doing?” She screamed.

“What does it look like? We’re going to fuck.” Answered Sarah. A wicked smile spread across Sarah’s face. She whispered in Charisma’s ear. Charisma smiled. Without a word they both picked up one of Alyson’s arms and ran towards the balcony so that they took her with them. They got outside and locked the door. Sarah put the key under a flowerpot so Alyson couldn’t find it. There was a Jacuzzi out on the balcony.

“What are you going to do with me?” Asked Alyson.

“Lesbian rape practically.” Replied Sarah. Alyson’s eyes filled with tears. “Charisma do everything I say.”

“Yes mistress.”

“Charisma I want you to remove your top.” Charisma slowly unbuttoned her top to reveal a black bra which had matched her panties. “Charisma take of your bra.” Charisma quickly undid her bra to reveal to 34D breasts. They were beautifully tanned, there were no tan marks anywhere in-fact. “Charisma remove your skirt.” Charisma removed her skirt to reveal her beautiful cunt. It wasn’t shaven but it had been trimmed and it glistened with Charisma’s juices from earlier. “Charisma take of Alyson’s clothing.” Alyson was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Charisma top Alyson’s T-Shirt of although Alyson did not resist as she knew it was useless and was actually starting to enjoy herself. She was wearing a small white cotton bra. Her breasts were relatively undeveloped a 32B maybe. Charisma pulled of Alyson’s jeans to reveal a pair of lovely slender legs. Charisma undid Alyson’s bra to reveal her petite breasts. Despite this they had a large nipple pad. And then she pulled of Alyson’s panties to reveal an extremely hairy cunt. Alyson and Charisma were both very different. Alyson had long slender legs, while Charisma’s were slightly shorter and fatter. Charisma’s body was very tanned while Alyson was pale. Charisma had a huge pair of tits, you could hardly even call Alyson’s tits, tits. Sarah eyed them up. They were both beautiful in their own right. “Alyson and Charisma I want both of you to get in the Jacuzzi.” They both walked over and jumped in. Charisma turned the bubbles on. “Now Alyson I want you to float on the water lying down. Alyson did so. “Charisma as you are apparently an expert in fingering, I want you to finger Alyson. Charisma stood up between Alyson’s legs. Her huge tits glistened with water and her nipples were hard as rocks. She spread Alyson’s legs so that her cunt was exposed.

“This cunt is too hairy. Do you have a shaver I could borrow?” Sarah ran inside and brought out a disposable shaver. “Now Alyson I suggest you stay still.” She shaved around Alyson’s cunt until she was hairless. She widened Alyson’s cunt using one hand and began to tease her pussy lips with the other. She placed her fingers inside Alyson just as she had done with herself, except this time she changed it. At first she plunged two fingers inside Alyson, as Alyson got closer to cumming Charisma placed three fingers inside Alyson, then four and then her entire fist. After two seconds with the fist Alyson came, her juices flooded the water so that they floated on top like oil. Sarah sat there smiling to herself, she had not expected such a great show. “Alyson I want you to lick Charisma out.” Charisma looked pleased she loved oral sex. She lay back in the water just as Alyson had done to reveal her surprisingly tight cunt. Alyson licked frantically until Charisma came. This was all too much for Sarah who ripped of her clothing to reveal a slim body. Her tits were a perfectly well rounded 34C and her ass was as cute as hell. She had a huge cunt which you could of fitted two 10 inches inside and in fact many people had done. Her cunt was as bald as Patrick Stewards head. She jumped in the Jacuzzi and started to massage Charisma’s huge tits she licked the nipple. Charisma moaned, Sarah was obviously an expert at this.Sarah’s mouth moved down to Charisma’s cunt and after 3 seconds Charisma came. Sarah pushed her to the side and moved onto Alyson she stuck a thumb up Alyson’s arse and her fist in Alyson’s cunt. Before long Alyson came. Under her instructions both Alyson and Charisma started to lick Sarah out until she came upon their faces. Then Sarah slapped Charisma and Alyson’s arses until they were read. She went of into her room and found something she had recently brought. It was a new product. A tri-headed vibrator. There were 3 dildos attached to a point in the middle which vibrated. Each girl got into position and before long they were all cumming. Then they turned it around and placed it up their asses until they came again. They all slept together in the Jacuzzi. Little did they know that I had seen the whole thing.

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