Sexual Therapy – Emma Watson

Title: Sexual Therapy – Emma Watson

Author: Spencer

Celebs: Emma Watson

Codes: MDom, fetish, cons, facial, mast, hand job, MF

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction with no basis in fact. I don’t know Emma Watson or her sexual fetishes (but that would be interesting). i don’t get anything from this (except sexual entertainment). Enjoy!


Today Ms. Watson commenced her 2-month sexual therapy course. By the end of the course, Ms. Watson will hopefully be less dependent on her Submissive fetish for pleasure. The following is a confidential documentation of her first session.

Ms. Watson arrived at my clinic near Santa Monica Beach just after 7:00pm. She wore designer sunglasses and a black sundress.

“Ms. Watson, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Sit down”

“Dr. Spencer. Thank you for seeing me”

“Your agent told me about your, condition. Tell me about it, yourself”

“Yeah. Okay. Um, so, for a while now, I’ve been feeling, I don’t know, gratified whenever I’m told what to do or objectified. And so, when I was fucking my boyfriend, I realised I couldn’t get off until he treated me like a slave. I asked him to do so, but he got freaked out and just left. Oh God”

Ms. Watson began to break down, showing how much her fetish impacts upon her life. I began to comfort her.

“Don’t worry Ms. Watson. I promise you won’t be dependent upon your fetish for sexual gratification, in time. Before we begin, I must ask; in my research of you, I saw your devotion to many Women’s Activist groups. Do you know if your fetish has any relation to your political involvement?”

“I don’t see how this is relevant”

“In fact, it is. To properly diagnose you, I need to know how your fetish is psychologically connected. Please, answer the question”

I noted down her defensive tone regarding the question, and her uneasiness about the topic.

“It’s all bullshit. The Feminism Propaganda, I mean. Sure, I’m all about equality and shit, but all those speeches I made were just a fucking act to hide my shame”

I noted her aggressiveness and how she hides her fetish.

“Ms. Watson, you having nothing to hide. You should embrace your fetish, that is the first step to helping you. Now, I hope your agent explained the procedure?”

She nodded.

“And you signed the disclosure?”

She nodded again.

“Good. Now, today, I will be examining the extent of your fetish. If you wish to stop, say ‘Salami’. Don’t ask”

She laughed, indicating her relaxed mood. I stood up and ensured the camera was recording for documentation. I began to undress. Ms. Watson looked over the couch she sat on, out the windows which backed on to Santa Monica Beach.

“Don’t worry, they’re well tinted. Assists with certain patients”

As I removed my underwear, Ms. Watson stood up and began to undress.

“No. I didn’t give you permission, Slave”

Ms. Watson looked confused by the sudden turn.

“Sit down Slave”

Ms. Watson sat down, a knowing and pleasurable smile. I stood in front of her, my flaccid cock hanging in front of her face.

“Stand-up Slave”

She obeyed. I slowly stroked her hair, my hand drifting along her face. I forced my lips upon hers, tasting her succulent, cherry lips. She moaned into my mouth; a moan of pleasure, not resistance. My tongue entered her mouth and began to dance around her own tongue, free for me to use.

I broke off, her eyes pleading for more. It was clear how severe her fetish was.

“Take your clothes off”

She began to slip her arms out of her dress.

“No. Tear your clothes off”

She tightly gripped the edge of neckline and forcefully tore her dress in half, down to her waist. She bent down, clutched the remains and tore it apart till it hung like a coat. She dropped it to the floor and stood there in nothing but satin black bra and panties. I walked away and sat down in my chair.

“Your tits are tiny. You must be ashamed of them. Rub your pussy through your panties, Slave”

My tone was authoritative but not demeaning. Still, Ms. Watson obeyed with a look of gratification. She began to pleasure herself, her fingers moving around and around, and in and out. She coated her panties and thighs with her own juices.

“Faster. And moan like the whore you are”

Ms. Watson’s hand began to move more rapidly as she orgasmed. She sighed softly at first, but soon began to moan a sweet heavenly orgasm. She gasped and quivered in shock of her immense pleasure as she neared climax.

“Now scream”


Vaginal lubrication sprayed out her panties as she masturbated harder and faster. She clenched in preparation of climaxing.


Ms. Watson’s clenched body held before relaxing. She keeled over, panting deeply. Her fingers, panties and thighs glistened.

“Clean your fingers. With your mouth, you filthy slut”

Ms. Watson immediately stuck her fingers into her mouth and licked them clean. She muffled a whine of satisfaction at the taste of her vaginal juices.

“Okay. Stop” She removed her fingers. “Wipe them off on your tits”

Ms. Watson began to swipe her hand across her cleavage, like a brush stroke. Soon, her fingers were no longer shinny but sticky.

“Now remove your panties and stick it in your mouth. Gag on the taste of your cunt”

Instantly, Ms. Watson removed her soaked panties and shoved them into her mouth, crotch first. She stood there, pussy and tits shining, hair messy and mouth stuffed.

“On your knees”

She dropped to her knees, giving me a view of her petite cleavage.

“Crawl in front of me”

She crawled on her hands and knees till she knelt in front of me. My cock was semi-erect and swayed above her.

“Give me your hands”

She raised up her hands, offering them to me. I spat into both of them.

“Rub them together. Then get me hard”

She clapped her hands together, squelching them together. She rubbed them around till they glistened. She then gently grasped my semi and slowly stroked it. Her soft, delicate hands slide over my cock, stiffening with each stroke. Her strokes were slow but firm, making the experience all the more pleasurable. Soon, my cock was rock hard in her petite hands. Ms. Watson grabbed it with both hands and continued to stroke it, more vigorously than before. Her hands pumped my cock, up and down, up and down my erect shaft. I could see the hunger in her eyes for my cock as I could feel cum build up in my penis.


Ms. Watson tentatively unhanded my hard, slippery cock. I sat up and slapped her across the cheek with my hard cock. As she recoiled in shock, she almost orgasmed with pleasure. She turned around, a hand caressing her stinging cheek; her eyes pleading with sexual desire.

“I never told you to continue, you dumb slut. Tell your Master you understand”

“Yes” she muffled through her panties. I wrenched the panties from her mouth. She gasped in relief. “Yes, Master” she panted.


I stood up and moved the chair aside, leaving Ms. Watson on her knees. I returned and knelt behind her. I looped a finger behind her bra strap and pulled. She gasped in shock as she was forced to bend backwards. I forcefully planted my lips on hers and rammed my tongue inside her mouth. My tongue danced around her mouth, never giving her the pleasure of entering my own mouth. I could taste the mixture of saliva and the salty vaginal lubrication from her panties. It was a sweet taste, that aroused me further. I released her bra which SNAPPED across her back and sent her upright. I grasped the straps over her shoulders and pulled them down her smooth arms. She then lifted her arms as I pulled her bra over her head.

I leant over her and gazed upon her petite breasts. I grasped them in my hands and began to fondle them, squeezing and fondling their soft texture. I tweaked and teased her nipples between my fingers till they were rock hard. She moaned and gasped with pleasure as I toyed with her erect nipples.

I pushed her back till she was on all fours, her firm ass grinding against my hard cock. I grabbed her sides, aimed my cock with her moist pussy and slowly slide it between her folds. She gasped in surprised before biting her lip and moaning with satisfaction with every thrust. I started slow, my cock slipping in and out of her warm pussy. I then picked up the pace, my thighs slapping against her ass cheeks. She grunted with each thrust.

“Talk like the slut you are”

“Oh fuck, your cock feels so good inside my tight, wet pussy!”

I fucked her faster and faster. Her breasts bounced wildly, our naked bodies slapping together. I could feel cum build up inside my cock, ready to explode inside her,

“Yes. Fuck me like the piece of meat I am!”

I clutched a chunk of her hair, pulling her hair back. She strained her face in pain.

“Yes! Yes!”

I was at the point of climax. I pulled out of her pussy before flipping her onto her back and straddling her across her chest. I started furiously wanking myself off, my dick lined up with her face.

“Yeah cum on my face. Use me as your cum rag. Glaze me with your delicious jizz”

I climaxed and unloaded all over her delicious face, creamy cum dripped across her mouth, eyes and cheeks. As I orgasmed, she did as well, allowing cum to drip into her mouth. I collapsed next to her, our naked bodies sweaty; our breaths haggard.

Ms. Watson rubbed the cum into her face, licking it around her mouth and off her fingers.

“Your cum is so sweet. I love it”

She leant over and kissed me on the lips. I could taste my salty cum on her lips.

“Thank you” she whispered.

“My pleasure” I replied. “When you’re ready, there’s a wardrobe in there for you to reclothe. And I’ll see you in a fortnight”

“Yes” Ms. Watson panted.

We lay there for ten more minutes before Ms. Watson stood up and left. I gazed upon her firm ass as I jiggled with each step, longing for our next session.

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