Tales From The Onion Router: Scene 7

Title: Tales From The Onion Router: Scene 7

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Emma Watson

Codes: fM, pedo, oral, anal, mas, cons

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

Note: Picture this in the style of a porno movie.

We fade in on elevenish Emma walking down a school hallway in uniform.  She approaches the bathroom door, then looks left and right, before walking in, and the camera pans up to show she’s going in the boys’ bathroom.

We then see her enter a stall and close the door, then pull her panties down, and sit on the toilet.  Emma lifts her skirt, and, in our first close-up, starts to finger her pre-teen pussy. “Hmm…” Emma moans, and bites her lip.  As she fingers herself faster and faster, her brow furrows, and her moans get more vocal.  Just as she’s nearing orgasm, the door opens.

“Again, Ms. Watson?”

Sheepishly, Emma waves. “Uh, hi, Mr. Andrews.”

Emma now sits in Mr. Andrews’ office, as he sits on the edge of his desk. “Ms. Watson, this is the third time you’ve been caught…doing that…in the boys’ lavatory.  Why do you do this?”

“I don’t know.”

Mr. Andrews sighs. “Ms. Watson, aside from this one thing, you’re a model student.  I really don’t want to expel you, but if this keeps up, I may have to.”

Emma’s expression changes. “Oh, please, Mr. Andrews, I’ll never do it again!”

“I’d like to believe that, Emma.  I really would.”

“Look, I’ll do anything you want, just please don’t expel me!”

Mr. Andrews pauses for a moment. “Emma, do you really want to stay here?”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Andrews!”

Mr. Andrews gets up, and locks the door. “Well, perhaps there is something you could do.” He then sits back down.

“Oh, anything, sir!”

“Ms. Watson, stand up, please.” Emma stands up. “Now…take off your uniform.”

“Um…” Emma stammers nervously. “My…uniform?”

“Yes.  Start with your shirt.”

“Um, alright…” Hesitantly, Emma grabs the bottom of her shirt, and pulls it off her, revealing her flat, pre-teen chest.

“Hmm…” Mr. Andrews sighs, smiling subtly.  Now that Emma’s topless, he continues. “Now, pull down your skirt.” Emma grabs the sides of her skirt. “Uh, panties included.” Emma does so, and stands before him, completely naked. “Hmm…Show me the back of you.” Emma turns around, showing Mr. Andrews her eleven year-old butt. “Okay, back this way.” Emma turns back around.

“Mr. Andrews, why…” She then see him unzipping his pants. “Mr. Andrews, what are you doing?”

Mr. Andrews then pulls out his thick, rock-hard cock. “I trust you know what to do.”

Emma starts to blubber. “Mr. Andrews, I…”

“You do want to stay here, right?” Reluctantly, Emma lowers to her knees. “That’s right…” In our first close-up, Emma wraps her hand around the base of Mr. Andrews’ dick, then leans in, and starts kissing and licking the swollen tip, before placing her lips on it, and stroking his shaft. “Yesss…Oh, Emma…I’ve been thinking of this since the day you came here.  God, Emma, I have never had a student a sexy as you.” As he talks, Emma continues sucking his head, and stroking his shaft. “So beautiful…” Mr. Andrews starts groaning, and says, “Stand up.”

We now see Emma on the desk, legs spread, propped up on her elbows, looking down as, in another close-up, Mr. Andrews licks her young, hairless cunt. “Huh…Ohh…” Emma’s brow furrows, and her mouth gapes, as her teacher eats her out.  Back in the close-up, Mr. Andrews inserts his index finger, and gently finger-bangs her, as he licks around her little clitty. “Mmm!” Emma’s face screws up, and she bites her lip, as he brings her closer and closer to orgasm. “Mm-MMM!” Emma bites down on her lip, and tosses her head back, as she cums.

Mr. Andrews is now standing, as, in another close-up, he pushes his red, swollen dick into Emma’s tight little cunt, getting about half of the head in. “Hunh!  Aoh!” Emma squeals, breathing hard and tearing up, as we see her pussy slowly loosen, allowing more of his dick in, until he’s able to properly fuck her. “Huh!  Oh…Guh!” As Mr. Andrews fucks her harder, Emma looks like she’s crying, until, preemptively, he places his hand over her mouth, just before she screams, as an extremely intense orgasm hits her.

Now, we see Emma, who by now is shaking, not to mention actually crying, bent over the desk, as Mr. Andrews crouches behind her, squeezing and kneading her preadolescent butt-cheeks, and, in another close-up, licking her pink, quivering little butt-hole.  After a moment, he stands up, and, in another close-up, presses the tip of his cock against her little anus, then places his hand over her mouth again, before pushing it in. “MMM!!!” Emma screams through her teacher’s hand, as, back in the close-up, he pushes against her butt, until, again, it loosens up enough that he can properly move it in and out.

Before long, Mr. Andrews again starts to groan, louder this time, until, with a wet pop, he pulls his cock out, and his throbbing, purple head spurts all over her back, and down her crack, oozing into her red, swollen asshole.  By now, Emma is sobbing and screaming through Mr. Andrews’ hand. “Emma?  Emma, I’m going to take my hand away, but first I need you to quiet down.” Emma forces herself to stop crying, and Mr. Andrews takes his hand away. “Stand up and turn around.” She does so, as he puts his dick back in his pants. “Now, am I ever going to find you in the boys’ lavatory again?” Emma quickly shakes her head. “Alright.  Put your uniform on, and get back to class.” Emma does so, and Mr. Andrews watches her, as the scene fades out.

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