Pretty Little Mob Targets

Title: Pretty Little Mob Targets

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell

Codes:  M+F, rape, anal, oral, drugs, viol, sick, snuff

Disclaimer: “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.” Comments? is where to find me.

It started out as just another day for Ashley Benson, and as one of the stars of the hit TV show “Pretty Little Liars”, she had every reason to believe that those days weren’t going to change anytime soon.

But she also carried a secret in her past that she had been trying to keep from getting out, for fear that if anyone knew about it, she would be at risk to lose everything.

Little did she know it at the time, but Ashley’s last ex-boyfriend, a man by the name of Aleksie, had ties to the Russian mob that he tried to hide from her, but once Ashley was tipped off by her best friend and co-star Shay Mitchell that something wasn’t adding up, Ashley quickly ended the relationship and moved on with her life.

But ever since Ashley chose to end things with Aleksie, she had become a target of the burgeoning Russian mob movement in the US, and she would soon find out just why they are regarded as the most feared mafia organization in the world.

“Hey Shay. I’m about to pick you up so we can spend that weekend together. It’s going to be awesome!” Ashley said into her phone as she talked to Shay.

The two of them had become incredibly close since they started “Pretty Little Liars,” to the point of being almost like sisters.

“I’ll see you s-MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH!” Ashley moaned, the phone being jerked out of her hands as Aleksie and his associates surrounded her, Aleksie feeling her up as four other men, all dressed in black from head to toe, picked her up and threw her in the back of their windowless black van, all in the middle of broad daylight.

“And so we meet again Ashley. I’ll be taking this, since you won’t need it anymore,” Aleksie hissed in her ear as he took her phone and chucked it out the back of the van, robbing her of her only way to call for any help.

“MMMMPPPPPHHHH!” Ashley moaned into the hand of the man who was covering her mouth, three other sets of hands pawing her body as they stripped her of the black skirt and tiny white tank top she was wearing, then removed her undergarments.

“But since you and Shay seem to be so close, why don’t we go pay her a visit?” Aleksie sneered, Ashley shaking her head as she started to beg for her friend’s life.

“We just happen to have brought a whole bunch of toys back to the hideout recently Ashley. And me and my comrades couldn’t think of a better way to spend this weekend than torturing you two,” he sneered as he had them throw a black mask over Ashley’s head, each of the five men kicking her in the ribs as they surrounded her.

“Let this slut talk,” Aleksie told his men as they removed the hood, Ashley crying out in terror when she saw how many of them there actually were.

“P-please. All 5 of you can do whatever you want to me. Rape me, abuse me, and torture me. Even kill me. But please leave Shay out of this. She’s innocent, you bastards!” she pleaded, Aleksie slapping her face and screaming at her to give them Shay’s address.

“And don’t worry, my little blonde fuck toy. We plan on raping, abusing, and torturing both of you now…” Aleksie hissed as the two of his partners held her down, while the other two got into the front seat and started driving to Shay’s.

“Go to the door Ashley,” Aleksie emotionlessly told her when they arrived at Shay’s, forcing her out the door by knifepoint as she began the walk to Shay’s front door.

“S-Shay. I-I’m h-here,” Ashley called out through her front door, Shay rushing to it in a matter of seconds once she heard the distress in Ashley’s voice.

“Ash? Is something wr-MMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHHH,” Shay began, one of the three men who had been sent by Aleksie to Shay’s door grabbing her and carrying her over their shoulders kicking and screaming to the van while the other two grabbed Ashley and led her away again.

“Get the syringes,” he directed his men once they had the girls both in the back of the van, Aleksie taking one and jamming into Ashley’s arm, the high-potency drug cocktail inside of it quickly causing her eyes to flutter into the back of her head as she passed out, Shay soon following when another syringe was shot into her arm, allowing the men to strip her of her tight black pants and little black shirt, as well as her undergarments.

“No touching these sluts till we get back home. I want them awake for everything we do to them!” Aleksie snapped at his men as they started to molest the tight bodies of the two drugged girls, all while stroking his cock to the thought of raping, abusing and torturing them all weekend.

“Bring them to the dungeon. I’ll go get the stuff,” Aleksie said to his five friends as they dragged the unconscious girls into the sex and torture dungeon the Russians had set up in the basement of their palatial hideout, throwing them down on the queen-sized mattress in the middle of the room as Aleksie returned with a box of torture equipment.

“Let’s see what we have in here,” the men said as they rifled through the box, one of them producing a pile of rope, as well as a ball gag and bondage cuffs as Aleksie slapped the two girls awake.

“What do you want with us?” Shay shouted as she opened her eyes, both her and Ashley shrieking in horror when their eyes rested on Aleksie, who was standing over Ashley and spitting on her as his men listened for their next orders.

“What the fuck you think we want bitch? Your little friend over here dumped me just because she’s afraid of a little Russian justice,” one of the masked men shouted at her as they started to rig various bondage areas throughout the dungeon.

“Don’t hurt her! I said you could do whatever you wanted to me, but she’s innocent in all of this!” Ashley shouted as three of the men grabbed Shay and started roughing her up, feeling up her tits, pussy and ass as she screamed for Ashley to help her.

“String this one up. Ashley, you’re coming with me,” Aleksie sneered to the two girls, the three men who were roughing up Shay stringing up by her feet on a beam that ran across the ceiling of the room as they tied up her ankles with the rope that hung from the bar, putting her wrists in bondage cuffs and forcing her to hold onto a smaller beam as they ran some rope behind her hips to hold her in place.

Aleksie and his other two associates had grabbed Ashley and hogtied her with a bunch of rope, her arms and hands tied up directly behind her at the wrists and adding two more layers of rope to put around her back and legs, tying her up in an ideal blow-job position.

“First thing both of you are going to do is suck all of our dicks,” the men taunted them, the three men who were with Shay starting to suck on her tits as they hung her from the ceiling.

“SUCK!” Aleksie shouted, both girls already crying out in fear for their own wellbeing as Aleksie wrapped a hand around Ashley’s throat, forcing her face onto his dick as the other three men got ready to have their way with Shay.

“Suck it Ashley,” Aleksie snapped, grabbing her head and roughly forcing it onto his dick as she screamed out in pain from the feeling of her body being ripped apart, her breath already growing shallow from the compacted way her body was cramped into its bindings.

“MMMPPPPPHHHH,” she moaned as Aleksie took her head and forced it onto his dick, more and more of it sliding down her throat as she felt her body begin to cramp up, her arms feeling as though they were about to separate from her shoulders due to the way her head was being pulled.

“That’s it bitch. Just like that,” the three men with Shay told her as Shay sucked the first guy’s dick, her head already feeling light as she struggled to keep conscious with all the blood rushing to her head.

The other two guys were taking advantage of the way Shay was swinging in the air to suck on her tits while Aleksie continued choking Ashley out, forcing her to choke on his dick until she started to gag on it, then finally cumming down her throat.

“We’re just getting started,” he hissed as the other guy with him started forcing his dick down Ashley’s throat, the first of the guys with Shay cumming down her throat and causing her to choke on it in her upside-down state.

For the next several hours, the girls continued to be abused in their tied-up states, all five guys each taking their turn with them and making them suck their dicks even as their bodies ached and threatened to rip apart, and each of them grunting as they shot their cum down the struggling girls’ throats.

Ashley and Shay were barely conscious when the men were done orally raping them with their dicks, barely even registering a sound as they were dropped to the cold concrete floor, both drooling from the overuse of their mouths.

“GGGGAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH. MMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHHH,” they moaned, their eyes flickering open and then closing again as the five men left them on the cold, hard floor, Alexcie going to the next room over to grab two tubs of the coldest ice water they could find.

“Wake up sluts!” the biggest of the other four men shouted at them as he grabbed both of them by the back of the head and dunked their heads into the tubs, holding them under water until their arms were flailing around in desperation.

“UUUNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH,” they both moaned when their heads were brought above water, gasping for air as the men threw them on the floor, Ashley being placed against a far wall as Shay was placed on the wall nearest Aleksie.

“Let’s really stretch these cunts out,” he directed his men as they pulled nipple clamps and chains out of the box and walked over to them, Aleksie and three of his men attaching a piece of rope to the rings in the wall on either side of Ashley, then hooking the other end of it around her ankles, splaying her legs out as far as they could possibly spread as they attached the nipple clamps to the chain and hooked the chain to the rings in the wall.

“Now we can really enjoy you Ashley…” Aleksie taunted her as he took his dick and slapped her face with it before stepping back and running it along her spread-apart cunt lips and sliding into her.

“FUCK! IT HURTS! YOU’RE HURTING ME! OHGOD!” Ashley moaned as Aleksie started to spear her airtight pussy, her legs already beginning to burn and ache from the way they were spread apart as Aleksie tore apart her cunt.

“SHUT UP AND ENJOY IT, CUNT! IT’S PROBABLY THE LAST TIME YOU’LL EVER GET ANY!” he shouted at her as he thrust in and out of her, Ashley screaming out in pain every time he twisted the clamps on her nipples.

“HELP ME SHAY!” Ashley shouted, seeing Shay kicking at the men that were assaulting her and trying to place her in the same position as Ashley.

“I don’t think so bitch,” one of the men hissed as he kicked Shay’s phone across the room and away from both of them as they tied Shay up and attached nipple clamps to her, placing her in the same submissive position as Ashley as one of the men slid his dick inside of her and started raping her.

“No one can save either of you now,” the man raping Shay hissed as he assaulted her pussy, her wide-open cunt lips wrapping around his dick and offering little resistance as he battered her walls with it.

“Please…stop….you’re…hurting…her…” Ashley moaned as Aleksie pounded her cunt, her legs shaking and creaking as every muscle in them strained beyond their limits and started to tear, still worried more about Shay than herself as Aleksie pulled on the nipple clamps and dumped his load into her pussy.

“SHUT UP UNLESS YOU’RE SPOKEN TO! YOU BELONG TO US NOW! THIS IS A MOB HIT BITCH!” he yelled at her as he trust into her, her walls offering little in the way of protection for her as the pressure from her bonds threatened to rip her apart while his dick threatened to rip her pussy apart.

Shay was in a similar state, her legs spread out beyond their limits as the two men who had started in on her took turns on her, quickly filling up her pussy with several loads of their thick spunk.

“MMMPPPPPHHHH,” Shay moaned as Aleksie and the other men, having finished with Ashley after all three came in her repeatedly, switched places and started working over Shay, who was still trying to subconsciously push them away the whole time.

“It…hurts…” she moaned as Aleksie slid his stiff dick into her, taunting her the whole time by telling her that she was the one he’d really always wanted to sleep with, slapping her face as he thrust his dick in and out of her while the other three men who started with Shay abused Ashley’s gaping cunt, slapping her around and pulling on the nipple clamps to apply the pressure on them as her legs started to ache with the pain of severe muscle tears, each of them filling her cunt with several loads of their cum.

“It’s supposed to hurt slut. We’re not nice guys you know, you stupid bitch,” Aleksie taunted her as he came deep into Shay’s pussy, splattering her walls with his cum as she threw her head back and yelped in pain from the pressure being put on her tits and the straining and tearing of her leg muscles.

Several hours and several loads of cum inside of them later, the men finally stopped raping their cunts for the time being, the girls crawling on their hands and knees to try and escape until they kicked them in the ribs and threw them back to the middle of the room by their hair.

“Y-you’ve made your point. Don’t hurt us anymore,” Ashley begged as Shay silently said a prayer that she would survive, the men tying them up to each other as they brought in a row of industrial heaters.

“Shay, I’m s-so s-orry,” Ashley whispered to Shay as the men hooked them at the wrists with bondage cuffs and placed the heaters between their legs.

“Ash, let’s just try to survive,” Shay whispered, the men backhanding them as they turned the heaters up to maximum temperature and left the room, promising to return to torture them some more in the morning.

At first the heaters felt good after having their heads dunked in ice cold water and being confined in a drafty dungeon, but it was quickly becoming too much as both girls began to feel a sight burning across their skin.

It wasn’t long before sweat began to glisten on their naked, trembling bodies.

“YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE US HERE! WE’LL BURN TO DEATH!” Ashley protested, finding one last ounce of strength to fight back against them as they left the room, the girls trying to huddle together to keep each other comforted.

“WAKE UP CUNTS!” Aleksie shouted into their faces to wake them up a few hours later, all five men noticing the brown sheen that now covered the girls as they soaked through the mattress with sweat.

“Look what we have here comrades. Two pretty little sluts, extra crispy,” Aleksie jokes with his mates as they walked over to the box and brought out two industrial-sized leather belts, grinning from ear to ear as the girls trembled in terror.

“Your pussies must be awfully sore from all the fucking and heat they got earlier,” one of the men teased Shay as Aleksie walked up to Ashley and started to whip her tits, pussy and ass with the belt as three of the men watched on.

“And I bet your perky tits are tired of being abused, too,” the man whipping Shay sneered as the other men produced more leather belts, all five men using belts on both girls as they screamed their lungs out at the stinging pain going through their bodies.

“Just let us go, you monsters! You’ve done enough!” Shay shouted as Aleksie stopped whipping Ashley and wrapped his large hands around her throat, quickly choking her to the verge of unconsciousness.

“Let her go! You’re killing her!” Shay shouted as the four other men held her down and made her watch as Aleskie choked out Ashley right in front of her.

“Apologize for that outburst or you get to watch her die!” the four other men told Shay as Aleksie applied a little more pressure to Ashley’s throat, her lips starting to turn blue when Shay broke down crying and apologized.

“Seems like you really care for each other. It’s almost enough to make even the hardest men, like us, shed a tear. But let’s see how far your friendship really goes,” Aleksie hissed as his four cohorts rolled in a vibrator machine before maneuvering the girls into the 69 position and tying them up in bondage to keep them there as they shoved vibrators into their pussies.

“Let’s see how you react to having something buried in your tight asses, too,” Aleksie warned them as he shoved them a little deeper into the girls, before adding a vibrator for their asses and walking away.

Ashley stared down at the pussy forced not even inches under her face and tried to pull her head back away from it, but the way she was bound made it impossible.

She could almost smell the aroma that still made her mouth go sour when she remembered where it was coming from, because although it would be a beautiful sight for any man, neither Ashley or Shay were in any way lesbians, and neither had ever imagined going down on another girl, let alone each other.

Now here they were, being forced to eat out their best friend in front of these leering monsters, but despite the level of shame and degradation they were facing from their unfathomable circumstances, Ashley was too afraid of what might happen if she disobeyed, so she apologized to Shay before hesitantly extending her tongue to Shay’s beautiful brown pussy while she felt the sensation of the vibrator whirring uncomfortably in her own ass.

Shay, on the other hand, was far more resistant and refusing to participate in the sexual assault of her own friend.

She was tied at the bottom of the 69 and all she could see was Ashley’s lightly tanned thighs and pink lips hovering over her, along with the vibrator that was pounding away into Ashley’s ass, just like the one that was pounding painfully into her sore, tight hole.

And Aleksie was growing tired of Shay’s disobedience.

“You play lesbian on TV, this should be easy for you!” he said condescendingly in his Russian accent.

He placed his heavy boot on Ashley’s ass, pushing it down slightly until her inner thighs completely enclosed over Shay’s face.

He watched as Shay’s hands struggled in place as she tried to get oxygen but she was literally being smothered by her friend’s own clit.

“Either she moans or you suffocate!” Aleksie said with a laugh.

Shay contemplated her options before finally giving in and lapping away at the pussy nearly closed over her mouth.

“UH, OHGOD. I don’t know if I can like this…” Ashley moaned, her body giving in and starting to cum all over Shay’s face within minutes of the vibrators double penetrating her, Shay beginning to scream out in orgasm a few minutes later as she came in Ashley’s face, both girls temporarily losing sense of where they were when the men pulled the vibrators out of them, beginning to lick each other’s cunts clean.

Even with the lack of oxygen, Shay felt Ashley’s hot breath as she moaned inside of Shay’s clit, and it managed to send Shay over the edge and both girls were moaning like crazy, partly from the orgasm and partly from the shame they had just eaten out their best friend.

Soon, Ashley’s face was covered in her best friend’s juices, while Shay, on the other hand, had swallowed much of Ashley’s cum that she coughed and sputtered as soon as Aleksie lifted his boot in order to try and clear out some of it that had flowed into her lungs.

Soon enough, the girls kept going on their own and not out of fear, as the situation may have been humiliating for them, but they realized that it was the only way that either of them might feel any bit of pleasure as they began lapping away and getting creative with their movements.

“That’s enough of that!” Aleksie shouted when he saw the girls starting to enjoy themselves, commanding his men to start whipping them until they were both screaming in pain again as he grabbed a ball gag and a sensory deprivation suit from the box.

“She gets the gag. She gets the suit,” Aleksie directed his men as they went after the girls two at a time, two of them holding Shay down as they forced the ball gag into her mouth and wrapped her up in bondage rope yet again while the other two men grabbed Ashley and stuffed her in the suit, leaving only holes to expose her pussy, tits, mouth, and for her ponytail as Aleksie left the room, returning a few minutes later with a pair of car batteries.

“Those are for when we’re all done having fun with your pretty little bodies,” Aleksie taunted them as he climbed on top of Ashley and slid into her, starting to rape her again as the other four men started to take turns on Shay.

Shay was having a hard time focusing on the dicks that were constantly ripping apart her pussy since she was starting to choke and gag on the ball gag in her mouth, wanting to remove it but unable to due to her being tied up.

The gag began to make her drool uncontrollably as her saliva overflowed out of her mouth and down her heaving breasts, humiliating her since she felt so hopeless with each man pounding into her while she drooled like an infant.

“Nuh…muhh…” she pleaded every time she felt one of them exploding into her pussy, barely conscious and choking on the gag as the fourth guy filled her for the second time, Ashley moaning in pain next to her as Aleksie hammered into her cunt.

Ashley was unable to focus on anything as Aleksie thrust away in and out of her, losing track of everything but the pain and sensitivity between her legs as he continued to thrust in and out of her pussy.

Meanwhile her heightened taste receptors were making her retch at the sweaty dick invading her mouth.

She felt like she was going to choke as the man deep-throated her just long enough to watch her spasm before pulling out and letting her come up for air, only to viciously thrust back in again and repeat the process all over again.

“UUUNNNGGGGHHHH. UUNNNNGGGGHHHH,” Ashley moaned softly as Aleksie continued having his way with her, sucking on her tits as he buried himself inside of her, her hyper-sensitive cunt reacting to every thrust.

“I know you can feel every little thing I’m doing to you right now Ashley. So I’m gonna make sure this one lasts,” he taunted her as he beat up her pussy.

Shay, meanwhile, was screaming out in pain as she was thrown on a table up against the far wall and hogtied by a hanging hook, ropes wrapped around her ankles, wrists, and torso as nipple clamps were put on her nipples again.

“Cum for me Ashley,” Aleskie whispered as Ashley’s confined body started to fail her, her cunt lips quivering in orgasm around his dick with every thrust he made into her.

After the orgasm Shay had just given to her, Ashley’s clit had become super-sensitive and the all the stimulation was beginning to overwhelm her clit begin to feel like pins and needles, while Shay was only feeling pain from her vicious assault.

“UNGH, UNGH…” Ashley moaned when the man in her mouth finally spasmed and released wave after wave down her throat as she struggled to swallow it down, the blocked out senses only making the taste of cum stronger as she nearly vomited from the sweaty taste.

“Oh…God. Stop…you’re…killing…her…” Shay begged Aleksie as she saw him tear through Ashley’s pussy, her spasming cunt going off every time he thrust into her, causing her to lose her breath as her eyes crossed and she suffered one earth-shattering orgasm after another.

“Shut up whore, your friend will join you in a second,” Aleksie said while punching Ashley in the back of the head and shooting the last of his load into her abused pussy.

There was a steady stream of cum leaking from both girls’ cunts as Aleksie hogtied Ashley and helped himself to her ass.

The pain coursing through both girls’ bodies was almost too much to bare in the positions they were both in, their arms being pulled away from their body every time the men thrust into their asses, and their backs starting to scream in pain at the pressure being put on their shoulder blades.

“Hey boss, look what we found,” one of the men said aloud as he rifled through Ashley’s purse, showing off a little blue plastic gun that she had buried in the bottom of it.

“Looks like we found a little souvenir from that little summertime photo shoot you two did,” Aleksie hissed as he ravaged Ashley’s ass one last time, Shay rubber-legged and falling to the floor as the men finished up with her and releases her from her binds.

“Leave her alone. Please,” Ashley begged the men as she watched them drag Shay to the middle of the room, throwing a bucket of water on her as Aleksie shot his last load of the night into her ass and pulled out of her, her aching body finally relaxing as he relieved her of the binds she was in.

“GET OVER THERE SLUT!” he shouted at Ashley, barely registering a response as he threw her on the floor next to Shay and doused her with a bucket of water.

“What was that for?” the abused girls managed to spit out as Aleksie hooked up the batteries and attached the clamps to their nipples and clits, savoring their cries of agony they gave from the pain of the clamps on their abused breasts.

“You’ll see…” he hissed as he left the room for a few seconds, returning with a pair of pliers that he taunted them with before brandishing them and uttering words that scared them to death.

“OH MY GOD! Please don’t do that!” “NO! NOOOOO!” Ashley yelped as Aleksie took the pliers and ran them over the battery, blood-curdling screams filling the room as the girls were jolted with shocks of electricity, the high voltage having even more of an impact due to the water that had been thrown on them.

“UNNNGGGGGGGHHHHH! GGGGAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!” they screamed bloody murder as their insides began to fry, Aleksie and the other four men laughing as they took turns dragging the pliers across the batteries, lighting them up like a Christmas tree and causing them to start twitching around on the floor and frothing at the mouth as the volts shot through their system.

“Ash…are you still alive?” Shay meekly asked when Ashley coughed up some blood and went limp, her breathing getting shallower and shallower as the men left the room with the toy gun, only to return a few minutes later.

“She is. But I bet she wishes she wasn’t. Just like you probably do, Shay,” Aleksie sneered as he ran the pliers over both batteries once more, making them flop around like fishes as more electricity flowed through them.

“UNGH,” they softly moaned, frothing at the mouth as their bodies spasmed with uncontrollable seizures as Aleksie’s men started to fill the gun with a thick white fluid that the girls instantly recognized, even in their current state.

“W-what a-are you gonna do with all that cum?” Ashley sputtered, her muscles still twitching from the electrical shocks as she tried to crawl away, Shay also attempting to escape to no avail.

“See, being in the mob means certain “sacrifices” have to be made. Long story short, even as much as we came inside both of you, you have no risk of getting pregnant from us, as we are sterile. But this cum, on the other hand is just full of virulent, life-giving sperm from the foulest-smelling, ugliest, most disease-ridden hoboes in town,” Aleksie sneered as he began shooting it at the girls’ faces.

Both girls tried to cover their faces or turn away but they were simply too weak as a thick white mask began to form on both of them.

He then had the four men hold Ashley down as bought the gun to the entrance of her bruised pussy.

Two of the men were holding Ashley down as he parted her bruised, swollen cunt lips and shoved the gun inside of her.

He squeezed the trigger of it a few times while the men held her down and she struggled as best she could, gobs of diseased hob cum sent deep into her unwilling pussy as she screamed into the hands of the men that was holding her down.

“OHGOD! NO! YOU MONSTERS! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?” she spat, coughing up blood between the words she spoke as he squeezed off a few more rounds of cum bullets into her cunt, taunting her as he pulled the gun out and walked over to Shay.

“I guess you better go over there and suck the cum out of her disgusting cunt if you don’t want her getting knocked up. Or worse…” one of the men hissed as he pushed Shay over towards Ashley, watching as Shay showed complete disregard for her own well-being and started frantically sucking on Ashley’s cunt as she drove her tongue in and out of her.

“Ash. I’m so sorry they did this to you. Let me take care of it,” Shay whispered to her as she licked away at her co-star’s pussy, not even noticing Aleksie and his men separating her from Ashley to do the same thing to her.

“OH MY GOD! SHAY! WATCH OUT!” Ashley shouted to her, not getting her attention in time as the other two unnamed associates forced her flat on her back as Aleksie filled the “cum gun” with cum from another vial.

“You know what Shay? I think Ash got the virulent sperm. Which means you’re getting the diseased sperm inside of you,” Aleksie hissed, Shay desperately trying to kick her legs out as he held the gun to her pussy lips, shoved it into her and started squeezing the trigger.

“YOU MURDERERS! WHAT DID SHE EVER DO TO YOU!?!?” Ashley cried out as Aleksie filled Shay’s tight, young pussy with filthy, disease-ridden cum, filling her to the brim with it as he squeezed off much more than he had squeezed off inside Ashley.

“She knows you. That’s what,” Aleksie hissed, kicking Ashley and giving her pussy one more volley of cum bullets with the gun before throwing it across the room.

“She’s going to survive, but who knows how long since all that disease-ridden sperm is sloshing around deep inside of her right now…” the men hissed as they circled Ashley, giving her weakened body no place to escape to as they grabbed her and stood her up, placing a metal folding chair underneath of her as they hung her shirt from the ceiling fan overhead.

“Stay away if you know what’s good for you Shay,” Aleksie taunted her, having his four partners in crime hold her down on the concrete floor as he taunted Ashley and made her beg him for her life.

“Beg me Ashley. Just like how I used to beg you to let me fuck you. You always did think you were too good for me, even before you found out about my mob ties and dumped me,” he sneered, his hand on the chair as he wrapped the other end of Ashley’s shirt around her neck.

“NO! PLEASE DON’T DO THAT! KILL ME INSTEAD! YOU’VE ALREADY RUINED MY LIFE!” Shay shouted as Aleksie held the chair in place, looking at Shay and then back at Ashley as he waited on her to beg for her life.

“ASH! DON’T LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU! UGH…” Shay shouted, recoiling after being kicked in the stomach a few times by each of the other four men.

“OHMYGOD. Aleksie. You don’t have to do this. FUCK, I’m sorry for whatever you want me to be sorry for,” Ashley begged him as he looked up at her with hate in his eyes.

“Too late. Bitch,” he spat, looking her dead in the eyes and then focusing his attention on Shay.

“You get to watch her die anyway, cunt,” Aleksie sneered at Shay as he kicked the chair away, Ashley’s long legs dangling in the air as she desperately clawed at her shirt, trying to free herself.

“ASH! ASH! NOT THIS WAY! DO SOMETHING YOU SICKOS!” Shay cried out as Ashley started turning red, then, purple, then blue, her arms eventually giving up the fight and dangling at her sides as she gave up on life.

“ASHLEY! NO! BREATHE FOR ME!” Shay shouted as Ashley’s limp body hung from the ceiling fan, hoping against all hope that she would see her chest start rising again.

“She’s gone slut. And you’ll belong to us soon,” Aleksie hissed as his men pulled Shay away from the fan, leaving Ashley’s body hanging by her own shirt on the fan as Aleksie left the room.

“Ever been tattooed Shay? You better hope you die a quick death from those various STD’s that are probably coursing through you right now, cause as soon as we tat you up, you belong to us,” one of the other men sniped at her as Aleksie grabbed his tattoo kit and started carving up the skin around her ass.

“What are you going with boss?” one of the guys asked him as he started tattooing the area that made up Shay’s lower backside, two large eyes soon noticeable as he finished the tattoo.

“Two eyes on the backside. You know what that means Shay? It means you are our prisoner, and that your only use to us is sexual gratification,” he sneered, Shay trying to kick him away as they grabbed her and threw her on the mattress, placing it right underneath Ashley’s body as they left the room.

“My comrades and I have decided to make a deal with you Shay,” Aleksie said to her upon them re-entering the room, deciding to lay all of their bargaining chips on the table.

“We’ll let you go so you can grieve the loss of your best friend if you give up the addresses of your other two co-stars so we can make a mob hit on them, too,” he told her, Shay shaking her head no as the men spit on her and beat her.

“NO! NEVER!” Shay shouted, vowing never to allow Lucy and Troian, or any of the other girls she worked with, to get caught up in all of this, too.

“Do it, or you’ll spend every day of the rest of your life ravaged by diseases and getting raped and abused by us,” Aleksie told her, threatening to release Ashley’s corpse right on top of her.

“No one will pursue us even if we were to let you go, because we own Hollywood, too. So either cooperate with us or never be seen from again,” he told her, giving her a night to make her decision as he slapped her one last time and left the room, calling his men off of her while they gave her time to make her decision.

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