Michelle Trachtenberg And Ally’s Demon

I hope you like this story. Feedback is definitely appreciated, because I have lots more ideas. You may (or may
not) be interested to know that I appear in the story in a form ?. I am very much obsessed with Alyson Hannigan
and Michelle Trachtenberg, so it is really convenient that they work on the same show; Gillian Anderson is pretty
good as well and I also would like to get her and Sandra Bullock involved in a story. If anyone is interested in the
continuing the story of Ally and her demon I am open to ideas, but don’t suggest rape scenes, because I won’t
write them – although, I admit what I have written comes really close…

Much of the story involves sexual antics where Michelle Trachtenberg is involved in some way (although, the
‘good’ stuff takes a while to come, a lot of the story is teasing); if you find a sex story involving a 14 year old
disturbing, or if it is illegal to read where you live, I strongly recommend you stop reading now. Yes, you – I mean


After months of auditioning Michelle Trachtenberg felt she had really a good chance at the “Dawn” role on Buffy;
one day her agent called her to his office. The agent, a middle aged family man, loved his client; not only was she
talented and a great potential money maker she was bright and intelligent and beautiful – this 14 year old girl,
younger than his own daughters, also stirred incredibly carnal and erotic feelings in him. As he watched Michelle
walk across the room he fantasized about laying her across his desk and fucking her cute brains out. He shook his
head… it wasn’t about to happen anytime soon. He amused himself by looking at her exposed belly and imaging
what she would look like nude. He then focused on Michelle’s jeans, the top button at the front was missing.

Michelle, sitting in front of her manager, was a bit preoccupied this morning. Michelle knew the effect she had on
men and women, particularly now she was maturing – she was incredibly beautiful but untouchable due to her
age. She was an actress so liked to show off and tease but, now and then, got into awkward situations. Today
she was wearing low cut jeans that seemed to perpetually be close to falling off, they were, in fact, a bit too big
(she had lost a lot of weight trying to get the Buffy role) and were very low cut; she didn’t wear panties with
these jeans and she could actually see her own pussy down the front of the jeans if she breathed in. She was
also wearing a plain white sleeveless halter top that exposed a considerable expanse of her belly and back,
without a bra (which, with her lack of panties, she considered unusually daring) and on her feet were sandals. Her
parents disapproved of this sort of outfit, but everyone dressed like this and she liked it and, frankly, she felt a
little horny walking around without underwear, the movement of the denim over her pussy was very nice. Michelle
was not carrying any sort of bag, although she had a credit card in a pocket – the plan was to go to the meeting
and then catch a cab back home.

On the way up, in the elevator, a woman in her thirties stood next to her; blonde and immaculately dressed in a
business suit; a very beautiful woman who was significantly taller than Michelle. She stood next to Michelle in the
empty car and was peering down Michelle’s shirt, at the top of her perky boobs and her small nipples poking
through the material, at her smooth exposed back, and down the back of her jeans, where no panties were
visible. She thought she was being discreet, but Michelle noticed every minute of it and felt really good – she liked
to be noticed. In an act of defiance, Michelle thrust her hips forward a fraction, arched her back and sucked her
stomach in – just to give the woman a really good view – the woman had another good look, she could see all the
way down to Michelle’s butt crack, she so much wanted to slide a hand down there… In her mind she could feel
the soft skin of the girl’s buttocks as she unbuttoned…

“What are you doing?”

The woman stood up in shock. She was standing next to the girl and had unconsciously slid her right hand down
the back of her jeans and placed a hand on the button of her jeans with the other hand; the beautiful girl was
glaring at her. The woman’s reaction was shock, she pulled back from Michelle but her right hand caught for a
second at the rear of Michelle’s jeans and the right caught at the front, tearing the button off as the woman
unbalanced and fell to the ground. As she fell she caught hold of Michelle’s jeans and pulled them to the ground.
The woman lay stunned for a second and then went “oof” as Michelle, who had also unbalanced, fell on top of her
with her jeans caught around her ankles. Michelle lay stunned and embarrassed for a few seconds and felt an
unusual sensation, then she realized her pussy had fallen across the face of the woman, who was sticking her
tongue in her pussy!

In disgust Michelle squealed and rolled off the woman, who got tangled up in Michelle’s jeans and pulled them off
Michelle’s feet, together with her sandals. Michelle leapt to her feet and stood covering her pussy, followed by the
woman, who was now ashamed of her action and advanced on Michelle – only to say she was sorry. Michelle
backed away and tripped over her jeans, fell forward and the woman tried to catch her; but only caught hold of
Michelle’s top, which tore off her body as Michelle fell to the floor.

Michelle lay naked and stunned on the floor, when she heard a ‘bing!’ and the elevator doors opening. She looked
up, eyes wide in horror, at the crowd of people – she screamed, gathered up her clothes and ran off through a
nearby fire exit and ran all the way down the fire stairs to the bottom of the building, only then did she catch her
breath and survey her clothes. Her sandals were gone, she remembered picking them up so they must have fallen
sometime after she left the elevator, but not on the fire stairs; there was no way she was going to face those
people and look for them. Her jeans had lost the button but were still wearable, although she would have to be
careful. Her halter top was in worse condition, the strap was thin and had torn off at one end – there was no way
to fix it so Michelle tore it off completely and decided to wear it as a tube top, but she would have to be careful
as well since it was not a tight fit to start with.

“Michelle, we have one important matter to deal with, but I think you have a really good chance of getting the

Michelle smiled, now feeling good about the accidental exposure, it was one of these experiences you have once
in a lifetime and she wasn’t hurt at all, “that’s great! What is it?”

“You know Alyson Hannigan?”

“Ummm… Willow? I met her once for about a minute.”

“You need her approval before you get the role.”

Michelle’s brow furrowed, “why…?”

The agent had heard stories about Ms Hannigan and her rather odd relationship with the producers of ‘Buffy’ and,
in fact, if they were true he really wished he could be there, “that’s all I know… you have a lunch with her
tomorrow,” he named a famous Hollywood eatery. Be there alone, you really need to impress that you are
somewhat mature and can deal with business meetings alone. The booking is for noon – I am told Ms Hannigan
can be a tough sell, so be nice to her.”

“Of course. But why Alyson…?”

“I have no idea, just be there,” the manager looked fascinated at Michelle’s crotch. They were talking on a couch
in his office, so he had a perfect view and was fascinated that this innocent girl (and he knew her to be very
innocent indeed) was dressed in such provocative clothes. Firstly, she was barefoot, which he found erotic
because her feet were so damned cute. Without the button the zipper of her jeans was slowly coming down.
Towards the end of the conversation the manager could easily see that Michelle was not wearing panties. Her top
seemed loose, and was in fact slowly sliding down over her tits – he was so hard that he had to cover his crotch
with some papers as they talked.

After a while Michelle stood up to leave, and the manager almost came in his pants. Michelle’s jeans were now
completely open in the front exposing a patch of brown hair and the top had now slid down over the tops of her
boobs, which seemed to be nicely shaped. Michelle was so engrossed in their conversation that she seemed not
to notice what was happening to her. The unaccustomed action of the top moving over her nipples had made
then noticeably erect. As she left, Michelle hugged her manager, who returned the favor (hoping Michelle did not
notice the bulge in his pants). He walked Michelle to the elevator and talked aimlessly about the Dawn role, trying
to keep her mind preoccupied, as Michelle walked and talked the jeans slowly worked their way over her hips and
the top was working its way over her boobs to the extent that he could now see a hint of aureole, it seemed only
her erect nipples were holding the top up. He glanced at her back and the jeans were now over the top of her ass
and at the front even more hair was visible. His last view, before he went back to his office to masturbate, was of
Michelle waving goodbye as her jeans fell to her feet simultaneously with the top falling to her waist.

As the elevator doors were closing, Michelle felt her jeans fall to her feet – she squealed and pulled them up and
then noticed her ruined halter top was at her waist so she pulled them over her boobs; she wondered if her
manager saw anything. She looked down at her jeans and swore, not only was the button missing the zipper was
ruined, all she could do was hold them closed. The top was even worse, it was designed to be held up with the
neck strap – she needed to find a cab and get home before she lost her clothes again. The elevator arrived at the
ground floor and Michelle moved across the lobby as discretely as possible, hoping no-one would notice she was
holding her jeans up. She then heard a voice that made her eyes roll, “Hey, Michelle, it’s me.”

“Me” was Nancy, Michelle’s biggest fan, but was arguably close to being a stalker. Nancy was a 16 year old girl
from a wealthy family who had followed Michelle’s career avidly for a couple of years, she had a Michelle
Trachtenberg web site and always seemed to turn up at Michelle’s appearances and even, like today, meetings.
Nancy adored Michelle and, frankly, was in love with her from afar – she would probably do anything for Michelle.
She had somehow found out Michelle’s e-mail address and e-mailed her almost every day, inviting her to parties or
to dinner or just requesting photos, she also sent many nude photos of herself which Michelle just found plain
gross. Nancy was an extremely attractive girl with long brunette hair (worn much in the same style as Michelle),
but she was taller and much more developed than Michelle; Nancy could easily pass for 20 years or more with the
right clothes – which was most days. Nancy was wearing a black miniskirt, a tight red tube top (that was little
larger than a sports bra, but far sexier), sandals and little else. She also wore rather clunky black framed glasses
with rather thick lenses, which gave her an unusual look. Normally Michelle hated to see this crazy, obsessed girl,
but right now she needed a friend of any sort.

Nancy was unbelievably happy when Michelle acknowledged her, usually she ignored her and got away as fast as
possible. Michelle gestured to Nancy to move to a corner of the lobby and Nancy noticed she seemed to be
holding her jeans and top up; interesting.

“Hi, Michelle,” Nancy beamed happily.

“Nancy. Listen I have a problem,” Michelle was as brusque as possible, all actors were nervous around superfans,
but she was shaken and needed some help, “my jeans and halter top are damaged, the zipper and button are
gone and I lost the strap. They have already both fallen down a couple of times and,” her voice got quieter, “I am
not wearing any underwear.”

Nancy almost came then and there, she was already feeling nice and juicy between her legs. The thought of
Michelle losing her clothes in public was an almost overwhelming concept, “here, Michelle, around the corner.” The
lobby of the building was not large, there was a bank of elevators in the center facing windows and doors leading
to a main street and a narrow wing on either side of the elevators that did not have windows opening on the
street, there were doors at the end of each wing; one side led to the fire stairs and outside fire escape and on
the other side was a door to the janitor’s room. Nancy dragged Michelle into the fire exit wing and pushed her
against a wall behind a small section of wall that stuck out about a foot from the main wall – Michelle would not
be visible to anyone who did not actually walk up towards the fire exit.

“Let me have a look,” Nancy crouched down and pretended to inspect the zipper while Michelle looked wildly
around, hoping no-one would see. Nancy’s face was so close to Michelle’s pussy and the idea of being so
intimately close to Michelle was unbelievable. She looked up at Michelle, who was standing against the wall,
looking around, “I think I can fix it, but I’ll have to get this off you,” at which she yanked the jeans to Michelle’s
feet. Michelle reacted by squealing and then crouching down, her hands between her legs. Before Michelle could
react further Nancy yanked the jeans and sandals off her feet and stood up.

She looked down at Michelle who, in her surprise at losing her jeans for a third time today, was sitting on the floor
with her arms wrapped around her knees, which were around her chin. She looked up at Nancy, “give me my

“Oh, hush, Michelle, do you want me to fix them?”

“I’m almost naked! Give them back!”

Nancy was so turned on, she could feel her pussy juices squelching as she moved and drops of liquid were running
down her upper thighs. Nancy did not have much of a life beyond harassing a handful of celebrities, but her latest
favorite was Michelle, and she wanted to milk this for as much as possible – she could masturbate for years on
this. Nancy took the jeans and sandals and tossed them across the floor towards he main part of the lobby.
Michelle raised herself up in an effort to fetch them, but Nancy used the opportunity to reach down and, in one
swift action, pull the damaged halter top over her head – leaving Michelle nude. Michelle squealed again and
returned to crouching on the floor, now she was squatting with her knees around her boobs and arms wrapped
about her knees. Nancy also tossed the top aside and waited for Michelle to get over the shock.

Michelle was close to crying, she was naked again! Eventually she turned to look at Nancy, who was standing
above her, smiling with hands on hips, “please, Nancy, give me my clothes…”

“Not yet, I want you to stand up, with your arms by your side.”

Michelle looked around and slowly stood, pressing herself against the wall. Nancy was in ecstasy – this was one of
the high points of her life, to see one of her favorite celebrities nude! Nancy did not consider herself a lesbian, or
anything like that, but the concept of seeing Michelle nude was incredibly erotic – she was turned on by any sort
of accidental or enforced nudity, particularly by one of her favorite celebrities.

There was a noise from the lobby. Michelle pushed back into the wall so she would no be seen and Nancy
squeezed next to her. Michelle looked sideways at Nancy, who was beaming with happiness, and said, “just shut
up, Nancy.”

“Or what? I think I can do whatever I want. Look.”

There was a rustle of fabric and Michelle looked down, Nancy had slipped her skirt over her hips and dropped them
to the floor, she was wearing black thong underwear. “Jesus Nancy,” Michelle whispered, “what are you doing!”

“Ssshh, Michelle. Do you know how beautiful you are?”

“Just shut up!” Michelle could hear someone, probably the janitor, just at the end of the wing.

Nancy stared running her hands over Michelle’s body, knowing Michelle had to take it or be caught. Michelle
decided her most vulnerable part was her pussy so she covered it with both hands and just let Nancy go to work
on her. Nancy was kissing her neck and licking her ears while one hand caressed her boobs and the other ran up
and down her back and ass. Nancy was muttering, “mmm, Michelle you smell so good. I really wish you would pose
nude for my web site.”

Michelle’s eyes opened wide, Nancy had started exploring her ass with a finger and was pushing it up her ass hole,
“oh, fuck, Nancy, stop it!”

Soon the finger was almost all the way in and Nancy started moving it around, at the same time pressing on
Michelle’s hands over her own pussy. Michelle could feel wetness on her fingers and wanted to push Nancy away
but soon got caught up in the feelings and started to masturbate herself, she closed her eyes and just let the
feelings wash over her. After a bit of time she realized that Nancy was not touching her any more; she was doing
it to herself. Michelle opened her eyes and saw Nancy standing in front of her with hand on hips, still in her
panties, watching Michelle diddle herself.

“Don’t stop! You look so beautiful playing with your pussy.”

Michelle lay back against the wall and recovered a bit then looked around for her clothes – they were gone.

Nancy spoke, “I think the janitor took them.”

“Oh, shit – fuck – I need clothes!”

“You can have my skirt, I don’t mind going outside like this,” Nancy was an exhibitionist, “but you will be topless
and I am not wearing a bra.”

Michelle was silent.

“I tell you what, I’ll buy you something.”

“Nancy, I’m naked. I can’t stay here.”

Nancy pointed to the fire stairs, “wait there, give me ten or fifteen minutes.” At that she slipped her skirt on and
left. Michelle went through the fire door, on the other side of the door was a small landing (where Michelle had
dressed this morning after the elevator incident); leading off the landing was another door, which went outside to
an alley behind the building, and stairs which went all the way up inside the building. Michelle, feeling helpless and
vulnerable (and still uncomfortably wet in her cunt) squatted and waited for Nancy to return.

Nancy ran to the street and looked left and right thinking; “what should I get for Michelle.” She smiled and ran of
to the left, as she ran her skirt flipped up revealing her ass as she ran – she loved it.

Michelle waited and waited, in the fire escape. She heard a noise, about 2 floors up someone opened the door and
then some people started coming down the stairs – she heard someone complaining about having to go outside to
smoke. Michelle had to make a quick decision, go back to the lobby or outside of the building, she looked in the
lobby but people were around, she went to the rear door and looked out – everything seemed clear. The people
were now only one level above her so Michelle breathed heavily and went outside the door. She was in an alley
that went left and right and in front of her was the rear of another office building. To the left was a large
dumpster, which was the closest place to hide so Michelle darted behind it, being careful no to step on any glass
in her bare feet and waited behind the dumpster with both hands covering her crotch – she felt so scared.

Presently three people came out the fire door and started to smoke and chat, Michelle waited but soon heard the
door open and a familiar voice said, “have you seen a girl out here? She’s 14 years old, dark haired, really cute,
she’s completely n…”

Michelle sighed and then said in a loud whisper, “I’m here, behind the dumpster.”

Soon Nancy appeared carrying some clothes, she beamed at Michelle, “are you OK?”

Michele got angry, “no I am not fucking OK, I am nude and outside in a dirty alley with an insane fan.”

“You don’t have to be mean…”

“I’m sorry, what do you have for me?”

“Just wait,” Nancy waited until the three smokers left and ran up to catch the fire door (which could not be
opened from the outside). She tossed the clothes inside, locked the door and went down to Michelle. “OK, if you
want your clothes just go around the front of the building into the lobby and get them.”

“I can’t do that…”

“Then you need ME to get them for YOU. Correct?”

“I guess so…”

Nancy stripped naked, turned to face the dumpster and leaned on it with her hands, she then spread her legs
wide and turned to face Michelle, “I want you to eat me out from behind, make me cum and I will get your
clothes.” Michelle thought of an obvious way to escape, Nancy was so horny she gave her a simple method of
escape. She looked at Nancy, ass sticking out and cunt dripping juices down her thighs; she picked up Nancy’s
clothes and ran off down the ally, shouting, “bye bye Nancy! E-mail me!”

Nancy never tougth it would work, but it was worth a try. She staggered to her feet and considered her situation,
a 16 year old girl, naked, no money, no way to get home, trapped outside in an alley behind an office building and
in an obvious advanced state of sexual excitement – this was the best day of her life.

Michelle ran to the end of the alley, slipped the skirt and tank top on (both of which were a bit loose) and put
Nancy’s sandals on – she tossed the thong aside. Michele ran around the building, into the lobby and into the fire
escape where she found a pile of clothes. Nancy had thankfully purchased some normal clothes, jeans, t-shirt,
underwear, socks, sneakers. Suddenly the door to the fire escape burst open from the lobby, two men and a
woman burst in. The woman shouted, “you bitch, you thought you’d get away, eh?”

At that the woman picked up the clothes and then, at the woman’s order, one man grabbed and held Michelle
while the woman and the other man stripped her naked. They dragged her to the fire escape door and the woman
said, “I saw you shoplift everything, I followed you here and then found my two friends. Now we’ll steal your

Michelle was frantic, “it wasn’t me!”

“Hmm… let’s see. Dark-haired girl, back miniskirt, red tank top, carrying clothes stolen from my store? Throw her

They opened the fire escape door and shoved Michelle out into the alley. Michelle staggered and contemplated
her situation, for the second time in a few minutes she was naked in this alley. She moved around the side of the
dumpster, only to see Nancy leaning against it with her arms crossed, “we meet again, dear Michelle.”

The next day, Ally sat in the restaurant and fumed – the little twit was late. Years ago, when Ally was up for the
role of Willow, she was called into a meeting with the producers of Buffy and some money men and hangers on.
She was told, in no uncertain terms, that if she wanted the job she would have to ‘perform’ for all the men. Ally
wanted the role. It started with Ally stripping to her underwear, then naked, then some fondling, then it went
further than she wanted when almost 20 horny men fucked her pussy, ass and mouth until Ally could barely move.
Over the following months and years Ally was used and abused by these men (and women) but gained a favored
place within the ‘Buffy’ organization which she used, and abused, to her advantage. Alyson, outwardly friendly and
outgoing, became bitter and twisted and was a terror on the Buffy set.

When the role of Dawn was being cast Ally saw the young, innocent actresses auditioning for the role and
requested that she be allowed to ‘break in’ the final choice – the producers, maybe feeling that the once innocent
Ally needed to be replaced, agreed. A meeting with Michelle Trachtenberg, the front runner, was arranged.

Ally looked up and smiled; Michelle walked across restaurant looking fresh and innocent. She was wearing a short
tan skirt and jacket and a plain white short-sleeved blouse, was bare-legged except for shoes, and was wearing
her hair loose; she was carrying a matching handbag. Her attempt to look grown-up and sophisticated only
emphasized her innocence. Ally smiled again.

Michelle had recovered from the multiple embarrassments of yesterday. After again being stuck nude in the alley
she relied on Nancy to help her escape. Nancy said, “I have a plan,” but absolutely refused to help until she first
masturbated for Michelle, Nancy was so excited by the events of the day she HAD to cum soon or explode.
Nancy’s masturbation was quite a show, Nancy was a very horny girl and was very noisy and animated when
having an orgasm. The escape was easy; the exhibitionist Nancy simply strolled out into the street and flagged
down a cab. The cab driver happily picked up the naked girl then drove down the alley to get the second naked
girl. They drove to Nancy’s house, where Nancy gave her some clothes and then called a cab. She then gave
another masturbation demonstration for Michelle, who was now more than a little turned on. As she walked away
Nancy whispered, “I know where you live and I know where you go to school; expect me to appear at your
bedroom window, in a classroom or bathroom at school and I will fuck your brains out then and there. Whatever
happens, I will beat that bitch Katy.”

‘That bitch Katy’ was another rival 16 year old Michelle Trachtenberg superfan who had her own web site that
was more popular than Nancy’s, there was intense rivalry between the two superfans who both tried to outdo
each other, and attract more attention to their own Trachtenberg material. He rivalry hit its peak a few months
back when, at a ‘Buffy’ convention, both girls got into a catfight at a party, Nancy won the fight and managed,
with some help, to tie Katy up. The clothes were cut from her body and the partygoers spent the night, at
Nancy’s encouragement, sticking unusual objects in Katy’s cunt and masturbating her with them. At the end of
the night she had a number of forced orgasms from items such as spoons, bottles and a stray dog – Katy was a
very unhappy girl and vowed revenge.

Michelle was surprised when Alyson (“call me Ally”) insisted they sit next to each other in a booth towards the
rear of the restaurant, but was soon caught up in conversation and the thought slipped her mind. Ally was
incredibly friendly and outgoing and soon they were laughing and chatting about all sorts of stuff, boys, acting,
that sort of thing… although Ally was just maybe a bit too friendly. Ally was dressed casually, in blue jeans and a
red long sleeved top. Ally sat next to Michelle, so close that they touched and Ally often would rest a hand on
Michelle’s bare thigh as they talked; this unnerved Michelle a bit, but she figured Ally was just more sophisticated
than her, so she did not say anything for fear of being seen as a little girl – Michelle so desperately wanted to get
the job and to fit in.

During their main course Michelle finally broached the question, “umm… Ally?”


“Why am I here?”

A subtle change came across Ally’s face, “I have a… ahhh… special relationship with the producers of Buffy. They
allow me to have some final says on casting decisions; my job is to… umm… see if you are suitable to become a
cast member.”

Michelle was confused, she had no idea what Ally was talking about.

Ally moved closer to Michelle and spoke softly, “let me tell you a story,” Ally told her story. Michelle was so
horrified at what Ally told her that she barely noticed as Ally ran her hands over her thighs and over her back, “a
few years ago when they were casting for the first season I was told that I had the role of Willow. I was really
excited when one day I was called to the production offices, I was told to dress in some of those first season
clothes and sent to a room – in the room were a bunch of men, and some women, who were mostly strangers.”
Michelle was listening intently and was almost mesmerized by Ally’s story, Ally slightly spread Michelle’s legs and
continued he story, “I was told that the part of Willow was mine but I had to strip to my underwear. I hesitated
but after some cajoling I stripped to my bra and panties and stood there while those people inspected me. I was
then told to strip naked – I almost left the room, but I was told that it was important for these people to see my
body. After more hesitation I finally stripped naked and left these people inspect me. Unknown to me they were
also videotaping me.”

Ally was a good actress; she delivered this speech in such a way that Michelle forgot what was going on around
her. Ally also had done some experimentation with hypnotism techniques and they seemed to be working on
Michelle, to a small degree. As she spoke Ally looked down, she had slid Michelle’s skirt up her thighs so her white
panties were just visible; Ally could see the darkness of Michelle’s sparse bush through the sheer material; Ally
liked the idea that innocent Michelle was wearing sexy underwear. She resumed rubbing Michelle’s back, but now
underneath her jacket. She also lightly felt Michelle’s bra through her blouse and noted that it hooked at the back,
and then moved her hand down around the catch of Michelle’s skirt and started working on it. Her other hand
lightly caressed Michelle’s right inner thigh. Ally looked around the restaurant, it was dark and crowded (with some
very well known actors, she could see Gillian Anderson at one side of the room and briefly fantasized about
fucking her on the floor of the restaurant, while both of them were dressed in Agent Scully clothes) but no-one
was paying attention to Ally and Michelle, who were at one side of the room. She continued speaking and noticed
Michelle was looking at her, engrossed in the story, with a mixture of concern and horror – and was completely
oblivious to what was going on around her. Ally smiled again.

“At some point someone, who I now know to be a high-ranking WB executive suggested that unless I ‘put out’ for
him I would not get the role and I would be black-listed. He tried to convince me to have sex with him right then
and there, but I refused. Eventually someone showed me the tape of me stripping and said flat out that unless I
did what I was told they would release the tape. I was stupid and confused, I should have walked, so I agreed to
fuck that man. He bent me over a desk and started fucking me from behind,” Ally looked Michelle in the eyes and
said, “he was very good and I soon forgot about the people watching; he fucked my brains out while holding my
hair like the reins of a horse. I had my first ever orgasm right then and there, but that wasn’t the end of it…”

Ally was amazed, Michelle seemed almost hypnotized by her story. Ally continued to caress Michelle’s inner thigh,
relishing the feel of her soft skin, now and then lightly touching Michelle’s panties. The skirt was now slid all the
way up at the front so Ally could see Michelle’s panties; brief, white and lacy. Michelle’s face was noticeably
reddening, yet she seemed oblivious to what was going on! With her other hand Ally finally managed to release
the catch of Michelle’s skirt and had slid the zipper down a couple of inches (which was as far as it would go
without Michelle lifting her ass of the seat). Ally now started to gently pull Michelle’s blouse out from the skirt’s
waistband. Meanwhile, she moved her other hand away from Michelle’s thigh and started to work on the bottom
button of her blouse. This was going much better than expected.

Ally looked back at Ms Anderson and continued THAT fantasy (Ally could multi-task at this sort of thing); in the
fantasy she was now fucking Gillian from behind with a strap-on dildo. Then she changed the fantasy, it was a
demon with a huge penis fucking Gillian, no, fucking Gillian’s ASS from behind, no, fucking AGENT SCULLY’S ass
from behind with two cocks, one up her ass and one in her pussy. Ally smiled. In the fantasy Scully was screaming
with each thrust and was building to a huge orgasm. The multi-cocked demon was whispering, ‘you want another
baby, bitch?’ Ally could feel her pussy getting wet, but her hands were full…

Ally continued, “while I was recovering from the first orgasm someone else started fucking me again from behind, I
was pulled away from the desk and someone stuck his cock in my mouth, grabbed the back of my head and
started fucking my mouth.” Ally’s use of mildly strong language had suitably shocked the innocent Michelle and
taken her attention away from Ally’s hands. She had unbuttoned the bottom button of her blouse and had pulled
her blouse completely out of the waistband of Michelle’s skirt, ”…after that I lost count of time and I was fucked
by those people until I was senseless. I woke up hours later and staggered home. For the rest of that season and
the next I was blackmailed into becoming the Buffy fuck-toy (that was my unofficial title) and was expected to do
whatever any person, cast member, crew asked me to do. When we were in production I was only allowed to
wear clothes when we were actually filming and often when I WAS being filmed it was done with vibrators up my
ass or cunt or both. If you look at some of the episodes in the first two seasons I am actually on the verge of
orgasm, although there is probably only one filmed orgasm.”

Not all of what Ally said was true, but Michelle BELIEVED it to be true. Michelle was now looking even more
shocked, if that was possible. It was a look, Ally thought, that would be good to use for the Dawn character –
just wait until they get HER on film with vibrators up her ass and cunt. As Ally continued she surveyed Michelle,
skirt up around the top of her thighs, with her legs spread and panties exposed, her skirt unhooked and partly
unzipped, the bottom two… now three… buttons unbuttoned and her bra almost… no, not almost, now actually
unhooked. Ally knew she could not get away with this much longer since the next button would expose Michelle’s
bra and tits to the restaurant – which Ally did NOT want to do, since Michelle was a minor. So, with one hand she
gently tried to spread Michelle’s legs further apart and with the other she unbuttoned her own jeans. It was now
time to get to the serious part.

“After some time things got much worse. Once I was taken blindfolded to a biker bar with my hands cuffed and
dumped there. Another time I was taken to a Buffy fan convention and auctioned off to some very serious fans.
As you may imagine, I became really bitter and twisted and soon took to finding young innocent actors, and
sometimes fans, mainly girls but some boys, and humiliated them sexually. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the
abuse died down a lot but I still have to endure humiliations from time to time – I recently asked the producers, in
fact I demanded, in return for years of ‘service,’ that I be allowed to do whatever I want to the prospective
‘Dawn’ with the understanding that if she does not make me happy she will not get the part,” Ally stopped and
smiled at Dawn, “they agreed, and you are the girl. If you do what I say you will get the part. If not, you will miss
out on the best role a girl of your age could ever get.”

That was grossly simplified, of course. In order to be allowed to ‘break-in’ the prospective Dawn Ally agreed to
‘perform’ at a small, exclusive Hollywood party. She spent the night naked, on her hands and knees, going from
person to person giving ‘oral favors.’ Michelle would pay for that too…

Ally stopped and looked at Michelle as she absorbed all this information, and also the first moments as she realized
she was half undressed. For a few moments she continued her Gillian Anderson fantasy. The demon with two
penises had torn Agent Scully’s clothes off and had forced her to the ground. Scully was screaming as she came
again and again in her ass and cunt. The demon howled as it came inside Scully and pumped so much semen that
it had to pull out, he kept pumping until Scully was covered in a film of demon cum. In real life Ms Anderson was
sitting and enjoying a meal and glanced and smiled at Ally for a second, Ally almost came right then and there.

Michelle realized what had happened and started to pull her clothes together but was stopped by Ally, who
grabbed her arms and spoke quietly in a firm tone, “listen, cunt, you do exactly what I say or you lose the part,

Michelle was almost crying but managed to say, “please, what are you doing,” she looked around the restaurant
and no-one seemed to notice what was happening, “please let me button my blouse.” How could this happen!?

“No,” Ally responded, “just shut up and listen. You can button and leave or you can stay. If you leave you can
kiss Dawn goodbye, if you stay you do everything I say without questioning at all. I am not going to do anything
that risks me getting me arrested,” that was not true, Alyson tended to get out of control when working on her
victims, “but you will no forget today for a long time.”

Michelle calmed down a bit, but was shaking. She really wanted the role. “OK, I will stay, but…”

“No ‘buts’,” Ally reached down and bunched Michelle’s skirt around her waist and muttered, “lift your butt,”
Michelle unthinkingly complied and Ally unzipped the zipper the rest of the way. Michelle was breathing hard and
looked scared. Ally said, “remove your panties and give them to me.” Michelle looked around the room, particularly
at the waiters, and Ally said, “I have paid off the restaurant staff to stay away from the table; we are having an
important business meeting. Now remove your panties and don’t argue.”

Michelle hesitated but then pulled her panties to her thighs and slid them to the floor. She retrieved them and
handed them to Ally, who put them in a large bag.

“OK, now spread your legs wide,” Michelle looked about ready to cry. She looked around the room to make sure
no-one could see and did it. Ally helped by making sure her legs really were spread as wide as possible. She
admired Michelle’s pussy, it had little hair and was beautiful. Ally licked her lips, “take your jacket off, keep your
legs spread.” Michelle looked worried, but complied, at the same time trying not to pull her partly unbuttoned
blouse apart and expose her unhooked bra, “now, take your bra off.”

Michelle, who was looking at the table turned to Ally, “how?”

“Go under the table and do it,” Ally knocked a fork to the ground, “there’s your excuse.”

“Please, no, I can’t do it…”

“You’ve gone this far, now do it”

Michelle looked around, sighed once, and darted under the table, she unbuttoned the blouse, slid it off her
shoulders and quickly took the bra off. For a moment she was only wearing shoes and her unzipped skirt and was
almost nude, she slid the blouse on and started to button it when Ally said, “no, don’t button it just wrap it
around you.” Michelle complied and moved to sit up again but as Michelle moved upwards Ally reached under the
table caught hold of the skirt and pulled it off Michelle’s legs. As Michelle sat up she was naked, except for her
blouse and shoes.

Michelle looked around the room. She was shaking. Michelle was now almost nude, except for the blouse, but
no-one seemed to notice. She heard Ally say, “I asked you a question, Michelle.”

“Ummm… what?”

“I asked you a question! Pay attention and spread your legs. Are you a virgin?”

Michelle was silent, with Ally’s help she spread her legs again – dancing classes had helped make her limber and
she could spread them far apart.

“Are you a fucking virgin?”


Ally licked her lips, “have you lost your cherry? Do you own a vibrator or a dildo?”

Michelle did not know what to say for a moment, but blushed and whispered, “…no.”

Ally smiled, that was so good – she hoped, and guessed, Michelle was a virgin, it made the next bit so much
better. She picked up her bag, rummaged through it and eventually pulled out an object that Michelle recognized,
“Ally, what are you… no…” Ally was holding a large anatomically correct dildo under the table, it was 8 or 10
inches long.

Ally’s smiled remained as she said, “Keep your legs spread. I want you to fuck yourself with this, I want you to
take your own cherry right here and now.”

Michelle could barely speak, “please… I can’t do it…”

“If you agree to do it you can button your blouse right now, when you pop your cherry you have earned your skirt
back and if you have an orgasm you can put it back on.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I can. I don’t have any lubrication so you will have to masturbate a bit first. Keep your legs spread.”

Michelle didn’t know what to do and wasn’t clear-headed enough to do anything else. She had barely ever even
masturbated and, despite her adentures yesterday, had never had an orgasm. She pulled her pussy lips apart with
one hand and started to play with herself, closing her eyes and fantasizing about being fucked by some nice guy,
although to her confusion Nancy’s face slipped in somewhere. Ally watched this with pleasure, while making sure
no-one in the restaurant got suspicious, and was pleased to notice after a while that Michelle’s pussy and fingers
showed definite signs of wetness; she was such a sweet and horny little bitch, “OK, now do it.”

Michelle was feeling a mixture of terror as she moved the dildo with both hands to her open pussy lips. Michelle
slowly forced the dildo in past the lips, moving her hips slightly to help it in. Soon she came to some resistance
and grimaced at the pain. She looked at Ally, “I don’t know…”

“Shut up, just do it.”

Michelle closed her eyes tight and thrust the dildo past the obstruction and held in a scream as the pain passed.
Ally grinned as it happened and said, “you’ve earned your skirt. Now cum for me and you can put it back on.” Ally
was ready to help, but was happy to see Michelle do it to herself.

For the next few minutes Michelle moved the dildo in and out, and rocked herself back and forth, every so often
Ally had to spread her legs again, Michelle’s thighs were now aching. While it felt good, she could not make herself
cum. “I can’t do it, not here.”

“I’ll help you. Lift your butt off the seat,” Michelle did it and opened her eyes wide as she felt Ally open her butt
cheeks with a hand and felt a finger at her butthole. Ally spoke, “lower yourself onto my finger.”

“No, I can’t…” but Ally pushed Michelle and Michelle’s eyes opened even wider as she landed on Ally’s finger, which
pushed up her butthole up to the second joint. At Ally’s order Michelle spread her legs again and continued to fuck
herself, and it felt good, but it was sooo disgusting.

“I still can’t cum. Please, I’ve tried so hard, can I…”

“No,” Ally pulled her finger out so quickly that Michelle almost screamed. She rummaged in her bag and came out
with a small vibrator. “Michelle, you have to cum. I want you to push this vibrator up your asshole and then
continue to fuck yourself.”

“Oh, no… I can’t…”

“Fuck, yes you can. Do it right now or I walk.”

Michelle was filled with so many emotions, from pure disgust and terror to some other carnal emotion way back in
her consciousness. She brought that emotion forward and lifted slightly off the seat as she forced the vibrator
into her perfect asshole. It was really difficult (particularly without the aid of lubricant) but with some help from
Ally and some lubrication from her own pussy soon she had 4 inches of vibrator up her butt. It felt really weird,
but not all that bad.

This was it. Michelle lost herself in pleasure as she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy and pushed the
vibrator against the seat, but still kept enough self control to look ‘normal’ from waist up. She now just had to
cum, no matter what the consequences.

She glanced over at Ally and noticed she had opened her jeans and had slid them and her panties down to her
thighs. Ally was completely shaved and had three fingers up her cunt. That did it. Michelle came. With a supreme
effort she controlled her face but below the waist her thigh muscles were spasming and contracting like crazy and
she came so hard she lost all sense of what was going on around her for a few moments. After some time she
slumped back into the seat, sitting in a pool of her own cum.

She soon recovered, but was a bit shaky. She heard Ally say, “you’ve earned your skirt back.” Get out of that
mess and put it on. Michelle was dazed and complied and soon her skirt was on. Ally looked at Michelle who looked
rumpled and happy and decided to go on to Phase Two. Ally stood up, said, “follow me to the bathroom,” and
walked away.

Michelle sat for a while and considered leaving the restaurant, but she had come so far that she had to continue.
She stood up on shaky legs and walked off to the bathrooms. More than one restaurant patron noticed that the
girl in a tan skirt and rumpled white blouse looked worse for wear.

As Michelle reached the bathroom she head Ally call, “over here.”

“That’s the men’s bathroom, the women’s is here…”

Ally grabbed Michelle’s arm and dragged her into the bathroom which was, thankfully, empty. Ally kept pulling
Michelle until they entered a stall and locked the door behind them. Ally sat on he toilet, looked up at Michelle and
said, “strip, I want you completely nude. Shoes as well.”

“But you said…”

“This is something new. Now strip.”


Ally sighed and stood up and, before Michelle could react, she slapped her hard across the face causing Michelle
to fall back into the locked door. Michelle was crying as Ally said, “listen, you little bitch, take your fucking clothes
off right now!!” Ally sat down again.

Michelle complied and, while still sobbing, stripped off her blouse, skirt and shoes and stood naked in front of Ally.
Ally then pulled her boots and socks off, stood up, pulled her shirt off (she was bra-less), unzipped and pulled her
jeans and panties off and stood naked in front of Michelle. She then hugged Michelle’s body to hers. Michelle did
not consider herself to be a lesbian, but the smell and feel of Ally was overwhelming. They hugged and kissed for
a while and soon Ally directed one of Michelle’s hands to her pussy, Michelle got the idea and started to finger
Ally, who was wet and hot, Ally groaned and then spoke to Michelle, “I am going to sit down,” Ally say on the
toilet and Michelle followed her down, continuing to finger Ally’s cunt. Ally spoke, “keep going, I am going to pee.”

Michelle stopped and came to her senses, she was naked in a men’s bathroom fingering another girl who was
sitting on a toilet ready to pee, “no, that’s…”

“Shut up, just keep fingering me or I will push your head in the bowl and piss on it,” Michelle was so disgusted but
fingered Ally as she peed into the bowl and then came. Ally came loudly (luckily no-one entered the bathroom)
and spurted cum and pee all over Michelle’s arm. After Ally stopped Michelle pulled out and stood up.

Ally, looking disheveled and happy, glanced up at Michelle, smiled and said, “now, you pee.” Michelle did not want
to pee in front of Ally at all, but figured she could do it said, “OK, can you move…?”

Ally smiled again, this was so good, “no, I want you to pee standing right there, do it on the floor.”

Michelle’s face screwed up in disgust, “Oh, gross, I can’t do that!”

“Do you want me to slap you again? I want you to fucking pee right now.”

Michelle’s sighed, a sigh that was almost a crying. She squatted and closed her eyes as a stream of pee spurted
over the floor and splashed on their feet. It felt like she would never stop, but she soon finished and stood up.
Michelle felt so dirty, and Ally was so happy, but they had little time to think because someone, a man, entered
the bathroom. Ally whispered, “get on my lap, get your feet off the floor”; Michelle sat on Ally’s lap, facing in the
same direction, and hoped the man would not notice the puddle of pee and look closer, and notice the bare feet
were female…

Ally used this as a chance to work on Michelle more, she now had the girl siting naked on her lap and started
fingering her. Michelle objected at first, but at a whispered warning from Ally that someone would hear, was slowly
brought to an orgasm by Ally. Over the next 10 minutes or so men came in and out of the bathroom while,
unknown to them, Alyson Hannigan was sitting naked on the toilet with a 14 year old actress also naked on her
lap, being molested. At some point Michelle gave into the feelings and just lay back, with her feet against the
door she finally came once with two men peeing on the other side of the stall’s door and quietly thrashed and
spasmed against Ally. Michelle fell asleep, slumped against Ally, it was too much or her. Ally took some more
liberties with Michelle’s body, then left.

In her sleep Michelle dreamed of being chased and then raped by a twin-cocked demon with Ally’s face, strangely
enough it was exactly the same demon Ally imagined to be raping Gillian Anderson. Somewhere, in an alternate
universe, the demon smiled.

Michelle awoke a few minutes later, sitting naked and alone on the toilet. She stood up and grimaced as her feel
touched the puddle of pee; her skirt, shoes and blouse (all a lot worse for wear), were sitting on the top of the
toilet bowl. Michelle dressed (thinking, ‘those shoes are probably ruined for good’) and crept out of the men’s
bathroom, when she was in the corridor she breathed heavily. She had been abused by that horrible Alyson, her
ass and pussy ached and her thighs were covered in cum that was slowly drying. Michelle walked out to the
restaurant and looked around, there was Ally sitting at their table, happily digging into her dessert.

Michelle walked over and sat down, and ate her own dessert (that Ally had thoughtfully ordered for her) in silence
after first putting her jacket back on. Ally had a lot on her mind. Her humiliation of Michelle was far from over and,
frankly, Michelle had enjoyed herself way too much (at least, to Ally’s disturbed mind) by having two orgasms and
did not seem to be upset enough for her taste. Ally was also concentrating on Gillian Anderson who was sitting on
the other side of the room talking to some people who she vaguely recognized as TV executives. Ms Anderson
was dressed in a simple, yet elegant, black dress and black pantyhose or stockings. Ally was continuing to
fantasize about things she would like to do to Ms Anderson.

Her latest fantasy was Gillian and herself had gone out to dinner together and Ally invited Gillian home to her
apartment. There she seduced the slightly drunk Gillian and had somehow allowed herself to be handcuffed
spreadeagled to Ally’s bed (which was equipped and ready for just such and occasion) – she had done this to
other women before. In the fantasy Ally went to work on Gillian with her large array of sex toys, some of which
were very nasty and had all been used on a defenseless Ally at one time or another, and held her captive for a
few days until Gillian was her own compliant sex toy. Then, to Ally’s confusion, the multi-cocked demon burst into
the room and smiled a horrible grin as it advanced on both women…

Michelle ate in silence and watched fascinated as Ally stared at Gillian Anderson across the room for a few
minutes, almost unconsciously rubbing the font of her jeans and silently muttering to herself – Ally was clearly
disturbed and Michelle felt sorry for her. She seemed to zone out and was almost in a trance, but she suddenly
awoke with a start. Ally turned to Michelle and seemed for a moment not to recognize her, but then smiled, “we
have a lot more shit to do.”

Michelle was genuinely concerned for Ally, “are you OK? You look… troubled.”

Ally was angry, and whispered, “fuck you, Michelle. Let’s leave.”

A short time later Ally had paid the bill and both girls were in Ally’s SUV, she tossed a cell phone to Michelle, “call
your mother, tell her you are having so much fun with Ally that you may be late.” Michelle did this, and also
handed the phone over to Ally to speak with her mother; Ally was charming and soon she had permission to keep
Michelle out as late as she wanted.

A while later they turned into a car park of a large apartment building, and soon after that they were in Ally’s
large and expensively furnished, but strangely soulless apartment. Ally left Michelle alone and showed her a
bathroom where she could ‘freshen up’ and ‘get out of those clothes’ – Michelle freshened up but decided to keep
her clothes and was soon wandering about the apartment, when she came to Ally’s wall of photos.

These were photos of Ally standing next to some famous and not-so-famous people and were mildly interesting,
but Michelle came to some REALLY interesting photos – these were of women (and some men) in some very
unusual situations. One that caught her eye was Ally’s co-star, Sarah Michelle Gellar, handcuffed and chained
speadeagled on her back to a bed with some object (probably an unusually large vibrator) in her pussy – she
seemed to be in the throes of ecstasy. In another, Ms Gellar was blindfolded on her hands and knees with some
large objects in her ass and pussy, he eyes were rolled back and she was drooling. Another, that turned her
stomach, was of the actress Natalie Portman, who looked stoned, being fucked from behind by a large dog. What
the hell was Ally doing, and why would she keep those photographs in public view?

Michelle moved on and came to a room full of video equipment, Michelle looked at the titles of the tapes and DVDs
scattered about, “SMG – multi-vibrator” and “Natalie – blackmail tape.” Michelle noticed a DVD that read “Britney
– virginity lost backstage,” (actually, it read “BRITNEY!!!!”) she gasped, she loved Britney! Michelle was about to
play that DVD when she heard a seductive voice behind her, Ally. Ally was right at her back and whispered, “do
you like my collection?”

Michelle turned around, Ally was wearing a short, tight red dress, that was short enough she could see the tops
of Ally’s red stockings – Michelle had to admit, she looked beautiful…

“Ally, what’s all this stuff?”

“I made some of these tapes, me and other collectors bring the participants together.”


“Well, say I have this Natalie Portman tape that is very incriminating and someone else has, say, an Angelina Jolie
blackmail tape; we give both of them an option of putting on a show together or we release the blackmail tapes.
In fact, we have that tape already,” Ally held up a DVD with ‘Angelina/Natalie Limo Fuck’ written over the front,
“this one really should be ‘Limo Rape.’ Natalie was not into the scene at all, so Angelina had to encourage her. She
and the limo driver held her down while 3 or 4 of his friends tore her clothes of; it got a bit rough – it was all
filmed in a limo just before the Academy Awards, or something like that. It’s a good tape.”

Michelle shuddered, she really had to get out to here, “How did you blackmail Natalie Portman?”

“By pure luck I saw her one night in a bar, she was stoned and drunk; the crowd forced her on top of the bar and
was encouraging her to strip. I let it happen, of course, and then let her masturbate a bit for the crowd, they
then dragged her into he crowd and started taking turns forcing her to give blow jobs, but after 4 or 5 I ‘rescued’
her and brought her here. I then called a friend of mine who has this large trained dog. I first got Natalie in the
mood, then I let the dog loose on her – the dog fucked Natalie’s brains out and, when we unchained her, she did
some really disturbing things to that dog. Basically, I told Natalie; do the Angelina Jolie limo fuck tape or I release
the dog tape.”

“What about this SMG stuff, that’s Sarah Michelle Gellar, right?”

“Oh, that wasn’t blackmail, we got drunk together one night and she passed out in my apartment, so I amused
myself chaining her to my bed and fucking her with a whole bunch of vibrators. Have you ever seen a girl have a
10 minute orgasm and lose complete control of her bodily functions – well, it’s all on tape. I never really intended
to hurt Sarah since she’s a good friend, but I got this Britney tape from one of her roadies I may bring them
together. Maybe get Sarah to fuck Britney with a strap-on dildo. Maybe chain them to a wall and let 50 horny
fans at them.”

“What’s the Britney tape?”

Ally laughed, “oh, it’s a good one. One night during a concert a bunch of roadies got so tired of reading the ‘is she
a virgin?’ stories they decided to settle the issue. During the break in a concert about 5 or so of these guys
cornered and stripped her, then proceeded to fuck her. She went off stage from one song as a virgin and did the
next song as a definite non-virgin,” Ally smiled, “it’s great stuff.”

Michelle rolled her eyes, Ally was sick. She looked Ally in the eyes, “you do realize you have serious problems?
Even forgetting about me or these tapes I saw you when you were staring at Gillian Anderson, you looked almost
insane and were muttering to yourself.”

Ally looked at Michelle, she wasn’t used to her victims showing any compassion for her, “Michelle, dear, you don’t
understand. I had this really vivid fantasy going of a multi-cocked demon fucking Agent Scully, it’s nothing more
than that.”

Michelle went white, “what did the demon look like…”

“Umm… six, seven or more feet tall, scaly with wings, tentacles and a whole bunch of penises. Why?

“When I was sleeping on the toilet in the men’s room I had a short nightmare about the same thing, although in
my dream the demon had your face.”

Ally said, “that’s weird, I…”

There was a BANG! and a flash and a blast of hot foul-smelling air. A large demon, matching Ally’s description, had
appeared in the room. Michelle screamed, Ally stepped back in terror. The demon looked at the girls and smiled an
evil grin. It was over seven feet tall, covered in brown and green scales and had large bat wings. It also had a
large number of tentacles and prehensile penises flailing about.

The demon looked at the horror-stricken girls and spoke in a deep voice, “Willow, I believe, and Dawn?”

Ally spoke, her voice shaking, but in control, “No, I am Ally, Alyson and this is Michelle. Although, I do play the
role of Willow Rosenberg on television.”

The demon ignored Ally and turned to Dawn who had backed up to a wall, her eyes were almost popping out of
her head and she was trembling.

The demon moved to Michelle and said, “you are a beautiful girl. Are you a virgin.”

Michelle only managed to shake her head, but Ally said, “she is technically not a virgin.”

“Technically? We will have to change that.”

The demon lifted some tentacles and ran them over Michelle’s blouse, under the jacket, a couple of tentacles
pulled the blouse from her skirt’s waistband while another snapped the buttons off, one at a time and tossed them
across the room. The blouse was then pulled apart to reveal Michelle’s bra. Tentacles now roamed over Michelle’s
exposed upper body. The tentacles were not slimy or gross, rather they were warm and vibrated and felt good,
but Michelle was still almost out of her mind in terror. Ally made a move to leave the room, but the demon turned
and glared at her – so she stayed put.

After some caressing a tentacle slipped between Michelle’s boobs and with one cut slit the front of her bra,
exposing her boobs. The demon muttered, “mmm, nice” and proceeded to knead the boobs, concentrating on
Michelle’s nipples. Michelle closed her eyes in pleasure, it felt good. Soon her aureoles were puffy and pink and her
small nipples were rock-hard.

The demon caressed Michelle’s upper body with most of it’s tentacles; Michelle tilted her head back and moaned.
She barely noticed as the demon grabbed her ankles with two tentacles and spread her legs far apart. Ally was
watching all this when the demon turned its head to her and grinned, showing of a set of vicious looking yellow
teeth. Two tentacles snaked over and grabbed her by the waist, lifted her, and carried her to Michelle – so her
face was right at Michelle’s boobs. The tentacles squeezed Ally’s waist and she got the idea, she started to suck
and tongue Michelle’s tits, moving up a bit to kiss her neck and face and then kissed her on the lips. What
Michelle did not see was that a tentacle had unzipped Ally’s dress and snaked itself down Ally’s back, inside her
panties and was feeling around her asshole. Ally pulled away from Michelle as the tentacle forced its way into her
ass and moaned in pleasure; within a few seconds Ally was on the verge of an orgasm, and the demon had not
touched her cunt yet.

Ally continued to kiss and bit Michelle’s tits, now with an extra fierceness. Michelle, for her part, was still being
caressed by the tentacles, mainly on her legs but also on her chest and back. The demon then moved Ally aside
and laid her on the floor, now Michelle saw the tentacle snaking inside Ally’s dress which stayed there as she lay
on the floor, Ally was furiously masturbating herself through her panties and her face was a mask of pleasure.

The demon then turned to face Michelle, he lifted her skirt and bunched it around her waist and started to run a
tentacle up and down the front of her panties, Michelle’s eyes were wide open in terror, but the feeling was so
good she also moaned. Then, with a small tearing of fabric, one of the penises moved up and cut through the
front of her panties and pulsed as it moved into her cunt. The penis moved about 10 inches of its length inside
then expanded in diameter, and soon a four inch diameter pulsing ribbed penis was moving inside Michelle. The
tentacles continued to spread her legs apart and Michelle almost immediately had an orgasm, which did not stop.
Her eyes rolled back in her head, both at the pain and pleasure, and she started drooling as the demon lifted her
of the ground with the penis, which was dripping some sort of lubricating slime.

Ally, still with a tentacle up her butt and working through a series of orgasms shakily stood up, she tried to zip her
dress, but was too weak to do it. She turned to look and watched in amazement as the demon used the tentacles
to spin Michelle on its penis, that was poking through the front of her panties; soon she was spinning around and
around, her head tilted back, eyes rolled back, as she moaned and grunted in the pleasure of a continuous
orgasm. The demon then stopped the spinning, tilted Michelle forward so her butt poked out then brought a large,
maybe 4 or 5 inch diameter, penis up to her butthole. A tentacle gently moved her panties aside and the penis
started to force it’s way inside Michelle’s butt, spurting some sort of lubricating slime as it went. Michelle
screamed with pain as the large object violated her ass, but also with pleasure as the other penis continued to
pulse in her cunt (and it had also increased its diameter). Ally started to worry for Michelle’s life.

Soon the demon was fucking Michelle with these two huge prehensile penises and Michelle simply lost control of
herself. The demon moved her up to its body and held her like a baby as she continuously moaned and grunted,
her eyes rolled way back in her skull, she was drooling and sweating and piss and shit were squeezing out of her
ass and pussy, staining the remains of her clothes. The demon held Michelle like this for a long time as it turned to
face Ally.

“My Queen Willow, I am at your service.”

“It’s Ally, please remove that thing from my butt,” the tentacle pulled out with enough speed to tear the dress
and panties of Ally’s body, leaving her standing in red stockings and shoes. She looked up at Michelle, lying
against the demon’s body in the throes of a continuous orgasm. Michelle was now grunting like a pig and drooling
uncontrollably, her eyes were still open but rolled back in her skull. Ally composed herself, “who… who the fuck are

“Queen Willow,” Ally started, but then decided not, to correct the demon, “I have watched you from afar and
offer my services.” A penis snaked up to Ally’s shaved cunt and she let it force its way in, it very gently fucked
her and brought her close to an orgasm while they spoke.

This was interesting, “what can you do for me, demon?”

“Almost anything, my queen. Anything sexual, that is, I will help you but in exchange you have to throw me
morsels like this girl from time to time. What do you want me to do to her?”

“What are my options?” Ally was now more in control (but still being fucked by a penis as she stood there, with
legs slightly apart)

“I can fuck her to death…”

“No. I don’t think so.”

“I can make her pregnant, she will give birth to my child in about a week.”

“Noooo….” Interesting, but it would cause a lot of trouble.

“I can simply let her go.” She will be in terror of you and me but she will never have as good a fuck as me – she
will be your slave.

Ally smiled, “I like that, let her go.”

Instantly, the two penises contracted in diameter and pulled out of Michelle, dropping her to the floor where she
lay in her stained skirt, ruined panties and still wearing her shoes, almost in a coma – covered in drool, sweat,
piss, shit and demon lubrication slime. Michelle was aware of what was going on, her mind was reeling in horror
and she was in pain; however she wanted more – the orgasm was so fucking good. Michelle fell asleep.

Ally turned to the demon, “just leave me now. How to I call you.”

“Queen Willow, just call and I will be here. I can be visible to your enemies or invisible, whatever you want. But, I
cannot leave.”


“I have given this little morsel her pleasure, now I need mine.”

Ally looked at Michelle with some sadness, “you won’t kill her?”

The demon smiled, “no!”

The demon picked up the sleeping Michelle up and spun her around, placing her on the ground with her ass in the
air. He first forced one of the penises into Michelle’s cunt, but unlike last time he simple forced a full 5 inch
diameter cock right in. Michelle awoke with a scream and continued to scream as the monster pumped her from
behind, she was continuing to orgasm but unlike the last time she screamed in pain with each thrust. Soon a
second penis thrust its way into her ass and Michelle continued to scream and moan as she alternately felt the
most incredible pain and pleasure. After a few minutes of this a third penis snaked into her mouth and a tentacle
started to move her head up and down over it, soon Michelle was giving the first blowjob of her life to a demon,
as her head lifted she would either scream in pain or moan or grunt in extreme pleasure.

After maybe another 5 minutes, during which Ally seriously thought Michelle would die, the demon howled and
came in her ass, pussy and mouth, the volume of demon cum was too much to fit inside such a small girl so the
demon pulled out and pumped cum over Michelle for a full five minutes, during which time Ally probably saved her
life by moving in and clearing her nose. After it spent itself the demon turned to ‘Queen Willow’ and said, “what
are your orders?”

“Well, go now… tomorrow we have to visit a certain Gillian Anderson. She needs to be punished badly.”

“A good choice,” the demon vanished, but not before saying, “I think I would like to try two cocks up her ass.”

Ally gently picked up the cum covered girl, who was crying silently, and took her to the bathroom where she
stripped off her remaining clothes and showered her, she then let Michelle sleep. While she slept Ally closely
inspected Michelle’s body and was surprised to see little evidence of physical damage – it was probably a demon
thing, if you did no damage your victims too much you could rape them more often..

Michelle awoke in her bed, somehow Ally had got her home. She wondered for a moment if last night was a dream,
but the ache in her pussy and cunt said otherwise – she staggered to the bathroom and had a shower. She was
worried hat she had received some serious physical damagre, but she managed to masturbate and give herself an
orgasm, however it was nothing compared to that demon. She shuddered to think of the horror of being abused
by that monster.

A while later Michelle learned she got the Buffy role, and soon after that she had her first day on the set. She met
everyone on the set, cast and crew, and they were wonderful. Sarah was particularly nice but Michelle could not
help but smile when she thought of the tapes in Ally’s apartment, she wondered I she could watch the
Sarah/Britney tape being made.. She last went to Ally’s dressing room and had a long talk where she was told that
she was now Ally’s slave, all the while staring at Gillian Anderson who was sitting naked at Ally’s side, wearing a
collar and leash with a vacant expression on her face that had the hint of some horror she had experienced. Ally
explained that if she did what she was told the demon would give her a ‘good working over’ now and then. Ally did
not add that all she could do was ask the demon to fuck her, but the demon had explained that it sometimes lost
control. Otherwise, Ally explained. “I will tell it to rape you to death.”

Michelle walked away from Ally’s dressing room; she had the job but her next few years would be filled with horror
– she hoped she would survive.

The End…

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