Interviewing…Skylar and Ellen

Title: Interviewing…Skylar and Ellen

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Kate Abdo, Skylar Diggins, Ellen Hoog

Codes: oral, MF, anal, rimjob, FF, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

As much as I enjoyed having my fellow sports presenters on Sportswomen Uncovered, the whole point of the show was for Kate and I to delve into the secrets of some of the hottest sportswomen around and seduce them after the show. So, despite how much fun the last show had been, we were happy to get back to having stars from the world of sport on our show in Skylar Diggins and Ellen Hoog.

Skylar Diggins is one of the star of the Dallas Wings’ women’s basketball team and has also featured for the American national team, winning gold at the World Championships in 2014. Ellen Hoog is a Dutch field hockey player who has won Olympic gold and silver medals and, if she is anything like the other hockey players to have appeared on the show, has a lot of secrets to tell.

Both women were relatively unknown to the worldwide sports community, and to me and Kate, but when they came out onto the set, we knew we’d remember them. Skylar looked incredible and completely unlike a professional basketball player when she appeared in a leather jumpsuit which exaggerated her figure beautifully. Ellen was not to be outdone though, staying true to her Netherlands roots, in an orange dress that showed her never-ending legs.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, admiring the two unknown beauties. “Now, you’re both relatively unknown to our viewers, compared to our usual guests, so why don’t you introduce yourselves?”

“Well, I play basketball in America for the Dallas Wings,” Skylar answered. “I represented USA at the World Championships, winning gold, and have been in and around the squad ever since then. My dream is to play at the Olympics and win gold but injury ruined any chance of playing in Rio.”

“I’m a Netherlands field hockey player, who won gold at the London Olympics in 2012 and in Beijing in 2008,” Ellen Hoog introduced herself. “I took silver in Rio in 2016 along with my teammates and am planning on regaining our title in 2020. I was voted the sexiest hockey player recently and am very proud of that achievement.”

“Quite rightly,” Kate said, smiling at Ellen. “Both of you were nominated for hottest sportswoman as well, which you failed to mention. Is the talk of how sexy you are distracting from your game?”

“It doesn’t bother me,” Ellen said, smiling. “I think it’s just a flattering bonus. You don’t really pay attention to anything other than the match when you’re out on the pitch so it just fades into insignificance. Obviously, all the complimentary tweets and comments are nice, but hockey’s more important.”

“Yeah, I agree with Ellen,” Skylar said. “Obviously for basketball, it’s indoors so the cheers and catcalls echo but you just get on with the game. I do love the fact that I’m admired though, even when I’m sweaty and unattractive.”

“That’s probably one of the factors,” I replied. “Relationships can be tough on professional sportspeople, but Skylar you recently got engaged. How’s that going for you?”

“It’s been good,” Skylar replied, “really good. With him in the same sport, it makes it easier with similar training schedules and the like, but no, we’re pretty happy.”

“Ellen, what about you?” Kate asked. “Any plans to settle down?”

“Well I’ve had a boyfriend on off for the past few years, so it’s never really become a thing,” Ellen answered. “As soon as I retire from hockey, I think I will want to settle down, get married and maybe start a family, but for now, I’m pretty happy.”

“Let’s move to the fun bit,” I said, smiling widely. “Sex. How are the respective sex lives?”

“Mine’s pretty good, actually,” Skylar replied. “It gets a lot busier in the off-season because we try and refrain before big matches, so usually once a week. But we catch up for lost time when we’re not playing. When I was injured, it practically stopped altogether, though, which wasn’t good.”

“As I said, I’ve been on and off with my boyfriend for a few years, so it depends which stage we’re at,” Ellen replied. “Currently, we’re not together, which means any sex I have tends to be one night stands. They frown upon it when we’re away with the Dutch team, but the clubs don’t care so that’s always good.”

“So when you’re not having sex, masturbation happens, right?” Kate asked, almost accusingly.

“Of course,” Skylar replied, smiling at Kate. “It was the only thing that kept me going during my injury lay-off, especially as I couldn’t have sex. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t masturbate and trust me, when you’re injured like I was, you have to do it to keep you sane.”

“Yeah, everyone masturbates,” Ellen replied, “especially when the coaches ban sex from the big games. I know I feel I need to get off to play my best hockey and so, masturbating helps me do that. I’ve been doing it a lot lately for some reason, though, but I really don’t know why.”

“Georgie Twigg and Alex Danson of the Great Britain hockey team said they’ve walked in on teammates having fun, have either of you done that in your respective sports?” I asked, beginning to get aroused.

“Well,” Skylar answered, getting my hopes up, “I haven’t walked in on my teammates having fun together, but I did witness an incredibly hot masturbation session from our Aussie, Erin Phillips. She seemed to like having an audience and I’ve always wanted to suggest we do it together, but never plucked up the courage.”

“Naomi Van As,” Ellen answered, giving just a name. “She’s the biggest slut in the Netherlands’ team. I’ve walked in on her masturbating, or with one of the other girls countless times. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a fantastic lover, I’ve been with her myself, but she doesn’t give a damn about privacy.”

Kate had noticed my growing cock and began to help me out as she asked the final question, “What’s your biggest sexual fantasies?”

“I think having sex on the court after a final or in the changing rooms while one’s going on,” Skylar answered. “I’ve always wanted to fuck at my place of work, and those are the two hottest scenarios I could think of.”

“An orgy on the hockey pitch,” Ellen answered, smiling as she watched Kate slowly jerk my cock. “All the girls involved, and we just go down on each other for ages. It would be messy and wet, especially on a water-based pitch, but it would be a hell of a lot of fun.”

“Thanks very much ladies,” I concluded, with Kate’s tongue now licking the tip of my cock. “Join us next week on Sportswomen Uncovered when we’ll be joined by gold medallist from Rio, Monica Puig. See you then.”

As Kate decided neither her or I could take the suspense any longer and wrapped her lips around my cock and began to suck, my eyes immediately went to see what Ellen and Skylar were doing. The openness of the two women had surprised me, given the fact their popularity was fairly low-key, but don’t get me wrong I’d been delighted to hear how sexually open they both were.

Both Ellen and Skylar were now watching Kate’s blowjob with a look of contemplation on their faces and I knew exactly what they were debating. On the one hand, there were fiancés and on-off boyfriends to think about, but on the other, there was an opportunity to join what clearly looked like it was going to be a very sexually rewarding session.

Ellen was first to make a decision and the Dutch hockey star decided that what her boyfriend didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, and made her way up and over to the sofa where Kate was going down on my cock. Skylar was caught in two minds but her eyes widened in surprise as Ellen sat down next to me, hitched up her orange dress and guided my free hand to start rubbing her dampening pussy.

I couldn’t believe how forward Ellen was and even though I knew hockey girls were very forward, having been with a fair few myself, I still couldn’t quite comprehend the reactions of not only Ellen, but the England hockey girls when they’d been on the show. Skylar Diggins was now watching the blowjob from Kate and my masturbation of Ellen’s pussy and was finding it harder to stay out of the fun.

Eventually, she decided that her fiancé need never know about her night of pleasure with us, and she stood up, unzipping her leather jumpsuit as she did so, and letting it fall to the ground, exposing the fact she was wearing no bra and a tight thong. Her pussy was already dampening as she walked over and sat down next to Ellen, taking the hockey star’s hand and guiding it to her own pussy.

Knowing all four of us were now in it for the long haul, I decided to up the ante a little bit and change the positions. Removing my hand from Ellen Hoog’s pussy, I stood up and took off my clothes, before stripping Kate Abdo so we were now both completely naked. Then, exchanging a smile with one another, we moved to our guests respectively, Kate to Skylar and me to Ellen, ready to pleasure them properly.

Crouching down on the floor so I was within licking distance of Ellen’s pussy, I brought my fingers back up to her clit and continued my rubbing from before. This time, though, I had no qualms about worries and slowly eased two of my fingers inside her well-lubricated pussy to her obvious delight. She moaned in pleasure as she felt me begin to finger her and looked down at me, smiling, almost willing me on.

Next to me, Kate had taken a slightly different approach with Skylar Diggins and had decided to dive in on the black basketball player, delving her tongue to lick up and down Skylar’s pussy, having pushed the thong aside. Skylar was loving the ferocity of Kate’s pussy-licking and was soon making consistent moans of pleasure as Kate did what she does best.

I couldn’t resist getting a taste of Ellen, especially with Kate clearly enjoying the taste of Skylar, and I parted the beautiful Dutch player’s pussy lips, having stopped my fingering, and brought my tongue in to taste her juices. I licked slowly up and down her pussy lips before settling on a steadier pace, hearing moans as I worked my tongue on her crotch.

Soon, both Kate and I were working away at our two guests pussies’ and we could both feel them nearing their orgasms. However, I suddenly decided to make a decision that I wanted Ellen to wait before she orgasmed, keep her on the edge of her climax. Withdrawing my tongue from her pussy, I watched her moan in annoyance but this soon turned to pleasure, as I pressed my hard cock against her pussy entrance and thrust inside her.

I’d fucked all five of the England hockey stars when they’d been on the show and they’d all been fantastic fucks with great stamina and Ellen was no different. Hockey players had always been my favourite types of girl to fuck and as soon as I thrust inside Ellen, she seemed eager to keep my stereotype up. She pushed forward into my cock and was soon timing her thrusts with my own so that we were both experiencing maximum pleasure.

Meanwhile, Kate was busy working on Skylar and bringing her closer to orgasm. As I watched on while fucking Ellen Hoog, Skylar announced her orgasm was overcoming her and, lo and behold, it arrived seconds later, with a huge scream from the American and juices splashing over Kate’s awaiting tongue where they were lapped up with pleasure.

It was a hot sight to watch the black basketball star’s juices explode over Kate’s face but her reaction was even hotter. Not allowing herself any recovery time, Skylar immediately spun herself around and thrust her ass into Kate’s face. Kate was taken aback by this action but recovered herself quickly enough to begin to lick Skylar’s asshole, something I had never witnessed Kate do before; her only ass play with me had been when Eugenie Bouchard had given her a rimjob.

Watching Kate go to town on Skylar’s ass gave me a new lease of life and I fucked Ellen Hoog harder and faster than I had been doing before, bringing myself closer to orgasm. However, Ellen had been on the edge of her climax before, and this increase in pace meant that she had absolutely no chance of controlling herself this time.

Ellen’s screams of pleasure seemed loud enough to be heard from a mile away and I could feel her juices flow over my cock as I continued to pound her pussy. The sexy Dutch hockey player was rubbing her tits as she screamed in orgasm and I could feel my own climax building, watching her reach her own.

Kate had momentarily stopped licking Skylar’s ass to watch Ellen’s orgasm but resumed straight away to moans from the basketball star and I could think of nothing better than delving my cock inside the black sportswoman’s ass. However, Ellen had certainly justified taking my cum and I continued to pound her as she looked up at me seductively, almost willing me to squirt inside her wordlessly.

I couldn’t make her wait any longer and with one big thrust, my cock exploded inside Ellen Hoog’s pussy, filling her with my cum and mixing my juices with her own. Ellen moaned as I held my cock inside her pussy, waiting until all my cum had filled her up before pulling it out and offering it to her to lick clean, which she did gratefully.

As much as I’d enjoyed my love-making with Ellen Hoog, I wanted nothing more than to push my cock into the now-lubed-up asshole of Skylar Diggins. So, I pulled my cock out of Ellen’s mouth and moved over to line it up with Skylar’s asshole, Kate moving out of the way as she read my intentions. She wasn’t left on her own for long though as she was pushed onto the floor by Ellen and immediately attacked as the hockey star straddled her, the two women wrapped in a 69.

I pushed my cock inside Skylar’s asshole and was not surprised to find that it wasn’t that tight; the American was obviously a great fan of assplay and anal sex. I began to work a rhythm from behind, grabbing hold of and massaging her tits as I thrust inside her, all the time met by moans of approval from the basketball star.

On the floor next to us, Ellen and Kate were enjoying each other’s pussies, making each other moan through the use of their tongues and fingers. I knew Kate would still be able to taste my cum inside Ellen’s pussy and I was also aware Kate had not yet cum and so her pussy would be incredibly fragile and thus, she would be very close to climax already.

I focused all my attention on Skylar though, and continued to ram her ass with my cock, noticing that the harder and rougher I fucked her, the more she seemed to moan in pleasure. I squeezed her tits and pounded her asshole and I knew that we were both in full ecstasy and both nearing our second orgasms of the evening.

However, Kate was reaching hers and when Ellen parted her pussy lips wider and delved her tongue right in, my co-host could take no more. She withdrew her mouth from Ellen’s pussy to let out a huge moan of pleasure as her juices flowed onto the hockey star’s face and were lapped up with the same seductive grin that Ellen had given me, just after I’d made her cum.

As soon as Kate had recovered, she immediately resumed her work at trying to return the favour to Ellen Hoog and the sexy Dutch star stopped her own oral pleasure to moan in encouragement. I sensed that all three of us were close to our orgasms but what happened next was something I could not believe.

As Ellen released her juices over Kate’s awaiting tongue, Skylar rubbed her pussy to orgasm with me pounding my ass. The sight and sound of these two things occurring at the same time brought me to my own climax, and I just managed to withdraw my cock from Skylar’s ass and turn her round before I exploded over her face and tits. Two lesser known stars but the same result, god I loved this show.

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