The New Life Of Jessica Alba

This story is a work of pure fiction and has nothing to do with reality. It is completly unrealistic and was written
to entertain the mature readers only. If you are a minor and/or can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality
do not read any further.

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The new life of Jessica Alba – Chapter 1: the vacation that changed everything

Jessica Alba kicked angrily against her motorcycle. “Fuck”, she yelled. “Why must this damned
thing run out of
gas just here?” She shook her head and decided to follow the street, sooner or later she would for sure find a
telephon. After she had walked for over two hours through the emptiness of the desert, she wished she’d never
started this vacation.

Eventually she saw a house off the street, dozens of motorcycles were standing in front of it. She didn’t have a
good feeling about it, but she knew that she didn’t have a big choice. If she didn’t want to walk through the
desert for hundreds of miles she needed a telephone. She knocked on the door and a huge man opened it. He was
far over 6 feet tall and looked like a bodybuilder. His long hair hung down in front of his scarc-covered face and
his black, worn out leatherclothes were covered with dust and dirt. “Hi sweetheart”, he said with a big grin and
his foul-smelling breath blew against her. “What can I do for you?” Jessica swallowed. “My motorcycle broke
down, may I use your telephon please?” He nodded and stepped aside. “Sure, come in.” Jessica entered the house
and he closed the door after her. Then everything happened within seconds, before she could react he had
grabbed her from behind an pushed a knife at her neck. “Keep quiet now”, he hissed. “You don’t want me do
become nervous.” Jessica was paralyzed with fear. “Please…”, she whispered, but he interrupted her. “Shut up, I
take you to the boss. He is always glad if young, beautiful Girl come to visit us.” He led her through the house
and Jessica knew, that she was in big trouble. The house was a mess, empty beerbottles were lying around and
most of the furnishing has been demolished. She was brought into a big room, which was filled with many
people. Jessica guessed, that it had to be at least twenty men an nearly just as much women. They all were
wearing similar black leatherclothes with miscellaneous badges on it. “Oh no”, thought Jessica as she realized,
that she had gotten into the hands of a gang. At the end of the room was a man – the leader of the gang – sitting
in a big armchair. Jessica was thrown to the ground before him and looked at him fearfully. He was nearly as
huge as the man that had opened the door. His skin was suntanned and his greazy, black hair was soaked with
sweat. Countless scars and tattoos covered his body and his eyes were glistening threateningly. “Look at this,
who do we have here”, he said with a big grin. Jessica jumped to her feet. “Let me go at once. Your behavior is
outrageous.” They all started to laugh, intensifying Jessicas anger. The leader of the gang, his name was Carlos,
suddenly pulled a gun. “Our behaviour will bevome even more outrageous”, he said grinning. “Take off your
clothes.” “They are going to rape me”, thought Jessica and this realization hit her like an punch in the gut. “No”,
she said and started to cry. “Please dont do this.” Carlos shrugged his shoulders. “It’s your choice, either you
undress or you are nothing more than food for the vultures.” He aimed the gun at her. “What do you think, how
long will you be able to survive in the desert with shattered knees?” Jessica was shaking, those people would kill
her without turning a hair. She knew, that she had to obey if she wanted tu survive. Hesitating she opened the
zipper of her leather suit, she took her shoes off and dropped her suit. Now she was standing in front of all those
strangers dressed only in her white underwear. Her hard nipples were standing out against the thin fabric of her
bra. Carlos indicated her to continue, and so she did. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and opened her bra.
Now, as her breasts were exposed to the crowd, they started cheering at her and called her a whore and a slut.
Jessica knew what they wanted next and that she had no chance to avoid it. She hooked her thumbs into the
waistband of her panties and pulled it down with a swift motion. Again the whole croud started to cheer and to
whistle. Jessica was now totally nude an trying to cover her body with her hands, she had never in her life felt so
embarrassed. “Hands behind your back, spread your legs.” Carlos did not ask her to do it, he ordered it. Jessica
knew to well that she had no other chance, so she obeyed. “Very nice”, Carlos said satisfied. “Now I want you to
get on your knees, crawl over to me and give me a blow-job. I want to feel your hot lips around my dick.” Jessica
was shocked, she just stood there crying, unable to move for only an inch. “LISTEN, CUNT”, Carlos suddenly
OFF.” Jessica winced at this thought, she was sure that he would would do this to her if she didn’t to what he
demanded. Slowly she sunk to her knees and crawled crying towards him. With shaking hands she opened his
pants an took his semi-erect cock out. The smell, that came from his cock made her feel sick. “Come on, lick it.
Lick my cock.” With great effort Jessica managed to overcome her disgust. She slowly touched his dick with the
tip of her tounge, then she started to let her tongue slide along it. Carlos groaned and his cock grew to its full size
of nearly twelve inch. He grabbed Jessicas hair and she knew what he wanted. Hesitating she opened her mouth
and let his cock slide in. “Don‘t dare to bite me”, Carlos hissed, but Jessica wouldn’t have done it anyway. She
was far to scared. She just wanted to get this over with, so she held her eyes closed and tried to satisfy him as
good as she could. Deeply ashamed she noticed that her nipples became even harder and that her cunt was
soaking wet. And, to her dismay, the gangmembers noticed that too. “She likes it”, one of them yelled. “This
whore is dripping wet”, screamed another and all of them started laughing. Carlos saw over to his friends an
grinned, then he pushed his dick deep into Jessicas throat. She choked and tried to free from his grip, but she had
no chance. His both hands were buried in her hair while he fucked her face brutally. He had no mercy, for
minutes he fucked her like that, again and again he pushed his enormous dick deep down her throat. After what
seemed like an eternity for Jessica he finally came. With one last brutal thrust he shove his dick into her mouth
an pumped his seed down her throat. Jessica had no other choice then to swallow. “YES”, he screamed.
“SWALLOW. SWALLOW MY JUICE, YOU DIRTY CUNT.” When he finally let off from her Jessica
collapsed on the floor, she was breathing heavily and a mixture of saliva and sperm was running out of her
mouth. She felt like she had to throw up, the horrid taste of Carlos still heavy on her tongue. “We are lucky my
friends. She is born to be a cocksucker.” Jessica looked humiliated at Carlos. “Please let me go. I promise not to
tell anybody about you.” Again they all were laughing at her. “It would be unfair to let you go now”, answered
Carlos. “At first all of us should have the pleasure to enjoy your oral skills.” Jessica shook her head. “No, please
don’t…” “SHUT UP”, Carlos yelled at her. “YOU WILL DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO.” He looked at the
members of his gang. “Friends, please line up. This cunt here will now crawl to each of you, suck your dicks and
swallow you sperm.” Jessica became ashen as she heard what Carlos wanted her to do. “I cannot do this”, she
said over and over. She looked at Carlos, shame and anger gave her the strength to resist. “I will not do this”, she
said with trembling voice. “Kill me if you have to, but I will not do this.” Carlos just stood there and grinned.
“We will see, cunt. Soon enough you will beg to suck our cocks.” He pointed at some guys. “Carry her to the
playroom an tie her to the pool table. It’s time for her to learn that disobedience will be punished.” They grabbed
Jessica and dragged her away. She tried to fight them, but it was futil. Petite as she was she had no chance
against those muscular thugs. She was tied to the pool table with her arms and legs spread wide. She looked like
a big X. Carlos entered the room, followed by all members of his gang. Nobody wanted to miss the show and
nobody felt sorry for Jessica. “What do you have in your sick mind, you asshole”, asked Jessica angrily. Carlos
smiled at her and liftet his right hand for her to see the riding-crop he was holding. “This baby will convince you
that it’s better to obey. After ten hits on your beautiful boobs you will for sure be more cooperative.” Jessica
jerked at her bonds. “No, not my boobs. Please don’t, please…” WHAM! The first blow landed across her breasts
an interrupted her begging in a brutal manner. “AAAAAAAHHHHH”, Jessica screamed, never before she felt
such intense pain, but Carlos let her no time to recover. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! The next blows hit her in
rapid succession. Thick red welts appeared on her breasts and she screamed without stopping. All her muscles
were tense and she pulled at her bonds with all her strength, but without avail. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!
WHAM! Jessica could not longer stand this pain. By now she was crying and begging uncontrolled. “Please
stop. I can’t stand this any longer. I will do it, I will obey.” Carlos smiled cold-hearted. “Yes, you will obey.
I’am sure about that. But at first there are two hits left for you to get. Afterwards we will see what your promises
are worth.” Jessica shook her head in sheer panic. “No, you don’t havo to hit me anymore. I’ll behave, please,
I…” WHAM! WHAM! Once again her begging was interrupted by Carlos cruel blows. After that he waited
patient until she had calmed down, then he bent forward and kneaded her swollen boobs hard. “An now, beg.
Beg to be allowed to suck out cocks. Beg to swallow our sperm. Tell us how much you need it, cunt.” Jessicas
resistance was broken, at the moment she would do anything to avoid the blows of this cruel riding-crop.
“Please…., please let me lick… your cocks”, she whispered crying. “I need it…, I can’t wait to taste your…. sperm.
Please allow me to… wrap my lips around your stinking cock. I want you to… fuck my face, ram your cocks
down my throat. I deserve to be fucked hard…” Tears of shame were flowing down her cheeks and to her horror
she noticed, that her cunt again had gotten wet. “What is wrong with me”, she thought. “Why do I get aroused by
the things they do to me?” Carlos grinned at her and his golden teeth were glistening in the dimmed light of the
play room. “Okay fellows, line up. The fun is about to begin.” Carlos bent down to her again. “You should do
your best”, he whispered in her ear. “If my men are not pleased with your efforts, your cunt will get to know the
riding-crop.” She nodded panicked. She could hardly imagine how painful it would be to be hit on this part of
her body. She could barely stand the pain when the riding-crop hit her breast, to be hit on her most tender parts
would surely kill her. “I’ll do my best”, she answered quietly. Carlos nodded and freed her from her bonds. The
male members of the gang had meanwhile positioned themselves along the walls of the room. With dropped
pants they were waiting for their turn with Jessica. Carlos grabbed Jessicas hair and pulled her down from the
table. “You will crawl to each of them and beg them to be allowed to suck their cocks. Tell them what a dirty
cunt you are and that you can’t wait to swallow their juice.” Jessica surrendered to her fate, she was to afraid that
Carlos might hit her again. As she was ordered to do, she crawled to the first of the many men leaning against
the wall. “Please Sir, allow me to suck your cock”, she said ashamed, with tears running down her cheeks. “I am
a dirty cunt and… …I can’t wait to feel your hard cock down my throat and to swallow your juice.” The man
grinned as if he had won a million dollar. “Sure, make yourself at home”, he answered smirking.

Jessica managed to suppress her urge to vomit, hesitating she started to caress his cock with her tongue. He was
not as large as Carlos, but he too was smelling so bad, that Jessica could hardly breathe. She guessed, that the
last bath of those guys must have been a long time ago. After a few minutes he grabbed Jessicas hair and
rammed his dick down her throat. She could do nothing more than to hope that it would be over soon. Thick
drops of saliva were dripping from her chin and onto her naked breast. His movements finally became faster and
faster and Jessica knew, that he was about to come. He pulled his saliva covered dick out of her throat and
commanded her to take the tip of his cock between her lips. “Hold my juice in your mouth”, he said groaning.
“Do not swallow it unless I allowed you to.” Jessica obeyed. Her pouty lips clinched around his dick and he shot
his entire load into her mouth. Jessica had to fight not to disgorge it instantly. After he had finished she was
ordered to kneel before him and to open her mouth, so that he was able to see his big load of semen resting on
her tongue. “Allright”, he said after what seemed like an eternity for her. “You may swallow it.” Jessica
grimaced and swallowed, once again she had to fight her urge to vomit. Resigning she looked at the men, which
were waiting for their turn to come. “I will never make it”, she thought and crawled over to the next man, the
taste of her previous oral rape still heavy on her tongue. Again she begged in the most humiliating way to let her
suck him and again he was eager to give her his permission. In this way it went on and on until, after over an
hour, she finally had satisfied all of them. She was a mess, some of the men came on her face, her hair or her
breast instead of letting her swallow their cum. Exhausted she sank down on the floor, her jaws and tongue were
aching, her face was fully covered with sticky cum and she could not open her eyes. Her stomach was filled with
the cum she was forced to swallow and she just felt beaten. She did not even have the strength to speak.
Completely broken she waited for the things that Carlos would do to her now. He knelt down beside her. “This
was really impressing, cunt. I knew that you would like it.” Jessica did not answer, she let him grab her ankles
and did not resist as he rolled her on her back, so she was facing him. “It’s about time that your cunt and I get to
know us better.” With one hard thrust he rammed his cock deep into her tight hole. “You are all wet”, he said and
grinned at her. “Admit it, you need it. You need to be fucked, you slut.” Jessica just nodded weakly. Deep inside
her she knew that she was right. She hated him, she hated the things he did to her but her body was responding.
Her clit was throbbing and her cunt was wet like never before in her life. “What‘s wrong with me”, she thought
ashamed. Meanwhile Carlos hard strokes did not remain without effect to her. Without taking notice of it, Jessica
had begun to answer his moves. Her pelvis was moving back and forth rythmically and she shivered each time
Carlos drove his dick into her. Her nipples were fully erected and her moaning became louder and louder. Now
Carlos had her where he wanted her, he rammed his cock into her like a jackhammer until she came. Her mouth
opened for a soundless scream and her whole body was shaking. For seconds she was writhing in orgasmic
spasms, then she passed out. Carlos did not care about it and fucked her until he came too. With one last deep
thrust he shot his cum into her body. “Handcuff her behind her back and put her on the sofa in the next room”, he
said while he was standing up. “She needs a rest.”

After Jessica was carried away one of the female members of the gang stepped up to Carlos. “Hey boss”, she said
smiling. “I think that this was not fair from you.” He looked at her puzzled. “What do you mean, Sue?” She
smiled again. “What I mean is, that it is not fair, not to give us girls the opportunity to enjoy the tongue of your
new toy.” Carlos nodded. “You are right. When she wakes up, I want you to clean her and to give her something
to eat, then you and your girls can have her for a while.” He grinned. “I really want to watch this, it sounds like
great fun.” Sue licked her lips. “Thank you, I can hardly wait for it”, Sue answered.

A few hours later Jessica awoke screaming. When she tried to get up, she noticed her hands were cuffed behind
her back. “Oh no”, she thought shocked. “It was no a dream.” Sue, who was sitting beside Jessica for a while,
started to gently stroke her back. Jessica winced at her touch and turned around. She looked at Sue with tears
gleaming in her eyes. “Who are you? What do you want from me?” Sue smiled at Jessica. “My name is Sue. I
want to clean you, you really need a bath.” Jessica nodded suspiciously, she could feel the dried cum on her skin
and she knew that she had to smell really bad. “Allright”, she said quietly. “But please don’t hurt me.” Sue raised
her hands. “Hey, stay calm. Right now I have no intention to hurt you.” Jessica nodded although she didn’t like
the sound of the words ‘right now‘. She let Sue help her up and followed her to the bathroom, where Sue locked
the door and smiled at her. “I know who you are, Jessica”, she said. “And you are lucky that neither Carlos nor
the rest of the gang know you. He would for sure freak out if he’d knew that a famous actress had gotten into his
hands.” Jessica swallowed hard and looked frightened at Sue. “Are you going to tell him who I am?” Sue shook
her head. “No, there is no need for him to know it.” Jessica smiled weakly. “Thank you. Could you please take
those handcuffs off? They are really uncomfortable and my wrists are hurting already.” “No, I can’t do this. I
would be in big trouble if I did and Carlos would find out”, she answered and startet to fill the surprisingly clean
tub with water. “Furthermore”, she added. “We don’t want you to do something stupid.” “And how am I
supposed to clean myself”, Jessica asked. “I can’t do this with cuffed hands.” Sue smiled at her again. “I have
never said that you will clean youself. I said that I will clean you.” Jessica shocked backed off from Sue, but Sue
had expected this reaction. Quickly she grabbed Jessica by her hair and pulled her over. “If you are trying to
fight me I’ll have to call Carlos”, she said quietly. “Do you really want this?” Jessicas resistence meltet away. “I
am sorry, I will behave. Please do not call him.” Sue let go of her hair and Jessica climbed into the tub without
further complaints. “That’s a nice girl”, Sue said and started to undress. “Your life will be more easy if you do
what you are told to.” Jessica watched Sue undress with shocked fascination. Unable to turn her eyes away from
the beautiful body of the woman who soon would sit in a tub together with her. Sue was taller than Jessica and
had long, blond hair which she had plaited to a pigtail. She had very big breasts, brilliant blue eyes and her body
would make every model jealous. Sue noticed Jessicas gazes and winked at her. “What’s the matter? Do you like
what you see?” Jessica blushed and lowered her eyes. “No, I just have…, I…” “What? I do not please you”, Sue
asked with played disappointment and slipped into the tub behind Jessica. She leaned forward and gently kissed
Jessicas neck. “I don’t believe you”, she whispered. “I think that you can’t wait to be touched by me.” Jessica
shook her head and pulled at her cuffs. “Please don’t do this. I am not lesbian.” Sue grabbed Jessicas hair, pulled
her head backwards and looked her directly in the eyes. “You have to lern to obey, honey. Otherwise you will
get youself into really big trouble.” Jessica started to cry. “What more do you want from me? Haven’t you done
enough yet?” Sue softly kissed Jessicas cheek. “Carlos didn’t really start yet. Before he will let you go he will
use you in any way he wants. But after he is finished with you he will let you go. And that is the thought you
should always have in your mind, after you have gone through all this, you will return home. You will go back to
you life and eventually get over all this.” Jessica managed to stay calm. “You are not going to help me to
escape?” Sue again kissed Jessicas neck. “No, I can’t”, she answered. “You are one of them”, Jessica said sternly.
“You too want to abuse me.” Sue hugged Jessica from behind and held her close. “Listen, sweetie. I am going to
offer you something that could mean big trouble to me and I hope you do not betray me.” Jessica nodded. “I
appreciate any help I can get.” “Okay, if you want it I can tell you what Carlos might have planned with you.
You are not the first girl that got into his hands and so I know pretty well what he usually does with his guests.
Think carefully about your answer and remember that nothing you can du will prevent him from using you. If
you fight him he will punish you hard, just remember when he hit you breasts.” Jessica thought about it for a few
seconds, then she answered. “Okay, tell me about it. I’d rather want to know what is awaiting me. It is worse to
fear the unknown than to know what lies ahead.” Sue nodded. “Okay, since you did the blowjobs already, you
will for sure be fucked by all of the men, in your cunt as well as in you ass.” Jessica turned pale. “Anything else”,
she asked with trembling voice. “Yes”, answered Sue. “Right after you have been cleaned and eaten something
you will have to perform oral sex with all of the women.” “WHAT”, Jessica screamed, the idea of of being raped
by several men was horrifying enough, but the thought of being forced to lick strange women made her shiver.
“I cannot do this. I’ve never done anything like that, it’s sick. Why does he demand such a thing from me?” “I
don’t know”, Sue lied. “But it is nothing evil, really not. It is something beautiful and you should not be afraid of
it.” Sue leaned back against the tub and pulled Jessica with her, so that she was now resting on Sues breasts.
“Close your eyes, I am gonna show you that only girls can treat other girls the right way.” Jessica tried to resist,
but with her cuffed hands she had no chance. “Shhh”, Sue whispered and startet to caress Jessicas breasts. “Let it
happen, relax and just concentrate on your body”, she whispered in Jessicas ear. Jessica lay trembling on Sue,
unable to escape she could do nothing to avoid Sues touches. Once again her body reacted in a way that she
could not understand. Her nipples became harder and Jessica noticed with shock that she felt a well known
throbbing in her clit. “No”, she said scarcely audible. “Don’t do this to me.” Sue sucked on Jessicas neck and
started do let her right hand slide down between Jessicas legs. “Let it happen”, she whispered again. “You will
like it.” Suddenly Jessica realized that it made no sense to fight against Sues caressing touches. She closed her
eyes and fully devoted herself to her feelings. The warm water on her skin, Sues caressing fingers on her breast
and her clit, Sues kisses and the soothing things she whispered into her ear. All of a sudden it became to much
for her. Her whole body started to shake as an enormus orgasm raced through her. She moaned loudly and
pressed her fingernails into her palms. Her orgasm seemed to last forever and when it finally died down she sank
back exhausted. Without paying attention to it she snuggled against Sues naked body. “That was amazing”, she
said breathing heavily. “I’ve never had such an orgasm in my whole life.” She looked back in Sues eyes and
teardrops were running down her face. “Thank you”, she said quietly and blushed. “You’re welcome”, Sue
answered and softly kissed Jessicas neck. “But you should know that not all of the women here will be as gentle
with you as I am. To be honest, I think that they will treat you rather rough.” Jessica nodded and became more
and more aware that she needed Sue if she wanted do come out of this alive. “Do you help me to get through all
this”, she asked restraining her tears. “Of course”, Sue answered. “The most important thing is to obey without
hesitation. Carlos is just waiting for such chances to punish you. He likes it to treat women badly. Do you think
that you can do this? Are you strong enough to endure whatever he will do to you?” “I’ll try my best. I only want
to return home.” Sue softly stroked Jessicas wet hair. “You will be back home soon, trust me. Just try to enjoy
what he does to you, even if it sounds weird.” Jessica turned round to face Sue as best as she could and looked at
her asking. “I cannot belive what I am going to say, but could you please show me how to… …how to…” She
hesitated. “How I can do…” “You want me to tell you how to satisfy the other girls with you tongue, right?” Sue
had interrupted Jessica, seeing how difficult this question was for her. Jessica nodded ashamed. Suddenly Sue
stood up and sat down on the edge of the tub in front of Jessica. With her back leaning against the wall she
spread her legs and exposed her shaven cunt to Jessica. “Look at me”, she demanded. “What to you think now?”
Jessica swallowed. “I don’t think I can do this. It’s too disgusting.” Sue leaned forward and kissed Jessicas brow.
“No”, she said gently. “You have to calm down, there is nothing disgusting about it. Why don’t you just kiss the
insides of my legs? Do you think you can do this?” “I’ll try.” Sue leaned back again an spread her legs. Slowly
Jessica came closer to Sues leg and started kissing it just above the knee. “Well done. Now I want you to come
closer to my cunt with each kiss.” Jessica tried hard to overcome her disgust, she knew to well that soon enough
she would be forced to lick a lot unknown women. She thought that if she had to lick cunts then she at least
wanted her first experiance to be with a lovable person and so she was glad that Sue was caring about her. With
each kiss she came closer and closer to Sues wet cunt, until she finally placed a kiss directly above it. “Now kiss
my lips, suck on them”, Sue said aroused. Jessica took all her willpower and carefully kissed Sues cuntlips.
Slowly she started sucking them and with unbelivable pride she realized that Sue started to moan loudly. Jessica
began to let her tongue slide along Sues lips and for the first time of her life she tasted cuntjuice. “Yes”, Sue
moaned. “You are doing great. Now push your tongue deep inside me, try to fuck me with it.” Jessica closed her
eyes and did it. She pushed her tongue into Sues moist cunt and started to move her head back and forth. She
knew that she was doing well because Sues moaning became louder and Sues cunt was now dripping with her
juices. “Suck my clit”, she gasped. “Immediatly Jessica wrapped her lips around Sues swollen clit and started to
suck on it while her tongue was tapping against it in a fast rhythm. All of a sudden Sue grabbed her and pushed
her face hard against her cunt. Sues whole body was shaking and her from cunt gushed a huge load of cuntjuice
directly into Jessicas face and mouth. Jessica had to swallow all of it, otherwise she would maybe have been
drowned. After a few seconds Sue let Jessica go and sank back into the tub. She tenderly stroke Jessicas juice-
covered face and kissed her deeply. Jessica returned the kiss and their tongues met with great passion. When Sue
finally broke the kiss they both were breathing heavily. “That was phantastic. Never bevore someone had made
me come this intense”, Sue said breathless. Jessica blushed. “Thank you”, she answered shyly and wiped a drop
of cuntjuice from her chin. Sue laughed. “Maybe I should have warned you, I am one of those girls that ejaculate
when they have an orgasm. I am sorry if I were a bit to rough.” Jessica smiled at her. “Don’t mind. I’ve been
through worse here.” Sue nodded. “Let us finish our bath and get something to eat. You have to be really hungry,
don’t you?”

After they had finished their bath Sue put on a bathrobe and brought Jessica to her room. “I am just getting us
something to eat. Please stay here in my room, I do not know what will happen if one of the guys sees you.”
Jessica nodded and sat on Sues bed. “I’ll not go away, I promise.” Sue smiled at her shortly then she left and
closed the door behind her. Jessica took a look around and was surprised how clean Sues room was, especially if
she compared it with the rest of the house. Jessica began to think about her situation. “Sue is right”, she thought.
“If I manage stand the things that lay before me, I will get back home. I just have to do what they want, no
matter how repulsive it is.” Her thoughts drifted back to her experience with Sue she did have in the tub, a few
minutes ago. Immediately her heart started beating faster and her cunt became moist again. The very thought of
the kiss was enough to let her whole body shiver with excitement. “What is happening to me”, she asked herself
and began to cry again.

In this moment the door opened and Sue came in, carrying a tray full of food. She kicked the door close, then she
noticed that Jessica was crying. She put the try on her bedside table and sat on the bed besides Jessica. “What’s
the matter”, she asked and gently stroked Jessicas hair. “I promised you that you will be back home soon, you
need to calm down.” Jessica shook her head. “That’s not why I am crying”, she answered sobbing. “I can’t tell
you, it’s to embarrassing.” Sue kissed Jessicas cheek. “Honey, you can tell me everything. I promise not to tell it
to anyone. Come on, maybe I am able to help you.” Jessica swallowed, ashamed she closed her eyes. “It’s my
body”, she answered slowly. “My body is reacting to those horrible things they did to me. I became wet when I
was forced to suck all those men. I had an orgasm while this filthy asshole Carlos fucked me.” Sue wiped the
tears from Jessicas face. “This is nothing to be ashamed of. You should be glad that you body found a way to
turn your pain and humiliation into something beautiful.” Jessica took a deep breath and looked directly into
Sues eyes. “There is something more I have to tell you”, she said quietly. “When you kissed me, I felt as good as
I have never felt before. It felt like my whole body would explode.” Jessica blushed. “Please don’t lough at me,
but I think I fell in love with you.” “Wow”, Sue answered. “I am speechless.” Jessicas eyes watered again. “You
can’t imagine how I feel right now. I am the captive of a gang that is forcing me to do disgusting things, things
that let me have such intense orgasms like I’ve never felt before. And, as if that is not enough, I fell in love to a
woman who maybe just thinks of me as an object. Perhaps I am nothing more for you than a pretty new toy. I
don’t know, I am so confused.” Without saying a word Sue leanded forward and kissed Jessica. Gently she
pushed her tongue between Jessicas lips until Jessica returned her kiss. Their tongues were playing together for
minutes, then Sue broke the kiss. “You are more for me than just a toy or an object”, she said seriously. “You are
a wonderful young woman and I really like you much. But however my feelings are, I cannot spare you from the
things that Carlos will do to you.” Jessica nodded. “I know”, she answered. “But I want to thank you anyway.
You are so nice to me, I don’t know what I would do without you.” Sue smiled and reached for the tray. “You
should eat something now, this is gonna be a hard day for you.”

After they had finished their meal, Sue took Jessicas arm and gently pulled her up. “Are ou ready? Do you think
that you will make it?” “I have to make it if I want to return home”, she answered. “But I have a question before
we go. What connection do you have to this gang? You do not seem to fit in here, you are so much nicer than
those bastards.” Sue shrugged her shoulders. “My story is boring, let’s just say that this gang cared for me when I
no one else did.” She grinned. “And besides, maybe I am also a bastard.” Jessica stuck her tongue out at her.
“No, I don’t think so”, she said smiling. “If you were you wouldn’t treat me like you do.” Sue slapped Jessicas
ass playfully. “Come on, it’s time for you to meet the other girls. And don’t fear, I will be close to you the whole
time.” “Thank you”, Jessica answerend and followed Sue downstairs.

They entered a room in which Carlos and the female members of the gang already were waiting for them. Jessica
shocked took a look around. It must have been at least twenty women, they all were nude and staring at her
lustfully. Carlos stood up and walked to Jessica. “You look great, what a few hours of sleep and a bath can
effect.” Jessica looked at him hatefully. “What do you want?” Carlos laughed and pointed to the naked women.
“I am caring for equality”, he answered with a big grin. “Since you had the honor to service the men yesterday, it
is now the time for our women to be pleasured. I want you to crawl to each of them and lick them until every
single one of them is satisfied.”

Jessica just nodded, thankful that Sue had prepared her for this. “Can you at least take those handcuffs off? They
are really hurting me.” Carlos pulled a key out of his pocked and threw it to Sue. “Okay, but only as long as you
behave.” “Thanks”, said Jessica and rubbed her now free wrists. “And now, get started. What are you waiting
for”, Carlos yelled. Jessica glanced at him angrily, then she sunk to her knees and turned her face to the waiting
women. “Who is the first?” There seemed to be a strong hierarchy between the females, because all of them were
looking at Sue full of expactation. “I’am the first”, Sue said sternly and dropped her bathrobe. Relieved that she
was allowed to start with Sue Jessica immediatly crawled over to her and buried her face between Sues legs. As
she was now knowing what Sue liked it was no problem for her to pleasure her. Sue was panting and moaning
heavily and Jessica licked her with great passion. Within minutes Sue came, screaming loudly she once again
drenched Jessica with her juices, which she swallowed eagerly. “Thank you”, Sue whispered to Jessica. Jessica
smiled at her shortly then she turned around to see who was next. She didn’t have to search long, lying on the
ground in the middle of the room was a rather beautiful latin girl. Her legs were spread wide and Jessica could
clearly see her swollen mois cunt. “Come over”, the woman demanded aroused. “Now it’s my turn.” Well
knowing that she had no other choice, Jessica crawled over to her and started licking her cunt. Quickly her
stimulation showed effects, the woman began to moan and her cunt was dripping wet. Jessica guessed that it
would not take much more to make this woman come and she was right. When she started to suck hard on her
clit, the woman came almost instantly. Sue grabbed Jessicas head and pushed it hard against her spasming cunt
while she was writhing and screaming with pleasure. When Jessica finally was released from her grip she was
panting for air, but she was not given much time to recover. Already she was grabbed by her shoulder and
pushed down on her back. “Lie down”, the next woman commanded. “I wnat to sit on your pretty face while you
lick me.” Unwillingly Jessica obeyed and watched with horror as the most hairy and smelly cunt she had ever
seen lowered on her face. The unbelievably hary cunt made it hard for her to breathe and perfom her task. Again
and again she had pubic hairs in her mouth and on her tongue and it seemed like an eternity for her until she
finally brought this woman to her orgasm. Gasping and choking she pulled dozens of hairs out of her mouth
while she waited for the next woman to abuse her.

Jessica spent the next hours to lick one woman after another. As she finally was finished she just laid motionless
on the floor. Her tongue was aching and she had the tast of many different cunts in her mouth. Carlos knelt
beside her. “That was very arousing. It looks like you are made to suck dicks and lick cunts.” He grinned “Sues
idea to let you lick all the girls was brilliant.” Jessica could not belive what she just heard. Sue, the person she
had trusted most, had betrayed her. Sue had convinced Carlos to let her do this humiliating task. She felt like her
heart would break apart. With tears running down her face she looked at Sue, not understanding why she did
disappoint her so badly. Carlos did not pay any attention to Jessicas reaction, instead he opened his pants and
positioned himself behind Jessica. “Have you ever been fucked in your ass”, he asked, grabbing Jessicas hip.
Jessica frantically tried to fight him. It all became to much for her at this moment. She was kicking, screaming
and crying hysterically, but Carlos did not seem to be bothered by it. As a matter of fact he seemed to enjoy
Jessicas behaviour. Without mercy he rammed his huge dick up Jessicas asshole, which made her scream with
without Jessica taking notice of it, Sue appeared next to her. “Shh, you have to relax”, she whispered in Jessicas
ear. When Jessica heard Sues voice she abruptly opened her eyes. “You”, she hissed angrily. “Fuck off, you lied
to me. You told him to let me lick all of you. You are…” She was interrupted by another of Carlos hard and deep
strokes. Jessica screamed, then she passed out, overwhelmed by her pain and stress.

When she woke up later she found herself in Sues room, her lef ankle was cuffed to the bedpost. Sie looked
around and saw Sue, who was sitting next to her, looking at her thoughtfully. “Why”, Jessica managed to say,
then she started to cry again. Sue gently stroked her face. “I’ll tell you the trouth. When I first saw you sucking
the men, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on you. But then, when I had the chance to get to know you better,
during our bath, I more and more began to like you and I deeply regret what I did to you.” Jessica looked at Sue
and to her big surprise she saw tears running down her face. “Please, you have to believe me. I am sorry.” Jessica
remained silent for a long time. “You know that I love you”, she finally said quietly. “Can you imagine how
much it hurts to realize that you just toyed with me?” Sue laid down and slowly began to kiss Jessicas arm.
“Jessica, believe me, I am sorry. Yes, I toyed with you and yes, I used you, but I never wanted you to get hurt by
Carlos. I really like you and I hope you are able to forgive me.” Jessica looked at her sternly. “Thats the problem
about being in love”, she answered. “I already did forgive you. Even if I hardly know why. Maybe it’s because
after all you still are the only person that in some way cared about me.” “And I will care about you further on”,
Sue said relieved. “But you have to remember that I can not chance you situation. There are still worse things to
come.” “Is he angry because I fighted him?” “No, he did not care about it. But nevertheless I advise you to stop
fighting. As far as I know you will be fucked by all men tonight. Fucked in any way possible. And believe me, if
you do not relax it will for sure be really painful.” Jessica started to cry again. “I am afraid, Sue. I don’t know if I
can stand this any longer. I want to go home.” Sue nodded. “I know, honey. Just be strong and after this last act
you will be surly allowed to go home.” Suddenly Jessica looked directly in Sues eyes. “Do me”, she whispered,
her voice shaking with lust. “Are you sure?” Jessica nodded and closed her eyes. Sue didn’t have to be told
twice. She slipped between Jessicas legs and started to gently kiss Jessicas lips. Jessica gasped, never before she
had felt something like this. She felt her cunt getting wet and spread her legs wide. Sue knew exactly what to do,
she wrapped her lips around Jessicas clit and started sucking it hard. Jessica pushed her pelvis aginst Sue, she
was moaning loud and her breathing became faster and faster. She had started to caress her nipples with her right
hand and was gently pulling on them. “This feels fantastic, Sue”, she moaned. “Please don’t stop.” Sue did’t
intend to stop, she sucked even harder on Jessicas clit and pushed two fingers into Jessicas moist cunt. This was
too much for Jessica. She opened her mouth and came violently. She grabbted Sues hair and wrapped her legs
aorund her, pressing her hard against her cunt. Her orgasm seemed to last forever and when it finally faded away
she was panting heavily while tears were running down her face. Sue lied down next to her. “Your cunt tastes
good”, she said grinning, then she kissed Jessica passionately. Jessica could taste her own cuntjuices on Sues
tongue, but she didn’t mind. Never bevore in her live she had been so aroused, so satisfied and so in love. After a
while she broke the kiss. “I love you”, she said. Sue nodded. “Rest now”, she answered. “Your gangbang will
start in about two hours.” The thought of beeing fucked by all those men let Jessica shiver, but she knew that
there was no way she could avoid it. “I am scared”, she said, supressing her tears. “I am scared about being
fucked in the ass. You can’t imagine how much it hurt when Carlos did it to me.” Sue sighted. “They will fuck
your ass, honey. Thats for sure. They like fucking girls this way. Trust me, all you can do is to try to relax. If you
don’t relax it will be more painfull. Stay calm and it will be over soon. Just try to close your eyes and think about
your home.” Jessica nodded. “I will be allowed to go home”, she asked. “Yes”, Sue answered. “Usually Carlos
lets his guests go after he had fucked them in any possible way. So I guess that after this final gangbang you will
be allowed to go.”

About two hours later the door opened and Carlos came in. “Hi dear, are you ready for the fuck of your life?”
Jessica glanced at him, her eyes full of hate. Without saying a wort she stood up. Carlos grabbed her arm. “Trust
me”, he whispered directly in her ear. “Once you’ve made this experience, you will be addicted to it.” Jessica did
not answer, she just wanted to get this over with and escape from this nightmare. Without Carlos taking notice of
it, she watched over to Sue, who winked at her. Carlos dragged Jessica into the big living room. Jessica noticed
with disgust that all of the men were waiting for her already. They all were nude and obviously very horny.
Carlos threw Jessica to the ground in the middle of the room and opened his pants. “Since you enjoyed it so
much the last time, I decided to fuck you ass again”, he said and knelt behind him. Jessica knew that it was futile
to fight him, so she went into the doggy position and closed her eyes. She tryed hard to relax and hoped that it
would be over soon. Carlos cleared his throat and spit on his hands a few times, then he lubricated his cock with
his spit and positioned it against Jessicas asshole. Then he pushed it in hard. “Ahhrrgg”, Jessica clenched her
teeth and whimpered quietly as his enormous dick sunk deeper and deeper into her. “You like it, you whore.
Don’t you”, Carlos yelled and rammed into her even deeper. “You like beeing fucked by a real man.” Jessica
shook her head, she felt like her ass was split apart. “Bastard”, she hissed. Then Carlos started to really fuck her.
With fast, deep strokes he was ramming his cock into her abused asshole. He leaned forward and kneaded her
breasts brutally, again and again he was pinching and pulling her nipples while he was fucking her with sadistic
pleasure. “Yes”, he whispered in her ear. “I am coming, I will pump my cum deep into your ass.” He was tugging
on her hair hard and Jessica suddenly felt him shooting his cum into her. When he finally withdraw from her ass
he pulled her up by her hair, until her face was only inches away from his still hard cock. “Lick it clean”, he
commanded. Jessica stared at his dick horrified, it was covered by a mixture of cum, shit and even a bit blood.
The sheer thought of taking in into her mouth was enough to let her choke. “I can’t”, she said and began to cry.
Carlos looked at her cold, then he suddenly had a knife in his hand. “It’s your choice, cunt”, he said sternly.
“Either you start licking my dick at once or I will be forced to play with you face a bit.” As if he wanted to
emphasize his last words he pointed the knive at her face. Jessica paled, she knew that he would not hesitate to
let his words come true. Shaking she opened her mouth and touched his dick with the tip of her tongue. “Yes”,
Carlos moaned. “That’s a good bitch. Move your tongue up and down.” Jessica obeyed. She let her tongue slide
along Carlos diry cock and for more than one time she had to suppress her urge to vomit. Finally after she was
forced to lick every inch of his cock she was finished, Carlos cock was clean. Carlos ordered her to kneel bevor
him and not to move, then he slowly started to jack himself off. “I’m gonna cum right over your pretty face”, he
said. Jessica did not answer, she held her eyes closed and waited for him to finish. She did not have to wait long,
after a short time she heard Carlos moan and then she felt his cum hit her face. She felt dirty and abused and she
knew that the worst was still to come. “She’s all yours, guys”, Carlos said while closing his pants. “Fuck her
brain out, fuck her until she collapses.” He didn’t have to tell them twice. Immediately the men jumped towards
the frightened Jessica. One man laid on his back and Jessica was forced to sit on him. She shivered when his
huge cock slid deep into her cunt and she noticed with shock how wet her cunt already was. They pushed her
forward, so that her breasts were resting on the chest of the man lying under her. “Get ready for your first
sandwichdfuck”, one of the man yelled laughing and rammed his cock up her ass with one brutal thrust.
“AAAAHHHH”, Jessica screamed, but the men didn’t care about it. Without mercy she was by two men at the
same time and she suddenly realized that she felt no more pleasure. All she felt was pain and humilitation, but
she was not able to think about it for long, because a man stepped up to her and held his cock to her face. “Suck
it, cunt”, he barked. Jessica obeyed nearly automatically, driven only by the wish to go home. Without hesitation
she opened her mouth and let this ugly man fuck her throat.

Her ordeal went on for hours. She was fucked in any hole, many times her once virgin asshole had been
doublepenetrated and many times fingers were shoved up her cunt and ass. She had been forced to swallow cum
and to clean many filthy cocks with her tongue. The men pulled her hair, pinched her nipples and hit her several
times. The spit on her, called her names and when they finally let go from her Jessica was a mess. Almost her
whole body was covered in cum. She could not tell how often they fucked her, she was not even able to stand up.
She was just lying on the ground, her whole body was in pain and never before she had felt this bad. She started
to cry when she saw Sue kneeling down besides her. “How do you feel”, Sue asked whispering and looked at
Jessica worried. “It was terrible”, Jessica answered scarcely audible, then she passed out.

Hours later Jessica opened her eyes and regretted it almost at once. She still felt sick and every muscle of her
body was hurting. Slowly she looked around and noticed relieved that she was back in Sues room. “Oh, you’re
awake. How are you doing?” Jessica saw Sue, lying next to her on the bed. “I feel sick”, she answered quietly. “It
was even worse than I imagined.” Sue nodded. “Yes, your were really exhausted. You didn’t even woke up when
I cleaned you.” Jessica sat up and took a deep breath until her mind stopped spinning around. “Is it over now?
Can I go home now?” Sue lowered her eyes and sighed. “No”, she answered. “I tried to convince Carlos to let
you go, but he wouldn’t listen to me. I don’t know what he has in his mind, but it seems like he is enjoying your
stay too much to let you go.” That hit Jessica hard, during the last few days the thought of returning home was
the only thing that held her up. Now she just felt empty, empty and lost. She broke down crying hysterically. Sue
embraced her and let her cry on her shoulder. She did not say a word, she just waited until Jessica had cried out.
Then, after a few minutes, Jessica looked at her seriously. Her eyes were red and she was shaking. “Please Sue,
help me to get out of here. Carlos will never let me go.” Sue slowly shook her head. “I can’t honey. Carlos would
never forgive me and I have nobody exept this gang. They are a bunch of assholes, but at least they are care for
me, somehow.” Jessica took Sues hand. “Please Sue, you can come with me. You know that I love you. I would
do anything for you.” Sues eyes flashed and a little smile crossed her face. “Truly anything”, she asked calmly.
Jessica nodded. “Yes, I just want to go home.” “Okay, I will make you an offer”, Sue said. “You might not like
it, but it’s all I can do for you. If you are willing to become my personal slave, then I would come with you.”
Jessica was confused. “What do you mean? What would I have to do as your slave?” “You would have to do
everything that I tell you to do. You would quit your job and devote you whole life to me. We would buy a nice
house and you would serve me from then on. You would lick me, wash me and do everything to make me feel
good.” Jessica thought about it for a long time, then she nodded slowly. “I will do it. I would rather be your slave
than being touched by this filthy bastard one more time. And I do not have another choice anyway.” Sue smiled,
then she stood up and walked to the door. “All right, I am gonna lock you in here, for you own safety. I’ll make
sure that the coast is clear.”

Jessica waited for a couple of minutes, then Sue returned. Whistling she approached Jessica. “Please give me
your hand.” Jessica obeyed and put forth her hand. Sue placed a semiautomatic gun with attached silencer on
Jessicas hand and commanded her to pull the trigger. Jessica did it without thinking about it, she just wondered
what Sue was planning. With a quiet noise the bullet disappeared in the wall. “Thanks”, Sue said, took the gun
and placed it in a plastic bag. “What was that for”, Jessica asked puzzled. Sue laughed. “This, my dear, is my
insurance. With this gun I just killed the whole gang and now your fingerprints are on it.” Jessica paled and just
now she saw that Sue was wearing gloves. “You killed them? All of them?” Sue nodded. “Yes, there was no
other way out. They would have never let you go and even if we would have escaped, they would have chased
us. We would have been forced to be on the run for years. Carlos was really unforgiving if he was mad at
someone.” “And what is now”, Jessica replied. “Now we are also on the run. The police will search for us.”
“Nonsense. We will go and burn down the house behind us. There will be no evidence left pointing at us. The
only remaining evidence is the gun with your fingerprints on it.” Sue embraced Jessica and kissed her
passionately. Jessica answered her kiss eagerly. Moaning softly she let Sues tongue slip into her mouth and
gently startet sucking on it. She felt her cunt getting wet again and could easily have carried on forever, but Sue
finally broke the kiss. “If you should some day decide not to be my slave anymore, I will send this gun to the
next police station. Together with a letter that will tell the cops that you stopped here with your motorbike,
pulled this gun and killed everyone without reason.” Slowly Jessica realized that she really was at Sues mercy,
but nevertheless she felt as good as hadn’t felt for a long time. Of course her life would never be the same again,
but that didn’t matter now. Carlos was dead and she would spent her life with the woman she loved. She decided
to accept it, she had no other choice anyway. “I understand, Sue”, she said smiling and sunk to her knees. “From
now on I am you slave.” Sue kissed her brow and handed her the clothes she wore when she had arrived here, for
what seemed to be ages ago. “Don’t forget it”, she answered. “And now get dressed, it’s time for us to go.”
Jessica virtually jumped into her clothes. It felt like an eternity since she had worn them. They left the house and
while Sue was spilling gasoline, Jessica was taking a look at the bodys of the people that had treated her so
badly. To her surprise she did not feel neither guilt nor joy, she was just glad that she finally had gotten out of
this nightmare. Sue threw the empty can away and took Jessicas hand. “Let us go”, she said and dropped a
burning match. They climbed on Sues motorcycle and drove away to refuel Jessicas bike. Jessica huddled
against Sues body and felt just happy. “Maybe”, she thought. “Maybe I will enjoy to serve Sue.” She
remembered the things that she had gotten through and she knew that being Sues slave wasn’t the worst thing
that could have happened to her.


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