Hollywood Darlings–A New Business Venture For Beverley Mitchell, Jodie Sweetin and Christine Lakin

Title: Hollywood Darlings–A New Business Venture For Beverley Mitchell, Jodie Sweetin and Christine Lakin

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Beverley Mitchell, Jodie Sweetin, Christine Lakin

Codes: FFF, zoo, anal, fist, oral, cons, reluc

Disclaimer: This story is fictional and never took place except in fantasy only.

The stars of the TV show Hollywood darlings—Beverley Mitchell, now 36 years old and former star of 7’Th Heaven; Christine Lakin, now 38 years old and former star of Step By Step; Jodie Sweetin, now 35 years old and former star of Full House were all trying to come with new things to do and possibly revive their acting careers.

Sitting around one evening the girls came up with a great idea—start up a kennel for dogs and breed them for sale to high end  clients interested in purebreds. The girls all loved animals and quickly figured their best angle would be to breed guard dogs like German Shepherds and Dobermans. To start things off they needed to get a few purebred adults to kick things off.

Beverly placed the order and after a week the animals arrived at the kennel they set up in an old warehouse they purchased for their new business model. Jodie, Bev and Christine were there and a huge error on Bevs part put the girls into a short term road block…

“Bev! You idiot! How could you do something so dumb!?” Jodie asked of her dumbfounded friend.

“What are you talking about?” Bev asked of Jodie with a curious and startled look on her face.

“You mean you can’t see what’s up with these dogs?” Jodie asked of Bev.

“No…What?” Bev replied.

“Have a gander under them.” Christine jumped in.

Bev looked under the animals and everyone of them had a sheathe to hold a penis. She felt so foolish as she looked at her friends faces.

“Great! Now we have 6 dogs and all are male! What the fuck, Beverley!?” Christine stated.

“I’ll take care of it, don’t worry. I’ll just have them deliver 3 female dogs and replace 3 of the male dogs.” Bev suggested.

In the meantime Jodie and Christine went off back to home furious over the matter as Beverley stayed behind and set up their private kennels and playpen in the back of the building. In the midst of all this a bag of flower fell off of a shelf she pulled a board from and broke all over her. Now she was mad as hell since her friends didn’t stick around to help her and now she’s covered in this mess.

Beverley had no choice but to take her clothes off and hook up the hose and clean herself off. In the process of doing so and drying off with a shop towel as she ran it down her smooth legs while bent over she felt a long wet swipe glide up her crotch. Bev jumped up straight and spun around to see one of the 2 shepherds standing there and licking his chops after tasting his human friend.

“Bad dog!” Bev scolded the animal.

The dog moved in and pressed his wet snout into her crotch front and sniffed her wet pubes and his tail began to wag as he licked his way into her pussy. Bev was in shock at what was happening but at the same time it made her horny as hell. Beverley lifted one of her legs to let it rest atop a table as her other foot remained on the ground to support her in a standing position, letting the dog have full access to her pussy.

Beverley received the oral of her life as the dogs long 5” tongue flicked about inside her womb and lapped up her vaginal fluids. Suddenly, Bev’s body shook with orgasmic delight as her squirts sprayed the dogs face with force, surprising him and making him back away and shake his body like a dog would if he was wet from a rain storm or bath.

“Ahhhh, I’m sorry boy…You made me feel so good, though…I wonder…I can’t believe I’m thinking this, but…Come here boy, come to mama…I’m gonna call you Lucky because you’re about to get ‘lucky’ .” Bev said to the dog.

Lucky watched as she lied on the floor across a filled burlap sack so her upper back and head were on the floor but her hips were raised up  about a foot from the sac being under them. Bev opened her legs and petted her pubes, teasing the dog to come back to her. Lucky did just that, sniffing her freshly squirted pussy and taking in her pheromones that made him mount her…

Lucky climbed atop his new lover and Bev’s heart pounded with anticipation and fear as the shepherd thrusted his hips rapidly until he found his mark, instantly plunging his 6” erection fully into Beverley and taking her with rapid thrusts in succession.

Beverley moaned loudly and squealed and then screamed in ecstasy as Lucky took her again and again until…

“Bev, Jodie and I feel bad about leaving you here and…WHAT THE FUCK!” Christine said with shock as she and Jodie returned to apologize and got an eyeful of bestial sex.

“SHIT! Jodie! Christine! GOD! DON’T LOOK! I’m so embarrassed!” Beverley stated as she remained tied to the dog as he fucked her and then began to yelp like a puppy, filling her with his cum and making her orgasm as she felt his hard cock throbbing inside of her and nailing her G-spot.

Jodie and Christine stood there in shock and dismay as they watched the dog’s thrusts come to a halt and stay atop Beverley with its tongue hanging out and panting from their episode. Jodie went to pull the dog off of Bev but Bev screamed out…


Jodie quickly let go of the dog and watched as he licked Bev’s face and their tongues met for the first time. The dog jammed his tongue into her mouth and they gave each other their first inter-species French kiss. Slowly the dog withdrew its immense purplish vein-riddled cock from Bev’s pussy and a flood of dog cum followed and pooled onto the concrete floor.

“That’s some sick shit, Bev! But I like it! Can I try?” Christine stated as Jodie looked on in bewilderment of the request.

Bev shook her head ‘YES’ and led Christine to one of the dobermans and watched as Christine took off all over her clothes and exposed her motherly beauty to the animal, attracting him to her horny scent as she got on all 4’s and let it mount her doggy style. Christine could feel its hard cock slapping against her ass cheeks as its front legs hooked around her waist tightly…

“Help him in me Bev.” Christine asked of her friend.

Bev reached down and grasped the dogs hard 6” shaft and guided him into Christine’s smooth shaven pussy, watching as it pierced her and made her scream with pleasure…


The dog panted and saliva dripped from its mouth onto Christine’s back as he pulled from her pussy after about 10 minutes and making a cork popping sound as her twat expelled all his cum. Jodie stared with awe as Christine’s vulva pulsed with milky white dog cum running down the inside of her legs and Bev licking her way up Christine’s leg and scooping up the dog cum with her tongue.

Jodie fell into the moment and went to Christine who was still on all 4 and worked a fist into her, the slimy dog cum coating her hand and arm as she drove it nearly elbow deep into Christine’s pussy and making her scream. When Jodie pulled her hand from Christine’s pussy she unballed her fist and tilted her hand to the side, watching the dog cum she scooped up inside of Christine drip down onto her back.

“Your turn, Jodie.” Bev smiled at her.

Jodie stood and found herself taking off all her clothes and exposing her glorious legs that led up to her blond bush and huge tits for everyone to see. Bev and Christine stood and began to French her as they worked fingers into her pussy and ass, attracting the doberman to come over and lick her motherly womb.

Jodie’s legs wobbled and she nearly collapsed to the floor from an intense orgasm…

“I know, Jodie…That happened to me, too.” Bev stated.

The doberman laid on its stomach and the wagging of its 4” stubbed tail caught Jodie’s eyes. She went to him and straddled his back half and eased his furry stub into her pussy, cupping her tits and relishing in the wagging action he was providing inside of her…Again Jodie came and her squirts shot all over the dobermans back and up its ass, shocking it up and out of her…

“Come here, boy…I’m not done with you yet…” Jodie said.

“Wait! Get a fresh dog, Jodie…One that hasn’t came yet.” Beverley stated.

Jodie went to one of the kennels that housed another excited doberman and let him out, pushing him down to the floor and onto its back where she played with his furry sheathe and teasing his dick into a full 8” erection.

“WOW! This one’s big!” Jodie said, mesmerizing over it before putting it in her mouth and sucking it.

Slowly Jodie slid her amazing body up the dogs and straddled him while Bev lifted its cock as Jodie lowered her hips, letting his hard cock penetrate upward into her. Jodie began fucking the dog under her as Christine let out another horny shepherd who quickly went to Jodie and mounted her doggy style.

Jodie looked over her shoulder with horror as the dog found its mark and plunged into her ass with rapid thrusts of his own. Jodie screamed as she got her first ever anal fuck and DP—by dogs!

“MY ASS! MY FUCKING ASS! THEY’RE BOTH IN ME! IN BOTH OF MY HOLES! HE’S TAKING ME SO FAST I….I…FUUUUUUUUUCK!” Jodie screamed as she had her first ever dual anal-vaginal orgasm, her vaginal and anal walls spasming out of control and forcing her to cum hard on the knotted cocks inside of her.

Jodie’s beautiful body was ravaged by the dogs and she, too, had to wait long enough for their knots to subside so she could be dismounted. Upon doing so her pussy and ass pulsed with excitement as dog cum drooled from them and was quickly lapped up by the long tongues of both dogs, soothing her freshly fucked holes and making her feel complete…

“On second thought, maybe we should keep all the male dogs for our pleasure and just get 3 additional females.” Jodie stated, to which all agreed.

By: Dr. Demented 666

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