Jillian Barberie – Adopt-A-fucking-Pet

This story is fictional. No intention of

disrespect is intended to any of the

participants. Its sole purpose is for the adult

entertainment of the readers.

This story includes acts of bestiality and f/f.

If the topics of this story disturb you, go no


Jillian Barberie – Adopt-A-Fucking-Pet

By David Oberman


Part One

It was another day on the set of Good Day LA as

Jillian Barberie prepared her material for

today’s broadcast. As always, she would be

taking care of the weather report, as well as

her favorite segment, the Adopt-A-Pet program.

As always, the 5’4″ brunette weathergirl was

wearing a sexy outfit consisting of a short

black skirt, an almost see-through silk blouse

and three-inch stiletto heels. This was all

accentuated by the black stockings she had on.

She didn’t much like the idea of pantyhose, so

she would go for stockings and garter belt every

chance she got.

The tall, slender brunette weathergirl was quite

ravishing and had fostered many sexual fantasies

in men and women throughout Los Angeles. Even

though she was married, her fans would still

send her some rather suggestive fan mail. One

such fan even went so far as to send her a

Ziploc bag full of sperm, probably his own. She

simply handed that to security in disgust.

As for her husband, the only problem in their

marriage was when she sometimes brought home

some of the pets her Adopt-A-Pet segment

showcased. She just couldn’t let any of the

animals go back to the pound if she could help

it, so if nobody adopted any of the cats or dogs

on her show, she would usually take them home

with her until she found them each a suitable


She walked past the cages of the animals that

were sent over for her to show off today. As

always, there was a wide variety of pets to be

adopted. The normal assortment of cats and dogs

were waiting in cages, as well as a few

reptilian pets as well.

As she made her way down the row of cages, she

came across a large black Labrador. She stopped

and took a closer look at the animal and found

out his name was Hector according to the nametag

on the cage. The only other information about

this beautiful animal was that it was a male,

and that he had been abused in some way.

However, no specific details were listed.

“Oh! Poor baby,” she knelt down, her short

skirt hiking up her smooth calf, and petted the

friendly animal. “Did they hurt you were you

were?” She cooed. “Well, you don’t look too

bad now, so I guess the animal shelter took good

care of you, didn’t they boy.”

The dog’s large tongue lapped at her hand in

appreciation for Jillian’s attention, and she

laughed in pleasure.

She straightened herself back up, rearranging

her displaced skirt and headed off to make-up in

preparation for the show.


The show went without a hitch and now it was

Jillian’s turn to find new owners for the pets.

She stepped away from the desk and made her way

towards the shelter employees and the animals in

their care.

“We have another group of loving animals in

search for a new home,” she said with a smile.

“I hope you can find it in your hearts to help

them. And please remember to help curb the

animal population, have your pets spayed or


One by one, a handler would hand her one of the

smaller animals, mostly cats, kittens or

puppies. The next animal that was placed in her

arms was a large boa constrictor. The handler

showed her how best to hold the slithering

animal and she walked out in front of the camera

with the snake wrapped around her neck. It must

have weighed about thirty pounds of slithering

flesh, which made it that much more difficult to


“I… I really hope we can find someone who likes

snakes,” she said, cringing. “But they really

aren’t my favorite animals.”

She could hear her co-host laughing at her

discomfort in the background.

“This big fellow is named Julius,” she said,

struggling to control him. “He’s a bit heavy,

but not dangerous.”

Just then, she lost part of her grip on the

large snake and its head found its way down the

open front of her shirt.

Jillian jiggled as the slithering snake tickled

her along her cleavage. The whole crew broke

out laughing but kept the cameras on her

nonetheless. They could see the snake’s body

bulging across her stomach as more of the heavy

reptile found its way down her shirt cleavage.

“This is one for the blooper reels Jillian,” she

heard the anchor call out.

“This isn’t funny guys,” Jillian grimaced as she

felt the scaly skin rub against her bare skin.

“Somebody come out here and help me out,


However, no help was forthcoming as everyone was

too incapacitated laughing at her situation.

“Any… anyway,” Jillian tried to continue with

her segment. “Anybody… anybody interested in

adopting Julius here, just call the toll free

number at the bottom of the screen.”

Somehow, the huge snake’s head found its way

past Jillian’s skirt waistband and was now

rubbing itself along her panty-covered pussy.

Jillian was now blushing a bright red on camera

as the snake continued exploring her crotch.

And still the cameramen kept her in sight,

forcing her to endure this in front of all the


‘Oh shit,’ she thought. ‘My pussy’s getting wet

from all this rubbing.’

She thought about squeezing her legs together,

but that would make it that much more obvious to

everybody that she was wetting herself. So,

clenching her teeth, she tried to continue as

best she could.

“As you can see, he’s a friendly fellow,” she

blushed even brighter when she realized how her

words sounded. “So, if anybody would care to

have him as a pet, feel free to call soon.”

The snake, being attracted to heat, was enticed

by the warmth emanating from under Jillian’s

panties and slithered its head up to its

waistband. Using its natural dexterity, it

pushed its way past that obstruction and nestled

its head against the weathergirl’s pussylips.

Its flicking tongue only causing Jillian to gasp

in silence as it slapped her clitoris in search

for more warmth. The snake’s scaly skin rubbing

teasingly against her already aroused pussylips

and clit.

‘Oh god!’ Jillian was finding it hard to stay


Her knees were shaking slightly, but she still

somehow managed to remain cool in front of the

camera. But her innards were being turned to

mush by the constant tongue flicking the huge

snake was giving her cunt.

The large snake’s head would occasionally poke

itself past her clenching pussylips, pushing

itself slightly inside her moist vagina. The

reptile’s head, thicker than any cock that ever

found its way in her pussy before, made her

juices run down her calf. Luckily, nobody

seemed to notice any sign of her stockings

getting moist. Nonetheless, Jillian was finding

almost impossible to stay steady with this

bestial teasing the large snake was giving her.

In its constant probing of her crotch, the

snake’s head kept pushing against her skirt,

making it appear that Jillian had a twitching

hard-on on camera. Another round of guffaws and

giggles exploded across the set as Jillian’s

embarrassment continued.

The snake’s constant curling and uncurling

movement soon caused its heavy body to tug

Jillian’s g-string panties downward from

gravity. The large snake slithered out both

sides of her underwear leg holes as its weight

suddenly began tugging her panties down her

calf. Soon, Jillian found herself with her

panties down to her knees, the snake hanging

lazily in its stretched crotchband.

The laughter became thunderous as both men and

women of the crew watched their helpless co-

worker. Finally, a producer had the decency to

break to a commercial so that Jillian could

extricate herself from her compromising


Thanks to the snake’s bestial exploration, her

panties were now too moist, and also were

stretched too out of shape, to bother pulling

back up. She tossed them aside, and with no

time to find a fresh pair, Jillian decided to

finish the segment pantyless.

One of the cameramen quickly grabbed her damp

panties and took a deep whiff of her sex on

them. And then, not being selfish, tossed it to

his comrades.

Jillian watched in amusement as her panties was

being passed around freely among her co-workers.

She grinned wickedly when even some of the women

took their turn at smelling her sexy underwear.

After a few minutes for the advertising to end,

the camera light flashed back on signaling her

that she was back on the air. She strutted

across the stage to the next animal to be


The handler gave her a leash and she led Hector

back in front of the camera with her.

“Now this friendly fellow is named Hector,” she

smiled as she knelt down to pet the large dog.

Being the complete professional, she forgot

about not having any panties on, so she wound up

flashing her pussy on national television. The

director quickly directed the cameraman to focus

on her face.

As that particular cameraman did as he was told,

his compatriots were busily aiming their own

cameras to Jillian’s crotch to record the

luscious sight.

“Now they tell me that Hector was abused,” she

went on, oblivious to her display of pussy.

“But as you can see, he has recovered quite well

and would make a terrific family pet for the


The large dog happily licked her face,

inadvertently inserting his tongue in her mouth

and giving her a frenchkiss.

“Ha, ha,” Jillian giggled at the friendliness of

the dog. “So anybody interested in my friend

Hector here, just call up the number and we’ll

make the arrangements to have him sent to you.”

“Cut, that’s it Jillian,” the producer sounded

as he cut to a new commercial spot.

As Jillian stood up, Hector stuffed his big head

under her skirt and gave her pussy a few quick

licks of her wet pussy.

“Hey now, stop that,” she scolded the large dog

in a playful fashion. “You haven’t taken me out

to diner yet, so you can’t have any of that,”

she said, laughing at the innocent animal.

The rest of the broadcast went on without any

further glitches. However, Jillian was

shuffling uncomfortably in her seat for the

remainder of the show as she felt her wet

pussylips rubbing teasingly against her blood-

engorged clit.

When the show was finally done, she walked over

to the shelter workers as she did after each of

her pet spots.

“So, how did it go today guys?” She asked.

“We got a good turn out, ma’am,” one of them

said. “We even got a call in for your favorite

pet of the day, Julius.”

They broke out laughing, and Jillian couldn’t

help but laugh along thinking back at the

absurdity of the snake’s behavior.

“So, we got new homes for all of them then?”

She asked.

“Not exactly,” he said. “We didn’t get any

calls about Hector. And today’s his last


“You don’t mean…” Jillian gasped.

“Yep, the big kennel upstairs,” he finished her


Jillian kneeled down in front of the beautiful

dog’s cage and petted him again through the

grate, again forgetting her pantyless crotch.

This fact didn’t go unnoticed to the handlers,

or Hector.

“Oh! Poor baby,” she cooed in pity. “We can’t

let anything like that happen to a beautiful boy

like you now, can we.”

Hector somehow understood her concern for his

wellbeing. The large dog moved up to the cage

bars and stuck out his tongue and lapped under

her skirt one more time.

“Hey you!” Jillian squealed lightly as she

bolted up straight.

This caused a short giggle from the shelter

workers around her.

‘Damn, what is it with this dog?’ She thought

to herself. “How come nobody called for him?”

She asked. “He seems so friendly.”

“Probably because he’s full grown,” one of them

explained. “Families are looking for puppies as

pets. Or, at the very least, smaller dogs.

Poor Hector is just too big to attract any


The handlers could see the sorrowfulness in

Jillian’s eyes as she looked down at the

beautiful black Labrador.

Jillian was considering what she could do to

save this beautiful animal from the death

sentence that awaited him. But the only idea

that came to her was to bring him home with her,

and she knew her husband, Bret, wouldn’t like

that. He was already complaining about the

menagerie she had now.

Their house was already home to four dogs, three

cats, and half a dozen birds of various sizes,

even a couple of large iguanas. This wasn’t

even counting all of the fishes in the three

large aquariums spread throughout the house.

How could she explain bringing this large dog to

join the ‘family’.

“Maybe I could keep him a few days until you

find him a more permanent home,” she suggested

to the handler.

“That would be great Miss Barberie,” he said

enthusiastically. “I’d really hate to put down

such a beautiful animal. I think he might be a

purebred, that’s probably why he hasn’t been

neutered yet. If someone was smart, they could

make a lot of money from him in breeding fees.”

“Really?” Jillian was surprised to hear that a

purebred was about to be put down. “That would

be a shame. I wonder why somebody abused him if

he was so valuable?”

“I don’t know the full background about him,” he

admitted. “If you want, I can look it up and

let you know about his background.”

“That would be nice to know,” she told him.

“Maybe I could do a follow up story about animal

abuse if it sounds appealing to my producer.”

“Do you really think that could happen?” He

asked. “It would be a great boost in making the

public more aware of animal abuse if a story

made the news.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Jillian promised.

“Here is my private business number at home,”

she said handing him a business card. “Why

don’t you leave Hector in his cage for now, and

I’ll take him home after I’m done here. Oh,

could you leave me a leash for him. I don’t

seem to have one with me today,” she laughed

jokingly. “Thanks…” she paused, trying to think

of the handlers name.

“Jim… Jim Harper,” he said, taking the card and

slipping it in his shirt pocket.

They left a leash with her and took the other

animals back to the shelters until the new

owners came around to picking them up.

Jillian had to attend the post-show debriefing,

which she was dreading today. As expected, she

had to endure a full hour of teasing about her

misadventure with the large snake. The meeting

had to be called to order at least five times to

subdue the laughter erupted everytime somebody

made a suggestive innuendo about Jillian and the


Finally, three hours later, her torture was at

an end as the meeting finally concluded. The

staffers streamed out of the conference room,

some still snickering back to their desks.

Jillian could finally pack up and head home.

Part Two

‘God! What a day,’ she mused. ‘Sure am glad

that was over with. Hopefully things’ll get

back to normal tomorrow.’

She packed up her weather reports in her

briefcase and slung the shoulder strap over her

shoulder. Then the curvaceous brunette slinked

her way back to the newsroom to pick up Hector

for home.

“Growf! Growf!” The large dog barked excitedly

when he saw the beautiful woman coming back

towards him.

Grabbing the leash from the top of the cage,

Jillian unfastened the latch of his cage and he

merrily came rushing out. Before she could

react, Hector was on his hindlegs, his tongue

happily licking her face.

“Down boy,” she giggled. “Get back down on the

floor so I can put this leash on.”

But the dog just kept licking her, occasionally

giving her a frenchkiss, his heavy body was

making her shuffle back unsteadily.

“Will you get down already,” Jillian tried

pushing his forelegs off her shoulders so he

would drop down to the floor, but he was just

too strong for her. “Yes hector, I’m taking you

home with me. But we can’t get going until you

let me tie this leash to your collar. Now,


Jillian was startled when the large dog

obediently obeyed her command.

“Oh my! You are well behaved,” she said,

finally latching the leash clip to the collar

ring. “I’m starting to wonder if you were ever

really abused. You just seem to well trained to

have had a mean master.”

The two made their way through the studio

outside where Jillian opened the back door to

her SUV and Hector jumped in without being

asked. The weathergirl smiled at how well

trained the dog was and got behind the wheel and

started up the engine.

She turned her head around to back up, and was

greeted with another sloppy lick from the huge


“Now will you stop that,” she laughed as his

tongue found her mouth again. “How is a girl

supposed to drive safely with you licking her

every minute,” she said, laughing again.

The drive home was a challenge. Not only did

she have to contend with the infamous LA

gridlock, but also the overly friendly dog that

relentlessly tried lapping her face. Jillian

even had to pull over once when the large

Labrador leapt to the front seat and began

sniffing at her crotch.

A truck driver honked his horn at seeing the

large dog’s head buried in the slim woman’s lap

as it tried to get at her pussy. Luckily, his

cab was too high for him to see Jillian’s face.

“STOP THAT!” She scolded the misbehaving



Hector slinked to the back seat and laid his

head down from the severe reprimand she had just

given him. From then on things went a bit

smoother. But it still took her well over an

hour to get to her home. By then, she was tired

and frustrated.

She finally drove up the driveway of her home

and parked her SUV. Stepping out of the

vehicle, she then opened the back door to let

her new guest out. The large dog excitedly

jumped out and ran across the wide-open grassy

lawn that was part of her home.

Jillian smiled momentarily at the playfulness of

such a large animal. It always amazed her that

no matter their ages, dogs always acted like a

puppy when led to an open field. Whistling

sharply to get the dog’s attention, she walked

up to the front door and unlocked it. The dog

raced up to her, sensing that she was inviting

him and he didn’t relish the thought of being

left out.

“Why do I put myself through that?” She said

aloud. “Every damn day it’s the same thing.

Two hours to work and two hours back.”

She kicked off her shoes and walked in her

black-stockinged feet into the kitchen where she

was met by her menagerie of pets. She had three

cats, which she amusingly named Inny, Miny and

Moe. They also had four dogs of various breeds

named Clyde, Jonas, Hans and Damien. Most of

them were saved from the pound, all except for

Damien. Damien was a large black Doberman, he

was purchased as a guard dog for the house, yet

was treated as lovingly as all the others.

“Yes, yes. I know babies,” she leaned down to

greet her pets. “Mommies home and I’ll get your

food out in a minute. By the way, babies, this

is Hector. He’ll just be staying a few days, so

play nice.”

Bending her knees, she greets her cats and dogs

as always, and they lap their tongues on her

face lovingly. Hector just sat on his hindlegs

feeling a bit left out by their loving reunion.

With all the pets she has, they have to wait

patiently their turn to cuddle with their

mistress, but sometimes some of them would lose

patience and just jump in.

Clyde was in such a state today. Clyde was

another dog that Jillian had rescued on the

show. He was a year-old Golden Retriever that

nobody was interested in because of a mild jaw

disorder, which she paid to have corrected. Now

he was a happy family member to the household.

In his impatience to give his mistress his daily

lap, he was running around her kneeled position

trying to find an opening to jump in. Then his

nose picked up a strange scent. He quickly

traced it as emanating from under her skirt and

decided to investigate.

Jillian had all but forgotten that she had

discarded her panties back at the studio, so she

almost jumped out of her skin when she felt

Clyde’s tongue against her naked cunt.

“Jesus! Clyde,” she yelped, jumping up to her

feet. “What got into you? You shouldn’t do

that to mommy.”

Clyde just looked up, head tilted, confused as

to what he might have done wrong. Jillian just

looked at him and broke out laughing, realizing

that he obviously didn’t do that intentionally.

She walked past her German Shepherd, Hans, then

proceeded to pour out their food in the various

dishes laid out around the kitchen. As soon as

one bowl was filled, the respective pet would

dig in and crunch on their meal. Hector stood

impatiently, his large tail wagging as he

jealously watched the other animals getting fed.

Jillian hadn’t forgotten her guest and she

pulled out a large bowl that she kept around for

such occasions and poured him a large helping as

well. Hector ran to the offering and skidded to

a halt across the slick floor, eliciting a burst

of laughter from the pretty weathergirl.

“Now you get away from Hector’s bowl Jonas,” she

laughingly scolded her greedy Beagle.

The flabby dog reluctantly abandoned that bowl

to go back to his own.

Seeing that all her pets were now fed, she

walked upstairs to the bedroom, unfastening her

clothing as she walked. By the time she walked

into the bedroom, all she had to do was take off

her silk-shirt and let her skirt drop to the

floor. Knowing that she was all alone in the

house, she didn’t even bother closing the double

doors of her bedroom.

Now in only her bra and stockings, she walked

into the large bathroom and started the water

running in the large tub.

“Oooh, a refreshing bubblebath is going to feel

nice after a day like today,” she purred,

feeling the water run through her fingers as she

tested the temperature.

Once she was satisfied that the bath wouldn’t be

too hot, she went back to her bedroom and

removed the last vestige of clothing off her

body. Then she stood in front of the full-

length mirror and cupped her tits, pinching her


“Mmmmh!” She murmured to herself, cupping her

naked breast in her hands. “I do love the way I

look,” she said with a smile.

She then ran her hands down her slim body to her

shaved pussy, which her friend Pamela Anderson

convinced her to do a few years back. Since

then, both of them would get together every

month to shave each other, among other things.

Just then, the phone rang. She quickly picked


“Hello?” She answered.

“Hey, Jilly,” a sexy voice sounded on the phone.

“It’s me, Pam. What you got planned tonight?”

Jillian recognized her celebrity friend, Pamela

Anderson, immediately. They had met years ago

when Pam was still on {Home Improvement} with

Tim Allen. They quickly became friends and had

remained so ever since.

As she spoke on the phone, she ran her fingers

across the protruding clit of her labia and

smiled. She quickly recalled all the times they

had shared together, but in leisure and in


“Hi Pam,” she smiled. “Nothing really. I was

just about ready to take a bubblebath. Why

don’t you come over… in say an hour and we’ll

chat awhile.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Pam said. “See you


Hanging up the phone, Jillian then strode across

the bedroom in the buff for that refreshing

bath. Stepping into the huge bathtub, she slid

down and lay on her back, letting the bubbles

relax her tensed body. Just as she was

beginning to enjoy her bath, the telephone rang


“Damn!” She swore as she pulled herself out of

the tub, water dripping on the floor to answer

the phone. “Always happens when you’re in the


She made her way back to her bedroom, not

bothering to cover herself. After all, she was

all alone in the house. Her wet body dripping

puddles of soapy water as she made her way back

to the phone.

“Hello?” She said.

“Hello, Miss Barberie?” A man’s voice replied.

“Hope I’m not disturbing you. This is Jim. Jim

Harper from the shelter. I got some information

on Hector.”

“Oh yes, Jim,” she remember him. “So, what have

you found out.”

“There’s not much on his file,” Jim told her.

“It just says that he was a movie dog. Guess he

was one of those stunt animals, that’s why he

was brought to us, for his own good.”

“Mmmmh! That’s probably true,” Jillian said

thoughtfully. “I can see why some shelter’s

would consider those animals to be in danger,

considering what they are asked to do. Thanks,

Jim. I’ll see what I can work out with my

director. Thanks for calling back so fast.”

“No problem Miss Barberie,” he replied. “I’m

glad we have people like you who care enough to

help these creatures.”

“Have to go now,” she told him, knowing her bath

was cooling as she spoke. “I’ll see you next

time. Bye!”

“Goodbye, ma’am,” he said.

With that, the phone connection was broken.

“Now back to my bubbles,” she grinned as she

walked back to her bubblebath, water trailing

off her body to the tiled floor.


Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Hector had

finished with the meal Jillian had prepared for

him. Being in a new house, it was only natural

for him to begin exploring his new environment.

For the next fifteen minutes, the large dog

explored the main floor of that large home.

Then once satisfied that there was nothing of

interest for him there, he made his way up the

staircase to explore the upstairs.


Jillian was recalling the events of the day,

especially what went on during her Adopt-A-Pet

segment. Nothing like that had ever happened

before and she had to giggle at the absurdity of

it. First that damn snake slithering its way

down her cleavage to explore her cunt. Just the

thought of that made her clit tingle in


She closed her eyes as her arousal mounted at

the memory of that moment. That devilish

slithering tongue darting in and out of her

pussylips, and its striking her aroused clit.

In response to her recalling this, Jillian

instinctly began finger-fucking herself. She

would imagine that her finger was the snake’s

tongue. Or better yet, she would imagine that

it was its large head shoving its way inside


‘God, why is this exciting me so much?’ She

thought to herself, realizing that she was

fantasizing about an animal in this way. ‘This

is sick. People don’t do stuff like this for

real. Do they?’

But her body was aroused by now and she couldn’t

control her urges even if she wanted to.

‘After all, what harm is there in just

fantasizing about it,’ she told herself. ‘It’s

not like I’m doing anything for real.’

And so, she continued to pleasure herself while

thinking of the snake doing the same. The more

excited she got, the more her twitching body

would splash water from the tub to the floor.

‘God, this is the horniest I’ve felt in ages,’

she thought as her masturbation continued.

Then her mind drifted to the sandpapery

sensation of Hector’s thick tongue when he got

under her skirt and licked her already wet and

exposed pussy.

“God, what a tongue,” she gasped, complimenting

the memory of the dog unintentionally. “If only

Bret could do the same.”

She pinched her nipples with the other hand as

she continued to finger-fuck herself. With her

eyes closed, she luxuriated in the hot memory of

that thick tongue slobbering across her

pussylips and stiff clit. She would remember

how close the dog had made her cum in front of

everybody. But she couldn’t even conceive of

orgasming to a dog.


Meanwhile, Hector was happily exploring his new

home. The large dog had already gone through

one guestroom, making a mess of the bed sheets,

and was now nudging his snout against the master

bedroom. He could hear the water splashing in

the adjoining bathroom and stealthily approached

the doorway.

The sight that greeted him was not all that

unfamiliar to the sex-movie dog. Many times, in

his past experiences, he had seen a human bitch

pleasuring herself in this fashion, and this

usually led to his assistance being called on.

Already the scent of her sexy jism wafted its

way to his sensitive nose.

With the scent of sex in the air, he knew what

was expected of him. As his training called him

too, the large Labrador’s cock began pumping

full of blood. Within moments, the tip of his

phallus began peeking out of its furry sheath

and elongating in preparation to his duties.

Had a camera been focused on the dog’s face, it

would have caught what could only be described

as a grin.


Jillian remained oblivious to the audience that

her masturbating had attracted. She was too

lost in the rapture of orgasming with her hands

to bother noticing anything else.

“Oh! Oh! Oooooh! Cumming!” Jillian began

moaning. “Cumming! Fuck! Ungh! I’… I’m

cumming! CUMMMMMMING!”

Suddenly a sheet of water splashed from the tub

as Jillian Barberie orgasmed, her back arching

sharply in rapture. Her powerful climax

startled the dog and he scampered back into the

master bedroom. Her orgasm seemed to last an

eternity as her jism rose to the top of the bath

water, her fingers still feverishly working in

and out of her sucking pussylips.

“Jesus H. Christ!” She gasped, finally settling

down from her climax. “Tha… that was the best

I’ve had in ages.”

Then she became quiet and pensive as she

considered what had just happened, her fingers

slowly rubbing her clit as she thought about


“Why is that?” She asked herself. “Why did I

cum so hard?”

As she thought about what had just transpired,

she suddenly came to the realization that maybe

it was her thinking about the animal encounters

she had had today. First that snake rubbing her

pussy, then there was that damn dog Hector and

his probing tongue.

‘Coul… could that be it?’ She thought. ‘Could

it be because of them?’

Almost in an automatic response, she felt her

clit twitch under her fingers when she even

thought about the animals.

‘Oh god!’ Her mind reeled at that conclusion.

‘I’m becoming such a slut. I need a drink.’

With that, she pulled herself back up to her

feet and stepped out of the tub. She quickly

saw the wet mess she had made with all of her

gyrating in the water and walked cautiously

across the bathroom to the towel rack. Grabbing

one, she began drying herself off as she

considered the implication of the bestial

conclusion she came too.

Just then, Hector poked his head back at the

doorway. He immediately saw the naked female

and barked loudly in appreciation to her body.

The dog’s sudden bark startled Jillian and she

turned herself around to face the source. But

her sudden twist caused her feet to slide out

from under her on the soapy wet tiles and she

went crashing heavily on her back, her head

hitting the floor with a loud thud.

Her vision fogged and her eyelids fluttered as

she lost consciousness. The last thing her mind

registered was the large black Labrador

approaching her prone, naked body on the

bathroom floor.

Part Three

As Jillian lay unconscious on the bathroom

floor, Hector sauntered in and sniffed her body.

His nose quickly picked up the residual scent of

her sex despite her time in the water. He

immediately began doing what he knew best. He

started licking her shaved pussy, paying

particular attention to her stiff clit.

As the large dog ravished her vagina with his

raspy tongue, her body reacted instinctly and

became aroused despite her unconscious state.

With each stroke of the dog’s tongue her sexual

aroma would escape and waif into the air,

permeating the room.


Soon, her own pets began picking up her scent

and followed it as any animal would. One by

one, they would make their way into their

mistress’ bedroom and then into the large

bathroom. Soon all three of her cats and the

four dogs were sitting in the bathroom,


The animals looked on, their heads tilted

sideways in confusion, as Hector was licking

what looked like a bitch’s sex. But this was

their human mistress, how could this be? But

the scent in the air told them that this was

exactly what it looked like. For some reason

their mistress also had a fuck hole, just like

all the other bitches they’d mounted in the


Her pets just sat and watched, sniffing the air

as her aroma filled their lungs. Then the most

amazing thing began happening to them. They

could feel their own cocks stirring in their

furry sheaths.


Hector paid little attention to the bestial

audience that had entered the room. He had done

this many times in front of humans as well as

with other dogs, not to mention cameras. He

simply concentrated his efforts to the pussy

before him. All the while, his cock kept

growing and stiffening. Already it had reached

a length of eight inches long and three inches

in girth, but he had another four inches left in



Though she remained unconscious through this,

Jillian’s subconscious mind was reacting all too

clearly to the dog’s lapping tongue. As her

clit stiffened under Hector’s ministering

licking, her legs moved wider apart to give him

better access. This was not lost to the large

dog as he drove his stiff tongue deep inside her

clenching vagina, reaching depths Jillian would

never have thought possible.

Meanwhile, Jillian’s three cats were the first

to make a move. As if in concert, they

approached their prone mistress and began

licking at her mouth and nipples with their

raspy tongues. The one at her mouth would

occasionally lick inside her parted lips, giving

her a bestial frenchkiss, which Jillian would

subconsciously return.

“Mmmmmmh!” Jillian moaned sexily from all of

their sandpapery licking, causing her legs to

part even wider.

Soon, the three cats couldn’t wait any longer.

Two of them began humping themselves against her

tits, their tiny stiff cocks rubbing over her

hardened nipples. Meanwhile the third one found

the perfect alternative to a pussycat pussy, her

mouth. His smallish three-inch cock found its

mark and he also began humping her face.

In her present state, Jillian had no knowledge

of what was happening to her, so her mouth began

sucking the humping cock energetically, urging

it to fill her mouth with jism.

Meanwhile, the five dogs in the room looked on

as the three cats humped the unconscious

weathergirl with their puny cocks, Hector never

missing a stroke with his tongue as he peered up

her naked body.

As the large Labrador kept licking her,

Jillian’s body began twitching. She was nearing

an orgasm despite being unconscious through it


The three felines were also nearing a climax and

they increased the tempo of their humping.

Suddenly warm spurts of catty jism sprayed

across her tits, leaving a creamy streak over

her smooth skin. The third cat finally unloaded

in her sucking mouth and she greedily sucked it

down her throat not caring that the source of

this jism was from an animal.

As soon as they had completed their task, the

three felines jumped off their mistress and

slinked out of the room for some private


As soon as the three cats moved away from their

mistress, the four dogs bolted across the room

and began sniffing her naked body. The scent of

sex covered her by now.

Damien, her Doberman, and Hans, the German

Shepherd, took charge of either of her jutting

tits. Both dogs were energetically licking off

the catty jism that covered her mounds. And

when that was gone, they just kept on licking,

causing her to moan in unconscious ecstasy.

As for her remaining dogs, Clyde and Jonas, they

shared her gaping mouth. The dogs were

competing to get their tongue inside her mouth

to get at the cat’s deposit there. Soon they

fell into an alternating licking where Jillian’s

mouth wasn’t vacant for more than a second at a


By this time, Hector could sense that this human

bitch was ready for mounting. He had already

licked two orgasms from her hole, which was

normally what was called for from him. So, he

backed away a few inches and waited for her to

assume the proper position.

The large dog tilted his head in confusion. The

bitch wouldn’t change position. No matter, he

was well trained in servicing women.

He approached her unconscious form once again,

straddling his body over her prone shape. Next,

he squatted his hindquarters down until he was

lying across her chest, making it a bit more

difficult for Damien and Hans to keep in contact

with her aroused tits. It didn’t take him long

for his cock to locate the woman’s pussy and he

shoved forward, burying his cockhead inside her.

As he shoved his haunches forward, Jillian’s

unconscious body would just slide across the wet

bathroom floor, frustrating the large stud. But

he just kept on pushing and pushing.

Eventually, Jillian’s shoulders made contact

with the step leading up to the sunken bathtub

and finally Hector could feel his hard shaft

make its way into her tight cunt. Inch by inch,

his large phallus would disappear in her gulping

pussy, and still, she remained unconscious.

Clyde finally decided that his cock needed some

relief as well. Shoving the stubby Beagle

aside, Jillian’s Golden Retriever straddled

himself over her head and began humping blindly.

His stiff six incher occasionally brushing

across his mistress’ lips.

At the contact of a stiff, warm cock against her

lips, Jillian’s subconscious mind instinctively

parted her lips and began searching, trying to

capture the mystery cock. Like a sleeping baby

in search of its mother’s nipple to suckle on,

her lips would purse and her tongue would dart

out looking for nourishment.

After a few futile attempts, Clyde finally felt

her lips wrapping around his shaft and he yipped

excitedly, increasing his thrust tempo. The dog

finally found the hole he was looking for and

was happily fucking his mistress as the visiting

Labrador continued humping her pussy. All the

while her Doberman and German Shepherd continued

running their tongues over her tits.

Jillian’s mouth was suckling lovingly at the

mysterious cock that had imbedded itself in her

mouth, despite being unconscious still.

But poor Jonas, her Beagle, was still left out.

The stubby dog was shoved aside by Clyde and now

was jumping around, looking for some place to

get his jollies.

Being such a short dog, he worked his way under

the large Labrador and made his way to his

mistress’ crotch. Once there, he found the

treasure he was looking for. In this new

position, the small dog could easily lick

Jillian’s ass or lick the bestial coupling at

her pussy. And the stubby dog seemed to take

pleasure in alternating from one to the other.

So there lay Jillian Barberie, naked on her

bathroom floor, unconscious, and being ravaged

by five very virile canines. Yet, her body was

reacting quite positively to the whole


Finally, Hector managed to bury his full twelve

inches into the slumbering woman and he just lay

on top of her heaving chest, humping slightly.

His knot had found its way past her slackened

pussylips and they were tied in this position

until he emptied his balls.

From under the bestial coupling of the Labrador

and his mistress, Jonas was licking her pussy as

well as Hector’s oversized balls. This added

attention would only expedite the huge dog’s


Clyde, being new at this, was humping furiously

into Jillian’s mouth trying to empty his own

load as quickly as possible. Already he was

squirting shots of pre-cum in her mouth, which

Jillian instinctively swallowed with no protest.

This left only the two larger dogs, Damien and

Hans. They were still only limited to licking

and nibbling on her protruding nipples and

breasts. Though this was nowhere as exciting as

burying their hard penises in their mistress’

holes, they were content to wait for their shot

at her.

Part Four

“Hey, Jill! You home?” Pamela Anderson called

out as she let herself into her friends home.

“It’s me, Pam.”

But there was no answer. The blonde bombshell

from the TV show VIP looked around the

downstairs rooms in search for her friend. But

she couldn’t find any trace of her. She knew

that she should be here because she had called

earlier and they had agreed to meet.

Being a celebrity herself, she began fretting

that maybe a stalker had found his way in the

house. She quickly took out the can of mace

that she always had with her and quietly made

her way up the stairs towards the bedrooms.

‘God, I hope nothing’s wrong,’ she told herself.

‘This isn’t a movie, this is real.’

The voluptuous blonde moved quietly along the

wall, trying to remain invisible to a possible

intruder. She cautiously opened one door and

took a quick look inside. Sure that nobody was

there, she moved on the next, then the next one

after than and the next. Each time releasing a

breath in relief.

The only room left to check was Jillian’s master

bedroom. She just as quietly made her way

towards the open door and peered inside. She

didn’t see anything, but she did hear some

panting noise coming from the open bathroom


‘Oh God!’ She swore to herself. ‘Someone is

here. Get a grip of yourself Pam. Jill needs

your help. She’s probably getting raped in

there. Steady now.’

After giving herself that pep talk, she took a

deep breath and stood next to the bathroom door

as she had done many times on her TV show.

Cautiously, she moved her head to the edge of

the door, her mace can at the ready.

Peering around the corner of the doorframe, she

just stood there gaping in shock at the sight

that greeted her.

“Holy shit!” She gasped.

There, on the floor, lay her best friend Jillian

Barberie. And on top of her was this huge

strange black dog, its cock clearly imbedded in

Jillian’s pussy. The mace can in her hand

slipped from her fingers to clank loudly on the

tiled floor.

The noise of the can striking the floor snapped

her out of her shock and she gazed at the scene

before her. So shocked was she to walk in on

this, she never even noticed the other dogs

swarming the unconscious brunette. Now that she

took the time to look things over, Pamela could

see her friend’s Retriever humping his cock into

her sucking mouth and the two larger dogs

licking at her tits.

But she had to look carefully for Jonas,

Jillian’s other dog. She found him tucked under

the large dog fucking her friend, licking at

both her pussy and the large dog cock stuck in


“Fuck, Jillian,” she swore. “I’d never have

thought you were into this.”

But there was no response. Pamela came closer

and that’s when she realized that her friend was

unconscious as the dogs had their way with her.

“Oh god, Jill,” she said, kneeling to feel for a

pulse. “What happened to you? Damien! Hans!

Get away from her!”

The two large dogs backed away at the sharp

command the blonde woman gave them, but their

lust persisted in their groin.

When Pamela tried to push Clyde off Jillian’s

face, the Golden Retriever bared his fangs at

her and she backed away. The same reaction came

from Hector when she tried to move him off her.

Besides, it wouldn’t have helped, he was already

tied with this human bitch and he couldn’t move

away even if he wanted to.

Pamela squatted helplessly as she could only

watch, as the two dogs remained imbedded in

Jillian’s two holes. Without realizing it, her

own cunt was moistening as she observed how

juicy and hard the dog cocks looked.

“Mmmmmh!” She heard Jillian moan sexily,

despite being unconscious.

Clyde finally howled loudly, and when Pamela

turned her attention to him she could see his

balls twitching, a sign that he was cumming in

Jillian’s mouth. Her hands instinctly moved

down to her own crotch and rubbed themselves

over her rapidly aroused labia.

“Mmmmmmmh!” Jillian moaned again, a tinge of

orgasm in its tone.

“Jeeesus!” She groaned. “This is so weird.”

She quickly realized how arousing this was to

her. She slipped a hand past the waistband of

her shorts and began stroking her clit and

pussylips as she continued watching the dog pump

his spunk in her unconscious friend’s mouth.

Her tongue subconsciously running over her lips

in thirst for some herself.

Hector howled soon after, emptying his load in

Jillian’s cock-stuffed pussy. Pamela shifted

her gaze from Jillian’s mouth to her crotch,

trying to capture every second of the bestial

action. Then she gasped when the large dog got

up to his feet and lifted her friend’s cunt with

him. She just stared in disbelief as Jillian

remained suspended in the air to the dog’s

crotch. Slowly, but steadily, she saw Jillian’s

pussylips widen, allowing the dog’s knot to pull


With Jillian pulled up and away from his reach,

Jonas whined in complaint. He too joined the

other dogs to wait patiently for is chance at

mounting with the mistress.

So engrossed in the scene before her, Pamela

quickly stripped off her clothes. For her, this

was quickly accomplished as she rarely wore any

underwear. Within moments, she stood there in

the bathroom naked, except for her high-heeled


Now she could indulge in some hard pussy playing

as she watched the two dogs finish themselves

off on her friend.

A moment later, Clyde, his balls emptied, pulled

out of Jillian’s suckling mouth, leaving a trail

of jism across her cheek.

Pamela couldn’t control herself. She got down

on her hand and knees and gave the unconscious

Jillian Barberie a deep frenchkiss, trying to

get some of that doggy jism for a taste. After

her first taste, she couldn’t get enough of it.

She moved to Jillian’s cheeks and cleaned off

what the dog had deposited there as well.

Now, with the large dog out of the way, she

could also play with Jillian’s rock-hard

nipples. Never in all their time together had

she felt those nubs so hard.

The large Doberman and German Shepherd and the

short stubby Beagle sat patiently out of the

way, waiting for their turn at their mistress.

They just watched, their heads tilted in

confusion, as their mistress’ light colored

friend was licking their companion’s seed off

their sleeping mistress.

A loud slurping sound caught Pam’s attention and

she turned her head to see where it was coming

from. What she saw almost made her cum.

Hector’s thick knot was breaking free and his

foot long cock was slowly slurping out of

Jillian’s clutching pussylips. Pamela would

never have believed that such a tool could

belong to an animal, especially not a dog. Inch

by long inch, the dog’s cock slipped out, moist

with a mixture of Jillian’s own cum and the


Pamela watched thirstily as the wet phallus

pulled out, glistening with sex. Then,

suddenly, Jillian and the huge dog just broke

apart. The weathergirl’s body thumping loudly

and unceremoniously to the floor, doggy jism

pouring out of her gaping pussy.

As if dying of thirst in the desert, Pamela

crawled down to Jillian’s pussy and began

licking out her friend’s cunt. She couldn’t

believe how much cum was in there. As fast as

she could lick it, much more would drip to the

tiled floor of the bathroom.

She then felt the presence of another tongue

next to her own. Looking up, she smiled when

she realized that it was just Jonas, the chubby

Beagle, helping her lick Jillian clean.

“Nice doggy,” she laughed. “Lick mommy good


“Mmmmmmh!” Pamela heard Jillian moan again,

consciousness slowly returning to her.

“I better try to fix this,” Pam told herself.

Stepping back, she gazed at her prone friend and

was about to cover her with a large towel when

something caught her attention.

“It can’t be,” she gasped, looking down more

closely at the licking Beagle.

Under Jonas’ belly, stood erect, a cock to

compete with the large black dog that had fucked

Jillian just moments before. Its size, grossly

disproportionate to the diminutive body of the

dog. Jonas measured about two feet from snout

to butt, and his cock clearly extended a foot,

if not more under his fat underside.

Quickly glancing from Jillian’s face to her

crotch, then the doorway, Pamela considered what

she should do about this. He options were

simple. She could either clear the dogs out of

the room before Jillian regained consciousness.

Or help the stubby dog get his rocks off.

She opted for the latter.

Part Five

Before Jillian was to regain consciousness, her

friend, Pamela Anderson, got down on the floor

and was eagerly urging Jonas, Jillian’s Beagle,

to climb up on her prone belly. She was

fascinated at the bright red penis dangling

under the short dog. She even wished that she

had the time to get a taste of it, but she

needed to get the dog inside Jillian before her

friend regained consciousness.

“C’mon Jonas,” she cooed, rubbing Jillian’s wet

pussylips. “Look what momma’s got for you,


However, the dog wasn’t familiar with this

position and he wouldn’t relinquish his licking

the brunette’s leaking pussy.

That’s when Pam came up with a new plan.

Burying her fingers in Jillian’s cum-filled

pussy, she pulled it out and used that to entice

the chubby little Beagle to climb up on

Jillian’s crotch. She smiled as the dog

followed her cum soaked fingers as she had

hoped. Once that was accomplished, all she had

to do was reach under his belly and aim his

thick, long cock to her friend’s pussyhole.

Then just let nature take its course.

“Mmmmmmmh!” She heard Jillian murmur more


‘Gotta get this done quick,’ she said to

herself, as she pulled Jonas’ cock with some


She cringed with excitement as she grabbed a

hold of the dog’s slimy cockshaft. It felt so

hot and wet, she hoped that she would get a

chance to try this herself some day.

‘Maybe I should talk to Tommy about getting some

pets in the house,’ she thought. ‘For the


She rubbed Jonas’ cocktip over Jillian’s

cuntslit, thus exciting the dog to what was to

come. She watched in amusement as the small dog

began humping the air in search for that

succulent cunthole his cockhead had sensed.

Knowing that time was of the essence, Pamela

wasted no time teasing the frustrated animal.

She lowered its cockhead until its tip pierced

Jillian’s pussylips and then released him.

The dog immediately took charge and began

humping as if there were no tomorrow. With two

rapid thrusts, his whole shaft disappeared in

Jillian’s cunt.

Pamela gaped in awe as the diminutive dog fucked

her friend with such energy. She watched as

Jillian’s pussylips pursed in and out trying to

grasp the thick shaft fucking into her.

Despite his small size, the dog’s energetic

thrusts where shaking Jillian’s body as it lay

prone on the floor.

“Ugh! Ungh! Oh!” Pam heard Jillian’s voice

returning with each of the dog’s thrust. “Ungh!

Wha… what happened? What’s going on?”

Pam quickly pulled on her clothes before Jillian

realized she was there with her.

Jillian could feel a cock fucking in her pussy

and when she looked down her body, she screamed

in terror at seeing one of her dogs humping into


“Oh god! Oh fucking shit!” She yelled out in

panic. “Get off me Jonas. Off! HUMPH! GET


But her dog wouldn’t listen. He was in lust and

he wouldn’t quit until he too emptied his balls.

Jillian frantically scanned the room for

something to help her out of this situation.

That’s when she first noticed her friend

standing nearby.

“Oh god, no!” She groaned at her being caught

in such a position. “Pam, it… it’s not what you

think. I… I slipped and… and I must have been

knocked out. I… I don’t do this sort of thing.

Please help me. Get… ungh! Get Jonas off of

me, please.”

“Shhhh! It’s okay, Jilly,” Pam reassured her

distressed friend. “I… I know that it isn’t

your fault. I came in and found you passed out.

But… but when I try to move him, Jonas just

growls and snaps at me. I can’t get him off.”

To demonstrate, Pam reached down to Jonas,

hoping that the chubby dog would react the same

way as the others had earlier. Luckily, he did,

adding credence to her claim.

“I… I don’t think he’ll quit until he cums,” Pam

told the distressed weathergirl. “Why don’t you

relax and try to enjoy it instead.”

“ENJOY IT!” Jillian screamed. “How can you

even think suck a thing. This… this is

disgusting. Immoral. How can you expect me to

enjoy something like this!”

“Just… just think of it as just another cock,”

Pam said, trying to calm her friend down. “I

can see his cock from here, and let me tell you,

Jonas has nothing to feel inferior about.”

While the two women continued chattering about

the situation, Jonas just kept on humping. His

cock had already reached depths that no cock

ever had before, including the studly Hector.

This was something that even a distressed

Jillian couldn’t ignore. Pam watched excitedly

as Jillian caught her breath at the deep

penetration inside her womb.

“Oh fuck!” Jillian said, gritting her teeth.

“He… he’s soooo deeeeep!”

“Ho… how does it feel?” Pam asked, having only

imagined the feeling before. “Tell me Jill.

This is getting me all worked up.”

“It… it feels like a baby trying to crawl the

wrong way out, that’s how it feels!” She

groaned, feeling another powerful thrust from

the chubby little dog. “Oh, Pam. He’s so

fucking deep, it feels like his cock is gonna

come out of my throat.”

Jillian was slowly coming to accepting how good

a dog cock could be. She slowly, hesitantly,

moved her fingers to her tits and began pulling

on the hard nubs of her nipples as her dog

continued humping away. Nevertheless, she still

couldn’t come to grasp with the fact that it was

a dog fucking her.

Pam could sense the change in her friend’s

attitude and stripped her clothes off again.

This time feeling secure that Jillian wouldn’t

suspect her role in getting Jonas’ cock in her

pussy. As soon as she was naked again, Pam

kneeled next to Jillian and gave her friend a

deep frenchkiss. Jillian joyfully returned that

kiss as the dog continued to fill her love

tunnel with its cock.

With all of this fucking and sucking going

around, Pam’s pussy was seeping with the

powerful aroma of her sex. This didn’t go

unnoticed to the dogs waiting nearby.

Damien and Hans’ ears perked up sharply as their

attention was suddenly drawn to a new source of

a bitch in heat. They began sniffing that air

and zoned in on the source of this new scent.

It didn’t take them long to zero in on Pamela

Anderson’s upturned ass as she and Jillian

continued to exchange tongues.

“God! I… I can’t let this go on,” Jillian

groaned as she rolled over, carrying Jonas along

with her so the dog now found itself on its back

beneath his mistress.

Suddenly, Pam felt the exploring tongues of

Jillian’s dogs at her ass. They were eagerly

slobbering over her shaved pussy trying to get

at her juices. Pam wiggled her ass in ecstasy

as she got her first contact from a dog. She

loved the roughness of their tongues as they ran

across her aroused pussylips and her clit. Its

nub was already apparent from her excitement at

seeing a doggy cock in Jillian’s cunt.

“AARRGGHH!” Jillian groaned painfully at Jonas’

cock pulling at her cunt.

Jillian had simply assumed that just by turning

over onto her hands and knees, and rising

herself up on her knees, that Jonas’ cock would

simply slip out. However, she had no way of

knowing about the dog’s bulbous knot, or how

well it had lodged itself within her cuntlips.

So there she was, on hands and knees, her chubby

Beagle hanging from her pussylips.

“What? What’s the matter Jill?” Pam asked,

worry in her voice.

“It hurts, Pam,” Jillian cried out. “It hurts

so much.”

Pam looked between her friend’s legs and could

see what the problem was. The dog’s cock had

inflated to a distorted size and was locked in

between Jillian’s pussylips. The weight of the

dog’s whole body was pulling painfully at her

friend’s vagina.

“I… I think he’s locked inside you,” Pam told

her. “His cock won’t come out at all.”

“What can I do?” Jillian pleaded. “It really


“I think you should get your butt down and just

sit on Jonas until he cums,” Pam suggested,

neglecting to mention that she could have just

as easily dumped a bucket of cold water on the


“God! I can’t do that!” Jillian protested as

she followed Pam’s advice. “It’s a dog, for

Christ sakes!”

“I can’t see any other way, Jilly,” Pam told

her, pushing her friend’s ass down until the

Beagle was now lying on its back on the floor,

its cock still imbedded in the brunette’s pussy.

Jillian sat defeated, straddling her Beagle.

Its cock still stuck in her pussy, with his

tongue hanging loosely out of its panting jaws.

She had never been so filled before and that

scared her. At least the pain had subsided, now

that the strain of her dog’s weight was settled

beneath her. But she still had to wonder if it

was causing her any injuries inside? How could

she ever explain something like that to her


“How is that?” Pam asked.

“Better,” Jillian grinned sheepishly as she

breathed hard. “Are you sure there’s nothing

else we can do?”

“None that I can see,” Pam lied.

Just then Jillian noticed Hans and Damien at

Pam’s rear.

“Huh, Pam,” she said softly. “Why are you

letting them lick you like that?”

“Because it feels good silly,” Pam smiled

impishly. “You wouldn’t believe how good their

tongues feel.”

Just then, Hans made a bold move and leaped

hornily on Pamela’s back. He immediately began

humping furiously in search for a hole to bury

his rigid staff in.

“Oh my god Pam!” Jillian squealed. “Hans is

trying to fuck you!”

“YOU THINK!” Pam replied breathlessly.

“You better get up on your feet before it’s too

late,” Jillian warned.

“What kind of a friend would I be if I let you

go through something like this by yourself,” Pam


“But… but Pamela, it’s a dog,” the brunette

exclaimed. “You… you don’t have to do this to

make me feel better about my situation.”

However, Pamela had no desire to escape the

Shepherd’s probing cock. Seeing how well

Jillian’s pussy had been stuffed, first by that

mysterious black mutt and now by her Beagle, Pam

wanted to get that same filling feeling. So, to

help the dog locate her aroused pussy, she

lowered her elbows, which raised her ass higher

for the humping animal.

A few strokes later Hans found his mark and

buried his blood-red shaft in the TV star’s

shaved pussy. He quickly got into a rhythm of

thrusting deeply inside her, burying it deeper

with each thrust.

“Oh! Fuck, Jill,” Pam groaned. “He’s even

bigger than Tommy.”

Jillian could only imagine that, as she, just

like anybody else who had seen their infamous

fuck video on the Internet, could attest to

Pam’s husband’s cock. She was jealous at Pamela

back then for finding such a stud and marrying


She stared, dazed, as her German Shepherd was

fucking its thick red dick in the blonde

bombshell’s shaved pussy, filling her completely

with each stroke. As she watched, she

unconsciously began rocking herself back and

forth on Jonas’ cock, which was still imbedded

in her own pussy. Her clit rubbing teasingly

across the briskly fur of the Beagle’s belly.

“Fuck her, Hans!” Jillian involuntarily cried

out. “Oh god! I… I’m sorry Pam. I… I don’t

know what came over me.”

“Don’t… ungh! Don’t worry about it,” Pam told

her. “I agree… I agree with you. Fuck me good

Hans! Pammy wants your cum!”

As Jillian watched her depraved friend hump back

at her dog. She began feeling an orgasm

mounting within her own loins as she stared at

the depraved act, while still numbing herself to

the dog-cock still stuffed in her own cunt. She

couldn’t understand how this could be happening,

but she could feel a humongous climax nearing.

“Ungh! Ooof! Fuck, Jill,” Pam grunted under

the powerful surges of the Shepherd. “When was…

when was the last time you let this pooch get


“Huh? Oh, we don’t let them fuck around,”

Jillian had to shake herself from her lost

thoughts. “But I don’t like the idea of

neutering them.”

By this time, Jillian was getting lost in her

own lustful feelings. Not wanting to harm Jonas

with her whole body weight weighing down on him,

she crouched down over him, resting her elbows

on the floor. This gave her better leverage to

control her weight.

She watched intently as Hans curved his spine

sharply to drive his bloated cock into Pamela’s

shaved pussy. The sight of that blood-red shaft

sliding in and out against her white skin got

her own juices flowing in her vagina. In

response, Jillian increased her body strokes

aver Jonas’ body, her climax getting nearer with

each passing second.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” Both women blurted out in


Part Six

By this time, Damien was tired of being left out

of all this fucking. The large Doberman moved

around sniffing and licking Pamela’s body trying

to find some relief for himself. When he got to

her face, Pam parted her lips and offered him

her mouth.

The dog’s tongue quickly explored this offering

and slithered inside, frenchkissing the

voluptuous woman. Pam immediately reciprocated

by sucking on the sandpapery tongue as it

explored her mouth, right to the back of her


“Oooooh!” Jillian moaned as she watched her

friend’s depravity.

With all of this happening, Jillian still had no

idea what the dogs had done with her before she

had regained consciousness earlier. She had no

recollection of one of them having fucked her in

the mouth and ejaculating his seed there, or of

her swallowing it. Nor of having already

endured a large canine penis fucking her tight

twat. So, seeing Pamela Anderson allowing a dog

to lick inside her mouth was somewhat disturbing

to the network weathergirl.

“Lie down Damien,” she heard Pamela command, and

she watched her Doberman guard dog obediently

lie on its side in front of her horny friend.

“What… what are you doing Pam?” She asked,

shocked. “You… you’re not thinking of…”

“You bet your sweet fucking ass I am,” Pam broke

in. “Just look at the pole on this guy,” she

said, wiggling the dog’s large phallus.

With that, Pamela Anderson lowered her face and

licked the dog’s cock, concentrating her efforts

on the pointy tip. The thickening penis was

growing just by looking at it. Already it

measured six inches and still it grew. Pam only

hoped that it could compare to the Beagle’s

bloated cock.

“Oh god, Pam,” Jillian swallowed hard. “How…

how could you?”

The blonde TV star was too busy licking and

sucking the dog-cock to bother answering. After

a few more licks, she parted her lips and took

the head of the canine meat into her mouth, then

eagerly began sucking the animal.

Out in the corner of the room, Jillian’s other

dogs had recuperated enough from their first

experience with the brunette to want back in.

But now there were two human bitches to choose


Clyde and Hector gazed lustfully at the light-

haired newcomer but quickly came to the

realization that all possible avenues of fucking

were fully occupied at the moment. That left

them with the mistress of the house again.

Jillian’s Golden Retriever was the first to

react. The yellow-haired dog came rushing

forward and began licking at the brunette’s


“Eeeek!” Jillian exclaimed in shocked surprise.

Looking back, she quickly recognized her dog was

the one assaulting her ass with its sandpapery


Pam took a quick peek and smiled, her mouth

still holding on tightly to the Doberman’s

squirting cock.

‘Looks like Clyde wants another go at her,’ she

thought mischievously.

Jillian could do nothing but endure the

torturous tongue-lashing as she remained tied

with the Beagle under her. Soon, her body began

to betray her at this as well. She could feel

another strong orgasm building within her as her

ass was being licked, all the while her pussy

was still stuffed full of doggy dick.

She tried to concentrate on Pamela’s activities

with her other two dogs in the hopes that this

would take her mind off her own troubles.

Little did she realize that this only served to

increase her own lustful yearnings with the


With his mistress crouched so low over Jonas,

Clyde found that he could mount her now, which

he did. Suddenly, Jillian felt the added weight

of the Retriever on her back, his penis

squirting energetically between her asscheeks.

“Clyde!” She gasped. “What do you think you’re

doing? There’s no place for you there. Get off

boy. Get off me right this second!”

But the dog ignored her commands and continued

humping his ass in search for somewhere to bury

his shaft. Jillian could feel his slimy cock

sliding in between her butt cheeks with each of

his strokes. She only hoped that he wouldn’t do

anything inappropriate.

Pam peered sideways and grinned at the picture

Jillian made. There was her beautiful friend,

crouched over one dog, its cock buried deep

inside her pussy, while another of her pets was

trying to fuck her on top.

‘Wouldn’t it be great if he found her ass,’ Pam


As if in answer to her wish, Clyde shoved

forward and his cocktip did indeed find

Jillian’s tightly clenching anus.

“Ungh! Oh hell, Pam,” Jillian cried out. “Cly…

Clyde is… he’s getting inside my asshole. Ungh!

Oh shit!”

“Go for it, girl!” Pam cheered, pulling her

mouth off Damien’s cock momentarily.

Resuming her cocksucking, Pam kept staring as

the Retriever’s back curled sharply, burying his

thickening cock in her friend’s ass.

‘Shit! How lucky can you be,’ she thought to

herself, jealous of the double-fucking Jillian

was about to receive. ‘Two fucking cocks


Jillian lowered her face to the floor in shame

as she felt a second dog penis invade her body

lustfully. In this lower position, Jonas began

licking at her tits that were just above his


“Mmmmmh!” Jillian moaned in response, giving in

to her own building lust.

This left only Hector on the sidelines. And

being well trained in the art of servicing human

bitches, he immediately assessed the situation.

One of the females was taken care of, all her

holes being inaccessible at the moment. While

the other still presented him with one final


The large Labrador strode across the bathroom

floor, his nails clicking loudly on the hard

tiles. His rock hard cock dangling under his

belly as he approached her. He moved in front

of Jillian’s crouched form and licked her face.

Jillian instinctly peered up and was greeted

with the sight of his twelve-inch cock fully

erect. She gulped noticeably at the sight of

the thick red cock, its veins showing

prominently along its length. Already she could

make out droplets of pre-cum gathering at its

tip. She quickly glanced in Pamela’s direction

for help, but the blonde beauty was much too

preoccupied in her own bestial activities to be

of any assistance.

‘God! This can’t be happening,’ she said to

herself. ‘How did this ever happen?’

The next time Pam peered at her friend, she

became aware of the latest development in

Jillian’s regard. Despite already having her

rear fully impaled by dog-cocks, she now saw her

friend being faced with the strange dog’s

monstrous shaft poking at her nose.

“Do it Jilly!” Pam urged her friend. “Suck the

fucker off. Just think of your hubby’s cock as

you do it. It’s not so bad actually.”

Jillian glared at her friend, but Pam ignored

her friend’s disapproving stare and returned to

sucking the large Doberman while the equally

large Shepherd continued ramming its cock in her

clenching pussy.

Seeing her friend suck ravenously on the doggy

dick made her contemplate doing just that.

Turning her face back at Hector’s crotch, she

stared intently on the drop of pre-cum hanging

there. Then, with great trepidation, she stuck

out her tongue and lapped the clear fluid off

his cock.

She found the taste very salty, and somewhat

metallic in flavor. All in all, she had to

agree with Pamela’s assessment. It didn’t taste

too bad at all.

Hector waddled his cock closer to Jillian’s

face, a clear declaration that he wanted


Jillian frowned as she, despite her

reservations, lowered her face and took the

large dog’s cockhead in between her lips.

Hector immediately took charge and shoved his

rump forward, burying the first six inches past

her clasping lips. Jillian instinctly pulled

back, choking and coughing at his sudden

intrusion, but never relinquishing his cocktip.

Her friend’s gagging sounds caught Pam’s

attention and when she took a quick glance over

to her, she smiled around Damien’s surging cock.

There, right next to her, Jillian Barberie, the

famous weathergirl of Good Day LA, was begin

gangbanged by three very horny and very virile

dogs. Each of her holes filled to the brim with

canine flesh, and she was enjoying it.

As soon as she had her first conscious taste of

doggy cock, Jillian couldn’t get enough of it.

She began sucking and munching along the length

of the adult movie dog, Hector. Once her

tastebuds made contact with his pre-cum, she

wanted to take his load down her throat. She

wanted her stomach filled with his sperm.

This was the straw that broke her back. Now

that she was so willing to go all the way with

the large dog, she also found that she couldn’t

wait to feel her own dogs emptying their balls

in her rear. Couldn’t wait to feel their

torrential spurts shooting in her ass and pussy.

Pamela stared jealously at her friend’s bestial

awakening. She was jealous because she only had

two dogs to Jillian’s three.

‘Oooh! I wish I was in her position,’ she

muttered to herself, sucking on the dog in her


She felt the Shepherd tightening his grip around

her waist as his body curled grotesquely, trying

to bury more of his shaft in this bitches tight

cunt. Wanting to time her orgasm to the dogs,

she reached under and rubbed furiously on her

clit. She was sure that both dogs were nearing

their own climax and she wanted to be part of


Jillian was moving her body to and fro over her

Beagle’s belly, while he just kept licking her

over sensitized nipples. His cock moving within

her cunt under her command.

At the same time, her Golden Retriever kept

humping her in her anal passage, his cock

growing thicker with each stroke. Luckily, his

cock was the smallest of the five dogs in the


All the while, Hector was humping his hips

trying to bury more of his turgid in this

human’s sucking mouth. He had had many woman

suck his cock before, but none was as aroused as

this one had suddenly become. The large dog

could feel the woman squeezing his balls, urging

him to cum in her mouth, and he was only too

happy to oblige her.

Pamela Anderson watched in amazement as her

friend suddenly changed her mood from distress

to a wanton bitch in heat. A woman who couldn’t

get enough of dog-cock and would do anything to

get it.

She watched, as inch by long inch, the large

Labrador’s cock disappeared into Jillian’s

sucking mouth. Already, she could clearly see

that the brunette had managed to swallow ten

thick inches down her throat. She was

fascinated at seeing that glistening phallus

slide out, covered in her saliva, only to

disappear again in the gulping mouth of her


‘I couldn’t have done better myself,’ she

thought, remembering the deepthroat she had

given her husband on her infamous video.

She stared at Jillian’s body being fucked from

all sides by three very horny dogs, while she

contemplated her own bestial encounter. Pam

loved the feel of the Shepherd’s cock plugging

away at her pussy, all the while she kept

sucking on Damien’s rigid cock.

“Mmmmmmmh!” Jillian finally moaned loudly

around Hector’s cock. “Mmmmmmh!”

Her Beagle, Jonas, had shot his load of spunk in

her pussy, and this was her first conscious

experience of being filled with bestial jism,

triggering a most powerful orgasm of her own.

Jillian could almost imagine the warm jism

scalding her inside as its temperature seemed so

much higher than a man’s.

‘God! It… it’s so hot,’ she thought as she

continued to hump on her smallish dog. ‘Give me

all your spunk Jonas! Give mommy all you got!’

Pam grinned as she watched the brunette squirm

her ass around the gushing dog-cock. She could

see the glow of ecstasy on her friend’s face and

knew that she was cumming as well.

Not to be outdone, Pamela began undulating her

back, driving her ass back against the thrusting

Shepherd. This allowed the dog to bury his

thick knot past her clenching pussylips and

tying with her.

“Gurggle! Mmmmmmm!” It was now Pam’s turn to

moan out loud around a dog cock.

Now with its cock-knob buried in the bitch, the

large Shepherd just lay across Pamela Anderson’s

back, his prickly fur rubbing sensuously across

her skin. His instincts told him that he was

nearing his climax and that his seed would

surely fill her hole now that his plug was

securely tied to her.

When Jillian peered sideways to see what the

commotion was all about, she smiled at seeing

her blonde friend getting tied as she had


Now that her pussy was fully engaged with Hans’

cockknob, Pam could concentrate more on sucking

off Damien’s surging cock. Already it had

inflated way beyond any other cock she had ever

sucked on before, including her husband’s.

“Mmmmmmmmh!” Jillian groaned again as she felt

the warm gush of Clyde’s jism shooting into the

depths of her clenching ass. ‘Oh God! I’m… I’m

cumming again! CUMMMMMMING!”

“Mmmmmh!” Pam gurgled around Damien’s cock as

she came at the same time as Jillian.

Both women were squirming on the canine penises

imbedded in their bodies. Both were enjoying

the whole scene immensely now, even the

reluctant Jillian was finding the whole

adventure the best sex she had ever had.

Now that both, Jillian’s Retriever and Beagle

had climaxed, that left only the three larger

dogs to take care of. Clyde and Jonas remained

locked in place at Jillian’s crotch as they

emptied their warm treasure in her holes.

Besides, Clyde’s knot had grown just enough to

lock inside her ass, while Jonas was in no

position to get himself out from under his

mistress. So, the two dogs remained in place

until Jillian was through with her bestial


Damien and Hans were both nearing their climax,

and somehow, Pam could tell. But since Hector

had already shot a load once before, this second

round was taking much longer for him to empty

their balls into Jillian’s mouth.

‘God! How long can he keep this up?’ Jillian

asked herself of Hector’s amazing stamina as she

slurped the steady flow of pre-cum from the huge

shaft, not realizing that the huge dog had had

his way with her unconscious body earlier.

She stared, cross-eyed, at the huge black dog’s

thick cock as it slid in and out of her sucking

mouth. Just beyond that massive piece of meat,

she could see his sperm filled ballsack jiggling

with each hump the dog made at her face.

With both dogs nearing their climaxes, Pamela

was feverishly rubbing her clit wanting to make

this a simultaneous orgasm with them. Every now

and then, she would peek over to her friend and

the impressive doggy cock she was munching on.

‘Damn!’ She thought. ‘I gotta get me a taste

of that.’

Both women were nearing a new, and more powerful

orgasm, just as the dogs were nearing one of

their own.

Suddenly, Hans began howling as he curled his

body almost in half to bury into her womb even

deeper while he emptied his balls into the

blonde woman’s tightly clenching pussy. Pamela

Anderson curled her back sharply at feeling the

scalding sensation hitting the bottom of her

womb. This heated douche triggered her own

orgasm as her teeth clamped down on the

Doberman’s mouth stuffing cock.

The large guard dog reacted to the feel of the

sucking TV star’s teeth on his shaft and he

began squirting his jism into her mouth,

bloating her cheeks with its sudden gush of warm


Pam immediately began swallowing as fast as she

could to get all of that doggy jism into her

stomach, but the large dobbie was shooting too

much, too fast. Soon, the creamy white liquid

was leaking out past her tightly clenching lips

and out of her nostrils.

Jillian watched in total fascination at the

amount of cum the dog was shooting. She knew

from before that her friend Pamela Anderson was

a fantastic cocksucker. So, to see her unable

to handle the dog’s orgasm really got her

excited. So much so, that she wanted to

experience the same thing from the black

Labrador she was sucking. She quickly

intensified her sucking, urging the dog to cum

in her mouth too.

“MMMMMMMH!” Pamela moaned around the cumming

dog’s cock.

She wasn’t far behind the two spurting dogs as

her own orgasm finally caught up with her,

causing her to pause on her swallowing. This

caused her cheeks to balloon out grotesquely as

a large squirt of canine seed filled her cavity.

She had to struggle to swallow, while still

finding the time to take a breath, but the dog

cared nothing of this. He was just content to

empty his balls in this human bitch that had

serviced him.

The brunette weathergirl increased her suction

on Hector, urging him to shoot his load into her

now willing mouth. She reached under his belly

and squeezed his balls trying to encourage him

to do so.

Luckily for her, this dog had been well trained

to deal with women and he reacted as he was

trained. Feeling her hands on his balls,

massaging them, he began humping his cockshaft

deeper into her sucking mouth. Driving it to

the back of her mouth and past her tonsils.

Suddenly, Jillian found herself deepthroating

the horny animal as his cockhead made its way

down her throat. At first, she panicked, not

being too skillful at this, coughing and gagging

as the large phallus forced its way deeper. She

soon realized that if she timed her breathing

properly, she could easily take the large shaft

between breaths down her gullet.

Pamela peered over and grinned as she finished

off Damien. She could see how much of the large

dog’s penis Jillian was managing triumphantly.

‘About time she learned how to do that,’ she

thought. ‘Took her long enough.’

‘God! This… this feels so good,’ Jillian

thought to herself as she sucked eagerly on

Hector’s cock. ‘Now I know why Pam loves

sucking cock so much.’

Both women were almost sobbing as their bestial

indoctrination was coming to an end, and they

knew it.

Part Seven

Already, Pam could feel the Doberman’s squirts

had subsided much. Now it was only coming out

in a trickle. Hans, the German Shepherd, had

already done with his climax and was just lying

across her back, his cock still tied to her

pussy. As for Pam, well, she came three times

as the dogs filled her with their spunk into her

cunt and mouth.

Jillian jumped when a loud popping sound came

from behind her. Her first thought was that her

husband must have come back from his trip early.

But then she realized that it was just Clyde’s

knot finally pulling out of her asshole.

‘God! That freaked me out!’ She laughed in her

mind. ‘How did I manage to forget that he still

had his cock in my ass.’

This recollection also reminded her that Jonas

still had his grossly inflated cock stuck in her

cunt under her.

‘Damn, I’m turning into a real ho,’ she thought

humorously. ‘I can’t even remember about the

cocks in me.’

Pam finally had to release Damien from her

sucking lips and turned to watch Jillian finish

off the Labrador.

“Go, girl!” She cheered. “You suck that


When she decided to crawl over to her friend,

she found out that she was dragging Hans along

with her. They were still tied and the dog was

still gripping her tightly around her Barbie-

doll waist.

“Fuck!” Pam gasped at feeling the tension

around her pussy. “Geez, Jilly. This damn dog

is stuck up my twat.”

Jillian couldn’t respond as her mouth was still

stuffed full with Hector’s thrusting cock. She

could only peer at the blonde beauty, a smile on

her lips as she continued deepthroating the

thick shaft. Also, in her aroused state, she

began humping her labia over Jonas belly and

stroking his cock at the same time.

This wasn’t lost on the stubby dog, and his cock

began to reenergize itself.

“Mmmmmh! Aarrrgghh! Mmmmmh!” Jillian moaned

as she felt the re-stiffening of the cock still

stuck in her cunt.

Pam dragged herself and Hans closer to Jillian

and the two dogs for a closer look to the grand

finale of her friend’s first real deepthroat.

It was when she was less than a foot away that

she realized that the fat Beagle beneath her was

humping furiously once again.

“Garrrggghh!” Jillian groaned as Jonas’ knot

grew from within her cunt this time.

There would be no forcing the wide bulb into her

this time. No pain of it breaking past her

pussylips. This time, she would be tied with

the dog from the very start of the fuck.

Pam dragged the tied Shepherd to Jillian’s ass

for a closer look at her cock-stuffed pussy.

The sight of that bulbous mass thickening inside

Jillian’s pussy, stretching her cuntlips farther

apart as it inflated itself excited her.

She reached over and rubbed her hand across

Jillian’s shaved pussylips, paying particular

attention to her blood engorged clitoris.

“Mmmmmmmmh!” Jillian moaned at Pam’s nurturing


Just then, Hector howled and he too began

squirting vast amounts of doggy jism into

Jillian’s mouth. Just as Pamela had had to

endure with Damien earlier, Jillian was now

having to deal with the powerful climax as this

very virile and horny beast.

Pam watched with great interest as Jillian’s

cheeks ballooned and then shrank with each

swallow of doggy cum. She was almost proud at

how well the local weathergirl was handling all

that spunk. She knew personally how much a dog

cums from her earlier suck with Jillian’s

Doberman. So, to see Jillian managing the horny

Labrador so easily was inspiring.

“Suck him Jilly!” Pamela cheered her on, never

relenting on Jillian’s clit. “Suck that beast!

Drink all of his spunk! Don’t you waste a drop,


She could feel moisture culminating on her

fingers as she continued masturbating the

brunette, and not being one to waste anything,

she dipped her head down and began munching on

Jillian’s pussy as Jonas’ cock was stuck up


“Mmmmmmmh!” Jillian moaned in orgasm, as she

was receiving the royal treatment from all


She could feel Hector’s cock still spurting down

her throat, and Jonas’ cock filling her cunt.

And now, she could also appreciate Pamela

Anderson’s tender tongue as her friend gave her

the best pussy-licking she had ever had.

Jillian increased her sucking as Pam continued

licking her cock-stuffed cunt. She could feel

herself nearing yet another powerful orgasm as

her friend licked her clit with the Beagle’s

cock still in her pussy, while she was busily

draining Hector’s cock-stem of his nectar.

Her nipples ached for having remained so hard

for so long. She was wishing that this would

end soon. Not because she wasn’t enjoying the

whole experience, but rather because she was

sexually wasted and needed the rest.

Hector was finally done and he pulled away from

her sucking mouth. Jillian tried to keep him in

her lips, but soon he just pulled to far away

for her to keep contact. As his cockhead pulled

away, a string of jism still connected them

together, stretching from her lips to his


Jillian watched in fascination as the cummy

string stretched, refusing to break. Meanwhile,

she ran her tongue across the roof of her mouth

to capture the lingering taste of the salty

spunk the large dog had deposited there.

Pamela was momentarily pulled away from

Jillian’s pussy when Hans began tugging at her

cunt by his cock. His knot had shrunk

sufficiently so that now the dog was trying to

pull himself out of her.

“Ouch! That hurts you dumb dog,” Pamela

protested as the still impressive knot finally

pulled out with a pop.

“Oh-my-God! Pammy,” Jillian finally found her

voice. “Th… that was so… so fucking weird. I

never knew that an animal… a dog could fuck so

good! Shit, that black one just kept cumming

and cumming. I… I thought he’d never quit

cumming in my mouth.”

“I know what you mean, hon,” the blonde TV star

replied, then buried her face back in Jillian’s


Just then, Jonas howled and he emptied his balls

for the second time in Jillian’s tight pussy.

“Oh, wow!” Jillian gasped as she felt the warm

ejaculation from within. “I think… I think

Jonas is cumming now.”

As Pamela kept licking Jillian’s clit, she could

feel that the chubby Beagle was in fact shooting

a fresh load in her friend’s already cum-filled

pussy. She watched as the dog’s ballsack

tightened with each surge of jism up his pipe.

She could only imagine how good Jillian must be

feeling after receiving a third load of doggy

jism in her cunt.

Jonas wasn’t as virile as the other dogs. In

fact, he was so weak that once he emptied his

balls for the second time, his knot shrank

almost immediately.

Jillian felt that bulbous mass reducing in size

with each passing second and felt sure that she

could finally pull free of her Beagle’s shaft.

Moving her knees over her dog, so as not to hurt

him, she rolled on her back and gasped heavily

in relief.

Pamela Anderson didn’t waste any time. She

jumped on top of her prone friend and assumed

the popular 69 position over her Jillian’s

parted pussylips.

Jillian smiled as she felt drops of Hans’ fluid

dripping on her face from Pam’s cum-filled pussy

above her. pulling the blonde woman’s ass down,

she quickly began hunting down the salty residue

in her friend’s cunt. Pam began doing the same

with Jillian’s.

For the next half hour, these two women were

sucking and licking each other’s shaved pussies

in search of the doggy jism that had been

unloaded there. And when they had gotten all of

that, they simply concentrated on eating each

other to mind-blowing orgasms.


“My god!” Jillian gasped as they sat at the

pool discussing what went on. “How did that


“I don’t know, Jilly,” Pam said truthfully. “I

came over for our date and found you unconscious

with a dog fucking your cunt. At first, I tried

to pull him off, but he just growled at me.

Then… then I kinda got all hot watching that

black mutt shoving his hard dick in you.”

“What do you mean the black mutt?” Jillian sat

up straight. “I… I thought you said you found

Jonas stuck in me!”

“Oooops!” Pamela blushed at being caught.

“Well, uh, you see…”

“Well, which was it?” Jillian pushed her.

“When I walked in, it was the black mutt fucking

you,” the blonde finally admitted.

“Then how come I woke up with Jonas stuck in

me?” The brunette demanded to know.

“Well, uh, I kinda helped him fuck you,” she

said, ducking the pillow that Jillian threw at


“You… you slut!” Jillian said, laughing. “You

helped my dog rape me.”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Pamela

retorted, throwing a cushion back at her friend.

A short pillow fight ensued as they wrestled

each other to the ground. They tugged and

grabbed their tits or dug a finger in each

other’s pussy until they fell apart laughing


“By… huff! Huff!… by the way… huff!” Pamela

Anderson asked while catching her breath.

“Where did old blackie come from? Huff! Huff!

I never saw him around before.”

“Oh, him, he’s one of the strays from my show,”

Jillian told her. “His name his Hector and they

were going to put him to sleep if nobody adopted

him today. So I brought him home to give him a


“…” Pamela opened her mouth to say something.

“Oh, I know,” Jillian cut in before Pam could

say a word. “I promised hubby, no more pets.

But he’s out of town for the week, so that gives

me five more days to find Hector a home.”

“Did you say his name was Hector?” Pamela

finally managed to break in.

“Yeah, why?” Jillian replied. “Why do you


“I know this clown,” Pamela grinned.

“Really? Where from?” Jillian was surprised to

hear this. “I don’t remember him in any of your


Pamela broke out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Jillian asked in

frustration. “Let me in on it.”

“You did mention that they told you this mutt

was in movies, right,” Pamela asked.

“Yeah, I figure he must have been one of those

stunt animals,” the brunette said, still


“Oh boy, did they get that wrong,” Pamela said.

“Follow me.”

The two women got up off the lounge chairs and

made their way in Jillian’s study. Still naked,

Pam sat at Jillian’s desk and opened up her

computer. Jillian just stood behind her,

confused as ever, to what her friend was doing.

She just watched as Pam opened up a website and

typed in her login name and password. The site

opened and Pamela clicked on an mpeg file. They

waited patiently as the clip loaded up.

“Now watch carefully,” Pam told Jillian as she

sat her down in front of the screen.

A few minutes later, the video clip began

playing. There, before her very eyes was the

same dog fucking this petite brunette with short

hair. His long cock slicing in and out of her

tight pussylips.

She glanced over at the doorway and noticed

Hector just sitting there, his tongue hanging

from his lower jaw. Then she glanced back at

the screen, then back to him.

“It’s… that’s him?” Jillian stammered.

“They’re one and the same?”

“By Jove! I think she’s ghot it,” Pamela

laughed. “Yeah, baby. I think you got a sweet

deal when you brought him home. Didn’t you

kinda wonder how he seemed to know how to fuck

your mouth earlier?”

“I… I never gave that much thought,” she


“Well, it’s kind of obvious to me that he knew

exactly what to do,” the blonde TV star said.

“I wouldn’t mind a shot at him myself someday.”

“Pamela Lee Anderson,” Jillian said in a

scolding manner. “You are just awful.”

They both laughed as they gave each other a deep


“What will you do with him now?” Pam asked.

“You gonna keep him?”

“God, I only wish I could,” Jillian told her.

“But you remember the fight we had when I

brought Hans in the house. I don’t think I

could convince hubby to let me add another one,

especially not one as big as Hector here.”

“Big in more ways than one,” Pam shot back.

“So, what will happen to him then?”

“Well, if I can’t find him a home, he’ll

probably be put down,” Jillian said.

“Oh no,” Pam gasped. “That would be an awful

waste, don’t you think.”

“I really can’t see any solution,” Jillian said.

“I couldn’t even consider letting a family take

him. Especially if they had young girls. Could

you imagine the scandal I would face if it came

out that I had placed a sex trained dog in a


They both laughed at the idea of this huge brute

of a dog molesting and then fucking an

unsuspecting teenaged girl.

“What if I took him?” Pam finally suggested.

“You?” Jillian was surprised. “You mean you’d

want to take him home with you. You mean just

for tonight, right.”

“No, I mean that I would adopt him,” Pam smirked


“What about your boys, or Tommy for that

matter?” Jillian asked, shocked at her friend’s


“Who do you think showed me the vids of Hector

in the first place,” Pamela smiled back. “I

think Tom would get a kick to actually have this

stud in the house fucking me. As for the kids,

well they know better than to come in my bedroom

when the door is closed.”

“Jeez Louise!” Jillian gasped. “You sure you

want to do this?”

“Yeah, just think about it for a sec, Jilly,”

the blonde woman pointed out. “If ever you want

another taste of Hector’s cock, he’ll be right

down the road.”

Jillian smiled at that idea. She could well

imagine the kind of kinky romping they could

manage with five dogs available to them anytime

they wanted.

“Okay, it’s a deal,” Jillian grinned, jotting

down something on a piece of paper. “Why don’t

you drop by this address with me tomorrow and

we’ll let them do the paperwork on Hector.”

Pam glanced at the slip and read the address of

the animal shelter that had the temporary

guardianship of Hector. She smiled and kissed

Jillian hard on the lips.

“Want to go for a swim,” Pam asked as she looked

down to the seated brunette.

“Yeah, I think we both need to cool down a bit,”

she replied, pushing her chair away from the

desk. “By the way, do you know any more

websites with this stuff on?”

“Sure,” Pamela smiled, pinching Jillian’s ass as

she walked by. “I’ll send you a few URL’s by e-

mail tonight. Hell, I’ll even let you use my

passwords to some.”

Jillian leaned over and tucked her hand under

Hector’s huge head.

“There you go, Hector,” she smiled, shacking his

big head. “I told you I’d find you a new home.”

As a final act, the huge dog slurped his wide

tongue in her mouth past her lips and gave her a

deep frenchkiss in appreciation.

Both women, Jillian Barberie and Pamela Lee

Anderson, made their way to the pool. Still

naked, they dove into the cool refreshing waters

of her Olympic-size pool. And this being

Beverly Hills, nobody could see them skinny-

dipping in the light of day.


Pamela left for home a few hours later, leaving

Jillian to spend the night alone in the large

house. Now that Hector’s custody had been

resolved, Jillian could relax as to his faith.

She stripped off the bathrobe she had put on

after their swim and strode naked in her

bedroom. She didn’t usually parade around the

house like this, but today seemed to have

special meaning.

As she walked towards her bed, a clattering of

nails followed her from the hallway. When she

turned to see what it was, she smiled.

There at the door were all five dogs, sitting

and panting. The pink tip of their cocks

slithering out of their furry sheaths.

“Oh all right,” she smiled. “Once more to say

goodbye to Hector. He won’t be here tomorrow.”

She climbed up on her king-sized bed and called

them over to her. A rush of bestial speed came

leaping up to her and began licking her all


This is how her night of discovery ended.

The End

David Oberman

Don’t forget that every author appreciates

input on their work, so feel free to let me

know what you think.


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