Emma Watson: Feminist to Sex Slave

Title: Emma Watson: Feminist to Sex Slave

Author: Apoclost

Celebs: Emma Watson

Codes: anal, deepthroat, machines, tort, rape, pedo, hypno, drugs

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction it isn’t meant to be real. Emma Watson was not harmed in this way to my knowledge if somehow she was that would be really unfortunate. Please be over 18 while reading this story as it has sexual content within. So if you are under 18 please click or tap off this tab/app. This is my first story so sorry for grammar and spelling or not enough info or dialogue.


It all started about 3 years ago when I was planning the kidnap and rape of Emma. When I first saw Emma on Harry Potter my dick got hard. After that moment I started fantasizing about her as she aged i would get even more hard as she aged ,the more she became a sex symbol to me. I became mortified as I saw become a feminist and it made me mad so after I saw that i started to formulate a plan to kidnap and rape her no not just rape her but for her to become my brain-dead sex slave.

Year 1

I started my plan to kidnap Emma. First I would have to find out when and where a vulnerable time she would be alone so I can grab. To achieve the first part of my plan I started to look on the internet for events she would be attending and hotels she would be staying but as I was looking the information up a news alert came on and said Emma’s itinerary for the next 2 years was on the internet. So I saw that as a sign to keep this plan on going. I found the spot on her schedule and marked it for 2 years later because it would give me time to go over everything and it would be at her most vulnerable. Next on the to-do list was to get a list of supplies together for the day I was going to kidnap Emma. That list would contain chloroform and some rope and some gags, dildos, torture devices, get hypnotisation videos and audio, and some fucking machines and vibrators.  Once I had that list down I went on to Amazon and was able to find most of the things there but for the torture stuff and hypno stuff I had to go further into the web. It took me awhile to find some of the stuff be I was able to find them.  Now all I had to do was wait for them to arrive but just in case someone was tracking my purchases and wanted to know where I lived I put in a fake name, address and credit card. For the address I use a P.O Box under that fake name aswell so no-one could find out who bought all the items on my list.

Year 2

As I waited for the next year to kidnap Emma I bought a farmhouse to build my dungeon to keep Emma in. I build the dungeon a good 20 feet underground so no-one could hear her scream or anything while we were down there. I then also set up the torture devices the fucking machines, and I also bought a rack to put the selection of dildos i bought. My favourite one of the bunch was The Colossus Dildo it’s my favourite one because it big one it will hurt to have it up her ass. I can just imagine her screaming as attach it to a machine that will fuck her endlessly. I can her say “Don’t please don’t put it in my arse it going to hurt.” and I would say “Hahaha babe you better get used to pain as your pleasure you’re going to experience a lot of it down here.”  and then i would turn the machine on full blast and i would hear her scream the most wonderful things. I would just stand there naked and masturbating in front of her and before I came I would shove my 9 inch dick down her throat and would cum right into her stomach.

Year 3

It was finally time to kidnap Emma and make her my sex slave. When I found Emma’s schedule two years ago online I marked the day she would be most vulnerable her guard’s day off and when she would be leaving Tesco. I waited in the parking lot and as she was walking out I grabbed her attention and asked her if I could borrow her phone and had her follow me to my car and said it had broken down and I needed a tow. Once she had her back turned I used the chloroform on her and she dropped like a sack of potatoes. I then placed her in the trunk of my car and drove to the farmhouse out in the countryside of Scotland. Once at the farmhouse I took her from the car and carried her to the dungeon and once I got her to the dungeon I realized i had kidnapped Emma Watson. I became so giddy I couldn’t help myself I undress and I then undress Emma and strapped her to the cross so she would be spread eagle shaped and I started to fuck her and fucked her I did. I was so over excited I came right into her pussy but Emma was still knocked out and put my dick back in her pussy and took my time. I started to caress her body I fingered her ass I was also sliding my dick back and forth ,back and forth. As I was doing her slowly this time around Emma had start to wake up and I was still fucking her. Once she finally fully woken up she was so frightened and confused at where she was. Then she got angry and angry I liked it meant she was going to put up a fight. Then Emma spoke “You son of a bitch! I’m going to kick your ass!” and then I said “Oh darling you don’t realize no one is going to find or hear you down here.” she said “ Yeah someone will find me I’m famous and important.”  I then laughed at the statement she put saying “Oh Emma you’re in the countryside of Scotland and you’re 20 feet underground no one is going to find you.” After that conversation I grabbed some more chloroform and knocked her out once again. After I knocked her out I strapped her to a horse and put and fucking machine with a 1.2 foot dildo attached to it and put it on full speed and that’s when the transformation started as the year went on I put her on multiple machines whipped her and hit her and fucked her over and over. I also had her watch and listen to hypnosis to make her more suggestive.

Present Day

It’s now present day and Emma is now my full sex slave. Today I started today by going down to the dungeon and was greeted to the sound of Emma moaning as she was stuffing her ass with her favorite dildo The Moby Dick but since it’s so huge she can only get the tip in. She was fucking her self so hard. She saw me out of the corner of her eye and said “Master I need your cock and cum please give it to me I NEED it” I then said “Of course slave.” I then proceeded to have her deepthroat my dick. Emma was going so slow with the blowjob/deepthroat I then started to fuck her face I was going hard she was moaning on my cock as she was still bouncing on the dildo. Well more sitting than bouncing and while I was fucking her face she started humming to get my cum. Such a greedy slut she became. After I came in her throat I started to fuck her pussy it was so nice and ready for me. I slide in so easily and started sliding in and out and then I came in her pussy and then I shoved my cock in her mouth to clean it and then I started to write this if I ever get caught.


Again this was a work a fiction and none of these events happen or are true if you believe these are true get your brain checked out please. The two dildos listed within the story are real.  Thank you for reading this story as it was my first.

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