Tales From The Onion Router: Scene 13

Title: Tales From The Onion Router: Scene 13

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Kate Winslet, Sophie Turner

Codes: FMf, pedo, oral, anal, mas, ws, cons

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

Note: Picture this in the style of a porno movie.

We fade in on a pre-teen Sophie sitting on the end of a bed, between Kate and a thirty-ish man, all three chatting, as Kate narrates over them. “My husband and I have what could most simply be described as a cuckold fetish with each other.  However, it’s more complicated than that.  We both specifically like watching each other have sex with girls about ten-eleven years old.  Yes, we’re pedophilic cuckolds.” The camera centers on Sophie. “This gorgeous little ginger almost as tall as me is Sophie.  We found her at the market, buying tampons for her mother.  I know my husband liked her right away, and I instantly got wet in my knickers when I saw her.”

“So…” Sophie asks, flashing her braces as she smiles, “We gonna start?”

“Oh, I love you already…” Kate places her hand on Sophie’s cheek, and turns her toward her, then gives her a long, passionate tongue kiss.

“Yeh…” Kate’s husband mutters, leaning over to get a better look, and rubbing himself through his pants.

Once they stop, Sophie giggles. “My Mum would kill me if she knew what I was doing right now.”

“Don’t worry,” Kate smiles, “She’ll never find out.” Kate then grabs the bottom of Sophie’s shirt, and pulls it off her, revealing her flat, young chest, ruddy on top, and bright white with light pink nipples below.

“Yeah, they haven’t started growing yet.”

“Oh, believe me, Sophie…” Kate gently pushes Sophie onto the bed, rubbing her chest up and down. “That’s just how I like them.  How about you, David?”

“Oh, yeh.  You should see how hard you’re making me, Sophie.” Sophie again giggles at this, then starts moaning, as, in our first close-up, Kate starts licking one of her little nipples, making it pointy, then begins sucking it.  As Kate does this, her husband pulls his cock out, and starts slowly stroking it.  After suckling her a bit, Kate again kisses Sophie.

“Hm…Can I see yours?” Kate grins at this, then gets up on her knees, and whips off her shirt, followed by her bra, at which point Sophie once again giggles. “You have nipples like my Mum.”

“Hm…do I?”

“Yeh, but she’d never let me suck them.”

Kate chuckles at this. “Well, I’ll let you suck mine.” She sexily beckons Sophie to her, who then sits up, and, in another close-up, wraps her lips around Kate’s big nipple, and starts sucking it. “Ooh…” Kate moans, cupping the breast, and squeezing the other. “God, you’re an amazing little girl…” Back in the close-up, Sophie flicks her tongue on Kate’s nipple, then continues sucking it.

Now, Kate and Sophie are naked and making out, as Kate gently diddles her pink little twat, then starts kissing down Sophie’s chest and stomach.  In another close-up, we see Kate start licking the outside of Sophie’s pink, hairless little cunt, then gently spread it open, and lick her little clitty. “Huh!” Sophie lets out a shrill gasp, “Oh, God…”

“You ever masturbated?” David asks, now naked and full-on jerking his big, hard cock.

“Yeh…” Sophie breathes. “This feels way better…” Back in the close-up, we see Kate’s index finger in Sophie’s hole, while she flicks her tongue over her clit. “Ah!” Sophie suddenly squeals, grimacing, almost high enough to break glass.

We now see Kate on her back, legs spread, looking down as, in another close-up, we see Sophie licking Kate’s hairy, sopping wet cunt. “Ooh…yes…” Kate moans, breathing choppily, and tweaking her big nipples. “God, she’s a bloody natural at this, darling…” Back in the close-up, Sophie spreads Kate’s pussy open, and laps up her copious juices. “Oh, fuck…” Kate whines, face screwing up. “Ooh, she’s gonna make me cum…”

Now, Sophie’s on her hands and knees, with Kate kneeling behind her.  In another close-up, Kate spreads Sophie’s white, pre-teen cheeks, exposing her tiny, pink butthole. “Oh, God, that’s beautiful…” Kate leans in, and starts licking Sophie’s button, causing her again to moan.

“Okay,” David says, getting up on his knees, “If I don’t come in now, I’m gonna go off prematurely…” He comes around to the front of Sophie, who smiles up at him.

“Oh, I’m definitely getting in trouble for this…” she says, then, in another close-up, starts licking and sucking his swollen head.

“Ooh, yes, darling…” Kate whispers, leaning back, and starting to play with her cunt.  Back in the close-up, Sophie’s lips are wrapped around his red, swollen head.

“Oh, fuck…” David groans, “Get on your back…”

We now see, in yet another close-up, as David rubs his cock up and down Sophie’s tiny, drooling hole. “Okay…” Sophie giggles, “I’m pretty sure Mum will kill me for getting my cherry busted.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure there’s no danger of that happening,” Kate says, smirking.

“Idunno…” David adds, “Bet I could stretch her hole far enough for that.” Kate licks her top lip slowly at this.  Back in the close-up, David pushes his head halfway into Sophie’s hole, causing her to squeal.

“Ooh, fuck!” she squeaks, as David starts to work it in and out, gradually stretching Sophie’s little pussy, until he’s able to properly fuck her.

“Yes…” Kate moans, frantically rubbing and fingering her cunt.

“Oh, God!” Sophie squeals, baring her teeth, eyes tearing up, as, again in the close-up, David splits her pussy wide open. “AH!” she suddenly screams.

Now, Sophie’s on her stomach, as David slides his cock in and out between her cheeks.  Finally, in another close-up, we see him push his cock into Sophie’s asshole, again getting the head about halfway in. “Oh, God…” Sophie squeals, now looking like she’s actually crying.  Kate, meanwhile, watches them, continuing to finger her pussy, while the first two fingers on her other hand are plunged deep in her ass.  Back in the close-up, David’s gotten his cock in past the head, as he stretches out Sophie’s butthole.  Sophie, meanwhile, has her face buried in a pillow, which she screams into.  Suddenly, again in the close-up, we see Sophie start to pee.

“Oh, my God!” David says, laughing.

“I’m sorry…” Sophie pleads weakly. “I tried to hold it in…”

“Don’t apologize, sweetie…” Kate says, “That was very sexy…”

David pulls his cock out, and strokes it. “Speaking of which, I can’t hold it in any longer either.  Where should I cum on her?”

“Actually, wait a sec…” Kate gets down in front of her husband, and points to her mouth. “Right here.” David starts groaning, and most of the load lands in his wife’s mouth.  Kate then closes it, and moves up to Sophie.  In another close-up, she opens Sophie’s lips, then spits the load into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck…” David groans, as Kate and Sophie tongue-kiss, his cum leaking out the sides, and the scene fades out.

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