Nailing The Tracks – Part 13

Title: Nailing The Tracks – Part 13

Author: DaxG2001

Celebs: Amy Lee

Codes: cons, MF, oral, inter

Disclaimer: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the singers, record labels, musicians, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

* * *

In Dylan Jay’s recording and production studio…

“So… You’ve worked with rock singers before you were saying?” Amy Lee, the stunning MILF and lead singer of Alt-Metal band Evanescence asked. The pale skinned, nicely curved woman was wearing an attire matching the colour of her long hair. A knee-length black skirt, and a black strapless top that nicely fitted her rounded breasts.

“Yeah, well officially one I guess…” Dylan Jay, the young black music producer stated as he turned away from the computer that showed the track being worked on at the moment. Dressed in jeans and football jersey that were both baggy and hid both his toned body and his sizeable package. “But my agent says he’s got a couple more lined up in the future for me to work on… Somethin’ ‘bout me spreadin’ out to work with different styles of tracks. While he fills his fuckin’ pockets with cash while I do it.”

“Well, I’m not exactly someone who has been stuck in just the rock ‘category’ myself…” Amy pointed out with a smirk to her recent children’s album. “I’ll take it you’re not too into rock or metal?”

“It ain’t like ‘dat girl… I’m happy to work with anyone, no matter what kind of tracks they do. Pop, rock, dance… Hell, I’ve done stuff with freakin’ chicks who do viral videos, so I guess I’m down with whatever works…”

“Oh? So just because I’m here, you’re happy to work with me?” Lee teases with a smirk, placing her hands on her waist.

“Beats me stuck here workin’ all on my own…” He replies with a chuckle. “Always nice to have some fine company around while I’m doin’ my thing here on a track.”

“Fine company?” She raised an eyebrow slightly. “I’m only just ‘fine’?” She smirked again with another teasing tone.

“Heh… Fine… Nice… Real damn hot lookin’ momma.” Jay said rather boldly, considering not just the MILF status of the woman opposite him. But her happily married to another man one. “I could go on… But that depends on if you’re enjoyin’ the company right now as well?”

“That depends itself…” Lee said, her smile showing she wasn’t exactly objecting to the flirty turn things have taken. “I certainly didn’t enjoy that conversation I had to have with your fucking manager earlier on… So maybe while we’ve got some time to kill, you can show me whether… Well…” She pauses, taking a moment to openly glance down at the crotch of his jeans. “If you’re worth me sticking around here for a little longer?”

“…Girl? I’m real fuckin’ down for some of that!” Dylan grins, moving over towards the couch in the studio. Undoing his belt, and then pushing his jeans and boxers as well downward to his knees. Letting the stunning singer get a clear look of his long and thick to match black cock hanging between his legs.

“And I am really fucking down for getting some of THAT!” Lee said, now grinning with wide approving eyes as she moved forward. Helping herself to grab a hold of his dick once he’d taken a seat down.

“Shit… Yeah, seems like you are!” Jay stated the obvious, watching her stroke his hardening size as she slipped down to her knees in front of him.

“You think? A young guy like you? With a dick like this??” Amy smirked as she paused her strokes so she could haul his lower clothing right down to his ankles. Letting her freely grip and pump his rod to get him nice and hard. “I’m not going to pass this up… I wouldn’t be doing all those ‘Hottest Female in Rock’ awards justice if I did…” She added with a laugh. “Question is… Can you handle ‘rocking’ with me for a while?”

“Dunno who you’ve been stuck fuckin’ with… But I can handle anythin’ you wanna bring to me girl…” Jay said with a confident tone, matched with the approving grin on his face seeing the stunning MILF between his legs as she pumped his cock to make him lightly groan.

“You’d better not be…” Lee teased as she brings her head downward. Sticking out her tongue in order to deliver a long, slow lick around his fat cock head. Easily getting a groan of approval out of him even before her hand pumps along the shaft. That tongue moved downward a little, working under the crown before sliding up the underside. Topping off the motion with a swirl around the tip with the briefest brush over the slit. Satisfied with the warm-up, she gave the grinning hunk another smirk before she parted those lips. Making him properly moan as she sank down, wrapping her lips around that thickness and causing herself to groan in the process as she pushed onto his pole.

“Mmmmm… I don’t play around when it comes… Mmmmm! To shit like ‘dis…” He stated, watching the pretty face of the lead singer of Evanescence start to bob up and down on his fat manhood. Moaning as he got to feel how soothingly damp and nicely warm that mouth of hers is around his inches. Not to mention her hand still pumping the black inches not yet between her soft, white lips. “Ahhhhh… And believe me girl… Mmmm! I can fuckin’ take it too…” He added with a chuckle. Showing he certainly wasn’t planning on just taking it and not doing any of the work himself here. Even as good as this blowjob currently is as she works her oral hole smoothly up and down over the upper portion of his massive size.

“Mmmmmm… Mmmmmphhh! Mmmm…” Any other action could wait for the moment, as the stunning MILF looked to enjoy sucking off the biggest cock she’s ever seen in her life, and certainly not the one belonging to the man she’s happily married to. Her eyes are locked up at the hunk she’s kneeling between, showing the clear dirty lust she’s feeling as pushes her lips firmly down before smoothly running them back up to just below the bell-end. “Mmmmmm… Mmmmm mmmmphhhh!” She groaned as she slurped, her saliva starting to seep out past her pouty lips and trickle down his shaft. Getting stroked over the bottom half of his rod by her pumping hand as the spit flows down. Double teaming skill more expected from an interracial porn starlet than a long time singer and musician.

“Mmmmmm shit! Mmmm… Yeah girl! You’ve… Ahhhhh! Done this shit before…” Jay states with the sort of smile that shows there’s nothing wrong with that fact. Especially when it’s keeping him moaning away as the Alt-Metal beauty works her mouth steadily up and down his member. Feeling brief flicks of her tongue against his prick as she takes him in and out of her talented, and not just in singing terms, mouth. “Mmmm… And here I was thinkin’… Ahhhhhh! It was just the dudes in rock… Mmmmm! Who got fun from groupies…” He added with a smirk, before having to moan again as her oral work kept up at this swift and firm pace. His cock now nicely coated with her saliva from the repeated sucking. All the more pleasurable with the addition of her palm still stroking him off while her mouth easily handles the upper half of him.

“Mmmmm! Hmmmmm… Mmmmmphhhh…” Lee appeared to smirk around the big black cock she was blowing in response to his dirty talk. Her gorgeous white face sliding smoothly up to almost the crown before pushing with a hunger back down to almost meet her hand as it pumped away on the bottom portion. “Mmmmm… Hmmmmphhhh! Mmmm…” She moaned around him, showing little shame already in not sucking this younger man off, but doing so having only just known him for a few hours. There’s certainly zero complaints from either giver or receiver in this sexual situation. The seated stud moaning with every bob the kneeling stunner dishes out. Expertly using her free hand to brush her long dark hair out of the way so she can focus on slurping away on this big dick.

After delivering another long slurp onto him, she lifts her head completely up and off with a gasp. Smirking as she licks her lips clean of her own spit. “So, ready to show me you aren’t just all talk?” Amy challenged as she gave his dick another stoke all the way over his length for good measure.

“Shit girl… Just fuckin’ hop on…” Dylan replied with a grin of his own. “I’m damn well down to give you a ride…”

“You’d fucking better!” Lee stated with a laugh as she moved up from the kneeling position. Now moving up and onto the couch, not even bothering to remove any of her clothes as she swung a leg over to mount his lap.

“I ain’t got no problem doin’ that girl…” Jay said, his eyes locking onto her nicely rounded and sized chest in her top. Watching them jiggle as she shifted into place, reaching down under herself and her skirt in order to first pull her panties to the side. Then, gripping his length, guiding it up into her snatch as she pushed down onto him.

“MMMMM FUCK! Oh fuck!!” The Evanescence lead singer gasped out as she felt that huge black length pushing upward into her tight white pussy. Already forcing her walls apart as she pushed back onto him, groaning with each shift of her hips as she attempted to adjust to the feeling of such a fat piece of man-meat. “Mmmmmm!! Fuck yeah… That’s real… Mmmmm! Fucking big…” She stated the obvious, but her filthy words sounding better than any song that’s come out from her now moaning lips. Flashing the stud she’s mounted on a grin, her hands gripped the back of the couch as she started to shift forward. Working her hips again to slide her snatch forward until just an inch and the crown were still within her, before smoothly pushing right back to make his rod plunge nicely deep into herself.

“Mmmmmm… Nice and… Ahhhhh… Fuckin’ tight from where… Mmmmm! I’m fuckin’ sittin’!” The man who should be producing a track for the stunner on top of him stated with a groan of approval. Noting how nicely snug to say the least the twat of the happily married mother felt around his thickness. Not able to see any of the motion from her fully clothed state with her skirt covering the sight of his dick being taken in and out of her dampening hole. His moans showing though he could feel every moment, and was loving it already. “Ahhhhh… Yeah girl! Mmmmm… Fuckin’ get you some… Mmmmm! Of that big fuckin’ ‘D!” He encouraged. His hands holding onto her waist as she rode him. Allowing him to focus his gaze on her ripe chest, bouncing nicely in time with the shifting motion of her body on top of him as she worked her snatch back and forth along his cock.

“Ahhhhhh! MMMMM!! Mmmmm fuck yes!! Mmmmm!” The woman who has won multiple awards for the ‘Hottest Female’ in Rock is putting that gorgeous body to full use as she moans out. Pushing her nicely rounded, skirt-covered ass back firmly to take as much of that big cock into her wet snatch as she can. Before shifting back forward with a groan, making sure to never let his size slip from out of herself so she can keep her motion nicely smooth and steady. “Mmmmm… MMMM FUCK!! Ahhhhhh… MMMMM!!” She groaned in openly, shameless fashion. Tossing her long dark hair back and out of the way so she can smirk again down at the young hunk she’s riding. Giving back a just as dirty look as he’s staring at her with. Putting on a far more XXX-rated performance than during any concert she’s ever been a part of. Her moans however showing she’s very happy this recording session has taken this dirty turn.

“MMMM… Sounds like… Ahhhhh! Someone’s been needin’ some… Uhhhhh! Big fuckin’ ‘D in them for a long… MMMM!! Long fuckin’ while!” Jay stated as he moaned. A perhaps unintentional comment that the happily married woman currently impaled on his dick isn’t used to such a long and fat manhood being inside her. He’s more focused however on the pleasure his dick is getting, loving the feeling of that wet pussy working back and forth along him as she impressively handles almost all of his vast size inside her. His hands moving from off her midsection so he can help himself to a squeeze of her tits through the material of her top. Causing her to moan a little more as she continues to bounce herself on that huge rod.

“MMMMM FUCK… Oh yeah… MMMM!! Nice… UHHHH!! Nice and fucking big!! MMMMM…” Lee moans out her obvious approval, her head tilted back for a moment as the steamy ride carries on. The smack of skin against skin just about heard along with both their moans as the still clothed beauty shifts herself swiftly back and forth onto the hunk with his jeans down by his ankles. While not used to such a big dick being deep inside her, she’s clearly no novice when it comes to riding some dick. Smoothly shifting herself back with sharp motions of the hips to send his dick straight into her snatch. “Mmmmmm!! Nice and big for a dirty fucking pussy… AHHHHH! Just like mine, right?” She grins again down at the hunk she’s riding before moaning once again. Showing she’s well aware of how sinful this all is, and just because of the interracial nature of it all. He bounces nicely quick as her pussy rises upward to just below the head of his cock before pushing back so far down she almost hits his heavy balls before repeating the dirty action again and again.

“Fuck yeah! You… MMMMM! You fuckin’ know it girl!” Dylan agrees with a nod. Groaning as she takes another could of bounces from the gorgeous singer on top of him.

“Mmmmmm… But don’t let me have… AHHHHH! All the fun just to myself here…” Amy said, lifting her clothed frame up of the big dick she’s just been riding and dismounting him completely. Now taking a seat next to him on the couch with a smirk.

“I get you…” Jay said, not needing to be told twice about what she wants from him. Standing up, doesn’t even bother ditching his lower clothing – turning around with jeans and boxers still around his ankles as he moves into position. Spreading her pale legs apart and hiking up her skirt just a little so he can get a good look at her wet pussy and her pulled to the side panties.

“I knew you had a look about you…” Lee stated, licking her lips slightly as she watched him line up that big dick with her snatch. “You’ve fucked some lucky bitch before in this studio, haven’t you?” She asked with a dirty grin, even though she could already tell what the answer is to that.

“I ain’t the type to kiss and tell girl…” He said, but with a smirk that confirmed what she already knew. Instead he let actions do the talking. A firm thrust that sent his big black cock straight forward into the tight, white pussy being offered up to him. Making them both moan out the moment her vaginal walls were made to stretch once again as that shaft pushed in deep. “MMMMM… So what does that make you? Ahhhhhh… A lucky… MMMMM! Fuckin’ bitch too?” The young, hung stud pointed out with a chuckle. Soon groaning with delight as he now put his hips to work. Sliding his member straight in and out of that lovely wet twat of the beautiful MILF in front of him. Keeping his grip onto her ankles so those legs were kept apart for easy, free access into her snug and needy hole.

“MMMMM! FUCK! Fuck… Fuck yeah I am! MMMMM…” She moaned out, staring across with such a lusty look in her eyes that it wouldn’t look out of place in a porno film instead of the recording studio she was currently getting fucked in. No shame being shown despite the fact she’s getting banged with her clothing still covering her stunning body. Never mind the fact she’s married to a man who is not the one stuffing his dick into her snatch right now. “UHHHHH!! I’m a… MMMMM SHIT… Dirty fucking bitch!!” She said with a grin, showing again how obviously into this action she is. Her hands moving onto her now starting to bounce chest as her body jolts against the couch in response to the force being put behind the pumps she’s taking. Putting on a further naughty show for the stud banging her as she gives her breasts a squeeze through her top, making herself moan again in the process.

“Daaaaaaaaamn girl! MMMM!! Hot fuckin’… MMMMM!! Rock and roll slut right here!” He grins at that reply, having no issue with giving a needy beauty like this the kind of action that not only does a women with her stunning looks deserves, but can clearly take. Smoothly pumping his rod straight in and out of her slick box at a firm, quick pace that easily keeps them both groaning out in open delight. “AHHHHH… I fuckin’ likes the… MMMM SHIT… The sounds of that! MMMMM!!” He adds between his groans. Now able to plunge his rod all the way forward into the snatch of the ‘Bring Me to Life’ and ‘My Immortal’ singer. Watching his fat shaft vanish into one the sexist women in rock music history (and with the ‘Hottest Female’ awards to prove it!). Before his dick soon reappeared out of her for a moment as he pulled a few inches out in order to repeat the motion.

“MMMMM!! I bet you… UHHHH!! Fucking do!” Lee said with a sexy hiss through her teeth. Her eyes locked down onto the sight of the fat, black cock plunging deep into her wet snatch to make her moan as her stunning white body shifted back and forth on the couch she was getting fucked on.  Her cries of lusty approval mixing in the air with his, and the sinful sound of skin smacking off of skin each time he went balls deep into her twat. “AHHHHH… MMMMM!! Bet you fucking love… MMMM!! Fucking me like… UHHHHH!! A dirty fucking slut too!” She added between her groans, pulling her dirty talk from right out of a porn script. Just adding to the occasion as she took this pumping from a man she barely knows, and certainly isn’t the one she’s married to. Drops of sweat now starting to form across her facial features and exposed skin of her clothing still covering her lovely body.

“MMMMM!! No fuckin’ brainer on ‘dat one girl! MMMM!!” The young black stud confirmed as he pumped again and again into the soaking wet twat of the gorgeous white MILF spread eagle in front of him. His balls slapping off her skin each time he sent his member all the way forward into her built to take it snatch to make them both groan out. “AHHHHH… Guess this is makin’ you… MMMM FUCK… A hot… Fuckin’… Black dick lovin’… Filthy fuckin’ slut!” He said, able to give back as much dirty talk as he’s hearing, and making a point to deliver an extra hard thrust into that wet pussy with each filthy word he speaks. Made all the more hotter not just by his own shameless groans, but those coming from the married beauty he’s stuffing full with every thick inch of his man-meat.

“MMMMM!! Yeah… Yes I FUCKING am!!” Amy grinned back at the man fucking her, letting out another loud and long moan of approval for his pumping work. “MMMM… And I think a slut like me… AHHHHH FUCK!! Should fucking take it from… MMMM!! Fucking behind!” She snaps lustfully, her eyes similarly intense with desire to show she isn’t kidding around.

“AHHHHH FUCK… Fuck yeah girl!” Jay grins back, eagerly pulling his now coated with her juices cock from out of that already well pumped pussy. “I’m fo’ ‘sho down with ‘dat!”

“Of course you are!” Lee said with a laugh, showing she fully expected that kind of response from him. Shifting back, she turned over so she could position herself to kneel on the seating. Her hands grabbing the back of the couch as she looked back over her shoulder at the hunk behind her. “Now come fuck my fucking brains out! Before I drain those big fucking black balls of yours!”

“Hell yeah!!” He agreed to the plan naturally quickly. Just as fast as he was stepping up behind her, and shoving his cock right back into that wet and snug hole of hers. No wasted motion here, able to go in to the hilt with the very first pump to make them both moan out their approval. Then it was straight to work. Thrusting away at a steady and hard pace that had the smack of his dark frame connecting of her sexy pale body ringing out again. “MMMMMM FUCK… Ahhhhhh yeah girl! MMMM!! Fillin’ you up… UHHHH!! With that fuckin’ ‘D!” He grunted, his hands gripping onto her hips, also serving to keep her skirt hiked up so he could just gaze down and watch her nicely rounded backside jiggle with every thrust delivered. Just her panties on her ass and pulled to the side to allow access to that soaking wet, but still able to take it snatch of hers.

“MMMMM!! OH FUUUUUUUUUUCK!! MMMM!! Ahhhhhhhh!!” The stunning front-woman of Evanescence moaned out, eyes already rolled up to look without focus upward as the pleasure further overwhelms her. Her breasts swaying within her top as her body rocks back and forth in reply to the force of the thrusts being delivering into her love tunnel. “MMMMM FUCK!!! Yessssssssssss… AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM…” She groans again, the sweat trickling off her cheeks and nose now as she takes the kind of fucking she’s seemingly not gotten from the man she’s happily married to, but has been craving for perhaps longer than since she first gained status as an official MILF. From how well she’s taking every thick black inch of this massive cock, she looks more suited for a career in the porn industry than in music or film scoring.

“MMMMM… Fuck yeah!! AHHHHH… MMMMM SHIIIIIIIT… AHHHHH…” The younger stud behind her groans, sweat now forming across his handsome face from the effort being used to give this stunning rock beauty the fucking she and her gorgeous body deserve. The repeated slap of his crotch smacking off of her rounded booty sounding out to mix nicely with both of their loud and shameless moans. “UHHHHH!! Whole new fuckin’ meanin’… MMMM!! To rockin’ out with your… AHHHHH!! Fuckin’ cock out!!” He’s able to say between his groans, noting the fact that he’s still semi-dressed with just his jeans and boxers down around his ankles. While the beauty he’s banging from behind is still fully clothed, making the scene all the more hotter as he stuffs his cock balls deep into her time and time again.

“AHHHHH!! MMMMM FUCK!! MMMMM… Don’t! UHHHH!! Don’t FUCKING stop!! MMMMM!!” The woman who has racked up multiple awards as the hottest female in rock demands, even as she’s getting just that and then some. All that massive dick being pumped deeply into her dripping wet, but still pleasurably tight snatch every time the hips of man behind her sends his hips crashing into her nicely curved frame. “MMMM… OH FUUUUUUUCKKK… AHHHHH!! MMMMM SHIT!! AHHHHHHHH…” She gasps out, able to toss her long hair back so she can gaze back with a lewd look to further show her approval for how she’s getting fucked. Her clothes now sticking to her pale MILF body as she takes every inch of that big black cock that’s certainly not the one of the man she’s happily married to.

Smack! Smack! Smack! The sound of skin hitting off of toned skin ringing out as the two people who should be working on a music track together are using this recording studio as their own personal sex den. Showing little interest in anything apart from sexual pleasure as the lead singer of Evanescence takes it from behind from a man she’s only just met today. His hands still firmly gripping her just above her jiggling ass to keep her in place for the smooth and sharp pace of pounding that he’s sending all the way in to the hilt into her box. Her rear cheeks shaking each time his waist connects with her as he drives in balls deep again and again.

“OH FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK FUCK… FU-UCK… FUCKING!! AHHHHHHH MMMMMMM!!” Another long and loud moan escaping her lips, and with little time to warm of the incoming sexual peak, Amy Lee starts to cum hard on the big black cock being stuffed into her. Her white, sexy frame jolting away as she continues to take pump after deep pump while riding out her orgasm. Sending a flood of juices out across that fuck-stick working in and out of her twat that’s managed to tighten delightfully around him. “UHHHHH!! FUCK!! Mmmmmm… AHHHHHH MMMM…” She gasps out, her face turned to the side to rest on the back of the couch she’s kneeling on as the last waves of pleasure flow through her. Juices dripping from not just her snatch, but down her thighs and off the big cock that’s driven her to not just such pleasure, but made her into such a sweaty, still clothed mess.

“MMMMM… SHIT!! Time for yo’… UHHHHH!! Fine slutty ass… MMMM! To make good on ‘dat promise from before!” Dylan says with a groan, feeling his cock starting to throb as he pulls out from her well fucked to say the least snatch.

“Mmmmm… My… My fucking pleasure…” Amy purred, still in a lusty state even after such a clearly intense orgasm. Her eyes locking onto that cock of his as she shifts around, now sitting on the couch they’ve been fucking on and over during this sexual encounter.

Without any hesitation she took a hold of his rod, getting her fingers sticking from her own juices covering his tool in the process. Soon his member was guided between her soft lips and deeply into her hungry oral hole. Making the young stud moan out as the stunning MILF went to work on him. Loudly slurping along his shaft for a sound even better to the ears than any Alt-Metal song she’s ever done. Soon working her oral hole to clean up the mess she’d made over him from her orgasm, and clearly showing no issue at all with the taste of her own pussy. Soon replacing those juices with her saliva as she bobbed her long dark haired head along his meaty and massive size.

“Awwwwwwww FUCK!! MMMMM… Suck… UHHHH!! Suck that fuckin’ ‘D! MMMM!!” The man who was supposed to just be producing a track for the beauty blowing him grunted. Staring down to watch as well over half of his size vanished into the warm and wet mouth of the woman voted multiple times over several years as the hottest female in rock music. Her slurping work showing she doesn’t just look drop dead gorgeous but can back it up with red hot action and them some. Easily making the far younger man moan out with every suck she dishes out to make it look like this is far from her first time taking a big black cock between her soft, white lips.

“Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm… Hmmmmphhh…” She groans around the member she’s blowing. Her head moving towards and then smoothly and swiftly away from the crotch of the man who in more ways than one is far from the one she’s happily married to. Yet from how eagerly she’s taking his shaft back and forth into her talented in not just singing terms mouth it would look more like they’ve been lovers for years. Instead of the couple of hours that they’ve actually known one another for. Neither of them is caring too much about that fact, or the sweating, semi-clothed and fully in her case state they are both in. Just focused on one more dose of pleasure as she keeps her head bobbing away on the dick she’d just came over a few minutes before.

“AWWWWWW FUCK!! Here… UHHHHH!! Here it comes girl!!” Jay warned, attempting to pull his cock out from that slurping mouth of the Evanescence lead singer. However he was denied when both her hands gripped his ass, keeping both him in place and his pulsing cock between her tightly wrapped around him lips. The intense look in her eyes showing she had other plans for his load than what he had in mind. With no other option, not that this was any bad deal from his deep moans, his big black cock was soon shooting a creamy load into Amy Lee’s mouth. Making the white MILF groan as the flood of spunk filled up her talented oral hole. Making double sure that she got every drop of spunk out of him as well as she even bobbed away onto his pole as he came.

“Mmmmmmphhhh…” She groaned around the softening pole, letting him fall from her lips as she sealed them together after another few sucks for good measure. A single, greedy gulp heard as she swallowed down the vast amount of spunk she’d gotten from him just as she’d vowed to do. Then letting out a gasp as she opened her mouth to show how now empty it was, taking in air now to recover from such a sinful encounter.

“Shit girl!” Dylan chuckled with a grin. “Guess you wanted to add cum-guzzler to that list of dirty, black cock lovin’ slut huh?” He reasoned for actions of demanding to swallow his load.

“Maybe… A girl like me doesn’t kiss and tell…” Lee teased, using his own words from earlier on before against him. Sitting back, she took a moment to reach down and readjust her panties into place, even as she knows how stained they will be from the soaking wet state of her pussy.

“Heh… It’s all good girl… I ain’t gonna tell no body.” Jay stated as he also reached down in order to pull his boxers and then his jeans back up.

“You won’t have to… I’ll tell my husband about another day of fun that I had without him when I get back home…” Amy said with a big, naughty smile as she tossed her hair back. “…Without him again that is.”

“…Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!” Was all Dylan could come up with, matching his smile with hers as he let out a laugh.

After a round of wild, shameless sex like that? It wasn’t like he needed to say anything else. Except maybe getting back to work finishing off the track he was supposed to be working on in the first place.

* * *

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