The Family That Lays Together: Scene 202

Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 202

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Amber Heard, Diane Lane, Ashley Judd

Codes: FFF, oral, mas, anal, ws, rom, inc, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Amber sitting in the back of a taxi, as she narrates. “One thing I’ve discovered recently is there are few things as harrowing as divorce, but you’re almost always better off when it’s over.  You also find out who the people in your family really are; you’re reminded either of why you love them, or why you never speak to them.  When my family found out why I was leaving my husband, a few of them nearly drove to his place and beat the shit out of him.  And I can’t say I really blame them.”

We then see Amber get out of the taxi, and walk up to the front door of a house, carrying her bags.  The door opens, and Diane comes out. “Oh, sweetie, let me carry some of those.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Amber hands her mother the bags, and the two continue to the house. “When it was all over, my Mom invited me to come see her.  Given what I’d just been through, I felt that was just what I needed.”

Once inside, the bags are put down, and the two stand face to face. “So, how was your trip, baby?” Diane says, placing her hands on Amber’s shoulders.

“Let’s just say I’m glad to finally be here.”

“You and me both.” There’s a pause, then, “You know,” Diane says in a hushed tone, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you, too, Mom…” Amber whispers back.  The two lean in close, Diane now wrapping her arms around Amber’s neck, and meet in a tender, passionate kiss.  As they make out, Amber continues, “After Dad left…This is gonna sound weird…My mother and I became lovers.  It was a little strange at first, especially that night when I was fifteen, when she first seduced me, but I came to realize what we had together was something…beautiful.”

They break the kiss, and we see Amber tearing up. “Oh, honey…” Diane uses her sleeve to dry her daughter’s eyes.

“Oh, Jesus, Diane…” The two then turn their heads, to see Ashley has entered the room. “Why didn’t you come get me?”

“Hi, Aunt Ash,” Amber says, now smiling, “You still living here with Mom?”

“No, but when she said you were coming home…” Ashley steps forward, and her and Amber embrace and kiss, this time more deep and sultry.

“My Aunt Ash…My Mom told me one night that her and her sister were lovers when they were younger, unknown to Grandma and Grandpa, before she met my Dad.  Once she knew my Mom had told me, Aunt Ash decided it was okay to try and seduce me.  Of course, by then, it didn’t feel weird at all having sex with her.  When I went away to college, Aunt Ash came to stay with my Mom, so she wouldn’t be lonely.”

“So,” Diane says, when they stop, “you must be hungry.”

“Actually,” Amber says, turning to her mother with a playful glint now in her eyes, “the whole cab ride, I was thinking of that big bed upstairs, and you and me on it.  Of course…” She turns back to her aunt. “Finding out she’s here, too, just makes me that much more excited to go up there and…” She then whispers, “Get naked…”

“Hm…” Diane says, stepping closer, and joining their embrace, “A threesome…That sound good to you, sis?”

Ash smiles. “Do you really need to ask me that?” The two then share a lusty, almost hungry tongue-kiss.  After a moment, Amber cuts in, making it three-way.

Some time later, the three are on Diane’s big bed, naked, Diane and Ashley continuing to kiss. as, in our first close-up, Amber licks and sucks on her mother’s hard, pointy nipple. “Mmm…” Diane moans into her sister’s mouth, as Ashley reaches down, and sticks her fingers in the middle of Diane’s moist, hairy bush. “Yes…” she then gasps, as Ashley begins kissing her neck and chest, and groping her other breast.

Amber then starts kissing down her mother’s stomach, until she gets to her muff, then, in another close-up, she starts licking Diane’s already sopping wet cunt. “O-o-o-oh…” Diane moans, trembling, as her daughter’s tongue caresses her hot, wet quim.

Looking down at her and smiling, Ashley then moves down with her. “Here let me help you out…” Amber chuckles at this, then, back in the close-up, buries her tongue inside her mother’s hole, while Ashley, leaning over Diane’s thigh, licks her throbbing clit, occasionally pausing to spit out the odd hair.  After a bit, Amber substitutes her fingers, and joins her aunt in tongue-massaging her mother’s clitoris.

“Oh, God…” Diane moans, breathing hard, and kneading her breasts, hard pink nipples pinched between her fingers.

Now, Ashley lies with her legs spread, kneading her breasts, and rubbing her pink, pencil eraser-like nipples, as, in another close-up, her sister holds her pussy open, and her and her daughter take turns lapping up her moisture from the pink inside.  Moaning, Ashley says, “Amber…” Amber looks up, and Ash continues, “Come up here and sit on my face…”  Amber gets up, and straddles her aunt’s face, facing her mother. “No, scoot forward, lean back…” Amber pushes her hips forward, and leans back against the headboard. “There we go…” In yet another close-up, Ashley starts licking Amber’s asshole.

“Oh, jeez…” Amber moans and gasps at the same time.  As Ashley eats out her niece’s already moist, sweaty butthole, while, in front, her first two fingers move in and out of her drooling pussy.

Looking up from her sister’s cunt, juices dripping from her chin, Diane grins. “Hey, get those fingers out of my daughter’s pussy.” Ashley complies, then Diane leans forward, and, in still another close-up, replaces them with her tongue, burying it in her daughter’s steamy cunt

“Oh, God…” Amber groans, hips starting to gyrate.  Finally, “Mom…Aunt Ash…I’m gonna…” Amber then grimaces, bites her lip, and lets out a muffled cry.

Now, we see Diane on her sprawled knees before Ashley, still in the same position, while Amber kneels behind her, groping her tits, and kissing her neck.  In another close-up, we see the sisters’ pussies rubbing together, as Diane thrusts her hips forward. “Oh, fuck!” Ashley moans hoarsely, overlapped with her sister’s own moans.

As the two go clit to clit, Amber whispers in her mother’s ear, “Want me to finger your ass, Mom?”

“Fuck, do it…” Diane gasps, almost voicelessly, then groans, as her daughter does it.  In a shot of Diane’s ass, we see Amber’s middle finger buried deep between her mother’s cheeks.

“Oh, God,” Ashley suddenly whines, face screwing up, “I’m gonna…”

“I know, baby sister…” Diane again gasps, “So am I…” Back in the close-up, we hear both sisters moan orgasmically, as suddenly both their pussies eject a large amount of liquid all over each other.

“Oh, my God!” Amber laughs, “Oh, fuck, that was hot…” Diane turns her head, and the two again kiss.  Breathing hard, Ashley looks up at them and smiles, then gets up on her knees, and joins them, again making the kiss three-way, as the scene fades out.

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