The Family That Lays Together: Scene 204

Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 204

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Sophia Lillis

Codes: fM, oral, mas, first, inc, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Also, if you like this story, email me at

Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Sophia lying in bed at night, eyes closed.  Her eyes pop open, and she groans, unable to sleep.  Sophia then rolls onto her back, takes off her t-shirt, and feels up her small breasts, fingers encircling her pink nipples.  After a moment of this, she then takes off her pajama bottoms, and, laying there with legs spread, she starts rubbing her thighs, then, in our first close-up, starts rubbing her pink, orange rimmed pussy. “Hmm…” Sophia sighs, laying back and closing her eyes.

Outside, we see a man in his bottoms, no shirt, walking through the hallway outside her room.  As he passes, he hears Sophia breathing and moaning, and so looks in her cracked open door to investigate. “Oh, God…” Sophia gasps, brow furrowing, as the man sees her play with her moist little twat.  He starts breathing hard as he watches this, until, finally, he enters the room.  It takes Sophia a moment to notice she’s no longer alone, at which point she gasps vocally. “Dad!” Sophia attempts to cover herself, one arm over her chest, the other hand over her pussy. “What are you doing in here?”

Without a word, the father gets down on the bed, and pries away her hand. “D-d-dad, what are you…” In another close-up, the father starts licking his daughter’s moist, pink cunt. “Dad?” Sophia whimpers, starting to tremble, as she watches her father eat her out. “Ooh…” she whines, again lying back, as, back in the close-up, we see her father’s index finger in her pussy, while he licks around her clit, occasionally pausing to spit out an orange pubic hair.  Face screwing up like she’s going to cry, Sophia closes her lips tightly, and lets out a shrill, muffled whine through them.

As her orgasm subsides, Sophia’s father rises up on his knees, and pulls down the front of his pants, his big, stiff cock popping out.  Apprehensively, Sophia’s eyes flit between her father’s face and his dick, before she sits up, and, in our first close-up, kisses his head, then licks it, before closing her eyes, and taking it in her mouth, then sliding her lips down to his shaft, and sucking him off. “Oh, pumpkin…” the father sighs, as her lips slide up and down the first inch or two of his length. “Uhm…” he then groans, “Lay down sweetie.”

Sophia lays back, keeping her eyes on her father, who, in another close-up, rubs the head of his dick up and down his daughter’s sopping wet twat, before pushing it in. “Hunh…” Sophia groans, as it goes in, then winces, as she feels her hymen break.  Her father then grabs her sides, and starts to thrust into her. “Ohg…” Sophia moans, face again screwing up, her small boobs starting to bounce as he fucks her.  Back in the close-up, we see the father’s hard cock pump in and out of her drooling pussy.  Sophia actually looks close to tears, bearing her teeth as her father fucks her harder, causing her little titties to whip up and down, pink nipples hard like pencil-erasers. “Daddy…” she whines raspily, face turning red.

Suddenly, the father starts groaning, and sighs, “Sit up, pumpkin…” as he pulls out.  Sophia sits up, and closes her eyes, as her father jerks off over her face. “Ohhh…” the father grunts, and his cock starts spurting, covering his daughter’s face with his hot cum.  Once he stops, Sophia wipes her father’s splooge off her face, then opens her eyes, breathing hard.  Her father then leans down, and gives her a peck on the cheek, before leaving.  Sophia just sits there, staring straight forward, as the scene fades out.

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