How I Fucked Your Girlfriend

Title: How I Fucked Your Girlfriend

Author: Steve Winninaki (feedback at

Celebs: Cobie Smulders, Nicholas Roget-King, Alyson Hannigan

Codes: pedo, oral, anal, fm, first

Disclaimer: This isn’t real, this is fiction that I made up! Only read this if you’re over 18/21 wherever you are. Fiction is legal.

Note: This is set in 2007 where Nicholas is 8, hence the pedo code

Cobie Smulders and Nicholas Roget-King are sitting at a breakfast table on the set of a How I Met Your Mother episode. Cobie only has a long T-shirt on and is reading a newspaper.

“And cut! That’s a wrap people. You can go home now!” The direct shouts, ending a long day of filming How I Met Your Mother. “Wait up for a second, Nicholas”, Cobie says to her ‘co-star’. “I want to practice the scene again.”

“Sure thing, Cobie. Should I leave the apartment?” he replies

“No, you’re good where you are.”

Nicholas takes a seat at the table and waits for Cobie to talk. Cobie glances over at him and thinks to herself, “I want him. I know he’s young but I need him”. Cobie slowly lowers her hand to her pussy and starts to rub it, getting wet as she thinks about his tiny, prepubescent cock.

“What’s that sound?” Nicholas wonders out loud, causing Cobie to stop masturbating. “I don’t hear anything. You might be imagining.” she says and starts rubbing herself again. Nicholas accepts this and starts nodding his head. He subtly peeks under the table, thinking that Cobie must be doing something strange. After seeing her fingering her wet pussy, his 5-inch cock starts to get hard. He slips his hand into his pants and begins to jerk off.

He had recently learnt about sex in school and was starting to feel like he wanted to have sex. He thinks that this would be the perfect time to go for it. Noticing how engaged Cobie was in pleasuring herself, he slowly slides down the seat and under the table where he could have a better position to fuck Cobie without her noticing. He shuffles over to her so that his face is right next to her pussy. Suddenly, Cobie removes her hand and starts to lick her juices off it, moaning slightly as she does so. Next, she slides her hand under her shirt and squeezes her breast. Nicholas takes his chances and starts to lick Cobie under the table. She gives a startled gasp before checking under the table.

“Nicholas! What are you do…”, she says before moaning. Nicholas starts to pull away, thinking he has done something wrong. “No, keep going”, Cobie says to him between moans. He shuffles back into position and continues to eat her out as his dick starts to get harder. Cobie slips her hands off her boobs and down to Nicholas’ head, pushing it into her pussy. Cobie groans at full volume. “Yes. Yes. Yes!” she yells out as she cums, squirting her juices into Nicholas’ mouth and all over his face.

“That, that was amazing!” Cobie gasps. “Come up here”. She pushes back her chair and lets Nicholas stand up. She leans forward and kisses Nicholas, tasting her tangy juices on his lips. She pushes her tongue into his mouth, tasting more of herself. Nicholas breaks off the kiss and asks her, “What do we do now?”. “Everything”, she replies.

She stands up and walks over to the set door, locks it and comes back to the table. “Let’s get started” she says, beckoning Nicholas over. She takes off her shirt, exposing her breasts to Nicholas. “They’re perfect”, Nicholas mutters under his breath. Cobie pulls him in close, peeling his T-shirt off and exposing his 8-year-old chest. Nicholas leans down and starts to suck on Cobie’s nipple as Cobie pulls down his trousers. He backs off, wearing only his underwear, with his rock-hard 5-inch cock very obviously poking out. Cobie gasps in delight as she sees it. “Why don’t you take off your underwear?” she asks him, almost desperately. “What do I get in return?” he responds.

Cobie thinks for a second then stands up and goes over to her purse. She takes something out and hides it behind her back. “What is it?” Nicholas asks her. She turns around, refusing to show him. “Come over here and I’ll show you” she told him. He wanders over to her. “Closer”, she says. He gets even closer to her, so close that his dick is almost inside her. She takes her hand out from behind her, holding a butt plug. “Do you know what this is?” she asks him. He shakes his head. “It’s called a butt plug. You put it up your ass because it feels good. Do you want to put it up there for me?” He nods and takes the plug out of her hand. She turns around and bends over, allowing him to slide the plug into her ass. “Uhh” she groans, making Nicholas feel even closer to orgasm. She turns back around, not quite able to stand up due to the plug.

“Now will you take off your underwear?” she begs. He slowly pulls down the back of his briefs, teasing her with his cock. She reaches her limit, almost begging Nicholas to get it over and done with. Finally, after a minute of him teasing her, she jumps forward, pulls his underwear down and inhales his whole cock down her throat. Surprised, Nicholas almost cums right there and then, only managing to hold it in by looking away from Cobie licking and swallowing his meat.

Cobie takes his cock out of his mouth and begins to slowly run her tongue along the length of his dick before reaching the tip. Next, she kisses the tip of his short staff before taking it between her soft lips and sucking it off again. She continues to try to suck his jizz out of him for the next 5 minutes, while he groans and pushes her head down on his cock. “Cobie… Cobie.. I’m… I’m cumming!” he suddenly mentions. When Cobie doesn’t respond, he stops fighting and releases, filling her mouth with his first seed.

Cobie swishes his cum around her mouth, remembering what it tastes like, before swallowing every last drop. She then takes his softening dick and cleans it on her breasts, getting him hard again. “Let’s go all the way” she whispers to him, before bending over and showing him her dripping pussy. Nicholas shuffles forward, lining his cock up with her hole. Cobie reaches back and guides his dick into her, releasing a gasp as he takes control and starts pumping away at her pussy, his cock getting harder and harder.

“Faster. FASTER!” Cobie screams with pleasure, causing Nicholas to speed up, almost until he cums. “Cobie… I’m, I’m… going to… cum” he says. “Pull out NOW!” Cobie tells him as he pulls out just before he jizzes. She slowly jerks him off, cooling him down. She tells Nicholas “Lie down on the floor, let me blow you”. He obediently lies down and Cobie gets on top of him with her pussy in front of her face. She then slowly takes his meat in her mouth, sucking away at his dick. Nicholas, seeing his chance, leans up and starts to tongue fuck Cobie. “Mmmm” Cobie hummed, causing Nicholas to slurp away at her even faster, driving her closer to orgasm. She starts panting and trying to catch her breath. Nicholas, realizing how close she is, begins to facefuck her even harder, eventually pushing her over the brink.

“Ahhhh” she cries out in pleasure as she squirts all over Nicholas’ face. The vibrations on his dick cause him to edge, so close to releasing. Sensing how close he is, she pops her mouth off his dick and quickly moves so that her pussy was over his dick. Before he can react, she spears down onto the shaft below her. It is so sudden that Nicholas cums right there and then, filling her pussy with his hot jizz. There is so much that it begins to leak out of her cunt and onto Nicholas’ stomach. She turns around and licks the drops of his stomach, staring into his eyes as she does so.

“How was that?” Cobie asks him, flushed with success. “Brilliant” he responds, gasping to catch his breath. Cobie grasps his dick, making sure that he doesn’t get soft. “Want to go for the other hole?” she asks, teasing him with her ass. “Hell, yeah!” he tells her, so ready to take her that he removes the butt plug without warning her. “Uhhh” Cobie groans unexpectedly, almost climaxing again. “Go for it, honey” she whispers to Nicholas.

Nicholas shoves his cock into her ass, forcing her to let out a load moan. He slowly pushes his cock deeper into her as she tightens around him, forcing him closer to orgasm. He begins to thrust in and out faster and faster, getting closer and closer to jizzing. Eventually, he broke the dam and filled her ass with his biggest load ever.

“That’s enough” Cobie told him as he pulled out. “People will be suspicious. You should go, I’ll clean up.” She cleans his cock with her tongue before he pulls his clothes back on and leaves the set. After he left, she sat back down and shoved the butt plug back into her ass, collecting the cum that leaked out. She started to fuck herself with the plug while rubbing her pussy.

Unnoticed by Cobie, the door opens and Alyson Hannigan pokes her head round the door.

To be continued…

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