Vic and Maddy Do Coachella

Title: Vic and Maddy Do Coachella

Author: Noopster

Celebs: Victoria Justice, Madison Reed

Codes: MFF, M+F, cons, reluc, anal, exh, oral, inc

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all.

“Excuse me, has anyone seen my sister?!” Madison asked time and time again, going from one group of drug addled hipsters to the next, looking for her sister Victoria. They had planned to spend the whole weekend together partying at Coachella 2017 but early on Sunday (the last night of the festival) they got separated in the crowd during Lorde’s performance and when Madison went back to their tent there was no one there.

“Where the fuck is she?!” she kept asking herself. Victoria wasn’t the type to just go and party with strangers; in fact, she’d always been the shyer one of the two sisters. Even going back to their high school days, Madison was always the popular girl with the slutty reputation while Victoria was the smart one; the gentle but distant, unattainable beauty that all the other girls envied. And there was one more thing worrying Madison: Someone had searched through her backpack while she was gone and stolen her stash of pills. She’d paid a lot of money for those pills because they were extra strong, even going through the trouble of shoving the small bottle up her pussy to get them through the staff search at the entrance.

“Hey, I know you…” a drunken redhead with a flower crown and one sandal missing in her left foot said, “You’re that girl… your ss-ssister was on tv… I saw her…”

“Wait you saw my sister? You mean here? Where?!” Madison asked as loud as possible, tired and annoyed for the first time at the loud music, the fluorescent lights and all the drunk and drugged people shouting and dancing around her amidst the sea of tents in the camping grounds of the festival.

“Yeah, she was making out with this big, tanned dude… I think I saw them go in his tent.”


“Or a tent anyways, I mean… I don’t know if it’s really his, y’know?”

“What tent?! Show me now!”

The redhead struggled to walk past the drunken masses while Madison desperately followed her. “Thanks!” she shouted at the strange girl as she dove into the wobbling tent to find her sister inside with her shirt off, being fondled by a stranger.


“Hey, she came on to me alright? I didn’t do anything–”

“She’s underage you asshole!” she lied.

“Oh shit, I didn’t do anything to her I swear!”


Frustrated and scared, the young man left in a matter of seconds.

“Are you ok, Vic? I’ve been searching all over for you!”

The slender actress looked up at her sister with glassy eyes and a confident and naughty smile, “I’ve never felt better, sis…” she answered, gently stroking Madison’s hair and stretching her body with a careless attitude that Madison had not seen in years. “Ok, she’s high as fuck…” Madison muttered, very confused and searching around the floor for her sister’s blouse. She was topless right below her and Madison could not help but stare at her sister’s cute breasts as she laid there, giggling in a drug addled haze. As teenagers they frequently changed in front of each other and even showered together many times, but several years had passed since then and the sight of Victoria’s exposed breasts awoke something deep inside Madison, something she was well aware of but had been denying to herself for the last decade.

“Must be all the shit I’ve taken this weekend fucking with me,” she thought before forcing herself to restart the search for her sister’s clothes.

“Hey, Maddy…” the older sister asked while Madison continued to search for the yellow garment under a mountain of pillows and towels.

“Yes, Vic?”

“Those pills you had in your backpack… what where they?”

“Um… well, I had different kinds of stuff in there, why?” she asked, already bracing herself for the answer she knew was coming.

“Because I took them…”

“Wait, you mean you took them from my backpack or you… took them?”

Victoria bursted out in a fit of laughter that caught Madison by surprise, she had not seen her laugh like that since they were little girls.

“Answer me, Vic!” urged Madison. As her hand landed on her sister’s hip to stop her from rolling around the softness of her skin and the warmness of her body startled her again. She surprised herself thinking about what type of panties her sister could be wearing under her small shorts when Victoria’s confession interrupted her.

“I took them all! Hahaha!”

“Are you fucking crazy, Victoria?! There were like 5 pills still left in there!” Madison yelled, “Holy shit, I have to get you out of here fast. Where the fuck is your blouse?! I can’t find it!”

“I threw it in the trash.”

“You what?!” Madison hollered and as she turned around she found her sister with her eyes closed and one hand deep inside her shorts.

“Um, what are you doing, Vic?”

“Fuck, sis, I’m so horny!” the slim girl shouted, shamelessly playing with herself in front of her sister.

“It’s all the fucking pills you swallowed, dumbass,” Madison scolded her.

“Mmm, I know… everything feels… so good!” Victoria shouted while she unzipped her shorts. Madison was sitting next to her, staring at her perfectly proportioned and delicate body, trying to figure out why she was so fascinated by the spectacle of her topless sister wearing nothing but see-through lime green panties. The fabric of her undergarments was so thin that Madison could see very clearly she was completely shaved as well as the very top part of her slit.

“Maddy, feel this!” Victoria said, grabbing her sister’s hand. Madison didn’t resist and her sister guided her hand to her warm stomach and then all the way under her panties, until she found her sopping labia.

“Oh my God, Vic! You’re so wet! Are you sure you’re ok?!”

“Mmm, yeah, I feel incredible!” the older girl said, spreading her thighs and pushing her sister’s fingers deep into her yearning cunt. “Just touch me, sis.”

“Umm, I don’t know, Vic. We’re sisters… this is… weird,” Madison argued, but there wasn’t a lot of conviction in her voice, nor did she make any effort to pull her hand back.

“Oh c’mon, I’ve seen you checking me out when I’m tanning by the pool.”

“Wh-what?! I don’t–”

“And last night I woke up with your hand on my ass.”

“I was just hugging you, Vic! I didn’t–”

“Shhh, it’s ok, sis, I don’t mind.”

“You– …wait, what?”

“I know you want me. I think I’ve known for years,” Victoria confessed as Madison’s fingers plunged deeper inside, “I’d be too embarrassed to do this if I was sober, to even say it but… that’s why I took your pills, because I love you, Maddy. I want to make you happy.”

Madison leaned into Victoria and kissed her very softly on the lips. It was a sweet kiss, the kind one gives to express not just lust but profound love. Victoria smiled with her eyes closed and with a slight tilt of the head offered her neck, where her sister quickly planted another kiss, followed by another one a little bit lower and then one more on her collar bone. Madison’s lips formed a long trail of soft, wet kisses going down her sister’s chest and all the way to her pubic area.



“Do you want to taste me?”

“Yes! I mean… Do you–”

“Do it,” Victoria said, sliding down her soaked panties, “I’m so horny, I can’t wait any longer!”

Madison got closer to Victoria’s pussy and stopped for a moment, taking in her tempting scent while thinking of all the times she’d dreamed about that moment over the years. Victoria was the first girl she’d felt attracted to. The only one, actually. Madison had always felt like she was straight, except when her sister was near. She had never even checked out another girl in the street but every single time Victoria would walk around the house in her underwear, Madison would lose it.

“Kiss it, Maddy, pleeeease!” The singer moaned impatiently before shoving her sister’s face into her pussy. Madison came out of her stupor and started lapping away at Victoria’s labia, whose deafening moans started getting the attention of the people still partying outside the tent.

“OHHH GOD, SIS, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” she shouted over and over as the chemicals in her blood combined with her sister’s tongue to make her climax after just a few minutes with an intensity she didn’t even know was possible. It was the first time for Madison giving oral sex to a woman and she definitely was not expecting her sister to be a squirter, but when warm streams of clear liquid started gushing out of Victoria and hitting her in the face, Madison did not back down. She closed her eyes and giggled as she was gladly showered by her still screaming sister’s juices.

“Are you ok, Vic?” Madison asked, her face and hair still dripping with Victoria’s squirt. “For a second there I thought you might break in half!”

“I don’t–”

She was interrupted by a short, muscular young man that suddenly stepped into the tent “I heard someone screaming, Is everyone ok here?” he asked, but his expression quickly changed from concern to wonderment once he realized the reason behind the girl’s screams. A completely naked Victoria Justice was squirming and begging for more right in front of him and it only took half a second for his dick to stand out under his shorts.

“Oh,” was all the shocked man could say in the most crucial moment of his young life.

Madison was about to tell him to get the fuck out when Victoria grabbed her shoulders and threw her to the ground. Startled, she said nothing else as Victoria got on top of her and ripped off her top.

“Come here and fuck me!” She commanded to the surprise of both of them. Then she presented her ass to him and started suckling Madison’s tits.

“I… I don’t have a condom but I can go get–”

“FUCK. ME. NOW!” Victoria yelled, reaching between her legs and spreading apart her pussy lips for him.

“Vic, what the hell are you doing?!” a concerned Madison asked but she was quickly silenced by her older sister’s tongue in her mouth and her hands sliding off her denim shorts along with her underwear.

“Tell me your name!” she demanded once he kneeled behind her and grabbed her by the hips.

“Oh shit I can’t believe this is happening!” he whispered as the tip of his cock made its way into her tight cunt.

“What is your name?!”

“I’m… Anthony.”

“Mmmph! Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, I– I used to watch nickelodeon all the time… ungh!” he answered while slowly driving his manhood in and out of the slim starlet.

“Then fuck me harder!” she ordered, pushing her hips back against him so that he’d be deeper inside.

“Vic, are you–”

“Shut up and kiss me, sis.”

Their mouths fused into one again and Victoria played with her sister’s pussy while the kid they’d just met fucked her from behind. In a flash of lucidness she realized that was, by far, the craziest thing she’d ever done, but still it wasn’t enough. Her whole body felt like it was on fire and her insides kept telling her that the cock in her just wasn’t enough.

“Anthony!” she shouted, finally breaking the kiss with Madison, the longest she’d ever had with anyone.


“Fuck my sister!”

“Wait, what!?” Madison said with widened eyes.

“Your what?!” Anthony asked, a little freaked out with the sudden incest scenario.

“I said fuck her now!” Victoria commanded again, shutting her sister up with her hand. Madison struggled to break free but once her older sister started whispering in her ear and licking her earlobe she surrendered again. “Take it, Maddy. Take that cock for me,” Victoria kept whispering. Madison’s nails dug into her back and a short sigh of arousal escaped her lips the moment she was penetrated.

“Look at me, Maddy, look me in the eyes while he fucks you!” Victoria instructed, playing with her sisters tits and sticking two fingers in her mouth. Her sister did as told and sucked on her fingers while Anthony rammed into her. Victoria stayed on top of her, their eyes locked as Madison’s tits bounced up with every thrust. When her own needs became too strong she ordered the guy to switch back to her. He pulled out of one girl and tried to continue with the other but nothing in his short life had prepared him to fuck two hot sisters at the same time and he just could not stop himself from jizzing all over Madison’s tummy.

“Ew!” complained Madison, looking down at the small pool of cum in her belly button but before she could wipe it off with something her sister was already leaning over and taking care of it with her tongue.

“Holy fuck!” Anthony exclaimed, unable to process the image of Nickelodeon’s Victoria Justice licking his cum off of her own sister.

“Bring your friends, Anthony, you might be done but we’re just getting started,” she said to him before going back down for the rest of his load.

The young kid dashed back to his tent and told his buddies what had just happened. They laughed and called him a dumbass, they said there was no way a girl that hot and famous would do that kind of shit. Still they followed him anyway; the promise of two horny girls in a tent being too good to ignore.

And lo and behold, there they were, the two naked sisters laying side by side, making out and fingering each other.

“Whoa!” said the first guy who entered the tent.

“Holy shit! It’s really her!” noted another one.

Madison reacted with caution, she had allowed a stranger to fuck her because of Victoria’s wishes but now the small tent was filled with guys wanting to do the same thing and, as happy and turned on as she was with finally having her naked sister in her arms, she felt like things had escalated insanely fast.

But Victoria felt something very different. The drugs in her system had completely taken over her mind and body and she knew no fear or shame, she did not care at all about risks or consequences, anything of the sort had been replaced by a constant, inexorable, devouring lust. Her mind was empty except for an overwhelming, animal need to be fucked that nothing could stop.

“Hey, boys…” The horny actress greeted them, spreading her lower lips for the excited men without any of the doubts on her sister’s mind. With hungry eyes she enjoyed the growing bulges in their shorts before asking them, “Who wants to get laid?”

Two guys jumped at the opportunity, elbowing each other to get to the stunning girl first but she welcomed both of them and the pair took full advantage of the opportunity, groping and kissing every inch of Victoria’s body like she was the last woman on earth.

The last guy went at Madison but she refused him immediately. He got over that rejection pretty fast though, joining his two buddies in the free banquet that was Victoria Justice’s body right away. And so the younger girl sat in the corner covering herself with a small towel and watched as her conservative, well mannered sister fooled around with 3 men at the same time. It was difficult to believe it was real. Their hands were everywhere, fingers going in and out of her pussy and then into her mouth, hard dicks leaving clear traces of pre-cum on her perfectly smooth skin and a parade of different mouths sucking on her hard nipples.

Finally the guys seemed to get it together, they threw Victoria on top of one of them who put his hands on her tiny waist and without any hesitation stuck his dick in her sopping pussy. Victoria groaned and began to frantically move her hips back and forth like machine while sucking the two cocks offered to her at the same time. But it wasn’t enough. Seeking to extinguish the fire in her loins and the chaos in her head she spat on her hand and rubbed it against her asshole.

“You! Fuck my ass now!” She ordered one of the dudes she was blowing, he hesitated and the guy next to him took his place behind her. It was all the same to Victoria, all she wanted was to be filled with meat, anyone’s would do.

“Wait!” Madison yelled at the kid pressing his prick against her sister’s virgin asshole, “She’s not in her right mind, don’t you fucking–”

“DO IT!” the crazed actress insisted, “FUCK MY ASS RIGHT NOW!”

Startled, he pushed forward with no regard for the girl’s well being. “Oh fuck, that’s tight!” he mumbled when his balls slapped against Victoria’s butt and the spasming muscles of her rectum hugged his dick like a warm glove.

Victoria had to slow down her rhythm to accommodate the two cocks inside of her, panting and moaning she rode them slowly without neglecting the third dick in front of her face. Her pussy was sore and her ass felt like it was going to tear open but she could not stop herself. Every single sensation felt a hundred times stronger than ever, even the pain felt good somehow. She turned her head to watch her sister Madison, who was unable to resist pleasuring herself to the lewd spectacle of her sister acting like the world’s biggest whore and, as the two inexperienced guys started cumming inside her, Victoria felt her own orgasm was about to follow.

Anthony was standing guard outside the tent but the orgy going on inside was too loud to keep a secret and when Victoria looked up, screaming “OH GOOOOOOOOOD!!! AAAAHHH!!!” from the top of her lungs, she saw a crowd had gathered to peek inside, some of them even trying to push the kid aside to get in.

“Let them in, Anthony” she said as the two men pulled their now flaccid, dripping members out of her. Madison’s warnings followed immediately, “No! Don’t let them! Victoria you have to stop this! We can’t–”

She was silenced by the wonderful sight of her naked sister standing over her. Even with her hair made a mess, her slender and perfectly proportioned body covered in sweat and spit made her look like a goddess.

“Vic… what are you doing…” Madison’s jaw dropped when Victoria stood over her, fingering her pussy until thick drops of cum began to drip out of it. The younger sister stayed speechless, staring at the mouth watering pussy in front of her even as it’s sticky contents fell on her tits while more men got past Anthony to take advantage of her famous sibling.

A black guy covered in tattoos came from behind and held Victoria by the neck and the waist, immobilizing her against his imposing body. The slim girl cried when he penetrated her ass, he was much bigger than the first guy but all of that semen covering her asshole and rectum helped the huge black sausage slide in without injury.

“Are you ok, Vic?” Madison asked, genuinely concerned about her sister’s state but struggling with her own urges all the same. She wanted to kiss her, to taste those sweet blushed lips that were mere inches from her face again, even if they were covered in some stranger’s cum, but the situation had changed and someone had to keep it from spinning out of control.

“I have to get rid of all this people!” she thought as Victoria continued to scream and curse and, just when she was about to get up, her sister freed her hand and grabbed her by the hair, offering her raw, cum dripping pussy to her without a single word, knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist. The younger sister didn’t need any more convincing, once her tongue made contact with Victoria’s labia she closed her eyes and lost herself in the exquisite warmness of her sister’s 24 year old cunt.

“Holy shit that nickelodeon girl is getting her pussy eaten while a guy fucks her ass!” One of the kids outside the tent shouted, joining a crowd of people trying to record the event on their phones.

Two more guys breached in and stuck like leeches to Victoria’s light brown nipples. She smiled and reached for both their cocks and jerked them off once they pulled down their shorts.

“Ungh! Wait, let her taste my ass!” she told the black man pounding her ass and he was happy to comply. Madison heard a sharp whimper coming out of her sister and she opened her eyes to find a thick piece of black meat waiting for her.

“Do it, Maddy, taste my ass!” she ordered, getting down on her knees next to her hesitant sister.

Madison was no saint and her slutty adventures back home were still fondly remembered by most guys that went to her high school but this was on a completely different level. It suddenly dawned on her that her own sister was telling her to suck a stranger’s dick that had just been in her rectum, and to top it off it was completely covered with another stranger’s jizz. She started feeling scared again, afraid that they had taken that night too far and that their relationship as siblings and friends would never recover.

“C’mon, Maddy… What are you waiting for?” Victoria insisted as she kissed her younger sister’s neck. Madison watched one of the guys Victoria had been stroking get behind her and enter her pussy.

“Ahh! Don’t you want to taste me, sis?”

The black man took the decision from her and shoved his swollen member in the girl’s unsuspecting mouth. She closed her eyes and let the man push deeper inside, tasting the bitter flavor of her sisters juices mixed with the seed of two different men. She felt Victoria getting closer and when her eyes opened there she was, licking the man’s balls and the very last part of his thick shaft that he’d been unable to get inside.

“OH FUCK, DUDE! THE SISTERS ARE SHARING A BLACK COCK, LIKE, FOR REAL YO’ “Shouted a skinny boy that looked like he wasn’t entirely done with puberty.

“I KNOW! THESE BITCHES ARE FUCKING CRAZY!” replied his dorky looking friend.

Madison was too focused on the black guy in her mouth and did not notice the man getting behind her until it was too late. He pushed her forward and started fucking her doggy style, causing the huge black hose to hit the back of her throat. She was already running out of air but when big globs of cum began running down her throat she felt like was going to pass out. She searched for Victoria, trying to ask for help with just her eyes but her sister was being spit roasted too and as more of that heavy cream continued to fill her throat two long streams of tears ran down her face.

Anthony and his friends had done all they could to stop the massive crowd but at some point it became impossible to hold them off. The entrance of the tent was finally breached and Madison lost count of how many men were coming inside the small tent. It was not easy but once the black man finally pulled out of her mouth she swallowed the load and gasped for air, barely getting enough oxygen to stay conscious before another dick was pushed against her lips and into her mouth. The guy fucking her from behind came inside and she finished right along with him. She felt a little bit of shame at first but when she realized she couldn’t even see their faces anymore it became clear that there was no point in trying to resist or fight them, and it was even more pointless to pretend she wasn’t enjoying it.

Exhausted she lied down on her back and looked at her sister as the two guys that had been fucking her mouth and cunt pulled out and finished on her cute face. Victoria lied down next to her and giggled as her sister began kissing her and lapping the cream off of her forehead. Another couple of sun burned kids slid between each of the girls legs and the sisters laughed, making out with each other while the crowd took turns fucking them.

Madison lost count of how many times she orgasmed and of how many men had been inside her and by the time the crowd started dwindling the two brunettes were lying on a small pool of stranger’s semen. The last dozen or so that that got into the tent passed on their battered, cum-drenched pussies and simply stroked their cocks looking down at the two gorgeous sisters kissing before shooting their loads on their already glazed faces.

She woke up the next morning in Victoria’s beach house in Palm Springs with no idea of when she had left the festival or how she had gotten all the way there. The last thing she remembered was holding her sister in her arms and their tongues playing in each other’s mouth as the last drops of semen from the very last guy in the tent landed on her sister’s hair.

“Oh my God what happened to Vic?!” she wondered, jumping off the bed despite the sharp ache in every muscle on her naked body.

“VIC?! VIC, WHERE ARE YOU?!” she shouted, running to the backyard without even thinking of covering herself, terrified of what her dear sister could have done under the influence of the drugs she had procured. The back yard was empty and no one answered her calls, panic was starting to take over her when she she heard the creak of a door inside. She rushed back to the bedroom, almost falling down a couple of times, and found Victoria sitting comfortably on the bed, wearing a white robe with a big pink flower on it.

“I was just in the bathroom, Maddy…” she said, taking the robe off and sliding her naked body under the white sheets, “Jeez! You really need to learn to relax more. Now come here, get in.”

Madison let out a gigantic sigh of relief and got in bed with her sister, unsure of what their relationship was after the things they’d done together but Victoria quickly cuddled with her and kissed her on the lips.

“Oh, ok…” Madison muttered.

“Don’t worry, I’m completely sober,” Victoria joked before turning the tv on.

The younger sister watched an old episode of “Victorious” while the star of the show ate her out. Her phones rang all day with people wanting to ask them if it was really them in all of those badly lit videos of two girls getting gangbanged making its way around the net but not one call was answered.

They were too busy strengthening their family bond.

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