The Family That Lays Together: Scene 209

Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 209

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Alicia Witt, Rene Russo

Codes: FFM, oral, mas, anal, inc, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on a bedroom, where we see Alicia on her back, being fucked by a young man.  As it moves in closer, we see Alicia is covered in sweat, hair matted to her forehead, nipples achingly hard, as her tits whip up and down. “Oh, God!  Yes!  Oh, fuck!” Alicia cries out, voice cracking, as she climaxes, and soon after, the young man grunts loudly, pushing his cock all the way into her ginger cunt in our first close-up.

Sometime later, the young man lies on his back, with Alicia on her side next to him, hand caressing his chest. “Jason…” She kisses his shoulder.

“Hmm…” Jason sighs.

“Oh, so did I tell you this already?  Your Grandmother’s gonna be staying the weekend.”

“Grandma Rene?”


“What for?”

“Uh, just to visit.  But, get this; when we talked, she asked about the possibility of a three-way.”

“You mean you, me, and her?”


Jason looks deep in thought for a second. “It’s been a while since I saw her.  I remember her being hot, though.”

“So, what do you say?”

Jason again thinks for a moment. “Fuck it.  If she’s half as sexy as I remember…”

Alicia giggles. “I love you, baby.”

“Love you, too, Mom.” The two share a long, deep tongue kiss.

It then cuts to the front door, as Jason walks over and opens it, finding Rene on the other side.  On seeing her grandson, Rene takes off her sunglasses. “Jason?  Oh, my, you have grown…”

“Hi, Mom!” Alicia says, appearing from behind Jason.

“Oh, sweetie!” Rene squees, throwing open her arms, and her Alicia hug.  The two then share an open-mouthed kiss.

“So, how was your flight, Mom?”

“Rather pleasant, I must say.” She then glances outside. “Oh, sweetie, could you pay the driver?  My purse is in my carry-on bag.”

“Oh, sure, Mom.” Alicia strides down the front walk.

“Want me to help with your bags, Grandma?”

“Oh, yes, thank you, Jason.” Jason starts to bend over. “Oh, but first.” Jason rights himself, and Rene places her hands on his cheeks, then gives him a long, sultry tongue kiss.  Once she stops, she whispers, “Are you hard, honey?”

“Um, about half.” Rene chuckles at this.

It cuts to Rene and Alicia kneeling on the bed, in their underwear, lips locked, caressing each other’s shoulders. “Oh, Mom…” Alicia whispers between kisses.  As they make out, Jason sits in a chair, in his boxers, watching them, as they take each other’s bras off.

Rene then flashes her grandson a wicked smile. “Sweetie, your son’s awfully shy.”

Alicia turns her head to him. “Yeah, but once he gets going…”

“Maybe we need to go to him…” Rene gets up off the bed, and kneels before him. “Well, let’s see what your mother’s been raving about, Jason…” Rene pulls down the front of Jason’s boxers, and his half-hard cock pops out.  On seeing it Rene immediately gasps. “Wow!” She then smirks up at him, and whispers, “Can I keep you, honey?” In another close-up, Rene wraps her luscious lips around her grandson’s thick cock, quickly bringing it to full erection.

Alicia meanwhile, crawls up next to her. “Hm, don’t hog him, Mom…” Back in the close-up, she starts licking and sucking the side of her son’s cock, until her mother lets her in, and Alicia begins sucking him off, her lips sliding up and down his rigid shaft.  As she does this, Rene kisses and licks the base of Jason’s cock, then starts sucking his smooth balls.

Now, we see Rene lying on the bed, head turned to the side, again sucking Jason’s cock, as he sits next to her.  Below, we see Alicia lying on her stomach between her legs, as, in another close-up, she holds her mother’s pink, dripping wet pussy open with her thumbs, tongue jammed in the middle.  After a bit, she pulls her tongue out, and inserts her fingers, as she looks up at them, smiling.

We now see Jason on his back, Alicia on her knees between his legs, as she sucks his cock slow and deep.  Behind her, Rene kneels, crouched over, and, in another close-up, we see her explore her daughter’s drooling ginger cunt with her tongue. “Mmm…” Alicia moans onto her son’s cock, her hand moving with her lips.  Back in the close-up, Rene licks up her daughter’s pussy, then her taint, finally arriving at her pink, quivering anus, which she proceeds to give a tongue bath.

Rene is again on her back, being fucked by her grandson, the same way her daughter was before, her tits whipping up and down, and her nipples hard like pencil erasers. “Oh, God!  Fuck!” In another close-up, we see Jason’s cock pump in and out of her pussy, in long, deep strokes.  Alicia, meanwhile, kneels behind her son, caressing his chest with her hands, kissing his neck. “Oh, my God…” Rene whimpers, turning her head to the side, face contorting, then suddenly screams, as she cums hard.

As she lies there, wheezing, we see Rene is starting to sweat profusely. “Sweetie…” she gasps, looking at her daughter, “Does Jason do anal?”

“Ask him, Mom.”

Rene looks at Jason. “Honey, do you…”

“Anything you want, Grandma,” Jason smiles.

Rene again turns to Alicia. “Sweetie, I may have to borrow him from you at some point.” Alicia laughs at this, and the other two chuckle with her.

We now see Rene on her hands and knees, back shiny with sweat, her grandson kneeling behind her, hands on her hips, as, in another close-up, we see his cock thrust in and out of her moist, sweaty asshole. “Ohh, God!” Rene groans, “Oh, sweetie, he’s in me so deep!”

“Oh, I know, Mom.  Is he hitting that spot?”

“Oh, yeah…” Rene winces. “He’s hitting it.”

“Yeah…” Alicia sucks her son’s earlobe. “He’s good at that.”

Rene suddenly grunts loudly, arching her back. “Okay, honey, I think it’s time to show your mother some love.”

We now see Alicia straddling her son, who’s sat up against the headboard.  As she rides Jason’s cock, Alicia’s tits bounce and jiggle, until he grabs them, and sucks her hard, pink nipples. “Oh, fuck…” Alicia gasps, tilting her head back.  Behind her, her mother watches them, reclining against the footboard, fingers in her pussy.  We then get a shot of Alicia’s ass, where we see her pussy move up and down on Jason’s cock.

Now, we see Alicia riding her son, reverse cowgirl style, as, in another close-up, her asshole slides up and down on Jason’s cock, like it’s sucking him off. “Oh, fuck, Jason…” Suddenly, Rene gets up and crawls over, then gets on her stomach before them.  She then, in yet another close-up, buries her tongue in her daughter’s pussy, causing her to gasp vocally. “Oh, fuck, Mom…” Alicia whimpers, face contorting.  Back in the close-up, Rene flicks her tongue over Alicia’s clit, while she fingers her cunt.

“Oh, fuck!” Jason grunts, “I’m gonna…”

“Pull it out, honey!” Rene says, and, once he does, she proceeds to suck him off vigorously, straight out of her daughter’s ass.  Soon, Jason grunts loudly, as his grandmother keeps her lips tight around his cock.  Once she stops groaning, she takes it out, then gets up on her knees, and, in one last close-up, tongue-kisses her daughter, dumping Jason’s load into her mouth, which the two then share between them.

Later, the three lie on the bed, Jason in the middle. “So, Mom, how late on Sunday will you be leaving?”

“Oh, my flight back isn’t until nine that night.” She then rubs Jason’s chin with her thumb, grinning. “I figure that’ll give us more than enough time for one last session.”

“Fuck…” Jason sighs, “I don’t think I’m gonna survive an entire weekend with you two…”

Rene laughs out loud at this, and Alicia chuckles with her. “Tell you what,” she then says, sitting up, “I’m buying dinner tonight.”

“Hey, thanks, Mom,” Alicia smiles.

Rene then leans back down a little, and rubs her hand on Jason’s chest. “I know for sure you must be hungry…”

“You know how to use Grubhub, Mom?”

Rene again sits up, and hops off the bed. “Oh, yeah.” She then walks out of the room, bare-assed, the other two watching her go, as the scene fades out.

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