Kate Garraway Used By Young Black Cock

Title: Kate Garraway Used By Young Black Cock

Author: Mick278

Celebs: Kate Garraway

Codes: mF, oral, anal, water sport, spank, mast

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal.

Kate Garraway gets used by a nigger boy.

The police were already there when Kate arrived home, Whilst working on the set of Good Morning Britain it seemed her house had been broken into. When she entered her house there wasn’t that much that seemed to be out of place.

The police were convinced they knew who the people responsible for the break in. “its the Tyce gang” explained the young police man, “its a new gang their leader is called Tyce a black kid 13 yrs old, they are very clean and professional “.

Kate started to look around her house, she was lucky her kids were at school and her husband was at work.  A strange thought crossed he mind, how clean the house was, they hadn’t ransacked it as she thought they would. Looking around a lot of the valuable stuff remained.  It seemed only her laptop and camera was missing, the laptop was secure and there were no compromising photos on the camera, looking down Kate noticed her journals were missing.

Kate had kept a journal since she was a young girl, listing everything from her first kiss, to losing her virginity,  College then university  with some ripe inputs to the time she started on Breakfast television. All the factual inputs were crossed with deep dark fantasy episodes of various strengths but all with a dark sexual tinge.

Kate explained to the officers that everything was fine, leaving they bid Kate Garraway a good day. Kate sat and pondered decided to shower and carry on as normal as possible.  Kate retired earlier than normal having showered it saved her time in the morning, Kate awoke at her normal 4am, she crept to her dressing room as not to wake her husband.

With the light on Kate removed her dressing gown and stood naked in front of her dressing room mirror, those lovely 36DD tits that everyone loved stood firm and full, Kate pulled and pinched her nipples it was a morning routine she never failed to perk her up, knowing that millions of young men up and down the country love to look at her top rack each morning.

Smiling Kate moved to her underwear draw, when she opened the draw she got a massive shock, as Kate looked at first her work bras she noticed what looked like something was in each cup, pulling all the bras out, each cup had a dried substance within each cup, opening up her knickers draw, the gusset of all her knickers had the same substance all over the gusset, at first Kate thought it must be dried washing powder, opening her sexy underwear draw each item was the same be it knickers or bras.

Kate noticed a note in her sexy underwear draw, “do not clean, wear today for work, you will be contacted, TYCE” Kate pulled a matching set out and scratched some of the dry substance and smelt it, poking out her tongue, Kate realised exactly what it was the substance was dry spunk, that young black boy had wanked in each item of her underwear. With a smile, Kate pulled on her soiled underwear, the heat of her pussy and the fullness of her tits started to soften the dried on spunk.

Kate dressed and awaited her taxi to take her to the studios for the morning show.  Whilst being driven Kate wiggled her ass and clenched her thighs feeling the warm spunk on her cunt, without the drive noticing Kate sneakily pulled and pinched her tits knowing she was rubbing spunk into each tits. What a dirty girl she thought.

As she arrived at the Studio, Kate made her way to make up, whilst chatting to the make up girls, her phone received a text message, opening it, it simply read “ Carol’s Cafe 10 o’clock” Kate knew the staff used this cafe on occasions for a big breakfast after some of the shows. Kate found today’s show hard to concentrate on, her guest presenters thought it was all down to the break in at her house.

Kate covered the early news, then departed the studios, she made her way to the cafe and waited, sipping a coffee, bang on 10 o’clock the door opened and a 6 foot tall fit young black lad entered, he grabbed a tea and sat opposite Kate, they were a few tables from any other person.  “you wearing what i sad?” Kate realised this was the gang leader Tyce, Kate nodded her head.  “show me” Kate looked around pulled her blouse to the side and hooked her bra strap out, “matching?” Kate again nodded, Tyce moved over to sit next to her. Slowly Tyce placed his hand on her thigh.

Shocked Kate clamped her thighs tight together, “SSSHH open your legs” slowly Tyce slid he young black hand up Kate’s thigh, he reached her panty covered cunt, slowly he rubbed her pussy, in broad daylight. No one was noticing this black boy with his hand up Kate Garraway’s skirt rubbing her cunt.

“I know a few things about you, very interesting reading that journal of yours, especially the part about inner city black gangs and what you dream about” Tyce laughed. “what is it you want? Money, i have Money” Kate stuttered

“nope, I intend to kill two birds with one stone, I will get to fuck the chick I want and you wont say a word about it, because its you im going to fuck tomorrow!”

Kate nearly spat out her Coffee, “you what? Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“stop your bullshit Kate, look at your tits, the moment I said im going to fuck you, you nipples were like missiles if it wasn’t for your Blouse they would have had my eye out” “ besides you are wetter down there than you have been for years, so don’t tell me your not excited” Tyce stood up and walked to the door, “I will text you the details where I want you tomorrow.

Kate could not believe what had just happened a 13yr old boy had just rubbed her cunt in public and told her in no uncertain terms he intends to fuck her tomorrow.  Dazed Kate made her way home, it was lunch time so a few hours before her family returned for the day. Kate moved up stairs stripped to her underwear and lay on the bed, slowly she allowed her fingers to stroke her plump tits, releasing her bra, Kate moved the cups to her mouth and began to lick and eats the stains of the young niggers cum, pulling off her soaking wet knickers, Kate moved the gusset to her mouth and drank this bastards nectar, she licked the cum from her knickers that was now mixed from all morning her own cunt juices.

Rolling onto her front Kate pulled the large black dildo from her bed side draw, she had played with it with her husband allowing her deep dark fantasy to play out, Kate used racist terms when her husband pounded her cunt with the large dildo, but now on her own, Kate closed her eyes and focused on the young black boy. “come on then Tyce, you are in my bed, with a huge celebrity, what do you want from me?” “oh you want me on my knees sucking your big black cock!”

Kate rolled off the bed in front of the mirror and began to suck the huge black dildo, “MMM you like? You like Kate Garraway on her knees? You going to tell your gang what the TV Celeb is like as your cock sucker?” Kate began to wank her clit as she throated the dildo, her mind awash with the sight of a young 13yr old nigger face fucking her.

Kate’s phone beeped just as she deep throated her imaginary nigger lover it read” Suite 278 Lime Plaza 12o’clock tomorrow, dress to impress!!” this text brought Kate out of her sucking wank session, she started to picture what this boy would do to her and he was right she was wetter than she had ever been.

That evening Kate took a long soak in the bath, shaving her pussy completely bald, she could not help letting her fingers stroke her puffy clit, a soapy bath wank put her in the mood for tomorrow’s events. Kate didn’t sleep that well her mind was thinking that she was about to whore her self to a 13 yr old nigger boy.

When Kate finally awoke, she moved to the shower as she cleaned she noticed the size and fullness of her massive tits, sniggering to herself she sat and made sure her make up was perfect, Kate wasn’t just doing her daily make up she was dressing herself up to go on the pull. Her hair again she sniggered as she pulled her hair into a pony tail,

As with all women who wanted attention, Kate pulled out her sexy underwear, looking down she noticed Tyce’s dried spunk in the cups of her best bra and all over the gusset of her knickers. A spray of perfume all over she finally slipped on a pretty floral dress, checking her watch she made her way to work.  In the lift at the studio, she had butterflies, she thought “what the fuck any I doing, dressing up to get fucked by a boy.

Work passed quickly, as she sat on her own afterwards, she had no appetite, she was nervous as she drank her coffee, her phone beeped, Suite 278 don’t forget! Slowly Kate finished her coffee and started to make her way to the suite of the young nigger boy.

Tyce was busy in the Suite; it belonged to his older brother. But he had set up cameras and phones to record all over his room; he wanted to capture every angle as he fucked his big titted Celebrity. Whilst in the lift up to the suite, Kate applied a deep red lipstick, mmm she thought, he wants a slag to fuck I may as well look the part.

Knocking on Tyce’s door, it was opened and a huge smile cross Kate’s mouth, “ come in” Kate followed Tyce, in the middle of the suite was a chair facing a very large mirror. Tyce Walked Kate over to the chair and stood her behind it, somewhat surprised Kate stood as directed. Tyce simply said “ Phone” Kate fished it out of her bag and passed it to Tyce. “a little insurance “ Tyce set the camera to record and placed it facing the big breasted Kate Garraway.

He walked close behind her, close enough to smell her perfume, Kate could feel his breath on her neck and it sent tingles down her spine.  “ im going to ask you a few very personal questions, depending on the answer, depends on how hard I spank you” Shocked Kate began to complain but Tyce strong hand pushed between her shoulders, Kate bent and placed her hands on the chair seat.

“ok lets begin shall we” Tyce very slowly rubbed his hand over the torte rear of Kate’s celebrity ass, this alone, the suspense, the waiting had Kate’s pussy throbbing, hubby had never spanked her due to the fact he wasn’t man enough.

“Sex toy how many and describe them” Kate paused for a second, “2 Dildos”

A large slap connected with Kate’s Ass “ahhhh” “SIR” “lets start this off correctly bitch” “Sorry Sir”, “describe” “1 about 8” long and very thick, the other smaller about 6” and thin”

“anything else” “no Sir” again this was met with a hard slap to her ass, “ahhh no nothing Sir, that’s All” Tyce left her rear and walked around to the front, “Colour?” Kate blushed, “Colour?” Kate gulped “the large one sir is Black, the smaller one is white” Kate lowered her head in shame.

Tyce returned to her ass, stroked it softly, a small “mmm” escaped Kate’s Lips, “So, the bitch likes nigger cock?” “No Sir” this was met by a hard slap, “ I will ask you again” “no Sir im happily married” Slap!!!! “so why are you here then bitch?”

It wasn’t the pain of the slaps that had tears in Kate’s eyes it was embarrassment, “ you ever had real Nigger Cock?” Ashamed Kate shook her head, “When?” “before I was married, when I first started working on TV.

Now what Kate didn’t know was a few years ago he had watched a DVD with her on it being fucked over a pool table by one of the Bars bouncers, who just happened to be a friend of his brother, who then gave him a copy.  “who uses which dildo?” confused Kate shook her head “I don’t understand Sir?”

“Well are the dildos for you alone or do you use both on Hubby?” “No” was met by a huge Slap, Tyce again walked around to her front and very slowly and deliberately took his belt from his jeans, Kate began to panic “please Sir, cant you just fuck me, “ Tyce snapped the belt together loudly, “wait Sir wait, yes ive used both on him”

“Stand” Kate complied, Moving close to her ear, “So not only does he get off not fucking you, you have to be the man as well, no wonder your gagging for my black cock.” Tyce began to blow and kiss Kate’s neck something she loved,   His hands apart from the slaps hadn’t toughed her, her 36DD tits were screaming to be mauled ,her pussy was the wettest it had ever been.  Tyce pulled up her dress and ever so slowly lowered her panties, “ open your legs”  Kate complied, Now Tyce had a very good technique to make a woman come quickly, using three fingers Tyce very quickly Jack hammered them into Kate’s wet cunt, Shocked Kate grabbed the chair, never in her life had she felt this happen.

Harder and harder, the young nigger jack hammered her cunt until after a minute Kate did something she has never done in her life, she squirted, it flooded everywhere. “aaahhhhh god, god, fuck, fuck, AHHHHHH” Tyce pulled out and let Kate calm down a bit.  Dizzy and lightheaded Kate Flopped back onto a sofa breathing madly sweating but most of all her cunt was on fire.

Tyce walked around in front of Kate pulling off the sofa and onto her knees, “well?” Kate looked up into the young niggers eyes, she smiled and thought to herself, now its her turn to show him what she can do,  unzipping him Kate was shocked at the bloody size of this young black boys cock, it was fucking massive, slowly Kate opened her mouth and took the black head into her sweet mouth, a little suck then lick, suck then lick.  Like all her sisters Kate loved to suck cock and she prided herself on what she believed that she was the best of the girls.

Kate felt his cock grow, more and more blood rushed into his big cock, Tyce grabbed her pony tail and slowly began to fuck her mouth, with his hand on the back of her head Tyce forced more and more into her throat, it was no good he was just too big. Katel pulled back looking him in the eye she smiled, “fuck I never knew it was going to be this big” “ take it as deep as you can show me you are the black cock slut I think you are”.

Kate forced as much as she could into her open mouth, spit and saliva were all over his cock and running from her mouth,  Tyce again started to face fuck this married hot good morning TV star, she thought she would be sick as he kept up the force in her throat.  Pulling back “that’s about as deep as I can go”

Tyce wasn’t having any of it, he told he to turn around on the sofa, Kate had her sweet trimmed cunt pointing up and her head hung over the edge of the sofa, Tyce moved forward and aimed his rock hard nigger cock at her mouth, the same time he spread her legs and began to eat her cunt, As Kate looked she saw his heavy black cum filled balls as they knocked her head with each thrust of his cock into her throat. Deeper and deeper he entered her throat until it was there, she had taken that big bastards black cock all the way, just as she felt pleased with herself Tyce bit down on her clit, the shock, pain and pleasure hit her like a train and with her throat full nowhere to move she flooded cum into the young niggers face.

Pulling out, Kate gasped for air, still inverted on the sofa, she felt a sharp spank directly onto her clit, Shell had never ever been treated this way by any man, but deep down she loved it, she loved the fact that this fit bastard nigger had now respect for her status as one of the nations favourite TV Stars and that he didn’t play by the rules,

Kate went to move, “stay there” Tyce commanded! Kate remained inverted Tyce spread his taught muscular legs looked down “ever been Tea Bagged?”  Kate shook her head, “well cracker bitch looks like today there’s going to be a few firsts” the young nigger laughed. Looking up Kate once again saw his black  heavy cum filled balls, “open wide” Kate complied and was somewhat shocked when Tyce started to lower his black Ball Bag into her mouth, “Suck Bitch” Kate could taste the sweaty tang of his balls but carried on sucking,Tyce rose then lowered, rose then lowered numerous times.  Kate now understood the term Tea Bagging he was dipping his balls into her mouth like dipping a tea bag into a cup of tea.

A few more dips then Tyce moved forward, Kate looked up and his tight hairy ass was inches from her sweet mouth, Kate knew what was expected, although she had never thought about or done it previously she raised her mouth, pursed her lips and kissed the tight ass of the nigger boy, he never moved so she kissed it again, Tyce slowly opened his legs further, Kate could see his ass hole, surely he wasn’t expecting me to rim him, “ get in there girl” Kate  hoped today would never be spoken of so she went to it, wrapping her arms around his legs Kate raised her head and began to tongue his ass, deeper and deeper she tried to get her tongue in and as she made a big effort to get as deep as she could, she found Tyce do exactly the same he began to rim her virgin ass.  As she fucking loved it.

With Tyce’s tongue in her ass Kate found herself raising her ass to get Tyce’s tongue deeper, suddenly she squealed as Tyce pushed his middle finger deep into her ass.  Although she confessed to using a dildo on her husband, she had never had anything enter her own ass and hubby wouldn’t dare to ask or try.

Tyce continued to finger fuck her ass, he then moved his mouth to her cunt, being eat and fingered got Kate so hot, she was screaming “god, oh god, fuck, jesus Christ my ass fuck, oh god no, no nooo im coming again ,fuck do it you black bastard  do it finger my ass, finger MEEEEE! “ with a final push Kate screamed and flooded, she was a quivering wreck. Tyce walked over to the balcony for a fag, he left Kate to sort herself out, 15 minutes later Kate came out to see Tyce on the balcony. Kate had removed her dress and bra, she had a towel wrapped around her, “lose it” Kate dropped it to stand naked before the black boy who had just used her like a cheap whore.

Tyce offered Kate a drink of Scotch, they both sat naked drinking Kate’s Massive 36DD Tits hanging al plump ready to be assaulted, “So Miss Garraway how you enjoying your day so far?” Kate blushed “as you said today has a lot of firsts, “ Tyce then raised his head, “Squirting?” “OH God yes ive never managed that before” “ Tea Bagging?” “mm I enjoyed that, it surprised me” “Rimming?” “oh my god I thought I would die, but I actually loved it and when you fingered my ass, I saw stars”

“so all this and you still haven’t been fucked” Kate Garraway looked at her watch some 3 hours had passed so quickly, “well I must be honest, I loved the flirty game in the cafe, but when you took it up a level, I was totally gob smacked

“So quick pop quiz?”


“how many men have had you?” “how many?” “you will be my eight, you see, I’ve always had these” Kate pointed to her massive 36DD tits, “and it seemed every boy who took me behind the disco, although, I let them suck my tits and finger me, they decided that to save face they told everyone that would listen they all fucked me, I couldn’t be asked to argue back so I got the tramp tag” “ believe it or not I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 22”

Tyce looked up, “22” “keep going” “what else do you want to know”

“Everything, if im going to take you on then I need to know all your secrets” Kate thought then decided truth was the best policy so she went for it “fingered at 13, and numerous times afterwards as I said, first blow job 19 never swallowed, still haven’t, fucked at 22, long time boyfriend, then had a few holiday flings, 3 more serious boyfriends then I married the fool.”  “ never done anal until today, and never rimmed /tea bagged again until today, so there you have my life story, Happy?”

“women?” “no! never although I have thought about it in the distant passed” “ok enough for now”

Tyce went and got Kate another scotch, as he returned he pointed to his feet, Katel rose walked over to him and slowly sank to her knees, Tyce lowered her drink and placed his long 9” black cock into her drink, he removed it and Kate moved her head and slowly slipped his cock into her slut mouth, the taste of pre cum mixed with scotch gave Kate a buzz.

Slowly the blood started to enter Tyce’s cock, as it grew Kate went to work, getting him harder, Kate knew she could only deep throat his entire length upside down so she decided to show him what a true cock sucker she was, it had been 8 yrs since she ever sucked a cock, and that was a wedding present to her fool husband, now Kate wanted to please a man, this time a boy, for the first time in a very long time.

Deeper and deeper Kate tried, then she opened her mouth wide and throat fucked the cock making loud gagging noises as well as spitting and slurping,  Kate let Tyce’s cock slip from her mouth she instantly wrapped her massive tits around his pole, and began to tit wank him, as she bounced she smiled for the first time in years she was enjoying sex.

Tyce pulled her up and threw her on the bed, spreading her legs Tyce looked down at his naked big titted TV Star, “wait” Kate squealed, taking his rock hard cock Kate looked at the young boy in the eyes, “if im going to cheat for the very first time, surely I should be the one to put your cock in me?” Tyce nodded.  Kate asked “do you have a condom?” Tyce shook his head, Kate had to make a quick choice, bare back black cock, with the possibility of getting pregnant or giving up all together. Kate slid his young hard black cock up and down her very wet cunt, then slowly pulled him in, as Tyce slid in, he learn in and whispered “ now you are mine you dirty slut” Tyce kissed her hard on the mouth for the first time, as Kate returned his kiss Tyce pulled away. “ im not your husband, kiss me as though you mean it”

Kate pulled his mouth to hers and slid her tongue into his mouth, harder and harder she kisses him as though she was a young first date teenager,  he pumped harder and harder into her cunt, Kate was pushing up with her steaming hot cunt as Tyce rammed his solid nigger young  cock into her very willing slut pussy.

Kate could not think back long enough to remember someone who fucked this good, he was fucking her as though she was his, such skill at fucking for a 13yr old boy, at that point she knew, if, when or wherever he said she would put out for him, faster and harder Tyce drove his black cock into Kate, he picked up her legs and placed them over his shoulders, Tyce began to pile drill his big solid cock into Kate’s wet dirty pussy.

“oh fuck, oh god yes! Yes” do it ride me, ride this slut, ride me, whore me, fuck MMMMMEEEE!” Tyce pulled out and span Kate onto her knees, pulling her ass  to the edge of the bed, Tyce began to ride the slag, doggy style, this sent Kate over the top, with her fingers she began to wank her own clit as the monster black cock rode her.

As Tyce rammed into the slag, Kate continued to wank her clit, harder and harder Tyce pumped and rode the bitch, “Spank me, Spank my fat cheating ass you Bastard” Tyce spanked Kate’s ass, “harder, spank me harder you Bastard” again a big slap hit and wobbled Kate’s ass, “fuck you bastard, im a fucking TV Celebrity, thousands wank over me daily, treat me like the slag I am, punish me, spank my two bit whore ass” Tyce slapped even harder but then thought she wants punishing?

“come on you slag, show me why I chose to fuck you, are better than you co stars, perhaps I will fuck them next?” “ come on slag ride my cock” Kate pushed hard back onto Tyce’s cock, still wanking her cunt as the solid black cock piston into  the wet sluts pussy,.

Tyce pulled out but Kate continued to wank her cheating pussy, the wetness over Tyce’s cock was enough, he aimed then very deliberately forced his fat 8” nigger cock into Kate’s virgin ass, Kate stopped wanking and her knuckles went white as she gripped the bed sheets, shocked no noise came from her mouth, she slowly began to lose her virgin ass to this big cocked young black bastard.

Slowly, but surely it went deep into Kate Garraway’s once virgin tight ass,  Kate with tears in her eyes and a fat cock in her ass remained silent.  Tyce pulled out then rammed in, he wasn’t gentle he was raping her ass, faster and faster he fucked her ass, building up  to the point he wanted to shoot his cum, faster and harder he fucked this big tit Celebrity bitch. He was close but wanted a few more things from this slag.

Pulling out, “kneel bitch”, Kate jumped from the bed and knelt before this 13 yr old black boy,Tyce shoved his rock hard 8” Black cock into her open mouth, Kate without realizing it had just done ass to mouth, the tang taste didn’t last long as Tyce grabbed her hair and forced his cock deep into Kate’s slut mouth, holding her in place he squirted a big load down her throat, unable to move Kate had no option but to swallow, yet again another first.

The first man ever to make her swallow spunk was a 13yr old black boy, Tyce pulled out his cock and continued to wank that fat black cock, shot after shot of hot spunk landed all over Kate’s pretty face, fuck she thought will this Boy never stop coming? Load after load hit her eyes, face, nose chin and lips. It was in her hair everything, Tyce stepped back sat down, picked up his drink, he pointed to the other chair.

Kate rose and moved to the chair, he body flushed her tits heavy and sweaty, she sat and took a drink of Scotch, “fuck, when you said you were going to ride me in the café, I never thought it would ever be that hot,” Kate looked at Tyce and laughed, “what?” Tyce looked at him, “I never knew what a slut I actually am,”

Kate finished her drink and said, “right I need to shower” “wait, before you go,  there are 2 more tasks” confused Kate looked but after all the firsts in the past 6 hours she just went with the flow, “go on,” Tyce looked at Kate’s massive 36DD Tits, some of his spunk had dropped from her face onto her tits, “right, clean both those fuckers but put love bite marks on each of them” Tyce stated pointing to those tits.

Again shocked Kate had never sucked her own tits, nipple twisting, pinching, pulling yes but she had never sucked her own jugs, slowly she pulled the udder that was her right tit to her mouth, she licked and drank the wet cum from it before she went to town bruising her own tit with a love bite, she lowered her tit to show Tyce, the love bite, he shook his head a lot bigger slut, pulling it back to her mouth, she now knew he wanted slag tags over her udder size tits

Dropping the right tit, Tyce nodded, Kate picked up her left tit, , she sucked up the spunk and set about bruising her left tit, instead of checking with Tyce she kept going until she knew in her own mind the love bite was acceptable.

Sitting back the spunk on her face drying, tits heavy and bruised, she said “right hun, I need to clean up” Tyce pointed to the floor, Confused Kate just looked to the area he pointed to, “kneel” Katel got up and kneeled, Tyce pulled her chin up Kate Garrawayl suddenly realized what was about to happen, just as she  wanted to move, it hit her, a red hot stream of golden piss started to wash  the spunk from her pretty face,Tyce’s aim was very precise, piss and spunk dripped down her body onto the floor.

“open your mouth” Kate opened, a hot stream of piss entered, it filled her mouth, Kate gulped and swallowed his piss, something inside was turning her on so much she realized that perhaps she was a Submissive slut, but no man was strong enough to find out, With a final flush of piss, Tyce was complete, As Kate was looking up, Tyce pointed” clean it up” as she went to rise Tyce scolded her, “no, with your mouth” Kate looked down, on the floor was piss and spunk soup, lowering her head in shame, this posh big titted slut began her final humiliation at the hand of a 13 yr old black boy, lowering her head, Kate began to drink up the mess.

The floor clean Tyce allowed her to have a shower, as the hot water cleaned her, Kate looked in the mirror, her tits carried love bites, her ass was sour from the fucking it just had she thought about all her firsts today and she blushed with pride.

When she returned to the suite Tyce was on the balcony, walking over she leaned her head on his shoulder, “thank you!” “No problem” Tyce turned her face and kissed her, Kate knew this kiss was special, it was Tyce agreeing to take her as his!

“You better go, next time I see you, lose the rings” Kate looked at her engagement and wedding ring, it was a huge step but she knew what the importance was. It meant she a huge TV Star would willingly be owned by a 13 yr old boy, a black cock master boy. As Kate left Tyce picked up her phone “something to remember me by and passed it to her” Kate smiled and left the suite.

Tyce picked up his mobile and made a call, “Tyrone Grant!” “ Hi bro, its Tyce, job done all recorded, now she’s all yours good to go”. Tyce hung up the phone laughing at the thought that the big titted tv celebrity Kate Garraway doesn’t know what she has gotten in to.

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