The Family That Lays Together: Scene 210

Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 210

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Natalia Dyer

Codes: Fm, oral, mas, anal, inc, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Natalia walking into the bathroom, in a long t-shirt and panties, as a young man in only his boxers watches her from his bedroom door.  The young man starts to narrate, as we see Natalia brush her teeth. “I’m sure I’m not the first guy to have to deal with this; the guys at school are always talking about my older sister, Nat, and the things she did when she was there.  According to somebody’s older brother, my sister’s a massive slut.  Of course, I have to put up a front of being offended by their gossiping about Nat, but, secretly, it intrigues me.  If my sister is really a slut, how much of one?  I’m not going to deny it, I think Nat is hot, and I’ve thought a few times of sneaking into her room at night, and well…”

As Natalia spits out the mouthwash, her brother comes in behind her. “Good morning, little brother!” she says cheerfully.

“Hey, sis,” he responds, a little groggily.

“I’ll be done in a minute, Jamie, then you can have the bathroom.” As she says this, checking herself out in the mirror, Natalia sticks her ass out, and Jamie notices her pink panties are showing.

After staring at them for a moment, Jamie asks, “Mom and Dad gone to work yet?”

“Yeah, Dad was just pulling out of the driveway as I got up.”

“Hm, that’s good…”

“Why, you planning a party or…” She stops, as Jamie begins fondling her ass through her panties. “Jamie!” she yells, spinning around. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“C’mon, sis…” Jamie smirks, placing his hands on her hips, “You gonna tell me you never thought about it?”

Natalia smirks back, and says in a hushed tone, “Oh, I fucking knew it, you little pervert!  I always knew you wanted to fuck…” She’s cut off by Jamie, who leans in, and shoves his tongue in her mouth.  After frenching her for a few seconds, Jamie starts kissing Natalia’s neck and shoulders. “Oh, God…” she gasps, as he starts to grope her body, “This is such a turn on…” Down below, Jamie moves her panties aside, and inserts his fingers in her pussy. “Ohhh…” Natalia exhales vocally, closing her eyes.

After a moment or so, Natalia pushes Jamie away a bit. “You know, little brother…” she then whispers, flashing him a sultry smirk, “Part of me has wondered how…big you are.  I mean, I know you’ve beat off to me before, I’m just curious how much you’ve got to work with.” She then lowers to her knees, continuing to smirk up at him, until she’s level with his package, at which point, she looks forward, and pulls down Jamie’s boxers.  As she does, his half-hard cock pops out, and Natalia’s eyes widen. “Oh, my!” She then looks back up at him. “Fuck…I can’t believe you don’t have a girlfriend…” Natalia then leans forward, and, in our first close-up, wraps her lips around her brother’s cock, and starts to suck him off, quickly making it fully erect.

As Natalia kisses and licks up and down Jamie’s shaft, and flicks her tongue on the spot under the head, he again narrates. “As I watched Nat suck me off…the way she did it…I knew for certain my sister was indeed a slut…And I intended to take full advantage.” Jamie tilts his head back, and moans, “Oh, fuck, Nat…” then looks back down at her, as, back in the close-up, she brings her lips to the base of his long, rigid member, then pulls back, and repeats. “Oh, God, suck my balls…”

Natalia again smirks up at him. “Oh, is that what you want, little brother?” She then pushes Jamie’s cock up against his stomach, and, again in the close-up, licks his big, smooth balls, then takes one in her mouth, and we hear Jamie grunt, before she licks up the underside, then flicks her tongue on the tip, and sucks on his head.

“Oh, fuck, Nat…I wanna eat your pussy…”

We now see Natalia standing up, looking down at Jamie, as he kneels before her, pulling down her panties, then lifting her feet to help him get them off.  Jamie then leans in, and, in another close-up, he sticks his tongue inside his sister’s juicy slit. “Oh, God…” Natalia moans, then bites her lip, while she grabs the bottom of her shirt, and takes it off, then proceeds to rub and pinch her hard, pink nipples.  Back in the close-up, Jamie massages his sister’s clit with the tip of his tongue, and moves his middle finger in and out of her hole. “God, Jamie, where did you learn to do that?”

Jamie now smirks up at her. “Let’s just say you’re not the only one who has a reputation at school.” He then continues licking his sister’s pussy, and she again bites her lip, while she tilts her head back.

“Oh, God, Jamie…” Natalia whimpers, “Give me your cock…”

Now, Natalia is sat on the sink, hands braced behind her, looking down, as, in another close-up, Jamie rubs his cock up and down her drooling cunt, then inserts it. “Ohhh…Fuck…” Natalia moans, brow furrowing, as her brother starts to thrust into her. “Uhhh…” Natalia exhales vocally, tilting her head up, face contorting.  Back in the close-up, we see Jamie’s cock pump in and out of her dripping wet snatch. “Oh, Jamie, let me ride you…”

Jamie is now sitting on the toilet, hands on his sister’s waist, as she straddles his lap, her own hands gripping his upper arms.  In a shot of Natalia’s ass, we see her pussy move up and down on her brother’s cock, drooling all over his balls. “Oh, God, Jamie, I’m gonna cum…Fuck, I’m almost there…” After a few more strokes, her face screws up, and she lets out a shrill whine.  Once her orgasm subsides, Natalia rests her sweaty brow on her brother’s shoulder.

“Hey, sis?  Get on the floor.”

Now, we see Natalia curled up on the floor, her brother behind her in a similar position. “Put it in gently…” she whispers, looking back, as, in another close-up, Jamie has the tip of his cock pressed against her moist, pink butthole.  Slowly, he pushes it in, and his sister immediately lets out a deep groan, followed by a series of gasping whimpers, as he starts to move it in and out. “Oh, fuck, Jamie…I can’t believe we’re doing this…”

“Have you done this before?”

“No…” Her voice is barely audible as she says this, eyes closed, face twitching slightly.  She then grimaces, and cries out, “Ow!”


“No, it’s okay, just…go slow…”

Later, we see Jamie sitting on the floor, watching as Natalia, kneeling between his legs, slowly jerks his cock, her palm rubbing against his red, swollen head, while, with her other hand, she holds his balls tightly. “This feels good…” she whispers, “Doesn’t it, little brother?”

“Uhm…Yeah…” Jamie says in halted gasps. Suddenly, he starts grunting, as his cock bursts, covering her hand in his white, sticky jism.  Once he stops, Natalia leans over, and sucks his throbbing head, causing him to groan breathily.

Later, we see the two coming out of the shower, drying off. “So,” Natalia smiles, “I guess we both know that wasn’t the first time for either of us.”

“So…just out of curiosity…How would you rate me?”

Natalia chuckles. “Oh, you were incredible, little brother.”

“I can say the same for you, sis.  I think you may have spoiled me forever for girls my age.” Natalia laughs at this, then tilts her head up, and her and Jamie kiss, as the scene fades out.

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