Sapphic Erotica: Scene 59

Title: Sapphic Erotica: Scene 59

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Susan Sarandon, Sally Field, Meryl Streep

Codes: FFF, oral, mas, drugs, ws, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on a motel room, where we see the door open, and the three enter, in all black. “God, now Candy’s gone,” Sally says.

“How old was she?” Meryl asks.

“Just turned seventy,” Susan answers.  They all sit on the bed, as they continue talking.

“And she still looked good, too.  I mean, I remember when she and Johnny split, thinking she could easily get herself a younger guy.”

“Speaking of which,” Sally says, grinning, “I hear you have a new man in your life, Susan.”

“Oh, yes, and I hear he’s rather…youthful.”

“He’s…forty.” Sally and Meryl chuckle at this. “Hell, you know what?  All three of us are still sexy as fuck.  You two could easily get yourself someone young and…virile…” Susan says this exhaling vocally.

“Well…” Sally says, “That’s something to think about.” After a pause, she says, “So, brought the shit?”

Susan reaches into her handbag, and pulls out a bag of pot. “What do you think?”

Later, we see the three sitting in a circle in the middle of the bed, in more comfortable clothes, laughing, as there’s a visible haze in the room. “What did that guy call you, Sal?” Susan asks.

“He called me Frog!” All three laugh out loud.

“Yeah, that guy, kind of a creep.”

The laughter dies down a bit, then Meryl asks, “You guys remember that night when we invited those three guys over…”

“Oh, God!” Sally facepalms, laughing, “I know where you’re going with this.” She pulls her face out of her hands, grinning. “They never showed up.”

“You remember what we ended up doing that night?”

“Yeah, I remember!” Susan points at her. “And you kept giggling, ‘I’ve never done this before,’ but we figured out pretty quickly you were full of shit.”

Meryl places her hand on her chest, and says, breathily, “So, have you two done that again since that night?”

Her and Sally immediately look at Susan, who responds by rolling her eyes. “Yes, I’ve been with a few women since then.  What about you two?” Her and Meryl look at Sally, who starts snickering.

“Okay, this one office Christmas party, me and the boss’ daughter…” The other two laugh out loud at this. “And what about you, huh?”

Meryl smiles a little, looking down. “Some years ago, I had an affair with one of my female students.”

“Oh, my God!” Susan says, “Did your husband ever find out?”

“No, it’s been mine and the girl’s secret for, God, twenty years now.” Silently, Meryl then looks at Sally, who smiles back at her, then, suddenly, the two begin open-mouth kissing.

“Oh, fuck…” Susan gasps, “We’re really doing this…” Smirking, she whips her shirt off, her huge tits flopping out.  She then leans forward, and grabs the bottom of Meryl’s shirt.  Meryl responds by pulling it off herself, then pulling Susan closer, and shoving her tongue in her mouth.  As they now make out, Sally now takes her shirt off, so all three are topless, then insinuates herself, making the kiss three-way.

Now, all three are naked, as we see Sally on her back, her and Susan tongue-kissing, as, down below, Meryl is on her stomach between Sally’s thighs.  In our first close-up, we see Meryl work her tongue inside Sally’s juicy cunt. “Oh, fuck…” Sally moans, grabbing her tits hard.  As she lets them go, tilting her head back, Susan grabs one, and licks and sucks her hard nipple.  Back in the close-up, Meryl spreads open Sally’s pussy, and laps up her copious juices. “Oh, God, I haven’t even masturbated in forever…” Sally shudders, starting to hyperventilate. “Fuck…I’m gonna…” Sally then tosses her head back, and cries out, brow furrowing.

We now see Susan sitting on Sally’s face, as Meryl sits behind her, squeezing and fondling her tits, while she kisses her neck and shoulders.  In another close-up, we see Sally has her tongue buried in Susan’s cunt, which drools into her mouth. “Oh, fuck…” Susan gasps, face contorting, as Meryl leans around her, and sucks one of her nipples, flicking her tongue on it intermittently.  Back in the close-up, Sally has gotten two of her fingers in Susan’s twat, and is fucking her with them.  As she does this, Susan starts to grind against her fingers.  Suddenly, her face screws up, and she lets out a loud, hoarse cry.  Again in the close-up, Sally pulls her fingers out, and sucks them.

Meryl is now on her back, looking down, as, in another close-up, Susan works her tongue up and down inside Meryl’s sopping wet cunt, between her lips. “Oh, fuck…” Meryl gasps, hands caressing her body up and down, then rubbing and pinching her hard nipples.  Sally, meanwhile, sits to the side, rubbing and fingering her twat, as she watches them.  Back in the close-up, Susan has her fingers buried deep in Meryl’s twat, as she flicks her tongue side to side over her clit. “Hah!…Hah!…Hah!” Meryl repeatedly yelps, jerking her hips every time. “Oh, God!” she then groans, craning her neck back, and her pelvic thrusts get more frequent.  Suddenly, again in the close-up, we hear a gurgling sound, then Meryl’s pussy squirts in Susan’s face, causing her to laugh.

The three now lay together on the bed, passing a joint between them. “God…” Susan sighs, “I haven’t had it that good in a long time.”

“I know…” Meryl says, “I forgot how much I enjoy being with women.”

“Yeah…it was good…” Sally says, smiling, holding the joint. “You know what, though?” The other two turn their heads to her, and she turns to them. “I am still so fucking horny, I was just thinking…I mean, you said it yourself, Susan, we’re still sexy as fuck.  Why don’t we go out there, find three young guys who’d like to get with hotties like us, bring them back here, and fuck their brains out.” The other two immediately start laughing.

“Fuck it…” Susan says, getting up, “Where’s our clothes?” The other two get up with her, as the scene fades out.

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