The Tenement: Scene 5

Title: The Tenement: Scene 5

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Hailee Steinfeld, Sally Field

Codes: FFM, oral, mas, anal, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.

We fade in on Sally in the laundry room, folding some clothes, when Hailee comes in. “Hi, Sally!”

“Oh, hello, Hailee.”

“Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Sure.  What is it?”

“Would you like to have sex with me and boyfriend?”

Sally drops the article of clothing she’s folding, and turns her head to Hailee, with a ‘What the fuck?’ look on her face. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard that right.  Did you just ask me if I want to be in a threesome with you and your boyfriend?”

“Yeah,” Hailee smiles.

“Are you fucking with me?”

“Let me explain.  Me and Johnny are celebrating one year since we moved in together.  We were talking about how we could celebrate, and he said, ‘How about a threesome?’ Now, I knew he was joking, but I said okay, if I can choose the woman.”

“And you chose me?”

“I know it sounds weird, but for some reason, I find you really sexy, you know?  And Johnny’s admitted to me he has kind of a crush on that chick from The Walking Dead, you know the really badass older one with the salt-and-pepper hair, like you’ve got.”

Sally is silent for a moment. “This is really weird.  You’re serious?”


After pausing another moment, Sally smiles at her, placing one hand on her hip. “So, when are we doing this?”

We then see Hailee and her boyfriend sitting on the couch. “So, who’s this woman, babe?”

“Just be patient, sweetie.  I promise, you’re gonna be so surprised.”

“That…scares me a little.” Hailee chuckles at this.  Just then, there’s a knock on the door, and Johnny gets up.  Opening the door, he finds Sally on the other side. “Oh, Ms. Field, what’s up?”

“Sally!” Hailee calls out from the couch, “C’mon in!”

“Hi, Johnny,” Sally says, grinning, and he turns to Hailee, with a confused expression. “You didn’t tell him, did you?” Johnny looks back at her, and she places her hand on his cheek, and pulls him down a little. “Trust me, Johnny.  You’ll be thanking her later.”

“C’mon, sit down,” Hailee says.  Sally sits down next to her, as Johnny closes the door, and Hailee immediately throws her arms around her. “Thanks for coming.”

Minutes later, we see the two making out, tongues visible as they kiss, both down to their bras.  Johnny, meanwhile, watches them from an armchair, and appears to be trying to hide his arousal, his hand covering his area.  Between kisses, Sally looks in his direction, and smiles. “Hailee, I think your boyfriend wants to join us.”

Hailee looks back at him. “Well, no one’s stopping him.”

“Oh, sweetie, I think he’s shy.” Sally gets up, and kneels in front of Johnny. “It’s okay, honey…” she whispers to him, as she unzips his pants, then, in our first close-up, pulls out his hard cock, and starts to suck him off.  Hailee watches from the couch, breathing hard, clearly turned on by what she’s seeing.  Back in the close-up, we see Sally’s lips slide up and down Johnny’s shaft.  At one point, she licks and sucks his head, while smiling up at him.  Back on the couch, Hailee has taken her jeans off, and pulled her panties aside, and is fingering her wet pussy, face twitching, mouth gaping, as she continues watching.  Again in the close-up, Sally keeps her lips tightly around Johnny’s dick, as we hear him groan.

Hearing Hailee moaning behind her, Sally turns, and sees her masturbating.  Sally gets up, and kneels in front of Hailee, then, in another close-up, spits Johnny’s load onto her cunt. “Oh, fuck, Sally!” Hailee laughs. “I had no idea you were so nasty!”

“Just you wait…” Sally says, smirking, then leans down, and, back in the close-up, and proceeds to lick the splooge off of Hailee’s pussy.

“Oh, God…” Hailee whimpers, sweeping her hair back, then she takes her bra off, and rubs and pinches her nipples.   Again in the close-up, Sally tongue-fucks Hailee’s pussy, as we hear her start to hyperventilate.

Now, Sally’s on her back on the couple’s bed, all three naked, as Hailee kneels between her thighs, head down in her area, and Johnny watches them, stroking his cock.  In another close-up, we see Hailee explore Sally’s moist cunt with her long tongue, while she massages Sally’s thighs. “Oh, God, Hailee…You’ve done his before, haven’t you?”

Johnny suddenly gets up, and kneels behind Hailee. “Ooh!” she moans into Sally’s pussy, as, in another close-up, we see Johnny’s cock pump in and out of Hailee’s twat. “Oh, God, Johnny…” she moans between licks.  Johnny suddenly slaps Hailee’s ass, causing her to yelp, before continuing to eat Sally out.

Sally props herself up on her elbows, then mouths to Johnny, “Hey!” Johnny looks at her, attentively, and she continues, mouthing, “Put it in her butt…” Johnny smirks, then, again in the close-up, he pulls out of Hailee’s pussy, and shoves his cock in her asshole.

“Oh, fuck!” Hailee grunts, then whimpers, as Johnny butt-fucks her.  Once more in the close-up, we see Johnny’s cock pull on Hailee’s ass muscles as he pulls out, then pushes back in.

Now, Sally’s on her side, looking down, as, in another close-up, Johnny’s cock alternates between fucking her pussy and her ass. “Goddamn, Johnny!  Oh, Hailee, your boyfriend’s a great fuck!” Hailee, watching them, while again playing with her twat, chuckles.  After a few more thrusts into her ass, Sally lets out a loud groan. “Johnny…” she then gasps, “Put your cock in Hailee’s ass again…”

Hailee now has her legs up to her body, as, in another close-up, her boyfriend again fucks her ass. “Cum inside her…” Sally moans, furiously diddling her twat.  Moments later, Johnny groans, keeping his dick in Hailee’s butt.  Once he pulls it out, Sally crawls in between them. “Squeeze it out, honey…” In another close-up, we see Johnny’s load ooze out of Hailee’s butt-hole, and Sally lick it up.

“Fuckin’ A!” Johnny laughs, as Sally licks Hailee’s asshole.  The scene fades out on this.

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