The Fluffer

Title: The Fluffer

Author: Tori

Celebs: Rowan Blanchard

Codes: Mf, MMf, oral, first

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Rowan Blanchard sat patiently in her manager’s outer office.  She needed to speak to him about getting a job.  Her parents kept her on a strict allowance and since she was getting ready to turn 16 in a few months, she wanted to get some money to buy a car.

Finally, Rowan was told she could go in.  When she walked in, her manager looked at her and said, “Rowan, sweetheart, you’re looking lovely today.  Please take a seat.”  The cute 15 year old sat down and said, “John, I need to get a job.”  John looked at her and said, “A job?  Why?”  Rowan shrugged and said, “My parents.  They just don’t understand.  They want me to go to college so all my Girl Meets World money is in the bank.  I want to buy a car in October when I turn 16 so my parents said if I wanted one, I needed to get a job.”  John smiled and said, “That makes perfect sense sweetheart.  Let me make some calls and I’ll get back to you.”  Rowan stood up and said, “Oh, and I’ll do anything.  Anything at all.”  After she left, John sat down and pondered that last statement.  He wondered just what she meant by anything.

The next day, her manager called and said he found a job for her.  He gave her the address and told her to be there at 9am.  When she arrived, she walked in and was greeted by a young woman wearing a short skirt, heels and a crop top.  The girl had huge tits which were barely covered by the top.  She came up and said, “You must be Rowan.  We’ve been expecting you.”  She looked the cute teen over and asked, “ How old are you?”  Rowan smiled and said, “Hi.”  She paused for a second and said, “I’m 18.”  The other woman smiled and said, “OK, if you say so.”

Rowan looked around and saw that there were several movie sets all lined with lights and camera equipment.  She looked around for a bit and then turned and said, “Just what is my job here?”  The other woman smiled and said, “Well sweetie, you’re the fluffer.”  Rowan looked puzzled.  “Fluffer?  What’s a fluffer?’  The woman took her hand and led her to the back of the room.  There she found two buff actors stroking their cocks.  She tried to look away but the sight in front of her made her stare with her mouth open.  The woman stood behind her and then slowly pulled Rowan’s t-shirt up over her head.  She pushed the young teen forward and said, “We wouldn’t want any stains on this, would we?”  She tossed the t-shirt away and then pushed Rowan to her knees.  “Now, your job is to keep these guys hard between takes.  Think you can do that sweetie?”  Rowan just nodded and then the first guy came over and said, “Hi, I’m Rex.”

Rowan stared at his ten inch cock and then looked up at him.  “Open up baby” he said.  Without saying a word, Rowan opened her mouth and let Rex slid his cock between her lips.  She started to suck on him and when he was hard, he pulled out of her mouth and walked over to one of the sets.  Rowan watched as he got on a bed with a cute blonde and started fucking her.  “Wow!  This a porno, right?”  The second man came over and pushed his cock into her mouth and said, “No shit baby.  Now suck.  I have to be ready for the DP scene.”  Rowan took his cock in her hand and stroked it as she sucked him hard.  He enjoyed the young teen sucking his cock until the woman came over and said, “They’re ready for you.”  The man pulled his cock out and walked onto the set and joined the other two on the bed.  Rowan watched in amazement as he got behind the blonde and slid his cock into her ass.  She’d heard of things like this before but seeing it up close was almost too much for her to comprehend.

As she watched the scene, Rowan started to feel herself getting wet.  Instinctively, she slid her hand into her jeans and rubbed her pussy.  Suddenly, she started to cum and when she pulled her fingers out, they were soaking wet.  Just then, the woman came over and said, “First time on a porn set?”  Rowan smiled and said, “Yeah.  I’m sorry.  I couldn’t help it.”  She looked at Rowan and said, “It’s OK sweetie.  We all do it.  If you want, you can get naked and play with yourself until we need you.”  Rowan thought about it and then stripped out of the rest of her clothes and sat on one of the chairs and played with her pussy.  The scene went on for almost thirty minutes and then she watched what the director called the money shot.  The two men pulled their cocks out of the blonde and came all over her face.  Rowan was mesmerized.  She had no idea men had that much cum inside of them.  The young blonde actress licked and sucked the men clean and then the director yelled “CUT!”

The two men came over to Rowan and looked at her naked body and then at each other.  One of the men pulled her to her feet and turned her around.  Before she knew it, he bent her over the chair and got down behind and started licking her pussy.  She moaned loudly as the porn actor licked and sucked on her little kitty.  The other man got in front of her and pushed his filthy cock into her open mouth.  Rowan could taste the other girl’s ass on his cock but instead of getting sick, she found herself loving the taste.  She was soon getting throat fucked and as she gagged on his cock, she started to cum on the other man’s face.  He lapped up all her sweet juices and then stood up.  Rowan felt him push his hard cock inside of her and stopped.  He was surprised to find that the girl was a virgin.  He looked at the other man and said, “We’ve got a cherry here dude.”  He pushed harder inside, breaking through her hymen making Rowan grunt loudly.  As he slowly fucked the cute 15 year old, the other man started to cum in her mouth.  Rowan swallowed as much as she could letting the rest pour down her chin and onto the floor beneath her and then her own orgasm hit her.  Her juices covered the big cock in her hole as the man started to fuck her harder.  He slammed his cock balls deep into her and then pulled out, showering her ass and back with cum.  He quickly pulled Rowan down to her knees and had her lick his cock clean.

The two men used Rowan’s hair to wipe off their cocks and then headed to the showers.  When the other girl came in, she found young Rowan sitting on the floor covered in cum.  She looked at the teen and smiled.  “Now, wasn’t that fun?”  Rowan slowly stood up and said, “I never.  I mean, that was the first time I ever did anything like that.”  The girl handed Rowan a towel and said, “Listen sweetie, we’d like you come back tomorrow if you want too.  We still have three more days of shooting.”  Rowan sat down and thought about it and when the girl handed her two hundred dollars, Rowan smiled and said, “What time should I be here?”

The End

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