Peyton Blasts In The Sun

Title: Peyton Blasts In The Sun

Author: The Rudeman

Celebs: Peyton List

Codes: M+F, nc/cons, oral

Disclaimer: This is a story of fantasy, this has not happened to this person.

Peyton List was glad to be on vacation, she just got done doing her last episode of the season, all her award shows, and modeling parties.  Now she just wanted to go somewhere hot and relax.  Since she was over 18 now, she decided to go to Ft. Lauderdale and sit in the sun for a few days.  She had just bought a bright blue bikini that really showed off her teen and, but also showed off her perky tits that have grown so much in the last year.  She didn’t want to go to some fancy hotel and recognized, so she decided to go to a smaller hotel, that was slightly cheaper.  She used her TV name (Emma), and saw they had an enclosed pool in the back.   She checked in, got all sorted, and squeezed into her tight blue bikini and headed to the pool.  When she got there, there were just two older men, that she figured to be around lower 40’s getting their sun.  She took her beach towel on a small plastic beach lounger, and laid out thinking to herself this is gonna be a nice relaxing week.  She also noticed some music playing over, some beach music she thought.  After ten minutes or so two other older men came out to the pool, she also then noticed all of them were wearing light little speedo, “banana hammocks”, she chuckled to herself and laid back again.   After a bit one of the men came over to her.  “Excuse me miss, I noticed you have some fair skin, maybe I can put some lotion on you so you don’t burn”.  “wow how nice”, she replied, “In the rush here I forgot tanning lotion, so sure” She was taken back that the man didn’t know who she was, but that was a good thing she thought to herself.  She turned on her stomach, as the man started to put lotion on her.  “Hmmm, you have soft hands, you should be a masseuse”, she said as he rubbed her back.  After a minute, she felt another pair of hands on one leg, then another pair on the other.  “What the hell?’, she barked.  “Don’t worry”, the first man said.  “we will do this fast and get u all covered.  Then she heard the music get louder, kind of confusing her, as the fourth man came up in front of her and did her shoulders.

Now Peyton began to get nervous, as she looked up at the man at her shoulders, she noticed he had a huge erection budging out of his speedos, the head almost popping out of the top band.  “All right we got the back done, let’s have some fun now”, the first man who started.  Peyton then felt herself being turned on her back.  “Okay get her secured”, one said as two of them rapped her arms with a bungee cord and tied it behind the lounger.   Also did the same to her feet at the end of the lounger, so now she could barely move.  “What the hell is going on”, cried Peyton, looking at the men.  “Well Ms. List, yes we know who you are, we saw you check in and we got all this ready in case you came to the pool.  “Are you friggin crazy people will hear me if I scream”.  “oh well why do you think we cranked up the music, and so has everyone else, they will just think we are having a party like them”.   Then all four of them put more lotion on their hands and started to rub on the skinny blonde.  She also noticed, that ALL four of them had the same erections, now basically popping out of their speedos.  One was rubbing her shoulders, one on her belly, and two on her legs.  One of the men reached behind her neck and undid her bikini top, exposing her young perky teen tits to the horny men, as they then all took turns putting lotion on them.  “Oh God, I can’t hold it anymore”, said one of the men, and pulled his speedos down just enough to let his large cock escape, as he went back to rubbing her tits, Peyton noticed him moaning, and then saw him potion his cock just over her face as he looked down, at her now glistening tits.  All of sudden she saw pre-cum started to slowly ooze from his cock head, he moved his hips again to her face as pre-cum, started to drip on her face.  Then another took a place on the other side, doing the exact thing.  Then the third straddled over her belly and was aiming his cock, leaking on her tits and face.  Soon they were taking turns grabbing her hair and now rubbing their hard cocks, now squirting pre-cum all over the Disney star’s face.  “maybe this will help her get in the mood a bit more”, said one of the men as he took out a small rabbit vibe and stuffed it in Peyton’s bikini bottom and nuzzled it right to her clit, running it on full.   Soon Peyton’s hips were bucking as she felt herself getting excited, this just turned the older men on more, and soon even more of their sticky pre-cum started to shoot on her.  Soon they were rubbing their cocks all over her, on her puffy nipples, her lips, and on her belly.

Peyton started to lose her mind in lust, she knew this was not a good situation, but old men using her and the vibe driving her insane told her different.  “Hey let’s play a new game”, shouted one of the men.  “Let’s see who can last the longer with her”.  At hearing this Peyton started to panic.  The first man got up to her putting his sticky cock head to her lips.  “Okay, we’ve been very nice so far, if you bite, we won’t be anymore”.  Peyton looked up with a defeated look on her face showing her agreement.  Then he pushed his hard cock into her mouth.  Her eyes budged as it went further in, almost to the back of her mouth hitting her throat, then he began to thrust into her teen mouth.  “Guys you gotta try her, her mouth is fantastic.”  Soon he was fucking her young throat, all Peyton could think of was I can’t believe I about to get face fucked by four men while I come on a vibrator.  And with that thought Peyton started to have a large orgasm, moaning on his large cock.  Soon he was moving his hips faster and blew his load in her throat.  It was the first time she let a guy shoot deep in her throat, and she swallowed all of him.  He pulled out, and just as Peyton took a huge breath a second cock was thrust in her mouth.  “The record is five minutes”, yelled the first guy.  The 2nd grabbed the back of the lounge and started giving a proper mouth fucking.  Peyton was just trying not to cum again, as her bikini bottoms were now soaked and getting worse.  “See she is whore, she likes this” she heard another shout, as she started on her 3rd orgasm.  But the second guy was too aggressive, and started cumming in just four minutes.  Maybe she thought this will be over soon.  The third guy came over and slipped his cock into her mouth.  “The trick guys, is to go slow and enjoy it”, he grabbed her hair and she felt his big cock slowly reach to the back of her throat.  “oh baby, I really gonna enjoy this”, as he began to slowly face fuck the Disney star.  He was also the tallest of the bunch, he stepped over the lounge chair and soon was straddling her face, soon his balls were slapping on her chin.  “That’s it baby take it”.  Peyton couldn’t believe she was taking a stranger’s cocks deep in her throat, as she thought of this, she let her concentration of fighting off the will to cum from the vibe go, and soon was feeling another gigantic orgasm overcoming her.  A large tidal wave of an orgasm started to shake her, as she started to moan, and shake under the stranger.  “Shit, that’s it, moan on my fucking cock”!  He could feel his balls suddenly tighten, he pulled out and shot a bucket of cum on Peyton’s face, the force so strong it was like watching someone get shot with a water gun.  “Damn it, said the last men, guess I’ll just have to fuck her little tits”.  He too straddled the lounge chair and pushed her tits together.  With the combination of the oil and his pre-cum, he soon started to fuck the teen’s tits.  Peyton had never let a guy fuck her tits before, and after a few minutes thought it was a fantastic feeling.  But the fourth man was already at the point of no return and soon was shooting cum from between her tits and onto her chin.  Soon Peyton felt the bonds go on her arms, and as she was trying to wipe her eyes to keep the thick cum from going into her eyes, she looked around and the four men were gone.  She reached down, and pulled the vibe from her bikini bottoms, ran over to the showers and cleaned herself off.  If it wasn’t for the cum she was spraying off her face, she would have thought it was a dream.  But she also couldn’t believe she got so turned on about it.  She dashed back up to her room, and used the rabbit on herself this time, and in thinking about the incident, she brought herself to a huge orgasm.  The next two days she went back out to the pool, hoping to see the men again, and maybe a repeat of that day.  But they never came back.  She returned home later that week, and kept the vibe in a drawer next to her bed.  On lonely nights, she still pulls out the vibe and thinks back and cums to the memories of the four horny strangers.

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