Turney Me On!

Title: Turney Me On!

Author: FearTheWrench

Celebs: Meg Turney

Codes: Non-consensual/Rape, oral, anal, titfuck, choke/breathplay

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story. None of it happened.

Don’t be a fuckstick and rape people. Also, don’t steal my shit, not cool.
Chapter 1:

Meg jogged in the early morning cool of Austin, Texas. She had gotten up early as usual, kissed Gavin goodbye, and set out on her run. Sweat glistened on her fit, toned body, music blaring through her earbuds. Her long, blue-dyed hair was tired back in a ponytail, which bounced in time with her steps.

She went on the same routine she did every morning. It was familiar to her, comforting, and safe. Or so she thought. Meg hadn’t noticed the car following her, she hadn’t noticed the driver had been watching her every day for nearly a month, sometimes in his car, sometimes on foot, sometimes from an alleyway…

Meg’s big tits bounced in her sports bra . The man in the car licked his lips. He would do it today, as soon as she was alone. When she came to an empty side street, he took his chance. He drove up behind her, and parked along the side of the road. Meg payed him no mind, this had happened a thousand times before, just an early morning commuter, maybe even a fan of hers looking for a picture.

He opened the door and got out, she was less than 10 feet from him when he pulled a crossbow from the passenger seat, and aimed it at her chest. Meg froze, her eyes going wide. “No screaming.” He ordered, putting a finger in front of his lips. She looked him up and down, he seemed…..oddly normal. She’d never have picked him out for a robber, he was just so average. Brown hair, brown eyes, medium build, he could be anybody. “Hands behind your head” he ordered in a soft, unremarkable voice.

Shaking, Meg placed her hands behind her head and interlaced her fingers. He walked over to her quickly, keep the bow trained on her. “Please…. take my phone if you want, I don’t have any money, just please don’t hurt me…. I won’t tell anybody about this.” Meg whispered, doing her best to keep calm despite her terror at the situation. She had heard that drug growing operations and professional criminals used crossbows. Silent, no bullet trail, impossible to trace via a registry.

Reaching to the armband that held her phone, he grabbed it and pulled it away, popping the earbuds out of her ears. He wrapped it up and put it in her pocket. “Turn around” he said. Meg nodded and did so. She felt him pull her hands down behind her back, and her blood turned to ice in her veins when she felt zip cuffs since tight around her slim wrists. He put a hand over her mouth and jammed the crossbow into her back. “Into the car, you’re coming with me…. Meg.”

Meg’s eyes went wide as her forced her into the car. “Oh shit, he knows who I am…. that means…..”
the full realization hit the internet model like a train, and she cast her stalker a furious glare.  He smirked at her and licked his lips, snatching the phone off her arm and tearing the earbuds out. He put the phone against the pavement and jabbed a hole into it with the end of the bolt. Meg sighed as it burst into flames “Well fuck me for buying Samsung.” She thought bitterly.

Her captor slid into the driver’s seat and smirked at her, licking his lips. Soon, he would have her, all to himself. He could hardly wait.

Chapter 2:

“What’s the matter, Meg, you’re a little quiet.”


“Oh don’t be that way, talk to me!”

Meg sighed, then turned to face her captor. “You ambushed me on my morning run, you stuck a crossbow in my face, and you FUCKING KIDNAPPED ME, you asshole! And to top it all off, you know who I am, which means you’re a creepy fucking stalker. And you want pleasant conversation now?” She yelled, glaring at him furiously.

The man nodded calmly. “I see your point, Meg. Let’s start over. My name is Garret, I’m sure you remember me!” He gave her a bright smile at the last part, but the predatory gleam in his eyes sent a chill down her spine. She swallowed nervously, then asked “R-remember you?”  He nodded “Yeah, I met you at RTX, you signed my pin ups of you, shook my hand, and smiled at me. That’s when I knew…… we had to be together.”

Meg was silent for a long moment, choosing her next words carefully. “L-Listen, Garret…. I’m flattered, really I am, it’s so sweet of you but…… If you REALLY care about me, at all, you have to let me go. Please, just let me out, I’ll sign you anything, you can talk to me whenever you want, I’ll send you free pictures. If you just do me one teeny-tiny little favor and let me go home to Gavin, I ca- UCK!” Garret’s free hand closed around Meg’s slender throat and squeezed “NEVER SAY THAT NAME TO ME! YOU’RE MINE! MINE! NOT HIS! WE’RE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER,STOP LYING TO YOURSELF!” He raged, screaming at her and choking her.

The busty model’s face began to turn blue and she started to twitch, unable to breathe. He suddenly let go. “Oh god Meg I’m so sorry honey! Please don’t hate me, I just got so mad when you talked about….. HIM…… I completely lost it, I’m so sorry sweetie!” He brushed her hair out of her face and stroked her cheek, almost….gently.

Meg gasped and coughed, gulping in air. “I-I’m alright….. But…. you need to listen to me, please…. I didn’t mean to upset you, but you need to know I’m right about this.” She said, her tone gentle and soothing. “Besides, if I stay with you, I can’t take any more of those pictures you like.”  She gave him a forced smile.

Garret was silent for a long moment, then he spoke, smiling again. “Don’t worry, I set up a camera at your new home! I won’t let you go back to that horrible old life, I know you want to be with me!” He pulled into a driveway on the outskirts of Austin. “We’re here!” he said in a sing song voice. Getting out of the car, Garret went to passenger door and pulled Meg out by the arm.  He half walked, half dragged her inside. As soon as the door closed, he spun her around to face him.

“I’ve wanted this so long….” He whispered, and then put a hand on the back of Meg’s head and pulled her into a deep, sloppy kiss. He shoved his tongue into her mouth and licked all over, drooling like a pig. He sucked her tongue and lips, wet smacking sounds filling the room. His other hand went to her ass, and squeezed the tight, firm flesh through her jogging shorts. After what seemed like an eternity, Garret finally broke the kiss, a thin line of spit linking their lips. Meg gasped for air and spat.

She knew now he didn’t merely want to keep her in captivity as some bizarre, but chaste obsession. He planned to violate her, or in his own twisted mind, make love to her.  Her brain fired on all cylinders, and she quickly came up with an idea. She looked up at her captor and fluttered her eyelashes, then pressed her hips against him, and leaned close, whispering seductivly in his ear. “Garret….. that was fun…. but I think we can have even MORE fun, if you’d just let me out of these things..” she tugged at the zip cuffs on her wrists for emphasis. “I know ways to please you, Babe…. with my mouth……my hands……my tits……” She licked her lips, feeling his hard-on poke into her flat, toned belly. “I bet you’d love it….. I know I would…. I bet I could make….you……pop!” She popped her lips at the last word. “So what do you say, wanna let me out and we can make a day of this?”

Garret was flushed red, and he spun Meg around, pulling a knife from his pocket. He quickly cut the zip ties. In a flurry of motion, Meg grabbed an aluminum coffee mug from the table and swung in, hitting him in the face! She drove her knee into his chest as he doubled over. “NEVER ON THE FIRST DATE, CREEP!” She yelled, running for the door. She fumbled with it for a moment, before finally getting it unlocked. “Lovely idiot left the keys in!” She thought with a smirk. She ran down the drive way for the car and jerked on the driver’s side handle!

It was locked. Meg felt sick with terror when she heard his footsteps behind her. Before she could even turn, he had grabbed her, one hand over his mouth, and the other holing the knife, just under her chin. “Bad girl, Meg…. You must be sick….. But don’t worry, I’ll make you all better, I’ll give you lots of love!” He whispered, and then dragged her back into the house. The door closed heavily.

He forced Meg down to the basement, and quickly handcuffed her hands behind her back. He wasted no time in exploring her body. His hands went to her full, perfect tits, and he squeezed, making the pin-up model wince in pain and humiliation. He licked her cheek and neck, trapped her ass and ground his crotch against her. He dragged her to a large, well furnished bed in the corner and threw her onto it, He quickly grabbed her legs and stripped her shoes and socks off, throwing them across the room. Then he bent and retrieved a long shackle from under the bed. He cuffed it around her ankle, then pulled her to him by the leg.

Putting the knife under her sports bra, he sliced upwards carefully.  Meg’s large C-cup tits bounced into view, are of their constraints. He tore the rest of the bra off her, then moved to her shorts. He didn’t even bother with the knife, instead ripping them off in a lusted frenzy.  Meg pulled against the chain of the handcuffs and thrashed, but it was no use. All she was left in were a pain of tight white panties that left little to the imagination. He slipped the blade under the left side side and cut almost lovingly, then repeated on the other side. He tugged, and her tight, shaven pussy was revealed.

Garret licked his lips eagerly. Then stepped back. He began to strip quickly. And Meg watched in horror, helpless to prevent what was about to happen to her.

Chapter 3:

Meg’s mind raced, she had to come up with something, ANYTHING to stop him. “Wait, Garret! Please, don’t do this, please!” she begged him. He ignored her pleas, and finished stripping. The sexy pinup model grimaced. His cock was 10 inches long, and by it’s thickness, she could tell this was going to be painful. He walked to her and slowly ran a hand up her leg. “Don’t say things like that to me, Meg. I know you love me!”

Garret joined her on the bed and pulled her struggling legs apart before climbing on top of her. Meg wriggled and kicked, trying to get away from him. She felt his cock press against her belly, her face distorting in disgust at the feeling of the pulsing, dripping organ touching her flawless skin. He closed a hand around her left breast and squeezed, hard. “Gah….” Meg winced in pain while he squeezed her tit, pulling at it, seeing it stretch, rolling it around her chest and flicking the nipple.

She looked up into his face, and he smiled at her, then planted his mouth over hers again. She felt his slimy tongue work into her mouth. With one hand, he held the back of her head, preventing her from turning away while he shoved his tongue down her throat, in the other, he squeezed her tits and pulled at her nipples, molesting her. All the while, his cock drooled slimy pre-cum into her navel and puled against her toned tummy.

Finally breaking the kiss, he licked Meg’s face. She cringed, then glared at him, anger welling inside her. She had tried being nice, she had tried tricking him. “Get off me, you sick fuck! I’m going to have you arrested for this! If you even try to stick that disgusting thing in me I’ll-“  Her threats were cut off when he pulled her into another sloppy kiss. Meg bucked and kicked, but it was no use, he wasn’t huge, but he was still bigger than she was. She heard him snorting through his nose, and felt a thick wad of phlegm drip off his tongue onto hers. She gagged in disgust and horror, but he held her head and tangled his tongue with hers. Choking on their mixed spit, Meg swallowed the slobber, and he finally let her go.

Garret grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed the firm flesh, positioning himself until the dripping, thick head of his cock rested on her slit. Meg gasped for air and shook her head, pleading for him not to do this silently. He pushed forward slowly, finding her hole. He paused, and looked up into Meg’s big brown eyes, now filled with tears. “Awwww, you’re so happy you’re crying! I knew you loved me!” He said, grabbing a handful of titflesh. “Don’t worry, I remember that you like it rough, we’ll go all night.”

And with that, he clenched his hand on her ass, and slammed his hips forward.

Meg’s scream echoed through the entire house.

Chapter 4:

Meg’s back arched when his first thrust penetrated her. He was big, too big for her. It felt like he had shoved his arm into her. He had mounted her dry, and forced his way deep into her tight cunt. The thick, dripping head of his cock smaller against the entrance to her womb, bringing tears to her eyes and another cry of agony. She struggled hard against the cuffs on her hands, and kicked out with her strong, shapely legs.

Garret, angered at her defiance grabbed her jiggling chest like a vice, squeezing like a stress ball while he plowed his squirming prize, he pushed down, crushing her tits into her chest. “AAGH!!!” Meg cried, the pain in her chest and her cunt almost too much for her. He slowly eased off the pressure on her breasts, and looked down at her. “I know you like it rough. Since you’re fighting, that means your sick, that means I need to be extra rough to make you better.” He said, slamming into her again, the head of his dick beginning to push into her cervix.

She gasped in pain, and her legs spasmed, flailing again. This time, he slapped her across the chest, hard. Her big tits jiggled and shook from the impact, a red handprint glowing on the pale flesh. He dropped his head to her chest and bit down on her right nipple, pulling it back and grating his teeth side to side. Meg stopped kicking, and he began to suck on the nipple instead, making it grow hard and sore. Garret ran his tongue through her cleavage, along her neck, and over her cheek. He licked her full lips, then looked her in the eye. “Kiss me, Meg.”

Meg cringed. It wasn’t half as bad as the rape she was suffering now, it wasn’t even something vulgar, but…… she hated the thought. She felt him pinch her nipples and grunted in pain. He wasn’t asking, she could tell that much. Slowly, hating herself all the while, Meg leaned forward and have him a peck on the lips. Garret grabbed the back of her head and began to force her into another slobbery french kiss. Full of disgust, Meg closed her teeth together. She tasted blood, and he pulled away.

He slowly touched his lip, a small scratch on it leaving blood on his fingertips. “Meg…..” He whispered, staring at his hand in shock. For a moment, both of them were silent. Then, his face contorted with rage. “You……you CUT ME!” He screamed, slapping her across the face, hard. “I DO ALL THIS FOR YOU! I BRING YOU HERE, I GIVE YOU SO MUCH LOVE, AND YOU CUT ME! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!” He grabbed her legs and pushed them open wide, then shoved them up, bending them nearly horizontal. Meg screamed in agony, it felt like he had just shoved her hips halfway out of the socket. Even with her strong, fit legs, worked into shape by countless runs, it hurt worse than anything she had ever experienced.

Garret dropped down on top of her, pinning her legs in place with his body weight. He reached up and grabbed her nipples, digging his finger nails into the sensitive flesh, and pulled up. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!” Meg wailed in pain. He was pulling her tits as hard as he could, pulling her up, up, up…. until her upper body was lifted off the bed, her tits painfully stretched as they struggled to hold up her weight. He slammed into her, every thrust feeling like a punch in the gut. Her hips felt like they were almost dislocated overtime his brought his hips into her, and her body rocked, sending waves of searing, white hot agony through her breasts.

Minutes felt like hours to Meg, the pain was incredible, and her body was soaked in sweat, both hers and Garret’s from the exertion and stress on her body. Her legs quivered in fatigue, the strong muscles of her thighs straining to close. She gritted her teeth, tears streaming from her eyes, and held out as long as she could, grunting in time to his thrusts. Finally, she could take the pain no longer. It was too much, she was sure if he continued like this, he would do some real damage.

“I-….I’ll do it…..”  Meg wheezed, her whole body shaking. Garret looked down at her, and let go of her tits. Her body dropped onto the bed heavily, and he eased tension off of her aching pelvis. “I’m so glad you’re back to your usual self, Meg! Now…..” He leaned in close to her, putting a hand on the back of her head, tangled in her soft hair. He continued to rut inside her, his breath hot on her face. “Give me my kiss…” He whispered. Meg swallowed hard,  and leaned forward, parting her lips slightly.

Garret pressed his mouth on top of hers. She felt him slide his slimy tongue into her mouth and gagged. Choking down the urge to bite him again, Meg began to kiss him back. She felt his thrusts grow faster and faster when she pressed her lips hard to his. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to shut out what she was doing, tangling tongues with her rapist. She felt him slam deep into her, nearly hitting the back of her womb. She stopped thrusting.

Meg’s eyes went wide, and she kicked her legs, screaming into his mouth. He broke the kiss and moaned loudly. Her struggling only made him feel better, the kicking providing extra stimulation to his cock. He exploded inside her. Meg turned her head away and grit her teeth, groaning in disgust. She felt spurt after spurt of boiling hot cum fill her womb. She could tell by the sensation that it was thick, and went limp. She was in shock. Not only had she been kidnapped and raped, but her attacker had almost surely just impregnated her. The horror of it overrode her senses.

What would she do now?

Garret slowly eased off her, and lay next to her on the bed. “Oh Meg……that was the best ever….”

Chapter 5:

Meg lay in shock, shaking, tears streaming down her face. She couldn’t believe it. This had to be a nightmare, it couldn’t be real, she didn’t want it to be. Garret sat up and put a hand on her chest, squeezing again. “Come on, you made me a promise. you want out of the handcuffs?” He asked. Meg looked up at him “P-Please, Garret….. I don’t want a baby….don’t make me.. Mph!” She was cut off by him putting a finger to her lips. “Don’t worry, I have that taken care of, no baby yet.” He said, stroking her hair. She shuddered at “yet.”.

“But…..We aren’t done yet, Meg. So no pills yet.” He said, getting off the bed and going though his pants pockets. He held up a handcuff key and smiled at her. “You remember what you promised me, right?” Garret said, licking his lips. Meg’s blood turned to ice in her veins, she knew exactly what was expected of her. “Yes…” she growled, gritting her teeth. “If I let you out of those cuffs, you’ll do it?”

Meg glared at him “Fuck. You.” she hissed. Garret shrugged, pushed her back down onto the bed, and climbed between her legs again, putting a hand over her mouth. “Okay!” He said, smiling. Meg grimaced in horror, he had taken her insult in the most literal sense possible, as a request to violate her again! She shook her head and shouted his name into the hand over her mouth. After a few seconds, he let her go. She took a deep breath, and choked down the bile in her throat, realizing the only way to get gentler treatment.

She batted her lashes at him, and sat up in bed. “Could you take them off, Garret?” She asked, putting on a sweet, soft voice. “Sure… if you tell me you’ll give me head.” He replied, still pressing her on the subject. She winced, not wanted to say it, to finalize what she was about to be forced to do. “Come on….. babe…” she said, gritting her teeth at the last word “You KNOW what I’ll do….” She said, looking him in the eyes, trying her best to look innocent. He pulled her into another french kiss, making her gag and cry more at the feeling of his slimy tongue in her mouth. “I want to hear you say it, Meg.” He whispered after he broke the kiss.

She sighed in resignation. She was either going to submit to more fucking, and more cum into her fertile womb, or be forced to debase herself and service the man who kidnapped and raped her. She hated both options, but her choice was clear. “I’ll give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had, Garret.” She whispered, her voice shaking with terror and disgust. He smiled, and unlocked her cuffs. He sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed her wrist, pulling her in front of him. Fighting the urge to scream, Meg sunk to her knees before him, his hard cock inches from her succulent lips.

Garret put a hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward. Meg squeezed her eyes shut and opened her mouth. “NO! Look at me when you do it, Meg!” He shouted at her. She took a deep breath, and forced herself to open her eyes, looking up at her captor. Her hot breath washed over his cock, she opened her mouth, putting her tongue along her bottom lip, and leaned forward, tears in her eyes.

He groaned in pleasure as she closed her lips around him.

Chapter 6:

Meg immediately gagged when the fat drops of jizz on the tip of his cock hit her tongue. Her stomach churned, her face turned hot. She pulled back from him and doubled over, a hand over her mouth. She dry heaved, retching and coughing. The taste was horrible, salty, bitter, musky, and thick. She spat onto the floor and gasped for breath, slowly recovering from her attack of nausea. She looked up when a hand pulled her hair back in a surprisingly tender gesture, holding it away from the floor and her face. Garret was looking at her with genuine concern in his face. “Are you okay, Meg?” He asked, kneeling beside her. For a long moment, she was shocked beyond speech at how gentle he treated her. He frowned. “Meg, I asked you a question.”

There it was, the same maniac that had taken her. Meg nodded, then spoke “I’m fine…. I just….. Could you please clean up first, Garret?” She asked cautiously, sure she was about to earn herself another brutal rape or worse. To her shock, her rapist smiled at her “Of course, darling. Why didn’t you just ask?” He said, his tone artificially sweet in a way that told Meg she was going to pay for this sooner or later. As it turned out, it would be sooner. Garret stood, still keeping a hand on her long, blue-dyed hair, pulling it back. “Ow! OW! That hurts! My Hair, please!” Meg whined, wincing at the pain in her scalp as he pulled her onto her knees again. “You have such soft, pretty hair, Meg. If you wanted me to use it before, you should have said so.” Garret cooed.

Taking a handful of her soft hair, He wrapped his sticky, cum-dripping cock in her locks and wiped over and over until he was clean, enjoying the silky feeling on his organ. He sat back on the bed and pointed to his crotch. “All clean, Meg. Now… you promised.” He growled, looking her in the eyes. Meg felt his cum on the back of her neck, the sickening warmth slowly ebbing away, gluing her hair together, and to her soft, pale skin. She was utterly revolted, never had anybody even suggested so many painful and degrading acts as she had now suffered in only a few hours. She was used to being in control of sex, to gentle, pleasurable handling, not the brutal abuse and violent rape she had endured!

Meg’s brain searched for any way to preserve SOME small amount of dignity, and came upon one tiny spark of hope for it. “Garret, I’m not really used to doing….. this.” She said, avoiding the phrase for oral sex as best she could, lest she incite his lust further. “I really only ever did on Valentine’s Day or birthdays, I’m not sure I can…..” She trailed off at the glare he gave her, certain she had just sealed her fate. He reached out at grabbed her under the chin, pulling her up onto his lap. His thick cock poked against her right tit, sinking into the soft flesh. “But Meg, you can’t take you pills if you have nothing to drink. Did you change you mind?”

Her big brown eyes went wide in utter horror. She shook free of his grip and took his cock in her hand, guiding it into her mouth. To Garret’s bliss, and Meg’s humiliation, her form was perfect. Her tongue stroked along the vein on the bottom of his cock, and she sucked hard, bringing him immense pleasure. He leaned back and moaned, stroking her hair “Good girl…. good girl…”. Meg looked up at him, her eyes burning with shame and utter hate. He was treating her like a pet! She considered biting him, but thought of the strength he had used to subdue her. Despite her fitness, she wasn’t a match for him. Meg’s heart ached, but she knew what she had to do now “I just want to get this over with, and that means getting him off.” she thought, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Raising her hand, Meg began to stroke the base of his cock. She pulled back, running her tongue over the head of his dick, probing under his foreskin. Her hand moved to massage his hairy balls. She heard him gasp and felt his hands clutch at her hair. She nipped lightly on his cock, and earned a spurt of pre-cum to the back of the throat for her efforts. Meg was burning with shame. She was on her knees, sucking a stranger’s cock and not only letting him take her throat, but actively giving him a blowjob. She heard Garret groan deeply, and felt him pulls back until only the pulsing head was sealed between her plump lips.

The taste was horrible, every bit as bad as she knew it would be. It filled her mouth, and Meg retched and struggled not to throw up from the overwhelming taste and stench of it. Standing shakily, Garret crossed the room and pulled some pills out of a cabinet on the far wall. He shook 3 of them out into his hand. “Open wide.” He ordered. Meg opened he mouth, and he dropped the pills into the thick pool of white slime. Struggling, Meg swallowed the bitter, musky jizz. She felt sick to her stomach, and curled into ball, crying.

Garret dressed himself and left. Meg wept on the bed. Before she passed out from the exhaustion of her body from the brutal rapes, her last thoughts were “Gavin…..please……save me.”

Chapter 7:

Meg woke to the sound of the door being unlocked, and opened, then slammed shut. She pushed herself up in the bed and blinked the sleep out of her eyes. She realized where she was after a moment, and drew back into the corner of the bed, covering herself and glaring at Garret. “Good morning, Darling.” He said, smiling at her. Meg’s skin crawled, there was something unsettling, predatory in his smile. “Did you sleep well, Meg?” He asked, sitting on the edge of the bed. She shrank away even further, pressing herself into the corner, her teeth clenched. She was sore, and could still taste him on her tongue from the day before. Her blood boiled at the memory of the horrible violations she had suffered at his hands. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” He said, leaning across the bed and grabbing the chain that held her ankle, tugging it forcefully and pulling her leg out, reeling her in towards him.

“Geez! Fucking quit it, that HURTS!” Meg growled, scrambling on all 4s across the bed. Garret reached out and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her body to his. “Ugh!” she groaned, infuriated and disgusted. His touch made her feel sick. “Oh baby……” He cooed, pulling her onto his lap and wrapping his arms around her “you’re just perfect for me.” He whispered into her ear, his hands trailing up and cupping both of her large breasts, squeezing the soft flesh and earning a whimper from his captive. She heard a jingling chain and he pulled her arms behind her back. Meg felt cold steel on her wrists, and her shoulders slumped: He had anticipated her plan to run and fight if she was let off the ankle chain. Garret unlocked the shackle on her ankle and pulled her to her feet. He stood with her, then pinched her left nipple between his fingers and pulled her to a door at the far end of the room. He opened it and dragged her inside.

To Meg’s surprise, it was a fairly clean and well kept room, covered in white tile. A mirror cabinet was mounted on the far wall, and a garden hose was fixed to a sink under it. “Bath time.” He said, picking up the end of the hose.

“Oh don’t you FUCKING dar-“ She began to threaten, before he turned on the water and squeezed the sprayer handle on the hose down. Meg was blasted with a jet of icy water, right in the face. She coughed out a stream of watering felt the stream warming as it pounded onto her body, soaking her. He took his time and seemed to take a perverse joy in seeing her tits bounce and ripple when he sprayed them with the water. Finally, he stopped spraying her down, and pulled a towel off the rack. Meg was shaking like a leaf when he began to roughly towel her off. The sopping beauty winced when he forcefully pulled the towel between her legs, irritating her abused pussy. When he finished, he rolled up the towel and snapped it on her ass, earning him a nice view of her chest jiggling when she jumped and yelped slightly.

Garret put an arm around her shoulders and guided her to the sink, disconnecting the hose and pulling a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash from the mirror cabinet. Meg managed to get a look at what else was in the cabinet: Birth control, lube, and a host of medicine and supplies for treating issues like yeast infections, periods, and pregnancy. She shuddered, realizing he had planned this long in advance…… and he was prepared to keep her down here for a long, long time.

Meg’s thoughts were broken when he jammed the brush into her mouth and began to scrub roughly. To her horror, he appeared to know what brand of toothpaste she used, and what kind of bristle she preferred. He brushed her teeth for her then opened the bottle of mouthwash, pouring it into her mouth. Burning with shame at being treated like a child by this maniac, Meg complied, and swished it around her mouth before spitting it into the sink. He spun her around and pulled her into a slobbering kiss. When he finally came up for air, licking her full lips, he smiled at her “Now we can kiss again, no more cum in your mouth. Naughty girl…..” He said, grinning at her. Meg turned away and cringed “Ugh…….” she spat into the sink, getting the taste of his mouth off her tongue. He grabbed her ass and dry humped her. “This is the only time you’ll spit with me, Meg. You get to swallow in the bedroom.”

She felt sick to her stomach at the thought of sucking him off again. He pulled her back to the bed and cuffed her by the ankle again, then unlocked her hands. “I have work today, Meg.” He said, stroking her thigh. She felt relief flow over her, she could try and escape, or at least rest somewhat unmolested until he returned home. “But….. before I go, I want to try something” He said, staring at her tits and drooling. Meg covered her chest with her arms, shying away from him. “Look at me, Meg….. I want you to see what you’re in for.” He said, standing up and stripping down. Tears began to run from her eyes, and she flashed back to the pain and humiliation of her first rape.

He shoved her down and pried her arms apart as he straddled her belly, his massive erection rubbing on her soft, smooth skin. He could feel her well developed, toned muscles tense under him. He took a tit in each hand and pressed on them squashing them against her chest and rolling them in circles. “Hold them.” He said, moving up onto her chest and resting his cock between her breasts. Meg laid and sobbed, looking to the side. “I SAID….” he growled, taking hold of her cheeks and forcing her to look up at him “Hold your tits for me.” He said, his voice taking on the ice-cold, cruel tone she recognized from previous moments the she had provoked him.

Meg quickly pushed her tits together, plumping them up and making a tight, warm sleeve around Garret’s cock. She locked eyes with him, fear etched on her face. He smiled and sighed in relaxation, the grabbed her wrists and began to move her hands back and forth.

Chapter 8:

Meg cringed in disgust and twisted her head away, squeezing her eyes shut and clenching her teeth. This was disgusting, degrading. She was being used as a living sex toy for the pleasure of her captor, and forced to take part, no less. Garret jerked her hands up and down, sliding her tits on his cock, squeezing the pulsing log of flesh in a tight, warm grip. Meg could feel the head of his organ slide along her throat with every thrust, and her skin crawled at the feeling of his penis on her skin. He watched her pretty face cringe at his touch, and squeezed down harder “Look at me, Meg…” He ordered.

Blinking tears out of her big brown eyes, Meg turned and looked up at him. “Do it.” He ordered, letting go of her wrists. She swallowed hard, then squeezed her tits around him and began to stroke up and down, pressing hard. The cosplay start felt sick, using her body like this, pleasuring her rapist again, but she had no choice. Garret moaned in pleasure, pinching her nipples while she tugged his cock between her jiggling breasts. She felt him grab the back of her head and tilt her down. Meg winced, scrunching her face in disgust. The pulsing, purple head of his cock was pushed up to her gorgeous pouty lips.

She knew what he wanted from her. “Gimme a kiss, sweetie!” He said. “And don’t stop squeezing me.” Slowly, Meg opened her mouth and let him shove the pulsing, sweaty head of his cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked him, rubbing her tits up and down his shaft, stroking up hard then letting them drop back down, making her breasts jiggle and shake on his cock, giving him intense stimulation. “Fuck….. Oh, I love your mouth!” He grunted, Lifting himself off her chest and pinning her head to the bed. He shifting his hips and lay on top of her, forcing his entire dick down her throat.

“OOOOOH…… suck me baby…..” Garret moaned, pumping her face furiously, his balls resting on her chin. Meg struggled and flailed, she couldn’t breathe! She pushed on his hips and arched her back, trying to force him off her while he fucked her pretty face. Her face began to turn red and her eyes watered. He slowly pulled out of her mouth, making a wet popping sound when he exited. His cock was coated in her drool, dripping and wet. “Nice and wet, Meg… Come on, again.” He said, sitting on her chest again, and twisting her nipples. Desperate to avoid being choked on his manhood again, she quickly complied with his deviant wishes. Meg squeezed the slimy cock between her tits and stroked, jiggling them, pulling them in opposite directions as she looked up into his eyes, crying and coughing. She was beautiful..

She could feel him begin to thrust into her strokes and knew he was close. Resolving to get this disgusting task over with, Meg squeezed down on her pale, soft tits as hard as she could. She rapidly jerked them up and down his shaft and heard his breath catch. She closed her eyes and juggled her tits on his shaft.

Garret moaned deep in his throat. The soft, slippery feeling of her hot tits on his cock was too much. He came like a firehose. Thick, stinking slime exploded from his cock and hit Meg square in the face. He could see her flinch with each spurt of jizz that hit her. it covered her pretty face, hung from her lashes, dripped down her cheeks and clung to her full, sensual lips. The stream grew weaker with time, covering her neck and pooling in the hollow of her elegant throat before finally forming a wet, sticky puddle between her perfect C-cup tits. “Oh….. you really do it better than any of my toys, Meg. I told you we were meant to be together.” He said, panting. He wiped off the last drops of sticky sperm on her nipples, making them stand erect. Then he stood and dressed himself. “I’ll see you later, we’ll have some more fun then, I have something special set up for you, babe.” Garret said, groping her pussy one last time before he left, the door locking heavily behind him.

Chapter 9:

Meg heard the door unlock and her heart began to race: It was time, he was going to hurt her again. Garret walked to the bed and cuffed her hands, then unlocked her ankle. She heard something set down on the floor, and within moments, her head was underwater. Meg squired and struggled, but couldn’t move much. “This is it…” she thought “He’s going to kill me now, he’s done with me and I’m going to die naked in a basement like a prostitute.” She could feel tears leaking from her eyes and into the water. As her vision began to fade, he lifted her out of the water and let her breathe. “There, all clean, Meg.” He said, pulling her up to her feet by the hair. “Let’s go, Your surprise is upstairs!”

Garret pulled the struggling pin-up model along, shoving her forward and keeping a hand firmly in her hair. He led her to a room with a rubber mattress on the floor, with a leash laying on it and a bottle of baby oil next to it. There were cameras set up in the room, aimed at the “bed”. Meg swallowed hard, she didn’t like where this was going. He pulled her to the bed and shoved her down, he unlocked the cuffs and fed them through a carry strap on the front of the mattress. She wasn’t going anywhere. She felt the nylon leash clip into place around her throat and him give it an experimental tug, making the curvy woman tense at the pressure on her throat.

Meg yelped and her skin erupted in goosebumps, he was pouring the oil onto her, and she felt his hands rub it in, reaching very curve of her body, covering her in slippery, shiny grease. “Perfect….” He said. “You’re beautiful like that, Meg. I can’t wait to start!”  Garret smiled at her and slapped her on her oiled ass, then turned on the Cameras and stripping, getting on the mattress with her. He rubbed his body against her, feeling up her gorgeous curves. “Wha-what are you gonna do to me….” Meg asked, shaking and nervous. She was terrified, she had heard of things like this, real life rape put on camera, snuff-films, and worse. She tried not to think to hard about why he put the leash on her.

He pushed his cock against her slippery butt cheek. “I’m gonna fuck your ass, Meg. Last hole I haven’t had yet…” He whispered. Her eyes went wide. “NO! NO! YOU CAN’T!” She screaming, pulling at her cuffs and kicking violently, trying to escape. Meg was an anal virgin, she had never had it up her ass before, and a cock this big would almost certainly rip her apart. “LET ME GO, YOU’LL KILL ME, I CAN- HHHHCK!” Meg’s head jerked back, and she began to strangle. Garret had pulled back on her leash, choking her and keeping her silent. He held her like that for almost a full minute, looking at her struggle for air as her face went blue. When she began to still, he let the slack back into the nylon and her head dropped to the mattress.

The pretty model gasped and coughed for air while he positioned himself, spreading her ass apart and holding the fat, pulsing head of his cock against her tight, untouched hole. “Please…….Garret….. no……” She wheezed. He held his thick rod in hand and slammed his hips forward.

Meg’s scream shook the windows, and Garret yelled in triumph as her cherry ass was split wide open. “OOOOOH! FUCK!” He yelled, feeling her tight hold squeeze him so hard it actually hurt a little. “AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!” Meg screamed, arching her back in agony. It felt like he has shoved a red hot coal into her, she was positive he was going to kill her with his monster dick. He seized her wide, slippery hips and gave another hard thrust, forcing another inch of his nearly foot long penis into her bowels. Meg saw stars, the pain was too intense, her whole body trembled in shock from the horrible penetration. Garret gave sharp, hard thrust, drawing new screams from his oiled-up slut with every inch he forced up her. It felt like an eternity, but finally, Meg felt his balls slap against her pussy.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, her breathing was shallow, her tight ass spasmed around him, convulsing pleasurably, and he held himself in her, resting his chest around her back and clutching her belly and tits for support while he panted into her ear. He began to pull back, feeling her slid back on the mattress with him. Meg winced and gasped slowly as he withdrew, then in one violent move, he slammed back into her as hard as he could. She screamed, arching her back up again and kicking her fit legs in pain. He pushed her down onto her belly and took hold of the leash, using it as a handle as he began to pound into her as hard as fast as he could, her big tits jiggling against the mattress, and her ass shaking in time to his thrusts enticingly.

Every so often, he would haul back on the leash, choking his “lover” and making her ass clamp down even harder on him, milking his huge schlong and throttling her, causing Meg to make delicious choking, gurgling sounds while he fucked her with all his strength, letting out all his lust into her. Garret felt a thin line of blood run down his shaft and drip down his balls, providing him extra stimulation. Meg grunted with every thrust, screaming and moaning in pain as he violated her brutally. She felt him slam into her even harder, and he grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her upper body back so he could crush a handful of oiled up, jiggling tit. “Gonna do this every night…. fuck your ass, you love it, I hear you screaming for me!” He hissed, slamming into her again and biting her neck.

Garret slammed into her harder and harder, faster and faster, finally, he pulled out and walked around in front of her, grabbing her head and shoving his cock into her mouth. Meg retched at the last of her own ass, and he exploded into her mouth. “Drink my cum, butt-slut.” He groaned. She didn’t even register his words, just swelling on instinct to get the sticky, bitter slime out of her mouth before she choked on it. He let go of her hair and she collapsed to the mattress, cum leaking out from between her full lips, her eyes empty. She was barely conscious, her voice was shot from the screaming and strangling, and she was exhausted in every possible way.

A camera was held to her face. “Tell all your fans how your first time getting your ass banged was, Meg.” He said, smiling. She moaned in pain softly. “She loved it, hear her moaning?” he asked. Straddling her head, he pulled her mouth open again “Let’s go again, baby, I’ll cum in your ass this time.” He said with a cruel smile, sliding his soft cock into her mouth.


Meg had been held in Garret’s basement for nearly a year now. Every day was the same, she’d be forced to ride him, give him head, spread her legs, or jerk him off with her tits, and every night, he’d bring her upstairs and oil her body before raping her perfect, heart shaped ass. She hated him, it had taken days to recover from the brutal loss of her anal virginity, and he hadn’t let her rest during that time. Sometimes he would tape her violations, making her suck his cock to climax for the camera or ride him and fill her pussy with his jizz.

But she wouldn’t be here much longer. One day, she had managed to steal a piece of wire while he was leading her to the “Love-nest” as he had taken to calling the room where he had taken her ass on film, sticking it into her braid that he forced her to wear, and later hiding it under her mattress. Together with a spoon he had given her to eat, she had begun an effort to pick the lock on her shackles, and make good her escape.

Meg prayed he wouldn’t catch her. If he did, she knew it would be back into handcuffs, and that he would punish her by fucking a baby into her belly. She had to escape now, before he found her “tools” or decided to seed her womb of his own volition.

She had to escape.

the end

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