New York Whore, Part 2

Title: New York Whore, Part 2

Author: Noopster

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, M+F, oral, cons, reluc, anal, exh, mDom

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway.

Selena woke up sore and depressed a few hours later, she still had a few radio shows to go on that day so staying in her hotel room to wallow in her insecurities wasn’t an option. She looked at her phone and there were a ton of messages from her manager and her publicist but nothing from her boyfriend. That bothered her even though she wasn’t exactly sure why.

There was a battle going on in her mind as she got into the shower. On one side there were all of the horrible emotions that came with having been disrespected, lied to and abused by the one person she trusted the most. But on the other side, what Abel had said to her before leaving the penthouse had really struck her. She knew most of it was true, even if she would never admit it. Her experience with Luca had left her emotionally scarred and feeling like a piece of shit, but it was also the hottest thing she’d ever done and just thinking about it again had her playing with her body in the shower. The horny latina fingered herself to the memories of Luca’s strong hands grabbing her and Abel’s hungry expression as he watched her cum in another man’s arms and, as her orgasm came closer, she began to think about her boyfriend’s plans for her that day. “Is he going to try and sell me again tonight?” she wondered as she climaxed with her back against the stall.

She came out of the shower crying again, sickened by the thought that there might be another client waiting for her that night, and that she wasn’t sure if she’d be strong enough to refuse.

Selena fulfilled the obligations of her day job and when she got back to her expensive hotel room and saw Abel’s name on the phone’s screen she figured it was time to decide the future of her new profession.

“Hey, baby, how you feelin’ today?” Abel asked in a cheerful, loving way that angered the troubled girl with its extremely casual tone.

“I feel like shit, ok? And why are you even calling me? I don’t want to talk to you after what you did!”

“You do wanna talk to me. That’s why you answered the phone,” he replied without missing a beat.

“I only answered to tell you that you can go fuck yourself, ok?”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it. You need to front some so you can feel like you resisted, right? Like you didn’t agree to whore yourself out immediately. I get it.”

Selena had no answer for that. He’d completely disarmed her and they both knew it.

“You saw the dress I picked for you?” Abel asked and Selena’s gaze turned to the sheer black dress she had found waiting for her on the bed.

“Yes, it’s… pretty,” she said, unenthusiastically.

“I’m glad you like it, baby. Only the best for my beautiful whore!”

“Don’t call me that!”

“Don’t pretend like you don’t like it, slut. You’re probably getting wet right now just thinking about where I’m gonna take you tonight, huh?”

“I’m not!” she lied, “and I’m not going anywhere with you, asshole!”

“Save that good girl shit for the media, Selena, we both know you are. Now hurry up and get ready ‘cos I’m on my way, ok, baby?”

“But I–“

“Look, maybe I haven’t been clear enough. As long as we’re together you’re gonna do what I tell you to or you’ll never see me again.”

“Stop. Don’t say things like that, Abel. I still love you!”

“I know, baby, and I love you too but we both know I can get another cum-loving bitch like you whenever I want.”

She sighed and wiped away the incoming tears from her eyes.

“I’ll be there in 30 minutes. Don’t make me wait.”


Against her better judgment, the mexican-american star put on the dress and got ready as quickly as possible. When she climbed in the black escalade Abel tried to kiss her but she refused, causing him to laugh out loud at her feeble attempts to remain defiant.

“Where are we going?” she asked sheepishly a few minutes later, anxiously rubbing her hands together.

“To this new restaurant my manager told me about, he says the chef there is amazing.”

“Oh, so we’re not…” she said, unable to finish her own sentence.

“…selling your pussy tonight?” he replied, finishing her thought in the most casual way possible. Selena flinched and turned her gaze to the window while her boyfriend continued: “Of course we are, but first I’m gonna take you to a nice place so we can have a romantic date.”

“B–but, why?”

“I already told you, baby. I love you. And I’m still your man. Nothing about that has changed.”

The sweet statement made Selena smile, reminding her of a simpler time when she wasn’t scared to lose him and he treated her like a princess.

“Abel I… I really loved the dress,” she confessed timidly.

“That’s great, baby. You’re not wearing a bra, are you?”

“Umm, no… why?”

“‘Cos I know how much you hate wearing a bra so I made sure to get you something that was see through in the light.”


“Yeah well, if you’re gonna be a whore you should start dressing like one.”

“But what if people see me and–“

“Oh they’ll see you alright. There will be paparazzi there taking photos of your titties, I made sure of it.”

“But why would you do that to me?!”

“‘Cos once people see you on the internet dressed like a slut, showing off your tits and shit… it’ll get us more clients. It’s good business.”

Right at that moment the car stopped, Abel stepped down and opened the door for his girl. “Now walk with me like you know nothing, people love that shit.”

Selena walked to the restaurant with her head down amidst a cloud of flashes and vulgar remarks about her attire from the numerous photographers that had been waiting for the couple.

It was humiliating but, to her surprise, Abel turned back to his former self once they were inside the establishment; the courteous, kind and loving man she’d fallen in love with months ago. Before dinner he told her how beautiful she looked and even asked her to stand up so he could capture her stunning beauty under the bright red lights.

The food was great and so was the couple’s conversation during the couple of hours they spent there, flirting and laughing as if nothing was different. But Selena’s happiness didn’t last long. Once the date was over it was time to get back to business.

“Umm, Abel?”


“You’ve been looking at your phone for a long time now, is everything ok?”

“Are you kidding? It’s fucking great! Your tits are all over the internet right now, baby, and those photos I took of you earlier are driving your price real fucking high!”

Selena’s heart sunk again, all of the hopes and illusions that had been forming in her mind during dinner vanished in that instant, replaced by the now familiar feelings of fear, insecurity and odd arousal.

“You’re… auctioning me?” she asked with a broken heart, “For how much? How many people know about this?!”

“Don’t worry yourself with the details,” he sighed, throwing several hundred dollar bills on the table.

“Abel I.. don’t want to do it again, please!” the petite singer pleaded as they left the restaurant and the photographers relished the opportunity to take more pictures of her exposed body.

He waited until they were both inside the vehicle and cleared things up for her:

“Selena, we already discussed this. You are a whore, and now it’s time to work, ok?”

“But I–“

“Tonight you’re gonna do your first bachelor party.”

“Bachelor party?! Are you fucking crazy?! I thought it was gonna be something private like last night…”

“Oh no, last night was just a test to see if you were cut for this line of work. And you passed it with flying colors, of course. But we can get a lot more money for something like this.”

“I’m scared, Abel, please let’s just go back to the hotel!” she begged him with long tears pouring from her dark eyes.

“Hey, it’s just gonna be a few drunk white guys and the groom, I think he’s colombian or some shit like that. Must be a billionare or something with what he offered to pay for you.”

“I can’t do that! I can’t!”

“Yeah you can, you’ll see. And you better be taking your pills, baby, ‘cos no man in that party is putting on a condom for that amount of money.”

Selena weeped quietly the rest of the way while her boyfriend and pimp continued to take care of the new business on his phone.

The couple arrived at the party a few minutes later. Selena’s survival instincts kicked in and instead of crying the whole night and risk being abandoned by the man she loved, she turned to her last resort to get through the night. She adopted the fake smile she often used for interviews and public appearances. The one that being famous since a very young age had helped her master. Through all of the years she’d been in the spotlight, no matter how angry or depressed she was feeling she could always adopt that fakeness and do her job in front of the cameras. That empty mask of cheerfulness had been her shield against the public’s eyes and it was about to shield her again from a very different audience.

“Hello, friends! I’m Gilberto Santos. We spoke on the phone. Come in, please, come in!” a tanned, short man with long curly brown hair greeted them as they walked into a big conference room. It reeked of beer, weed and junk food with bottles, party items, jackets, ties and shoes all over the place. But the messy room paled in comparison to the people in it; 4 white men around their 30s plus the colombian groom, all of them wearing business attire that had been obviously put to the test in the course of numerous hours (maybe even days) of drinking and whoring. Face to face with that night’s challenge, Selena’s knees began to shake, awkwardly standing in front of the group while they stared at her nipples thanks to the bright lights above her head.

“Umm, hi. I’m Selena, nice to meet you all,” she timidly greeted the room with her gaze fixed on the floor

“They already know who you are, my dear, we watched some of your videos before I made the final bid for your services.”

“Oh,” she said, flustered by the knowledge that her boyfriend had been using her singing career to promote her as a prostitute. The one thing she’d hoped for was to keep those two worlds separated but now that was ruined too.

“Sorry about the mess,” the man apologized, “we’ve actually been celebrating all week. You’re actually here as somewhat of a closing act.”

He closed the door and, offering his hand, guided her to the big round table in the middle while his friends kept drinking, laughing and ogling the gorgeous singer.

Music started playing as she climbed on top of the table that had been fitted with a dancing pole for the occasion and she struggled to keep herself from falling, her high heels constantly slipping on the lacquered wood surface. Finally she grabbed onto the pole and the men started cheering and shouting things but she was too nervous and embarrassed to even pay attention to what they were saying. Petrified, she searched the room for her boyfriend and found him at the back of the room pushing buttons on the sound system until one of her songs started playing. Abel then turned around and gestured to her to start dancing. Selena realized her boyfriend turned pimp had selected a playlist of her hits to humiliate her even further but as she began moving her hips she found it to actually be helpful.

“This is just another show I have to do,” she told herself, slowly getting into her role, “I have danced for people my whole life, this part is easy.”

Putting her skills to work, Selena held on to the metal pole as she repeated the sexiest dance moves from her choreographies. The men stood around the table admiring her, whistling and laughing; some of them even throwing hundred dollar bills at her. As the first song reached its ending the shy girl began feeling more comfortable up there. “Slow Down” started to play and she suddenly felt like she was in one of her music videos, the shame and self-consciousness had gone away, replaced by a sudden euphoria and a warmness between her legs. She could almost feel each pair of eyes trying to devour her as she twirled around the pole, stopping every now and then to grind her crotch against the cold metal or bending over to show off her thong to the guests.

Gilberto climbed on the table to dance with Selena and soon his hands were all over her. She grinded her ass against his crotch, feeling his manhood getting bigger and harder with every bump. Then, in a fit of passion, he lunged into Selena’s body, sandwiching her slight figure between him and the pole while aggressively reaching under her dress and groping her butt. Stuck in that uncomfortable position she kept smiling, even though her face was crushed against the metal. In the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of her boyfriend watching her with a beer in one hand and grabbing his crotch with the other.

“You know, my daughter is a big fan of yours,” the south-american magnate whispered in her ear and it made something click inside the texan girl. She pushed the man away and turned to face him, then, with a sexy wag of her finger she told him to wait and proceeded to parade around the table. She was so into it that not even the slippery table bothered her. Then she stopped and, with her back to her client, she reached for her thong and took it off, bending over to completely expose herself as she slid it down. The men in the room roared and hollered and she kicked the small piece of underwear to the side, smiled at the guy who caught it. Gilberto walked up to her and with a swift pull ripped open the front of her dress causing her to gasp and flinch for an instant. The men below cheered again and one of them sprayed a bottle of champagne on her exposed breasts. The cool and bubbly feel of the expensive liquid on her nipples made Selena laugh just as the man paying for her body lunged at her again and started kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples. Selena stroked his hair and giggled for the rest of the group, showing how much she was enjoying the man’s mouth all over her tits covered in champagne.

Without a warning he pushed her off the table and into the crowd of men eagerly awaiting her. The slim brunette had not even fully landed in the men’s arms when 4 pairs of hands ripped off what remained of her dress and began to paw and molest every part of her young body.

“NO! WAIT! NOT LIKE THIS!” She screamed, but the horny men wouldn’t stop pulling her in every direction as she continued to scream in horror, begging them to stop, even calling Abel’s name for help, though he didn’t even bother getting up from the chair. Suddenly, the man with the long hair clapped twice and every single one of them stopped in unison. Selena desperately climbed back on the table and hugged the man who was obviously the absolute boss in that room.

“Thank you! Thank you so much, Mr. Santos!”

“You’ll have to forgive my men, they’re not as civilized as me” he apologized, running his fingers down her soft back until his hand rested on her tight butt and the naked girl shivered in his arms. “Now get down and really thank me with your mouth, chiquita.”

“Yes, Mr. Dos Santos,” she replied, surmising that wasn’t really bachelor party and those guys weren’t his friends.

The room filled again with the clamor of Gilberto’s men when the petite singer got down on her knees, unzipped him and took out his uncircumcised cock. The brunette hottie was starting to realize that the men she’d been sold to were dangerous and, as scared as she was; there wasn’t even a doubt in her mind that making the main guy happy was the only way to be safe. After all, he seemed to be the only man there willing to protect her and, after having to deal with Luca’s monstrous penis the night before, pleasing her new client wouldn’t be much of a problem. And so, Selena started sucking the man’s cock with effort and care and he in return treated her gently, letting her mouth get used to his girth and taste without any roughness or pressure. Her pretty face bopping up and down the man’s rod was a great show for the drunken men watching and she even heard some of them whistle when she started running her tongue down from the head all the way down to the testicles.

“Don’t mind them, Hermosa,” the man told her, sticking it into her mouth again. “Ohhh, sí, así… that’s very good,” he praised her, stroking her hair very gently as she continued to suck him off. “Look at me, Selena, you are so beautiful!” he continued saying while the gorgeous girl looked up at him and he pushed his prick down her throat. Deeper and deeper he pushed until the whole length of his manhood rested behind the starlet’s lips. She swallowed him like a pro, never breaking eye contact even as her eyes filled with water and her lungs begged for oxygen.

“Cof! Thank you, Mr. Santos,” she replied once he pulled out of her throat. With her chin and neck covered with drool she coughed and gasped for air a few more times but the smile never left her face. “Are you ready to fuck me now?” she inquired as soon as she regained her breath, kissing and rubbing his meat against her face, begging to finally be penetrated.

“Heh, of course, chiquita” was his answer, sliding the tip over her wet, smiling lips one more time.

Selena positioned the palms of her hands on the table and waited on all fours for him, “Mmmph!” she moaned when Gilberto entered her from behind and a big smile appeared on her sweaty, childish face as he began fucking her with one hand on her ass and the other pulling at her pony tail. “Yes! Fuck me, Gilberto! Fuck me harder!” the fledgling prostitute screamed with her head pulled back and Santos’s underlings spanking her and grabbing her dangling breasts. She wasn’t afraid anymore and her squeals and whimpers made it obvious to everyone. Mr. Santos’s absolute authority over the room made the job feel safe for Selena and his cock drilling into her cunt made her feel rapturous. She had finally reached the perfect state she’d been unknowingly aching for; the same decisive, transformative feeling she’d experienced with Luca that had compelled her go whoring again that night instead of quitting and running away back to the safety of her singing career. At that blissful moment nothing else mattered to Selena but the men fondling her and the cock in her insides. Not the money or the fame, not the job or her boyfriend; she wouldn’t have left even if they wanted her too.

Another bottle of champagne was sprayed over her head and her back and as Santos’s thrusts became stronger and faster so did the waves of pleasure flowing through her glowing body. Her gaze wandered around the room until it found Abel, who locked his eyes with hers just as she climaxed. “OH GOD AAAAHHHHHH!!!” she cried, shaking like she was having a seizure before collapsing on the wet table with the colombian’s dick still pumping into her.

Exhausted she lied on the small pool of liquid, enjoying the cool feeling of champagne on her sore nipples, which the horny men had been carelessly pulling and pinching without any consideration. She closed her eyes and felt a delicious shiver when her buyer pulled out, then she delighted in the numerous hands massaging her ass. But then she felt her ass cheeks being spread apart and something warm and hard pressing against her asshole.

“Wait!” she shouted, opening her eyes to find each of her limbs being held down by Santos’s men. “I don’t– I’ve never done that!”she shouted, struggling in vain to break free.

“Shh, just take a deep breath and relax, my beautiful flower,” Gilberto whispered in her ear, slowly pushing the head of his throbbing cock into her virgin anus. His kind words helped the corrupted star relax her sphincter and the pain gradually transformed into an odd but more enjoyable feeling. “Oh, Selena, my treasure, you’re the hottest piece of ass I’ve ever had,” he continued praising in her ear and, for a nebulous moment, Selena felt as if it was just the two of them in that room, dreaming about an imaginary world in which she wasn’t his whore but his woman and he fucked her because of love and not just desire. With a quick nod of his head the boss signaled one of the guys to come closer and put his dick on the girl’s lips. “Chúpalo, Selena, do it for me,” he commanded and Selena wrapped her lips around the stranger’s crown, just as her rectum welcomed the lenght of the south-american’s hard-on. To her surprise, once the muscles in her ass had relaxed enough she started loving all of the new sensations that she had never imagined anal sex could provide.

“Mmm, harder! Deeper!” she demanded, her words made almost unintelligible by the hose ejaculating in her mouth.

“Swallow it!” The man of top of her ordered while pounding her asshole and Selena ingested the stranger’s semen without hesitation. Then she stuck her tongue out, offering it to the next guy who stepped up to her face with his dick out. His aim was lacking and his load landed on the brunette’s nose and left cheek. Another man came closer and jizzed on her hair and forehead. Selena had not stopped moaning and begging for more and when the colombian started grunting and shouting in spanish she pleaded once more:

“Cum in my ass, Mr. Santos! I wanna feel you cumming inside of me!”

“TOMA, SELENA, TOMA MI LECHE!!!” the man shouted as he emptied the warm content of his balls inside her tight, no longer virtuous asshole and Selena came too, for the second time that night, feeling the weight of her buyer collapsing on top of her.

“That was the best fuck I’ve had in a long time, mi preciosa,” Gilberto told the panting girl before pulling out of her. The rest of the men marveled at Selena’s rosy asshole, gaping and dripping with cum. But there were still clients to take care of and so the Boss allowed them to help the worn out singer carefully climb off of the table and kneel down on the cold floor. There the ex-Disney girl waited for the remaining men to finish themselves on her. Naked and cold, with the colombian’s seed still dripping out of her gaping hole and onto the dirty floor she maintained the tireless smile that shielded her from the world, welcoming load after load on her gorgeous face until she was completely drenched in semen from her head to her chest.

“Bravo! What a performance!” The boss applauded when his men left the room laughing and congratulating each other. Selena struggled to get up and her heel slipped in some of the jizz that had come out of her asshole but the rich man caught her and helped her sit on a nearby office chair.

“Thank you, Mr. Santos,” she said sheepishly, feeling uncomfortable again now that the euphoria had passed.

“No, I want to thank you, Selena. You are worth ten times what I paid for you. And I paid a fortune!”

The singer turned prostitute blushed under the thick layer of cum covering her cheeks, genuinely flattered by the words of the first man to have been inside her ass.

“You are too kind to me, Mr. Santos. I’m so happy you liked my… services.”

“Please, call me Gilberto.”

“Alright, alright, that’s enough…” Abel interjected, “You and your men had your fun. Now where’s the money?”

“My secretary is waiting in the hallway, ready to hand it to you,” the south-american mogul replied, visibly annoyed by the interruption.

“Good, now let’s get out of here, baby,” the impatient pimp said, putting Selena’s overcoat on her shoulders and walking to the door dragging her behind.

“Detente!” Santos ordered with a commanding, intimidating voice that surprised the couple. “Can you not see that the poor girl can barely walk? Not to mention she’s still in the nude and covered with my men’s residues.”

“She’ll be ok; she can get cleaned back at the hotel.”

“What kind of a man are you?!” the short man protested.

“Please, Mr. Santos, its ok…” Selena lied, ashamed of the new humiliation she was being subjected to, but her words were drowned by her boyfriend cussing and mouthing off in a fit of rage.


Undaunted, Santos looked at the younger man with pity.

“What I know is that you are unfit to run this type of business, unworthy of this breathtaking flower and, most of all, you’re way out of your depth, boy.”

“You fucking–“

Santos summoned two of his goons that were waiting outside the room with one small movement of the hand; they easily restrained the angry musician before taking away the gun inside his jacket.

“Creo que eres tú el que no sabe con quién se está metiendo.”

“Let me go!” Abel shouted as he struggled in vain to free himself. Santos nodded and one of the men punched him in the stomach, shutting him up and bringing him to his knees.

“Now listen carefully, niño,” the tanned man began explaining while dismissively patting the top of Abel’s head like a master would do with his dog, “I will allow you to leave with your money because I’m a man of my word and I’m grateful to you for introducing me to this miracle you treat so poorly, but she will stay here with me until she’s ready to leave. And if you ever raise your voice to me again I will take everything else from you. Now go, and consider yourself lucky.”

Selena thanked her new protector and he held her in his arms, they both watched Abel walk down the hallway to the elevator, mumbling and cursing under his breath.

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