New York Whore, Part 4

Title: New York Whore, Part 4

Author: Noopster

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: FF, cons, oral

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway.

Two weeks passed where she was happier than she’d been in years. During the day Santos would ask her for sexual favors and order her around calling her a whore (which she really didn’t mind at all), but at night he’d come back from the city bearing expensive gifts and treat her like a princess. He’d shower her with designer clothes and jewelry that she certainly could afford on her own, but that were transformed into something more special and intimate by him choosing them especially for her. But even more than the gifts she loved the romantic candlelight dinners they had every night before going back to the bedroom and making love in a sweet and tender way that was completely different from the rough and distant way he would fuck her during daylight. Then she would fall asleep in his arms and sleep soundly, imagining herself as the fairytale queen of a huge castle.

Still, no matter how much she was enjoying her new life she couldn’t help but think about Abel, missing him a little even if she refused to accept it. She knew it was crazy but it was so hard to completely throw away all those months of a loving relationship because of a couple of shitty days.

“I’m so glad Gilberto took my phone away,” she’d say to herself often when the need to know how her ex was doing without her would take over.

Without her phone or any other way of contacting the outside world, the famous latina had found a strange inner peace she’d forgotten was possible. While Gilberto was gone she’d spent the hours reading, playing the piano or just walking around the seemingly endless compound filled with interesting things to see and do. Every guard and worker was extremely polite and even when she caught them staring obscenely at her during her workouts at the compound gym or when she’d go to one of the several pools available for a swim in a tiny bikini, she did not feel threatened.

Gilberto had assured her they were loyal and she’d found no reason to doubt his words so by the fifth day she was already sunbathing topless in the rose garden, giggling every time the caretaker or one of the guards walked right by her, pretending to not be looking at her perky tits bathed by the sun.

Most of the maids there were extremely good looking and, judging by the skimpy uniforms that Santos made them wear, she assumed they were whores too. But the fact that she was the only one that got to sleep in the Boss’ bed and that his men would rather look at her than them made Selena feel proud and appreciated in a way that her millions of devoted fans never could. It also made her constantly horny.

That morning Santos fucked her on the balcony an after covering her whole face with a particularly big load he forbid her from cleaning it and told her to wait until he came back. Selena stayed a couple of hours in the bedroom, ashamed of walking around the house like that and terrified of what would happen if she disobeyed the Boss’ orders, but once her stomach started growling she convinced herself and finally walked out to the kitchen. There was no point in hiding anyway, everyone there knew that she was the Boss’ whore and by the time the sun started to set she had been wearing Gilberto’s cum on her face all over the compound like a badge of honor.

Gilberto smiled when he came back, seeing that his girl had been obedient, and ordered the maids to get a bubble bath ready for her. Selena washed her face and relaxed in the warm water, wondering if he would join her, and he did, but he was not alone. To her surprise, he had selected 4 maids to come in and join too. The petite brunette stood up and allowed the chosen maids to carefully wash every crease of her supple body while the man stood in the corner and watched.

“This is nice, Gilberto, but it’s really not necessary. Unless you have something… planned for all of us?” she proposed, getting turned on by the maids soft touch around her hard nipples.

It was something she would have never suggested a week before but it had been a long time since she’d felt the touch of another woman and the different ways in which the Boss had been using her during those two weeks had opened her mind to new and more daring experiences.

“That’s not a bad idea, Preciosa, but no. I’m not feeling well and I should rest. We have a big day tomorrow.”

“We do?”

“Yes, especially you, Selena. You’ll be performing tomorrow for a group of very important men and I want you to impress them, to make them really happy so I can go into business with them.”

“Performing? You mean sing for them or…”

“Of course you will, chiquita. You can’t just go out there like any common prostitute. You are different, special. You’ll sing

and dance for them just like you did in your old career and then, when the song is finished and they are in awe of your beauty, you will show them how good you are in other areas…”

Selena’s confidence vanished, in the two weeks she’d been there Santos had not even hinted at the possibility of sharing her with anyone and now all of the sudden he wanted her to perform and impress some powerful men in just a few hours.

“But I… haven’t rehearsed or anything. I don’t think I’m ready, Gilberto.”

“Nonsense! You don’t need to rehearse to sing and dance, you’ve been doing that your whole life!”

“Yes but the… rest of it. I didn’t think that… being with you I’d have to–“

“You must be confused, Selena,” he interrupted with a stern tone, “Have you forgotten why you’re here? You are not my wife nor my girlfriend, you are my whore. The most beautiful whore I’ve ever had, but a whore nonetheless. And as such you will pleasure not just me but whoever I order you to.”

The naked girl felt her heart breaking and lowered her head, accepting her owner’s wishes.

“Now let me introduce you to Maggie, Elsa, Kimberly and Joanne. They’ll be your backup dancers tomorrow, that’s why I wanted you to meet them tonight, so you can all get comfortable with each other before the show tomorrow.”

The women surrounding Selena washed away the soap bubbles from her young, glistening body and proceeded to caress her in a completely different way, running their expert hands all over her smooth skin, kissing her neck and her breasts, brushing their fingers lightly over her sensitive lower lips and all sorts of things to get her pussy as wet as the rest of her.

Just before leaving Santos added one more thing:

“You will sleep in another room tonight. It will remind you of your place here.”

Selena felt hurt and confused, all that time she’d obeyed his every word thinking that they had a special bond, something unique, something that could be even better than what she and Abel had. But now, just because she showed a little doubt, he was punishing her.

“What’s wrong, baby?” one of the maids asked when the Boss closed the door behind him and Selena’s eyes filled with tears. The texan girl had never talked to them before but felt reassured by the way the women comforted and listened to her vent her frustrations and insecurities while she sat naked on the cold bathroom floor.

“I just… I thought he loved me, y’know, I thought he was different.”

“He is different, Selena,” Joanne, the redhead, said while she stroked the crying girl’s hair, “Mr. Santos is unlike any other

man you have met, I can promise you that. But as far as him loving you… I don’t think you should get your hopes up, the only woman he loves is his wife.”

“He has a wife?!” she asked surprised, “But he– but I– we’ve been sleeping together for two weeks!”

Maggie hugged the sweet latina and told her: “We know, everyone here knows, dear.”

“Then how–“

“His wife is in Europe right now. She travels a lot and she knows what goes on here with Mr. Santos and us. She doesn’t mind.”

“Actually, I think she rather enjoys it,” added Elsa, the blonde one with the heavy british accent, “She even joined Mr. Santos and I once.”

“She fucked me with a strap-on when I first started working here,” Maggie continued saying, smiling at the memory of her first day in Santos’ compound, “She likes it rough, I can tell you that.”

“…is she pretty?” Selena asked with a quavering voice.

“She’s gorgeous!” Joanne effused and the rest of the women nodded in agreement.

“Oh my God I’m so dumb! I don’t know what I’m doing anymore!”

Maggie and Kimberly hugged her again and then Joanne helped her get up and into the tub. “This isn’t an easy life, dear, but it certainly has its perks,” she said, while Selena submerged her body in the bubbly water again.

Kimberly had been very quiet but suddenly she blurted out what was in her mind: “Though I must say… the fact that he lets you sleep in his bed is… curious. I don’t think he has ever done that before with any of his whores. Only his wife sleeps with him.”

“Really?” Selena asked with hope in her eyes.

“Yeah but that don’t change a thing, you’re still a whore just like us, he just reminded you of that,” Joanne clarified while she lit up the dozens of candles placed around the room.

Selena started to become curious of the lives those women led. She wasn’t sure if she was ever going back to her old life but the reality of her actual situation had felt like a tank falling on her shoulders.

“Does he pay you well?,” she inquired.

Maggie was the first to answer, “It’s not like that, we don’t get a paycheck or anything like that.”

“No, but he takes care of everything we need,” Joane added, “As long as we’re here and we’re loyal to Mr. Santos we don’t have to worry about anything.”

“But what happens when you get older?”

“Well, we haven’t hit 30 yet…” Kimberly said somberly, “I’ll guess we’ll find out then.”

“Stop scaring the poor girl!” Joanne reprimanded her before lighting the last candle and turning to Selena: “But you, Selena… I mean, I actually like your music, I listen to it all the time. Why are you here?”

“I was just… in a bad place, y’know? I was so sick of my life and desperate to get away from everything but I didn’t know where to go or what to do and then… then I met Gilberto and he– he made me feel something else, like we had a really strong connection. He made me feel special.”

The bathroom stayed in silence for a moment and then the young singer blurted it out:

“God, I feel so stupid!”

Maggie kneeled next to the tub and kissed her forehead, “Oh, you poor baby,” she said before planting another kiss on her cheek which made Selena smile slightly, then she leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. The texan girl closed her eyes and opened her lips slightly, waiting for the next one and Maggie did not make her wait. Their mouths joined and their tongues danced and Selena started to forget about her troubles. When she opened her eyes again she saw the women undressing and Elsa and Joanne getting into the big tub with her. Their bodies were athletic and beautiful, “They must’ve been dancers before they were prostitutes,” she thought as the blonde and the readhead straddled her from the sides, each of them taking one of the famous girl’s breasts in their mouth. Maggie stuck her tongue in her mouth again and Gilberto became a distant memory when the tub became a bubbly mess of long legs and restless hands with the 3 whores taking turns kissing her and playing and sucking on her breasts. Kimberly switched on the same expensive camera that Santos used to record most of his sexual activities in the compound and began recording the event, capturing the gorgeous latina wiggling and moaning, letting the women know they were succeeding in their mission. The 3 whores then leaned in and kissed Selena at the same time, turning her mouth into a carousel of impatient tongues.

After considerable minutes of her colleagues warming Selena up, Kimberly opened the bathroom door and the rest of the whores helped the panting brunette out of the tub and carried her into the bedroom. They threw her on the bed even though she was still dripping and covered in bubbles. The blonde and the redhead held her legs open and Maggie sat on her face, holding her arms down and grinding her wet pussy against Selena’s eager mouth, finally Kimberly approached her with a big red strap-on dildo and got on the bed. She made sure of having the right angle on the camera and spat on the dildo before shoving it inside the petite girl whose sharp screams were muffled inside Maggie’s sloppy cunt. The first thrusts were painful but soon Selena’s hips synchronized with Kimberly’s and Maggie got off of her. Her face, glistening with the whore’s pussy juice, tensed with a mix of pleasure and pain and Maggie asked her, “Is Kimberly hurting you? Do you want her to stop?”

“IT’S TOO– AHH!! –BIG FOR ME BUT DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP PLEEEEEASE!” she cried as the fat piece of plastic stretched out her tight pussy, reminding her of the way Luca’s massive cock had felt the night she became a whore. She climaxed thinking of that fateful moment when she rode a stranger’s cock for money while her boyfriend watched and then a soft, barely audible whimper came out of her when Kimberly pulled out the strap-on covered with pussy juice and a little bit of cream.

“Lick it! Clean it off, skank!” the whore with the light brown hair commanded, standing over the bed with her plastic cock glistening over Selena’s gasping mouth.

“The Boss likes to see that,” Joanne explained as she softly kissed the inside of her thighs.

Selena ran her tongue up and down the red plastic, collecting her own lubrication and residues from the toy before opening her mouth and letting Kimberly push it all the way in. After making sure it was properly cleaned she pulled it out and zoomed in on the girl’s face as she opened her mouth again to prove she had swallowed it all.

“Wow, that was… I really needed that!” Selena admitted with a huge smile on her face but the whores were not done with her. They all climbed on the bed and kissed and caressed her young body, teasing all of her sensitive areas while the redhead began sliding up and down her slit with her expert tongue.

“You really don’t have to do that, Joanne, I–“

“Shh, let me make you feel good, Selena.”

The actress relaxed and the red whore made her cum again in a couple of minutes with a masterful technique that made Selena’s cunt pulse and contract like there was an electric current running through it.

“Wow, you are amazing! You need to teach me how to do that!” she praised before tasting herself in the sloppy kiss Joanne gave her. Then it was Maggie’s turn, who found an exhausted Selena a little bit less responsive to her tongue, but the years she had spent pleasuring men and women had taught her a lot and she still had one more card to play.

“Oh, I don’t really like– Ahh!” Selena moaned when she felt the whore’s fingers brushing lightly against her asshole. Maggie knew she had found the girl’s weakness, despite her warnings, and smiled before sticking her finger inside. Right on cue, as if a secret button hidden in her rectum had been activated, Selena’s back arched sharply and she threw her head back, cumming in Maggie’s mouth with a heavy gasp that seemed louder than any scream or moan the women had heard from her all night.

“Please, you have to stop, I can’t cum anymore…” she pleaded, breathing loud and heavy and feeling like she was about to faint, but there wasn’t any pain in her voice.

“I hope you are pleased, dear,” Joanne said, lying next to her.

“Mmm, I can’t complain,” Selena replied with a playful smile before snuggling up with her. Maggie climbed on the bed too and spooned the famous girl who seemed happy to have her company in her first night sleeping there without Gilberto.

“So… you like ass play, huh?” She whispered into the girl’s ear once Elsa and Kimberly had turned the lights off and left the room.

Selena blushed and tried to deny it, “No! I just…”

“It’s ok, dear,” Joanne interrupted, “We’re all whores here, there’s no need to be ashamed.”

Selena thought about it for a moment and Maggie’s hand landed on her warm thigh, encouraging her.

“The truth is… I had never been interested in anything like that until..”

“Until what?” Maggie whispered again in Selena’s ear, causing her naked body to react with a shudder.

“…until Gilberto fucked me in the ass,” she finally blurted out, “I’ve been thinking about it a lot since then, but he hasn’t touched me there like, at all. That’s one of the few things we haven’t really explored, y’know?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Joanne said with a smirk that was invisible to Selena in the complete darkness of the bedroom, “By the time he’s done with you there will be nothing left to “explore”.

The comment made Selena feel uneasy but she was too tired to think of a response and she fell asleep with Maggie’s arm around her waist.

To Be Continued…

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