Title: SNAP!-SNAP!

Author: Noopster

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, nc, exh, mc

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway.

It was a sunny summer day in Los Angeles, California. Selena Gomez and one of her best friends were having fun shopping in one of the more expensive stores in the city, completely unaware of the strange man that had been following them for the last 20 min.

“Oh my God look at this dress, Courtney!”

“Wow, that’s pretty! I bet that would look great on you, Sel. You should definitely try it on.”

“Hmm, I don’t know, I think it might be too small for me.”

“Nonsense, you’re skinnier than ever, girl, and you look damn good in red. Now go get in that dressing room, I’m gonna grab some stuff for me and I’ll see you there in a minute.”

“Ok…” the famous latina muttered as she made her way to the dressing room. Once inside, she looked at herself in the mirror, took off her shoes and began removing her blouse. The stall door opened suddenly and she gasped with terror looking in the mirror at the middle aged man dressed completely in black standing behind her.


All emotion left her face immediately and the pretty brunette stood completely still while the man closed the door and pressed his body against hers.

“Oh Selena… my love. If you only knew how much I’ve missed you!” He cooed in her ear, groping her breasts through the fabric of her bra while he pressed his hardening manhood against her tight butt. “But we don’t have much time, flaca. When I snap my fingers again you will continue trying on the dress but you won’t remember me. You won’t see me sitting here and you won’t hear or feel me either. You will be completely alone in this stall and you won’t let anyone enter it until you’re ready to leave the store.

“Sel? You in there?”


“Yeah, I’m here,” Selena replied, having returned to her normal state, “Just wait out there, ok? I’ll come out and show it to you.”

“Ok… but it’s not like I haven’t seen you undress hundreds of times. When did you become so bashful?”

Selena continued taking off her clothes completely oblivious to the mysterious man watching her.

“I’m not! I just…I want you to see it on, ok?”

“Sure, Sel. That’s fine by me.”

The 24 year old star unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor before doing the same with her pants. The man in the stall’s jaw dropped and his breathing became heavier, he opened his fly and began stroking his dick to the marvelous sight of the world famous Selena Gomez standing in front of him in nothing but a white thong, with his other hand busy taking pictures from his phone to add to his extensive collection.

Now of course, any healthy man would’ve had the same reaction but that wasn’t the first time he’d seen the petite singer naked; not by a long shot. Still, it had been awhile since the last time he was that close to her and without fault she would always cause him to nearly lose his mind whenever he saw her exposed like that.

She reached for the little red dress and he could not help himself from getting a quick taste of her perfect little pink nipples. The girl noticed them getting harder and a quick shiver running through her body.

“Huh, must be the A.C.” she thought as she struggled to get into the tight dress. The man enjoyed seeing her tits bouncing with every one of the little hops she did and his camera did not lose track of any of it. Finally, she zipped up the back and walked out to show it to her friend.

“See? I told you it was too small for me!” she told Courtney who was well aware of it but was very happy to ogle her friend’s anatomy trying to burst out of the dress.

“Hmm, you might be right. Let me see the back.”

Selena turned around and her reflection made her realize that her nipples were rock hard and clearly poking through the fabric. Courtney stared at the bottom of her ass cheeks peeking out of the skirt and had to bite her lip to shut herself up.

“Ok, I’m taking this thing off before it cuts off my circulation.”

“Wait, take all of this stuff I picked for you!”

“I thought you were picking clothes for yourself,” the actress queried, looking at the pile of garments being offered to her.

“I was, Sel, but then I saw these and… well, your body is so much nicer than mine and you know how I love seeing you try new clothes on…”

Selena looked at her with a raised eyebrow and Courtney feared she’d said too much.

“Ok, fine, you are my personal stylist after all…” she said, going back to the stall.

The man inside helped her take the dress off and continued to take photos of the famed texan from different angles. One by one she tried the things Courtney had selected and showed them to her. The older man noticed that every article seemed to be ill fitting for her in the most erotic ways, from a minuscule yellow string bikini that did nothing to cover up her small patch of pubic hair to a white see-through blouse that clearly showed the shape of her breasts and nipples and even a pair of white yoga pants that left her sporting the most enticing cameltoe he’d ever seen; all of which was thoroughly documented by his phone camera.

“Heh, the stylist is into her too,” he chuckled, realizing he was probably just one of many people in Selena’s life taking advantage of her innocence and beauty.

Courtney finally left to go to the register and the excited man took control of the girl’s mind again with two quick snaps of his fingers.


Selena stood naked and motionless again and he told her to get down on her knees, which she did without hesitation.

“Open your pretty mouth, flaca,” he commanded; using the nickname her father had given her as a child.

The man shot his load inside, took one last photo of her tongue swimming in his cum and then whispered in her ear:

“Goodbye for now, flaca. I’ll see you tonight.” Then he wiped his dick on the helpless damsel’s hair, snatched the thong she was about to put back on before her mind went dark and left the store with a huge grin of satisfaction.

5 minutes later Selena’s consciousness returned, she swallowed something that tasted bitter and foreign, but seemed familiar in a strange way.

“Wait, where’s my…” she muttered, trying to find her thong under the different piles of clothes scattered around the stall. Finally she gave up looking for it. Since she’d been the only person in there that whole time there was no way it could have gone anywhere. “I probably just didn’t put any underwear on today,” she concluded, thinking about the numerous times over the years when something very similar had occurred.

Courtney was waiting for her at the entrance and as the two girls walked out of the store Selena noticed a red poster taped to one of the street lights. She got closer and realized why it had caught her attention. It was the same comedy hypnotism show she and her dad had seen in Texas back when she was only 15 years old.

“Aldebaran of the Shadows” she read out loud, “What a silly name!”

To be continued…

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