SNAP!-SNAP! Part 2

Title: SNAP!-SNAP! Part 2

Author: Noopster

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: f, nc, mc, oral

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway.

9 years earlier exactly to the date, 15 year old Selena and Rodrigo Gomez arrived at the local auditorium in Grand Prairie, Texas. She had just gotten the call informing her that she’d got the lead role in Disney channel’s new series, “Wizards of Weaverly Place” and her Dad had taken her out to celebrate by watching one of those silly hypnotizing shows that always made her laugh so much. Assisting to those kinds of weird events had become a father and daughter tradition since there wasn’t much to do for teenagers like Selena in such a small town.

The show began with a big cloud of smoke and a dark figure materializing in the center of the stage while ominous music blasted from the cheap auditorium speakers. In Selena’s experience, most hypnotizers tended to be less flashy, going out on stage in a nice suit and introducing themselves in a down to earth manner. But this guy was totally different which made her curious from the get-go. She looked down at the flyer in her hand, “Aldebaran of the Shadows, master of the hidden arts of hypnotism” it said in big bold letters. The dumb name made her chuckle and she went back to watching the stage, resting her head on her father’s shoulder.

“Good evening, ladies and gentleman,” the man on stage greeted them with a thick accent, he was obviously foreign but it was hard to tell from where exactly. The long black cape he had on draped over his shoulders and touched the floor, hiding most of his body. On top of that he had a black broad-brimmed hat and a white mask that reminded Selena of the cheap one she’d seen a kid wearing in her high school’s version of Phantom of the Opera.

“I am Aldebaran of the Shadows and tonight I will open your minds to the infinite possibilities hidden in the ancient art of hypnotism!” he announced and all of a sudden a dozen stage lights lit up and pointed to the crowd, each one focusing on a different audience member.

“Unbeknownst to you, I have been observing you since the moment you stepped foot outside this building. If there is a light on you right now that means I have personally selected you to be part of this experiment. Now of course, you can refuse to participate… But why would you? I assure you this will be a life altering experience, but one where you will be treated with absolute respect. There will be a demonstration of course, because that is why people paid to be here, but if you have any personal issues dealing with depression, substance abuse, lack of energy, anxiety or any other affliction of the mind let me tell you, I can guarantee that it can be cured with hypnosis.”

The crowd began murmuring and their heads turned constantly to look at the chosen ones who appeared to be in a confused daze.

“Flaca, you don’t have to go,” Ricardo said to his skinny daughter, “Let’s just watch the show together like we always do.”

“Yeah, but… I kinda want to know what it’s like,” she confessed, standing next to him with one hand covering her eyes from the bright reflector, “Can I go, Daddy?”

“Sure, go ahead, flaca. I’ll be laughing at you from here.”

“Thank you!” she said, bending over and kissing him on the cheek before making her way backstage with a big excited smile on her baby face. A stage attendant led her to a white room completely empty except for a couple of chairs and a small table with two glasses of water.

“Aldebaran will be right you,” the young man told her before exiting the room and closing the door.

“Ok, thank you.”

She turned to her bag to look for something and a shadow on the corner of her eye caught her attention.

“Hello, Selena.”

The young actress jumped and screamed, shocked at the man that had appeared right in front of her eyes.

“How the hell did you– There was no one here when I came in!”

“Shh, calm down, Selena. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“Umm, how do you know my name?”

The situation was completely different than she had expected. All of the shows she’d seen over the years had a brief period where the host would entertain the audience while someone would hypnotize the volunteers backstage. What followed was almost always a serious of silly, light-hearted demonstrations where the volunteers would be told to walk like ducks or sing a song or any other embarrassing thing they would not normally do in front of dozens of people. But sitting there in that uninviting room she could hear Aldebaran still talking to the audience on stage, so who could that man dressed exactly the same be?

“You told it to me.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“You did, right when I entered the room.”

“What are you talking about? You just got here!”

“Actually, we have been talking for about 10 minutes now.”

The pretty brunette was shocked, confused and very uncomfortable. That wasn’t at all what she was expecting.

“Ok, if you say so… but when do I get hypnotized?”

“You already are.”

“Wait… what? So why am I not on stage?”

“I have to ask you a few questions first to make sure the technique worked properly on you. The quicker you answer them, the quicker we can proceed with the show so please, answer them honestly, ok?”

“Umm, sure,” the slender latina replied, convincing herself that the weirdness of the moment was to be expected from a guy who dressed like that and called himself Aldebaran of the Shadows.

“First question, how old are you?”

“I just turned 15 a month ago”

“And who did you come here with tonight?”

“My father.”

“Is he the one that calls you flaca?”

“Yes– I mean, how do you know that?”

“You already told me all of this, flaca, now I’m just testing your responsiveness to the hypnosis.”

“Don’t call me that, only my Dad calls me that,” the petite girl complained. She was being spoken to in a dismissive tone she did not care for, like her interviewer couldn’t wait to be done with her.

“It’s an intimate nickname that only your biological father uses, yes?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“So you would never let anyone else call you that. Ever. Is that right?”


“Good, very good, because that will be your trigger word.

“My what?”

“Selena, what I do is not a gimmick,” the masked man said in an irritated tone. “There are tons of charlatans out there putting on shows that fool the crowd but make a mockery out of hypnotism. But that is not me. What I do is absolutely real, but to work properly it needs the hypnotized person to be constantly reinforced by a trigger word that has a strong personal meaning. Now, I have surmised that the nickname your father uses would be the perfect word in your case. If you are uncomfortable with this you are free to leave and go back to join the crowd.”

“No, I… yeah, it’s ok,” she agreed nervously, “I guess we can do that, I mean, it’s not like I’m ever going to see you again.”

“Precisely. Now, let’s contin– …continue. Ahem.”

“What?” the girl asked as she removed her small vest.

Aldebaran dealt with people all the time, he’d been doing so for years and years, so much so that every face seemed to blur together. He could go for months interviewing and hypnotizing people without remembering even one face afterwards. To him they were all just tools to use in his act and make a living. But something changed the moment the young girl sitting in front of him got up. He caught a glimpse of her pink panties and the flowery smell that came off her hair hit him like a punch to the face.

“María!” his mind screamed in an instant. She smelled exactly like her. His high school crush, the girl of his dreams. The one who had ignored him his whole life and who he had never gotten over. Maria was the reason he had become a hypnotist in the first place. He had studied for many years, learning anything and everything he could about hypnotism, hoping that it would help him get the woman that his poor looks and humble means had denied him. But it never worked on her; no matter how hard he tried he could never make her love him. The last attempt to dominate her mind had failed so horribly that he could never get close to her again.

That traumatic experience helped him learn the most important rule in hypnotism but it also broke his spirit. After that he swore to never again use his knowledge to satisfy his selfish desires.

While he was lost in those painful memories his prolonged silence had made Selena very uncomfortable.

“Is something wrong, mister?”

Unsettled, he finally took a good look at Selena’s puerile face. She resembled her, but she was even more beautiful than María. His heart started to accelerate while his eyes wondered down the girl’s cute, fragile body. The pure color and soft texture of her skin, the briefness of her waist, the small shape of her breasts barely visible behind her shirt, the shapely, delicate curves of her legs… everything about that sweet teenager was miraculously beautiful in a way that made him feel feverishly drunk with love and lust and excitement.

“Umm, is everything ok?” she asked one more time.

“Yes… I’m sorry, I was just… thinking of something,” he responded, visibly agitated even with the mask on.

“Ok…” Selena muttered, a little weirded out by the sudden change in his tone, “So, are we done or what?”

“We… umm, we’re almost done,” he told her, before clearing his throat and taking a deep breath to recover his composure.

“I just have a few more questions for you, flaca.

Selena kept quiet, still very uncomfortable with him using that nickname, especially after she’d just realized he was trying to look up her short denim skirt.

“Tell me, flaca, what kind of panties are you wearing?”

“WHAT?!” she yelled, jumping off the chair, “HOW DARE–“


The girl stood still, her eyes looking straight ahead, focused on nothing.

Aldebaran shook his head; in 20 years of traveling around the world as a hypnotizer he had never disrespected one of his subjects like that. Naturally there had been numerous times in which he had felt tempted to abuse his power because of a beautiful woman or belligerent man, but he respected his oath above everything else. That was a line he was sure he’d never cross. Or at least that was what he thought until he met Selena Gomez.

The troubled man got up from the chair and walked around the room, debating with himself what his next move should be. Was he strong enough to do the right thing and let the girl go or would he surrender to what his body was urging for.

He stopped and looked at the girl again.

“Ok, ok. I won’t touch her… I just want to get a good look…” he said to himself, kneeling down in front of the frozen girl. Avoiding any contact with her as if she was made of fragile glass he lowered his head just enough to look up her short skirt. “Oh! How wonderful!” he whispered, even though no one could hear him. He stared at the bottom of her panties for a long time, memorizing the mouthwatering shape of her labia pressed against the soft cotton fabric. He was so close, so tempted…

“No!” he exclaimed, getting away from the girl’s crotch, “I must not!”

He sat back on the chair, took another deep breath and began addressing her with a clear, firm tone:

Flaca, can you hear me?”


From now on you will address me as Master. Understood?”

“Yes, Master,” she replied monotonously.

“Ok, good, that’s very good,” he mumbled, hoping that the obstacle he had run into with his high school crush might not be present with the petite brunette driving him crazy. Still, he was cautious to take any big risks until her susceptibility was confirmed.

Now hike up your skirt, flaca, show me your panties.

Only Selena’s hands reacted, obeying the man’s command without missing a beat.

“Yes!” Aldebaran celebrated, reaching inside his vest and pulling out a digital camera. “I think my suspicions about you might be true, flaca.”

There was the sound of a click as the lens captured the deadpan girl flashing her panties. Now turn around, flaca.” Another click of the camera to get a great shot of her cute little butt framed in pink by her tight underwear.

“Now let’s see if you’re ready… Sit back down and listen to me, flaca.”

“Yes, Master.”

When I snap my fingers again you will wake up, you will have forgotten the last thing I asked you. Then you will answer every one of my questions sincerely, no matter what the answer is you will tell the absolute truth to me, without hiding any details.Understood?”

“Yes, Master.”


Selena’s consciousness returned, she was angry but had no idea why. The man’s breath had become irregular and she wondered if he felt ill under his bulky costume.

“Let’s continue, shall we?”

“Yes, Master,” she replied automatically, followed by a quick gasp and her hand over her mouth. She couldn’t believe she had just said that. Aldebaran pretended like he didn’t hear anything but grinned with satisfaction under the mask.

“Tell me, flaca, what kind of panties are you wearing?”

“My panties are pink and made of cotton, Master, they’re very comfortable,” she answered instantaneously and again she reacted shocked. “Why the hell did he ask me that and why the hell did I answer?!” she thought.

“And under those panties, flaca… is your pussy shaved?”

“Yes, Master, I shaved it this morning for the first time.”


Selena froze again and Aldebaran took of his mask to breathe better. The girl’s answer had astounded him and he felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest. There was no way he could stop now, he had to push forward.

“Flaca,” he repeated once more before putting the mask back on, the trigger word had to be present constantly to reinforce the hypnotic trance, When I snap my fingers again you will continue to answer my questions truthfully, but you won’t move unless I tell you to. You will do exactly what I tell you to. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mast–”


Show it to me, flaca.

Selena stood up and started to hike up her little skirt again. She didn’t understand why she was doing it, it was as if she was a prisoner of her own body, unable to stop her own hands from pulling down on the elastic of her underwear. “What the hell is happening to me?! Why am I saying and doing these things?!” she screamed inside her mind, standing in front of the creepy man with her panties crumpled around her knees and her hairless pussy in full display.

“Amazing!” he said with his eyes fixed on the light pink of her lower lips. “You are absolutely wonderful, flaca! Now turn around and bend over.

Selena did as told and then stood there quietly while the man in black stared at her tight little butt. The young latina started shaking, terrified of the groans and heavy sighs coming out of him.

“Don’t be afraid, flaca, I’m not gonna hurt you, I promise. Now I want you to hand me your panties, then sit back on that chair and spread your legs for me.

“Yes, Master,” she replied to her own dismay before giving him the underwear. Then she followed the rest of the instructions and sat with her legs spread wide open right in front of him. Panting like a thirsty animal he pulled out his camera again and the helpless beauty watched horrified as he took picture after picture of her most intimate area.

“Do you touch yourself at home, flaca? Do you play with yourself?”

“Yes, Master, sometimes.”

Not entirely satisfied with the angle he squatted down right in front of her and captured the inner layers of her teenage cunt from up close. The subtle scent of her womanhood filled his mind with desire and in a moment of weakness he couldn’t stop himself from reaching out and caressing her pink folds with the tip of his finger.

“You– you’re wet!” he noted, more for himself than for the young girl that was being molested.

“Yes, Master. I am wet.”

Aldebaran raised one eyebrow and looked up into her eyes while he continued to slide his finger up and down her labia. Selena was looking down at him with her mouth open, her expression a confusing blend of fear and arousal.

“Do you like it when I touch you, flaca?”

“Yes, Master, I like it.”

He smiled and Selena panicked inside her mind: “Oh my God he’s going to rape me and I just encouraged him!”

“Are you a virgin, flaca?”

“Yes, Master, I am.”

“I could– I could take your virginity right now…” he told her as he buried his index finger in her tight cunt. Selena moaned softly and it was the greatest sound he’d ever heard. “Do you want me to? Do you want me to fuck you?” he finally asked, ready to throw away the last remains of his honor.

“No, Master, I don’t.”

“Hmm, she’s not ready,” he thought and felt ashamed of himself for almost taking away 15 year old girl’s purity.

“Ok, we will both wait then,” The older man declared, pulling his finger out of her and tasting her lubrication. He tried to walk away and end the interview, it took all of his will but he managed to get back to his chair. Then he looked at Selena who was breathing heavy, her legs spread, her mouth wide open and her glistening pussy still contracting as if there was still a finger provoking it.

Take off your shirt, flacaand your bra.”

Selena obeyed and exposed her nubile breasts. The sight of those tiny pink nipples crowning her small, still growing, pubescent breasts sent Aldebaran into a frenzy. He threw away his hat and his mask and lunged forward and dove his tongue into her pink, wet folds, causing her to let out a long sigh of pleasure. Selena’s 15 year old cunt was the best thing he had ever experienced, every second his face touched her soft lips was precious and incomparable to anything else. His hands landed on the inner part of her delicate thighs and hers on top of his head, pushing his face even more against her anatomy.

In her mind, Selena was still repulsed by the spectacle she was unable to stop. The closest thing to sex she had done with another person at that point was french kissing her best friend during a slumber party at her house, but now there was a grown man eating her pussy and making her feel things she had no idea were possible. For her it all seemed like a bad dream, she wanted him to leave her alone, to get his gross hands off of her but as the minutes passed the amazing sensations were impossible to ignore. Just before climaxing a fleeting thought flashed through her mind, “I LOVE IT, MASTER, I LOVE YOUR MOUTH ON MY PUSSY!” she screamed and for the first time since she entered that white room her body and mind were in agreement. Her frail anatomy convulsed a few times, her moans and whimpers turned to music in Aldebaran’s ears while he savored the love juices that flowed down into his mouth.

Selena slumped back in the chair and watched as her abuser stood over her with his hard prick in hand and stroked it maniacally until thick streams of cum shot out of it and landed on the pale, little mounds of her chest. Aldebaran then rubbed the head of her cock against her face, leaving a trail of clear semen over her left cheek.

“Did you enjoy that, flaca?” he asked, out of breath.

“Yes, Master. It felt good.” she admitted while he photographed her sweaty body covered in jizz.


Selena sat back up with her back straight and devoid of emotions.

“Dress yourself.”

The hypnotized girl grabbed her skirt and tried to take her underwear back from him.

No, without the panties. I’m keeping them.”

Without a word she put her skirt back on without any underwear and her t-shirt stuck to her cum stained chest.

When I snap my fingers again you will have forgotten everything that happened in this room. You will walk out of here and onto the stage where I will be waiting for you with more instructions. Do you understand, flaca?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Oh, and another thing… I don’t want you fooling around with any man or boy while I’m not here so you are going to wait for me. You will not let any man touch you below the waist under any circumstance. You will not lose your virginity until I take it from you. Is that clear, flaca?

“Yes, Master.”


Selena returned to her body and made her way to the stage feeling tired and weak in the legs. The crowd cheered and laughed during the performance of the hypnotized volunteers and almost an hour later gave Aldebaran a standing ovation.

“So did you like the show?” the actress asked her Dad as they walked back to his car.

“Sí, mija, mostly because you made a fool of yourself up there. I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in years!”

“Oh God how embarrassing!” she laughed as they reached her father’s big truck. Ricardo opened the door for his daughter and helped her get her foot set on the side step, then he gave her a little push so she could reach the elevated seat. All of a sudden his face turned bright red. He closed the door and climbed on the other side.

“Oye, flaca…”

“Yes, Daddy?”

“Why are you, umm… not wearing underwear?”

“What? Of course I’m wearing– oh,” she exclaimed when she pulled up her skirt and realized she had nothing under it.

“Could you, umm…” Rodrigo said uncomfortably, trying not to stare too much at his daughter’s bare pussy.

“Oh! Right! Sorry about that!” Selena apologized and covered herself immediately, her face blushing just like her father’s, “I think I just… forgot.”

They rode in silence the rest of the way but just as he parked the truck in front of his ex-wife’s house to let Selena out he asked her one more thing:

“Oye, mija… I know it’s none of my business but, umm, I don’t think you should be going out like that, you know? Like in short skirts and… nothing else. I mean… Is that something you’ve done before, flaca?”

“Just one time when Demi dared me to go to her birthday party in a mini skirt without panties. But that was almost a year ago!”

Rodrigo’s shocked reaction at her brutal sincerity matched Selena’s. An uncomfortable silence draped over them and they both freaked out at the same time.

“I have to go, mija”

“Yeah, I have to go too.”

Rodrigo stepped on the gas and drove away like he was in a car chase. Selena turned around and walked to her front door, completely disturbed and trying in vain to figure out why she felt so sticky, what could have possibly compelled her to tell something so embarrassing to her father or why the fuck she’d forgotten to wear panties.

To be Continued…

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