Good as Gold

Title: Good as Gold

Author: shottweapon

Celebs: Emma Watson, Emma Stone

Codes: mast, FF, reluc, oral

Disclaimer: It should go without saying the following is a work of fiction and the depictions of the real people in it are, themselves, fictionalized. This does not reflect on the actual lives or activities of the real Emma Stone or Emma Watson and should not be taken as such, cause I do NOT intend to get my ass dragged to court because someone couldn’t parse the difference between fiction and reality.
…oh, and it goes without saying, this is not to be read by minors either.

Final author’s note – my apologies in advance for having to go so heavy on the last names here. Sort of an unavoidable consequence when your story’s two main players share the same first name.

For what felt like the twentieth time she’d done it since arriving, Emma Stone tried to discretely check and adjust her wig.

On one level, she knew it was a silly thing to be worried about as she adjusted it once more and looked around the bar. The fact was, there were a lot of people coming and going, all with their own business, and, save for finding her shades indoors a bit odd, no one was paying much mind to the girl with the black bowl cut she kept fidgeting with.

On another, discretion had been one of the first things she and the person she’d be meeting had agreed upon. Since each was still trying to determine where this talk would go, they agreed to some place public, but also that they would try and keep from drawing too much attention.

And like it or not, for now Oscar winner Emma Stone that meant the best chance was coming incognito.

Not that she imagined her companion would do much better right now, having her own reasons for assuming a low profile.

Where was she, anyway?

“I really should have thought to ask how you were going to be dressed.”

Emma jumped slightly at the sound of the voice behind her, even though she recognized who it was. With a slight sigh of relief, she turned to find herself face to face with one Emma Watson. Taking a different approach, Ms. Watson was keeping to herself in a hoodie and shades.

“I was just thinking the same thing,” Stone said, smiling slightly as she stood up and hugged her the other girl, “didn’t think there’d be this many people here right now, and I thought I spotted you three different times before this.”
“Two here,” Watson chuckled, “I wasn’t expecting a wig, so there’s two confused redheads in hats here wondering who that weird girl was that was looking at them.”

Stone joined in the laughter at that visual. This whole thing felt silly enough as it was, she hadn’t even considered actually trying to go up to someone to check who it was.

The two looked over the crowd, each still laughing a little, struck by the whole scene – two of Hollywood’s big name actresses meeting in a crowded bar and no one the wiser, simply seeing two rather strangely dressed girls who looked like they were trying for an anonymous hook-up or a drug deal and had no idea how to start.

“All the same,” Watson said, composing herself a little as the laughter receded, “we should probably find somewhere a little more private to talk.”
“Yeah,” Stone nodded, standing up, “I spotted a booth while I was waiting for you that should still be free. Didn’t see anyone going in there, anyway.”

Smiling, Watson got up to follow her, taking one last look at their fellow unaware bar patrons, and allowing herself an amused smile.

“So…I’m guessing you’re probably wondering why I asked for a meeting here,” Stone said, her first drink now half gone before her.
“A bit,” Watson nodded, watching the last remains of her drink swirl in the glass, “I mean, meeting up is one thing, but I was a little surprised by all of the cloak and dagger theatrics here. This isn’t an elaborate prank, is it?”
“Not this time,” Stone smiled, the prospect now turning in her head, “but next time I ask about this, that MIGHT be a possibility.”
“Funny,” Watson smiled at that, “so what is it then?”

Stone paused for a moment, staring at her drink before answering. With a mouthed ‘fuck it’, she downed the rest of the contents before looking to her friend.

“So…this is gonna sound weird,” she started, “I mean, I don’t mean for it to sound weird, but it might, just–”
“Okay, calm down. Don’t worry too much. Just go for it.”
“Just go for it. Right.” Stone took a deep breath before starting again, “So…it’s about that story that broke recently. The one about how you were in the running for the part in La La Land.”
“I just…I dunno, with the Oscar win and all, I just wanted to make sure you were okay with that was all. I mean, I had a feeling you would be, but still–”
“I get what you mean,” Watson cut her off, but with a reassuring voice rather than harsh, “and now I see why you were so nervous and trying to keep this so discrete.”
“Well, I also kind of felt like some place out in public would be a little easier for both of us. Just relax it a bit more.”
“and the weird disguises to keep us from being interrupted by press every two minutes.”
“See, between the Oscar win and your upcoming movie, I was betting thirty seconds.”

Watson chuckled at that one.

“I think I get it,” she continued, “but, well…you kind of put it best – I’m not hard up for work, I’ve got a film coming out that’s slated to be a hit. I’m not going to nurse a grudge over this one. Besides, you really earned that award.”

Blushing a little, Stone looked down into her empty glass at this.

“I mean it. Sure, I had a few thoughts about what could have been, but really, I’d say this has worked out best for the both of us.”
“Yeah,” Stone nodded, relaxing a little bit more, “I know, it sounds kind of stupid in hindsight, but I just…just wanted to make sure you were still okay with it all.”
“Trust me,” Watson smiled warmly, “I’m gonna be just fine with this, and so will you. So how about we each refill and drink a toast to this?”
“I like the way you think.”

It had now been two toasts since the initial reason for meeting had been addressed. Which was all well and good, except for the fact the two had each picked fairly potent drinks to celebrate with, so their talk, and toasts, were starting to pick up in volume.

“So let’s see,” Stone said, taking a sip following another of these toasts, “we’ve covered the Oscars, Disney, upcoming projects for the both of us, those Harry Potter royalties that, played right, will put your grandkids through college–”
“You surviving Sony’s Spider-Man implosion.”
“Well, yes and no. The career survived, which is the important part.”
“…well, then, what else can we drink to?”

It was at this point that Watson took a look outside the booth. So far it didn’t seem like people were noticing – at least not overtly, but she had been getting aware of their volume.

“Well,” she nodded, taking another swig of her own drink, “whatever it is, I’m thinking we may need to consider a change of scene. No one’s caught on yet, but if we keep going, we might blow our cover.”

Stone nodded. She was feeling a buzz, but also still aware enough to see Watson’s point.

“Tell you what,” she smiled, raising her own glass up, “the place I’m staying at isn’t far from here. Plus, I’ve still got some champagne up there. I’m sure we could find all sorts of shit to toast.”
“Well now,” Watson raised an eyebrow, raising her own glass in turn, “that sounds like a challenge.”
“You up for it?”
“Bring it.”

Smiling, the two girls clinked glasses and downed their respective rounds before getting up, with a slight sway, to pay their tabs.

At this point, neither girl technically needed their disguises. All the same, they kept up their relative anonymity through hailing a cab and paying in cash.

By this point, it was more a game than anything else. Just seeing how far they could get with it and not get found out. Thanks to the alcohol both had consumed, they were a little more overt in their amusement than they would have otherwise been while sober, but luckily, it didn’t appear to give them away. As far as their driver seemed to be concerned, they were just a couple of potentially drunk tourists and he didn’t need to concern himself with them any further than that.

After a drive of loud moments of amusement punctuated by silences as the two recomposed themselves, Stone and Watson made it back to the former’s hotel room.

What followed was another short round of the two trying their best to play it cool and only somewhat succeeding thanks to the alcohol in their systems. The important thing was no one seemed to figure out who these two odd girls were, simply that they were acting strange.

On finally making it to Stone’s hotel room, the two promptly burst out laughing – Watson throwing back her hood as Stone removed her wig, letting her more recognizable red hair flow freely.

“Did you see the look on that cab driver’s face?” Watson said as she unzipped her hoodie, the last of the laughter still dying out in her voice, “I almost wondered if he recognized us.”
“I was convinced he was for a while there,” Stone answered, shaking out her previously bunched up locks, “at least until I heard what he said.”
“I heard that right, didn’t I?”
“Depends, did you also hear him mutter ‘Fucking tourists’?”
“That was what it sounded like, yeah.”

The two shared another laugh at this thought, again, amused at the sheer absurdity of the whole situation.

“Imagine if we’d actually shown him who we really are,” Watson said as the laughter gave way again, flashing a bit of a mischievous grin.
“Hmm…I can see that going one of two ways. Either he hits the brakes, freaks out, and either fanboys hard or apologizes profusely.”
“And the other?”
“The other,” Stone paused, letting the moment build, “he rolls his eyes and sees this as proving his point.”

Giggling, Watson sat down in one of two chairs Stone’s hotel room had in its main area as Stone went to the fridge to fetch the bottle of champagne untouched from the earlier Oscar festivities in the week.

“Now then,” Stone said, flashing her own grin as she rejoined the British starlet, “Where did we leave off?”

Without having to worry about public disturbance, or being found out by the press, the toasting got louder, with some increasingly more ridiculous things toasted.

It wasn’t long before the bottle was half gone (that they were using the hotel’s plastic cups in lieu of proper champagne glasses helped to pace things some), and the two were both feeling the former buzz renewed with a vengeance.

“Okay,” Watson said, her voice getting just a bit of a slur, “Have we toasted the Oscar yet?”
“You mean the win? We did that back at the bar and again when we got here.”
“I meant the award itself.”
“That…come to think of it, I don’t think we have.”
“Well, I think we have a winner,” Watson giggled, topping off her cup, “Raise ’em.”
“To the Oscar,” Stone declared, “may one soon be in your future!”

With a bit spilling, the two clicked cups before downing the contents.

As Watson refilled her cup a bit, Stone looked to her setting down her own empty cup.

“You want to see it?”
“The actual Oscar. You want to see it?”
“You sure?”
“Hell yeah. Besides, like I said, I really think there may be one in your future. Think of this as practice.”
“Alright, alright,” Watson set down her half-full cup giggling at that prospect, “you’ve convinced me. Bring him out.”

Stone was already half up as Watson answered, carefully fetching something from the bedroom area.

With a bit of a dramatic flourish, Stone returned, her hands behind her back and a demure smile on her face.

“Madam,” she began, as she approached, slowly producing the golden statuette from behind her back, “I give you the one man lucky enough to say he shared a hotel room alone with the two of us!”

Controlling her laughter, Watson carefully accepted the award from her friend, a bit surprised by the weight, but still handling it gingerly.

“That just cinches it,” Stone said, sitting down next to her, “seeing one in your hands just…it looks right.”
“Save for the drinking anyway,” Watson replied, the smile on her face making it clear she meant it in jest.
“See, you say that now – but trust me, you feel kind of a rush when they call you up there. Even when it’s up in your hands, it just feels…unreal.”
“I believe it. Even handling someone else’s right now feels pretty unreal.”

The discussion seemed to die for the next few minutes as the two looked at the award in silent respect/awe, Stone smiling as Watson gently held and felt the award.

“It’s funny,” she said, not really directing the comment as much as thinking out loud, “you see all the people handling these but then when you hold it yourself, somehow it’s just…not like you pictured…the shape, the weight, all of it.”
“You can say that again,” Stone replied, quietly, almost like she only meant to say it to herself.

Realizing she was heard, Stone paused on the spot. With Watson watching, she seemed to be debating internally over whether to answer before she finally took up her cup and drained the contents.

“Okay…what I’m about to tell you doesn’t leave this room. Understand?”
“I’m serious here, Emma. Everything we did before to keep low profile? That’d be nothing if this got out there. Promise me, this stays between us.”
“Okay, I promise,” Watson answered, a bit of a nervous giggle as she tried to defuse the situation, “What do they hide cocaine in these or something?”
“No…although that’s not a bad idea,” Stone answered, now also trying to ease the tension, “this just…it’s gonna sound weird.”
“Okay, I promise. No judgments.”

Taking a deep breath, Stone poured herself a bit more champagne before drinking it down.

“So…the night of the awards. Like I said, there was a rush to it. I mean a big one. After that the night was a lot of parties, congratulations. It was a wild evening.”
“For a winner? I don’t doubt it. Even as a regular guest, the after parties were a lot to go through.”
“Yeah,” Stone tried to force herself to be serious – or as serious as the champagne would allow for – just to get through this explanation, “so…this actually happened after the parties, but this is so you know, I was pretty keyed up when I got back to the room.”
“…and I mean keyed up on a lot of levels.”
“And maybe it was the alcohol that night, maybe it was just the rush of the evening, maybe it was the fact that, despite all the excitement, I was feeling JUST tired enough to not want to unpack my…travelling companion.”

Watson looked a bit confused at this, prompting Stone to take a deep breath and push on.

“So…I get back to the room. I get out of the shower, onto the bed…I’m feeling…well…still really excited…and my…well…you know…”

Watson’s face went through a few phases of surprise as all the pieces started to fit together.

“…and there was the Oscar right there…and again, maybe I was just that tired, maybe it was the drinking, but I got the idea and–”
“No fucking way.”
“I’m not lying.”
“You frigged yourself with your Oscar?”
“It was a spur of the moment thing! It’s not like when I got it I thought ‘I can’t wait to get this inside me!'”

Watson had to laugh a little at this visual.

“Look, I’m not calling you a sicko or anything, I just…I don’t know. I can’t see this thing working as a sex toy.”

As the laughter reduced, there was a quiet for a minute or so in which Stone helped herself to a bit more liquid courage.

“…you want to see?”
“I can prove it.”
“You’re shitting me.”
“Hey, you’re the skeptic here. I’m just telling you, it can be done, and fuck it, right about now, I’m just drunk enough to prove it. So how about it?”

Now it was Watson’s turn to contemplate in silence. After taking a breath, she took a fresh pull from the bottle herself, its contents not quite gone, but getting there.

“Well…I think I’m now just drunk enough to want to see that.”
“Challenge accepted,” Stone smiled, grabbing the bottle and downing the remnants straight from it, “go wait in the bedroom area. I’ll be in in a moment.”

Watson took a seat by the bed, wondering to herself if her friend was seriously going to do this. She had thought for sure before that Stone was just pulling her leg, but to go this far? Even for her, that seemed a bit far for a prank.

So maybe she had really done it?

Watson turned over the back and forth odds that she was being pranked for what felt to her like a half hour, but was probably maybe two minutes, before she heard Stone calling.

“Last chance to change your mind.”

That settled it – prank or no, Watson wasn’t going to back off of this.

“The longer you stall, the better the odds I’ll sober up and realize how insane this is.”
“She said about watching her friend got ready to fuck herself with a highly regarded award.”

Before Watson could even offer a retort to that, Stone was in the room, looking quite different from before. Her former clothing had now since been removed, and she stood before Watson clad only in a robe, her red hair hanging loose over the shoulders. In one hand, she held the other guest of honor in her award, in the other, she held a small bottle of lube.

Watson took in the sight with a few mixed reactions – surprise that her friend was actually going to do this, an appreciation for the fact that, simply clad like this, Stone looked quite stunning, and a bit of amusement at the two items she brought with her.

“Is it the lube?” Stone interrupted the train of thought, “I know, it probably looks silly, but trust me, if you think I’m gonna take this thing dry, then you’ve got a bigger masochistic streak than I EVER imagined.”
“Sorry, I just…again, I’m still surprised by this whole thing.”
“Well, you had your chance to turn back,” from the tone in her voice, Stone was trying to sound playful at least, but it seemed almost as much like she was telling herself this as she was Watson, “I’m already this far and I’ve got something to prove here.”
“Sorry,” Watson said, sitting back, “I’ll keep the comments to myself.”

Taking a deep breath, Stone closed her eyes and opened up the robe. There was something that felt a bit strange in the moment doing so – it wasn’t like she hadn’t been naked in front of other people before – Christ, the number of times back when she was with Andrew alone…still, there was something that felt weird about doing it now. Yeah, ultimately this was just a demonstration, and Watson was just a friend…but still…exposing herself in front of her like this felt…somehow more intimate than that.

It isn’t helping that she’s about to get a bird’s eye view of my crotch, Stone reflected to herself as she lay down on the bed.

Taking an extra minute or two more than she probably needed, Stone shifted a bit, trying to get comfortable and take her mind off the fact she had a friend staring at her exposed slit.

Just please, for the love of God, don’t let her make a ‘carpet doesn’t match the drapes’ joke right now, she thought to herself, as she lifted the statue.

Looking at it now, it seemed surreal that this idea had occurred to her before in a purely unconscious impulse, and now she was about to show someone else how to do it – premeditated – and it seemed so weird to her.

Okay, just like last time, she thought to herself, as she pulled a small hand towel out of the robe pocket to wrap the base of the statue in, except…you know…with more preparation…and an audience.

Pushing the thoughts of Watson watching her from her head once again, Stone took a deep breath and began to lube up the statuette like before. A part of her almost wished she could replicate the weird mix of drunk/excited/tired/turned on from that night right now. It would probably make this second nature to her. As it was now, it felt weird to be feeling the award as she rubbed lubricant on it.

I can’t even remember when I got around to cleaning it after, she realized, before mentally chastising herself for letting her mind wander again. She would need to focus for this to actually work, and having her mind jumping to everything else in the room wasn’t helping. Even the alcohol was only doing just so much here.

Just like last time, she kept telling herself, once she was sure the award was sufficiently ready.

“Last call,” she said, trying to keep a joking tone in her voice and not show how exposed she felt right now.
“Still here,” she heard Watson call back, her tone either suggesting she didn’t notice the nervousness, or she was picking a weird way to be supportive.

Bringing the award up to her face one more time before going to work, Stone breathed for a moment on the small gold head – she’d gotten this far and the last thing she wanted to have choke this up would be the shock of a cold award head down there.

Closing her eyes, she tried recalling all the details of that night as she brought it down to go to work. It actually helped a little as she found herself remembering some of the familiar sensations.

Then she made contact.

Going partially from memories of the night, as well as trying to just act on what felt good, she started lightly rubbing the head of the award against her clit. A part of her remembered her earlier joke and realized how many people would probably give up both hands to be where this inanimate little man was, and she promptly had to stifle the laugh that wanted to come out over that.

Fortunately it didn’t take long after that for the attention to have its desired effect. Despite her earlier breathing, it was still a bit cold, but rather than feeling uncomfortable, it was actually a pleasant little extra touch to the experience. Developing a good rhythm with the prestigious acting honor, she soon let out a light moan as she gently massaged herself with the statue.

As the excitement built, it slowly dawned on her how all the earlier awkwardness seemed to be falling away. It didn’t matter to her that she had an audience. It didn’t matter that that audience was a friend who was watching her masturbate with one of the most sought after awards in the film community and who would soon be expecting to see penetration. Right now, that was all background noise amid the one growing fact in her mind – this statue was feeling pretty fucking good right now.

Fuuuck…that’s right, she thought – did she actually say it or just think it? – right now she wasn’t sure…and honestly, didn’t care too much to find out, instead rubbing a little bit harder as she hit a good spot.

Rubbing the head of the Oscar in a small circle, Stone tilted her head back, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation the little gold man was giving her. Almost unconsciously, her free left hand slid up to further pull the robe from her naked body, concerns about an audience be damned.

It wouldn’t be until later she’d learn that this apparently surprised Watson. Caught up in the moment, she didn’t even hear the ‘holy shit’ from her friend as she ran her hand along her newly exposed skin. After gently running her nails along her thigh and then her stomach, she brought the hand up to cup her right breast. With a slow, light touch, she circled her thumb over the now quite hardened nipple.

Feeling herself getting hotter, Stone got a bit bolder with the award – in between circuits at her clit, started to slide the statue down, teasing the idea of it going a little further with each visit before bringing it back up to give attention to her pleasure nub again. As the moaning increased in volume, she began spreading her legs wider, biting her lower lip as she built up to the ‘main event.’

Looking back on this later, both that day and several other times after, Stone would admit to herself that she still wasn’t sure whether the extra efforts she was bringing in to this little show were more despite her audience in this act or perhaps in part from the thrill of being watched. It wasn’t even something she’d done with anyone before, but after the initial uneasiness, she had found it nowhere near as awkward as she was worrying it would be.

At the time, however, she would admit Watson was far from at the forefront of her thoughts. One some subconscious level she was aware she was there, hence the later question, but at the moment, it didn’t seem to matter. Right now all that mattered was the pleasure she was feeling from her own hands and the small gold man that she was getting ready to literally fuck.

“Fuck…here we go…” she half-whispered, half-panted, after having worked herself up through quite a bit of time working over everything she knew got her just that little bit hotter. Eyes closed, her left hand pinching her right nipple, lower lip once again firmly between her teeth, she knew it was time.

She allowed herself, and her Oscar, one last stop at her trigger before going in for the proverbial kill. By now, she had been at this for the better part of fifteen minutes, so she was already feeling fairly worked up. Between her own built up excitement and the lubrication on the award (some reapplied as she went along) it didn’t take much for Stone to start to work her acting accomplishment inside of herself.

The initial entrance was still as good as she remembered – a part of her thankful her memories of doing it that night weren’t painted by everything else that went well with it. As the statue’s head and shoulders were slowly eased into her, Stone’s entire body seemed to react – throwing her head back with a loud moan, the hand at her breast roughly grabbing it, her hips rising off the mattress to allow the inanimate object easier access as her legs spread further, toes curling into the bed.

This was both the best and trickiest part – the feeling was incredible, but she had to take it slow – the size and shape of the thing were NOT going to allow for it all to pop in at once, obviously. But fucked if she didn’t remember enjoying the attempt then and wasn’t enjoying it now.

As the initial rush passed through her body, she moved back into more of a rhythm like she had had before. The hand that had been at her chest now alternated between helping to ease Stone’s metallic playmate a little further in and returning to rub the roughly handled tit, as well as its counterpart. Her hips had settled back to the comforter, though she would occasionally raise them up again when sliding a bit more in for ease. Her mouth, meanwhile, was working a mile a minute, mouthing a veritable litany of silent ‘Fuckfuckfuck’s and ‘Oh God’s as she guided the statue further inside her.

The feeling was certainly different from any sex toy she’d worked with before this. The shape certainly took some getting used to, but so long as she guided it right, the small man did his job admirably. Plus, the metal of the award meant a slightly cold sensation going in that, to her pleasant surprise, gave a bit of an extra thrill.

Given this was only Stone’s second time trying to use the Oscar for this particular purpose, she still took her time with it. She liked to believe she had an adventurous streak, but even she knew this wasn’t going to fit all the way in on the first goes. All the same, she managed, with a good amount of angling and some gentle easing back and forth, to work in quite a bit of the award.

From a completely detached perspective, this might be enough. This could be the point where she’d be able to stop, clean up the award, and tell Watson, with just a bit of a satisfied smile ‘Told ya it can be done.’

Keywords, completely detached. In the moment, meanwhile, Stone’s mind just kept thinking two words – ‘Don’t stop.’ Luckily, her body was more than willing to play along.

With only the faintest mental awareness of her friend watching (and even that amounting to little more than a joking ‘Get a good look’ left unsaid) Stone bit her lower lip as she continued to work the award in, moaning through her closed mouth as she felt the metal man work further into her.

She allowed herself a flicker of non-sexual satisfaction as she felt the base of the award against her inner thigh. She honestly couldn’t remember if she’d taken all of it the first time or not, but if she hadn’t then, she certainly knew she could now.

Not done yet, she whispered, more for herself than Watson as she now began to change her grip on the base and, with some careful angling, began to work up a rhythm of pumping the statue.

Feeling her legs slide a little further apart, Stone again released her lower lip as her jaw dropped, letting out another groan of pleasure. She hadn’t even remembered it feeling this good the last time – if it had, she probably wouldn’t have waited to demonstrate it before trying it again.

“Mmm…fuck…like that…” she half-said, half-panted to herself, even her own body was providing much more accurate coaching just from feel. With a bit of experimenting with speed and angle, she finally managed to hit a good rhythm, her hips bucking up to meet her impromptu metal lover.

How long Stone had been ‘performing’, she honestly couldn’t say – time seemed to be both rushing and slowed to a crawl amid the sensations coursing through her body, each new thrill leaving her hungry for more.

It was that urge for more that set her left hand on a new course. As her right began to gradually pick up speed in fucking her pussy, Stone’s left hand left her now quite-well handled breasts, each still a bit red from her attention and began to work its way down her quivering body to the show between her legs.

With another panted whisper of ‘Yes’, Stone’s wandering hand made its way to its new destination, gently sliding along her thigh before beginning to rub two fingers gently along her clit.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d gotten quite this into playing with herself. It didn’t matter that someone was watching (did it?), it didn’t matter that her usual sex toy was still packed safely away and it was her career’s finest achievement to date that she was fucking herself with. All that mattered right now was that her entire body just felt wired for pleasure and she was determined to savor that feeling for as much as she could manage.

With her left hand fingers circling her clit and her right hand sliding her Oscar in and out of her slit, Stone threw her head back on the mattress, eyes shut. In between her moans her vocabulary was taking on a decidedly filthier bend. She’d be surprised looking back on this – even when actually with someone, she never got quite this dirty – but if asked, would likely simply smile and say ‘You’d know if you tried it.’

Then she felt it coming. Not all at once, naturally, but she felt enough of the familiar sensations to recognize she was almost there.

And also enough to realize she had no intention of stopping now.

Her hands began to pick up speed. Little by little, each carrying out its task a little more firmly than before, as Stone felt the pleasure building in her. Her eyes remained firmly shut as she worked her body closer and closer to the peak, her legs now hanging off the edge of the bed, splayed, tensing as the rest of her body built itself up, the robe now fully fallen away, rendering her panting, sweaty, naked body on full display for her audience of one.

After what felt like an eternity with her body tensed and ready, Stone finally felt the release. It surged through her entire body, the moan leaving her mouth jumping in volume with the pulse. She even felt herself tighten a bit around the statue inside her, itself adding a bit of a thrill to the burst of pleasure coursing through her. Even her almost tunnel vision awareness of the room around her seemed to vanish in a flash as it hit, her own consciousness only dimly aware of her shouts of pleasure as her whole body finally unleashed all the pent up feelings it had been building.

Had she passed out? She didn’t think so. Stone wasn’t actually sure just how long that feeling had seemingly taken her out of the moment, but on some level she had a feeling that, if she had been passed out for too long, that other would be over here checking on her.

Other? That’s right. Now she remembered. Watson had been watching the whole time. Had wanted to watch this.

Had to show her it could work.

Opening her eyes, Stone slowly took in the sight of her hotel room again as she came back to reality. First looking at the walls of the room, resetting all the dimensions of the place in her head. Then she looked down at her own body, still breathing hard, and glistening with sweat from her efforts, shivering slightly with pleasure as she slowly began to withdraw the Oscar from her body.

And further down…there was Watson. Still here. The look on her face a curious spread of emotions – surprise, a little concern, some confusion…and was that bit of excitement?

Looking back, Stone would say it was her own heightened state reading that into Watson’s look, but at the time, that was what her still pleasure-drunk mind focused on as her eyes locked onto her friend, her smile a weird mix of reassuring and, though she hadn’t intended it to be, just a little bit lusty.

“Now that you know it works, you wanna try it?”


Watson realized only after it was out of her mouth how incredulous the response sounded. She hadn’t intended it to, really. Not that she wasn’t still utterly surprised by what she had just witnessed.

In the space of under three hours, she’d gone from an incognito meeting with a friend, to casual drinking, to watching said friend pleasure herself with her own recently won Oscar. Under the circumstances, she’d like to believe she had been a VERY good sport about all of this.

But even with that in mind, she couldn’t pretend to be completely unphased. Besides the nature of the question, Watson had been, if she was going to be perfectly honest, rather drawn in to the whole proceeding. She certainly wasn’t a stranger to masturbation. She’d done it herself and even occasionally looked up others performing it in videos (more out of curiosity than anything else), but seeing someone – especially someone she knew – doing it right in front of her, her weapon of choice not even an issue, was something else entirely.

To then have said friend follow it up by inviting her to join her just…

“Come on,” Stone continued, still smiling, and not that put off by the tone of Watson’s response, “I’m not kidding, this actually feels REALLY good. It’s even better than I remember it being the first time around.”

Watson just stared in stunned silence. She was serious. Her friend was inviting her to try out something that was just inside her…and with such a casual nature it was as though she’d asked her if she wanted to try some of what she was eating.

“Emma…shit, I don’t know…” Watson finally managed, feeling on the spot.
“Hey, I won’t tell if that’s what you’re worried about,” Stone continued, a bit of a purr to her voice that Watson was noticing more and more, “I mean…why would I? You’ve already seen me do it, after all.”
“Well, yeah…”
“Look…I was willing to go this far to prove to you it can be done,” Stone’s smile grew a little as she paused, “How about you follow me just a little bit farther so I can show you why it’s worth doing?”

For lack of a verbal answer, Watson broke eye contact. A part of her felt weird to admit it, but something about the look Stone was giving her this whole conversation made her feel vulnerable in a way. Even though she was still fully clothed, it was like Stone had already undressed her in her mind and was liking what she saw.

Even further adding to the strangeness for Watson, there was a part of her that felt a little bit excited by that prospect.

“At least try a little,” Stone continued, a bit of a tone of sympathy to her voice that almost, but not entirely, masked that purr, “if you start feeling too uncomfortable, we can stop and just pretend none of this ever happened.”

Watson finally let herself look up again, finding Stone now sitting up, completely nude, her robe still spread out on the bed, that playful and inviting look still on her face.

“You can even undress in the other room if that’d make you more comfortable,” Stone continued, almost anticipating Watson’s concerns before she voiced them, “I promise, I won’t try to watch.”

Watson turned over the situation in her mind again and again, her curiosity and Stone’s assurances grappling with the growing concerns in her head over just how strange the whole situation seemed.

Taking a deep breath, she decided to put this one to a tiebreaker…

“By any chance, do you have another bottle left? I feel like I’m gonna need to get a little bit more in me for this.”
“Thaaat’s the spirit,” Stone’s purr had completely overridden the reassurance again, “Wait right there. I’ll go get some.”

After a slow slide off the bed, Stone strode out of the room, naked as the proverbial jaybird to get some more liquid courage to help bolster her friend.

“If you want to start undressing while I get this, go right ahead,” she called over her shoulder, her smile half behind her red hair, “But don’t start playing without me.”

Eyes closing as she took a deep breath, Watson stood up from her chair.

No going back now, she thought to herself.

With the sounds of Stone in the other room working at opening the bottle, Watson, eyes still shut, reached for her waist and started to pull her hoodie up. Even though she had a shirt on underneath it, there was still a strange sense of nakedness just from taking this off. The realization that she was now taking an active part in what was about to happen.

As she heard the sound of her hoodie hitting the chair, Watson was already reaching for the bottom of the shirt she had on underneath. Even with the knowledge that Stone would be back with some more champagne to, hopefully, make this a little less weird, she still felt the need to press on quickly, so she wouldn’t lose her nerve before her friend returned.

It said something for how much Watson was focusing on getting undressed quickly without getting tangled that she didn’t even hear her Stone’s return. At least, not by her approach – the whistling, however, cause Watson to turn, her pants around her ankles, to face the redhead, otherwise clad only in a bra and panties.

“Not bad, not bad,” Stone said, almost to herself more than the girl she just walked in on.

Despite being the more clothed of the two, Watson couldn’t help but feel awkward under the circumstances, and the look on Stone’s face wasn’t helping matters either.

“Gotta say, Em,” Stone spoke louder, seeming to pick up on Watson’s thoughts, “that’s actually a good look for you. I mean, yeah, the underwear’s a little basic, but honestly…it’s working for you. Plus, it’s not like either of us planned for this, so…”

With that ‘so’ the room fell silent. Stone was clearly waiting for a response while Watson simply felt awkward, gingerly stepping out of her pants before placing them with the small pile of her clothes. A part of her kept telling her to pull her pants back up and politely decline. Another part, still feeling some of the mild effects of the drinking, continued to rationalize that she’d already watched Stone do this and gone to the trouble of undressing this far.

As the two parts waged their internal conflict, Watson saw her friend offer her one of the two cups she’d filled with more champagne from the other room. Seeing a way to end the deadlock, Watson quickly took the offered cup, downing its contents.

In the space of time it took Stone to be surprised by this sudden forward gesture, Watson made for other cup as well. As much as she was trying not to come across as too nervous right about now, it didn’t stop her from moving quickly to drown out that uncertain voice in a fresh wave of booze.

“Wow,” Stone was surprised, but still smiling, “wasn’t expecting you to go quite that all in…you okay?”

Feeling the rush of the two drinks hitting, Watson felt a bit lightheaded, but nodded, smiling.

“It’s fine, yeah…just…wanted to feel a bit more relaxed for this was all.”
“More relaxed I get, but take it easy…” Stone put out a hand to stabilize Watson, who now couldn’t help but smile a little at how absurd this might look from the outside, “would be a missed opportunity for you to get this far and pass out.”
“I’ll be okay,” Watson now found herself smiling again, “just…bear with me.”
“We’ll go slow,” Stone assured, leading her over to the bed – Watson noting she still had a bit of an eager look on her face.

As the champagne continued to fill her with that relaxed feeling, Watson sat down on the bed next to Stone. Seeing her friend pick up the previously defiled Oscar – that she now would be helping for round two – it again hit her what was about to happen.

And despite any prior knowledge of experience she’d had with self-pleasure, a part of her couldn’t help but ask.

“So…how do we…?”
“Well, for starters,” Stone seemed to almost relish being able to take charge of this moment, “you’re gonna need to open up these a little more,” as she spoke, Stone slid a hand down and began to ease Watson’s previously closed legs to open up some, “nothing personal, but Oscar isn’t exactly a little guy.”

Despite being a little surprised by how forward her friend’s opening move was, Watson didn’t utter protest and even moved a bit on her own following the lead.

“Next,” Stone’s hand slid up Watson’s leg at a pace that made Watson wonder how much of this was just being friendly or not, “okay, for this next step I’m really gonna need you to be sure you’re okay with this.”
“Okay with–?” as soon as it was out of her mouth, Watson knew…that she felt Stone’s hand come to rest at the waist of her panties certainly helped sell the point as well.
“Sorry,” for a moment, the excited look on Stone’s face gave way and a bit of a reluctance crossed her features, “just…easier for us both if they’re–”
“You’re right,” Watson was a little surprised at how easily the answer came to her, “Just a second…”

Closing her eyes, Watson brought her own hands to her waist, one brushing against Stone’s hand as she hooked a couple of fingers into the waist of her panties.

“Well Oscar,” she said, smiling, hoping the little joke might make this easier, “if it wasn’t already, this is about to be your lucky day.”

Raising up her hips, Watson quickly slid her panties down, raising her legs to further make it easier to slide them off. Opening her eyes again, she tossed the pair to the clothing pile, which she focused on, rather than look to see if Stone might be getting an eyeful of her newly exposed crotch.

“There,” without even looking at Stone, she could detect the smile just in her voice, “now we can get started.”

Watson’s eyes moved to the statue in Stone’s hands, trying not to focus too much on how her hand was rubbing the statue as though it were a large gold dick.

“Lie down,” Stone said gently, one hand moving from the Oscar to gently push Watson’s shoulder back to the bed, “I’ve got this.”
“Huh? But I thought you said this–”
“It is, at least in a way. But you seemed kind of nervous before, so I’m gonna help you with this.”

Watson slowly let herself get guided back to the bed, though she still tried to protest that she could handle this.

“It’s nothing personal,” Stone added, though Watson wondered by the gentle way Stone was holding onto her, “but really, I want this to be special for you, and if you’re still this nervous, that’s not gonna happen.”
“I’ll be okay, just–”
“Don’t worry,” Stone cut her off, finally releasing her shoulder – though despite herself, Watson wasn’t getting back up, “if it gets too weird, we can stop, but for now, just trust me…” Watson finally let herself look to Stone again, see the redhead’s smile go from gentle to playful, “You just lie back and let a superior Emma show you a good time.”
“Superior?” Watson was now smiling and staying on her back despite her misgivings.
“Well, which one of us has the award and figured this out?”
“Fine,” Watson allowed her smile to grow more playful at this, “convince me.”
“I was hoping you’d say that.”

As she said this, Stone’s hand started to slide down Watson’s arm. As she felt the fingers slowly glide along her skin, Watson started to wonder if what Stone had in mind was more than just instructional.

And to her own surprise, particularly as she felt the hand slide down her side to her thighs, a part of her was kind of hoping it was.

“I can’t stress this enough,” Stone said, gently guiding Watson’s legs further apart, “but more than anything right now, I need you to relax.”
“I’m relaxing, I promise,” Watson replied, hoping the amusement masked her reluctance, “I’m just…I’ve never done anything like this before.”
“Honestly, neither have I,” Stone admitted, the hand still working the Oscar finally slowing, “kind of fun, isn’t it?”
“It is. Still feels a little weird though,”
“Well, that’s just because I haven’t gotten started yet.”
“Started with wh–?” Watson let out a slight gasp as she felt the metal of the Oscar’s head touch her for the first time.
“I was trying to warm it up for you a bit,” Stone added as she gently started to circle the statue around her friend’s clit, “but you’ve gotta admit, that little shock of cold feels pretty nice after the initial touch, huh?”

At a loss for words, Watson only moaned gently as she felt Stone start teasing her pussy with her award.

“That’s right,” Stone said, her voice quieter, trying to be more assuring, “Just enjoy it…if there’s anything you like to do when you’re alone like this, just go right ahead and do it,” Watson turned a bit surprised to hear this from her friend, though the pleasure she was feeling kept her from forming a clear question of it, “or you can always tell me and let me take care of it for you.”

Did she really just say what I thought she said? a small voice of concern from a still sober part of Watson’s mind asked. The smile on Stone’s face only adding to her concerns – was this really just a demonstration?

A part of her was about to ask her friend. It was on the tip of her tongue and ready to go once she could work it past the moan she was feeling as Stone continued to massage her clit with the little golden head.

Then two things happened.

The first would have bolstered her question were she not so caught off guard. That was the moment when the hand that Stone had been gently scratching at her thigh with began to move up Watson’s body. She hadn’t even considered where it might be going until she felt the redhead’s fingers slide into the cup of her bra with little pretense. This came close to a ‘Hey!’ before Stone’s thumb began to circle her erect nipple, reducing the protest to a slightly louder moan.

What was left of the question of concern and its diminished protest died shortly thereafter as the hand working below Watson’s waist began to escalate things as well. Moving slowly, Watson felt her friend slowly sliding the cool metal figure inside of her. To her credit, Watson could tell Stone was taking it slowly so as not to overwhelm her. All the same, feeling the different shape and cooler surface sliding into her now quite warm slit felt like nothing she had quite experienced before.

But as the initial surprise settled, and the question of before faded into nothing, a new thought began to take its place in her mind.

Fuck, now I see why Emma was getting into this…

“Mmmm…there you go,” Stone’s purring voice resumed as she slowly worked more of the statuette into the British starlet, who was slowly turning into a moaning ball of nerves under her attentions. The only thought that now almost completely drowned out sober part of Watson’s mind managed to slip through was ‘Has she thought about doing this before?’

If she hadn’t, Watson’s pleasure-fogged mind concluded, she certainly didn’t seem to mind going all in for it now. A thought only further reinforced as she felt the hand that had been teasing at her nipple shift slightly, and instead begin to pull her bra down. It still remained on her, but now her breasts were exposed to the open air, and the approving smile of Stone.

At this point it was now fair to say she was completely naked for her friend, the position of the bra merely a logistical workaround.

And compared to the golden man that was now for the most part worked into her pussy, that seemed the littlest of things to be concerned with.

In fact, that could be said for so much right now. All Watson wanted to focus on at the moment was how good this all felt, both above and below, as Stone began to gently pump the Oscar into her.

Closing her eyes, Watson threw her head back, arching her chest up slightly, not even phased by the fact she was encouraging the redhead’s fingers to continue teasing her now quite stiff nipples.

By this point, she didn’t need much encouragement to give over to the sensations, even parting her legs automatically to help Stone guide the award in deeper. Any of her earlier reservations were now lost in the haze of how good this all felt. Even her sober mind’s last desperate pitch to try and slow this down only wound up filtering through all the pleasure as a moaned call of ‘More.’

Luckily for her, Stone was happy to go above and beyond for that. Like Watson, she seemed to have become almost high on the pleasure of her own session earlier, and seemed dead set on being able to share the wealth of such enjoyment now that she had her friend naked and on her back.

Which was why when Watson suddenly felt a warm, wet tongue gently lap at one of her nipples, no question of where or why managed to penetrate the haze. After all, it made sense in the moment – Stone was just further helping her friend feel good.

In fact, rather than an objection to this newfound attention (which only slightly slowed the pace of the metal man being used to fuck her), Watson only managed to suggest ‘It’s okay to bite a little.’

She was pleased to find out Stone didn’t need to be told twice, leaning in to gently lick and nip at her friend’s now quite sensitive breasts.

Despite her earlier advice to do what felt good, Watson was a bit amused to find Stone was already taking care of much of that on her own with little prompt. In the end, the most she was able to contribute was gently fingering her own clit as Stone continued to happily fuck and lick her.

She could feel it coming. How long it had been building, she couldn’t say, but she could still feel it forming. Time almost seemed nonexistent right about now, and as much as Watson wouldn’t object to being in this state seemingly forever, she could feel the big finish building within her body.

And even though it would end this, a part of her still wanted it badly.

As the climax started to arise within her, she gained a bit more of her vocabulary again. Not that the exiled sober part of her brain would have any say here. Instead, amid the various moans were calls of ‘Don’t stop’ and ‘Fuck me, Emma!’

The first of those came as Stone held Watson’s left nipple between her teeth, running her tongue along its tip. As the words reached her ears, she let out a playful growl and gently nipped the sensitive flesh before doubling her efforts.

The torrent of filthy talk, all delivered with just a bit of a classy British accent, further seemed to encourage the red-haired aggressor as she began to more frantically fuck her charge.

“Mmmm…you’re gonna cum for me,” she growled, releasing one of Watson’s nipples from her attention, “You’re gonna cum for me in that cute as fuck British accent, aren’t you?”
“Yes! Yes!” at that point Stone could have told her she was going to perform a one-woman retake of all the Star Wars movies and she’d still agree to it so long as she knew her friend wouldn’t stop.
“Good…cum for me, Em!”

It didn’t take much longer after Stone growled this (and gently bit down on her friend’s nipple again) before Watson finally hit her peak. The moans transitioned into a high scream of pleasure as she arched her body up, thrusting her well tended to breasts up to her friend, the hand at her clit grabbing the now warmed Oscar to hold it in place as her free hand roughly gripped the bed spread.

Holy shit, Stone thought as she looked down at her friend. She had promised her she’d enjoy this, but even she was a little surprised to realize how into it they both got.

Watson lay before her on the bed, seemingly drained, body slick with sweat and panting, eyes dazed and seemingly unfocused. A part of her admittedly felt a little proud that she had brought this out in the British girl, but that pride would have to wait as she addressed a more pressing question to start with.

“Em,” Stone said gently, leaning over the exhausted girl, “are you okay?”

She gently took the girl’s face in one hand to look her in the eyes. As they made contact, the haze seemed to part a bit and a glimmer of recognition came back into Watson’s face.

“Emma…” she started, her voice still seeming to drift a little.
“Yeah, Em. It’s me. You alright?”

Watson still looked as though she were caught up in a dream for a moment as she searched for the words to answer Stone’s question. In a way, Stone was a little grateful for the daze, as it made it a little less awkward as she tried to remove the Oscar from her friend at the same time (a task made a little more challenging as Watson’s pussy seemed to clench, unwilling to release its new plaything.)

This awkward silence continued until Stone finally managed to slide the accolade-turned-toy free from her friend, setting it onto the robe as she resumed trying to bring her friend down from the high.

“You alright, Em?”

With the statue now free from her, a part of Watson was starting to come back around.

To Stone’s surprise, however, that part had a bit of a different plan in mind besides relaxing.

“Emma…oh fuck it…”

Before she could ask what that meant, Stone felt Watson’s hands grab her face and pull her in for a deep mouth-to-mouth kiss.

The shock that ran through her soon gave way to the rush of that now quite familiar pleasure as she began to kiss the British girl back, pushing with more assertion as she climbed atop her new fuckbuddy and started to push her back to the mattress.

Not that it took too much to assert dominance right now. Though Watson was clearly into this, Stone could tell she was still not fully recovered from that orgasm.

Making out the with the exhausted girl for a few minutes more, Stone finally broke the kiss.

“So…how you holding up?”
“I’d like to keep going but…wow…”

Stone smiled a bit at this. She could tell just from watching what Watson meant.

Then an idea occurred to her.

“Em, maybe we can still keep going?”
“Do you trust me?”
“Do you trust me?”

Watson paused to think on this for a second before flashing a smile that managed to land somewhere between silly and sultry.

“You managed to talk me into watching you masturbate, then letting you fuck me with an Academy Award. At this point, Emma, it’s pretty safe to say I’m trusting you, yeah.”
“Good,” Stone flashed her own playful grin now, “in that case, keep lying back just like that.”
“That’s it?”
“That’s it for now. Trust me. This is a good way for you to play while you recover.”

Sliding off of the exhausted girl, Stone began to position herself, settling with her blonde patch over the other girl’s face.

An hour ago, Stone had imagined her friend would be having major misgivings about this. Right now, to her surprise, a part of her seemed excited by what was about to happen, and now it was her own time to feel a bit nervous lest her friend lose her nerve now.

“I’m guessing you know what I want you to do, right?”

Watson looked over to see her friend bending over and smiling at her – this time the playfulness also had a sort of friendly warmth to it. Weird as it was to say, there was some genuine affection here.

Allowing a warm smile of her own, Watson replied, “I think I can figure it out.”

Grinning a bit more, Stone lowered herself a bit more onto Watson’s face as she closed her own eyes.

Getting into a rhythm, Stone began to slowly ride her friend’s face. She didn’t doubt this was a first for her friend – truth be told, this was something of a first for her as well – but between the earlier masturbation and Watson’s own sincerity, any sloppiness seemed a moot point. What Watson was doing felt good.

As she felt a good flow starting, Stone opened her eyes, looking down to see her friend’s splayed, trimmed bush waiting for her. She allowed herself a brief appreciation of the irony that this was the part she was uncertain of, having never ventured into this territory before.

At the same time, she reflected, Watson was even less initiated into all of this, and she was still doing this all. Paired with her own actions in the heat of the moment, she realized how silly her reservations seemed.

Letting out a moan as Watson hit a good spot, Stone decided it was time to just let go, say ‘Hell with it’ and go in for the kill.

To her pleasant surprise, the day’s activities had given her a leg-up, as Watson was still quite wet and very excited as she got to work. A part of her even felt a bit gratified when Watson had to stop licking her own slit to moan as Stone hit a good spot.

Grabbing the splayed thighs of the British actress, Stone resumed eating her out with a renewed zeal, picking up speed as she eagerly lapped at her friend’s cunt, pleased to find that the more excited Watson got, the more it reflected in her own actions.

In some ways, this had neither the prolonged ecstasy of their earlier play, nor did it have quite the same finesse. As far as both girls were concerned, this was a bit of down and dirty fucking. One more opportunity for each to make the other feel good now that both had worked themselves up to frenzied orgasm before.

Despite that down and dirty nature, both were still having quite a bit of fun this way.

As Stone felt Watson pull her hips down to her face for easier licking, she allowed herself to lean in further on her own, hearing her friend’s breathing quicken and knowing what was coming.

In the many times the two actresses would look back at this moment later, often after another round of ‘friends with benefits’ play, as they would come to see this – there would be some continued debate as to which girl actually came first. Thanks to their heightened states of arousal from earlier play, both girls were well positioned on the figurative cliff’s edge at the start and waiting for just the right push. That they each went over in relatively close proximity made it hard to really determine who got who off first.

Whichever narrative they subscribed to (the consensus on who came first tended to change from hook-up to hook-up), the fact was, it wasn’t long before both girls were sweating and panting as they came down from their second orgasm of the afternoon, each casually stealing a few more licks at their friend’s quite wet pussy.

Both girls quite exhausted from the rather extensive play of the day’s proceedings, on extricating themselves from one another, the two took advantage of the bed for its other use. Without either really thinking too much on it, the two actresses were soon cuddling together under the covers, the third player of the day sitting on a towel at the foot of the bed.

“So…” Stone finally spoke up into the silence to the brunette now resting her face against the redhead’s breasts, “for all your uncertainty, you tried it for yourself. I’m proud of you but also curious – what did you think?”
“To be honest, I’m a little torn.”
“On the one hand…” Watson looked to the statue with a bit of an idle grin, “fuck, I now have another reason to try and win one of those.”

Stone laughed a little with her, running her fingers along the British actress’s bare back.

“On the other…if I’ve already got one, what excuse do I have to come by here for a little…fun?”

Stone only took a second before smiling down at her friend.

“Simple – double the pleasure or bring a friend.”
“Don’t give me ideas.”
“Too late.”

Allowing herself a small laugh, Watson leaned up to kiss her friend. At this point it was safe to say neither of them could chalk what was happening up to the alcohol…but somehow, neither girl seemed to mind.

More to the point, each was already making plans for down the line.

If it had awareness, the Oscar would arguably be the happiest of the three.


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