This Little Slut

Title: This Little Slut

Author: shottweapon

Celebs: Miranda Lambert, Cady Groves

Codes: FF, nc, fDom, viol

Disclaimer: First and foremost – This is a work of fiction. Though the characters depicted in it are based on actual celebrities (and for the record, this story was written before Gwen Stefani was revealed to be Blake’s other woman, back during the brief period when the up and coming Cady was the rumored other), none of these events, to the best of my knowledge, ever occurred.

If I’m wrong…well…that’s solely the concerns of those involved and not really my place to comment on.

Also, as you can imagine, no reading this if you’re under the age of 18. Seriously, what the Hell are you doing here if that’s the case?

She read the tweets again. She’d read them over numerous times now. She had lost count back around twenty. It was at the point where rereading was almost a pointless gesture, since she had them memorized.

A few voices in the press were saying it was just coincidence, but the majority had come to the same conclusion that Miranda had.

She fucked him, she thought, glaring at the screen of her phone where those tweets had been for the past hour or so, That slutty little upstart fucked him!

Prior to this afternoon, Cady Groves had just been a name she’d heard in passing. Miranda hadn’t really had any reason to give a thought to her. Even the last few days, she had no reason to suspect that Cady was the other woman that had ruined her marriage.

Then she saw the tweets. Suddenly everything fell into place.

It was almost spooky how quickly it had all come together. To the point where her own reaction was almost reflexive. She barely even gave it any thought as she found herself now parked outside of the building that some quick internet searches had told her was where Groves resided.

She fucked him! she repeated to herself staring up at the building.

She had tried to get Blake to admit to who the other woman was, but he was keeping quiet. He certainly didn’t deny that he had had sex with another woman, but he refused to give her identity.

Probably thought he was protecting her, she fumed as she got out of her car and started towards the door, didn’t count on the dumb little bitch outing herself.

As she made her way to the door her mind whirled with the tweets as well as the images of the girl that she and the press had come to see as the other woman. As she imagined that woman with Blake, her pace quickened.

Getting to the door, she didn’t even bother with the doorbell, instead knocking hard and repeatedly.

She knocked a good five or six times before she heard anything from inside.

“Jesus, alright. ALL. RIGHT!” a voice called from inside.

So that’s her, she thought as she stopped knocking, dumb bitch doesn’t even know what she’s in for!

Sure enough as the door opened, Miranda found herself staring at the younger, shorter-haired singer who the world had come to know as Blake’s mistress.

The look on her face once she realized who was at the door was not doing anything to acquit her of that label.

“I don’t know why you’re here, I already told the pres–”

The slap rang in the air as Miranda’s open palm reddened that freckled cheek. Cady reeled for a moment stunned as a bit of anger flared up in her.

“What the fuck are you–?”
“You of all people should NOT be asking that!” Miranda yelled, catching the younger girl off guard in the process.

Stunned, the girl watched as Miranda pushed her way into the house, rubbing her stinging cheek.

“How dare you. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! What the fuck did you think you were doing?”
“I don’t–”
“Don’t fucking make excuses to me. He was a married man. MY FUCKING HUSBAND. You had to have known that.”
“I did–”

That earned the girl a slap on the other cheek. Between the yelling and the hits, she was looking utterly blindsided, and this slap nearly sent her tumbling.


As each new accusation was lobbed her way, Cady’s answers seemed to come less and less. After a while, all she could do was shake her head in half-hearted denials as tears formed in her eyes.

This only made it worse for her.


Between the hits and the yelling, any defiance in Cady was run down in fairly short order.

By the time Miranda finally stopped to take a few breaths, Cady was reduced to a sobbing mess in front of her, her shaky arms raised to defend herself and the most she could utter in any sort of verbal reply was the occasional ‘please.’

Taking the sight in, Miranda’s tirade was instead replaced with a simple, spoken word.


Shaking as she braced for more abuse, Cady could only wear the label.

“What did Blake ever see in a sorry little bitch like you?”

Amid the sobs, Miranda thought she could hear a muffled “I didn’t” or something similar. Not that it did much good. Cady clearly couldn’t answer it herself.

“Well, it’s obviously not personality,” Miranda continued, looking the younger girl over, “Which means he was probably thinking with his dick.”

The fact Cady didn’t even try and offer some sort of half-hearted ‘What we had was real’ at this accusation left Miranda a little disappointed, even though she did not intend to let up now.

“One way to find out, I guess,” she stepped closer to the miserable wreck on the floor, “Stand up.”

Cady continued crying and trying to make herself as small as possible for the better part of a minute before Miranda got impatient with her.

“I said,” she continued sternly as she grabbed the terrified girl’s arm, “stand UP!”

Without waiting for her to obey, she roughly yanked the weeping singer to her feet. Even as she was able to stand, she recoiled from Miranda, fearing another hit.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Miranda smiled a bit at this. She knew it was probably wrong to admit, but a part of her was feeling gratified at seeing the girl who had made her husband stray break like this.

For lack of a better answer, Cady merely looked at her with pleading eyes.

“Now then, let’s see what it was about you that made Blake forget his vows,” she didn’t even try and disguise the smile now, “get the clothes off.”

This finally got Cady to find her words again.


As the word started to come out of her mouth, Miranda grabbed her face with one hand. Keeping eye contact, she repeated the command loudly and clearly.

“Take. Off. Your. Clothes. Now.”

As the command sunk in, Cady’s eyes widened like the proverbial deer in the headlights. No, she hadn’t misheard the award-winning singer. Sniffling as she tried to stop her tears, a rational part of Cady managed to maintain a bit of control long enough for her to start to shake her head.

“What was that?”

As Miranda raised her hand in the threat of landing another blow, that rational part retreated again, leaving the scared girl with only two options – do as Miranda said or get hit again.

In her current state, Miranda wasn’t at all surprised to see her choose the former.

“That’s better,” she said as Cady nervously pulled her shirt off, dropping it to the floor at her feet as she sniffled and tried to stop crying.

Nervously, she fumbled with the button to her shorts as she pushed those down to slide down her legs. All the while Miranda watching her, appraising with her eyes.

When it came to her underwear, Cady froze up. Those eyes started their nonverbal pleas for mercy, but another glare from Miranda made it clear that wasn’t happening.

Choking back a sob, Cady fumbled before nervously unclasping her bra and sending it to join the clothes pile on the floor.

Finally, the last insult – with one more choked sob, and a last look to confirm Miranda wasn’t going to stop, she let her panties slide off.

Sniffling and sobbing as she stood naked on a heap of her clothes, Cady shuddered, terrified as Miranda paced around her, taking in every detail of her body.

“Hmmm…well, there’s a surprise,” Miranda finally broke the silence, “from some of your photos, I expected you to be flat as a board. I mean, those are hardly tits to break up a marriage over, but it’s not as bad as I was expecting.”

Miranda smiled to herself as she saw the weird mix of compliment and insult land with a confused expression.

Perfect, she thought to herself, let the little slut figure that out.

She continued walking around, offering random comments here and there, always mixing a compliment in with the insults, to keep her off-balance.

“What kind of an ass is this? Should I be concerned that Blake might have been into kids or something?
At least your legs aren’t too bad.
Fucking freckles? Really?”

At times, she would accentuate some of her insults with a slap or a prod at the girl’s naked body, causing her to reflexively try and shield herself. Said reflex would be met with a slap on her backside.

“Stand still, whore!” Miranda would order her after each slap.

After a while, the blows brought a fresh wave of tears to Cady’s eyes, but the orders eventually had their effect. For all the pain and humiliation, she was now merely taking the abuse.

“Well, it could be worse,” Miranda finally concluded, “but I have a hard time believing a body like yours was good enough for him to break up our marriage over.”

Choking, a cowed Cady looked down at her naked body, tears blurring her vision.

Now for the coup de grace, Miranda thought as her grin grew.

“Maybe you were just that good in the sack. Though I doubt it.”

Watching the timid girl tense up as she said this galvanized Miranda on this path.

“Only one way to find out out though.”

From the look on her face, any thought Cady gave to running away didn’t last long once Miranda grabbed her by the arm and began to pull her.

“Which way to your bed room?”

Cady pulled meekly, but remained silent.


When Cady remained quiet, Miranda shook her.

“Bedroom. Where?”

Finally, Cady managed a timid “Down the hall.”

“Better,” Miranda answered, firm, but not satisfied, “did you fuck him there?”

She shook her head a little.

“Speak up, slut!” Miranda saw the answer, but wanted to hear it from her, “did you fuck my husband there?”
“No. He wanted to, but…I…”
“At least you had the sense to say no there,” Miranda said, her grip maintaining, “so I’ll at least have that over him.”

Cady whimpered hearing this, realizing exactly what was about to happen. That noise gave Miranda a small thrill to hear.

Entering the room, Miranda whipped her arm, tossing the naked younger girl onto the bed.

“Sit there,” she told her as she stepped back, “if we’re going to do this, I’m not gonna let some slut make a mess of my clothes.”

Cowering on the bed, Cady turned to watch Miranda undress. Where Cady’s actions were timid, Miranda was moving quickly. This wasn’t for the other girl’s enjoyment. She could probably just force herself on the little bitch in her clothes, but these were still nice clothes, and the last thing she needed was some slut’s spit or juices on them.

Within moments, Miranda was naked in all her glory. She looked at Cady for a moment before looking down at her own form – a form she knew some would cut off fingers to take a look at like this.

Get a good look, slut. This is what your idiot lover passed up to fuck you. Look how much better he had it and feel like trash for ruining that.

She wasn’t saying it out loud, but the look she was shooting Cady was speaking volumes. From the look on the girl’s face, the message was being received loud and clear.

“So, what did you do for him?” Miranda said, strutting over to the bed.

Cady looked down at the covers, not saying anything.

Not satisfied with this, Miranda grabbed her chin and tilted to look her in the eyes.

“Answer me, slut! What kinds of things did you do with my soon-to-be-ex-husband?”

Cady was at a loss for words, not sure where to start.

“Did you go down on him?”

She whimpered a little in Miranda’s grip.

“Was that a yes?”

After a moment, she managed a nod.

“Fucking figures,” she muttered, letting Cady’s face go, “little slut with a willingness to suck his dick and that’s all it takes.”

Cady could only stare, dreading what was about to come.

“Well then,” Miranda started to slide onto the bed, “Let’s see if you’re any good at it.”

As she said this, she settled herself at the head of the bed, spreading her legs, legs that certainly caught the attention of others if not Blake, and presenting her neatly trimmed blond bush to Cady.

If the little bitch was overwhelmed before. This sent her over an edge. She could only stare, words failing her as she tried to explain herself.

“What’s the problem? It can’t be that I’m married. Speak up, slut.”
“I’m just…I’m not…I’ve never–”

Another slap interrupted the train of thought.

“You probably also never with a married man before Blake either. First time for everything. Now I’m going to make this easy. You can either do this willingly, or you I can push you in and you can figure it out that way.”

She gave the younger girl a minute to weigh the two options.


Based on what she’d seen, Cady behaved exactly as she expected. Her eyes still pleading for some sort of reprieve, she obediently crawled between Miranda’s legs.

“That’s better,” she said out loud, running the fingers of one hand through the girl’s short hair. The unspoken message quite clear – don’t you dare back out now.

Feeling the prompt, she leaned in and began to awkwardly try and orally pleasure the older woman.

Miranda could tell right away that Cady wasn’t lying – she really hadn’t done this before and it showed. Which was a bit of a shame. She enjoyed the feeling of being eaten out sometimes, and Blake wasn’t one to really do her that favor too often.

Still, a part of her idly mused as she felt the girl starting to get the hang of things, maybe this can be worked on.

Holding Cady’s head in place, Miranda coached her through it. Like much of her earlier commentary, it was a bizarre mix of encouraging and insolent. When Cady got something right, Miranda would commend her quick learning, while also ordering her to lick her cunt like a real homewrecking slut.

As she closed her eyes, she imagined Cady’s face, tears running down it as she desperately tried to get Miranda off with her clumsy tongue, and the sight in her mind more than made up for Cady’s lack of experience.

“That’s it…getting closer…maybe you’re a better slut than I thought…” she praised/taunted, pushing the scared girl’s face further into her cunt.

As she built closer to orgasm, her instructions and insults became more pitched before finally climaxing in the middle of yelling “Eat it all, cunt!” with the last word derailing into a loud moan as she felt herself cumming hard. Again, the thought of that covering Cady’s face finished the push over the hump.

As she came down, she held the younger girl in place, even as she could feel her becoming uncomfortable.

“Hmm…not bad,” she finally managed, pulling the girl away to look at her cum-streaked face. A bit of a thrill went through her at the sight. It was as good as she imagined.

“But still not quite seeing it. Not yet, anyway.”

Cady was about to look away and wipe her face when Miranda ordered her not to.

“Maybe,” she finally said, musing out loud, “Maybe it’s about how you take a cock.”

A bit of fear returned to Cady’s dazed expression hearing that.

“That’s it, isn’t it? Blake liked getting to put his dick in you, huh?”

Cady shook her head to try and deny it, not realizing that was exactly the response Miranda wanted.

“Well, naturally, I can’t give it to you like that. But maybe we can make something work here…”

As she said this, Cady started to try and get up from the bed. To her chagrin, Miranda was expecting this. It didn’t take her long to overtake the scared girl and toss her back to the bed.

“You’ll wait there or I’ll fucking tie you to it. Understood.”

From the look on her face, Cady was too scared to move.

“Smart girl,” Miranda said and began searching the room.

She didn’t doubt what she was looking for was around here somewhere.

Little slut’s bound to have one for when she can’t get her fix, she thought to herself as she checked drawers and closets.

Fortunately it didn’t take long before she found was she was looking for. Tucked away under an old shirt, she found the girl’s dildo.

Ha! she thought to herself She has something bigger than Blake at home and she still goes for him. Really not the brightest slut…

Taking the sturdy black toy in hand, she turned back to Cady, really growing to like that fearful look that was becoming a regular on the girl’s face.

“So this was it, huh?” Miranda said, passing the dildo from hand to hand, “you wanted to have his dick. Even though it doesn’t have shit on this.”
“No…” Cady finally managed to find her voice again, “it wasn’t like that.”
“Then what was it? Your personality? Please, you fucking caved when I came in here. It sure as shit wasn’t your body. That’s nothing special. That tongue’s not winning any awards at this point, so all I can figure is you take a dick like a champ.”
“Don’t give me that shit,” Miranda said coming back over the bed, her tone making it clear she meant it.

Still shaking, Cady shut right up seeing the look on Miranda’s face.

“That’s better. Now, I’m feeling merciful since you’re clearly not a bright slut, so open your mouth.”

Even as she had a bad feeling what was about to happen, Cady complied. Without giving her a moment to reconsider the decision, Miranda began to fuck her mouth with the dildo.

“I could have just fucked you dry with this, you know,” she said as she forced it further into the girl’s mouth, watching her eyes beg for some relief, “listened to you scream as I pushed it further in. But you DID do an okay job eating me out. So don’t let anyone say I’m ungrateful.”

She continued to fuck the girl’s mouth for a few minutes, enjoying the play of shock, terror, and later disgust on her face before being satisfied the dildo was sufficiently wet.

“Now let’s see how well this does.”

Of course, using just her mouth only still does just so much to lubricate a toy. But it wasn’t like Miranda wasn’t still mad as Hell with the girl. Watching the pained expression on Cady’s face as she slid the rubber phallus into her made the whole thing worth it.

“How’s that, huh? Bet it’s bigger than anything Blake ever gave you.”

Cady could only whimper.

“So how’s this?” she pressed, starting to fuck the younger girl with it, “as good as Blake, eh?”

It would be easy for Cady to deny at first, she reflected, while it still hurt. After that though…

It didn’t take long for Cady’s body to start getting into the rhythm of it.

Shameless little slut! Miranda thought with no small amount of spite hearing the girl’s yelps turn to moans.

“How about now? As good as Blake?”
“No? Really?”
She started pushing harder at this.

What followed was like a cruel game for Miranda. She was clearly hitting the girl with shared feelings of pain and pleasure, each time asking the same questions: “As good as Blake? Better?”

All the while, Cady had a harder time denying the feelings. Miranda could see this and was determined to keep pressing.

“Come on,” Miranda taunted, “I was married to the guy, I know his cock isn’t up to this. Is this as good?”
“It’s better, isn’t it?”

THAT was what Miranda was waiting for. That moment when the rush finally pushed this pretty little slut over the edge. She continued viciously fucking her, enjoying watching the little bitch writhe from her efforts.

“If it was better, why did you let him fuck you?”
“It was cause you were a stupid little slut.”

It wasn’t a question. It was a statement. A statement that, in her current frame of mind, she was having a hard time arguing.

“You let him fuck you because you didn’t think, did you?”
“Cause you’re a Goddamn slutty homewrecker.”
“Cause you didn’t care whose lives would be ruined so long as someone fucked you proper.”
“Fuck, I’m so close…”

It wasn’t that Cady was oblivious. Miranda could see that from her eyes, which made watching her body betray her much more fun.

“Of course you are. Why is that?”

She slowed down a bit. The unspoken terms were clear, and from the look on Cady’s face, she hated them, but she also didn’t want it to stop.

“Because I’m…I’m…”

“Say. It.” Miranda said, pushing in with each word.

“I’m a homewrecking little slut!” Cady half-panted, half-sobbed.
“Goddamn right you are!” Miranda said picking up speed again, “and never forget that. Even if the press does. Even if Blake does. I won’t, and neither will you.”

Miranda wasn’t an amateur with sex. She would be one of the first to admit it. It was with that in mind that she didn’t care how wrong it sounded to admit – hearing Cady’s whimpers and moans as she broke her with the dildo were one of the single most erotic experiences Miranda had ever had.

With the taunts continuing with each thrust, she continued to insult and reinforce all the cruel things she’d been telling Cady since she started, getting a bit of a thrill when Cady agreed, even if only so Miranda would continue fucking her.

Finally, the moment she had been waiting for hit. With a loud, high scream, Cady finally came, the rubber dick buried deeply in her, her face a mix of sweat, cum, and tears, and her whole body wracked from the experience.

As she came down from the moment, remembering all of the things she said, she rolled onto her side, the dildo still lodged in her, and began to sob.

Watching the broken girl, Miranda couldn’t help but feel a bit of satisfaction. Amid everything that had gone on since the divorce went public, this was probably the best moment she’d had.

“I’m proud of you,” she finally said, “Not many sluts will admit to their problems that way,” as she said this, she leaned down and slapped the girl’s ass.

Then an idea hit her. The one way this victory could be even more complete.

“Wait right there,” she told the crying girl, though she doubted that would be an issue, “I have to go get something.”

Pulling her clothes on, she went back out to the car to retrieve a few items. If this went as planned, it would be the crowning triumph of an already triumphant day.


“What the Hell do you mean, video?”
“It’s like I told you, Blake. There’s a video that’s supposedly going up tonight about this whole divorce mess.”
“Any idea what’s on it?”
“No. That’s been kept hush-hush. All I know is, you’re probably gonna want to be somewhere where you can watch it when it hits just so we can discuss where to go from there.”

Blake Shelton had been remembering the conversation he’d had with his PR people on the drive back to his house.

Word was that someone had a video relating to the entire divorce proceedings and it would be going online tonight. This was the first he’d heard of this, and if this concerned him directly, he’d need to know now so that he would know what to do when the press got wind of it.

In order to make it back in time to see this thing, he practically had to breakneck it. He was pretty sure on any other day he’d have been charged with breaking traffic laws, but somehow he dodged that today.

Now if only his luck would hold.

At the appointed time, he fired up the video his PR people sent him.

The first thing he saw made his face go white.

It was Cady. She was naked, and her face was a mess – from what he couldn’t tell on this stream – and she looked to be wearing some sort of collar, but he’d still recognize her, even if she hadn’t already introduced herself.

“M…my name is…” Cady winced a little. On a closer look, there seemed to be someone behind her holding her hair, “My name is Cady Groves,” she began.

Oh God… Blake thought watching this, If there was any benefit of the doubt that she wasn’t the other woman, this was about to blow it out of the water.

“Earlier today, the press had speculated that I was the woman Blake Shelton had…had cheated on his wife with,” she had to stop herself from a sob in the middle of that, “That speculation was all true.”

Fuck… Blake thought. This was about to go south fast.

“I was the other woman. Because I’m a…” another sob “I’m a filthy homewrecker. A fucking whore who didn’t think who she was getting into bed with. I…I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway. Because I’m a slut…a thoughtless slut…”

A fresh wave of tears ran down her face as she made this confession. If Blake wasn’t already feeling sick hearing this, that sight would have done it.

“I’m…I’m sorry to Miranda,” she continued, “for ruining her marriage, and dragging her name down with my sluttiness. Blake…if you’re watching this, don’t ever call me again. You’ve already caused enough pain. I just want to stop this. Because of that…I’m…” she was really fighting to get this out, “I’ll be…I’ll be retiring from singing. I’m sorry to my fans, and again, I am sorry to Miranda. Goodbye.”

As she said this, the video cut off as it looked as though the girl was yanked back by her hair.

Blake stared mutely at his screen and the cut off stream for the better part of two minutes before he saw the notification that he had a new email.

Recognizing Miranda’s address, he hesitantly opened it. All it contained was one sentence. But it was enough to turn his insides to ice reading it:
“The whore is part of my half.”

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