Jason’s Bachelor Party Romp with Daphne Joy Love

Title: Jason’s Bachelor Party Romp with Daphne Joy Love

Author: SNwhatves

Celebs: Daphne Joy Love

Codes: MF, anal, affair, oral, squirt, rimming, cowgirl

Disclaimer: This story is in no way real, nor have I ever been a part of this. This is pure fantasy written for my own pleasure and for others. I do apologise if this fantasy does not live up to other people’s expectations.

Jason finally decided to have his bachelor party. Him and some of his closest mates decided to head to Mexico to have their week-long bachelor trip. Once they got to their resort in Cabo, Mexico, his mates surprised him with a stripper and a great party at the resort. It was brilliant and stripper was fantastic.

The next day, the guys all decided to hit the beach. It was a fantastic beach, not too crowded and the ocean was fantastic. As they were all chilling out, having a few beers and playing some card games, an absolutely stunning woman came out of the sea. It was one of those Bond girl type entrance. She was wearing an extremely sexy monokini. It was black and covered her beautiful perky breasts just and the bottom was a thong. She had one pert booty. It was not huge but extremely spankable, the perfect butt. Her legs were long and toned. She had a gorgeous half Asian face and her body was perfectly tanned. Through the gaps of the monokini, you could see her abs and how tiny her waist was extremely sensuous. She had the perfect hour glass figure.

She walked over to her set of friends and laid down to get a perfect tan, while drinking a little cocktail. Jason kept stealing glances at her throughout the day. He knew, he was infatuated and really wanted to spend time with her. After a while, all the girls started leaving, including the girl Jason had his eye on. She walked by him, giving him a little wink as she walked by him. He watched her gorgeous bum as she walked away, as it swayed from side to side. It really was a thing of beauty. He watched her head off into the resort they were staying at. This meant at some point he would encounter her.

After spending time on the beach with the lads, they went back to their resort, got changed and ready for a night of drinking and some good food. They went to the restaurant of the resort, where they found the group of ladies they saw at the beach. The woman he had his eye on, was also there, wearing a very low cut red dress, where the neck line was down to her abs. As she turned around to speak to her other friends, the dress was backless, which made it even more sexier. The dress was had full sleeves and it just about covered her very shapely ass. The lads also started talking to her friends, so Jason took the opportunity to go and talk this vixen.

“Hi, I noticed you at the beach, are you here on a Bachelorette trip?”

“Yeah, but our friend, the bride to be, is a bit of prude. No fun, in fact, she didn’t even want strippers!”

“Oh really?! Well my mates already threw me a proper bachelor party. We already had our fair share of strippers.”

“Niiice! That’s what a bachelor trip should be about! Fun, alcohol, strippers, nudity and maybe some regrets”

“Some regrets?”

“Well yeah, you know, a regretful moment, sex with some randomer or some sort of sexual adventure.”

“Ah, have you had those?”

“Well yes, but I have never been the bachelorette. So it was fine for me.”

“AAH fair enough! Well my name is Jason and I am the bachelor about to be married.”

“I see! Congrats! My name is Daphne and I am in the mood for a drink.”

“Absolutely! I’ll get you something.” Jason went over to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks and carried on chatting to Daphne. He realised she is 50 Cent’s baby momma and she recently dated some rapper, he couldn’t give two shits about. Throughout their conversation, he kept checking her out, it was hard not to, as she was wearing such a revealing dress.

“Listen, I am getting bored here, you wanna go to the beach and have a walk and then we could go to this great beach bar?” Daphne suggested

“Lead the way.” Jason was looking forward to spending some more alone time with Daphne. He winked at one of his mates to let him know, he won’t be coming out with them. They knew and gave him a quick thumbs up.

They were walking down the beach, the sea breeze was perfect and actually made Daphne’s nipples hard, as they were poking out of her dress. He made sure to walk a couple of paces behind her so that he could stare at that gorgeous ass. Near one of the villas by the beach, Daphne stopped and said, “Hey! Don’t you think the water looks great?”

“Yeah it does. Why do you ask?”

“Well, since it’s your bachelor trip and my friend’s bachelorette is so shit, do you want to go skinny dipping? I want to do something wild!”

“Are you sure?” Jason asked, hoping she would just confirm his fantasy.

“Of course,!” Without saying anything else, she slipped off one side of her dress and then the other to reveal two extremely beautiful breasts and extremely taut stomach. She then wiggled her dress down to show off her red thong that she was wearing. “Well what are you waiting for? Is this not an official invitation for you?” She joked, as she started to help Jason take his shirt off. She herself then grabbed her thong and pulled them down, to show a beautifully shaven pussy. She stood their completely naked, the finest body Jason could hope to see. It was perfect in every way. Big beautiful and perky boobs, a tight long midriff and sizeable and pert ass. Complemented beautifully with long and tanned legs.

He took off his shirt and shorts, as Daphne stared at the ocean. He took his boxers off as well, only the evening chill had slightly affected his cock. Daphne turned around to see this well-built man standing in front of him with a cock, that looked slightly smaller than she expected.

“Wow Daphne! You are absolutely stunning! I am absolutely lost for words!”

“Well I do work hard for this. Anyway, let’s go!” She gave him a quick twirl of her gorgeous body and  grabbed Jason’s hand and they ran into the ocean. It was quite cold, but extremely refreshing. Daphne looked even sexier in the ocean, it that was possible. He playfully flicked some water towards her and likewise she did the same. After about 10 minutes, they both head out of the ocean. He is still mesmerised at how great her body was. She grabbed her clothes and started walking towards the villa in front of them. He followed her, watching her hips and her butt swaying in front of him. It was a thing of beauty. She dropped her clothes off to one side, “Hey, let’s clean up all the salty water?” She grabbed his hand and dragged him under the pool shower of the villa. She turned the shower on and started to wash off the salt water. Jason was still staring at this beautiful woman under the shower. She pulled Jason under the shower as well and started massaging his hair and rubbing his torso. She had a lustful and playful smile on her face. She encouraged him to wash her back and ass, which he obviously obliged to.

During all of this, his cock began to grow to its normal length, which Daphne noticed straightaway and was more than relieved to see this man well hung. Once they completed their shower, she took Jason to the beach cabana and sat him down. She was now dying to see the full length of that cock.

“Hey I know, you have already had a stripper come dance for you, but I give you another lap dance for free?”

“Really? You would do that?” Jason asked surprised.

“Yeah of course, it’s your bachelor party! Plus I love to dance!” She grabbed her phone and put on some dancing music and started to dance seductively in front of him. She was a natural, her body moved in a seductive rhythm that kept him mesmerised. She then turned around and started twerking that perfect ass on his lap. This had the desired effect as Jason was now fully hard and primed for usage. Daphne could now feel that throbbing cock and it was turning her on even more. After twerking her ass on his lap, she turned around straddled him, doing well not to insert that huge cock up her pussy. She rubbed her boobs all over his face and body. “You like this lap dance?”

“Yeah…I mean you can see for yourself what I think of it!” He replied by pointing at his boner.

“Mmmmm, yes I see that! I must admit, that is very impressive!” She rubbed her boobs all the way down to his huge throbbing cock. “Well you let me help you out with this, I mean that’s what a bachelor trip is for at the end of the day.” She gave him a little wink before taking that cock up her mouth. It was a huge cock, but she always had a huge mouth and she was well equipped to handle a cock like his.

“This is the best end to a lap dance!” Jason exclaimed in pleasure. Daphne was using her dick-sucking-lips to good effect. She always enjoyed giving head, especially to guys who were huge. She took his cock all the way to the back of his throat.  She was slobbering all over and really making Jason moan in pleasure. She used her mouth to good effect and really played with his head and made sexy popping noises.

Jason was in heaven, but he wanted to taste Daphne, so he stopped her and pulled her and bent her over on the cabana bed. “Wooo, someone is in a hurry!” Daphne exclaimed out of excitement. Without even thinking, he smacked her perfect ass, “Ooo yeah” Spank that gorgeous ass!” He spanked her again, and again she cooed in pleasure. He bent down started straightaway licking that asshole! “Oh fuck! You dirty little bastard! You know exactly what I want! Lick that tight little asshole good!” He was ferociously tonguing that tight asshole and at the same time he inserted one finger up her dripping wet snatch. “FUCK! That’s it! Keep going!” He now inserted two fingers up her tight pussy and really started to vigorously fingering her while licking her asshole. “OH GOD!! FUCK! That’s it!! Keep going!” Jason was now just vigorously fingering her as Daphne moaned louder. There was nobody around on the beach, they could be as loud as they wanted. “FUCK! KEEP GOING! That’s the spot! I’m going to cum!” Daphne screamed and moaned in pleasure. “OH MY GAWD! YES!” Her pussy coated his fingers in her juices, her body was shaking vigorously. She was literally dripping wet now.

Daphne turned around and licked his fingers to taste her own cum. She then starting sucking him off and lubing up his cock to penetrate her wet snatch. After sucking his cock for about 2 minutes, she got back on the gazebo bed, onto all fours and starting shaking that perfect ass of hers. “Well Jason, aren’t you going to enjoy your bachelor gift?” She continued to shake her ass teasingly. Jason got behind her and started teasing her wet pussy with his rock-hard cock. “Oh god, I can’t wait to feel you inside of me. That big hard cock stretching me out”

“you are a naughty girl! You don’t care that I am about to get married?!” Jason quizzed, knowing full well the hypocrisy of that question.

“Oh just SHUT UP and FUCK ME!” With that, Jason inserted his big rod into that tight, wet hole of hers. “Mmmm, you are so big and perfect inside me” Jason slowly started to fuck her, getting into a nice rhythm. “That’s it baby, fuck me just like that!” Daphne was now really enjoying that huge cock in her pussy. She had not been fucked in while and her current boyfriend was just not that man she thought he was.

Jason now really started to fuck her. Her perky tits started bouncing vigorously as he spanked that perfect ass of hers! “That’s it fuck me like that dirty slut I am! Give it to me harder!” Daphne could not believe how good he was. She was about to have another orgasm! “Don’t stop! Keep going! I am going to cum again!” He continued pounding her tight pussy, within seconds she came again on his cock. “FUCK!” Daphne screamed in pleasure. Her body was shaking from her orgasm. She was using her hips to slowly fuck Jason back. “My god! You feel so good deep inside of me!” Jason pulled out of her and she turned around and started sucking him off to taste her own cum. She sucked cock like a pro, she knew exactly how to please him.

She sucked him off for another minute before she pushed him back on the bed and turned around so that he was facing that perfect ass and she straddled him. “You have the most amazing ass!”

“Well you get to watch this ass bounce on your cock, after all it is your bachelor trip,” She winked at him and guided that cock back into her dripping wet pussy. “Mmm, yes!” She started bouncing up and down his large cock, while playing with her erect nipples. “Oh, GOD YES! You feel so good inside of me.” Her ass bounced in front on him, looking even more enticing riding his thick dick. Daphne couldn’t believe how high she was having to bounce on this cock. She continued to pinch her nipples as she fucked his cock, while Jason spanked her ass at every opportunity. “You like watching that ass bounce don’t you?

“Oh absolutely! Its most bangin’ booty ever!” Jason exclaimed in excitement as he spanked her ass.

“Oh yeah spank my ass. It’s all yours for the night!” Daphne continued to bounce up and down that huge dick of his. She then just started to use her hips to engulf that cock up her soaking wet pussy. She was basically twerking her ass on his cock. She loved doing this, it turned her on so much that she could twerk on such a large cock. Jason spanked her ass again. “Oh GOD YES! You like this don’t you! Your cock feels amazing inside me!”

Jason had now had enough grabbed her waist and started pounding her pussy. “OH YES! Pound that pussy! Give it to me harder! I can take it! FUCK ME!” Daphne screamed out in pure pleasure as Jason pounded her pussy. “Keep going! Make me cum again! That’s it, drill me harder! GAWD!” Her orgasm hit, as her body quivered in pleasure. She had goosebumps all over her body. There was now sweat dripping down her tits and back. She was really being worked out tonight. She used her hands to stop him and just moved his cock around inside of her by moving her waist in her circular motion. “That was intense! I love your big cock! We are going all night tonight!”

“Daphne, can I fuck your ass?” Jason asked cheekily. She looked like a girl who would enjoy a good anal pounding.

“Well, its your bachelor party! I am all yours!” She got off his cock and started sucking him off again. “And, anyway, I love a good anal!” Daphne knew he was dying to fuck her ass. She after all had an ass to die for and knew Jason had been wanting to enter her precious asshole.

“You are one dirty woman!”

“Well the same can be said for you! Plus, your bachelor trip is meant to be dirty and I doubt your fiancé has an ass as good as this!” She said without much modesty shaking her booty at the same time. She continued to suck his dick, getting it nice and lubricated for her tight asshole.

“Oh no she doesn’t! She can’t even handle my cock!”

“That’s a pity! I can take this cock all night! Nothing beats a strong, hard and huge cock!” Daphne spat on his cock to make it really wet. She continued to suck and stared seductively into Jason’s eyes. She was just as excited to have that cock in her ass. She stopped sucking him off and turned around, into the doggy position and started shaking her ass invitingly towards Jason. “C’mon baby, give me that fat cock in my ass! Let me be your bachelor trip anal whore!” Daphne was begging, teasingly, as Jason got up and got behind her again. He spanked her ass again and started rimming her asshole. “Mmmm, that’s it, you really know how to please a woman. Keep going!” Jason continued to lick and smack her ass until he knew she was ready for anal penetration.

Jason now stopped, grabbed his throbbing cock and starting teasing her asshole. “Are you ready?”

“Fuck YES! Just put your tip in first!” Jason did as instructed as he inserted the head into her tight asshole. “OHHH FUCK! You are huge!” Jason slowly pulled out and went back in, this time inserting a little bit more. Daphne was breathing really heavily, he could see beads of sweat all over her body and his. “You feel so good in my ass! I want more!” Jason now pushed more of his cock into her asshole, as her moans of pleasure got louder. Her face was now flat on the gazebo bed, her ass nice and high for Jason, with one hand playing with one of her nipples and the other playing with her clit. Jason got into a nice rhythm as her ass gaped more to adjust to his size.

Jason sensed that she was now fully comfortable with his cock, so he grabbed her waist and started to really thrust into that amazing ass. “OH YEAH!!!FUCK! Fuck that tight asshole!” Daphne was now in heaven, she had not had such a good anal pounding in a while. “Jason! I am going to cum! Oh my GAWD YESSS!” She screamed in pure ecstasy, as her orgasm hit. This time she squirted for the first time in the night! “Fuck baby! It’s the first time a man has made me squirt!” It was an intense orgasm, as she gushed excessively everywhere.

“A man?” Jason asked quizzically.

“Yeah, I have made myself squirt using a massive dildo and a hitachi! Don’t stop now! Fucking make cum again!” Jason now really put his back into it and started pounding that wet ass. Daphne was now screaming in pleasure, louder than ever. He was sure the bar close by could now hear them going at it. He did not care! “Keep pounding me! Make me your anal slut! FUCK ME! ARGH!!!” Within another 3 minutes she came again big time, squirting everywhere.

Jason now pulled out of her ass and started licking up all her juices from her pussy and ass. “You like my cum? Drink it all, you dirty fucker!” Once Jason enjoyed her taste, Daphne got up, pushed Jason back on the bed, straddled him again, this time in the cowgirl position so that she he could now stare at her tits. “I want to ride this cock until I squirt again and again.” She inserted his cock back up her asshole and started bouncing up and down his huge shaft. Her perky boobs bounced around as she rode that dick with real passion. “Your cock feels so good in my ass! I wanna fuck you all night!” She continued to ride his dick, her ass was used to that fat cock now and Daphne was loving it deep inside her asshole. She was now moaning louder in pleasure,

Jason who was playing with her boobs, now placed her hands on her waist and buckled his own hips and started pounding into that wonderful ass. “God, babe your ass is amazing! I am not going to stop!” Jason really started pounding into her ass, the hardest he had fucked her all night.

“OH GAWF JASON! You unbelievable beast! FUCK!” As Daphne screamed in pleasure, she had another orgasm, and squirted all over Jason’s body! Jason didn’t stop fucking her ass, as Daphne tried to slow him down, as her orgasm continued. “OH Babe! I am still fucking cumming!” Her orgasm subsided as Jason slowed down. She got off of his cock and crawled up and licked all her juices from Jason’s torso.

“You dirty fucking slut! You love your own cum! You made a mess all over me! Clean me up good!” Jason exclaimed.

“Oh I will! With cum that tastes this good…” She said sticking her two fingers in her pussy and then shoving them down Jason’s mouth, “I am not going to leave any drop!” Daphne stuck to her word and licked all of her cum off Jason. Jason enjoyed her tongue on his body, it was dirty and he liked it.

She now crawled to the edge of the gazebo, did the splits on the edge of bed, with her ass hanging just off the bed. “C’mon on Jason, fuck me from behind!” This was a super-hot position for Jason. Daphne was flexible which made her even more desirable. Jason got up and got behind her. “Jason, I am so fucking horny for your cock! I love that you have fucked me for this long…OH FUCK! That’s it! Fuck that tight hole! MMMMM, Spank me!” Jason spanked her three times really hard as Daphne moaned more. Daphne was now flat on her stomach, while maintaining her splits. Jason continued to ram her ass, as Daphne continued to moan in delightful bliss.

“FUCK THAT PERFECT ASS! OH GAWD!!” Daphne could not believe that she was close to another orgasm so soon. “Keep going babe! Please make me cum one more time! OH GAWD YES!” Jason gave her another few hard spanks and that drove Daphne into another orgasm. The gazebo bed was drenched from another gush of her squirt. Jason pulled out of her dark hole, leaving a very gaping hole behind. Daphne quickly got into a crab position, to accentuate her already perky breasts and started sucking Jason off again.

“Oh FUCK BABY! You are so fucking hot in this position!” She continued to suck him vigorously. She was aching for him to cum now.

She got out of the crab position to the disappointment of Jason, but pulled him close to her, as she lay down flat on her back. “I want your cum now! I want to feel and taste that warm sticky nectar of yours!” She took his cock up between her beautiful tits and started titty fucking him “I bet you have been wanting to this to me as well tonight!”

“Oh FUCK! Your tits feel amazing! You will make me cum soon!” She stuck her tongue out to lick his head while he fucked her tits. Jason felt like he did not give enough attention to these fantastic tits. “You have the most perfect body!”

“Why don’t you cum for this perfect body! Give me that cum, I want to drink it and feel it all over me! I know you big boys cum big. I want to be covered in your warm cum! Make me your dirty cum slut.” Daphne knew her dirty talk was working as she heard Jason moan more pleasure.

“OH GAWD FUCK!” Jason stopped fucking her tits and pulled away and just exploded a huge cum shot all over Daphne’s perfect tits, her taut stomach and all over her face. He continued to cum more, and went closer to Daphne so that she could suck him dry! Daphne was all too happy to do so. She continued to suck Jason’s cock and taking in every last drop of his cum. She finished sucking his cock with a pop, showed him the cum mixed with her saliva and swallowed it down.

“My god Jason! Look at the mess you have made of me! I love it! I knew big boys came big!” She winked at him and went about licking up all the cum from her body. Jason just collapsed next to her watched her enjoy his nectar. Even by Jason’s standards, that was a huge load that he shot.

“Baby, that is the biggest load I have ever shot, all down to you baby!”

“Well then, Happy Bachelor Party then!” She gave him another wink, finished licking up all the cum from her boobs and stomach, got up, grabbed her clothes and walked to a way to the beach villa right behind their gazebo. Jason, still exhausted from the intense fuck session he had just had was a bit surprised that was it. He watched Daphne walk away, swaying that beautiful ass of hers, side to side and wondered whether he would get another chance with this sex diva.

Just as Daphne was about to be out of ear shot, she turned around and said, “Jason, if you are still around tomorrow, and want to kill some more time, just come by this villa, I am sure I can find something fun for us to do.” She gave him little pout air kiss and walked towards her villa. Jason was now really looking forward to his last day of his Bachelor trip. Another night of amazing sex, couldn’t get any better! He finally grabbed his clothes and went back to his villa, a satisfied and tired man. He was sure, his best mates were going to love this story!

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