Mr. Disco Ch.6

Title: Mr. Disco Ch.6

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Lucy Pinder, Holly Peers, Michelle Marsh

Codes: MF, cons, rom, affairs, oral, tit fuck,, slut, MDom, BDSM

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


London, England

Among the darkness, a chain rattling created noise in the dark purple room. Heels were heard stomping over the floor, following a woman breathing heavily. A figure moved beyond the curtains, towards the bed as the chain stopped when a woman sat down in the middle of the king size bed. Lucy Pinder found herself in the captivity of a woman she had been addressing as ‘Mistress’ all through the night. The busty glamour model sat on the bed, breathing heavily. She was afraid, unknowing what to expect at this point. Kimberly stood holding her chain as she began to detach it from the collar around her neck. A tight one piece bustier outfit had been fitted over Lucy’s body. With the chain removed from the ring of her collar, Kimberly sighed.

“Why are you so nervous all the time? Just relax.”

Kimberly began to stomp off. Her heels clicked loudly over the floor. In the past few hour, Lucy had been taken to Nigel’s penthouse suite. She had a bath and then spent an entire hour going through clothes, outfits and sets of high heels seeing what could fit and what outfits she preferred. After that, Kimberly took her into what would be her room among the penthouse suite and allowed Lucy to pick bed sheet colors and a few decorations. When Lucy asked what all this was about, Kimberly threatened her with the riding crop and told her to shut her mouth. All she was told was that she was to be Nigel’s new ‘trophy whore’. Kimberly hinted that another woman lived in the suite with him, as Lucy would not be alone. Nigel fancied himself as a playboy who preferred to be surrounded by a harem of women.

A trophy whore was among Nigel’s favorites, only a special woman who he deemed worthy to live with him. Lucy realized soon enough that she was in captivity with this man. Though he had not returned, it had dawned on her earlier tonight that she would not be escaping rather easily. Kimberly removed the leather collar from her neck an hour ago and replaced it with a locking silver metal collar. It required a key to take off and had been fitted to Lucy’s neck size. She felt like a slave in a dangerous game while wearing the heavy piece of metal around her neck. In the front of the collar was a large metal ring where the chain had been attached earlier. Among the room, dark curtains were hanging from every passageway. Lucy heard footsteps and saw the curtains rustling from the left side of the room. She panicked, calling out in fear.

“Who’s there!? Show yourself!”

Laughter crackled from a soft voice almost in a sinister laugh. Lucy only knew that the voice was coming from a woman, but it was definitely not Kimberly. The curtains pulled apart and then a woman stood tall in a similar bustier outfit that Lucy was wearing. She looked back at her with piercing green eyes. Lucy instantly recognized the woman. Her jaw dropped as it was an old friend of hers from back in her days of modelling in various glamour magazines.

“Oh my god, Holly!”

“Hello Lucy, it’s been quite a long time.”

The curtain moved as Holly Peers stepped out, offering a smug grin to Lucy as the old friends were now reunited. To Lucy, this was a strange coincidence that she didn’t quite understand at first. There wasn’t a collar placed around Holly’s neck, something she instantly noticed. The other woman joined her, sitting on the bed as the smirk was still painted across her lips.

“What are you doing here, Holly? I haven’t seen you in years.”

“I’m with Nigel now, I live here with him. He told me that I would have company today as a surprise, I had no idea that you would be joining us.”

Lucy took a deep breath as she glanced away. Something didn’t quite make sense to her but she couldn’t put her finger on the thoughts yet. Holly looked over and spoke again.

“You look scared, Lucy. What’s the matter?”

“I…I don’t know what I’m doing here. I feel like I’ve become a prisoner here.”

Holly paced her finger up to Lucy’s lips, silently calling for her to hush.

“Shhhh! Calm down, everything is going to be fine. Nigel obviously thinks highly of you. If he didn’t, you would be in the harem downstairs and not up here with me.”

The other woman giggled while reaching her hand to hold Lucy’s. Holly spoke again.

“It’s been a while since I had a companion up here with me.”

Lucy was thinking to herself while she remained quiet. Luke was still on her mind, as this entire situation of offering sex was originally to free Luke. Now it had developed into something far different, bringing her into captivity and reunited with her old friend Holly. She thought about what Holly was saying, mentioning a harem. She finally spoke back to her friend while gazing into her beautiful green eyes.

“That other woman told me I was to become a trophy whore. What did she mean by that?”

“Oh honey, that means you are special. I’m Nigel’s other trophy whore. He likes to keep two, his favorite women. You will live with him like I do, we’re going to have so much fun together.”

Holly crackled into giggling once more. She patted Lucy on the shoulder, reassuring her as the nervous tensions were still clear from her facial expressions.

“Lucy, you should feel honored. He thinks highly of you, obviously. If he didn’t, he would’ve put you in the harem with the other girls. If you were in the harem, then he would share you out to other men. He’s not doing that though, oh no. You’re a trophy whore, that means you’re special.”

Reaching her hand out, Holly slid her index finger through the large metal ring attached to Lucy’s collar. She tugged it, just as she had seen Nigel had done to her when she had worn the collar herself. She pulled Lucy closer until their lips were merely inches away. Starring into her big brown eyes, she smirked and spoke again.

“You and me are about to become best friends. Just like we used to be when we used to model together. Welcome, Lucy.”

Holly leaned in and kissed her lips softly while letting go of the ring to the collar. Lucy embraced the kiss before twirling her tongue over the other woman’s. It had been a long time since she kissed a girl, but that changed now. After the kiss, Holly simply smirked at Lucy and got up from the bed. She began to walk off, but glanced over her shoulder to see Lucy still seated on the bed. The fear was beginning to fade away from Lucy’s face.

“Come on, Lucy! Let’s have some drinks, have you ate anything yet?”

She shook her head. Holly smiled and spoke once more.

“Well, come on! This hotel has a fine service, you can order whatever you want. This one is on me, we will have dinner together and I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

“Alright, that sounds good.”

All the questions in her thoughts, Lucy was confident would be answered now. She knew Holly over the years, she was a woman that she always trusted as friend. Though it had been so long since they last spoke, things had clearly changed but she seemed to remain the same. Lucy got up from the bed and followed her friend, breathing in relief as they went to the kitchen. True to Holly’s word she called up room service and allowed Lucy to order whatever she wanted. The kitchen in the penthouse suite was massive and luxurious, just the kind of style Nigel Taylor preferred. For the next hour, Lucy and Holly would catch up on old times while having dinner together.


Across town, Michelle Marsh had taken Luke from the park and back to her apartment home on the west side of London. He was beaten, bruised and bloody, yet had an odd sense of paranoia. While she drove him away from the park, he became suspicious that he was being followed or watched. By the time they arrived back at the apartment, Michelle had to help him up the stairs, for he could barely walk. She moved him over the couch in her apartment and then proceeded to take his shirt off to look over his wounds. Luke was certain that he had a cracked rib from the beatings he endured. His face had swollen up in the bruises from days ago.

Michelle found herself nursing Luke, it was the least she could do. Despite the physical beatings he had endured, he was mostly upset over the fact that Lucy had given herself up for his personal freedom. Though he didn’t talk much with Michelle before passing out, it was one thing he did have to mention. On the couch, he passed out shirtless after Michelle proceeded to place bandages over his face and an ice pack over his stomach where he had bruises. Once he was good and comfortable, it appeared he simply fell asleep. Michelle let out a sigh when she noticed him asleep on the couch. Staying true to her word to take care of him, she went into the bedroom where she planned to take a nap for now. Michelle left Luke a note to wake her when he got up.

Taking care of this man was the least that she could do. It wasn’t so much that Michelle felt she owed Lucy, it was Luke she truly cared about. After the way he took care of her problems with James, she knew Luke was a good man with a heart. Michelle was humiliated that night out with Lucy and Luke when James decided to fuck her in the bathroom and leave her there naked with her face dripping in cum. Luke took care of him, beating him to a bloody pulp and forcing the man to call and apologize to her. Though Michelle had yet to truly thank Luke for his nice deed, now she was determined to repay his kindness by taking care of him while he was at this low point. As she laid down to take her nap, Michelle found herself thinking about him.

Late in the night, Michelle woke up to hear stomping in the living room of her apartment. Her first initial thought was that Luke must have been up and moving around. Her assumption was confirmed when she heard him groaning in pain in his voice. Rising out of bed, she tied her black night robe and came rushing out to find Luke leaned over the stove in the kitchen. He had one hand against the surface while the other arm was wrapped around clutching his stomach. It was obvious from the expression on his face that he was experiencing a world of pain. Michelle noticed he had torn off the bandages, she came rushing towards him, placing her hand over his shoulder as she spoke in a low voice.

“Luke, what’s wrong? Did you get my note? I wanted you to wake me when you got up.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to. I don’t want you waiting hand and foot on me, Michelle.”

She turned, looking into his eyes after he had spoken.

“Luke, you can barely walk. Come on, let me help you. I’ll take care of everything, don’t worry. If you’re hungry, I’ll make you something.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Those fuckers did a good number on me. Ohhhh, damn!”

Clutching his stomach, he cried out in pain as Michelle gently wrapped her arm around him. The busty blonde glamour model walked Luke out of the kitchen and back into the living room. True to her word, she would fix him a meal once he told her what he wanted. Michelle was ready to nurse Luke back to health and take care of this man. As he sat down, she offered him a smile and spoke in her low soft voice.

“Just relax, I’ll make sure you get better. Anything you need Luke, I’m here to help you.”



After an evening spent with Holly, Lucy had found herself becoming more confident within the chambers of Nigel’s penthouse suite. The dinner went well while Holly explained various things to her old friend. Their friendship in modelling had been strong years ago back when they were appearing in magazines together. Lucy wasn’t aware that Holly had continued her career, while she had went into retirement a few years ago. Nigel did not arrive back at the hotel during the night, so this had left the two ladies all to themselves to catch up on old times.

Holly’s career had taken a major turn in the last year all thanks to Nigel. She had explained to Lucy how she pretty much was his main woman. They went to events together and had began having a high profile relationship. Holly was the original ‘trophy whore’ and she took great pride in that. Nigel was the type of man who preferred the swinger lifestyle, though he always had two loyal women at his side for all times: his trophy whores. Lucy got the impression right away that he was a man of dominance. It was the only explanation she truly had for the metal collar that was locked around her neck. Holly had joked to her that the collar would come off when she was ready to sign her contract with the Perfect Kiss modelling company.

Lucy had realized from the beginning that her career was about to change forever. While in Nigel’s captivity, she had absolutely no say in anything. The contract would completely change her career, to be owned by him and his company. She did not ask Holly about the contract situation, she knew everything deep in the back of her mind. Lucy didn’t feel she had a choice. She had foolishly exchanged her freedom to ensure Luke’s safety. Even though he had cheated on her, she still had strong feelings for him. Maybe there would be a light at the end of the tunnel and everything could work itself out, she could at least hope. Holly had hinted that before Lucy, there was another girl who was at her side as the other trophy whore in the past. Lucy was curious who it could be, but Holly refused to go into further details.

Holly had explained what she meant by the ‘harem’ she had referred to last night. Being a trophy whore to Nigel Taylor was a true privilege, for the harem was on the floor below of his penthouse suite that he referred to as ‘the palace’. Perfect Kiss accepted new up and coming models, offering them work as escorts to rich clients off on the side. The harem offered the girls a chance to make some money off the side, as Nigel had two men in place to work as the pimps in arranging such deals while Kimberly was the mistress of the harem. Kimberly was a stern and dominating mistress when it came to the girls of the harem, Holly laughed when describing the mistress. Lucy quickly realized how lucky she was that Nigel did think highly of her. She wasn’t in love with this man, but anything beat having to play the role of an escort in his harem.

The green eyed busty model made a sinister smirk when she watched Lucy walk into the living room of the penthouse. The collar shined over her neck, the ring bouncing as the brunette girl walked in a white one piece outfit revealing her large cleavage. Holly wore a similar outfit, except that it was in a black color. Deep down, Holly couldn’t be happier with this reunion between herself and Lucy. She had great confidence that Lucy would make a great partner as trophy whores in servicing her man. Nigel would be arriving back home tonight and the night would be a lustful event between the three. Taking another look at Lucy, Holly walked back to her bedroom where she could call Nigel on the telephone. She crossed her legs on the purple sheets of the bed while grabbing her cellphone from the nightstand. After scrolling through the contact list, she find Nigel and placed the phone up to her ear while waiting on him to answer.

“Hey baby!”

Holly spoke back into the phone once she heard the ringing stop as Nigel had answered. He was quiet for a few seconds before answering her back.

“Hey, how are things going, Holly? Are you getting along good with Lucy?”

She giggled before replying.

“Yeah! Things are going great so far.”

“How is she doing? Kimberly said that she was submissive when she handled her last night.”

“Oh, she’s right about that.”

Turning her head, Holly made sure Lucy had not walked into the room. She didn’t want the other girl to hear her for what she was about to tell Nigel.

“I think she’s going to be an easy submissive one, for sure. Lucy seemed nervous and afraid last night, so I talked with her for some hours. I told her how she should feel proud that she is going to be your trophy whore with me.”

“I hope you and her will be prepared for tonight. I’m going to fuck the shit outta her like I did the other day.”

Holly giggled.

“I can’t wait to watch, honey. I want to see you fuck her mouth, make her into your whore.”

“Oh, I am gonna do that for sure. Lucy is my new filthy fuck doll, that’s what I like to call her.”

“Filthy fuck doll? I like that. It’s nice and slutty, a fitting nickname for her.”

Nigel laughed into the other end of the phone.

“Yeah, I thought it sounded cute. I’ve gotta go for now. Have Lucy prepared for tonight, this is going to be special.”

“Sure thing, see you tonight honey.”


The noise of the television filled the living room while Luke sat down on the couch in a white robe. He had spent most of the morning flipping through channels while he remained bruised and beaten. Michelle had helped him to the bathroom where he was able to shave his face and wash up before taking a long hot bath. When he had got out, Michelle proceeded to change the bandages over his face and put an ice pack over his face when he returned to the couch. It was the afternoon now and yet she was still trying to help him out. The blonde woman had fixed her hair up in a ponytail and put on a white T-shirt with daisy duke shorts on underneath. Together, the two of them sat on the couch watching TV. Luke himself was wearing a button up white shirt, making it easier to tend to the wounds on his chest. Michelle noticed that his glass of water was empty and got up to take it and refill it.

“I’ll be right back, let me fix that for you.”

Luke let out a sigh. Though he was a bit helpless from how beaten and bruised he was, he still thought Michelle was doing too much for him. Here she was, waiting on him hand and foot and nursing his wounds. Luke didn’t understand why Michelle was being so kind to him. All she wanted to do was help him after all this rough time he went through. He had become paranoid over Malcolm’s goons warning him. Just as they had told him that they were watching his every move, he could feel their presence. On the coffee table was his cellphone and wallet. Luke thought about his best friend Peter for a moment. It seemed odd that Peter had yet to call his cellphone, but Luke wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone.

He still felt guilty about betraying Lucy. All of this had been his fault, he knew it from the bottom of his heart. Had he not allowed Jennifer to seduce him in the first place, none of this would’ve happened. The beating he took for cheating was worth every bruise and scratch. Now all Luke could think about was that Lucy had submitted herself to Nigel to allow his freedom. ‘That woman must have really loved me to do that’. He thought to himself while sitting there and gazing into the television set. Michelle returned and placed the glass of water on the coffee table. A new straw had been placed into it as well as fresh ice. She looked over the distraught look on his face before joining him on the couch.

“Luke, what’s wrong?”

Letting out a sigh, he shook his head before replying to her.

“This is all my fault. Fucking all of it, I caused this.”

“What did you cause?”

“Lucy is gone now. Nigel probably took her and isn’t going to let her go until he gets what he wants. I can’t believe she would go and make a deal with that man over me.”

Michelle reached out and cupped his face. She looked into his face with her big blue eyes.

“That’s cause she loves you, Luke. I didn’t think it was wise of her to do that, but she acted out of her emotions for you.”

“And I let her down! Had it not been for me fucking around, none of this would’ve happened!”

A puzzled look ran across Michelle’s face before she answered him back.

“How did you let her down?”

Luke rolled his eyes and shook his head. He had to confess his sins to someone. Peter wasn’t around, but maybe Michelle would understand. He didn’t want any pity, for he truly had felt guilty for betraying her with his one night stand.

“A long time ago, I used to be dating another woman. You know Jennifer Ellison, right?”

Michelle nodded to him.

“Yeah, what about her?”

Taking a deep breath, Luke thought for a minute before he began to confess his horrible deeds to Lucy’s best friend.

“She came back and I had not seen her in years. Jennifer tricked me, but it’s my fault. I allowed her to seduce me at this apartment last week. We had sex and then she offered me a drink and I woke up in a warehouse with three guys ready to beat the shit out of me. Everything is my fault, I shouldn’t have been thinking with my dick…”

Michelle reached her hand up and cupped his face. She gently caressed his bruised skin as she looked back into his eyes.

“Are you telling me the truth, Luke? So you cheated on Lucy with your ex?”

“Yes, it’s my fault…had I not done this, none of this would’ve happened. I fucked everything up!”

He grunted, almost as if were about to break down crying. Michelle looked back at him somewhat disappointed. After a moment, a tear fell from his left eye as Luke became emotionally upset with himself. He spoke one last time before the tears came.

“I deserved to get the shit kicked out of me. This is payback for betraying a woman that truly loved me.”

“Luke, stop!”

She didn’t know how to comfort him. Michelle had realized that his pain went a lot further than the physical beating he had endured. He was emotionally torn apart in true guilt, as she clearly had seen from how he busted down in tears. She leaned over and hugged him, pulling him into her arms as they sat there on the couch. She had to think of a way to comfort him, for she could not tolerate seeing the man broken like this.

“Look, you made a mistake. I know, it happens.”

He didn’t say a word back, all he could do was let the tears fall and sob while Michelle held him. Letting out a sigh, she ran both of her hands to the back of his neck and gently ran them through his hair. It was almost astounding to see this man broken down like this. Michelle had remembered what he he had done to her ex-boyfriend and the beating Luke had given him. It was a sight to behold to see a tough guy break down crying over the love for a woman. As he had been honest with her, Michelle had only grew to respect him even more.

“Calm down, Luke. Don’t worry, please stop! We’ll find a way to get Lucy back, I promise!”

Michelle felt that everything rested on her shoulders now. Here she was with her best friend’s lover, comforting and nursing the broken man. Though she had her own feelings for Luke, she knew that she couldn’t allow it to get in the way for now. Michelle was determined to nurse him back to health and get him back on his feet. In some odd ways, she could feel Luke’s pain after the hell she had been through with broken relationships. She understood the temptation and allure a man could take from being seduced, simply because Michelle had done the very same thing to men in the past. For now, all they had was each other and she was here to comfort him and wash away the sorrow and pain.



The night fall had approached over the last several hours. Among the penthouse suite, Lucy decided to take advantage of the luxury at her command with room service. Holly had influenced her to call and ask for anything she wanted with food or drinks. Kimberly did not return to the penthouse to deal with the ladies, for tonight Nigel was going to have his fun with them. Holly and Lucy spent their time together relaxing and enjoying some music while they caught up on old times. Apart from listening to music, Lucy found herself gazing out of the large tall windows of the penthouse. She glanced down at the city from below, occasionally viewing the sparking lights during the sunset and the dark hours approaching. The tall London buildings lit up as darkness came.

From gazing out the windows, she felt like a prisoner in a high castle. It helped that she still had the metal collar locked around her neck, allowing her imagination to give off such feelings of captivity. Despite the thoughts, some of it was true. She really was a prisoner to Nigel and would be until her contract was signed for the Perfect Kiss company. Occasionally, her mind raced in thoughts about Luke, but she didn’t mention him at all to Holly. Any time Lucy stood there gazing out of the window, Holly would watch her and smirk from behind. To Holly, she felt that Lucy would make the perfect submissive girl for her and Nigel to dominate and have fun with in the bedroom. He would be arriving at any minute now, as both of the ladies had prepared themselves in matching outfits. Lucy still wore the white one piece outfit revealing her cleavage, while Holly had changed into a similar outfit that was purple.

Nigel had sent a text message to Holly just a few minutes ago, informing her to prepare for his arrival. Once Lucy had returned to the living room, Holly was standing there with her arms crossed and giving the other woman a sinister smirk. She wanted to test Lucy, just to see her reactions. The impression of a submissive girl was already there for the other trophy whore, but Holly wanted to tease her regardless to see her reactions. All Lucy did was smile at her and place her hands over her hips. After a moment, she spoke up to address Holly.

“You look excited, is there a reason for that?”

Slowly, Holly nodded her head.

“Yes, Nigel is going to be here soon. You know what that means, right?”

Lucy giggled and smirked. They had discussed this many times already today, as she was well aware what they had planned. She approached Holly while slowly nodding. Holly’s eyes shifted to the collar around Lucy’s neck.

“Oh yeah, we’re about to have a threesome, right?”

Holly smirked as Lucy replied. She reached her hand for the large ring attached to Lucy’s collar and wrapped her index finger around it. With one tug, she brought Lucy’s lips to hers for a soft kiss. After pulling their lips apart, she looked back into those big brown eyes and replied.

“Yeah, but who says we can’t get started now? Come on, kiss me!”

Lucy responded only in actions, pushing her lips up to Holly’s as they embraced a passionate kiss together. A moan was heard between Holly’s lips while she danced her tongue with the other British beauty. Like before, this was a test to see how far Lucy would go with desire. So far, she didn’t disappoint Holly whatsoever as she felt Lucy’s hands roam up to her large breasts. Within seconds, they were squeezing each other’s breasts while continuously kissing back and forth. The sound of stomping could be heard in the background, but neither woman was hindered by the sound. Breathing was soon heard as an unknown presence stood behind them and greeted them loudly.

“Well, well…Nice to see you ladies are getting along.”

Their lips pulled apart to turn and look to see Nigel standing tall. A smug grin ran across his face as the man stood in a black suit. Holly offered him a smile before speaking.

“Why yes, we’ve been getting along so well tonight.”

Lucy looked a bit nervous as she looked back at Nigel. He watched as Holly ran her hand across Lucy’s cheek while he addressed them both.

“I’ve had a long day working hard, I wanna have some fun with my two trophy whores. How about it?”

“Yes, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all day.”

“Oh, you have?”

To Nigel’s surprise, Lucy was the one who spoke up. She nodded at him while an inviting smirk ran across her face. Despite her appearing nervous at first, she didn’t seem to be anymore. Holly stepped forward and then reached her hand for the ring attached to Lucy’s collar like before. She tugged on it and began to lead the way.

“Come on, it’s time to enjoy ourselves!”

Holly pulled Lucy and led the way towards Nigel’s bedroom. As he began to follow her, Nigel nodded at Holly. She was his most trusted woman at his side, proving herself time and time again. He loved watching her lead Lucy by the collar. Once they reached the bedroom, it was time to turn the lights down and get their clothes off. He watched Holly pull Lucy to the bed and then he began to remove his suit jacket while addressing them both.

“Go ahead and get your fucking clothes off, ladies. We’re about to have one hell of a night to remember.”


Light shined from above over the dinner table as Luke sat there with Michelle after the two had enjoyed a quiet dinner among themselves. She cooked for the two of them, spending the evening together and having a few subtle conversations. Luke had began to realize over the past several hours that Michelle had truly wanted to help him and she was probably the only friend he had left right now. Where was Peter during all this time? Not one text message or phone call at all. Despite his affair with Jennifer Ellison, he couldn’t stop thinking about something she had told him. She had warned him about Peter and to keep an eye out on him. As Luke sat there at the dinner table scrolling through his phone, Michelle got up and placed their dirty dishes in the sink to wash later. She glanced over her shoulder and watched him with the phone, forcing her to speak out to him.

“You aren’t about to try and call Lucy, are you?”

He sighed before replying to her.

“No, not at all. I’ve been sitting here thinking for a bit…”

She returned to join him at the kitchen table. Michelle offered him a smile before speaking up.

“What’s on your mind, Luke?”

“My best friend is Peter, you know this right?”

Michelle shook her head.

“No. Lucy has only told me about you, she only mentioned him once or twice.”

“He’s my best friend and he’s been my partner for years. Why the hell hasn’t he called me? I just checked my phone and he tried calling days ago but since I’ve been free, I haven’t got one call from him at all or a text. Something is not right with that, you know what I mean?”

Looking back at him, Michelle was ready to tell the truth. Luke wasn’t aware that Peter had been involved in setting up the meeting between Lucy and Nigel Taylor. She had to reveal this truth to him, perhaps he could come to his own assumptions while he questioned the motives of his best friend.

“Peter arranged the meeting between Lucy and Nigel. I should’ve told you about that, do you think he could also be holding your friend captive?”

Luke looked back down at the table while he thought to himself. Jennifer’s words were still ringing in his head: ‘Best friends can betray each other. You do understand that, right? Everybody has a price. You should be watching him more closely, just giving you some advice’. Michelle looked back at him, curious as he appeared to be in a deep thought.

“Luke? Are you okay?”

“Everybody has a price…I think Peter might have betrayed me, Michelle.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Back several months ago in Ibiza, he didn’t want me to say no to the deal with Perfect Kiss. All of this, this whole fucking deal goes back to that one meeting. Before I met Lucy, Taylor offered the both of us a deal with his modelling company. I was pretty rude to his guy, but Peter thought it was stupid cause we could’ve made bank and got rich off working with that company.”

He looked back down at the table before shaking his head. In a way, he felt like he had connected all the dots and realized a big conspiracy plot that started this entire mess. It all made sense now; Jennifer seducing him, Peter bringing Lucy to Nigel Taylor, everything came full circle that this was a master plan that worked out. There was definitely truth in Jennifer’s warning to him. Though she had played her part in setting him up, Luke believed that she sincerely was trying to warn him about Peter.

“I get it now, everybody has a price. I’m willing to bet money that Peter is in with them now and probably lured Lucy to Nigel. This whole thing was one big set up from the beginning…I was so fucking stupid!”

After yelling, he slammed his clenched fist down over the kitchen table. Michelle realized his anger and got up from the table, rushing over to place her hand on his shoulder.

“You’re not stupid, Luke! Stuff like that happens, you made a mistake. It’s going to be fine, trust me.”

“But I-”

“Stop!! Come on, calm down for me! I’m sorry about your friend and I’m sorry about Lucy, but you have me. I’m here for you and I promise I’m not going to betray you.”

He glanced up into her big blue eyes. Michelle spoke again.

“Look, we’ll get Lucy back. I promise you that, but you’re not in any shape to do much right now. You need to take it easy, Luke. I’m here for you, remember that.”

“I believe you Michelle…”

She gave him a smile and then patted his shoulder.

“Now come on, let’s go back to the living room. I’m going to change the bandages on your chest and then you can get some rest. We’ll talk about all this tomorrow, but right now, I think you need to get some rest.”


Slurping and slobbering sounds echoed from down on the floor as Holly eagerly worked her lips up and down Nigel’s cock. The three of them had become a naked party, the man stood tall watching his loyal lover suck his cock. Lucy was down on her knees, sitting next to Holly patiently waiting her turn. Over and over, Holly’s crimson lips moved up and down Nigel’s shaft, causing him to groan and cry out into pleasure. After a few minutes, Holly came to a stop and her lips made an audible pop sound as she came off his cock. Strings of drool fell from her lower lip and down to the floor. She reached out with her right hand and grabbed the metal ring attached to Lucy’s collar, pulling her forward.

“It’s your turn now, Lucy.”

“Oh, is it?”

She smiled at Holly as she was pulled by the collar to face Nigel’s cock.Holly let go of the ring attached to Lucy’s collar and then ran both of her hands into her long brunette hair. Lucy looked back to Nigel’s shaft, noticing how it was soaked in Holly’s saliva. She wrapped her hand around it and spoke up to both of them.

“I’ve been craving this-”

“Shut up and suck it!”

Holly cut Lucy off before pushing her head down. Nigel bucked his hips forward, his cock entering Lucy’s mouth. A mischievous smirk ran across Holly’s face as she pushed Lucy’s mouth down and watched her friend take in the first several inches of his cock. Lucy unwrapped her fingers around around his cock, figuring that she was about to get skull fucked by how aggressive Holly pushed her lips down. Nigel smirked and began to buck his hips forward and back, his cock thrusting into her mouth and back. Lucy’s mouth began to make several sucking noises as she gagged on his meat pole.


With a slight giggle, Holly pushed Lucy’s head all the way down as Nigel stopped. Every inch of his long shaft sunk between her lips, the head pushing to the back of her throat. Holly continued to hold the other woman’s head down until they heard Lucy gag and choke on his thick meat. Her eyes watered up, smearing the dark eyeliner around her eyes.

“Pull her up, Holly!”

Obeying his words, Holly pulled Lucy’s hair to release his cock from her mouth. A flood of spit fell from her lower lip as his cock was dripping in saliva strings. Nigel grabbed a hold of his cock and began to rub the slimy shaft up against Lucy’s left cheek. Holly gripped her hair and teased her.

“You like his cock, Lucy?”

“Mmmmm, yeah!”

Nigel began to smack his dick up against her left cheek. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed from the floor as Lucy closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. Holly couldn’t help but giggle at this sight. Nigel called out to Lucy.

“Hey, bitch! Look at me!”

Gritting her teeth, Lucy opened her eyes and looked up at Nigel. He had a classic shit eating grin on his face, just the type of smile she expected from a smug man like him.

“Hold those big titties up for me! I wanna fuck ’em!”

Holly’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe that Nigel was going to ask Lucy for a tit wank before her. She never had this problem with other women but now was beginning to realize that there was some competition at hand. Lucy held her large breasts up and quickly wrapped them around his cock. She bit her lower lip and smiled up at Nigel has began to buck his hips and drive his cock back and forth between her tits.

“Ohhhh, fuck yeah! That’s it!! You’re my filthy fuck doll, Lucy. God, I love fucking these big titties.”

“Mmmmm, yeah! Come on, fuck my tits! Oh yeah, fuck those titties!!”

Each time Nigel bucked his hips and drove his cock between Lucy’s gigantic tits, the big ring attached to her collar would clank and bounce around. Holly watched, as Lucy looked so happy to get titty fucked by him. Nigel’s shifted to see the snotty look over Holly’s face. He knew she was jealous, this was all a game for him to play with her emotions. Over and over, he continued to buck his hips and force his cock back and forth between Lucy’s tits.

“Mmmmm, oh yeah! Come on, fuck my tits! Yes!!”

Holly held up her own large tits, envying Lucy at this moment. When Nigel glanced back at her, a new idea came to his mind. He stopped thrusting his hips and came to a halt. He wanted to see if both these busty glamour models could pull of a double titty fuck. Something that any man who had seen their magazine spreads probably fantasized about.

“Holly, get over here. Hold your tits up against Lucy’s, smash ’em together.”

The two women looked at each other as they turned to face and followed his order. Lucy held up her large breasts as Holly smashed them up against hers. Their hard nipples rubbed against other. Nigel was pleased, nodding his head. He placed his left hand on the back of Lucy’s shoulder and then called out to them.

“Come on, I want you both to smash those tits around my dick! Both of you, fucking do it!”

Lucy was heard giggling as she moved a bit and watched his cock push between both of their tits. Holly took a bit of time to position herself fully, but after a moment, his cock began lost between both of their large breasts pressed together. He moved both of his hands to grip their shoulders, allowing him to buck his hips forward and thrust his cock between both of their pairs of tits smashed together. Lucy was to his left, Holly to the right side. As he continued to thrust his hips and fuck their boobs, Holly pushed her lips up against Lucy’s and the two of them began to move their heads while kissing. Nigel moaned, amazed as he listened to their lips kiss back and forth.

“Oh yeah, there you go! I love to see my trophy whores loving each other like this!”

Together, Lucy and Holly continued to kiss while Nigel was busy pumping his cock between their large tits pressed together. It was still a struggle to do, but what a sight it was to behold. The glorious breasts of Lucy Pinder and Holly Peers smashed together. It was even greater to watch them kiss the way they did, twirling their tongues back and forth as their lips remained glued together. Eventually, Nigel came to a stop and moved his hands away from their shoulders. The two glamour models broke their lips apart, ending their kisses. Nigel reached his hand down to pull at Holly’s hair, alerting her attention.

“Get up, baby.”

“I hope you’re gonna fuck me first after I had to watch you titty fuck her before me!”

Holly spoke to Nigel as she stood up from her knees. He gave her a sinister grin before busting out laughing.

“Am I hearing some jealousy out of you tonight, Holly? Get your fucking ass over to the bed!”

All Lucy could do was sit there on her knees, watching as Nigel pulled Holly’s hair and moved her to the bed. It was the first time Lucy had witnessed his dominant side with another woman besides herself. Holly climbed up on the bed, pushing her knees down as Nigel followed behind her and sunk his own knees over the soft sheets. He turned his head to look at Lucy who was still sitting on her knees on the floor. Nigel motioned his fingers, quietly telling Lucy to get up. Pulling Holly’s hair, he positioned himself ready to slide his cock into her wet clit from underneath. She gasped and called out to him.

“Come on, what are you waiting for? Fuck me, dammit!”

Pulling her right hand back, she pulled one of her ass cheeks to tease him. Nigel reared his free hand back and slapped Holly’s ass hard.

“Don’t start acting like a bitch, baby! I’ll fuck you when I’m ready!”

Nigel turned to look at Lucy who was standing near the bed. He motioned for her to come nearer, momentarily letting go of Holly’s hair to grab the ring attached at Lucy’s collar and pull her towards them.

“Here, sit right here Lucy. You can watch me fuck Holly, since you’re being a good girl.”

Lucy smiled, but all Nigel cared about was hearing Holly sigh in frustration. He reached his left hand back up and gripped her hair once more. Using his right hand, he guided his cock finally to the folds of her sweet pink pussy. Holly gasped when she felt him slide that thick rod into her entrance.

“Mmmmm, yeah! There it is, fuck me!”

He pulled her hair tighter while he made the first thrusts into Holly’s pussy. Lucy sat there like an obedient slut, just watching as Nigel pumped his cock forward and back into Holly’s pussy. So far, he was pleased in Lucy obeying his words. Just like the proper filthy fuck doll he envisioned her to become for him.

“Yes, that’s it! Come on, fuck me! FUCK ME!!”

Like before, Nigel tugged on Holly’s hair while bucking his hips and thrusting his cock into her. Her amazing huge breasts bounced up and down as she raised her neck and moaned loudly. Since Lucy was sitting next to him doing nothing, Nigel reached his hand to try and grab at the ring of her collar. He did manage to get her attention, as she turned and spoke.


“You see how hard I’m fucking her, Lucy? This is how I’m going to enjoy my weekends fucking the shit outta you too!”

Lucy licked her lips, watching as he would buck his hips and slam his cock into Holly over and over. As for Holly, she knew exactly what he was trying to do by sweet-talking Lucy like this. So far, his attempt was not working. Holly knew very well that Lucy wouldn’t be taking her place as his favorite, even if she was the other trophy whore. Over and over, Holly screamed as Nigel continued to thrust his cock into her and back. The grip of his fingers into her hair tightened a bit, while the sound of his balls slapping between her thighs could be heard each time he bucked his hips.


Just what Nigel was expecting, to hear Holly notify him of when she was close. He was not going to finish her off however, that would be Lucy’s job soon. With his final thrusts into her, he began to slow down before pulling out completely. He let go of Holly’s hair, reaching out to grab the metal ring attached to Lucy’s collar and tugging her closer.

“Get between her legs and finish her off, Lucy! Show me that you can do your fucking job!”

“Yes sir!”

Holly was slowly catching her breath when she heard the rustling over the bed sheets. Nigel was pleased and found it cute that Lucy had referred to him as ‘sir’. He watched as his new trophy whole fell to her back and slid under Holly’s legs. Within seconds, Lucy planted her lips to Holly’s clit and darted her tongue into the other brunette beauty. Holly gasped and leaned up, sitting down on Lucy’s face as she ran her hands up to her large breasts to squeeze them.

“Mmmmm, yeah! Come on, finish me! FINISH ME, LUCY!! LICK MY CLIT LIKE A GOOD FUCKING SLUT!!”

Nigel grinned, chuckling a bit as he listened to Holly scream at her. It was hilarious to him deep down how Lucy could play the submissive one to the both of them. He had hoped to drive Holly a bit jealous during this threesome, just to see her reactions in competition to another woman. He moved to lay down over the bed, already getting into position for what he wanted to do next. Holly licked her lips, squeezing her breasts harder as she clenched her teeth together and felt her orgasm finally come.


It was always a joy to hear Holly scream in pleasure. Now Nigel got to witness her body shake a bit as she remained seated over Lucy’s face. Her juices flew into the mouth of the other woman. Lucy groaned, swallowing up Holly’s sweet juices as Holly began to climb off her, freeing Lucy’s face of her clit. After crawling around a bit on the bed, Holly reached her finger to tug on the ring of Lucy’s collar but not without Nigel yelling at her in protest.

“Leave her alone, Holly! I’m about to play with this bitch, not you!”

Lucy giggled at his words as she moved up. Nigel grinned at her and motioned his hands over to her. It was time for her to get on top and ride him, all at his request.

“Get over here, Lucy! I want you to get on top. As for you, Holly-”

Glancing at the other woman, he smirked at her.

“I don’t think you’re going to complain that you get to watch Lucy’s big tits bounce up and down, are you?”

Shaking her head, Holly smirked.

“No, I want to see if she can bounce better than me.”

Perhaps his attempts to make her jealous were effective after all, Nigel thought to himself. As he lay there, Lucy moved in position to climb over him. She turned her back to face Nigel, knowing that the proper reverse position was required to give Holly this show. The other woman sat on her knees, just watching as Lucy sunk her heels down into the sheets and climbed over him. She planted her hands down into the bed on both sides of Nigel’s body, meanwhile he used his left hand to grip one of her hips and his right hand to hold his cock up and brush it up against her wet clit. Lucy whimpered feeling the head of his cock pushing up against her clit. Nigel was ready to encourage her now.

“Come on, do it! Push that pussy down on my dick, Lucy! Show me that you can ride this big fucking cock!”

Just like that, Lucy followed his request and slammed down hard. His cock impaled into her clit as she sank all the way down until his balls slapped against her thighs. She raised her head and screamed out loudly.


Holly licked her lips as she watched Lucy began to pump herself down over Nigel’s cock. Those large breasts began to bounce and sway around each time Lucy thrust herself down over Nigel’s large dick. Holly smirked and was impressed.

“My god, look at those titties bouncing.”

“You fucking like that, Lucy!?”


Lucy’s hair began to bounce around as she closed her eyes. Every time she thrust herself downward over Nigel’s cock, her tits bounced and moved all about. Holly couldn’t help but begin to finger her clit as she watched Lucy thrusting herself down onto his cock. Raising her head, Lucy looked down while her fingernails pulled into the bed sheets. She watched her own breasts bouncing around as Nigel began to groan.

“Ohhhh, fuck yes! This is what you were built for Lucy, damn your body was made to fuck!”

Holly giggled at Nigel’s words.

“If only you were watching her titties bounce! You’re missing out!”

Now it was Holly’s turn to attempt a spin of making Nigel jealous in the heat of the moment. Lucy continued to thrust down on him for another minute until he squeezed his hands around her hips and called out.

“Come on, get up! I need you to lay down and then I’m going to fuck you harder than this!”

Though she could’ve, Holly didn’t laugh at all. She grinned to herself, silently taking in the fact she could force Nigel to move a position like this. He bought into her attempt to make him jealous so easily. Lucy climbed off him and moved around the bed, laying down while Nigel himself had to crawl up and move. From her new position, Lucy’s legs hung from the bed. Holly looked down at her face and spoke to her.

“I think I might sit on your face again…”

“Let Lucy decide if she wants to eat you out again. It’s her choice.”

Nigel spoke as he stood from the bed and moved between Lucy’s legs. Holly was somewhat surprised by his words. She didn’t expect him to give Lucy any freedom of choice right now, but he did. Lucy looked back at Holly and smirked.

“Crawl up on the bed, Holly. I’ll lean my head up and eat you but I want Nigel to hear me scream.”

“That’s my whore right there, I like to hear that.”

He couldn’t have been more pleased at Lucy’s words. Nigel began to feel that she was growing loyal to him with such a choice of words. Moving between her legs, he grabbed his cock and pushed the head up against her pussy. Rubbing it against her clit, he teased her until he heard her whimpering in pleasure. Holly followed Lucy’s instructions and climbed back onto the bed. She moved to her knees and hands, backing herself up to the point that her clit hovered above Lucy’s face. A gasp was heard from Lucy’s strong voice as Nigel pushed his cock back into her.

“Oh god, yes!”

Before Holly could become impatient, she felt Lucy dart her tongue into her clit right on time. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as Lucy licked her pussy and proceeded to eat her.

“Mmmmm, that’s it! Go on, eat me! EAT ME!!”

Nigel ignored Holly’s words as he began to thrust his cock forward into Lucy’s pussy. His eyes shifted up, watching her giant breasts move around a bit. This was exactly what he wanted to do after Holly’s words had got the better of him. Nigel bit his lower lip while bucking his hips harder, driving his cock back and forth into Lucy’s pussy. He had the sight of two goddesses on the bed, Lucy was busy eating Holly’s pussy while she was being fucked. After a moment, Lucy moved her mouth away from Holly’s clit to scream to Nigel.


“Scream louder, bitch! Tell me that you’re my filthy fuck doll!”


Without skipping a beat, Lucy planted her mouth back to Holly’s cit after she had screamed. By now, Nigel was determined to pound his cock into her pussy until he was ready to blow. He planned to cover her stomach and tits in his seed, to make her into a shiny mess of hot cum. Over and over, his cock pumped faster and harder into her pussy. Holly could be heard whimpering from Lucy’s tongue at work over her clit. She was impressed with her skills of eating pussy, a true improvement over the last trophy whore she shared the bedroom with. Lucy couldn’t continue working her tongue after another few seconds. She moved her mouth away, only to scream at Nigel.


“Cum for me, my filthy fuck doll! Just like that!!”

One final hard thrust into her, Nigel focused on watching Lucy’s face. She gasped her breath and them screamed as her orgasm commenced.


“Cum, you filthy whore!”

Nigel raised his head and let out a loud roar as he felt her juices flooding around his pole. Lucy’s loud screams as her climax echoed through to the large ceiling above. Holly crawled forward as she knew Nigel had to be close. From experience in these threesomes with him, she always liked to watch him paint the other girl down. He was predictable after the few years she had spent watching him fuck another woman with her. True to her assumption, Holly had turned around just in time to see Nigel pull his cock out from Lucy’s pussy and stand there between her legs jacking himself off. She smirked and called out to him.

“Are you about to cum all over her, baby?”

“Fuck yeah! Lucy is gonna look like my fucking cum dumpster real soon.”

Lucy licked her lips and leaned up on the bed. Pushing her hands down into the bed, she arched her chest up to make it easier for his aim. Stroking his cock, Nigel grunted and aimed forward at Lucy’s busty chest. Within seconds, he screamed out.


A thick string of semen shot from his dick, flying up her stomach and streaking to her breasts. Another wad shot the distance to lnd over her right nipple in a thick wad. Holly gasped and then spoke encouraging words to him.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! Look at that, cover her! Cover her like the whore she is!”

Lucy licked her lips and moaned as she felt strings of cum flying over her stomach and streaking towards her breasts. One wad went over her left tit while a few thick droplets managed to make the distance, but most of his cum shot over her stomach to create small rivers of his hot seed. Once he was finished, Nigel looked forward at her body covered in cum. She looked so beautiful, the collar around her neck was shining from the distance as the cum dripped over her body. Lucy Pinder was his new trophy whore. Just the thought of this was enough to make Nigel smile in that usual smug grin he was famous for. He didn’t know that Holly had moved over to gaze at Lucy’s beautiful body covered in cum.

“Mmmmm, she needs a good cleaning now. Leave that to me!”

Leaning over, Holly opened her mouth and began to lick up the cum from Lucy’s stomach. Lucy licked her own lips and moaned at the other woman cleaning her. Nigel raised his hands and clapped them, always impressed with the little things Holly did to surprise him. He walked off from the room, heading to the bathroom as he left his two trophy whores together in the bed. Once Holly had collected enough cum in her mouth, she moved to kiss Lucy and share the taste of his seed. A moan was heard between their lips as Lucy swallowed up the cum. it was a passionate loving kiss between the two of them before they swallowed his cum together. Soon, they would be in the bed with Nigel and sleeping as a party of three. Though Lucy felt like a prisoner in his world, she would be lying to herself if she didn’t admit how much she enjoyed this time with him and Holly.



Beyond the pains of emotion and physical wounds, Luke was beginning to grow strong again thanks to Michelle nursing him. The two of them had spent the last three days talking and spending time together, apart from her feeding him and tending to his wounds. Though he had a cracked rib that was going to take time to heal, the bruises over his face and stomach were beginning to fade away. Every night, Michelle cooked a dinner between the two of them, as well as helping him to the bathtub if he needed it. It was not a problem to her to help this man who she was beginning to grow strong feelings to. Even though he was her best friend’s boyfriend, Michelle didn’t care. There was something about Luke that made him a good man in her eyes.

Michelle had never forgotten what Luke did to her ex-boyfriend James. The beating that he gave that man was something that made her respect him more than anything. She had thought over the past few days about James humiliating her in the bathroom of that night club. Though she didn’t ever mention it to Luke, she did want to thank him somehow. It was incredible to see a tough man like himself break down crying over his heart break to Lucy. It was at that moment that Michelle knew that Luke was a man of pure heart, just the kind of person she wished she could have fallen in love with years ago. He was the infamous Mr. Disco, she had heard all the stories of his wild party life, but now he was a broken man who she helped pick back up from the floor.

By now, Luke was able to walk around again without limping or stumbling all over the place. During the afternoon, Michelle watched him go to the bathroom and prepare a bath by himself. He was often reluctant to ask for her aid, but he always accepted her help. Michelle couldn’t help but feel that she was beginning to fall in love with this man after the past few days. Every time they talked, she felt the pain in his voice. She had witnessed it over his body when she tended to his wounds. He had confessed his sins of cheating on Lucy with his ex, an act that made Michelle greatly admired him. She had known men in the past who absolutely would never admit such a bad deed. After all this time, Michelle knew exactly why Lucy liked him so much and had been in love with this man.

After she heard the water stop in the bathroom, Michelle thought to herself about to taking a chance with him. With his own best friend Peter seemingly betraying him, Michelle already felt like she was his unofficial sidekick. He was a broken and beaten man, but she wanted to pull him back on his feet and restore his confidence. With her mind made up to take this chance of easing his sorrows, Michelle reached behind her head and undid her ponytail. She wore a white T-shirt, covering over her large breasts and a pair of black polka-dotted pajama shorts. With her long blonde hair straightened out over her shoulders, she went to the bathroom door and found it unlocked. She slowly opened it, and stepped in to find Luke sitting down in the tub and soaking in the hot water.

“Hey Luke, you mind if I come in?”

“No, I don’t mind at all. Come on in, Michelle.”

From the answer in his soft voice, Michelle smiled and quietly stepped into the bathroom. She walked over and bent down on her knees to sit by him while he was relaxing in the bathtub. A bruise around his eye had been fading, but still looked a bit bad from Michelle’s keen eye. She thought to herself about his problems with Peter, striking up a conversation on the subject.

“Did your friend call or text you yet?”

“No, not at all.”

Luke shook his head and then glanced back at Michelle’s face. She looked at him almost like an angel with great concern.

“Don’t sound like he really cares about you, then. After all the hell you’ve been through, I would think he would be worried for you like Lucy was.”

“Yeah, one would think. Peter has been my partner for years. He was like a brother to me…”

Once again, Luke shook his head and sighed.

“It hurts to know someone will betray you like that. All for money, I know that’s what it had to be over.”

She placed her hand over his shoulder before replying back.

“I won’t betray you, I can promise you that.”

When he glanced back at her face, Luke smiled as he looked into those big beautiful blue eyes. Michelle had done everything for him the past week. She nursed him; cooked for him, tended to him and waited on him hand and foot. He appreciated every single thing she did for him.

“I believe you, Michelle. You’ve been a good friend to me this past week, you might be the only one I have left after all of this. But why? Are you only doing this for me because of Lucy?”

She shook her head to him. Michelle gently caressed his face with her hand, cupping his chin to make him look into her eyes as she replied back.

“No, it’s not about her at all. You are a good man, I’ve seen this in you. The way you handled James, you know, my ex-boyfriend.”

Luke laughed. It was the first time she had made the man smile all week.

“Oh, that guy? Yeah, what about him?”

“You made him pay for treating me the way he did that night. He left me in the bathroom of that club like a whore. No man has ever went out of his way to do something like that for me. I knew after that, you have a good heart.”

Moving her hand away from his face, she leaned down and kissed his forehead. Luke moved his left hand out of the water and ran it to her shoulder. Though he didn’t want to, he couldn’t hold back for now. He pushed his lips to Michelle’s and began to slowly kiss her passionately. It wasn’t something he had any plans of doing, but Michelle had worked with him so much this past week, he felt strong feelings for her. She pushed her tongue up against his, slowly sharing the passionate kiss until their lips pulled apart. When she glanced back at his face, he had a look of guilty momentarily. She spoke up, ready to fix that.

“Don’t feel bad about kissing me. Lucy isn’t here right now, but I promise we’re going to get her back. She is my best friend, I’m going to help you get her back. Your friend may have betrayed you, but you have me. I will help you every step of the way, Luke.”

Sinking back down into the hot water of the tub, Luke took a deep breath as he listened to her words. Michelle wished that the bath tub was large enough for her to climb in with him, but it didn’t have the space. Luke eventually smiled again and nodded his head to her. The blonde former glamour model had worked her charm to restore his confidence.

“Yeah, we’re going to get her back. I’m not ready yet, but I will be soon. I need some new clothes. Maybe in a few days I can go out and get myself a new suit.”

“Leave that to me! I’ll get it for you!”

Luke laughed when he looked back at Michelle’s lovely face.

“Michelle, you’ve done more than enough for me. I can never repay you for all of this. I’d feel better if I bought myself my own new suit.”

“But you’re not ready for that yet. Once we get the bruises completely off your face, then you’ll be ready to wear a new suit.”

She leaned down again and kissed his forehead. This time, Luke moved from the water and cupped her face to kiss her passionately once more. She moaned into his mouth, dancing her tongue along his for a deep passionate kiss. Michelle pulled away from him and then stood up. Her large tits bounced from under her shirt as she placed her hands on her hips and spoke back to him.

“Do you know how you can repay me, Luke?”


Grabbing the ends of her shirt, she pulled it over her head. Her large breasts sagged down as she stood there almost naked. Luke’s eyes trailed over her body, noticing the little silver belly button ring piercing. Michelle gave him a smirk and teased.

“You can fuck me like a real man! Come on, I want to show you a good time. You deserve it after all the pain you’ve been through.”

With a half smile, Luke thought about it for a moment. Of all the glamour models he had spent affairs with, Michelle Marsh was one that was a dream from years ago. His thoughts went back to Lucy and the fact he had already betrayed her when he allowed Jennifer Ellison to seduce him last week.

“I don’t think I should do this, Michelle. After all, I’ve already cheated on Lucy once.”

“She’s my best friend, silly! Come on, we both deserve a good time. After all the pain you’ve been through, I want to blow your mind. You can think of this as a reward for taking care of my ex, how about that? Get out of the tub and come in the bedroom and fuck me! Come on, I know you want to.”

Turning her back to him, Michelle placed her hands around her pajama shorts and thong, sliding them both down together. Luke got a clear sight at her bare naked ass and the big tramp stamp tattoo of the silver cross with the word ‘Blessed’ over it. The busty blonde looked over her shoulder and gave him a small smirk before she walked her naked body out of the bathroom, teasing him. Luke could feel his erection rising from within the warm water. Desire had gotten the better of him and he quickly rose up to stand from the tub. Michelle giggled when she heard the water splashing. She sat on the blue sheets of her bed while she heard him stomp out. Luke didn’t even bother drying his wet body as he walked to the bedroom to find her there waiting for him.

When Luke walked in, she got up from the bed and walked to him, wrapping her arm around him and shoving her large tits up against his chest. Michelle pressed her lips to his, kissing him passionately once more. Even though he was her best friend’s lover, Michelle truly didn’t care anymore. She was falling in love with Luke. Deep down, she wanted to blow his mind and pleasure him like Lucy had probably done in the past, but she remembered that she had to be gentle with him. His body was still healing from the beating he took. After breaking the kiss, she gently hugged him, allowing her erect nipples to push up against his chest. Michelle ran her right hand down to grab his cock, slowly stroking it while she looked into his eyes and spoke in a low voice.

“Let me take care of you, honey. I’ll be gentle with you, I want you to enjoy every moment of this.”

She kissed him again. Luke loved hearing her subtle British accent to his ears. After their lips pulled apart once more, Michelle gave him a wink and then fell down to her knees. Her left hand pushed up against his leg while she was wanking his cock with the grip of her right hand. Like before, she gave him that little loving smile before parting her pink lips and sliding them down his cock. Luke gasped and called out to her.

“Oh god, yes! Suck it, Michelle! Yes!!”

There was no sense in feeling guilty about this woman. Luke figured it was best to enjoy every moment of her pleasure. Michelle went fast, aggressively bobbing her head up and down his cock. She devoured his meat pole with hunger and force. When her lips came back to the head, she made a pop noise coming off them. Flicking her tongue, she spit on his dick and then looked up into his eyes to talk in her low slutty voice now.

“You’ve got a great cock, Luke. Your disco stick, that’s what I’m gonna call it.”

She loudly kissed the head with her lips. Luke groaned. He didn’t even catch the joke of ‘disco stick’ with his nickname of Mr. Disco. All he did was stand there, watching Michelle lean down and begin to roll her tongue over his balls.

“Oh god, yeah! Lick those balls, baby!”

His wish was her command. Michelle wanted to truly blow his mind. She hoped to make him addicted to her sex, all out of the passionate feelings she felt for this man. Her tongue rolled over his balls before she pulled the left nut between her jaws.


Luke instantly became more excited as Michelle loudly slobbered and sucked over his balls. After the horrible beating he took at the hands of Nigel’s thugs and all this torment, just a bit of oral pleasure was enough to send his feelings back up. Michelle alternated his balls, sucking on one before the other. A string of drool dripped from his nuts, falling to the floor before she finally stopped and brought her mouth back to his cock. She looked up into his eyes while gripping his hips. Michelle slowly pushed her lips down the shaft, taking every inch of it until her lips buried at the base. She wanted to show off her deep throat skills, proving to him that she was quite the goddess in the bedroom. Luke threw his head back and cried out in pleasure.

“Ohhhhh, god! You are so fucking amazing, Michelle!”

Such praise from him was what she wanted to hear. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking every inch of his cock. Michelle didn’t gag or choke, she handled his entire length with ease. Over and over, Michelle bobbed her head up and down. ‘Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm’, slight moans were heard from down below. Luke whimpered and moaned. She eventually came up, releasing his rod from her lips with another pop sound. Strings of saliva fell from his slobber coated shaft. Michelle got up from her knees and moved back to his face. She kissed him softly and then turned around to face the bed.

“Come on, Luke! I want you to fuck me! But don’t forget you’ve got that cracked rib, don’t hurt yourself, please.”

He laughed at her words. Even in the heat of the moment like this, Michelle couldn’t prevent her caring tenderness from showing.

“Alright, babe. Go on and climb up on the bed, I’m right behind you.”

She smirked at him while turning around and proceeding to get up on the bed. As soon as Michelle climbed up on all fours, she could feel the bed sink down a bit as Luke had climbed up and sunk his wet feet down into the sheets. His eyes roamed over the large tattoo over her lower back. As he starred down into the ‘Blessed’ writing text, he used his left hand to push his cock towards her wet pussy. Michelle let out a soft moan, arching her hands up on the bed to hold herself up. He went slow, sinking his cock into the warmth of her clit. She let out a soft moan, feeling him slide into her.

“Mmmmmm, there you go. How does that feel, Luke?”

“It feels fucking great!”

“Go on and fuck me, honey. Fuck me the way you’ve always dreamed.”

Knowing his limits with a wounded body, Luke figured he had to go slow with her. He moved his hands to her lower back, running them over the beautiful ink of her tattoo while he began to thrust his cock into her. Slowly, he moved his hips back and forth. Michelle closed her eyes and moaned, loving every second of his cock slowly pumping into her. This was just the very thing she wanted so bad, this man to make love to her. She wanted to fuck her so badly, at last she was experiencing the man she had grown feelings for, thrusting his hard cock into her. Raising her head, Michelle let out a soft moan before teasing him.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s it. Nice and slow, just like that. Fuck me however you want to, honey.”

Luke took in a heavy breath, still thrusting his hips forward and back slowly. He wanted to pound her pussy, to truly fuck her harder. The limits were in place, but he couldn’t help himself. Desire was getting the better of his mind. He picked up the pace, pumping his cock into her a little bit faster. Michelle’s large tits began to bounce from underneath her. Though she had warned him not to hurt himself by fucking her, the only thing on her mind now was this pleasure. She panted and then called out to him.

“Ohhhh god, yes! YES! That’s it, come on, FUCK ME! FUCK ME, LUKE!! FUCK ME!!”

He moved his feet forward, stepping them even further as he began to ram his cock back and forth into her pussy. Michelle’s arms collapsed, her large breasts pushed down into the blue sheets of the bed as Luke was now pumping his thick shaft harder and faster into pussy. She gasped before screaming yet again.


Panting and catching his breath, Luke couldn’t stop himself. He continued to pump his cock harder and faster into Michelle’s tight pussy. At this point, he didn’t plan to stop until he felt her climax. Michelle gritted her teeth, growling as she yelled to him.


“God, you’re so fucking tight Michelle!”


Slight pains over his stomach could be felt where his rib had been cracked, but Luke didn’t let the pain hinder him. He couldn’t stop himself, the pleasure was too good from fucking Michelle. Her hands ran over the sheets, clawing them with her long nails as she gasped and felt her orgasm coming.


Her teeth gritted as Michelle’s body tensed up and reached the point of a release. It took everything in Luke not to bust his nut and cum inside her, but he didn’t. Luke made one final thrust, keeping his cock into her pussy as he felt her tight walls tense up during her orgasm. Michelle quickly caught her breath and called out to him with a request.

“Don’t cum yet, darling! Don’t cum inside me, I’ve got an idea!!”

Taking a step back, Luke pulled his cock out of her pussy and then climbed off the bed. He didn’t know what Michelle had in mind but soon he would witness it. She quickly got up and turned to look at him with a mischievous lustful grin. The platinum blonde glamour model grabbed his wet cock with her right hand as she moved off the bed. She pushed her lips to his, giving him a short kiss before pulling their lips apart and sinking down to her knees. Michelle wasted no time wrapping her lips around his cock and sliding it down into her mouth. She cleaned him of her juices, sucking them up and swallowing them down. After releasing his dick from her mouth, she reached her hands down and grabbed her titanic-sized breasts, holding them up for him. Michelle looked into his eyes and spoke.

“I know you love big boobs, Luke. Come on, Mr. Disco! Get that disco stick between my disco ball boobs and fuck ’em!”

If it weren’t for being so caught in the heat of her lust, Luke may have laughed at her kinky words. As Michelle held her large breasts up, he used his right hand to guide his cock between them. She looked up into his eyes, smiling at him in passion as she squeezed her breasts around his cock. Luke placed his left hand over her shoulder as he began to thrust between her large breasts.

“Oh my god, your tits are fucking amazing!”

“Mmmmm, yeah! They’re made for fucking! Fuck ’em, Luke! Fuck my titties!”

Michelle’s breasts were an equal match on par of Lucy’s. Just like when he would fuck Lucy’s tits, Luke watched his entire cock disappear between the folds of Michelle’s tits. She never once broke eye contact with him. She smiled, moaned and just gazed back at his face with her big blue eyes. Luke brought his right hand down to squeeze one of her tits, keeping his left hand locked over her shoulder.

“Squeeze my tit, Luke! Yeah, come on! Fuck my titties, fuck ’em hard!”

Finally breaking eye contact with him, Michelle looked down to see his cock driving back and forth between her tits. Luke grunted and whimpered, calling out to her.

“My god, these are some of the best tits ever!”

“Oh yeah, fuck ’em! FUCK MY TITTIES!!”

He whimpered, not wanting this pleasure to end whatsoever. He was so close to blowing his load, Luke didn’t want to stop. He squeezed his hand over her right breast before grunting.

“FUCK!! I’m gonna cum soon, I can’t fucking stop it!”

“Keep fucking my titties, Luke! Fuck my tits until you cum! Don’t fucking stop!!”

Dropping her lower lip, Michelle looked into his face right on time. With one final thrust, Luke’s cock exploded and began to shoot cum forward and up.

“Ohhhhhh, FUCK!!”

As he yelled, Michelle looked down and opened her mouth as she felt a bit of his cum splash up over her neck. Some strings shot forward and ended up going all over the floor below. One strand of cum splashed over her left cheek, close to her mouth. A thick string shot up and went into her long golden hair while he continued to thrust his cock between her tits. Some wads of cum went up to her neck and streamed down while most of it shot between her tits, making her tunnel of tit-flesh into a cum filled pipe. As his orgasm began to come down, Luke slowed down before coming to a stop. He was out of breath, gazing down at the cum all over Michelle. She looked into his eyes and gave him a soft smile.

“Mmmmm, did you have fun?”

Without saying a word, he just nodded his head. Michelle giggled at him, replying as if he had spoken back to her.

“Yeah, I know I did too.”



Lucy sat down in front of a mirror, gazing back at herself while Kimberly stood behind her. She had just finished fixing up her hair and getting prepared for a dinner date with Nigel. From behind the seated woman, Kimberly slid the key into the lock place of the metal collar and turned it. As it unlocked, she used her hand to pull it back, finally freeing Lucy’s neck of that lovely decoration. Since Lucy had proven herself to being obedient in Nigel’s penthouse suite and appeared to be loyal in this quick amount of time, Kimberly went on and removed the collar from her neck. While looking back into the mirror, Lucy raised her hand and softly touched her neck that was now visible for the first time in days.

“You’ve earned my trust. I hope that you’re smart enough not to betray him in the future.”

Turning to look at the mistress, Lucy starred at Kimberly’s cold face. The older woman was always stern with her, giving the impression that she must have been quite the dominating mistress with other women. Lucy nodded her head to her, without saying a word. Kimberly stomped off, leaving Lucy by herself looking into the mirror. Now that she was free of the collar, Lucy knew her contract with Perfect Kiss modelling would be the next step. She still felt like a captive to Nigel, even if she had enjoyed the past week. Deep down, she still thought about Luke and wondered if there was a way out of this. Lucy was beginning to realize that if she were to cross paths with Luke again, she would probably have to choose her career or true love. She knew the contract that would be prepared for her would leave her little control, making her a slave to the company.

She had to meet Nigel for dinner soon in the penthouse suite. Holly had left the penthouse with him to go out on some date, leaving Lucy all alone when Kimberly wasn’t in the room. As she sat at the mirror table, she thought to herself how she could find a way out of this. Maybe after signing the contract, Nigel would give her the freedom that Holly had. Lucy already was thinking of what she could do after escaping this hotel, even if the thoughts were in her mind of the lack of freedom she would have with her career. Thoughts of Luke still clouded her mind. Lucy couldn’t help but wonder what was going on with him, but she kept these thoughts to herself and never spoke a word of it to Nigel or Holly.


Water ran from the faucet and into the sink as Luke had finished up shaving and was now cleaning his face. He had just finished showering and stood shirtless as he had washed his face. By now, the bruises and swelling had come down and he was beginning to look normal again. There was still the problem of his cracked rib, but he was more confident than ever now that it would heal. He had woke up alone to find a note Michelle had left him, telling him that she would be returning in the afternoon. After the first day of their love making, he had grown more confident with her as a friend. There was still the problem of not hearing from Peter again, but Luke didn’t care right now. At least he had Michelle.

While he cleaned up in the bathroom, he did not hear the front door open. Michelle walked through the door, holding two large shopping bags in her left hand, and some bagged jackets on clothes hangers in her right hand. Her heels stomped through the living room as she placed the bags down near the coffee table and the jackets over the couch. This was meant to be a surprise for him, she had been planning. Michelle didn’t care that Luke didn’t want her to go out and buy him some new clothes, she did it anyway. Using his blood stained jacket, shirt and the pants from the day she found him, Michelle was able to write down the exact sizes and go out shopping. She heard the water in the bathroom and then called out to him in her sultry English accent.

“Luke, I’m home!”

“Just one moment, please!”

She bit her lower lip, excited over this moment. Michelle stood wearing a black shirt with a leather jacket. From below, she had on a pair of blue jeans that she wore to go out shopping. She grabbed the two shopping bags, moving them to the coffee table where she could easily pull out the surprise for him. A few seconds later, Luke walked through the living room wearing a pair of shorts and a button up white shirt. Michelle looked at him and smiled, as he was surprised to see the bags over the coffee table.

“Where did you go, Michelle? I guess you’ve been out shopping?”

Nodding her head slowly, Michelle smiled before replying.

“Yes! I’ve got a surprise for you! Here, take this!”

Pulling a box out of the bag, she handed to him what was an expensive new large screened smartphone.

“You need a new phone, just in case someone is tracking you on the older one.”

Luke could not believe the heavy generosity from Michelle to buy him a phone this expensive. Before he could say anything back, she took a hold of the other bag and offered it to him.

“These are your new shirts and there’s four pair of pants in there too.”

His jaw dropped. Luke sat down, not even noticing the bagged jackets next to him. He went through the tall shopping bag, taking every folded shirt out. Michelle had bought him several pastel and neon colored shirts, he counted up to eight shirts. Underneath the stacked shirts, there was pants in the colors of grey, white and black. He could not believe that she would know such a detail without him telling her. She must have truly studied the way he dressed. Michelle then walked over to grab the bagged jackets, shaking them to get his attention.

“Don’t forget about this! These are your new suit jackets to go with the clothes!”

Yet again, Luke was blown away at her kindness. She dropped the bagged jackets over his lap. There was four of them. He pulled one apart to see a brand new white blazer jacket. The second one was a black jacket, the third grey and the last one was a light blue color that matched his old jacket. Luke was already thinking that she must have really spent a good bit of money on all these clothes. The jackets alone were an expensive name brand. When he looked back at Michelle, she had the biggest grin on her face.

“Well, what do you think? That’s the style of fashion you like, isn’t it?”

“I love this, but you didn’t have to buy me anything. My god, I feel bad that you probably spent a lot on me.”

“Don’t feel bad. I wanted to do something nice for you, I used an old credit card that my ex-boyfriend gave me last year.”

Luke glanced back down at the clothes one last time. He couldn’t help but smile. Michelle must have truly thought highly of him to do something like this. When he looked back at her face, she smiled and spoke once more.

“Now you can be Mr. Disco again with the right clothes. Whenever you’re ready, we’ll find Lucy, together.”


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