Silver Screen Express Ch. 10

Title: Silver Screen Express Ch. 10

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Britney Spears

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, tit fuck, facial, exhib

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Los Angeles, California

Another hot summer day dawned over the city, drying up the wetness in the grass early in the morning. By the time the afternoon ticked by on the clock, traffic had become much larger and the heat of the day was burning up. For David, it was nothing unusual for a day in his work week. Today was Wednesday, the day to go over the hump for most working people. Here he was, cruising around the streets in the Silver Screen taxi van as usual. The only thing special for the day was the job he had taken up for a private fare. The taxi van was rolling down the streets within the neighborhoods of Calabasas. David had to reach a specific mansion to pick up someone who had called in for a private fare.

A private fare was a special deal offered to clients from their homes. Through the arrangement, one could make a payment to call a Silver Screen van to their home with the additional charges handled over the phone. David had already been informed he was to pick up a woman who had made the payments over the phone. The destination would be across town music studio is downtown L.A. David was already speculating just who this person could be and what business they had across town with a studio. In his years of experience, he had taken fares that had jobs in the music industry, one time lucking into sharing a conversation with a high profile producer. His best guess was that maybe this mystery woman was a producer or manager.

Following the instructions he had received for arriving at the mansion, David stopped near the gate and put the vehicle into reverse. Just from the first view of the mansion, it was massive and clearly demonstrating the wealth of someone powerful. The gate was opened, clearly in anticipation for his arrival. He slowly backed the van through the gate, driving backwards over the drive way. He came to a stop next to a large white jeep. A few thoughts ran across David’s mind. If someone had this kind of money to own such a massive house, why weren’t they paying their own drivers or limousine service. He sat there, waiting patiently while gazing into the door mirror of the van. He pushed down on the horn slightly, remembering that one key detail he nearly had forgotten.

Brushing his hand over his black shirt, David continued to sit there while the engine was running. After a minute, the front doors of the mansion opened and a blonde haired woman stepped out. She wore a black zip up bustier top and blue jeans, stopping to run her hand through her hair before she approached the left side back door of the van. The door came open and the woman sat down among the seat before sliding it shut. David made one look at her through his rear view mirror, soon realizing that his assumption of her being a music business executive was completely wrong. She had the look of a pop star diva of some sort. With a smile, he was ready to strike a conversation with this lovely lady.

“Hello, you called for a ride, Miss?”

She nodded, smiling big.

“Yes! Are you my regular driver?”

“I don’t think so, this is the first time I’ve set eyes on you.”

“Alright, you know where to take me, right?”

“Yes, we’ve got a long trip through downtown L.A. I’ll take you there, no problem.”

David spoke while shifting gears and beginning to drive the car slowly out of the gateway. The woman adjusted herself in the back seat, sitting firmly in place. Given her answer to him, David had to assume that she must have been a recurring fare for the company. She spoke back up to him in her soft voice.

“Well, who are you? Brent is my usual driver.”

“You can call me David, please. I guess Brent is off today, I haven’t heard from him.”

“Oh, he’s usually the driver that comes and picks me up.”

Taking a second glance into his rear-view mirror, David studied this adorable blonde woman. She appeared to have a heavy cleavage in the zip up bustier, an interesting choice of an outfit he thought. Something about her face looked so familiar to him. Her dark eyes were beautiful, even from the distance. While pulling the car into a street of traffic, he couldn’t help but ask some details about her.

“What’s your name, Miss? I can’t help but think I’ve seen you some place before.”

A smile appeared over her pink lips before she answered him back.

“I’m sure you have before! My name is Britney.”



As he gripped the steering wheel and continued to drive, David took one more glance up into the rear-view mirror. ‘Oh my fucking god, it can’t be. No way, it can’t really be her.’ All it took was one more look into her face before he focused his eyes back onto the road ahead of him. It was just the Britney he thought of, no way that it couldn’t be her.

“Holy shit, you’re Britney Spears.”

Her perfect white teeth flashed in a big smile before she cracked up laughing. David had one last look at her through the rear view mirror before focusing everything back on driving.

“Yes, you’re my driver today!”

“I wish they would’ve told me before I came to pick you up, I would’ve stopped by and bought you some flowers.”

Britney laughed at his flirting joke. David couldn’t believe this goddess was his fare today. He remembered back in the day when Britney was a mega superstar, the ‘pop princess’ as she was always called. Though those days had long passed, she still had a unique beautiful look to herself. At thirty five years old and a mother of two, Britney was a certified MILF. He could clearly remember her ‘prime’ so to speak back in the early 2000’s. While focusing on the road, he wasted no time to begin a conversation with her.

“So, I take it that you’re heading down to the recording studios today?”

“Yeah, I thought I would drop in for a surprise to see one of the producers working on a song for me.”

Gripping the steering wheel tighter between his fingers, David smiled to himself as he listened to her. Already his mind was made up when it came to trying his luck with a woman. How could he refuse making a move on her? She was Britney Spears of all women in the world. He would probably never get the opportunity again to test his luck with her. She was a goddess he had lusted over back in the day, often following her career at times during her peak of popularity. He had to come up with some way to try and smooth talk her, even if it was with a corny line to flirt. David thought back to the large size of her home, remembering the impression he had over her lack of a limousine driver.

“Do you mind if I ask you something, Britney?”

“No, not at all. What’s on your mind, David?”

“How come you don’t have your own driver? I saw how big that house is, I’d imagine you probably have an army of bodyguards and drivers at your feet.”

“Well, Brent used to be my main driver. I usually call Silver Screen and ask for him, he gives me discounts for these rides.”

The subtle words she spoke offered a chance, David thought. Britney had admitted to getting discounts for the van services. Could he get away with a lie and seducing her through that? He thought to himself, figuring he needed to word this in a proper way that didn’t completely give away the motive he had at hand.

“He gives you discounts?”

“Yes! Since I’m a regular customer, he usually only charges me around five hundred dollars total. I get to pay over the phone.”

“Oh, now I see. That explains something.”

“What do you mean?”

She leaned up in the seat, a curious look ran across her face when David glanced back into the rear view mirror. He licked his lips, ready to begin his attempt at seducing the one and only Britney Spears.

“Before I made the stop, they told me that you didn’t pay over the phone. Something about the money not going through?”

Britney leaned back and let out a sigh, rolling her eyes.

“Oh god, my credit card must have screwed up. I’m sorry, so it didn’t go through?”

“No, not at all. They told me to inform you.”

“Well, I wish you had let me know before we got far away from my house. I still find it kinda odd, I thought the payment went through.”

“It happens sometimes, it gets messed up over the phone.”

David lied to her with his answer. Glancing out the window, Britney sighed again and continued.

“I don’t have any money in my pockets to pay you, I didn’t even bring my purse.”

“Well, that’s fine. We’ll figure out another way to make the payment. I’m sorry I’m not your regular driver, babe. I do have to say that Brent has it made to drive you around, you are still very beautiful.”

With a soft smile, she leaned back and crossed her legs. David could see a tall pair of black high heels down below when he peered again from the rear view mirror.

“Thank you, that’s nice of you to say.”

For now, he figured it was best to change the subject. David knew better than to be up front about his intentions. This game was the art of seduction and he felt confident with his skills after two decades as a taxi driver working this charm on so many ladies before her.

“So, how are you with the kids? I know you’re a mother with two boys.”

Her face lit up into a big smile. Britney appeared to show great enthusiasm when she began to speak.

“They’re doing great! They’re ten and eleven, so they’re getting close to the teen years. They kinda make me feel old, you know?”

David laughed.

“Trust me, babe. You aren’t old yet but you’re aging quite gracefully.”

“That’s kind of you to say.”

The van turned in traffic, slipping through a few cars as David steered them through a back road. Britney leaned up from the seat, curiosity getting the better of her as she had a look at his face. She noticed his fading gray hair and then smiled before sitting back down.

“Wow, you’re older than you sound. I take it that you have kids too?”

“No, babe! I probably should have a family given that I’m in my late forties now, but I don’t.”

“Oh I see, well it was sweet of you to ask. Brent never asks about my boys.”

“Shame on him, then. You’re Britney Spears after all. If I could drive you around as a regular fare, I’d be asking you all the time about life’s details.”

“Ohhhhh now, would you?”

Britney smirked, offering a mischievous grin to him. She knew he would look back at her from the rear view mirror and now she was teasing him.

“Yeah, why not? So, how’s Vegas treating you? I’ve heard a lot of good things about your shows out there.”

“Oh, it’s going great! I just ended one residency and may renew for a new one at a different casino.”

“I take it you enjoy performing there?”

She nodded, carrying on the conversation.

“Yeah, to be honest I love it out there! I don’t have to constantly move from city to city with a long tour. I get a nice big penthouse suite at the top of the hotel too, it’s very nice. You should come out and see one of my shows if you ever do go to Vegas.”

“I would love to, babe. If I ever get a nice vacation fund from this business, I certainly will.”

Turning the wheel, David moved the van through a street and crossed into more traffic. He was forced to slow down momentarily for a red light. Taking a deep breath, he watched the vehicle in front of him while awaiting the light to fade green. So far, he felt even more confident than before about seducing her. There was something about Britney’s lovable personality that made him feel great about his chances.

“Would you mind if I ask you something personal, Britney?”

“Something personal?”

“Yeah, something along the lines of the love life.”

“Sure, go ahead. Are you trying to ask me out or something?”

“No, I’m just curious to say the least. You are a very interesting woman, so I can’t help but wonder. Are you dating anyone currently?”

Britney sighed before quickly turning a smile past her lips.

“It’s kinda complicated, you know? I’ve been seeing a guy who I’d like to say is more or less a boy toy. He’s younger than me, not really a serious relationship.”

“Oh, so you’re just seeing him cause he’s good in bed?”

She couldn’t help but to bust out laughing. David didn’t mean to be so up front in his words, but he had let it slip.

“Well, I guess you could say that!”

By now they both were laughing. David was amazed how honest Britney was about such a trivial detail. She didn’t blush at all, obviously not having any shame whatsoever. David was beginning to feel more confident now about offering her a deal for the payment of the fare, even though he was going to be lying. He had already moved the van along a scenic route for what would be a detour to a quiet place.

“I’ve got an idea how you can pay for this fare without cash, Britney.”

“Oh yeah, you do?”

“You sound like a kinky woman, how about we have some fun back there? You can pay the fare getting naked with me.”

Britney bust out laughing at his words. The van continued to roll through the traffic while she answered.

“Oh my god, you can’t be serious!”

“Oh no, I am! Believe me, babe! I’m very serious!”

She was still laughing, almost rolling over the backseats. David felt a bit lucky that Britney wasn’t offended by his offer like this. Her goofy personality had come out in full swing. He still couldn’t help but to speak again of his offer.

“I’m serious! I’ll let you pay for the fare if you let me fuck you, how about that? I bet I can fuck you better than Brent ever did.”

“You think Brent fucks me!?”

“I had to take a guess!”

Finally, Britney had stopped laughing and had to catch her breath. The van was still driving all over the streets. As she caught her breath, David pushed his offer again.

“Is that a deal or not? Come on, I’ll show you a good time.”

“Oh my god…I’ve gotta give it to you, you’re a funny man. Do you mind if I ask you something, David?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Why do you insist on wanting to fuck me? What is it about me that you’re so fascinated with?”

He sighed, moving his hands over the steering wheel as he made another turn through traffic.

“What do you mean, by that? You’re Britney Spears, I’d be a fool if I didn’t want to fuck you. I know you’re not the most famous woman in the music world anymore, but you’re still sexy as hell. If you ask me, you’ve aged into a prime MILF.”

She giggled while raising her left hand to rest under her chin.

“Thank you, I appreciate that.”

“So, what do you say, babe? You and me in the back of the van? I’ll take us out to a little spot I know. I won’t charge you the fare at all with this.”

Taking in a deep breath, Britney licked her lips while looking forward into the back of the front seats.

“Will you promise not to tell anybody? I’ll do it, but only if you guarantee me that you aren’t going to try and get in the tabloid papers or something. You are pretty handsome for an older man, I like that.”

“Who the hell am I going to tell, babe? I don’t have anyone to spill my guts out, unless you think I’m going to tell Brent.”

“Oh, please! I don’t sleep with him anyway if that’s what you’re thinking.”

David laughed at her words. He slowed the van down through traffic to stop at another red light. A sigh could be heard from the back seat before Britney spoke up again. He moved the van once the light turned green.

“Okay! I’ll tell you what, I’ll agree to this but only as long as you don’t tell anyone. I try to keep a low profile these days, I don’t want the story to be in tabloid magazines.”

“Like I said babe, who am I gonna tell? I’m just a taxi man, nothing else.”

Stepping on the gas, David smiled to himself as he drove the van through a bit more traffic and took a turn. He was going to take Britney out to an old abandoned car wash he knew was close by on the outskirts of the Downtown area. He was already thinking about how he would record this special event in his diary tonight. She sat in the back seat, running her hands through her golden hair while David was focused on driving. He let out a deep breath, unable to prevent himself from bragging.

“Britney fucking Spears, what a day. Wish I had known about fifteen years ago that I would get this lucky in the future.”

She giggled in that soft adorable voice she was famous for.

“You’ve had the hots for me quite a while, huh?”

“Oh, fuck yes! Who hasn’t? You were the most sexy woman alive back then and if anyone asks me, you still are.”

“I’m happy to hear someone still thinks so.”

Her lips curled up into a mischievous little grin. Though David usually asked women to strip for him in the back seat, he didn’t bother with Britney. For once, he felt that he truly would become distracted from driving if he did ask her to take her clothes off. This was a woman he had lusted over for so many years. It was like a dream to even have the possibility to drive her around, let alone fuck her. He still remembered the mega hits she had in the early 2000’s, ‘Toxic’ was his favorite and the music video had caused him to masturbate so many times in the past. Moving the van around a block, David wasn’t far from the abandoned old car wash place that he planned to take her. Britney looked out the windows momentarily, gazing around the surroundings that quickly passed by.

“I take it that you know this city well.”

“Yes I do, babe. I’ve been making my living around this town for long enough, this place will be nice and quiet, I promise.”

With one final turn, he slowed down as they approached the old car wash building. Around the back and through the main entrance would be a secluded area, David was confident about this location. He had used back in the past with women before Britney. After pulling around the back, David began to park near the back wall of the abandoned building. Britney looked out the window and bit her lower lip, a flirty grin shifted over her face.

“How about this for a spot?”

“Oh, this is fine. I doubt anyone is going to see us behind here.”

“Great, I’ll be with you soon babe.”

He spoke before turning the key in the ignition to shut the engine down. With the car safely turned off, David opened the driver’s door and placed his flip flops down over the pavement and began to walk towards the back passenger side door. Britney had adjusted herself to sitting in the middle of the back leather seats, patiently awaiting him to join her. The back door slid open and then David stepped in, coming face to face with Britney Spears before he slid the handle to close the door. He stood there, wearing only a pair of white shorts and his black shirt apart from the flip flops. She looked back at him, starring into his eyes for a moment. It was quite an experience, something David had always dreamed of looking back into the face of this beautiful famous singer.

“You’re quite a handsome man, you know that?”

“I’m not as good looking as you are, babe.”

She smirked at him, leaning forward to waste no time pushing their lips together. David had lowered herself down at level of seat. Their tongues moved back and forth, dancing a bit as David deepened the kiss into a passionate one. He had to lie just to create the possibility of this scenario, so he wanted to enjoy every minute of Britney’s lust. Finally pulling the kiss back, he gazed into her eyes before she spoke.

“Mmmm, you’re a pretty good kisser.”

“I can say the same for you.”

Still looking back at him, Britney moved her hand down to the zipper of her black bustier outfit. David had wondered just why she would wear such an outfit out to the recording studio, but it was none of his business to ask. It was time for the reveal of her beautiful body. While looking into his eyes, she slowly pulled the zipper down. Her large breasts bulged out, contained only in a silk white bra. Once the zipper reached the bottom, her little outfit broke into two and she was able to easily dispose it to the floor. Britney stood there, only in the silk bra, revealing her muscular stomach and a silver belly button piercing.

“Wow, now those are fucking amazing.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet, honey.”

She replied to him in her low sexy voice. Britney reached over her shoulders and undid the straps holding her bra together. Moving her hands, she pulled the bra and then dropped it to the floor, revealing her natural large breasts to him. David’s eyes became big before Britney shook her tits together.

“Holy shit, those are fucking beautiful.”

“Come on and touch ’em, baby!”

Moving her hands away from her breasts, Britney looked down to see his hands push over her them. She gasped, looking into his face to tease him while he squeezed her boobs. David felt her nipples harden from under his palms.

“Mmmmmm, you like those titties, David?”

“Fuck yeah, they’re gorgeous.”

Squeezing them again, he leaned his head down and moved his hand away from her left breast. Britney gasped and moaned when she felt his tongue licking over her nipple before sucking on it. He soon moved both hands away, slobbering over her left breast hungrily. Britney raised her right hand and played with her other nipple, squeezing it between her fingertips. Britney moaned out to him.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! I want your cock, David! I know you’ve got a big juicy hard, fat fuckin’ cock for me, don’t you?”

Her voice slurred a bit with that sexy southern accent that she was famous for. David moved his head up from her breasts and looked back at her face before nodding. He kissed her lips softly before standing up and then Britney took control. She wasted no time pushing her hands over his shorts, pulling the button apart and then falling down to her knees. David was impressed with how eager she was to get his shorts off. Britney pushed them down with his underwear, forcing his cock to spring free. She was busy using her right hand to squeeze her nipple, forcing herself to use her left hand to wrap around his rod and stroke it back and forth. For a moment, David was able to witness something he had only dreamed of for years: Britney Spears jacking his cock back and forth in her hand.

“Damn, you’ve got a nice big dick.”

The moment had become even better to hear Britney compliment his size. David just stood there and watched as she leaned her pink lips down and kissed the head. She gazed into his eyes while parting her lips and sliding her hand down to the base while slipping his cock into her mouth. Britney was still squeezing her right nipple, rolling her fingertips around it as she began to slowly bob her head up and down, sucking David’s long shaft. For now, David felt like a king on top of the world. Nothing mattered to him that Britney’s star status may have faded from her prime days. All that he cared about was right now, watching as the pop princess slobbered over his cock moving it back and forth in her mouth. He reached his hand down and softly caressed her golden hair, almost as if he were petting her.

‘Mmmmm’, Britney moaned loudly as she slobbered and sucked on his cock. She went nice and slow, sucking inch after inch while she bobbed her lips up and down. She could feel David’s hand brushing across her hair. She looked up into his eyes, allowing him to look back into her big brown eyes while his cock was between her lips. When she broke eye contact, she began to move her lips up and down faster, picking up a bit of an aggressive pace with her oral skills. Slobbering sounds became louder from below. David ran his fingers through her hair, slowly creating a grip in her locks as she continued to suck on him. He couldn’t help himself, he had to take control and see just how far she could deep throat his cock. Clearing his throat loudly, David groaned and then spoke out to her.

“No hands, babe. Move your hand away from it.”

Obeying his wish, Britney moved her left hand away from his thick cock. She knew from the grip of his hand in her hair, he was more than likely about to take control. David slowly pushed the back of her head down. His long rod pushed into her mouth, inch after inch until Britney’s lips met at the base. She devoured his entire length, listening to him take a deep breath and speak aloud.

“Ohhhhh yeah, that’s it. That’s it babe, just like that. Ohhhh, fuck! Take it all for me!”

With her lips buried into his ball hair, David could fell the head of his cock pushing to the back of her throat. Britney remained still for several seconds until she finally and choked on his long dick. She had moved her left hand to playfully run her fingernails over his balls, all while her right fingers were still pinching over her hard nipple. After she had gagged a second time, David pulled her hair to release his cock from past her lips. Strings of drool began to drip down, as Britney gazed up into his eyes. She finally moved her right hand down to hold one of her boobs up. Britney looked into his eyes while moaning.

David simply smirked at her, pleased at her efforts. She wrapped her left hand back around his cock and went to stroking it once more, just before leaning her lips forward to kiss the head.

“God, I could let you suck that cock for hours. You know how to handle yourself.”

“Mmmmmm, your cock is nice and meaty. I think I love it.”

“Do you?”

She kissed the head again before replying.

“Mmmm, yeah…”

Britney’s voice had changed, her sultry southern accent fading into a slutty tone. She continued to stroke his cock back and forth in her left hand before letting go and then she began to bob her head up and down yet again. Unlike before, she worked at a faster pace to suck his dick. His hand was still in her hair. Britney expected him to take control like he did moments earlier and David did. He began to buck his hips forward, holding her head in place as he fucked her mouth.


“Suck that fucking cock, babe! YES!!”

Her mouth made several slurping and slobbering sounds as David proceeded to buck his hips forward. A string of saliva dangled from the left corner of her mouth, breaking off to land over her big tits down below. David continued to fuck her mouth, enjoying every second of the beautiful pop princess performing this oral pleasure to him. Britney didn’t gag once, not until he pushed her head all the way down again. When he heard her choke, David pulled her head and listened to his cock come from between her lips with an audible pop sound. Britney gasped before looking into his eyes and smiling big. He did not notice that her hands had been holding her breasts up all this time.

“You wanna fuck mah tits, sexy man?”

David took a deep breath and grinned. To hear Britney’s voice slur her speech around like this was amazing. He pulled her hair while responding.

“Fuck yeah! Those tits are amazing!”

Letting go of her hair, he used his right hand to grip a hold over his dick. Her drool dripped from his rod, as it had been covered in Britney’s saliva. As she held her tits apart, he pushed his cock between them and watched as she squeezed them together.

“That’s it, babe! Ohhhhh yeah, big tits like this were made to be fucked.”

“Mmmmm, fuck ’em David!”

Gripping her hair again with his hand, he pulled her head to look into his eyes. After David made the first thrust between her tits, he spoke with one small request to her.

“Tell me I’m your dirty cab driver, babe!”

“Ohhhh, yeah! Fuck my titties, you dirty tax man! Ohhhh yeah, MMMM!!”

Thrusting his hips forward and back, David grunted as his cock pushed back and forth between her big breasts. Britney continued to look into his eyes, teasing him with her goofy face as she began to talk dirty to him.

“Mmmmm, you like that? You like fucking these big tits!?”

“Fuck yeah, babe!”

“Mmmmm, fuck my titties! Fuck ’em, you dirty cab driver! Ohhhh, yeah! Just like that, keep fuckin’ those tits!”

Her words had encouraged him to move faster. Britney gasped and moaned as she felt his cock driving harder and faster between her tits. She almost lost her grip over her breasts as she never once broke eye contact with him. David couldn’t stop himself, but he knew in the back of his mind that he didn’t want to waste his load this early just from a good titty fucking. David let go of her hair, still pumping his cock back and forth between her tits. Britney leaned her head down and opened her mouth to lick the head each time it made a thrust up. He eventually slowed down and came to a stop. Britney’s instant reaction was that he was about to cum.

“Are you gonna cum for me?”

“No, not yet. I could fuck those tits until my legs give out, but I’ve gotta stop for now.”

She giggled at his words as he pulled his cock away from her breasts. He pointed at the back seats from behind her.

“Climb up there for me and take your jeans off, I want to lick your pussy.”

“Ohhhhh, you wanna lick me after how I sucked you off? That’s sweet of you.”

“Yeah, show me that ass and your pussy!”

Climbing up from the floor, Britney kicked her heels off to the floor. David went on and stepped out of his flip flops before pushing his legs out of the shorts and underwear that had been pushed down to his ankles. She unbuttoned her pants and sat on the seats while tugging them down. As he stood there naked, all David could do was watch as she shoved those pants down and revealed her thick juicy ass. Her signature fairy tramp stamp tattoo looked so beautiful, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off her ass with the silky white thong shoved between the cheeks.

“Goddamn, that is one lovely ass right there.”

Sitting on her knees, Britney pushed her jeans down as she felt David’s softly caress the right cheek of her ass. She looked behind her shoulder and raised her left hand to spank it, teasing him.

“Can you pull my jeans down, please?”

“Sure, no problem babe.”

She turned around and sat down in the middle of the leather seat. David went down to his knees and then grabbed the empty leg ends of her jeans and quickly pulled them down off Britney’s long muscular legs. She sat there wearing nothing but the white thong. Looking down into David’s eyes, Britney tugged the thong down, revealing her soft and wet pussy. It was shaved, dripping in wetness. His eyes glanced at the tattoos around her hips, he found a liking for the little cross ink art. Once her thong fell down to her ankles, David pushed it off and then crawled between her legs. Britney was able to look down at the man positioning his head between her thighs before his mouth found her sweet clit. She gasped when feeling his tongue edge over the pink folds of her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah. Mmmmm, lick it David.”

Leaning her head back over the seat, Britney let out a soft moan as the man began to lick and suck at her clit. This was just the kind of pleasure David preferred to give a woman. After Britney had displayed master oral talents, it was only fair if he repaid her the favor. His tongue slithered into her clit, moving back and forth. She ran her hands up to her breasts, squeezing her fingers into her own skin while raising her head and moaning.

“Ohhhhhh, yes. Yesssss, that’s it! Mmmmm!!”

Britney squirmed around a bit in the seats. This was just what David wanted to do, to make this goddess move around and scream for him. He darted his tongue back and forth, slowly slithering it into her pussy and back. Britney gasped, licking her upper lip as she began to cry out to him.

“Ohhhh, GAWD!! YESSSSS!!

That sultry thick southern accent of hers began to slur her words yet again. She began panting, breathing in heavily. Britney moved her right hand down to rustle her fingers through his fading hair. The only time David moved his tongue out from her clit was to place a kiss over the wet mound. He ventured his tongue back inside of her, slithering in deeper. Britney gasped and then clenched her teeth while raking her nails through his hair. At this rate, he would probably force her into a climax before she had a chance to feel his cock pounding into her. Moving her hands away, she ran her nails over the leather seats for a moment before finally making her mind up. Britney had to stop him before he could force her climax. Reaching her hands down, she pulled his head up from her clit and looked down at his face.

“Come on, get up! I can’t take it anymore, I need you to fuck me!”

David grinned and got up from his knees. Something had come across his mind with how desperate Britney was to feel him inside of her. He was mischievous about the van being parked out at some abandoned place. As David got up, Britney positioned herself with her right knee up against the seat and leaning over to expose her pussy to him. David knew from her position that she wanted it doggy style.

“Come on, what are you waiting for!? I can’t wait, I want you to fuck me!”

With a grin, he replied.

“Since you’re in the mood for some screaming, would you mind if I opened the door? Are you scared anyone might hear us, Britney?”

She sighed, somewhat aggravated as she replied to him.

“No!! Go on and open the fuckin’ door! Do it, I need you to fuck me! I ain’t gonna keep on waiting here!”

Stepping to the left door, David quickly opened it and slid the door open. He then got behind Britney, positioning himself as the ambiance from outside could be heard between her frantic heavy breathing. When she glanced behind her shoulder, David pointed at the safety handle bar attached near the window. There was on each side in the backseats.

“Hold onto to that, babe. You’re gonna need it, cause I’m going to fuck you so hard…”

“Mmmmm, that’s how I want it! Fuck me hard like you’ve always wanted to!”

Britney raised her right hand and gripped the handle bar, following his request. He raised his right leg, pushing it over the seat as he moved his hands over her hips and began to guide himself into her. She licked her lips and moaned as she felt his cock entering her pussy. The tightness and warmth of her entrance caused David to groan. This was all a dream come true again, having the chance to fuck Britney Spears. He couldn’t help but think to himself, fifteen years ago, many men would’ve done anything for this opportunity. He began to thrust his cock into her pussy, listening to her moan as traffic could be heard outside.

“Ohhhhhh, yes! Mmmm, fuck me! Come on, fuck me!!”

He raised his left hand back and spanked her ass loudly. Britney moaned as David began to pick up the speed, pumping his cock harder and faster into her pussy. For now, he wanted to get used to the feeling inside her, preparing himself to really fuck her with all the strength in his body.


From her demanding words, David placed his hands up on both of her shoulders, gripping them tightly as he began to buck his hips harder and slam his cock into her pussy and back. Britney lowered her right hand, gripping the front of the seat as she felt him pumping his cock into her harder and faster now.


From pounding his cock into her, Britney’s large tits bounced while David’s balls slapped against her thighs. Her thick ass bounced a bit with each hard thrust he sent into her. Strands of her hair went flying, moving into her face as David fulfilled her wishes and pumped his cock into her as hard as he possibly could. At this rate, he was going to make her cum so fast given how hard he was pounding his cock into her. Britney didn’t even care about the van door being opened, she couldn’t think twice about the chance of some strangers listening to them from the distance.


“Who’s your dirty fucking cab driver, Britney!?”


He didn’t slow down at all, still bucking his hips forward and gripping her shoulders to pound his cock into her. From the pressure and intensity of this hard fucking, David almost felt like the van was shaking from under them. Britney’s hair had waved all around, her breasts were still bouncing up and down. She was so close, the feeling of her orgasm was only seconds away at this point.


“Ohhhh, you are, babe!?”


Still pumping his cock in and out of her, David grunted knowing that he had to come to a stop soon. Like before, he didn’t want to waste his load yet. If there was any place he wanted to cum on the body of Britney Spears, it was that pretty face. Moving his hands away from her shoulders, he reared his left hand back and spanked spanked it over her left ass cheek. Britney couldn’t pay attention to his playful slap, as she felt her orgasm commencing at the very second. Once her jaw dropped and she screamed, David knew he had to pull out. He took a step back as he snatched his cock free from her clit. Britney’s juices squirted all over the front of the leather seat. David stepped back, watching as her wet liquid flooded over the seats and dripped down.

“Wow, you made quite a mess on the seat, huh?”

David laughed, while Britney had moved to stand up and slowly catch her breath and brush her hair out from her face. She didn’t even realize how much she had squirted her juices all over the place. It covered the right side and middle of the leather seats, making quite the mess that would dry up into stains. David had to give her credit. Usually, he was the one who left cum stains in the back seat when sharing these lustful occasions with another woman. For once, it was a woman who had broke his record with the largest cum stain over the back seats. He moved to sit down in the left seat where it was clean. Once Britney had caught her breath, she looked down and then gasped.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I squirt sometimes, I didn’t know I made that big of a mess.”

Once again, he laughed at her words.

“You have nothing to apologize for, babe. It’s just gonna take me a bit to clean those stains out later. Get over here, Britney!”

She had a goofy grin over her face before approaching him. Britney leaned down and kissed his lips while David ran his hands to hold her hips. She broke the kiss and looked back at him to speak.

“I can’t believe you didn’t cum inside me. Most men that fuck me that hard, they usually don’t wait to bust their nut inside me.”

“That’s cause I don’t want to waste my cum inside of you, babe.”

He kissed her lips softly before finishing his words.

“I’d rather blow that hot load all over your beautiful face.”

“Ohhhh, you wanna cum on this face, huh?”

Britney gritted her teeth, gazing back at him with one of her classic slutty faces. By now, she had completely forgotten about her day at the recording studio. She was far too caught within the heat of this hour, fucking this sleazy man in the back of his taxi van. David nodded his head at her and replied.

“Yeah, but before I drain my fucking balls for you, I know we ain’t done yet. I’ve fucked your mouth and your pussy, I want to be inside your ass next.”

She grinned at him before moaning.

“Mmmmmm, you’re determined to fuck all three holes, aren’t you?”

“Yep, all three holes. I can’t wait to write in my diary tonight that I got to fuck Britney Spears and experience all three holes.”

“Don’t forget about my tits. You got to fuck those too.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right! You almost made me cum with those big titties earlier!”

Giggling back at his words, Britney stepped up and then changed the subject. Since the next round would feature her ass at work, she was probably fatigued yet after how hard he pounded her. Britney moved to straddle him, sitting on his lap to take control now. Her feet pushed into the seat as she sat firmly on top of him.

“I imagine you’ve worn yourself out after how hard you fucked me. You really pounded the fuck outta me real good!”

David smirked and nodded at her. From Britney climbing atop him, he was able to witness her beautiful body up front. His eyes moved down, tracing from the beginning of her hips with those small tattoos and up to her cute belly button piercing. Looking over her perfect big tits, he then glanced to her lovely face while her hand reached down and grabbed his cock. Britney leaned up, hovering her body over his lap as she pushed his cock between the crack of her ass. She teased him, rubbing his shaft between the crack of her ass cheeks before finding her dark hole and pushing it in.

“Mmmm, yeah! Come on, push that cock in my ass!”

She lowered her hands down to his shoulders, almost in the same matter of how he held hers from earlier. David made one hard thrust, pushing his cock to enter her ass. Britney gasped and then moved her hands to roam down his chest.

“Ohhh, yeah! That’s it, mmmm!”

Leaning forward, Britney whipped her hair around like a stripper as she began to grind herself down on him. She continued to run her hands through the hair on his chest while his cock was slowly pumping in and out of her thick round ass. All David could do was sit there and stare into her beautiful perfect body. Britney’s breasts bounced a bit as she would grind herself down. He reached his hands up and squeezed her tits, causing her to moan.

“Ohhhh, yeah! You like those tits? Mmmmm, take ’em! Slobber all over ’em, you naughty taxi man!”

This time, Britney leaned forward enough to smother his face with her breasts. She spoke to him so lovingly, teasing him with every last word. David moved his hands away and ran them back to grip her ass cheeks, holding them in place as he began to buck his hips and force his cock back and forth into her ass.


Screaming to him, Britney gasped and breathed heavily as she continued to smash her breasts up against his face. David wanted to say something about how sexy her voice sounded, but he lost his train of thought between pumping his dick into her ass and slobbering all over her boobs. Britney’s hands moved up to cup his face and then leaning forward to kiss his lips all while she still felt every inch of his thick shaft thrusting into her ass. His hands gripped her ass cheeks, pushing his finger tips into her skin. Britney eventually broke the kiss, only to lean up and push her hands up against his hairy stomach as she yelled aloud in her sultry thick accent.


David began to buck his hips harder, driving his cock forward and back into her ass. The sound of his balls slapping against her ass cheeks could be heard with each thrust he made. Apart from their moans and heavy breathing, all the sounds mixed together with the ambient sounds of traffic heard outside since the van door was still open. David didn’t care if anyone truly could hear them from a distance, it was the thrill of doing such a thing in a public place that got to him. He had another idea in mind for outside after she had stained the seats in her juices. Once he was ready to finally blow his load, David would be ready to call out to her.


At last, he felt his orgasm was soon to come. David looked up into her face and came to a stop after one final hard thrust into her epic ass. He screamed to her, almost as loudly as her voice had been calling out.


She smiled at him while rising up from his lap and allowing his cock to drop free from her back door hole. Britney stood up and then began to lower herself down to her knees as David got up from the back seat. Once David had stood up on his feet, he reached down and grabbed her hair, snatching her up hard to get her attention. Britney looked in his eyes and spoke in a low voice.

“You gonna cum for me!?”

Britney wrapped her right hand around his cock while he replied.

“Not in here. You made quite a fucking mess over the seats. It’s going to take me a while to scrub those out this evening. Come on, I want to take you outside.”

“Are you scared you’re gonna miss my face and cum on the seats?”

“Maybe. It’s better to be safe, than sorry. Come on, get your fucking heels back on right now. We’re going outside to finish this.”

Even though he replied in a stern commanding voice, Britney didn’t care.

“And you ain’t scared that someone might catch us!?”

She looked into his eyes almost to tease him with such a question. David shook his head, still gripping her hair.

“Fuck no! What are they gonna do? We’ll just tell them to fuck off! Now come on, babe! Get your heels back on, you’re gonna need ’em.”

Reaching across the floorboard of the van, she grabbed her black heels and then moved her feet down to push them back into. David stood there, holding onto her hair in complete control. Once Britney’s feet were properly pushed into the heels, he pulled her hair to raise her up standing. She turned her head to look as he playfully pulled her hair, leading her outside the van. The hot air poured down over their naked bodies, as David stepped his bare feet over the concrete and walked Britney around the back of the van. Even though she had done many wild things in her life, she had never been naked outside the back of a car wash place after fucking a driver.

“Get down on your knees, babe.”

She looked around before he lowered her down to her knees. With her hair in one hand, David stroked his cock in the other. Britney looked her lips and smirked at him mischievously. Ten years ago she would’ve feared that a random paparazzi camera man would catch her in a risky act like this. Starring at the head of his cock, Britney looked back up into his eyes and teased him.

“Are you gonna cum for me!?”

“Fuck yeah!!”

“Mmmmm, let me help you with that.”

She reached her left hand up to cup his balls, squeezing them while his hand remained gripping the back of her head. Britney began to massage his balls, rolling them in the back of her hand to tease him while her stroked himself. She wanted to suck on them, just to tease him further but the grip in her hair told her it wasn’t likely.

“Come on, David! Let me suck on your nuts!”

“Suck on ’em, babe!”

He let go of her hair, watching as Britney moved her head down and then closed her lips around his left ball. She loudly sucked on it, pulling back to stretch the skin a bit before allowing it to pop loudly out of her mouth. She then alternated to his right nut, lathering her tongue over it. Once she closed her lips around it, she moaned and slobbered all over it.

“Ohhhhh, man! Fuck yeah, that’s what I’m talking about right there!”

Britney continued to loudly slurp and slobber all over his nuts. A thick rope of drool began to drip down to the concrete pavement under them. Once David felt that his orgasm was ready to blow from the touch of his hand, he reached down and pulled her hair to force her mouth off his balls. David held Britney’s head in place from the grip in her hair, calling out to her as he was ready.

“Hold your tits up for me, babe.”

“Mmmm, are you gonna cum for me?”

She teased him with her words while moving her hands over her breasts, placing them up.

“Yeah, just like that! Hold ’em up, just like that.”

“I want that hot load, give it to me! Mmmmm!!”

Sticking out her tongue, Britney moved it back and forth to almost strike the head of his cock. She closed her eyes when she heard him breathing heavily. As soon as she pushed her tits upward, David grunted and called out.


A thick wad of cum went flying out of his cock, splashing into her right eyelid and ricocheting down to the ground. A few drops landed over her cheek from the initial splash. Britney gasped and then giggled, just as a thick string went flying directly over her nose and dripping down to her upper lip. He pulled her hair, forcing her head up as he shot a line of cum up directly up her forehead.

“Ohhhhhh, man! Take that cum, babe! God, I’ve always dreamed of emptying every last drop of my balls all over your gorgeous face.”

Britney moaned, closing her lips together as she felt more lines of cum shoot up her forehead and drip down to her right eyebrow. He began to let go of her hair once he felt his orgasm beginning to fade away in strength from spurts. The final big wad shot over her left cheek, dripping down in streams. A few droplets landed on her breasts from down below, including a few drops that landed on the ground. The final drops of his seed splashed across her right cheek. Britney knew he was finished when she didn’t feel anymore cum landing over her face. David was stuck in a trance, starring down at the art he had painted all over her face. It was a dream come true, though he was in disbelief that he had just spent the last hour banging her.

“That’s all your cum, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s it babe. Fuck, I just made you into a huge mess.”

“Oh my god, you did! I’m fucking covered down here!”

David bust out laughing at her shocked expression. Britney raised her hand and wiped up the cum that was in her right eye lid. She fed her fingertip past her lips, sucking it clean as she opened her eyes and looked at him. The sound of traffic through the ambiance could clearly be heard from both of them.

“Mmmmm, tastes so good too.”

Looking back at her, David just smiled and figured it was time to change the subject. He wondered if she even remembered her appointment earlier with the recording studio.

“Well, I guess I’ve gotta get you out to that studio after you get your face clened up.”

Britney gasped.

“Oh my god, I completely forgot!”

“I hope I didn’t make you late then, babe. Come on, I’ll help you up.”

She wasn’t sure if he was truly honest with his joke or not. Daid offered his hand to pull her up from her knees and then walking her back to the cab van. Her heels clacked loudly over the pavement before she climbed into the backseat again. After Britney had sat down, she wiped her face.

“God, I’m fucking soaked. I hope you’ve got some tissues or paper towels or something, cause I didn’t bring my purse.”

“That’s fine, babe. I’ve got some paper towels in the front seat, I’ll get them for you.”

“Thank you!”

As she sat there, David grabbed his underwear and shorts from the floor to slip them back on. He took one final look at the cum stains all over the right side back seat. He almost wished he wouldn’t have to scrub those stains out later in the evening. Just knowing Britney Spears had cum all over the seats was enough to make him wish he didn’t have to clean that forever. It was better than an autograph, just like this entire day had been one to remember forever.

“You know, I don’t think I want to go out to the studio after this. I’ve had quite a hell of a day already! I didn’t expect to get picked up by a different driver and then end up having a hot fucking in the back of some nasty building.”

Britney smiled and giggled at him after speaking. David couldn’t help but smile back.

“Yeah, I imagine so. I’ve gotta call off work after I drop your sexy ass home. You left me quite a mess I’m going to have to scrub from that seat tomorrow.”

She grinned, unable to hold back the urge to tease him.

“Are you complaining?”

“Fuck no! I just got to fuck Britney Spears! I always dreamed of doing that!”

“And you got to fuck all three of my holes, and my tits, and cum on my face! Don’t forget that when you write it in your diary tonight!”

David laughed at her. ‘My god, she actually remember that?’ He couldn’t believe that Britney had remembered such a small detail in his words and was still teasing him about it. With one last smirk, he just had to tease her about something else.

“If you ever want to have fun again, you should call and ask for David. I know Brent is your main driver, but he don’t have to be the only one that gets to drive the legendary Miss. Britney Spears around.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

With a wink, Britney gave him her signature smile after responding. Despite the mess he had to clean up in the seats later, David had one hell of a day to record in a memory for his diary. He hoped with that little wink that Britney probably would call for his services again. Even if she didn’t, he couldn’t complain after having one of his erotic dreams come true. He would be going to sleep easy tonight.


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