Room Service

Title: Room Service

Author: Tori

Celebs: Mila Kunis

Codes: MF, MMF, anal, oral, gangbang, viol, rough

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Carter casually walked into the kitchen locker room and started putting on his uniform.  He was just coming back from his three days off when his coworker Jack came up to him.  Jack had a weird look on his face and as he tied his shoes, Carter asked, “What’s with you?”  Jack sat down with the biggest smile on his face and said, “She’s back.”  Carter stood up and said, “OK, I’ll bite.  Who’s back?”  Jack looked at him and said, “That’s right, you weren’t working here the last time.”  Carter sat back down and said, “Come on asshole, who are you talking about?”  Jack said, “Mila.  Mila Kunis.  She’s back.”

Carter looked at him and said, “So what?”  Jack grabbed his shoulders and said, “You have no idea.  That chick is fucking freaky.  The last time she was here, she spent a week holed up in her room fucking anyone that wanted some.”  Carter stood up and said, “Bullshit!  There’s no way that chick is in a room screwing around.  She’s a famous actress for Christ’s sake.”  Jack stood up and pulled his phone out.  “Oh yeah?  Well take a look at these.”  He pointed his phone at Carter and then scrolled through dozen’s of photos of Mila sucking cock, playing with her pussy and getting fucked.  “I’ll tell you man, she’s insatiable.”  Carter stared at the pictures and felt his cock getting hard.  “Holy shit!  Isn’t she married?”  Jack said, “Sure but a couple times a year she checks in, orders room service and gets fucked.”  Just then, the manager came in and said, “Carter, take that order up to room 502 and be quick about it.”  As he started to leave, Jack said, “Dude, 502 is her room.”  Carter stopped and said, “Don’t fuck with me man.”  Jack just smiled and said, “Listen, if I’m lying, you can kick my ass but I’m telling you, you’re about to get the best fuck of your life.”

Carter stopped just outside of room 502 and adjusted his stiffening cock.  He didn’t know if Jack was fucking with him or if he was about to have sex with one of the hottest pieces of ass in Hollywood, but his imagination was getting the best of him.  When he knocked, he heard a voice say, “Just use your key and get in here.”  Her voice was unmistakable.  He’d seen most of her movies and even watched reruns of her old show.  As soon as he walked in he saw her.  She was sitting on the edge of the bed in nothing but a t-shirt.  Her legs were spread wide open and she had two fingers buried deep in her pussy.  Carter pulled the food cart into the room, letting the door close and then said, “Where would you like this?”  Mila pulled her fingers up to her mouth and sucked them.  She smiled and said, “Who gives a shit.  Just get over here.”  Carter stood and stared as she shoved her fingers back into her wet pussy.  Her head tilted back and he could see her eyes roll back and then she came.  Her juices squirted a good foot out of her snatch and left a noticeable puddle on the floor.  Carter’s cock was almost ripping out of his trousers and then it happened, Mila lay back on the bed and grabbed her ankles.  She spread her legs open and said, “Come on baby.  I need that big hard cock in my ass.”

Carter went over and stood in front of the gorgeous actress and pulled out his rock hard meat.  Mile pulled her ankles up to her shoulder and said, “Hurry, I can’t wait any longer.  I need it.  I need it in my ass.”  Carter pressed his cock against her tiny asshole and then pushed.  “oooooooohhhhHHHHHHH FUCK!” she screamed.  Carter kept pushing until he was buried deep inside of her.  Mila closed her eyes and bit her lip as he began to slowly fuck her tight hole.  He grabbed her ankles and pushed then behind her head causing her ass to rise off the mattress.  She was moaning and groaning and soon started to grunt like a two dollar whore.  Carter slammed his cock deep inside of her and she started to scream.  “FUCK ME…..FUCK MEEEEEE…..FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

Carter fucked he ass like this for several minutes and then pulled out.  He quickly turned Mila over onto her stomach and the slammed his cock back into her gaping hole.  As he pounded away at her, she reached down and rubbed her swollen clit.  Within minutes, she started to cum.  When she did, her asshole squeezed his cock, making him shoot his load deep into her bowels.  Carter collapsed on top of the tiny brunette.  Eventually, his softening cock slipped out of her well-fucked ass followed by his gooey cum.  Mila reached back and scooped some with her fingers and then licked them clean.

When she finished she said, “You can get off of me now.”  Carter quickly stood up and said, “Wow, that was awesome.”  Mila stood up and walked over to sign the check.  She handed the black folder to Carter and said, “That’s all for now.  I’ll call you if I need anything else.”  Carter put his cock back in his pants and left.  When he got back downstairs, Jack came up to him and said, “So?”  Carter smiled and said, “I just fucked Mila Kunis in the ass.”  Jack slapped him on the shoulder and said, “Way to go buddy!”  Carter smiled and said, “You were right.  I walked in and the next thing I know I’m  deep in her ass.  I can’t believe it.”  Jack said, “Did you get any pictures?”  Carter shrugged and said, “Man, I was too caught up in the moment.  I didn’t even think about it.  Next time, for sure.”

A few hours later, Carter was told to take a bottle of Jack Daniels and a six pack of Coke up to Mila’s room.  When he walked in, he found Mila on her knees getting skull fucked by Marcus, one of the maintenance crew.  The tall black man was slamming his ten inches down the actress’s throat making her gag and choke, saliva flowing down her chin across her bare chest.  Her perfect tits were covered in slim as the black man held her head tight, ramming his cock in and out of her mouth.  Marcus looked over and winked and then suddenly, he pulled out and covered Mila’s face with a massive load.  Marcus stepped back and Mila said, “Are you going to stand there all day or what?”  Carter quickly pulled his cock out and shoved it down Mila’s throat.  As he face fucked the brunette beauty, his balls slapped against her chin.  He looked over at Marcus and said, “Man, grab my phone at get some pictures of this.”  Marcus started taking pictures and then Carter said, “I’m gonna cum.  Make sure you get this.”  He pulled out and as soon as he came, Marcus was right there getting photos of Mila as he covered her face in cum.

Marcus set the phone down and opened the bottle of Jack.  He walked over to Mila and pulled her head back by her hair and poured the hard whiskey into her mouth.  She swallowed what she could and then started to cough and spit, practically choking on the burning liquid.  Both men stood and laughed and then Marcus pulled Mila up and bent her over the bed.  Without saying a word, he shoved his cock right into her ass and started to fuck her hard.  Carter stripped out of his clothes and got in front of her and fed her his cock.  The two coworkers spit roasted the tiny superstar for several minutes and then Marcus took his cock out of her ass and pulled her up on the bed.  Carter laid down and pulled Mila on top of him, impaling her pussy with his hard meat.  Marcus got behind her and pushed his cock back into her gaping ass and the two DP’d the sexy star.  She was screaming for them to fuck her harder as she had orgasm after orgasm.  Carter came first, filling her pussy with cum and then Marcus pulled out and showered her back and ass with another hot load.

They left the passed out beauty laying on the cum covered sheets.  When he got back downstairs, he showed Jack the pictures of him cumming on Mila’s face and Jack said, “That’s fucking awesome dude.  I’m off in an hour.  Let’s both go up and fuck her.  What do you say?”  Carter just smiled and said, “Fuckin’ A.”  An hour later, the two friends walked into Mila’s room, only to find Marcus and four other men gangfucking Mila.  She was on top of Marcus while Stan had his nine inch cock buried in her ass.  Frank was throat fucking her while she jerked off Jamal and Rashon.  Jack and Carter quickly stripped out of their clothes and started to jerk off.  A few minutes later, Jamal came and Jack took his place.  Stan grunted and filled her ass with his load and then Rashon got behind her and pushed his cock into her sloppy ass.  Carter got up on the bed and pulled her hand to his cock and said, “Jerk me off slut.”  Just then, Frank pulled out and shot a wad of cum on her hair.  Carter quickly pulled her mouth to him and she sucked him deep down her throat.  Mila was grunting and moaning as the men defiled her.  Carter was busy slamming his cock down her throat when Marcus came inside of her.  Rashon slammed home and pumped her ass full of more cum while Carter shoved his cock down her throat and fed her his load.  Mila collapsed on top of Marcus and said, “Enough for now boys.  I need a break.”  The men slowly got off the bed and picked up their clothes.  Jack stood there and said, “Hey, I didn’t cum yet.  I’m want a piece.”

Mila wiped the cum from her eyes and said, “Listen sweetie, come back in an hour and I’ll do you real good, ok?”  Jack walked over and slapped her hard and said, “Fuck you whore.  I’m gonna take my turn now.”  Carter grabbed him and said, “Listen man, give the lady a break.  You can come back.”  Marcus and his friends got dressed and said, “Look man, take it easy.  Just come back.”  Jack looked at him and said, screw that.  You guys can go but I’m staying.”  Marcus looked at the other guys and said, “Let’s go.  We’ve got work to do.”  As soon as the door was shut, Jack grabbed Mila by her throat and started to choke her.  Carter tried to pull him off but Jack was crazed.  Carter had never seen him so angry.  Jack pushed him away and started to punch Mila in the face.  She screamed out as he struck her, breaking her nose in the process.  The bed was soon covered in blood as Jack continued to beat Mila.  As soon as he stopped, he flipped her over on her stomach and shoved his cock into her still gaping asshole.  “TAKE MY COCK YOU FUCKING WHORE.  I’M GONNA FUCK YOU UNTIL YOU CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE AND THEN I’M GONNA FUCK YOU SOME MORE!!!!”

Carter tried to pull Jack off of Mila but he couldn’t.  All he could do was stand there and watch his friend brutalized the actress.  Jack was like a man possessed.  He slammed his cock balls deep into her torn and gaping hole and then he started to punch her in the head.  He kept hitting her and hitting her and then grabbed her by the throat again.  A minute later, she stopped screaming and just laid there as Jack sodomized her.  After a long and brutal fucking, Jack pulled his cock out of her ass and shoved it down her throat.  The unconscious brunette didn’t move or make a sound as he came.  Finally, he got off the bed and stood there looking down at her.  He ran his fingers through his hair and said, “Jesus, what the fuck did I do?”  Carter pulled him away and bent down to check on Mila.  She wasn’t breathing and when he felt for a pulse, he found none.  Carter screamed at Jack, “CALL 911!!!!!”  Jack just stood there.  Carter turned Mila on her back and screamed again, “CALL 911……NOW MOTHER FUCKER!!!!”  Jack picked up the phone and dialed as Carter gave Mila mouth to mouth.  He heard Jack telling the operator what happened and then Mila coughed and started to breath again.  Carter picked her up and held her as she cough up blood and sobbed against his chest.

By the time the paramedics arrived, Mila was vaguely aware of where she was.  She didn’t speak as the paramedics took her out to the ambulance.  The cops arrived and arrested Jack.  As he was led out in handcuffs, Carter was sitting in a chair telling them what happened.  Three days later, Mila dropped the charges and Jack was released.  The hotel fired him and Carter never heard from Jack again.  A few months later, Carter took an order up to a room and knocked.  When the door opened he saw Mila standing there.  She looked gorgeous as ever and she smiled at him.  “Come in.  Carter, isn’t it?”  Carter pushed the cart in and said, “Yes, I’m surprised you remembered.  How are you?”  Mila said, “I’m ok.  It took awhile but I’m all healed up and feeling great.”  Carter smiled and said, “Listen.  I’m sorry about what happened.  I should have done more to stop Jack that night.”  Mila put her finger up to his lips and said, “Shhhh.  You don’t have to say anything.  You saved my life and I wanted to thank you properly.”  Carter stood there as the brunette beauty sank to her knees and took out his cock.  As she started to suck him off, she said, “From now on, you’re the only one I want delivering my room service.”

The End

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