Interviewing…Fran and Helen

Title: Interviewing…Fran and Helen

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Fran Halsall, Helen Skelton, Kate Abdo

Codes: oral, MF, FF, MFF, creampie, mast

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

The last episode of Sportswomen Uncovered had crept up on us as all the shows in my four series did. We’d had a great penultimate show with stars from the Athletics track and the final episode in the series saw us dive into the swimming pool for our guests.

Fran Halsall had been a member of the Great Britain swimming team for a long time, competing in several Olympics and Commonwealth Games and was probably the most well-known female swimmer after one of our previous guests, Rebecca Adlington. Joining her on the show was the presenter of the swimming coverage for the BBC, Helen Skelton, who although not an athlete, used to compete to a strong level during her junior years.

However, before the show began, I received a knock on my dressing-room door and opened it to see Kate standing outside. Inviting her in, I sat down on the sofa and looked at her questioningly, as this was unusual for her to come to me before the show.

“Tom,” Kate said, looking slightly sad, “I don’t think these girls today are gonna be up for our usual after-show antics. I mean, Helen is pregnant and happily married to a rugby player and Fran just doesn’t seem like the type of person who would be up for it.”

“This hasn’t worried us before,” I said, trying not to stare at the fact she was wearing no panties, “why is it now?”

“Because I’m hornier today than I have been for the whole series and it’s because I know I’m not gonna get much action during our break,” Kate replied. “Two months is a fucking long time when you’ve been getting pussy and cock twice a week every week.”

“Well, that can be easily rectified,” I said, slipping down my suit trousers and exposing my growing cock. “I’ll fuck you before the show and if at any time during our break, you want a fuck, just let me know.”

Kate seemed satisfied with this result and dropped to her knees in front of me, taking my cock in her hand and stroking it up to its full-length. This didn’t take long as she’d unzipped her dress before doing so and exposed her sexy, naked body, with her glistening pussy.

Kate decided there was no time for foreplay and as soon as my cock was hard enough, clambered up onto my cock, moaning as she felt it inside her. We began to fuck as we had done many times before, but never in this room which was a nice change, with me sucking on her tits as she bounced on my cock.

It wasn’t the best or longest fuck we’d ever had but it was enough to satisfy our horny appetites, as I squirted my load deep inside her pussy after fucking her to orgasm. She clambered off my cock, kissed me goodbye and headed back to her dressing room to clean up before the show.

When I next saw her, you couldn’t tell we’d fucked only fifteen minutes previously, as she looked as beautiful as ever. Our guests looked stunning as well, Helen choosing a black dress that finished temptingly high, and Fran in a similar black outfit.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I began, admiring their toned bodies. “The Rio Olympics was a big event for both of you but for different reasons. What was the experience like in Brazil?”

“It was obviously great to be part of such a big event,” Helen answered first. “Being behind the scenes, you don’t get all the action but you still get the atmosphere of the athletes. I was lucky enough to do London and now Rio and it’s one of the reasons why I love presenting the swimming events.”

“It was my third Olympics so I’m used to the experience by now,” Fran answered. “I’ve been lucky enough to compete in so many great competitions in different countries but Rio was up there with the best. Obviously, it was disappointing not to come back with a medal but hopefully I might be able to win one in Tokyo.”

“You’ve won so many medals at so many different events,” Kate asked, “what is it about the Olympics that means you never win one?”

“If I knew that, Kate, I would have put it right,” Fran laughed. “No, seriously, I don’t know the reason. I feel like every time I’m in good shape and ready to challenge for a medal, all the other girls raise their game. Swimming sprints are the toughest stroke in my opinion, but hopefully if I can keep going strong, we can change it.”

“Helen, how is it watching these swimmers winning medals and going so fast?” I asked. “Do you ever want to be in the pool yourself?”

“Sometimes I do wish I was a competitive swimmer, but I was never good enough to compete at this kind of level,” Helen replied. “I love watching all the guys and girls doing their stuff and seeing how quick they go and it’s even more entertaining when Rebecca (Adlington) and Mark (Foster) are watching as well as they get super into it.”

“Fran, do you change your sexual lifestyle when it comes to the Olympics or does that not bother you?” Kate asked, and I could tell she was already beginning to get horny.

“It never used to worry me,” Fran answered, smiling as the topic changed to sex. “But my boyfriend is on the Great Britain field hockey team and their coach put a ban on any sexual activity in case they pick up injuries. So that meant I had to stop. It’s frustrating but that’s life.”

“And do you find it hard being away from your husband when you’re covering these events, Helen?” I asked, cock beginning to grow because Kate was secretly rubbing it.

“Obviously, it’s always difficult being away from your partner whatever job you’re in,” Helen answered. “But Richie and I are used to being apart because of our separate work commitments, so it’s not too bad. As long as I’ve got sex toys with me, I’m usually OK. We make the most of our time together when we are alone.”

“Helen, you mentioned sex toys, is masturbation frequent for you too, Fran?” Kate asked, now unzipping my trousers. “And Helen, how often do you pleasure yourself?”

“Yeah, God yeah,” Fran said. “Because I stopped having sex right before big events, I decided I needed to pleasure myself so I’ll masturbate the night before every big race. And when it’s out of the season, I’ll still masturbate pretty frequently, about twice a week.”

“Sex toys are the first thing I take anywhere,” Helen replied. “When my hubby is playing rugby during the season, I’ll masturbate daily. Then, when we have time together, we’ll fuck twice a day which means I don’t need to masturbate. Although at the Olympics, it was three or four times a day because the humidity brought it out in me.”

“Wow,” I said, my cock hard as ever as Kate began to stroke it. “And what gets you two off?”

“Anything really,” Fran said, eyeing my cock somewhat eagerly. “I’ve masturbated to a lot of things in my time, including some of my fellow swimmers. That’s always awkward when I go to race against them and think, you got me off last night.”

“Porn mostly gets me off,” Helen replied, also looking at my cock, but curiously. “I like all kinds of porn. I have a few favourite videos saved that never fail to get me off, but it varies.”

“OK, let’s finish on a great question,” Kate said, itching to start sucking my cock. “What is your biggest sexual fantasy?”

“I would absolutely love to be involved in some kind of group sex,” Fran answered, watching as Kate didn’t wait for an answer, lowering her lips around my cock and beginning to suck. “Whether that is in some kind of sexual place, some party or something I dunno, but just as long as there’s a lot of people.”

“I don’t know if I have a fantasy as such,” Helen said, looking at Kate’s blowjob as well. “I think the hottest thing for me would be having hot, passionate sex and being caught, maybe if it was with someone who you shouldn’t be fucking.”

“Wow,” I said, trying hard not to broadcast how much pleasure I was currently in, “what a wonderful way to end the show and the series. Unfortunately, that’s it for today’s episode and season number two but join us in the new series when we’ll be joined by guests such as Nafissatou Thiam and Melissa Wu. See you then.”

Whether the pre-show sex had made Kate hornier I didn’t know but this was by far the best blowjob she’d given me at the end of a show. The moment I’d stopped talking, she’d began to slurp on my cock, making sure she covered it with saliva, as her hands slipped inside my shirt and began to rub my chest.

“Do you two do this often?” Fran said, her eyes fixed on the blowjob after she’d exchanged a glance with her co-guest, Helen, who was also watching the oral sex.

“Every show,” I replied as Kate’s mouth was full. “Why do you think you never see full body shots of me when I ask the final question or wrap up the show?”

I watched as Helen Skelton-Myler and Fran Halsall thought back to all the times they’d watched the show and realised that they had indeed never seen anymore of me than my face when I closed the show. They exchanged a second glance and then Helen spoke, asking a question I never thought I would hear from the pregnant presenter.

“And what do the celebrities usually do?” Helen said, looking directly at me. “What do they do when they feel as horny as I do right now?”

“Well, I’d be lying if I said that Kate and I hadn’t had fun with a few sports stars,” I replied, smiling as I watched Fran’s hand drift down towards her pussy. “And I’d also be lying if I said we didn’t want you to join us.”

Helen glanced across at Fran and the two exchanged what seemed to be a mutual agreement to join in. The swimmer already had her hands buried inside her panties, but Helen wasted no time in getting naked, standing up and stripping out of her dress and underwear to expose her naked body and her baby bump.

I’d had sex with a couple of pregnant ladies but never one that was so close to birth that I wasn’t really sure how far I wanted to go with Helen. They say sex induces labour but I didn’t want her to have to report to her husband that she was having their child when she was covered in my sticky cum.

However, this was soon out of my mind as Kate was bringing me closer and closer to my second orgasm of the day. She’d been sucking my cock hard throughout my conversation with our guests and the moment they’d admitted to being interested in joining us, she seemed to triple her efforts.

I guided her head as Helen helped Fran out of her own dress and moments later, as the two sexy guests strutted over to join us, I was busting my load in my co-host’s mouth for the umpteenth time, try though as I may to hold it back.

Kate removed her lips from around my cock, licking her lips to make sure she got rid of all the cum and stood up, undressing herself as she did so. I sat back and watched as the three ladies began to touch each other’s bodies and before long, Kate was rubbing both Helen and Fran’s pussies.

“You girls got a little wet watching that, didn’t you?” she said, as I began to massage my cock, working it up to its full length once more. “You like the way I suck Tom’s cock? You want it inside you, don’t you?”

Helen and Fran moaned as Kate worked their pussies and soon, my cock was up to full length, a combination of the sight I was watching and Kate’s magic words. I stood up and made my way to stand alongside Kate, pinching her ass before I removed her hand from Helen’s pussy.

Replacing it with my own, I began to work her pussy with my fingers, pulling her in for a kiss and feeling her baby bump press against my chest as we made out. Glancing over, I saw Fran’s hand had made for Kate’s pussy and the two of them were now masturbating each other as they too kissed.

I moved Helen over to the sofa and laid her down, before crouching at her pussy and rubbing it with my fingers. Unsure whether she’d want me to fuck her or not, I decided to start with a little oral sex and see how that went first, so I brought my tongue down and began to lick her pussy.

Helen moaned and I felt her hands on the back of my head, holding it in place as I lapped away at her vagina. I had no idea what Kate and Fran were doing but I could hear them both moaning so I guessed that they were still mutually masturbating, but I was focused on my own pleasuring techniques.

I moved my hands up Helen’s bump and found her large breasts and began to massage them in my hands as she held my head in place on her pussy. I continued to lick her hard and fast and her pregnancy seemed to be giving her a heightened sense of pleasure as she was panting faster and faster.

All of a sudden, she let out a moan and I felt my face flooded with pussy juice as she hit her climax and, in the surprise, I accidentally squeezed down on her tits, causing milk to fly out and cover my back, her belly and the floor. She allowed me up and I clambered up to kiss her before turning to see what the other two were doing.

My cock immediately twitched with anticipation as I saw Kate Abdo and Fran Halsall lying naked on the floor, pussies pointed in our direction, being masturbated by each other. I was surprised that Kate hadn’t initiated oral sex considering how horny she’d been before the show, but knew I could immediately change that.

Grabbing Helen by the arm, I led her over to the two masturbating women and lay down on the floor, my face inches from Kate’s pussy, ready to return the favour from earlier. Helen followed my lead and did the same in front of the women she’d commentated on several times, Fran Halsall, and we both replaced the hands of the ladies with our own.

The moment I put my lips on Kate’s pussy, I could feel her relax with satisfaction as she finally had a tongue on her pussy. I began to suck and lick on my co-host’s vagina, as I had done many times before, but this time she seemed even more overjoyed, grabbing Fran’s hand as the two of them moaned in unison.

Helen had copied my actions and, as I glanced over whilst eating Kate’s pussy, I quickly became aware that this was not the first time Helen Skelton-Myler had eaten another woman’s pussy. Already deciding that I would have to have her back on the show when she was not pregnant so I could fuck her, I returned my attentions to Kate and began to speed up the pace with which I was licking her clit.

The two women were moaning increasingly louder now and I’d heard enough of Kate’s orgasms to know that she was close. However, to my surprise, it was Fran who hit her climax first, screaming out in pleasure as she unloaded her juices over Helen’s tongue, which did not remove itself from the swimmer’s pussy.

Watching and listening to Fran cum coupled with my efforts on her pussy was enough to bring Kate to her climax, and not a minute later, I felt her own juices flood over my tongue as I lapped them up happily. Smiling, I proceeded to make out with Helen, exchanging the two pussy juices between us as Kate and Fran copied, sharing a satisfied, passionate kiss.

“As much as I love oral sex,” I said, breaking apart the kiss, “I need a pussy on my cock right now.”

“I would love to,” Helen said, “but it’s probably not a great idea so close to my baby being born.”

Fran didn’t have the excuse and she didn’t look as though she wanted one either, as the moment I had suggested fucking someone, she had made her way to the sofa and spread her legs inviting me to penetrate her.

Leaving Kate and Helen to have their own fun, I moved over to the sofa and immediately pushed my cock inside Fran’s pussy, hearing the swimming sprinter moan as she felt it inside her. Her pussy was already lubed up from Helen’s oral skills and so I got my rhythm up straight away and we were soon lost in the action.

Helen and Kate seemed to have kept themselves busy as the room was soon filled with both of them moaning and I was later informed by the latter that they had decided to pleasure each other as her and Fran had done earlier.

The moans of the two girls were great but I was all concentrated on Fran and giving her the fuck of her life and I sped up the rhythm even faster, until I physically couldn’t go any quicker. Fran was moaning and panting, finding it hard to breathe and she bit down on my neck, I knew she was enjoying the way I was pounding her.

She was close to her orgasm and after only about five or six minutes of us fucking, she informed me that she was already ready to release her juices. This was music to my ears as I was finding it hard to hold on, giving I was exerting so much energy, and the moment I felt her pussy juices flood over my cock, I allowed myself to cum, moaning as I squirted my load inside her.

We remained in that position for a minute, just kissing passionately as we recovered before I removed my cock from her pussy and collapsed next to her. I was just in time to witness two more orgasms as Helen and Kate made each other cum using their fingers and two dildos that seemed to have appeared from nowhere.

“What a way to end the series,” Kate said, once she’d recovered as she kissed Helen, and she was right. It had been a fabulous end to the series.

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