Interviewing…Sienna and June Diane

Title: Interviewing…Sienna and June Diane

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Sienna Miller, June Diane Raphael

Codes: oral, MF, MFF, solo, mast, creampie, handjob

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

The last episode in the series of Female Film Star’s Secrets was one which I was greatly looking forward to, because of the fact that once more my guests were not what you would call A-list celebrities.

The two female stars of Unfinished Business were joining me on the show today, Sienna Miller and June Diane Raphael, and even though the women had appeared in several movies, they weren’t classed as superstars. As well as Unfinished Business, Sienna had appeared in films such as Stardust, Factory Girl and American Sniper while June has had background roles in comedy hits Anchorman 2 and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

As Sienna and June joined me on the set, I was shocked at how beautiful the two blondes looked; I’d been expecting glamour but not to this extent. Sienna was dressed in a stylish pink number, perfectly showing off her curves and beautiful body, but June was not to be outdone in a red and white flowery dress that finished temptingly high, showing off her lovely legs.

“Hello ladies,” I said, taking in both the elder women’s beauty, “and welcome to the show. It’s lovely to have you both here. Let’s get started. You both featured together in Unfinished Business, a comedy, but do you prefer making these films or more dramatic ones?”

“I’ve only ever really appeared in comedy films,” June said, “it’s just my forte. I like watching the more dramatic ones but my skills as an actress are more made for presenting shows or appearing in cameo roles in comedy films, I think.”

“To be honest, appearing in comedies makes a nice change,” Sienna answered. “I’ve done more thrillers and dramatic films than I have comedies, so when something like this comes up for me, I like doing it as it’s different. I think I prefer the more action-packed films, but comedies are great, too.”

“It’s safe to say you’re not a Hollywood big star, June,” I asked, trying to be sensitive around the topic, “not to the extent of some actresses. Do you prefer this or would you like to be in the same category as Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis, for example?”

“I actually am happy just the way things are,” June replied. “I still get to appear in some superb films but I don’t get the hounding of the press 24/7 like these women do. Sienna’s more in that category than I am but I think, sometimes, she probably wants to be a nobody like me.”

“Come off it, June, you’re not a nobody,” Sienna piped in. “You’d still get recognised in the street. There’s ups and downs to fame as I’m sure you know, one of them being the fans but the press is something we have to deal with when we make the decision to be an actress.”

“Another decision you have to make regards sex scenes,” I said, leading the conversation towards my favourite topic. “Are they easy to film and do you ever turn down roles because of them?”

“It depends on the situation,” Sienna replied first this time. “I mean, I’ve done my fair share of sex scenes but I think it’s important for viewers to know we get hardly any pleasure filming them. They’re just a part of the script. I’ve never turned down a role because of it but I’ve never accepted one because of it either.”

“I’ve only done a couple,” June said, “but for me, it was an easy decision to accept the roles. Before me and Casey (Wilson, her comedy partner) started our show, I had a period of time where I was contemplating going into the adult film industry so sex scenes hold no barriers for me.”

“I’m sure there are many men wishing you had gone into that business,” I said, beginning to get horny as I imagined June as a pornstar. “Speaking of sex, how’s the sex lives outside of Hollywood?”

“Well, being married with two children means sex gets put on hold quite a lot,” June said, “and I do miss it. The reason I nearly became a pornstar was because of my love for sex and sometimes, when I’m going through dry spells like now, I do wish I’d chosen that career option.”

“Wow,” Sienna answered, and I could tell even she was becoming a little turned on by June’s confession, “For me, it’s slightly different. I’m single again for the first time in a long time and I’m just enjoying that. Obviously, as June said, with a kid it’s different but I’m managing to get by and keep myself happy.”

My cock began to rise as I imagined the two of them fucking to their heart’s content. “When you’re not having sex, does masturbation play a big role in your lives?” I asked.

“What else is there to do in your free time?” June answered quickly. “Even when I know I might be having sex, I’ll still masturbate because I just love getting off. I like nothing better than to relax with my toys, a porn video and some sexy lingerie, especially when it’s the amateur stuff.”

“I clearly don’t do it as frequently as the sex deviant there,” Sienna laughed, smiling at June, “but yes, I’ll masturbate. I usually do it once or twice a week, depending on if I’ve managed to have sex that week or not, but like June, I do enjoy some alone time with myself and my fingers.”

“Sienna, I’m sure we’re all curious as to which of your husbands satisfied you the best?” I asked, cock now pushing through my trousers.

“Well, before the incident, I’d have to say Jude (Law, the actor),” Sienna replied, spying my bulge. “But after that, it was never the same. Truth be told, they were all as good as each other but nowadays I prefer younger men. It makes me feel sexier.”

“I know what you mean, Sienna,” June replied. “If I ever get attention from a younger man, it does give me a little thrill to know that I’m still sexy in their eyes. I think we both categorise as MILFs now, actually.”

“That you do,” I said, not being able to take the pressure and releasing my cock from my trousers. “Have you ever experimented with other girls?”

June looked at Sienna and giggled, before she answered. “I guess you could say that,” she said, eyeing up my cock. “Sienna and I fooled around a little bit on the set, and I’ve had fun on Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Kristen Wiig, Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis.”

“I thought we were keeping that secret,” Sienna said, giggling, as she too looked at my boner. “Yeah, it was good fun with June, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve done it before though. I think every actress in Hollywood has probably had some fun with someone, Uma Thurman on Stardust was a good one.”

“We’re nearing the end of the show, unfortunately,” I said, jerking my cock slowly, “so one final question. What’s the kinkiest thing either of you have done?”

“I’ve made a sex tape,” June replied immediately. “It was one of my fetishes, obviously, with wanting to be a pornstar and I convinced my husband to make one. We’re in trouble if it gets leaked but it’s in safe hands and maybe one day, I’ll show it to the world.”

“I’ve always wanted to make a sex tape,” Sienna confessed, and I swear she was touching herself discreetly, “but the kinkiest thing I’ve done would be to have sex with my son sleeping in the very next room. Actually, no, when I was younger I did it with my parents in the next room, that’s kinkier.”

“That it is,” I said, struggling to keep my masturbation secret, “and what a way to end the show and the series. We’ll see you again next time, when my guests will include the likes of Teri Polo, Katherine Heigl and Gwyneth Paltrow. See you then.”

The interview finished and I made no more secret of my desire for pleasure, stroking my cock more obviously as I looked over at Sienna Miller and June Diane Raphael sitting on the other sofa. With the show over, Sienna made it obvious, too, that she was touching herself, her eyes fixed on me while June was looking from one to the other, clearly unsure as to what to do.

I stood up and stripped out of all my clothes, leaving me stark naked as I sat back down, returning to jerking my cock, but this time more passionately. June was watching Sienna’s movements carefully and I sensed if the younger blonde made a move then she, too, would follow into having some casual fun.

To my delight, Sienna did indeed make a move as she stood up and unzipped her pink dress, allowing it to fall to the floor and expose her beautiful body in sexy white lingerie. June watched this and decided that if Sienna was going to enjoy herself, she might as well also do the same and she copied her co-star’s actions, removing her dress to reveal slightly less sexy lingerie.

I made no change in my actions, just proceeded to continue to watch the two ladies as they decided to put on a show for me, Sienna leading the way, caressing June’s body until the two began making out before my eyes. I was finding it very hard to resist the urge and get involved but I kept my composure, slowly jerking my cock and watching.

Eventually, the girls stopped their little show and made their way over towards me. Dropping to their knees, they took it in turns to begin to stroke and suck on my cock, while the other one caressed my balls, giving me a fantastic double blowjob.

I moaned in approval as Sienna worked my cock, June caressing my balls but I knew that I could enhance the pleasure even more. Grabbing June’s hand, I lifted her up onto the sofa and positioned her so she was standing over me, her panties inches from my face. I began to rub and tease her pussy with my fingers as she moaned and thrust into them, realising what it was I was doing.

I couldn’t take it any longer and pulled aside her panties to reveal a trimmed pussy, glistening with pussy juices and I realised just how horny June was. I began to lick up and down her pussy, drawing moans from the actress, as Sienna concentrated fully on my cock with no one to share with and used her hands to play with my balls.

“Fuck,” June moaned as I licked her pussy. “My husband never licks my pussy, we never have time. I’ve forgotten how good it feels.”

I didn’t reply but continued to lick June’s pussy, trying to make her remember everything she’d missed about oral sex. It was difficult to control a steady rhythm though as Sienna Miller was clearly very skilled at giving blowjobs and she was bringing me closer and closer to my first orgasm of the night.

When she withdrew her lips from around my cock and proceeded to start sucking on my balls while jerking it, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Giving Sienna a warning by lifting June’s pussy from my face and telling her I was close, she returned to sucking my cock and allowed me to continue licking her, ready to take my load in her mouth.

June moaned passionately as I moaned into her pussy, my load shooting from my cock and straight into Sienna Miller’s mouth, where the blonde proceeded to suck any remaining juice from my member. My own orgasm brought June to hers and she came passionately, her juices flooding over my own mouth.

We took a moment to recover before we manoeuvred so that we were all in a position to look at each other. Sienna had my cum dribbling down the side of her mouth but June was quick to rectify that, pulling her in for a passionate kiss.

Fully aware, Sienna was yet to hit her orgasm, I took it upon myself to rectify that situation and broke the two ladies apart before I pushed her down onto the sofa, and lined my cock up with her wet pussy. June took a position next to us, watching as I slowly pushed my cock inside the sexy blonde and immediately her fingers made their way towards her own pussy.

I began to quicken the pace with which I was fucking Sienna, determined to give the sexy 35-year old the orgasm she’d been longing for. I exposed her tits from her sexy bra and began to caress them in my hands, her knickers laying discarded on the floor or so I thought.

Glancing over at June, I had to stop myself from orgasming once more as the slightly older woman was sniffing on Sienna’s panties as she masturbated herself slowly. She was soon placing them in her mouth and this seemed to turn Sienna on more, as her moans became louder against my thrusts.

I began to kiss her to try and make her moans even more passionate and Sienna responded in kind, biting my lip and giving me an unexpected sense of pleasure. My eyes turned once more to June and I was surprised to see the actress pushing four fingers in and out her pussy, the panties still held in her mouth.

“Fuck, yes, Tom, fuck me hard,” Sienna began to moan and I sensed she was nearing her orgasm, something I wanted very much to happen. “Tell me how much you want me.”

“So much, Sienna,” I replied, passionately. “I can’t believe Jude Law cheated on you when you fuck this amazing. You’re such a goddess.”

The words of her former husband followed by my compliment seemed to be exactly what Sienna Miller was looking for and she pulled me into her as I felt her juices flood on my cock. Overjoyed to know she had orgasmed I began to fuck her in circular rhythms, trying to reach my own climax.

“Fucking hell, June,” Sienna moaned, as I continued to thrust into her, “I didn’t know you could fit your whole hand in there.”

Turning to look at my other guest as I fucked Sienna, I was greeted with the sight that brought me to my second orgasm. June Diane Raphael was fisting her pussy, moaning in pleasure, as she watched me thrust into Sienna.

I couldn’t contain myself and squirted my load deep inside Sienna, just as June squirted her own juices all over my set floor. The three of us collapsed on the sofa, panting, as we recovered from our respective orgasms but it seemed the fun wasn’t over there.

June got up from her seat on the sofa and proceeded to kneel at my feet. Taking my cock in her hands, she began to stroke it up and down, trying to make it hard again, clearly wanting some more action.

Sienna watched on as my cock grew once more and soon it was back to it’s full size, to June’s delight and she began to give us instructions.

“Sienna, lie on the couch and let me eat your pussy while Tom fucks this pregnant lady,” June said, shocking me as I did not know she was expecting. “That’s it. Don’t worry, Tom, I’m not close so just fuck me like I’m not pregnant.”

It had always been a secret desire of mine to fuck a pregnant woman and I was shocked to have the opportunity to do so now. Sienna was quick to follow her co-star’s commands and got into position, with June following her, presenting me with her pussy.

I needed no second invitation and lined up my cock with June’s pussy as Sienna began to moan from the pussy licking she was now receiving. I watched for a couple of seconds before pushing my cock inside June’s pussy and beginning to fuck the pregnant actress, with that fact resonating in my head.

The room was soon filled with the moans of Sienna Miller and my grunts as the three of us enveloped in a threesome, something I always loved doing on these shows. Remembering that both girls had the same fetish, I decided to confess to them that they were fulfilling it to further their pleasure.

“Hey, ladies,” I said, as I continued to thrust into June’s pussy, “do you wanna know something you’ll both love? You know, how you always wanted to make sex tapes, well, you kinda are. My cameras are still recording.”

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Sienna replied, pushing June’s mouth further into her pussy as the other actress seemed to agree with that sentiment by nodding her head whilst she licked Sienna’s clit. I began to feel June’s pussy getting wetter and wetter and I realised that pregnant ladies had heightened libidos and so she was probably nearing her third orgasm of the night.

Indeed, my suspicions were to be correct as at that moment, June moaned from Sienna’s pussy and I felt her juices flood over my cock. I didn’t stop fucking her though, continuing to thrust in and out, causing June to moan into Sienna’s pussy and lick it harder and faster.

Unsurprisingly this made Sienna all the more excited and seconds later, she was hitting her orgasm, flooding June’s face with cum. My own orgasm was forthcoming, especially after witnessing the two ladies hit theirs and I knew exactly where I wanted to unload.

I pulled my cock out of June’s pussy and instructed her to lie on her front, jerking my cock to the sight of her and Sienna making out. It didn’t take long before my cum was splashing all over her pregnant baby bump and Sienna was quick to lick it up before exchanging another passionate kiss. This was up there with one of my favourites.

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