Title: Interviewing…Mariah

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Mariah Carey, Kate Abdo

Codes: oral, MF, FF, MFF, anal, rimjob, solo, mast, facial, creampie

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

The final episode of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls was one which had mixed feelings for Kate and I. We knew that it was the final episode we would be filming of any of the shows for a long time but it also meant that the next time we did film one, it would be the start of a whole new series of fucks.

Mariah Carey was our guest for the final episode and we were both agreed that the American would definitely be up for some fun. What made us say this, we didn’t know but the Always Be My Baby singer seemed the type of woman who would be quite easy to seduce once the show started.

My excitement for the show was doubled however when I saw what both Kate and Mariah were wearing. As it was the last show, Kate seemed to want to go out with a bang and had chosen a very sexy white dress that clung to her body and Mariah was wearing a low cut silver dress that showed plenty of cleavage and a lot of leg.

“Welcome to the show, Mariah,” I said, beginning the interview, “and what a pleasure it is to have you here. You’ve produced many a fantastic record and won lots of awards but which is your favourite song to perform?”

“I’ve always enjoyed All I Want For Christmas Is You,” Mariah confessed. “I love Christmas anyway and for it to be such a big hit at that time of year is fantastic. I think of my year-round hits though, I’ve always liked Touch My Body and obviously, Always Be My Baby.”

“You’ve appeared in a few movies as well,” Kate said, “is this something we could see more of in the future?”

“I enjoyed acting but I think my talents are best suited for singing,” Mariah replied honestly. “I definitely wouldn’t say no to more movies but I found it very difficult to memorise lines and what have you so I think, for the moment, I’ll stick to making music.”

“You recently went through your second divorce,” I said, leading the conversation towards sex, “what do you think is going wrong in your marriages?”

“If I knew that, Tom, maybe they’d last a bit longer,” Mariah laughed, and I was glad she’d taken the question well. “The first marriage was never going to work because of our differing views and my second one, he couldn’t cope with the fame. Obviously, my engagement fell through but I’m enjoying being single again.”

“And are you reaping the full rewards of single life in the bedroom?” Kate asked.

“Not as much as I’d like to be,” Mariah responded to our delight. “To be honest, I haven’t had too much time, what with looking after the twins and my career that dating has been put on a back burner. I’ve had a few flings here and there but I would like something a little more serious with regular benefits.”

“Is there any sexual activity?” I asked, starting to get hard imagining fucking Mariah Carey after the show.

“Well, of course there’s some sexual activity,” she replied, laughing. “I’m not a total freak. I’ve had a couple of one-night stands over the past few weeks but nowhere near as much as I want. I’ve masturbated almost every day for the last three weeks, sometimes more, because of my frustrations.”

“And what gets Mariah Carey off?” Kate asked, grabbing my hand and guiding it towards her pussy.

“Sex tapes of celebrities are always fun for me to masturbate to,” Mariah replied, to my shock, “but I also like the amateur stuff, you know, just for a change. To be honest, I watch porn most days and I don’t know what I’d do without it.”

“Have you ever experimented with other girls?” I asked, struggling to keep my composure as Kate guided my hand under her dress to reveal she was not wearing any panties.

“Of course I have,” Mariah confessed, watching as I began to rub Kate’s pussy. “Nearly everyone in any big business has. I’ve had fun with people like Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé to name but a few.”

“Well, we’re nearing the end of the interview, but one final question,” Kate said, struggling to contain herself as for once, she had to continue whilst receiving pleasure. “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done?”

“I’ve done many a strip tease at my concerts, but I think the kinkiest thing would be to go commando to every television performance,” Mariah said. “It started out as a dare but it’s become tradition and now I don’t even contemplate putting on panties.”

“Well, thanks for a great show,” I said, finding it hard to concentrate as I was engrossed in fingering Kate. “And that brings to an end yet another series, but don’t miss it when we’re back with stars such as Sia, Kelly Rowland and the stars from Fifth Harmony. See you soon.”

As soon as the show was over, Kate let her emotions show and began moaning as my hand rubbed her pussy as well as I could do while still presenting. However, knowing I was now not on TV, I slipped off the sofa and bent down at her legs to see what I was doing.

I spread her legs apart wider to reveal her perfectly shaven pussy and began to rub further, pushing a finger inside her pussy, making her moan in pleasure. She slipped her dress down to reveal she was not wearing a bra either and began massaging her tits as I continued to pleasure her.

I suddenly felt a hand pulling at my trousers and, looking over my shoulder, I saw that Mariah Carey had made her way over to us to join in the fun. Helping her, I stood up and pulled down my trousers and boxers to reveal my growing cock before resuming my pleasure on Kate’s pussy, albeit this time with my tongue.

I was expecting Mariah to grab hold of my cock and begin to jerk or suck on it, so I was incredibly surprised when I felt the American singer widen my ass cheeks and delve her tongue deep into my anal passage. I enjoyed a good rimjob but I had not been expecting one so early on, but I composed myself and continued to pleasure my co-host.

Kate’s moans were soon echoing loudly throughout the studio as I licked her pussy and I had to try and stop myself from moaning as Mariah attacked my asshole. I pulled my co-host further onto my face and she began pulling her nipples, looking down at me as I glanced up at her.

She was nearing her orgasm and I knew it wouldn’t take a lot to push her over the edge. It was at that moment Mariah decided to switch tactics and she grabbed hold of my cock, stroking it up and down in her hand as she began playing with herself.

I was a little disappointed to be truthful that Mariah had removed her tongue from my asshole but the pleasure she was now giving my cock more than made up for that slight disappointment, wrapping her lips around it almost immediately.

Kate screamed out in pleasure and I knew she was seconds from her orgasm, so I continued to lick her pussy, harder and faster than before and soon, she was screaming in delight as her climax overcame her and her juices flowed onto my face, where I gleefully lapped them up.

Kate slithered out from underneath me and got to her feet, before stopping at where Mariah was currently sucking my cock. The American singer was also pleasuring herself but, having had her own orgasm, Kate seemed eager to pleasure somebody else and she replaced Mariah’s fingers with her tongue, getting to work immediately.

I felt Mariah’s hands move to my hips and she began to guide me, thrusting my cock into her face, taking more and more in her mouth each time. Soon, she was sucking on my whole cock and I couldn’t help but let out moans of pleasure at her skill and obvious experience.

Mariah was moaning into my cock as she sucked it though, with Kate attacking her pussy as I’d seen her do many a time. I knew how good she was at oral sex and it seemed she was doing everything right once more.

I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much more though and, despite my best efforts to control myself, I couldn’t help it and reached my climax, squirting my cum into Mariah’s mouth. Like the talented cocksucker she is, she held it in my mouth until she’d managed to take all the cum and then allowed herself to moan, releasing my cock as Kate continued to lick her pussy.

It wasn’t long before she was hitting her orgasm as well, Kate holding Mariah’s pussy to her face as the American released her juices over my co-host. The three of us clambered up onto the sofa and shared a passionate three-way kiss as we recovered from our first orgasms of the night.

“Why wasn’t I invited on this show earlier?” Mariah said as she watched Kate and I kiss passionately. “If this is what happens?”

“I dunno, but you’ll certainly be invited on again,” Kate replied as she broke apart the kiss and spread her legs wide. “Now, why don’t you come and eat my pussy while Tom fucks you?”

Mariah wasted no time in positioning herself so she could begin to return the favour to Kate and moments later, Kate was moaning in pleasure as she had her pussy licked. Mariah’s ass was presenting itself to me but I knew I’d have to wait for that luxury and lined up my cock with the singer’s pussy.

I pushed my dick inside and immediately heard Mariah moan as she felt my cock in her pussy for the very first time. I began to fuck her with my usual steady rhythm, smiling at Kate as the singer continued to lick my co-host’s pussy while I fucked her.

Kate was holding Mariah’s head to her pussy, making it extremely hard for the American singer to produce any moans of pleasure, and the only noises in the room were the faint moans of Kate Abdo and the slapping of my thighs on Mariah Carey’s ass as I ploughed into her from behind.

Knowing full well that Kate’s pussy was always sensitive once it had already squirted, I figured it couldn’t be long until she reached her second climax and I was right. Glancing up from Mariah’s ass, I saw her arch her head back and begin to moan louder and faster, warning the singer she was about to cum.

I watched on as Mariah did not remove her head and instead licked her to her orgasm, a broad smile on her face when she felt the juices flood over her tongue. It was a sight exceptionally hot to watch and brought me closer to my own orgasm, which had been nearing all the while I’d been fucking Mariah.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer and with a grunt of pleasure, I released my second load of the evening, this time deep inside Mariah’s pussy. My orgasm filling her seemed to bring her to her own second climax and she too, moaned passionately as her orgasm hit her, our juices mixing inside her.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and sat down on the opposite sofa, watching as the two naked ladies kissed, recovering from their fun. My cock was still hard and I knew I had one, maybe even two, cumshots left in me and our fun wasn’t over.

“Kate, get your pussy over here and let me fuck you,” I said, calling across the room to my co-host, as she broke apart from Mariah.

She didn’t need asking twice and wiggled her sexy ass over towards me, before clambering on top of me, straddling my cock, it inches away from her pussy. She reached behind her and guided it to her pussy before lowering herself onto it and beginning to bounce up and down.

I’d fucked Kate many times but knowing that this could well be the last time we fucked on this set for a long while seemed to make it all the more exciting. I grabbed hold of her pelvis and guided her movements up and down on my cock, smiling as I heard Mariah get up off the sofa and walk towards us.

I had absolutely no idea what she was planning on doing, but she clambered onto the sofa next to us and immediately began playing with herself, watching intently as I fucked my co-host. She had spread her pussy lips very wide and pushed her fingers deep inside and was already moaning passionately, seemingly turned on by the whole situation, just as we were.

“Do you have any toys around here?” Mariah asked as Kate began moaning loudly as I picked up the rhythm with which I was fucking her. “I mean, I love my fingers but sometimes I need help.”

“Behind the couch,” Kate replied in between moans, and Mariah Carey got up and came back with a large dildo that I’d seen Kate have fun with before. She smiled at me as she retook her position on the couch and began sucking on it, lubing it up for entrance inside her pussy.

With a wink in my direction, she lined it up and pushed it inside her and I watched on as she began to fuck herself with Kate’s dildo, while Kate herself continued to bounce up and down on my cock. I grabbed hold of Kate’s tits and began massaging them, suddenly finding it a lot harder to control my pleasure but I didn’t care.

We continued in those positions for what seemed like an eternity in my head, such was the pleasure I was in, but in reality was probably only for five minutes or so. I was brought out of my daydream though by the fact I could feel my cum building and Mariah’s screams were now so deafening I was sure she was close too.

“Fuck Kate, I’m gonna cum,” I moaned as I guided her movements faster, trying not to watch how quickly Mariah was fucking her own pussy with the dildo.

“Together,” Kate called back and as if by magic, all three of us had almost simultaneous orgasms, my cum squirting deep inside Kate’s pussy and mixing with her own, while Mariah’s juices flooded onto my sofa.

We collapsed simultaneously as well, struggling to recover from such passionate orgasms but I wanted to do one more thing before I allowed Mariah and Kate to head back to their homes. Pulling them both in for a kiss and watching as they made out, I summoned up the courage to ask.

“As it’s the last episode in the series, I thought we could go out with a bang,” I said, trying to pick the words. “And I mean the last episode in all the series. I thought, maybe, I could fuck you up the ass, Kate.”

I’d fucked many a celebrity up the ass but never had I fucked my co-host up her back passage and it was something I’d wanted to do for a long time. She looked at me, clearly contemplating my suggestion, and suddenly Mariah Carey came to my aid.

“I’ll tell you what, Kate,” Mariah said, kissing her once more. “Why don’t you let him do it? It is the last show in the series after all. And plus I’ll make sure you’re not the only one receiving some anal pleasure, how about it?”

Confused as to what she meant when she said Kate would not be the only one receiving anal pleasure, I hesitated but when Kate smiled in agreement, my hesitation faded as soon as it had arrived. The opportunity was too good to turn down.

Kate laid down on the sofa with her ass sticking up in the air, as I stood up, my cock harder than ever before. Exchanging one last kiss with Mariah, I got ready to penetrate Kate but Mariah took control, guiding it towards her asshole, before stopping with it moments away.

“Nope,” Mariah said, “not yet. It needs lubing up.”

And before either Kate or I could react to this statement, Mariah had bent down and dived her tongue in Kate’s ass, giving her a rimjob whilst still holding onto my cock. She began to multitask, slowly jerking my dick as she feasted on Kate’s anal passage to her delight and soon I found my hands drifting down to Mariah’s pussy.

I began rubbing it slowly, and felt her get wetter beneath my fingers but just as I was about to insert a finger inside her, she removed her head from Kate’s ass, looked at me and smiled. She manoeuvred my cock so that it was inches away from Kate’s hole and slowly guided it inside, the smile not vanishing from her face.

Kate’s ass was exceptionally tight and I realised that I was taking her anal virginity so decided to go slower with the fucking. I grabbed hold of her waist and guided my movements, taking care not to go too fast. Satisfied with the way I was fucking Kate, Mariah changed positions and vanished from view and paranoia began to overcome me, but I did not stop fucking.

Slowly but surely, my cock began to ease inside Kate’s asshole and she was soon moaning out with a mixture of pain and pleasure as she felt a cock in her ass for the first time. Her hand drifted down to her pussy and began to rub, doubling her pleasure, while I fucked her, still paranoid as to where Mariah had vanished to.

I was soon made aware of this, however, as I felt my own asshole widening and, for the second time that evening, Mariah’s tongue entering inside it and giving me a rimjob. She was obviously a fan of eating ass as she’d done it to me twice and Kate once and this time she meant business, devouring it.

I couldn’t argue that I was enjoying the sensation and it seemed all three of us were receiving pleasure as Mariah was moaning into my asshole and I realised she must be using one of Kate’s toys on herself. This thought coupled with all the sensations was bringing me closer to orgasm, something I could tell Kate wasn’t too far from either.

Suddenly, she reached her climax, screaming at me to fuck her ass harder as her juices flowed over her own fingers. Her orgasm tipped me closer to the edge but I wanted to finish on Mariah’s face so I instructed the singer to remove her tongue from my ass and get ready to receive my load.

This she did, still pleasuring herself, and soon her face was covered in my hot, sticky cum as both Kate and I watched her bring herself to her own climax, my cum adding decoration to her sweat. What a fantastic way to finish the series.

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