Title: Interviewing…Kaley

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Kaley Cuoco

Codes: oral, handjob, MF, anal, rimjob, mast

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

I couldn’t believe we’d already reached the final show of the second series of The Truth Behind the Women of TV. I’d doubted it would take off when I’d first come up with the idea but now I’d slept with several actresses from well-known TV shows and I didn’t want the fun to end.

The last show in the series was an absolute blinder, though, because we had one of the hottest women in the world on the show. Kaley Cuoco was the ultimate girl next door in The Big Bang Theory and I couldn’t believe we hadn’t had her on the show sooner.

When she came out onto the set, she looked just as incredible as I knew she would do, wearing a long red dress with a tantalisingly high cut up one thigh. Her blonde hair was shoulder-length and she wore a smile that told me she was overwhelmed to be here.

“Welcome to the show, Kaley,” I said, struggling to contain my excitement. “I can’t believe you’ve never been on our show before.”

“I’ve been wanting to come on ever since the first series,” she interrupted, “I’m just so glad you finally asked me.”

“Well then, let’s get the interview underway,” I replied, my hopes growing further still. “You’ve been on The Big Bang Theory for a very long time now. Does it ever get annoying knowing people only recognise you for one of your roles?”

“To be honest with you,” Kaley answered, “I don’t actually mind it. When you’re coming through as an actress, the dream is to be successful on either the big screen or the small screen, so just to get noticed at all is wonderful. And I love playing Penny. Besides, I haven’t done that much else.”

“How long do you think you’ll continue with the show?”

“I think as long as the demand is there, the script is still funny and we’re all happy to do it, we’ll keep going for a while,” Kaley answered. “It’s been absolutely brilliant over the last few years and we’re still enjoying it, but I do want to move into films in the near future as well.”

“Would you ever contemplate getting your kit off for a film?” I asked, leading the questions towards sex.

“Yes, definitely,” Kaley said, to my delight. “I’m obviously not shy as most of the world has seen my body anyway thanks to the hacking scandal. That was intrusive and unwanted but it also means that I have more confidence to take on sexual roles in movies.”

“I’m sure we’re all looking forward to that,” I replied, my cock beginning to twitch. “What’s the sexual life like at home?”

“After the divorce, I went through a period of having a very active sex life,” Kaley responded, “but it’s calmed down a lot since then. Now, I’m in the early stages of a new relationship so I don’t really want to bring out my overly sexual side just yet, so it’s pretty quiet.”

“You said you have an overly sexual side,” I said, my cock visibly growing, “so does that mean there’s a lot of masturbation?”

“Of course,” Kaley answered quickly. “I don’t know any female who doesn’t masturbate, particularly in the business we’re in. It can be really stressful, working all day that sometimes you just need to come home and relieve yourself. It’s quicker and easier than sex and you can do it single-handedly.”

My cock was growing harder by the second and I swore Kaley began to touch herself as we continued with the interview. “You dated your co-star, Johnny Galecki, for a while. Did you ever get up to anything naughty on set?”

“No, not really,” Kaley said, to my disappointment. “None of the others knew we were dating so we tried to keep things on the quiet. If they’d caught us fucking on set, it would’ve given the game up. We did have sex in each other’s dressing rooms’ but other than that, no.”

“You can choose from anyone in the movie and TV business to shoot your first sex scene with,” I asked, “who do you pick?”

“Oh my god, there’s so many people, so many celebrity crushes,” Kaley answered. “I always had great sex with Johnny so the chemistry on set would be good there, but I think I’d want someone I’d never done before. Maybe someone like, Will Smith or Chris Pine.”

My cock was fully erect now as I watched Kaley Cuoco secretly masturbate herself as she answered my questions. “Have you ever experimented?”

“I used to experiment a lot when I was first discovering my body,” Kaley replied, her hand secretly rubbing her pussy through her dress. “Then after I got married, it took a back seat. But recently, I’ve definitely been thinking about having fun with girls again. Maybe with one of the girls off The Big Bang Theory if they were up for it.”

“We’re running out of time now, but if you could pick any guest star, male or female, based purely on your attractiveness to them, who would it be?”

“Well, like I said before, Will Smith and Chris Pine would be great for filming a sex scene, but I’ve always liked Neil Patrick Harris, even though he’s gay,” Kaley answered. “Maybe him and Cobie Smulders could come on and we could do a How I Met Your Mother crossover, that’d be fun.”

“Wow, I’m sure that would be appreciated by a lot of people,” I said. “One final question. What is the kinkiest thing Kaley Cuoco has ever done?”

“Well, I’ve done a lot of kinky things in my time,” Kaley answered, positioning herself so that it was clear to me what she was doing, “like masturbating on set and going commando in public. But the kinkiest, well, that’d be right now.”

“And what a way to end the show,” I said, delighted that the viewers would be speculating what was so darn kinky. “And the series. Many thanks to Kaley and we’ll be back soon with a brand new series of The Truth Behind The Women of TV, with guests such as Alesha Dixon, Alyson Hannigan and Vicky Pattinson, it’s a series not to be missed. See you soon.”

As soon as the show had finished and the cameras had stopped rolling, both Kaley and I stopped masturbating secretly and exposed what we were doing. I released my rock-hard cock from my trousers and Kaley hitched up her dress to reveal she was wearing no panties underneath.

I jerked my cock, watching Kaley as she began rubbing her pussy, moaning all the time, licking her lips in anticipation. I could tell both of us were eager for the other to make a move but I wanted Kaley to come to me; I always preferred it that way.

Kaley seemed determined for me to go over to her though, and she made this even more difficult to resist when she stood up and dropped her dress to the floor. She wasn’t wearing any underwear at all and, although I’d seen her body thanks to the leaked photos, it looked even better up close and personal.

I continued to stroke my cock, long and hard, as I watched her rub her pussy while she played with her tits, and I knew the battle was won. She got to her feet and began to walk over towards me, her ass and tits visibly jiggling as she walked.

She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her hand as she smiled, looking up at me. She looked even more beautiful this close up and the way she handled my cock told me I was a very lucky man dealing with a sex expert.

“I’m surprised you lasted the whole interview,” she said, as she stroked my cock and fondled my balls. “I was doing my best to make you muck up or just quit it altogether.”

“I’ve had a lot of women try and do that, believe me,” I answered, “but you were amongst the hardest. I mean, masturbating during the show, that’s a new one.”

“It was the only thing I could do to stop myself from rushing across the set and sucking your cock,” Kaley replied, and she lowered her lips around my dick and began to give me a blowjob. I couldn’t contain my pleasure and began to moan as she started to suck me, taking the majority of my cock all the way in her throat.

“Fuck,” I moaned as Kaley Cuoco sucked my cock, looking up at me with puppy-dog eyes. I’d imagined this moment many times but I didn’t expect it to feel this good. However, I wanted to make sure I was not the only one receiving pleasure and so pulled her head away from my cock and in for a kiss.

Then, stripping out of my clothes, I laid down on the sofa and waited for Kaley to clamber on top of me, which she did realising what I wanted to do. I immediately felt her mouth go back around my cock as I was presented with her shaven pussy, which was already soaking wet.

I brought my fingers up to Kaley’s cunt and began to rub slowly, hearing her moan into my cock as she continued to suck it. Not being able to wait any longer though, I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy down onto my face as we both began to receive and give oral pleasure.

The room was filled with the unmistakable sounds of Kaley Cuoco slurping on my cock as we both gave pleasure, neither of able to show our delight and satisfaction without stopping the oral pleasure. Kaley’s pussy was getting wetter by the second as I licked it up and down and I was finding it hard to control myself, given the blowjob I was receiving.

I knew my orgasm was coming soon so I was over the moon when Kaley removed her mouth from my cock to let out a moan and inform me she was going to cum. I held her pussy to my face as my tongue flicked at her clit and she screamed in pleasure as her juices flooded my face.

Amazed that I had managed to make the Big Bang Theory actress cum before I’d reached my own orgasm, I continued to lap away at her pussy, albeit much slower, as she returned her mouth to my cock and began to suck me harder. Her hand jerked my cock at the same time and the other played with my balls and eventually I felt my cum building further still.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum, Kaley,” I moaned as she jerked my cock harder still. The blonde actress didn’t stop but continued to suck on my cock, taking my load deep in her mouth as I released it inside her. She held it there as she slurped my cock before swallowing it down, standing up and turning to look at me.

“God, I’m glad you finally booked me on this show,” Kaley said, licking her lips as I lay on the sofa, recovering. “It’s been worth the wait. Time to put that cock inside me now, big boy.”

I got up off the sofa, a huge smile on my face, as Kaley walked towards me, her eyes firmly on my cock. She had dribbles of cum around her face and she licked them up as she grabbed hold of my cock and began to jerk it once more, making sure it was back hard.

Her other hand was rubbing her pussy as we began to kiss, our tongues intertwining with each other, me hardly daring to believe how much of a filthy slut Kaley Cuoco was. I grabbed her breasts and began to massage them, her hands still jerking my cock until she was satisfied with the length she’d worked it too.

Kaley jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist as we continued to make out, her tongue deep inside my mouth, exploring every inch of it. I grabbed hold of her ass and lifted her up and took hold of my cock, guiding it towards her pussy before pushing it inside.

She moaned as she felt my member inside her and I began to thrust my hips into her as we continued to kiss, Kaley breaking it apart occasionally to moan. She began to take over the speed, bouncing on my cock and I just guided her hips, looking at her sexy body and every now and then kissing her passionately.

“Oh Penny,” I moaned, as she bounced on my cock and immediately realising what I had done in horror. “I’m sorry, Kaley, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t,” Kaley said, bouncing on my dick harder, “call me whatever you want. In fact, call me both names, I love it.”

I was hardly going to argue with the wishes of the sexy blonde actress and continued to fuck her, moaning out both her own name and her character’s name. This seemed to entice Kaley further and she was soon moaning out my own name and really getting into the fuck session.

She was bouncing so hard on my cock now, I could feel my cum building but she instructed me to go and sit down on the sofa and so I carried her over, her speed slowing right down. We laid down on the sofa and I resumed my fucking, this time doing the majority of the work as Kaley rubbed her nipples, enjoying every moment.

Suddenly, I felt my cock pushed out of Kaley’s vagina and the blonde actress screamed in pleasure as her juices gushed out, covering the sofa in pussy juice. I smiled as I slowly pushed my cock back in, eager to make her squirt again, and I didn’t have to wait long as after a few more thrusts, my sofa was once more getting covered.

Watching Kaley squirt like that had brought me to the point of my orgasm but this time I wanted to squirt my load over her pretty tits. Instructing the blonde to get on the floor, she sat with her mouth open, but I aimed instead at her breasts, perfectly covering her chin and tits with my huge load she’d made me produce.

“Fuck yes, Penny,” I moaned as I collapsed back into the sofa. “I mean, Kaley. I mean, fuck.”

Kaley hadn’t allowed me to apologise as she’d already commenced trying to restore my cock to its hard state by taking it in her mouth and beginning to blow it. I wasn’t sure how much energy, stamina and cum I had left but I soon felt my cock beginning to grow inside her mouth again and realised I could go one more round.

My cock was hard again but Kaley didn’t let me rest as she pulled apart my ass cheeks and buried her tongue inside my asshole giving me an unexpected rimjob. I’d never been a fan of rimjobs before doing this show but after giving and receiving some from celebrities, I now enjoyed them and I began to jerk my cock as Kaley licked my ass.

Her hands drifted down to her pussy and began to rub and I moaned as I felt the unfamiliar sensation inside my asshole. She brought her face up to kiss me, a smile as wide as ever on her face, and then clambered onto the sofa, presenting her ass to my face.

“Care to return the favour?” she asked, laughing.

“Only if I can fuck it afterwards,” I replied, prising her asshole open and burying my tongue inside. I lapped away at her asshole and Kaley moaned in pleasure and I could feel her masturbating her own pussy as I licked her. My hands went to my own cock before I was eventually satisfied enough to pound her ass.

I brought my tongue away and Kaley laid down, holding her legs high in the air, giving me access to her pussy and ass. I rubbed her pussy with my fingers as I guided my cock inside her rear passage and felt it slide in much easier than I expected. I began to fuck her anally very roughly and Kaley moaned in pleasure, clearly enjoying this new side of me.

I continued to rub her pussy as I fucked her up the ass as Kaley massaged her tits and I could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second underneath my fingers. I was finding it hard to hold back my own orgasm as I fucked her ass, especially when I thought about how hot this must look on the cameras I had.

Soon, Kaley was screaming my name as loud as possible and suddenly, her juices squirted out her pussy once more, covering my body this time as I pounded into her ass. Suddenly, getting a wicked idea, I took my cock out her ass and thrust it in her pussy, fucking her as hard as I had been before.

I was close to my orgasm and knew this would get me there and sure enough, moments later, I released my load inside Kaley Cuoco’s pussy. She didn’t seem to care, though, smiling as we passionately made out and agreed mutually that she would definitely be returning for another appearance.

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